How George Osborne’s Minimum Wage Rise Will Mean Brutal Benefit Cuts For The Self-Employed

gideon-osbornePlans to raise the minimum wage will mean a brutal benefit cut for the lowest earning self-employed workers due to complex changes to in-work benefits.

When Universal Credit is fully introduced (stop laughing) then anybody who is self-employed will be subject to the ‘Minimum Income Floor’.  What this means is that when calculating in-work benefits, such as Tax Credits and Housing Benefit, the DWP will assume a level of income regardless of how much the self-employed worker is actually earning.  For most people this means that the rate of benefits they receive will be based on them earning the equivalent of the minimum wage for 35 hours a week.  This will apply even if they earnt nothing at all that month, potentially plunging people hundreds of pounds into rent arrears just because they’ve had a bit of a slow period.

So, as George Osborne is well aware, any rise in the Minimum Wage will prove devastating for the self-employed if they are not able to constantly improve their earnings to keep up.  Instead of it being an employer’s duty to pay the Minimum Wage, for the self-employed at least, it will be the worker’s duty to earn it.  Failure to do so will mean an effective cut to vital housing benefits as well as the replacement for Tax Cedits.

For five years the Tories have been happily encouraging low paid, precarious self-employment, not least because it helps bring the unemployment figures down.  Companies running the Work Programme have been handed pay-outs worth thousands of pounds in some cases everytime they encourage someone on the dole to become self-employed.  And now, having used a bogus fall in unemployment to help them win an election, the Tory Party are setting out to destroy this socially engineered entrepreneurship.

The median self-employed income in 2012/13 was £207 a week.  When the Minimum Wage rises to £7.20 these people will be assumed to be earning £252 a week for benefit purposes, leaving a huge shortfall unless they can increase those earnings.  Every time the Minimum Wage goes up again, they will be forced to try and keep up or face being unable to pay their rent.  For most, going onto unemployment benefits will be preferable to this kind of imsecurity.

Only the Tory Party could have produced a draconian system that means a rise in the Minimum Wage will prove devastating for the lowest earning workers.  They may talk the language of aspiration, but what they do shows a very different intention.  Rules are planned which will force social housing tenants to pay eye-watering rents if their earning rise above a certain amount.  Further Benefit Caps are on the way to force the poor out of big cities where the best jobs are.  Huge student fees and the abolishing of the Educational Maintenance Allowance have devastated the opportunities of the poorest youth.  And now they are coming for the self-employed, who are struggling to stay afloat, let alone prosper in an ever-more insecure jobs market.

George Osborne wants to put the working class back in their place, just like his idol Margaret Thatcher.  Unless you come from the gilded elite then don’t think about ever owning a house, getting an education, or setting up a small business.  Don’t get on your bike and look for work alongside the newly graduated rich kids in cities like London or Edinburgh.  Stay in your box.  Don’t complain.  Doff your fucking cap.  Stay poor. That is the real goal of Tory Party policy.

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534 responses to “How George Osborne’s Minimum Wage Rise Will Mean Brutal Benefit Cuts For The Self-Employed

  1. It Sickens Me how Slavish too Many are in this Country

    Down with the Class System Forced Slave Labour Tyranny and

    End Nutcase Public Spending Cuts

  2. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Hard Working Families screwed up by the Tories. A lot of the hard working families are Tory Voters.. Welfare Reform at 10 times the cost & that`s just UC. People from Hard working families will now be committing suicide because of Universal Tax Credit Sanctions.

  3. As soon as there were muttings about possible Tax Credit Cuts I KNEW it would be savage for anyone self employed and especially those who are part-time self employed. The Tories whatever they say are CLEARLY not the party of ‘working people’ and as time goes on and they are erroding more and more benefits that are necessary to those who are low paid it’s being identified that in fact work does NOT pay! Ho hum. . . .

  4. It Shocks Me how Thick some too Many have been to Vote Tory

    It Shocks me how too Many think David Cameron is Sunshine when
    he is a Disaster as Prime Minister

    Yes to the Resignation of David Cameron and George Osborne

  5. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    100,000 people turned up to protest in Manchester.

  6. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  7. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    • Tory filth in action. The types that want people’s benefits removed and to see them out on the streets. The kind that are behind the drive to hound the sick and disabled remove their benefits and murder them.

      TORY SCUM OUT! 😦

  8. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Boris Johnson pelted with Balls by disabled activists

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  10. Occasional Reader

    NO & SRSS spoil conversation for me on this site.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      It`s not a game or a tea break read it is murder of the first degree by the state to kill off the unimportant people with state sponsored suicide.

      Perhaps you should write something instead OR.

    • Maggie, May and the rest of the office admins

      We say what you are saying love. None of us are politically minded – we don’t even bother to vote but we do enjoy reading the Void over our morning cuppa and Elevenses. Always good for a good chuckle and even a belly laugh. You should see us when we almost spill our cuppas and spit out our biscuits.

      • Maggie May and Co.

        You are making a Rod for your own back or should that be belly, by not being politically minded, that is why the DWP take people like you on as their robots.

  11. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Disability Rights UK wins contract to teach equality to Maximus

    DNS – 2nd Oct 2015

    A national disabled people’s organisation is to provide disability equality training workshops to staff from the controversial US-owned company that won the government contract to assess people’s “fitness for work”.

    Disability Rights UK (DR UK) will provide training to about 1,600 members of staff employed by the Centre for Health and Disability Assessments (CHDA), which is owned by the US outsourcing giant Maximus.

    Read More:

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Disability Rights UK are funded by the Tories – Barcleys Bank & other corporate companies. Another bullshit Disability claim like Disability Confident all working for the Tories.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        “”””Every member of CHDA staff – including healthcare professionals, managers and reception staff – will go through the training, which will be delivered through about 100 two-hour workshops.””””

    • I posted this last week and it went unnoticed. Having professional experience of the sort of equality training that will be on offer it is obvious that this will all be about ‘being nice’ – non-confrontational and endorsing the current world view without upsetting anyone. Disability Rights are a sham organisation that obviously believes it can work productively with maximus and the government – they are wrong again, like they have been over the last 10 years – wrong, wrong, wrong. Phil Friend, a director is NOT an equality trainer he is an equality appeaser

  12. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Disability Confident & Disability Rights UK should be charged with Disability Hate Crimes against disabled people.

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  14. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Hunt says tax credit cuts will help to teach British to work as hard as Chinese – Conservative conference live

  15. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    28 minutes ago

    Here is the full quote from Jeremy Hunt about how the tax credit cuts are partly about teaching the British that they need to work as hard as the Chinese.

    We have to proceed with these tax credit changes because they are a very important cultural signal. We want this to be one of the most successful countries in the world in 20, 30, 40 years’ time. There’s a pretty difficult question that we have to answer which is essentially: are we going to be a country that is prepared to work hard in the way that Asian economies are prepared to work hard, in the way that Americans are prepared to work hard? And that is about creating culture where work is at the heart of our success.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Is that NORMAL Chinese people like NORMAL disabled people.

      The UK has lost it`s Human Rights.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      1 minute ago

      The Spectator’s James Forsyth was also at the Jeremy Hunt fringe meeting. In a blog he says that Hunt also opined on how people are going to have to get used to living with their elderly relatives.

      Perhaps, the most striking part of what Hunt said was his futurology. He warned that on current trends, Britain’s aging population would require 100 new care homes a month to open between now and 2020. He argued that this was simply not possible and so it needed to be made easier for elderly relatives to move in with their families. He indicated that making this easier would be a significant part of social care reform.

  16. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Getting money from the Chinese & Putin & money laundering through the DWP.

  17. As Regards the Egging I would Not Condone any Act of Violence
    or Hooliganism that Caused Physical Harm to Anyone Unprovoked and Equally I do Not Condone the Harm Inflicted upon the Poor and Vulnerable
    since May 2010 AD and the Disgusting Outrage of Evil that Resulted in the
    Tragic Death of David Clapson a Victim of Tory Austerity

    Oppose State Totalitarianism and State Violence in Moral Principle
    Support the Right to Mass Peaceful Protest

    The Tories Arrogance is Un Acceptable

  18. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    All the Labour Blairites are joining the Tory Party & their books – says a lot about Milibrand.

  19. There is Much to Oppose so Therefore there is Much to Protest About
    and That Includes Challenging Every Instance of Destructive Tory
    Austerity with Sound Rational Agruments such as the Social Damage
    that Homelessness and Poverty Causes to the Poor and Vulnerable
    as Individuals and also to the Local Communities as a Whole that
    Tax Breaks for Already Rich Millionaires and Attacking the Poor and
    Vulnerable is a Outrage against Humanity whilst Wanting to Attack
    Syria whilst People are Subsisting on Foodbanks is Sickening

    Challenge the Deficit Pahlava

    Point Out the Deficit is One of Genuine Democratic Accountability and
    the Gulf between Rich and Poor

  20. The Taxpayers’ Alliance has recommended that the government should cut pensioner benefits – because pensioners might be dead or suffering from memory problems by the time the next election comes around.

    Speaking at a fringe meeting at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, the group’s research director Alex Wild said there were two reasons why cuts should be made now.

    “The first of which will sound a little bit morbid – some of the people… won’t be around to vote against you in the next election. So that’s just a practical point, and the other point is they might have forgotten by then,” he said.

    “If you did it now, chances are that in 2020 someone who has had their winter fuel cut might be thinking, ‘Oh I can’t remember, was it this government or was it the last one? I’m not quite sure.'”

    Liam Fox, former Conservative defence secretary, appeared to agree, suggesting this was a ‘great opportunity’ as the Labour party was currently not much of a threat.

    “We have a broken opposition. We have just won a general election and we need now to take the tough decisions we believe are right,” he said.

    The winter fuel allowance, free bus passes, free prescriptions and the Christmas bonus could all be targeted.
    Noticed this of the internet today truly sickening in my view.

    • Eating cake as instructed

      Johannesburg: yes I saw this on BBC news channel. Truly disgusting times ahead. No doubt they’ll justify applying the bedroom tax to pensioners too but where are they going to move them to? One bedroom places were often age restricted now all ages stuffed into smallest place possible so ALMO’s HA etc can hope to get the rent out of folk. Many letting someone in social housing now are means tested ie can’t afford equals no place. How does the pensioner even qualify for a skanky hell hole surrounded by drug takers possibly in a tower block where the draw off rate on main electric cable by 6pm each day is causing the cable to melt?

      • Eating cake as instructed they are a group of rich psychopaths and they are just warming up. Evil incarnate that is what they are. I believe they are capable of mass murder, they just cannot get away with it so they aim to drive what they regard as enemies of the state, to suicide that is the strategy.

        • Johannes

          “I believe they are capable of mass marder, they just cannot get away with it……”

          They are getting away with it, they are killing off the elderly in old peoples homes and hospitals.

    • The Christmas Bonus isn’t index-linked so while £10 doesn’t go very far nowadays, when it was introduced in the early Seventies £10 was equivalent to about £120 in today’s money.

  21. They would bring back the gas chambers if they could Fascists.

    • Eating cake as instructed

      I can see they’ll reintroduce a form of workhouse for poor disabled and old people dressed up as addressing community loneliness or some twaddle. Evil shysters. Elections should be annual….

      • Another Fine Mess

        “reintroduce a form of workhouse”

        They already have, they call them “Social Enterprises”.

        • As I said the Workhouse regime without the actual workhouse, so that they can save even more money without providing people with the basics.

  22. Eating cake as instructed

    The sheer desperation about to hit via WTC cuts and self employed assumed to be earning at least min wage will send family break ups deaths suicides rising exponentially. Poor folk spend their money in the local economy no money equates to more businesses folding as all businesses need paying customers to survive.

    No doubt before long these evil entities will be logging all gains at food banks so they are ‘a loan’ with interest to be repaid somehow.

    Everyone must vote at local elections come May 2016 show the intent.

    • “Eating cake as instructed”

      these twirs will double down on even more stupid S&^% than up to now – they’re that stupid and vicious.

      JV, well done on this – I knew there was a problem when thenew regulations hit in 16Apr16 [huhhh just noticed the dating – 16Apr16… weird] but you’ve nailed it. This might be the last straw for the ConCons pretending to be the party of the people.. unless you’re rich of course.

  23. Eating cake as instructed

    Gazza: already local housing waiting list has risen by 50% since 2010 meanwhile gaffs stand empty being advertised on open market at market rent as previous occupants were moved as could no longer afford. The ongoing is social cleansing on a huge scale to destroy social housing, put poor folk in desperate places so they’re easy to control. Police are corrupt so demonstrations could go either way.

  24. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Tories speak to their voters with blackmail & threats wrapped up in 1 form of sound bite. Cameron has seen how Tony Blair has ripped off the british people & Cameron wants a piece of the action .Lloyds are selling £2 billion of shares to the public before the Housing Market Bubble crashes in spring 2016 next the banks will default & crash so the people who bought Lloyds shares are throwing money at the Tories. Next Cameron will make speeches for £2million a pop. What goes around comes around.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      The only jobs going are in the War Machine Army – Illegal War on the Poor & Disabled as well as Syria & now Manchester is a Tory Stronghold.

  25. overburdenddonkey

    who was the arsehole who said suffering is good for the soul…? whoever it was they need to have a serious words with themselves…!

  26. The Regime of NEW NAZIS at Westminster Palace, can go on all they like about how the new min wage (“national living wage”- which isn’t) will help all these poor “Hard Working Families.
    But even at the new Min Wage level of 7 20, and we wait ’till April for that, even at 30 hours a week, a person’s pay is only 216 a week. That will still have deductions from it, and the actual take home pay of pleb more nearer 200, if not below.
    Depending on how much rent and local Govt tax a person has to pay, along with utility bills, etc, that person would be lucky to get 50 to themselves out of which they have to buy everything else, like food, clothes, transport, etc., and in quite a lot of cases, they won’t have that much.
    It is all well and good fro MPs to say plebs should get more hours. We hear them say it all the time on the wireless, “Workers on low how hours should ask their employers to give them extra hours” as if it is so easy as that when we see Tesco, and the like, have most advertised posts for only 16 hours and less, and the most they seem to offer is 25 hours. At 25 hours, at present rate of 6.50, is 162.50. As it that company can’t pay its staff more. At.7 20, it would be 180.
    That might sound lavish for the New Nazi MPs to give to the peasant plebs, but actually, a person on that will not even have 30. for themselves, and less, again depending on rents, etc, transport, and so on. But as 25 hour posts on these kinds of wage levels are few and far between, as I say, the Tax Credits cuts and all the other ones will have huge impacts for those who do get them at 30 hours as with the present MinWage, a person is only getting 195 a week. Those Creds are a major part of their current wages. But even at such low pays as described, many of the folks on them, don’t get Working Tax Creds, simply because they need to work 30 hours, minimum.

    I heard the stupid MP for Lewes on the wireless last night claim Working Tax Creds are are disincentive for ppl to ask for more ours as they only get paid them if they do less hours !!!.
    It is quite the opposite of what happens.
    The extra hours are not there for ppl to get, and the Creds only get paid according to those extra hours, ‘cept for some with children, or if on certain disability benefits.
    That a Regime MP like her, either willfully misrepresents the facts, or simply doesn’t know them, when she ought to know them, it’s her job to know, is a disgrace.
    The ordinary folks know full well what’s happening, and all the spin won’t fool the majority.
    As for those who either didn’t vote in May, or voted Hog Party Nazis…well they were well warned. No point them complaining now how unfair Gideon is

    • Employers are only offering part time jobs because it reduces their tax and national insurance bill.
      Some who are employed in the public services and even the NHS are being offered incentives such as car insurance, rather than pay NI contributions, which pays for benefits, pensions and the NHS and the reason the welfare state is being undermined.


    Perhaps someone on Radio 4’s Money Box Live can tell me how the fuck I’m meant to live on £60 a week JSA? Sixty fucking quid, inthis day & age. FFS.

