Fixing Poverty Is Simple: Poor People Need More Money and Homeless People Need Homes


In the UK today the poor are a commodity and poverty is big business.  That’s why the homelessness industry can afford conferences in luxury hotels, with slap up meals and drinks receptions.  It’s why charity chief executives earn such eye-watering sums, or business empires like the Big Issue can be built beneath a charity facade.  And these are the fuckers who are supposed to be helping.  Alongside them lie the vultures of the welfare-to-work companies like Serco and G4S – a £20 billion industry designed to punish the poor with benefit sanctions and forced work schemes.

At no point in this elaborate system of so-called support, incentives and sanctions will the people who are poor be given what they need – which is more money.  In fact much of the help is designed to do the opposite as it attempts to  create behavior change by inflicting more poverty.  Benfits are cut to ‘incentivise’ people to find a job whilst charities run advertising campains further stigmatising beggars to encourage them not to be homeless.  Other anti-poverty organisations demand that the price of cheap alcohol is raised to stop people being alcoholics and call for bans on handing out free food to make life difficult for those on the streets.  As these demands grow ever more shrill, the number of genuinely affordable homes and jobs that pay an adequate income shrink, alongside already meagre benefit payments. Yet because of the wonderful support the poor are offered – and all that money being spent – when people keep getting poorer then frankly, even most charity bosses think, it’s probably their own fault.

It is fucking grotesque.  What poor people need is more money and what homeless people need is homes.  As well as being glaringly obvious, this is also what the evidence shows.  A study was featured in the Washington Post this week which tracked the personalities of 1,420 low income children in North Carolina over a period of 20 years.  By pure chance during this period about a quarter of the children’s families received a windfall due to being part of a Native American tribe whose land had been used to host a casino.  This led to the families receiving annual payments of around $4000 and meant that the researchers could measure the impact of this small rise in income on the children’s personalities.  The results were clear – according to the researchers “there are large beneficial effects of improved household financial wellbeing on children’s emotional and behavioral health and positive personality trait development.”

The study also found that relationships between parents improved, family arguments decreased, and siginifcantly parents who had more money tended to use drugs and alcohol less.

Back in the UK, in 2010 the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, an anti-poverty think tank, carried out an experiment with some of the ‘hardest to help’ rough sleepers.  What they did was simple; they identified 15 people who had been sleeping on the streets for a minimum of fours years, they asked them what they needed and then they bought it for them.  Seven of the original fifteen had moved into stable accommodation when the project was evaluated with two more making plans to pove off the streets.  Some participants reported improved mental and physical health, and several said their drinking had reduced.  Three people started educational courses whilst the one individual involved who had a serious drug problem had begun treatment and was on a methadone programme.  Despite the success of this approach it has not been adopted by the UK’s homelessness industry.

Something else which remains largely ignored in UK housing policy is the success of the Housing First scheme at reducing homelessness in the US.   This model simply acknowledges that homeless people need to be given a home before other issues such as substance misuse, unemployment or mental health are addressed.  This approach has been successful in cutting homelessness amongst US army veterans by 30%.  A small pilot project is now being carried out along these lines in the UK, but don’t expect significant change yet.  Much of the homelessness industry still believes that homeless people need to be somehow ‘fixed’ with an approach that dangles the possibility of secure housing at some distant point in the future as a reward for good behavior whilst arresting people in the present if they sleep rough in city centres.

This weekend World Homeless Action Day will feature two events in the UK aiming to promote the Housing First model and protest against the growing criminalisation of homeless people.  In Manchester campaigners are organising a sleep out on Saturday night (10 October) to raise awareness of the problems facing homeless people in the city.  In London there will be speakers and music outside Euston Station on the same night before activists head out on mass into the city to distribute food and supplies to the homeless.  Other events are also planned, please share the facebook page, spread the word and come if you can.

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  2. At last someone has made the connection between why we have charity’s giving themselves a large income to work in this sphere and the reason why we still have Homelessness and poverty……Because some one is getting paid too much money to talk about the problem rather than solve it!

    • Rosemarie lets explore that more in depth, you said ‘Because someone is getting paid too much money to talk about the problem rather than solve it!’ I agree except that maybe they like going on talking about it because while they are still talking about it the are still getting the privilege of still being paid for it. They think if they are seen to be talking about it will be seen by the likes of us that one day something will be done about it, but they are just stringing us along.

      • overburdenddonkey

        it’s just more promised land stuff..’wait and see’…which is done to ensure wealth pumps in one direction and remains with the makers of’s literally a one way valve or baffle, in all senses of the word…pre-occupy engage in pointless end poverty all that is needed is wealth redistribution though taxation….
        a UBI + 3m new eco-homes and human need poverty is solved…

        • Absolute poverty may be solved but relative poverty won’t be!

          • overburdenddonkey

            an explanation would be useful @ this point…?

            • find out from the Rowntree trust the difference between absolute and relative poverty.

              Those who have worked as freelance or self employed and not contributed by pay NI contributions and would be disallowed from or receive a reduced pension will also be given a basic income like those that had paid into the NI system.

              The jist of the matter is those that have earned enough to save, are going to keep the poverty gap intact between rich and poor.

              • overburdenddonkey

                why should i do your work for you, i asked you for an explanation, what does absolute poverty and relative poverty mean to you…?
                ‘Those who have worked as freelance or self employed and not contributed by pay NI contributions and would be disallowed from or receive a reduced pension will also be given a basic income like those that had paid into the NI system. The jist of the matter is those that have earned enough to save, are going to keep the poverty gap intact between rich and poor.’
                one can buy a class 2 stamp and/or get one by default lack of earnings…
                those with 35 yrs NI contributions will get a single tier pension of approx £148/wk what those para’s are about i’ve no idea…seems to me that you care more about what others have than having enough to live on for your self…

                • overburdenddonkey

                  ps there is no serps with the single tier pension now, in any case…

                • You obviously cannot grasp the meaning of relative poverty and the fact that your UBI would exacerbate this.

                  The Tories want tax relief for married couples – you want UBI for every man woman and child equally irrespective of their wealth or income.

                  Therefore pensioners, single people with no children or the unemployed who can’t find work will be on basics, whilst those that are able to work or start a business out of their own savings (the poor can’t use their basic income to start a business).

                  UBI will just put those that have money at an advantage over those that do not have money which equals a compounding of relative poverty.

                  See you think you know everything and fell for UBI hook and sinker because you have worked all your life, probably have savings and want a basic income on top, as do those old codgers sat in the house of lords and their wives.

                  UBI is an abomination – educate yourself.

                • Third paragraph should end will be better off financially.
                  also those with loads of children.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i’ll leave it for now , it really serves no constructive purpose to discuss this with you and esp atm…i thought i could get a quick and simple grasp of what you meant but alas it seems not…bfn…

                • ps The Uk never had absolute poverty levels until they started sanctioning people and leaving them with nothing to live on as in third world countries and before the implementation of the welfare state.

                • OBD

                  Some people never paid NI contributions they opted out during their self employed working lives, so would not be entitled to basic pension as the welfare state stands now.

                  If we changed to a UBI system they would be entitled to a payout despite the fact that they have not paid anything into the old system.
                  They usually used accountants and tax avoidance to reduce the tax they paid also, whilst those on PAYE earned less but paid more tax.

                  You have the temerity to say to me that “it seems to me that you care more about what others have, than having enough to live on yourself.

                  I believe from each according to their ability (i.e. if the old or disabled are not fit enough to work then they will not be able to contribute which is fair enough – none of this crap we are not looking at what you can’t do but what we think you can do.

                  To each according to their needs – therefore if you have money then you don’t have needs to be awarded a basic income.

                  You talk like I am the politics of envy – not true – I am opposing the politics of greed of those with excess money.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you’re posting absolute rubbish….

                • Yes OBD to you I would be talking rubbish because you have not studied politics, economics, social sciences or the law, but you talk like you know it all.

                  Let’s see your academic qualifications in the field that you think you can talk about, I doubt you even know how governments are structured and can be de-structured for that matter – you just mouth off.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  well if that’s true you would be able to explain it all to a simpleton like myself, but you can’t….

                • I posted some info for you to read about the difference between abject and relative policy and you accused me that you do all the work.

                  I have had enough of idiots picking my brains, I will impart nothing else to be attacked by morons like you who is jealous of anyone with more than one brain cell like yourself.

                  People are not just jealous of peoples wealth, which I most certainly am not, nor am I ambitious, but those who have wanted to pick my brains have been both greedy and ambitious.

                  Talk to Sib the pretentious prat who will use a thousand words talking real rubbish and adding words with more than 2 syllables to make him look important and knowledgeable about every subject not just the ones he MAY have studied.

                • Relative and abject poverty, not policy.

                • Guy Fawkes:

                  I – incapable of making a coherent argument
                  D – doesn’t grasp simple concepts such as UBI
                  I – ignorant, obnoxious and insulting
                  O – obstinately stupid, pompous fool
                  T – Tries to convince us he’s intelligent, but fails miserably.

