Shades Of The Workhouse, Lord Fraud Hints At Mandatory Jobs Training In Hostels And Women’s Refuges

lord-fraud-freud1People fleeing domestic violence, care leavers and those who are homeless could be required to take part in ’employability courses’ as a condition of accessing supported housing Lord Fraud has hinted today.

The Minister for Welfare Reform was giving a speech to the Chartered Institute of Housing discussing upcoming changes to funding for the supported housing sector.  George Osborne has previously announced that the upcoming Benefit Cap will apply to those living in supported housing, meaning Housing Benefit payments will be slashed.  Currently this benefit is used to fund the additional costs of providing this kind of accommodation such as staff and security costs.  Homelessness charities have warned that almost half a million homes could be at risk when the cap on these payments is introduced.

In response the DWP have agreed to postpone the cap for one year whilst a review of supported housing funding is carried out.  And whilst there were no clear policy announcements in Lord Fraud’s speech, the direction of travel is clear.

Whilst praising the work of many larger supported housing providers, Fraud says he want to “root out sub-standard treatment” on the “rare occassions” it exists hinting that for the first time that the government plans to meddle in service provision – and use funding cuts as a weapon.  He also said that reforms offer an opportunity to think about a “quality and an outcomes focus” suggesting some form of performance related model, similiar to the disastrous Work Programme, is being considered.

Perhaps most chillingly Lord Fraud praised the work being done by the Bromford housing association that requires tenants to agree to a package of training and support as a condition of their tenancy.  Fears have been rightly raised that this training could include unpaid work experience, raising the prospect of forced work in return for housing. According to the minister “Bromford are using their relationship with tenants to get them ready for the world of work and away from benefit dependency.”

Fraud also heaped admiration on known workfare exploiters the YMCA who he says “award points towards moving into a self-contained flat for engaging with education, training and employment.”

A report is soon to be published which will give us further indication of the government’s plans for supported housing.  The DWP’s intentions are clear however.  In the conclusion to his speech Fraud spoke of the his department’s determination to bring about a “lower welfare society” and that people should be given tools and support, but also ‘incentives’ to find and stay in work. For those on out of work benefits these incentives usually mean sanctions and workfare.

Lord Fraud talks a lot of shit and it is too soon to draw any firm conclusions about the government’s plans.  But it is not difficult to imagine what any future reform might look like.  Hostels given job outcome targets and the power to compel residents to attend work related activity – which could include workfare – as a condition of being given a bed looks like one likely scenario.  The workhouse grows ever closer.  Any attempt to introduce some form of work related activity or compulsory training as a condition of accessing supported housing must be fiercely resisted.

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242 responses to “Shades Of The Workhouse, Lord Fraud Hints At Mandatory Jobs Training In Hostels And Women’s Refuges

    • Lord Fraud and his ilk are lower than the belly of a snake, there is no end to their bottomless pit of depravity. Next there will be conditions applied to homelessness, council tax charged for the piss stained patch of pavement they sleep on and a free training course in C.V presentation

  1. Eating cake as instructed

    Well let’s herald a return to Industrial Revolution housing and circumstances in the north. Poor people living in cellars and in bushes to avoid the workhouse. Sheer desperation will see mugging so bag snatches etc rise as folk starve. The reality is they are determined to close hostels and are just collating ‘facts’ they aren’t popular therefore unjustified. Early 80’s will be nothing to where this lot are leading the UK

  2. What if you are someone like me? I had to seek refuge at one point in a women’s refuge. I wasn’t some sort of layabout, I was a Staff Sergeant in the British Army, it’s just that the event that put me into that place happened 400 miles from my duty station! Luckily, I was able to leave and head back to camp, but not every woman who seeks refuge like that is uneducated, unemployed, or doesn’t have training to do a job. The DWP are assuming that only women who are uneducated, untrained or have never worked who are put into the position of needing assistance! There are women who are wives of high flying executives who often flee from a violent marriage. Seriously, this government are disgusting.

  3. If this is going to do serious harm to people, then it’s high time the British stop whinging, got off their arses and start protesting against this, vote on online petitions, organise marches of protest, make our voices heard instead of doing the typical, British response, doing absolutely bugger all, the time of apathy is over, time the British grew a spine and started standing up for itself!

    • Online petitions are useless and can be manipulated as we have seen by the Remain whingers.

      Freud has been chasing the poor and vulnerable across political parties, how to stop him? Put him in front of those he demonises

      • Online petitions can be hacked by people using proxy networks. People from North Korea and Vatican City were apparently found to have signed for a second referendum on epetitions.

        • Evidently so, but as soon as they were detected, (I mean, 39,000 from the Vatican City, that has a population of less than a thousand?) they were deleted. Any activity from North Korea that is obvious is suspicious in that there isn’t any significant internet there unless you happen to be Kim Jong Un or one of the elite. That’s not to say that they wouldn’t use proxies themselves.

          But come on, realistically someone would have had to have had a seriously sad life to have significantly skewed that particular online petition as it requires a petitioner to respond to an e-mail confirming their signing of the petition. Possible to do many of them, but extremely tedious.

          I was sceptical of online petitions, but it was an online petition that exposed what the EU was doing over TTIP, and has made it an extremely hot potato, to the point where it’s quite possible not going to make it through.

          Though obviously not an answer in themselves, they are another tool to let governments know that a lot of people are watching them. With a bit more sophistication they could be made much more representative and truly reflective of public opinion. Even as they are I believe they are a useful indicator.



      ……..the most bent FREEDOM OF INFORMATION COMMISSIONER ever……

      DWP first insisted that it held no information about such deaths, but later admitted that it carried out internal reviews into some deaths and serious and complex benefit-related cases, and that it had conducted 49 reviews of deaths between February 2012 and the autumn of 2014.

      DNS appealed to the information commissioner after DWP refused to release any of the information from the peer reviews, but was forced to appeal to the information rights tribunal when the commissioner ruled in favour of DWP.

      A DWP spokeswoman said: “We have received the tribunal’s decision and are considering the judgement.”

      An ICO spokeswoman said: “The commissioner is reviewing the tribunal’s decision and can make no further comment at this stage.”

      *John Pring, editor of DNS

    • The way these fucking toffs are forcing the most poorest and destitute into workfare is truly disgusting…..

      • With a personal allowance & housing element (UC) I can see modern slavery starting very soon. – don’t do it you first lose your personal allowance, still don’t comply it will be your housing element. or possibly both at the same time.

        Workfare will then be history.

        • Dissidentdiva

          Slavery has already started! UC iS slavery!

        • I was informed at JobCentre that government are bringing in remote signing for UC. Everyone will have to use the activity log on UJM to record their worksearch activities so some faceless work coach can decide whether you have looked hard enough and long enough. Don’t know if it means they are closing Jobcentres, I didn’t hang around long enough to find out.

          • The proposed remote signing for UC is the government’s latest attempt to spy on people through their home internet and personal computers. I would never allow it even if they did close all jobcentres eventually.

          • They can’t do it at the moment because under EU data privacy laws you don’t have to accept cookies on any computer outside the Jobcentre and Universal Jobmatch can’t work without cookies. So, as things stand, no one can even make you use Universal Jobmatch outside of the Jobcentre or make you allow the DWP to scrutinise data saved on their system which has been submitted by you. The worst they can do is to make you use Universal Jobmatch in a Jobcentre provided an internet access device is available (computer workstation) if you are not too far away from the Jobcentre to reasonably travel there under your own steam to use it, and even then you cannot be made to allow Work Coaches to scrutinise or access you UJM account if you don’t want them to.

            Of course now we’re leaving the EU the situation may eventually change, but fr now, and for the next couple of years at the very least you can keep your UJM activities private and there’s not a damn thing the DWP can do about it.

            Just say no.

            • Here’s the skinny:

              Click to access uj-what-you-need-to-know-about-cookies-211115.pdf

              Everybody should read/download the official line about Universal Jobmatch so that they know what their rights actually are. For now at least. Basically you can only be made to register for UJM if you can reasonably access it using Jobcentre equipment in a Jobcentre; you cannot be made to use UJM outside the Jobcentre and can refuse to access it using your own equipment; and you can refuse to allow the DWP from tracking you activities on UJM by unselecting the box that allows them access to your account (which you should do on point of principle).

              It is sensible to restrict the DWP as far as surveillance is concerned because, make no mistake about it, the fuckers are out to get you and sanction you if they can.


  4. This is no surprise, it`s exactly the sort of thing they wanted out of Europe for.

    • Spot on John.

      British interior minister Theresa May, the bookmakers’ favourite to replace David Cameron as prime minister, said on Thursday there was no going back on Britain leaving the EU but that divorce talks would not start until the end of the year.

      Launching her leadership bid, May said there would be no second referendum on EU membership, nor any bid to rejoin, and she also ruled out any immediate tax rises.

      “The campaign was fought, the vote was held, turnout was high and the public gave their verdict,” she said. “There must be no attempts to remain inside the EU, no attempts to rejoin it through the back door and no second referendum.”

      Some people think there was no plan for an exit, what was May doing since the ref, she was not seen, now appears & tells everyone the above, verdict – consent from the people to bring into action the snoopers charter, the bill of rights & now call it what you may modern slavery. with the loss of the basics in life if you don’t comply

      • Teresa May up against Gove – how can she lose?

        • Gove for leader! With Gove as Prime Minister even hopeless hapless Jeremy Corbyn must be in with a chance of displacing him.

          • Iris, you call Jeremy Corbyn hapless, but do you realise that if the Blairites get their way and overthrow him he will be replaced by a leader who when elected will carry out policies similar to the Tories, and the unemployed and disabled will still be persecuted and subject to sanctions. Corbyn is the only hope we have of Labour Government which will treat us decently yet you swallow the Tory propaganda and insult him. I am shocked at how gullible people are on here to even think that the Blairite political class really cares about the suffering caused by Austerity.

            • With a different leader with a wider appeal we might get more Labour MPs and, at least, strip the Conservatives of any hope of a majority. With Corbyn as leader Labour will remain unpalatable to too many voters to do anything, other than lose even more seats, possibly to nutty parties like UKIP.

              It’s no good trying to sell something that nobody wants to buy.

              Corbynesque Labour is too niche to be mass marketed.

              (If Labour under Corbyn was five or ten points AHEAD of the Tories consistently in the polls I would say that Corbyn was in with a chance. Sadly, usually, Labour trails the Tories by four or five points or more and under Corbyn has made no headway amongst the general public, no matter how crazy Momentum members and similar are for Jezza. This isn’t election winning.)

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          Teresa May will put Michael Gove on the naughty step.

  5. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Disability Referendum:

    Scrap the WCA – vote Yes
    Keep the WCA – vote no.

    But the real Disability Referendum will be:

    Should disabled people live – vote …..
    Should disabled people die & killed off – Vote ….

  6. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The Nudge Unit with Lord Fraud up to their confidence tricks again!!!!!