  28. The 5th of October 1938 is the Anniversary of The Passports of Jews in Germany being Declared Invalid .

    Those who Required a Passport for Emigration Purposes were Given One Stamped J for Jude.

    The Nazis were Nasty and Cruel .

    It is Nasty and Cruel what Happened to David Clapson in Con Dem Britain 2014

    Cruelty and Nastiness to the Poor and Vulnerable Must be Opposed
    just as Nazism must be Opposed


    Now that Councils are getting to keep Business Rates does that mean they can stop nicking off the unemployed for Council Tax?

    • Eating cake as instructed

      No chance I fear..the badtards at councils are being incentivised to persecute unemployed and disabled. Devo Manc is another ploy. It’s about control starving into submission and stuffing all including their own blue collar workers. 1981 will pale into insignificance next year.

  30. Good Point

    They should Stop Inflicting Council Tax upon the Poor and Vulnerable

    Restore Full Council Tax Benefit

    FUCK THE TORIES | October 5, 2015 at 6:12 pm | Reply

    Now that Councils are getting to keep Business Rates does that mean they can stop nicking off the unemployed for Council Tax?

    • No chance, all it means is that that central government will no longer give councils their funding..coz hopefully, councils will be funding themselves.
      Council tax, rent and business rates, will fund the council pot.

  31. ‘Doff our cap?”
    ‘Cap the toff’ more like (or should that de-cap-itate the toff?)
    Bring back the guillotine.

    They are desperate to bring about BI that is why they are hitting the so called strivers (self employed), don’t be fooled the toffs will benefit most.

    • Eating cake as instructed

      We are both on the first shift mate..I’m going to sell hot buttered crumpets as a side line to raise funds as heads are kicked around the ground by the skint masses. Funds to get about so no delays in summary justice. Evil filth.

    • overburdenddonkey

      a UBI will take away their power of what they’re intending to do…
      no longer will we have to please their whims and desires to get a reliable supply of vitality giving vitals of life…and you claim this is a bad thing why…?

      • overburdenddonkey

        ps not just intending to do but actually have already done and are continuing to do, turning the thumb screws ever more…

      • You claim that universiality of basic income is a good thing WHY? How will you benefit?
        The only BI that will really bring about change is ‘ Bloody Insurrection’.
        Heads we win, their Tales we lose – no more propaganda.

        • overburdenddonkey

          i asked you ‘and you claim this is a bad thing, why…?’ so give me an answer…

          • I’ve told you many times why I think it is a bad thing that the rich should get it, now you tell me why it is a good thing that the rich should get it?

            • overburdenddonkey

              i made this statement on this thread in response to your comment on this thread;
              a UBI will take away their power of what they’re intending to do…
              no longer will we have to please their whims and desires to get a reliable supply of vitality giving vitals of life…and you claim this is a bad thing why…?’

              • you are still not answering me! You talk some crap, take away their power lol, the only thing it will take away a benefit system we can rely on that SHOULD be paid to those that need it, which does not include child benefit to the rich – this is probably their way of clawing back benefits they hopefully have been denied.

      • Anthony de Mello, S.J.

        The philosopher Diogenes was eating bread and lentils for supper.

        He was seen by the philosopher Aristippus, who lived comfortably by flattering the king. Said Aristippus, “If you would learn to be subservient to the king you would not have to live on lentils.”

        Said Diogenes, “Learn to live on lentils and you will not have to be subservient to the king.”

        Anthony de Mello, S.J.

  32. Just seen one of the grinning neighbours drive past me as I stood in the pouring rain waiting for a bus to get to work in their gleaming brand-new ’65 plate’ Nissan Qashqai courtesy of Mota-fuck-bility. Absolutely fucking livid!

    • bet you wish you were disabled don’t you. dickhead.

      • agree with you Johnny, I am disabled, sensory disabled, and no I don’t have a Motability car, driving around in a nice car is poor consolation for not having the use of your legs. I’d rather keep on walking thanks, rain or no rain.

      • Yeah, it takes me neighbour a good 10 minutes to crawl almost out to her Nissan Qashqai with a face in absolute agony just to go round to the shops for a few things. Don’t think a lot of people realise what it must feel like to be in constant pain. They just see a car and think: “I can afford that. Why should someone else have one?” and get envious. You got to laugh really. Pathetic!


      You’re lucky. I can’t afford to catch buses.

      • I notice labour are not talking of taking all transport back into public ownership, then people may be able to afford buses never mind trains.

    • Knobend. They don’t get motability cars for nothing, the “mobility” element of their disability benefits is used to pay for the car. It may be cheaper than running one’s own car, but that’s all.

      No wonder this country is buggered when semi educated, spiteful and thick as pigshit idiots like this spend all their time resenting the disabled and sit like limp cocks saying to the rich “God bless ’em”.

      • It might be the case that you can get smaller cars on Motability e.g. a Micra but for some unknown reason 9/10 of them seem to be these Nissan Qashqais. Obviously a Qashqai is going to burn through a lot more fuel and be a lot less manoeuvrable for a disabled person as you can clearly see them struggling. Top tip: Never park your car next to a supermarket entrance where it is likely to get pranged (by a Nissan Qashqai) (‘driven’) (by a disabled) driver. So why to they opt for these more expensive cars? The more comprehensive controls such as being able to adjust the sound system from the steering wheel? A smooth talking salesperson? Friends/family making use of the vehicle. Talking of which it appears that a disabled person doesn’t even need to be able to drive to obtain one of these cars; they can ‘nominate’ a driver i.e. a friend or family member who has possession of the vehicle just so long as they run the disabled person round to the shops (with the ‘disabled’) badge on the car. If you look at it this way; there are plenty of people running around in Motabiliy cars who are in no way disabled – they aren’t even on disability benefits. Just a point of fact one of my neighbours sons had asthma and they were running around in a Motability car. So it isn’t really true that you have to be disabled to have use of a Motability car. No different than when under Thatcher relatives were buying granny and granpas council house on the cheap to make a quick buck.

        • Too fucking right! Can see a middle-class nobhead running around in a new Nissan Qashqai as old disabled granny is sat in front of the telly all day. There is a middle-class nobhead scam in everything…. ‘charity’ shops… even ‘foodbanks’ are a middle-class scam…. you think poor folks are getting any of that good stuff you hand in…. 😉

        • The Motability scheme should be for GENUINELY disabled persons only who genuinely need a car as their ‘lifeline’. It shouldn’t be there to be taken advantage of. And a disabled person is being taken advantage of if they forgo part of their allowance (£50 a week?) for a car which other persons who aren’t even disabled are drawing the greatest benefit from. It needs to be clamped down on and policed properly to prevent the rampant abuse of this worthwhile scheme.

        • Voice of Horseshit

          Motability cars are really just leased cars. They will be bought in huge bulk and no doubt Motablity can obtain a deep discount from Nissan which makes them relatively cheap.

        • The rules governing motability cars are that the car is for the exclusive use of the disabled person. My missus has progressive MS and because I use the car for business, we can’t have one. We’d have to run two cars and there’s only me who can drive.

          As for why they get Qashqais, well, the British are definitely getting bigger! Compare the original Mini with its modern counterpart, or the original Golf or Polo.

          Then there’s power steering, without which the pampered orange and blondes around my way wouldn’t have a hope in their silly range rovers and Discoveries.

          Most car buyers know bugger all about cars and simply rely on word of mouth or the likes of “Which?” Magazine. It’s why Ford are still in business 😉

      • Don’t know why you are all arguing it isn’t just the poor who get DLA/PIP its rich people too, don’t forget it is there for people who are disabled, people who earn quite a bit pay a lot of extra money to ride round in a nice car, and people with nothing get the basic. Yes it does need policing Motability because their is fraud in every walk of life, but why does it have to come at the expense of people who really need them are having their claim tighten up, so they don’t qualify any more, and those who have jobs can’t get to work any more and those that don’t work can’t even go out once a week to the shops. The way the government is policing benefits of all kinds is wrong, because the frauds are still there and only the poor disabled are suffering.


    Osborne is trying to turn the UK into a Chinese fucking sweatshop, a low-pay long-hour economy. He knows Employers aren’t going to pay higher wages without getting something in return, and that ‘something’ is your Soul. “I am the Builder” says Osborne, a direct Masonic reference if ever I heard one.

  34. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Talking shit all day Media.

  35. “The terrible immoralities are the cunning ones hiding behind masks of morality, such as exploiting people while pretending to help them.”

    – Vernon Howard

  36. So in the end or rather April or May 2020, the Rich will have everything, everyone else will have nothing and there will be no economy, because everyone will have sacked workfare off, for paying nothing and gone their own way. They are going to cause chaos in this country through their own selfish greedy ways. I wonder if the UN can stop them making all these ridiculous cuts, I hope someone can before they destroy our country, because its ours not theirs.

    • Maria it gets better!

      Lets break this down shall we?

      16Apr16 new conditionality kicks in.
      a) if self employed and earns over a set amount and need to claim – no benifits “poor scum” for 6 months. Tough luck if you starve or lose your lodgings.
      b) if on zero hour contract “stuffed poor scum”, no doubt there is hidden rules to stop you claiming/must get more work.. oh sorry that’s built into the new regulations from 16Apr16….
      c) if claiming tax credits – look forward as “poor scum” to being sanctioned if unable to make up lost benifits taken as a means to “Nudge” you to get the hours to make up The level of Pay DWP sets is your target to encourage you to get more work [so the enforcer sets the charge and is also the judge and sets the sentance – nice one!]. Only targetting some 6+ Million people
      d) on top of all that you have hmrc on your back wanting to claim back tax credits. Perfect.

      • Oh, I forgot to mention that Dennis Skinner has pointed out that there is a 5 year gap between the benifits cuts and when the living wage which is in 2020.

        Yep only a small gap of 5 years….

        Explains why some Tory MPs are worried

        GidIdiot strikes again!

  37. Hmm, there is a slight, tiny, minuscule improvement from “Universal Credit and Self-employment” guide from October 2013, to the freshly updated “Universal Credit and self-employment – questions and answers” guide released in August 2015.

    In 2013 it said & I kid you not:

    “If you earn less than the minimum income floor in any month, Universal Credit will not bridge that gap. This will encourage you to grow your business & make sure it can support you.”

    Now, before we laugh, cry or pelt more Tories with eggs – that bit has gone! Funny how that whole document disappeared too… Must learn to download these atrocities before Tories can deny they ever uploaded them.

    Because in the latest 2015 guide it says:

    “If your self-employed earnings are below the MIF we have calculated for you, we will use the MIF to work out your Universal Credit award instead of your actual earnings.”

    So a tiny improvement as it seems you’ll get more Universal Credit if you happen to make less than that Minimum Income Floor (MIF).

    But wait, we’re not off the DWP’s claws. Just read below from this year’s guide:

    “You must report any earnings from self-employment to the Department for Work and Pensions monthly.”

    Oh lovely! Monthly harassment from incompetent Wank Coach. Every sole trader’s dream…

    “This allows your Universal Credit to be adjusted on a monthly basis, ensuring that if your income from self-employment falls, you won’t have to wait several months for a rise in your Universal Credit.”

    That looks like an improvement. And this too since it seem your business expenses can be deducted from what you’re expected to live on:

    “Self-employed earnings are reported on a ‘cash in, cash out’ basis, which is closely aligned with HM Revenue and Customs’ simplified cash basis accounting system, used for income tax. This means we will ask you to report the total receipts into the business and the details of payments out of the business, in the assessment period.”

    But that’s ONLY as long as the Wank Coach doesn’t decide that your business isn’t ‘gainful’:

    “If we decide you aren’t gainfully self-employed we will expect you to commit to looking for a job.”

    Hurray, every self-employed person’s wet dream! To be forced onto jobsearch whilst also running a business.

    “You will still need to report any earnings from your self-employment so they can be taken into account when calculating your award of Universal Credit. You can ask to be reassessed in the future, and we will look at your evidence, earnings and hours of work again.”

    Know what? You may as well pack your stuff & move in to the Jerkcentre completely. Given the amount of hours you’ll be required to spend there. Just occupy a bog if they ever let you use one. At least you’ll have a roof over your head. 😉

  38. Was meant to say:

    The improvement lies in supposedly getting more Universal Credit when your earning dip below MIF.

    As there is absolutely no improvement in having to run to Jerkcentre every bloody month.

    • “plebrise”

      You are aware with the new regulations from 16Apr16 it becomes weekly not monthly… and of course this change doesn’t take into account people who get paid monthly/on zero hour contract.

      It’s all good I tell you… well maybe not…

      • Do you mean that from 16 April 2016, one’s income has to be declared weekly to the DWP, Gazza? Do you have any links?

        • When I was doing Permitted Work while on Incapacity Benefit the general rule was that you reported any income weekly, but as my Permitted Work was effectively part-time self-employment, I had to present my accounts every three months.

          • A friend of mine always had their benefits stopped the moment he requested for the Permitted Work form to be sent to him at his local Jerkcentre. His job advisers were helpful but that didn’t stop the DWP from stopping his money before he could even apply for Permitted Work.

            • Oh, hang on, I misunderstood… both guides on Working Tax for Self-employed under Universal Credit are equally as nasty. 😡

              “If your self-employed earnings are below the MIF we have calculated for you, we will use the MIF to work out your Universal Credit award instead of your actual earnings.”

              Click to access uc-and-self-employment-august15.pdf

              So Johnny Void was right. The DWP will insist on awarding you above the Minimum Wage* – regardless of how little you made that month. Shit!

              * that’s your Minimum Income Floor – MIF.

        • plebrise

          There was postings on here and on “Ipswich” when the new regulations came to light before the so called ‘Election’ [what a laugh that was]. A union guy popped up somewhere and agreed it was all true.

    • Oh,

      I forgot to add, DWP, not anyone else will decide if your business is supportable… you’ll have to do a presentation and explain and show business plan etc to DWP. I forsee Dragons Den type meetings… you know its going to be fun.

      • Yeah, as if the DWP were such experts on what constitutes business success… I wonder if Branson or Sugar would ever have succeeded if they lived in cupboard sized private sector “flats” with no space to develop any business in, only to be told by Jerkcentres that their business plans weren’t viable since they couldn’t afford their landlords’ astronomical rents.

        But it all makes sense. The idea is simply to convince people that their earnings are not enough & force them to take on any 2nd or 3rd low paid job going just to keep a roof over their head.

        Just like they do in the States. Where the poor sell their plasma in desperation – despite having 2 jobs on the go.

        • Branson is not form ‘poor stock’; he was privately educated at the very expensive Stowe School in Buckinghamshire. Branson wasn’t worrying about a roof over his head and putting a crust on the table when he was experimenting with business start-ups as a jolly jape. He had the support and ‘back-up’ to absorb and cushion his failed attempts until and idea stuck and took-off. Just one failed business start-up will most of bankrupt and destitute.

          Also it is highly doubtful that (Sir) Alan Sugar was living in a cardboard box in the middle of Brick Lane at the beginning of his forage into ‘consumer electronics’ either. His East End ‘barrow-boy’ back-story smacks of pure, unadulterated horse shit. His Mockney accent is a piss-take.

          You need to have the basics of life taken care of such as a roof over your head and food on the table to have an evens chance of succeeding at business. If your are sat struggling at the bottom of Maslow’s Triangle wondering where your next meal is coming from and have rent collectors knocking your door down you have no chance whatsoever.

  39. And that is before we get into the issue of privacy. After all, what you do for a living is between you & the Inland Revenue once you’re self-employed.

    There could be a nightmare of confidentiality breaches when say, psychotherapists will be forced to declare invoices with their client’s names on them to nearest Jerkcentre tools who happen to assess them each month.

  40. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    These Work Coaches are getting £50,000 a year & the DWP employ them as saviours of the DWP. You are now entitled to an extra £1.20 & next month it might go down. And that is costing £50,000 a work coach. Bully For You !!!

