Shocking Transphobia From Evangelical Group Linked To Stephen Crabb

crabb-brentIt is not just gay and lesbian people that are sinners in need of a cure according to the Evangelical Alliance – the extremist Christian group who boast Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb as one of the council members of their voluntary sector offshoot in Wales.  Transgender people are also targetted by the organisation.

In a report published in 2000 the group say they oppose the use of surgery as treatment for gender dysphoria and insist that an ‘authentic’ sex change is both impossible and incompatible with God’s will.  Mirroring their attitude towards lesbian and gay people, the Alliance say ‘transsexuals’ should be welcomed into the church, but that they ‘hope and anticipate’ that transgender Christians will accept the need to ‘re-orientate their lifestyle with God’s teachings’.  In return the church should offer ongoing care following ‘gender re-orientation’.

The report also endorses discrimination against transgender people in the workplace, claiming that in principle they oppose this, but in practice some circumstances may make the continuing position of a transsexual  ‘extremely difficult’ whether or not they were transitioning.

A later report on transsexuality was published by the Evangelical Alliance in 2006, in association with Parakaleo Ministeries.  This report is no longer available online, but a quote discussing Caitlin Jenner from Parakaleo ‘s website gives a hint of what to expect: “The sick national conspiracy to pretend that Bruce Jenner is a woman because he is mentally confused, has surgically mutilated his male body, and received plastic reconstruction surgery to give him a not entirely successful appearance as a woman, to the fanfare of the twisted leftwing elite.”  This is compassion, evangelical style.

More recently the Alliance published a glowing review of a book by Christian psychologist Mark Yarhouse discussing church responses to transsexuality.  Yarhouse believes one way of looking at gender dysphoria is as a “disability resulting from living in a fallen world”.  In a somewhat garbled rant he seems to say that cross gender identitity compromises the “sacred integrity of maleness or femaleness implicit in the body” and calls for transsexual people to be drawn into the ‘transformative’ power of Jesus Christ.

Yarhouse believes that through a “combination of holistic therapy and professional psychotherapy” those who are transgender will “accept their true selves as created by God”.  He calls for compassion during this process, saying if a transsexual person shares their name with him, then he will use it along with any desired pronouns, as an act of respect.

This is a bit much for the Evangelical Alliance who comment that some Christians might be nervous Yarhouse is making “too many concessions towards colluding with illusion and deception.”  They agree with the general argument though which is that transsexual people should be welcomed into the church and then cured.  Or in their words churches should point transsexuals to “the transformative work of Jesus Christ who created each individual and knows them from the moment of conception and is able to lead them to acceptance rather than rejection of their true selves – body, soul and spirit.”

The review of Yarhouse’s book was written by  Don Horrocks who also wrote the Evangelical Alliance’s Transexuality report in 2000.  Horrocks was Head of Public Affairs at the Evangelical Alliance until retiring recently.  Stephen Crabb sits on the Council of Reference of GWEINI, the voluntary sector offshoot controlled by the Evangelical Alliance.  It is inconceivable that he was unaware of the views of this organisation – they never shut up about LGBT people.  It was only once he got a top job, and decided he wanted to be Tory leader that he had a sudden conversion to LGBT equality.  He has never condemned his evangelical colleagues.  Were a senior minister linked to a group that promoted extremist racial or religious hatred then they would be gone from government office in seconds.  Crabb however has shrugged this off like it is nothing.  That says everything you need to know abut the true beliefs of not just Crabb, but also the party he seeks to lead.

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43 responses to “Shocking Transphobia From Evangelical Group Linked To Stephen Crabb

  1. Religion and politics should never mix, recent events over the years and throughout history have proven that and with this arsehole is no different!

  2. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Loads of suicide bonuses up for grabs being a politician. Suicide bonus for winning & a suicide bonus for losing, DWP Assisted Suicide Bonus. The Brexit adverts had hypnotists with a special hypnotised message to hypnotise the public. I don`t know why I voted so & so – Something was controlling me to tick that box at UNUM.

    The Tories are re-writing the bible on Twitter. Now who plays the part of Jesus? Twitter plays the part of Jesus. Jesus !! No Twitter. Time to nail Twitter to the cross. Jesus !! No Twitter.

  3. “The sick national conspiracy to pretend that Bruce Jenner is a woman because he is mentally confused, has surgically mutilated his male body, and received plastic reconstruction surgery to give him a not entirely successful appearance as a woman, to the fanfare of the twisted leftwing elite.” Totally agree with this – born a male, die a male; born a female, die a female.

    • Please Go Away…

      Her Brain is not Male… I suggest reading Science from Sceincetific report and a thousand-year-old book? Real Sceince says female brain can exist in male body or visa versa!

  4. He`s a right little NWO pusher, the behavioural nudge unit.
    Is he still connected to “Mind”?
    The mind fuck that is the Tory Party.

    And the Labour Party.
    Whats he singing>>>>>>>>>>>>Lola by the Kinks

  5. If God didn’t want people to be gay why create some of them seemingly innately disposed to be gay from birth? It seems kind of cruel to give people drives like that and then punish them for behaving according to their natures.

