To The Streets! Support The Cleaners Striking Against Corporate Property Vultures @CBRE


The jumped up little scrotes who have used the referendum result as an excuse to racially abuse and attack people need to be exposed and dealt with like the stain on our class that they are.  Whether you are Remain or Leave, don’t know or don’t fucking care, it has rarely been more important to unite behind migrant communities, to confront racism and ensure that the (barely) organised far right are not able to profit from recent events.

Another future is still possible in the wake of the chaos the referendum has brought.  But it will not be achieved by a working class at each other’s throat.  As the parliamentary Labour Party embarks on the longest suicide note in history then it is down to all those who want a better UK, for everybody who lives here, to act.

That means solidarity and class before whatever country someone happens to have been born in.  It means claimants, disabled people, migrants, tenants, low paid workers, students and all those fucked over by five years of austerity escalating the fight against the pampered rich to the point where that is the fucking story that is dominating the front pages.

The campaign by cleaners, currently on permanent strike after facing redundancies and poverty pay at offices managed by one of the world’s richest companies, is a good place to start.

The cleaners work at 100 Wood Street in the City of London, a plush office block housing corporate giants like JP Morgan and Schroders.  The building is managed by global real estate firm CBRE who recently contracted Thames Cleaning and Support Services Limited (Thames) to take over cleaning the offices.  According to grassroots union United Voices this led to several staff being illegally sacked.  To make up for the lack of workers the existing cleaners will be expected to put up with an ever more punishing workload.  The company also refuses to pay the London Living Wage.

In response the cleaners have gone on permanent strike which is now entering its fourth week.  Several lively demonstrations have also been held.  Thames, who have blamed building managers CBRE for the shit wages being paid, took out a £20,000 injunction to try and prevent cleaners from protesting or picketing outside the building they work in.  Funny how there is always enough money to attack the poor when they protest but never enough to stop them being poor.

Another demonstration is being held tomorrow, Wednesday 29th June, at 5pm to defend the strike.  Meet at 100 Wood Street EC2V, just round the corner from St Paul’s tube.  Many of the cleaners are migrants and along with their union are fighting for better wages and conditions for all those in low paying sectors.  This is what united working class resistance looks like.  They urgently need support.  If you can’t make the protest please share the facebook event and you can tell CBRE what you think at: @CBRE

United Voices have also put out an emergency appeals for funds to help support the strike – donate at:

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100 responses to “To The Streets! Support The Cleaners Striking Against Corporate Property Vultures @CBRE

  1. Time the working class grew a pair and stood up for themselves and stick it to the state!

    • We managed to kick Cameron out and he previously said before the referendum he would stay in the job regardless of the final vote. Lying two-faced sack of sh1t he turned out to be. Like the rest of the people who want us to continue our £20 billion per year to Europe, he wants to sod off with them all and live in Greece.

    • Theres a beautiful poetry at the heart of this story, the humble cleaners those that shovel shit taking a stand against the greedy and rapacious. It was king nutjob Sigmund Fraud that stated that the human mind equates money with shit, hence the expression “filthy rich”, ” stinking rich” ” rolling in it” like a pig rolls in its own shit. Well done cleaners for sticking it to the pigs!


    I’m f6cked if I am going to pay more tax out of my wages now to keep her in luxury and make sure her corgis are well fed.



    • Seconded Fen Tiger! Ok i don’t pay a. Lot of tax but it sticks in my craw! I’ve. Been in my senior midday supervisor role 6 years now and my annual raise was£2 a month!!
      Time to put liz and Phil on top floor of tower block complete with broken lift on the old age pension and turn buck house into council housing!

  3. Rosemarie Harris

    We all need to help each other out and if anyone lives near please support this cause.
    Bloody rich people don’t what to pay for anythink it’s take take take.

    • True Rosemarie only there are many who won’t help others. as we all know.

      One in five Scottish families still living in poverty

      Across the UK, the number of children living in poverty has increased by 200,000.

      Frances O’Grady said: “Working families were unfairly made to pay the price of a financial crisis they did not cause. With the economy now facing trouble again from Brexit, working people should not be made to pay the price a second time.”

      Poverty-stricken UK families becoming even poorer, say poverty campaigners

      “Cuts to family benefits and in-work support” are being blamed for poorer families across the UK drifting even deeper into poverty.

      John Dickie, director of CPAG in Scotland, said: “This financial squeeze on low-income families, including those in work, has meant that more families are missing out on the basics in life.




