Shameless: Charity Bosses To Gather In Luxury Hotel For £715 Homelessness Conference

£715 will pay for a room for a charity chief executive in a top hotel for just one night.  Please give generously.

Sponsor a room. Just £715 will pay for for a charity chief executive to stay in a top hotel for two nights. Please give generously. You fucking mug.

Charity Chief Executives and so-called housing experts are gearing up for this year’s homelessness industry conference which is due to be held at a four star hotel with ticket prices as high as £715!

Next month’s Under One Roof conference is organised by charity umbrella body Homeless Link and provides a chance for homelessness experts to talk about homeless people without any actual homeless people being present.  This year’s swanky bash is being held at the Hinckley Island Hotel in Leicestershire where according to Homeless Link  “Delegates staying overnight are also entitled to complimentary use of the leisure club facilities, which include a heated indoor swimming pool, fully equipped gym, sauna, spa, steam room and solarium.”

Were somebody who is homeless wishing to access this event they would be forced to pay the non-member rate of £320 just for one day, and they don’t even get to stay in the hotel for that.  For the entire two days, plus accommodation, then the bill rises to over £700 – around ten times  the weekly Jobseeker’s Allowance payment many homeless people survive on.  Homelessless charities who run hostels evict residents for running up smaller service charge arrears than that every day of the week.

When not swanning around by the pool, or enjoying the promised slap up meal, delegates to this year’s conference will attend workshops held by ‘industry experts’.  Experts like Jeremy ‘send ’em back’ Swain of charity Thamesreach who will lead a discussion on whether it is ‘counter-productive’ to carry on working with destitute migrants.

Other hot topics will include, predictably, fundraising, crowdsourcing, and “how to pool resources to enable you to bid for contracts that would otherwise be out of reach”.  Those four star hotel bills won’t pay themselves you know.

It will not be front line homelessness workers attending this event of course, but middle managers, ‘professionals’ and charity bosses – the kind of people who could afford to pay for their own fucking hotel.  Instead well meaning charity donors, homeless hostel residents and of course tax payers, will fund this lavish and drink-soaked skive.  And drink-soaked it will be, after the arduous day of workshops the organisers promise a drinks reception, followed by a conference dinner – with entertainment provided by a top magician (perhaps he can magic up some fucking housing) – and then another drinks reception.  These are the same charities that run nasty campaigns telling people not to give money to homeless beggars because they will only spend it on booze or drugs.  Give your spare change to a homelessness charity instead they say, so highly paid Chief Executives can spend it on fine wine, magicians  and posh hotels.

Apologies for the slow down in posts.  Things might remain a bit sporadic here until September when a shit storm is coming.

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157 responses to “Shameless: Charity Bosses To Gather In Luxury Hotel For £715 Homelessness Conference

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  2. David Cameron’s Arrogance and Ignorance Signifies why Great Britain Need’s a Better Prime Minister than this Out of Touch Ivory Tower Politician just as Great Britain Need’s a Better Chancellor of the Exchequer a Caring Human Being Not a Dummy and a Better Government Fullstop.

    Demand Increase in Welfare Spending and the Scrapping of MPS Expenses

  3. Well, now we know why so many people are homeless, don’t we?

  4. It does Take the Piss the Cost of a Hotel Room at this Hotel and also
    that a Conference on Homelessness is Held at this Place

    A Place to Reside Need’s to be a Basic Human Right Not a Privilege
    of Wealth

    Better a Socialist Revolution to Make Housing a Basic Human Right
    and an End to the Outrage of so much Homelessness and the
    Boneheaded Lack of Compassion of the I Am All Right Jack and
    Easily Brainwashed

  5. Indeed the Lack of Human Decency from the I Am All Right Jacks
    and the None so Blind as Those who will Not See together with
    the Bonehead Tories

    Anni Selby | June 22, 2015 at 1:56 pm | Reply

    Well, now we know why so many people are homeless, don’t we?