  7. Brendan O'Malley

    Having worked in the past at Bromford, and being sacked by them while I was off work suffering from depression and anxiety, I can confirm they are indeed a bunch of cunts.

  8. A victim of domestic violence will have 35 hours a week mandatory job-searching the last thing on their mind. Their first and most important priority will be securing a safe environment for themselves and any children involved. Along with a support network of friends and social care workers giving sound and clear advice and to be there at times of need.

    DWP, extended the mythical 35 hours a week job seeking requirements to all people not with a JSA claimant commitment/not signing on, any age between 1 and 100, varying degrees of physical or mental impairment from 0% to 100%, and to people in need of a refuge from domestic abuse.

    Stuck up f8cking heartless faceless civil servant twats deciding whom is worthy of social network support, safe houses and proper protection for when life goes wrong for them through any means.

    The DWP will now have to be treated for an severe outbreak of foot and mouth disease alongside their current infestation of crabbs.

    • I don’t believe that ANYBODY really spends 35 hours a week grimly looking for work. In fact I would go further and claim that that such a requirement is impossible to satisfy on a regular basis. So, maybe, I spend one or two hours a day, on a good day, looking for jobs online, applying for a job or two as and when I can, claiming that I’ve spent six or seven hours on the task, or that I visited my local library to read the papers looking for vacancies and doing research, or several hours walking about, locally, looking for “hidden jobs” (which usually means shopping) and crap like that in order to make up the hours. As somebody compelled to do it I have to admit that a 35 hour a week work search is factually and actually impossible to do and impossible for the DWP to police, especially since most of the jobs I apply for are advertised not on UJM but on other job boards anyway.

      All the 35 hour work search does is turn claimants already doing their best into liars in order to survive. As far as I can see nobody, absolutely nobody, could really spend 35 hours every week, alone and unaided, looking for work day in and day out, day after day.

      Anybody who has tried it for a few weeks will own up to this being the truth.

      But not in front of their Work Coach of course!

      • What you saying Iris? That jobseekers are fiddling their time-sheets? Some of us have been up since 4am this morning job-searching. Can only post this because I am now on the first 15 minute break of the day – 10:30-10:45? Then it’s half an hour for lunch 2:00-2:30, then another 15 minute break 5:00-05:15, then clock off at 8pm. Then off to bed an up at the crack of dawn to start jobsearching all over again. Seven days a week. You need a more disciplined approach to your job-searching, Iris.

        • And in case you are too lazy to add up that is 105 hours a week job-searching. Three times the paltry jobcentre minimum requirement.

        • I used my initiative and made a set of sandwich boards to wear with “I AM A PERSON IN NEED OF WORK” on the front and “SOMEONE PLEASE OFFER MY A JOB” on the back. My Work Coach was all for it and praised me for being so proactive. For two and a half weeks I walked around the city, where I live, wearing the boards for six or seven hours a day. Nobody came up to me and offered me work but I did end up sectioned for my behaviour by three doctors whose surgery I used to loiter outside of hoping that a patient with a business would offer me a post.

          When I was released my Work Coach suggested using the Jobcentre computers to look for a job like everybody else, which I thought stifled my individuality and said so. I was then sanctioned (rather than sectioned) and am now without Universal Credit for four weeks.

          Just goes to show you doesn’t it.

          People in this country don’t like enterprise or success.

        • There are only so many jobs that appear each week. UJM reposts the same old cr4p day in and day out as brand new, never before advertised. When I used to use UJM I saw the same rubbish appear as brand new each passing day and with a different ref. number each time.

          When they say thousands of new jobs are advertised all the time on UJM, look closer and you will see a lie (sold to un-employed people) being peddled by people who find it easy to lie and cheat – job centre staff.

          I’m no longer on the treadmill so don’t know if UJM has been since scrapped or jobcentre staff have been sectioned in HMP Broadmoor a month after I “resigned” from the system.

          • You need a good memory to use ujm. It would be very easy to get pulled up and sanctioned for not applying for a vacancy when in actual fact you already had = just a different Job ID numbers It also “shuffles” the jobs as you advance through the search results, and mixes up the days, it is not consistent in the search results it returns. You would be forgiven for thinking that the whole apparatus hadn’t been designed deliberately to trip up and trap the unwary jobseeker into a sanction 😉

      • Anyway, back to the job-searching. I know, still another five minutes of break-time to go, but if you really want enough no amount of job-searching is ever enough. Good luck with yours! 🙂

  9. * Off-topic and not connected with the subject thread *

    Didn’t take long for at least one mouthy know-all twat work colleague to show himself to me at work today just as I was getting ready to leave around 4:25pm (4:30pm shift end). Big mouthed cunt didn’t like the fact I was about to get my things together ready to clock out and go home and yet he was doing just that HIMSELF five minutes before I got my rucksack sorted.

    F9ckign lazy cunt anyway as he doesn’t do f5ck all at work every day except just make sure the cut timber packs are neatly stacked ready for dispatch and then presses a couple of buttons on a machine all day long whilst everyone else is physically stacking timber by muscle power alone.

    • Dissidentdiva

      These twats are to be found in any workplace. Rise above, Fen 🙂

    • Give over, Fen, might get the sack.

      • I would probably only get the sack if I was to complain to my manager about that other worker being a right p1ll0ck with the rest of us. he only does very easy work every day, unlike the rest of us having to actually earn our wages by doing physically demanding tasks.

    • At least you are getting paid! Some of us spent 30 weeks on that fucking Community Punishment Programme (CWP) stacking heavy timber pallets all day long for jack-shit whilst one of the grinning bosses mates pushed a fucking button.

      • @ CWP Victim

        I searched, got and landed this waged job through after many months of previous trying, failing to land interviews and me then giving up even contemplating I would ever return to work again; and not through some CWP/UJM b0ll0cks.

        All CWP and WP I ever went through was just interested in money for having me on their system for anything from 4 weeks, 2 years and then finally 6 months mandatory attendance. Not once did they ever place me somewhere suitable and appropriate to my CV and work history. A certain paint recycling place I was sent to the other year by SEETEC springs to mind that had f9ck all to do with my work skills, employment and re-employability status.

        I’ve no idea how long I will stay in paying work, it depends on the final outcome of how well and fast I have been in getting the orders through during the probationary three month contract that I am currently on. I certainly don’t want to go back to being out of work and facing those lazy, part-time, two-faced lying c7nts called Jobcentre Minus

  10. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System
  11. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System
  12. paultheswineherd

    As I have been saying on here for some time now, it has been heading this way for a while – perhaps some form of ‘privatised workhouse’ run by the poverty pimp companies such as ATOS, Maximus and the likes of ‘Pinnacle People’, ‘Link into Learning’ etc too.
    These dishing out their perceived ‘helpfulness’ (by the Tories only!) and being given even more and more millions of tax-payer’s money.
    Although there was almost no protection before from ‘Europe’ as such, we are still in it for at least 2 (and possibly more years than that).
    What is certain however is that even now that Cameron is (almost) gone, there is going to be a new ‘election’ for leader of the Tory party & indeed, a new Prime minister.
    What has not changed is that we still have a ruthless, fairly right-wing Tory party – what has not changed also are their ‘policies’.
    Despite what Teresa May said today (i.e. – being more compassionate and looking after everyone, not just the rich and priveleged), we must remember that she is still a hard cow, with right-wing thoughts – her ideas of the ‘snooper’s charter’ for instance proved that.
    Unless this Tory party is kicked out of Government, then nothing will change and especially change for the good!

  13. “Employability” courses, jeezzz how many more “Corporate Businesses” will they roll out. Is this a another dodgy charity that launders money to far away shores.
    Yet another course to dumb down and brainwash the already traumatized person who has just escaped an abusive relationship.
    Must keep the masses in total stress and confusion, gotta keep that adrenaline going as it causes extreme anxiety which can lead to untold damage to mental and physical health, but that’s what they want, everyone to live in fear and foreboding.

    Fraud and Crabb are a match made in hell, both are into behavioural, mind bending antics and are extremely dangerous.
    The psychological war is here, turning us all into brain dead stressed out zombies.

    Ms “G4S” May as our PM, good luck with that one.


      ……….Wouldn’t it be logical to make JOHN KERRY our new head of state and do away with the middleman?

      He could then report straight back to Israel and ask if they required any more changes………

      • I’m sorry Geoff but although you normally make sensible comments on here that one is well off the mark. John Kerry is not welcome in Israel and would be unlikely to report anything back to that country. The relationship between Israel and the USA has never been so bad as during the Obama administration so smearing the Israelis like this just makes you look stupid. And in case you are one of the conspiracy theorists who blame the Jews for everything wrong in the world, Israel does not equate to Jewish people worldwide. Many disagree vehemently with Israel’s policies. So cut out the anti-Semitic stuff.

        • yeah do Geoff, or posts will start getting deleted.

          • GEOFF REYNOLDS

            ……….if only one percent of our population is jewish, how come we have so many political links?

            According to the CFI website 80% of Tory MPs are members of Conservative Friends of Israel.[14]

            In alphabetical order, members of Conservative Friends of Israel include:

            James Arbuthnot MP[15]
            Graham Brady MP[16]
            Alistair Burt MP[17]
            David Cameron MP[14]
            James Clappison MP[18]
            Iain Duncan-Smith MP[19]
            Liam Fox MP[19]
            Mike Freer MP[20]
            Lord Hague of Richmond[21]
            Robert Halfon MP[22]
            Richard Harrington MP[22]
            Lord Kalms[23]
            Sajid Javid MP
            Priti Patel MP[24]
            Sir Eric Pickles MP[25]
            Sir Malcolm Rifkind[26]
            Theresa Villiers, MP[27]

            …………..and the Labour party

            Members of LFI

            In alphabetical order, former and current members of Labour Friends of Israel include:

            David Abrahams, former Treasurer[12]
            Lord Archer of Sandwell[13]
            Sir Stuart Bell[14]
            Luciana Berger, Former Director of LFI[15]
            Tony Blair, former Prime Minister[16][17]
            David Blunkett, former Home Secretary[13]
            Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister[16][17][18]
            Chris Bryant[13] and former Minister for Europe
            Stephen Byers, former Secretary of State for Trade and Industry[13]
            Wayne David[13]
            Andrew Dismore [13]
            Michael Dugher[19]
            Louise Ellman, Vice Chair of LFI [13]
            Derek Foster[13]
            Lord Foulkes[13]
            Mike Gapes, former Vice Chair of LFI (2004)[20]
            Anthony Greenwood, first Chair of LFI (1957)[2]
            Andrew Gwynne, Chair of LFI (2010)[13]
            Fabian Hamilton[13]
            Joan Humble[13]
            Baroness Hayman[13]
            Lord Janner of Braunstone QC, former President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews
            Barbara Keeley[13]
            Barry Gardiner, former Vice-Chair of LFI
            Jane Kennedy, Chair of LFI (2007)[13]
            Ivan Lewis, former Vice-Chair of LFI [21]
            Lord Macdonald of Tradeston[13]
            Denis MacShane[13]
            Michael McCann, Vice-Chair of LFI[22]
            Anne McGuire, Chair of LFI since 2013[7]
            Jonathan Mendelsohn, former Chair of LFI (2002)[23]
            Alun Michael, former Leader of the Welsh Labour Party[13]
            Andrew Miller[13]
            Jim Murphy, former Chair of LFI (2001), former Secretary of State for Scotland [24]
            Dan Norris[13]
            Nick Palmer[13]
            James Purnell former Chair of LFI, former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions [25]
            Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale[13]
            John Reid former Home Secretary (2007)[26]
            Rachel Reeves[19]
            Terry Rooney[13]
            Dari Taylor[13]
            Gary Titley[13]
            John Woodcock, Chair of LFI (2011)[6]
            Glenis Willmott, Vice Chair of LFI
            Lord Winston[13]
            Iain Wright, former Chair of LFI (2006)[13]
            Lord Young of Norwood Green[13]

            …………………maybe wikipedia is wrong?


