How Eric Pickles Acted To Protect The Empty Penthouses Of The Global Super Rich


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Imagine if there was a law that prevented the rich from leaving luxury properties empty as investments.  Even better, imagine if this law ensured that if a home was left vacant for over six months then local authorities could take over the management of the property and use it as part of their own housing stock to provide temporary accommodation for homeless people.  That would be a good fucking law, and that’s a rare thing.  And it is a law that the Labour Party accidentally introduced, although their target was not the rich, but squatters and those they claimed were involved in anti-social behaviour.

Empty Dwelling Management Orders (EDMOs) came into effect in 2006 to tackles the problem of empty homes which the government said were “magnets for vandals, drug users, squatters and even arsonists”.  They operated exactly as described above, with powers for councils to take over vacant properties and rent them out to those waiting for permanent housing.  Of course this being Tony Blair’s Labour Party the new powers were awash with bureacracy and caveats to protect the rich.  Second homes were to be sadly exempt from the legislation, as were many other empty properties such as holiday homes.  Councils would have to make legthy application to a tribunal and property owners were given wide-ranging rights of appeal.  This didn’t stop the right wing press going into meltdown over the legislation with The Sunday Times declaring Britain had become a communist country.

In the end just 43 EDMOs were issued between 2006 and 2010.  The great expropriation had not happened and the rich continued to horde land and housing as much as ever.  This didn’t stop Eric Pickles rushing to change the laws within months of the Tory’s stealing power in 2010.

Pickles, who was Communities Secretary at the time, announced in early 2011 that he was bringing to an end these ‘heavy handed’ rules.  This news was barely reported at the time.  Now EDMOs can only be issued if a property has been empty for over two years, and more importantly only when local councils can prove the property is being used for anti-social purposes.  Pickles said he did this to protect civil liberties.

There seems little doubt that EDMOs could have been issued against rich investors who buy up luxury properties and leave them empty – a phenomena that is now extending to other cities besides London.  It would have been difficult, and might not have worked – oligarchs have good lawyers – but it would have been worth a try for an imaginative local authority facing growing homelessness.  But now that option has been shut down, to protect the civil liberties of the global super rich who see the booming housing market in the South East as nothing more than an exclusive casino where they always get to win.  And so the number of empty homes in London is now back on the rise despite a desperate housing crisis and record numbers sleeping on the streets.  That’s what this government calls freedom.

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393 responses to “How Eric Pickles Acted To Protect The Empty Penthouses Of The Global Super Rich

  1. Whilst people should be able to go on holiday or visit relatives and not have their homes taken, noone should be allowed to leave homes empty long term.

  2. Eating cake as instructed

    I fear should the UK vote to leave Europe next day will see the start of the unraveling of society. Trumps arrival amid speculation will occupy southerners while the rest finally see how they’ve been trodden into the dirt. There is no northern powerhouse. Increasing immigration around jobs will ensure foreigners from poor countries take jobs leaving the rest on the breadline. Regardless of living wage, that’ll diminish housing benefit council tax benefit child care etc so natives existing on a knife edge while black economy thrives on paying a fiver an hour. Civil unrest has occurred years gone by. Faced with grafting 50 hrs a week to hand over 60% to rent no prospect of ever owning a house mortgage sized debts on leaving higher education will see a UK like the Wild West with brains decanting elsewhere mob rule out of sheer desperation starvation and no prospect of it improving. Inflation remember it well at 15%…..those days could return easily I fear.

  3. Dissidentdiva

    Pork pie with pickles, anyone?

  4. Rosemarie Harris

    Yeah …. He sat on the stairwell and is still there.
    Stinking Tory!

  5. paultheswineherd

    With all due respect to the ‘Brexiteers’, it is very unlikely that their ’employment’ rights or ‘unemployment’ rights will get any better than they are now if we leave the E.U. – in fact, it could be very much worse.
    Just imagine (a now quite legitimate scenario) where IDS is back as the Work & Pensions Secretary (quite possible due to the ‘madness of Government’) and Priti Patel as his main Employment Minister under the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson (fucking hell!)
    Under the new ‘British Bill of Rights’, most of the population (apart from the rich & very rich) will have no rights at all – TTIP will have been passed and UNUM and all the rest of the shit insurance companies will be given full rein over our NHS. You and me will have to pay for everything, have a good credit card or have health insurance. If we vote ‘Leave’ there could be loads more shit ahead. If there was a new G.E – by default, either the Tories or a Tory/UKIP coalition would be in place. Nigel Farage could well be ‘Deputy Prime Minister’. Britain is now on the edge of a ‘rights’ precipice.

  6. paultheswineherd

    Third time lucky! (I wager that they change the website constantly!)

    • Of course they do. The BBC are dab hands at changing copy on the fly. All it takes is one communication from some .gov department and abracadabra. Magic!

  7. paultheswineherd

    I give up! Am getting nowhere! (TalkTalk has always been a load of crap!)
    Please go to the main news webpage and go to the link that they suggest, about half way down the page!

  8. paultheswineherd

    In Medievel times the population would have risen up well before now, dragged these cunts, kicking and screaming out of their seats of ‘POWER’,
    and pulled them on hurdles down the high streets, while the populace would have thrown rotten cabbages and fishheads at their sorry arses.
    WHAT has happened to the British people?
    WHAT has happened to their sense of ‘fairness’ and ‘sticking up for the underpriveleged’.
    Of what I have read on here this evening, the Rev. Paul Nicholson is a hero – here is a man who is risking everything by ‘refusing to pay his Council Tax’ as a protest against the extreme unfairness of Authority nowadays.
    Shame on this terrible Tory led Government – it will, I am sure soon fall.
    The civil-war in the Government is now all out war and it is terminal for them.

  9. paultheswineherd

    (As I mentioned above – there is an all-out war in the Tory ranks!)
    Sky News is just now reporting that:
    1) Sir John Nott (Defence Minister to Margaret Thatcher) has verbally attacked Cameron and has defected to the ‘Leave’ campaign.
    1) Dr Sarah Wollaston GP (Tory MP) is defecting from ‘Leave’ to the ‘Remain’ campaign over ‘misleading’ reports for ‘funding’ for the NHS from the ‘Leave’ part of the Tory party.



      …………the money will have to come from somewhere? Welfare claimants paid for the bankers fuck ups………….

      THE Ministry of Defence “must come clean” over delays to a major shipbuilding contract that unions claim put Clyde shipbuilding jobs at risk, the former head of the Royal Navy has said.

      Lord West of Spithead, the former First Sea Lord, said there was “not enough money in the MoD” to start construction of Type 26 frigates on schedule, and warned the risk of a gap in the Royal Navy’s capabilities was “bloody dangerous”.

      ……………more redundancies, increased welfare mortality rates and no new ships for the wrinkly old bag to launch…

      • Old crow !

      • paultheswineherd

        Geoff – that’s interesting. It’s also been reported today that the ‘Top Brass’ has warned that if Royal Naval ships are going to be sent down to Syrian waters, then there is a high likelihood of them ‘breaking down’.
        Our once great ‘Royal Navy’ is now being reduced to a couple of Captain Birdseyes and 6 ‘broken and washed out inshore minesweepers’.
        This is a real shame – I was once part of a Royal Navy that could ‘rule the world’ – it is a terrible shadow of it’s former self (due to cuts!) and if it did all kick off we would have to ‘ask the French to use their carriers’ or rely on Uncle Sam across the pond to protect us. Fucking shameful.

      • Dissidentdiva

        • paultheswineherd

          dd – nice one 🙂

          • Elvis Costello – very nice one indeed. The Unthanks have made a lovely version of this too.

            • Dissidentdiva

              Shirley – I adore the unthanks!

              • Thanks dd – not heard that before. Also really great is ‘Here’s the Tender Coming’ – about single parenthood/potential loss at sea of family breadwinner; they sound very Geordie on that – it’s a bit like the song part-way thru Billy Elliott (film version) too.

    • paultheswineherd

      (Nott has also ‘suspended’ his membership of the Conservative party)

  10. paultheswineherd

    Brexiteers had better look out – according to the Daily Express tomorrow:
    “Sinn Fein warns Brexit would lead to referendum on IRISH UNIFICATION”



    Please confirm if members of the public can summons the atos assessor , the decision maker or the MP according to the tribunal rules , members of the public can request this . Please clarify the situation on behalf of the DWP.






    DLA to PIP Transfer

    • 47% of DLA claimants with awards of Higher Rate Mobility are losing their entitlement to the Enhanced rate when re-assessed for PIP.

    • In Scotland over 46,000 will lose their entitlement.

    • 45% of disabled people with Motability vehicles are losing their cars on transfer to PIP.

    • Of the 190,000 DLA claimants in Scotland reassessed for PIP, it is estimated that around 105,000 will lose some or all their disability benefits by 2018, with a loss of at least £1,120 per year.

    • Success rates for PIP appeals are running very high, at around 60%.



      The DWP are so worried by the success rate of disabled people challenging their decisions that they have been given £22 million to recruit 180 new presenting officers in an effort to reduce the number of claimants winning their personal independence payment (PIP) and employment and support allowance (ESA) appeals.
      The recent roll-out of the new PIP for new claimants and existing claimants with a change in circumstances has also seen significant and illegal delays in processing claims. Some disabled people have had no access to benefits – which has resulted in hardship – for up to over a year in certain areas of Scotland (Citizen Advice bureaux reported that a typical wait for a decision is around 6 months). Some have had to give up their Motability vehicles.

      The High Court ruled in June 2015 that the then Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, had been “unreasonable”, “irrational” and acted “unlawfully” by delaying payments of the PIP benefit to two disabled people. The High Court said the delays of up to 13 months in payment of personal independence payment (PIP) were not only “unacceptable”, but “unlawful”.




    • How much paperwork has not been received Also? Those on lower rate DLA for learning difficulties look like they are being targetted much as those with mental health for ESA.Bastards

      Is anyone else getting this when trying to post?

      Your connection is not secure

      The owner of has configured their web site improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this web site.

      This site uses HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to specify that Firefox only connect to it securely. As a result, it is not possible to add an exception for this certificate.

  13. I see a day you will get cold calls from firms asking if you ever had a ‘SANCTION’ believe it or not.
    It could go on for years.

    • “Have you ever had a sanction that wasn’t your fault? Call Benefit Lawyers For You – No win, no fee. What (else) have you got to lose?”

      • Badstone Fookes

        The Government has set aside Billions of Pounds in compensation for sanctions taken from benefit payments. Could you be entitled to claim? 🙂 Give Badstone Fookes a call today… Baaaadstone Foooookes 🙂

  14. Interesting that G. Smith is backing down; the maggot is shitting himself at the thought of real life in real streets without a protection squad. ;@)

  15. I’ve got to sign a claiment commitment next week when I sign on. Any advice on haggling for the best possible outcome for myself or whats the worst case scenario.

  16. Thanks I will read that. Has anyone successfully managed to ommit the work book from the commitment as I’m aware that it isn’t mandatory but it will probably become mandatory if I put it on my commitment.

    • Dissidentdiva

      You can, by law, present your job search any way you wish – even verbally!
      I am speaking of JSA, though, not UC – may be different? Also do not allow DWP access to your UJM account. You have to create an account, but do not tick the box allowing access. This is your right by law. Data protection act.
      I am not qualified in law or welfare, my advice is simply that – advice!! 🙂

      • O)k thanks again I will try to get present my job hunting in a manner of my choosing put in.

        • Jobcentre minus will put in your CC booklet all types of work you can do, possibly do and made to do as well; as a minimum 90 minutes travel time per day to work and home again. If you refuse them adding types of employment you are prepared to do as under current JSA/UC regulations they could take it as refusal of offered employment and consider putting your claim to a decision maker and loss of benefits for three months.

          You have to be careful what you say to JCP staff and what will be recorded on your JSA file as this information can be used against you in a sanction referral. Good luck though with your job searching and hope you get something very soon and you don’t have to endure those lazy JCP c7nts for too long.

          Universal jobmatch, you can refuse them access to your account if using your own computer to use that website, but JCP staff can issue a jobseeker direction to use that site and show them your recent recorded activity, but only through using a jobcentre computer. When I used to sign on, I only gave them access to my UJM account on the day I signed. The rest of the time I un-ticked that DWP access box. But if they ask to see your activity, you could see a sanction doubt raised if you refuse them access by way of a JSD mandation letter.

          • Thanks for that. The work plan booklet can I say I don’t want to use that.

            • My ‘workplan’ booklet ran out ages ago. Same old shit written over and over again. Nobody has even opened it up in an age. Not like you are going to ask for a new signing on booklet to get a new ‘workplan’ booklet.

          • “Refusal of employment” is in a totally different dimension and parallel universe from an actual employer offering you an actual job and you actually refusing it.

            • JCP can’t force you to complete/write job searching/applications in your Claimant Commitment work plan booklet, but you do have to show by other means that you can prove and are actively seeking employment as to meet your JSA commitments given by your work roach.

              You can determine yourself how you will go about recording your jobseeking activities as is clearly stated in the Universal Jobmatch toolkit (online as a PDF file/viewer). JCP staff cannot mandate/JSD direction how you record/write/type what jobs you have applied for. But without proof you have adhered to the rule book and done everything as in your labour market declaration, you could see your JSA stopped for at least four weeks.