    • I doubt Wank Coaches get £50,000 a year, Stepping Razor Sound Plate System. After all, they’re just Jerkcentre staff with 0 qualifications in business start ups, cash flows, etc.. I mean, since when did the DWP hire proper business coaches to actually help people? Not since Blair’s New Deal & even then there were flaws.

      But yeah, the irony of having 2 people going through 1 person’s business isn’t lost on me either. Like you say – only 1 of them gets paid. <:(

  41. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    So everyone on Working Tax Credit & Universal Tax Credit will have their own Work Coach. So 2 people are doing the same job yet only one is getting paid !!!

    • Oh no. I sincerely doubt each sole-trader would get their own dedicated Work Coach. More like each sole-trader getting random wankers assessing their monthly claim, depending on who’s available to harass them. Each of them equipped with their own arsenal of sanctionable “offences”…

      In other words, the self-employed will get treated just like the unemployed. But with the double headache of running a business too.

      • Don’t forget if they make over a certain amount an have to claim they won’t be able to for 6 months.

        • How does that work, Gazza? Not that anyone here argues that it does work 😦

          • plebrise,

            DWP takes the amount made in the month BEFORE the claim is registered and looks at the earnings in the moths before – if the amount earned in the month before claim is above a certain amount [this is calculated not by you or HMRC but by DWP – you can sense where this is going can’t you…] then the 16Apr16 regulations kick in and no benefits are payable for the first 6 months of the claim [I DO NOT know if there is a knock on to housing benefit].

            the self employed MUST save money in case that happens…. but of course with the lowering of the threshold at which benefits kick in by saving so you can eat, no doubt you then make yourself un-eligible to claim – double whammy methinks and brilliant thinking on the part of the drafters of the regulations.

            The 16Apr16 regulations will make things go off all “Pete Tong”.

  42. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The Work Coach goes to the Life Coach & the Life Coach goes to the Work coach all supporting each other in their hour of need. So the only way to get on is to rip people off & fuck them over !!!

  43. minimum wage doing warehousing (agency, go figure), unloading decanting stacking and wrapping day in day out… am i not working hard for my low income? tax credits is the only thing keeping me afloat, without it i’d have pennies to spare after bills/expenses are paid

  44. Gideon is another chinless wonder fighting the Class War, destroying the Welfare State, and redistributing our tax money to the billionaires. Gideon and his Oxbridge cronies like the bit of the State though that allows it a monopoly over violence. They call on the riot police in an instant to crack heads, should the poor insurrect. Like Dave and the Chipping Snorton set, Gideon is not averse to a bit of the old marching powder himself. Surprised ‘that’ photo isnt circulated more. Nor he is averse to a little residence flipping when it comes to claiming an extra £55 000 for ‘expenses’ to add to his millions. Yet if you get caught not declaring two hours work by the Benefits agency, you get the full force of the bit of the State they like on your back, and a sanction….

  45. Gideon and his cronies take bribes from their financiers known as donations as all political party’s do as far as I know. They have declared war on the poor and the workers and will expect those they hate to spill their blood on the battlefields should there be another war. You wont get any of their offspring joining the infantry. Just like Blair another Thatcherite scumbag who starts wars and sits in his home away from the bloodbath he has created. Our politicians are our sworn enemies, it will end in disaster.


      From: Trudy Baddams

      28 August 2015

      Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
      Can you please tell me (not in table form) just statistics how many
      jsa claimants have died after being moved from ESA during the years
      of 2013 – 2015 or any part thereof

      Yours faithfully,






      Alex Wild, the group’s research director, told a fringe meeting at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, that those who didn’t die would probably succumb to dementia and forget about the cuts.

      Wild, who previously worked for London Mayor Boris Johnson, said there were two good reasons to reduce the burden on taxpayers by cutting the amount of money spent on pensions: “The first of which will sound a little bit morbid – some of the people… won’t be around to vote against you in the next election. So that’s just a practical point, and the other point is they might have forgotten by then.”


      • @Geoff
        I’ve earned my pension after over 40 years as an engineer – I contributed something to the economy. There’s no swivel-eyed, wet-behind-the-ears young twerp entitled to take any of it. The Tax-dodgers Alliance is basically a bunch of useless academics who wouldn’t recognise a proper job if it was wrapped around a housebrick and smashed into their smug faces.

        • ……..same here Pete, until an accident at work. Just thinking of some footage i saw on the tv of Osborne dressed in working gear, wearing a hardhat and attempting to lay a block with cement and a trowel on a new building project.

          What a fucking joke, he could not put his hand to anything physical, not even forming daisy chains in the Eton dorm.

          • I thought the same Geoff with Cameron wielding a hammer for on the news in a business which trained apprentices.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Alex Wild has now apologised for has silly comments.

    • Rice and noodles are expensive these days, if you do manage to find cheap food, it has nothing in it. It doesn’t even make you feel full for even 5 mins, might as well eat fresh air, that’s what the poor have now exactly nothing, live off that and work for us for nothing, while we can do exactly what we want.

      • So don’t buy rice and noodles! You can eat nutritious and cheap food by buying the lowest cost vegetables and wholemeal bread or pasta, especially if you go for the reduced and ‘basics’ items. Almost all the supermarkets sell a big bag of ‘basics’ carrots for less than a pound. A delicious stew can be made with cheap vegetables, dried lentils/beans, a stock cube and some herbs. Add a little low cost ‘cooking’ bacon or sausage for more flavour if you’re not vegetarian.

        Best of all, if you have a small garden or access to an allotment then grow your own vegetables and herbs!

        • Die, dirty Di!

          • guy fawkes – I think you owe me an apology and an explanation.

            • Your comment “I didn’t call you hypocrites(correct it was steppin, who can’t stand the heat in the kitchen), I said you were talking crap”(without explaining what crap both me an obd were talking when we were debating our opposing views.

              Then you have the audacity to ask me for an explanation and apology.
              On your bike!

        • Another Fine Mess

          Diane are you for real?
          I’m afraid my garden, allotment, gardener, butler and cook
          were all ‘let go’ some time ago.

          • Another Fine Mess

            She is trying to get us on a race to the bottom – the soup kitchens – dirty tricks.

            • ps further up she calls me and OBD hypocrites and that people should be getting a decent and humane basic income – her recipe is a sign of the type of basics she promotes – what a hypocrite!

              • I didn’t call you hypocrites. I said you were talking crap.

              • Of course people should be getting a decent and humane, and unconditional basic income, but practicalities demand that we keep ourselves alive until we achieve that – so a bit of nutrition advice is useful, just for that.

                The fact is that is is quite possible to eat healthily and not spend a fortune thus swelling the coffers of the capitalists, and we need to keep ourselves both healthy and well nourished if we are to have a hope of ever attaining fair shares for all.

                • sibrydionmawr – You are absolutely right. It’s a shame that some other people on here are so nasty and stupid.

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  The thread is getting stupid too egos & I ain`t got time for bickering about rubbish – He said He said. Lazy Lazy.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  ego’s coz we’re not focusing on YOU, you mean….!?

                • Sib

                  Most of the people commenting on these blogs are long term unemployed and I think they know every trick in the book on cooking on a budget.
                  We have had many pearls of wisdom on how far to stretch an income that has been stretched to the limit, so Diane with her soup kitchen recipes are probably well known on here. If she was a regular contributor she would know that.

              • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                Stop attacking people BORING.

              • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                OBD Wake Up.

          • I only gave some simple advice about how to save some money and one person wants me to die and you replied with sarcasm. That’s so sad. I thought it was just good sense. We have a small vegetable patch in the garden and herbs in pots. You don’t need a gardener or a cook because you can be both.

            This government isn’t going to change any time soon, so as well as protesting and lobbying whenever we can, we must also try to provide for our families as best we can in the circumstances.

            • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

              You gave some useful tips on eating cheaply. If one learn to cook one can eat cheaply. A nice big plate of food for 50p.

            • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

              I grow runner beans in big pots.

            • Diane why don’t you go and spread your manure views over your allotment or vegetable patch.
              Most of those on benefits are living in high rise flats with no garden, so your advice is also crap to most of them.

              Now tell me, as you you did not state last time, just what I was talking crap about?

              Sib will agree with anyone that disagrees with me and I could give tit for tat every time the toffee nosed taffy makes a comment but i’m not as petty as he is.

              • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                That is no way to speak to someone GF – Horrible person.

              • Resorting to racist slurs are we now Guy? Now you’re beginning to show your true colours.

                • Racist Slurs?????????? A toffee nosed taffy – do me a favour, you politically correct madman.

                  I know I am on the right track regarding who the trolls are on this site when they start using other PI addresses and pseudonyms to win an argument.

                  I am probably arguing with one and the same person most of the time. Who the hell this Diane is is anybody’s guess.

                  But just for the record I did not even know that the word DIE was printed until after she wrote someone told me to die.
                  I actually typed DIRE with her stupid forecasts of nothing is going to change soon, how does she know?
                  Since she gave me no explanation as to why she thought I was talking crap, I thought I owed her no explanation on how post is tampered with by spell check, either missing words or letters out or adding them.

                  As for Gordon Ramsay it is Steppin Razor that finds the kitchen too hot and does not like debating, he does not converse, just prints info and tells everyone else to stop arguing or that they are being egotistical.

                  I can debate until the cows go home, but am usually moderated by the moronic telltales on this site, who incidentally have not been on it as long as I have – so don’t tell me I am a troll.

                • sibrydionmawr

                  Calling someone Taffy is racist Guy, and a little research would have informed you of that. The very fact that you now choose to have a go at political correctness just goes to emphasise the paucity of your non-arguments.

                  You seem to be quite deluded in that you seem to think that people need to use different IP addresses and false names in order to win an argument. Arguments aren’t won through strength of numbers, but by use of good arguments that aren’t refuted. You don’t refute arguments, you just bluster. However, even winning an argument does not make someone either right, or correct. They’ve merely won an argument. Big deal.

                  If you’re moderated it’s because you constantly feel the need to inappropriately attack people, using racist slurs or something similar – which just means that in everyone else’s eyes you have lost the argument.

                  How do you know that you’ve been contributing your verbal diarrhoea for longer than than you have, when you claim that people change their names in order to attack you?

                  I shall not be responding to any further posts to you, as I will not engage with xenophobes and racists.

                • Guy Fawkes – I suppose I have to accept your barely credible excuse that you meant to write “dire” and not “die”. Whether or not you’re telling the truth about that, you called me “dirty” so I still expect an apology.

                  It seem that most people on this site have a very low opinion of you and I can see why. Perhaps you would like to try to turn that perception around?

                • @guy fawkes
                  ” usually moderated by the moronic telltales on this site” this site is moderated by Johnny Void so no doubt he’ll have something to say when he sees your post.

                • As this sight has been infiltrated with tory nosed twats or rampant ukips who are now being targeted for benefit cuts and have an axe to grind against those like myself who have been on this site almost for as long as its inception.

                  You Sib always lose the argument because you are never correct in your thinking and back others or introduce pseudonyms to pretend you have got support.

                  As for Xenophobia or racist remarks, get a bloody life is someone calling you a taffy, diddums, call the thought police.
                  The only person on here with delusions of anything but mostly grandeur is you Sib, followed by an unhealthy dose of verbal dihorrea.

                  Dirty Diana was referring to the fact that you said we were talking crap, without even realizing the crap that comes out of your own mouth. I did not write to you by way of apology, unless your name is Sibrydionmawr who attacked me in your/his defence, I wrote it for others who if they are observant will notice that words are either missing or repeated in many posts.

                  It seems that most people on this site have a low opinion of you – says you
                  Sib and two others who have not read the other posts or do not know the facts about who really is and is not the culprits or trolls, especially as most of them have gravitated to this site from Tom Pride’s which Is no longer in existence.

                  Bitter little wanker am I Roger the Dodger. Tell that to the bitter politically correct brigade.

                • Guy Fawkes – If you will apologise for your gratuitous name-calling and promise to stop doing it then I will be happy to explain what I meant in my first post.

                  This will prove to everybody whether you actually want to discuss these important issues, or you just enjoy being offensive.

                • The Soodo Nims

                  You are wrong on this one, guy! Sib is spot on and we are sure the rest of the blog will agree. You are out on your own, guy!

                • Nom De Plume

                  Hear, hear! Must be a lonely place, guy!

                • @ Diane
                  Guy, meant to type ‘dainty’ – Dainty Diane 😀

                • The last 3 commenters know who dirty di is and so do I so fuckoff!

              • You bitter little Wanker, Shut Up & Learn from an Old Chicken like Diane.

              • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                GF@ Why does everything have to be an Argument !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • To the culinary cows and their followers

              Tom Kerridge is waiting for you on his site – bye
              We are only interested in Molotov cocktails here!

        • The veg is alright I give you that and I eat my share of lentils anyway. But you need protein and have you looked at the back of basic range sausages and mince and found out how much is actually meat? I once brought a packet of spare ribs, frozen ones. when it actually came to cooking them there was nothing on them, on the back it said 95% pork bones the rest was barbecue sauce, their was literally no meat on them. Basic range tins of soup have nothing in them, the baked beans are ok. Thank you Diane but I’ve had no money for years, I’ve been making stews and my own bread and whatever for years. I have a better tip for getting meat, buy at a decent price and eat less of it, because you get more out of it and it goes around more meals. The quality is important, it not all about quantity. And I was only making a point about rice and noodles being expensive now. I seem to have sparked a row over it.

          • I think you’ll find that lentils are a very good source of protein Maria. Beans are a good source of protein too.

            • I can’t digest them very well, some people can’t, I do my best with food and prices and I wasn’t even debating that, at all but stating the fact that a lot of the basic staples that used to be affordable, aren’t any more. That finding cheaper food and good quality food at the same time is getting harder because their is a bigger demand for it and people don’t have much to afford it. We can’t all live on lentils all the time, there isn’t enough of them in the world for everyone to eat them, we should have affordable and varied diets for everyone, because that is what keeps people healthy. Eating the same thing over and over again kills you, look what happens to the guy who ate nothing but carrots, he turned orange and died shortly after. Or the guy who ate nothing but lima beans, he produced so much methane that one night he went to sleep and never woke up, he gassed himself and suffocated. Be careful of those beans they are lethal.

              • Just in case I am not making sense, Maria 😀 Don’t place your lentils and cold water into a pan and then bring it to the boil. Bring the water to boiling point before you chuck the lentils in. 😀 Pukka!

                • Jamie Oliver

                  Oh ,yeah and don’t forget to wash your lentils first. And have a sift through looking for any debris on the off-chance that something might have slipped through. Pukka! 🙂

                • Sib

                  Yes give the rich UBI we can always tax them – what with an army of inland revenue chasing the rich all over the world and their offshore accounts.
                  You are one of the rich compared to those on this site and you still want more, you are no better than the tories and probably are one.

              • Brussels Sprout

                Or the guy who lived off off nothing but Brussels Sprout; his body received so much vitamin K that his blood clotted leading to a fatal heart attack.

                It remind me of someone who said: “It has been scientifically proven that you can live off of nothing but beans and toasts and I am living proof 😀 “. Maybe an element of truth in in since wholemeal beans and toast does provide the full compliment of essential amino acids in a balanced form. Saying that wheat has been receiving a lot of bad press recently.

                • Brussels Sprout

                  Said that they had been living on nothing but beans and toast for the past 25 years! 😀

                • Brussels Sprout

                  * Don’t try that at home folks!

                • Brussels Sprout

                  But seriously though, what a human being requires is a varied and balanced and diet to remain healthy. You need to be eating different foods from different food groups for your body to get what you need. You can fill a ‘hole in your belly’ cheaply enough but a VARIED and BALANCED diet which satisfies your body’s NUTRITIONAL REQUIREMENTS IS NOT CHEAP!

                • maybe but even in tins of beans they have been watering the tomato sauce down, adding loads of sugar, then putting less beans in the tin and more of the watered down tomato sauce, it isn’t right really, but thems the tricks they have.