            • Theres is a big differnce between supporting a country in a territorial conflict, and I’d call it an occupation, and believing that country is secretly running the world, which as well as being antisemitic is just fucking stupid. Any more of this shit will get removed, I don’t want it on here.

            • GEOFF REYNOLDS

              ………..I am not anti semitic, Johnny. Some of my friends are Jewish, .Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist and Sikh…………
              Often i would sit round a table, having a drink, listening to others views.

              What i perceive as being out of order is that the majority of politicians are affilliated to a lobbying group, the friends of Israel.

              The Initiative is led by the former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar, a supporter of the Iraq War and President of News Corporation.

              ………it is not rocket science to link the key players to our biased attacks against a certain minister.

              • Lots of politicians are also affiliated to Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East, and countless other lobbying groups on a wide range of issues. So why the obsession with just Israel?

                • Because they’re pulling for an illegal rogue state that is brutalizing and imprisoning people in Gaza, murdering them, stealing land, cutting off water supplies. That enough for you? You shouldn’t need to be told about stuff like that. or are you another Zionist apologist?

                • Not at all, I oppose absolutely the actions of the Israeli government and the Zionist movement behind it. I equally oppose Zionism being brought into debates about everything from benefit cuts to the referendum, because those things have nothing to do with the Zionist aims. To suggest that they do is to suggest that Israel, or Zionists, or Jews are secretly controlling the world, which is as anti-semitic as it is nonsense.

                • GEOFF REYNOLDS

                  ………………but there are no Conservative FRIENDS OF PALESTINE.
                  Wonder why?

                • Because Tories are cunts. But Labour were in power for 13 years and many Senior Labour politicians throughout that time were pro-Palestine. But few except fascists preceded every political discussion with pro-Palestian Labour MPs selling off the NHS, or Islamist Labour Ministers cutting benefits as has happened on this blog when talking about what ‘Zionist’ Tories are doing. I wonder why that is?

              • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                I am half Jewish but not the right half so I am not really half Jewish. says it all !!! A bad mix politics & religion turns into wars.

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  12 Tribes Of Israel.

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  Are the Tories going to re write the Bible on Twitter !!! How about re writing the Magna Carta on Twitter !!!

              • FFS GEOFF, you only have to mention the word Israel and your anti-semitic, well actually you’re not because they’re not true jews, they’re khazarians who hijacked judaism in the eigth century!

                • TruthTeller

                  Doilewood, people like you sound like a broken record repeating the same old slurs and convincing yourselves that your fantasies are in fact reality. Anyone who converts to Judaism is a true Jew and so are the majority in Israel. How about you take a trip to Israel and see just how close to us the “majority” are. Places like Tel Aviv are similar to any major city in Britain and you wouldn’t think it any different to here with clubs and bars and all the normal paraphernalia. There is even a thriving Gay culture in Israel.

              • Look Geoff, I am not Jewish but I could give you an accurate and sound history of the Jews and why they tend to gravitate to certain trades having studied Jewish history. This is not the place to do that as it’s very complex, however; People who have been scattered around the globe through history due to persecution through racism or faith tend to flock together for protection and to feel comfortable taking there customs with them. Look at any race or faith and you will see the same pattern emerging. I mean, even the British who colonised New Zealand and Australia did the same thing often at the expense of those who were there before them. Singling out one type of people for the worlds ills is a common thread and is a form of projection for our own shortcomings. Saying I have friends who are Jewish, Muslim, etc, etc is a cop out. Open your eyes, all faiths and races cause problems and all produce decent people as well.

                • GEOFF REYNOLDS


                • Perhaps Mr Void needs to view that might i venture?

                • If anyone is interested in a fictional account of Jewish experience, i.e. Jewish history, Claire Rayner’s ‘The Running Years’ is a pretty good story of the experience of millions of Jewish people.

                  I know that supposed ‘romantic fiction’ won’t be to everyone’s taste, but this novel really is worth a read – I read it when it was first published way back in 1981..

                  Basically, Jews have never enjoyed much security in Europe, and have been subject to immense persecution over many centuries, and even bannned from many European countries, (including England) on pain of death. If they have tended to engage in trade as jewellers or diamond merchants or banking, it is traditionally because it’s portable wealth; very handy if you have to drop everything and move suddenly, as many Jews have had to do over the centuries.

                  The Israeli government has a lot to answer for over what is happening in places like Gaza, but blaming Jews, or Israeli citizens, (who are not all Jews, some are Muslim or Christian) would be someone from somewhere else blaming us for what the Tory government does. Also, it’s little known that some of the harshest criticism of what the Israeli government is doing through its army comes from within Israel itself, take a look at Haaretz online sometime. Makes the press criticism of our government look lame indeed!

        • Willo The Wisp

          If you want to know who oppresses you,

          find out who you are not allowed to criticise.

          • Willo the Wisp, It’s not about criticism this is about racial or faith based slurs and if you did the same smearing all Muslims or Hindu’s JV would have reacted the same way and quite rightly.

            • Yeah, your right, Jack straw pulled a blinder when he said ” The English as a race is not worth saving”.

            • Oh get a life! No one smeared anyone ya big drama queen.

              • Raining, Cut out the insults and give serious replies. A debate needs to be kept civilised. Don’t reduce yourself to name calling just because a couple of people called you out on your own prejudices. Read JV’s replies if you don’t like mine because he shows his grasp on reality rather than the fantasies of those who want to reduce everything down to fit their persecution complex.

                • Stop behaving like a big flouncing nancy and man up and just accept that folk are going to criticise. Who called me out and on what prejudices? Please explain because you seem to know more about it than me..

              • Oh I have a life alright Raining, and I can it “appears”, cope with it better than you because I don’t have to sink to the level of calling people Nancy and drama queen. Its you with the problem as you cannot debate only hurl insults. Maybe you should stop using projection and look inward to see where the problem you have originates. I don’t think you really want me to explain anything to you really, do you? The “You seem to know more about it than me” is a classic inferiority defence mechanism so you are probably subconsciously acknowledging I am right and deep down that I really do know more than you. By the way in case you misunderstand I am not claiming to “actually” know more than you because that would be very arrogant. No one can lay claim to total understanding. I just find human defence mechanisms interesting.

                • lara crofty

                  NLP double speak.

                • Aye yer right there laddie, i’ll give ye that, i do have a problem. Many in fact. But the fact still remains that you need to stop acting like a big flouncing drama queen complaining about perceived insults.

    • This takes me back, I’m a single mum and I actually stayed in my abusive relationship longer than I wanted precisely because I didn’t want to be a single mum on benefits. I went through the system when it was a lot kinder than it is now and I’m lucky to have only signed on for two weeks in the past 5 years. My heart goes out to women (and,men) nowadays



    Inside the £875,000 Bank of England chief’s home that’s costing YOU £11,000 a month

    Mark Carney’s wife had bemoaned lack of suitable accommodation
    Bank of England Governor has found somewhere to spend his perk
    Landlords have spent £1m transforming semi-detached house

    Despite a £5,000-a-week housing allowance courtesy of British taxpayers, they struggled to find a home in London.

    The new Bank of England Governor’s wife even publicly bemoaned the lack of suitable accommodation after her husband landed the top job.

    But now Canadian Mark Carney has finally found somewhere to spend his perk – a six-bedroom £3million property.




    A government contractor has told a traumatised abuse survivor he must be reassessed for employment and support allowance (ESA), just a week after a minister faced a call to resign for threatening to stop another of his disability benefits.

    Justin Tomlinson, the minister for disabled people, caused outrage last week after it emerged that he had threatened the man – who is waiting to give evidence about the abuse in court – that his benefits would be stopped if he failed to co-operate with a personal independence payment (PIP) reassessment by Atos.

    David* is a key witness in the trial and has been told by police not to discuss his case, or allow the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) or Atos access to his medical records, because the court proceedings are live and the case is sub judice.

    DWP finally agreed earlier this month to stop contacting David until after the end of the trial, although he later received a further letter from Atos and a threatening letter from Tomlinson via his MP.

    But he has now been sent a demand by another government contractor, Maximus, to attend a face-to-face work capability assessment next month, warning him that his out-of-work disability benefit ESA could be affected if he fails to attend.

    David has severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), caused by the horrific sexual abuse he suffered as a child, and which has led to several suicide attempts.

  16. On the bright side, with David Cameron out and, probably, with George Osborne out as Chancellor, possibly David Freud will also be out as unelected Minister for Welfare Reform. It’s all change at the top of the Tory party which may turn out to be good or bad when the dust settles. Freud’s sell by date is long passed. Of course, on the bad side, as a reward for being an arch Brexiter Iain Duncan Smith may end up returned to the DWP to finish off Universal Credit and finish off many of the poor helpless souls forced soon to claim it as unemployment begins to rise.

  17. Shit ideas like this have been around for a while. Before the last election Labour was mooting the idea of a point based system for awarding social tenancies based on what applicants did in their communities. So if you had a job, or did voluntary unpaid work, or were on a training scheme, or whatever you would move up the ladder above people who were simply unemployed.

    It was dropped when it was realised what a maze such a system would create. Would somebody working full-time be more worthy or a council tenancy than somebody working part-time? And suppose the part-time worker made up the hours lacking with some voluntary work? Would that move the part-time worker and volunteer up the housing list because he/she was providing unpaid service to his/her community, something the full-time worker wasn’t doing? And would this mean that a full-time volunteer would be better placed than a full-time worker because he/she was essentially serving his/her community for no wages and therefore saving local and central government money?