  6. Anyone still Prepared to Vote Tory or Liberal Democrat is Shameless
    just like the Moronic Many Mesmerized by the Idolatry of Materialism

    As it Says in the Holy Bible Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 Verse 2
    Vanity of Vanities All is Vanity

  7. Wait ’til I show this to my mum: she gets so many begging letters and phone calls from charities. I started fielding the phone calls and telling them to take her off their lists, only to be given sob-story spiels about helping the disadvantaged. My mum’s 70 years old, deaf, diabetic and on a fixed pension. If anyone needs help, it’s her, not tossers in £715 bedrooms.

  8. Why can’t these ‘professionals/experts’ have a conference in a homeless hostel saving ‘loads of money’ in the process?. Greedy Bastards the lot of them. Johnny V, if you only post once a month that would be good enough for me. You do a fantastic job and when I win the Health Lottery, which I will, you won’t be forgotten.

  9. Yes and leave a big donation to the Hostel instead of spending all that cash on some plush hotel. Or they could hold a tele-conference/pod-cast. Good luck with the Health Lottery Bernadette.

    • Hi Donna, breaking my back 4 days a week cleaning for a pittance and no chance of coming out of poverty leads me to one conclusion; I will win the Health Lottery, either that, or I am totally delusional. But hey ho every dog has its day, except in China!!!

  10. The collective aspirations of UK professional poverty UK pimps.

  11. Just a quick one (anyone) when they say ‘sponsors’ as in Midland Heart Housing; does that mean Midland Heart are paying for the event? Thanks

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  13. “Top magician”… wonder who that could be? Paul Daniels?… a bit old hat… and hasn’t been on the telly for ages… probably that guy with the annoying name…. Derren Brown…. ??

  14. Just one you can hire Derren Brown. Events/after dinner speeches are how these guys make most of their ££s anyway. The are like radio DJs/presenters, they would pay the station for the show… and a lot of them probably do 😀

  15. Indeed and Tory Scum with Attacks on Welfare are Not Helping the
    Situation they are the Problem

    Help the Homelessness Not Waste Money on Expensive Silly Hotels

    Hermes | June 22, 2015 at 2:19 pm | Reply

    Wait ’til I show this to my mum: she gets so many begging letters and phone calls from charities. I started fielding the phone calls and telling them to take her off their lists, only to be given sob-story spiels about helping the disadvantaged. My mum’s 70 years old, deaf, diabetic and on a fixed pension. If anyone needs help, it’s her, not tossers in £715 bedrooms.

  16. Isn’t this typical for those on the ‘inside’???

    I waited 4 months for a reply from the DWP asking specific questions about my forthcoming state pension. They ignored my questions and sent me a leaflet. The DWP officer’s name was CROOK

  17. I will looking out for the weather forecast around that time. Don’t go out folks it will be raining shit.
    By the way it’s not just these ponces it’s the ‘ housing associations’ thar run ‘ mental health services ‘ for people in homeless hostels like the one support group an offshoot of one housing group tye company that likes to cut staff to save money for themselves and force the other staff onto zero hours contracts so when any resident becomes unwell or has an accident you can be real sure there will be no one there to help them and don’t worry folks they’re insured so they can deny any liability

  18. The Bulowplatz in Berlin was the Scene of One of the Last Mass
    Demonstrations in Berlin against the Nazis upon the 25th of
    January 1933 AD Before Adolf Hitler became Chancellor upon
    the 30th of January 1933 AD .

    Let Us Hope that the 20th of June 2015 AD Demonstration in
    London is Not the last Demonstration against the Tory Regime in
    Britain and that Ultimately Nutcase Public Spending Cuts will be
    Stopped and Reversed

  19. HonestGeorgeOsbourne

    Dear British Peasants, your hope that the recent jolly on Saturday was of any use is worthless. A place where Tax Dodging Celebrities made rich and famous by you, faked their solidarity with you and pretended to empathise with your pain from a thousand cuts. They were only their to ensure you silly, doting sheep continued to keep them rich and famous. When the push came to the shove, Russell Brand wimped out and told you to vote Labour, the party that pledged to be tougher than Tories on Welfare Reforms.
    Judging from the evidence we have from Greece, you have at least another 5 years of protests to attend so you better get yourselves some decent shoes!

