Pauline Got Promoted! DWP Management Psychobabble Is Turning Jobcentres Into Cults

pauline-pensIf you want an example of the glassy-eyed idiots currently handed senior positions at the DWP then the twitter feed of the regional manager responsible for 149 Jobcentres in Central England is a good place to start.

When not attending tax payer funded leadership and emotional intelligence workshops, Sandra Lambert seems to spend most of her day tweeting ‘inspirational’ claptrap from her feed @CEDirector_WSD
The most disturbing thing is that she is not alone. This nonsense seems to extend across DWP management.


jc-tweets1jeanThe Jobcentre is starting to look more like a cult than a public service.  And like most cults behind the bubbly and uplifting facade lies cruelty, exploitation and abuse. Here’s some more of Sandra’s motivational tweets, along with some words from the victims of the current sanction happy regime in Jobcentres.


“I have been told by staff at the Jobcentre that people like me are ‘scrounging scum’, and told ‘you don’t look sick, you’re lying’” 

MIND report into the impact of benefit conditionality on people with mental health conditions: Fulfilling Potential? ESA and the fate of the Work Related Activity Group,


“When some [staff] talk to you on the phone it is in such a derogatory way that you end up walking away wanting to end your life. Confidence and assertiveness takes a real hit.”

Fulfilling Potential? ESA and the fate of the Work Related Activity Group,

jctweetnostalgia“losing my benefits brought back that feeling of insecurity and struggling… it brought me back to the behaviours that I was used to in addiction.”

High Cost To Pay Homeless Link report into benefit sanctions.


“I explained to my Jobcentre adviser that I suffer severe anxiety and IBS and cannot always leave my home; I gave doctors letters but she said if I didn’t attend [Work Programme provider] she would sanction my money. I had no choice but to go as I cannot pay for food and heat already. I attended the twin training centre and had an anxiety attack. I had to leave and find my way home feeling very ill and frightened; a horrific experience.” Fulfilling Potential? ESA and the fate of the Work Related Activity Group,


Caller E is being threatened with a sanction by her work programme provider. She is unable to leave her two daughters alone – one of whom has health problems – to attend back to work courses in the summer holidays. No help with childcare costs has been offered.

Gingerbread report: Single parents and benefit sanctions, November 2014 (PDF)


“My mum has been taken to court and fined for not being able to pay the shortfall in council tax and is struggling to pay the rent arrears accrued when I was sanctioned and the strain has quite literally smashed our family to pieces – I feel like a burden on her and have felt suicidal on more than one occasion.”

“My partner also cares for me so he was left incredibly stressed and upset from this situation [being sanctioned] due to firstly no money (he has to look after me full time pretty much) and secondly my conditions and mental state became so hard to cope with (it also affected his mental health, he attempted suicide when he could not cope).”

“Starved and lived off what I had [due to sanction]. Scrounged food from bins and only left the house after darkness fell. Had no electric or gas so had to get ready-to-eat food. Struggled and went without nothing for 3 days with just bread and a block of cheese that my friend kindly gave me as it was past its sell by date.”

“The stress put us both in hospital with stress-related problems. We were refused hardship payments but later got this [revoked] because we went to CAB and Shelter. It had a massive effect on our son, who at one point was being considered for going into care because we couldn’t provide for him.”

“I wasn’t long out of a safe house for domestic abuse I tried to commit suicide and my doctor had to put my medication up and I have to get someone to collect them weekly.”

All from Punishing Poverty, Manchester CAB report into the impact of benefit sanctions.


h/t @screenedout @lynnfriedli @boycottworkfare

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191 responses to “Pauline Got Promoted! DWP Management Psychobabble Is Turning Jobcentres Into Cults

  1. They’re bloody illiterate – the first twitter message above: “believe we can exceed”. She means succeed. Or maybe ‘exceed expectations’. She’s mixed up the two, in what Private Eye call Commentatorballs.

    Bunch of dicks. You’re spot on with the Pauline analogy.

  2. overburdenddonkey

    it’s behavoural therapy cult writ large CBT…like being on the rack and being told you’ll feel much better if you smile and/or what one actually feels or is experiencing inside by cause of what they are doing to one does not matter…ones emotional response is meaningless, we’re in charge of head, we have your vitals…yes, very omnipotent god like cult or cult of the smiling bully…

  3. reminds me of the red dwarf episode..back to reality.. lister is the minister for alterations.. he alters living people to dead people..

  4. Wirral In It Together

    Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:
    The most depressing aspect of this is not that they’re highly paid or over-promoted or happy in their jobs.

    It’s that they are completely converted to ‘the cause’ and to the drivel that they put out. They’re too damned politically stupid to recognise any problem with it and oblivious to the the fact that good, honest citizens are being ground into the dirt…

  5. Give me some of what this ditty clown is taking, sounds like good shit.

  6. The biggest Con Artists in this world are the Freaks who work in the world of PsychoBullshit. Their biggest & favourite answer to everything is drugs & brainwashing techniques.


  8. They really are taking the piss. When I was claiming in the 70s and 80s there were over 100 Claimants Unions nationally, affiliated to the Claimants Union Federation and the TUC. Protests, sit ins and direct action to demand decent benefits got results.

    People really need to organise locally, form unions, and contact their local Trades Union Council for help and support. Organise, agitate, because thats the only way.

