Begging Is A Lifestyle Choice Says Leeds Councillor As Homelessness Charities Launch The Nastiest Campaign Yet


Leeds City Council have teamed up with the police and so-called charities, to come up with the nastiest campaign yet aimed at discouraging the public from giving a bit of spare change to homeless people.

The above poster has been placed at key sites across the city warning people not to give money to beggars because it may help fuel their addictions.  As ever the homelessness industry demands that people give the money to them instead so they can spend it on drink soaked conferences in posh hotels that cost £700 quid a ticket.

No thought at all seems to have been given about how this campaign will further stigmatise homeless people who already often face abuse and even violence from some members of the public. Those attacks will now be more likely as homeless people are smeared as addicts or drunks by the very organisations that claim to be on their side.  The dehumanisation of the very poorest is no longer just coming from the pages of the right wing press.

The truth is that the homelessness industry’s own figures show that only around half of street homeless people have a drink or drug problem.  And even these people still need to eat.  All that campaigns like these achieve – if they are successful – is that homeless people who do have drug or alcohol dependencies are forced to beg for longer.  No-one is going to give up smack because some bunch of fucking idiots have put a few posters on the walls after all.  Meanwhile those forced to beg because their benefits have been sanctioned are left to go hungry.  But then this is just a lifestyle choice according to Leeds Labour Councillor Mark Dobson.

What people in poverty need is more money, however it comes   There is plenty of research which shows this.  Yet this research is repeatedly ignored, not just by politicians obsessed with cutting benefits, but also by charities whose bosses are currently doing very well out of poverty and homelessness.  To attempt to smear and impoverish one of the most marginalised groups in society with campaigns like this is bad enough.  To do it to further line the pockets of overpaid charity chief executives is beneath contempt.

This is far from the first initiative aimed at stopping the public helping homeless people directly, but it is one of the most of unpleasant.  Luckily it has been a dismal failure, with just £50 raised according to the justgiving website. The people of Leeds have shown they are better than this.  It’s time these organisations realise that if they continue to attack homeless people then they won’t see a fucking penny of our money.  Give a beggar a quid instead.  At least you know it won’t be spent on campaigns like this.

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114 responses to “Begging Is A Lifestyle Choice Says Leeds Councillor As Homelessness Charities Launch The Nastiest Campaign Yet

  1. Mark Dobson will have to watch his back as hoards of evicted people, whom are victims of benefit sanctions (and were made homeless for being unable to pay rents) over-seen by the great tory turd drunken shite, will hunt the cuntcillor down.

    • Eating cake as instructed

      Yes vigilantism will return folk completely disillusioned with ‘the rule of law’ courts (those that aren’t closed, that is) will need to run 24/7 it’ll be like the Bastille days returning no justice no legal aid, no representation, no housing affordable by the masses. Legitimised means will prevail as each adult still needs to provide for their children. Poverty is a lifetime burden not easily cast aside. This lot would slam the door on any competition for Tarquinius or Jemima

  2. Eating cake as instructed

    besuited despots dictating terms and conditions isn’t new. Neither is Folk seeing through it. Every person who gives money to genuinely homeless (this can usually be verified by talking to the person) is helping them survive in a system where expenses are seemingly fiddled with impunity, filthy sexual proclivities are rife and concealed at all costs, while the causes and causes of cut backs continue regardless. Name shame and prosecute promptly.

  3. So you are labelled as having an addiction just for being homeless which in more cases than not is no fault of their own and in the main caused by Councils and Govt – I despair

  4. ‘Iain Duncan Smith has said his officials who used fictional claimants to show the impact of benefit sanctions could face disciplinary action.’

    In real speak, the bald headed bell-end with be handing out free sweets and £100 bonuses personally to every member of his hand picked team involved with sanctiongate. I can tell you now that not one person will be sacked or face disciplinary action for the total cock-up involving fake people and fake stories based upon real benefit client conversations.

    If it was to be discovered that real conversations were indeed used, as we are lead otherwise to believe, will we see a flood of JSA clients taking legal action against the hairless shiteface, or will he get the riot police in and order them to shoot the victims of perjury whilst they stand on the doorstep to DWP towers?