    “This financial squeeze on low-income families, including those in work, has meant that more families are missing out on the basics in life.


    • Exactly Geoff. That’s another reason to vote out; the fact they allow a member state to terrorize it’s own citizens by withdrawing their only income and possibly leaving them to die on the street penniless and homeless. They are quite content to let this evil bunch of bastards act the way they do so sod them and thank god we voted out.



    As The Canary previously reported, on the 15 and 16 June the UN Human Rights committee on economic, social and cultural affairs publicly reported its questioning of the Tories, after more than two years of evidence-gathering concerning the impact of their policies on society.

    A report was submitted by the UK government, from which the final conclusions and recommendations, which were released on Monday night, have been drawn. And the UN pulls no punches in its assessment.
    Failed policies

    The criticisms are overarching, and in some cases staggering – covering nearly every area of government policy. It appears the UN have three levels of disdain: “regret”, “concerned” and “seriously or deeply concerned” – and the latter, worryingly, comes up relating to two specific areas.

    The committee spoke at length about asylum seekers; specifically, that our government is failing them “due to restrictions in accessing employment and the insufficient level of support provided”. It goes further and says that they are, basically, being denied the health care that they are entitled to under international law. The UN also slams the government over its treatment of migrant workers, in terms of exploitation, low pay and health care access – specifically citing the fact the Tories ignored its last set of recommendations.

    The government comes under criticism for its sales of weapons to foreign countries and lack of legislation surrounding this. A pertinent issue at present, with the Tories coming under increasing pressure to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia, who are currently accused of committing war crimes in Yemen.

    The UN is also critical of the practices surrounding government-backed private companies’ conduct in foreign countries. This specifically relates to an investigation by Global Justice Now, surrounding the Department for International Development ploughing money into private education companies in Uganda and Kenya – at the cost of their free education systems. It seems the Tories not only want a profit from the UK’s schools, they want it from other countries’ schools as well.

    There were numerous other areas in which the Tories came under fire: their failure to tackle tax avoidance; the 2016 Trade Union Act and blacklisting of workers; the reductions in the corporate tax rate; the decimation of the legal aid system; the failure to introduce the 2010 Equality Act in Northern Ireland and the continued illegality of abortion; the gender pay gap; the under-funding of mental health services; worsening of social care for the elderly; the lowly minimum wage; violence against women, and the lack of female representation in high-profile public roles.

    However, the most damning indictments and truly staggering ones were surrounding austerity, unemployment, living standards and welfare reforms. And the majority of the barrage of criticisms were aimed at the impact these had on the vulnerable and the disabled.


    • paultheswineherd

      Geoff – I wondered what happened about that and thanks for putting it on.
      I doubt though that any of it will ever get reported on our TV ‘Media’!


        Doubt it Paul, the rest of the world still thinks Londons streets are paved with gold……………..

        Trouble is. they are, in order to make the rest of our nation tread shit.



    Forgetting the most vulnerable

    In short, criticisms were fired at the Tories over:

    the number of self-employed, part-time and zero hours contracts jobs, and the effect on marginalised people.
    the housing crisis in the UK, including the lack of social housing, sky-high rental prices and rogue landlords.
    the “exceptionally high” levels of homelessness and the Conservatives’ inadequate response to this.
    the government’s record on education and failure to address inequality affecting pupils attainment levels.
    a failure to address food poverty and the heavy reliance by millions on food banks.
    the rising levels of poverty among marginalised groups, and the government’s failure to tackle child poverty.

    But perhaps the two most astonishing sections were those dedicated to what the UN described itself as having “seriously” and “deeply” concerned views on – the effects of austerity, and welfare reforms on the disabled and most vulnerable in society.

    The UN said of the Conservatives’ austerity measures:

    the Committee is seriously concerned about the disproportionate adverse impact that austerity measures, introduced since 2010, are having on […] disadvantaged and marginalized individuals and groups. The Committee is concerned that the State party has not undertaken a comprehensive assessment of the cumulative impact of such measures […] in a way that is recognized by civil society and national independent monitoring mechanisms.

    Translated? The UN is saying that the government has forced through austerity measures without bothering to think or care how they would affect the poor, the disabled and the vulnerable – and that in doing so, they have flouted agreed international standards. The government had already been warned once by the UN in 2012 regarding this – but the Tories chose to ignore it. They were told that (regarding austerity):

    such measures must be temporary, necessary, proportionate, and not discriminatory and must not disproportionately affect the rights of disadvantaged and marginalized individuals and groups and respect the core content of rights.