    • In their book the Evangelical Alliance respond to that, sort of. They believe that being gay or transsexual is due to social factors and that’s it’s near impossible there could be any genetic or physical reason for it – that’s why it can be changed. But just in case it turns out there is some kind of biological basis for sexuality or gender identity, then they say that people are made imperfect because of ‘the fall’. They compare someone being born gay to being born blind and say that it is our fault, (well Adam and Eve’s fault technically) for being sinners and spoiling God’s creation.

      • So Adam and Eve is good while Adam and Steve is bad, eh? Kind of idiotic really, in my opinion, much like Crabb is himself. The best thing I can suggest to set his feet on the right path would be for some gay Tory colleagues – Justine Greening, Alan Duncan and Ruth Davidson, say – to have a word with him to disabuse him of this nonsense.

        Homosexuality exists throughout the animal kingdom.

        Horses and ducks don’t become gay because of social factors!

        Crabb and his pontificating pals need their bumps feeling!

        (And not in a good way.)

      • Dissidentdiva

        It is incredible that these fairy tales are still in the mainstream consciousness in the 21st century.

      • @Johnny
        There is a biological basis to transgender or even homosexuality, it’s congenital. It’s been recently acknowledged that the brains of LGBT people are “wired” differently from heterosexuals. Those religious zealots imposing their “beliefs” on the LGBT community are guilty of inflicting serious mental harm that in extremis could lead to suicide.

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  7. Religious freaks should all be taken out and flogged. Idiots the lot of them.

    • You ought to listen in to Overcomer Ministry, broadcasting 24/7 on the internet and on Shortwave broadcasts. A fruitcake preacher, going by the name of Brother Stair, if ever I heard of one that I came across many years ago through the Shortwave broadcast bands; and occasionally I still listen in to via a streaming connection to his website by way of iTunes.

      You can’t get much funnier than the rants, false future predictions and complete c0bblers that this fruitcake comes out with to his flock and the people living with him in his “end of days” cult on a farm in the American mid-west.

      I haven’t listened in for a few months, but I believe that he still does a church service and sermon every Saturday Afternoon around 2/3pm UK time (10am local time) where he berates and blasphemes against his congregation.

      The easiest way to listen in is either direct on this website or click an iTunes quicktime player link to get the broadcasts streaming direct through iTunes.

      • LOL! Thanks for that one Fen. These people are friggin’ mental they really are. Completely round the bend. Some of them can be amusing but most of them are pretty dangerous because they prey on weak minded individuals.

      • Brother Stair has made a lot of $$s out of peddling horseshit. You can’t beat that authentic ‘shortwave’ sound though. Must be the way those radio waves have traveled thousands of miles, bollocks to internet streaming 🙂

        • There’s plenty background information about Brother Stair and also his closed community Overcomer Ministry and its self-supporting farm all around the internet. He has been imprisoned more than once on child sex and child rape cases brought against him in an U.S court of law and often following the law ruling against him he has claimed he would then shut down his 24/7 SW radio and internet transmissions, but he never did.

          The most funny things about his “preaching” is that he claims to be the last day prophet and has many times given predictions about supposedly up-coming major world events based upon bible readings that in such circumstances these predictions never happen to come true.

          Also, he says the same things over and over again (most of his broadcasts are from a mixture of old and recent tape recordings made), with occasional real-time broadcasts as well, including the Saturday sermon from his church at 10 a.m his local time (UK time 3:00pm or 2:00pm depending on GMT or BST times).

          Taped spoken recordings frequently stop mid-sentence abruptly into a brief piece of religious gospel music and/or a brief live transmission from the “prophet” himself, then it goes either back to the same recorded talk again or to a completely different one covering a different rant against the new world order, politics, people in general, or him going all religious with random excerpts from his own version of the bible. He will sometimes advise people to get rid of their televisions as he puts it are the work of the devil and yet he invites people to listen to him either by radio or by internet – both no better or worse than television and both either leading to the development of television or later an in-direct descendant.

          He often, during his church services, puts down, blasphemes and verbally abuses his flock and any visitors to the service. Just watch one of his saturday services – now streamed online on his website – to just see what I mean. No man of god would ever slate and verbally harass his followers the way that false prophet Stair does all the time.

  8. And Crabb is out!

    h/t: refuted

    Why an I not surprised – crawling for his next post, upwards and onwards I go!!!
    Home Office perhaps?

  9. uh uh Gov (& CrabbFace) being sneaky methinks on Sanctions – Doubling Length from reading the Amendements

    h/t: Refuted

    For JSA:
    What was 1st sanction of 2 weeks becomes 13 weeks
    what was 13 weeks becomes 156 weeks
    156 weeks remains unchanged.

    Looks like ESA and UC Sanction Period is reduced not increased as appears to be the case of JSA. Odd, maybe a way of forcing people off JSA?

  10. Johnny void complains about Christian treatment of LGBT but has no problem with Muslim murder of LGBT (he deletes posts criticising Islam)

    • Marked for deletion 😀

    • No, sport. The Void is complaining about Stephen Crabb’s possible views towards the LGBT community based on his association with a warped interpretation of Christianity. It’s not about Christians and Christianity generally but all about Crabb.

