Benefit Delays Set To Soar As Waiting Period Increases To Pay For Workfare

macmillanThe number of people dependent on food banks is likely to soar as the government have pushed ahead with plans to increase the waiting period for the main out of work benefits.

According to the largest food bank provider, the Trussell Trust, benefit delays are the reason almost a third of claimants find themselves having to resort to emergency food packages.  On the 27th October this year the length of time before a benefit claim can be made upon becoming sick, disabled or unemployed increased from three to seven days.

Astonishingly this nasty little move was not done to save money.  In a response to a damning report on the change by the Social Services Advisory Committee (SSAC) the DWP admitted they would be “using the savings from the waiting days change help fund the administrative costs of the broader package of initiatives.”  What they mean by these initiatives are the ever increasing range of Jobcentre harassment and workfare type schemes which are backed with punitive benefits sanctions – the other main reason people have to use food banks.  People will have to wait longer for benefits to pay to administer the sanction they get when they are finally able to claim.

Despite being stuffed with Iain Duncan Smith’s cronies, the SSAC slammed the increase in the waiting period for benefits, agreeing with charities consulted that this is likely to lead to increased food banks usage.  The  Committee said these changes should not proceed without a “robust analysis of the costs and benefits”.  The DWP claimed they have already done this and that the increased conditionality for benefits will mean everyone gets a job and that will save loads of money.  They concede the change will mean some people will suffer hardship when going through periods of ‘disruption’ but they don’t appear to really care.

As the report notes, that period of disruption could include being diagnosed with cancer.  Those with a terminal diagnosis are exempt, however not all cancer patients are eliguble for that exemption.  As a result of submissions made by healthcare charities the SSAC said there is a ‘compelling case’ that those on ESA – the out of work sickness and disability benefit – should not have to face the longer waiting period for benefits.  The DWP rejected this, saying it would create a ‘perverse incentive’ for people to claim sickness benefits rather than the dole so they could fraudulently claim four days benefit, around £40.

The SSAC also recommended that details of Short Term Benefit Advances (STBAs) be published on the website.  These are the small loans that can be claimed if benefits are delayed.  As reported yesterday, the DWP have done everything they can to hide the existence of these emergency payments.  This is confirmed by the government’s response to the SSAC in which they reject this proposal saying that STBAs are not a: “separate scheme to be advertised in the way that benefits are.”  Therefore they will not, at least as of Autumn this year, be making the existence of these payments known online.

The DWP say they will publish details of the change in the waiting period for benefits on the website, which is very big of them.  Except they haven’t done.

Last week Iain Duncan Smith was pleading to anyone who would listen that he cares about people using food banks and will be doing ‘much more’ to raise awareness of emergency loans.  But this report reveals the truth about attitudes towards claimants who are hungry whilst waiting for vital benefits.  They really could not give a fuck about people forced to depend on food banks and are determined to make the problem worse.

You can read the report and the government’s response at:

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104 responses to “Benefit Delays Set To Soar As Waiting Period Increases To Pay For Workfare

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  2. They are murderers that is what they are driving the desperate to suicide when they are going through hell already. What they really mean is that the poor and the sick are Untermenchen. These politicians are Nazi’s they would stop at nothing to cull people they push out of society. The French had the right idea. They are playing with fire.

  3. There’s your answer, Smith’s herding people into the jaws of the payday loan sharks, for which he’ll no doubt be very handsomely rewarded. He’s simply stuffing taxpayers money into his back pockets via yet another convoluted route, the taxpayer pays the DWP, the DWP pay claimants, claimants pay their loan companies, and those companies, in the fullness of time, give IDS a directorship or whatever, and he gets paid for that from our taxes. Just wait and see!

  4. We already know what crime looks like. It is published in the pages of the Sunday Times Rich List year after year. It comes in the shape of the Bedroom Tax, food banks, zero hour contracts, the sanctioning, withdrawal, and cutting of Jobseekers Allowance, Disability Benefits, and Housing Benefit. We are living through the corrosive effect of money in politics, yes Smith will be rewarded for his crimes by getting a directorship. Thatcher believed in society, the rich society. They are playing with fire and need the structures of the state to protect them and push their vile policies. Wait for the social explosion an opportunity for Smith to blame the poor and sick again. What would they do with Hitler’s power if they had it? Never before have I seen hatred of the unemployed and sick the way this coalition is.