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  21. The thing that gets me is they see nothing wrong with it …..I can’t believe someone in this ‘charity’ didn’t see the problem with it …. It’s a homeless charity for the rich people who work in’s not like he is offering it for a homeless people to use ..There is nothing right about this. I have always said if it’s a charity then why are they paid so much how can anyone know how a homeless person feels if the charity pays a small fortune for it’s head to gets it’s head down…. Buy a fucking tent and sleep like the homeless that way you get self respect.

    • overburdenddonkey

      r h
      the cops will steal it…i spent many yrs as an hgv mechanic, ie fixing things for a living….the results were obvious for all to see, from doing what works every time…the same principles apply to fixing all things…fixing lives for a living should bring the same obvious results for all to see, do what works every time ie mind gets clogged up with gumming shit, mind is cleaned out by expressing/venting blocked/trapped emotions….i can see no evidence of what they do doing any good…where’s their for all to see workshop manual…..?

    • Malnutrition causing thousands of hospital admissions –


  22. Don’t knock it, i’m looking forward to it. Mainly because i’ve been bonking a bird from another charity for the last couple of years and she’ll be at this event to, so we’ll be shagging like rabbits for a couple of nights. After dinner of course – wouldn’t miss that, here’s a sample menu:
    Served with chunky chips portabella mushroom watercress grilled plum tomatoes served with peppercorn sauce
    Extra Supplement ££6.00 £14.95 MUSHROOMS VOL AU VENT
    Flaky puff pastry case filled with cream mushroom ragu and caramelised apples
    £15.95 DUCK & CABBAGE
    Roast duck leg served with dauphinoise potatoes braised cabbage with bacon finished with blackcurrant glaze
    £14.95 TOFU & BEAN SPROUTS (V)
    Stir fried tofu with bean sprouts mange tout baby corn spring carrots & teriyaki sauce & steamed rice
    Parma ham sage wrapped baked chicken served on crushed potato red pepper chorizo garnished with basil crisps & green pepper sauce
    £15.25 BELLY PORK
    Slow roast belly pork served with leek mash finished with caramelized apples and veal jus
    Served on lemon thyme crushed potatoes asparagus finished with sauce vierge

    Yum yum yum.

    The best bit is that, although we’ve got two rooms booked and paid for, we’ll only be using one!

    Suck it up plebs!

    • I am not going to question the veracity of your claims but if you had any decency, which I doubt you have, you would give the ‘spare room’ to a homeless person. Isn’t that what homeless ‘charities’ are all about – helping the homeless, thought not! I will also tell you something for nothing – I will never give one single penny to any charity whatsoever ever again, and would urge other to do the same.

    • Fuck Cloudfare

      You should stop using that fucking Cloudfare crap, North Star – it is the devil incarnate. An internet man-in-the-middle spying on, recording and deciding what content we can view.

      Error 1006 Ray ID: 1faa9014ac2d15ad • 2015-06-22 20:04:32 UTC
      Access denied
      What happened?

      The owner of this website ( has banned your IP address (

      CloudFlare Ray ID: 1faa9014ac2d15ad • Your IP: • Performance & security by CloudFlare

      • Just tried accessing Northstar’s site, no problems (Win XP Pro, Firefox)

        • Internet Security Expert

          Yes, you can access it OK if you proffer up your IP address. Try accessing it through a proxy though and see how far you get. Cloudfare is anti-privacy. It appears to be the case that depending on the website owners settings Cloudfare either serves up an annoying capcha (at least for now) or blocks the client from connecting outright. It also appears to serve on of those indecipherable captions if you disable javascript. Cloudfare is in essence recording a wholly seperate record of our browsing history, and you thought Google was bad! And with sinister Cloudfare you won’t even realise your are being routed through their shady servers. Cloudfare can just arbitrarily block access to content if it or whoever controls it so desires. These so-called content deliver systems (CDS) sold to website owners on the pretext that they speed up their sites and protect them from virii are becoming an increasing concern with regards to web security and privacy as we all know out internet usage is heavily tracked. Internet users are going to have to be increasingly savvy as things are reaching the stage, if they haven’t already that you can be sent down for a long time merely for criticising a Government minister. Cloudfare is the hidden and invisible bogey-man of the internet.