          • Susan Avon

            Well Shucks Sue you can spell idiot.
            You are right about UBI being a simple concept, made especially for the simple minded.
            Even Avon selling would be too good for you, you moron.
            Show us your academic qualifications and I will show you mine which are legitimate not micky mouse ones from training centres.

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  4. Johnny, since your blog post cites a North Carolina study, perhaps you’d like to comment on What Happened When North Carolina Slashed Unemployment Benefits? People Got Jobs…Weird – Charlotte Hays – Page full

    • There must have been jobs for them to get, America is a big country.

    • “This data doesn’t tell us what happened to everybody who is no longer classified as unemployed.

      Market Watch speculated that some may have retired, ended up on welfare, or moved in with family.”
      So basically they weren’t counted. How do you expect to count people who are ineligible for something?

    • Another Fine Mess

      It doesn’t give any evidence that the cuts somehow helped people into jobs, they were time limited anyway.

      “It noted that several states that did not cut benefits had also shown a decline in joblessness.”

      • overburdenddonkey

        heresay with no background, demographic and economic circumstances of the state…what people have actually done, no evidence for example of an increase in state tax take and/or economic activity…

        • And, as we know from one of JV’s previous posts, about half the unemployed in the UK don’t figure in the official unemployment figures. And nor does it mention ‘welfare’ which is something different to unemployment benefit (insurance). People who are on ‘welfare’ in the USA don’t figure as unemployed, (if I understand correctly from my conversations with people in the USA) as they would here, but as on welfare, a different category, and one that has about the same level of stigma there as being unemployed here does.

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    • paultheswineherd

      sian – very interesting article.
      It’s high time that IDS & Cameron (IDS’s partner in crime!) were both rounded up and taken to Court for crimes against humanity in the British Isles. How much longer more can they think that they can possibly evade their eventual being brought to justice.
      They are both steeped in the priveleged idealogy of cruelty to the poor, the vulnerable, the sick, the disabled and now even the working poor (whom in their very own words ‘have done the right thing’.)
      Furthermore, I would go as far as to say that by his words and actions, IDS is probably an undiagnosed and deluded sociopath/psychopath and how he is possibly avoiding being sectioned under the Mental Health Act – goodness only knows.

  6. JV

    very good points.

    I would add it is in the interests of the so-called charities that the poor exist, further I would say the more poor they become the better for them in their public pleadings that they are pulling out the stops to raise the poor out of poverty. The more money they get the more perverse the way they treat the poor – just look at the actions of the ConCons.

    A meeting was held recently involving ConCons MPs and they stated that only 3million would be effected by the changes coming in to the benefits system. Lie. Outright lie. HMRC says 6/8million+.

    It will be interesting to see what the so-called charities say but more importantly DO once the changes start to bite.

    For the wannabe ConCons this is going to shock, bewilder them [welcome to the real world] and ultimately make them poorer. Will they learn the lesson?

    • Well Gazza, as we know, the Poverty Industry is probably one of the biggest growth sectors of the economy. It can only end badly. The Poverty Industry sucks more and more financial resources out of the economy, and the poor have less, and less money because they are being denied so that the Poverty Industry can be profitable, more and more people plunged into insecure work, or no work because of changing economic and social policies, plus automation means less work, so less money for workers and, (but maybe more profit for big corporations in the short to medium term) and as a consequence, less consumption of all the stuff made in abundance by automated industries employing fewer workers on insecure contracts means even less consumption, meaning ‘overproduction’ and all the money with the rich, and none for anyone else. The economy collapses. Rinse and repeat.

      Ain’t capitalism wonderful!

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  8. ** off-topic **

    I’ve been too busy to be around on here as for the last two weeks I had been forced onto yet more cobblers by the joke centre – with nine other people in the group – , under the name of ‘jobsmart’ – where every day under threat of having a sanction, had to wade through masses of paperwork “workbooks” ranging from how to use a computer and internet safely, properly reading, and applying for job applications, and amongst other things such as how to budget money effectively in more ways than one.

    Not forgetting having to get suited and booted to take part in Mock interviews earlier this week on Wednesday which was part of being included in one workbook as adding towards proof in the paperwork that me and nine others in the group can even do interviews the proper way if any real ones come along for any real job application I eventually succeed with.

    Now comes the wait where I get the mickey mouse certificate within a few days just to prove I went on the mickey mouse course for two weeks and got all suited up just to take part in a ‘job interview’ pretence. I thought that when I had completed the six month work programme cock-up I had no more of those mickey mouse courses to go on ever again. But I guess I was made a complete mug of again by incompetent fools with pea brains deciding whether I get meagre money each two weeks…

    • been on those more than once always under a new name, always the same thing. But I missed you Fen:)

      • paultheswineherd

        Maria – Hear, Hear – good to see Fen Tiger back on here – let’s hope that things now get better for you Fen!

      • Another Fine Mess

        Same here, brand new shiny course name, googling the name shows it really is new, but same old ’employability’ shit when you get there.
        I’ve had 2 phone calls from providers this week trying to get me to go on their courses – but I’m banned from going on courses now!

        • AFM How in the world did you get banned from going on courses please share. Mind you if they were proper courses that taught you something meaningful and had a full academic qualification at the end of it I would have no course for complaint. But they are just there to keep an eye on what you are doing and just waste your time.

        • mind you I thin it was ten years ago now I was with training network, they kept encouraging people to go on course so I took them at their offer kept whizzing through them like toffee, in the end the said their was no more money left for this year and saved a lot of other people from having their time wasted.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      What happens if you don`t have a suit or smart clothes?

      • There will be a ‘How to Dress To Impress & Get That (Short-Term/Zero Hours Contract)’ course to teach the all-important skills needed to have the requisite uniform (correct mindset).

  9. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Iain Duncan Smith MP ‏@IDS_MP · Oct 6
    Please remember that if you have lost a loved one to my cuts you must now declare their room as spare for tax purposes #IDSMurder

    Good old twitter all going for a downfall.

  10. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The Iain Duncan Smiths aka The smiths

    Prit Patel Makes Graves
    Song on Sound cloud & all the other tracks

  11. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System
  12. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System
    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Smiths Tribute Act called “The Iain Duncan Smiths” Have Just Released a Song Called “Pig Mouth Strikes Again”

      When I first saw the rumors last night, that David Cameron may have rested his member in the mouth of a dismembered pig during his time as a student at Oxford University the first thing I thought was: imagine how angry Morrissey is right now?

      Morrissey: hater of the Conservatives, personal detester of David Cameron, die hard lover of all animals, big and small. Imagine his reaction the moment someone got his attention: “Telegram for Morrissey! Telegram for Morrissey!” – I can’t imagine he opens emails or uses Twitter – “Breaking news, the British Prime Minister may have sexed a dead pig, for a laugh.” Has a rumored news story ever been more acutely tailored for Morrissey’s wrath? But the man doesn’t use Twitter or Facebook, and he hasn’t uploaded an essay to his website in months. If only there was a tribute band to The Smiths who specialized in anti-Conservatives political satire to take advantage of this unique news story. If there was such a band, then I’d go so far as to say their whole existence as a concept boils down to taking advantage of this exact moment in the time space continuum. If they don’t, they’ve fucked it.

      Well, don’t worry guys. Meet The Iain Duncan Smiths, who write political satire songs about exciting things like bedroom tax, sick pay and MPs, while wearing Iain Duncan Smith masks and performing in the style of The Smiths. This, “Pig Mouth Strikes Again”, which obviously echoes “Bigmouth Strikes Again”, is their latest offering, uploaded at 1pm today. That means they must have written, rehearsed and recorded this overnight, which is a credible dedication to making a joke about something. They saw their moment, and they acted. Certainly makes your “Netflix and swill” tweet look half-arsed.

      Iain “Psycho” Duncan Smith, frontman of the band, told me: “The inspiration was a quite unavoidable pun. It was written and recorded in a hurry this morning, and not entirely sardonically – lots of people have done crazy things while coked off their tits, so Cameron deserves some understanding on this one.”

      And when I asked how he thinks The Smiths themselves would feel about their music and output, he said, “A couple of people have tweeted our stuff at Johnny Marr but as of yet there’s been no response. I’m not sure they’d be too thrilled about their songs being butchered in such a way – meat is murder, after all.”

      Seems like a punny guy, huh?

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System
    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System
  13. paultheswineherd

    Stepping Razor – Absolutely brilliant!

    Also – isn’t IDS a real ‘caring’ and heartless bastard – not only is he blaming 3000 people dying in the 9/11 tragedy with ‘him’ not becoming ‘Prime Minister’ but, listen to this:
    It’s just been reported on BBC 1’s ‘Have I Got News For You’ that he said:
    (and I quote) “Tax credit reforms will show parents that children cost money and discourage them from having too many”
    This arrogant bastard is totally mad and off of his head.