    • return of claimant unions.
      thanks for highlighting the need
      for a return of claimant unions..
      a really good practical point dave.
      often wondered about unions for
      claiments..just looked at history..
      cu ‘s seemed to dwindle in the 90’s.
      the bedroom tax vote today was
      lost with the liberals voting with
      the torys..even though they pledged
      just months ago on getting rid of
      it…what a bunch of fucking asswipes..
      mind you i can imagine labour
      doing the same if they got in..

      • The Lib Dems are toast once the voters get their say, their support ranges from 6% to 8%. They lost a chance to get public support.

      • Too easy to moan. Yes we know theyre total cunts. Isnt it fucking awful, blah, blah, blah. We dont know our collective strength, on our own we’re nothing, picked off, easy victims.

        Together forming Claimants Unions we can change things. They rely on our inability to organise and retaliate.

  9. Welcome to the Happy Clappy JobCentre where the worship of the great Lord Iain Drunken Shit takes place,,,

    As far as cults are concerned i can only conclude it must be Satanic and using claimants as

  10. Sure you meant cult one letter altered would be a better description I will let you cecide which letter

  11. Fellow Sufferers,
    As anyone applied for a job, agreed to go to interview and received a threat from the employer along these lines-
    “..we are giving you fair notice that DWP will be informed if you (1). Don’t attend interview.
    (2). Don’t make a serious attempt during selection process.
    (3). Fail to maintain the job longer than three months…””
    -What is this nonsense?
    This was a company in Essex.

    • Yeah, and what’s this shit on the new ‘Claimant Commitment”?: “I understand Jobcentre Plus may seek feedback from employers about any jobs they have told be to apply for.” Seek but you won’t find 😀

    • George old son, just give them a written instruction [accidently recording using your phone, accidently of course] & send be registered post that you withdraw their right to share any and all personal information about yourself with anyone at that point as per the Information Act. Sit back, grin in the fools face and go about your day.

      Oh if DWP does get involved require them to cal you to the office to recieve any written communications being sent to you so you receive it in “a timely” manner [accidently recording again of course].

      If you don’t have such a phone buy one or borrow from a freind.

      Any twit that steps up after that can be done for Slander/defamation.

      Have at them.

    • Is this an employment agency ? or a regular company ?

    • Yes Bob but it’s good to read it again as a reminder of how friggin’ vile they truly are. The first comment below the article says it all ‘The DWP should be disgusted at itself’

      Trouble is they’re not are they? They don’t do empathy or help. Their only function is to harass, sanction, bully and make people’s lives generally as miserable as possible.

      DWP SCUM.

      • @raining ah but they are there to ” Help” us by advising a bit like kicking you in the head will help you concentrate better

        Btw this “statistic” about IB where has that come from ?
        its total bollocks

  12. Me pens, me pens, where’s me pens… ? 😀

    • “I have been working as a personal adviser for 35 years. One of my key objectives is to help get people off Job seeker’s Allowance and into stable, long-term work within 12 months of signing on.

      Change is part and parcel of life at the Jobcentre – and within the public sector as a whole – but the overhaul of two key areas of the benefits system currently being implemented is going to have a significant impact on our operation.

      First, Incapacity Benefit (IB) claimants are being reassessed, and the existing benefit is being replaced by Employment Support Allowance. Under the old system, if someone was injured and could no longer do their old job – driving an HGV, for example – they could claim IB until the injury had healed. But under the new system, we look at what other jobs the claimant could do: part-time work, perhaps, or establishing a new career working from home.

      Apart from the savings that will be made, one of the best things about this new system will be the positive effect it has on claimants themselves. Statistics show that someone who’s been claiming IB for more than 10 years has as much chance of dying as they do of retiring: that is to say, their condition worsens when claiming sickness benefits long-term. Under the new system, we will be able to work with claimants, help them to find new opportunities and offer them the chance of a brighter future. This could very well prove to be a lifeline for many who, under the current system, have been written off.

      The second big change we are preparing for is the introduction of Universal Credit (UC). This will streamline the various benefits into one single payment, cutting down on administration and easing the transition between Jobseeker’s Allowance and job earnings. Claims are made online too, which will be much more cost effective – although it does raise concerns about how those without basic IT skills, or access to the internet, will be able to navigate the system.

      The policy sounds great in theory, but the reality is somewhat removed from this. Some benefits, such as Carer’s Allowance, aren’t included in UC: why is this? The introduction of UC created the opportunity to completely revamp the system, but it seems to have become a little half-hearted. Part of me wonders why they are changing things at all.

      As with all new policies, one of my biggest concerns about its introduction is whether our IT infrastructure will be able to cope. The IT system at Jobcentre Plus is a big problem for us: it is 17 years old, and its failures can reflect really badly on the service as a whole – which is frustrating. Very often we will be asked to implement a really great-sounding new strategy, or new measures are fed down from above, and they don’t work simply because of the logistics of synergising the IT system. The problem is that those proposing and signing off the changes simply have no knowledge of shop floor operations. It’s a shame, because we all really want to make these new measures a success.

      Timescales can have a huge impact on the success of new schemes, and sometimes we run into difficulties because we just haven’t had enough time to get systems and resources into place before launch. The Universal Job Match – an online service that finds relevant jobs to suit your CV – is a good example of this: we experienced teething problems with it because it was rushed through very quickly.

      Issues can also arise at a local level when implementing a national policy: it’s not always the case that ‘one size fits all’. Recently, we were appointed as a work academy for a local recruiter, and we ran into some difficulties because small elements of the process which we had to follow were not applicable to the situation. We had to spend a lot of time completing extra paperwork, because we were so tightly bound by the policy framework.