    Unparalleled human rights criticisms

    In no uncertain terms, the UN said that it was:

    deeply concerned about the various changes in the entitlements to, and cuts in, social benefits, introduced [in the two acts] such as the reduction of the household benefit cap, the […] spare-room subsidy (bedroom tax), the four year freeze on certain benefits and the reduction in child tax credits. The Committee is particularly concerned about the adverse impact on […] disadvantaged and marginalized individuals and groups, including women, children, persons with disabilities, low-income families and families with two or more children. The Committee also is concerned about the extent to which the State party has made use of sanctions in relation to social security benefits and the absence of due process and access to justice for those affected by the use of sanctions.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Thanks for that useful link Geoff.

      Seems the Tories are breaking their own rules on all of it. What proof do you need – An admittance of guilt for breaking your own rules.


        Managed to buy two out of date, broken pizzas for a quid today Razor. They will feed me for four days.
        One has a bit of blue mould on the edge but since ATOS found me fit to work my health has deteriorated fast.

        Four years now living on just £33.60P per week


        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          Blessings Geoff – I am ok – serious reasoning.

          Everyone one has their on battle & the important thing is well being. Not that the disability cause is not important but the way the system is, is that it is designed to kill you. A lot of people have jumped on the disability bandwagon & have got political. If the disability abuses were not sorted out by now through politics it is not going to be. As for years I have been saying disability is a Human Rights issue – One being The Right To Live – With no ………… multiple choices. I am quick, quicker than in hindsight The whole 6 years has been run off the plundering the disabled & poor. The big fish to fry are the Housing Associations that are selling housing stock fraudulently which is costing the tax payer 50 times more than what the Welfare bill has ever been.

          It has always been a pleaser to reason with you Geoff with much knowledge & common sense. Kindness costs nothing.


        • my name is, "my" name

          Write a book Geoff.
          You can publish on-line.

  8. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Chris Grayling is the new UK Prime Minister Sinister, architect of the Tories Flag Ship Welfare Reform. 2nd in command IDS `The Henchman`. Dodgy Dave is spending time getting the contracts together to plunder £20 billion more out of the DWP Assisted Suicide Welfare Reform. No more state pension no more welfare state, only Corporate Universal Credit that has been sold off to the highest bidders to be put on the Stock Markets. Trading State Pensioners cuts with profits. Plundering so no General Election till 2020. But I can not tell if it might be a General Strike 1926 or a civil with Charles The 1st in 16 something roundheading round the bend. Whating for Godo & God never turns up. Fuck off back to Aldi you don`t come from Tescos. You don`t come from Camden fuck off back to Islington. You ain`t got a roundhead fuck off back to Charles the 1st. The whole Political pill is on MDMA. But reality is quantum physics – chaos theory & string theory.

    noun: chaos theory

    the branch of mathematics that deals with complex systems whose behaviour is highly sensitive to slight changes in conditions, so that small alterations can give rise to strikingly great consequences.

    String theory

    In physics, string theory is a theoretical framework in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings. It describes how these strings propagate through space and interact with each other. On distance scales larger than the string scale, a string looks just like an ordinary particle, with its mass, charge, and other properties determined by the vibrational state of the string. In string theory, one of the many vibrational states of the string corresponds to the graviton, a quantum mechanical particle that carries gravitational force. Thus string theory is a theory of quantum gravity.



    THE Scottish Government is in private talks with Gibraltar about a radical plan to keep parts of the UK in the European Union despite last week’s Brexit vote.

    The talks could also involve the government of Northern Ireland, which, like Scotland and the overseas territory, voted to Remain.

    READ MORE: Nicola Sturgeon not seeking ‘green light’ for another independence referendum in emergency debate

    In the coming days, Nicola Sturgeon is to embark on a diplomatic offensive in which she will lobby Brussels and EU member states to “explore all the possible options” about Scotland staying in the EU.

    • Wven for an optimistic Brexiteer like me, the last few days have been difficult. Many people who voted out are already feeling a bit betrayed as certain fundamental truths sink in. The “uncertainty” is already affecting the real economy as we see. Project Fear probably understated some of the dangers, though overstated others absurdly, the latter as former Governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King has said (a calm voice in these frenetic times).

      Before long this uncertainty will feed through even more concretely from the slightly abstract world of financial markets and exchange rates through to jobs, savings, and, above all, the value of people’s homes, which is where most people’s wealth is stored (especially some of the less well-off voters who opted for “Leave”). This is really why I suspect Brexit won’t, in the end, come to pass – because most voters can’t afford it in the short run, whatever the longer term advantages. Call it blackmail by the financiers or the Establishment if you wish, but it is a fairly nasty ransom note all the same.