              Universal Jobmatch is a sanction tool. – which is why I hated it and hated using it just to make sure I was doing what they asked me to do. The ironic thing is though, I found work again through which proved to me that UJM was and still is a complete and utter pile of c4ck full of repeat job postings as “new” every day and the same job advert carried by more than one recruitment agency, or the same identical job advert seen as being available in more than one town/city with only the town name and job ref. number different.

        • .. or better still.

          Do what I did the day after I closed my JSA claim – I set fire to all the paper work sent to me by my JCP over the past year. No good to me if I am back in work in a real job that their pretend desk jobs “civil servants” (don’t laugh) – in a depressing building.

  17. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    DWP Assisted Political Suicide – DWP Assisted Suicide.









        Lydia Hulme

        I had a PIP assessment with ATOS in my home this morning. And he nurse admitted that she hadn’t assessment many blind people and would it be ok if she read the guidance while she filled out my form?


  18. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    MP`s Suicide in politics. Does political suicide mean something different than DWP assisted suicide or just plain suicide !!! £££ millions trading on Suicide Risk Assessments from insurance companies such as Atos & Maximus. Suicide Trading in Suicide Training.

  19. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Gambles – Cameron playing political suicide, Boris playing Political suicide. The UK is political suicide.

  20. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Mental Health is a weapon used by politicians to gain political promotion, money & power outside of politics. It`s an investment to section someone even though it is costing the tax payer more money putting people into hospital. So who has the Metal Disease that spends without any barriers as a political weapon.

  21. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Mental Politics. People with Mental Health are not able to fill out forms, because people with Mental Health are not able to fill out forms. See your Mental Health is getting worse, we are the DWP. Fraud !!!

  22. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The DWP are trained doctors. All of the DWP from the toilet cleaner to the DM are doctors working for Atos & Maximus. The DWP forgot to tell their staff that they now work for Atos & Maximus within the DWP contract. In fact the DM has so much to hide with lord fraud.

  23. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      The UK Police ordered by the PM for a 4 day stand off 2011.



      ‘Discriminatory’ PIP guidance means thousands could lose blue badges

      By John Pring on June 2, 2016

      Disabled people whose mobility is affected by mental health conditions or autism are having their blue parking badges snatched away by local councils in England as a result of the introduction of the government’s new disability benefit.

      Government guidance issued after the introduction of personal independence payment (PIP) advises councils how to deal with blue badge applications from disabled people who formerly claimed disability living allowance (DLA) but have now been reassessed for PIP.

      Because of this guidance, disabled people who have had a blue badge for many years are now being told they no longer qualify for a blue badge, simply because they have moved from DLA to PIP.

      The Department for Transport guidance, published in October 2014, states that it is only those who qualify for the standard or enhanced mobility rates of PIP under the “moving around” criteria – those with physical impairments that mean they cannot walk very far – who should automatically qualify for a blue badge.

      Those who qualify for the PIP enhanced mobility rate because they have problems planning and following journeys – including many people with autism and mental health conditions – are no longer automatically entitled to a blue badge, as they were if they claimed the upper mobility rate of DLA for the same reasons.

      The updated blue badge application form included in the guidance document has no sections in which disabled people with problems planning and following journeys can provide evidence to show why they need a blue badge.

      When asked if the Department for Transport (DfT) had carried out an equality impact assessment of the new guidance, a DfT spokesman said: “Not that I am aware of.”

      By noon today (2 June), the DfT press office had been unable to produce an accurate statement that did not contradict the content of its own guidance documents.

    • Dissidentdiva

      Whatta gwan back a yard? Oh, I say! I’ve been patoised 😀

  24. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Looting washing up liquid, shampoo, bubble bath from the supermarkets with 5,000 trolleys worth. Instant Road Block On Wheels !! Empty the washing up liquid & bubble Bath & the most soapy washing powder onto the street, because we are the new cleaning company to clean the streets of war with peace & Borax for the Ghost Ants aka Key Stone Cops !! Send in the water cannon – Bubbles more bubbles – oh shit General the helicopter`s view has been blocked by the bubble party down below – Tell them to hold off the water cannon & these metal riot suits are not suitable in these conditions. Washing Up Liquid Road Blocks.

      Chaos or just a fictional story I am writing. Since it is all made up like the Genocide Dictatorship stories at the DWP assisted suicide mental function championships. It`s just a story. So when does something become non fiction instead of everything being fictional !!!! Pre Meditated DWP Assisted Suicide !!!!



    Thousands of disabled people have been blocked from getting through to an overloaded benefits hotline.

    Callers could not sign up for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) 18,949 times due to “heavy demand” from January to April – 4,700 a month.

    The glitches froze out 1.7% of all calls to the Department for Work and Pensions‘ PIP enquiry line, which costs up to 45p a minute.

    The shock figure dwarfs the number of failed calls to the separate free PIP claim line, where just 0.04% could not get through.

    Labour MP Frank Field, who obtained the figures, said he will be demanding answers from Tory ministers in Parliament.

    The Work and Pensions Committee chairman told the Mirror: “They’ve erected a wall of silence to prevent claimants registering.

    “There’s not a deliberate attempt to stop people but it totally favours one side. It’s like building a Berlin Wall around the benefits so people can’t access them.

    “One way of rationing it is to charge people a fortune and the other is to not pick up the phone.”


      ……………..and the expected retort from the department of death

      A DWP spokesman said: “We aim to deal with all PIP queries as quickly as possible and encourage anyone who has trouble getting through to call back.”

  26. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Is There Anyone Who Is Fit For Purpose. Since every one in the media relys on adverts to keep the media going. ADVERTS CONTROLLING THE MEDIA> Murdoch take your & Twatters Face Goat & you are working at a huge loss. One big corporate advert.

    • Use Ublock Origin for your web browser and this will block all adverts across all websites.

      • Yeah, U Block Origin is the way to go. AdBlockPlus has already sold out for £MILLIONS!!

      • Turning off Javashit will also speed up the web since most ads are delivered by Javashit. There is way too much shit on the web bogging it down. Do we really need to connect to Facebook and Twitter and download shit from them on like every website we visit. Even this (wordpress) site connects to Facebook and Twitter. The Fuckerberg is like everywhere.

        • I got rid of java software after I read of it being a hacker’s tool. Adblock is rubbish as it hogs system memory resources. U Block doesn’t.

      • The non-working Outlook (which replaced the working Hotmail) is a complete and utter piece of shit! The Myth of Progress!

        Why is Outlook such a heap of shit?

  27. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Admittance of guilt by the DWP on a daily basis. Cameron`s revolution of failures.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Everything is not poll a tricks – So if you don`t like Dodgy Dave you like Mad Boris. Wasting my time with utter idiots the lot of them. Political clowns.

  28. Eric Prickles – worthless fat bastard, just like Mike Ashley!

  29. paultheswineherd

    The UN has been busy – now it’s high time for them to take it to the Gov’t.

  30. paultheswineherd

    More happening with regard to the alleged Tory election expenses scandal.

  31. paultheswineherd

    Meanwhile, for the royals – money is no object – as usual!
    No doubt this weekend we will all be ‘expected to celebrate the queen’s 90th birthday’ and also be continually lambasted by endless foot-licking TV programmes by BBC & Sky News!

    • Paul, the only time i will celebrate anything to do with that parasite, is when the hag from hell fucking CARKS IT!

    • I’m not watching that wrinky old bag have her second birthday on telly. I’ll have to watch CbbC instead as that is much more entertaining.

      Hang on, I’ve just had a thought. If the old biddy has two birthdays a year, real and official, surely that would make her as old as 180 and not 90. Must be all that expensive plastic surgery from Dr. Frankestein and that blood serum keeping her look younger than her real age of 180. Don’t get me started on whether or not she is the sister of Frankenstein’s monster…

      • Fen, the ugly old bastard is frankensteins monster, in fact he had a better complexion and was far better looking. Its that scum of the earths fucking birthday every day, what’s it expecting, a fucking pressie off everyone in the land, GO FUCK YOURSELF!

  32. Dissidentdiva

  33. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    UK government set for UN grilling in Geneva over ‘breaches of disability rights’

    DNS By John Pring on June 9, 2016

    The UK government is set to face a grilling from UN experts next week over its alleged breaches of international obligations on disabled people’s human rights.

    The government will be examined on Wednesday and Thursday (15 and 16 June) by the UN committee on economic, social and cultural rights on its record on issues such as social security, employment, housing, health and education.

    The discussions will take place in public, in Geneva, Switzerland, with the committee’s findings likely to be published the following week.

    Read More:

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      “””The UK is one of seven countries – including Macedonia, Angola and France – that will be examined by the committee this month, as part of a programme of regular reviews of countries that have ratified the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR).””””

  34. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    ‘Biopsychosocial’ basis for benefit cuts is ‘cavalier, unevidenced and misleading’

    DNS – By John Pring on June 9, 2016

    The research that successive governments have relied on to justify slashing disability benefits over more than a decade is riddled with inconsistencies, misleading statements and “unevidenced” claims, according to three disabled academics.

    A new article by Professor Tom Shakespeare and Professor Nicholas Watson, and fellow academic Ola Abu Alghaib, concludes that the biopsychosocial model of health (BPS) “does not represent evidence-based policy”.

    The BPS under-pinned Labour’s out-of-work disability benefit employment and support allowance (ESA) and the work capability assessment (WCA), which has since been linked repeatedly to relapses, episodes of self-harm, and even suicides and other deaths, among those who have been assessed and found fit for work.

    Read More:

  35. ‘Buy to leave’ needs to be brought to an end. Also people buying second homes which are left empty for most of the year should be curbed. the governments agenda is clearly classist. The ‘under’ occupied homes of the poor never leave the headlines but the empty houses of the rich are rarely mentioned. How may such empty homes are there in the country?

  36. The Couch Potatoes

    Maybe Eric Pickles is watching too many of those programmes, particularly on the BBC, that seek to hammer home the message that cheap, shitty food is in fact good for us. As one of the comments at the end of this review says: “The alternative is to suspect that this is all part of a conspiracy to encourage people to eat badly and continue to ruin their health!” BBC/Government wanting us to deliberately ruin our health!? Really?!



    9 June 2016

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    How many suicides have taken place over people not being able to manage due to the
    failure of Dept and Work and Pensions staffs to give them enough monies to live on and
    sustain a lifestyle that the law says they must have.
    How many persons that were claiming or attempting to claim benefits from the Dept
    Work Pensions have had relatives or friends reporting to the Dept Work Pensions that
    the persons death was caused by suicide and the reasons given for those suicides are
    not being given enough to live on or their entitlement by Dept Work Pensions.
    How many Dept Work and Pensions staffs has been reported to the CPS for
    manslaughter following people committing suicide as a result of the staff at the Dept
    Work Pensions not giving them enough monies to live off.
    How many Dept Work and Pensions staff have been prosecuted for manslaughter
    following the suicide of a claimant who was not given his or her entitlement or suffered
    a failed claim and this was reported to the Dept Work Pensions after the persons death.

    I require the information to petition the CPS and my MP for prosecutions over the
    deaths of claimants when there is evidence their deaths were attributed to by the
    negligence of DWP staff. Bullying is a way of contributing to a persons death by suicide
    and lots of claimants feel they have been bullied by the DWP, I WANT TO KNOW HOW
    MANY DEATHS THE DWP staff are responsible for?”
    Yours faithfully,

    bill WEBBER



    The UK government is set to face a grilling from UN experts next week over its alleged breaches of international obligations on disabled people’s human rights.

    The government will be examined on Wednesday and Thursday (15 and 16 June) by the UN committee on economic, social and cultural rights on its record on issues such as social security, employment, housing, health and education.

    The discussions will take place in public, in Geneva, Switzerland, with the committee’s findings likely to be published the following week.

    A list of issues published by the committee – one of 10 bodies that monitor the implementation of the UN’s main human rights treaties – shows that among its concerns is the steps the government has taken to ensure that “austerity measures” introduced through the 2012 Welfare Reform Act do not “disproportionately affect” the rights of “disadvantaged and marginalized individuals and groups”, including disabled people.

    The committee’s list also raises concerns about the government’s decision to lower the benefits cap and freeze working-age benefits, and its efforts to address the housing crisis.

    It also asks what the UK has done to reduce poverty among “the most marginalized and disadvantaged individuals and groups”, and questions “the reliance on emergency food aid from food banks”



    The UK is one of seven countries – including Macedonia, Angola and France – that will be examined by the committee this month, as part of a programme of regular reviews of countries that have ratified the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR).

    The UK ratified the human rights treaty in 1976 and was last reviewed over its progress on implementation in 2009.

    The Just Fair human rights consortium – whose members include Disabled People Against Cuts, Inclusion London and Disability Rights UK – has submitted an updated report to the committee in the last few weeks, with evidence across the treaty areas, including employment, social security, access to justice, housing and the right to an adequate standard of living.