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  6. Hum whot lovely people who want you not to give to the homeless or beggers yes charity it seems is remiss you cant give to them beggers belief whot whot old boy they need to help not kick them when they down yet I bet that
    some will be squardies who couldnt take civy life or those who just need that bit more help is the world gone mad has Christianity is seems is dead just devils in disguise
    walking around pretending to be human ops jeff3

    • The Labour Party’s Pathways Projects created a Third Sector Stasi.

    • Chuck all the old cronies out of parliament and we could re-home all those people made homeless by the gutless government. We could soon knock the houses of parliament into self-contained flats.

      • No 10 costs £35 a week, no 11 costs £23. If you think I am settling for less than no 12 you are off your chops._

        • Was paying £35 for a damp-riddled bed-sit in Clacton-on-Sea way back in the early 70s!

        • £35 a week!

          • Fucking Scandalous; You could have stayed in butilns for that and free swim n gym every day.Oh,look. They filled up Butlins in wales with unemployed doing just that then closed it ‘cos of the ‘luxury’ .
            (Nobody mentioned the winters).

      • Fen Tiger talking of flats all MP’s should be housed in the cheapest block of flats, not houses to give taxpayers value for money.

        • They should bung all the free loading politicians into HMP Broadmoor for life. They are already fruitcakes with no grasp or concept of reality. By shoving the MPS into jail we can give the homeless their flats and penthouses for free.

  7. I think the man who sums this up best, is Steve Hughes:

    • Excellent clip…. To say your ‘fuelling an addiction’ is just hate mongering by the authorities. How do they know homeless people won’t spend the money on food or a hostel for the night? Even if I give money to someone and they do spend it on drink or drugs, that’s their choice. If I was on the streets I’d want something to numb my senses so I could cope. Fuck them, I never give anything to charities as I don’t trust them. From the chief execs down to the chuggers hassling you in the high street they shouldn’t be given a penny from anyone. It seems like the people of Leeds have ignored this poster. Good.

  8. Don’t worry, the failure to deliver real welfare reforms, and the desperatiob by the private health insurance companies to take over the whole welfare system, is starting to come apart at the seams.

    Desperation is the key word, money is being flushed at an alarming rate and IDS (DUNKO THE CLOWN) is becoming aware that his days are numbered…………

    Can anyone name one thing that this government have been successful at?

    I can’t, everything they have dabbled with is either worse or fucked completely.
    If starving people is the tory answer to welfare reform then they have already failed.

    Reform is mean’t to improve, not destroy.

    The big difference between us and the yanks is that the yanks can spot a litigation case from a mile away. The DWP are easy pickings, like a huge ripe apple waiting to be picked from a lower branch.

    Reading the lists of benefit related deaths would attract the death sentence in any civilised society, but we are far from civilised, perhaps one of the lowest in how we honour human rights legislation.

    The eyes of the world are focused on the shit that is being dealt to us unworthy souls, but the sick dreams of a handful can be eradicated in many ways, that why Corbyn represents an immense threat to the building blocks of hatred.

    Everywhere you look anti Corbyn hysteria, and he has captured the hearts of the Scots through his stance on an alternative to austerity.

    They are in a complete frenzy, like a one legged dog in a lamppost factory, not knowing which way to turn………….

    There ill laid plans are going to come crashing down sooner than later.
    sarah7 | August 24, 2015 at 7:45 pm | Reply

    ……………read in between DUNKO’S false smiles. He is on his way out, a complete embarrassment just like wannabee political porn queen, Esther.

  9. We can get one million claimants off disability benefit and into work, says Iain Duncan Smith

    ……………this story by the hate mail has attracted 3111 comments, they can’t all be wrong.

    • … ”even if those disabled people are in work in any job they can do for just a few hours.”

      As I quote from the exact words that the slap-headed weasel IDS said himself in that newspaper article. A few hours a day, a few hours a week, or just a few hours in one day only and then they are no longer required… Another half assed idea from the pea brain that IDS can only possess.

  10. paultheswineherd

    Fen – The universally hated IDS should watch his back also!
    He is line for prosecution and perhaps something even worse!

    • The hairless gobshite will in no doubt try every devious trick in the book to prevent the death by sanction and/or bedroom tax publications come this Thursday. But then again, he is the biggest fucking weasel ever seen in this country abusing his power and tramping his Nazi jack boots all over common decency and the rights of the common person.