                • Brussels Sprout

                  Soups are an easy thing to compare especially tomato soup. The cheapo ones are like 2% tomatoes and 98% water. Compare and contrast with the ‘finer’ brands which are like 98% tomatoes and 2% water. Some of the cheaper brands used to be OK, but not nowadays.

                • Brussels Sprout

                  Another trick is to add a chemical ‘thickener’ to the watery ‘sauce’. 😀

                • Beans on toast is actually pretty good nutritionally. Students who lived on maintenance grants termtime, and the dole at all others, apart from the long summer break, when you got a holiday job, (those were the days…) survived on BoT as it was about all you could afford AND drink. I still keep the old back up in the cupboard, and still enjoy it, but not every day, as that is just a little monotonous… as if life on the dole these days isn’t monotonous enough as it is.

                  What we need is UBI and the full-time working week reduced to 10 to 15 hours. You know the rich bastards can afford it, we just tax them! (After all, they stole it from working people in the first place)

                • overburdenddonkey

                  yep, tax the fuck out of them sib…give creative people a chance to shine instead of this bland mono-culture we now dismally march deeper into…

                • Yes give everyone a basic income Sib and OBD and fuck the ones who are unemployed or on pensions they will just be on basics.

            • @ Maria
              Lentils are more digestible when placed in to water which is boiling ALREADY. Try it! Pukka! 🙂

              • interesting I’ll try it JO I soak mine for 24 hours.

                • I agree, there’s no need to soak lentils. Just rinse them and put into the soup or stew for 20 minutes and they’re cooked. You can leave them for longer if you like them to break down and make your soup thicker. I prefer kidney beans (which DO need to be soaked overnight, rinsed and properly cooked) but that’s just my preference.

                • Brussels Sprout

                  No, you don’t have to soak your lentils Maria. But try Jamie’s suggestion to bring the water to boiling point before adding the lentils to make them more ‘digestible’.

                • Brussels Sprout

                  Improperly prepared kidney beans are poisonous if not soaked and cooked properly. Kidney beans can make you ill or even KILL you!

                • P.S. Some people say that if you soak lentils for an hour or so before cooking then you fart less. I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference!

                • well thing is I wouldn’t soak them except that I use chickpeas and they do need soaking so I just soak them all together, but soaking them mean you can add stock and the flavour of the stock soaks into the lentils and they are less boring flavour. And also add a mild curry powder to them to perk them up a bit.

                • lol A couple of cans of beans topped with a great big pan of fried onions and brown sauce is a tasty way to stink out the jobcentre or the work programme or their schemes 😀 You fart like fuck! 😀

                • Ted I was looking for something in the back of the cupboards, well the front really since I had not much left and there was spaghetti dried, and this was when spaghetti was cheap mind, a long time ago and there was a bottle of HP, very versatile is HP, if you on a budget these little odd things go a long way to improving the monotony of having the same thing over and over.

                • The only little odd thing on here Maria is you, how could you afford HP sauce, oh it must be your disability benefits.

                • guy about the HP sauce it was a long time ago, when I was child, in the last tory government I suffered then too. I was raiding the cupboards savaging for what little we had left, while my mum and dad ate mouldy bread and brovil. That poverty, and if you told anyone you was starving they would have took you from your parents and I didn’t want that, I feared that.

                • Yeah guy, HP is an extravagance too far. We spotted a bottle of it at the entrance to the Orange Shop the other day. Picked it up, and then noticed it was a quid. WTF! Just put in back on the shelf* No fucking way Jose!

                  * thick padded jacket 😀

          • Maria – You have a very good point about buying reasonable quality meat and making it go further instead of using cheap sausages etc. I find that pork chops and offal (liver and kidneys) are frequently to be found in the reduced section because few people buy them, and they can be a bargain. Cooking a few pork chops on top of a mixture of vegetables (carrots, onions, potatoes, neeps) and stock in a pot is a cheap and healthy meal. I also think the cheap ‘cooking’ bacon is a very good buy for adding flavour to stews and soups. If you check through the packs you can find some really tasty lean bacon at a very low cost, it’s just that it’s in odd shapes.

            I’m afraid I only make my own bread occasionally, and mainly because it tastes so much better than mass produced bread. For everyday eating I just can’t make it for less money than buying a few reduced wholemeal loaves at the supermarket and keeping them in the freezer.

            I think sparking a row about how to eat cheaply and healthily on a low budget is a very good thing to do!

        • Ps Diane pasta and wholemeal bread don’t come cheap either.

          • Tesco Everyday Value pasta, or equivalent is cheap enough, and just as good as the more expensive stuff. Wholemeal bread isn’t really as cheap as it could be, but at one pound thirty a loaf in Tesco it’s not too bad, as it will last two, or three days.

        • Diane, not all claimants can afford the heating & electrics when cooking food. Hence instant noodles becomes cheaper if you just boil the kettle once. As for gardens… That’s a luxury in London.

          That’s before we get to not being able to cook, clean, grow veggies or even look after yourself due to ill health.

          • Plebrise – It isn’t cheaper (or healthier!) to eat instant noodles instead of cooking a stew because of the electricity costs. Cooking a stew on the hob or in a slow cooker only costs about 10 to 15 pence. There are lots of web sites with the details about the costs.

            You are right that people living in flats don’t have gardens, but the majority of people have access to a garden, or maybe just a place where they can put grow bags or pots, but very few ever use what they’ve got to grow any food.

            You have a good point about people who are too ill to cook for themselves. Of course they are dependent on the person who is shopping and cooking for them and all they can do is try to ask for something healthy. Living on Pot Noodles isn’t going to do much for their recovery.

            • voting tory like you Diane isn’t going to do much good for peoples health either – shouldn’t you be at a conference or something, people are giving away free food there both inside and out.

              As for you explaining to me what you meant regarding your ‘crap’ accusations levelled at me and OBD, I know exactly what you meant, everyone should have a decent standard of living, and the only way to get that is to up incomes for the poor not the rich also as OBD wants.

              Let’s hear how you propose to get the tories to do a U turn on austerity to poor other than by demonstrations in the street, not wasting peoples time by form filling as the law students are doing pandering to the dwp.

              In my day students were the backbone of rebellion, most of them these days have no backbone.

              • overburdenddonkey

                stop telling lies about what i said and/or want guy

                • What lies?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  the ones you told your above post about what i’ve said and/or want of course…

                • Anyone can read your past comments if they have not been erased and see that I am most certainly telling the truth about what UBI and you stand for Universiality.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  no! guy, you make up ‘solutions’ ‘scenarios’, to suit you pov, and not convey truth about what i’ve said, or indeed therefore what this link says…
                  the amount, as i’ve stated many X’s before, must be enough to live on this has obvious consequential knocks on’s for our present system of taxation, for the amount that is paid in UBI and too maintain it’s worth in the market place..what it must provide to be of any use… the bloated will be heavily taxed to pay for it…anyone who knows anything about economics will already know this…
                  ie the reliable supplies of vitality giving vitals of life for all…personally i don’t care what others get as obvs you do, i only care that all have a high enough income to thrive…

          • Another Fine Mess

            not all claimants can afford the heating & electrics

            I’ve known neighbours to go weeks without gas, and then need ££ to ‘get it on again’. I’ve even had to charge their phones while they go a few days without lecy. It doesn’t happen every week, but it does occasionally.

            the majority of people have access to a garden

            You’re so out of touch with how some of the poor live, especially in poor cities, that it’s difficult to know where to start.
            As we’re mostly about people claiming social security of some sort here. Do you think it’s fair that the taxes of hard-working taxpayers getting up at 5am of course, are supporting benefit claimants who have GARDENS ! What next, cuts to benefits for those who have spare windows, doors, or perish the thought, a whole spare room?

            You’ve not even mentioned the real things causing these problems, JCP, JSA, CC, ESA, WP, UC, 24/7 jobsearch, MWA, Workfare, CWP, why is that ?
            Tell us how you personally manage to get on with those.

            • Another Fine Mess – Please read what I actually said, which was…… “the majority of people have access to a garden, or maybe just a place where they can put grow bags or pots”.

              • Another Fine Mess

                I’ve grown vegetables in the past in a garden.
                I think If growing your own vegetables in growbags was practical or economic everybody would be doing it, IBS could make it part of the claimant commitment – to reduce the benefit bill of course.
                I’ll check with the neighbours, to be sure they don’t mind me keeping a couple of pigs, goats, and a cow in the spare room.

                • Another Fine Mess – You are simply wrong. A couple of years ago I got 45 pounds of tomatoes from two £1.99 Homebase grow bags and a few pence worth of seeds. That’s massively cheaper than the supermarket and better tasting too. It’s best to buy cheap grow bags at the end of the season and keep them until spring. You also get more yield if you put the grow bag compost in pots.

                  The reason everybody isn’t doing it is because of a negative and sarcastic attitude…… like yours.

                • Another Fine Mess

                  You are simply wrong
                  I hope I’m wrong! I hope it’s practical, economical and interesting for some at least.
                  I was going to try a couple of grow bags 2 years ago, but decided against it. Having thought about it again it’s still totally impractical for me. Besides in theory at least, 1 full days paid work buys me nearly a years worth of tomatoes AND onions.

                  because of a negative and sarcastic attitude…… like yours.
                  LOL. I call it realistic.

                • Great if you can get to Homebase (in a car) or carry bags of whatever it is you use to grow tomatoes in home from your nearest shops which sell such things, on the bus. Also if you are able to make buying it a priority out of a limited income which will not stretch the full 2 weeks (unless you are an exceptional cook/worker-outer who is able to take the time to find all the most economical buys every single time/spend time cooking healthy nutritious meals rather than the fall-back of “what’s quickest/cheapest and most filling”). In between JCP demands/conditions.

                  The same discussion has been had at length on here before (*Jamie Oliver’s views on the people he despaired of in a northern

            • another fine mess

              These wankers have turned this political protest site into a bloody cookery channel

              They should go and tune into another channel if they want to talk about bloody lentils. A pack of morons.

      • Rice and noodles used to be cheap until they became popular and some nobhead opened up a Rice and Noodle Killer Cafe. Now they cost an arm an leg. Goodness knows what we will do if lentils ever become popular… the Lentil Killer Cafe… 😀

  47. Probably the Baked Beans Killer Costy Café with Baked Beans and a
    Slice of Toast at £8.50 as Well in Rip Off Britain

  48. Gormless as Well

    I Think Gideon should Resign so someone with More Compassion and
    Common Sense can be Chancellor of the Exchequer

    Jon | October 6, 2015 at 7:34 am | Reply

    Gideon is another chinless wonder fighting the Class War, destroying the Welfare State, and redistributing our tax money to the billionaires. Gideon and his Oxbridge cronies like the bit of the State though that allows it a monopoly over violence. They call on the riot police in an instant to crack heads, should the poor insurrect. Like Dave and the Chipping Snorton set, Gideon is not averse to a bit of the old marching powder himself. Surprised ‘that’ photo isnt circulated more. Nor he is averse to a little residence flipping when it comes to claiming an extra £55 000 for ‘expenses’ to add to his millions. Yet if you get caught not declaring two hours work by the Benefits agency, you get the full force of the bit of the State they like on your back, and a sanction….

  49. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    For all those pages lost through sites closing Check Out

  50. It is Not Just the Welfare State and the National Health Service that Needs Defending .

    Political and Religious Freedom of Speech must be Defended From Tory Tinpot Tyranny .

    That Mean’s this Country Not being in a Sleepwalking Trance to Totalitarianism .

    That Means Opposing So Called ” Extremist Disruption Orders ” as Well as a ” National Register of Faith Leaders ” .

    The Resignation of Theresa May MP as Secretary of State For the Home Department is in Order

    Nazi Germany is an Example of what Happens when a Regime is
    Allowed to Undermine Political and Religious Freedom of Speech

    The Peoples Republic of China is an Example of what Happens when
    a Regime is Allowed to Undermine Political and Religious Freedom
    of Speech

  51. Perhaps there should be a Peaceful Protest Held outside Media Office Buildings if Not just Boycott the Oblivion Box of TV

    Stepping Razor Sound Plate System | October 5, 2015 at 8:10 pm | Reply

    Talking shit all day Media.

  52. Another Fine Mess

    IBS to speak @ 15:00. Get your tomatoes and eggs ready!
    – And count the lies.

  53. Everything that they create, is geared to protect the rich and screw the poor until they have nothing left, and if anyone still thinks differently and thinks that they are doing a great job for all of us, is an out of touch, ignorant, weak, pathetic sheep who believes any old bollocks that they’re told, they’re killing us, can’t you morons see it!

  54. Oooh Diane ooooh,ooooh,ooooh,a delishous stew oooh ,ooooh, oooh, yummy,yummmy,on my little,little,tummy,tum,tum, oooooh hang on I hope its organic,and from fairtrade I could have it with some artizan fairtrade organic bread couldn’t I…..get real you simpleton

    • Plainly you don’t have kids to feed and clothe and bills to pay on a small budget. That is reality, so don’t call me a simpleton.

      • Another Fine Mess

        What if you don’t have any kids and so can’t claim child benefits, I suppose then you’re quids in.

      • Let’s not accuse Diane of being one of those preachy middle class women who advocate eating stuff they’ve never had to eat. The Edwina Currie sort (Currie once told old people to wear lots of clothes instead of putting the heating on). It’s wrong to assume that Diane is preaching a cheap and cheerful diet whilst dining at The Ivy herself. Or even on ready meals from Waitrose.

        Let’s try assuming that Diane is trying to help by passing on tips she uses herself. Besides which, one can indeed knock up good food from very little money. Whether people should have to scrape like that whilst others live like kings is an entirely different point.

        • BD you right but can I just say that its not just the fact that a few extra clothes don’t keep you warm enough anyway, that in a low of poor housing like ours, keep the heating off and the mould comes out and eat away at all your stuff.

        • Nicely put, blackdog64. I also agree with Maria’s posts regarding cheap food.

          And please, don’t forget that people have different abilities to cope. Not everyone copes well enough to cook or run a household. That’s specifically true for people with disabilities or mental health problems.

          As poor we are already under attack.
          So let’s not attack each other too, shall we? 😉

          • @plebrise
            “So let’s not attack each other too, shall we? ;)” That’s the precise intention of the Tories – divide and rule.

            • Well wildswimmerpete you backed the one that caused the trouble by backing Diane, the one who started her first comment with “you are both talking crap”, yet would not explain why, just mouthed off demanding apologies.
              We have a right to fight our corner whether against the tories or cheeky twats on here or the tories or cheeky twats anywhere else.

              Can’t you see that the ones who cause the trouble are the ones who are dividing and it is not me? I’m a defender not a divider for both myself or others I see picked on on here.

              • Guy I’m not trying to be mean, but your too defensive, everyone on here has their own opinion and as a right to speak their mind. I don’t know what kind of life Diane has or what her budget is, she was just saying what she does to feed her family. What she does wherever she is probably works. I think she was trying to do me a good turn, if I didn’t know how to budget and I do. I made a comment to Geoff I think, sorry if I’m wrong. A simple fact that rice and noodles were expensive now. Some people really don’t know what it is like to be in other peoples shoes, some people are ignorant and yes some of them are nasty, I’m not sure what Diane is but I don’t think she intended to be nasty. Now you can give your opinion and no body is disputing that. And everyone on here doesn’t entirely agree with what everyone says, no one gangs up on anyone. You don’t need to get personal with people to do it. And these assumptions you make of people like saying they have money, like you did with me you couldn’t be more wrong. If you stop lashing out at people you will find they will be more receptive to you. Most of us on here all want a fair and decent world and most people value the importance of a welfare state, because most of us have needed it. Your angry because this government has been bloody ridiculous to the people who need the state the most, we are all angry about it, no one is picking on you as you seem to think they are. Now I was replying to your posts, because what you last replied to mine wasn’t worth repeating, if you want me to reply back then at least answer my posts without the swearing and the accusations please.