    The consortium highlights the need to focus on the UK government’s social security reforms because of evidence that they have “had a retrogressive impact” on many of the rights in the treaty, particularly for disabled people and children, which “cannot be justified by reasons of economic necessity”.

    In its own updated submission to the committee, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) suggests that the government’s social security reforms have breached the treaty, while some of them “have had a disproportionate impact on disabled people, women and children”.

    It also suggests that the government should do more to consider the impact of policy and legislation on potentially vulnerable groups, while it should also conduct “cumulative impact assessments” of its overall reforms, an action the government has repeatedly refused to carry out.


    …………..the new trend from foxhunting

    By Kate Belgrave

    Yesterday, I spent god knows how long on the phone to the Department for Work and Pensions (a charged-for call, if you don’t mind), having the most ridiculous conversation that I (and probably anyone) has ever had with them.

    I was calling on behalf of Sam, a 22-year-old who signs on at East Ham jobcentre in London. A week or so ago, Sam saw a different jobcentre adviser from her usual one. The adviser at that meeting decided that Sam’s jobsearch record for the fortnight wasn’t up to a standard that the adviser had in mind and that the jobcentre would think about imposing a sanction. Advisers told Sam that she’d have to wait a week or two for a decision-maker to decide whether or not the sanction would go ahead.

    But in the meantime, to all intents and purposes, Sam has been sanctioned. I say this because she didn’t receive her benefit payment this week. As of Monday, she had 80p left in her bank account. Last week the jobcentre gave her a hardship payment application form, when advisers first started talking about imposing a sanction. She filled in the form and took it to the jobcentre this week with her bank statement showing the 80p.

    But the jobcentre now told Sam that she couldn’t submit the hardship form until the jobcentre had made a formal decision about sanctioning her. Sam said she’d already been sanctioned, because her benefit had been stopped. That was a sanction as far as she was concerned. It certainly felt like a sanction. She had no money. Her benefit had been stopped. Still the jobcentre wouldn’t take the hardship form.

    So we rang the DWP. The DWP confirmed that Sam’s benefit had been suspended. The DWP also confirmed that Sam couldn’t submit her application for a hardship payment until the jobcentre made a formal decision about the sanction. I said that Sam had surely already been sanctioned, because her benefit hadn’t been paid.



    • DWP staffed and run by the Gestapo. More money is being thrown towards setting up and issuing benefit sanctions out like sweets than is given out each fortnight in JSA payments. If the government truly want to save cash, sack the lunatics in DWP, close it down and just hand everyone on JSA, ESA and pensions £200 a week. Look how much money would go around to the unemployed and retired and not be squandered running a corrupt government job website, jobcentres that don’t even advertise jobs, their lazy staff and the DWP. Close it all down tomorrow and nobody would lose sleep over it.

    • DWP + JCP = SCUM.

  41. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Getting A Job At Disability Confident – Fantastic !!! Fantastic !!! It`s Fantastic !! Lazy Lazy !!

  42. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The UK guilty of Human Rights Breaches of the disabled by the UN next week. Piss off politics.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      The UK & Angola have been found guilty.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        No appeal syste at the UN Dodgy Dave – We are not at poundland now !!

        • The only good thing about Poundland is their current 3 for £1 offers on fizzy canned drinks. As for their CD selection, f9cking old CD albums (dating back 20+ years) on sale at a quid each. Their DVDs on sale are pirated versions obviously or rip-off cheap versions of big blockbuster films.

  43. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Genocide is the answer Dodgy Dave. Genocide of bent politicians.

  44. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The UK`s Human Rights record on the Disabled is as bad as Iran, China & North Korea. Where`s your defence dodgy dave !!! A War !!!

  45. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The result is on the 15th June well before the 23rd of June – The UN Human Rights failures in the UK.

  46. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Leave Europe = No Disability Equality.
    Stay in Europe with the new bill of rights = No Disability Equality

    So stop using the disabled yet again as a political weapon.

  47. That ugly, smug c3nt Andrew Neil is on BBC One again tonight from 7:30pm with more b8llsh6t about scaring us not into voting leave. The f93k I am going to pay European Tax and European National Insurance out of my wages if those smelly, unwashed cheese eating monkeys and those sour Krauts ever bring in that stupid scheme. F9ck Europe, We may belong to the European Continent because of land geography but we are f8cking not in Europe.

  48. Another rant from me about those smug c93ts Jokecentre MInus. Where is my bl33ding P45 for my employer? F9cking quick to get me on sanction threats when I was signed on, but f7cking slow when it comes to helping me sort out my future tax affairs from next week. Lazy b2sta6ds.

    • Dissidentdiva

      Fen – hope you finally get sorted and free from Dept. Wankers & Pillocks ASAP 🙂

      • I’m all sorted and free from those p1llocks. Just awaiting my P45 from them to give to my employer asap, hopefully before I start getting wages paid. I’ve also requested them as of today to shut down my UJM account as I don’t need that rubbish nagging in the back of my mind during 44 hours a week working.

        • Dissidentdiva

          Fen – 44 hours, physical work, too – you’ll be as fit as a butchers dog if you take care of yourself! 🙂

          • I’m used to that sort of physical work as I have previously worked in a different part of the factory complex a few years ago. I won’t nag so much about having to be up at 5:30am each week day to make sure I get in work for 7:30am start -soon as my wages appear next week. I finally deserve a spending spree out of my money after having years of going without luxury items on meagre JSA.

            (not sure to mention company name or website on here though of where I am back working again…)

            • Best not mensh company name. Let us know when your wages are in – I’ll raise a glass to my pc screen! 😀

              • Jeepers Creepers

                The company is called Timber Falls 🙂 Just up from Rogue River and across from Eden Lake 🙂

                • Lool. I can say so much that I will be getting more in wages each week than those lazy good for nothing part-time g1ts “JCP staff”. Good news so far is that my P45s came through this morning and a few JCP letters too boot, all in three separate envelopes – DWP wastage.

                  One of the letters says how much JSA I will be getting from 1st February 2012, but with the letter itself dated as 7th June 2016. It goes further than this daftness by first saying I will get £73.10 per week then mentions “we cannot pay you an allowance from 5th June 2016. Bl33ding obvious as I closed my JSA claim myself on the 5th of June the day before I went back to work again. it goes on to say how I will get my money every two weeks whilst still entitled to JSA and which bank it will go into. Stupid government fools.

                  One letter is totally blank except for my name, address and dated as 7th June 2016. Environmental wastage again from those carbon happy DWP nobs. Suitable toilet paper for when I run out of using bark leaves to get clean again after using the porta-potty. Another letter states that JSA is classed as taxable income, as if I didn’t know about this previously. They were robbing my JSA through tax so this could be used to pay their own wages. If everybody was employed, JCP staff would become un-paid and out of work themselves.



    …………because their friends in the oil industry are pulling their strings

    For the last couple of weeks the tabloids have been running stories about air pollution and Gordon Brown making a misake on fuel duty……

    What they are really doing is testing public opinion with regard to hiking fuel duty especially on diesel prices.

    With fuel prices being so low in the uk (stop fucking laughing), the poor broken arseholes of the oil industry are appealing to the government to artificially inflate costs by coming up with dodgy data on air particulates.

    Soon driving will be just a luxury of the rich. How many small haulage businesses will be driven to the wall if the increases go ahead?

    ps Hope the wrinkly old bag chokes on an antler whilst feeding on venison as her broken subjects raise cup a soup and out of date crackers to their lips…….


      ……….Isn’t it strange that the government and all and sundry are trying to persuade us that to remain in the EU is best?

      Yet none of the big media players have given any coverage to the hostility in France of intended changes to wage rates, hours, labour laws and the extension of the working week .

      The French have more bottle when dished up with a plate of crap, I wish that the Brits had half of that bottle, some mettle to fight back injustice.

      Never has so much shit been spouted by two opposing factions regarding the EU………..

      In out, in out and shake it all about,
      they pander to the rich and murder all the poor…………

      …………and that’s what it’s all about………


    ………………running at just 0.7 percent, they decided to spice it up by telling lies………

    From: Anita Bellows

    10 June 2016

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
    I would like some further information regarding your release on Fraud and error in the benefit system.

    The document is stating: We changed the way we categorise overpayments after 2013/14. This change in methodology means some overpayments have switched to being categorised as fraud rather than claimant error. This is driving recent trends: fraud is now at its highest recorded rate; claimant error is at its lowest recorded rate.

    I would like to know which category(ies) of claimant’s error have been recategorised as fraud.
    If that does not apply to Abroad Fraud overpayments, I would like to know which action DWP has taken which has led to an increase from £3m to £27m in ESA fraud
    If that applies to Abroad Fraud overpayments, what was the rationale for changing the category from error to fraud? If you have any internal documents about this, could you forward them to me?

    In the light of the Express article saying : ESA fraud rocketed, driven by people who are living abroad but still claiming handouts.… I would like to know the median duration of ESA benefit being claimed unlawfully, beyond the initial period of 4 weeks? (in weeks if possible)

    Yours faithfully,

    Anita Bellows

  51. * off-topic *

    When I click on Void poster “Deborah”, the page can’t be displayed and yet if I click another poster, also name highlighted in blue I can see his/her own wordpress account website. Maybe JV knows the answer perchance?

  52. EU working on plan A & B if ‘Brexiteers’. Does that lead to even worse situation.




    The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “To examine the DWP, ATOS & Maximus’s culpability for deaths of benefit claimants”.

    Government responded:

    The assertion behind this e-petition is wrong. It is untrue to say there has been a marked increase recently in the number of deaths and suicides of claimants found to be fit for work following a WCA.

    The assertion behind this e-petition is not correct – namely that there has been a marked increase recently in the number of deaths of claimants found to be fit for work following a Work Capability Assessment (WCA). The independent fact checking organisation Full Fact has supported this: “It was widely reported that thousands of people died within weeks of being found “fit for work” and losing their benefits. This is wrong.” (



    “2,600 benefit claimants die within weeks of being ruled fit for work”

    The Daily Mail, 27 August 2015

    “More Than 4,000 Died Within Six Weeks Of Being Deemed ‘Fit For Work’, Reveal Government”

    The Huffington Post, 27 August 2015

    “Over a two-year period, 2,380 people claiming employment and support allowance (ESA) died within a fortnight of being told they were deemed able to work and so would lose the benefit.”

    The Times, 28 August 2015

    ……………..caring conservatism



    The Crown versus Tony Cox – and welfare activists everywhere: Part 2, Round 1
    June 9, 2016suwn


    To start with a bit of background. Last year SUWN activist Tony Cox was dragged through the courts after accompanying a vulnerable woman to the Jobcentre and correcting their interpretation of the rules. As their evidence of ‘threatening behaviour’ fell apart, the charges were dropped – but just before this was confirmed Tony was arrested again, this time attempting to accompany a woman to her Work Capability Assessment with Maximus and insisting on her right to be accompanied by a person of her choice. One might be tempted to think that the DWP and its subcontractors wanted to stymie effective advocacy…

    This second court case came to trial today in Dundee.

    We have heard evidence so far from three Maximus employees and watched the CCTV tape of the ‘incident’. The tape had no sound, but the Maximus witnesses added metaphorical speech bubbles to tell their story, attributing to Tony a variety of swear words. (Telling a convincing story is Maximus’ bread and butter.)

    In his evidence, Tony explained that he had had problems with one of the Maximus assessors on a previous occasion when she claimed that he couldn’t take notes in the assessment, and then called the police when he protested and proved her wrong. This assessor was one of the three witnesses but was having major problems remembering what happened just 7 months ago, giving responses that bore little relationship to her original statement to the police.

    The Maximus receptionist (who, of course, was ‘just doing her job’) had given the police a fulsome account of Tony’s aggressive demands for toilet paper, but she failed to make shit stick when this was compared to the CCTV video. However, she then slipped in an addition to the charges, claiming that at just the moment when he was out of the video frame, Tony pushed her. As Tony explained in his own answers, this was the moment when the receptionist was trying to ensure that he was shut out of the building leaving Fiona – the client who he was trying to help – inside to their tender mercies. Far from pushing anyone, he was attempting to keep the door open.

    While it was a shock to have and addition to the charge that Tony had not been informed about, we were less concerned about the new CCTV footage that the Procurator Fiscal produced. After watching nothing happen outside the front door of the Maximus building for 10 minutes, the defence lawyer politely asked if we could be talked through what we were looking at, whereupon the Fiscal decided to stop the video.

    The Fiscal turned far less amenable when questioning Tony. He did his best to rile Tony with persistent suggestions that he was just out to cause trouble. Tony refused to be riled, maintaining a professional calm as he explained that the SUWN wouldn’t do anything that would disrupt the processes people need to go through in order to get much needed benefits.

    Although the Maximus evidence was riddled with contradictions, we were very aware that there are three of them, so the evidence from the woman Tony was accompanying was really important. She wasn’t called until about 3.30pm after waiting since 9.30 in the morning, and she was clearly completely overwhelmed by the formality of the court. Before Tony’s lawyer had asked any substantial questions she had broken down in tears and was unable to recover enough to continue. Rather than go ahead without key evidence, we had to ask for the case to be adjourned. We hope that, when it reconvenes on the 23rd she will feel able to give evidence via video link.