  5. I am registersd as disabled for life, yet the DWP in collusion with ATOS decided that they would try to take away my life by forcing me into hardship that left me very little options…………

    First they took my DLA, then they took my Incapacity Benefit just leaving me with Industrial Injuries Benefit of £33.20p per week to live on.

    I have a partner and a child in college.

    My widowed mother who is 80 years old is having to help us out paying bills and buying food.
    The judiciary are all in on the state cull of the disadvantaged, in fact Judge D. Wall at Scarborough magistrates just laughed in my face when i explained my plight at a tribunal hearing………………………………….

    Why should the judiciary be bothered, they are making a small fortune from the misery they dish out daily on the poorest and infirm.
    Same faces, same bench members, stuffing their greedy faces day in, day out.

    In fact the judge thought it was quite amusing when i said the DWP are breaking every disability law and Human Rights legislation ever drafted.

    Killing is the new norm of our government, pretending the rising death count is nothing to do with themselves, their latest ploy……………………

    Sadly the undermentioned would beg to differ, they had their lives cut short by the murdering bastards that make up our present government…………………..


    “each and every one of you who decide to look away, is as guilty as those who pulled the trigger that took away their humble existence”

  6. Mr Ian Duncan Smith Aristotle wrote “Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime” he could have been describing British society in 2014. You and your Governments actions prove you want rid of the economically unproductive by your war on the sick and unemployed. There wil be a social explosion, what do they have to lose but their liberty?

  7. GEOFF REYNOLDS, Geoff they are using the deficit reduction argument for the destruction of the welfare state. Stephen Dorrell has connections to private companies who want to privatize the NHS. Then they can cherry pick what they want. The Tories believe if people are ill tough, if they are unemployed they don’t want a job. I have seen what they have done to poeple I know. The Atos decisions were taken before the claimant was examined. I am lucky I am healthy I have every sympathy with people who are ill, they are dealing with bureaucratic sociopaths.

    • The whole corrupt, fetid, stinking front line of politics has it’s hands in every pocket going, Johannes.

      Shit houses like BILL GUNNYEON, CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER OF THE DWP and DAME CAROL BLACK are so far up the arseholes of the private health insurance companies………..

      Between them, and a few chosen members of the FACULTY OF OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE, they engineered the changes to the welfare state through multiple meetings hosted by insurance companies, the likes of UNUM………………….
      UNUM have a track record of Disability Denial Court cases in the USA, yet were selected to give advice on welfare changes to select committees of the DWP.
      In fact if you investigate the UK directors of MAXIMUS, corrupt practices jump out at you……………………jobs for the boys !!!

      ………………………….does the following text ring any bells?,

      13. UnumProvident is actively engaged with the Government, policy-makers and large employers to share best practice and to see where our systems and approaches might be applied more widely. We are currently working with the Department of Work and Pensions on this, and have had discussions with officials in HM Treasury and the Prime Minister’s office. We have met with officials to help better understand the nature of the IB casebook, and to discuss how our commercial experience and expertise might be more widely applied. In addition, we will shortly be supporting the National Employment Panel in its work on the New Deal for Disabled People through a secondment of one of our senior managers.

      14. UnumProvident is confident that its policies and approach to claim management and rehabilitation can be replicated more widely for those on IB. Whilst we are more than happy to share our commercial expertise and proven ideas, we would particularly welcome the opportunity to put them into practice.


      • TAEN CONFERENCE, Sponsored by UNUM, London 29th oct 2008.

        Among the morning speakers were; Dr Bill GUNNYEON (DWP)……

        Professor Michael ODONNELL, UNUM Chief Medical Officer…

        • London 2012.
          The 6th International Forum on Disability Management was chaired by two of the worlds leaders on the “good work is good for you” movement,Professors Dame Carol Black and Sir Mansel Aylward.The UK movement is going gang busters. Dr Bill Gunnyeon, Chief Medical Adviser and Director for Health and Wellbeing at the DWP,described how their surveys of GPs attitudes has shown a remarkable turnaround, with most GPs now agreeing work is beneficial for health, and around two thirds agreeing that GPs have a role in getting people back to work.

