How Consent Has Been Manufactured For In Work Benefit Sanctions


Same old Labour, committee headed by Frank Field says DWP should be congratulated for in-work benefit sanctions.

There are many thing which could be done to tackle in-work poverty.  The most obvious being to raise in-work benefit levels.  Other measures such as rent caps or free public transport would make an immediate difference whilst longer term solutions could include a mass social house-building programme and the recreation of a militant trade union movement that was prepared to strike for better wages.  The restoration of student grants or free training in bankable qualifications that are currently only available at huge cost would also make a huge change in how people choose to develop their working lives.

More radical ideas might include the collectivisation of private (profit-making) property and a seizing of the wealth of the rich.  There’s plenty of stuff, and space, for everybody to live well.  The problem is some people are greedy and have too much.  There’s more of us than them.  We could just take it.  That’s what they did.

None of these ideas were mentioned in the recent inquiry by the Work and Pensions Commitee into ‘in-work progression’, the latest DWP initiative designed to force part time workers to constantly strive for more pay or more hours or face benefit sanctions.  From the radical to the mundane, these concepts are outside of current acceptable, neo-liberal conversation.  Even calling for a reverse to recent reforms such as the Bedroom Tax, or the restoration of full council tax benefit, have now slipped outside of the acceptable agenda.  Instead all solutions must be market based, individualised, and place the blame for poverty squarely at the feet of the poor.  And austerity and cutting government spending have now become aims in themselves, as if they were a moral force.

With a couple of exceptions, this ideology informs every single response to the Work and Pensions Committee’s recent inquiry.  This has allowed the committee’s final report to call the reforms potentially ‘revolutionary’.  Which they don’t mean in a good way.

The depressing truth is that consent had been manufactured invisibly before the committee even began, simply by the type of people they involved, and the narrow spectrum of beliefs they represent.  If you don’t share these views you will not become one of those people, the listened to people.  As such the submissions by Boycott Workfare, and even the PCS Union whose members will be expected to implement any changes, are completely ignored in the committee’s final report.    Instead it was the likes of Matthew Oakley who were called to give evidence in person, the chinless knobend who began his barely working life at the hard right Policy Exchange think tank.  Oakley has made a lucrative career out of pretending to be an independent expert whilst telling the government exactly what they want to hear.

Of course it helps that there was a financial incentive for most of those who responded to the consultation to support the DWP’s plans in the form of juicy government contracts to run the scheme.  And it does no harm that of the eleven people who sit on the Work and Pensions Commitee, six of them are Tories and one of the others is Frank fucking Field.  This is no doubt how they came to the appalling conclusion that the current government should be congratulated for these sweeping changes to the benefit’s system that will see low paid workers consigned to desperate poverty if they fail to meet the endless humiliating demands imposed on them by Jobcentres.  The committee even suggests that in-work progression could be extended to those further up the earnings scale, although it is unclear whether they support this on a voluntary or mandatory basis.  How to sanction people’s benefit when they aren’t on benefits is likely to prove a challenge.

There were two issues really that were being examined by the commission – that of in work ‘progression’ and also in work ‘conditionality’.  The first simply means mild harassment masquerading as help from Jobcentres or welfare to work companies to encourage claimants to look around for better paid work or be confident enough to ask for a pay rise.  Almost all of the organsations who responded said yes, we’d like some money to do that.  In-work conditionality however means benefit sanctions for not complying with demands placed on claimants to improve their earnings, which under current legislation could even include workfare or mandatory job search sessions in the hours people aren’t working.

This conditionality was rejected by some organisations who called for a purely voluntary scheme whilst many others warned that so-called vulnerable people should be excluded.  None of the responses were enthusiastic about sanctions, although one, from welfare-to-work company Prospects, did say they believed people should “not be allowed to settle for working only a few hours each week indefinitely”.  This was probably the most extreme statement out of all the responses to the committee and was duly included in the final report to help demonstrate ‘strong support’ for an ‘in-work service’.

A fair analysis of the evidence would be that there was support for a voluntary service, although it was not unanimous and largely came from organisations with a vested financial interest.  And there was opposition to and wide ranging concerns about sanctioning claimant’s benefit for non-compliance.  The committee’s report acknowledges some of these concerns and even agrees that inflicting a financial penalty on someone could, in some cases, work against the aim to increase their earnings.   But even this doesn’t mean they oppose sanctions.  In conclusion the report merely calls for people to be sanctioned less often than those currently on unemployment benefits.

The DWP’s attitude to sanctions for part time workers is already clear.  Evidence submitted to the enquiry included a training document for Work Coaches currently carrying out pilot schemes into in-work conditionality.  They inform Jobcentre workers that “Conditionality is an important element in driving greater independence and ensuring that claimants take greater accountability to earn and work more” and that “sanctions play a vital role in supporting the conditionality regime”.  The committee do not comment on this overt encouragement of enforcing strict conditionality on working claimants, despite it being current practice already for those unlucky enough to be selected for the pilot.

In-work sanctions may have been dreamed up in the feverish mind of Iain Duncan Smith, but everyone has played their part.  From the charities too greedy or spineless to condemn these plans and say they will take no part in the scheme to the grasping welfare-to-work sector who are facing huge funding cuts and are desperate to rinse yet more money from the tax payer.  From the think tank’s fake experts who’ve never had a proper job to Frank Field’s committee and their skewing of the evidence in favour of the government’s demands.  The DWP have now been given a green light to carry on as they always intended and launch an onslaught on the low paid which will cause the same devastation in the lives of the poorest workers that has already been inflicted on the unemployed.  Everyone, who they consider important, has said it’s a good idea after all.

There has been no demand from the electorate for these measures, in fact most are horrified when they hear of it.  There have been no calls from part time workers, or the unions that represent them, for a Jobcentre run in-work service, whether mandatory or otherwise.  As the committee’s final report points out, there is no evidence that this scheme will be effective and nothing similar to it has ever been tried anywhere in the world.  That is probably because it’s such a shit idea.  But this shit idea is now going ahead as support has been gently fabricated at every stage to ensure that there is no serious, or even visible opposition to the DWP’s plans.

In a few years, even criticising the concept that in-work benefits should be conditional will be outside of acceptable thought for the listened to people.  This is how neoliberalism marches on.  The long, great theft of our labour and the demolition of our living standards is decided in committees, by reasonable people, who do not even notice the political agenda they are pursuing.  They barely even know they are doing politics.  Their cut-throat capitalist ideology is so entrenched that it is all that they can see or imagine.

You can read the committee’s report at:

h/t Noam Chomsky who first used the phrase manufacturing consent in an analysis of the US media, there’s a film about it here.

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185 responses to “How Consent Has Been Manufactured For In Work Benefit Sanctions

  1. Been told at the jobcentre today,that from now on,i will be signing on within a group,anyone else had this?

    • How can you have one-to-one support from your work coach if you’re signing on in a group?

    • The brainless muppet that is Iain Duncan Smith did not invent in-work benefit sanctions, he is way to thick. It’s the Tory scums billionaire backers who invented them. They are the ones that pull the strings.

      • Yep, same goes for the rest of the bastard squad, none of them could find their own arses with both hands. Theyr’e all satan worshippers, puppets of the global elite!

    • Dissidentdiva

      Not heard of that one – I’m jsa, are you jsa or UC?

      • Same as you 😛

        • Dissidentdiva

          We need to pull our socks up, put our noses to the grindstone, our shoulders to the wheel, and get 10 part time jobs each, leaving NO TIME for naughty anarchistic thoughts. Then quietly die of course. Don’t want to make a fuss.

      • I’m on UC and don’t sign only have a meeting with my Work Coach every two weeks or so. She’s actually a very nice person so I suppose I ought to count myself lucky. She’s not happy with Universal Credit and how it keeps changing, sanctions, eligibility and so forth. She told me about one case of a lady on UC that was offered a job on a self-employed basis with an employer which she wanted, but couldn’t take it because she couldn’t be part-time self-employed on Universal Credit.