          • @Internet Security
            Now making this post using Tor, when accessing NorthStar’s url PB’s system demanded a Captcha using Cyrillic text but the Captcha itself was numerical. Of course my Tor connection might have been via a Russian relay. NorthStar’s website came up as plain html text, so some of the non-text content was blocked somewhere en route. JV’s site comes over complete.

            • Getting this shit:

              “Attention required!

              The system has interpreted your activity or connection to this page as suspicious. If you believe you’ve received this message wrongly, this may simply be a false positive caused by an error on our end, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

              Simply fill out the challenge below to regain access to the site you were attempting to browse.

              reCAPTCHA challenge image

              Privacy & Terms
              Get a new challenge
              Get an audio challenge

              For help, or to report any issues you’re currently having, please visit the ProBoards Support Forum.”

              • Same here, once past the capcha it’s just a plain text site. Like notepad! Peeps should have listened to Edward Snowden. Governments and their lackies and 3 letter agencies are tracking our every move. They hate privacy tools and will fuck them up in anyway they can under any pretext. Void is displaying properly, once the Void hits with this shit we will know it has been taken over by the DWP!

              • I suspect the government is trying to eavesdrop on your internet activities. I suggest you use ghostery, donnottrack and other browser devices to watch them trying to watch you. If a website doesn’t allow you access through the use of ghostery, etc, it’s because they know you don’t like them snooping on you.

              • ISP Network Engineer

                A workaround for this Cloudfare shite is to use Tor (proxy) to access a web proxy site (one of those cant access) sites and use it to connect to the Cloudfare infested site…. that is until Cloudfare starts blocking proxy sites.

      • Another Fine Mess

        How come it looks like you’re using an AT&T US ip?

    • Just read the comments on this thread by
      ” Lord mick ” his out of touch pompous arrogant nonsense about malingering patients and because he is a ” cash generator ” that makes him more superior to the ” lower orders ” ( his words)

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    This is quite disgusting…

  24. Russell Brand ‏@rustyrockets Jun 20
    With Cathy from PCS “no to austerity” let’s have a beautiful day of community action @pcs_union

    Russell would not be so touchy-feely if he had been sanctioned by one of her pcs union comrades

  25. Huh !! At that kinda money…..I’d demand a better carpet ! What are they thinking of?? AHH the decor means not very much…but the food, the sauna…..sauna? Did I reed that one right?

  26. Another Fine Mess

    Tonight’s Despatches was about the cost of housing.
    There were bits on it about the Poor Doors and Sweets, it was bit like reading the void!

  27. And they think I dont notice the Lag

    The property crash caused by the banks,the following world wide recession and the property and inflation bubble that has expanded ever outward from that point to cripple the poorer of society is no fucking surprise whatsoever.
    It takes a shit bag gov. to import slaves to drive down wages,but that is what is going on..Its just nobody wants to admit it.

    • It takes a shit bag gov. to import slaves to drive down wages, …
      Its just nobody wants to admit it.

      Socio-economic displacement maybe, in the old days the called it out as Chinese Labour.

  28. Universal jobmatch is still advertising the same old few jobs yet again. Where are all the millions of new jobs the tory twits keep spouting off and fobbing us off with lower un-employment figures on a daily basis.

    Certainly not through Universal job mis-match as the same crappy low-paid jobs keep being re-posted every day, sometimes with the same ID number or with a new ref. number.

    So much for UJM being a revelation and shake up in the terms of applying for jobs and making it easier for us to apply for them.

  29. Reblogged this on glendrixglendenning1 and commented:
    I really do not think that there is anything in particular to add to this one. I suppose you could argue that the expenditure involved in bringing together charity bosses and “experts” could be considered worthwhile; given the scale of the homelessness crisis – worthwhile, that is, provided a genuine and provable benefit might be quantified as a result – for the vulnerable people that this conference is supposed to be about.

