What An Embarrassment, Basic Errors Exposed In Adam Perkins’ Benefits Bashing Book

The humiliating climbdown from the Adam Smith Institute

The humiliating climbdown from the Adam Smith Institute

Claims of scientific proof that the benefits system is creating a generation of ‘work resistant personalities’ are in tatters after Adam Perkins’ recent book The Welfare Trait was revealed to contain a string of sloppy errors.

The book was first published late last year and initially recieved little attention.  This is because it was shit.  But that didn’t stop the right wing press, along with think-tank The Adam Smith Institute,  claiming that the author had been censored by left wing academics for finally telling the truth about the welfare state. Perkins claimed to have scientific evidence for almost every lazy stereotype ever published about benefit claimants – that social security encourages people to have more children, that unemployed people are lazy and criminal, that benefits encourage people to neglect their children, and even that the welfare state turns people into murderers.  His conclusion is that the poor should be encouraged not to be breed, warning that otherwise the human capital of the nation will be genetically eroded.

When a talk by Perkins was cancelled by cowards at the London School of Economics after a couple of facebook posts discussing whether to hold a protest against the book’s publication, the right wing press went into meltdown.  Here was yet another example, they claimed, of bullying left wingers and students silencing views they did not wish to hear. Right wing commentators like Toby Young stepped up to defend Perkins work, claiming that his conclusions were ‘bleedin’ obvious’.  He clearly had not read the book, or if he had has little understanding of how scientific evidence works – a troubling thought given that he runs a school.

Perkins central claim, which is that social security benefits encourage people to breed, was the first evidence to be demolished when economist Jonathan Portes questioned the data he had used.  Figures showing that ‘workless’ families have more children on average than families with two parents in work did not take into account those with no children leaving a gaping hole in the evidence.

Perkins wriggled and claimed this was deliberate, implying he wanted to show that parents claiming benefits have more children on average, not that they are more likely to have children.  But then someone else pointed out that those he accuses of being workless include stay at home parents – of which there are over two million according to the Office for National Statistics.  People unable to work due to sickness or disability are also included in the figures, as are lone parents, including those with very young babies.  Also those he calls workless, and therefore possibly possessing a work-resistant personality, could be carers, students or volunteers.  That Perkins seems to have misunderstood his own data means that the conclusion of his research – that benefits should be cut until the birth rate of claimants is equal or lower to that of non-claimants – is nothing but bollocks.  He hasn’t even demonstrated that those on benefits have more kids.

Perkins is in favour of cutting the incomes of the poorest families because he claims research shows that parents on benefits fritter their money away on ‘luxury chocolates and electronic gadgets’.  The children of benefit claimants he insists ‘tend to be neglected regardless of household income’.  His proof for this nasty claim comes from research carried out into just 33 poor families in Sheffield in the 1960s.  Evidence showing that the best way to help those in poverty is unsuprisingly to give them more money, is conveniently ignored throughout the book.


Perkins is adamant that people on benefits neglect their children, citing evidence that families on welfare in the US were shown to speak less to their children and to have a lower vocabulary.  This leads him to say repeatedly that claimants ‘barely talk to their children’ despite spending all day with them.  His evidence for this is a study carried out into just five families in Kansas in 1995.  This research has since been discredited as biased and loaded with cultural assumptions – the five families were all black and were being compared to mostly white rich professionals.  All it shows is that poor black people speak differently to posh white people.

Towards the end of the book Perkins even decides that the introduction of the welfare state was responsible for an increase in the murder rate that began in the 1960s.  Whilst he admits he cannot prove causation for this – that social security actually turned people into killers – he points out that an obscure and controversial book once came to a similiar conclusion and that if theories by scholars point in the same direction to his own then it is probably true.  His problem here is that the murder rate, along with violent crime, has been falling since the 1990s.  He therefore can’t even demonstrate correlation – as the number of people on benefits has gone up the murder rate has fallen.  Perkins shrugs this off though saying that’s because the police take murder more seriously these days and doctors are better at saving people’s lives. He then points out another mechanism that might turn claimants into murderers – they get to have a lie-in in the morning which gives them time to spend the night ‘stalking for victims’.


Later claims in the book, that the welfare state makes people racist and that stopping child benefits might encourage women to find a better man to look after them, are made without any attempt at providing evidence.



It would take another book to point out all the errors, bias and misuse of evidence in The Welfare Trait which reads more like a fervent conspiracy theory than a piece of academic research.  It is genuinely astonishing, to the point of suspicion, that it received peer review and was published at all.  What is not so surprising is the jubilant reaction of right wing pundits who declared their nasty little prejudices finally proved.

What has actually taken place is that an attempt to scientifically justify hatred for the poor has been exposed as a sick joke – and along with it the bleedin obvious bigotry of the likes of Toby Young, The Daily Mail and the Adam Smith Institute.  If Perkins has demonstrated anything it is that you cannot prove that benefit claimants are lazy, feckless, neglectful of their children and promiscuous without making shit up.  There is reams of evidence that contradicts every claim made in The Welfare Trait, although Perkins ignores it all.

