Social Cleansing In London Is All Too Real, To Deny It Is Irresponsible

social-housingSome things need nippng in the bud.  So here’s a long and probably quite boring explanation of why Dave Hill’s recent claims in the Guardian that social cleansing is not taking place in London are a load of bollocks.

Hill based his recent piece on research carried out by the New Policy Institute think tank which examined the number of moves made by housing benefits claimants both within the capital and from London to other parts of the UK.  It found that the number of London claimants who moved house has changed little between 2010 and 2015.  As such the report’s authors conclude that housing benefit cuts have not caused the social cleansing of the city that many feared.

This led the Hill to declare that we should forget about social cleansing and instead focus on the poverty that has been caused by housing benefit cuts, saying that households had not been forced out of London but were staying put and making up rent shortfalls themselves.  To some extent this is true, many Londoners are now living in desperate poverty due to soaring rents and benefit cuts.  But to dismiss social cleansing, on the basis of this report, is a big mistake.

The first significant error in this research is that it examined all of those on housing benefit, not just those in the private sector.  Almost 70% of London housing benefit claimants are in social housing and unlikely to be subject to the benefit cap due to much lower rents.*  This means that large chunks of their data could be meaningless when analysing the impact of cuts on private sector tenants – and they don’t know which chunks.

There are many reasons why tenants might not move in such a brutal housing market.  With the number of London landlords who will accept those claiming housing benefits growing ever smaller, the sensible thing to do if you have found somewhere is to stay put.  Some social housing tenants may be hoping to buy eventually –  especially now that right-to-buy is being extended to Housing Association properties.  This could impact on the number of social housing transfers to outside the capital.  These factors would both offset any exodus due to benefit cuts.  But these assumptions, like the conclusions of the report, are speculation.

A further error in the research is that it treated claimants as one never-changing mass rather than examining flows on and off benefits.  This means that if someone comes off housing benefits as a result of moving to a cheaper area they will not be included in the figures. The report fails to show whether the number of private sector Housing Benefit claimants is falling or rising in any given area.  This leaves the question of whether people moving are being replaced by someone in similar economic circumstances.  You would expect this if the number of poor people was not decreasing overall as the researchers claim and you can find out by looking at the Housing Benefit caseload statistics.  They tell a very different story to the one told by the New Policy Institute.

The social cleansing of London did not begin when the Tory government first stole power in 2010.  Gentrification had already hollowed out much of inner London with both rents and house prices soaring even in once largely working class areas such as Hackney and Lambeth.  In more prosperous boroughs the eradication of the poor was almost complete except for those in social housing.  There were just 7,790 private sector Housing Benefit claimants in the City of Westminster in 2010 – and Westminster is big, with a population almost as large as Hull and with areas which would not have been described even as middle class a couple of decades ago.

According to the most recent figures, the number of Housing Benefit claimants in Westminster now stands at 5,001, a drop of over a third since 2010.  This trend is repeated throughout inner London – both the boroughs of Kensington & Chelsea and Islington have also lost around a third of private sector housing benefit claimants. In Camden, Hammersmith & Fulham and Southwark the number has dropped by around 20%, whilst Lewisham, Lambeth, Wandsworth and Tower Hamlets have all seen over 10% of private sector housing benefit claimants disappear.  In the largely uninhabited City of London there were 100 private sector housing benefit claimants in 2010 and now there is only 20.  The only inner London borough during the period to see a rise in this claimant group was Newham, by far the poorest and the least central borough.  In total there are over 11,000 less private sector housing benefit claimants in inner London since 2010, and there weren’t many to start with.  In many ways the Benefit Cap was simply a mopping up exercise, driving out the hangers-on that gentrification hadn’t yet managed to displace.

Despite plummeting number of private rented sector claimants in inner London the reverse is taking place further afield.  Almost every outer London borough saw a rise in the number of private sector Housing Benefit claimants between 2010 and 2016, with only Waltham Forest, Merton and Richmond seeing a fall – and the last two are both posh.  The main reason for this is soaring rents and a huge rise in the number of people in work who are claiming Housing Benefit.  The overall number of Greater London Housing Benefit claimants, including social tenants, is higher now than in 2010 despite falling unemployment.  The overall number of inner London claimants has fallen however.

The trend is plain to see. The richer and more central a borough is, then the more likely it will have seen a drop in the number of private sector housing benefit claimants.  In outer boroughs the opposite is happening.  London’s poor are being displaced to the margins

In some boroughs, such as Westminster, the process of social cleansing is near complete for almost all those without social housing.  And for those clinging on the situation is chilling. Westminster spent around £3 million on Discretionary Housing Payments in 2014/15 specifically to mitigate the impact of the Benefit Cap.  Assuming an average award of £50 a week – and this is a guess, there are no available figures – that’s enough to pay for over 1,000 of Westminster’s dwindling private sector claimants to remain in their homes.  These are emergency payments, which can be withdrawn at any time, and will eventually stop.  These households have simply been given a stay of execution.

In addition to this Westminster has 2,435 households who are homeless and in temporary accommodation.  Around half of this number have been relocated outside the borough.  Those still in Westminster will be in some form of private accomodation, whether that’s a hostel, B&B or in a temporary placement with a private landlord.  They are also likely to be claiming Housing Benefit.  So of Westminster’s 5000 private sector Housng Benefit claimants up to a quarter could be homeless, and possibly another fifth are receiving Discretionary Housing Payments which will eventually be stopped.

The Benefit Cap is just one, very small part of what is driving social cleansing.  London’s failure to build enough social housing is also displacing the poor from the capital.  Despite a population increase across Greater London of almost half a million between 2010 and 2014, the number of new social houses was just 7,455.  Housing stock estimates from the Department of Communities and Local Government show that Islington, Camden, Kensington & Chelsea, Wesminster and the City of London have all seen a reduction in the number of socially rented homes since 2010.  As numerous campaigners around the capital will tell you, they are now coming for the housing estates as well.

It seems astonishing that there would be those who refute that London’s poor are being gradually forced out of the city when the evidence is so visible.  Take a walk round Hackney and you will see streets that have been not just socially, but also ethnically cleansed.  This is not to undermine the sufffering of those still living in the capital who have been forced into poverty and  destitution.  That is part of social cleansing too, as the poor are sliced out of civic, economic and social life, even if they manage to cling onto their homes.  Those that are left become as invisible as the departed.  With further benefit cuts on the way and the near eradication of social housing it is irresponsible, and just plain inaccurate to deny what is taking place.

*this post was corrected on 28/5/16 due to previously saying social housing tenants are exempt from the Benefit Cap.  This was a daft mistake, they are not exempt, but due to much lower rents in social housing then very few claimants are affected.  H/T  @nearlylegal who pointed it out.

Above pic from Turbulent London

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246 responses to “Social Cleansing In London Is All Too Real, To Deny It Is Irresponsible

  1. If anyone deserves to be booted out of their gaff its that useless article languishing in bucko house, at least all the other poor sods deserve a roof over their heads, that waster just needs a roof coming down on its head!

  2. Who would want to live in London these days anyway, its full of immigrants, rich and poor, who have nothing in common with British people.
    After the war is was an overcrowded dump. the governments at the time build new towns and moved people out ,the population fell a few million and by the 1970s/ 80s it was a great city.