      Of course, it is essential that we have the correct rules and restrictions in place: we are, after all, accountable to the people and funded by the public purse. But with improved IT systems and a little flexibility around how we implement policies, I do believe that we would be able to provide a greatly improved service all round. I love my job, and I think – with a few tweaks here and there – those of us who see our role as more than just a job would be able to extract greater levels of satisfaction each and every day.

      • “Statistics show that someone who’s been claiming IB for more than 10 years has as much chance of dying as they do of retiring: that is to say, their condition worsens when claiming sickness benefits long-term. ”

        What?,so now JCP advisors are fucking medical practioners?
        next time you are unwell go and see a JCP advisor ?

      • How about treating people as human, providing them with the decent benefits and good quality retraining and qualifications to help claimants into work.
        Too much of what is offered is useless, demeaning and derogatory to claimants.

        Universal Credit will never work this millennium for various reasons, primarily as you highlighted the IT systems are outdated.

        Universal Credit is Orwellian, to start to threaten in work claimants with sanctions if they don’t find extra or better paid work, plus the extra bureaucracy for the self employed, is a step to far.

        As they say you can’t polish a turd, even covering it in Christmas tinsel makes it worse!

        The mindset of JCP staff when I challenge them on Universal Credit is embarrsing, I know more than them! And I’m the one who’s supposed to be them thick dole dosser. Ironically I’m widely read, I don’t fall for Sixth Lord IDS’ propaganda nor his apprentice Darth McVey.

  13. Sanction Centre Poster


  14. Chuffin’ ‘Eck. That daft bint has never needed a food bank, has she?
    Talk about the spitefully miserable getting joy from the suffering of others..
    Its blatantly obvious she has issues there.I doubt she could survive in a real job,she is stark staring doo bloody lally! She must really hate herself to come out with all that shite.

  15. Just looked at her twitter feed the womans a fuckin brain dead moronic imbecile

  16. Confidence comes naturally with success but, success comes only to those who are confident………………………….A contradiction in terms.

  17. “Life is too short to hide your feelings. Don’t be afraid to say what you feel. Speak from the heart” ❤️……………………..Ok I will. I hope this woman does not get seriously ill or the same brutal regime that states cancer patients are fit for work will do the same to her. Those employed by the DWP will recieve the same treatment as the ill of this country, are they so blind they cannot see that. Ian Duncan Smith will not spare DWP employees. The latter are helping the government make life harder for their own children. Illness is a lottery.

  18. Life is too short to hide your feelings. Don’t be afraid to say what you feel. Speak from the heart ❤️ — Sandra Lambert (@CEDirector_WSD) October 6, 2014
    if you said what you felt to any of those at the DWP they would have the body guards chuck you out.

  19. The more I see of man – the more Iove my dog …

  20. People talk so much shit on twitter. MP`s think it`s PR. Brainwashed Corporate crap. Confidence Tricksters PLC. The DWP Press Releases are all a contradiction of itself. Not Worth The Paper [Tablet] It`s Written On.

  21. The words used by Lambert and her sidekicks come from the Teachings of NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP).

    I hold advanced certificates in advanced hypnosis, psychotherapy and NLP.

    The terms are used as “anchors” that help to persuade, or brainwash an individual or individuals into a certain frame of mind using modalities and sub modalities.

    Similar to a mantra, if said often, you will start to believe it………………….

    Very much like the words used by the Tory party, “We inherited this mess from Labour”.

    Similar instances are found on most DWP documentation and agreements like Jobseekers.
    If you look deeply you will see many implied threats that try to scare the claimant into subconsciously accepting what is written.

    First rule of the mind is that every thought or idea causes a physical reaction, what we are witnessing is terminology that was probably a directive from the former, DWP NUDGE UNIT, used randomly on benefit claimants…………

    Even the use of sanctions is a form of mind torture used in experiments by the CIA and FBI on prisoners in the USA. Part of these experiments were used on claimants in the form of a questionnaire;


    8 May 2013

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
    Recently the following story appeared in the Guardian newspaper;

    Jobseekers’ psychometric test ‘is a failure’

    US institute that devised questionnaire tells ‘nudge’ unit to stop
    using it as it failed to be scientifically validated

    A Job Centre in Glasgow
    The ‘nudge’ unit piloted the psychometric test in Essex despite
    being refused permission to do so. It has now been rolled out to
    other areas. Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA

    An American psychology organisation has told a UK government agency
    to stop using a personality test on jobseekers because it is a

    • The trouble with mind games is that, usually someone flips, big time………….

      It has been said that you cannot make somebody do something that they would not normally do. This is bullshit.

      I have witnessed things that nobody would believe, the mind is a very complicated tool indeed.


  22. Last week, the Guardian revealed that a single mother of two said
    she was threatened with having her benefits removed if she didn’t
    complete the “my strengths” character survey. It asked users to
    give graded answers to questions such as “I never go out of my way
    to visit museums” and “I have not created anything of beauty in the
    last year”.
    ………………………..fucking claptrap from the department that has the double o prefix, “A LICENCE TO KILL”

  23. overburdenddonkey

    cult maybe, but now i release it’s completely infantile behaviour…ie too much exposure to fairy tales, which imo is always too much….

  24. Reblogged this on Lindas Blog and commented:
    Looks like this Woman has been put through the indoctrination ceremonies as she appears truly BrainWashed and unable to think in a rational and metered way.