  10. paultheswineherd

    Around 50% of the people voted ‘out’ in the Referendum – but the FINAL SAY may remain with MP’s via a ‘vote’ by them. Apparently the referendum was only ‘advisory’ – MP’s are ‘the elected representatives of the people’ and it is likely that they (the MP’s) will get the final say in it all.
    I predict that if they overturn this – all hell is going to break loose in Britain.

    • Brexit won’t come to pass though! But as a protest vote it worked* 😀 It gave the Establishment a good kick in the balls 😀 Fucking pay-back time 😀 Cameron was well and truly sanctioned 😀

      *excluding the yellow-bellied Scotch who just do whatever ever the poisoned, deformed dwarf and smurf-lookalike wee Nicola tell them to and the Northern Irish.


    Tories seek to limit Scottish Government talks with other European states

    AHEAD of the vote in the Scottish Parliament on the implications of the EU referendum in Scotland, the Tories have submitted an amendment that seeks to limit Scotland’s interactions with other European states.

    The original motion, submitted by Nicola Sturgeon, calls for the Scottish Parliament to welcome the overwhelming support of remaining in the European Union that last weeks referendum displayed, when every council area of Scotland voted to stay within the EU.

    • Sturgeon needs to shut the hell up and accept she lives in the UK. The indy referendum was lost and that’s the end of it. So the UK leaves the EU that includes Scotland. I voted for YES the last time, i won’t be doing it if there’s another referendum i’ll be voting NO and it’s all because of SNP hypocrisy.

  12. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    More quantum physics

    First of all I keep burning the hot milk.
    I don`t know how to boil an egg. Ask Sam.
    I keep burning the hot milk – SSSAAAAAMMMMM
    How do fill the saucepan with water to boil the egg – Sam is already there because she knows he would ask it.
    What am I gonna do about stepping down as PM Sam? Piss Off David.


      Cameron once admitted having a breadmaker, it was poor Ivans dla…..

      • I think a 51% result should be adhered to. General elections are won on far less, usually around 40%.
        If they overturn the referendum result then maybe we can demand a general election every month until we get the result we want. Nicola Sturgeon took part in the televised referendum debates so maybe she should’ve refused to take part if she wasn’t prepared to accept the result. Many of those labour MPs who turned on Corbyn don’t appear to want to represent the views of their constituents. All MPs should be putting forward the views of the majority of their constituents regardless of their own views. The MPs who want to remain in the EU even though their constituents voted to leave should resign as MPs because they are not prepared to represent the views of the people who voted for them.MPs are supposed to work for us, not decide what they think is best for us. Hopefully Corbyn will stay strong and eventually win the leadership battle and when those rebel MPs are replaced by Labour at the next general election we will get a true caring Labour party that will represent the working class and those rebels will all lose their seats when they stand against Corbyns Labour party.

        • Dissidentdiva

          Rob – I agree with everything you say, except……”we will get a true caring Labour party” do any politicians REALLY give a damn about the poor?

          • Hi Dissidentdiva,
            I guess most MPs don’t care but I think if Corbyn went to the next election offering to end austerity he would wipe the floor with the rebel labour MPs and they wouldn’t stand a chance of keeping their seats if they created a new party.
            If Ed Milliband had offered to end austerity he wouldn’t have lost all those Scottish seats and would have gained a good number in England and Wales. All he offered was to end the bedroom tax.

            • Rob – i think we are agreed that austerity is an ideology, not a necessity, just a wonderfully guilt inducing way to milk the poor while telling us it is good for us, and we must take one for the team, after all, we are on benefits, because we simply CBA to obtain well-paid employment, or even ANY employment… get the idea.
              Austerity is a sham and also a control mechanism. It would take a very brave Party indeed to sock it to the elites by easing that burden on us.


          …………sure hope so Rob

        • They can’t overturn the referendum result as that would be thwarting the will of the people. That’s like having a general election and then saying the winner isn’t the winner and we want another election. Anyone who thinks that is going to happen is living in cloud cuckoo land.



    While the Blairites try to wreck the Labour Party you must never forget the crimes of its past leader, Tony Blair…………….

    Every act of terror that has unfolded since this deluded liars action for two minutes of fame has cost this world dearly.