    Then from the late 1990s they decided to fill the place up again and stuff back in a few more million, and its an overcrowded dump again.

    You can see here the max amount of housing benefit a week
    eg one bedroom £260 inner London £190 outer.
    Ridiculously high, no wonder the landlord scum are getting rich, just partition a little house with plywood into 3 or 4 one bedroom flats …
    They are the real scroungers ..

  3. Tick tock you tory cunts tick fucking tock History shows that shit like this doesn’t go unchallenged. I will watch from afar with glee.


    American influenced punitive UK welfare reforms

    A feature article by Mo Stewart

    For the purposes of budgeting, politicians discuss welfare and healthcare seperately. Of course,
    in reality, the two are closely linked. If the welfare of patients is compromised then a higher
    demand for healthcare often follows as vulnerable people, who do not enjoy the best of health,
    can quickly become high risk patients with a significant deterioration in health. The ongoing
    welfare reforms have been demonstrated to be a political choice not a political necessity,
    as government propaganda since 2010 has been relentless when attacking those who need help
    the most but who rarely have a voice to challenge the many unsubstantiated government claims.
    The welfare reforms have been demonstrated to be causing preventable harm, as those
    surviving on a modest income now live with uncertainty and with the possibility that a political
    decision has enforced a return to employment regardless of health or medical opinion.

    When it comes to the British government imposing severe welfare reforms, whilst citing
    academic research to justify government claims of vast numbers of people ‘languishing’ on
    long-term sickness benefit, reference was made to research commissioned by the Department
    for Work and Pensions (DWP) that did not require peer review prior to publication. The fact
    that the cited 2005 research1 was sponsored by Unum Provident Insurance², an American
    corporate healthcare insurance giant, is never mentioned in political circles and the general
    public are very easily misled.





    Inquest finds police unlawfully detained man later found hanged


    A vulnerable young man was found hanged the day after being unlawfully detained, held in an unauthorised headlock and illegally strip-searched by police who stopped him on suspicion of minor criminal damage at a takeaway.

    Logan Peters, 22, who had mental health issues, battered his head against the walls of a police cell and tried to strangle himself while being detained for 12 hours, but was treated as an attention-seeker and released without any care plan being put in place.

    The Cornish boat builder, said by his family to have had very strong views on right and wrong and a keen interest in human rights, went home and claimed Devon and Cornwall police officers had “roughed him up”. The next day he was found dead in a summerhouse.

  7. paultheswineherd

    (Off-Topic) – Royal Naval News
    What the fuck is this man on about!
    Last night – on Sky News, the ex-First Sea Lord – Admiral Lord West came up with a crackpot idea – namely, sending a maximum of 10 Royal Naval frigates and destroyers down to the coast (in International Waters) to enforce a Naval blockade off of the coast of Libya, supposedly to stop ‘people traffickers’ helping ‘asylum seekers’ and ‘refugees’ getting on board
    of ‘boats’.
    Libya is now a ‘failed state’ (mostly due to U.S. and their allied strategic interventions!) in all of the International terms – it has 3 separate ‘governments’ – all with different views and objections.
    It has been admitted that Libya has not ‘asked’ in any way for any other Country’s military to be involved.
    If Britain did send Naval assets (without a direct invitation from the Libyan ‘Government’) and the ships were to be deployed within the Libyan 12 mile limit, then this would be considered to be as an ‘act of war’ in International Law.
    Needless to say, our Royal Navy is now (due to austerity and cuts) is a very shadow of it’s former self. 10 Frigates/Destroyers would be about a quarter of the Royal Navy’s total warships now in service.

  8. Social Cleansing!!??
    So the time has come to open the cage door of the London holding pen and ship the cattle around the UK.

    • Dissidentdiva

      Social Cleansing. No ?? needed, in my view……. London merely a money machine. Lowly but necessary workers may look forward to residing in new, purpose built workhouses, somewhere out of the sight and smell of the moneyed.


    Shadow chancellor backs calls to prosecute Iain Duncan Smith over WCA deaths…………..

    By John Pring Disability News Service

    Thursday 26th May 2016

    Labour’s shadow chancellor has called for Iain Duncan Smith to face criminal charges over allegations that his failure to address a coroner’s concerns about the “fitness for work” test led to the deaths of disabled benefit claimants.

    John McDonnell made the call during a speech to the TUC Disabled Workers Conference in London on Friday (19 May), and his backing was reportedly greeted with enthusiasm by the audience of disabled trade unionists.

    The Scottish-based grassroots group Black Triangle, backed by many other disabled activists, has led calls for the former work and pensions secretary to face a criminal investigation for misconduct in public office following his apparent refusal in 2010 to address a coroner’s concerns about the safety of the discredited work capability assessment (WCA).

    They want to hold Duncan Smith and his former employment minister Chris Grayling to account in court for their failure to improve the safety of the WCA, even though they were warned that it risked causing further deaths.

  10. paultheswineherd

    Our Government being ‘secretive’ and not telling the ‘population’ – never!
    (You may remember on here that I warned weeks ago that this was likely to happen!)

  11. Sorry about this folks, very off topic here. Windows 10 is slowly downloading against my say so. Won`t let me close it down or interrupt download. I know about uninstall KB3035583, but the Control Panel is totally unresponsive to my efforts to get rid of the dam thing! Any Tech Wizzards out there? Tried switching off but that doesn`t work either. It is as if someone else got control of laptop.

    • Probably GCHQ!

    • I have roughly 9 GB, HD space left, not enough for win 10!

    • Hi Tickety, What you should have done is accept the option of a date for the download and installation. Click “Confirm” and then it lets you “cancel scheduled download” I only found this through trial and error when it tried to trick my mother into upgrading her computer. What Microsoft are doing is wrong and it’s about time governments took them to task over it. However for my home computing I use Linux OS Ubuntu as it is far superior to Windows. For older computers Lubuntu OS is brilliant and of course they are free Operating Systems. All those who are pissed of with windows can learn about Linux and then try it. You only have to be moderately computer savvy to use the 2 Linux OS I mentioned as both are designed for ordinary folks with no programming skills.

      • Micro$haft have had to change the “tricky pop-up”. Originally, when you clicked “X” to cancel it you were accepting a date and time to “downgrade” to Windoze 10. Micro$haft have a right fucking brass-neck. Another thing is that downloading an operating system (in the background) consumes a lot of bandwidth. It also has a tendency to keep failing an re-starting the download. Depending on how subscribers are billed it could well put them out off pocket. It shouldn’t be downloading jack-shit unless you have given it express permission to do so.

      • I went to Linux Mint. Downloaded the system, got it up and running and… it constantly crashes! Firefox is the browser and it crashes too, all the time. A right piss up. Took the time to install the system, in order to get away from this shit and here it go’s happening again, on Linux this time. Crap!

    • Some ISPs bill you like over £5 for each 5GB you go over your limit. Think how how downloading this shit will be costing poorer consumers because they are usually the ones on the restricted tariffs. These Micro$shit bastards need taken to task,

    • When it installs it will display a licencing agreement called an EULA. If you do not accept it the system will reset to your current OS. If it has installed go to Start/Settings/Update&Security/Recovery and you should see an option to go back to your current OS. Search and install GWX or Never 10 to prevent 10 being installed. If you want to try Linux, Mint is the most user friendly version. There’s a large, helpful community, it’s very secure and the only thing you’ll lose is the ability to play Windows games, but every productivity program for Windows has an equivalent on Linux and they’re usually free.