                • Maria/Diane/sergeantmajor or whatever else you want to call yourself.

                  You were the one that said a free world is not going to happen, as people like to buy gifts for people. What sort of a trivial comment is that to make, you are all trying to bring this site down to one of compliance not rebellion,other than JV’s posts which you all seem to agree with and there is nobody more rebellious or foul mouthed than him.
                  Then you appeal to him to ban me on the grounds that I am like him.


                  If I criticize your posts with mirth that is because they are a joke most of the time and you are the ones that criticize my OPINIONS whether there is foul language(very rarely) or insults in them or not.

              • Guy Fawkes – Please see my post further up, if you actually want to talk about the issues……

                • what issues – don’t buy noodles make soup – F off you haven’t got an issue in the whole of your body.

                • mad maria

                  You really are deaf dumb and blind – I want to live in a free world, free speech included, if you don’t like what I have to say tough, you deserve the insults because you are a sneak and a bogof poster.

                  If Johnny void is really an anarchist, I don’t think he would want to listen to your stupid platitudes.

                  You are morally, mentally and manipulatively bankrupt.

                  PS I like what is posted in the name of JV whether it is him or not is another matter entirely, given that he moderates shows he is a moderate and not responsible for the posts on this site.

                  Pity he does not moderate you mealy mouthed lot.

                • guy you’re making things up again about me why are you trying to make an enemy out of me I am not trying to make you into my enemy, what have I said that ever offended you? I am a disabled person, I’ve been treated like shit by the DWP and treated with contempt, you advocate that the poor and the disabled should be treated properly do you not? Why don’t you start here and now and put into practise what you preach? I am being nice to you, not nasty. I’m pointing out how you come across to other people, because we don’t often see ourselves as others see us. But if you can’t reply once without insulting me or telling lies about who I am, then this is my last reply, because I can’t get any sense out of you. I give up.

                • Robert Burns

                  “O, wad some Power the giftie gie us
                  To see oursels as others see us!”

                  — Robert Burns

                • Rabbie Burns that’s the one, some of his poetry is my favourites.

                • Maria

                  “what have I said that ever offended you…….?”
                  Well apart from telling me I am wrong after every post I write regarding
                  what I think a futuristic world could look like, You are also bloody impudent, foolish and Sensory disabled whatever that is.

                • PS It probably means not only have you lost all sense and senses you have also lost your sense of direction.
                  Jamie Oliver site is waiting so too is dpac and mind.

                • Guy if that is all you were upset about, I didn’t know. if I said you were wrong and it upset you why did you just not say? instead of resorting to name calling. I am sorry if I offended you by saying it, I just wanted to know about how your futuristic world will work that’s all? what are the practicalities of your world, say if everyone is allowed to say what they like, does that mean anything or virtually anything? are people allowed to abuse other people verbally like disabled people, or people of different races, cultures and religions? Or if people can do anything they want, does that mean attacking other people or using them as slaves. Do you mean a world where there are certain rules to protect people suffering abuse and how you could police a world to stop abuse without no state at all. You might be a decent person not to do those this and so would say OBD and Sib and Johnny and a number of people on here would be decent, but that is not true of everybody and while having no currency may prevent some crimes, I don’t think it would prevent them all, they are some individuals that enjoy causing pain to people. How will they be dealt with? What about greed, in a world where money has no value, the resources will become the things of trade, greedy people will still be there and they will overstock and take when they like, regardless of the consequences to the Earth or to other people. If people have a free world then they are free to build what weapons they like and use them on each other, are they not? These are serious questions I am asking. Like you I’d like a world that was decent to each other and people looked after each other, and there was love and not war, but the reality and the nature of some people would be enough to destroy you idealized world. But the reason I ask these questions, especially as a vulnerable person, how will the disabled people be look after and looked out for in your world? Sensory disability, is some one who one for the senses is non-existent or compromised, so I am deaf. I am not profoundly deaf, but still deaf enough that it effects my life, deaf enough that it severely imparts on my chances of finding work, deaf enough so it impacts on who I can and cannot have a conversation with in real time, I can’t use the phone, because I can see the other persons lips and body language, which I get most of the information from. It’s isolating more than anything, it means that you are barred out of being a full member of society, that you are partially exiled from everyone else, in my view its just as hard as not being able to walk, or see. I’m not trying to attack you?

                • Maria
                  Your little rendition of what my world would look like if people had a free world and free speech is not how I envisage it.

                  I never said it would be a perfect world regarding wars, abuse, crime etc.,
                  It would probably eliminate some of them like theft if people have no need to steal, but human nature being what it is they probably still would try even if it was free, organized and according to ones needs not greed- which does not have to be basics for everyone.

                  What it would do if it was on a world model would prevent a wealthy elite having the money and the power to build weapons that could destroy.
                  We would still need people to police everyone not just blacks, the poor or protesters like the inequality we have now.

                  If we knew why people want to murder one another I am sure we would have eliminated it by now, but false research always tries to blame certain classes and condemn them as potential killers which is utter crap, the psychiatric system is the worse and is nothing but a pseudo science.

                  I don’t think gay people should be condemned but I don’t think they should be pandered to either with their political correct shit, if you are straight and a gay person comes onto you for a laugh, I think they deserve a sharp reprimand from the person concerned or vise versa.
                  You are either gay or straight there is no such thing as bi-sexuality because gay people sexually are supposed to have an anathema to the opposite sex and if they can sleep with them and do then they cannot be classified as gay, they are just fucking straight peoples lives up by pretending to be straight.

                  I know what sensory disability is I was taking the piss, I have had many friends that are deaf, but it never stopped some of them from working, some have had the benefit of cochlear implants and can now hear, but nobody condemns those who feel they cannot work because of their disability, the decision should be theirs if they have a disability.

                  You stop your silly tirade towards me by shadowing your buddies comments and I’ll stop attacking you, but stop the pretence and poor old me and the nothing in the cupboard crap.
                  Disability benefits are generous compared to those on JSA and I can understand their anger at being harassed because they are out of work when there IS NO BLOODY JOBS.

                • Guy I have no tirade against you, I give my opinion and it is allowed because after all you believe in free speech, yes I do criticise other people but I don’t see criticism as an insult but a way of sharing ideas that may benefit may not benefit other people. I don’t hate you guy or have a vendetta against you, wish you any ill will at all. You have said a lot worse to me than I have ever have done any thing to offend you, I forgive you for it guy, I’m trying to make friends with you guy, but if you don’t want it say now and I won’t bother trying any more. I have been poor guy, I have £20 a week, I live with mum and dad on their pensions and because no-one would give me a job.I’d try and try and had to chuck away at one point 3 bin bags full of rejection letters. I love working and for the short time that people took me on for those short times have been amazing points in my life, only marred by the fact that I know its only temporary and it always comes to an end. I am not starving now, we do have decent things to eat, but we are not eating three meals a day, on a good day its two. I was worse off when I was a child the kind of poverty I never want to see again. But if you don’t believe that its up to you, I’ve enough with the doctors and the DWP and the jobcentre not believing what I say, so it really doesn’t make a difference weather you believe me or not.

                  Cochlear implants do not make you hear like everyone else, they do not cure deafness, what they do is help you hear something, like hearing aids they are what they say they aid hearing. Since I can hear something I have never needed them. I am glad your friends had enough support to be able to find work and I never said that all deaf people were out of a job, but as a deaf person I have received a lot of prejudice in my life, form potential friends to forming relationships with people, not just in work. If you know deaf people in work it would be very kind of you to ask them for tips, because the dole won’t give me any useful advise. And on top of that the doctors now think I have got undiagnosed form of mild autism, and this month I will go for tests. My stories are real, I’m not telling them for attention, but because of what the government did to me I’m not letting it being swept under the carpet and go unnoticed, I’m telling everyone, so should everyone else tell their stories, the more people that tell their stories the quicker the abuses of the DWP these past five years will come out and we can go back to being a decent country again. I want the same as you guy everyone being treated properly and the same, everyone deserves to get enjoyment out of life as much as everyone else, everyone deserves to have a life and not be seen and used as a tool to create the right economy for the very rich. Stop trying to make me out to be a rich tyrant because I’m not.

              • Guy Fawkes – I am not the same person as Maria or sergeantmajor (whoever that may be), and nor have I ever voted Tory. These are just your paranoid delusions. Apparently you have a mental health problem, so I don’t think it’s helpful if I or others on this site try to argue with you. I hope you are able to find some help for your problems, and of course try to cook healthy meals too!

                • Diane now you are a psychiatrist as well as a cook. More like a tory old boiler, one of the blue rinse brigade.
                  You not only know how my mind works but how I cook also.
                  Go and play with yourself, you are obviously the one with mental health problems and the first to attack as proved in your crap comment.

                • Nope Guy Neither am I, and stop accusing me of using multiple accounts, I have no need to, nor Have I ever tried to get you banned, it’s this lashing out at people that is the cause of Johnny banning you or not, I’m trying to explain, you don’t need to get angry at people on here, even if you think they are wrong and I haven’t given gifts to people for years be I haven’t been able to, and even then they were small gifts costing less than £5, I said it is human nature to give gifts and barter with each and set prices like 3 chickens is worth a swap for one pig, that is setting a value on each thing you trade currency or no currency, maybe I didn’t go into it enough. I never said I was gift giving. I don’t know who you are guy and if you were banned it was long before I started posting here. I agree with you guy that everyone should have a standard living that addresses all peoples needs, like the basics, food and water shelter, etc but also be able to participate in society and having the money to do things and having something pleasurable to occupy peoples spare time, like hobbies. Now stop jumping to conclusions, its not fair. I never meant to upset or offend you and I not sure why you believe that.

                • Maria von trap

                  Time you shut your silly little mouth, you sound like you have just got out of kindergarten, joining in with your chorus of buddies.
                  I am not angry, I’m laughing all the way to your bankruptcy.

                • Guy I will never be bankrupt because I don’t have a job, therefore no one will ever give me a loan. What is it want from us guy? what is the point in insulting us? where is it getting this blog, if you don’t like what Johnny has to say or his posters, why do you post here? your not doing yourself any favours in becoming likable or approachable. what world would you like to live in will you not explain it?

              • Don’t be fooled Ms Fawkes. Everybody who disagrees with you is really the same person and she is out to get you! Have you locked the door and closed the curtains?

                • moderated again am I – I also know that JV does not write those posts otherwise he would not be agreeing with the shite on this site.

                  I will leave the turds to wallow in their own and find a real site of rebellion.

              • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                GF@ There is nothing wrong with you – Go & get a job – All day everyday every minute on JV.

                • Steppin

                  How many times have you posted on this site and you are supposed to have a job spinning discs?

                  PS I have other things to do with my life as well as commenting on here all day, I come and go back to this and other sites when I am not doing other worthwhile things, such as cooking, looking after kids, conversing with my student friends etc.

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  GF@ you sound like a 25 year old.

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  Stop blocking up people`s comment boxes on word press – other people have other work to do on word press.

                • Me stop blocking – that’s rich coming from you 🙂

            • Indeed, wildswimmerpete. If we, the 98% of the entire population got our shit together then the 2% rulers wouldn’t stand a chance!

              Think about it. 😉


    Can JCP refer you to CWP if you have already completed MWA? Cos that’s what the twats are trying to do with me. I have to attend some shitty Group Meeting session.

  56. Can JCP refer you to CWP if you have already completed MWA? Cos that’s what the twats are trying to do with me. I have to attend some shitty Group Meeting session.

    yes but again refuse to sign the contract and will ref you back to the jcp, prob with a sanction doubt for not showing up. so keep proof and will win it.

  57. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Jeremy Hunt tax credit comments ‘misinterpreted’, David Cameron says

    David Cameron has defended Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt after he suggested tax credit cuts would motivate Britons to work as hard as people in China.

    The prime minister said Mr Hunt had been “rather unfairly misinterpreted”.

    Mr Hunt faced criticism from unions and charities after saying the controversial reforms would send out a “cultural signal” to low paid workers.



  58. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    DWP reported to the CPS.


    A man with Leukemia has been declared fit for work by the DWP scum. This evil Government deserve to be hung. I hope they burn in Hell.

    • People may win appeals against a sanction but when a doubt is raised you end up having to live on a hardship payment until you get the sanction over turned.

      • Still important to appeal, as if the sanction isn’t challenged and overturned you will not only face an even longer period living on hardship payments, but if you are subsequently sanctioned you will get a more severe sanction.

        Many, many sanctions are unlawfully applied, and shouldn’t really get past the Mandatory Reconsideration stage, but as that is done ‘in house’ the process can hardly be relied upon to be impartial.

        If the Mandatory Reconsideration doesn’t go your way, it’s important to take it to an Independent Tribunal. It doesn’t cost you anything. Get help, and get someone to accompany you to the hearing to present your case.

  60. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The reason why things stay the same is the infighting of egos on here.

    It`s Not A Game Of Death Traps.

  61. WP finally acts to end housing benefit ‘maladministration’ scandal

    The DWP has issued orders to end a bureaucratic bungle which caused thousands of sanctioned claimants to fall into debt and face eviction.

    The work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, has belatedly acted to end a bureaucratic bungle which caused thousands of sanctioned jobseekers to wrongly incur rent arrears and face eviction.

    Guidance slipped out by the DWP last week clarifies that local authorities should not automatically stop a claimant’s housing benefit payment in the event of them having their unemployment benefit stopped by job centre officials.


    Click to access u1-2015.pdf

  62. “Knowing that they couldn’t respond in public, bungling Duncan Smith tried to blame the whole Universal Credit fiasco on staff in his own department.

    IDS and his permanent secretary were rumoured barely to be on speaking terms over the row.”

    • ………………wished i had never mentioned rice and noodles, twas just a sarcastic jibe in reference to Hunt’s conference rant;

      “Britons to work as hard as people in China”.

      …………….My £33.60p per week does not allow this disabled person such luxuries i’m afraid.

      • ……………….and please remember, dear readers of this blog,



        • These numbers include the 10,600 people who died between January and November 2011 while claiming employment and support allowance (ESA), and within six weeks of their claim ending; the 41,000 people who died within a year of receiving a decision on their supposed “fitness for work”, between May 2010 and February 2013; the 81,140 people who died while claiming ESA or incapacity benefit (IB); and the 2,650 ESA and IB claimants who died soon after being found “fit for work”. We still don’t know exactly how significant these numbers are. But I believe that what is hidden within these figures are scores of Michael O’Sullivans, and every one of them will have left behind shattered lives.

          And then there are the “peer reviews”, carried out internally by the DWP in cases of concern “following the death of a customer”. The DWP initially responded to press inquiries and freedom of information requests from Disability News Service by saying that no such information was collected. It later admitted that there have been at least 49 of these reviews into the deaths of “customers” since February 2012, and 33 of those contained recommendations for improvements in DWP procedures at either a national or local level; 40 were carried out following the suicide or apparent suicide of a benefit claimant, and 10 concerned claimants who had had their benefits sanctioned at some point. To date, the content of these 49 reviews remains secret.

    • Did anyone else notice that the picture of the Auditorium its half empty

  63. OT: Appeals against WPA test – Title speaks for itself

    So George “Quite Man, I’m Prentious” Smith [more like the Nazi Grim Reaper] declares he is is trying to “Restore People’s Lives”?

    Nope, we know what it really is. Trying hard to Destroy People Lives to death because they are Poor.

  64. @ GEOFF

    batterseaexile queequeg7
    11m ago

    This. Today i learned that my high rate care and high rate mobility DLA has been reduced to standard rate care and standard rate mobility for PIP. The medical assessment is riddled with untruths and inconsistencies. But, I live alone. I need the money. There is no time limit on manditory reconsiderations, or then appeals. I might wait a year without any payment, be awarded higher rate, or stay the same, or have it all taken away. I spent yesterday having an mri to see if I have a brain tumour. It is fundamentally wrong that they get away with fraudulent reports, but I don’t know I have the strength to challenge it all. I need that energy to fight whatever is lurking inside my head. I am in my 50’s, had a good job,paid a lifetime of NI, and through no fault of my own am reduced to cowering. I hate myself for even considering walking away from the challenge, but i really don’t need the stress. Life is so short.

