The Shame of Poverty Pimp Jeremy Swain

Homeless charity Thames Reach’s supremo Jeremy Swain has shown that with friends like him homeless people really don’t need enemies.  By supporting Westminster Council’s draconian bid to ban people from giving food to homeless people Swain has revealed the nasty side of some within the homeless industry.

Leading poverty pimp Swain has concerns that not toadying up to the Tory run council might affect the huge salary funding his organisation receives from them.  On twitter yesterday he claimed that soup runs were ‘Disconnected,ineffectual’ and only offer ‘tea and sympathy’ … and soup presumably.

Swain believes that any street based services not run by Thames Reach themselves may affect his salary cause life on the street to become too easy.  He complains that soup runs and other smaller charities rarely refer the people who use them to other services such as night shelters and hostels.  Swain knows this is because most of those services are run by Thames Reach and other homeless industry monoliths like them and they do not offer referral rights to anyone outside their club.  Swain also knows that many hostels charge huge rents (usually at cost to the tax payer), offer poor standards of accommodation and in the worst cases are dangerous and more akin to open prisons than a real alternative to life on the street.

Presumably Swain also realises that people handing out food, sleeping bags and sympathy keeps some people alive.    Still an outcome’s an outcome.  Death is well known as a tried and trusted mechanism to keep the street population down.

It’s not just free food that get’s Swain’s goat.  One of his greatest concerns is the price of strong lager.   We’d be inclined to agree, except Swain thinks it’s too cheap.  Good little homeless people aren’t supposed to drink and, instead of questioning why so many do with angels like Thames Reach to protect them,  Swain insists on making life that little bit more difficult.  Even Christmas spirit should offer no relent to this torment according to Swain and the gang.  Thames Reach released a statement urging people not to give to beggars this Christmas because they’ll only spend it all on booze or drugs, the bastards.  Instead the likes of Thames Reach and notorious charity muggers St Mungos (who regularly beg on the street themselves) insist that people give money to them so they can continue to maintain their salaries end street homelessness.

Strangely back in December Thames Reach advised people to buy homeless people food instead.  What a difference contract negotiations two months can make.  Now they want people fined for carrying out their advice.

Thames Reach have been ending street homelessness forever and fully intend to continue doing so.  Many executive salaries depend on it.  Meanwhile the number of homeless people is set to soar as a result of the Government’s benefit cuts and housing policies.  Some housing organisations such as Inside Housing and Shelter have rightly condemned the measures being proposed (even if they haven’t gone far enough).  Poverty pimps like Thames Reach and  St Mungos  have been conspicuous in their absence from the debate.  They would probably argue (behind closed doors) that they need to urgently preserve executive salaries budgets and as they are dependent on government and Local Authority funding they are unable to challenge government policy too vigorously.  Anyway Swain has described the very real threat of mass homelessness as ‘tosh’ and warned on twitter that people should not join the ‘bangwagon (sic) of the apocalyptic’.  If it looks like a tory and sounds like a tory …

This Government is set to devastate the lives of the very people these charities were established to help.  It’s time that the service users that keep these charities in business, and the front line staff currently facing redundancies, turn to their self-elected leaders like Swain and ask precisely whose side are you fucking on.

12 responses to “The Shame of Poverty Pimp Jeremy Swain

  1. Shame indeed Johnny, Too true.

    When will people start taking action on mass? We have a truly despicable capitalist culture that rewards those that lie and rob the very people they are supposed to support. The system seeks to legitimise the business model from which it operates – hang on a minute… Business model?! When has poverty relief been a business!? The modern charity model needs to be destroyed for what it is – a leeching pretentious scam that preys on the good nature of us all and pays its CEO’s handsomely from its bounty. We need to stop it from the point of paid ‘volunteers’ collecting on the streets – all the way up to the scumbags sitting as chairpersons who cash in on the action.

    By the way, great satirical writing. Cutting, amusing, enraging and enlightening all-in one.

  2. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for telling it how it is.

  3. Can’t disagree unfortunately.

  4. Reading this article is exactly reading it exactly the same as in the newspapers. Everytime I hear this it really sickening that the homeless people are being treated like roddents and not human beings. I’ve think I’ve got to a point in life already (and i’m still very young) that I want to destroy this government physically and elect a new government which was not educated in eton or cambridge or really any sort of university. I want to elect a government, which is made from the very common people who lives within this country. Even if I have to run for government to protect the homeless, poor so be it will do so and IF I ever do everyone wish me good luck

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  6. we’re all just meat, I suppose.

  7. Thank you for telling it how it is…. the executives at the top of the charities like cats lick the cream, and the workers on the front line are expected to face service users and explain the change in policy or ethos. If workers are paid peanuts under the conservatives service users can expect trained monkeys.

  8. > I’ve been chairing a group looking at a voluntary, self-regulating solution .. I’m not interested in a ban if a voluntary solution can be achieved ..

    Lots of weasel words there, what exactly is this “voluntary solution” you propose. I suspect this “group” was convened by you lot in the social sector specifically for the purpose of enthusing the homeless out of Westminster. A second reason is that they show you lot up as being next to useless. How did you manage to spend £20 million and on what, not food obviously.

    I’ve frequently spoken to the homeless and I keep getting the same answer, they don’t want to stay in the hostels because of the violence and the drug taking, directed at them from ex-cons and druggies, with no protection from the management. It’s safer on the streets, and at the food runs, at least until you got them shut down.

    “Why do runs come from areas where there are high levels of rough sleepers to give out soup in Victoria”

    It’s the same people all over, they just go round-and-round chasing up the food runs, you should know that, you work in the industry !

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