        On the off chance that anybody doesn’t know UC is MUCH worse than anything which preceded it even if you’re lucky enough to get a human being as your Work Coach who is sympathetic to your plight.

    • Refuse and say you don’t want any of your personal details regarding job hunting, or anything else, being listened to by outsiders.

      DWP + JCP = SCUM

    • The very notion is absurd as your skills or experience will not be relevant to those you sit with. One of the selling points of companies like A4e was supposed to be job seeking help geared towards the individual although we all know how that worked out. In theory now unemployment has fallen (translation; sanctions have got the figures down) the job centre staff have more time on their hands which should again be geared towards helping individuals as opposed to en masse labelling. Unfortunately the climate of Tory fear and scaremongering currently doing the rounds means there is very little to challenge these kind of schemes as their focus is elsewhere till June the 23rd.

  2. It’s noteworthy that the below piece by Matthew Oakley was published by Conservative Home, and it’s abundantly obvious that he has the government’s ear with respect to welfare reform.

    Matthew Oakley: Five ways to help one million more disabled people into work | Conservative Home conservativehom..-into-work.html

    • This makes me feel ill. It seems telling the (ex) SOS in his grandiose intro. uses phrases like “A life on benefits …”. Language taken straight from The Mail/C5. He couldn’t even use the correct terms for what he was pronouncing on in this ‘intellectual’ and ‘thoughtful’ report – or just preferred terms laden with judgement and insinuation.

  3. Rosemarie Harris

    Until we all stand up together they will contine to make all workers life’s a misery until we all doff our caps and drop dead at their feet ,they the ruiling class will make rules for them so they can steal and cheat while the working class pays for it .
    The tossers are not going to listen to us they are to thick we have people who give them the facts but they just don’t listen they are to deaf and until the thickos start really listening to Boycott workfare and the like’s always going to be a failure for the unemployed.
    This is class warfare we need to eat the fucking rich!

    • Dissidentdiva

      The trouble is……there will be no trouble. The working poor will be so busy with being at work, looking for more work, attending jsa+ interviews and fitting in child care, housework, cooking, shopping etc; they’ll be too exhausted to ‘stand up together’ unless a sudden collective consciousness (like bees have) erupts. The voice of the swarm. Worker bees making honey for the rich. Doesn’t make them any sweeter though.

  4. How to sanction those not on benefits? – DWP are working with employers.

    In a few years it will be the norm.



    17. Through its leadership of the New Beginnings initiative, UnumProvident is currently leading a coalition of Government, leading employers (for example HSBC, Barclays Bank, the Institute of Directors) and organisations of and for disabled people (eg RADAR—the Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation—and the Shaw Trust) to remove the barriers that prevent disabled people finding and keeping work. As part of this initiative, UnumProvident have been closely and actively involved with the Employers’ Forum on Disability and JobCentre Plus, amongst others, to promote disabled people to employers, and to help employers recruit and retain disabled people in the workplace. Recent work in this area has included the launch of The Knowledge, and work looking at gender and disability which was carried out for us by the Fawcett Society.

    18. More recently, the Advisory Group and our Large Employers’ Group have concluded that we could make a valuable contribution in the area of welfare reform. We are currently planning work streams in this area and hope to be able to report on progress soon.

    V. Tax Credit and Benefit Systems

    19. It is our belief that the current tax and benefits system is overly complex, can provide strong disincentives for disabled people to look for work, and is in need of radical reform. UnumProvident put forward a blueprint for welfare reform in its paper “Diversity in Employment”. In brief, and as outlined at paragraph 8, our proposal is that those disabled people capable of some work should be moved from IB to a form of JSA. Here they would be properly supported in their search for and transition into work.

    ………………………AND YET

    n January 2007 Professor John Langbein of the Yale School of Law produced a paper
    identified as ‘The Unum Provident Scand
    that exposed Unum’s practice of disability
    denial, and in November 2007 BBC News reported that the British government were
    being advised by an American insurance company with a reputation for ‘racketeering’.

    ………………BBC NEWS

    Hew Edwards, anchor: A multinational insurance company accused of racketeering and cheating thousands of Americans out of welfare benefits, is giving advice to the British government on welfare reform. A BBC investigation has found that executives from Unum have held meetings with seniorWhitehall officials to discuss changes to the benefit system. Mark Daly has this exclusive report:




      Unum (Provident) Insurance exposed their significant influe
      nce in the memorandum
      following the publication of the Welfare Reform Green Paper.
      Their influence has also
      been exposed since 2011 by the Disability News Service,
      with reports by the BMA
      the RCN
      that confirmed that the WCA was causing preventab
      le harm as chronically sick
      and disabled people now starve to death in the UK



    Mark Daly, presenter: The BBC has discovered internal documents revealing that Unum believes it is driving Government policy. The Department for Work and Pensions refused to comment on Unum’s past. A spokesman said: “Throughout the process of developing our policies…. Ministers and officials have met and spoken to hundreds of organisations and individuals like Unum to find out what works.” As Unum attempt to leave its chequered past behind, the debate overUK welfare reform will rage on.

    Mark Daly – BBC News



      Mark Daly, presenter:

      But, there are still dozens of bad faith cases and allegations outstanding against the company on both sides of theAtlantic. Despite all of this Unum had senior executives sitting on key government working groups last year, and has provided detailed memorandum on transforming the benefits system. The government also awarded grants worth £300,000 to Unum’s research centre in Cardiff.

  7. All you can say for in-work conditionality, is that so many people will be affected that it will be far less easy for the general public to simply ignore the situation. As so many do at the moment, thinking it doesn’t concern them.
    When they start the mass sanctioning of people who may have always worked, for stupid and trivial reasons, then we might start to see a change. The whole scheme is surely political poison in the long term.

  8. you should read up on the german system- we are copying it to the letter – -they turned jobcentres into labour exchanges 10 yrs or so ago – no one is unemployed, you get a low paid job given to you or get a sanction (or ‘sanktion’. They then top you up with a universal credit witha cap on it. Sounds familiar,cos we’re copying it.
    Hence the amazingly low unemployment figures in Germany that everyone takes for an ‘economic miracle’.
    Its bullshine of course.
    Peter Hartz who invented the scheme also worked for Volkswagen at the time they were ‘fixing’ their amazing carbon emissions- as long as the figures look ok, who cares?

    And figures that balance exactly look brilliant – e.g. Merkel took in 1 million migrant workers (ie rebranded refugees) and blige me, exactly 1 million German workers received a Hartz benefit ‘sanktionen’ !!!

    Stinks! But anyone who complains inGermany can simply be reported as a Neo Nazi by the BBC because of the stereotype fromWW2, and the DWP carry on stealing ….

  9. Might be of interest to people who are caught in the Barnet disabled pass withdrawals.

  10. You can understand people thinking. “I might as well just stayon the dole. If they’ve still got me like a puppet on a string and threatening me with Sanctions. You can’t be doing with that. While you’re going out to work in all elements. Also how are they expecting people to do their job properly and efficiently. If they spend their whole shift worrying about a brown letter waiting for them when they get home. The situation is crazier than a
    shit house rat

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  12. Ps. Printing this piece of writing out. Can we just circulate this – a shortened, ‘bite-size’ version if necessary and somehow get it up on billboards in city centres – or wherever people (don’t always) look for information?

    • Dissidentdiva

      Excellent idea, shirley. Spread the word on what is truly happening to the citizenry, quietly, so far………


    Benefit sanctions lead claimants to suicide, crime and destitution, warns damning report

    Exclusive: Analysis for Salford City Council highlights devastating effects on the local community

  14. And people wonder why the Labour party have been decimated in Scotland.
    As for all the demands on people who are unemployed, working but needing benefits, anyone on any type of benefit, (I do not count pensions as a benefit because it isn’t), and all the threats of sanctions, they make me sick. How are people supposed to live?
    I know what it’s like when the dreaded brown envelope comes through the door. It’s got to be one of the most frightening things to happen to a person and this is why mental health services are overrun as this is destroying our mental health.