This shabby attempt at pseudo-science reveals the constant benefit bashing rhetoric for what it is – lies.  Already the right are on the retreat.  Toby Young appeared to sulkily concede that the evidence was flawed on twitter recently although said he’d like to hear Perkins’ side of the story.  The Adam Smith Institute have now put a disclaimer on their gushing review of the book*, saying had they been aware of the ‘basic errors’ in the book they might have taken a ‘somewhat diferent tone’.  Perkins, who initially called the criticism “correct politicalness buffoonery” whatever the fuck that means, has now gone quiet after becoming a laughing stock on social media.  What an embarrassment.  Let’s all point and laugh.

*h/t @AnitaBellows12

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167 responses to “What An Embarrassment, Basic Errors Exposed In Adam Perkins’ Benefits Bashing Book

  1. IDS will deny these spelling mistakes in an official Tory document as much as Hitler denied the Holocaust. Both these people are evil, deranged nobheads. Hitler did the right thing and shot himself after the end of World War II. I don’t think IDS will have the same balls to also rid us of him in the same way after he finally gets pushed from his cushy job in DWP towers.

  2. Another Fine Recession

    I wonder how he explains 5000+ steel workers(with too many children of course) suddenly developing ’employment-resistant personalities, or the 2,500 hsbc workers, or 60,000 dwp workers. He doesn’t seem to mention economic factors anywhere.

    Spulling; ‘hosuehold income’ ‘Shefiield’

    • The government budget for 2016-17 doesn’t stretch to buying new typewriters or employing English Teachers to educate the lame Tories on how to use correct language and spelling. The money instead goes into the back pocket of his boss on the never-never.

      • Another Fine Recession

        The typos are JV’s. I can’t spell myself, I just know when it doesn’t
        ‘look right’. It took me ages to get rid of all the red lines in that short post. I gave up on ‘receintly’ so just had to remove it!

        • @ AFR

          Is wordpress working properly today regarding new comment posts, or is it just my end of the interweb? Or are the admin censors working overtime?

          • Another Fine Recession

            If you mean the comment box I sometimes have to start typing blind into a box about 4 pixels high. M$ started breaking the interweb with W10.

            • Nope, just WordPress in general. I post a comment on here but it either unusually takes ages to appear, or doesn’t appear at all after pressing F5 loads of times or switching between IE11 and Firefox constantly.

              Is WordPress itself having server issues that are affecting new comment posts? Is anyone else apart from me getting the same comment lag?

              • Another Fine Recession

                If you’re allowing cookies, even your moderated posts should show up instantly, but only as ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’.

                • All types of cookies are blocked on my heavily altered version of Firefox, but this doesn’t stop my comments posting on here. JV has explained the issues.

                • Another Fine Recession

                  “doesn’t stop my comments posting”
                  Of course not, just stops you getting the personalised ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’ message.

        • yeah my fault, fixed now. Fen, comments mentioning the word Roger are being automatically held for moderation, its the only way to fuck him off.

          • Many thanks JV. I was beginning to think my own internet or even computer was having hiccups when I noticed lag in comment posts appearing.

            I’ve already had to reset my PC last week as Windows 10 had decided on its own to automatically delete some folders from my photo gallery software – so had to do a two hour partial recovery restoration of the system.

          • @ JV

            Thanks again for getting rid of that person. Chances are that he will come back under another name and fuck us all off again with more bile.

  3. Was Adam Smith taught english at the ‘Iain Duncan Smith Comprehensive School’ for boys? If a Tory lackey can’t comprehend the usage of correct spelling in official documents what hope do the rest of us have?

    If I was to use use lazy mis-spelling in my CV I would have the lazy civl servant bums at my JCP re-typing it for me the minute they found out about it – thus cocking up my chance of getting back into paid work.

    • Before certain tory R-Trolls berate me for using the wrong surname in the above post, I will correct it here now from “Smith” to “Perkins”

      Over and out..

  4. IDS “Believes” in his deceit , but knows “nothing,” except for the truth.

    Our sock puppet secret societies and high ranking politicians are trying to re-write history regarding human behaviours with crazy back to front cognitive brainwashing, by saying black is white and right is wrong.

    Slavery is the new freedom.

  5. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System
  6. The whole book is a stupid exercise in self indulgence based on irrelevant data and pseudo-science. Most of the ‘conclusions’ would be laughable if they were not so predictably pathetic. I wonder if it is possible to breed someone who writes poor quality science by making them read irrelevant animal behaviour studies, Daily Mail headlines, and then trying to project these onto human behaviour ?

    • anyone who has done sociology courses knows that there are two maybe three sides to every premise put to the students, some of the questions and replies are right wing, some left wing, some flightless.

      Perkins has obviously written a right wing perspective of benefit claimants, but equally a left wing student could have written the complete opposite, given the income to produce a book that is.

  7. ** Off-topic**

    UK recruitment wants to fuck off from spamming Jobmatch with dozens of stolen job adverts (on every page) from other recruitment sites such as Totaljobs, etc.