    • Paul,

      Does he have a head? I have seen no evidence of that – just a mouthpiece spewing lies and ConCon rhetoric

      • paultheswineherd

        Gazza – very true – he’s just a robot with a Tory logic computer program instead of a head and a heart made of the hardest granite imaginable.

  14. Santa hates you

    JV – I hate the premise put forward by the Tories and right-wing media that the poor are lazy workshy bastards and that’s it’s their own fault and have no money because they blow it all on booze, fags, drugs and having zillions of kids. I cannot accept that anyone wants to be poor by choice unless they’re some kind of monk. I was brought up dirt poor in the North of England during the 1970s. We lived in a crap damp council house that a drunken dog wouldn’t shit in. The damp made us all smell like cold sick. I had holes in my only pair of shoes because my parents had no money to have them fixed nevermind buying new ones. My dad was on the sick all the time due to his damaged lungs and mum worked cleaning offices for pennies. We had fuck all. Often we went to bed in the evenings with no food in our bellies. Sometimes we begged in the local town, sometimes the church elders were kind enough to give us some food. When at really low points we would steal food from the market because we were starving. We did not want to do this, but anyone starving will know what this does to your mindset. When I got older a special kind of hatred came into my soul that made me want to rip someones head off if they called me poor. You don’t easily forget about this kind of poverty because it scares you for life.

    • santa yep the ill father, the holes in the shoes, the mouldy council house and the hungry belly reminds me exactly of my childhood, to be honest I used to lie and told every one at school that my dad worked and used to tell them his old profession before he got ill because I didn’t want to be treated differently, it was bad enough they knew I was deaf and kept shouting at me, thinking they were doing some kind of good deed.

    • paultheswineherd

      Santa Hates You – What you say is right – my wife (even in Cornwall) – she had to go through something very similar to what you went through. She felt that she was pushed from society and felt that she was outside looking in and that feeling never goes – and the thought of being destitute again is too much to even to contemplate.To feel that you are not worthy of being a human and is in the bottom of their shoes because that you have no money and that people ‘look down their noses upon you’.


    Spot on JV. They’re all fucking lying hypocrites too busy riding the gravy train to do the obvious thing and actually solve the problem; give poor people more money and house the homeless, what could be simpler? The fuckers will do anything but that.

    • paultheswineherd

      Raining – Good on George Galloway – I only wish more M.P.’s would have the sturdy guts to unreservedly lay into the IDS and his despicable and wicked policies and his equally cruel and heartless DWP.

      • Galloway is real old school Labour Paul. Tony Bliar couldn’t wait to kick him out the party along with quite a few others. That left the coast clear for him to invent “New Labour” which of course would go on to become a carbon copy of the Tories with the odd exception here or there.

        Man on that program was organising his dad’s funeral and got told if he didn’t attend the JCP ‘it could affect his benefit.’

        You have a tragedy in your life, losing one pf your parents, and all these heartless bastards can think about is parroting that line

        DWP + JCP = SCUM..

    • This government has robbed those on benefits to pay an increase in the minimum wage for the poor in work.

  16. OT: Deborah Orr of The Guardian

    Teases apart Jeremy ‘Oh Jeremy Darling’ Hunt’s recent comments on Work yourself to Death and be grateful on the freedom it gives you.

    Makes for interesting reading

    • And now on the Today programme we welcome the Health Secretary Jeremy Cunt… er… good morning Mr Hunt…. 😀

    • From an Ingeus brain-washing workshop ‘workshop’:

      You know what we have all been conned into working for money. 😀 And what is money? Bits of paper! You over there, hiding in the corner, suppose I gave you £100, you wouldn’t know what to do with it. *an another ‘participant’ pipes up* But, it what you buy in the shops with it. [no response from the ‘facilitator’] *’facilitator’ goose-stepping across the room* It is all about the camaraderie, *raising voice* the craic, the chat around the water cooler, it is all about the *voice raises to fever pitch* WORK, WORK, WORK!!!!

  17. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System
  18. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System
  19. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    That`s It.

  20. paultheswineherd

    And….Priti Patel – (BBC Question Time last night) after her self-righteous and snide remarks she really showed just what she is – another Nazi Tory fucking bitch – lord help Britain if this cow is ever given any more ‘POWER’.

  21. overburdenddonkey

  22. …state toss….

  23. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  24. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Riot Squad , Fuck The Tories [1982]

  25. Was the late Sir Jimmy Saville a serial sex offender? The BBC’s Panorama has spent the past year investigating the allegations of abuse surrounding Sir Jimmy including allegations that Sir Jimmy carried out crimes on BBC premises. Our investigations point to the unreliability of alleged victims testimonies and reach a disturbing conclusion that the accusations against Sir Jimmy are false and a fabrication.

    • overburdenddonkey

      well i’ve now watched the prog, as one guy said the investigation left him extremely exposed and another described victims as pawns in their game and being a CSA/CA victim myself, i agree with them..
      victims are being called survivors and then being used by others…
      all effective therapies are being sidelined, and the road to healing being promoted is through the CJS, and CBT other types of behaviorism, which actually prevents victims from healing, as it freezes one in the past and present, mooting being in the present and the future as the only way out…
      to heal one must recover one’s and from one’s frozen, past…
      an effective therapy is outlined in this link…

      • obd
        ffs there comes a time when you have to BIN the fucking past and move on. We only have ONE life, you have to grab what’s left of the future with both hands. To quote Soren Kierkegaard: “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” which was also the strapline for the film Memento.

        • That’s the point you have missed Move on ffs. You cannot live in the present or have any kind of bearable future if the only “help” you are offered by any MH services (including psyhchotherapists/counsellors in private practice) is a therapy that fixes you oppressively & permanently in the terror of horrific past events.

          It is impossible to do what you suggest unless the individual’s past is in a fit state to securely hold the foundations of their future.

          Spend some time actually reading Kierkegaard, instead of quoting little bits and pieces 100% out of context.

          I’d guess from the shallow “move on” rhetoric that your lexicon of wisdom probably includes other classics such as:-

          “Get a life”
          “Go for it”
          “Cheer up, it might never happen”
          “What have you got to be down about?”
          “Others have it worse”
          “Seize the day”

          …ad infinitum

          • overburdenddonkey

            let go, worse things happen @ sea….all of that bollocks…

          • Arthur Schopenhauer

            You are not arguing with Soren Kierkegaard (or obd 😀 ), seriously. That quote is spot on! Another good one is:

            “We shall do best to think of life as a desengano, as a process of disillusionment: since this is , clearly enough, what everything that happens to us is calculated to produce.”

            — Arthur Schopenhauer

            Irvine Welsh likes it so much it is on the preface to his novel Filth 😀

            • overburdenddonkey

              break through the stone of philosophy and reveal one’s soul..

            • It’s may be pointless mentioning it Arthur, but those who have survived child sex abuse or any of the myriad forms of child abuse, do not have the luxury of understanding life backwards, forwards or otherwise. Those in difficulty because of past atrocity are still there in that moment, frozen, in terror as real as whatever happened to them in childhood. They cannot simply move on. Their disillusionment is complete, because all illusion has been destroyed.

              The vulnerable of this country are being traumatised and re-traumatised by relentless assault by ideological thugs, who don’t care about Kierkegaard either.

            • … and hindsight is an exact science… 😀

              • … and Kierkegaard and Schopenhauer were spot on…. 🙂

              • … you forgot 90% of what you worry about never happens… 😀

                • overburdenddonkey

                  from the professor of stating the bleeding obvious molly cule, comes…’you forgot 90% of what you worry about never happens’…
                  no we bloody well didn’t, yet more assumptions made by yourself, but hardly the point as the terrors/anxieties/fear of death/fear of failure, are FROZEN by the affects, coping mechanisms of/with the affects, of CSA/CA…but it all did happen in childhood, which is why FROZEN TERRORS ie IN THE PAST…THE MIND CANNOT SNAP OUT OF IT…
                  the victim has to be persuaded and convinced that the danger from one’s parents is now over has past, and is all now in the past…this is a process, often arduous, not a miracle, nor done by magic…of confronting the abuse done to one…
                  they have programmed brainwashed the victim, taught the victim to think in ways that please them…
                  that thinking/TRAINING sticks, IS frozen thinking, no interventions have been made to convince the sufferer otherwise…
                  effective interventions, can only happen with bags of consent truth and trust….and is done by releasing/venting the trapped, frozen, unvented, blocked, stuck, unreleased, anger and rage caused by the abusive attacks (events) on the victim, that holds one’s infant strategy survival kit/frozen thinking in place…not one abuse incident but many…one get’s to believe it’s one’s own mind that is faulty, expert intervention reveals the truth that it is NOT…
                  if you need further help in understanding this, see link to the work of dr bob johnson, i’ve already posted….

                • overburdenddonkey

                  ps and able to defend themselves from abuse and abusers…

        • overburdenddonkey

          butt out and move on ffs
          i was posting on the bbc prog, and giving my considered opinion on it and giving others true insight re the antidote too the serious affects of CSA/CA…
          and i will continue too offer my input on this serious matter, as CSA/CA is ultimately @ the root of all human made misery….
          ie hitler was seriously abused as a child and with no one humane to confide in during his childhood, took out his helpless rage on millions…

  26. Pleased that you mentioned the Big Issue. The last issue I bought, some years ago, contained not one but two articles praising workfare. Never again.