          • The Government’s response to the Black review into the health of working age people was published in November 2008. This event aims to provide a brief update on the progress made over the past year with the programme of work outlined in that response. In addition we will have a presentation from Gordon Waddell and Mansel Aylward to mark the publication of a new edition of their book ‘Models of Sickness and Disability’. First published in 2002 this has been revised in the light of recent evidence.


              Dialogue panel includes;

              Dame Carol Black
              James McGarry CEO UNUM
              Bill Gunnyeon CBE (DWP)

              • ………..surely not the same O’DONNEL who worked for ATOS and now MAXIMUS?

                Unum has been lobbying, sitting on expert groups and hosting meetings at party conferences of all colours ever since. And lo and behold, in May this year, Unum’s then medical officer Prof Michael O’Donnell jumped ship to become chief medical officer at Atos. He barely had time to catch his breath before giving evidence to the Commons committee looking at the welfare reform bill.

                • GEOFF REYNOLDS

                  Health and Wellbeing at Work Conference
                  5-6 march 2013
                  Venue; NEC Birmingham

                  Speakers include;

                  Dame Carol Black

                  Bill Gunnyeon CBE

                  Professor Sir Mansel Aylward


                • GEOFF REYNOLDS

                  Dame Carol Black

                  Chief medical adviser warns that funding requests will be challenged

                  A tax break for companies that fund interventions to get absent employees back to work will be considered by the Government, but much work needs to be done to analyse its implications.

                  This was the message from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to insurers, healthcare professionals and employer representatives at the Association of British Insurers this morning.

                  “Any conference I have been to, it [removing tax disincentives to fund healthcare] is one of the things that employers have consistently raised and I understand that,” said Dr Bill Gunnyeon, chief medical adviser at the DWP. “But I’m not making any promises.”

                • GEOFF REYNOLDS

                  Source:Occupational Health Date:01-07-2005 Type:news

                  Dr Bill Gunnyeon stood down in May after three years as head of the faculty to became chief medical adviser at the Department for Work and Pensions, where he will play a key role in plans to get millions of people off incapacity benefit and back into work. The role and importance of work in the lives of people and the interaction between health and work now has a profile and a focus that it has never had before, and our specialty encompasses a unique set of skills and experience that can make a significant contribution to this agenda,” Gunnyeon added.

                • GEOFF REYNOLDS

                  Simon Burns (Minister of State (Health), Health; Chelmsford, Conservative)

                  We are not aware of any meetings between officials and UNUM. However, Dame Carol Black, expert adviser on health and work to the Department, met them on three occasions in January 2012 to discuss the positive relationship between work and health.

                • GEOFF REYNOLDS

                  Commenting, Professor Michael O’Donnell, Chief Medical Officer at Unum said:

                  “Dame Carol Black’s ‘fit note’ will be a major step forward in addressing attitudes towards sickness and the sooner we can introduce it, the better. Changing the mindset and therefore attitudes is the critical first step in bringing about a real and effective change in approach by all parties.

                • GEOFF REYNOLDS

                  Sadly, guess who is the independent scrutineer for ATOS,

                  The one and only PAUL LITCHFIELD…..


                  Sue Godby, UnumUK
                  Dr Angela Gra­ham, Atos Origin
                  Dr Paul Litch­field, Fac­ulty of Occu­pa­tional Medi­cine (Bill Gunnyeon, now the chief Med­ical Advisor to DWP was the pres­id­ent of the FOM)

                  In Phys­ical Tech­nical Work­ing Group included:

                  Dr Angela Gra­ham, Atos Ori­gin Med­ical Services
                  Dr Peter Dewis, Dis­ab­il­ity Ana­lyst and Cus­tomer Care Dir­ector, UnumUK
                  Dr David Hende­r­son Slater, yet again