      I can just imagine Herr Smith right now, otherwise less know as ‘The Red Baron’… strutting about in the Nazi basements (codenamed ‘The Third Reich DWP’ – Working to kill people by sanction as it is more humane than the gas chamber… Strutting about in his full Nazi gestapo uniform, monacle, officer hat and polished jack boots; dozens of bronze iron cross medals pinned to his jacket in reward for adding to the death totals under his extermination project.

      Herr Smith planning the next front for more deaths in revenge for the UK for taking the piss out of his fake CV and work history, with dozens of secret documents with names of all people having to use the Jobcentre to sign on and all the people disabled for simply having wheelchairs and blue badges.

      And on the wall in his basement office, large black and white maps of the UK showing all the population areas marked in red pen where his death squads have been operating in secret to remove anybody fighting to keep their JSA or ESA, and his death squads lining these people up against a wall and shooting them as enemies of the state.

      Elsewhere in the building large diagrams in secret code that only Herr Smith and Herr Camoron knows and nobody else in case this top level information lands on the desk in the Daily Mirror.

      Sanctiongate is only the very top tip of the iceberg where Herr Smith is concerned. Far more shit goes on below the surface within the secretive organisation called the DWP than we realise. The leaked sanctiongate stories are just a smoke screen cover-up to the more destructive attitudes that those tory toff wankers in DWP have in store for us.

      To think that Herr Smith knew nothing about those fake stories is a complete and utter load of old bollocks. He fucking knew all along about this, but did very well to cover it up saying ”sorry guv, I didn’t know about this until the media broke the story”.

      Nothing in the DWP ever happens without the lunatic first authorising it in triplicate and rubber-stamping it on paper. If he didn’t really knew about this, then it would have never happened unless with his blessing. He would have ordered his slaves to carry out sanctiongate to cover up ever more bad shit he really wants to try and hide from us.

      • If the idiots who worked for this Adolf adoring NEW NAZI had any sense left, (accepting that they are idiots), they would blow the lid on it. Now that they are being publicly scapegoated by this wretched little thing, that is what I hope they do.
        As you say, none of this gets by George Ian S.
        He is, as ever, lying his face off. But this time, it is so obvious.

      • overburdenddonkey

        i don’t need their FOI figures i know millions are suffering coz of cuts and lack of sound support…many suffering in isolation…

  11. Smith is a vile nasty piece of work and he is just warming up. There will be plenty more homeless people when that fascist Tory rat is finished. Just hope he receives the poetic justice that is coming to him and the other rats sitting round Cameron’s table.

    • Those rats will soon be deserting HMS Tory when the fucking boat and all of its work programme and benefit reforms fucking sinks without trace. Those nutjobs realise they are an endangered species now that sanctiongate has spread around the UK and possibly the rest of the world.

      We must be a right laughing stock in the eyes of the world for how we have such a wease, inept government intent on evicting, killing people and for de-humanizing us by taking away proper help and support in the name of government cutbacks.

      All the fucking MPs and minister across all parties, including the big tit himself Camoron have voted for pay rises not so long ago. Money is being cut elsewhere across all government departments and yet the bleating swines are still not happy until everything and social services is finished. Money is being channelled away from vital services and proper support straight into the pig trough – namely every single money grabbing politician and councillor in the land. Enough is enough. Let’s get the fuckers out asap.

  12. eviltorypervert

    instead of just begging they should do somthing in return.

    i normally ask for a blow-job.

  13. Greedy self serving sociopaths , Just like the lot that are running the country. Hope they get wot they deserve.

  14. 3,000 people sacked from the DWP. Oh well, that’s knackered the un-employment figures a bit. Unless the DWP re-hire them on part time hours and less money to do the same work as before they got the chop. The DWP could always get the work done by placing their ex-workers straight into the work programme under seetec or A4E for up to two years and get the work done for nothing. Anything to reduce the government coffers…

  15. Perhaps we need to do posters and go out the Houses of parliament and say Don’t pay these people to steal from the taxpayers …something like that then we need to go the the house of the paupers(Lords) and say something like we need more money as we only claim £300.00 per day we won’t have enough for the rent etc. Then we can have more posters with how much people get on social security = how much they get. It’s alright for the rich bastards to say don’t give them money as they will spend it on booze,fags and drugs … Isn’t this what some MP’s and some Lords spend taxpayers money on and claim extra for it!