    So much for the formal proceedings; but the action outwith the courtroom was equally worrying.

    When we arrived, Tony was told by a court official that his lawyer wasn’t there and they had been contacted by the firm to find a local stand-in. It was a worrying 25 minutes before he found his lawyer and that story was put to bed.

    Then a cheery policewoman called Tony aside to ask him about the speech he gave at our anti-workfare demo outside The Range, when he quoted allegations about sexual improprieties by management. A sensitive choice of moment.

    When we got into the court, a police woman stopped me taking notes, claiming I needed permission from the sheriff. Permission was eventually forthcoming, and the policewoman was persuaded to apologise -claiming that she had not known that rules had been changed – but I still have a gap in my notes.

    And perhaps most seriously, Tony’s lawyer was informed that a court officer had passed the sheriff a note saying that he suspected Tony of operating a recording device in his pocket when on the witness stand. Tony did indeed put his hand in his pocket, but only to pull out a handkerchief with which to mop an understandably sweaty brow.

    Our conviction that Tony, and welfare activists generally, are the subject of a major attack by the state is only strengthened by today’s proceedings. As ever, we are proud to have comrades who recognise the importance of this case and of solidarity – including our good friends from Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty and the Glasgow Anarchist Collective, who joined us outside the court in Dundee, and the solidarity protestors in Govan, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Doncaster and Kilburn.



    • Here lies proof that where there is no real news to report in the media, that is, heavily censored unlike what is seen on youtube and internet, the media goes and makes it all up as usual just to bring in higer TV viewing figures and an increase in daily paper sales. tw1ts.

    • News of that rocket man family scandal that went through the High Court back In January has disappeared up its own harris. The media has got bored of trying to reveal the family and has moved on awaiting the next big scandal to show up.

      The Times Newspaper (11th June 2026) – today’s breaking headlines;

      “Prince Charles has recently finally mastered the art of flight by learning to flap his large ears up and down. The Civil Aviation Authority has refused him permission to take off from Heathrow Airport following a recent near-miss at Luton Stansted with a Boeing 747 landing from Hong Kong.”

      “The pound has fallen to its lowest level in a century. All shop retail prices immediately lowered down to just 50p each. The police are expected to join in with next week’s looting and ransacking of Marks And Spencer.”

      “The formal State opening of Parliament has been delayed after squatters had been found to have broken in the night before. Police later release details that they were the former Prime Minister David Cameroon, George Osborne and Teresa May. All were jailed for life.”

      “Sport. David Beckham has come out actually as a woman. Years of public speculation about why he has a girly voice has at least been vindicated. Victoria Beckham is said to be jealous that he is now more girly than her”.


    “MUST SEE”


    Must see , When Boris met Dave
    Removed from youtube but still on Vimeo

    • Boris, Dave`s personal Trojan Horse filled with IDS, Gove, Grayling. Pack wolves to pretend to the UK that leave is the best way, whilst telling the public that workers rights will be rearranged and human rights will be reviewed.
      Better vote stay then!! what DWP victim would ever vote to side with IDS.
      Played like a fiddle, and its working like a dream.
      Same goes for Gove, what teacher would vote to side with him.
      Hand picked to make you vote stay.
      With Boris as PM.

      • paultheswineherd

        The sage – Your’e right! The population should ask themselves WHY are IDS, Grayling, Gove, Priti Patel and Boris Johnson all together in one group of ‘Brexiteers’. Probably the reason is ‘POWER’ after Cameron goes and Boris Johnson (or David Davis perhaps) then gets in as the new PM. They are all bullshitting arse-lickers who will do and say anything to further their ambitions.
        If there is a vote leave, then all of these would be in a prime position to be put into ‘POWER’ – the poor, the working poor and the sick/disabled will most likely suffer even more under these bastards.
        Human Rights will be overhauled all right (literally) – there will be less human rights than now and only then they will serve the rich, the very rich and the millionairres best.
        If Britain leaves, the country will probably become even more right-wing than it is now.
        Meanwhile, here is the latest that IDS (and others) have to say. Please scroll down the page to find out the bullshit that IDS is now vomiting from his scheming and lying mouth!

        • I don’t read much MSM as its mostly bull. In my opinion IDS and all the others would never vote to leave, their future employment is in the EU in some job or another.
          They all end up working for Brussels with a massive golden handshake and a pay packet to match.
          Why on earth would they vote to leave, when most of them have wage top ups that include huge handouts for agriculture land.(IDS)….and other magical made up legislation.
          Stick yer fingers in your ears turn of the telly and vote with your gut instinct, not what some politician has said in the “Self Preservation Society”.
          Its all Piffle.

          • paultheswineherd

            The sage – Yes, could well be right there also – it could all be one ‘great trick’ being played by Cameron and his cohorts upon the ‘totally unsuspecting population’. Of course, the Media is only too happy to play along with it all and cover up as necessary! I suppose we will only know for absolutely sure after 23rd June!

            • However is pans out, one thing is for sure, on the 23rd June we will all be thinking: “We have been had, once again, played for fools”.

              • We can look forward to the ‘Revelation of the Method’ as the Masons would say… 😉

              • We will be conned and hood-winked into doing what the bastards wanted us to do all along. It is just figuring out what the bastards REALLY want us to do and then voting the EXACT OPPOSITE 😀

    • They are not kissing I hope…



    David Cameron was called “dodgy Dave” again today. Not by Dennis Skinner, but by a young woman during a live broadcast.

    Speaking at an EU Referendum Facebook event for BuzzFeed, Cameron got a face-full of rhetoric leftist pie when Yasmin told him that, while planning to vote to remain in the European Union, she did not associate herself in any other way with the Tories.

    She explained: “I’m voting Remain but nothing to do with you guys – I hate the Tories. I just want to say you’ve fucked every fucking thing up in this country. You’ve screwed students, you’ve screwed the disabled, the vulnerable, I mean, seriously.

    “I’ve heard you want to take back the Human Rights Act and everything as well, and I totally believe that. I wouldn’t put it past you at all, dodgy Dave.”

  59. Had three “self-employed gardeners” with a van doing next door’s garden and hedges when I got back home a little while ago today from a shopping trip. Soon as I declined their offer of also cutting back my drive-way hedge and front garden they soon scarpered off in their van quickly. They looked and acted very dodgy and shifty as well.

    One of them had the audacity to ask me if I was working and how much money I will be bringing home each week. Told him in so much that information was none of his business to be asking from me. Cheeky g1t..

  60. Has the DWP been treated for an outbreak of pub1c crabs yet? or has their latest itchy pub1c health scare been buried for “other good news” from their headquarters?

  61. It’s official. The government is now illegally spying on me and in breach of the Data Protection Act, Article 8 of the ECHR Act and also the Misuse of Computer Act. I contacted DWP to close my UJM account on Thursday. Today, two days later and my UJM account is still live. Will now have to waste my valuable time after work on Monday to remind them in the knocking shop to get my former UJM account offline and deleted asap.

  62. David Camoron doing the splits – altogether now, legs apart people, to try and be “one of the ordinary people” at his public speeches. Next thing we know is he will move on to bigger and better things by dropping his trousers on The Andrew Marr Show to show us his red rose tattoo on his b6m crack.

    Move along people. Nothing to see here…

  63. In the demented mind of the leader David Camoron…

    The British worker – “up the workers, and out on strike for better pay”
    David Camoron – “Up yours”

  64. Why didn’t I notice this before? All along I thought Seetec were up to no good and telling porkies to me when I was there in 2014-15.


      • Wonder if the old smeghead has made a will, prob going to leave its vast fortune to its lowly subjects, well you know what they say about a word in jest!

        • paultheswineherd

          Debs – You can be assured that none of her lowly ‘subjects’ will not receive a penny of her insanely vast fortune – in true and mean feudal style – I suspect most of it is likely to go to (‘her eldest son’) Charles & Camilla Parker Bowles, as if they haven’t got enough cash already!

  65. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    DWP Police State – Guilty Of Wasting Police Time – A DWP Battle Of Who Is Wasting Police Time.

  66. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The DWP Spokesperson got a knighthood – Sir DWP Spokesperson said “………..Will we fill in your signature for you”. Sir Forgery.

  67. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Dodgy Dave Technical – DDT.

  68. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  69. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    RANT – Rats Against Natural Life

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Rant PLC a tax haven & money Laundering. Yes fiction – Where did the Investment go? What Investment !!!

  70. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    As least I have a brain that works outside the UNUM Merlin System Think Tank Nudge Unit Genocide dictatorship of a rogue state of human rights & equality.

  71. paultheswineherd

    (Off-topic) As I said recently on here, the R.N. is now a shadow of it’s former self. Not to worry though – the scrounging queen and her family are still totally ‘swimming’ in money, whilst some of her ‘subjects’ are almost starving and having to use food banks!

  72. paultheswineherd

    Whilst talking about ‘swimming in money’ – here is another financially disastrous but extremely rich supremo – Sir Philip Green.
    It’s also being reported today of possible ‘cronyism’ regarding Cameron and his Tory donors and the queen’s birthday ‘honours list’.
    The same thing happened last year also, but nothing was done about it, either then, or now.

  73. paultheswineherd

    The ‘Media’ have got so much to answer for – not only the EU Referendum, but also for all of the cover-ups, the deliberate lying and the deliberate twisting of the truth – and also, seemingly answering to the desires and the upholding of the cruel policies of the present Tory Government in keeping most of it completely covered up from the general population.

  74. everyone I have talked to is voting out!!!.
    mostly people 50 and over, because we can remember life in the uk before the fucking eu existed.
    Cameron and his evil rich cronies have lied, misled and used scare tactics to try and make us vote for the tories own hidden adgenda.
    if we stay in the fucking eu the rich will continue getting richer.
    its these rich parasites that sit on the board of all those major companies tht get grants and hand-outs from the eu that’s why big business are desperate for us to stay in the eu.
    also big business and the rich parasites are shitting them selves because if we leave there will be no more cheap foreign labour available for them to exploit and pay slave fucking wages too to become eve more fucking rich.

    the young I this country are brain washed, they believe everything the fucking Tories tell them, a bunch of short sighted lemmings who cant see further that a few weeks ahead.
    if we lose the vote and we remain, you thank all those 18 to 25 year old who probably know fuck all about politics’ fuck all about the eu and its hidden agenda to suck us into a European super state run by the FUCKING GERMANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .

    if you don’t ever want to own your own home vote tory and vote stay in,
    if you want to work for less than £10 an hour for the rest of your life vote tory and vote stay in,
    if you want your taxes to go up to pay for the European super state vote tory and vote to stay in,
    if you want our little island country to be over run by immigrants vote tory and vote stay in.
    if you want unelected rich parasites in Brussels to dictate to us how we live our lives then again vote tory and vote stay in the fucking list goes on and on.
    I have made my will and made a bomb shelter under ground in my garden as every rich mans best buddy ( call me dave) has declared that brexit would be the end of civilization.
    dave says that if the uk leaves the eu the world will go into total melt down
    cities across the world will fall, every business on the planet will collapse and fail, global mass starvation on a biblical scale, every eu country will declare war on each other if we leave the eu, sum it up daves prediction is global Armageddon if the uk leaves the eu!!.

    FUCK OF CAMERON your full of shit!!.
    go find some other country to haunt and take the rest of those parasites at the tory party with you.

    • Great post jeff and sums it all up beautifully. The young can’t think further than when’s the next i-phone coming out and how much is it? Friggin’ brain dead idiots most of them who believe every bit of BS propaganda the mass media feeds them. Compliant little slave worker bees they’ve become. Mindless drones.

      I’ve already voted and voted LEAVE/OUT. The whole EU is set up to rip the ordinary person off and to benefit mega rich corporations and big business. It is also designed to lower wages and put poor people of one country up against poor from other countries, all scraping down the bottom of the barrel for sustenance.

    • No you are wrong Jeff! But on one major point only. Yes the EU is corrupt. You would have to have only one brain cell to think otherwise. However the real problem is that if we vote out which I am hoping we do I might add. We then have the prospect of the most evil and right wing of the Tory party taking over from David Cameron. The consequences will be even more painful for the poorest and most marginalised in this country. What we need more than anything in this country is a real socialist government that will destroy the establishment, get rid of the royal family, build only social housing until the housing crisis is solved, renationalise important industries so they serve the needs of the population, not the wealthy, and start redistributing the wealth from the richest to the poorest. Now I admit this can only happen if we leave the EU because whilst we remain within it we cannot have anything other than that dictated by unelected bureaucrats, however as I stated earlier if we leave it won’t be all sunshine and roses. The right wing nut jobs will make the poor suffer 10 times worse than the present lot unless the stupid UK public wake up and change there whole outlook away from greed and selfishness to a more caring and nurturing society and that is unlikely due to the constant brainwashing in to the system from the media and education system. As it stands at this time, we are just viewed and conditioned from birth to serve our masters as cheap labour so they can rule over us with ease, so unless there is a mass awakening we will just continue either in or out of the EU with the same old broken system. Never believe a Tory when they spin the old yarn that anyone can be a success in this capitalist system. Think about that statement and how false it is, because in order for the system to work someone has to serve at the bottom of the rung. If that wasn’t the case then who would clean the streets and empty our bins.