    Paying for a war that should never had happened is one of the prime reasons that an extra 200,000 British children are living in poverty and why successive governments are cutting budgets at every turn.

    Bullets and bombs, arms and armaments provided by the arms industry in our own country have led to a damning report by the EU inspectors but not a trace of any report has been shown on our media.

    We are living in a state of denial where all our wrongdoings are meticulously swept under the carpet. The reality is that we are no longer a democracy, more a poisoned dictatorship………..

    As i type, the state is planning how to overthrow the Brexit referendum vote, pulling every dirty trick to escape the shock defeat of a nation divided. A nation that has just started to realise how corrupt its leaders really are…………

    You don’t need me to tell you, the evidence is staring you in the face as every thing we touch is either unaffordable, out of reach or discontinued.
    Britain is but an empty shell of people screaming out for change.

    Today the weapons inspector, Hans Bix, has thrown his hat into the ring by openly insisting that no weapons of mass destruction were ever found to cause us to go to war.

    Blair fabricated a war with Bush and our government has been only too willing to try and hide the facts from the people.

    How many Uk families are mourning the loss of a loved one, highly trained armed troops used as sacrificial scapegoats to bolster a serial liars ego?

    Chilcott’s report is nothing more than a whitewash, even Chilcott’s selection to lead the probe was carefully masterminded.

    The report, when published, will go down in history as one of the greatest works of fiction ever produced.


    • Tory Blur will have to live with coppers stood outside his door until the day he dies. Imagine not being able to take a dump without an armed copper being stood over you? Knowing that so many people and organisations want you taken out? Always having to keep looking over your shoulder everywhere you go and constantly checking the rear view mirror. What kind of life is that?


        ……….I will go one step further, prior to Blair’s ego crusade, terrorism as we know it was virtually unheard of…………………

        Blair put his hand in a hornets nest and left the rest to be stung and killed hiding behind the security of Westminster and a security services to be manipulated at will.

        We are the terrorists………….



    ……………the governments attempt to overturn democracy.

    We have had well known murderers giving their opinions on the referendum. IAIN DUNCAN SMITH, TONY BLAIR and JEREMY HUNT…………

    Each one has cost the loss of life, albeit in a different form. Why do we give these killers a platform, they should be on the end of a hastily erected gallows………..

    Osborne has shown his contempt by fuelling the fire by making more threats to the poor but, alas, the Tories cried wolf just one time to often and the backlash is hurting them more than anyone can imagine.

    Turn away from the truly rehearsed media circus and watch them squirm.



    Wednesday 29th June 2016


    It now emerges that Hilary Benn and Angela Eagle have been secretly briefing against Jeremy Corbyn for the last 9 months.

    They have constantly fed information to Laura Kuenssberg and the Murdoch press about pending coups and dissatisfaction in the Parliamentary Party. Apparently, they were planning to move against him on several occasions and ‘chickened out’.

    The debate on the RAF bombing intervention on Syria on the 2.12.15 was to be the preliminary opportunity for Benn to strike by speaking out against the Labour line (which he did to much Tory applause). This was to be followed up by a no confidence motion after the loss of the Oldham by-election which was confidently predicted by the Murdoch press. The plot fell apart when the Oldham by-election was won by Labour, with UKIP in second place and the Tories beaten into third.

    Their next attempt was when Shadow Foreign Minister, Stephen Doughty, resigned on air during the BBC’s Daily Politics programme on 7.1.16, just before Prime Ministers Questions. Kuenssberg had been briefed by the plotters beforehand and she had fed this information to David Cameron who announced it during PM’s Questions to the surprise of the Labour benches. This plot to usurp Jeremy also fell apart.

    All of Laura Kuenssberg’s reports which began with ‘a senior Labour spokesman told me’ etc. came from the offices of Benn and Eagle.

  17. Keep up the good work people.
    Please read this if you did’nt already.

  18. SNP’s bid to replace Labour as Commons opposition rejected.

    no one and I mean no one the this country in 2016 should by buying out of date pizzas to eat to survive. I live in wales and if your close to me somehow try to get your address to me and I will pay for and deliver a fortnight’s shopping to you mate.
    its a fucking disgrace that citizen’s of the uk should have to endure such hardship.
    what the fuck has happened to our society??.