  16. Mr. Militant Negro

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  17. 13 DECEMBER 2002

    Select Committee on Work and Pensions Minutes of Evidence
    Memorandum submitted by UnumProvident (EDP 03) PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY

    I. Introduction

    UnumProvident has been operating in the UK for over 30 years, and is the UK’s leading provider of income protection insurance. UnumProvident is a wholly owned subsidiary of the UnumProvident Corporation, our US parent and the world’s largest provider, with assets of over US$40 billion. At the end of 2001 in the UK alone, UnumProvident protected over 737,000 lives and paid benefits to people with disabilities totalling some £116 million.

    Helping these people return to work is key to building a society which can enjoy the benefits of sustainable growth and genuine social inclusion. However, we believe that the current welfare, tax and benefits systems can make it difficult for disabled people to return to work. They are overly complex, can provide strong disincentives for disabled people to look for work, for example in terms of structure, payment criteria and terminology, and are in need of radical reform. UnumProvident believes that there is a strong case for a fundamental review of, and reform to, the current welfare system. The Government must ensure both that work always pays more than benefits, and more importantly that it is clearly seen to do so. This is not the case at present, as our experience seeks to demonstrate

    It is UnumProvident’s contention, and its commercial experience, that acquiring a disability does not make one incapable of work. In our experience, most disabled people are capable of some work, would like to work and crucially, have an expectation that they will return to work in some capacity. Indeed many disabled people would be capable of some work, albeit perhaps not enough to support themselves. We attach a series of case studies[2] which show how we have been able to work with our claimants to achieve a successful return to work.

    In our policy paper we propose a flexible benefit system whereby disabled people capable of some work would be placed on a form of JSA, thus reflecting their status as jobseekers and sending an appropriate signal to employers. Like UnumProvident claimants, they would move through a graduated return to work programme, supported by a flexible benefits system that allowed the partial payment of benefits. This would both protect their income, and allow them to replace benefit income with earned income, always ensuring that they are better off in work than out of it.

    It is our belief that the current tax and benefits system is overly complex, can provide strong disincentives for disabled people to look for work, and is in need of radical reform. UnumProvident put forward a blueprint for welfare reform in its paper “Diversity in Employment”. In brief, and as outlined at paragraph 8, our proposal is that those disabled people capable of some work should be moved from IB to a form of JSA. Here they would be properly supported in their search for and transition into work.

    Joanne Hindle

    Corporate Services Director (UNUM)

    13 December 2002.

    • ……………and all the bent judges and all the bent men, couldn’t put welfare together again……………………


      • And as the death toll rises, the size of JUDGE MARK ROWLAND’S bank account gets bigger and bigger.

        One could say that the two are inextricably linked, the death count and dodgy Mark’s appeal scams.

  18. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Audio Recording of Assessments
    Agreement Form

    In order for an audio recording of your assessment to be carried out we need your signed agreement to the below conditions:

    The recording will be made during the time you spend with the Centre for Health and Disability Assessments (CHDA) Healthcare Professional in the room where the assessment takes place. A dual audio interview recorder will be used to make the recording where CHDA provide equipment. If you are providing your own equipment you must agree and be able to produce two copies of the recording at the end of the assessment. Acceptable formats are restricted to CD and audio cassette only.

    Whichever method is used to conduct the recording, one copy will be held by you at the end of the assessment. The second copy of the recording will be stored by CHDA in secure cabinets within our Customer Relations Team based in Leeds. The data will be held for 14 months from the date of assessment, after which it will be destroyed.

    The recording is not required by the DWP and will not automatically be used by the Department in the benefit decision making process. However DWP may request a copy of the recording at any time.

    Should a further copy of the recording be required by you, this request should be made to DWP.

    The copy of the recording you have is to be used solely in relation to your claim for benefit and should not be published or reproduced.

    Please sign below to show that you agree and understand that your assessment is being recorded. If you agree to your assessment being recorded, then it will be recorded and the data held in the way described above. If you do not agree then your assessment will not be recorded. If you are accompanied at your assessment by a third party (e.g. carer/interpreter/family member) they are also required to agree for the recording to take place.

    For Centre for Health and Disability Assessments on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions

    I, [NAME OF CLAIMANT], agree to the recording of my assessment with Centre for Health and Disability Assessments (CHDA). If I am conducting the audio recording I will provide CHDA with a CD or audio cassette of the recording at the end of the assessment.