  75. Trumps visit to the UK the day before the vote is no coincidence.
    Its amazing that a few months ago our ruling corporate elite wanted him banned from the UK.
    WELL SURPRISE SURPISE…………….here`s Trump ready to piss off half the voters with his all guns blazing pearls of wisdom of his rendition of the EU.
    Can’t fucking wait.



    ………..the EEC are nothing but global parasites that manifest themseves in secret cabals hidden from public scrutiny. A rich mans club that plans strategy to make the populus poorer whilst enjoying the fruits of the peasants toil.

    Cameron has no morals or scruples, another kingpin in multinational dominance that favours the sickly Etonian style greed.

    A reverse Robin Hood who puts his dick into a dead pigs mouth to realise his ambition of satisfying a peverted toffs ritual.

    Agovernment so twisted it uses the judiciary to clear the police in involvement in a Brazillian electricians assassination on Stockwell tube, elects a dodgy pathologist to examine a newspaper sellers death by police brutality, hides Hillsborough evidence, lies about weapons of mass destruction, provided safe haven to establishment paedophiles,murders the disabled and clears MI6 on charges of collusion to torture…………………..

    What a fucking septic tank this once proud nation has become……….





    The French are equally as unhappy as the Brits but the media has imposed a blanket ban to keep the uk mushrooms in check.

    From the lips of the english lit student who dared to confront Cameron………………


  77. *Off-topic*

    Please read and comment – I have noticed a harmful website/pop up alert appearing at random, mostly on Firefox and but could also be on other search engines and/or browsers that I have yet to find out. The harmful website/pop-up is called “”. If you,should come across this, which is claiming to be from Google and states google is tracking your web activity, please ignore this alert and do not visit that site.

    This website is harmful and will cause loss of data or possibly corrupt your computer rendering it useless. To combat this, if you are using Mozilla Firefox (version 47), please install the add-on blocksite and add this, as one word :

    : to the blacklist options and save/apply to confirm this web address is blacklisted. At the top of the add-on, ensure that these boxes are ticked – ‘enable blocksite’ ; ‘enable warning messages’ ; ‘enable link removal’ and also ‘blacklist’ option is enabled. If that harmful website tries to pop-up and give a fake google tracking alert, blocksite add-on for firefox will flag up a warning message to confirm it is correctly removing web link redirection to that fake google scam.


    Easycounter is reporting that scam website to be harmful and suspicious. Entering that website will cause loss of data and will harm / corrupt your computer.

  79. Make sure when you vote take your own black biro or felt tip pen.

    Do not use the pencils for obvious reasons.

  80. use mobile broadband and, after taking advantage of the free Windows 7 Professional to Windows 10 Pro upgrade, was surprised to find my monthly broadband allowance began to be exhausted in two rather than four weeks. How? Why? Well it turns out that Microsoft uses individual private computers as mini-servers to torrent Windows updates to other users around the world! I’m not kidding, When Windows 10 downloads updates to your computer they arrive not only from Microsoft itself but from other user’s computers and – and this is the worst of it – are then UPLOADED from your computer, using your bandwidth, to other user’s computers on the web! That was where my data allowance was going! Getting spent uploading Windows 10 updates to stranger on Microsoft’s behalf freeing up Microsoft’s own servers from doing all of the work.

    What a bunch of wankers Microsoft is.

    No wonder why everybody hates them.

    Here’s an article about it.

    Warn your friends.

  81. I use mobile broadband and, after taking advantage of the free Windows 7 Professional to Windows 10 Pro upgrade, was surprised to find my monthly broadband allowance began to be exhausted in two rather than four weeks. How? Why? Well it turns out that Microsoft uses individual private computers as mini-servers to torrent Windows updates to other users around the world! I’m not kidding, When Windows 10 downloads updates to your computer they arrive not only from Microsoft itself but from other user’s computers and – and this is the worst of it – are then UPLOADED from your computer, using your bandwidth, to other user’s computers on the web! That was where my data allowance was going! Getting spent uploading Windows 10 updates to stranger on Microsoft’s behalf freeing up Microsoft’s own servers from doing all of the work.

    What a bunch of wankers Microsoft is.

    No wonder why everybody hates them.

    Here’s an article about it.

    Warn your friends.

    • Fellow JCP Sufferer/Customer

      Hangu – Thanks for the warning about windows 10. I have managed to avoid it. I’m still with windows 7. They did a really sly thing though. I always used to click the x to close the info window that popped up offering windows 10, but one time it came up before I managed to close it and it said “We’ve scheduled your free upgrade to windows 10 for the 25th May” (without me having accepted the offer!!!). I immediately cancelled it, but at least one other person on here seems to have had the misfortune to have had the upgrade forced upon them without accepting it, just like they tried to do to me!!! WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE??? – GIVING YOU WINDOWS 10 WITHOUT YOU AGREEING TO IT AND AS YOU POINT OUT, USING EVERYONE’S PCS TO GIVE THE FREE UPGRADE TO EVERYONE ELSE!!!

    • Windows 10 update configuration settings –

      * choose how updates are delivered, (updates from more than one place)

      Simply answer to stop Microsoft using your own PC as a torrent server to push windows 10 onto other computers using the same home shared network, etc. , simply turn the updates app off if it is already on.


    ………..instead of ringing the DWP and being ignored deliberately on 45p hotlines, why not cut out the middleman and ring the funeral directors directly.

    Ten weeks have now passed since Black Triangle laid allegations before POLICE SCOTLAND about the murderous campaign of the Tory shitheads against welfare claimants.

    POLICE SCOTLAND have been instructed to ignore the allegations which have been backed with structural evidence showing an act of Eugenics it taking place on Cameron’s orders……………….

    Issuing bright yellow uniforms would be befitting to POLICE SCOTLAND who stand by and watch the government pick off the most vulnerable in society…………..


  83. paultheswineherd

    No doubt I suspect that a lot of these ‘charities’ were also involved in the ‘slave labour’ workfare programmes. I’m glad that it rained heavily on the ‘royal couple’ – shame it didn’t drown them both.
    Hopefully, these two royal scroungers will not be ‘reigning over us’ for very much longer!

    • Buck House could make many lovely homes – and also be used as a centre for artists and artisans and the grounds could grow food. What a (literal) waste of space.

  84. “Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation”

    – Jean Monnet (Godfather of the EU).


      The following quote is often attributed to Jean Monnet; in fact it is a paraphrase of a characterization of Monnet’s intentions by British Conservative Adrian Hilton:

      “Europe’s nations should be guided towards a super state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.”[5]

      Monnet is reported to have expressed somewhat similar sentiments, but without the notion of intentional deception, saying “Via money Europe could become political in five years” and “… the current communities should be completed by a Finance Common Market which would lead us to European economic unity. Only then would … the mutual commitments make it fairly easy to produce the political union which is the goal.”[6]

  85. truth teller,
    as I have said before we are both singing from the same hymn sheet.
    my post was about the eu referendum. however as you have quite rightly pointed out in your post a brexit would mean Cameron would have a green light to reign down the most vicious and evil assault on our society. when we leave the eu there are only 2 pieces of legislation which has actually protected the ordinary British people which I will be sad to see go.

    the first is workers rights, paid maternity leave and the working hour directive ect.
    but the one I am really concerned about loosing is THE EUROPEAN BILL OF HUMAN RIGHTS.
    without this protection Britain will indeed without a shadow of a doubt become a POLICE STATE.
    as we all know the police can do what they want to who they want when ever they want without any repercussions what so ever.
    the police are accountable to NO ONE!!!!!!!!!.
    the ipcc is not independent of the police at all.. FACT!!!!!!!.
    the ipcc use SERVING POLICE OFFICERS as investigators into complaints made against the police, so its a matter of THE POLICE INVESTIGATING THEM SELVES!!!!!!!!!!! FACT!.

    so when we leave the eu we can all look out, the servants ( the police) of the state can then beat you up, tazer you, torture you and even murder you ( remember that poor innocent Brazilian guy on that London tube) an get away scott free. That more than anything scares the hell out of me!!!!

    when we vote to leave there will be civil war in the tory party and civil war in parliament every rich tory worm will show his true colours then.
    cameron will be finished either way in or out he,s finished he is already a dead man walking.
    don’t forget only 25% of the British population voted torythe other 75% did the tory fucks only got in with a quarter of the vote. how the fuck did they get anyway!!! BECAUSE THE TORIES CHANGED THE SYSTEM SO IT COULD HAPPEN!!.
    so in or out Cameron and the tories are toast. a snap general election must then be called. but who are we going to elect instead of the tory fucks??.
    LABOUR? those bunch of fuck whit’s who couldn’t solve a two piece jigsaw puzzle between them all.
    corbin who up until 3 months ago wanted out of the eu, corby up until 3 months ago had nothing good to say about the eu now he says its a marvellous thing!!!.
    the labour party are unorganised rabble , a bunch of lemmings who will say or do anything to further their own political path.
    LABOUR did not vote against the bedroom tax, LABOUR did not vote against those evil malicious work assessment’s LABOUR did not vote against the benefit cuts .no those useless fucks simply abstained on everything the tories did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    even now LABOUR have refused to reverse ANYTHINGA THAT THE TORIES HAVE DONE TO US.
    no we need to form a new political party to form a new government a government run by the ordinary people of this country for the ordinary people . not rich fuckers running it for the benefit of rich fuckers.
    once one country takes the lead and the people take back their country then the people of every other European country will do the same ( with the exception of Germany of course).

    then there will be no more fucking austerity just for the poor!!.
    no more we are all in it together bull shit.
    fuck the euro its done nothing but destroy economies and countries and destroy peoples lives!!.
    Germany’s grand vision of an eu super state run by German banks making billions in interest payments from bankrupt countries like Greece is in tatters!!.

    merkle you ugly golum looking bint, your dream of ruling Europe is yet again falling apart, Germany will never rule Europe whether it be by force or financially.
    democracy huh don’t make me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The UK already is a POLICE STATE!!

    • The bookies have REMAIN as a clear favorite at 4/9. LEAVE is the outsider at 7/4. Also you will get a whopping 10/1 on the Jocks and Paddys voting LEAVE (1/33 REMAIN). If you BET on LEAVE and we do VOTE LEAVE you would clean up.

      • William Power

        And it goes without saying that if you BET on LEAVE and we VOTE REMAIN you could lose your shirt 🙂

      • It is still not a dead cert on the spread-betting: UK to Vote IN (EU Referendum) SELL 66.5 BUY 69.5 i.e. if you wagered a weeks JSA you could profit by £27.50 on a REMAIN vote or lose £69.50 on a LEAVE vote. It’s anyone’s guess how it will affect the £pound 😉 , but the £pound did rally strongly when the Jocks voted NO 😉

        • Bruce's Bonus

          SELL: 59.2 BUY: 62.2 – LEAVE have made some ground since yesterday. All to play for. Nothing for a pair… not in this game 🙂

    • The problem with your attack on the Labour party is that in all seriousness we have not had a real labour party since the Thatcher era. The New Labour project was a disaster and brought the Labour party so far to the right it was difficult to tell them apart from the Tories. Labour need to adopt socialism again and reject capitalism. Capitalism is like a rabid dog you can’t cure it only put it down. Labour also need to ditch the political correctness crap and concentrate on the only thing that really counts making the lives of ordinary working people tolerable once more as they did before they sold out.


        Labour versus Tory is a sham performance to deceive the people into believing that THEY – the people – have a voice in their government.

        The real truth is that both parties are owned by the same Globalist/Elitist/illuminati/ gang, it’s a massive con.

        The politicians chosen to be part of the “in group ” the ones who are willing to sell their country down the river for greed – are totally fucking beholden to their rich masters.

      • We don’t have a government.

        Labour versus Tory is a sham performance to deceive the people into believing that THEY – the people – have a voice in their government.

        The real truth is that both parties are owned by the same Globalist/Elitist gang, it’s a massive con – this dump has never been a democracy.

        The politicians chosen to be part of the “in group” the ones that are willing to sell their country down the river for greed – are totally beholden to their rich backers.

    • paultheswineherd

      jeff – Really good post my friend – you tell it as it really is!

    • Dissidentdiva

  86. Fellow JCP Sufferer/Customer

    Does anyone think they can stop us leaving eu? 😦

  87. paultheswineherd

    Look after your ‘jobs’. Even if you are in a ‘zero hours’ one – whether ‘LEAVE’ or ‘IN’ – hopefully it may be better than having to live on £73.10p per week of JSA (an amount which is a fucking disgrace in the ‘5th biggest economy in the world’ – don’t worry though, the queen and her family will not ‘starve’ or ever have to worry about their ‘heating bills’).

  88. paultheswineherd

    Michael Gove has no worries at all if he ‘loses his place in the Cabinet’!
    Fuck him – on the 24th June he may have to sign on at his nearest JobCentreMinus – but, because of ‘the people that he knows’ – I very much doubt that he will ever have to do that.

    • Of course he does not care if the remain camp loses, he can then sit in a made up job especially tailored……………..In the EU house of ill repute in Brussels.
      He an`t daft…far from it.