  8. I Would Not Use It For Toilet Paper such Excrement that it is

    Only the Gormless would be Brainwashed by it

  9. Slavery is Evil and Slavery Collaborators are Lackeys of Evil

  10. It is true that there is a TINY minority of people who CHOOSE not to work BUT those people would be career criminals costing the state thousands a week to keep if there were no benefits, the idea that someone who has refused to do an honest days work – ever, would buckle down to a high hours low pay job if you remove benefit payments is ludicrous.
    Government types seem to think there are only 2 choices -work or benefits but crime is always an option and is way more enticing for anyone who just doesn`t like working and for those who do have genuine reasons for not working suicide becomes an option if they become depressed enough which appears to be a more and more common occurrence.

    • John Parkin

      There are not 2 choices in the work/benefit equation.

      1. There is not enough work in some areas so no income there.

      2. Some people are being sanctioned so no benefits either.

      Therefore both of your choices are not viable in that case, but you are correct about some just want to be criminals and they are mostly those in work.

    • When I used to work for a local authority the boss used to clock in at 10am and fuck off to run his taxi business and whatever else he had on the go.

  11. Decent People do Not Get Brainwashed by so called ” Right ” Wing Zombie Press that the Poor and Vulnerable are the Scroungers when in Fact it is the Selfish Rich who are the Evil Oppressors because they are Genuinely Human whereas Brainwashed Zombies are a Disgrace to the Name of

    Nothing Right in being Brainwashed Zombie Stooge of Evil

    • I’m being brainwashed by the Nazi jobcentre on the subject of minimum 35 hours a week job searching. Bollocks to all that. Not enough jobs around here for me to apply for each day. It’s why I’m going back into volunteering for a while.

      • They will never provide jobs as long as people keep volunteering, unless they volunteer to help people in their communities who need help, but not charities who are extorting money to pay CEO’s.

        • Same as workfare Fly; if people keep doing it and are not actively resisting then they’ll keep on with that as well. After all if you’re participating in it then you’re part of the problem not the solution. They are never gonna stop this crap until people get tough with them and fight back. How to fight back if you get mandated to workfare? Sign on the sick immediately and get out of that loop. Too many are getting orders from their JCP and in fear of sanction they’re taking part in the system that is effectively strangling them.

          • What do you mean, Raining? If you are referred to workfare Just put a claim in for ESA? True that taking part only encourages it, but people have no choice because they need what little income they receive, a rock and a hard place.

            • I mean exactly what i said. If you’re taking part in it you’re also a part of the problem because you’re allowing it to perpetuate. If no one did it the whole thing would collapse and quickly.

      • Scroll down a bit Fen, for the 35hr jobsearch nonsense.

  12. Malcolm X was Right to Say
    ” If You are Not Careful the Newspapers will have You Hating the People
    who are being Oppressed and Loving the People who are doing the
    Oppressed ”

    Decent People do Not get Brainwashed by ” Newspapers ” which would Not be Out of Touch in the Nazi Third Reich

  13. There should be a Large Peaceful Demonstration in Trafalgar Square
    London in Edinburgh or Glasgow and Say in Cardiff as well to Say
    No to Oppression and the Poor and Vulnerable are Not the Problem
    Nutcase Austerity and Slavery is

    The Voice of the Underdog needs to be Heard so there can be some
    Compassion and Common Sense

  14. FBI : Hitler didn’t die he fled to Argentina.


    Maybe true – maybe not – who knows.

  15. Reblogged this on Christopher John Ball and commented:
    Well, what can one say but please read and share widely,

  16. Tweeted @melissacade68

  17. Another Fine Recession

    Since we have already seen that the employment-resistant personality profile is over-represented amongst welfare claimants

    How did he test employment-resistant personality profile in non-welfare claimants?
    Visits to JCs, MPs, the house of Lords. …Oh hang on…

    the children of employment resistant welfare claimants are not only disadvantaged though a greater liklihood of being neglected, but also by a higher risk of inheriting the genes for the employment-resistant personality profile

    I’m all for free speech, but in this case perhaps he should be locked up for his own good.

  18. i use this for my job search 35hr a week done in 20 mins all you have to do is enter a cv and press start and it does the rest.


    atm im getting 50 jobs a week put down;)

    • It applies for hardly any jobs though since most are “external listings”. Plus it can and will apply for all sorts of jobs you are in no way qualified. Would be better if you could delete them but you can’t delete jack-shit with UJM, you can’t even edit/delete the notes!

    • “external listings” like 100 pages of “UK Recruitment” shit… “advancing to page 100” and it is still on the “UK Recruitment” shit…

      • UK Recruitment has no paid or un-paid staff running it. This dodgy agency is being run by one person alone whom has in the past had previous online recruitment agencies that were all wound up by HMRC. The Glasgow postal address seen on “their” website is actually a mail-drop only (also used by 100s of other online-only companies from the same address) and not a proper business contact address as you would otherwise normally find in this nature of business.

  19. it works for me as now have over 300 jobs applied for tho had feed back, i do not have the skills for a cleaning job.

    well if i cant do that then i cant do any job can i pmsl.

    id say out of 50 pages it finds 1 page of jobs to apply for and rest are external listings stolen from other sites.

    just more proof its a total waste of space and not fit for purpose.

  20. JV spot on.

    About Dr A Perkins, [or as I will call him from hereon Dr A Prik]

    Where should we start about him and his so called research?