    Under the Data Protection Act I understand that I may only use the recording for the purposes of my own personal, family or household affairs.
    Signed: [NAME OF CLAIMANT]
    I, [NAME OF THIRD PARTY], agree to the recording of the above named claimant’s assessment in my presence.

    *Delete as appropriate
    I, [NAME OF CLAIMANT], have received a copy of the audio recording of my assessment. If I have conducted the audio recording I have provided Centre for Health and Disability Assessments with a copy of the recording.
    Version 1r 01/03/2015

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      No Signing No WCA !!!









  19. paultheswineherd

    Toddy – That’s a very good poem and also, very true.

  20. Ithought the government had stooped as low as it could get, till i read this;

    From: J Hicks

    24 August 2015

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    Children with Heart Defects being refused DLA

    How many children with heart defects who have previously been
    receiving DLA have been refused this support in 2015 ?

    Are children with heart defects being targeted by the government to
    reduce costs for support ?

    Yours faithfully,

    J Hicks

    Link to this

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  22. “How to dodge embarrassing questions about those they have killed”

    1. How many of the 49 internal peer reviews into benefit-related deaths
    involved an ESA claimant categorised as vulnerable who had not been
    seen face-to-face by their Work Programme provider before they were
    referred to Jobcentre Plus to be sanctioned?
    If it does not exceed the cost limit, I would also like to know:
    2. How many of the 10 claimants who had been sanctioned were
    receiving ESA at the time they died?
    And again if it does not exceed the cost limit, I would like to know:
    3. Of the five people who were not claiming benefits at the time they
    died, why were they the subject of peer reviews ie how were they
    customers if they were not claiming benefits?

    DWP response

    DWP holds information the information that you seek. However the
    information is being withheld as providing it will exceed the cost limit of £600
    laid down in regulations. We are aggregating this request for the purpose of
    estimating whether the cost limits applies. This is where more than one
    request has been made within 60 consecutive working days relating to the
    same or similar information and the requests have been made by one person,
    or as in your case, by different persons acting in concert.

    Your request is an exact duplicate of a request made by a third party on 6
    June 2015 which the department recently refused on cost grounds. This
    indicates that you are collaborating with another person.

    • Therefore the value of all the claimants that the DWP have killed is less than £600.
      I know we are insignificant but i thought a human life was worth a lot more, which is strange given that the housing minister claimed £31 thousand over the last two years for accomodation in the capital, whilst living a stones throw away in ESSEX.

  23. Leeds – one of the bigger local authorities after London boroughs, with various glitzy, self-contained shopping ‘experiences’ appearing left, right, but mainly centre.

    Not everyone is welcome inside them. The numbers of street homeless and visibly extremely hungry-looking people (mainly men), outside, by contrast, make the place look a little less idyllic than perhaps the planners/council had hoped. They jar, somehow, alongside the ‘aspirational’ image everywhere being sold/projected.

    Have they really had lots of complaints, i wonder? Perhaps from some (big) businesses – but from individual shoppers/people passing through? Are they really suggesting that any possible negative effects on tourism/the economy should be eradicated by starving out individuals in apparent – read obvious, need?

    One of the organisations supporting this initiative – as it says in the article – have alienated some service users via a reportedly judgemental, prescriptive approach, to the point that some opt not to go there – even if the alternative is to rough-sleep.

    We can’t know everyone’s story and why should we need to, even if choosing to offer any form of support to a complete stranger. This campaign discourages human contact as it’s often the case that a conversation is had, whether or not at some point giving food/a hot drink, or cash becomes part of it. The advice not to give any money, by extension, is advice not to offer any human contact – however brief or ineffectual it might seem. So the advice in fact is ‘do not interact or engage (or acknowledge) this group of people’. What follows would surely be higher levels of stigmatising: UK, 2015 – on the up & up…

    • overburdenddonkey

      s n
      yep, built environment, supersedes human settlement…

      • They just want to sweep away the problem & any feelings of discomfort it causes ~ & it’s not at all comfortable. The contrast is so stark, it can threaten to put people off their shopping (quick, fence off another area – make it into a square or cover it; put some discrete security just inside in case anyone mistakenly thinks they can come in out of the weather looking all homeless and hungry … lowering the tone/alarming the paying customer).