    • Dissidentdiva

      Destroying our mental health……..a price the elites are willing to pay on our behalf……..drugged up and compliant……what’s not to love?

    • I read this with dropped jaw. Is the claimant motivated and interested in the job? (work roach tips)
      For many it’s a job they’ve been forced to do so how can they be interested in it??
      I have no interest in cleaning toilets and mopping floors and have no intention of jumping up and down with glee about it if a roach ever asks me. I’m working and doing the job so they don’t hassle me. Plus it’s the proper living wage 8.20 an hour and the holidays are better.
      I would love to get another job, but I’m too scared in case for some reason it doesn’t work out or the company goes bust again.. I suspect there’s many more like me out there..

      • Also it says the claimant must give permission for roach to contact employer. Do the DWP seriously expect permission would be given?? It’s the work programme all over again and the data waiver..

        • Sibrydionmawr

          True, but I’m sure we all know people who are scared or even just plain daft enough that they answer all JCP+ advisor questions truthfully, and wouldn’t dare to refuse to answer.

          It’s Data Protection Act Rights 101 stuff, but how many really know their rights? It’s not as if it’s stuff that’s taught at most schools!

          • Data Protection Act 101: Claimants have to fully understand that by giving your consent, you are effectively surrendering/waiving your legal rights and protection under the Data Protection Acts; rights conferred on you and Enshrined by Acts of Parliament. That’s why these DWP/’provider’ forms are known as Data Protection Act Waivers – because that is EXACTLY what they are!

            • Hard-working Taxpayer

              lol What a load of old rubbish! The Data Protection Acts were never meant as a shield for the workshy to hide behind. Work coaches are only there to help you and support you into finding a job. If you were a genuine claimant you would be doing all they ask off you not giving them grief over “Data Protection Act Waivers”. Just a load of silly nonsense.

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    EXCLUSIVE: the latest tax avoidance wheeze of holier-than-thou pension denier Stephen Crabb
    BY JOHN WARD MAY 25, 2016

  17. When I visit my Jobcentre Plus it’s always nearly empty of staff. Presumably because staff numbers have been cut. If every unemployed person AND every working person not raking in at least 35-hours worth of wages on the minimum wage are going to be scrutinised and forced to look for “work, more work and/or more hours” who the heck is going to do the scrutinising? Based on what I’ve seen Jobcentres simply don’t have the staff to do it. As for Frank Field, well, how did a poorly educated thick-as-shit pseudo-Labour twat like him get to chair a committee?

    I remember reading a “paper” by Field which stated that in areas where jobs are available benefits should be stopped for young claimants who were long-term unemployed in order to force them into work. Field appears not to understand that it is the employers who pick who works for them and that unemployed people may try and try and try to persuade firms and companies to take them on and be rejected, rejected and rejected for their trouble. The prat seems to believe that during the good times employers are all so desperate to recruit staff that they will employ anyone who approaches them the corollary being that anybody out of work for more than a short while must be out of work by choice, which we all know is a lie.

    The man is a waste of skin and wholly without worth.

    • Same here (East Anglia). There is usually just the signing bod sat besides a row of empty desks; sometimes joke that the signing bod has a whole ‘office’ to themselves lol. Back in the day everyone of those desks would be filled.

    • only the other day I got served by what used to be my cock roach (a right evil bitch if ever there was one) in superdrug of all places lol nearly pissed myself laughing but managed to hold it on since their incontinence pads cost a fortune lol

  18. jeffrey davies

    sign over the gate work makes you better hmm
    please pick your bar of free soap up
    and towel follow the line into the showers ops jeff3

  19. In Other News...

    … Bungling DWP officials have cut off a claimant’s arm instead of their benefits after declaring them ‘fit to work’.

  20. Vote Remain a Slave More Austerity Vote to Leave EU NO Austerity

    The EU is an Establishment Thing

  21. DWP Benefit Conditionality and Sanctions in Salford- One Year On

    64 pages

    Click to access DWP_Benefit_Conditionality_and_Sanctions_in_Salford_-_One_Year_On..pdf

    Today we launch the first wave findings from our ongoing study. Below is the overview, summarising our key first wave findings on the effects and ethics of welfare conditionality. It draws on data from interviews with 52 policy stakeholders, 27 focus groups conducted with practitioners, and 480 ‘wave a’ qualitative longitudinal interviews with with nine groups of welfare service users in England and Scotland.

  22. Policy Exchange

    Here is is idea for the Government/DWP/Crabb: “Retire” JSA/ESA/UC claimants and transfer them onto PGC* (Pension Guarantee Credit). It would be the ‘kind’ thing to do as well as saving a fortune in paying for administration, the jobcentre infrastructure, ‘work programmes’, workfare, miscellaneous schemes, assorted crap… Of course ‘work coaches’, ‘advisers’, ‘consultants’ (‘working links) and ‘decison makers’ would be out of a job, but all in all, it would be a ‘a price worth paying’.

    * PGC currently pays £154 a week compared with £70 a week (£50 for uner-25s)

    • Policy Exchange

      *PGC currently pays £154 a week compared with £70 a week (£50 for uner-25s) JSA

    • Double the Dole - NOW!

      JSA should be and would be at LEAST £154 a week if Thatcher hadn’t de-indexed it from the cost of living. JSA (and other ‘in-work’ benefits are ‘frozen’ for the next 4 years… at least). How can anyone be seriously expected to keep mind, body and soul alive on seventy shekels a week. Incidentally, the UK has the lowest dole in Europe and the civilised world! Double the Dole – NOW!

  23. If we come out of the EU, universal Credit will have to go back to the drawing board seeing as its part of the European project, the complete centralization of control through Globalization, the world bank. The link up around Europe will have to happen without us.
    Just because Facebook is an online global success does not mean that welfare can be run exactly the same.
    It would not surprise me that a few years down the line(if we stay in) all welfare claims can only be processed if linked with a f/b account, or something similar.
    Vote to get the hell out of Dodge City…………….or Babylon.

  24. They will not be happy till the well fair state has gone in stead of making the well fair state four people who really needs help and people who do not… make them take work what people do not have a problem with…. they want to stop help for every body what surely is a Un fair system and is making the country like it was years ago if the country want homeless people in every shop do way because they have no money and the disable on the streets so be it may be they are planing on bringing back work houses we are one of the richest country ‘s in the world so surly this is not the country we want god help the desadvantage who are going to de afected by the Hartless tory government who is he’ll dent on brining theese changes in

  25. NO to EU Slavery NO to Universal Credit and NO Austerity

    Good Policy for a Better Present and Future

  26. ‘Cameron is DELUDED over EU’: Trade Unionists nail the ‘LIE’ that Brussels can be reformed

    THE “brutal” European Union can never be reformed and has systematically eroded the rights of working people in favour of fat cat corporations, trade unionists have said in a stunning intervention in the Brexit debate.