    I notice steve crabb the new executioner for the swp has now thrown his hat in the ring for pm. this bastard is trying to portray himself as one of the lads, from a council estate in wales, who was brought up by a single mother bla, bla, bla bla, bla who stressed on tv today that ONLY HE understands the plight of the poor and wants to make te uk a more fairer society. yeh right crabb fuck you that’s why you asked Cameron for Duncan smiths job running the dwp o you can help the poor and make the uk a more fairer society!! if anyone is so gullible to swallow that sack of shite they need a lobotomy!!. crabb is the last two faced fucking scum bag I would want running the uk. just looking at that parasitic, bottom feeder trying to look compassionate on tv makes me want to puke!!.
    how on earth can we have a parasite like crabb as pm negotiating our exit from the eu when the dung beetle voted to remain he,s going to do a sterling job putting every effort to get us out when he wanted to stay in!!.

    as for sturgeon even before the ink is dry on the ballot papers she invites herself to Brussels she better take at least a dozen lipsticks with her for all the ass kissing she’s gonna do. I notice the president of the eu is sturgeons newest best friend!.
    the scots Cleary do not believe in democracy at all.
    they had a referendum on independence sturgeon lost the vote she will not accept the will of the majority and wants a second referendum, the uk votes to leave the eu sturgeon wants another referendum.
    who the fuck does this jumped up deformed dwarf think she is A FUCKING DICTATOR!!.
    here in wales we got that court jester CARWYN JONES as first minister the ex barrister who never one a case!.
    he decrees that he will also cast aside democracy and personally go to Brussels to negotiate a deal for wales!!. I know this oaf personally he couldn’t negotiate what to have for breakfast!!.
    everyone in power has ignored the will of the majority and decided to do their own thing!!.
    jones,y you knob wales overwhelmingly voted to leave the eu why are you going over to join sturgeon to kiss asses keep ur fucking nose out, well at least the eu commissioner has two ass cheeks one for sturgeon and one for carwyn jones, I know both go together it can be a joint ass kissing venture!!.

    as for Corbin if almighty god told him to resign as leader he still wouldn’t go!”!!


    …………cheers Jeff, am ok mate, nice of you to show concern. much appreciated.


  21. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System




  23. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Crabb In A Barrel – Why is Boris sitting in the corner sucking his thumb? Someone must of told him he`s not going to be PM. Just like at the Bullingdon club – In fact the whole of the UK is in the bullingdon club.

  24. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Chris Grayling, lord Fraud, IDS – Mr Cunt run it till 2020

  25. Scotland was cheated in the referendum. Do you really believe that we lost? Sturgeon is the only capable politician at the moment and is trying to sort out the mess that the English and Welsh did with the Leave vote. So you continue to enjoy the racist Farage. Sturgeon is doing her job, she was told we wanted to stay and by fuck she is trying to do just that by any means and good luck to her.

    We need to get as far away to fuck from the poison of the English elected mps who fuck Scotland at every turn. Give England a referendum to vote us out I don’t care how we get there I just hope we do.

    Scotland will be like Utopia once we get rid of the scum in westmonster and if that is a dictatorship then bring it on.

    • Scotland got our referendum and the YES vote was defeated. That’s it, end of story. And answer this question: Why are we desperate to get away from the rest of the UK to make ourselves an independent country while at the same time we’re breaking our necks to get told what to do from Brussels? That’s some independence that. If we’re going independent it should be the whole way with us making 100% of the decisions and laws in our own land instead of this phoney version of independence.

      And BTW Farage is not a racist. So stop playing this childish silly game. Is it racist to want to have controlled immigration into your own land? That’s all the man has ever suggested.

      BTW i’m a Scot and voted YES in the last indy referendum. I won’t be doing it again.

  26. We want away from the poison of the Tory party and the Red Tory party. It’s not childish to suggest that racism was heavily involved in this Euro referendum and Farage is scum. We were cheated face the facts and if you want you can move to England after we gain freedom from these English toff cunts. I would prefer independence from England and Hitler to run us right now just to get westmonster to fuck.

    here we go again the same old immature crap calling ferage a racist I want controlled immigration so im a racist to then, 52% voted leave coz they also wanted controlled immigration so that makes over half the population of grate Britain racist then huh!!!.
    some Indians, Pakistanis’ afro American’s ( blacks) also voted to leave to control the flow of migrants so these non whites are also racist too huh!!.

    like I said on here before go look up the definition of a racist in the English dictionary and educate yourself!!.
    how was self land sorry I mean Scotland cheated in the referendum?,
    they had a vote , voted to remain and lost end of!!. so er um yeh YOU LOST.
    I cant believe the arrogance of you scots if anything don’t go your way you throw your toys out ya pram and start the threats and sabotage .
    I hope you do go independent , and good riddance I say!! as for the british mp,s fucking selfland at every turn, selfland gets far more in hand-outs from Westminster than we do here in wales in fact selfland does extremely well from the united kingdom tax payers.
    you seriously believe staying in the eu would be utopia you better stay off those magic mushrooms!!