    Lets start with the basic data set used. A] he used the wrong data set from the national census, B] has used data from 1955, C] a cursory search on Google would show copious research on these areas. d] Uses research from US about Pregnant women [different conditions/circumstances – but to him that is not important]. Knowing the above [research from 1955???], could the quoted research be oh so carefully chosen to reflect the outcome Dr A Prik wanted

    Methodology of statistics. Er wrong, transposing .00 into 00. to fiddle figures into his favour – Well he is what he is. Lets not even look at the fact that the Adam Smith Institute, the Paragons of fiscal virtue missed that little mistake in their oh so careful and thoughtful review.

    Example of fiddled figures used:
    0.003 is 0.3%, not 3% as he has transposed

    Biological Sample set for “work ethic” – please note no animals have to my knowledge been hurt by these experiments, though going by Dr A Prik’s attitude I don’t see that lasting long… Anyway, the biological sample came from High Runner mice displaying two mental disorders: ADHD and addiction. So no Human data to back up this claim, though I am sure said data is available on both subjects…. hhhhmmmmm. Obviously there is a huge underlying population of unemployed who are addicted and suffering from ADHD.

    A more thorough debunking of this rubbish by people in the field is available here:


    Finally, I copy below the beginning of Chapter 6 from Dr A Priks “Errata of random Fiddled Stuff”

    I myself view him at being serious about this [he has put it n a so called research paper after all]:

    Genetic Influences on Personality
    This chapter summarises evidence for the genetic transmission of personality characteristics from parents to offspring. This topic might seem like a matter for debate or even controversy, but it isn’t: long before the advent of behaviour genetics as a scientific discipline, farmers used selective breeding to mould the psychological as well as anatomical characteristics of their livestock. For example, sheep are docile and passive farm animals yet the wild sheep from which they are descended are feisty creatures. This change in sheep personality is not the result of education, but instead has been achieved by centuries of selective breeding for docility.


    To be clear he says:
    – genetic transmission of personality characteristics from parents to offspring.
    – advent of behaviour genetics as a scientific discipline,
    – farmers used selective breeding to mould the psychological as well as anatomical characteristics of their livestock.
    – sheep are docile and passive farm animals
    – wild sheep are feisty creatures.
    – This change in sheep personality is not the result of education, but instead has been achieved by centuries of selective breeding for docility.

    So there you have it, we have moved on from the language of Lord Fraud and George Prentious Demento Smith of being “Stock”, to being able to mind meld with children on and change their genes at a genetics level, unemployed should now be subject to selective breeding for wanted characteristics as we are now livestock [er… isn’t this the same as Stock? – I would note the wanted physical characteristics are not explained, a further Fiddled Paper to come of the same quality as this one perhaps? Herr Mengele style?], unemployed are wild sheep [good one that], unemployed need to be turned into docile sheep. Oh and all Unemployed are addicts and suffer from ADHD and are High Runner mice.

    Please note that There is a cure available from Adam Smith Institute – Retire and your genes are instantly changed from workshy to …. whatever Adam Smith thinks it should be [they were a bit unclear about his….]

  21. Rosemarie Harris

    The trouble with these reports is no one really reads them after page 4 or goes straight to the end where it tells you what they found. It’s good that J.V did but i have just read it and the only thing that sticks in my mind is the words… They spend money on electrial goods( Tablets)and Luxury chocolates!!!!!. This person has a fixation about poor people and it sounds like it is all in his mind. I don’t see any mention of the MP’s taking benefits or the people in the big house in London who get more benefits paid to them…Ahh perhaps that who is buying the Luxury Chocolates!.

    • ffs When you look at a household OVERALL expenditure “Tablets”, “Luxury chocolates” once in a while, like the £200 spent on a “flat-screen” TV make up a minutely infinitesimal proportion of the OVERALL expenditure pie-chart. MOST household expenditure consists of the BASICS NECESSARY FOR SURVIVAL – mortgage/rent, food, clothing, transport to and from work…

    • ffs When you look at a households OVERALL expenditure “Tablets”, “Luxury chocolates” once in a while, like the £200 spent on a “flat-screen” TV every 5 years make up a minutely infinitesimal proportion of the OVERALL expenditure pie-chart. MOST household expenditure consists of the BASICS NECESSARY FOR SURVIVAL – mortgage/rent, food, clothing, transport to and from work…

  22. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Rich people making even more money out of poverty. The Tory Welfare Myth are those that are defrauding the DWP & the DWP don`t bother sorting out the fraud. Disabled people do not get £300 a week even with housing benefit £120 a week & council tax of £20 a week.

  23. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    WATCH: Iain Duncan Smith defends sanctions on unemployed as he visits Belsize Park

    Camden New Journal – 10th March 2016

    WORK and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith claimed men and women thanked him for controversial government sanctions aimed at driving ­people back into work.

    During a visit to Belsize Park to gee-up activists campaigning for Zac Goldsmith in the upcoming mayoral elections, he said that those who fought the punishments were “never going to vote for us” and subscribed to a “classic buzz from the Left”.

    Read More:

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      “”””He said: “Seventy-five per cent of all those who have been sanctioned say it helped them focus and get on. Even the people in the job centres think it’s the right thing to do… sanctions are the reason why we now have the highest employment levels ever in the UK, and more women in work.