  26. Motivational babble to dissociate DWP/JCP staff from their socioeconomic destruction of human life.

    Totalitarian murderers do not wear funny uniforms or fly flags in the 21st century they deploy psycho-babble.

  27. i’m certainly feeling inspired and motivated… after a year and a half out of work i get an opportunity thrown at me by an “advisor”, finish a week long food hygiene course that guaranteed an interview (which turned out to be 2 questions asked in a casual bleak manner), then “employed” by an agency that weren’t advertising themself as an agency… i was under the impression that it was a 40 hours a week fulltime job, and so the first week went fine, i had 5 solid 8 hour shifts, the second week came and i was refused entry to the workplace and told i only had 2 8 hour shifts this week

    this has in-turn really screwed up my life because of council tax and rent assuming i was in full-time work when i’m obviously not, i know what’s coming, and i’m trying to nip it in the bud, but i’m really lost right now, i can’t even claim tax credits because of the inconsistent work hours, help?!

    -one of the many people now trapped by zero hour contracts

  28. Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) – JCP staff being groomed to kill.

  29. Any news on what the Scientologists are up to these days?

  30. Sandra Lambert Fuck Off

    I thought this psychobabble shit bit the dust with Amway. Fuck off sandra.

    • I remember Amway and their shit products . They would tell you crap like you can clean spectacles with one of their cleaning products , then you would notice that product was 100% Ammonia .
      Just bullshit and dangerous

      • ffs bob, you shouldn’t be using harsh chemical such as ammonia on your delicate spectacle lenses – stick to the products specially designed for specs.

  31. It’s probably written down for them and they spit it out like parrots. When I was on the Work Programme with Prospects in the South West, I used to hear staff saying the same things to “classes” as if by rote. For example if I had a penny for each time I heard a “course leader” say “I like this group”, I suppose by way of positive reinforcement or whatever, I would be a wealthy man. As far as sound bites, sayings and maxims go I think something more appropriate in respect to the current state of social (in)security in Great Britain might be the South American proverb: If shit were valuable the poor would be born without arseholes.

  32. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Johnny Void here presents the weird inspirational tweets issued by Sandra Lambert and other senior managers at the DWP. This is pretty much the kind of inspirational fluff that used to get on posters put up in schools to inspire the kids there to work hard back in the 1970s. And it is very much the kind of management psychobabble that got ruthless pilloried in Channel 4’s satirical ‘Drop the Dead Donkey’. The yuppie head of the Globelink Studio used to come up with bizarre metaphors and comments like, ‘This is something I’d like to drop into your intellectual wok and see if it stir fries’. Or ‘That’s something else I’d like to introduce to your intellectual toilet and see if it flushes’.

    And the good Mr Void is right about it being cult-like. Adam Curtis, in his series, ‘The Century of the Self’, showed how Freud’s theories were taken over by the advertising industry, dictatorships like the Third Reich, and the self-awareness/ empowerment cults like the Esaalen Institute in the 1960s. Esaalen in particular came under very strong criticism for its cult-like operation and the way it brainwashed and destroyed the personalities of its members. Since the scandals of the 1960s, however, it has moved on and now specialises in management training. And this seems to be the ultimate source for Sandra Lambert’s bizarre and vapid maunderings, and the cult-like nature of the DWP. If nothing else, the DWP has learned from cults like the Esaalen Institute about the destruction of people’s self-worth and image in order to manipulate their compliance. This is now the bog-standard attitude towards the treatment of claimants.

    • Evil Films Present...

      … 👿 Mind Control Cults 👿

      • Ingeus are SCUM!!

        This is why these ‘work programme’ bullshit courses always involve infantile shit such as building towers from jelly and ice-cream.

      • You couldn’t get anything more repetitive and mindless than a 35 hour a week jobsearch.

      • Working Links are fucking SCUM!!

        Get information from your victims, find their weak spots and then use it too manipulate them: “Tell us about yourself”.

        Withhold things from them if they are not obedient and do not comply: sanctions.

        • I agree wholeheartedly ‘WORKING LINKS’ ARE BOTTOM FEEDING LOWLIFE SCUM! As are the other two listed above. But there’s a special place in hell reserved for anyone connected to ‘WORKING LINKS’ They are the lowest of the low.

  33. Sandra’s poster should read!


    No more than it needed you in wartime.
    War is a way to reduce numbers when the economy is f….d!

  34. overburdenddonkey

    surely these aren’t the people that run jcp? i’m still stunned by their CHILDISH INFANTILE STUPIDITY…and it is rare that i use any of those terms alone, yet alone together..i find this form of abuse simply staggering..why is this not headline news ‘jcp, bosses take leave of their senses?’


      Well Iain Drunken Shithole thinks its very funny that people are suffering and dying because of Bedroom Tax

      • overburdenddonkey

        how can people now still put up with their toxic crap?
        94% in the mirrors poll, say scrap the tax..the bed tax has been mitigated by the scottish gov…

        • @Donkey its because the political system is rigged

          The 3 hour debate on Atos wca
          which cited stacks of misery cases was met with dismissal from an arrogant Lord Fraud
          Atos scrapped and replaced with a clone
          It tells you something when that A4e guy was boasting how
          his firm was practically running the DWP , when you read those idiotic tweets it tells you that its no longer a govt department but instead a sub office to create an income stream for corporatations and business

          ” Public Service” is a term that Tories do not understand

          • overburdenddonkey

            i know it is rigged which is why in scotland we are going to get rid of the present WM structure for good…why aren’t there public meetings going on to get rid of them? the public anger is there…45000 people wanted to attend 2 conferences in the w/e of this clip filmed in glasgow only 15000 places were available…were organizing here for 2015ge over 1.6m+ of us now, well over 50% of the scottish electorate…

            • ls a medical check always needed?