    • paultheswineherd

      This is another case which would be worthy of being sent to the current U.N. investigation which is under way.

  65. paultheswineherd


    I am here talking of course about that bastard of a Secretary of State for Works and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith and still probably the most hated man in Britain today. He thought that he had done himself proud today in his arrogant, lying and deluded and sometimes rambling speech to the Tory Conference and their just as disgraceful ‘Tory faithful’. A lot of them seemed to lap up all of the appalling shit that was coming out of his stupid bald pate – however, some of them looked a bit bemused and some were not seeming at all happy with it. At the end there was a limited standing ovation, (but some of the clapping seemed a bit muted though).
    As well as attacking the ‘bile’ of what he called the ‘leftist’ demonstrators and the ‘followers of Jeremy Corbyn, he also lavished praise upon his ‘backroom staff’ and that utter bitch Esther McVey (she should be hanged from the nearest yard-arm!) whom he had said had endured ‘terrible’ abuse from social media etc,etc. According to him she had only just missed out on getting her West Wirral seat back (LIES).
    He was still crowing about how his ‘Welfare Reforms’ were getting people back to work and that people were incentivised when they found work! There was a fleeting bit of praise as to what was going to be done with the Tax Credits and also a bit about ESA and how many ‘disabled’ people were back in work (I think he mentioned 600,000!).
    No mention of any apologies as regard what his policies have done to claimaints, many of whom should be completely innocent of the sanctions that have been dropped upon them. Of course, also NO apology for the deaths which have been caused directly by him and his rotten policies.
    As far as I see it – the war on claimants will still go on relentlessly – his bitter and increasingly cruel policies will continue to get worse as time goes on.
    Hopefully during the next few days the demonstrations will continue to grow and become more and more vociferous.
    These cruel Nazi Tory cunts should be targeted and made to feel as uncomfortable as possible and wherever possible.
    Cameron is due to do a speech at the Tory Conference tomorrow morning at 11.30AM.

  66. from PAUL JB

    There’s also the serious issue of the abdication of the duty of care ALL healthcare professionals should have towards the sick and disabled and irrespective of who they’re working for.For it’s not good enough for the healthcare professionals working for Maximus et al to say they don’t make the final decision regarding benefit entitlement .For they’re aware the WCA is flawed,they’re aware the decision-makers at the DWP aren’t medically qualified and they know the DWP simply rubber-stamps their reports in 94% of cases.So whether they like it or not they have been complicit not only in untold numbers of deaths but the stress they’ve caused has worsened the health of potentially huge numbers of people as well.And the suicide of Michael O’Sullivan raises issues that the medical profession can’t shy away from.For having a man with serious mental health problems assessed by a retired orthopedic surgeon with no expertise in mental health and having the final decision regarding benefit entitlement made by non-medically qualified civil servants working for the DWP is what you’d expect in a ”Carry On” film and certainly not in real life.But too often this is exactly what’s happening and it’s totally unacceptable.

    • Couple this to a bent judiciary that uses ex DWP Commissioners such as Judge Mark Rowland and you have a unique recipe for curtailing lives.
      All part of the bigger corporate plan to hand the welfare industry to the private health insurers who pull the strings of government via cash inducements and bribes better known as party donations and lobbying.

  67. Samuel Miller


    The ‘fit for work’ assessment wasn’t poorly designed; it was purposely conceived to strip claimants of their benefits. The purpose of mandatory reconsideration is to wear down the sick and disabled with stress and bureaucratic exhaustion. And higher stress levels result in a higher mortality rate:

    High to moderate levels of stress lead to higher mortality rate | News & Research Communications | Oregon State University

    Full disclosure: Since January 2012, I have been reporting voluntarily to the UN’s human rights office, in Geneva, on the welfare crisis for Britain’s sick and disabled. [Fellow Canadian Leilani Farha (@leilanifarha) is the UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing; see You can tweet her on UK housing issues or e-mail her at the UN’s human rights office:; she does follow my Twitter account.]

    (Montreal, Canada)

    • @enigma
      That louse Smith obviously expects everybody has to be factory fodder, even those with terminal conditions. It’s “work, work, work”, 12rs, 7 days, 365 days until one drops dead in order to line the pockets of big business Tory donors. That turd-on-legs Patel has already mooted that those on State pension be made to work for it. Workfare!

      • Wildswimmerpete

        As if every human being is capable of work.

        Everyone only need read that doc to realize what is happening to those who are disabled, “that means he’s fit for work” or “that means shes fit for work”

      • wild swimmer Pete

        Those on state pensions have already worked and paid for their pensions, if working class they have worked a damned sight harder than the pen pushers also, who have had more generous salaries, pension pots etc than those working as a tradesman or on the factory floor.

  68. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    UK’s discriminatory migrant residence tests are legal – preliminary EU ruling

    European court of justice advocate general puts forward opinion in legal row over EU citizens being refused benefits in UK

    TheGuardian – 6th Oct 2015

    The practice of discriminating against EU migrants in the UK by subjecting them to a residence test for benefit payments is legal, according to a preliminary European court ruling.

    The opinion put forward by the advocate general at the European court of justice in Luxembourg represents a significant step towards victory for the UK in its legal action with the European commission over the issue.

    The full court normally follows its advocates’ preliminary opinions. If the ruling is confirmed, the judgment will force the commission to abandon its claim.

    The action was triggered by complaints from citizens of other EU states who objected to the British authorities refusing them social benefits on the grounds that they did not have a right of residence.

    The UK government denies that the system is discriminatory, insisting that requiring a habitual right of residence is a proportionate measure for ensuring that benefits are paid only “to persons sufficiently integrated in the United Kingdom”.

    Read More:

  69. The tragic case of Michael O’Sullivan, who killed himself after being found fit for work by the government’s disability assessors, has briefly cast a welcome spotlight on the utter disgrace that is the work capability assessment, in relation to people with mental health problems.

    Despite providing reports from three doctors, including his GP, stating that he had long-term depression and agoraphobia, and was unable to work, O’Sullivan was taken off employment support allowance (ESA) and placed on jobseeker’s allowance. The decision to find him fit for work was made after an assessment by a Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) doctor, a former orthopaedic surgeon, who did not factor in the views of any of the three doctors treating O’Sullivan.

    At an inquest last year, it was found that O’Sullivan killed himself as a direct result of this decision. According to the coroner, Mary Hassell, “the intense anxiety which triggered his suicide was caused by his recent assessment by the DWP as being fit for work and his view of the likely consequences of that”.


    • overburdenddonkey

      gaz posted this yesterday, why don’t people read it…!
      and yes i know the whole WCA system is highly stressful, pointless, and needs to be scrapped, but lack of correct widely available info and support causes and adds to most of the problems….there is a great need for more grassroots support…

      • overburdenddonkey

        ps the big problem is victim isolation…

      • I read it OBD!, but they need funding to keep going, hopefully they get it, for all those people who need their help.

        • overburdenddonkey

          better to (crowd) fund something like this, a provable hefty majority success…..than to give money to (fund) others so as mop up the mess caused by not having it….
          ‘a stitch in time saves 9’

      • I was ill last year OBD but fortunately it was short term. It is shocking how many seriously ill and disabled people are being found fit for work. It is easy for those millionaires who get ill and have their own private safety net, but the Tories and the DWP have demonstrated they want to purge the sick and disabled off the planet. Good on the Law students helping people with their appeals, if IDS and the DWP had their way they would all be dead.

        • overburdenddonkey

          it’s the norm, par for the course, it shouldn’t be, but it is..much more G/Roots info and support is needed…

        • I used to consider most law students as little better than parasites, but it seems that those who have volunteered their services to this project are owed a huge thank-you.

          Crowd funding would seem to be the way forward for all the things we need as a people, as state or charitable funding is always something of a poisoned chalice. Crowd funding and transparent accounting plus democratic control of people’s own agencies would go a long way to dealing with the obvious concerns in the running of schemes for public benefit, such as law centres, food banks etc, and perhaps form a basis for establishing a different way of doing things.

          The odd 50p or £1 that most of us could afford to contribute is not really anything on it’s own, but if you have 100,000 people contributing those kinds of sums, and those who can afford it, and want to act in solidarity contributing more, then the sums mount up considerably.

        • Johannes if the law students really wanted to help they would be out there campaigning against the sanctions in the first place.

          The road of least resistance is to offer their services in filling in forms, which would ‘t be needed if sanctions were stopped.

          • overburdenddonkey

            why are you so against direct action such as these law students are taking..? hot air won’t end sanctions or the WCA, nor mitigate the current levels of suffering being endured…why are they succeeding where others are failing, is the question to ask…!

            • No it’s not!
              Stopping sanctions is the first point of call, then their services will not be needed.

              No wonder Sib praises those who help fill in forms, knowing full well that he was one of them, being the so called articulate helper he has been bragging about in an earlier post.

              Those law students are working hand in glove with the dwp and getting paid for it, not to mention the fact that those who have been illegally sanctioned are nice for them fodder for them to get experience in presenting their cases to the dwp, who have probably rejected the person who has been sanctioned, irrespective of how articulate they may be.

              • overburdenddonkey

                1, the law students are working to overturn WCA fit for work decisions NOT sanctions..2, to overturn sanctions one must appeal…3 to end sanctions one must campaign against them AND be heard, that’s NOT going to happen…do you have evidence that the law students are working hand in glove with the dwp..? the question to ask IS why are they succeeding where others are failing…
                how do you propose to stop sanctions…??

                • How do you propose to stop sanctions?
                  Well not by bloody form filling that is for sure.

                  Are you telling me WCA fit for work decisions do not lead to tribunals the same as benefit sanctions.

                  How do I know? that is for me to know and you to find out, but obviously no evidence will be present on the internet to prove I am correct, you have to have contact with students to know that.

                • ps” to end sanctions one must campaign against them and be heard”- that is my point exactly, not pandering to their time wasting form filling as the students are doing. Get out there and oppose WCA and Sanctions.

                  “That’s not going to happen”, not with your defeatist attitudes and pussyfooting about with filling in forms as a form of DIRECT ACTION. LOL.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  that’s it, no more will i bother to reply to you…

                • OBD

                  It is not relevant to your post, it was to change the subject, you are like a demented parrot repeating the same stuff (over and over again even though we hear it but are not convinced by your arguments.
                  Then you want to take credit for doing all the work – what work?

              • Another one spitting the dummy out when their theories are proved wrong.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  everyone has to fill in forms to claim and/or in some cases continue a claim, don’t you know that…? and therefore the reason why one needs advocacy is for different reasons than form filling but knowing the law and an individuals case/claim…to represent the individual @ tribunal…and that sanctions case may end up @ tribunal is not relevant to this story, and in fact with proper advocacy could be nipped in the bud…’Get out there and oppose WCA and Sanctions…’
                  appealing IS getting out there and opposing the WCA and sanctions, fighting to maintain an SS payment is vital for survival, until one’s case is won @ tribunal…

                • OBD

                  Doing the bidding of the dwp who change the rules to suit themselves is a cop out, people need prevention from the cuts in the first place not the so called cure if the patient is not dead beforehand.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i DO advocate the scrapping of the WCA sanctions and conditionality, and as you know have said this many X’s before…
                  you live in a dream world i’m talking about the CURRENT system people are suffering in real time RIGHT NOW…!!…we need to get to a situation/state where a UBI is established…
                  we cannot make the instant magical/miraculous transition that you’re implying..
                  that is a/the process…
                  you’re implying/stating that claiming is tantamount to begging, and therefore you’re playing into the dwp’s hands…

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you’re replies are becoming ever more disconnected and bizarre…
                  hows the above link a relevant reply to my post…or should I try to make it fit into another one of your notions, and do all of the work and labour to suit you…

                • overburdenddonkey


                  It is not relevant to your post, it was to change the subject, you are like a demented parrot repeating the same stuff (over and over again even though we hear it but are not convinced by your arguments.
                  Then you want to take credit for doing all the work – what work?’

                  i know you want to change the subject, that’s YOUR pattern to avoid the actual issues being discussed as you bang into the brickwall’s you’ve created with your corkscrew/wind up posts… you’re not here to help but to maintain the SQ…the use of the word ‘we’ who’s this ‘we’ no one has yet agreed with you on this thread…you’re a troll guy fawkes…

                • Yeah, the law students are gaining valuable experience of:

                  1. Marshalling and presenting coherent arguments
                  2. Presenting cases
                  3. Public speaking

                  All good stuff and will stand them in good stead when they do become public persecutors or whatnot.

                • * should have been prosecutor, but persecutor is probably more apt.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  either way, the record will provide valuable insight for claimants and claimants advocate’s…

                • Law Brief

                  You are wasting your time with OBD he denies anyone the right to a different opinion to him and starts his bloody mantra over and over again.
                  You are washed up OBD

  70. There is an enormous need for disabled people to create and solidify alliances with other ‘groups’ in this country. As has been evidenced, again, this week, the Tory Cunts are only interested in the wealthy. Disabled people have born the brunt of their war against the population. The poor, the unemployed, the young and now anybody who can’t afford to buy a £250,000 house outside London or a £450,000 in London is being lined up for the same fascist treatment. Disabled people cannot act alone. It is time for the population to wake up to the daylight robbery that is happening in their name by the people elected to act in their interests – what will it take for the fight back to begin?

    • overburdenddonkey

      part even the bulk of the fight back is in supporting others to fight dodgy ‘fit for work’ ‘decisions’, empowering others is empowering self…

  71. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Seriously ill Willesden man had his benefits stopped after he was deemed ‘fit for work’ weeks before he died

    Kilburn Times – 6th Oct 2015

    A dying resident in Willesden had his benefits stopped after he was declared fit for work just weeks before he passed away.

    Ricky Neacey was forced to fight the decision by the Department of Work and Pensions to axe his Jobseekers allowance before it finally did a U-turn and accepted his health was failing.

    The 52-year-old, who lived in a bedsit in Park Avenue, was eventually allowed to claim Employment Support Allowance (ESA), which is given to people who are deemed too ill to work, three weeks before dying from chronic liver failure.

    Mark Neacey has slammed the ‘shameful’ treatment of his brother in his final weeks.

    He told the Times: “My brother started drinking heavily after losing his job in 2011 and became lonely and depressed.

    “His health was so poor that he had developed diabetes and was requiring a liver operation yet Ricky was receiving mail from the unemployment office in Brent declaring him fit for work and telling him he would have his benefits stopped unless he actively sought work.

    “It’s shameful that they treat a person especially someone as sick, ailing and depressed as my brother like this.”

    At the time of his death Mr Neacey had accrued rent arrears as Brent Council had stopped his Housing Benefit payments after the DWP alerted them to his benefits being axed.

    Unaware of how ill he was before he died, his brother, who lives in Germany, was given the sad news by the police five days later.

    He said: “Things were so bad that he was unable to take care of himself and could not wash or dress unaided and was so drugged up with medication that he was often confused and should have been in a care home.

    “In fact he was being seen by a social worker throughout the past few years who never took the trouble to find out who his nearest relatives were and to contact them or we could have helped him.”

    He added: “I have sent emails to the Housing Benefit office and to the DWP in July this year but have received no answer from them.

    “Obviously they don’t like it when educated people write to them looking for explanations for their inhumane handling of unfortunate people.

    “It’s disgraceful the way he has been treated and Brent Council and the DWP should be ashamed.”

    A council spokesman said Mr Neacey was supported by a range of different public services and charitable agencies offering him support and was at one stage provided with a home carer three times a day though his care package was later reviewed.