    Also, anybody remember Labour’s brainwave to strip teenage single mothers of benefits and force them to live in Foyers (based on a French idea but meaning, in this case, some sort of YWCA-like collective dormitories) where they could be monitored, mentored and trained for work. Gordon Brown thought this atrocious idea was a winner because it would prevent teenage single-parents from jumping the housing queue (which was pissing people off) and prevent their boyfriends from visiting, staying overnight, and re-impregnating them. As there would only have been a fixed number of these Foyers around the country this would mean scooping up young mothers and their children and moving them miles away from their families, friend and support network, all for their own good of course.

    Freud was working for Labour at the time so this completely shit and unworkable idea might have come from his diseased brain.

    Fasten your seatbelts folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

    • And remember Broon’s plan to boil down benefit claimants into glue. It would have meant that poundshops would have sold 11 tubes of superglue for a quid instead of 10.

    • Not sure there’s such a word as ‘reimpregnating [the women]’ … it sounds like a sci-fi term (Brave New World?) ….

    • Refreshing to see comments like this. It’s only when people become aware of the kind of shit ideas that our ‘better’ come up with will we be able to effectively counter them.

      Once again, it is the fear of the other, in the case of your comment, young, single mothers, who rather than be patronised and herded into what are basically concentration camps, should have been offered support a decent home, and more than likely, encouragement to believe in themselves so that they don’t feel so worthless that they have to succumb to the dickhead lotharios that so many of them do. Of, course, this kind of support should have been offered to young women whilst they were still at primary school. but hey, the UK schooling system, (I won’t grace it by calling it education) isn’t there for anything other than a) as a holding pen for working class kids, or b) producing the next generation of worker drones.

      There are exceptions, of course, but how on earth decent teachers can subvert the state schooling system in the UK is beyond me given that most teachers don’t have either the time or the energy to consider alternatives that might just be better than the present crap system that is fine if you happen to fit the profile of a white middle class male, or increasingly, a white middle class female. Anyone else that deviates from that is automatically branded a failure.

      Education is a lifelong process, and everyone should have access to it, in as they should also have access to decent housing and a decently paid job – or as increasingly obvious, a citizens income topped that provides enough to live on, topped up by wages.

      However, seeing as housing is a fundamental starting point, i.e. a priority that people need before they need anything else, then we need to start agitating for more truly affordable housing. Council housing used to be universal,(though also aspirational, you had to have a job to get a council house, but that wasn’t really an issue in an economy where full employment was so much a norm that there was a shortage of workers) in its scope, and it was deliberately set up that way. The idea that people need to jump through hoops in hostels before they are ‘rewarded’ with a house is arse about face. They even know that in the USA, where the Housing First philosophy has gained considerable ground, and looks, compared to the extremely backwards looking proposals of the UK government, radically progressive. In reality, it’s just a humane and rational approach that starts from the notion that having somewhere to live is pretty much damn well one of the fundamental human needs, coming, if you follow Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, just after food.

      As we know, social housing tends to be taken over by ‘professionals’ who are more interested in climbing their career ladder. Twenty or thirty years ago it wasn’t uncommon to find ordinary people running housing associations, (indeed, many that were formed in the 1970s were formed as grass-roots alternatives to council houses) and working for them. Now it seems the staff of these bodies, (and they are increasingly corporate, answerable to politicians, and who knows, soon to be shareholders?) are at an increasing remove from tenants, and most tenants have no real say in how their homes are managed, even though most housing associations are careful to preserve an illusion of tenant involvement. There were even some housing associations that were, horror of horrors, (from a government point of view) tenant controlled, where the tenant dominated committees of management could theoretically sack all the staff, from Director downwards!

      Long gone are those days sadly, and whilst managing a housing association is not everyone’s idea of fun, tenants should always have the option of ether doing that, or paying a specialist organisation to do it on a day to day basis, with tenants always having oversight and ultimate control – after all, it’s out rents that pay for it!

  18. HMG’s plans for Brexit seem a bit lacking to say the least but it is well seen that the Bank of England HAVE planned for Brexit otherwise if post-Brexit strategy had been left to Messrs Cameron, Osborne and Johnson the UK economy would be in the Stone Age by now.

  19. MWA/CWP might be dead but the fucking jobcentre are still trying to flog fucking ‘work experience’. 10 weeks of working for £jack-shit. It is VOLUNTARY unless you “agree” to it. Then it would become MANDATORY with the attendant SANCTIONS. Imagine losing your benefits because of some workfare shit you didn’t have to sign up for in the first place. Be careful these fucking cock roaches are out to trick, deceive and fool! CUNTS!

    • SEETEC, whom happen to be closed three days a week in my home town, could re-open again Monday ‘thru Wednesday once they sniff loadasmoney is to be had from the new replacement “work experience” c0bblers now that CWP is dead and buried finally.

  20. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    UN report raises ‘deep concerns’ about impact of austerity on disabled people

    DNS – 1st July 2016

    UN experts have expressed serious concerns about the impact of government austerity on the rights of disabled people and other disadvantaged groups.

    In a scathing report, the UN committee on economic, social and cultural rights said it was “seriously concerned” about the “disproportionate adverse impact” of the austerity measures introduced by successive Tory-led governments.

    And it questioned why the government had made no attempt to carry out a “comprehensive assessment of the cumulative impact” of these measures on the economic, social and cultural rights of disabled people and other groups.

    Read More:


    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      “””It also raised concerns about how often the UK government used benefit sanctions, and the absence of “due process and access to justice” for those who have been sanctioned, and called for a review of their use.

      When asked by Disability News Service (DNS) for his response to the report, during Tuesday’s meeting, Tomlinson said: “I don’t want to have a political debate, because I will probably lose, but in reality we are spending £3 billion a year more on supporting people with long-term health conditions and disabilities than when we came into office.””””

      It is not a political debate & if it was it would be a political failure. That is why you don`t want to debate. £ billion a year money laundering disabled people.

  21. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Crabb scrapped IDS’s white paper because he ‘didn’t like the look of it’

    DNS – 30th June 2016

    The new work and pensions secretary scrapped the disability and employment white paper prepared by his predecessor Iain Duncan Smith because he “didn’t like the look” of it, a Tory MP has told a parliamentary meeting.

    The new work and pensions secretary Stephen Crabb (pictured) had previously said that he wanted to “take a step back” from previous government plans to publish a white paper that would have included “firm legislative proposals” on supporting disabled people into work.

    But fellow Conservative MP Heidi Allen told the all-party parliamentary disability group that there had been “a little bit of cynicism” about why Crabb had decided to postpone the white paper when he took over from Duncan Smith in March.

    Read More:

  22. Bob the Builder

    With modern construction methods it would be very cheap, quick and simple to throw up a workhouse. Battleship-grey* steel construction, open-plan dormitories and factory units on-site. They could be thrown up in the blink of an eye.

    *Thatcher took it upon herself to have jobcentres battleship-grey because it is the most depressing colour

    • Dissidentdiva

      Bob the B – that sounds like a hipsters dream……..;)

    • I dont know where you buy yours but you are mistaken about grey paint Sir.
      White is the cheapest paint of any base,closely followed by mag or that strange yellowish hue when on offer for emulsion.
      There is not much call for ‘battleship grey’ and I have not seen it in any gov. building in my lifetime.
      ‘Off White’, by various names, yes, but not battle ship grey.

  23. Santa Hates You

    ‘The workhouse grows ever closer. Any attempt to introduce some form of work related activity or compulsory training as a condition of accessing supported housing must be fiercely resisted.’

    Totally agree with this sentiment above, JV. We must never let any government dictate to us about our decisions and life choices. I believe in self government and from that I’ve never harmed anyone one else, the earth or an animal unlike our crass governments and politicians who always fuck things up.

    So why the hell would I want a civil servant or corporate arsehole type with a clipboard in my face telling me what to do? I would rather be thrown into prison first than do what they want. Believe me, I will go on hunger strike if they push me. Therefore, I will definitely not comply with a bunch of stupid ill thought out work activity/ pointless training bollocks.

    Shove all your rules up your huge arse, Lord Fraud.

    It is a basic human right to have a home to live in. I will resist any fucking government attempt to change this right.

  24. Santa Hates You

    By the way JV. Two DWP arseholes visited me last week under the pretence of ‘reviewing my circumstances.’ I think they wanted to catch me watching the footie with a can a of beer and a joint. They’re wasting their time though as I don’t watch TV, drink or smoke. Anyway, I subsequently had a massive panic attack, they turned white with fear, quickly apologised and left me as fast has shit off a shovel.

    If they want to see how I am why don’t they contact my consultant first? He has all the documentary medical evidence of my condition and how it affects my circumstances. I hope they don’t come back as it’s set me back bigtime.

    • Dissidentdiva

      SHY – sorry to hear that. Hope you can put this behind you. Big Brothering Bastards.


      ……….same type of thing with me SHY. They sent me a 38 page questionnaire saying i must fill it in, in order that they could work out if they were paying the right amount.
      I had a lifetime disability award.
      Part of the questionnaire was a consent that i disagreed with, a consent for an ATOS medical. The consent contained a veiled threat that if i did not agree, my payments could cease.

      I wrote them a recorded delivery letter informing them that my circumstances had not changed, enclosing three statements from their own doctors that my condition would not change in the future……….

      They said because i refused to fill in the questionnaire my payments for DLA high mobility and low care was now terminated and i could not appeal the decision. This was a blatant lie as any decision can be appealed.

      Hence my fourth year on just £33.60p per week (industrial injuries benefit) Nothing else.

      Six different judges have refused an appeal………………..

      • Forgive me if you have already been asked this, but have you tried getting your Local MP to help you with these problems? The reason I ask you this is because in the past I have dealt with cases where individuals have had their benefits sanctioned by DWP for many different reasons, “mostly wrong reasons” and the persons local MP has intervened and this helped overturn those decisions. Even Tory MPs who are reluctant at times to help, realise they have a duty to investigate and have helped get the right result in the end. The effect of a phone call or official letter from an MP to a DWP decision maker can make them sit up and take notice whereas minions like myself can hit a brick wall of resistance. Most of these DWP and Private contractors are jumped up little fascists and don’t like MPs breathing down their necks as they worry about contract renewals in the future. They only think of the money so that is their vulnerable point. It’s worth a try. I dispair at how cruel this country has become, Lifetime award should mean just that, Lifetime! It makes me laugh with derision that I spend my working day earning next to nothing filling in Benefit forms for ill people who cannot do it themselves whilst those employed to stop these very people from receiving them, get paid a decent salary. What a sick nation this is!

        • So you work for the DWP then ?

          • I wouldn’t have thought so, the DWP haven’t filled in forms to help the ill for years.
            While local MPs maybe able to help with DWP problems, they are next to useless against giant corporations like Maximus. Corporations have their own set of rules and regulations, government really have no say in how a private company conducts its self.

            • No, no government would be able to dictate to a private company how it conducts it’s business. But if that business then causes a public scandal whilst discharging a government contract then it is unlikely that a government would renew that contract, and may, if the clamour were great enough, end a contract early.