    Sadly, I very much doubt that any particular benefits will accrue for said “vulnerable people” as a result of this extravagant little get together. It seems almost as if we have an entirely divergent species of Homo Sapien developing here, one that regards those who end up slipping and suffering as a result of (frankly) entirely nasty and divisive economic policies as some sort of inferior sub-species.

    What comes next?

    Answers on a post-card …..


    …………………strangely the comedian will be none other than LORD DAVID FREUD, the acclaimed illusionist that masterminded the theft of disability benefits, raising suicide rates and shafting those at the very bottom…………
    “EL THICKO”, his stage name and also a recognised trait fully known in banking and investment circles, will mystify the crowd by appearing to give money to those who need it, but actually robbing everyone.
    His glorious assistant, the Wirral Witch, aka ESTHER MCVEY, will be assisting him by taking food from the guests mouths while watching them die slowly. Atrick she learned from her previous employer, the inglorious DWP.

    Feel free to bring your cardboard blankets and doss around the HINCKLEY ISLAND HOTEL, where the warmth of it’s patrons will lull away your chills and hunger………………………………

  31. Does anyone on here know that Amazon (tax evaders) are using tracking cookies to follow us, each time we come on here and moan about the greedy government?

    This is what Ghostery tells me about, that Amazon is snopping on us JV blog writers –

    We all know that Amazon doesn’t pay any tax in the UK, so why are they being nosey at me each time I come on here and rant against the government?

    This is what ghostery has to say about those tax evaders using trackers on this JV blog forum –


      ………………and that’s why giants like GOOGLE, pay fuck all in taxes, Fen.
      They are being utilised to spy on each and every one of us, but i don’t give two fucks.
      You cannot iron out the wrinkles when something is bubbling underneath.
      GCHQ and our spy services could not operate without help from the computer community, google are leading the way by tracking your every movement and conversation via smart phones.

      No wonder the crooks are going back to using the old nokias…

      • It is the phones that are smart, GEOFF. The users are dumbfucks. With each ‘upgrade’ of a phone/operating system the privacy/anonymity screw tightens. Compared with the modern dumbed-down equivalents the older phones/operating systems are more configurable to protect the users privacy/anonymity. Computing is being progressively dumbed down with the dual purpose of making it more appealing to the dumbfuck sheep and making it more easier to control, track and coral them. You have to laugh when someone thinks they are smart “because they can use a smartphone”. Any dumbfuck can use a smartphone…. but could they even begin to understand how they are being played for fools by governments and big business, never mind program in machine code!

        • Are g4s intelligence gathering in JCP offices, face recognition software linked to the JCP cctv, matching names to faces that would be a profitable security database to build.

          • Wouldn’t put it past the fuckers. JCP offices are swarming with cameras. They know who you are, so it would be very easy for them to position a camera to get a shot of your face, and record your details and mug shot in a database. Not to mention, that a lot of ‘dissidents’ visit jobcentres. Come to think of it, I bet they fucking do.

            • Facebook and Google are heavily investing in this ‘facial recognition’. And yet fuckwits are still posting their mug-shots to Facebook! Your face is going to become like a vehicles registration plate; but it won’t be ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras tracking your every move, it will be (AFR) Automatic Face Recognition cameras tracking your every move.

          • Shoplifters of the world unite and take over

            Like when you are even suspected of shop-lifting your mug-shot is passed round every fucking shop. They are like waiting on you coming: “Hello there!”.

          • The JCP will always trot out the same old cobblers stating the CCTV is for their own protection against ‘violent’ customers and the video evidence could be handed to the old bill to get a succesful prosecution against criminal damage or a JCP staff member getting slapped down.

            What about the rights of privacy for the JCP customers when they are in the building. Don’t those rights count as something more worthy than a jumped-up tinpot hitler-esque hiding behind a desk deciding whether or not their meagre JSA goes through.

            I can imagine that the person operating the CCTV in mis-jobcentres is some pervert in just his undercrackers using it for his own gratification and not as he was instructed to by his bosses. There must be some ultimate real reason for the use of CCTV in those scabby buildings, but I can’t think what it really be used for.