    He added: “We’re sorry to learn of Mr Neacey’s relatives’ concerns, which of course we take very seriously. We’re now conducting a review of the support we offered to him, and will offer to meet with family members to discuss this.”

    A spokesman for the DWP said: “Our thoughts are with Mr Neacey’s family.

    “The local Jobcentre Plus was supporting Mr Neacey and when he died he was receiving ESA following his adviser’s advice to make a claim.”

  72. I’m from Central Salford, Johnny, The Ghetto. Last night I bought a 2nd hand bike for an asylum seeker friend of mine. For this I went to Clayton. I walked back with it; it was dark and pissing down with rain. As I got into Central Manchester I was struck by how much wealth there is here, skyscraper buildings and luxury yuppie flats all around, and I could see vagrants dossing down outside wine bars, and I thought, fucking hell, this can’t be right; so much rampant inequality, the haves and the have-nots, side by side, cheek to jowl… I’m just so amazed that people don’t get more militant here, the way that they would in France. Why are we such a nation of air guitarists, Johnny? When the dispossessed and the marginalized only have the likes of Owen Jones to fight for us We are well and truly fucked.

  73. The Gulf between Rich and Poor in Dystopia Nazi Britain is Morally
    Un Acceptable

    Britain Need’s a Peaceful Social Justice Political Revolution to Get
    the Tories Out Keep the Liberal Democrats Out End Tax Breaks for
    Millionaires Increase Welfare Benefits and House the Homeless

  74. Notice Petition For The Resignation of Ian Duncan Smith as Secretary of State For Work and Pensions Now has over 111,900 Signatures .

    His Resignation is in Order as the Death Toll is a Diabolical Outrage of Evil like Austerity Fullstop.

    If it was Not for Bonehead Tabloids and ” Newspapers ” Victimising the Poor and Vulnerable as Well as Refugees the Number of Signatures would be maybe 5 to 10 Million .

    Boycott Bonehead Tabloids and ” Newspapers ” that have Victimised the Poor and Vulnerable

    Peaceful Mass Protests the More the Better

  75. Cameron’s speech…a man drunk with power, but clearly a wounded human being.
    The whole of the Tory conference speeches sounded like pack wolves, howling for blood and meat.
    It will not last, the universe has its eye on the lot of them.

  76. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    It would be good if Cameron`s speech was in English because he is talking non English or perhaps the grammer is so bad 3 words strung together don`t make any sense in English just think of that think tank meeting !!!

  77. Nutcase Public Spending Cuts must Not only be Opposed they must
    be Stopped and Reversed

    It is the House of Lords Attendance Allowance which is Scrounging
    Not the Poor and Vulnerable who are the Scroungers

  78. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    UK: Police snipers take aim at protesters outside Tory conference in Manchester

  79. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  80. OT: In Work Sanctions have started…

    And Once again DWP Strikes Back! Watch the new hit movie now… With thrilling rides like :

    Confusion on who can claim… and misadvised to boot!

    Monthly assessment coming to a JobCentre near you…

    Less money for Rent… [Benefits level deducted from paid wages]…

    Landlord telling claimant to pay up as no longer directly paid…

    Claimant started full time education the day before his first assessment period was due to end and was no longer be entitled to UC. Because the change of circumstances took place during the monthly assessment period he was not entitled to any UC at all….

    Universal credit introduces “in-work conditionality” where people who are earning less than 35 times the minimum hourly wage a week may be required to increase their hours or look for additional work. We have two cases confirming that the DWP are enforcing this and sanctioning people who are working….

    Welcome, Welcome to the wonderful make believe world of George “Pretentious” Smith Miracle Maker Extrodinaire, you know his “Aspiration” works!

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      “”””To identify the simplest claims a number of “gateway conditions” have been introduced.”””

      That means a vetting process for a public form. You need to be vetted to get a public form. Since there is so much confusion on UC !!!

  81. Somebody should remind Cameron that gerrymandering is illegal in this country – buying votes for homes got Shirley fucking Porter into trouble – even though she never paid the full fine before she buggered off to israel. Funny how history repeats itself too regularly with the fucking tories – who voted for them again???

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Full steam ahead with Cameron`s Bill Of Rights without voting on it or agree by anyone but dodgy dave. If fact the Bill Of Rights has been running for 2 years already. So cares about gerrymandering Daves got his own laws.

      • there are times when I’m sympathetic to your comments and others when i think you’re a pillock – which one is the real you?

    • Jeremy

      Whats the bet the homes won’t be substandard & death traps? Can’t have the less well off being housed in ‘Good’ housing now can we? No Poor need apply. And what’s the bet the land these houses will be built on won’t be on flood plains or have something dodgy buried in the ground?

      When the Nasty Conservative Nazi Party speaks – always look for the downside for there will be one. Especially if itsto do with making a buck out of a poor wannabe schmuct…

      • Agree, there’s no plan for accessible homes for disabled people/families. There’s no suggestion of homes for those who cannot afford £250,000 or £4450,000 houses – the poor can fuck off – there’s the very clear suggestion that ‘affordable housing’ for rent or purchase will just disappear as a notion – these ideologically driven cunts are attacking the whole population – where’s the fight back?

  82. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    People don`t like info they like their nice little social networking bubble.

    Everyone has an arsehole, like everyone has a comment.

  83. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Another DWP death ion Kilburn this week.

  84. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    How did ATOS buy itself out of the WCA contract yet they are doing PIP WCA`s !!!! Propaganda

  85. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    SERCO have the Universal Credit Contract.

  86. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Just like the DWP blanking me. Good no DWP threats then !!!!

  87. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    ABOUT 30% people on here are disabled.

  88. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I will leave the moaning to you lot !!!

  89. Stepping

    I am pleased to see you are indulging in a bit of fighting back(arguing) like the rest of us, your info is much appreciated and read, but stop criticising others for their comments. Some people deserve insults and I’m not referring to you.

  90. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I spill cups of tea every time the phone rings just when I`m always filling out a DWP form – I now have 30 forms of the same form. Do you want to start up a start up business since these public forms are not available unless you go through a vetting process called a ESA50 – They [DWP or Maximus – confusion] can decide if one needs a WCA. = Vetted to go to a fake medical. So if one score top points all 15 = 480 points they also can be deemed not fit for a WCA.

  91. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    David Cameron vows ‘assault on poverty’ in conference speech

    He also:
    ◾Promised to end discrimination and “finish the fight for real equality”

    He got a standing ovation from Conservative members for a strongly-worded attack on Jeremy Corbyn, telling them: “We cannot let that man inflict his security-threatening, terrorist sympathising. Britain-hating ideology on the country we love.”

    David Cameron made promises on equality, poverty, improving the lives of children in care, getting rid of discrimination in all its forms from the platform today. There were profound echoes of his early “compassionate conservatism”.

  92. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Iain Duncan Smith tells disabled people to work their way out of poverty

    The DWP secretary says benefits should not be a route out of poverty

    Independent – 6th Oct 2015

    Disabled people should have to work their way out poverty and not simply be taken out of it by state financial assistance, Iain Duncan Smith has said.

    The Work and Pensions Secretary said it was not the role of government to pay the disabled enough to stop them being poor and that the correct way to escape poverty was by working.

    “We don’t think of people not in work as victims to be sustained on government handouts. No, we want to help them live lives independent of the state,” he told the annual Conservative party conference in Manchester.

    “We won’t lift you out of poverty by simply transferring taxpayers’ money to you. With our help, you’ll work your way out of poverty.”

    Read More:

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      David Cameron vows ‘assault on poverty’ in conference speech

      He also:
      ◾Promised to end discrimination and “finish the fight for real equality”

      The Contradiction Policy in full flow.

  93. It has been More an Assault on the Poor since May 2010 AD with
    Liberal Democrat Collaboration

    Infliction of Council Tax upon the Poor and Vulnerable whilst Millionaires
    Get Tax Breaks

    There is Such a Thing as Poverty and the Tories have a Lot to Answer

    Stepping Razor Sound Plate System | October 7, 2015 at 4:31 pm | Reply

    David Cameron vows ‘assault on poverty’ in conference speech

    He also:
    ◾Promised to end discrimination and “finish the fight for real equality”

    He got a standing ovation from Conservative members for a strongly-worded attack on Jeremy Corbyn, telling them: “We cannot let that man inflict his security-threatening, terrorist sympathising. Britain-hating ideology on the country we love.”

    David Cameron made promises on equality, poverty, improving the lives of children in care, getting rid of discrimination in all its forms from the platform today. There were profound echoes of his early “compassionate conservatism”.

  94. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    PM: Protect UK From ‘Britain Hating’ Corbyn

    PM: Protect UK From ‘Britain Hating’ Corbyn


  95. Today the 7th of October Mark’s the Anniversary of the Birkenau Revolt
    in 1944 AD when Sonderkommando units staged an Uprising against
    the Evil Nazi Brutes .

    Crematorium IV was Destroyed in the Fighting

    The Sadistic Mass Murder and Cruelty of the Nazis Needs to be

    No to Genocide of the Poor and Vulnerable in the UK

  96. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  97. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I can end poverty by defrauding the DWP £800,000 which I have done over the past 30 years.


    Vile Tory cunt David Cameron has the bare-faced cheek to brand Corbyn a “terrorist lover” whilst his own Party terrorizes the poor, sick, disabled, vulnerable, & the entire Working Class, pushing people into destitution, debt, despair, homelessness, starvation & suicide. Vile Tory scum.

    • In 2001 Boris Johnson stated that bin-Laden should be captured and put on trial, yet the very same Tories say that Corbyn is a “terrorist sympathiser” for the very same reason. We know why bin-Laden was murdered – because he would’ve spilled the beans over the implication of the US

  99. It was and is an Outrage that the Tories after Getting People into the
    So Called Common Market then had the Evil Tyrant Margaret Thatcher Push VAT up to 15% and then AfterwardsTories have Value Added Tax to 17.5% and After the Con Dems came to Power up to 20%.

    Value Added Tax Needs to be Reduced to 8% and Better Still Abolished Altogether

    Without Paying VAT People in Britain would be Less Impoverished

    Get Rid of VAT like Get Rid of Tory Tyranny

  100. I Agree it is an Outrage David Cameron being so Out of Touch

    David Cameron should Resign as Prime Minister

    Jeremy Corbyn would be Better as Prime Minister

    FUCK THE TORIES | October 7, 2015 at 5:12 pm | Reply

    Vile Tory cunt David Cameron has the bare-faced cheek to brand Corbyn a “terrorist lover” whilst his own Party terrorizes the poor, sick, disabled, vulnerable, & the entire Working Class, pushing people into destitution, debt, despair, homelessness, starvation & suicide. Vile Tory scum.

    • paultheswineherd

      NoOppression – Cameron & IDS should both resign – then promptly be taken to Court and prosecuted for their hands in so many deaths.

  101. The Anniversary of Peterloo the Massacre at St Peter’s Fields Manchester
    16th of August should be a National Day of Remembrance for the
    Victims of Tyranny and there should be a Proper Memorial Constructed
    to Britain’s Tiananmen Square Massacre

  102. paultheswineherd

    Question: What do you get if you get an ‘unvoted’ for Prime Minister, Government Minister, or M.P. or a Lord’ who is ‘power hungry’, money hungry, expenses hungry, egotistic, arrogant, corrupt and idealistic, (ideology), uncaring and cruel, who knows absolutely NOTHING about what they are talking about, and/or is part of a Government Department who has never had ANY real previous experience of that Department’s organisation, background, policies, duties and objectives?
    Answer: An unmitigated disaster – just as the Tories are now!

    • It was no better when they do know their way around the departments they are assigned to, their civil servants pull the strings.

      Have you ever watched yes minister – so true to life?


    Cameron: “tackling UK’s deep social problems”, “an all-out assault on poverty” ?? Who’s he trying to kid? Fucking unbelievable. The two-faced lying Tory bastard!

  104. paultheswineherd

    guy fawkes & FUCK THE TORIES – yes, right on all counts.

    By the way, DPAC has today put on something which is very well done and that tells it all like it really is! Really touching and all so very true.
    (Link to it below)‘s-why-weve-earned-the-right-to-call-you-toryscum/

  105. Do disabled people not go out after 6.0pm?
    My local council have decided to ‘free up’ parking in the town by making Blue Badge parking bays available for ‘normal’ people after 6.0pm each day. Do not see many Blue Badge holders parking by me as, presumably, they’ve all disappeared as folk have been deemed able to walk – I had mine removed by the local gestapo a couple of years ago

  106. paultheswineherd

    (sorry – link not worked – but if you type it in it should work!

  107. paultheswineherd

    The current fight for justice is still going on and it will NOT stop.
    I know of at least 2 petitions (there may be more – and if so, please put them onto here!)

  108. Another Fine Mess

    The Foodbank: Britain’s Hidden Hunger BBC1 23:05 tonight
    Might be different versions in different regions.

  109. Another Fine Mess

    Camoron in his mini Selfservative Party Political Broadcast.

    “Jobs for all those willing to work.”

  110. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Another excellent article by the good Mr Void, showing that whenever the Tories claim to be generous, they’re actually finding another way to take something away from the poor by cutting benefits. In this case, it’s using the assumption that self-employed people will be paying themselves the new minimum wage, even when they can’t, because they’re simply not making enough. The assumed income will then be used to cut any further benefits, that would otherwise be available to them based on the real amount they have earned.

    Forget all the populist rubbish the Tories have been spouting about how they represent the small businessman since Maggie Thatcher. They are the party of big business, who have nothing but Victorian contempt and condescension for artisans and tradesmen, let alone the labouring poor.

    • Osbourne like the rest of them are in favour of private tyranny or private domination. They will never have enough money and are delighted to see the poor sick and unemployed die. They truly are our enemies. If I were a young man George I would never fight in the armed forces for your kind like what happened in the First and Second World Wars. Put the cabinet on the battlefield and see how keen they are to fight protect their wealth. These cowards get others to do that for them.

  111. Nazi Scum off Our Streets Nazi Scum Out of Office and Tory Scum Out
    of Office

    • Another Fine Mess

      You May Have Typed Some New Random Stuff in, but you’ve
      Still Got Plenty
      of Work to do Before it Even Becomes

  112. OT: “ESA50 support team launched by Maximus”

    The public Face of Maximus

    Beware, use at your own, and I do mean your own risk.

    States: “Any information submitted by you through this site shall be DEEMED NON-CONFIDENTIAL and NON-PROPRIETARY. You represent that you have the lawful right to submit such information and agree that you will not submit any information unless you are legally entitled to do so. You should not submit information you consider confidential.

    CHDA does not accept unauthorized idea submissions outside of established business relationships. Any ideas disclosed to CHDA outside a pre-existing and documented confidential business relationship are not confidential, and CHDA may therefore develop, use and freely disclose or publish similar ideas without compensating you or accounting to you. By submitting an idea to CHDA through this website, you agree to be bound by these terms.

    The information on this site is provided for informational purposes only and DOES NOT create a business or professional services relationship between you and CHDA.”

    Nice the above to me means, “we’ll hover up whatever information you supply, pass it to whoever we like and we don’t care about information security or use…”

    • LOLOLOL!:D What a friggin’ joke this country is! Apparently in the future people are going to live until they’re 120 and still be working when they’re 100!! Yes folks, you read that right. There’ll be no retirement for you and hopefully you’ll pop your clogs before pension age and that’ll save them a lot of £$£$£$. It’s all part of the plan people, wake up and fast.

      • These bullingdon boys have some nerve, complaining to the police about the protesters throwing tomatoes – well they are red so I can understand these bulls’ fears, but moving the barriers further away – come on!

        Manchester we need long sighted, javelin or cabre tossers to man the barriers and still be able to hit the bluecoats – any takers for the job???

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        They die at 80 & keep their ID going for 30 years till they reach 110.- ID FRAUD.