      • Win 10 gets rid of Solitaire, which was the thing that p7ss3d me off not being able to play that card game no more when I went over to W10 from W7. Sometimes I wish I stayed with W7 now as Cortana is having major problems following last November’s big upgrade and I still can’t f5cking use or install adblockplus on Edge browser.

    • Off topic-Some things about Windows 10 I like, as it’s a bit faster for example. But as it records and saves everything I say, I don’t think I can speak freely online anymore.

    • This might come in useful for anyone who is struggling with that Windoze 10 spyware shit:


  12. Tickety, According to Micro$oft, you can let it install as it has already started the download, and then you have 30 days to take the option of returning to your original Windows version either 7 or 8.1. I don’t know where that option is hidden but others who have already upgraded to 10 will be able to tell you.

  13. Britain has been described as the most corrupt country in the world, according to a journalist and expert on the Italian Mafia.

  14. Santa Hates You

    JV – Iain Duncan Smith and the Tory government have already inflicted the damage over WCA deaths…………..I’m beginning to wonder whether I should add my own life to the dead claimant statistics. Governments are just too powerful. They can break, destroy people and socially cleanse at will as they have all the resources and power of the state and I have nothing and never will. I suppose my abusive father was right – I am a sad loser and always will be a nothing.

    In my lifetime, clearly things have become so much worse for disabled and poor people living on state handouts. The UK public simply don’t care about people like me and would prefer it if the disabled and the poor just vanished into thin air as it would ease their guilt about how the state is supposed to treat the vulnerable. I will see my consultant on Wednesday and tell her that I don’t want to carry on with my life like this anymore.

    • @shy- i don’t think it is right – you’re articulate & recognise injustice. Would you be able to consider contacting the Samaritans? They are there 24/7 & will listen, not offer ‘solutions’.

      • Santa Hates You

        Shirleynott – I eventually contacted my local mental health crisis team last night as I was in a really bad way. I’d not eaten or slept for over 48 hours and my head was ringing constantly. I would like to apologise to you and everybody on this site for my selfish behaviour.

        • There’s no need to; no-one sees it that way (selfish it’s not). I’m really glad you got on to them.

          We need to keep solidarity on here/wherever we can find common humanity as in some ways it is decreasing (but not all).

          • Dissidentdiva

            I do not accept SHY’s apology – because I don’t need it. As you say, shirleynott, we need solidarity wherever we can find it. As someone under the yoke of the DWP – even without health issues – I may find myself crying out on here. I know my call will be answered.

            • dd -it’s no ‘yoke’ – being under their yoke; that’s how i found the (very) human beans on here – trying keep my family/myself safe from the dwp/jcp- Universal JobSnatch (2012) – the so-called SBR and generalised terror of sanctions/homelessness/illness and premature death! It’s great here by way of contrast/balancing those stressors.

              • Dissidentdiva

                Let’s use the tory’s mantra against them. “We, the disenfranchised, the poor, the unemployed, the sick, and the aware and awakened are all in this together” – against YOU, the politicians, and your DWP and affiliated servants – who seek to destroy our well-being, autonomy and even our very lives.

        • What selfish behaviour is that? I too get to the stage where I wonder if it’s all worth it. I suffer with severe physical pain and mental health problems and am treated like crap by the DWP. However there is nothing selfish about having the courage to admit you can’t cope due to government pressure and indifference to the suffering they cause. I hope you feel better soon.

          • Dissidentdiva

            TT, I agree with you. SHY is not selfish, and has plenty of courage – as you yourself must have – to deal with your intrinsic issues, as well as the extrinsic ones of the DWP. Being treated like crap when demanding our legitimate claims is part of the concerted efforts by politicians to make us feel we ARE crap. We are not. We are merely human beings with a right to our existence and state aid when necessary.

    • SHY, It’s people like you the world needs. Just because our perverted society labels sick, disabled or unemployed people as worthless doesn’t make it true. If all the above mentioned people took there own lives it would make the world worse, not better. All humans need to learn compassion and turn away from selfishness and greed. Don’t give up, keep living! I have a friend who had a near death experience and he said that what he learned was that the people who think they have got away with being bastards to those who are suffering are in for a big surprise when they die. So keep going and don’t let them win.

    • Dissidentdiva

      SHY. NO! you said yourself, your ABUSIVE father told you……no, shy, however bad things seem now, you have life. Death is a permanent solution to a temporary problem…..ok, you’ll say not a temporary problem, but a permanent one. I have no idea, of course, of your personal circumstances, and will not be presumptuous enough to say “things can’t be that bad” because they maybe are!.
      It’s mainly because of people like you that I am here, on the void. Governments are a nothing, not you. All powerful…..physically, materially, yes, they can make our lives very difficult – but they cannot control our minds. While you can think, have opinions, write about them, talk about them, you are alive, not just physically, but in terms of thoughts,feelings, desires, needs.
      Embrace the bad feelings you are experiencing now, examine them, write about them, tell us. As shirleynott has said, you are articulate, and recognise injustice – that in itself makes you worthy of life…..and you have a job to do. Tell the public, through the net, or MSM, or whatever, how you are affected by your situation and how you feel the general public are uncaring, and how that impacts on you.
      Sad loser? Fuck off! you are a winner. You made me write here, as soon as I read your post. Think I’d do that for any politician?
      It suits Gov very well to push the striver/skiver rhetoric, but I do believe people are waking up.
      I woke up. x

      • Santa Hates You

        Dissidentdiva – Thank you.

        • Dissidentdiva

          HEY! Santa! Glad you ‘checked in’ here, mate! good to hear from you. Lil’ bit sorted, I hope, and realising there are people who care. Nothing like a touchy-feely caring anarchist, is there? 😉

    • Santa Hates You
      Satan Hates You. An`t that the truth.
      People do care, they just get drowned out by the idiotic bigots of society, you know the ones, they think Cameron and Osborne are the ones that will save them, march them into the “Brave New World”.
      My God are they in for a rude awakening.
      We all see and hear them, gobbing off about how no one should live in a place or an area they cannot afford, tax payers pay for their privilege.
      They are about to get their wish.

      About half a million refugees, immigrants and others will be pushed out of London because of the new benefit cap. They will have to be housed somewhere, hopefully on the bigots fucking doorstep.
      Did they really think unemployment, mental health, large families only affect white people, obviously they did….to much watching benefit street type programs especially made for the brainwashed.
      No matter what race, colour whatever you/we are.
      We are all pawns in a global fuck up, and you my friend have just woken up to that fact.
      We were lied to yesterday, and we will be lied to today, and we will be lied to tomorrow.

    • The natural order of things is “Survival of the Fittest”. It is really important that you don’t allow the bastards to grind you down. You must stay STRONG.

      Like Nietzsche so famously said: “If it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger”

      “We grow strong from it all
      We grow strong or we fall
      We grow STRONG!”