              We know that the majority of sanctions are unlawful, and that a majority are overturned, (and easily) on appeal. We also know that only a minority of sanctions are appealed. If more were successfully appealed, and there was widespread public knowledge, (i.e. press reports) the government would be forced to rethink them.

              All governments exist by consent. If people withdraw consent in large enough, and loud enough numbers, things can change. Think of the EU Referendum and what that has achieved. It’s just people taking concerted action.

          • Marie, I work in Mental Health but not for the Government nor would I even if I could. I want to help people, not make their lives a complete misery. I have suffered ill health both Mental and Physical and what I learned from my own suffering at the hands of DWP and other Government agencies made me decide to find work fighting back for the underdog, so that is what I have done. It’s a struggle to survive but it makes me feel wonderful inside when I manage to get someone their entitlement or overturn sanctions and win medical appeals. Small victories against a cruel system and that sort of thing, if you get my drift. On a Spiritual note, people need to realise that life is more than worshipping wealth and collecting material things. Or maybe, do unto others as you would have them do to you!

            • Santa Hates You

              TruthTeller – People like you who are prepared to help others battle against a cruel system designed to punish the most vulnerable in society restores my faith in the human race.

              • Thank you SHY, but I promise you there is nothing special about me as a person I have the same problems as anyone on here and make the same mistakes. I just get very frustrated with the way society blames all it’s problems on the most vulnerable and makes them pay the price for the failings of the system. I have seen both sides of life. Success in work and failure when sick and not fit for work. I suppose it was a wake up call, one of many, but this one I recognised and acted upon. Being really ill and being told by ATOS you are fit for work, was like proverbial kick up the arse for me and I vowed to overturn the decision which I did, and then fight back by helping others in similar situations. I am a firm believer in a national minimum income to replace the current system so that no one has to suffer deprivation and homelessness because of benefit cuts. Its a much fairer system because when people feel less threatened they can overcome more problems and help themselves better when returning to work. The system we have now is designed to enslave a large part of society in to a low paid pointless existence in order to keep the wealthy secure and is totally immoral.

        • Willo The Wisp

  25. Dissidentdiva



    Jeremy Corbyn is preparing to call for Tony Blair to be investigated for war crimes in the wake of a damning Chilcot report into Britain’s involvement in the Iraq War, the Telegraph understands.

    The former Labour Prime Minister’s reputation is expected to be seriously “damaged” by the upcoming Inquiry, according to a senior source who has discussed the report with its authors.

    It is understood that Mr Corbyn will not row back from calls he made last year for Mr Blair to stand trial for war crimes if he is found to have broken the law over the 2003 conflict.
    Jeremy Corbyn: Chilcot delay ‘getting beyond ridiculous’ Play! 00:50

    At the time the Labour leader said Mr Blair will have to “explain” his involvement in the Iraq war once the Inquiry is published on 6 July, less than a fortnight after the EU referendum.

    A Labour spokesperson said yesterday: “We look forward to the release of the Chilcot report into the Iraq War and reading the evidence he has uncovered .”

    • Nah. A lot of the MPs who reigned from Corbyn’s shadow cabinet weren’t Blairites. Corbyn is truly hopeless as Labour leader having spent most of his life ranting impotently about this issue and that. Labour has no hope of winning a general election, or even destroying a Tory majority, with that poor old duffer Corbyn as its figurehead. Which is the reason why so many of his own MPs want him gone.


        ………..yet strangely

        Labour Party gains 60,000 new members in one week following attempted coup against Corbyn

        The figure is now even higher than its last peak of 405,000 members last seen under Tony Blair’s leadership

        • Doesn’t matter. He is wildly popular a big section of his membership, disliked by MPs (who can see he’s a loser and are trying to keep their jobs), and needs to win at least 11,000,000 votes from the electorate, assuming two-thirds of them bother to vote, in a general election to form a government. Corbyn won’t be able to do because he doesn’t appeal enough to a big enough section of society. Being adored by Labour aficionados and view coolly by unaffiliated voters simply won’t cut it.

          People uncommitted to Labour don’t care about or don’t like him.

          My bet would be that Labour would do worse under Corbyn, electorally, than it did under Gordon Brown or Ed Miliband. In political polls, under Corbyn, Labour has remained behind the Conservatives except on a couple of occasions no matter how riven they’ve been or how much in difficulty. If he hasn’t established a lead by now he won’t. Or, at least, if he did he would be the first person in history to do so.

          It could be that this is the end of Labour as a party of government and that the party is destined to go the same way as the Liberal Democrats, shrinking to insignificance. Hopefully the man is wise enough to realise when the game is up.

          • I am (very much) uncommitted to Labour & i like him.

            • But do you really see him ever leading the country as Prime Minister? Do you honestly think he has the mass appeal to reach Downing Street?

              • Yes …. & no.

                • You sound like a Liberal Democrat… or should I says an agnostic.

                  (Dear God, if there is a God, save my soul, if there us a soul.)

                • shirleynott

                  Hi Iris,

                  I have been called worse (tho’ not on here).

                  Did used to be agnostic – “but now I’m not so sure”.

                  A.N. Atheist

                  Ps. Corbie is just a person putting himself in the public eye i can have some faith in -quite rare these days. &, as i don’t really ‘do’ Leaders (now), it’s about what he says he would do, for me, not how shiny his teeth/suit are; T.Bliar was hailed as a great Leader if you remember (& look how well that went).

                  I think i did vote lib dem one time around Blair years but it would be really difficult (read Hell would probably have to freeze over – unlikely as there’s no Hell – for me to vote ‘Labour’ again as a) they don’t exist now either and b) i’ve begun to consider other options to the mainstream parties quite a while ago. As things now stand none of them are going to ‘repeal’ – for eg. the bedroom tax/benefit c(r)ap ‘sanctions’ (death by slow starvation/fear of the same) etc. Many people now realise this – people who used to be Labour supporters on the grounds that they were (more) for ordinary people included. So it’s hard not to take an interest in what they’re up to in the post-Bliar years & to not want to slate the 1st person to come along (?since John Smith) who is not an obvious con-man …

  27. shortly there will be no such term as being UNEMPLOYED it will be replaced with a term called OUT OF WORK, because employed means paid work!!. if there is no PAID employment for you then you can do UN PAID WORK and we will call it VOLUNTARY WORK.
    if you don’t volunteer we will force you to volunteer by way of a threat of death by starvation but legally call it a sanction..

    when the fuck is all this going to end??.
    endless persecution of the most vulnerable in our society, the constant onslaught of a tory government obsessed with destroying peoples lives in its quest to pay off the national debt caused by the banker’s.

    I have just read the united nation’s report on the way the united kingdom treats it citizen’s , the un has condemned this government . I thought i was was reading a report about a 3rd word country not the uk, its fucking shocking!.
    the un report totally condemns the benefit cuts, benefit sanctions, the bedroom tax and the fucking atos tests!!.it also condemns the food banks and the spiralling homelessness.
    says it all don’t it, when the united nations condemns a government that runs a country that is the 5th riches country on the planet.

    we are going back to the Victorian times when there were workhouse.
    where was a 2 tier society , the rich and the poor!!.
    when the poor were exploited and used as slaves for the rich.
    our society is so fucked up .

    • Actually since Brexit I believe that we’ve already dropped from 5th richest country to 6th richest country by GDP.

  28. Pingback: Shades Of The Workhouse, Lord Fraud Hints At Mandatory Jobs Training In Hostels And Women’s Refuges | sideshowtog

  29. Man charged over Inverurie work placement death

    A man has been charged after schoolboy on work placement died following an industrial accident in Aberdeenshire.

    Michael McLean, 17, was fatally injured at Denholm Oilfield Services in Inverurie in August last year.

    Michael, from Kincorth in Aberdeen, was on his last day of a summer placement.

    Police Scotland said a 21-year-old man had been charged in relation to the industrial incident, and that a report has been submitted to the procurator fiscal.


    “254 thousand, 4 hundred and 37 sign vote of confidence in Corbyn petition.

    • Won’t cut any ice as far as a general election goes but may keep Corbyn in place and split the Labour party, putting it out of power quite possibly forever. If Labour supporters elected governments Labour would never end up out of power: to win power you need to draw millions of votes from floating and unaffiliated voters which Corbyn is incapable of doing. (If he were capable Labour would be consistently ahead of the Tories in the opinion polls when in fact the reverse is true.) If Corbyn stays not only won’t Labour be retuned to office but the actual existence of the party itself will end up being threatened because schism never ends happily for the leavers or for whatever is left.

      • Iris whilst I get the point you are making, I hope you realise that when a Party sets out to pull in floating and unaffiliated voters, it means watering down or setting aside policies that would really make a difference to the people at the bottom of the pile, the poor, unemployed, sick and disadvantaged. What you are calling for is the return of the idea behind New Labour. That is what gave us the new benefit rules and medicals and sanctions. So what you are really asking for is “more of the same please”? Tony Blair did all you ask for, and he won easily, but at the expense of real socialist values. Do we really need three capitalist parties? Surely the Tories are enough by themselves to scare anyone shitless. People need to wake up stop listening to the right wing media, stop blaming different races, or religions or people of different sexual orientations for our problems and see our real enemy which is greed and selfishness. If Labour ditch their real principles they become meaningless when in power and end up changing nothing for the better.

        • As far as I’m concerned any flavour of Labour is better than the Conservatives. To do any good politically a party has to command a majority on its own or in concert with others: successful politics demands compromise unless the state is totalitarian or the ruling party has a thumping majority. What point would there be for Labour to be wholly principled but unelectable like the Workers Revolutionary Party, for example, even with luminaries like Vanessa Regrave and similar championing its values? If you want to do good you need the power to good on a national/international scale. If you don’t win power you end up as a pressure group, or a social movement dedicated to implementing change you will never have the chance to deliver.

          It’s Darwinist really.

          Change, adapt, evolve or face extinction.

          Corbyn is a dinosaur without the nous, intellect, charisma, persuasivenes, popularity or ability to lead Labour back into government. That’s the way it is and if the party carries on as it is now the 21st century will be Tory.

          Is that something most people commenting on this blog would welcome?

          • The future is tory – with or without capital ‘T’. People on this blig ‘get’ that more than most …

          • That’s a fair answer at least I know now that you don’t mind the fact that any future Labour government that has compromised to win power will do little to change things that will give us the really decent and fair society so many people could do with. However Darwinism is a zero sum solution as that’s what the Tories main philosophy is based on “the survival of the fittest” and “natural selection”. I have conversations with committed Tories and the most common response to my calls for compassion upon those less fortunate is “It’s not my responsibility”! Let them help themselves like I have” and “My concern is for myself and my family”. They are in reality repeating the question from the Cain and Abel passage in the bible of “Am I my brothers keeper”? Well those who have read this know that Gods response was “Yes you are”! So from your answer I take it you are quite happy for the Tories to say to you, “stop whining Change, adapt, evolve or face extinction”! You can’t have it both ways. Jeremy Corbyn is an intellectual who would leave you stumped for a reply if you had to take him on in conversation. All the best Con men have the qualities you appear to want in a leader, especially the charisma and persuasiveness (Tony Blair) but what we need is honesty, integrity and human decency and he has all of those qualities despite me disagreeing with many of his views.