            If I was to take a camera phone and use it in my JCP I would be told to turn it off or be thrown off the premises and my claim dis-allowed. One rule for the tory supporting brid brains in scabby civil service jobs, and another for us ‘happy’ to oblige their rules.

            • Lack of privacy – that is the point at JCP offices public humiliation, calling out Mr instead of Miss, a small trick of the tongue but in a public place it can destroy a claimant.

            • Hate the jobcentre n their cameras… it’s like when you pick your nose, scratch your arse, pull your knickers out of your crack or summat … then it suddenly dawns on you that some perv is watching you on cctv

          • Is this now officially science faction?!

            • Facebook have already been experimenting with linking their ‘mug-shot’ collection to shop cameras!

            • It was also added to your Facebook ‘feed’: “shirleynott has visited the orange shop”. Facebook were also linking your on-line purchases to your Facebook ‘feed’: “shirleynott has purchased a balaclava on Amazon”. Privacy – you have none!

      • I don’t let google and all the other tax cheat twats follow my internet activities. it pays to bung loads of tracker blockers in your internet browser and basically tells them to fuck off from viewing what sites you are on and trying to do aggressive targeted advertising on you.

        I’m never bothered with adverts or pop-ups as things like adblockplus and noscript deal with the problem, and it also frees up (and makes faster) my internet speeds.

    • Means too that if you shop on Amazon/sign-in your REAL NAME can be linked back via your tracking cookies, super cookies (yes, Amazon use supercookies) back to your activity on the Void! Amazon, Facebook*, Google… are internet stalkers… they follow you everywhere.

      Ever wonder what Facebook’s creepy “Like” button is for?


    Another shady advertising company using this blog for their own gains.



    From: A. Clerk

    15 June 2015

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    I have it on good authority that there have been recent
    developments RE Yourselves and The Information Commissioner and
    deaths, following assessments by ATOS/WORK CAPABILITY

    Under the Freedom Of Information act I would like to request the
    number of recorded deaths of the UK population judged to be fit for
    work following assessments by ATOS/WORK CAPABILITY ASSESSMENTS.

    This should include all deaths including “Suicides.”

    Please also provide details of ongoing legal investigations into
    the deaths of the UK population judged to be fit for work following

    Yours faithfully,

    A. Clerk

    Link to this

    • No exercise or risk assessment has been done on the application of £12 billion of cuts on the already, poorest and vulnerable of our society.

      Uk welfare mortality statistics will leapfrog into oblivion while Duncan Smith franticaly tries to wipe his fingerprints from the state assassins smoking gun.

      How many more cemeteries must be filled before this governments mini crime spree finally draws to a close?

      How many innocent lives must be taken to achieve a psycopaths deranged fantasy?

  34. No exercise or risk assessment – there is also the general collapse of moral in the general population as they become more stressed – they are not insulated from the effects of welfare cuts.



      500 people in Brighton die unnecessarily every year due to the impact of deprivation, according to a report into inequality published today.

      While older residents are becoming wealthier, the report says, in some parts of the city, one in three children are now living in poverty.

      Stories of domestic violence drug abuse and refugees fleeing persecution are featured in this year’s director of public health report that tackles the issue of inequality across Brighton & Hove.

      • In an interview some time ago Cameron was asked what comes after welfare reform he had no answer.

        The socio-economic disintegration of large parts of the uk is my guess, its going to get brutal.

  35. Twats!
    I hope the homeless crash their party, and they all choke on their top notch scotches.

  36. David Duncan’s jobseeker’s allowance was stopped last week after the 58-year-old suffered a major cardiac arrest.

    He was due to attend his appointment two days later, but finding himself under the surgeon’s knife as he had blockages cleared from his arteries and two stents fitted didn’t win him any sympathy from staff.

    David told the Daily Record: “I suffered a major heart attack – but apparently that isn’t a good enough reason for missing an appointment at the Jobcentre in Dunfermline.”

    He spoke out about his ordeal on the day the Tories made it clear that things are only going to get worse for benefits claimants. You can read about some of the most ridiculous benefits sanctions here.