      • Sorry-That should say “Leave Camp”
        However IDS is another so called politician with no department to call his own, if we remain he will be another, that will have a job for life in Brussels.
        He will be very neatly tucked away, protected by the EU from the shite he has caused in this country.
        There are to many dead bodies under floorboards for this country to vote leave.

      • Politicians joining the dole queue after leaving office is unheard of; they always get shoe-horned into a cushy number, even the unceremoniously dumped Esther McVey is doing ‘Great Train Journeys’ or something or other.

    • Politicians joining the dole queue after leaving office is unheard off; they always get shoe-horned into a cushy number, even the unceremoniously dumped Esther McVey is doing ‘Great Train Journeys’ or something or other.

    • Well just back from Belgium and Belgian security seems very very lax. And Schengen has allowed the daftie islamists (who are nothing to do with islam apparently 😉 ) to move freely. One this the Brussels atrocity will do is make Brexit happen. What a pity innocents had to lose their lives though.

      Muslims complain when monitored, then complain about lack of monitoring when their kids go to join daesh. They complain folk are suspicious of muslims. Wonder why that is eh?

      Europe is in a mess. Our political elites have rolled over in dhimminitude and sold the citizens out. More atrocities will happen. They have to. This is now heading to a final conflict between islam and the rest of the world. One good thing though is that if the world loses it’s battle against islam then our liberal elites will soon be on youtube being relieved of their heads. Literally.

      What exactly we are not being told though must be very scary indeed. But the will does not seem to be there to do anything.

      Still sympathies to the ordinary folk in brussels who were sacrificed at the intolerant illiberal liberal elites alter.

      • Word of the Day

        Word of the Day: Dhimmitude

        Dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling non-muslim populations conquered through jihad. Specifically, it is the TAXING of non-muslims in exchange for tolerating their presence AND as a coercive means of converting conquered remnants to islam.Word of the Day: Dhimmitude

        Dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling non-muslim populations conquered through jihad. Specifically, it is the TAXING of non-muslims in exchange for tolerating their presence AND as a coercive means of converting conquered remnants to islam.

        • The ObamaCare bill is the establishment of Dhimmitude and Sharia muslim diktat in the United States . Muslims are specifically exempted from the government mandate to purchase insurance, and also from the penalty tax for being uninsured. Islam considers insurance to be “gambling”, “risk-taking” and “usury” and is thus banned. Muslims are specifically granted exemption based on this.

          How convenient. So I John Smith, as a Christian, will have crippling IRS liens placed against all of my assets, including real estate, cattle, and even accounts receivables, and will face hard prison time because I refuse to buy insurance or pay the penalty tax. Meanwhile, Louis Farrakhan will have no such penalty and will have 100% of his health needs paid for by the de facto government insurance. Non-muslims will be paying a tax to subsidize muslims. Period. This is Dhimmitude.

          Dhimmitude serves two purposes: it enriches the muslim masters AND serves to drive conversions to islam. In this case, the incentive to convert to islam will be taken up by those in the inner-cities as well as the godless Generation X, Y and Z types who have no moral anchor. If you don’t believe in Christ to begin with, it is no problem whatsoever to sell Him for 30 pieces of silver. “Sure, I’ll be a muslim if it means free health insurance and no taxes. Where do I sign, bro?”

          • By extension this would mean that Muslims are exempt from motor insurance? Do Christians get their car towed away to be crushed and 6 penalty points whilst Muslims are wished a good-day?

            • “Sure, I’ll be a muslim if it means free health insurance, no motor insurance and no taxes. Where do I sign, bro?” 😀

    • Well just back from Belgium and Belgian security seems very very lax. And Schengen has allowed the daftie islamists (who are nothing to do with islam apparently😉 ) to move freely. One thing the Brussels atrocity will do is make Brexit happen. What a pity innocents had to lose their lives though.

      Muslims complain when monitored, then complain about lack of monitoring when their kids go to join daesh. They complain folk are suspicious of muslims. Wonder why that is eh?

      Europe is in a mess. Our political elites have rolled over in dhimminitude and sold the citizens out. More atrocities will happen. They have to. This is now heading to a final conflict between islam and the rest of the world. One good thing though is that if the world loses it’s battle against islam then our liberal elites will soon be on youtube being relieved of their heads. Literally.

      What exactly we are not being told though must be very scary indeed. But the will does not seem to be there to do anything.

      Still sympathies to the ordinary folk in brussels who were sacrificed at the intolerant illiberal liberal elites alter.



    Frank Zola left an annotation (13 June 2016)

    Possible outcomes of today’s Court of Appeal hearing:

    Case is sent back/remitted to first tier tribunal, due to an error in law

    DWP’s appeal rejected, requiring DWP to comply with Upper Tribunal and disclose names of workfare hosts.

    Link to this

    • DWP…. They are all mouth and no trousers as usual. I can name one placement provider in hoc with DWP – Seetec. By the way I’m laughing at them as they are only open two days a week since the gravy train (JCP payments) fell off the tracks.



    From: Thelma Jennings

    15 April 2016

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    The recently broadcast Dispatches Investigation aired on channel 4, showed video with synced audio of a Health Professional named by channel 4’s Dispatches programme as Alan, who stated that he sometimes carried out large parts of the face to face medical assessments before the appointment and also saying he once completed one on a one-legged man before he even met him. Alan no longer works for Capita because they were appalled by his disrespectful comments and actions.

    1. Please tell me how many Medical Assessments did this Health Professional named as Alan by Channel 4’s Dispatches programme, carry out during his time with Capitia on behalf of the DWP?

    2. Of all the Medical Assessments this Health Professional named as Alan by Channel 4’s Dispatches programme, carried out during his time with Capitia on behalf of the DWP how many of them have now been looked at again in light of what he said to the undercover reporter.

    3. Are ALL the Medical Assessments carried out by the Health Professional named as Alan by Channel 4’s Dispatches programme, now to be looked at again afresh in light of what he said to the undercover reporter.




  92. paultheswineherd

    “HM The Queen is Patron of over 600 British & Commonwealth charities and organisations. See the full list here: HM The Queens Charities and Patronages”
    (Although they say that there is a link to this, I cannot see the ‘full list’ anywhere on there, just loads of ‘royals’ and what they are up to and their latest ‘photos’ – including Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles (the equally hated Duke & Duchess of Cornwall!) – although, admittedly, there is a lot of information – so I may just have missed it!)
    Mind you – all of the ‘royals’, both old and new are most probably ‘registered charities’ in their very own right – no more taxes! – Just ‘expenses incurred! No more tax to pay – for ever! The fucking bastards!

    • paultheswineherd

      (So says a true Cornishman – with his own family, now living and working in Herefordshire!)

      • paultheswineherd

        At ‘minimum wage’ – with working tax credits.
        Fuck the queen and her ‘glorious victorian family’ – those fucking bastards – not having to get up at silly o’clock and having to have to do a full days work, or having to worry about having to pay bills, or having to pay for food, or having to pay for heating. Fuck all of you ROYAL cunts – damn you all to hell you fuckers – YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WORK AT ALL

        • I’m having to get up at silly o’clock each weekday morning and working my a93e off stacking cut timber planks for up to 9 hours a day. I haven’t been paid ANY wages as yet since I started last Monday, not knowing until Friday if I will be weekly or monthly wage arrears.

          Those royals are so f8cking lazy and cushy getting loads of money for sitting on their fat asses, cutting ribbons, doing handshakes and hosting lavish parties for presidents of corrupt countries. I don’t know if being on JSA or working my ass off is any different. I just hope I get really good wages that’s all. I f9cking deserve them.

          • Was wondering that too! Will Fen Tiger ever get paid. If you are working you are never quite sure if you are going to get paid. Unless you are working for the DWP 🙂 At least with being on benefits, but sadly not these days, you used to think at least I will get paid, the rent will be getting paid. Moving to ’employment’ especially with all these dodgy agencies, and even so-called employers is a BIG RISK, in fact it is probably the BIGGEST RISK of coming off the dole: the worry of “Will I get paid?” In fact, it is probably the biggest reasons why people are reluctant to leave and ‘prefer’ to stay on benefits. Personally, it has happened to me a lot of times and I personally know of many others who it has happened. Being fobbed off constantly with excuses such as “Your money will be in the bank by Christmas” but they don’t say which Christmas 😉 is not fun when you have got bills to pay and a landlord threatening you will eviction. You have to think long and hard before moving from benefits especially if you have responsibilities. I remember being told how my great grandfather had to take a shot-gun to a farmer in order to get paid. This was over in Canada during the Depression mind you. Incidentally, my great grandmother was in tears as she told about the poor orphans that the Salvation Army and I think Barnardos too were sending over to Canada to work on the farms as slave labour. She really, really hated the Salvation Army and always told them to fuck off any time they came near her shaking a can.

            • @ Karen

              Yes, I will get paid proper money, but not as much as I’d like.. I’ll probably get sacked if I am cheeky and ask my manager for the same amount of money each week those lazy “royals” get out of our taxes for doing diddly squat.

            • I’m not with some dodgy recruitment agency whom all of which cream off a hidden percentage of their worker’s wages to pay for having them on the employment supply books – re: admin processing costs, etc.

      • Paul – you’re an ethnic minority, my friend.

        • paultheswineherd

          dd – yes thanks for this and I am fully aware of it (Wales & Scotland too!)
          Cornwall was indeed granted ‘minority’ status by the ‘Coalition’ – we also have (through the EU) been granted ‘pasty’ (amongst other!) status.
          Real ‘Cornish’ pasties can only be ‘made’ in Cornwall – not in South Wales, Yorkshire or by ‘Greggs’ the bakers. If a ‘pasty’ is made elsewhere, other than Cornwall, than it cannot be called a ‘Cornish’ pasty! (only a ‘pasty!) The same goes for ‘Melton Mowbray’ pork pies, ‘Champagne’ from France and ‘Parma’ ham from Italy. All of them are ‘protected’ and if we should leave the EU – then all of the ‘British’ ones above will not be protected at all.


      Sandra Noble

      I feel offended by it all, 1 billion pound has been spent on her birthday while people in this country are starving and homeless. And they gave her a ‘country estate’ from ‘ the people’ without even asking ‘the people’ has all these cuts just been to fund her birthday?? What about all of the other 90 year old that have worked a dam sight harder than the queen for this country what did they get??.



    Republicans to call for monarchy referendum when Queen dies

    Britain’s republican movement has revealed it plans to mount a campaign for a referendum on the future of the monarchy when the Queen dies.

    Republic has been nervous of appearing callous over the Queen’s mortality, because it sees the popularity of the Queen as crucial to public support for the institution.

    But on the eve of the Queen’s 90th birthday, Republic’s chief executive, Graham Smith, suggested that, when it happens, the Queen’s death will mark a turning point in public attitudes.

    “The Queen’s birthday reminds us that support for the monarchy is bound up with support for the Queen,” he said.

    In a statement to mark the royal birthday, he added: “In a hereditary monarchy the Queen’s age becomes a political issue. Long before the Queen dies the country will need to debate what happens next.”

    • paultheswineherd

      Geoff – exactly so. The fiasco that has been ‘the queen’s 90th birthday’ has been a total travesty. This has been a ‘look back’ to a ‘bygone age’ of Victorian pomp and circumstance, in the name of the population of 2016 Britain. It bears little resemblance, even to the Victorian age (excepting a very small percentage of the population of Britain that worships her) where they would come out to adore her in the ‘hundreds of thousands’. I would say that apart from BBC & Sky News,The Sun & Daily Mail readers & those in The Mall celebrating on the day, then few, apart from the ‘adoring’ villages in more rural areas and The Cotswolds villages, – would have celebrated her 90th!
      The historian, Starkey (whom, strangely I admire for his intelligence and knowledge with regard to history) no doubt would be all over her and her family – but, in all reality nowadays, the likes of such as us want rid of her and her scrounging taxpayer-fed family. We want better – and we want rid off all of the cunts – as soon as possible. If a Republic – so be it – it cannot be any worse than them – taking all of our money and living off of all of us.

  94. It appears as though you’ve got the honest nitty-gritty of the position circumvent. While many another appear to have omitted the key concept of it, that which is expressed previous is flawless and on the money. I am not saying that I agree along all items; however, you did payed me reason to rethink many of the tips that I believed that I took for as determined opinions in that attentiveness. Substantially stated, and it is now time for my brain to consider a bit more along a couple of the main concepts. In all I have to think you’ve did a job well done

  95. Social housing is a goldmine for greedy contractors. Lining their pockets constantly doing unnecessary work over and over again. All deals done on the golf course with scummy ‘housing associations’. There is always a way you can screw money out of the poor. No wonder their fucking rents are so high! Must be all those fucking drill bits!

  96. Universal Job Board

    DIY Job Boards 🙂

    “We then pay you a revenue on a pay for performance basis as your job seekers review or apply for jobs.” 😀

    • Have I missed something here? Job websites get paid per each successful job application made by their job seeking clients? The DWP are missing a nice little earner to pay for the upkeep of their own rotten site, if which failed me completely.