      “What we say is, ‘we’ll give you all the support but at the end of the day we expect you to do something for it: go back to work, take the job, take the interviews’. And it works, talk to any of the advisers in the job centres.”””””

      • paultheswineherd

        Stepping – IDS is such a lying and deluded bastard that even he believes what shit comes out of his mouth. At the end of the day he must know all of the opposition that is going up against him and that just about everyone is gunning for him. He himself must realise that he is not safe – either in Parliament or in his private life for that matter.
        The Independent is reporting that there is going to be an investigation of MP’s into whether Saudi Arabia is ” using British supplied weapons to kill civilians” – but I notice that these MP’s will not investigate IDS/DWP and all of the ‘avoidable deaths of claimants’.
        Seperately Channel 4 News has said this evening that the ‘undisclosed Election expenses’ by the Tories (their investigation into it) is spreading ever further. The Tories have it seems have got a lot to hide, probably not least Lord Feldman.
        Meanwhile Cameron has said that (after resigning as PM) he hopes to run in the 2020 Gen Election for Witney (his current constituency) – why the hell can not we get rid of him and his bunch of cunts?
        It just all defies belief!

        • paultheswineherd

          P.S. what really hit me was the David Clapson case – here was a man who had fought bravely for his ‘Country’ – who was by all accounts very ill was sanctioned and had his money stopped and was effectively killed by IDS and the State.
          This man, his sister and ALL of those murdered by IDS/DWP & this horrible Tory administration deserve justice.

          • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

            Gill Thompson and Debbie Abrahams MP speaks about David Clapson

            Published on 9 Mar 2016

      • Take what jobs? 10 hours a week part time is (at current wages for this month) only £67 per week take home pay. Tax credits – to boost wages – cannot be claimed if you are working under the 16 hour per week limit.

    • Another Fine Recession

      That means millions were pleased that they were sanctioned, but the dwp couldn’t find a single one for their fake case studies.
      He couldn’t possibly be lying could he.

    • Just goes to show that IDS is seriously delusional and deranged with a mind detached from reality. His cobblers that he is thanked by people whom he has authorised their sanctions is laughable to the least.

  24. Thanks for a brilliant demolition of this malignant scientistic nonsense. This ideology is more and more prevalent–both in its technical application as in the coercive use of CBT and medicalisation of unemployment that you are documenting, and this sort of widely disseminated justification for oppression.

  25. I’m particularly impressed with the idea that if a man abandons his children, that’s the mother’s fault for not taking more care when she chose a partner.

  26. Listen up you bunch of whining malingering scroungers. Listen well and listen good, Stepping, Raining, fly shytes, GEOFF… you fucking malingering cunts. The days of sucking at the welfare teat are over, fucking OVER AND OUT. Do you FUCKING UNDERSTAND you cunts. Grow a backbone. Take responsibility for your OWN LIFE. Forge a future for yourself. And most important of all GET A FUCKING JOB YOU LAZY CUNTS!

    I Commanche Tod have spoken

    • most have had a job on mwa ect and being paid jsa while a private company can pocket up to 6k for the privilege.

      thats double what you get on jsa a year so give me 6 k and ill sign off simple as that.

      but no they have to have to money dont they cos there the scroungers.

    • Commanching Toddy have you got nothing better to do than to give out commanches?

    • Is that you OGRE….

    • @ Red Indian Commanche

      Hi ho silver. You obviously spend all day in bed watching endless Western movies instead of getting off your fat ass and getting out job searching as you have been mandated to do by your JCP coach. At least I am about to do something usual again along with MY job searching – I’m going back into volunteering as this will refresh my work skllls and employability skills and will show any employer I am prepared to do anything, even un-paid, to get on in life.

      Don’t fucking tar us all with the same brush saying we are lazy cunts when we have all lost our paid jobs through redundancy or job losses. I’ve done more fucking paid and un-paid work than you will ever imagine, you traitor. I bet you haven’t even ever been through any work programme or new deal course over the years for YOU being a lazy wanker not prepared to graft your way back into employer society.

      With any luck, Johnny Void will shoot an arrow up your Khyber and ban future comments from you just to fuck you off and stop spouting bile to the rest of us.

      • Your attitude is strange Fen Tiger. The way you talk it’s as though you think it’s a badge of honor to have gone through BS work programs and all this MWA and CWP and the rest. Just go back and read your posts again. It’s as though you actually agree that these are good things for people.

        • Another Fine Recession

          I agree R. Brainwashed to hell here:
          I’m going back into volunteering as this will refresh my work skllls and employability skills and will show any employer I am prepared to do anything, even un-paid, to get on in life.

          • AFR: Absolutely! I hope no Tories actually read this site or else they will say “Look! Look! It’s working! The propaganda and the threats of sanctions are all bearing fruit. They’re actually starting to think the way ‘we’ want them to. Ah! yes, IDS the job is almost done!”

          • Another Fine Recession

            Perhaps he wrote it for someone else’s benefit. I wouldn’t even say that to a roach, at least not without a lot of hidden ifs and buts and insults.

            • Agreed there AFR!