  27. What’s the Difference between a Brainwashed Townie in a Trance who
    Victimises the Poor and Vulnerable a Middleclass Meat who Victimises the Poor and Vulnerable and a Nazi Bonehead who Victimises the Poor
    and Vulnerable the Homeless and Immigrants ?

    Answer Nothing they Are All Stinking Scum

  28. Common Sense
    The Poor Need More Money
    The Homeless Need Housing
    The Poor being Victimised
    The Homeless being Victimised

    Anyone who does Not Care about the Poor and Vulnerable and Victimises
    Them are Evil Scum

  29. Defend Full Housing Benefit

    Reverse All Nutcase Public Spending Cuts to Local Government

    Have a Caring Britain instead of an Evil Britain

  30. Just when the fuck is Jeremy Corbyn going to apologise for HIS party introducing sanctions into the welfare system. And just when is Jeremy Corbyn going to make a firm commitment to the abolishment of sanctions.

    Corbyn is all his long-winded rambling speeches has not mentioned once the ignominious and brutal system of sanctions which leave vulnerable human beings with no income whatsoever. All we hear from Corbyn is guff about ‘refugees’, ‘women’s rights’, ‘Trident’ and ‘women-only train carriages’ – just total shit that nobody gives a flying fuck about.

    • Labour Exchange

      Quite often you hear folks say: “But there has only been penalties in the benefit system ‘if you don’t play by the rules’. Way back in the days before Tony Blair, New Labour and sanctions if you committed a serious ‘offence’ such as burn down the Labour Exchange or slice the heads of the clerks with a samurai sword, it was possible that, yes, just maybe, the Labour exchange may ‘disallow’ your claim. But so what, you just made a fresh claim there and then. So you were never out of pocket!. It is only since sanctions that claimants have suffered actual financial harm.

      • Labour Exchange

        And even then there wasn’t an real opportunity as you just signed your coupon and left. And that was it!

        • Slightly out chronologically as it was under the Tories that the 1995 Jobseeker’s Act brought in the basis for the sanctions regime we now suffer under. It’s important to remember that the 1995 Act is still the legislation that stipulates the law as regards conditionality; there is a test contained within the Act that stipulates that to remain regarded as Actively Seeking Employment that ‘two or more steps’ be taken towards gaining employment – usually interpreted as three steps.

          Though Jobseekers’ Agreements and Claimant Commitments give the impression of being legal contracts, in fact they are not, and only really serve as a guide. Sadly, they are used as a weapon against JSA claimants in that thousands have been unlawfully sanctioned because they have missed out one, or two (or maybe three or four, or…). JCP advisors seem to think they can sanction people for stuff they didn’t do, when the test contained within the 1995 Jobseeker’s Act is the law governing whether or not ASE conditions have been met – and that is pretty clear, if you have taken two or more steps towards seeking work, then you can’t lawfully be sanctioned. In other words, the law looks at what you do, and not what you don’t, which is what the JCP advisors, (and too often those considering Mandatory Reconsiderations) too often do.

          Your JSAg/CC is relevant, but only as a guide, and not as a stipulation. They consist only of steps that you could take, and not those that you must take. Most of us will take considerably more steps towards finding work than the two or more required by the 1995 Jobseeker’s Act, so, in theory, it should be almost, but not quite, as hard to be sanctioned as previous to the introduction of JSA.

          What Blairite Labour was responsible for was the introduction of Workfare under their New Deal, for which Labour should be eternally ashamed of… along with a host of other stuff, of course!

          It’s also important to know that the ASE requirements of the 1995 Jobeseekers Act is a weekly one, and not a daily one, so if you are taking two or more steps each week, then you are doing what the law requires, and if you are then sanctioned, it is likely to be unlawful. You might need to go to a Second Tier Appeal, (aka Independent Tribunal) which is worth doing. Try to get someone to help you, and attend the tribunal with you, and maybe even represent you, if you don’t feel confident.

          I think that even ‘back in the day’ burning down the Labour Exchange or slicing the head off the clerk (what a lovely idea though, but please don’t try this down your local Jobcentre!) would get you a different kind of sanction, and if you did this prior to 1965 it might also have gotten you hanged!

  31. Very Good Point Kryptonite

    Answer would be if he had the Backbone to Stand Up to the Right Wing
    of the Slave Labour Party which I am Disillusioned about Actually
    Happening just like Corbyn Actually Standing Up for the Poor and
    Vulnerable in Britain at All

    Jeremy Corbyn I Despair to Think will be just a Figurehead as Opposed
    to a Proper Leader having to Bootlick the Repulsive Right Wing of the
    Slave Labour Party

    As for ” Women’s Rights ” what about a Woman’s Right Not to Die
    of Poverty and Nazi Sanctions and Degrading Assessments ?

    I Oppose ” Women’s Only Carriages ” it is Discrimination against Men

    What about ” Men’s Rights ” like Not to be Homeless Second Class
    Citizens whilst the Left put Trendiness and Political Correctness
    before a Man’s Basic Human Right to a Place of Residence in a Society
    where People were Not Brainwashed Dehumanised Nazi Capitalist
    Scum ?

    Real Human Rights Yes Liberal Left Trendiness and Indifference to
    Destitution and Human Suffering No Bloody Way

    Kryptonite | October 10, 2015 at 9:25 am | Reply

    Just when the fuck is Jeremy Corbyn going to apologise for HIS party introducing sanctions into the welfare system. And just when is Jeremy Corbyn going to make a firm commitment to the abolishment of sanctions.

    Corbyn is all his long-winded rambling speeches has not mentioned once the ignominious and brutal system of sanctions which leave vulnerable human beings with no income whatsoever. All we hear from Corbyn is guff about ‘refugees’, ‘women’s rights’, ‘Trident’ and ‘women-only train carriages’ – just total shit that nobody gives a flying fuck about.

  32. Britain Needs Leadership that will Apart from Keeping the Country United
    Rebuild the Welfare State and the NHS End Tax Breaks for Millionaires
    Defend Full Housing Benefit and House the Homeless and also Lower
    VAT to 8% Better Still Abolish VAT Altogether and Care about Poor
    and Vulnerable People in this Land

    Looking at the Abysmal Shower in the House of Commons Anger
    Disgust and Despair summons up how I Feel about the Situation

    Tories Rich Peoples Party
    Labour it’s Right Wing effectively have had Labour as another Branch of
    the Tory Party
    Liberal Democrats Another Branch of the Tory Party as shown by the
    Con Dem Coalition May 2010 AD to March 2015 AD
    UKIP Rich Peoples Party too Much very much another Branch of the
    Tory Party it would Seem
    The Tories have been Terrible and the other Parties part of the

    Couch Potato Masses Spineless Silly and Static Apolitical Tinyworlds

    White Van Man Racists who probably Think the Poor and Vulnerable
    are ” Scroungers ” but Not MPS on the Expenses Gravy Train

    The Underdog and Oppressed of this Nazi like State have got Apart
    from Deprivation and Poverty an Out of Touch Political Class Victimisation
    from the Nazi Media No Political Voice worth Speaking of in the House
    of Commons and are Further Betrayed by the Apolitical and the
    Brainwashed in Nazi Bonehead Britain



    The sister of a disabled man who died just three months after being found fit for work and then having his benefits sanctioned says the government’s discredited work capability assessment (WCA) system was partly responsible for her brother’s death.

    Luke Alexander Loy, who had schizophrenia and lived in Birmingham, was just 42 when he died in May this year.

    He had been claiming incapacity benefit (IB) for more than 20 years, but was found fit for work following a WCA, despite his doctor explaining that he was not currently well enough to work.

    He was apparently sanctioned by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for failing to attend meetings at Jobcentre Plus and not actively looking for work, and fell further and further into debt.

    After his father discovered what had happened, he helped his son to appeal and eventually – just before he died – DWP reinstated his benefits.

    But his family believe that by then the damage to his health and wellbeing had been done.

    Loy had been a carer for his mother until three years ago, when she died from cancer, and he was subsequently hit with the bedroom tax because he had been living alone in a two-bedroom council house after her death.


    A DWP spokeswoman said: “Our sympathies are with [the family], but it is wrong to suggest a link between a benefit decision and someone’s death.

    “The work capability assessment is designed to look at what someone can do with the right support – rather than just writing people off on sickness benefits as happened in the past.

    “It is important that people supply sufficient evidence – including medical evidence – when making a claim, as it could affect their benefit entitlement.”
    ……………….but hang on a minute, your decision maker decided to ignore all the medical evidence in order to reach an office bonus target”
    That’s why nearly 4000 claimants are dead…………..