                  The former Chief Med­ical Advisor to the UK gov­ern­ment, Pro­fessor Mansel Ayl­ward, was instru­mental in advising the UK gov­ern­ment to set up med­ical assess­ment centres based on the model in Amer­ica, and he is still fun­ded by the same Amer­ican com­pany used in his example, with his research centre in Wales. The company’s name: UnumProvid­ent (UK). Indeed, his research centre for Psychoso­cial and Dis­ab­il­ity Research is based at Cardiff Uni­ver­sity (Pro­fessor Ayl­ward is the Dir­ector) is named the“UnumProvident Centre.” Pro­fessor Ayl­ward was also instru­mental in how the recent Wel­fare Reform Act was to be imple­men­ted by the DWP. 8

                  ATOS AND ITS TWISTED CHILDREN…….

  8. Proves the UK is a Rogue State [2014] of everything from Human Rights & Equality Laws.!!! The dictatorship gets promoted to a rogue state !! The rules & rulers can not even keep up with their status leading a rogue state called the UK.

  9. The DWP spokesman said [no name] “It`s Corpirate Manslaughter, what the disabled have done to us” he went on “The lies the disabled people spread about us being not very good life coaches is not fair”.

    Now someone else has put their foot in it.

  10. Benefit Delays Set To Soar As Waiting Period Increases To Pay For Workfare, yes all about starving them into oblivion. Politicians in the UK today are the enemies of the poor and sick. In my opinion this country is no longer a democracy, it is a plutocracy with corporations controlling government Parliament’s MP’s are like a board of directors who regard welfare as a disease which must be eradicated when the same politicians are lavishing themselves in their Westminster bubble. And we are all at risk, the health employed people can become sick too, see if the LabConDems like you them. Voting wont change the neoliberal agenda which is why is it no longer democratic. The sick and poor have no one to represent their interests in Parliament. And if The Transatlantic Trade deal goes through corporation can sue governments. As the latter have no money, it is taxpayers money corporations can sue British taxpayers. What is democratic about that?

  11. Seems the Contradiction Policy is leading the way.

  12. The DWP are an emotional wreck. The medicine of professional Jobcentre staff being professional health care & life coaches meaning extra work for Maximus [who have gone quiet] with the jobcentre doing the medicals behind bullet proof glass. That is because Maximus has not yet got staff in for the DWP WCA medical wasters. FRAUD on a huge scale at the DWP that`s the DWP`s policy Fraud. Play on the words & start again The DWP are an emotional wreck – The Emotion Wreck DWP Policy.

  13. No DWP I want that in writing. Oh dear DWP Fraud.



      The DWP investigated the deaths of sixty people who died as a result of welfare changes or sanctions and came back with the answer that they are absolved……………………

      What a fucking joke!, what else would they say?……………………


      The DWP are murdering scumbags. We all know it and so do they.

      • We have just seen a major hostage incident in Australia that ended in the loss of human life, yet the DWP are on the cusp of driving some poor individual to take similar steps in a job centre on UK soil……………..
        Drive someone into such desperation that their sanity comes into question and they will react accordingly.

        “What have you to lose when everything that sustains your life is suddenly taken from you?”

  15. What happens if you have been denied benefits and have nothing as regards getting food from a foodbank? I ask this because they say you’re only allowed to go so many times a year. What happens to people that have nothing and refuse to go on the WP or workfare and they have been denied money because of that? Are they just supposed to starve to death because they refuse to go on their Nazi WP?

    • ……………..i know one thing, Raining, retaliation is sweet, however delivered………….

    • Yes and yes but dont forget

      ” There is no real evidence to suggest there is real hunger in UK”

      just remember that when someone shows up dead or commits suicide

      • So if you need to attend a foodbank weekly you’re not allowed to do that even though you have no means of income at all?

        That’s friggin’ atrocious!

  16. Cannot believe that Doctors with medical qualifications are not asked to carry out their own patients work assessment. Do Maximus/Atos staff have any medical qualifications – it is about time that Doctors started to get involved with this crazy process and stand up for their patients. Hope this government gets voted out at the next election.