  15. Apprenticeships: Get in, go far 😀

  16. A new plan. one of many more.

    Eton chief attacks plan to make jobseekers reveal private schooling.

    The provost of David Cameron’s old school, Eton College, has attacked his proposals to ask job candidates if their parents paid for their education.

    Former Conservative Cabinet minister Lord Waldegrave said it was wrong to “punish children” for decisions made by their parents.

    The plan to ask job applicants if they went to private school is part of the PM’s push to improve “life chances”.

    • We all were not born with a golden spoon up our jacksies nor did we all go to Eton unlike that smarmy toff c9nt Camoron. I went to some cr4ppy secondary school that only produced future criminals and thieves. I was one of the very few from that school not to go down a life of crime.

  17. At least I am no longer on the JCP/JSA/UC/UJ/DWP/CC/BBC/ITV/OBE b8ll8cks no more as I am back starting f/t work next week again – for how long I have no idea.. Come Friday this week I shall goosestep into my local joke centre, set fire to my work plan booklet and throw the flaming paper at the evil cow of an advisor I had to put up with for the last few months.

    I’ve managed to salvage a bit of self-pride finally by now being able to do the two-fingered salute to all those DWP clowns and will tell them in words on paper to fuck off and get real jobs and stop those illegal sanctions against the rest of us.

    To all of those still un-employed, don’t give up and don’t let the evil b4st4rds in jobcentres grind you down.

    • Dissidentdiva

      Fen Tiger. Glad you’ve found your own way of salvaging self-pride – but it should never have been in question in the first place. Working or not, we are entitled to self esteem. DWP try their best to intimidate us off benefits one way or another, up to and including death. You can class yourself as a Dole Survivor – but so do I – and I don’t want to work again. Had enough, done enough, now want to spend my time learning and campaigning against this murderous system
      Good luck, FT, in your employment. Good luck to all ‘in the system’, too.

  18. you cannot ever, ever sue any individual from any government department.
    reason is because NO INDEVIDUAL EVER SIGHNS ANY DOCUMENTS issued from these departments. when I mean signed I mean a personal hand written signature. just look at every document you have ever had and you will see what I mean.
    reason for this is because they know it would be simple to sue an individual but near impossible to sue an entire government department.
    so those scum at the dhss ect are protected by this fucking government.

    a few hundred years ago a mob of people would have surrounded a certain individuals mansion ( cant say names ) as everyone’s internet is monitored
    he would have been dragged from his four poster bed and dragged through the streets being spat on stoned and kicked and then cast by the roadside .

    then all his chums would receive the same treatment.
    no need to sue anyone in those days! when people had enough of someone in power they simply removed them by force and shared out what he had .

    these days these individual’s are surrounded by private security guards and they have their own personal police protection unit shadowing them 24 hours,
    I wonder why!!,

    • I’m no longer with those scum servants masquerading as work coaches. Thank f9ck I’m back in paid work soon. I’ll be earning more in take-home pay each week than those lazy f6cks in the non-jobcentre minus do for sitting on their fat, hairy asses – and that’s just the women (whom probably have furry bums) who work in that vile building.

      • Doing what? And who got you the job? Was it JCP?

        • I found and got the job (production operative in a local manufacturing company) off my own means. got nothing to do with those jcp numpties telling me to apply for it. They didn’t even know about this until after I decided when the right time was to tell them. No more 35hr per week jobsearching under constant threat of sanctions for p8ss-poor money, nor no more having to do “training schemes” or other rubbish the JCP likes to brag about.

          • Chicken Gutter

            There was an item on the BBC news the other night about a lettuce factory. The bossman was saying how difficult it was to recruit locals to work as production operatives – he had tried the jobcentre with no success – so had to resort to employing Poles and Romanians.

            • I’m back working with a local garden shed/furniture manufacturer. I pretty well know the score as I have worked there previously in a different department. As long as they don’t do the f2cking same to me again (forced redundancy before) I should be home and dry and won’t have to be p9ssed from pillar to post from a bunch of numpty civil servants.

              I’ve got the last laugh on them as I could be taking home more wages each week than what they earn for their 38 hours. And for the first time in years I will be able to have a spending spree again from money I will have worked hard to get without worrying about sanctions or endless cobblers from the joke centre.

          • Good on you for showing the wankers up then! They spent how long getting you to jump through hoops with no results until you got a job yourself? Proves their system is a useless f- – – – -g sham and solely designed to punish people for being on benefits. Hope it works out for you.

            • @ Raining

              Many thanks for your comments to me. Yes, it just goes to show that the DWP/JCP is a f9cking sham and designed just to punish people out of work through no fault of their own – redundancy, etc. The only way to get jobs nowadays is off your own steam and not the c5ck JCP lunatics spout and try to force you into.

              Universal jobmatch was a complete waste of my time as I have now proved as I found this job through Within a week of me applying, I had a phone call from this company and the next day had a brief interview with my new supervisor/manager. After that he asked when can I be able to start. Told him I will start Monday and not Wednesday purely so I can get a full weekly wage from the start.

            • No idea what I will be doing about my UJ account as yet as it is still active. I might decide to put abuse and swear words in the activity box telling them what I think of the rotten system, and let the JCP have full access to the account and see what I really think of them…

  19. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    People with Mental Health are not able to fill out ESA50 forms. Nazi`s are not able to fill out forms. Women are not able to fill out form. Disabled people are not able to fill out forms. lack people are not able to fill out forms. Dead people are not able to fill out forms.

    No it`s not North Korea it`s the UK.

  20. Ken Loach: punishing the poor is part of David Cameron’s project

    Film-maker says it would be pointless to show his Palme d’Or-winner I, Daniel Blake to Conservative government

    The director Ken Loach has said he does not want David Cameron to watch his latest film, which deals with unemployment, poverty and the rise of food banks in Britain today, because punishing the poor is part of the prime minister’s project.

  21. High-security luxury smartphone launched for global elite for £9,500 “basic model”

  22. A Vicar risks jail and bankruptcy in stand against cuts that hit the poor.

    A vicar has said he is prepared to be bankrupted and go to prison to highlight benefit cuts and charges he claims are “shortening people’s lives”.

    The Reverend Paul Nicolson, 84, who lives in Tottenham, spoke out ahead of a court hearing to deal with his refusal to pay council tax since 2013.

    He calls it an “act of civil disobedience” in a fight against tax and welfare policies which he says unfairly hit those on low incomes. “If you make people ill by not giving them enough income, forcing them into debt, you reduce the length of time they could possibly live,” he said. “National and local government are shortening people’s lives.”

    • Amongst all the fake Christians out there who like the feel good factor it gives them there are a few genuine believers who put themselves in the firing line for the good of their fellow man. This Vicar is a credit to the nation and a man of principle. He knows the truth and won’t shut up like most, out of fear of this satanic mob called the Tory Party. He is right, they are trying to destroy the poor by stealth. They are truly wicked people!

  23. paultheswineherd

    Not everything is going the Tories way – although the BBC News at 6PM did not cover this story at all! Channel 4 News at 7PM led with the story and it was very comprehensively covered. As far as I am aware, Sky have not mentioned it this evening on their 10PM News.
    The Media can be very selective at times!