              • I hear what you are saying about Fen Raining, but I think he is not so much brainwashed as trying to please so that his benefits are not stopped, maybe even hoping there is an employer out there who would be willing to take him on. He sounds really desperate to get off the work programme treadmill as is everyone, he will be ripe for Jeremy Corbyns chain gang and that is the end game between the two parties that play pass the parcel with power.

                • Yup, Fen Tiger has been conditioned into the eager-to-please, will do anything for an employer mentality… which is the exact mindset these brainwashing ‘programmes’ set out to achieve. So they DO work 😉

                • Yup, Fen Tiger is just primed, ready and waiting to work their nuts off in Jeremy Corbyn’s chain-gang 🙂

                • And it will be a million times worse for the unemployed if Jeremy Corbyn and his chain-gangs ever get in. The IDS period will be looked on as the halcyon days of Easy Street. Be careful what you wish for… 😉

                • @ Fly Hawkes

                  So you think constant JSA sanction threats are better than trying to get noticed by any employer by doing some volunteering work off their own incentive? For someone like me who has already had a sanction more than once, it was insulting and degrading to be made to feel like a criminal by people at the JCP who know better than to follow DWP orders to the letter.

                • Fen if you want to volunteer for anything, volunteer to campaign against sanctions and benefit cuts.

              • And also feels anger towards those who they feel are pulling their weight. Actually witnessed this on CWP. There was some sort of total crazy guy, well everyone thought the was nuts, anyway, he was always working his nuts off. Maybe he expected a job or summat. Anyway, we were all stood around filling the machine one day, taking our time as you do, and enjoyed throwing the shit in like someone demented, then turn round the rest of us and shouted: “LOOK, IF YOU DON’T WANT TO DO IT! FUCK OFF!” We just all looked around in disbelief. Of course no-one wants to do it – It is CWP! Suspect Fen Tiger is a tad like this … 😉

            • AFR: “The bold bit. It’s surreal !”

              Definitely AFR. Some of the craziest stuff i’ve ever read on here. 😦

        • I’m not currently on any bullshit work programme. I said that I’m going back into voluteering again as it not only will give me something to do. it will help refresh my own previous knowledge of work and employability skills from past paid and un-apid work I have done before.

          It’s got nothing to do with the jobcentre what I have decided to do, it’s that If I can show I am working, even for nothing for a temporary time scale, I’ll have more chance this way of getting back into paid work and will no longer then be having to put up with all this benefit conditions of having to do x amount of job applications per week and x amount of job searching per week.

          I would rather be in paid work than instead be on JSA and face constant sanction threats from incompetant civil servants who think its a bloody joke to make me sit through two week employability courses, a weekly jobs cafe, and endless work programmes for six months at a time under the impression it wil get me back working for wages.

          At least I am in control of this volunteering choice and not been made to do this by government lackeys, as has been the situation for me on many occasions. There is only so many WP courses I can do before I eventually start to rebel against them and therefore automatically lose my JSA for three months for non-compliance refusal of doing a work-skills course.

          • Fuck the Nobcentre!!

            There is nothing wrong with voluntary work per se but when your ‘voluntary’ work becomes mired in Nobcentre bureaucracy and bog-roll times sheets it no longer feels ‘voluntary’. And whatever voluntary work you are doing will be twisted, distorted and bent to suit the Nobcentre’s agenda. And what if you you decide to leave your ‘voluntary’ work you would have to explain why to the Nobcentre. Doing voluntary work, like a lot of ‘opportunities’ would be a lot easier if you were already in work and didn’t have the Nobcentre on your back. Same goes for part-time work it would be a lot easier to re-enter the ‘labour market’ if you could take a part-time job, even a Saturday job. The fucking NOBCENTRE are your biggest ‘barrier to work’. They are there to fuck you up at every turn as you try and escape their clutches. CUNTS!!

            • Fuck the Joke centre. I might find myself filling in their bog-roll papers for hours and days I have yet decided I will do per voluntary work, but they won’t be in control of it. Besides, as you have pointed out there is nothing wrong with putting something back into the local community by helping out for a good cause without pay.

              I’ve done voluntary work before and this has helped me gain valuable skills and experience that I later used in paid work. I can’t say the same for being shoved onto the Work Programme where I ended up in some god-forsaken “paint recycling centre” under the pretence of this would have taught me employability skills. I’ve learnt more from MY own choice of un-paid or paid work than that slave-labour cobblers thrown at me by so-called “experts” employed by the likes of A4E or Seetec for that matter.

              Their choice of making me work for either JSA or nothing gets me nowhere. My choice of un-paid work gets results for me in ways that the work programme “experts” and even that slap-headed monster Drunko fail to comprehend and understand.

      • Fen Tiger: “I bet you haven’t even ever been through any work programme or new deal course over the years for YOU being a lazy wanker not prepared to graft your way back into employer society. ” Obviously Fen Tiger enjoys a good graft!

        • If that is supposed to be a vulgar joke and tag line at my expense, then that is a joke in extreme poor taste. If I am working un-paid, I stand more chance of getting an employer notice me this way and stand better stead of eventually working for a wage.

          The entire benefit system is corrupt and skewed towards sanctions. Give me a choice of facing sanctions or working for a wage, what would you want me to consider doing?