            • Without compromise there will be no power and without power a political party cannot legislate to change the country or help to change the world. If you want to end up a talking shop, impotent and unable to do much beyond opposing somebody else’s policies and protest vaingloriously, adopt, from your own perspective, a series of inviolable principles and an agenda that appeals to your own mind set and your disciple’s approval. Trouble with that approach is that unless you happen to have eleven or twelve million disciples at your beck and call you will never be able to form a government, wield political power, or do anything much at all beyond raising your voice and shouting at the wind: for all the good and the bad you could do under circumstances like those you might as well have never existed politically at all.

              Academically Corbyn achieved a miserable two E-grade A levels, despite staying on at school until eighteen. He has no higher education to speak of and no degree(s) to his name. Intellectual? You must be kidding. John Prescott could run rings around the plodder.

              The Labour party has never has so sorry and pathetic a leader.

              • Oh! And as an illustration of how childish and inept an individual is rumour has it the he won’t allow people he is (or his handlers are) suspicious of to speak to him or see him, possibly because it would give some of them a chance to resign. Andy Burnham apparently was refused an audience. Poor old Corbyn is in the bunker. It can’t be too long now before he’s winkled out and got rid of. Either that of Labour might as well shut up shop. Which it might. It really might.

              • I thought John Prescott supported Jeremy Corbyn? Also I am not interested in rumours as the press and enemies will do all they can to undermine someone they want rid of. Politics is a dirty game and I am glad I am not involved in the party. As for the qualification part that is pretty meaningless. Lots of people leave school with very poor grades but are very smart at the same time. I know of one person who was expelled from a top private school with no grades and is now a top executive at one of the best firm of accountants in the world and he got the job without family connections. Sorry I can’t name, names but that would be unfair. I wish I could earn what he does each year I could probably retire after 5 years. By the way I am not knocking your take on things but I don’t hold out much hope of any Labour government of the centre changing much at all. It will be like having the Tories in power, but on Valium.

  31. Notice how jobcentre cock roaches are adverse to handling brown-stained paper ‘job search diary’. You expect them to put on a pair of those thin plastic gloves. Same with the signing-pen. Look at the bottles of hand-washes and disinfectants those cock roaches have on their desks. You would think their ‘customers’ had the Black Death. At least with ujm they don’t need to handle your shit-encrusted ‘job search diary’. Well, you never know where a shit-stained ‘job search diary has been 😉

  32. Thousands at ‘March for Europe’ Brexit protest

  33. Rough sleeping in London ‘reaching crisis proportions’, warns homeless charity.

    A new law aimed at preventing homelessness in England.

    The Homelessness Reduction Bill is supported by Crisis, who have called on MPs from across the political spectrum to add their own support to the Bill.

    The Bill, if passed, will introduce requirements on local authorities to prevent people from becoming homeless, and draws on recommendations from an expert panel of council representatives, lawyers and housing experts.

    • Enigma.. I don’t often get to London but I was there today for Marxism and between the venue and the tube we saw 3 homeless men asking for change. Can’t remember seeing any last year

    • You have to laugh at the stupidity of this government. They create the perfect conditions for more people to become homeless and then have to bring in new laws to prevent people becoming homeless. My advise to the Tories is end austerity, stop benefit sanctions, bring in rent caps, confiscate empty properties from the rich and rent them out to the homeless and only build council houses until the crisis is solved. Making companies pay a proper living wage alongside rent caps would also bring the housing benefit bill down far more than making people poorer through benefit cuts.

  34. Less than a year after the world promised to leave no one behind by signing up to an ambitious 15-year blueprint to end inequality, the UN children’s agency says that 69 million children will die from mostly preventable causes by 2030, and 167 million will be living in extreme poverty, unless world leaders turn rhetoric into reality.

    In its latest State of the World’s Children report, Unicef also says 750 million women will have been married as children by 2030, the date by which the sustainable development goals to tackle poverty and secure the planet’s future are supposed to have been achieved.

    Nearly half of the 69 million children whose deaths the report foresees will be in sub-Saharan Africa, where at least 247 million children – two in every three – are deprived of what they need to survive and develop.

    “Before they draw their first breath, the life chances of poor and excluded children are often being shaped by inequities. Disadvantage and discrimination against their communities and families will help determine whether they live or die, whether they have a chance to learn, and later earn a decent living,” Unicef’s executive director, Anthony Lake, writes in the report.

  35. paultheswineherd

    Some of the ‘Remain’ posters that were axed before the EU Referendum!
    I especially like the first one, comprising (in order of appearance), a psychopathic murderer, a twat, an alleged Neo-Nazi and a bumptious comedian! Did anyone ever really want to be ‘ruled over’ by any of these?

    • paultheswineherd

      Would you really like to be ruled by any of these bastards!
      1) Iain Duncan Smith – A psychopathic murderer of the first degree
      2) Michael Gove – A back stabbing manipulative and idiotic twat
      3) Nigel Farage – An alleged Neo-Nazi, (not even a political party now!) that is going down the pan and next week, is facing ejection from the E.U. Parliament – (in my opinion rightly so) – this hyprocrite – for 17 years now taking all of that EU money as an MEP – to get his ‘Country’ out of the EU!
      4) Boris Johnson – A humorous and bumptious comedian ( P.M. – NO!)

  36. paultheswineherd

    Some of the ‘Remain’ posters axed before the EU Referendum.
    I especially like the first one!

  37. paultheswineherd

    Brexit: “Leave campaign was ‘criminally irresponsible’ says leading legal academic”

  38. paultheswineherd

    Breaking News (from the Guardian)
    We all know just about everything that there is to know about Theresa May (a reluctantly admitting ‘Remainer’ to the EU) and what she is all about, (including her husband who is a high-flying manager with G4S of all people!) Basically, if she becomes the U.K.’s next Prime Minister (as looks increasingly likely) we should expect none less than a continuation of Cameron’s policies (after all, she has been one of his best supporters in his Cabinet). For the nominations – Gove is dead, Johnson is dead and hopefully, that hopeless arsewipe Stephen Crabb is dead also!
    But – what of this Andrea Leadsom (a ‘Leaver’) – until a few days ago, I had not even heard of this ‘hopeful’ – an ‘energy secretary’ (probably under that total bitch Amber Rudd) and ‘councillor’. Where has she suddenly sprung from?
    Has she got the ‘experience’ to get Britain through all of ‘the up and coming’ negotiations to get Britain out of the E.U. on good terms – I very much doubt it – but, then again I have been wrong in the past and I, indeed could be wrong on this occasion!

    • Her Husband works for G4s.. thats not a conflict of interest or a sign of the current modus operandi,is it?
      Crooked as a boors leg on a bar mitzvah barbeque.

  39. Just the usual.

    War crimes prosecutors say Tony Blair will not be investigated over Chilcot’s Iraq war report – but British soldiers could be.

    • paultheswineherd

      enigma – you exactly read my mind my friend! (over Tony Blair)

    • That’s exactly how it works, “who is culpable”, the person who pulls the trigger, or the person who demands it.
      Its all about freedom of choice, you either follow orders, or you don’t.

  40. paultheswineherd

    A broken Tory party – a ship of fools, full of nonsensical right-wing cunts who will do absolutely nothing (if elected in a General Election, or otherwise to correct what that their predecessors have done).
    I fear, from now on, either in, or out of the EU anything will change – indeed it could get much worse – a further right swingingTory party, with nothing to stop them. An ‘official’ opposition in the form of the Labour party – Corbyn is hopeless – but who will replace him? More of the same, but Red Tories – Blairites no less. The Chilcot report is due out next week – it is being reported that M.P.’s are set to try to ‘impeach’ Tony Blair (out of office!!??) for ‘war crimes’ over the Iraq War.
    The U.S. (impeached) President Richard Millhouse Nixon in the 1970’s (and he was in office at the time!). The Blairite Labour MP’s are running scared – who exactly knows what is going to happen next? Will Jeremy Corbyn go? – I very much doubt it!



      “Operation Rockingham cherry-picked intelligence. It received hard data, but had a preordained outcome in mind. It only put forward a small percentage of the facts when most were ambiguous or noted no WMD… It became part of an effort to maintain a public mindset that Iraq was not in compliance with the inspections. They had to sustain the allegation that Iraq had WMD [when] Unscom was showing the opposite.”

      For example, Ritter claimed, Rockingham would leak false information to weapons inspectors but then use the inspections as evidence for WMD: “Rockingham was the source of some very controversial information which led to inspections of a suspected ballistic missile site. We … found nothing. However, our act of searching allowed the US and UK to say that the missiles existed.”

      Ritter alleged that “Operation Rockingham” assumed a central role within the UK intelligence system in building the case that Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction capabilities constituted a threat to the UK and the US.

      Ritter said that the Rockingham cell included military officers, intelligence services representatives as well as civilian Ministry of Defence personnel. According to Ritter, the British weapons expert David Kelly, played an important role in Operation Rockingham. Ritter describes him as “Rockingham’s go-to person for translating the data that came out of Unscom into concise reporting”.

      The day before he died, Kelly had told the parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) : “Within the defence intelligence services I liaise with the Rockingham cell.” Although this evidence was given in secret, a transcript was released to the Hutton Inquiry. (1)



        The term Dodgy Dossier was first coined by online polemical magazine Spiked in relation to the September Dossier.[3] The term was later employed by Channel 4 News when its reporter, Julian Rush,[4][5] was made aware of Glen Rangwala’s discovery[6] that much of the work in the Iraq Dossier had been plagiarised from various unattributed sources. The most notable source was an article by then graduate student Ibrahim al-Marashi, entitled Iraq’s Security and Intelligence Network: A Guide and Analysis,[7]

        Whole sections of Marashi’s writings on “Saddam’s Special Security Organisation” were repeated verbatim including typographical errors, while certain amendments were made to strengthen the tone of the alleged findings (e.g., “monitoring foreign embassies in Iraq” became “spying on foreign embassies in Iraq”, and “aiding opposition groups in hostile regimes” became “supporting terrorist organisations in hostile regimes”)

  41. paultheswineherd

    Didn’t know this before – well, I do not blame her – I would have done exactly the same as her!
    Fuck Osborne and all all that he stands for!

  42. paultheswineherd

    Just watching Sky News now – the queen it seems travelled up to Holyrood in Scotland and gave a condescending and patronising speech.
    Nicola Sturgeon should have told her, in no uncertain terms to ‘fuck off’ and go back down to her beloved England.

  43. paultheswineherd

    I just wish that Nicola Sturgeon was our own Prime Minister!

    • Are you mad? She’s an evil cow.