  24. paultheswineherd

    If any of you can get the chance to have a look at this evening’s Sky interview with Cameron – it’s well worth a look. It’s almost like Faisal Islam is ‘no longer a Tory’ – he was constantly attacking him. (Questions from the audience to him now follow – live on Sky now!)

    • paultheswineherd

      According to Sky News : The ‘audience’ were split as follows:
      one-third = remain, one-third = leave, one-third = don’t know
      (Apparently the same goes for tomorrow – with Michael Gove (for ‘OUT’)

  25. Another Fine Recession

    There’s a massive amount of unpaid ‘work’ done by the UK’s unemployed, and as all this ‘work’ gets replaced with pointless conditionality, such as clicking on fake job ads all day, the UK will go down the tubes fast – it’s already happening.

    As some Waste Programme parasites/scroungers, and some roaches know,
    THE JOBS HAVE GONE and no amount of searching for 35, 70, 400 hours a week is going to bring them back, in fact it makes the situation worse!

    UBI is probably coming quicker than thought.

    • UJM is a complete and utter scam website and I have spent years moaning about it to the t7ts in my jokecentreminus, but all they did was ignore me. That stupid website never got me back into work once, unlike managed to do immediately.

      All those jobs on UJM are fake CV harvesting and money laundering operations. No better than that other dodgy outfit uk recruitment that is a one man-band operative run from a virtual office in Glasgow and has only one staff member who also is the sole share holder of the virtual business.

      • Dissidentdiva

        UJM is a sanction and surveillance tool. It is was not designed to be beneficial to claimants, only their captors at the DWP.

  26. paultheswineherd

    Cameron has just said that 80% of the economy is ‘Services’.
    What has happened to ‘manufacturing’? (answer) with Thatcher onwards – manufacturing has been gradually degraded and destroyed.
    The Tory way (& New Labour philosophy) is that the ‘City of London’ can totally create wealth and sustain the economy. It cannot!

    IDS backs Donald Trump – calling him a ‘very decent man’.
    It should be noted that IDS has, is and always will be, a lying, deceitful, psychopathic murderer, (bottom rung of the ladder and always remaining there) total twat.

  27. paultheswineherd

    Nigel Farage has just said: (In the light has what has happened tonight – he has no confidence left in Cameron) : “Michael Gove or Boris Johnson could be the next Prime Minister” (if, in his words, the Referendum is won (i.e. ‘OUT’ of Europe)
    BUT – how can Boris Johnson be a ‘P.M.’ he, after all has not been ‘voted in’ to a ‘Constituency’ – he does not have his own ‘Constituency’ as such?

  28. paultheswineherd

    BHS has gone into liquidation – Frank Field (of the Works & Pensions Committee) has said that it has been a bad deal for the workers!
    Yes, indeed – if they are in ‘liquidation’ than the workers have lost everything that may be owed to them. All ‘assets’ will be sold off for as much as they can get. Any ‘creditors’ will now be paid nothing at all. It is fortunate that it has been stated that the ‘Pensions Regulator’ will now pay the workers their full pensions that they are ‘owed’ (minus 10%).
    Sir Phillip Green should now be arrested for questioning about his and his familie’s handling of this company’s assets.
    He and his ‘family’ have taken out millions of pounds in dividends (between 2000 and 2005) and nothing has been said about any of it.
    If you, or me, headed a ‘major’ retail company, such as BHS that had this final outcome – then we would have questions to answer and rightfully so.

    • Dissidentdiva

      Lots of important info in your posts, paultsh. All pointing out the amount of damage these financially rich but morally bankrupt snouts-in-trough shysters can and have caused. Sickening to read, but vital to know.
      UBI can only be dreamed of, in UK, while THEY still hold the purse strings.

  29. Steve Webb, IDS’s former minion and arse-licker makes an excellent point about pensions here “For many years, retired people such as your grandparents have wondered if it was worth saving modest amounts. To them it may have felt that all they did was deprive themselves of the help that would have been available in retirement if they had nothing of their own.” It was always a mug’s games saving into modest pension schemes. And still is. It’s the folks that piss all their money up against the wall that go on to claim full entitlement. So many retirees regret not having pissed every penny up against the wall. The only pension scheme worth have is if it is gold-plated. Or an MPs. And now that we have cottoned on they are forcing (auto-enrolling) employees into these pointless schemes. But the Government want to have their cake and eat it – they want us to save and consume at the same time.

  30. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Cameron`s London

    Double shooting murders with uzi`s & AK47`s. Now 6 London councils have armed police patrolling the streets with sub machine guns to keep the streets safe in a sub machine gun shoot out in the streets. Watch out the weather is getting hotter. The street rep is now triple shooting with a sub machine gun. Also letting people out on bail accused of murder. Since the London 2011 Riots where the police were ordered on a 4 day stand off there for the taking & not TV`s & trainers. 4 people murdered in & around Camden Town in the past 5 days.

    • Dissidentdiva

      What is it with Camden, stepping? Not quite gentrified enough yet, then?

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        DD – Gentrified means people with money, which means street hustlers, which means drugs & guns. Seems Kings cross has moved to Camden Town.

  31. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Hatred wins votes. Very good PR for MP`s.

  32. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Time to end the Notting Hill Carnival at Notting Hill & move it to corporate Hyde Park. Poor people no longer live in Notting Hill as a whole but Cameron & Osbourne do.

  33. Camden will never be gentrified along with half of London, the elite are wetting themselves getting in an armed police state, with big brother surveillance.
    Parts of London will end up like Chicago, Detroit and the Bronx.
    But we will have a lovely garden bridge!!

    • Dissidentdiva

      Swings and roundabouts…..or smoke and mirrors…….

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Poor people under siege in large council estates.

        • Dissidentdiva

          What an opportunity……an excuse to knock down the estates….tut tut, those dangerous, anti-social places need to go….. hot houses of criminals……where are the former tenants going to live?…….let’s not worry about that….the developers are waiting……must rush…….

  34. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The Tory rebel want a leadership change & an early election before Christmas 2016. Tory in fighting & hatred in self destruction.

  35. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    COMMENT: DWP press office and the art of facts avoidance

    DNS – 3rd June 2016

    This is a blog which I shouldn’t have to write, but which I think demonstrates just how desperate the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has become to avoid admitting uncomfortable truths about its policies and performance.

    I believe this is an issue that raises important questions about the impartiality of the Civil Service under the current government, and the right of journalists to receive straight, clear, non-evasive answers to questions that are put to government press officers, particularly those within the DWP.

    It’s something I’ve been meaning to write for a while, and while DWP is by no means the only government department that is guilty of this, it is by far the worst offender.

    Yesterday, Disability News Service published a news story which showed that successive ministers for disabled people had signed up only about 40 mainstream private sector employers to their flagship Disability Confident employment scheme in the three years since it was launched.

    Read More:

  36. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Disability Confident attracts just 40 mainstream private sector partners… in three years

    DNS – 3rd June 2016

    The government has signed up only about 40 mainstream private sector employers to its flagship Disability Confident employment scheme in the three years since it was launched by the prime minister, new figures reveal.