          • Fen you shouldn’t be getting sanctioned in the first place. Work should have a place in everyone’s life that is of working age, but it should be paid enough to allow you to be able to pay your bills and have some of the good things in life. If it does not do this then it is not worth working for.
            Would politicians, Ceo’s etc work for nothing like you are proposing to do?
            Your benefits you are entitled to no matter what and whoever is sanctioning you wants their fingers chopped off so that they can’t type another sanction into their computer.

            • I’ve not bowed down to the jobcentre nor have I been kowtowed / brainwashed by them. I’m simply returning to something I have done before which has worked for me then and will again now. It’s got fuck all to do with the jobcentre if I decide to help out the local community once more, other than having to constantly put job applications made on that stupid website of theirs under threat of having my money chopped off for four weeks.

            • it is not only in the employment field you have to bow and scrape and watch your p’s and q’s, the politically correct brigade get right up my nose too.

              Watch this Fly. What do you think about this one? 😀

              • where has my comments about the politically correct brigade gone????????

                • Raining

                  we all know we not only live in a politically correct state, but also a police one. Hypocrites running the country, one law for them and another for everyone else.
                  Those idiot security guards are nothing but Judas’s as are the police.

          • What has volunteering got to do with landing a decent job? Nothing, that’s what. You have simply been beaten down by the DWP + JCP and are now thinking completely along the lines they do. In essence they have beaten you and made you compliant by the threat of benefit sanctions. They have you mentally and physically where they want you

            Getting a job has more to do with contacts pulling for you and getting you in the door. The only job you’ll ever get through volunteering will be a shit one that no one else will take.

            Where do you get the idea that voluntary will work will get you a paid job?

            Not only that; your reply to someone above (I think it was to the troll who writes on here Commanche Tod) tried to make out that doing MWA and CWP or workfare or the like ie. complying with DWP/JCP dogma, somehow was a more noble way to conduct yourself rather than fighting and resisting their depraved attacks.

            You’re essentially thinking the same way IDS does.

            • Each to their own when it comes to doing voluntary work or not. It works for some people, but not others. I’ve used un-paid work before, in the past, to beef up my social and employability skills and it has not done any harm to me whatsoever.

              The harm is created by the likes of the jobcentre always wanting to bung me into some cr***y employability course or trick me onto six months placement working in some health and safety nightmare that by rights would have the council shut it down on environmental grounds – risk to public health. I’ve not forgotten Seetec for gaining profit given to them by the DWP ahead of ensuring I don’t potentially get lung cancer from having to deal with rancid paint giving off toxic fumes laiden with bacteria.

              • I’ve used un-paid work before, in the past, to beef up my social and employability skills and it has not done any harm to me whatsoever.

                See this is what i mean; you’re talking the same way those people that work for places like Working Links etc do. You’ve been duped into believing the problem is with you instead of the fact there are no decent jobs. That’s the bottom line. You don’t need to improve your social skills or ’employability’ skills, it’s just you’ve been brainwashed and duped by the DWP + JCP to think you do.

                Did you not watch that video that was up on the site the other day where it explained that this was the whole purpose behind all their BS? To switch the blame of being UE on to the person as a personal character defect that has to be changed rather than the fact the employment landscape has changed so much there are just very few jobs out there. Good jobs i mean, not shit one’s.

                • Another Fine Recession

                  The bold bit. It’s surreal !

                • Well said raining, it is not only in the employment field you have to bow and scrape and watch your p’s and q’s, the politically correct brigade get right up my nose too.

                  I joke about lots of things but mean no harm, the gays used to be up for a laugh (after all there is not a subject gay’s themselves have not included in their drag acts, which we found funny, take little Britain and David walliams and the cripple(supposed to be).

                  We have a gay couple running our council who are happy to print shiny magazines full of political correct crap about it is a criminal offence for hate crime against certain groups which is correct if it is hate, but fun – NO.

                  When are these idiot councillors going to fight for it to be a law to sanction benefits, throw people into mental hospitals if they tell a joke or lock people up in a cell for the same thing.

                  They want to stop using the law for their own personal ends and start fighting for no bedroom tax, no council tax for those on benefits, no sanctions for those who refuse to work for less than a working wage.

                  The public services obviously do not take priority over public propaganda.

                • 4th paragraph should read a law NOT sanctioning benefits.

  27. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    If you said to the Tories what is the amount that someone can live [survive] on a week, they would say £5 a week. A Tory would not last 30 seconds on £5 a week. In fact no one can survive on just £5 a week. Are these not Human Beings like the Tories are not Human Beings. Even a little pet dog can`t survive on £5 a week. So we are all not human beings !!!!

  28. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    You seem to forget that a lot of people claiming benefit once had a job like being the British armed forces & are injured & can`t get a job through being unfit for work & some just can`t get a job because the work place is full of disability hate crime. Don`t put all benefit claimants into one bracket called lay about scroungers. It is not black & white like racism & disability hate crime from the DWP. The propaganda war using disabled people as weapons of war, yet some of them have been to war for the generals & have been wounded & now get threated like shit.