              We know that some medical conditions
              are so severe that we can decide whether

              you can get Incapacity Beneft without
              you having a medical check. If you have

              one of these conditions we will tell you.

              Incapacity Benefit

              What if I am terminally ill?

              There are special rules for you if your doctor
              does not feel that you w
              ive for more than

              6 months. These rules will make sure you

              get the most money you can. If this affects

              you, speak to an adviser By talking to us.

              you could get more than if you just stay on

              normal benefits

              What if I have a mental-health problem?

              If you have a mental-health problem we

              may ask you to fill in a form about your

              mental-health problem and how it affects

              you. We wil want to know if you have any

              other health problems as well. We may talk

              to your doctor and you may have to see

              one of our doctors.

              A mental-health problem could affect your

              mood, the way you behave, the way you

              see the world around you or how you cope

              with things from day-to-day These are the

              things we will look at when we decide if
              you can get Incapacity Benefit
              Ask an adviser for help if you have a
              mental-health problem.

              • Wow..there is a shocker..”we know there are severe conditions that you do not need a medical check”

                er so all this Atos and Maximus stuff is for what exactly ?

                apart from diverting public monies into bank accounts of companies that is

            • dream on you halfwit clown you spewed out the same infantile nonsense before the referendum and guess what… you LOST


          This might explain all this ” motivational codswallop”
          someone realised that because the JCP had the word ” job” in it that might suggest why JCP exists rather than just be a place to kick people off benefits

    • overburdenddonkey,

      Not CHILDISH INFANTILE STUPIDITY this is pass the mic groupthink, building the in-group and the out-group, the out-group target is claimants that do not conform to the work collective mindset.

      Note the Green reality – the sustainable striving class and the unsustainable shirking class.

      Jean Sharpe DWP @JeanSharpe
      · Nov 3
      Make Green a reality and not just a experience -give all claimants a helping hand to gain employment- it’s what DWP excel at!

      • overburdenddonkey

        mr r
        i did caveat my statement…it’s collective cognitive convergence with masses of cog diss thrown in for good measure, as in paiget, they are concrete operational…
        ok, not ok and they are not ok, pass me the mic…
        i agree that deep down they are sane, but if only we could show them, the rabbit hole that their sanity has gone down and help them to recover it, all would be well… yes, i spoke/wrote in sheer sound byte frustration…how do i explain to someone who’s wildest dreams of power are being met by the sate and that their speak is corrosive to humanity….?
        oh, godwin’s countered by ebenauser’s law…is where we are…oppression is definitely the cause of depression…but in this case more like the suffocation and humiliation, of all who question them…consent, consent, and even more consent….is required in the greening of our economy…this must be a freewill choice with irrefutable evidence…and there is plenty of irrefutable evidence that gradually greening our way of life is good for all…we are certainly getting nowhere with a victorian/neoliberal mind set…
        or put another way what’s your solution? for me it’s basic vitality giving vitals of life freely available for all… nature is intent on this…as whenever we experience wrong done unto us we scream NO! or get tea fuck! instantly intuitively from the gut, before the coin hits the ground in a flash we know the truth…enough is enough, we already know our needs….but we do not always speak our needs, for fear of getting it wrong…find the root cause of that fear and act on it!

      • Mr Reckless
        What Green reality? That psychobabble has nothing to do with the Green Parties, nor with the Green movement at large. Green policy is for a citizen’s basic income for everyone, with no strings attached. Green policies would see the end of the Jobcentres together with the corporate “poverty pimp” parasites.

        • The argument for a basic income for everyone is in a ways like watching the public schoolgirl draw down her child benefit from the ATM to fill daddy’s BMW.

          • overburdenddonkey

            mr r
            pot and kettle….
            a BASIC C I would be useless unless it provided a BASIC income for citizens…ie the vitality giving vitals of life….who cares about what others have, it seems that you do!

            • Remember all those from the left of centre who demanded welfare reform and also argued for credit unions and microfinance they are the same social entrepreneurs (poverty pimps) that put the case for a basic income.

              A basic income ring-fence is fundamentally a compensation payment that absolves the state of any further social security commitments to the citizen.

              Would I trade the British welfare state for a basic income NO!

              • overburdenddonkey

                mr r
                the problem there, is the PROFITIZATION OF ALL STATE RUN UTILITIES, AND SERVICES, (which needs to be renationalized btw)
                dump victorian/neoliberal mind set…
                health care vanishes/ceases once profit motive is added…the welfare state is being is being USED to abuse people and drive the masses into servitude/comodified/profitized….a toxic/poisonous layer of conditionality has been added to what was ONCE the welfare state, that ensures it serve’s the rich even though all pay for it…that renders and turns the welfare state into the warfare state, we now pay for the club that beats us…an emotional/physiological (affactive) weapon used to drive people/masses into servitude, to ensure compliance to the neoliberal agenda…
                BCI bridges the income/sustenance VOID…provides preventative and health care mitigation, shelter, warmth food water and clothes…it causes growth, personal development, and will save £billons in health care costs and admin…people become more productive, economies grow….
                a basic c i would have to be enough money to live on and provide vitality giving vitals of life…it would be up to the state ie US, to adjust the economy in such a way to provide that….
       the initiative is now closed due to imv closed minds…we need a totally untouchable and enshrined welfare state based on it’s original founding principles….
                i post always so that others might explore BCI et al….and yes i always want others to thrive and have a decent basic income, i detest poverty and abuse…and will do all in my power to get rid of this totally unnecessary and INFLICTED evil…

  35. Reblogged this on Rat Xue's Blog and commented:
    Just a little more self belief…..the rewards are world class motivation..keep the belief…remember we believe.. I BELIEVE!