    A Conservative estimate from a Conservative killing spree.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Seriously ill Willesden man had his benefits stopped after he was deemed ‘fit for work’ weeks before he died

      Kilburn Times – 6th Oct 2015

      A dying resident in Willesden had his benefits stopped after he was declared fit for work just weeks before he passed away.

      Ricky Neacey was forced to fight the decision by the Department of Work and Pensions to axe his Jobseekers allowance before it finally did a U-turn and accepted his health was failing.

      The 52-year-old, who lived in a bedsit in Park Avenue, was eventually allowed to claim Employment Support Allowance (ESA), which is given to people who are deemed too ill to work, three weeks before dying from chronic liver failure.

      Mark Neacey has slammed the ‘shameful’ treatment of his brother in his final weeks.

      He told the Times: “My brother started drinking heavily after losing his job in 2011 and became lonely and depressed.

      “His health was so poor that he had developed diabetes and was requiring a liver operation yet Ricky was receiving mail from the unemployment office in Brent declaring him fit for work and telling him he would have his benefits stopped unless he actively sought work.

      “It’s shameful that they treat a person especially someone as sick, ailing and depressed as my brother like this.”

      At the time of his death Mr Neacey had accrued rent arrears as Brent Council had stopped his Housing Benefit payments after the DWP alerted them to his benefits being axed.

      Unaware of how ill he was before he died, his brother, who lives in Germany, said his father and sister were also unaware and given the sad news by the police five days later.

      He said: “Things were so bad that he was unable to take care of himself and could not wash or dress unaided and was so drugged up with medication that he was often confused and should have been in a care home.

      “In fact he was being seen by a social worker throughout the past few years who never took the trouble to find out who his nearest relatives were and to contact them or we could have helped him.”

      He added: “I have sent emails to the Housing Benefit office and to the DWP in July this year but have received no answer from them.

      “Obviously they don’t like it when educated people write to them looking for explanations for their inhumane handling of unfortunate people.

      “It’s disgraceful the way he has been treated and Brent Council and the DWP should be ashamed.”

      A council spokesman said Mr Neacey was supported by a range of different public services and charitable agencies offering him support and was at one stage provided with a home carer three times a day though his care package was later reviewed.

      He added: “We’re sorry to learn of Mr Neacey’s relatives’ concerns, which of course we take very seriously. We’re now conducting a review of the support we offered to him, and will offer to meet with family members to discuss this.”

      A spokesman for the DWP said: “Our thoughts are with Mr Neacey’s family.

      “The local Jobcentre Plus was supporting Mr Neacey and when he died he was receiving ESA following his adviser’s advice to make a claim.”

  34. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Tory conference: Search is on to find seven Tory MPs to rebel over WRAG cut

    DNS – 9th Oct 2015

    Charity campaigners are calling for disabled people to support their search for just seven Tory MPs willing to rebel against their government and so defeat plans for “appalling” cuts to out-of-work disability benefits.

    Several of the disability and health charities at this week’s Conservative party conference in Manchester focused much of their attention on government plans to cut payments to many new claimants of employment and support allowance (ESA) by about £30-a-week from April 2017.

    The move, announced earlier this year by chancellor George Osborne and backed by work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith, will apply to all new claimants of the ESA work-related activity group – those considered not yet able to work, but who might be able to do so in the future.

    It will mean that disabled WRAG claimants will receive the same weekly payment as non-disabled claimants of the mainstream jobseeker’s allowance (JSA), an annual loss of about £1,500 a year, and a cut of £640 million a year from disabled people’s income by 2020-21.

    The WRAG cut was raised several times at conference fringe events, with disabled people’s minister Justin Tomlinson repeatedly failing to explain why the cut was fair or necessary.

    Instead he stressed that there would be no cut for those in the ESA support group, and that the majority of people in the WRAG wanted to work.

    He said the government would increase funding for employment support for people on ESA, with an extra £100 million a year by 2020, because ESA claimants currently receive only about one seventh of the “professional support” provided to JSA claimants, while only a tiny proportion of ESA claimants had so far found work.

    But he failed to explain how cutting the income of people in the WRAG would help them find those jobs or overcome the barriers they faced in the employment market and wider society.

    Mark Atkinson, interim chief executive of Scope, told the minister in a fringe event organised by his own charity and the Centre for Social Justice, the think-tank set up by Duncan Smith: “We don’t think it is the answer or that it would incentivise people.”

    Disability News Service has learned that health and disability charities spent much of the conference week lobbying Tory MPs about the proposed cut and believe they have a good chance of persuading the minimum of seven Tory MPs they will need to vote against the government to ensure the measure never becomes law.

    Although the first vote on the WRAG cut – clause 13 of the welfare reform and work bill – could come as early as next week, during its committee stage, campaigners will also be targeting later stages of the bill’s passage through parliament, which will take place later this year or early in 2016.

    One disability lobbyist told DNS: “The WRAG cut is the major concern for many health charities here.

    “We need at least seven Conservative MPs to defy their party whip, see through the ludicrous argument that it is an ‘incentive to work’, and to put their heads above the parapet.

    “It is going to be an uphill struggle, but there is growing concern among MPs that this is a step too far.”

    She said they now needed activists and campaigners to “turn up at advice surgeries in sufficient numbers to remind Tory MPs of the difference between a carrot and a bludgeon”.

  35. Yet another senseless death due to these people in power. RIP Luke Alexander Loy. Your story has touched my heart, I’m going through something similar. It wears you down when you’re ill and not only are you trying to manage your injury and chronic pain, mobility issues, you’re having to fight those who are supposed to be protecting us. Shame on you, present Tory government.


      If this is the case, why does the DWP choose to use the terminology of “A CLAIMANT DECISION”, rather than, “A SANCTION”?

      4000 DEATHS (AND COUNTING), is hardly a coincidence of persons who have died after being told they are fit to work by medically untrained pen pushing decision makers pursuing bonuses……………………

      DUNKO THE CLOWN has single handedly sent more vulnerable people to their untimely deaths than the worlds top 100 most serious serial killers.

      The Guinness Book of Records will capture IAIN DUNCAN SMITH’S name for time immemorial;


  36. paultheswineherd

    Cameron is just bitter that his ‘disabled’ son has died and after all, he himself claimed DLA for his own deceased son (from what we have heard) so he himself has got a vendetta against disabled people – as to why should disabled people be alive – when my ‘son’ is dead!

    • Priti patel, an anagram of TOTALLY EVIL BASTARD……………

      The mindset of a killer, the brains of a an insignificant little pimp and a hunchback as well. (She looked like one on Question Time}………….


      …………even the hideous gargoyle water spouts that sit along the buttresses of Notre Dame Cathedral feel threatened…….

      • Maybe she had an impending parachute jump?

      • Geoff Please don’t compare Quasimodo with that woman, Quasimodo though ugly on the outside, was really a kind soul with a heart. But anyone who can endorse this sort of treatment to the disabled and poor; is ugly all the way through.

  37. Another Fine Mess

    From a thread on UM.

    We are not facing a future without work. We are facing a future without jobs.

    Accelerating technological unemployment will likely be one of the most challenging societal issues in the 21st Century. Never before in history are so many industries being simultaneously upended by new technologies. Though “creative destruction,” in which lost jobs are replaced with new ones, will be a factor, our newest technologies have the clear potential to eliminate many more jobs than we create. With technology advancing at a geometric pace, robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D-printing, and other innovations with enormous disruptive potential will soon hit the mainstream.

    • Ned Ludd, an answer to technological advacement and loss of employment.

      The Luddites were 19th-century English textile workers (or self-employed weavers who feared the end of their trade) who protested against newly developed labour-economizing technologies, primarily between 1811 and 1816. The stocking frames, spinning frames and power looms introduced during the Industrial Revolution threatened to replace them with less-skilled, low-wage labourers, leaving them without work

      “Which begs the question, aren’t politicians redundant with the age of the internet. Democracy is now an online possibility”

      • If you can vote online, you can make and repeal policy online. No ifs, no butts, sack all the gilded toffs and freeloaders and let the people decide on every issue.
        The electorate would decide policy and administer it. The Lords and backbenchers could fall asleep at home and the cost to the taxpayer………..

        Absolutely fuck all……….

        • Westminster could be levelled or turned into a giant Wetherspoons, trident missiles relocated to the left bank and fracking rights agreed on Crown holdings plc…………..

        • Well said @GEOFF

          Politics has nothing whatsoever to do with the aspirations of the electorate, just policy driven by greed at the behest of the Banks, Hedge Funds and Multinationals.
          In a recent survey, 83% said that they did no want to get involved in a war on foreign soil. Who is driving our political elite to sacrifice out brave sons and daughters?

          • Follow the money trail to Israel. They have more UK politicians in their pockets than the the electorate are aware of. Hence the urgency for war in Syria.
            Meanwhile, the Private Health Insurance Industry is promising bumper payouts to major shareholders sat on government benches who persist in NHS and Welfare/Pension reforms.

            They care not for the healthcare or welfare of their citizens. Millions may die in the future. The cull is only in it’s infancy.