    • Surely life enhancing surgery is more important that having to jump through the job-seeking hoops that the DWP throw at the un-employed. The heartless bastards don’t care about life anymore just as long as each jsa sanction saves just a few pennies form being paid out to the claimant.

      The twat commonly known as Idiotic bastard smith is truly evil and sadistic and needs to be capped in the head by a gunman.

    • Before long I can see someone being sanctioned for simply being on their death bed and not doing enough to secure work, knowing their time on earth is almost up.


        The DWP would make it mandatory for your ashes to be placed in an egg timer to make sure you worked after they murdered you…………

  37. utterly disgusting:

    The Department for Work and Pensions has been accused of “humiliating” a man who cannot walk, talk or feed himself by repeatedly asking him to attend a jobcentre interview or his benefits would be stopped.

    Nick Gaskin, from Quorn in Leicestershire, was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) 16 years ago. He needs round-the-clock care and can only communicate through blinking.

    Last month Gaskin received a letter from the jobcentre in Loughborough telling him to attend an appointment on 22 July. It read: “You and your personal adviser will discuss the possibility of going into paid work, training for work, or looking for work in the future.”

    • A Department for Work and Pensions spokesman said: “Claimants in the support group of ESA are not required to attend mandatory meetings. We will be contacting Mr Gaskin to apologise for the misunderstanding.”

      • quote – A Department for Work and Pensions spokesman said: “Claimants in the support group of ESA are not required to attend mandatory meetings. We will be contacting Mr Gaskin to apologise for the misunderstanding.”

        Yeah, and pigs fucking fly in the skies. The heartless twats only changed their tune the minute the guardian paper picked up the story. I doubt if the poor guy will get any compensation for being dragged through the mud by spineless evil little toads (DWP infested) not fit to be in the human race.

      • two thousand, two hundred and sixty eight comments were made on this despicable story.

  38. A message from David Cameron (youtube spoof) –

  39. The State of this Cuckooland Country under the Tories is Worst than a Joke and it Angers Me how Thick Brainwashed and Zombie like Moronic Millions are .

    Wake Up Britain and Have Some Common Sense

    The Tories are the Problem Not the Poor

  40. Peaceful Protest is Not the Problem the Tory Scum being in Office
    with their Destructive Policies is

    Down with State Repression and Yes to Real Human Rights

    Meredith Ong | June 23, 2015 at 1:30 pm | Reply

    BREAKING: Police have been turning up at activists homes today and banning them from attending this Saturdays protest in London. #JuneDemo #acab ~ Can’t ban over 65,000 people!
    grin emoticon

    the facebook page that has been deleted, above, was a typewritten document by the police banning activists from attending demonstrations or marches.

  41. My mum over heard something interesting on the train today. There was a guy who said that he was travelling around different councils, but not all of them as he didn’t have the time, so he was going to a few to see if the council housing stock was worth it for whoever he was working. He also mentioned about researching Pinnacle, who is involved in housing and the welfare to work industry.

    I don’t know what that means but could there be a sell off, a bid between Pinnacle, whoever this guy works for and other companies, for what remaining council housing there is to a private company?

  42. It Will be a Good Thing For Greece to Say No to Austerity Slavery
    and Leave the EU and Eurozone

    Freedom For Greece Down with Austerity Slavery


    “evil is now trickling down”

    Parents at a Scarborough school claim their children are receiving detentions for moving their chairs too nosily and not using pencils properly.

    Angry mums and dads say George Pindar School’s going “over the top” with detention, amid reports that around 10 per cent of students were held back on just one night.

    They clashed with headteacher John Senior on Friday, when they complained children were being detained for coughing and even hiccuping after the school implemented a new system to tackle “low level” disruptive behaviour.

    Mr Senior claims the school had to bring in the system as currently “behaviour is not good enough” at the school.

    But one parent, who asked not to be named as to not identify their child, said the school’s “handing out detentions like sweets”.

    “Some of the reasons are just so silly, like holding a pencil when you are not supposed to be holding a pencil or putting a chair under the table too loudly.