      • Police State Scotland

        Too right! Wee Nicola is a tinpot dictator of a megalomaniac with an insatiable thirst for power who rules over a totalitarian country where human and civil rights are non-existent and the kowtowed and subjugated population cower in abject terror under the constant fear and threat of the jack-booted thugs of Police State Scotland.

      • The SNP got rid of the Bedroom Tax in Scotland. As far as I’m concerned that’s a pretty wonderful thing.

        • But have they got rid of benefit sanctions and homelessness, I don’t think so. And like Tony Blair she is a lawyer out 2 line her pockets on the backs of the most vulnerable in society…….

          • The answer to your question is a resounding NO. The strange thing is the SNP were never the party they are now trying to portray themselves as. They have used the economic crash and austerity thing to try to appeal to disillusioned Labour voters to win them over. And largely it’s worked as they have built a massive lead in Scotland. But they are no more interested in ending austerity than the governments in London IMO. This is all a carefully crafted facade. If independence does come then lets wait and see if all benefit sanctions and workfare are ended unconditionally. Somehow i don’t think that will happen.

          • They haven’t been given the devolved powers to do any of those things. If Scotland was independent what you’ve been saying would make sense but currently Westminster is still holding all the cards and calling all the shots. Surely you must have heard the dissent in the Scottish Parliament about the roll out of Universal Credit? Another things that presently they cannot stop unilaterally.

        • Yep, its amazing what you can do with the smoke and mirror money of EU funding, even pretend that a policy has vanished, even though its still there.
          That’s a pretty wonderful thing, some may call it magic, now you see it, now you don`t.

      • deep fried,she be fabulous.

  44. just as I predicted before the referendum, Cameron would have to go, and corby would have to go. Cameron has fucked off now that buffoon Corbin will is next.
    labour is finished as a credible opposition party. I would go as far as to say the labour party in its current form is finished.
    labour party needs to dissolve itself and be confined to the history books. a NEW political party now needs to be formed.
    unless this happens the tory scum have no credible opposition and will remain in power for decades to come.
    I will even put myself forward!!
    that’s how passionate I believe that a new party must be formed .

    unless this is done we will all be sucked into a police state dictatorship , where we have no fucking voice at all. it may sound dramatic but its gonna happen if the tories are not stopped.
    the uk is now at a critical cross roads we either act now or reap the whirlwind.
    this is the only chance we will ever have now that Westminster is in turmoil when your prey is wounded then is the time to strike!!!
    we can all sit here and post our grievances but unless we act collectively nothing will change our lives will only get worse. if there was ever a time for people of this nation to enter into civil disobedience and lawful rebellion then this is it. the fabric of our society has fallen apart, unless you can contribute to the state, your victimised and cast aside like old rags and your lives are made a misery. if you speak out you are either ignored or silenced by the state. if you protest the state will crush you.
    if you have an illness and cannot contribute to wealth of the few then your forced into poverty until you submit or die.
    this is the legacy we leave for our children and grandchildren.
    shame on us for letting this happen to our once grate nation.

    • The last 50 yrs has proven party politics side steps the very idea of democracy.In fact, so blinded are you by learned thinking you actually believe there will only be a party candidates name on the next ballot paper. The people of whom you believe your new party will represent have no money, ergo its a non starter,but this is by the by.
      Democracy started when populations started ‘overlapping’ and agreements had to be reached.The wisest were sent to represent their peoples,with those interests firmly entrenched (family, neighbors, etc).
      Voting Party politics is voting for a party chosen candidate, possibly not even local , who’s interests lie firmly with the pay master.
      They have no interest in your concerns what so ever.
      It has taken 40 years for public opinion to smack home with a vengeance,
      proving beyond all doubt party politicians know or care little about your thoughts or wishes.
      Farage and Killroy-Silk are closer to the nub,no matter what you think of their affiliations.Again, not really relevant.
      If you could start a party just to keep the tory’s out it would be messy,and they wouldnt have the common sense or interests of anybody at heart except you. The country would be broke in no time.
      Side step this idea.
      Vote for the ‘wisest’ local candidate who wishes to represent your interests and the country will prosper like you wouldnt fucking believe.

      • Dissidentdiva

        Nothing will improve for the low- paid and benefit- receiving (for whatever reason) ‘underclass’ BECAUSE THE ELITES WILL ALWAYS WIN.
        If Britain, in its entirety, ‘downed tools’ until it actually HURT the profits of the corporates and their puppet politicians, we might have a chance of a fairer society – the one we deserve – not the one we toil under, are sanctioned under, and are made to feel guilty for existing by.
        But it will not happen. We are divided, as a nation, purposefully so, to fight amongst ourselves, instead of fighting the ideology which keeps quite a large sector of the population under the yoke.
        The skiver/striver narrative still reigns. While people are still eager to believe in this fallacy, we cannot hope for any major blooming of revolutionary feeling and action by a nation united in a stand against the war on the poor.
        For many – we deserve our poverty. Schadenfreude and apathy will continue to separate us.
        United Kingdom? Blighted Kingdom.

        • paultheswineherd

          dd – Well said also. Too many people still believe Murdoch’s scum Media tabloids!

        • So you are expecting to by some miracle vote in a new party that will persuade the entire population to ‘down tools’ (have you seen any tools being wielded lately?)
          And ‘down tools’ on your behalf. Despite the fact you may never have picked up a tool and they have families to support.
          Do you as a minority actually believe this is likely or would be fair?
          You speak of solidarity, yet believe everybody should stand up for YOUR rights.
          I understand these rights extend to everybody eventually no matter who you are (age is a leveler,no doubt there)
          but. (and its big)
          You just ignored everything I said about picking somebody impartial with everybody’s interests at heart from your locality.
          You can bicker and scream with party politics.
          You Will Not Win. Not even in the short term and your post makes it clear you know that.
          If you cannot grow up a little and grant others the recognition you crave, you are doomed to the future you foresee and it is possible you will condemn others to it.

    • paultheswineherd

      jeff – Well said. I seem to remember that there was talk of a ‘People’s Assembly’ – that was a while back now – a new political party for the ‘ordinary’ people is desperately required now!



    Tony Blair on Monday (2 June) offered British Prime Minister David Cameron indirect advice on renegotiating Britain’s ties with the European Union, but ruled himself out as a candidate to become the next European Council president.

    A British newspaper reported over the weekend that the former British prime minister was seeking a prominent pan-European role following European Parliament elections last month in which Eurosceptic parties performed strongly in several countries, including Britain.



      Former prime minister Tony Blair has said “we should keep our options open” on the UK leaving the European Union.

      He told the BBC the 48% who had voted to Remain felt “disenfranchised” and it was not clear “what we are moving to”.

      He said that “if the will of the people shifts” as details of what Brexit means for the country begin to emerge, then, “Why shouldn’t we recognise that?”

      Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn have both ruled out a second EU referendum.

    • paultheswineherd

      Geoff – Exactly – I would go as far as to say that as soon as Cameron finally gives up as ‘P.M.’ he would instantly be ‘headhunted’ by the E.U. for some ‘senior position’. His ‘superior’ manner and ‘superior’ wealth, as well as his ‘experience’ as an ex-PM of Britain would (as in Bliar’s case) stand him in very good stead for this sort of position. (Not to mention a number of ‘Directorships’ of numerous Companies (possibly in the ‘Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals’ sector). The same would go for Jeremy Cunt, when and if he ever goes out of ‘Government’.
      All in all, a very good ‘money maker’ for these cunts.
      Not for any of them ‘working’ or ‘dirtying their hands’.
      The ‘hard hat’ and the ‘yellow tabard’ at the ‘building site’ or at some factory and/or B&Q will be a total thing of the past.
      Raking in the dosh for doing very little – just as most ‘Politicians’ do!

    • B. Liar cant take the job,he cant afford the drop.



    ………………..You would have never imagined that we passed a vote for no British troops on the ground……..

    With a few hundred here and a few hundred there, the clowns of Westminster take us all for fools as they sneak more and more troops to be eventually repatriated on Gods Little Acre………………

    Parliament has become a farce, where the wishes of the electorate have become secondary to the ambitions of the few living a cushty lifestyle on ill gotten lobbying cash handouts.

    Michael Fallon’s private war is carefully hidden, as our inclusion in drone strikes and rendition movements, also.

    We might have a shortage of steel producers here but whats a couple of quid to an arms manufacture paid in blood.
    I am quite sure that the importation of foreign steel to forge into weapons will not deter those pushing brown envelopes into the war lobby back pockets………

    We now have well over 1500 troops in Iraq, not bad for a battle zone we have supposedly left.

    According to ministers they are all there for none combat roles, just to teach.

    What a load of absolute crap! We are still throwing expendable human lives on the embers of Blair and Bush’s phoney war.

    All this crap about the Somme, the Cenotaph and Lest We Forget, bullshit, we are right up to the bollocks in war mongering and will never learn our lesson as long as i have a hole in my arse………..

    Money is a god that transcends common sense………

    • The number of U.K. troops lost in U.S. wars from the e.u. reserve still numbers ten X as many from the u.k. as every other e.u. nation put together.
      This alone is enough evidence to point out how badly we have been taken the mickey out of.

    • And less of the disrespect about historic battles might go a bit easier on the ears. You are fighting for a voice hear, nobody else.

  47. paultheswineherd

    Andrea Leadsom may also have her snout in the financial trough! – whoever would have thought this at all possible? They are ALL in it together – let alone Gidiot, who she was reported to have fallen out with!

    • ha. Caught completely on the hop.
      So fucking ARROGANT, she didnt even think having 6/7 figure sums and pay slips going through off shore accounts would ever be a problem.
      Nice data Paul.

      • paultheswineherd

        Less shocked – Yes, thank you for that.
        This now really begs the question – exactly how many more of them are in this? This woman, admittedly a ‘high flier’ in the financial/banking world (as well as being a ‘councillor’ originally) – she (because of her position!) obviously thought that she would not be found out ever!
        But she has! We must remember that this is not the very first case – Cameron himself was caught out by this, as was Tony Blair also!
        Many Tory politicians have also been caught out – having cached their millions of pounds in offshore accounts (to avoid tax especially).
        I also suspect that there also many Labour/Lib Dem politicians who have done the same.
        The bastards – the judiciary will bring up before the bench to answer an ‘offence’ of stealing a 75p Mars Bar (by that poor unfortunate lady a while back to help feed herself when her benefits were stopped completely).
        We still have IDS & Grayling on the loose – supposedly being investigated by Police Scotland for not taking any notice of a ‘Coroner’s report’.
        We still have an ‘ongoing’ Police investigation going on into the 2015 Tory ‘Election Expenses’ – it is shocking in this day and age that a person and/or his/her family could be almost starving by the auspices of the DWP.
        Finally, but certainly not least – the ongoing case of poor Geoff Reynolds – he had an industrial accident – and he has been denied his dues by the DWP for 4 years now (after appealing unsuccessfully to a totally bent and criminal judiciary) and is now living on £33.90p per week of industrial injuries benefit. Where for fuck’s sake is the humanity of Britain nowadays? Our elected ‘Politicians’ should be totally ashamed of themselves.