            Just wait for the suicide statistics to reach unprecedented levels as the tax credit theft hits home.

            • paultheswineherd

              anneline – yes – you have definitely hit it in one!

            • Strange you should mention this, I was only this morning reading about William Hague who is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel:


              I think that the UK having such close links with Israel, and the UK government’s close association (sycophantic?) with the USA only strengthens the position of Israel and makes far less likely a peaceful solution to the problems of the Middle East. A weakened Israel would be forced to negotiate peaceful settlements.

          • Without wishing to sound harsh, or callous, the political elite wouldn’t be able to sacrifice the brave sons and daughters of the nation, who usually sign up, not out of patriotic duty, (though there are always a few idiots) but as a way out of poverty or for the training in useful skills unavailable anywhere else without money to pay for it. It’s no accident that the armed forces tend to focus their recruitment in areas that are economically depressed. It was the same with the armed forces of the USA in the 60s, recruitment was predominantly in the poorer states and from amongst African-Americans.

            I don’t mean to let the politicians off the hook here, as they are indeed exploiting young people, failing to make explicit the horrors they will face if they sign on the dotted line. Basically I think it needs to made crystal clear to young people that signing up for the armed forces means that in extreme situations they will be called upon to become state murderers.

            Listen to the lyrics of Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’.

        • Luddites would, (still do) have opposed computers and all sorts of ‘labour saving’ technologies. I’m sure that there was considerable opposition against the introduction of printing, as it was an enabling technology that started the spread of ideas to ordinary people.

          I do agree with you though, and though things haven’t advanced as far as being able to vote online, I think it’s significant that governments, including the UK government are seeking to limit the impact of movements such as 38 Degrees and Avaaz can do, precisely because they are democratising forces that do seem to be gaining ground and influence – and by definition, power. The existence of these people powered, (and funded) movements have made it difficult for politicians in both Westminster and Brussels to get TTIP implemented surreptitiously, as they had hoped. That has to be a good thing.

          The disappearance of jobs is a problem, work that needs doing isn’t going to go away, and even if you go to the most affluent of areas, you’ll still easily see huge amounts of work that need doing, but for which there doesn’t seem to be enough money to pay for it (kind of absurd in a society as wealthy and affluent as the UK, really). We all know the money is there, but we also know that it’s in the wrong places. This is only going to increase if the present trends continue. There will be even more money around, fewer people in jobs, more things to buy, but probably fewer people able to buy them, despite the cost of things actually going down.

          The only sane and rational solution would seem to me to be an Unconditional Citizens Income. Despite what some detractors on the idiot fringe seem to suggest, it would have a tremendous enabling power, and allow people to be more enterprising in all sorts of ways. No one would be compelled to ‘work’ in the currently narrow interpretation of the word, (which is how, for instance, we have the current absurd notion that single parents have to go out and ‘work’. Personally I’ve always considered parenting work, and bloody important work, and I’m not a parent). The old chestnut that the wealthy too would get that income too is something that can be dispensed with very easily; progressive taxation. Any kind of citizens income would have to be paid for, and that could only happen if people were fairly taxed on their incomes. Those who earn more, would pay more. Perhaps also the entire structure of work would change. Is there a need to wage-slave away for 35 + hours a week? Why not enable legislation that both restricts the working week to 10 or 15 hours a week, for no loss of pay, and also changes the notion of what work is? This way someone who chooses to spend their time painting graffiti art on otherwise blank and bland, (and maybe vandalised) walls in the community could be regarded as not only working, but positively contributing to the local community in brightening up the environment, and could also start to be paid by the community as a tutor in graffiti art to the local youth who could otherwise be an alienated, disruptive and ant-social element.

          And though the introduction of a UCI wouldn’t on it’s own solve the immediate problems of disparity of wealth, it would go a long way to solve the vexed issue of the poverty trap that oppresses so many. It would mean that whatever you earned would make you better off, as whatever you earned, less tax, would be yours, and you would still keep all your UBI. The problems of inherited wealth could be dealt with in other ways, such as a wealth tax, and death duties that transferred that wealth back to the community. There should be no limit on what an individual can earn, through their own efforts, so long as it doesn’t exploit others, but I think people should only be entitled to the fruits of their own labour, and not that of the several preceding generations. Having said that, I’m not too concerned with the extreme wealth of the few so much as I’m anxious about the many in poverty. We can deal with the rich later.

          • overburdenddonkey

            it wouldn’t take long before the working week was reduced to 10/20hrs sib, and perhaps workshare became the norm…and of course people would be freer to convert their labour into other types of currency ie grow veg, knock up a self build home etc…

            • Indeed. As you probably know, wherever UBI has been trialled, the results have been overwhelmingly positive, and in India where it was trialled on a small scale, the government was so taken with the positive results that they commissioned an even bigger study.

              The savings on the bureaucracy of running a conventional and inefficient social security system alone must be considerable. In developing societies/countries it could well be yet another way in which those societies ‘leapfrog’ the developed west and forego building a conventional social security system as a way of effectively and efficiently alleviating poverty.

              • overburdenddonkey

                yep, it work much better than expected when it was trailed in india, it is transformative..
                it will provide an immediate boost to our local economies which is exactly where money is needed, money is merely a tool, a fat/energy store, that should NOT be stored just coz it can be, it’s true purpose is to facilitate the fair exchange of what we humans need to thrive..and as you say a UBI replaces the current SS payments system…
                the current system creates/promotes gross inequality of incomes assets and wealth distribution…a UBI accepts a shrinking working class labour market…esp in the light of automation…
                yes the transfer of capital to the powerful in the last few decades is truly staggering…ending poverty by redistributing wealth. no one rich no one poor, relative poverty is extremely difficult to define and a very blunt instrument of measurement…providing reliable supplies of vitality giving vitals of life imv is a far better definition..all we need is enough and to ensure all have enough, need not greed, winner takes all no more…we need to bring an end to the lavish hedonist consumption and hording by the few, a UBI will do this, and once again the ever morphing blunt relative poverty instrument will have to be recalibrated…if we don’t, we get poorer and the rich get richer…the wealth gap needs to be greatly reduced… a UBI rebalances the accounts, provides a brake and a says the rich can take it all NO MORE…the opp to lord over others vastly reduced….
                the true intent of the democracy construct is to spread wealth as evenly as possible across the community not blame the community and/or individual for not producing/giving enough, for the benefits of the few, in the hope of a splattering back…end wealthfare NOW!

                • @OBD
                  We already have the situation where consumer tat is cheaper than food. It’ll get much worse if/when we adapt the (food) kilocalorie as the basis for future money.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  pilots in eradicating poverty in india with an UBI…presented by prof guy standing… this vid is long and detailed

                • Yeah, kilocalorie instead of ££; the DWP would love that. Sugar has 4000 kcals per kilogram. On a 2000 calorie a day diet that would equate to 3.5 1kg bags of sugar a week. You can pick up a 1kg bag of sugar for 39p. So that would be like £1.36 a week the jobcentre would be paying in kcals instead of paying £benefits. Quite a saving for the DWP; but try living on bags of sugar and nothing else. Type 2 diabetes here you come!

                • lol Imagine signing on and they plonked seven bags of sugar on the desk to last for the fortnight 😀

          • Sib you mean the money is there, its just the rich don’t want to spend it on workers, they would rather spend it on investments and things to show off with.

            • overburdenddonkey

     that’s last yr and doesn’t include industry and commerce…

              • OBD yeah I remember reading something like that wasn’t it not the richest 11 families in the world own more wealth of 3 or 4 billion of the poorest people? or something along the same line anyway.

                • Just 80 people own more wealth than the poorest 3.5 billion people, that’s 80 people who have more wealth than half of all humanity!

                  That’s a staggering statistic.

                • OBD and Sib it is a gross injustice that rich people should be allowed to hoard so much at the expense of people starving, not having access to medical attention, not having access to having sufficient clothing and sufficient housing. If we all help each other out, there wouldn’t be any poverty, there would be enough food, because it wouldn’t be wasted and thrown away. Greed is the biggest sin of the world and out of it is borne all other selfish sins, it is greed that causes the corruption of power. Greed should be outlawed.

            • That’s exactly what I was alluding to Maria, the money is there, but, just as you say, it’s left lying around in banks doing nothing good for the commonweal.

              It wouldn’t be so bad if it was their money to start off with, but it isn’t, as it’s money stolen off our forebears, as well as money stolen off us. They haven’t worked for that money, but we have.

        • YOUGOV - DON'T THINK SO!






          • overburdenddonkey

            you; aka sunday morning troll
            commons scrutiny of bills is laughed @ by the lords..

            • obd
              But that is really the whole point of the ‘second chamber’ – to ‘scrutinise’ legislation in greater detail. Probably because the ‘Lords and Ladies’ have plenty of time on their hands. The Lords don’t introduce primary legislation. As for the House of Commons it is the Select Committees that ‘scrutinise’ legislation. Legislation has to be heavily scrutinised anyway otherwise it is too easy (for IDS) to slip anything in.