    “Last Wednesday there were about 60 pupils kept back, the night after about 40, and some pupils are getting a detention nearly every night.

    “We arrived back home on Thursday and there were three letters through our door, telling us about detentions that they’d already had.



      The new measures follow the Government’s appointment of a behaviour tsar to tackle cheeky pupils.

      At the Moor Lane school, if a child’s deemed to have misbehaved they are handed a warning called a C1.

      Any further incidents and that’s upgraded to a C2 or C3, with more serious action – such as detention – taken.

      In many of the cases parents have told The Scarborough News about, the initial act resulted in the pupil receiving a C1, which was then upgraded if the pupil challenged the decision.

      At Friday’s gathering, some parents complained the new rules had stopped their child from attending prom, while others moaned teachers didn’t properly understand the new system.

      • overburdenddonkey

        you’ll love this geoff, well perhaps not…


          What a joke, my friend, obd………..

          If the people of this demonic state only knew half of what you and i know, they would not sleep at night.
          Gove is to justice what the atom bomb was to rice farmers. The old belief that you were presumed innocent till proven guilty, has never existed, especially with these theiving bastards.

          Our justice system is non existent, an annexe of the DWP that help push the vulnerable to take their own lives whilst fostering the powdered wig image.

    • But the usual authortarian moaners will say but Rules are Rules, you must obey them even if a school required the pupils to dress up like chickens and do the Dance of Weirdo-Fuckshit Appeasement. There’s too many authoritarians out there who think just because a rule or law is in place that it must be obeyed at any cost. Sadly, these people themselves would dress up in a chicken suit, without question, if Cameron made it law…

  44. overburdenddonkey

    in a really sinister turn of events..’Anti-Westminster’ Alex Salmond has spoken 104 times in Commons since the general election what’s he supposed to do sit on his hands, ffs…!!…SNP bad, get back in yer box and eat your cereal…
    the snp are in opposition and opposing deliberately, whatever next….?

  45. Fancy telling Rick Henderson, the CEO of Homeless Link your thoughts on their conference? Here’s his twitter account:

    Or go directly to Homeless Link, provided by their Director Matt Harrison:

    There’s a whole bunch of them here:

    Just click on their individual profiles for Twitter accounts.

  46. Reblogged & responded (with facts from an ex-organiser of conventions and how things work and why “posh” hotels have to be used etc) at



    The minister for disabled people, Justin Tomlinson, confidently claimed this month that the Conservatives have got “thousands more disabled people into work” but look a little closer, and the government is cutting Access to Work, the fund that helps make that possible. Work Programme figures show just 8.7% of new ESA claimants put on to the flagship back-to-work scheme in March last year had a “job outcome” a year later.

    Sarah Dean is not the image of a disabled person in work the government wants you to see. The 26-year-old has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. Unable to cope with the anxiety of going through the “fit for work” tests in order to apply for employment and support allowance, the disability out-of-work benefit, Dean is surviving on zero-hours contracts. ESA would have given her either a higher rate of benefit to live on (compared with jobseeker’s allowance) or support (albeit poor) to find a job more suitable to her health needs. But as a JSA recipient, Dean is not classed as “disabled”, as ESA claimants are, and so has to take pretty much any job going

    • overburdenddonkey

      yes it’s dire for many..imv, esa for people with mhp’s should be automatic, the extra pressure of the WCA always makes them worse, often numbing the victim as it puts the victim into a deeper state of denial, so as they can ‘cope’ with the performance demand burden place upon them…
      retrospect is also vip here…according to mcvie on bbc radio last yr the figure was approx 4%, she claimed that ‘it was a start’, even though it is a worse outcome formally than them doing nothing…the figure i believe was in the order of 17%, under one’s own steam…so the reality, if so, is why are the figures now worse than ever, in both cases…?

  48. Another Fine Mess

    Next year’s conference ?

  49. Another Fine Mess

    I wonder if the magician will be donating his fee to a good charitable cause, such as a homeless charity. 🙂

  50. people are idiots to give to charities

  51. Another Fine Mess
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