  27. Empty Sloganeering Will Never Bring About Change

    No To Slavery

    NOOP Welcoming Back Committee | May 25, 2016 at 2:42 pm | Reply

    Welcome back NOOP!😀

  28. here we fucking go again!!!,
    more persecution of the working poor and unemployed.
    how fucking much is enough??.
    how much more are we going to take until we say FUCK YOU NO MORE!!.
    AND STAND UP TO THIS DICTATORSHIP that calls its self a government.
    all this shit they keep throwing at us are not laws they are acts, acts of parliament and an act can only be enforced with THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERND that’s right that mean US!!.
    we have not consented to any of this so why the fuck do we just sit hear and fucking take it!!!!!!!
    every day this government heap more misery on working class and poor while the rich rub their hands as the money keeps pouring in.

    fuck labour too they did not vote against the bedroom tax or benefit sanctions the gutless fucks abstained , they are just as guilty as the conservative pigs.
    cheers and roars of rapture erupt from the commons as mr ( im worth 10 million ) announced a living wage of £7.30.
    £7.30 an hour in 2016 what a fucking joke.

    those millionaire pigs in parliament ( labour included) who are whipped up into a celebration frenzy over paying slave fucking wages of £7.30 spend more on a meal at the Hilton hotel than most people earn in a fucking week.

    fuck you, you millionaire pigs, fuck you, you bunch of free loading cunts.
    how the fuck can 1% of the worlds population own all the wealth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    simple BECAUSE WE LET THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


    • Whilst I agree with your sentiments, the (don’t laugh) Tories (imaginary) living wage is actually £7.20 per hour. And the reason people don’t fight back is because the neocon plan has almost been completed in the UK. Unions emasculated, workers rights eroded, establishment control of the media almost complete (only the internet left to crush), right to protest curtailed and people enslaved whether healthy or sick and disabled in a low wage, insecure economy so they don’t have the means or the time to rise up and overthrow these tyrants. Take a look at France over the last month, the same thing is happening now that happened here in the 1980s under Thatcher. If the French people lose and the Unions and workers rights are destroyed they too will be in our position of hopelessness. It took many years of struggle and many deaths and imprisonments to achieve union rights, women’s rights and general human rights in the UK and a few evil Tory governments to destroy them. The EU referendum is also a side show, in or out will make little difference. If out the even more extreme right wing of the Tory party will make our lives hell and if in Cameron and his standard demonic Tory horde will continue the policy of austerity and screw us down just the same. Jeremy Corbyn will be unable to get elected due to the way the media is controlled by the establishment who are in the same way controlled by the 1% super rich and all because Corbyn has at least some principles left and won’t bow and scrape to the Royal Family and tow the official line. The Establishment will fund the Blairites to overthrow him and recreate the fake New Labour (Red Tory) party that betrayed us through the 1990s. As history has a tendency to repeat itself due to mankind’s inability to learn lessons from periods of unrestrained greed and extreme wickedness there is still a small chance that if enough people start to suffer they will rise up but it’s a very slim chance as this new system of control has been very well planned over many years and the balance of power has truly shifted to the 1%.

      • … apart from that, though ….

      • Women have very few rights in practice! I know they’re trumpeted about but in 2016 we are still being forced into supposedly elective cancer screening. Medication for asthma ect has been withheld until we “elect” to have it. The data protection erosion began In 1988 when the NHS set up the open Exeter database. Women’s details were put on it without our consent. Nobody protested about it! When data protection tightened up they passed a law to get round this violation of our rights and bodies. No one protested. Doctors gain financial bonuses if they “persuade ” 80%of women to screen. These are larger in deprived inner city’s in hansard if anyone thinks I’m making it up!
        As well as that we still have to deal with discrimination… Now the state is discriminating against every one!

  29. Dissidentdiva

    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
    Eleanor Roosevelt.
    So who consented?

  30. End Sanctions NOW! - Without Exception!

    Sanctions are pure fucking evil! And anyone who supports them in any way, shape or form is a fucking cunt . And any political party that supports them in any way, shape or form is not worth voting for!

    • Dissidentdiva

      AS UC is rolling out, working people – who are also subject to sanctions – will no longer swallow the line about “if you’re sanctioned, you must deserve it” let’s hope the numbers of horror stories in MSM hit home, too. I have signed petitions against sanctions…..(not much use, but a dissenting voice, I suppose).
      The more awareness created, the less people can close their eyes as to what is going on……

  31. Flyshit…….hey………fly ….shit…..flyshit are you back ,lol,lol youve changed your gender,lol,lol dissidantdiva….flyshit………flyshit….its the same wrighting style……flyshit…..i bet you like to were bra and panties flyshit,flicking your little cock and empty balls lol,lol you could get togwther with paul,lol,lol…both of you put together would prób only come to about 5 inches,lol,lol,lol…….flyshit…….flyyyyy shit lol flyshit

  32. Slightly off topic but still relevant to the conversation. As an addition to my comments above in a previous post. If anyone doubts the manipulation of Democracy you only need to check out the joke that is the USA presidential nomination race. The Democrats (again don’t laugh, democratic they ain’t) are about to choose Hillary Clinton to run against Donald Trump. (If he gets the Republican nomination despite trouncing his opponents, again democratic it ain’t) despite the fact in nearly all opinion polls of the US public show Trump vs Clinton will end in a Trump victory but Sanders vs Trump would end in a Sanders victory. The problem lies in the fact that Bernie Sanders is an anti establishment figure and therefore more difficult for the 1% to manipulate, whereas Trump is just an egocentric who although he plays the anti-establishment card will tow the line if elected. Hence the 1% are trying to make sure the candidate owned and controlled by them (Hillary Clinton) wins. As you can see democracy is a joke, it doesn’t really exist. The public only vote to affirm the 1% control of the world and then are forgotten for another 4 or 5 years dependant on election terms until the same farce is repeated. The final point is that even though Sanders is the most popular choice with the majority of the US public whichever of the final two candidates runs for president the one who submits to the will of the 1% will win. The hate campaign that will be waged against anyone who stands up for what is right will be vicious and they will be destroyed by the establishment. As over there, same over here. And don’t forget our Tory party wants to see our country run along american lines where wealth is worshipped and the poor are seen a failures and left to rot on the streets. As a friend of mine who lived in the USA for a while said, the American Dream is actually the worst nightmare you can imagine. It’s very sad but very true and it’s coming here if we can’t stop it.


    The Editor
    1:15 PM (19 hours ago)

    to me
    the allegations contained in the article are untrue


  34. hey truth teller,
    you make some very good observations and obviously your not a zombie like most and you actually see what is going on around you.!!
    in this dictatorship, police state we call home, there are 3 tires of society, the rich, the middle classes and the poor.
    the rich are rich because of the slave wages they pay their workers they are rich because they slippery tax avoiders and because all their chums are running this fucking country.
    the rich know that they will always be protected by the state no matter what!!.
    look at the collapse of the uk banks, rbs goes tits up, Cameron gives it billions to stay afloat. weeks later they need more billions???.
    where the fuck did the first pile of money go?, in the front door and straight out the back door to the rich investors who were shitting themselves in case they lost millions.
    so the priority was to make sure all the fucking rich didn’t loose a penny!.
    who paid to bail out the rich and make sure they can continue with their lavish lifestyles ?/ WE FUCKING DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    the middle classes just shit them selves on a daily basis with an attitude of , “im all right jack” yeh maxed out their credit cards, living on credit!!.
    im not ill or sick so fuck those who are.i got a job so fuck those who haven’t, im ok I can buy food so fuck those who cant!!!.
    that’s the attitude of most here in the uk “if it don’t affect me I don’t care”.

    then there’s he poor ( that includes the working poor) not just the unemployed and the disabled.
    child poverty has tripled since the fucking millionaire brigade cheated their way into power ( only 25% of the population voted fucking tory).
    food banks are now a daily sight in ALL TOWNS AND VILLAGESALL OVER THE UK!!.
    mental health disorders on an unprecedented scale.
    homelessness off the fucking scale.
    the sick and disabled being forced to work.
    the working poor being paid slave fucking wages and needing to do 2,3 jobs to survive. that’s no fucking life is it, you work to live not live to work!!!.

    I agree that there are some in society who are just plain fucking lazy and don’t want to work those who believe they can get something for nothing, the crack heads, the pot heads the drunks ect and channel 4 makes dam sure the rest of us see that kind of lifestyle!!.
    not everyone who is poor lives like them lot.

    benefit street, benefits by the sea, benefit weddings now its fucking benefit dogs!!,
    and those morons who take part in these tory propaganda shows just paint everyone else on benefits with the same brush.!
    where are the tv shows like, rich tax dodgers, rich tax cheats, rich slave wage payers ect ect ect.
    this government want to demonise poor in society.
    this government’s mentality is this IF YOU CANNOT CONTRIBUITE YOU SHOULD BE EXTERMINATED!!.