    • Everyone should have their very own ‘job board’ and spam the fuck out of that universal jobmatch shite 😀


    British security company G4S confirms that Florida shooter is one of their own
    Clare Sambrook 13 June 2016

    • Omar Mateen, who killed 50 people in gay nightclub, was employed as armed guard by G4S.
    • G4S guards have killed before.
    • Company sells its expertise in vetting staff.

    The international security company G4S has confirmed that Omar Mateen, who slaughtered 50 people in the Pulse LGBT nightclub, was one of their employees.

    “We are deeply shocked by this tragic event,” said the company’s North America CEO John Kenning. “We can confirm that Omar Mateen had been employed by G4S since September 10th, 2007. Mateen was off-duty at the time of the incident. He was employed at a gated retirement community in South Florida.

    “Mateen underwent company screening and background checks when he was recruited in 2007 and the check revealed nothing of concern. His screening was repeated in 2013 with no findings.

    “We are cooperating fully with all law enforcement authorities, including the FBI, as they conduct their investigations. In 2013, we learned that Mateen had been questioned by the FBI but that the enquiries were subsequently closed. We were not made aware of any alleged connections between Mateen and terrorist activities, and were unaware of any further FBI investigations.

    “Our thoughts and prayers remain with the victims of this unspeakable tragedy, and their friends and families.”

  98. Mental Health Nurse

    One of the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease (senile dementia) is forgetfulness. Does it never occur to anyone that a lot of benefit claimants are being sanctioned when they are actually in the first stages of Alzheimer’s disease? Forgot appointment? Sanction! Forgot job diary? Sanction! Forgot to log onto Universal Jobmatch? Sanction! People suffering from Alzheimer’s forget because they genuinely forget. And often, at least initially, it is the only symptom. But by reading these blogs, there appears to be no excuse for forgetfulness according to the DWP. Benefit claimants in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease must be getting sanctioned to death – literally! Why is this never mentioned or discussed?

    • Mental Health Nurse

      Incidentally, Alzheimer’s disease can occur very early on, well within the range of when people are claiming ‘out-of-work’ benefits. It is just very strange that it is never mentioned or discussed, not even on these blogs as a possible cause as to why a claimant forgot to attend a jobcentre appointment etc. It is always worth mentioning that stress can also cause forgetfulness too. But is seems that there is no leeway as far the as DWP is concerned.



    The government are facing accusations of possible human rights violations as they are grilled by a United Nations committee this week – and Coronation Street star Cherylee Houston tells The Canary “people are dying” because of Tory policies.

    On Wednesday and Thursday in Geneva, the UN Human Rights committee on economic, social and cultural affairs will be publicly reporting on its conclusions after more than two years of evidence gathering. A report has been submitted from the UK government and a representative invited, but it is unclear whether one will be in attendance.

    The concerns of the UN relate to the state of the nation up to 2014, and are overarching: the blacklisting of trade union workers; the inadequacy of measures to prevent forced marriage and FGM; protection of asylum seekers; modern slavery; homelessness and tackling the gender pay gap are just some listed.

    But the biggest area of criticism has centred around austerity and the Welfare Reform Act (2012). Specifically its impact on “disadvantaged and marginalised individuals and groups” in society.

    Most notably the disabled.

    Speaking exclusively to The Canary, actress Cherylee Houston who plays the character Izzy Armstrong in Coronation Street, and is a staunch campaigner for disability rights, told us:

    I really hope the UN find that the Government have breached the rights of disabled people – I don’t understand how they cannot. This Government has systematically stripped disabled people of the independence that generations have fought for. Disabled people in certain postcodes have no care outside of their homes – for help with such basics as food shopping and [at home] tidying and clothes washing.

    The UN has asked the government to report on several key areas. One area states:

    Please provide concrete information on how current housing policies and welfare reform are contributing to addressing the housing deficit in the [UK]. Please provide statistical information on the supply of social and affordable housing, especially for the most disadvantaged and marginalized individuals and groups, including middle- and low income individuals and households, young people and persons with disabilities.

    As of April 2015, 1.2 million households (not people – households) were languishing on social housing waiting lists. At the same time, tenant evictions rocketed to 42,728 households – 53% higher than in 2010. Campbell Robb, the chief executive of housing charity Shelter, said the figures were:

    clear proof of the devastating impact that welfare cuts and the chronic shortage of affordable homes are having on hundreds of [tenants] every day […] short-sighted welfare cuts are only making things tougher.

    One such “short-sighted” welfare cut is the bedroom tax – and it has hit disabled people the hardest. 63% of households who have been penalised by the “Spare Room Subsidy” have someone classed as disabled living in them. Furthermore, in April 2013 the government slashed £500 million from means-tested council tax funding and told local authorities to basically “sort it”. This meant 670,000 of the most vulnerable households faced a rise in their bill of £120 – and this, again, hit the disabled and their carers the hardest.

    The UN also asked the government to comment on:

    how they have improved access to work opportunities among the most disadvantaged and marginalized individuals and groups, including persons with disabilities

    “Remploy” factories were set up to provide employment for people living with disabilities. But the government closed the last of them in 2013. Of the 1,500 employees made redundant half were still unemployed as of 2015.

    Another area of concern expressed by the UN is the poverty rate in the UK, especially amongst the most vulnerable. Figures show that 19% of households that include a disabled person live in relative income poverty (below 60% of median income), compared to 14% of households without a disabled person. Furthermore, 40% of disabled children in the UK live in poverty even though the annual cost of bringing up a disabled child is three times greater than that of bringing up a non-disabled child.

    But the most damning aspect of the UN’s analysis was surrounding austerity. The committee requested evidence to show:

    that austerity measures introduced through the Welfare Reform Act of 2012 do not disproportionately affect […] economic, social and cultural rights, in particular disadvantaged and marginalized individuals and groups [and how the government] will ensure a minimum amount of social assistance benefits that provides an adequate standard of living for the system’s beneficiaries and their families.

    Joint research by the London School of Economics and the Universities of Manchester and York showed that spending on social care for vulnerable adults had been slashed by a third and that the poorest twentieth of the population lost an average of nearly three percent of their incomes over the period – while individuals in the top half were actually better off. Some might say a “class war” is being waged in the UK.

    International bodies such as the IMF have repeatedly criticised the government’s austerity measures. However, this has seemingly fallen on deaf (or uncaring) ears.

    The abolition of the Independent Living Fund (ILF) in 2015 has exacerbated this situation. Nearly 18,000 of people with high-support needs were stripped of around £300 per week. This is despite the DWP’s own research saying it’s “almost certain that closure of the ILF will mean that the majority of users will face changes to the way their support is delivered, including the real possibility of a reduction to the funding they currently receive [and] the loss of a carer or personal assistant”

    As Cherylee told us:

    People have gone from 24hr care to 10 hours a week. People are being washed, dressed, fed ready meals, made to wear incontinence pads when they are not incontinent and put to bed at a prescribed time by their local councils.

    When the government closed the ILF, they said that the solution would be increased social care. What they forgot to mention was that they had already stripped over £3.5 billion from these budgets. Services were already at breaking point, and are now nearly broken with local authorities are struggling to cope. Furthermore, the forthcoming cuts to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) of £30 a week for new applicants will add even more pressure to the most vulnerable in society.

    Cherylee asserted that:

    People are dying as a result. Where is our right to independence, education, to work, to contribute to the society around us? The system that was set up to protect us, to enable us to live our lives’ to their full potential; now our disabled children will never live independently, they’re building Super Care Homes. It’s terrifying. We only escaped the institutions in the 80’s, we are 20% of the population.

    The UN committee will report on its findings on the 24 June. Cherylee concluded with a sentiment so many must feel:

    Please, please the UN – find them culpable, give us our rights back as human beings.

    But that’s not the end of the story.

    A second investigation is being conducted by the UN. The first of it’s kind in the world, the investigation is for possible “grave or systemic” breaches of the rights of disabled people by the UK government. The fact that the country with the fifth largest economy in the world is subject to this is staggering.

    Speaking to The Canary, Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) said:

    At the same time as the UN Disability Committee are carrying out an unprecedented investigation into the UK’s violations of disabled people’s human rights it is doubly shocking that yet another UN committee are also investigating them for further violations of rights of the vulnerable.

    On 2 May 2010, David Cameron said on The Andrew Marr Show that:

    The test of a good society is you look after the elderly, the frail, the vulnerable, the poorest in our society. And that test is even more important in difficult times, when difficult decisions have to be taken, than it is in better times.

    How’s that test going, Mr Cameron?

    Because judging by the criticisms and concerns from the UN, you have been failing.






    • Dissidentdiva

      Mental Health Nurse has made a valid point.

      • Exactly! And add to the mix that Jobcentre try and confuse claimants DELIBERATELY; changing signing on day/time constantly, throwing in random appointments…

        • Dissidentdiva

          A system designed to cause stress and failure. DWP – Distress Will Prevail.

        • I can now tell the JCP to go and get st6ffed and there is nothing they can do.

          • You are now ‘off-flow’, Fen – which is what they like. Makes you sound like a sewage pipe, but their aim is to off-flow claimants by any means possible hence sanctions and work programmes. Luckily you had the gumption to find a job that suits for the present.


    HMRC have started targeting the self-employed with the intention of stopping their Working Tax Credits and demanding repayment of Tax Credits already paid, for previous years.

    They are sending out questionnaires wich require the recipient to provide detailed information and evidence to prove the actual hours worked in expectation of payment as opposed to hours worked per week to run the business. Only the hours worked which will actually result in direct income from that work will be counted as working hours.

    They require you to prove every area of your business activity enabling them to then calculate your income, divided by the hours worked to produce that income. If it falls beneath the National Working Wage of £7.20 per hour worked for payment, they will stop your Tax Credits.

  102. Jobcentre Minus has still not closed/deleted my old universal jobmatch account now that I am back in work and have closed my old JSA claim. Would I need to seek legal advice against them now for breaching my lawful right to privacy under un-warranted state intrusion?

    • A: They make money on accounts.
      B: Your details are forever enshrined for big brother.
      Welcome to the Hotel California.

      • Online job-searching is basically your time being stolen from you can converted into £money£ for someone else. Time DOES = Money. YOUR TIME = MONEY to someone else 😀

        And the same with other shit such as online ‘dating’, social media, etc. All shit to convert your time into money for someone else.

  103. paultheswineherd

    I came home from work today and was confronted with the terrible news that Jo Cox, – one of Labour’s newest MP’s – a new and rising star – had been murdered, twice shot and twice stabbed in cold blood, out of the blue, by a man, (presumably by a deranged madman) in her very own Constituency in Leeds, West Yorkshire.
    Obviously this criminal investigation is still ongoing and I cannot comment any further. All that I can say is that this is an absolute tragedy, mostly to her family and her two very young daughters. What a dreadful thing to happen to anyone.

    • paultheswineherd

      I and my wife both remember seeing Jo Cox on recordings of PMQ’s – both of us were in tears tonight when we saw this tragic news (BBC 6PM News) – shame on the criminal that carried out this outrageous act – if anyone should have suffered this – then it should have been IDS – she did not deserve this – but the bastard that is IDS definitely does.

    • The Couch Potatoes

      George Alagiah was pretty peeved off that this death – the BBC don’t like to use the word ‘murder’ – meant that England’s 2-1 Euro win against Wales was dropped to second in the running order.

  104. paultheswineherd

    I am afraid that the politics of hate is still very much with us at this time!
    Nigel Farage – His ‘Little England’ ideas will indeed get him far – NOT!
    Nigel Farage – This self-styled, hyprocritical pimp. He did not attend at least 43 times for ‘debates’ at the European Parliament – (he was an MEP for fucks sake!), but HE still took all of the money that the EU ‘awarded’ him!
    Nigel Farage – A downgraded version of a Tory politician – dressed in a downgraded tweed suit of Cameron – a City Pimp Extraordinairre – telling Britain that they need ‘HIM’ and his ‘UKIP’ party.
    If the ‘immigrants’ were now refused entry, or ‘kicked out’ our NHS would be in extreme trouble – our ‘care sector’ would be in trouble – the ‘jobs’ that British people either do not want to do or are ‘forced’ to do would be in real trouble – there would be no ’employees’ willing to do these ‘jobs’.
    I need Nigel Farage as much as I need two, (instead if one!) arseholes.
    FUCK OFF FARAGE – FUCK OFF CAMERON – FUCK OFF OSBORNE – FUCK OFF IDS, FUCK OFF GRAYLING, FUCK OFF PRITI PATEL & LASTLY – FUCK OFF (MICHAEL GOVE) – your father did not lose his ‘fishing business’ because of the EU – he lost his business as he ‘voluntarily gave it up!)
    Britain really needs none of any of you self-proclaimed arseholes!

    • paultheswineherd

      And that also includes the ex-London Mayor and ‘hopeful’ Prime Minister Boris Johnson – the straw-haired and congenial, humorous and bumptious prat who knows all and absolute everything about little – the likes of him has never ever been so!

  105. Check out these outrageous application form questions (these are from O2)

    Did any of your parent(s) or guardian(s) complete a university degree course or equivalent (eg. BA, BSc or higher)? *
    What type of school did you mainly attend between the ages of 11 and 16? *
    Up to the age of 16 did your family ever receive free school meals? *
    Up to the age of 16 did your family ever receive any other social security benefits? *

    Is this even legal?