    An analysis by Disability News Service (DNS) shows that – with the exception of 15 law firms, and recruitment, welfare-to-work and employment specialists, which often have a financial interest in disability issues – the government appears to have persuaded just 26 non-disability-related private sector organisations to sign up to its national scheme, and one of those is a small café in Cornwall.

    Read More:

  37. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Land Of Hope & Dead Poor People Glory.

  38. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Disabled UK Slaves or Disabled UK Dead.

  39. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Suicide is the DWP weapon. Suicide PLC.

  40. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Death To All Pirates.

  41. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Who`s the threat to the UK !!! The Disabled !!!

      Genocide Of The Disabled is the threat to the UK.

      DWP Terrorists.

  42. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Hatred Is The Tool Of Politics.

  43. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Yes Cameron murderers out on bail, what do you expect another murder Cameron !!!

    • Dissidentdiva

      Hey! Stepping!.Politics is full of hatred. We send that hatred right back to the politicians. We tell our stories, we put the truth out there. They can no longer hide what they are doing. The tide will turn.

      • paultheswineherd

        dd – the tide is indeed turning/ The Media (Sky, BBC & Murdoch’s scum tabloids especially) try to cover up most of what is going on.
        But, they cannot continue to cover it all up for ever and a day!
        It is amazing how many of the ‘everyday’ population of Britain, either working or not, (because of their apathy and their general lack of interest in the news/politics) do not know what is happening in Britain today.
        A lot of them are most concerned about what is the latest storyline in Coronation Street or Emmerdale, or who big Katie Price’s tits are or how big Kim Karshadian’s tits and arse now is, as well as who has won the European Cup.
        Who has won Britain’s Got Talent? Or who has won the next X-celebrity competition?
        Just you wait though – the chickens ARE going to come home to roost – one day, probably in April 2017 all of this present Government’s policies are going to kick in – Universal Credit I forecast will be the one which will break the camel’s back. The ‘poor working’ people will be fucked – having to check in regularly with JCP minus to see what extra job/hours they can get. This, if any, will be the time when the shit will really hit the fan!

        • Dissidentdiva

          That’s a lot of tits and arse, Paul!!! you are completely right about how the everyday population is anaesthetised against reality – by reality shows (oh, the irony) soaps, sleb gossip, sport, etc; News and politics are boring and unglamorous by contrast. Who wants to listen to depressing news and politicians droning on after doing a shit minimum job all day? As you say, this will change as more working people become reluctantly embraced in the clinging arms of UC.

          • paultheswineherd

            dd – Yes, the not ‘thought through’ policy that is UC will be the downfall of the Tories. As usual, they come up with a ‘plan’ without thinking it through fully – find (eventually), that it is not working (not to worry about the cost though) and (eventually) do a complete U-turn.
            A U-Turn on UC WILL happen eventually – but not until after April 2017 methinks! 🙂

        • Dissidentdiva

  44. paultheswineherd

    Also, (in the Michael Gove questions re ‘OUT’ last night) a question was asked by a lady from the audience in which she (rightfully) brought up about ‘the ongoing Police investigation into the alleged Tory party ‘election expenses scandal’. It was suggested that, if it was found that these allegations were ‘correct’, and ‘convictions’ followed, then the 2015 Election could effectively be ‘null and void’.
    This, in practice could mean that ‘any Government legislation passed after the May 2015 General Election’ could, potentially also be null and void.
    That would definitely be good – for all concerned – apart from the Tories!

    • Dissidentdiva

      A lovely thought, Paul, but in reality……can’t see it happening. Too momentous a challenge for the Tories to contemplate dealing with. With the power and money of the elites behind them, they’ll slither their way out of any and all allegations. Dead pig fucking has become a national joke, rather than being taken as a serious indication of how warped and twisted our ‘betters’ are. A result of clever PR and by Cameron refusing to denounce the allegations in any meaningful way. The same will happen here.

  45. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Disability Genocide DG Director General. Disability Unconfident..

  46. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Para Me Para Sports. Para Snooker. Para Death Traps, Para [not a cheap] wheelchair wheelys, Para How Longs A Piece Of String. Para What Came First Para Or Para Me Para !!!

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


      Etymology 1[edit]

      From Ancient Greek παρά ‎(pará, “beside; next to, near, from; against, contrary to”).


      1.above, beyond
      2.beside, near, alongside
      3.abnormal, incorrect
      5.(organic chemistry) In isomeric benzene derivatives, having the two substituents in opposite positions (compare ortho- and meta-.)

  47. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Para Disability Normal – Disability Para Normal !!!

  48. paultheswineherd

    According to the Mirror – soon, ‘pig-fuck’ Cameron could be history after the EU Referendum result – whether he wins or loses!
    But, who could replace him as a ‘Prime Minister’? I certainly do not hope that it could be any of the ‘gang of five’ – namely Iain Duncan Smith (a twisted and total liar and also a psychopathic murderer), Chris Grayling (a laughable and twisted cunt, and an even lower level psychopath), Priti Patel (the ‘grim reaper)’, a female and very mean lip-pouting bitch who loves multinational companies, loves smokers (who supply the sad fodder to the NHS – whom she would dearly like to privatise), Boris Johnson – the falsely humourous and bumbling prat who would dearly love to be ‘Prime Minister’, but in all reality – the real Tories would not have any of him! And finally, Michael Gove – said last night he would not put himself up as a new P.M.!
    No doubt they would ‘elect’ someone – but none of the Tories, in reality are worth voting for as a new Prime Minister.
    But, neither is Jeremy Corbyn either. Labour needs to get a very credible new leader – and they need to get him FAST.

    • Dissidentdiva

      Paultsh. I have no faith in any of our parties to “do the right thing” by our nations poor, waged or unwaged. A change of leader will be simply rearranging the ornaments.

      • paultheswineherd

        dd – yes, exactly – they are all vyeing for POWER – and also vyeing for all of the ‘Taxpayer’s cash’ that they can get – (and that also goes for the County Council’s CEO’s/Chief Executives as well) – the bastards!

        • Dissidentdiva

          Well, being unemployed, I am sucking the teat of the taxpayer too, but only tiny amounts of milky money at a time….:)

          • paultheswineherd

            dd – don’t worry about that at all. The M.P’s and their ‘friends’ and their ‘friends’ companies are taking far, far more of the ‘tax-payer’s money than your good self. All of the ‘unemployed’ cost the taxpayer a millionth less than these M.P.’s /Ministers/ House of Lords and all of the ‘other’ cohorts who are in ‘power’ over us. They are the REAL shirkers and skivers of Britain today.

            • Dissidentdiva

              I know! I feel absolutely no guilt whatsoever. I am worth caviar and silk, not sackcloth and ashes!!

          • @Dissidentdiva
            The largest burden on the taxpayer are pensions, I draw my pension so also “suck on the taxpayers’ teat” however depending on the source, the State pension is a huge Ponzi scheme where upcoming taxpayers pay our pensions, or the other opinion: the pension pot is ringfenced and fully topped up (unless coke-snorting Gideot has mortgaged it). I believe the latter to be true.

            • Dissidentdiva

              Am female, and my pension was from me untimely ripped – me being one of those unfortunates being born in the ‘wrong’ year. I am fine with pension equality, frightfully ‘right on’ and all that, but with the jobs market being what it is, pensions for all genders should be given at age 62, at the latest.
              No doubt when I finally reach my pension age, Tories will have spent it on hookers and blow.