    • Dissidentdiva

      Yes to everything in your post, jeff. Those ‘benefit’ programmes benefit the Government and its masters….not the claimants. Proper propaganda for the war on the poor.

    • paultheswineherd

      jeff – brilliant post and very well said! Sums it all up to a tee.

  35. jeffrey davies

    its called aktion t4 its rolling along without much of a ado jeff3

  36. jeffrey davies

    why many many many have died at their hands through benefit denial voilet dont be stupid just look at history aktion t4 just another way of getting rid of the sick disabled mentaly ill

    • Dissidentdiva

      The deaths of claimants is well documented. If Guv cared, they would have stopped the killing machines of conditionality and sanctions. They haven’t – so they don’t. Care. About. Us. Only ££££££££££££££££££££££

      • The Guv don't give a shit!

        Sanctions are in effect a DEATH SENTENCE. Remember the poor guy who ‘phoned in to LBC in tears because he had been surviving on value sausages and 15p cans of potatoes for goodness knows how long because of fucking sanctions.

        Sanctions damage health – as reported on this blog, even the fucking DWP recognises this. Any period spent on sanctions causes irreparable damage to the victim’s health which you are never going to fully recover from. If you don’t eat for a month you are DEAD!

        And if you aren’t receiving essential vitamins and nutrients you will suffer a heart attack.

        Cause of death – heart attack. NO! Cause of death – fucking sanctions. Sanctions are an abomination and are fucking cruel, inhumane and barbaric.

        • Sanction Victim

          True! I was sanctioned not long ago and couldn’t afford to feed myself and ended up filling the whole in my belly with cheap junk. I notice twitching in my face and spasms in my legs, sometimes the muscles in my legs would ‘lock’, but didn’t think anything of it, until I woke in a sweat one night with my heart ‘twitching’ and called an ambulance. I was rushed into Accident & Emergency. The doctors told me that my body has become so depleted of magnesium and potassium that my heart was unable to maintain a rhythm. I had a lucky escape – thankfully! But how many sanction victims aren’t so lucky. Sanctions are KILLING – literally!

          • Dissidentdiva

            My heart goes out to you. Benefit tip: when you have your benefit dosh, buy an A-Z vitamin and mineral complex – these can be bought cheaply now. Take one a day, with food (whatever you have). Don’t let them kill you. If you have pence to spend, buy a banana. Carbs and minerals, including pottasium – but the complex will help sustain you.

    • Dont believe everything history tells you, the holocrap for example.

    • New World Order/Globalisation rolling along on without much ado!

  37. Right Jeff! Too many people are mentally asleep and don’t look in to things properly. In regards to your comments on the banking crash of 2008, most people didn’t grasp the reality of what went on with the bailout. The only reason the banks were bailed out was to protect the rich. You see, small depositors at the time in the UK would have had the first £35,000 guaranteed by the state but of course that meant that by letting the banks go bust the wealthy would be the biggest losers. So what we were given was a total reversal of everything the Tories preach about balancing the books and not propping up failing businesses, but of course only ever practice when it suits them, in that we ended up with the total reversal of there beliefs with Socialism for the rich, by using tax payers money poured in to the banks to save the richest’s investments and capitalism for the poor who now have to live with austerity to pay the debt incurred back to the state. I mean you couldn’t make it up but it is absolutely true. In the case of tax avoidance we could solve this tomorrow as a nation by walking into our overseas territories and demanding these schemes all close and confiscating the proceeds of these tax havens. They after all are British dependencies and not truly independent nations. However don’t hold your breath for action as contrary to what the Tories say they already know they could do this but won’t because they are all colluding in one way or another.
    The way the media is controlled by the rich is another interesting subject. It is amazing how easy it is to brainwash a public that is so uneducated and browbeaten that they can be easily divided by making one set of underpaid, overworked section of the middle and working classes despise and hate the sick, disabled and unemployed and blame them for the countries problems rather that looking around at the real causes of inequality which is rampant Neo-Darwinist theory (survival of the fittest) based capitalism. Most peoples lives are so miserable through overwork and low pay that they turn instead to drugs and alcohol or TV soap operas to escape the situation. Suicides always increase when we have Tory governments along with homelessness and poverty, and the public have incredibly short memories. I remember the 1980s with people sleeping rough all over the country due to Thatcherism and how even the (Red Tory) New Labour project of the 1990s reversed at least a little of this, but greed and selfishness overruled compassion and the people put the Tories back in power to wreak havoc on the vulnerable once more, so we are back to square one and even worse with the new in work conditionality (Slavery) rules. It never ceases to amaze me how many people I meet due to my work who vote Tory and end up unemployed and at the food bank and still don’t get the connection. I mean stupid or what? Most of the public have no interest in our history as a nation and how working people fought a long and bitter struggle to gain rights that they now throw away without even realising what they are doing. God help us once the Neocon 1% have seized control of the internet, and believe me they will at some point. All we will have is a glorified shopping channel to replace it, and where in the few cases you can still have user comment, you will have to use your real name and all your details to make sure they know who you are and where you live so they can arrest you when you speak freely and don’t follow the establishment line. Some here will think I exaggerate but I say archive these comments and revisit them in 20 years time and you may think very differently.

    • The result of the shopping channel & comment by real name.

      Privacy fears ‘deterring’ US web users from online shopping.

      Almost half of American households with at least one internet user have been “deterred” from online activity recently because of privacy or security concerns, a survey has said.

      Their concerns had stopped them either using online banking or shopping or posting on social media, the survey by a Department of Commerce agency said.

    • Yup! When you open your web browser you will be presented with a selection of ‘convenient’ ‘portals’ – your ‘Shopping’, ‘Entertainment’, ‘News’, ‘Celebrity’ and ‘Comment’ [REAL ID required] ‘channels’. It will all be government and corporate controlled. Websites which you ‘browse’ to will be a thing of the past.

    • paultheswineherd

      Truth Teller – also a brilliant post – most of the ‘population’ are in a virtual reality ‘daze’ unfortunately – they don’t know about what the Gov’t is doing and frankly, they do not care!

      • They don’t care Paul because they don’t yet know what is going on, but every day that passes more & more people will care because they too will find out what is going on.

        • paultheswineherd

          enigma – yes, they eventually will. One day, when their wages will be deducted, because they have had to subscribe to U.C. to have a ‘top-up’ and the DWP have done a ‘deduction’ because, although they are in a ‘job’ – they have not been ‘striving’ enough. What a world we now live in!

  38. Poverty: six steps from the jobcentre to the food bank

    A new study demonstrates the reality behind Ken Loach’s prize-winning welfare state-and-food-banks drama I, Daniel Blake

    A few days after director Ken Loach won a Cannes Palme d’Or-for his welfare state drama I, Daniel Blake, the Wandsworth food bank published its latest food poverty audit. This measures food bank use, but essentially tracks the unravelling of the local social security safety net.

    Using data, surveys and interviews collected over the course of the past year, the south London charity’ study explains what Loach’s film dramatises: how jobcentre culture, welfare cuts and benefit delays help drive people to food banks.

    I’ve distilled from the Wandsworth report six reasons why the poor and vulnerable, in the words of the Cannes jurors, can get “caught on the barbed wire of welfare bureaucracy” and find themselves reliant on charity food.

  39. The french it seems won’t give up.

    France is being hit by serious disruption as unions lead strike action at oil refineries, nuclear power stations, ports and transport hubs.

    Motorways, bridges and tunnels have been blockaded, and flights and rail services affected.

    Nuclear power production has slowed, and fuel remains in short supply.

    PM Manuel Valls has again insisted that labour reforms at the heart of the dispute would not be withdrawn, but suggested they could be “modified”

    modified to what?

    • @Enigma
      Some 70% of France’s electricity is nuclear generated. Should nuclear power generation be compromised the lights could go out here because we import power via the under-Channel DC Interconnector.