  36. They’re off their heads the lot of ’em, barking fucking mad, and I’m the one with a mental health problem but I don’t even get ESA, just JSA, and some snottyJobcentre bitch with bad attitude recently said “you can’t be that bad if you’re only Borderline” FFS Borderline Personality Disorder DOES NOT mean you are borderline in having a condition, it means I am borderline between 3 or 4 different Personality Disorders and have symptoms of all of them!

  37. “Success comes in cans…”

    Would that be Stella or the 10% Polish stuff?

  38. The Freaks have taken over and it gets harder and harder every day to keep going. My only solace in this Land of Sorrow is that I seem to be immune to the Zombiefying infection.

  39. As others have pointed out, not only is this bloated harpy illiterate, she has nothing to offer but platitudinous drivel so bad it would make Mary Poppins blush. Just another in a litany of examples of how the unemployed are being infantilized by Newspeak spouting morons.

  40. Nudge Nudge Wink Wink It`s The Confidence Tricksters Way Of Talking. Shafted Think Tanks with no brains or common sense = failure. To prove you the DWP are not a failure means £billions thrown at the non problem.

    You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all the people all of the time.

    These sayings have meaning & a purpose unlike MP`s who to be fair are very uneducated but have had £ millions spent on their education. Robbery is what the DWP are doing not only from the disabled but also the tax payer. The cover up of robbery is called fraud.

    Time to send a Cease & Desist letter to IDS.

    • Not only IDS a social security principled government would have to clear the brainwashed culture from the frontline of the DWP/JCP, doubt the private sector would employ xJCP staff – long term unemployment maybe their sustainable pay-off.

  41. Brainwashing babble of Social Networking twitter failures. People who go on twitter for propaganda are failures. Everything is a failure because the UK rogue state 2014 has made every disabled person a failure. Yet with the DWP life coaches & the millions of £££ to get the disabled into work. You mean into an employment figure. These contracts are not worth the paper it`s written on = No where does my P45 come into it.. DWP Income Tax Fraud.


    DWP MAKING £ MILLIONS FOR IDS `s Bank Account. Yes Fraud & ID Fraud In Deep Shit.

  43. A Tick Box System aka DWP & Jobcentres don`t like choices, it gets confused & flustered – Now stay calm DWP & listen because it is being recorded by me for training purposes, the only difference is the DWP will get rid off their recording because it shows the DWP getting personal to insults. That is no way of conducting yourself in public DWP. You have a choice I at least gave you a choice of stay calm DWP.

    A lot of Nudge Unit is on the recording of mine DWP.

  44. WOW what a very very difficult cash cow we can process 200,000 people quicker than trying to process him. Yet more fraud DWP.

  45. overburdenddonkey,

    “i know it is rigged which is why in scotland we are going to get rid of the present WM structure for good…”

    The psycho-babblel cult is as much entrenched in the radical independence movement and the groupthink of civic Scotland as it is entrenched in English politics, it is misleading to our English friends to state otherwise.

    • overburdenddonkey

      mr r
      some yes but not majority…you want change what will it be?
      without inclusion of PSYbab please….

      • Political change – there is nothing new under the sun – PSYbab is a pseudointellectual cloak that conceals the brutality of the same political agendas that have been warred over for centuries.

        • overburdenddonkey

          mr r
          and what/how would that political change enable us human beings to all have vitality giving vitals of life……ie what would that political change look like?….for example equitable wealth distribution? if it did how would you go about achieving wealth redistribution?

          • What is wealth to you overburdenddonkey???

            You appear to be preoccupied by other peoples means.

            Political change is war there is no avoiding that nasty little word at either end of the process.

    • overburdenddonkey

      mr r
      it was a bit blaze to say what i did, but look the scottish voting intention polls… over 47 seats for snp then there are the other pro change parties
      as well as this

      • overburdenddonkey,

        To be honest I am more interested what influence the new members will have on the political shape of the SNP, not even sure if that will be evident by the 2015 election – are they hard core nationalists or disaffected Labour voters that will shy away from independence for federalism (which in effect will be localism)?

        The SNP will be deemed as bankrupt nationalists if they do not pledge a 2nd referendum in their 2015 election manifesto.

        • overburdenddonkey

          mr r
          64% demand devo-max ie everything apart from defence and foreign affairs….the SG in governance over 5.3m people is localism, scotland is a federal colony already…you know what scotland is like, you’ll know by 1st name/sight scores of people, as do i….especially if one lives in working class areas of cities, in the rural towns, and hamlets.. come on man people are hardly shy in telling one what they think of one in scotland…if people think one’s a twat they’ll soon tell ye…
          ‘The SNP will be deemed as bankrupt nationalists if they do not pledge a 2nd referendum in their 2015 election manifesto.’ they’ll be booted out if they don’t deliver, and few will look back….drive for indy now bigger than any PP…a 100000+ people have joined the SNP for 2 reason’s only, to defy/dismantle WM and win an INDYSCOT…..the hydro filled 12000 seats in record speed, there were 36000 place applications…slabs are running around flapping like headless chickens…slab message is ‘scots, protect yourself from the tories, vote for us, snp bad’, WTF! before the indyref vote they were joined @ the hip, with the tories…..they obviously don’t do history, truth, nor irony….
          and also labour were forced, dragged kicking and screaming, to set up the SP…

          Click to access story.pdf

    • He was replying to me


    Sandra Lambert @CEDirector_WSD
    · Dec 10
    5 really good relentless performance questions for your consideration …..