            • paultheswineherd

              @wildswimmerpete – just found this – you may well be right about Gidiot and there is usually no smoke without fire being present! And, yes, I reckon that he has probably ‘mortgaged’ the pensions pot(s)!
              There could be a lot more ‘revelations’ yet to come from this ‘dominatrix’.

  49. Dissidentdiva

    Stepping, you are a poster PAR excellence…….:)

  50. *This comment was corrected on the 28/5/16 due to previously saying JSA claimants drove Lamborghinis and owned 300 foot yachts berthed in Monte Carlo. This was a daft mistake seeing JSA claimants receive only £70 a week.

  51. Jobcentre Interceptors

    If a redundant steelworker thinks they can outrun a cockroach they got another thing coming:) Oh look, seems like “Cunty” – so-called because they are a right Cunt – has pulled up a jobseeker for a “chat”. If you think you can get away with not having a 35 hour a week jobsearch log, think again – “Cunty” will throw the book at you – a right bollocking followed by a quick trip to the local jobcentre and a 3 year sanction to boot!

    • I’m laughing at the jobcentre now as I will be earning more than them as I am back in work (self-found job, not with that UJM tat.

    • I got away with 5 hours of jobsearching a week as UJM has the same jobs over and over again, reposted as new each day and the same job on offer through half a dozen “recruitment agencies” all touting for business. How could I do 35 hours a week when there wasn’t any NEW jobs each day that hadn’t been on the day before?

      No such 35 hour a week jobsearching rule anywhere in current Jobseeking regulations as everybody’s claimant commitment is different and specifically tailored to their individual needs, training, qualifications, skills and work history. One size does not fit all as the jobcentre likes to otherwise lie about.

  52. Too many people still havn’t got a clue was is going on, be it the snoopers charter, EU, welfare reform, the list goes on.

    Snooper’s charter: Most Britons unaware of Tory plans, survey finds.

    Britons could be sleepwalking into a new era of state surveillance powers, judging by a new poll conducted by the civil rights organisation Liberty.

    Before a Commons battle over the investigatory powers bill this week, the poll found that 92% of respondents who were aware of the proposals – described as a “snooper’s charter” by critics – disapproved of them. But 72% of respondents said that they knew nothing about it.

  53. The Boiling Frogs

    It seems warm enough in here 😀

    • Dissidentdiva

      Going daft. Senior moment – snoopers charter already been posted by paultsh. ooops! 😀

      • Are you the milkman?

        • Dissidentdiva

          Bit late to put your order in, love.

          • If the lunatics in power start snooping around my website activity, I shall simply move to Tor browser and use in conjuction with it. That’ll stick it up their chunta. I already use on Firefox, Edge, and IE11 to limit the nosey fools what they can see where I am online.

            • Dissidentdiva

              Read somewhere that TOR is very slow, possibly due to NSA trying to make it unusable.

              • I’ve used Tor previously and the given reason I read was that it was slow due to the high number of TOR remote servers that bounce your internet connection around to try and mask your true I.P. and location. Probably some other unknown reason why TOR can be slow such as the NSA or even other governments trying to shut the network down. It’s those hidden websites on Tor that have governments running scared. Hidden Wikipedia (only available through Tor) is full of website links that make governments wet themselves.

                • The Onion Router

                  Back in the day Tor would take like half an hour to load a page 😀 Now it is pretty much usable, speed-wise anyway. But just as the Tor network as been improving a CDN (Content Delivery Network) called Cloudfare has been slowly by surely taking over the web. Most websites appear to be running on this horseshit and Cloudfare serves Tor users bullshit capchas. They do it deliberately because they know it pisses off Tor users. A cynic would think it was a way of ‘nudging’ Tor users off of using Tor. A cynic would also think that some three-letter agency owns this Cloudfare outfit.

                • The Onion Router

                  And a lot of websites just block Tor outright. It is a useful tool but not really a panacea. Besides, why should internet users in the UK have to ‘tunnel’ out to the free world in order to access a ‘blocked’ websites to download a movie or some other shit. And why are UK internet users activity being logged in the first place? Is this China or Iran?

                • Computer Newbies

                  We just use Google, Facebook and Twitter for everything. Are we doing something wrong??

                • Re: cloudfare

                  What is this invasive cobblers? Every time a website goes wrong through firefox and disappears up pops a cloudfare error page and not the usual browser error message. Sinister government spying if you ask me…

            • Dissidentdiva

        • Dissidentdiva

  54. Special Programme with Andrew Neil currently on BBC One (Monday 7:30pm) trying to scare us all into staying in Europe. Europe should f6ck off if they think of bringing in their own version – Europe wide – tax and national insurance scheme on top of the British version. The f2ck I am paying tax and National Insurance twice, once for the UK and again for those cheese monkeys and beer stein swiggers.

    • Yes i agree. Vote LEAVE everyone and let’s take control of all our own lawmaking abilities and borders instead of being ruled over by a bunch of wankers in EU land. I am British, not European and i want our own country back and fully in control of our own affairs. The EU is a friggin’ disaster and only going to get worse.

      Yes it worries me the HR’s protection and such for people in their employment but i believe we have to get out of this farce and move on. Britain is bigger and better than this shit.

      Never thought i’d agree with Boris, IDS and co. But on this one i certainly do.



      ……………had to laugh this morning

      Apparently the wankers of westminster are closing ranks to overthrow the will of the electorate if a decision to leave the EU is forthcoming.

      MP’s are planning to use combined voting powers to block a vote to leave Europe. Hence, the word democratic is reduced to just a lost meaning in a dictionary and going to prove that politicians are hell bent on pursuit of a different agenda to those they purport to represent………

      If our government were intent on overruling the will of the people, why has this masquerade been acted out, how much has it cost and what was the real intention of the game of divide and rule?

      Dangerous games have dangerous consequences. Has Cameron been playing an extended game of dare with the EU bureaucrats that has gone wildly out of control? Kicking the British football away in an Eton schoolboy tantrum that may have dire consequences on our kids and generations to come………..



        It seems irrelevant to the British government that, with the exception of Greece, the UK now spends the lowest amount of gross domestic product on healthcare than any other country in Europe, whilst the DWP welfare reforms use savage sanctions that removes all income from claimants which guarantees hunger, and worse, often just for being too ill to attend a meeting with the local Jobcentre. In every case DWP staff presume guilt of the claimant often before they have all the facts, by which time the damage has been done, often creating more demands on healthcare. Does this not demonstrate why UK welfare reforms should be designed by UK experts, without the input from an American corporate healthcare insurance giant with an alternative agenda?

        Given that the purpose of the welfare reforms was to reduce government welfare costs, regardless of human consequences, and the introduction of the critically flawed WCA caused preventable harm to countless numbers, perhaps it is time for the British government to be held to account as to why they permit the most vulnerable of all to live in fear, and to starve to death, whilst disregarding critically acclaimed academic research that concluded that the WCA is demonstrably dangerous.

        Mo Stewart

        June 2016

      • Dissidentdiva

        I fucking KNEW something like this would happen, the wriggling bastards. Strangling us with bureaucracy and LIESSSS. Glad you could laugh, Geoff – I’m apoplectic with rage. Oh, well, if I die, that’s one more scrounging, workshy loser off their fucking welfare ‘payroll’…….