    • The French indeed won’t give up. You see they never had Thatcherism like us, so up until now they have had a strong trade union tradition and the communists have always had more public support than in the UK, thus working conditions have been protected. (Don’t forget that during the Nazi occupation the main resistance was by the “mostly” communist Maquis and so the left has had a strong tradition in France ever since). However the Neocon project demands that all countries submit to this NWO and it isn’t just a conspiracy theory as some suggest it’s actually happening. You can give it any name you like but it is still an attempt to control the people of the whole world to submit to the new super rich. Trade Unions are bad news for the elite as they hold back the total exploitation of the members and that is why they will try in France to destroy them as they have in the UK with the same disastrous results for the poorest members of society. It is also interesting to note that for just over a month since the French Government first put this new law forward the French people have been marching and demonstrating against it, but the British TV news media have up until a couple of days ago refused to cover the story and concentrated on the normal diet of soft magazine trivia and nonsensical soft news that they have been dishing out to the public for over 15 years now. RT and Al-Jazeera have covered the story and many other news stations not available on freeview have also, but not our media. There can be only one conclusion and that is editorial interference from Tory supporters within the media scared that the British poor who have been so browbeaten and trampled on over the years may learn that is is possible to resist and may start to fight back. This is another reason why such efforts are being made by all countries to take total control of the internet. The UK government learned this from the riots a few years ago in Croydon etc when people used social media to organise, and so they want to make sure we are from now on all monitored, all of the time, so that we cannot take back our human rights of privacy and the right to assembly. Believe me this evil elite have learned their lessons well, and as has been stated by others on this blog the idea behind UC and in work conditionality is to make sure we are so bogged down just trying to survive that we won’t have time to think about or even question what they are doing to us. There are some who have tried to make excuses for the deaths by suicide and other factors from the treatment dished out by this Government but I am sorry to report that they are 100% wrong. They know exactly what they are doing. They know they have caused these people to lose their lives and they don’t care. I say as hard as it is, get to know a few of these Tories. Make out your one of them and when their guard is down and they think you really are one of them they will tell you how they really feel about the sick the disabled and the unemployed. They just can’t help themselves it’s in their nature. You will be truly shocked at how uncaring, greedy and selfish these people are. The public persona of the Tory is completely different from the private one. They know how to lie, they know how to shed a few fake tears when they are caught out. They play on the public’s gullibility and they do it really well. Isn’t it strange how when the Tories victims fight back they tell us society cannot tolerate violent behaviour from lawless people, but the violence embedded in the system that they use continuously against the people is somehow justified as if they had been given a God given mandate to crush all resistance.

      • Me grandad was smuggled out of France by the French Resistance after his Lancaster bomber was shot down (only two out the the five man crew survived and out of 400 less then 100 survived). It is amazing what previous generations fought and died for… and what for?

      • Top story on Sky Snooze the other day whilst the French rioting were about Kate fucking Middleton dying her roots.

  40. Catherine White

    Isn’t it time we thought about Universal Basic Income?

    It costs £151.6 billion per year to run the DWP (government figure).

    It would cost £156 billion per year to pay £100 per week, regardless of need, to 30 million people of working age in the UK (my own calculation).

    These figures are, in economic terms, more or less identical.

    We could sack every single bullying little JCP jobsworth, every Atos/Maximus inquisitor, and their entire pyramid of managers, and see how *they* like it!

    Also, with no ‘benefit fraud’ cases clogging the courts, and no bailiffs and cops expensively breaking down doors, we’d actually *save* money.

    The establishment (government, political parties, unions, do-gooders, quangocrats) don’t much like the idea of UBI, and you can see why. Most of them would be on it too.

    The only disadvantage, from an anarchist’s point of view, is that you can’t have both UBI and open borders, for obvious reasons.

    Check out UBI on wikipedia:

    Just for the record, nobody paid me to post this, and I’m not a member of any political party.

    • overburdendonkey Welcoming Back Committee!

      Welcome back, overburdendonkey 😀

    • Dissidentdiva

      I am a long term advocate of UBI and desperate to see it’s inception in UK. However, we wouldn’t be slaves then would we? Guv and elites must shudder at the thought. We would be free…..who knows what other freedom making policies we’d come up with? Like fucking our unfit for purpose political system off, for instance….stopping our capital city from being a money laundering tool…..possibilities would be endless……

      • paultheswineherd

        Dissdentdiva – Yes, it is in theory a very good idea.
        But – the Tories would not have this – ‘have all of the peasants, slaves and serfs working for nothing’ (for all of their rich friends). The Tories would prefer this (even Frank Field & the red Tories – Labour would prefer it)
        Meanwhile – do Cameron’s ‘right thing’ and ‘all be in it together’ – work for fuck all for all time – in effect work till you die! The fucking bastards.

        • paultheswineherd

          Dissidentdiva – if the Tories would put a stop to all of the ‘hipsters’ and the ‘oligarchs’ and also the gentrification of London – the U.K. would be a much better place! What is certain however is London is fast becoming a ‘Megacity’ according to the newspapers today!

  41. Catherine White

    We wouldn’t exactly be ‘free’; at least, not to what you might call the anarchist standard.

    Everyone would still be expected to declare any income over the (notional) £100 (from employment, investments, busking, game show prizes, legacies, patent royalties, film rights, whatever) and pay taxes as appropriate.

    The big selling point about UBI, from the mainstream political point of view, is that it can hardly fail to reduce public expenditure while at the same time achieving vastly improved social outcomes.

    This is, I think, why the establishment prefers that it shouldn’t be discussed at all. Despite the traditional managerialist view, voters aren’t actually all that stupid, and can see a better deal when it’s offered.

    As an anarchist I’m attracted to UBI primarily because it reduces enormously the power of the state over the individual, but at the same time it would have many other benefits, including subsidising peoples’ art (and thus further subverting the shamefully decadent art industry) and allowing individuals or groups to create modern, responsible, technology-aware lifestyles without reference to corporate agendas.

    • Dissidentdiva

      Catherine White – one thing in common the poor have with the rich, both groups – although for quite disparate reasons – worry endlessly about money! UBI would certainly relieve us ( the very poor) of worry about the basic means of our existence, and free us to become more creative and perhaps more cohesive as a society, as the poor- against- other- types- of- poor quarrels could no longer hold sway.

    • Didn’t the nut Sigmund Freud ( Lord Frauds daddy ) invent narcissism – if so he was projecting onto others what he was himself a worthless psychopath/malignant narcissist.

      • Don’t you mean Lord Frauds great great grandad Violet?

        • When the political mafia call the poor, sick and disabled scroungers – they are projecting onto us what they are themselves, fucking deranged narcissistic bastards.

          • paultheswineherd

            Marie – and also (Tory & Labour) tax-payer ‘expenses’ funded bastards as well! The PEOPLE are going to have to ‘rise-up’ or they will be ‘slaves’
            working for ‘0-15hr zero contracts’ with no employment rights whatsoever

            • ‘zero hour contracts’ are excellent for employers; it means they can have an unlimited supply of (cheap) labour which they can call in at a moment’s notice.

              Jobseekers will also be aware that they see the same old ‘vacancies’ week-in, week-out, month-in, month-out. Truth be told these ‘vacancies’ don’t actually exist, but employers like to have a pool of employees readily available if someone ‘walks of jobs’. So, in effect, the ‘vacancy’ you are looking at, (and applying for) is a position that is already filled.

          • Dissidentdiva

            Yep, Marie, why should the rich take any blame for anything? that’s what the poor are for…… serve and be responsible for all the ills of the world. There is enough money, food and other resources to go round, but that would lessen the unspendable amounts of dosh the 1% are accumulating……….

  42. paultheswineherd

    Iain Duncan Smith supports Penny Mordaunt. Of course he does – he is a Brexiteer for fucks sake!

  43. paultheswineherd

    And now – this just confirms the ‘offshore gentrification’ of London!
    David Cameron & George Osborne and their ‘friends’ all love this!