  17. Social engineering at work. Divide the working class, create another layer of super poor. Those of us lucky enough to have a semblance of income via some shitty job can think ‘there but for the grace..’. Others are pulled towards the Poundland Enoch and can blame immigrants. We are all susceptible to the whims of the super richs market, and its up to organise against the Church and government that engineer the divisions for their class.

    • Its not the immigrants fault. Its the people in government up to their necks in the corporate gravy trough who have painted ‘work can set you free’ over the gates of victoria station.These poor saps arrive and think they are going to be rich in 6 weeks flat.It takes them 3 weeks to realise employed status & PAYE is a crock of shit not fit for an Egyptian pyramid builder under this gov. and move into scrap dealing,theft,smuggling,hooch brewing and shoulder surfing.
      I flipping know for a fact,I am surrounded by them.

      • According to the greens a bit of land for community growing and living in eco chicken coops is a good trade off for ending the welfare state and NHS. The American indians and the ozzy aborigini’s had a better deal than that.

        A universal citizens income will only increase income inequality not solve it and they will get nowhere with trying to tax the rich, who will move their homes and business elsewhere rather than cough up.

        I may not have a solution on how to end inequality other than overthrowing the government/media and capitalism when the majority of the people decide they want it, but anything else just seems to be appeasment and an acceptance of inequality.

      • You and I know its not immigrants fault, and I see the reality of the ‘British dream’ where I work. Zero hours, Somalis working for Tesco warehouse via an agency for £3 an hour, six sleeping in one room. The agency closes down when challenged, only to reappear under a different name days later.
        However Farages mob will get a few votes as the parties compete to see how racist they are.


    Spot the old bollocks in this awful establishment friendly but trying to look independant
    load of garbage

    ” No evidence of any real hunger in UK”

    if i remember rightly Johnny had called Brendan O Bollocks on a previous occasion
    And him and his snarks at spiked ( friends to spectator )


    From: Phillip

    16 November 2014

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    Please can you provide me with the 60 reports written on the peer
    reviewed case’s of customer deaths as mentioned in the Disability
    News Service article titled “DWP admits investigating 60 benefit
    related deaths since 2012”. This piece was published on 14th
    November 2014.

    I have no objection to names and locations being changed in the
    reports to protect individuals data. But I do ask that the change
    is consistent accross all 60 reports. For example if Liverpool is
    mentioned in 10 of the 60 reports and you change Liverpool to
    Manchester or city 1 in one of the reports please be consistent
    with this change in all 60 reports, so although the location is not
    known it can be seen if the same location is repeatedly reported

    Yours faithfully,

    Phil Jones


      ………………but have decided to withhold it as a matter of public interest……………………………

      “In relation to the first part of your previous response it explained that the data you requested in
      relation to the number of people who died whilst in receipt of Employment and Support
      Allowance (ESA) whilst in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG) is exempt under section
      22 of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) as the information requested is intended for future
      publication. A public interest test (PIT) was carried out to consider whether the balance of
      public interest falls in favour of withholding or disclosing the information you requested. In this
      case it fell in favour of withholding. I have reviewed the PIT arguments and agree with the
      original outcome.”

      DWP Central FoI Team

      ………………………….”don’t forget girls and boys, if you want to kill anyone whilst in public office, quote exemption 22 and leave your corpses behind”

  20. I know this is kind of OT, but I figure someone here will probably know the answer.

    I live in a Universal Credit trial roll-out area and am in the process of making a claim for JSA. I have been asked to provide a passport and birth certificate and to produce my bank card as proof of account; no problem there, but they also want access to my bank statements. This seems like a really egregious invasion of my privacy and I don’t see what relevance they serve. My claim is for my financial circumstances as they stand now, not back when I had money coming in.

    Is this an enforceable requirement, or just one of those bits of intrusive snooping which they are trying to make people comply with.