              Besides, obd, your simplistic ‘troll’ comment doesn’t really address or negate ‘yougov”s comment. The dangers of ‘knee’jerk’ legislations has already been demonstrated by such ill-thought out legislation such as the Dangerous Dogs Act. You really think that knee-jerk decisions are a good idea?

              Furthermore, your asinine ‘Daily Mail troll’ comment reinforces the argument about Parliament ‘forcing a debate’. Why don’t YOU debate with the commenter, strip down their argument, tear them to pieces, instead of the usual ‘troll’, ‘I am not talking to you’, ‘It is beneath me to comment’, ‘I am calling the cops’, “Why can’t JV ban so-and-so” sad and pathetic comments. You not see that YOU are just proving the point? Government by the people? Sure buddy, it wouldn’t be long before we really were in a fascist dictatorship. Someone once said that 50% of the population are fascist, the other 50% are morons.

              • overburdenddonkey

                WOW! EL, i see you as a/the troll, the topic is ‘fixing poverty is simple….blah blah’ not discussing the workings of the lords and commons…bye…

                • Quod Erat Demonstrandum*


                  * that which is demonstrated

                  bye! 😀

                • Its not worth it OBD, ignore it.

                • obd

                  Human beings are by nature selfish. So they will argue for, construct systems that are advantageous to themselves.

                  Let us take the Universal Basic Income: ‘guy fawkes’ has called you out on this one. As you yourself have said you have worked all your life (repairing HGVs – hardly a minimum wage job) and as guy posited you probably have substantial saving tucked away and are looking for an income top-up. So a UBI would suit you, be advantageous to you.

                  But what about ‘guy fawkes’; well, guy argues that all wealth should be stripped away and the proceeds divvyed up amongst everyone. So we can posit that ‘guy fawkes’ has absolutely no wealth as such, so what guy proposes would suit guy down to a T. It is really quite simple 🙂

                  That’s the way it works: the middle-classes and the rich are particularly good at it. They propose a system ostensibly to ‘help the poor’ but in reality it will ‘help’ the rich. Nobody does anything for the good of their health.

                  As for this UBI, a better (and more immediately achievable, simple) idea to help the poor would be to remove conditionally from and scrap sanctions within the benefit system. But you never hear a rich Toff (and proponent of UBI) such as Zac Goldsmith argue for this. Funny, eh… 😉

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i’m entitled to a state pension YOU TWAT as many people are my age a UBI will simply replace that…

                • @ Foxy – ‘human beings are by nature selfish’ That’s just one theory about human beings, and as such is no more correct than any other. Of course, it also just happens to be the basis of current government ideology.

                  But it’s also stupid, and more than that, wrong. I suggest viewing Adam Curtis’ ‘The Trap’. It can be found online, and presents a very persuasive argument suggesting that humans aren’t actually that selfish.

                  It’s nasty misanthropes such as Ayn Rand, Thatcher and Reagan and those with a vested interest in convincing people who peddled the lie that selfishness is okay.

                  I was brought up to not be selfish, and that sharing is good, which is what I do when I can. It’s as simple as that.

  38. They are all cowardly rats who either want factory or cannon fodder but it is never Blair, Bush, or any of the other nutters who represent the money men so they can get richer. If Blair and Bush had to go to Iraq the war would never have started because they are cowards as this commentator states.

  39. Why doesn’t JV not just ban all these trolls that disagree with obd?

  40. LOL! Off Topic, but did you see the arse they made of trying to demolish the Red Road Flats

    Man that was amateurish! Two of them are left partially standing! Ah! well they might just keep them and move new tenants in! 😀

    • overburdenddonkey

      raining….red road house blues…what a shambles… 🙂

      • Jimi playing a 3 pickup Gibson SG instead of his strat!! The man was a genius guitar picker. Look at the hat Noel Redding is wearing!!! LOL! 😀

        • overburdenddonkey

          and it was strung normally….?

          • He used to switch the nut around so the bass strings were in the normal position for a lefty but turn the guitar upside down! Don’t know about the Gibson SG but that’s what he did with his strats anyway. 🙂

            • OBD: Local residents say the shambolic demolition occurred because they tried to do it on the cheap, with the results we all saw! I mean how amateurish was that? LOL! 😀

            • overburdenddonkey

              yeah i guess, there’s technically no problem doing that, i was sure he just played strats upside down E B etc down the way both very ways likely….
              apparently he strung his guitars 11 13 15 G instead of 17 G and down a semi tone…

              • overburdenddonkey

                ps likely 10E not 11E i’ll check…

                • Albert King the blues guitarist played upside down and didn’t reverse the strings so his bass strings were nearer the floor and the thin strings were on top! Real weird!

                  The soul guy Curtis Mayfield played like that as well and he was a big influence on Hendrix, particularly like on ‘Little Wing’ and ‘The Wind Cries Mary’ that clean chord stuff.

                • Thinking a bit more about it i don’t think Mayfield did turn his strings the other way round. He used some sort of weird tuning i think that he devised.

  41. Another Fine Mess

    What not to say at your CWP placement. 🙂

    “the lady interviewing him asked him why he wanted to volunteer there, he told her he wasnt volunteering he had to do it or he would be sanctioned, he then showed her his cv and certificates (NDT & NeBOSH) and told her he would be able to help them identify and remedy the Health & Safety violations/risks he had observed, the lady then told him she didnt think he was suitable for the placement and asked him to leave,”

  42. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    When the shit hits the fan – Denial Factories.

  43. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  44. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Just-Ice – Welfare Recipients (Video)

  45. There is only one thing that drives political debate in the UK and that is money………………….
    Our nation has more rules than any other nation in the world. We are also the most mapped and measured nation in the world.

    We are knee deep in bullshit, paid for by the good old taxpayer……………

    Lobbying has not yet been exposed properly, yet Westminster is fuelled by backhanders, hence Straw and Rifkind having their wrists slapped recently.

    If, as a recent opinion poll showed, 83% of the UK were opposed to war in Syria, why are politicians striving to get there as fast as possible?

    The Great British War Machine and friends of Israel are pushing the agenda to send more cannon fodder to certain death or disablement, only to be greeted by twats like ATOS,SEETEC, CAPITA OR MAXIMUS to deny disability benefit after their tour of duty, left to rot by the wayside.

    If over two hundred in the Lords have vested interests in the private health industry, why are they being allowed to vote on crucial issues that could lead to the deaths of millions of our poorest citizens?

    Try to imagine how many of our front benchers have conflicts of interests in the giant outsourcing industries. The true figures would be astounding.

    Political agenda has hardly anything whatsoever to do with the aspirations of the electorate, rather the backhanders that fuel idle discussion.

    Imagine a Bill of Rights drafted by the Tory Government and then ask yourselves how many of the electorate have asked for it?

    …………………………..absolutely, fucking nobody i suspect!

    Every part of the political spectrum in the UK is profit driven, each and every facet a source of greed to the fortunate few and purgatory to those left in the wake of discontent.

    I have no problem with trolls, in fact i welcome their existence with open arms……………..

    For someone to come onto our pages from a vestige of opposing opinion shows that their opinions are under pressure.

    I thrive on counter comments because it exposes the chinks in their armour and gives them the space to hang themselves, exposing their poisoned doctrines along the way.

    Trolls are generally intelligent but the few i have witnessed on these pages seem to be super thick.

    “Ask yourself, why would anyone leave the protection of their own comfort zone to make comment on a web page that was completely opposite to their way of thinking”

    There must be only one answer, “we are getting under their skin, big style”

    • overburdenddonkey

      that fine then geoff i’ll just pass those that troll me over to you to speak to…. 🙂
      but i agree we must be doing something right…

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Having trolls & feeding the trolls are two different things !!!!!

        • overburdenddonkey

          @ least i know when i am…..!?

          • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

            Trolls levels of thickness may differ, but that is their job to become the thickest of the thick, at that stage they must me getting paid to troll.

            • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

              They have one go at me & then blank me – I Wonder Why !!!!

              • overburdenddonkey

                coz they’d have us to deal with, if they tried it…. 🙂

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  The thing is I don`t have time for trolls. When trolls blank me it gives me such power.

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  You will always lose against a troll unless they blank you !!!!

              • I don’t know why but I try to befriend trolls and try to change their attitudes in other places as well as this. Only very rarely does it work. But in most cases a troll is a troll and as I’ve learned from here they are best ignored.

                • In other words as the old saying goes ‘You can’t polish a turd’

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  Trolls are their to bring you down. It is not helpful to you or the people doing WORK on here to get things to change for the better. I also do not find it entertaining like watching crap tv.

                  Constructiveness is the key to good mental health.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  actually the key to good mental health is venting blocked anger and rage and not bottling it up….

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  You will always lose against a troll unless they blank you !!!!