  44. Ian Duncan Smith is a right tosser.
    Have you considered the government gave him the Brexit role, to put people like yourself off voting for freedom?

    • paultheswineherd

      Lazy Ray – Sky News now reporting that the final ‘New treasury analysis says millions of current and future pensioners will be worse off if the UK votes to leave the EU’. The worst pensions (over 65’s) case scenario – a loss of up to £300Bn (a mix of rising inflation, market turmoil & a fall in asset prices) from a fall in Brexit. I presume that this refers to ‘private’ pensions! I (If not!) I am 50 years old now – I could be fucked – especially if I lose my job. Bollocks!

      • paultheswineherd

        I do not trust any ’employer pensions’ – what is to stop the ’employer’ taking all of your ‘contributions’ taking them all and using them for their own ends. If you can, from now on all of you (working) should save up for your own pensions and pay them into ‘your own account’ – even if inflation hits the final amount – at least you will have not been ‘fleeced’ by your ’employer’. You will after all, have your very own ‘dedicated’ pension.

        • There was a “financial expert” on Radio 4’s Today programme saying much the same thing: “You can get 6% per annum on the stock market. Your money will have doubled in 10 years.” We have been conditioned into being scared witless into investing our own hard-earned money: investing is not rocket science. So instead we are conned into pouring our money into these black-hole pensions schemes where our money is guaranteed to be swallowed by a singularity never to be seen again. Even putting your cash under the mattress would be a far better idea!

          • Dissidentdiva

            We are conditioned to a monetary society. Now I have almost no disposable income, I have taken to bartering! I am cooking a a meal for 2 people (ingredients provided) in return for a bottle of organic hippy shampoo! no money has exchanged hands. I like cooking, my mates don’t – and my hair will smell of patchouli…….win win!

            • You have changed your tune, guy… fly… dissidentdiva regarding the UBI. As our French friends busy rioting across the Channel would say you have performed a volte-face . Back in the day you posted an incessant stream of vitriol against the UBI and overburdendonkey every time they tried to broach the subject which was like ever second comment, and is the reason overburdendonkey no longer posts of here.

              • Dissidentdiva

                I wasn’t here back in the day……..I am not, nor never have been guy or fly….whoever that is must be pissing themselves reading that posters here think Dd (me, female) is him. Not so funny for me, though……:(

                • Hmm, interesting that you say that dissidentdiva. Guy, and his later reincarnation, fly, were most definitely male. Seems you are in the clear, dissidentdiva 🙂 Case closed!

                • Fly don’t give us any of that shite! It’s as obvious as anything that it’s you!

                • Pretty sure it’s not to be honest. Guy/Fly always posted from the same ip address and email, and not the one Diva’s using. Give this a rest perhaps?

                • shirleynott

                  There’s been nowt offensive or having a go unprovoked etc etc. Dd seems q . civil – just that v. Early on there was a reference to Benefit scum (in/wearing caps) but there’s no nasty tone coming thru & no supercillious, small-minded personal attacks so is it worth the worry? Completely get once bitten, twice Fly but this could be counter-productive/a witchhunt …. ps. Not so sure about the return of ex-resident UBI expert obd either …

                  Dd will prove she’s not dodgy roger/richard or Fly by not being them (or flee) – but there is strength in numbers & it’s seeming a lot like a zero sum ‘game’ ( ).

    • Dissidentdiva

      Reverse psychology?

  45. These work programme cunts do everything they can to humiliate people, break them and try any trick in book to get people to crack.

    I wouldn’t blame any cunt that buckles to the pressure on them.

  46. Housing as a Basic Human Right For Decent People

    A State of Good Not of Evil

  47. Looks like so called ” Anti Austerity ” ” Momentum ” has Backed the
    Remain a Slave to the Neo Liberal EU Campaign

    Misery of EU Austerity Inflicted upon Greece

  48. Me Before You

    • Yeah, don’t understand why DPAC are getting their incontinence knickers in a twist over this. Just because one of the white pretty people is suddenly struck down by a disability (wow, that came out of left field). It is the same old formulaic shit that we have seen a million times over. We will be saving out pennies to go and see Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake.

  49. Me Before You

    Go the the only poster designer you know 😀

  50. Me Before You

    Go to the only poster designer you know 😀

  51. Yorkshire Pudding

    What was it with those so-called comedians on Mock the Week last night joking about “Scotchland”. They must have said “Scotchland” about 100 times to rolls of laughter from the canned studio audience. And there was something else they lifted straight off of here too.

    Back in the day Cunt & Penis issued a grovelling apology to Andrew Coates site (intensiveacticity) for knicking “material”.

  52. Dissidentdiva

    johnny void – thanks! x

  53. truth teller,
    you don’t exaggerate at all mate.
    we a both reading from the same page.
    unlike most people of this country we are not zombies, we are not the collective brain washed!!.
    like you said, our fore fathers fought long and hard for basic human rights in this country, a decent days pay for a decent days work.
    soup kitchens , work houses and sickness and disease brought on by poverty were common place back in the 18th century and have right to be reintroduced in 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .
    that kind of life has no fucking place what so ever in the uk today.
    the 25% of population who voted tory will themselves reap the whirlwind at some point. if not them directly then it will be their children who will pay the price for what they done to this country.

    here in wales we are sitting on billions of tons of coal enough coal to keep the lights on in this country for the next 500 years.
    I don’t give a fuck about global warming or green fucking energy, that shit just adds £100 a year to my energy bill.
    I care about now , today and how much it costs me to survive each week!!.
    the French own the PowerStation’s, Germans the water, Dutch the gas, trains the French, docks and ports Dutch, solar farms Chinese. wind turbines Dutch again, the fucking list goes on and on, the British people own FUCK ALL!!!!!!!!!!!. thatcher sold all our inheritance to every other country on the fucking planet.
    so basically this nation has no income what so ever except from taxes!!.
    don’t forget it was the uk who was the FIRTS European country to go bust.
    but it was all hushed up until other counties went bust then this government declared it only went bust as the result of the knock on effect from Europe.

    what did Gordon brown say ” I DIDENT SEE THAT COMEING”, fucking liar he stalled for time so all his rich fucking buddies could protect their millions before he dropped the bomb shell to the rest of us.
    every utility company in this country should be renationalised , fucking compulsory purchase by the British people, run by and for the British people.
    no more fucking standing charges on bills, no more vat on energy bills water should be free for fuck sake water is not a luxury its a necessity to sustain life!!!!! .
    zero homelessness, take the land away from these lords and squires and build cheap houses pay for it by plundering the bank accounts of the fucking rich parasites. evict the stinking rich from their sprawling estates and mansions and use tem to house the homeless.
    sell all their gold, silver and oil painting to buy food for the starving.
    form a government from ordinary people to share the wealth to us all.
    enforce the legislation of POLICING BY CONSENT!!!!!.
    not as we currently have it as policing by COMPLIANCE!!!!!!!!!!.

    at every opportunity this fucking government is hell bent on controlling everyone’s lives we are not free men. as long as you are prepared to work for slave wages to increase the wealth of the few who control our society then you are welcome to exist , if for any reason you are not productive and cannot contribute to the increasing wealth of the controlling few then you are cast aside ,a social outcast a leper in society.
    what future are we creating for our children and grand children what society are we creating for future generations!!.
    where if one is born into a privileged or rich family one will want for nothing and be in a position to exploit those less fortunate.
    or if one is born into poverty and will never know any different life other than struggle to survive on a daily basis.
    we have let this country get to this stage if we do not act now to stop this then god help those who come after we have gone……..

  54. our illustrious leader david Cameron heaps misery and poverty on us yet he,s ok because he has a few quid in the bank, below is how much this orange faced pig head shagger is worth.

    The analysis also forecast that the combined wealth of Mr and Mrs Cameron was likely to rise sharply in coming years because they would inherit an estimated £25.3 million.

    The experts at Wealth-X valued Mr Cameron’s house in North Kensington at £2.7million, and his Oxfordshire home at £960,000.