        The ‘fuelling addictions’ shtick mirrors the one about ‘when I’m on my (hardworking) way to work, I see people who aren’t going to be at work all day, outside shops, in the rain, drinking strong, cheap alcohol that they haven’t worked hard to buy!’ its just one lifestyle choice after another. Hungry people now fuelling uncomfortable feelings of resentment in some & allegedly, of indignition/a need to complain about their presence in others.

        Will they publish the names of the complainers or even how many complaints being received? (they could release this on Thursday, perhaps…)

        • With apologies to srsps:
          There should be complaints, en masse, about the presence of so many destitute people!

          • Giving food to someone who is penniless – it only encourages them! They quite often have the temerity to show up in a city centre shop and start buying food! This can be a cause of discomfort for customers and it can be difficult for staff to say “Are you having a good day?” – just makes everyone feel awkward…

  24. And who are we to say how homeless people should spend their money anyway? I might well spend some of it on drink just to obliterate the misery of the situation. I think a lot of people would too.

    • There have been plenty of filthy rich M.P.’s caught up to there nuts in good time girls and class ‘A’ drugs with no life situation ‘excuses’;
      dont you worry about that.

    • The biggest problem is 99% of ‘good time’ girls are addicts, feeding a pimp.
      So we feed the M.P._ who feeds the Girl. Who feeds the pimp. Who feeds the dealer,if he isnt the dealer as well.
      These bum wipes want you to work on zero hr contracts and find your pension worthless when you cant walk to the local anymore;Its pitchfork time in my opinion.

  25. They want people to be slaves – work 40 hours a week just for food. So they have to take the alternatives away.

    • But its a free society, enit? Market forces?
      I will do George Smiths job for 30 grand a year. Bring it George; you couldnt hang a shelf_ (Dont sweat about the ‘H’ word George,there are plenty out there who will do this for you)
      The Imbecile named George Smith needs a diagram to tie his shoe laces.

  26. “Helping these people return to work is key to building a society which can enjoy the benefits of sustainable growth and genuine social inclusion. However_”; (Note the use of the word ‘However’ to totally disclaim any truth to the aforementioned words etc)
    ‘However’; After us kicking the shit out of the said people via Attos, the newspapers, T.V.,and persuading the tax payer its these peoples fault etc etc, it is more likely any further intervention on the states part will likely lead to these people committing suicide, leaving the government with a voiceless scapegoat for the banking scandal caused recession.
    George Smith will bend over before I will; mark my words well.

  27. Daniel Margrain

    A very informative and well written piece about the callous nature of power. Your blog is great. Keep up the good work.

  28. The in word these days for many of those who should protect the weakest in society is choice, for them people choose to be unemployed, choose to be sick, choose to be homeless. Would Ian Duncan Smith choose any of these if he could? Persecution is a choice for sadistic scum like the Tories who blame the poor for their poverty.

  29. With Iain Duncan Smith adding an Arbeit macht Sie gesund (Work makes you sane) policy to his Arbeit Macht Frei policy, begging won’t be a lifestyle choice it will be Hobson’s choice.

  30. These posters have been up for a few months here in Leeds, and there have been others before it – it is not the first campaign here. There has been one before, with a poster stating that “homeless” people are often not homeless, and have good homes to go to, as well as many places in hostels up and down the city with free food and bedding.

    As you may surmise, it is complete crap.

    The previous campaign was tiny compared to this one though – there were a handful of posters, mostly in the train station. This one is all over the place, and somehow they’ve even got these posters in a few shop windows too.

    • The businesses who have complained perhaps? Would the large orange shop be one perchance, & is it why the tourist info. office has been moved from next to the station – which made sense – to a much less convenient location that station staff struggle to describe…

  31. I shall continue to help people in addiction or out of addiction quite happily. I suggest that Mark Dobson be sanctioned forthwith by the withdrawal of allowances.

  32. Nasty Nazi Britain an Evil Totalitarian Selfish Hellhole Populated by
    too many I Am All Right Jack Boneheads

    The I Am All Right Jack Scum out There are No Better than Nazis
    in that Both are Utterly Evil and Devoid of Human Decency by their
    Craven Obliviousness

  33. It is MPS who want More for Expenses who are the Real Beggars
    together with the I Am All Jack Rich who have had Tax Breaks

    House the Homeless Get Decent People in Local Councils

  34. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Iain Duncan Smith on sickness benefit changes (24Aug15)

    • overburdenddonkey

      it is called employment AND support allowance for a reason, he’s just repeating what he and others have said many times before….