  28. cephalus,
    you moron,
    your seriously suggesting that you would rather be governed by HITLER!!
    fuck this your not worth responding to anymore……….. fucking idiot

    • It’s a joke ya dick. The Tories are that bad and are they any different than Hitler? Are they? No they aren’t. They are fucking killing us all one by one and disabled people like me are fucked cause of an English run sick bastard place.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Cephalus – Tories are the Genocide party. Their tried their genocide first on the disabled when they got in in 2010. If the Genocide & the denial factory works o the disabled it will work with the rest of society. The problem is the Tory party & the whole of politics is now disabled. The only thing that makes them not disabled is their denial of being disabled.

        People without a disability should realize the disabled are running the tory party & the Denial Factories. Genocide of politics.

  29. Telling everyone what they want to hear, as usual.

    Theresa May and Boris Johnson will on Thursday both announce they are running to become leader of the Conservative party, with each claiming to be the unifying candidate Britain needs as its prime minister after the divisive EU referendum.

    The home secretary will be the first to make her ambitions known in a speech at around 9.30am, saying the UK needs to be “a country that works not for a privileged few but for every one of us”.


    The former London mayor will pitch himself as a winner and a unifier, able to appeal to people across the country, after successfully leading the campaign to leave the EU. He will highlight his belief in social mobility and compassionate conservatism, signalling he wants to prove his claims during the EU referendum that he stands for helping ordinary people and not the elites.

  30. See Scotland will be stuck with Thatcher part 2 or Boris the useless bungling cunt. Sturgeon is way above them two arseholes and you all know it.

    • Scotland is a part of the UK and the UK voted to LEAVE. Get used to it. Plus Sturgeon will get nothing from Europe as they are not interested in dealing with someone who doesn’t represent a member country. Plus there will be no second referendum either and if there is it’ll still be a NO vote.

      • God you are a pain in the arse. This site since the little Englanders got the vote they wanted has showed what’s what for me and whos’s who.

        • Mate it’d be different if the SNP were serious about independence but they’re not. They want to be tied to Brussels instead of the rest of the UK. What kind of arrangement is that? Plus you seem to think that if Scotland became an independent country it’d be all sweetness and light. It wouldn’t be.

          • The last few days in here has been like reading the Daily Mail comments page. That’s what set off my rant last night.
            The EU doesn’t bother me one way or another if we get independence. We just want rid of the Tory parties. We have had them thrust upon us for decades. The SNP would be far more fair to the sick and disabled than Westmonster, only a fool would say otherwise.

          • Totalitarian Scotchland

            If Scotchland became independent wee Nicola would boil down the unemployed to make glue and then force the them to build gigantic glue statues of her.


    ………..The markets have started to stabilise and project fear is being exposed as consumer blackmail.

    We are a force to be reckoned with and the Tory’s are being exposed as barefaced liars as each day passes since the vote to leave.

    Cameron has enough clowns in his cabinet to fill every big top in Europe.

    Each and every one of his goons has serious mental problems, each having a vision of running the country. These arseholes couldn’t run a fucking tap……………



    Which will try to expose Blair and his cronies for what they really are, legends in their own lunchtimes…………..SCUMBAGS



    The Blair Rich Project: How ex PM uses secret trusts to hide his massive wealth
    TONY Blair has been accused of receiving special treatment from HMRC and storing millions of pounds in a trust that allows him to avoid paying taxes.

    Tony Blair’s spokesman denied he got special treatment from HMRC

    Two of the former Labour Prime Minister’s advisers have reportedly claimed Mr Blair’s lawyers hired a consultant who then approached Dave Hartnett, head of Revenue and Customs, to discuss the controversial interest-in-possession (IIP) trust.

    Mr Blair, whose advisers allegedly met with Britain’s top taxman shortly after he resigned as Prime Minister in 2007, has never disclosed the IIP.

    Tony Blair’s put his money in a secret IIP trust

    He reportedly used it to receive payments from his consultancy work, including with controversial regimes.

    According to The Times, he did not pay a 20 per cent “entry charge” on money or property being put into the trust – a fee introduced by former chancellor Gordon Brown months before Mr Blair left office.