    • They will ask because they want to see if you have made any purchases lately in a deliberate attempt to shed money before claiming and fall under the threshold of too wealthy to help.Incidentally,it is possible to make a claim without a bank account,I have done it.They do not like it.They get you a gov. payments only account with the post office. I have been in the recent past badgered and pestered by an obnoxious woman to bring my bank statement in,I supply a slip from the hole in the wall showing my acc no and a low balance and explain I have shredded everything this month,I will bring the next one.They forget about it,but I expect that doesnt work if you are setting up a claim with an account tho its worth trying just for the principle.
      Always have a back up bank account with another bank and never use anything but your first initial. i.e. J.Blogs. not J.E. Blogs.If you use up your once in a lifetime charges waver open a third bank account.Withdraw benefit payments the day they clear and use the other account for the small living fund. Keep any ‘real’ money under the mattress.

      • It’s very clear that the grand plan for UC is to make the process of claiming and maintaining your eligibility for the claims so impossible that people just give up.

  21. “MAXIMUS, THE DWP’s NEW partner in crime, so embroiled in corruption in the United States, yet chosen to lead capability for work examinations in the UK”
    Who sat on the committee that elected them?
    Who stood to gain financially?
    Who appropriated a position in the company?
    Which members were lobbied?
    What ministers were involved?
    Why so many links to jobcentre plus and Ingeus?
    Why is the content of the contract hidden?

    ………but most of all, what is the agreed target of benefits to be taken and what cash incentive has been offered as a proportion of savings to the DWP?


    10 Jun 2013 – Esther McVey, minister for disabled people: “What we’ve got to ensure … The government claims PIPs will target resources more effectively towards … a fifth of claimants – 600,000 people – could eventually lose their benefits









    “more fucking claptrap from the department that kills its claimants to justify cuts”

  24. “ATOS LIMA software cannot differentiate between ” the claimant could not do the movement that was asked of them” and “the claimant refused to do what was asked of them”

    it was reported that i refused to do seventy five actions that were asked of me…………………

    ………………………..all in eight minutes!

    • “it really takes some doing, 60 peer reviews into the deaths of people that occurred at a time of sanction or due to a benefit cut, and no links to the government welfare cuts”
      Someones taking the piss, big style……………………..
      The cemetery gates are creaking from the carnage of this bunch of miscreants in office.
      A tradesman can put his mistakes right, the DWP just bury them…….

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  26. Could anyone help ASAP – have an app JCP 2 pm today.
    Had packing put down on claimant commitment form by coach for jobs capable of doing. NEVER asked for this – do admin. pa, secretarial. Refused to sign commitment until taken off.

    Malicious manager has deliberately since forced me to attend mindless packing agency out of spite. Decision maker deciding on CC form in meantime. Will be hell let lose and will get sanction today if don’t comply. He has deliberately stitched me up – he is vile and schemed this as soon as I told him the coach put it on the form and I knew nothing about it until forced to sign the CC.

    Please advise ASAP – went to agency yesterday but did not register when found out how crap job is being forced on literally packing boxes – that’s it for 8 hours! Have unwittingly signed up to admin work through subsidiary online agency of theirs. Only reason he did this – he sanctioned me two weeks ago because he never believes my job search and when I showed my vile advisor (notorious sanction machine) he demanded she sanction me on the spot as I wouldn’t allow them access to my job details – only the job applications – which is perfectly legal and enough. I am not obliged to show them the job details. He is deliberately mounting the sanctions against me and because they are so untrustworthy and corrupt, I have refused to accept the offer of a mobile the JCP want to supply me with. So, destitute sanctioned for 9 months. I want everything from them in writing and why refuse. It is a sanction machine.

    Have always done what’s expected of me and they hate that. JCP are doing everything in their power to destroy me and kick me of benefits for good!

    Have been told am being forced off benefits – indefinite stoppage for this reason as not
    ‘engaging’ – another excuse to criminalise me.

    Could anyone help ASAP – have an app JCP 2 pm today.

  27. savy JSA claiment

    you could also take that job and be happy you have been offered one, while its a crap job cont your self lucky that it was offered to you.
    there are plenty of other people who would love a job if it gets them off JSA
    and into employment.

    • Be grateful you are not a woman, they are employed throughout the country packing things into boxes, but if they are expecting you to work for benefits only, I would tell them to get lost even if they sanction you, you can appeal.