    • Just looking at the ugly weasel makes me want to rip his head off and stuff explosives in it to finish the lunatic off for good.

  35. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    • The photo says it all. He is obviously explaining to his fellow MPs about the true size of his tiny cock.

      Iain Duncan Smith ”Claims about my dong being huge are simply untrue as otherwise reported in the media today. It is actually 1mm in length and I have to make up the difference by putting a bunch of bananas down my tight trousers to impress the women MPs”

  36. Letters: DWP Decision Makers ‘Personally Responsible’ If They Fabricate Evidence

    In response to: Are DWP Decision Makers Submitting Fabricated Evidence To Appeal Tribunals?

    Quote: Indeed according to G S Prince, Assistant Manager for JobCentre Plus at the Chippenham BDC (from a letter dated 3 December 2010):

    “An individual decision maker … does not owe the appellant a legal duty of care and is not legally liable for any errors or omissions he may make.”

    As a retired Welfare Rights Lawyer, and former Tribunal Member (Social Chamber) I totally disagree.

    Decision Makers make decisions on behalf of the Secretary of State for Work & Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith, so the Secretary of State is legally liable.

    However, if a Decision Maker knowingly fabricates evidence to present to a Tribunal, they would be personally responsible for that.

    A Tribunal is a Court of Law and has the power to take evidence from both the claimant and Decision Makers. Uttering such false evidence would be tantamount to committing perjury.





    The dwp are fielding an insider in a position that should be totally unbiased and fair.

    • An ex dwp commissioner sitting on a judicial panel that makes decisions on whether someones appeal can be upheld, you have got to be joking !!!
      This should be investigated at the highest level, the courts of human rights informed and any of his previous decisions made null and void.
      What a sick country we live in.

      • ROWLAND was the bastard that would not let my aunts appeal go forward, he seems to support every little thing that the decision makers from the dwp tell him.
        I totally agree with you Paul, he is nothing short of a government imposter in what should be fair and equitable.

        All his appeal knockbacks should be nullified and he stripped of his wig and gown.

        • Anybody having any contact with Mark Rowland in any shape or form, to do with a dwp appeal should lodge an immediate complaint.
          This cannot be tolerated especially when human life is at risk.
          Iam wondering if this mans actions had any direct or indirect links to them ending their lives prematurely?

      • overburdenddonkey

        it’s a behaviourist imperialist neoliberal system this has been the case for many yrs…no, it is not right but is is the system we live under…when one appeals one must be fully aware of this…. there are people out there without any no strings income, and no support from family and/of friends to help them get by whatsoever…with destruction of pensions (state PCG and/or age relate supplement eligibility) eligibility this is now much worse than things have been for a very long time…
        people must claim and/or appeal, for their SS entitlements…imv we should also campaign for higher payments, scrapping; the WCA etc, sanctions and conditionalities….
        ‘The Work Capability Assessment….designed to cut your benefits through trickery, (see the word TRICKERY, which means this is already well known, is of no surprise), but read on to learn how, with advice and support, you can get what you are entitled to. The information here is particularly geared towards applications/ reviews for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), but the same principles apply for applications/ reviews for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and its replacement Personal Independence Payment (PIP).
        If you are awarded ESA you will either be placed in the Support Group or the Work Related Activity Group – the Support Group not only pays more money but also means you do not have to attend so-called work-focused interviews. ATOS are currently the main company doing the Work Capability Assessments but this all applies whichever company is involved….’
        yes, it’s hauling rocks but it’s not hopeless, one can win….
        this system is supported by most of parliament, can anyone please tell me what is the point of repeating over and over again what we already know….!?
        imv the campaign should be focused on scrapping the WCA and sanctions et al…. the WCA’s default position is prove one is not fit for work, it always has been…. the FtT and UtT are constituted to test ENTITLEMENT TO SS BENEFITS, and nothing else…

  37. Interesting

    Johannes | August 25, 2015 at 8:37 am | Reply

    Fen Tiger talking of flats all MP’s should be housed in the cheapest block of flats, not houses to give taxpayers value for money.

    • NoOppression. The flats should be owned by taxpayers near Westminster so they cannot make profits from their scams. No doubt they would start shouting about security issues. If they can be protected in Parliament they can be protected in taxpayer owned flats.