  29. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Many thanks to all that contribute & jv for making it possible. My special field is the disability part & have learnt a lot from the people on JSA about how that side of it operates. Much useful information has been created through proper discussion which is becoming a rarity in day to day life & on the internet. Information made easy rather than 60 pages of babble that the DWP use. We are all equal, but some people have more difficulties than others. The difficulties a disability may bring on top of the difficulties the DWP bring is something that needs to be managed. The interfearance [spelt wrong for a reason] Inter Fear Ance by the DWP can be life threatening on top of ones disability what ever that may be. I have always been disabled & have all types of disability hate crime in that time & know how to handle peoples ignorance. I am not the one to get pissed off the one with the ignorance does that for me. I also know the Welfare State like the back of my hand even if the rules change each week. I type like I talk which is a art in itself. So combining other peoples knowledge we can get some Justice & Human Rights for the ones who are not able to fight the slavery of disabled people.

    Give Thanks Once Again To The True Freedom Fighters.
    Blessings – JAH Rastafari.

  30. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Tories are like a Plague in our neighbourhoods as another community centre is to be shut down

    Published on 9 Mar 2016

    The artist taxi driver

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      New Tory Rule

      If you are poor you will not be able to vote – You are too poor to vote.

  31. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Judge challenges government over legal representation for vulnerable people

    Ruling will halt thousands of applications involving those with learning disabilities who need treatment involving loss of liberty

    The Guardian – Thursday 10 March 2016 18.23 GMT

    A senior judge has challenged the government to provide legal representation for vulnerable people as a backlog of safeguarding cases that cannot be tried builds up in the court of protection.

    The ruling by Mr Justice Charles will, in effect, halt thousands of sensitive applications a year involving those with dementia, Alzheimer’s or learning disabilities who require treatment involving some loss of liberty.

    The judgment is the latest confrontation in the gruelling war between the legal profession and ministers over how much money should be spent on the justice system at a time of austerity.

    In his judgment, Charles, who is a high court judge and vice-president of the court of protection, has adjourned four test cases until someone – the Legal Aid Agency, local authorities or central government – agrees to pay for the unidentified claimants to be represented.

    Read More:

  32. Are all ‘work roaches’ on the £22,500 – £28,000 + EO (Employment Officer) salary? What about the ones you never see do anything other than take signings? £22,500 – £28,000 a year for being sat on your arse signing on jobseekers!? What if you see your work roach stood at the podium, when there was a podium. Does that mean they have been demoted (to a lower salary scale) as a ‘punishment’ or is it part of job rotation? £22,500 – £28,000 for being stood at the podium!? Signing staff can still, and do, raise doubts so does this make them an EO? Or do they have to conduct ‘intervention’ interviews i.e. ‘chats’ to qualify as an EO?


    ………..please sign, i beg you.
    One day the unmentionable may happen to you.



  35. “UTTER SCUM”


  37. Evil baldy cunt.

    • Never trust slap-headed tory cunts. Having their eyes too close together is a common, classic criminal trait. IDS is the missing person from the Hatton Garden raids that the police are looking for.

  38. Just looking at all them scum in the photos makes me sick. They hide behind religion but they are evil evil bastards. I hope they find it difficult to sleep at night.



  40. Heard that MPs have Voted against Regime Plans to Mess About with
    Sunday Trading Laws

    A Defeat for the Arrogance of George Osborne

    Sunday is the Lords Day and a Day of Rest

    No to Slavery and No to Nazi Britain

  41. There are too many Arseholes in the House of Creeps ( Commons )
    and there are Not All Tory through of course many Are

    The Public instead of being Hypnotised Brainwashed Zombies like in
    Nazi Germany Need to Recognise that it is Not the Poor and Vulnerable
    who are the Problem it is Tyranny and Oppression that is the Problem

  42. Looks like some Liberal Democrats Voted For to Mess About with
    Sunday Trading Laws

    Stooges of the Tory Regime and effectively Stooges of the Tory Regime

    I cannot Say that I am a Supporter of the Lousy Liberal Democrats I
    am Not

    Hands Off Sunday ….Sunday is the Lords Day and a Day of Rest for

  43. Another Fine Recession

    Camoron’s mother develops ’employment-resistant personality’ disorder.

    Never mind, just think of all the loverly money ‘saved’.

  44. It Says in the Bible
    ” Anyone who Oppresses the Poor is Insulting God who Made Them.

    To Help the Poor is to Honour God

    The Churches Need to Speak Up For the Poor and Vulnerable
    Not Act the Ostrich

  45. Nazism and Neo Liberalism both Destructive

    jeremy | March 10, 2016 at 8:14 pm | Reply



    BJ Skinner would be very happy with Perkins and the Nazi government of Great Britain – their behaviourist techniques – alternatively known as torture – seem to to go down well with these cretins

  46. Pingback: Antisocial personality and a lack of conscientiousness is correlated with bogus welfare research – Politics and Insights

  47. I can’t stand all these pseudoscience Satanic monsters that use their awesome intellect and privileged educations to…justify bigotry and exploitation of poor people that obviously need help.

    How worthless of a human being can you even be?

  48. Awesome intellect? I think you mean they have been educated in the art of fraud, deception, lies and connery.

  49. All those scroungers, spending their money on praline and chocolate liqueurs.


  50. Another Fine Recession

    The Hateful Trait: Demonisation Of Poor Reaches New Low

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