    • Another Fine Mess

      you could also take that job and be happy you have been offered one,

      Where does it say he’s been offered any job?
      I think you’ll find signing up, or registering with a useless agency is not the same ‘as being offered or taking a job.’
      All you’re really signing up to is to be showered with texts and calls from PPI and Insurance companys.

  28. Johannes

    Since when have local councils been accountable or democratic?
    The government is giving them powers to make up the shortfall in funding to fine or tax anything that moves and they will, being the dutiful servants that they are.

  29. It’s a fact that if you upset someone at a jobcentre you can guarantee they will be praying for the day they can get revenge by sanction. They called me in a few weeks ago supposedly to confirm my entitlement to benefits and wouldn’t proceed until I handed over copies of my bank transactions. Probably just for them to have a good nose around. It has been reported by insiders that they deliberately try to upset claimants in the hope that they will sign off or take any option rather than continue on benefits. It’s cruel behaviour but it will never result in any of them being sacked. They are just doing what the management tell them to do but some of them really do enjoy putting us down.

  30. The denied state pension money at 60, denying a couple 7 years payout since 2013, is sitting pretty in the ring fenced National Insurance Fund, all£30 billion of it, that could be saving lives at least some of those so cruelly treated by the benefits regime.

    The biggest con in UK history of the flat rate pension will leave huge numbers of women born from 1953 and men born from 1951
    most of the rest with far far less state pension.

    It would not cost Labour anything at all to do a u-turn in their 2015 manifesto and pay out the state pension to those women who turned 60 from 2013, and payout out to men turning 60 in 2015, thus helping the working poor, unemployed, disabled and sick of that age group.

    The state pension money left to languish unpaid out, could have been pouring onto the high street now, generating business and creating youth jobs.

    • overburdenddonkey

      please reply, why do you keep saying NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE?

      • chris means your JSA stops at 60 and you are left with NIL to live on – NIL!

        • overburdenddonkey

          no it don’t, being over 60 myself and all that…

          • overburdenddonkey

            it is difficult to explain in a single short post, the changes to state pensions eligibility…
            the pension age escalator and receding loss of state pensions for woman and loss of PGC for men @ 60 (see state pensions/PGC age eligibility escalator)..
            one still gets normal JSA/ESA @ 60 instead of standard £148/wk payout @ current rates, (used to get) one only gets JSA/or ESA rates, below the ages of, atm, M/F 62 and a few months old, which will soon be for M/F 63+ yrs old…so over those ages now get £148/wk or whatever current age related rate is @ that time , below that age get JSA or ESA rates…soon to vanish and to be jsa/esa + conditionalities, rates up to 65/66…and then a single tier pension paid, with no serps inclusion @ all (approx set @ £148/wk @ 65 and over (then soon after that 66) and also instead of 30yrs NI’s, 35yrs NI’s…atm anyhow…

        • How does JSA stop at 60 if pension is delayed?
          Being considered of working age you would still be eligible for JSA never mind all of this crap about NIL income for life.

          • It is, however, clear from the evidence we received that the positive messages about the IB reassessment are not getting through to the public. The Government needs to be proactive in explaining its aims for the process and in emphasising the range of support which will be available to claimants. Care should be taken in the language used in all Government communications, and in the contacts Jobcentre Plus and Atos Healthcare have with claimants, to stress that being found fit for work is a positive outcome and should not be interpreted as “failing the test”. Media coverage of the reassessment is often irresponsible and inaccurate and we deprecate the pejorative language which some sections of the press use when referring to benefit claimants. Portraying the reassessment of incapacity benefit claimants as some sort of scheme to “weed out benefit cheats” shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the Government’s objectives. It is widely accepted that the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) as introduced in 2008 was flawed. This has been borne out by the high number of appeals and the high success rate of appellants. It was also reflected in the amount of evidence from individuals which expressed grievances with the way they were treated during the process and the accuracy of the outcome.

    • That’s assuming that bastard Osborne hasn’t mortgaged our National Insurance Fund. We’ll wont find out until next May.

  31. b a t t e r e d . . .