    In a brief biography, the analysts described Mr Cameron as a “Berkshire native, born into a wealthy family with distant ancestral links to the British monarchy”.

    The richest Cabinet minister is Lord Strathclyde, who is worth £9.5 million, mainly from inherited wealth and a stake in his family’s estate management company.

    Baroness Warsi’s relatively modest £221,000 wealth was estimated to be 43 times less than Lord Strathclyde’s fortune.

    Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary, is put at about £8.2million, from stakes in a health care and nursing home developer and “consultancy work”.

    Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary, is thought to be worth £4.7million, from his stake in the educational publisher Hotcourses.

    Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, has a fortune worth £2million, while Labour leader Ed Miliband and his brother David are worth £1.9 million each. According to Wealth-X, the richest person in the Commons is Zac Goldsmith, whose £284 million fortune is described as an “inheritance from financier father”.

    Gareth Thomas, the shadow Cabinet Office minister, said: “No wonder David Cameron and George Osborne are so out of touch with just how tough the rest of the country is finding the rising cost of living.

    below is what the rest of the pigs ae worth in the tory party!!

    Top 10 richest Cabinet ministers

    Name Worth (£million) Source of wealth

    Lord Strathclyde 9.6 Inherited Wealth, stake in family’s estate management company, Auchendrane Estates. Also private directorships.

    Philip Hammond 8.2 Stake in healthcare and nursing home developer Castlemead; consultancy work

    William Hague 4.8 Income from public speaking, two books, a newspaper column and various business advisory roles

    Jeremy Hunt 4.8 Stake in Hotcourses, a publisher of guides and websites for educational courses, which he co-founded

    Caroline Spelman 4.5 Wealth figures primarily reflect the value of properties owned by Spelman and husband, a Senior Partner at Accenture

    George Osborne 4.5 Property (inherited); stake in family-owned fabric and wallpaper designer Osborne & Little (inherited)

    David Cameron 3.8 Property, most likely funded from parents/inheritance

    Francis Maude 3.2 Work as managing director at morgan stanley and various directorships

    Dominic Grieve 2.9 Private investment, funded by salaries as barrister and QC

    Andrew Mitchell 2.2 Former investment banker, owns a number of homes, contributing to most of his wealth.

    Source: Research by Wealth-X

    oh and the biggest cunt of them all every ones friend IAN DUNCAN SMITH,
    is worth an estimated…. £ 7.5 million quid.
    this is the sub human devils advocate who proudly boasted that ANYONE CAN LIVE ON £53 A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!.

    fucking immoral bunch of self serving, bottom feeding, parasitic, scum, hypocritical, lying, bunch of slithering creatures that have no fucking right to dictate to rest of us what they believe is best for us FUCK THEM ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    • Yeah, but what about those Lotto winners up in Scotchland who pocketed a cool £161.6 million*. It makes Cameron’s fortune pale into insignificance.

      *On Tuesday 12th July 2011, Chris and Colin Weir of Ayrshire, Scotland won £161.6 million (€185 million), which remains the largest UK EuroMillions prize won to date. Biggest Lottery Winners

      • Having £161.6 million knicker stashed under the mattress still won’t stop you receiving a sanction… 😉

      • Yes, but are they Happy?!

        • … oh, ….

        • Of course money doesn’t make you ‘happy’ as such. That’s why they keep telling the ‘plebs’ standing in the foodbank queue being crushed by sanctions. But it does ‘buy’ you freedom, choice, opportunity, you don’t have to take shit from no-one. It is like Colin Stagg (who was fitted up by the Met Police) said after receiving his compensation award: “the best thing about it is never having to set foot in a jobcentre ever again.” And that would be the reaction of most of the posters on here too.

          Of course it no doubt brings it’s own set of responsibilities: with great wealth comes great responsibility. And you can lose the plot slightly like Weirs who have donated a few £million to the SNP. At least they won’t be worrying about ‘brown envelopes’ dropping through their letter-box. Rich or poor: it doesn’t take much to guess which we’d all prefer 😉

          • Of course money doesn’t make you ‘happy’ as such. It’s not MEANT to make you ‘happy’ as such. Down with ‘celebrating’ poverty!

          • And there was a Lottery winner who said: “The best thing about the win in not having to put on that boiler suit in the morning.” We don’t think about the fast car, the yacht, maybe that comes later, but the initial reaction would be shredding the signing on card, binning the boiler suit. Oh, ‘happy’ days!

          • The fact that far more than 15 percent of the big winners allowed themselves to be unveiled shows the difficulty of disguising the change in lifestyle that comes with such a massive windfall. Awards of £50,000 or £100,000 might be easy to explain away or disguise, but an eight or nine-figure sum and the mansions, fast cars and tropical holidays that come with it will certainly raise eyebrows. “I saved my benefits 😀 ”

            Decsions, decisions 😀

          • True. It means freedom of choice/potentially freedom from anxiety & fearfulness about next month/next year. No-one’s celebrating poverty (only those responsible for causing & perpetuating it).

            “But are they happy?” is/was part of a running strand of family’s black humour …

    • “Native of Berkshire” – or, in his case – a Berk.

  55. shirleynott,
    im not advocating socialism
    socialism has not nor ever will work because those in power and the wealthy will never recognise everyone as equals!!.
    what I am advocating is why cant we have a more fairer society.
    why cant employers pay workers a decent wage.
    why cant this government build houses that a actually affordable for all.
    why cant this dictatorship government stop over ruling doctors diagnosis of patients and stop forcing the sick and disabled into low paid slave wage menial soul destroying jobs.
    it is plain fucking wrong that a hand full of people own all the land in this country, land that is not used for anything , why cant everyone have a chunk of land then and be given the opportunity to build their own homes.

    with regards to re nationalising everything that thatcher sold on the cheap to rest of the planet is just common fucking sense.
    non for profit utilities companies run by us the people would lower everyone’s bills so we would have more money in our pockets for us and our family to have better lives.

    house prices are ridiculous an average 3 bed house will cost in the region of £150,000. normal people cant afford that!! average wages are not fucking £37,000 a year that’s crap I don’t know anyone who ears that amount.
    you can only get a mortgage ( if your lucky) for twice your yearly wage so there is no way you could ever buy a house.
    we are defiantly going back 100 in this country to the times when all your family lived in one house.
    council houses are been sold by the thousands.
    new build houses are to expensive.
    I know how much it costs to build your average 3 bed tiny house, I work in construction. these houses are timber frame prefabricated houses.
    they cost about £35,000 to build, that’s everything finished ready to move in.
    its the greedy fucking rich building firms and crooked fucking estate agents that make a fortune out of house buyers.
    we are being screwed from all fucking angles.
    the price of land is astronomical , how can a patch of dirt measuring 50 square meters be worth something like £50,000??????? what the fucks going on what does he base his valuation on.!!!!!!!!!!.
    prices and valuations in this country are out of control.
    greedy rich buy to let fucking landlords and greedy land owners and greedy building companies and corrupt bent estate agents that’s the ones who are pricing ordinary people out of a home!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    • Jeff – whatever it would be officially known as (a more equal society) it sounds like a good thing.

      Appparently (pure) Socialism would have to be in all countries not just one(!) to stand a chance of working at national level.

      They wouldn’t want to recognise everyone as equal (no way, Jose) – it would have to be imposed (from below) & then ‘agreed to’ once set up & running. Would also involve not money as currency but also jobs/work allocated on a rotational (as required) kind of basis, which i don’t like the sound of. On the other hand, food, eg. bread, would be free (which i do). We’d adjust to collecting only what we needed – no need to stock up ‘in case’ or panic ‘buy’/shop. Heard this being put forward by someone @speakers’ corner – what you’re advocating just sounds q. similar in its desired ‘outcomes’ if not in how to get to them.

  56. Any time the JCP start sniffing around me from now on, now that I am no longer being f&cked about by them and I will press criminal charges against them

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