        • Dissidentdiva

          Votes, schmotes. Worthless, apparently, now. Why fucking bother?

          • paultheswineherd

            dd – I know that you (and do many others) support this (and so do I also!) idea of UBI. John McDonnell has announced that this could be part of the Labour manifesto.

            • They didn’t call it Universal Credit for nothing (it should be called Universal Dept.) watch it very slowly morph in to UBI. They knew this from the very start.

              However UBI is governments from all over the world admitting that jobs which are held down by humans are slowly being taken over by automation.
              I wish they would have the bollocks to admit this, the age of ” I Robot” is here. However you cannot enslave or lie to a robot, only humans!!
              Gullible things, humans……believe anything.

              • Dissidentdiva

                The sage – let the morphing commence! 😀

              • If my job – stacking heavy timber (cut) planks all day is taking over by a robot,, I would leave straight away. But anything is better than having to sign on for naff all money. So I am prepared to take the rough with the smooth with this job just to get some decent wages for once.

                • CWP Victim

                  Spent 30 weeks doing that very same job on CWP for jack-shit! Funny how just as MWA/CWP is drawing to a close a timber-stacking job comes up. Expect all those ‘charity’ shops and recycling plants will be recruiting soon too 😉

                • CWP Victim

                  Come to think of it, Fen Tiger, you had better quadruple check that this is a REAL job with REAL pay and that you haven’t inadvertently signed up to the fag-end of MWA/CWP or some other workfare shit 😉

                • @ CWP victim

                  Nothing to do with DWP/JCP/UJM/UC/JSA ect. This IS a real job that I have, as Monday morning 7:30am I signed a paper written contract with my employer (Nene Milling Company Ltd.)- stating hours worked per week, days per week to work, allotted tea and lunch breaks each day, minimum wage I will get £7.20 per hour, nature of work I am allowed to carry out (production operative/skilled labourer) in accordance with my contract. If I do anything other than my main duties such as operate saw-cutting machinery my contract will be terminated for breach.

                  This is not Work programme bull832t but something I found myself (with NO jobcentre interference) from JCP didn’t even know I landed a cushy job with generous wages until I decided to tell them. I’m on 44 hours per week (with overtime if I choose) with close to £300 in wages a week. Not bad considering I was previously on £73 a week from the house of horrors and having to do 35 hours a week jobsearching and other b718234s they made me do.

                  Still think I am doing work programme this week after I have closed down my JSA claim on the 5th of June?

            • Dissidentdiva

              Paul – UBI is the only way we can at least have some kind of freedom to live as we should, and want – only beholden to employers if we choose to be……and not mandated to do so. Let the dream come true 🙂

              • paultheswineherd

                dd – yes, indeed – although it has been reported as costing a fortune – it surely must be less in pain and suffering as to what is now being done to the poor, the sick and the disabled of Britain. I should imagine that psychologically, the lack of stress and worry from being bullied and harrassed on a regular basis by this Nazi crew would be a real change for the better.
                The lack of ‘conditionality’ and cruel ‘sanctions’ must be more than worth it – even though the ‘final’ weekly amount probably would not in reality, be a fortune! 🙂

              • paultheswineherd

                dd – Yes, indeed – and the sooner the better! 🙂



    From: Viran Patel

    30 May 2016

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
    Please tell me what qualifications are necessary for a DM to make someone go to a WCA or a PIP assessment ? Outside of the guidance provided by the DWP. What process is in place for the DM to make this decision and are the DMs medically qualified practitioners ?

    1) When the person originally applies for PIP or ESA ?
    2) When the DM thinks from Guidance the claimant is required to attend an assessment ?

    Please also provided the guidance in relation to the above and a list of triggers that causes the above to happen ?

    Yours faithfully,

    Mr Patel

    Link to this




    The wrinkly old bastard in fawlty towers deserves a medal alright, the heaviest piece of brass, a ships anchor perhaps and a gentle push into the Thames………..

    A fucking medal for what? The biggest family of kraut inbreds sponging on the states tit for nearly a century?

    In recognition for what? Being in a multi roomed taxpayer funded gaff with more shithouses than the halls of Westminster…………….
    Dribbling the finest foods down her ermine collar, mushy peas stuck in the ceremonial jewellery bedecking the neck of scrounger number one.

    The medias finest clown who can only walk on red axminster whilst unveiling plaques to herself with gilt scissors manufactured especially for the Royal household…………

    A launcher of ships bearing her name, wearing the same design of coat as Paddington Bear.

    Somebody who does not know which end of a corgi the shit comes out, who waves her hand to the serfs that froth at the mouth for just a sniff of the lush lifestyle of an old hag with the complexion of a distressed shar pei after a night on the piss………….

    The real recipients of a medal are our old and infirm, starving and frightened to put on a bar on the fire in order to stay alive.


  57. Workfare provider ACT Training employee charged with benefit fraud

    A ‘persistent’ benefit fraudster used two names to claim more than £12,500 while working
    By EvansTheCrime | Posted: June 06, 2016

    The court heard the 42-year-old had eight convictions for 21 offences including nine for theft and 12 for fraud going back to 1998.

    In 2012 she was jailed for three months for fraudulently claiming benefits totalling almost £83,000.

    Eight convictions, yet she was still employed by ACT Training!!!!


      • Designed purely to promote corporate greed above and before anything else. The idea that it is in some way for ordinary people and benefits them is laughable!

        VOTE LEAVE.

  58. Altogether now, legs apart

    justin tomlinson


  60. whether or not the orange faced pig head shagger wins the eu vote or not Cameron is fucking finished he is already a dead man walking.
    this silver spooned, slithering, bottom feeding roach only let us have a referendum because Nigel ferage forced the cunt to have one.
    every time I see his face on tv I want to fucking puke!!
    he is so fucking desperate for the uk to stay bound in chains to the eu this parasite will say anything!!.
    800,000 jobs will be lost, the lying cunt don’t say what jobs or where from or how or why they will be lost.
    the economy will flat line , look out the fucking window Cameron the economy under your tory scum government is already on life support!!.
    terrorists will be able to fly into Heathrow carrying atom bombs ect if we leave the eu!!. says cameron
    no other country in the eu will buy anything from us or sell anything to us if we leave the leave the eu.. says Cameron.
    it will be Armageddon if we leave the eu says Cameron.
    if Britain leaves the eu it will be end of civilisation on planet earth , says Cameron.
    show us the evidence to back up these fantastic outrageous claims then.
    im old enough to remember life in Britain before we joined the fucking eu.
    AND IT WAS A DAM SIGHT BETTER THEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    fuck Cameron fuck the Tories and fuck the eu!!!!!!!!!.

    Cameron you piece of shit your finished, and so are the rest of you tory fucks , as the eu referendum draws closer Cameron is like gary cooper in the movie high noon watching that fucking clock on the wall, tick tock tick tock,.knowing his days are numbered.

    I bet the snakes who run these tax havens and hedge funds for the tories and their rich chums are working overtime as the rich cunts in this country scramble to hide their millions off shore before the eu referendum.

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