    Embedded image permalink

  47. b a t t e r e d . . .

    . . . looking forward to trying my spy watch out in JCP anytime soon – ENOUGH is ENOUGH of their TI – GS tactics . . .

  48. if I had proof of what I was subjected too at WP shite. That shit hole would have been shut down on the spot! Oh! but I have proof of most of my phone call with a manager at Ingeus’ call ctre (B’ham) when I made an anonymous complaint. Everything I told her about the advisors she told me was wrong.

    I was spoon fed so many lies and abuse by them. One of the advisors tried to get my bank account details “any fares that cost more that £5 have to go on the company credit card.” Er…….. since when? This con-ster would only refund fares he put my Oyster card on condition he chaperone me to the sweet shop 5 yds up the rd!!!!!!!! If it wasn’t so serious,( …er id theft, bank fraud) you’d fall about laughing!

  49. Wonderful.

    I shall get the servants to embroider @CEDirector_WSD
    “Life is too short to hide your feelings. Don’t be afraid to say what you feel. Speak from the heart ❤️” and hang it over my four poster bed.

    Or…..follow the advice the next time I get questioned by a ‘Work Coach’.

  50. That Jason Whaley’s a laugh eh? Fizz bombs full of energy! LOL What a plonker! And to think that idiot is being employed to come up with that BS. Get him on workfare see how he likes it. That’s it. His job is now redundant but he can come up with his stupid soft ass rubbish for his dole. Sounds good doesn’t it?

    • “pps Sandra, bet you have links to more than one death?”
      ………………….a couple of your colleagues have!

      “Washing your hands can never get rid of the blood, each time you look at your watch, your guilt becomes more apparent”

      • When Duncan Smith laughs in parliament, it is not a sign of ignorance, it is a sign that he is trying to push away the guilt that is keeping him awake at night.
        Being surrounded by security goons is enforcing the guilt and he now understands that his life is at risk everywhere he goes…………………

        He has no life, just the constant threat of death…………….

        slightly ironic really?

  51. These Corpirate scum are earning at least £60,000 a year sitting on their arse on Twitter.

    Perhaps we can all get jobs talking shit on twitter all day but it won`t be anywhere like £10, 000 a year.

    Corpirate Murdering Jokes.

  52. The Flag Ship Has Sunk & The £ Billions of £££ spent on Sticking Plasters that are not even waterproof.

  53. Motivate A Slave Trader In Slaves & you Get Slave Trading On Twitter DWP WorkFare. Slavery In Your Face, but oh no don`t say slaves & slavery its workfare & Mr Motivator Skills.

  54. So why do I still have my P45 then if I am in work !!! So it`s not proper work I still have my P45. DWP P45 Fraud. Oh what a loop hole DWP.

  55. Too many loop holes in the DWP !! What does that mean !!!! Open to fraud !!!

  56. battered
    oh! and i’d know all about that according to what DWP have written about me on their conversation sheets! . . .

  57. According to DWP i’m the biggest fraudster going. Funny that, when I have no money to live on all down to them. Defamation of character libel case coming their way big time especially with minus zero proof!

  58. The Freaks have just screwed 1.1 million pounds out of the government under the pretext of supposedly helping the mentally ill like me and countless others back to work. Apparently work is good for our mental health. if they knew what I had done at my last job they might think twice about that. Suffice to say I flipped big time because of some fucking asshole.
    But I don’t wanna do that again so I might take the option of slashing my wrists instead especially if I get saddled with a Freakish FuckFace like Sandra (Pauline) Lambert.

  59. I am off on the sick, due to the dole sucking the life out of me. 4 years on the dole and I have a neurological condition. Work Choice is just like the WP. Neither really can help because they don’t know what is the wrong. At my last interviews (I was even going to do a nigh-time receptionist at a Travelodge), I had employers telling me because I travel from the country into the city, a journey that can take 2 – 2 and a half hours in rush hour, I am not considered for a job. Now I have heard this a few times from different employers. It’s safer for me not to drive. Tried everything from care homes to working in a cafe and half the time I heard nothing.

  60. Oh I forgot to say, the tweets sound like they are lifted from “the Secret” or Louise Hay. Your mind can make you cure diseases like cancer and don’t think negatively! Think nice positive things and the world will respond to you. and and

    • I was going to say the same thing,speaking as a Louise L Hay veteran.
      ” you can heal your life ” was such a terrible waste of time for me. Unpicking all that shit from my head took me about 5 years.
      If you are a believer in positive thinking, & things are going well for you – apparently vindicating the ” law of attraction” – then you have no need to question it. Even if things go wrong you blame it on “negative” thought.
      Plus you tend to get preachy, convinced that if only everyone understood these ideas, and applied them, they would succeed at everything. Illness is seen as a spiritual failing.
      A great antidote to this is “Smile or die” by Barbera Erhenrite, who nails this shit totally.