  38. People Need to Oppose Attacks on Welfare Benefits and Say No
    to Tyranny Oppression and Slavery

    More Demonstrations Needed

  39. The More I Thibk about Things the More my Blood Boils with Absolute

    Labour Needs to be an Opposition and Give a Voice to the Underdog
    Not stand about like Dummies

  40. Startcryingagain is back online for anybody wanting to have a good laugh as his expense. So much for the site maintenance that has been going on for so long that I had to get a new calendar to mark the days that the website was offline.

    The site maintenance didn’t work as I was lead to believe as that phoney website is still full of bullshit and fakery claims and that I thought being offline all of the cobblers spouted by that un-regulated quack would have been removed forthwith.

  41. We are touring Scotchland at the mo – beautiful weather and what a fantastic country 🙂 We have just been watching the Scotch news in our hotel room and watched a report on how the benefits systems was setting jobseekers ‘up to fail’. One girl had to apply for something like 50 jobs a day otherwise ‘her money would be stopped’, but every job on that universal jobmatch site she clicked on just said ‘Error’. It was also noticed that the ‘jobs’ were being posted over and over again. And apparently nobody has ever received a job offer through the jobcentre or obtained an interview through universal job match. One jobseeker remarked: “I don’t know they call it the Jobcentre because they don’t have any jobs.” There was also some footage of jobseekers protesting outside the Jobcentre on I think an island in the Western Isles called Dundee.

    • Gid tae hear that yir enjoying yirsells in ma hameland. Thi it wid be betta tae make thi’ maist o’ thi’ gid weather while it lasts n before it aw comes chucking doon…. 😉

  42. Reblogged this on TheCritique Archives and commented:
    With the Welfare State now all-but breathing its last, the pompous cliche about ‘benefits as a lifestyle-choice’ has become obsolete, and so it requires amending to something that is even more conspicuously stupid and cruel.
    c/o Johnny Void

  43. People are begging because their rightful benefits have been withdrawn.

  44. Most people who beg are not actually homeless, they are, by and large, the detritus of society, the alcoholics, the drug addicted; very often they are mentally ill. In essence, they are the feckless and the fecund… These people cant really be helped. give them a flat and they will spend their benefit money on booze, fags and drugs. they are societys wasters, its fuckups. forget them, they are not worthy of sympathy.

    • Any evidence to support that this is ‘most’ beggars? No, thought not. Your facts contain no facts, and are therefore irrelevant in adult discussion.

    • How is Tory HQ today?

    • Have you read George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London Roger?
      Mental illness can affect anyone, was Charles Kennedy detritus due to alcoholism? Or John Nash, who suffered from Schizophrenia and won the Nobel Prize. Anyone can be affected by many conditions at any time.

    • Here come the trolls.
      Well, for your info dodgy rogdy – I used to work with drug addicts, none of them are saints but many of the worst cases have been sexually abused. So…I take it then you don’t have any empathy for the sexually abused either and think it’s all their fault? Oh hang on? You do have empathy? You hate paedophiles? I hereby expose the flaw in your argument: “I have empathy for all those sexually abused unless they become drug addicts or alcoholics to blot out painful memories.”

  45. I see roger another christian why not stone them hay jeff3

  46. if begging is a lifestyle choice, I’d hate to see what isn’t!

  47. One of my student friends came up with a brilliant response, after she was berated by some dude for giving to a homeless guy… It was a friday night, outside a rave nightclub in Leeds, where my friend was going…

    Dude: what you giving him that twenty quid for? He’s only going to spend it on drugs!
    Friend: And what do you think I would have been spending it on? The only difference is my drug taking is socially sanctioned cuz I’m a student with a job, rich parents, and a roof over my head.

  48. paultheswineherd

    IDS: You have absolutely nowhere to hide. We are in the process of tracking you down and you are going to have to pay for what you have you done to the vulnerable, the sick, the unemployed and the sick & disabled of Britain. It is your fault. You and you alone have done it and you are going to have to pay for your actions.

  49. The Circumstances which Drive People to Non Violent Begging are
    the Real Crime like the Diabolical Gulf between Rich and Poor in this

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  51. Pingback: With Hipster Friends Like @crackandcider Homeless People Don’t Need Enemies | the void

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