      • Professor of Genetics

        120 years is the theoretical maximum for a human being – Hayflick Limit

        That is why your maximum heart rate is calculated at (220 – your age) x 0.7 e.g. at 120 years of age your maximum heart rate will be 70 beats per minute.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Yes I have read all of their info – Check out the guidance to GPs !!!! The powers that be.


      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Maximus Revolution.

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System
          • I like how in their terms and conditions they emphasize that they are not “engaged” with you in any manner – ie not professionally, etc etc so there is no come back if anything goes wrong, just basically get money from Gov Dept “Encourage People to Die… Sorry Slipped there out of Gov Speak…Encourage People to Work and onto the Next Victim… Why am I slipping like this… and onto the Next Claimant”

            Hold it am I missing something here… Isn’t this exactly the same as ATOS used to do…..

            • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

              Maximus world of no responsibility, no paper trial, customer contracts on a whim to are they really real contracts. So when things go wrong Maximus legally don`t have to do nothing. Maximus defence is it`s the DWP`s responsibility not ours. That is the weakness of the Welfare Reform the WCA / ESA or PIP. Caught between a rock & a hard place. If no one takes responsibility it is not fit for purpose.

  113. Good News Network

    Iain Duncan Smith MP lynched by an angry mob and hanged from a Manchester motorway way bridge.

  114. overburdenddonkey
    ‘But, of course, none of this matters to you because disabled people like my brother are the easiest of targets and, in the splendid isolation of your privileged life, you are never likely to come face-to-face with the human cost of your political choices…’

    • paultheswineherd

      overburdenddonkey – what an incredible open letter by this chap!
      It would be good if IDS would respond, but I somehow doubt it – after all, as far as he and his Government are concerned – they probably will not care.
      According to them ONLY – their ‘Welfare Reforms’ are working – their ‘long term economic plan’ is working – and more people than ever before are in ‘work’. They are all a bunch of unapologetic right-wing nasty bastards.

      • overburdenddonkey

        million’s of people are excluded from buying enough money with their labour’s to live/have a decent lifestyle…

      • They are not in work they are on zero hour contracts, workfare, sanctioned, homeless or dead. He just means the are not a burden to the Tories any more, they just mean they aren’t on benefits anymore.

        • overburdenddonkey

          also self-employed…

          • OBD thought I missed one, that too. this government is built on lies to the public, I feel sorry for the people who really believe the government are helping poor and disabled people, people that voted for them in good faith, imagine how they would feel when they find out the real truth, knowing that they voted.

  115. Another Fine Mess

    Question Time BBC1 22:35.
    On the panel are Conservative employment minister Priti Patel MP, leader of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron MP, deputy leader of the SNP Stewart Hosie MP, Labour’s shadow energy secretary Lisa Nandy MP and Times columnist Melanie Phillips.

    • Its now clear why tax credits are being axed, its to get every one shifted/shafted over to Universal Credit.

      Ms Patel kept banging on about making everyone being independent from the state “hand outs”, by the so called living wage.

      But then, as if by magic, Universal Credit is here to help people get more hours.
      What’s the difference between getting tax credits, and receiving UC?
      They are both “state handouts”.

      Are we to believe that the Living wage will not cover the short fall in tax credits, and that this is a ploy to get 3 million stressed out by “in work” sanctions by UC because employers cannot give any more hours.

  116. a song for georgie

  117. ‘Single mum accused of relationship with local SHOP now linked to 2 more affairs in HMRC benefits row’

    😉 😉

  118. ‘Smiths legend Johnny Marr blasts David Cameron over ‘inhuman’ cuts at Manchester gig’$sitewide%20p$10

    nice one johnny (marr)

  119. ‘…Manchester University where the People’s Assembly Against Austerity were holding a benefit gig with Charlotte Church and the Super Furry Animals.’

  120. ‘Disabled woman died in fire at her home after her 24-hour care was stopped by NHS cuts’$category%20p$2

  121. The Country Needs Not only to be Outraged about it but to Act to
    Stop and Reverse it

    That means Less CouchPotatoism and More Political Involvement

    Scrap Austerity and Increase Welfare Benefits

    The sage | October 9, 2015 at 10:15 am | Reply

    Its now clear why tax credits are being axed, its to get every one shifted/shafted over to Universal Credit.

    Ms Patel kept banging on about making everyone being independent from the state “hand outs”, by the so called living wage.

    But then, as if by magic, Universal Credit is here to help people get more hours.
    What’s the difference between getting tax credits, and receiving UC?
    They are both “state handouts”.

    Are we to believe that the Living wage will not cover the short fall in tax credits, and that this is a ploy to get 3 million stressed out by “in work” sanctions by UC because employers cannot give any more hours.

  122. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    So Iain Duncan Smith, what about the death of Michael O’Sullivan?

    John Pring

    TheGuardian – 6th Oct 2015

    Duncan Smith’s work capability tests have been blamed for causing a death. But it’s the testimony of the victim’s daughter that brings home their full spiteful horror

    Iain Duncan Smith will today have the chance to give his personal response to a case that has placed the darkest of clouds over his programme of welfare reforms, when he addresses the Conservative conference.

    The discovery that a coroner had directly attributed a man’s suicide to his being found “fit for work” was a significant moment in the work capability assessment (WCA) scandal. It appeared to be the first time that a coroner had blamed the WCA process – designed and overseen by Duncan Smith’s Department for Work and Pensions – for directly causing a death.

    “The anxiety and depression were long-term problems,” said Mary Hassell, the north London coroner, in her verdict on the death of Michael O’Sullivan. “But the intense anxiety that triggered his suicide was caused by his recent assessment by the Department for Work and Pensions (benefits agency) as being fit for work, and his view of the likely consequences of that.” Hassell felt so strongly that something had gone badly wrong that she completed a Prevention of Future Deaths report, because she believed there was “a risk that future deaths will occur unless action is taken”.

    But the significance of the coroner’s conclusion – and the report – would have been far less clear if it weren’t for a heartwrenching ITV News interview with Michael O’Sullivan’s daughter, Anne-Marie. “If they continue to assess people the way they assessed dad,” she said, “we will continue to lose lives. Vulnerable people need support and need help and we should be able to give them that support. We shouldn’t just let them fall by the wayside.”

    Without her testimony it would have been all too easy to ignore the emotional impact of her father’s death on his family and friends, because the DWP’s energy-sapping resistance to openness and clarity about the true impact of the WCA process can too easily lead us to drift into a battle over numbers.

    Read More:

  123. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Melanie Phillips: Immigration, Tax, Syria & Corbyn (Question Time, 8/10/15)


  124. Instead of Right Wing ” Labourites ” and the Liberal Democrats or the
    Austerity Inflicting Alleged ” Scottish National Party ” what is Better
    to Help the Poor and Vulnerable is
    1) Increase in Welfare Benefits
    2) End to Oppressive Sanctions
    3) Increase Council Tax Reduction as a Start towards Restoring
    Full Council Tax Benefit
    4) Reduce VAT to 8% and Better Still Abolish VAT Altogether
    Remember Evil Margaret Thatcher Increased VAT to 15% and other
    ” Conservative ” and Con Dem Regimes Increased VAT to 20%

  125. I Notice that Petition For the Resignation of Ian Duncan Smith as
    Secretary of State For Work and Pensions Now has over 112,000

    Britain Need’s a Secretary of State who Cares with a Human Heart
    For the Poor and Vulnerable

  126. Just as Great Britain was United in Fighting Nazism during WW2
    Great Britain Needs to be United in Standing Up for Social Justice
    and Caring Policies in Britain

    There is No Point Britain being Divided into Little Pantomime Statelets
    Controlled Still by Neo Liberalism and Overall in the EU Neo Liberal

    Independent United Britain that Cares about the Poor and Vulnerable

  127. If you want to see IDS’s attitude to human life says it all 3,000 people getting killed was a hindrance to his political ambitions.

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  129. paultheswineherd

    I have an idea for Iain Duncan Smith – why cannot he be sectioned under the Mental Health Act? He is, after all probably an undiagnosed sociopath/psychopath, whom, by his (and his DWP’s actions) actions and orders, guilty of causing deaths of claimants (now officially confirmed by a Coroner in Mr O’Sullivan’s case).
    In addition, both IDS & Cameron (IDS’s partner in crime) should be taken to Court for crimes against humanity across the British Isles.

    • Why is this so called grand structure called the EU not doing anything about the sanctions, harassment of the unemployed to jump through hoops and be humiliated by DwP robots?
      Because they are a useless, elitist club.

      • overburdenddonkey

        ATTACK YOU…you attack anyone who disagrees with you…
        bloody cheek guy fawkes
        we have every right to comment on your posts and say what we think of your posts… i posted this to another poster; ‘the concept of a basic income, land rights etc is looking sweeter by the day..
        you responded to my post with this; ‘Basic income – rubbish compromise.’
        and giving your OPINION, i never screamed, ‘how dare you question me….!’ i said, ‘guy; please yourself, but to me it’s common sense, getting it will require a social revolution…’ you could have left it @ that, but oh no, you started an argument that you wanted too have, and then went onto say, among accusing me of being right wing; ‘or you just want to argue with me for the sake of arguing I do not know…’ thus demanding that i accept your OPINION, end of…! you question the opinions of others and even when they’re actually not opinions but proven to work and/or facts…you bitterly complain when others question your opinions…! taking slights and offence @ the others ‘audacity’ to question/correct you…you call those who don’t agree with you tories et al insult and ridicule, them… hypocrite…! you even claim that you’ve thoroughly explained your postilion and proven your point, when your so called explanation’s are made up of comments like these above/below…have a word with yourself…!
        try to justify this with stuff like this…’If I criticize your posts with mirth that is because they are a joke most of the time and you are the ones that criticize my OPINIONS whether there is foul language(very rarely) or insults in them or not.’ or this; ‘Maria; “what have I said that ever offended you…….?” Well apart from telling me I am wrong after every post I write regarding what I think a futuristic world could look like, You are also bloody impudent, foolish and Sensory disabled whatever that is.’ or this; ‘Maria
        Good luck with your writing I think you need it and good look with your own opinion of how people and the world would react to an orderly system, but stop telling me I am wrong when I give my opinion or I will refuse to reply to you.’ ‘PS It probably means not only have you lost all sense and senses you have also lost your sense of direction.
        Jamie Oliver site is waiting so too is dpac and mind….’ mad maria
        You really are deaf dumb and blind – I want to live in a free world, free speech included, if you don’t like what I have to say tough, you deserve the insults because you are a sneak and a bogof poster.
        If Johnny void is really an anarchist, I don’t think he would want to listen to your stupid platitudes. You are morally, mentally and manipulatively bankrupt. PS I like what is posted in the name of JV whether it is him or not is another matter entirely, given that he moderates shows he is a moderate and not responsible for the posts on this site. Pity he does not moderate you mealy mouthed lot.’
        ‘You are wasting your time with OBD he denies anyone the right to a different opinion to him and starts his bloody mantra over and over again.
        You are washed up OBD’..’The only little odd thing on here Maria is you, how could you afford HP sauce, oh it must be your disability benefits….’
        you say this type of thing often, and actually believe there ok to say…!?
        i would think everyone gets pissed off if others challenge their posts, it’s par for the course, part of the risk of having a reply button…you say yer piece, and tiff others maybe, but if agreed with, or others see where your going, and develop a theme, it’s satisfying..a learning curve..
        you say/imply; ‘i know best, this is the way things are, now shut up and eat yer cereal…’

        • You never argue when others have or can prove you wrong, you are a coward and reply “I’m not talking to you.” You constantly rabbit on about the same things over and over again trying to sell your UBI, stating it’s a done deal, SAID WHO? I WILL TELL YOU WHO TORY ZAC GOLDSMITH AND HIS PALS, WHO SAW HOW THEY COULD MANIPULATE THE ECONOMY AFTER BLAIR STARTED HIS SANCTIONS, SO THAT DESPERATE PEOPLE WOULD AGREE TO ANYTHING – YOU ARE A SHIT OBD.

          I am not listening to morons talking about lentils and vegetables OR their stupid stories of poverty which are totally incredulous.

          You believe it if you want but to be honest you are all of the same vegetable mentality, I am done with a site that is supposed to be about political rebellion and equality, BUT IS FULL OF PETTY FUCKERS THAT CAN GIVE IT BUT CAN’T TAKE IT WITHOUT GANGING UP.

          • overburdenddonkey

            but you’ve already said in capital letters that you plan to shut this site down..and as with the rest of your diatribe once again you tell me nothing i don’t already know…

          • ffs guy, do you really believe that ZAC FUCKING GOLDSMITH is a friend of the poor? Seriously!

            • Cree Tin

              Of course not, because UBI is not for the poor is for the rich and this is his and his cronies concept.
              Do some research and see just who is behind UBI.

          • I hope you won’t pounce on me with another foul-mouthed tirade. But may I kindly suggest that the next time you pass your local butchers on the way to the supermarket that you pop in and ask for some bones. Through them into the pot with a stock cube, carrots and onions from the local market, some ‘cooking’ bacon and you will have a delicious stew. And please don’t call me a patronising Tory toff who lives off ready-meals from Waitrose. I am only offering some advice on how we can all live more healthily for less.

            • Comment addressed to ‘guy fawkes’

              • The only bones I hope to boil are half of the idiots on this site, you included. So fuckoff.

                • That’s addressed to die anne!

                • You are a tory in all but name guy, in your world you will decide what goes and what doesn’t and the only free speech anyone will have if it matches yours, you are nothing but a troublemaker guy and it is you that give anarchists a bad name. You say disabled people should be treated decently but you have no respect for me as a disabled person struggling under this government. You think that having a piece of paper from a university makes you intellectually superior? because it doesn’t, you use the guise of free speech to talk down any you don’t like or disagrees with you. Your world is just like the Troy world but without the currency. I’ve had it with trying to understand you or be nice to you. You are a Troll and you are ruining the sprit and community that is Johnny Void’s blog. I no longer believe you are a caring and decent person, but a bitter and sad person who thinks he has not got enough stuff and is jealous of the Tories because they have. Go back under your bridge Troll.

        • The Chuckle Sisters

          Opinions are like arseholes…. everyone has one…… 😀

        • The Big Lebowski

          “Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.”

      • The Big Lebowski

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  131. I Notice Petition For Resignation of Ian Duncan Smith as Secretary of
    State For Work and Pensions Now has over 112.060 Signatures

    Why is He Still Secretary of State For Work and Pensions After All
    the Deaths and Suffering ?

  132. The 14th of October Mark’s the Anniversary of the Senghenydd Colliery Disaster in 1913 AD.

    This was near Caerphilly Glamorganshire .

    In the Region of 439 Miners were Sadly Killed .

    Both the Owner and Mines Manager were in Trouble The Mines Manager Apparently for Breaches of the Mining Code.

    The Owner was Fined £10.

    The Mines Manager was Fined £24.

    The Mines Act of 1911 AD had Required that All Collieries were Capable of Reversing the Air Current Ventilating the Mine by the 1st of January 1913 AD.

    The Extended Deadline of September 1913 AD was Not Met.

  133. Another Fine Mess

    From a thread on UM.

    We are not facing a future without work. We are facing a future without jobs.

    Accelerating technological unemployment will likely be one of the most challenging societal issues in the 21st Century. Never before in history are so many industries being simultaneously upended by new technologies. Though “creative destruction,” in which lost jobs are replaced with new ones, will be a factor, our newest technologies have the clear potential to eliminate many more jobs than we create. With technology advancing at a geometric pace, robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D-printing, and other innovations with enormous disruptive potential will soon hit the mainstream.

  134. Bit off the topic but see how these Tory voting scum are now whinging like the self centred cnuts they are because now THEY are affected by the cuts – the tax credit cuts. There was a woman on QT I think in tears whinging away because she was going to be £500 or so worse off after the tax credit cuts. She said she voted Tories at the election. She never gave a crap obviously the poor sods having benefits cut though probably why she voted Tory! Serves her right.

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