    The options for the schools question are state-run or state-funded school (Non-selective e.g. comprehensive); state-run or state-funded school (Selective on academic, faith or other grounds); independent or fee-paying school; outside of the UK

    Absolutely fucking ridiculous.

    • 35 Hours A Week Jobsearcher

      Another trend is sites that require you to log into your Facebook account to fill in your application details! WTF!? What if you don’t have a Facebook account?!

      ‘Web-cam interviews’ are another growing trend. 3 (the mobile company) use this method.

      • 35 Hours A Week Jobsearcher

        It is non an actual interview. You were given five questions, given thirty seconds to prepare a response and 90 seconds to record it. For 3 three the questions were:

        Why do you want to work for Three? And what about longer term aspirations?

        Tell me about the best team you have been a part of. What role did you play? Why was it great?
        At the start of the interview we showed a video of ‘What it’s like to be Three’ please tell us why you are right for a position with us?

        Our customers expect the very best service – what do you think are the key things you should do when speaking to a customer who may not be happy with the service they are getting from 3?

        Please tell us about the best customer experience you have either given or received, what made it great?

        And don’t know why they had a fact guy with a speed impediment doing the “show me how” video: “bwightly lit room”, “Thwee” lol And a Scotch girl with a rough accent to asking the questions!

        • 35 Hours A Week Jobsearcher

          The reason “Thwee” give is that it “saves your hard-earned money”. It also means that they can see instantly what a candidate looks like, sounds like and how old they look which is their key criteria 😉 And bin you instantly if they don’t like the way you look, sound, age 😉



    Ministers ‘breach FoI laws’ by delaying release of fresh benefit deaths reviews

    Ministers are delaying the release of nine secret reviews into the deaths of benefit claimants, even though civil servants apparently prepared them for release three weeks ago under freedom of information laws.

    A response to a request to release redacted versions of the documents was completed by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) freedom of information team on 23 May, and just needed official clearance to be released.

    But the documents – which are likely to be heavily-redacted versions of the nine reviews – have still not been released to Disability News Service (DNS), three weeks later, in an apparent breach of freedom of information laws.

    The reviews cover the period from August 2014 to January 2016, and are likely to be similar in format to the 49 reviews that were released by DWP last month following a 21-month battle with DNS to keep them secret.

    DWP is so far refusing to say how many of the nine secret reviews concern a claimant who took their own life.

    The latest request was submitted on 15 April, but DNS has been told by DWP’s freedom of information team that a draft response was completed on 23 May – three weeks ago – but has still not been signed off so that it can be released.

    A DWP spokeswoman apologised for the delay, but refused to explain why the response had not yet been released.

    She said: “We always aim to respond to freedom of information requests within 20 working days – in fact nine out of ten responses are sent within that timescale.

    “We will get a response to you in due course.”

    Many of the 49 reviews released last month concerned the deaths of disabled people who had applied for the out-of-work disability benefit employment and support allowance (ESA), through the work capability assessment (WCA) process.

    And many of the reviews – 40 of which refer to benefit claimants who took their own lives – concerned the reassessment of long-term claimants of incapacity benefit (IB).

    Although key parts of the peer reviews were missing because they were so heavily redacted, DNS found 10 key recommendations for DWP to take national action to improve the way it treated vulnerable benefit claimants.

    DNS is still waiting to hear from DWP if those 10 recommendations were ever carried out.

    The nine peer reviews – now renamed internal process reviews – are likely to be scrutinised closely by disabled activists for further evidence of failings in the way DWP has dealt with benefit claimants labelled as “vulnerable”, many of whom are likely to be mental health service-users or have learning difficulties.

    They could provide crucial evidence for calls – led by the Scottish-based grassroots group Black Triangle, and backed by many other disabled activists – for former work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith to face a criminal investigation for misconduct in public office following his refusal to address a coroner’s concerns about the safety of the WCA in 2010.

    They want to hold Duncan Smith and his former employment minister Chris Grayling to account for their failure to improve the safety of the WCA, when they were warned that it risked causing further deaths.

    Last November, government-funded research concluded that the programme to reassess people claiming IB using the WCA could have caused 590 suicides in just three years.

    • paultheswineherd

      Geoff – Hopefully, Police Scotland are still investigating the involvement of Iain George Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling in the event of their ‘negligence of duty’ to answer the calls of the Coroner with regard to ‘minimising the risk of death or suicide to future claimants’.
      I seem to remember that this was reported to them around 23rd March 2016. It is now June, (hopefully, they have not forgotten about it!)

      Also, the U.N. (on Wednesday & Thursday, 15th & 16th June) were supposed to be summoning Tory politicians to Geneva to answer the charges against the current U.K. Government with regard to the ‘Rights of Disabled People’. This should also not be forgotten – the Tories have committed unspeakable crimes against sick and disabled people in the UK since 2010 and afterwards.

      • The UN will do sod all to help us.

        • You’re bang on there. They will decide that the criminal UK state that inflicts horrific suffering on it’s own people has ‘no case to answer’. Then it will be conveniently kicked into the long grass and forgotten about. Plus all this ‘rights of disabled people’; i agree with all that. But what about the rights of ordinary people on JSA who have been shat on and exploited mercilessly by this government and past government’s including Liebour one’s? Do they not have any rights?

          • But the thing is that nobody gives a shit ” about the rights of ordinary people on JSA”, not even the disabled lobby who only seek to further and protect their own interests. The government could round up people on JSA and ship them off to a factory in Eastern Europe to be boiled down to glue and, bar some had-wringing from Poly Toynbee in the Guardian, nobody would give a shit. It is not like people on JSA can roll out some wheelchairs whenever they try and elicit some public sympathy unlike the disabled lobby.




    Right lemmie get this straight. The government can afford to let Samantha Cameron hire a model at a stupid wage of £53,000/year to help her dress, yet when it comes to paying an extra £17,000 to help someone save his life its too much????!!!??? Seems like the government needs to get their priorities in order!!!!



  108. “Call out the instigators because there`s something in the air”.

  109. Victoria Derbyshire's Knickers

    That MP whatever his name who managed to slip into Joanna Gosling’s knickers: “Every day we have have constituents who have been sanctioned, are facing destitution because their money has been stopped, are facing eviction because they have been left penniless by the DWP”. She was fucking fuming! Lucky he was appearing on screen or she would have done what she did with that other MP who she turned all school marm on, chiding him for saying something she disapproved of , then told him on no uncertain terms to leave her lol studio.

  110. Victoria Derbyshire's Knickers

    Missed a bit: “Every day we have have constituents come to see us who have been sanctioned, are facing destitution because their money has been stopped, are facing eviction because they have been left penniless by the DWP. We can’t turn these people away”

  111. Very Disgusted with the State of the Country

    Very Disgusted with the EU Inflicted Austerity on Greece

    NO Austerity



    He had mental problems but what really triggered his dormant thoughts to carry out the evil attack on MP Jo Cox.

    I would bet my bottom dollar that the DWP had recently done something to his benefits that managed to push him over the edge.

    Our media seem too quick to allege Mair’s connections to extremist factions.

    The real reason may be deliberately withheld, given the trail of dead bodies attached to falsified medical reports at the behest of the DWP……


      ………….was Jo Cox’s assassination orchestrated by our state security services to give a plaform to foreign leaders to help sway a referendum vote?

      I would not be surprised in the least if this was the case. Money and greed have no boundaries when decisions threatening the financial industry are imminent.

      Whatever the reason, the murder has caused a major distraction, which was timed to perfection……………

      • (Relatively) young mother with two kids and all that. We can’t just can’t help ourselves from keeping on falling for the MSM narrative. You have to ask yourself? Cuo Bono? (Who benefits?) An who will ‘benefit’ from this? If you want to know the answer to a question… Follow the Money.

      • It is IMPERATIVE for the ‘financial industry’ that we stay in the EU. The big boys and girls with the ££s want us to STAY. The financial markets won’t be happy bunnies if we BREXIT. The ££ will tank. The effects of a BREXIT will be felt all over the Eurozone. A lot at stake!

      • ‘They’, the ruthless fuckers will stop at nothing to get their way. Look what happened to JFK when he ‘mispoke’ and rattled the cages of the financial markets!

      • Interestingly, the markets have been ‘rebounding’ hot on the heels of the news of this assassination… er… death when previously they had been tanking having being “spooked over growing uncertainty that the UK may be heading to Brexit”

      • Dissidentdiva

        Geoff – I thought this too. The timing is perfection. Tin foil hattery or truth? Will we ever know?



    That invasion was supposed to lead to the discovery and disposal of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and make the world a safer place.

    But as Blair was lapping up the grateful plaudits from the U.S. Congress on July 17, 2003, the man who had done more than almost any other individual on earth to contain the threat from WMD lay dead in the woods at Harrowdown Hill in Oxfordshire.

    For Dr David Kelly, the UK’s leading weapons inspector, there was to be no adulation, no medal, no standing ovation.

    His life ended in the cold, lonely wood where he was found the next morning, his left wrist cut open, and three nearly-empty blister packs of painkillers in his jacket pocket.

    His death was, of course, sensational front-page news. Dr Kelly, unknown to almost everybody at the beginning of that July, had in recent days barely been absent from media headlines.

    Much to his chagrin he had been thrust into the harsh glare of publicity, accused of being the mole who expressed to the BBC deep concerns about the Government’s “sexing up” of its dossier on weapons of mass destruction.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook




    The Bilderberg Group has long been the subject of speculation. But what do we really know about the secretive international meetings between top politicians and bosses?

    The location of the meetings is now public. Last year, the Danish capital of Cophenhagen was the venue of choice.

    This year, the world’s elites will travel to the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol in the Austrian Alps.
    The group releases a list of attendees. From the UK this year George Osborne and Ed Balls are attending.

    Other people going to the 2015 meet-up include José Barroso, the former EU Commission President, and executives from firms including Google, BP, Shell, and Deutsche Bank.

    Flags-Greece-Reuters.jpgPrior to meetings the group releases broad subject areas for debate. This year, all we know is that they’ll be discussing “Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Chemical Weapons Threats, Current Economic Issues, European Strategy, Globalisation, Greece, Iran, Middle East, NATO, Russia, Terrorism, United Kingdom, USA, US Elections”.

    A lot of these subjects hints are very broad-ranging. ‘United Kingdom’, for instance, could be a reference to the Brexit, the recent elections, or both.

    Flags-Greece-Reuters.jpgPrior to meetings the group releases broad subject areas for debate. This year, all we know is that they’ll be discussing “Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Chemical Weapons Threats, Current Economic Issues, European Strategy, Globalisation, Greece, Iran, Middle East, NATO, Russia, Terrorism, United Kingdom, USA, US Elections”.

    A lot of these subjects hints are very broad-ranging. ‘United Kingdom’, for instance, could be a reference to the Brexit, the recent elections, or both.

    We know they take security very seriously
    Austrian Police officers check cars near the town of Telfs

    The area around the meetings is put into complete lockdown. There is no need to rely on private security: national governments of host countries cooperate fully and provide police protection.

    This year’s summit starts on Thursday but already a zone around the Interalpen-Hotel Tyro has been established by Austrian police with security checks on vehicles entering and exiting the area.

    Arrests have been made at previous meetings, including of journalists trying to find out what is going on.

    But… we’ll never know what was said

    People who attend the events do not, as a rule, talk about the specifics of what was discussed. This includes politicians whose job is to represent their constituents.

    There are no minutes taken of the meetings, and no reports are made of any conclusions reached. No votes are taken and no policies proscribed. Journalists trying to interview participants at meetings have previously been arrested.

    The specifics of most international summits and meetings tend to be fairly opaque, but some public announcement is usually made as to conclusions reached.

    Not so with the Bilderberg Group; the global establishment departs as quietly as it arrives.

    Based off of this article it would seem that this group which has most of the wealth and power in the west are doing things that the majority wouldn’t agree with. What is also interesting is that it seems there are not African or China or Middle Eastern influence whatsoever. Because these meetings are not transparent, it leads me to believe that bad stuff is happening behind the scenes which the majority have no clue about. I see a problem as well with politicians and business leaders meeting with each other, by that action one would deduce that there is significant collusion happening behind the scenes. Overall, this is very disturbing to me, and why people are not asking questions and getting answers are beyond me.


    The City of London is the only part of Britain over which parliament has no authority. This is … an official old boys’ network. In one respect at least the Corporation acts as the superior body: it imposes on the House of Commons a figure called the remembrancer: an official lobbyist who sits behind the Speaker’s chair and ensures that, whatever our elected representatives might think, the City’s rights and privileges are protected. The mayor of London’s mandate stops at the boundaries of the Square Mile. The City has exploited this remarkable position to establish itself as a kind of offshore state, a secrecy jurisdiction which controls the network of tax havens housed in the UK’s crown dependencies and overseas territories. This autonomous state within our borders is in a position to launder the ill-gotten cash of oligarchs, kleptocrats, gangsters and drug barons. It has also made the effective regulation of global finance almost impossible

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