    His former advisers claim Mr Blair avoided this charge because the interest placed into his IIP trust was not a “transfer of value”, meaning if he decided to stop working, the trust would be of no value.

    IIPs are legal but controversial methods of holding property, shares or other sources of income for a beneficiary.

    In certain circumstances the trust can be passed on to a beneficiary without any inheritance tax being paid.

    The trusts do not have to file accounts meaning Mr Blair can pour millions into it without the public knowing.


  33. Some good news, for a change.

    Man who had benefits stopped illegally gets DWP refund – and now others could make a claim

    A man whose benefits were stopped illegally by the Department of Work and Pensions has won a refund – three years later.

    The case could trigger a flood of similar claims.

    Simon Milne received a letter from the DWP in November saying it had not given him a fair chance to respond to allegations about his work-search record.

    The letter said: “A check of our records indicates that we may not have given you formal written notification of this decision. A formal letter would also have given you information about the steps you could take to appeal.”

    Simon contacted the Salford Unemployed Resource Centre in Eccles after getting the letter.

    Now a judge has ruled he should get a refund for the benefits that were sanctioned illegally in 2012.

  34. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Mass confusion is used as a tool in war.

  35. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I notice the media has really slowed done now after a week. The media have now run out of things to say. The whole of the media is run by Twitter. Twitter feeds on all main media on the internet. Everyone giving free advertising to #Twittersclosingdown.

    If the Brexit lot are banning the TUC from the Brexit talks [Morning Star was the only paper running that story] Then you are banning the Labour party from the Brexit talks. Exclusion – Denial Factory Exclusion.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      So if the Tories can ban labour from the Brexit talks then ALL MP`s should be beanned off Twitter.


  36. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    Everyone in the uk in now a member of the Bullingdon Club.

  37. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Let us have a national vote:

    Should disabled be aloud to live # Tick Box Unum
    Should disabled people die # Tick Box Unum

    The nation has spoken that the disabled people should die was 56 % of the vote [not the population] so no one can tell us what to do with the disabled.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      The migrants in France are now making a big final push to get to Britain. Channel Tunnel only open 6 hours a week because of the migrants in the tunnel. The boats & dingys are crossing the channel & boats are sinking in British waters. Migrants are drowning in British waters. Does the Cameron PM help to save these drowning migrants? No Cameron does not save these drowning migrants in UK waters he lets them drown. Dave drown like a rat & the vermin Cameron really is. Cameron has now got his Bill Of Rights which is illegal to the rest of the world. The uk is a rogue state & a rogue state of Europe & the world. The legality to break human rights is on par with Suadia Arabia & Iran. The media propaganda will back fire. Rupert Murdoch is now funding Donald Duck Trump.

  38. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Stop watching Donald Duck cartoons Mr Trump – His adviser told him before he resigned.

  39. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Cameron do you deny that we are all living out Ground Hog Day. Is the nudge unit working extra hard.

  40. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    To w in a propaganda gamble you have to do work. It shows they have done no work because it is all Twitter Propaganda in every paper.

  41. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  42. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    Believe it & it will come truen with millions talking about Twiiter Is Closing Down.

  43. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    There is going to be a ground war that is going to spread across Europe – Turkey gone. The British Army do not have enough troops. They have now – The Brexit vote has recruited millions of extra soldiers called the General Public ready at a touch of a twiiter button. The media has mushed up peoples brian & scrambled them to be reprogramme & now you are a robot control on mass to act. Mind Control Media. Not everyones brain has been reprogrammed to be a British Soldier Robot.

  44. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System



  45. this place has turned into the ” stepping razor ” show!!.

  46. so boris has resurfaced and declared he aint gonna run for pm….
    well done boris for shafting all us leave voters.
    now we are either gonna get ” I VOTED TO REMAIN” Teresa the tazer may who recently decreed on tv that she will fight the inequality in this country and promises to give everyone not just the privileged a better standard of living, or the new dwp executioner crabb the scabb!!., who also voted remain, er um tough choice huh, its like choosing the black death or anthrax!!.

    no matter what creature the tory parasites choose as their supreme leader fuck all will change in the uk as long as the tories govern us.
    I don’t believe a fucking word any of the bottom feeders say.
    they really must take us all for mugs.
    they inflict years of austerity on us years of misery to the sick and disabled, years of misery to the unemployed and years of misery to just about everyone who aint got a million in the bank.

    now the candidates for pm want us to believe the tories have overnight become the party of compassion the peoples party, the party for everyone not just the privileged and wealthy few!!.
    a tory will always be a tory .

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