    Sandra’s “14 Asks” – 13 October 2014
    Number Ask
    1 Busy
    Get to 50% weekly work search in the next 15 days
    1/3, 1/3, 1/3 with more emphasis on daily work search
    “Show me” not “tell me”
    Are your computers busy?
    Quality of interventions
    What service is the claimant getting?
    What are providers delivering in terms of getting better quality?
    Are your group sessions frequent and full?
    10 Employer
    (greater involvement and participation)
    Keep explaining the “why”
    Make sure that your Universal Credit 90 day plan and the Help to
    Work and SR13 flight paths are aligned
    Genuine 35 hour work search (both in Universal Credit and in the
    Supervised Jobsearch Pilots)
    Use the six e-learning packages around digital

    “What’s the death rate today, Miss Piggy?”


    PCS is deeply concerned that this punitive, penny pinching change will increase hardship and poverty from those who need help most. The TUC has launched a campaign against welfare reform changes which can be found here where individuals can sign a petition over the change to waiting days. PCS will soon be producing a new version of our Welfare Alternative pamphlet, including advice on lobbying politicians. We continue to work with campaign organisations following successful joint events that took place on 11th September for the Benefits Justice Campaign. A separate branch briefing will be issued shortly on these matters.

    The GEC also believes that there is a potential for more incidents and violence as claimants will undoubtedly be frustrated at the increased delay. We are pushing for consultation on revised risk assessments at a national level so that we can provide detailed advice to branches. Consultation should still be taking place at local level on revised customer facing risk assessments.

  63. “What a coincidence, old wrinkly, the Queen, contemplating hanging up her diamond encrusted crown, just before the UK government are accused of gross, systemic human rights breaches”…………………………

    it must be the guilt of being associated with the spiralling mortality count of her “Loyal subjects”, that she decided were unfit to live within her kingdom.

    Good riddance from me at least xxx

    • ………………..and take your third cousin, your husband, with you…………..

    • … could be just a ruse to push up the viewing figures of Her Maj’s chrimbo bullshit message… bet you will all be tuning in know… just to see if old wrinkly does announce her abdication… 😉 … when normally you wouldn’t give a flying turkey and be watching the snowman on Channel 4 instead… 😀

  64. Thatcher did not like the nanny state as far as welfare was concerned. She wanted the welfare state smashed because she believed in a powerful nanny state for the rich. And these fools in the Job Centres are going to suffer the same as the poor.

    • Labour done the criminalisation and jacked up the welfare state over the heads of the un-waged poor by subsidising minimum-wage employers.

      Remember if you could handle the poverty, welfare allowed you to opt out of the hard working families minimum-wage collective.


    • Jimmy Savile (Deceased)

      How’s about that then? 😀

      • A dead man can’t talk, not even to defend himself against numerous accusations. It reminds me of how the police clear up their books by pushing the blame onto known criminals.

      • @Sir Jammy Sandwich, since this is my field of special interest presently re historic CSA imho the ” military bases would or could refer to “Buck House” establishments and her soldiers on horseback, as it ties in neatly with some current investigations we are currently looking at ,,

  66. Jack beanstockings

    History will remember these muppets with disdained embarrassment. In a world with so much material wealth and in the hands of the very few, i forsee the same egocentric hedonistic implosion that brought down every other empire that always ended when they started to eat there own metaphorically speaking and i wonder who will pick the pieces up.

  67. Back in 1974 Keith Joseph destroyed his Tory leadership hopes with this speech: “A high and rising proportion of children are being born to mothers least fitted to bring children into the world … Some are of low intelligence, most of low educational attainment. They are unlikely to be able to give children the stable emotional background, the consistent combination of love and firmness … They are producing problem children … The balance of our human stock, is threatened.”…………………………….Yes stock is how they see them, they would happily use them as cannon fodder if they could, or more likely open gas chambers if they could. These politicians are proof of how dangerous ideas can be.

  68. Another Fine Mess

  69. I’ve heard the old chestnut “if you always do what you have always done you will always get the same thing” ad nauseum. It’s nothing new. Many of these job club employees have been on motivational courses or are Common Purpose trained. When you hear them talk you would think that they are at the pinnacle of their career when in fact their career path has taken a downward turn. I bet they wished they were still in their previous jobs or careers instead of working for a job club.

  70. We are living in a ‘1984’ + ‘Brave New World’+’Iron Heel’ country.. Latest vile nonsense is credit checks for potential employees!! What next checks on social life, sex life, football team. Went for an interview in Essex, was informed that if successful would have to undergo a credit check. Apparently the interviewer told me.” almost everyone is doing it now..”

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  74. What has always really bothered me about all this nonsense is the people who are so proud to carry out their duties at DWP, penalising the vulnerable and the confused, are often from working class backgrounds themselves… Somehow it would be easier to swallow if it were a bunch of city boys beating down the working classes, but such is the nature of the dogma spouted by DWP that it makes working class people turn on their own just to be included and accepted into the cult. They see it as bettering themselves – ‘if I can do it why can’t they’ is their matra, and everyone is fair game.

    I work in a jobcentre and the whole thing is an embarrassment. The place is run by aggressive, working class women who’ve risen up the ranks, and anyone who shows signs of independant thinking is a potential target. I’ve never sanctioned anyone, never would, and it means I get told I’m not doing my job and get threatened with disciplinary action. Bring on the next election… I just hope that the victims of this regime have the sense to vote against a Tory govt.

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