    • Do you have any evidence of a senior Conservative (or Labour) MP who is formally linked to an Muslim group who promote murdering LGBT people?

      If so send it over and let’s go. But this thread isn’t about Islam is it.

  11. Spider and the Fly

    Ode to the EU

    ‘Won’t you join our Common Market?’ said the spider to the fly, ‘It really is a winner and the cost is not too high’ ‘I know De Gaulle said ’’ Non’’, but he’d not got a clue, ‘We want you in, my friends, for we have plans for you. ‘You’ll have to pay a little more than we do, just for now, ‘As Herr Kohl said, and I agree, we need a new milch cow, ‘It’s just a continental term, believe me , mon ami, ‘Like ‘’Vive la France’’ or ‘’Mad Anglais’’; or even ‘’E.E.C.’’. ‘As to the rules, don’t worry friend, there’s really but a few ‘You’ll find that we ignore them – but they all apply to you. ‘Give and share between us, that’s what it’s all about, ‘You do all the giving, and we all share it out. ‘It’s very British, is it not, to help a friend in need? ‘You’ve done it twice in two World Wars, a fact we must concede, ‘So climb aboard the Market Train, don’t sit there on the side, ‘Your continental cousins want to take you for a ride’




    Why do we have parliaments at all if a lone figure can pass a law that places wicked changes to Labour laws on it’s citizens?

    It is all sounding too familiar…..

    Why are people elected to purport to give your aspirations, if at all?

    We are being shit on by an elite, a cabal that represents the greediest cunt’s on earth ………………….

    The french ought to be storming parliament, dragging out the perpetrators and putting their heads on the block. We should be doing the same……………..

    Chilcott’s much diluted biography of a War Criminal has just been released.
    A giant fairy story where those implicated in savage butchery have been given the option to redact the juicy bits that will save themselves from the gallows.

    Blair should be made to pay for the lives he took by entering a war based on bullshit.
    Blair had a position of trust that he decided to abuse in order to try and improve his standing in the eyes of the electorate. Similar to Thatcher taking divisive action to sink the Belgrano whilst still outside the exclusion zone………….

    Dodgy Tony will be hounded, as will our security services who rallied to his side to sell fiction to our people…………….

    Meanwhile Syria is just another accident waiting to happen. Our people voted for no boots on the ground but the likes of Fallon have seen fit to ignore your request to venture for oil and gas and a resulting orgy of migration and innocent deaths.

    Fallon should also be dragged out and made to explain which cartels are pulling his strings.



    The execution of Saddam Hussein took place on Saturday 30 December 2006. Hussein was sentenced to death by hanging, after being found guilty and convicted of crimes against humanity by the Iraqi Special Tribunal for the murder of 148 Iraqi Shi’ites in the town of Dujail in 1982, in retaliation for an assassination attempt against him.




    It may be helpful to explain that DWP Decision Makers (DM) do not make the decision as to
    whether a person needs to attend a Work Capability Assessment (WCA) or Personal
    Independence Payment (PIP) Assessment.



    Extract from decision makers guide

    Referring a claimant for a medical
    Reference by DM
    Before making a decision on a claim for, or entitlement to a relevant benefit (except
    where an IfW, LCW or LCWRA determination is required) the DM may refer the
    claimant to a HCP approved by the Secretary of State for an examination and report.
    The DM may make the referral at the initial, revision or supersession stage of a
    claim. The claimant is referred only when a medical examination is
    obtain information to enable the DM to reach a decision on the claim or entitlement
    to benefit
    1 SS Act 98, s 19(1)

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    More freakish religion from Crabb.

  16. “He feels at home when he is not working, and when he is working he does not feel at home. His labour is therefore not voluntary, but coerced; it is forced labour.”
    — Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844. Karl Marx and Frederick Engels

  17. Welfare States

    Workfare States

    “Contemporary workfare policies rarely involve job creation on any significant scale, along the lines of the old-fashioned public-works programs; they are more concerned with deterring welfare claims and necessitating the acceptance of low-paid, unstable jobs in the context of increasingly “flexible” labour markets. Stripped down to it’s labour-regulatory essence, workfare is not about creating jobs for people that don’t have them; it is about creating workers for jobs that nobody
    wants. In a Foucauldian sense, it is seeking to make “docile bodies” for the new economy: flexible, self-reliant and self-disciplining”

    — Jamie Peck in Workfare States (2001


    After the lectures from Crabb on being a family man, the hypocrisy is being uncovered.

    • Disgusted from Tunbridge Wells

      All very reminiscent of John Major’s ‘Back to Basics” campaign: Major spouting about “family values” whilst all along shagging Edwina Currie behind his wife, Norma’s back.

      • I could have done without the involuntary image of John Major having Edwina Currie in my head. That seen by the mind’s eye cannot be unseen.
        I feel physically sick.

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  21. The fact that he is taking money from such pathetic people proves he is a piece of turd. Also the fact that Christians are funding an anti-Poor Candidate proves British Christians like American Christians can’t get the Bible Right.

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