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  Even Constructive Anger !!!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  all anger is constructive…

                • overburdenddonkey

                  “Goodbye psychosis – using anger to cut its roots,”

                • I know but I’m trying to help them become a better person and see the error of their ways. But I won’t in future as you see there is no point, its sad really. On the other hand I have my own little project, I’m trying to put the reality of being vulnerable and empathising the importance of social security, in some form of creative writing. I’ve been at it a while now and keep coming at dead ends, but I’m trying to make it meaningful, so that people can come to care about their disabled or just out of work neighbour, instead of accusing them of being in bed all day with the curtains closed, or going on regular holidays and all that other clap trap the government has trained them to say. It is getting better though with every new idea, its just coming along very slow.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  yes, maria, it’s emotionally healthy to say no! get lost…!

          • overburdenddonkey

            ps step
            what i do is show up their right wing bullshit for what it is…ie for all to see, and once one can see it, one can counter it…

  46. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Policies to tackle the housing crisis and help the homeless

    Guardian – 11th Oct 2015

    David Cameron’s announcement that he will scrap the requirement for developers to build affordable homes for rent (Cameron to axe planning rules, 7 October) is another nail in the coffin for social housing. In Croydon, like other London boroughs, we have a lengthy housing waiting list, and this proposal is a stunning kick in the teeth for those in housing need.

    Under Cameron’s plans, our affordable housing offer in Croydon would be homes costing £450,000, which is well beyond the means of most of our residents and only affordable to the well-off. It would be within the reach of the fortunate few on a £77k salary; the average salary in Croydon is £27k.

    The housing crisis in London means that councils such as Croydon are increasingly having to make use of costly and unsuitable bed and breakfast accommodation. Cameron’s starter homes scheme will only worsen the situation and put more and more families in B&Bs, as affordable rented homes currently offer councils an avenue in which to place homeless families. Scrapping affordable homes for rent could result in developers holding off on any new developments until the reforms kick in.

    Read More:

  47. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Ellie Goulding condemns London councils’ treatment of homeless people

    Singer wants to discuss Kensington & Chelsea and Hackney’s ‘ridiculous’ treatment of rough sleepers with Jeremy Corbyn

    Guardian – 8th Oct 2015

    Singer Ellie Goulding has condemned the way that London councils treat homeless people as disgraceful and sickening, and said she would like to meet with Jeremy Corbyn to discuss the matter.

    Goulding, who recently tweeted her frustration at policies by Hackney council to cut down on people sleeping rough, said that the growing number of homeless people in London was “shameful”.

    Speaking to the Guardian, she said: “There is this culture where we stigmatise homeless people, continually –I can’t believe it’s still happening.

    “First it was Hackney council and now Chelsea and Kensington council have told people not to give food or money to homeless people because they say the money will fund something it shouldn’t, but actually that’s just the act of kindness, the communication that could save someone’s life. It’s a ridiculous campaign and I completely condemn it.”

    In June, Hackney council amended an order that threatened rough sleepers with court action and fines of up to £1,000 after a campaign from homelessness charities which was backed by Goulding.

    Read More:

  48. THE four richest families in Scotland have more wealth than the poorest 20 per cent of the population, according to a new report from Oxfam.

    In a new report sent to all of Scotland’s politicians, the anti-poverty charity have said more needs to be done to combat social inequality.

    The four richest in Scotland, according to the Sunday Times Rich List 2015 are the whisky producing Grant-Gordon family (£2.15 billion), Highland Spring owner Mahdi al-Tajir (£1.67bn), oil and gas tycoon Sir Ian Wood (£1.385bn) and Egyptian businessman Mohamed al-Fayed (£1.3bn).

    Jamie Livingstone, head of Oxfam Scotland, said: “In our rich country, we should all be impatient for faster progress. We shouldn’t live with poverty, in Scotland or anywhere else, and the Scottish Parliament has a duty to do all it can to end it.”

    He continued: “The Scottish Parliament has a number of powers which it could use now to reduce inequality and poverty. The upcoming Scottish election also creates a significant opportunity for every political party to transparently commit themselves to creating a more equal Scotland within a more equal world.

    • “interesting questions for the department of death”

      1) Since corporate manslaughter is an offence in UK law, how
      culpable in law are you if someone physically or mentally disabled,
      terminally ill, mentally ill or with degenerating-health problems
      whom you have deemed fit for work [by a WCA] is forced back into or
      into work or the work programme and they:

      i) kill or injure a third party by accident?
      ii) kill or injure a third party by personal attack?
      iii) injure themselves by accident?
      iv) or they kill themselves by accident?

      3) How legally culpable are the WCA disability assessors ATOS,
      Capita, Maximus, et al when any of the above mentioned examples
      happen and they have assessed the person as fit for work?

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Since people sign off their GP to now join HCP`s having agreed to their Terms & conditions. The HCP`s now Have A Care Of Duty since that has been taken away from the GP or any other medical people outside the “DWP`s” WCA / HCP – Maximus – Atos – Serco all being Health Care Professionals. Even the DWP`s DM is a HCP.

  49. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  50. wank

  51. knickers

  52. World Food Day coming up next, in Milan.

  53. No to the United Kingdom being Dragged into a War with Russia and
    No to Western Warmongering against Russia and Syria

    No to Racism against Syrians as Well

  54. Yesterday I had the MisFortune of coming across a Complete Racist Bonehead who whilst complaining about the Greek Flag being Flown ( Greece has made a more Commendable Stand against Austerity than Slavish Britain )also has the Ignorant View that Anyone Not Born in this Country should Leave this Country which is just Nasty and Racist.

    I Said what about a Child born of British Parents in Australia and he had No Answer to that .

    This Kind of Bone Headed Racist Attitude Cause this Country and Society as much Harm as the Trance of Austerity Slavery

    People Need to be United against Oppression and Slavery Not going
    along with the Racists who Seek to Divide which Helps the Ruling
    Class in Namely Divide and Rule

    • well in the end everyone in Britain has migrant ancestry, and what of William the conqueror a migrant from Normandy. Its just snobbery Noop, I’m better than you sort of thing. But even I’m not one hundred percent English, most of my ancestors came from Ireland to escape the potato famine. So when they said No Blacks they also said No Irish and my ancestors were discriminated just as much as those who come from Eastern countries. It’s strange thing is racism and one human behaviour I don’t understand.

  55. Notice that Petition For Resignation of Ian Duncan Smith as Secretary of State For Work and Pensions Now has over 112.160 Signatures .

    Needs to be Millions of Signatures.

    • maybe if people were more aware of the petition, there may be more signatures. Maybe if more people were aware of what goes on in politics they might know a bit better. The pain and suffering he has caused, and I know some of the pain because I’m at he the end of his policies, well there are no words to describe the pain he has caused innocent people, whose only crime was ask for help.

  56. Indeed I Agree just like the Condoning of Oppression and Slavery which
    is what Evil Selfish Neo Liberalism Stands For

    Down with Racism Down with Neo Nazism and Down with Neo Liberalism

    Maria | October 12, 2015 at 10:08 am | Reply

    well in the end everyone in Britain has migrant ancestry, and what of William the conqueror a migrant from Normandy. Its just snobbery Noop, I’m better than you sort of thing. But even I’m not one hundred percent English, most of my ancestors came from Ireland to escape the potato famine. So when they said No Blacks they also said No Irish and my ancestors were discriminated just as much as those who come from Eastern countries. It’s strange thing is racism and one human behaviour I don’t understand.

  57. Indeed the Suffering Caused is an Outrage against Humanity like
    the Barbarity of the Nazis when they Invaded Russia in that Human
    Suffering has been Inflicted .

    Maybe if more people out There were less Couch Potato I am All
    Right Jack Brainwashed by Racist Tabloids and ” Newspapers ”
    had more Human Compassion and were Not so Ignorant then More
    Signatures could be had

    Things could get Better if the Attitudes and Political Involvement of
    Millions out There was Better

    Maria | October 12, 2015 at 10:12 am | Reply

    maybe if people were more aware of the petition, there may be more signatures. Maybe if more people were aware of what goes on in politics they might know a bit better. The pain and suffering he has caused, and I know some of the pain because I’m at he the end of his policies, well there are no words to describe the pain he has caused innocent people, whose only crime was ask for help.

  58. Simple, easy solutions that the tories have no interest in proceeding with, their title is this: Take all poor people’s money away and no new homes built for anyone, Cory Tunts!

  59. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Social network giant Facebook paid just £4,327 ($6,643) in corporation tax in 2014, its latest UK results show.

    Its most recent Companies House filing shows the company as making a pre-tax loss of £28.5m last year, but the firm also paid its 362 UK staff a total of £35.4m in share bonuses.

    The share bonuses amount to £96,000 on average per UK Facebook employee.

    It means Facebook’s UK corporation tax bill was less than the tax the average UK employee paid on their salary.

    The average UK salary is £26,500 on which employees pay a total of £5,392.80 in income tax and national insurance contributions.

    In January, Facebook reported global fourth-quarter profits of $701m (£462m), a 34% increase on the same period a year earlier.

    Total profits for the year were $2.9bn, almost double its profit for 2013.

  60. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

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