        • paultheswineherd

          And then, to add further insult to injury – it is now being reported that no less than Tory M.P. Oliver Letwin (the Tory M.P. for West Dorset – and a known ‘expenses’ fraudster) is to head up the unit which is eventually going to ‘negotiate the exit from the E.U’. – FFS, the whole system is criminally corrupt – our Government ‘looks at’ and ‘reports on’ the conduct of other nation’s Governments and condemns them wholeheartedly for their blatant corruption and in some cases, total criminality – they really need to look ‘inwards’ themselves.

          • GEOFF REYNOLDS

            “ANDREA LEADSOM”

            Donations from family firm

            There was further criticism when it was revealed that she had received a series of donations totalling £70,000 from a firm based in London but owned by her Guernsey-based brother-in-law, Peter de Putron, via a holding company in the British Virgin Islands tax haven.[25] Leadsom’s husband Ben is a director of the firm which made the donations, which were used to pay the salaries of staff in Leadsom’s Westminster office after her election as MP; the firm has also made donations of £816,000 to the Conservative party.[26] Because the firm making the donations, Gloucester Research (later becoming GR Software and Research) was based in London the donations conformed to the rule banning political donations from abroad. The Labour MP Tom Watson said: “These very large donations might be within the rules, but it certainly isn’t right that a Treasury minister has been taking money in this way. Most reasonable people will see this as completely unreasonable”.[25]

            ………………………….WHO SAYS. YOU CAN’T BUY FAME?

          • paultheswineherd

            With all of the alleged illegality and ‘election expenses’ and ‘parliamentary expenses’ problems that have emerged, I would go so far as to say that I think that ALL of the M.P.’s and ALL of the Lords on an individual basis should be investigated for possible wrongdoing. I really do think that this is a very deep situation that is often not been found out about/covered up. They are our so-called ‘elected representatives’ – how on earth, because of their ‘positions’ in society be allowed to get away with these possible wrongdoings.
            If you, or me were found out to be behaving in a ‘criminal’ manner – then we would be promptly brought up before the bench to answer for our ‘wrongdoings’. It seems that there is still a ‘them and us’ situation – this has got to change.

            • GEOFF REYNOLDS

              “GUARDIAN, 9 JULY 2014” ANDREA LEADSOM

              “Any semblance of political donations influencing ministerial appointments needs to be addressed straightaway.”

              Wednesday 9 July 2014 15.46 BST
              Last modified on Monday 14 July 2014 19.09 BST

              The Guardian has revealed the identities of celebrities and aristocrats – including Mel Gibson and Eddie Jordan – who have had offshore dealings, as controversy grows over the Jersey links of the newly-appointed financial services minister Andrea Leadsom.

              Following Wednesday’s disclosure that the Conservatives have received £816,000 in offshore donations from Leadsom’s Channel Islands-based brother-in-law, the Labour MP Paul Farrelly, who campaigns on tax issues, has called for the cabinet secretary to step in.

              He said: “Any semblance of political donations influencing ministerial appointments needs to be addressed straightaway. The cabinet secretary should ask what she knew of these donations by people and companies connected to her.”


              ……….AND THIS WAS TWO YEARS AGO……….



    “Deaths Caused By The Dept Work and Pensions Staff

    How many suicides have taken place over people not being able to manage due to the
    failure of Dept and Work and Pensions staffs to give them enough monies to live on and
    sustain a lifestyle that the law says they must have.
    How many persons that were claiming or attempting to claim benefits from the Dept
    Work Pensions have had relatives or friends reporting to the Dept Work Pensions that
    the persons death was caused by suicide and the reasons given for those suicides are
    not being given enough to live on or their entitlement by Dept Work Pensions.
    How many Dept Work and Pensions staffs has been reported to the CPS for
    manslaughter following people committing suicide as a result of the staff at the Dept
    Work Pensions not giving them enough monies to live off.
    How many Dept Work and Pensions staff have been prosecuted for manslaughter
    following the suicide of a claimant who was not given his or her entitlement or suffered
    a failed claim and this was reported to the Dept Work Pensions after the persons death.

    I require the information to petition the CPS and my MP for prosecutions over the
    deaths of claimants when there is evidence their deaths were attributed to by the
    negligence of DWP staff. Bullying is a way of contributing to a persons death by suicide
    and lots of claimants feel they have been bullied by the DWP, I WANT TO KNOW HOW
    MANY DEATHS THE DWP staff are responsible for?””

    In response to your query, we can confirm that the Department does not hold this information.

    Legal investigations into deaths, including suicides, in England and Wales are performed by
    the relevant Coroner’s office where the death occurred. Please note, coroners are not subject
    to the Freedom of Information Act.




    California’s wealth and Texan oil money have pushed locals to demand a break from the shackles of power…………




    Article 50 process on Brexit faces legal challenge to ensure parliamentary involvement

    Legal steps have been taken to ensure the UK Government will not trigger the procedure for withdrawal from the EU without an Act of Parliament. The case is being brought by leading law firm, Mishcon de Reya, on behalf of a group of clients. Following publication of articles on the subject this week Mishcon de Reya has retained Baron David Pannick QC and Tom Hickman to act as counsel in this action, along with Rhodri Thompson QC and Anneli Howard.

    Kevin specialises in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures. Much of his work has an international dimension to it with a large part of his practice having a middle eastern, South African and international bias. He also advises on international tax matters, particularly offshore trusts and the international tax structuring of companies.

    Kevin’s clients range from entrepreneurs to international corporations and include hotels, caterers, pharmaceuticals and other commercial organisations.



      …………………and more strangely, when you try and google a link between Labours TOM WATSON and BARON VICTOR MISHCON, all the links are deleted, threat detected comes up on the screen etc……….


  51. Is it really legal for a landlord to demand unpaid work-like activities from tenants as a condition of their tenancy? Is that really kosher now in the UK?

  52. Life Chances Fund,’ transforming lives across the UK. work & health programme coming soon.

    drug and alcohol dependency
    children’s services
    early years
    young people
    older people’s services
    healthy lives



    THE most imaginative Conservative spin doctor could never have devised a more ingenious strategy for taking the heat off a party convulsed in its biggest crisis for generations.

    The Prime Minister had just resigned. The financial markets had gone through the floor and the man expected to march proudly into Number 10 spent a few days hiding under the covers. The long knives were dripping with blood, as the UK’s governing party descended into a brutal civil war.

    Then a horde of Blairites rode to their rescue. Their timing could not have been more effectively scripted by a Whitehall mandarin. Suddenly, Brexit and the Tory crisis had strong competition for the front page headlines.

    So why now? The justification for this attempted coup is threadbare. Corbyn, say the Blairites, failed to deliver during the EU campaign.

    In Corbyn’s own constituency, the vote to Remain was overwhelming. In contrast voters in the constituencies and former constituencies of some his most high profile opponents voted solidly to leave. Step forward Tom Watson, Chris Bryant, Tony Blair, Neil Kinnock, Stephen Kinnock, Peter Mandelson to name but a few.

    These people deserted their roots, neglected working class voters in their own constituencies and ultimately left the field open to the poisonous drip of right wing populism.

    They have something else in common too. They were all supporters of the catastrophic invasion of Iraq. Thirteen years later, Baghdad is still in flames. As I write, at least 83 people have been killed by a Daesh car bomb in the city. And the repercussions of the disastrous decision of these discredited politicians reverberate all around the world to this day, from Dhaka to Brussels.

    Of course, the Chilcott inquiry is about to report. It now seems pretty obvious that the timing of the strike against Corbyn is not so much an act of gross political stupidity as a premeditated, co-ordinated assassination attempt with the aim of removing a Labour leader before he stands up in the House of Commons this week to brand Tony Blair a war criminal. And to save themselves from lifelong shame.

    The Blairites were never going to go quietly. And if they regain their stranglehold over the party, Labour in Scotland will be smashed forever, unless it breaks with UK Labour and supports Scottish independence.

    The attempted coup has sparked a revolt which has frightened Angela Eagle, the only challenger named so far, back into hiding. No one yet seems confident of winning the support of the Labour Party membership. It seems their only hope is to pile the pressure on Corbyn to throw in the towel.

    Let’s hope that Corbyn hangs on for a few more days at least, even if it’s by his fingernails, to make a speech that could begin the process of putting Tony Blair behind bars for the monstrous crimes he has committed against humanity.

    #‎RedToryCoup‬: ‘The strike against ‪#‎Corbyn‬ is a ‪#‎premeditated‬, ‪#‎coordinated‬ ‪#‎assassination‬ attempt with the aim of removing a ‪#‎Labour‬ leader before he stands up in the House of Commons this week to brand Tony ‪#‎Blair‬ a war criminal. And to save themselves from lifelong shame

    • “The financial markets had gone through the floor” Eh?! What are you on about, GEOFF? The financial markets are soaring! The banks and construction have taken a hit, and that’s about it!

    • The only major index down on the YTD (year to date) is the (UK-based) FTSE 250, down 8.9%, but even that is on the rebound. You need to stop reading those tales of impending Armageddon – they are as old as the hills!

    • And the FTSE 100 is up 7.3% YTD. Numbers don’t lie but bullshit websites do!

    • * Year to date – From January 1st 2016!

    • @Geoff
      And meanwhile the problem of 30-odd Tory MPs are still being investigated for alleged electoral fraud has been kicked into the long grass. Should any or all of those be found guilty then the 2015 General Election could be declared void and/or together with any subsequent legislation.


    The architects of the Corbyn coup, including Benn, defend their treachery by claiming that, if Corbyn couldn’t convince Labour voters to Remain, then he can’t win a general election. But, Corbyn delivered a 2/3 Labour majority for the Remain camp, something Margaret Hodge, who tabled the motion of no confidence against Corbyn, ironically couldn’t achieve. Her constituents voted to Leave.

    The truth is that the coup wasn’t staged because Blairites don’t think Jeremy Corbyn could win the next election. It was because they fear he could. A Corbyn win would be an unequivocal endorsement of his progressive Labour and yet another outright rejection of Blair’s right wing New Labour/Thatcherite agenda including workfare and ATOS…..

  55. The Blair Rich Project

    👿 😀 😀 😀 😀 👿

  56. Less shocked,
    just read your posts.
    I have picked up tools on many occasions matey!!.
    my first tools were a shovel and a pick when I worked under ground in a private coal mine where we dug out the coal manually by hand!!
    i was 17 at the time!!.
    just a kid but i know what hard work is all about!!.
    you say its not right to expect people to down tools as they have families to support. that’s exactly the attitude this government wants from the working class FEAR, that’s the tactic they used on the eu vote by the remain side FEAR. that’s what its all about innit . ruling the population by fear , it always works don’t it.

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