    Thanks so much for all your comments – really appreciate it!

    I am a W O M A N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s precisely why they’ve forced me to go and do mindless 8 hr packing on a conveyor belt and nothing else!

    SANCTIONED again 3 months !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unfortunately, don’t have anyone regular to take with me. No-one sane will go near that hell-hole anyway!. JC tried to manipulte me to take someone in so they could brain wash them to kick me off benefits – know all the tricks of the trade!

    Guys have excellent benefit informer –
    will keep you updated –

    Told me JC are now giving jobs out on a daily basis when people go there to daily sign. Really crappy jobs like this. People go to sign and forced a job completely alien to their profession on the spot, If refuse, sanctioned on the spot as refusing to accept employment.

    Things are dramatically declining in there BIG TIME and it’s become a war-zone in there now!

    Everyone in there knows about appeal from hell. Informer said NEVER NEVER seen anything as bad – DEFAMATION of character as mine.

    Showed 50 pg document to DWP informer. Was horrified. Said would have gone straight to papers if had been them!

    FRAUD inquiry raised /GP – told to make app to see or 3 yr sanction! referral – everything on completely baseless grounds!!!! Eveything recorded on ‘conversation sheets’ without my knowledge.
    Said went to crappy agency y/day but told advisor am registered with subsidiary agency doing what am qualified to do not shit packing claptrap they have forced me on completely unawares!

    pls keep comments coming in. DWP sacking loads of staff and voluntary redundancies! Doing everything they can KICK people of benefits ASAP – really serious situation!

    keep you all informed.

    Had problems getting on to site again today – what’s going on? anyone else with this prob?

  32. b a t t e r e d . . .

    . . . actually guys, does anyone know about new DWP guidelines about obtaining info JCP hold about you?

    Informer used to pc and hand me ‘conversation sheets’ when asked. NOW TOLD by them, new DPA guidelines. However, NOTHING on refuted or anywhere else about this – what new DPA guidelines?
    I was on DPA site recently and their was NOTHING on there about this!

    Me thinks big time their creepy boss is lying to them as they know it was me who requested the sheets and the comments on them are HORRENDOUS – libel.

    Just to let you know how CORRUPT the DWP are . . .

    Due to my massive appeal pending, the DWP NEVER sent me any appeal pack and the bloody Tribunal Court in Birmingham had to ORDER them to send it to me. In the meantime, my MP has written 2 stroppy letters to Belfast, one in June and in November to that Hanna woman and she hasn’t even had the balls to reply!!!!!!!!!

    How corrupt can you get! DWP/JCP are DELIBERATELY being as obstructive/CORRUPT as hell! . . .

    • overburdenddonkey

      it’s just as well jv writes this blog telling the world just how shit the system is, we know it’s shit… 🙂

  33. I am frantically writing to my MP and at present but keep flitting back and forth to website whilst in library as don’t have any techno at home.

    I wish you could see the 50 pg appeal pack shit! OMG you’d die, it really is that bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. battered . . .

    No, you egg. It’s my personal JSA appeal pack from DWP about all my 7 sanctions, 5 in a row and contains all the catalogue of lies the advisors and managers have manufactured about me over the past 2 years whilst on the shite WP etc . . .

    mine is about the same including last year’s sanctions. It’s just the defamation and malicious lies you have to see !

    Where are your from? M?F? get impression M. Me from big L :

    Lundon !

  35. Hilarious, you want to read the reply I sent re: mandatory reconsideration about WP staff to Mr Tickle at Makerfield DRT. Told him his name was the biggest piss take going for a start and who the hell is he anyway with a name like that! him – I ranted on about Nazi poverty pimps forcing me into destitution – NOT fit for purpose. Didn’t hold back anytime soon!

    Is only response from me in all this crap, so get idea just how unbelievably disproportionate the whole set up is!

  36. overburdenddonkey

    you mean lots of gl24’s?
    i’m from alban, there now follows an indyscot broadcast….

  37. wild swimmer pete

    I really could do with you, just seen your comment.

    Can you jump on the next train down to L u n d o n ?

    please for 11 am jc app tomorrow. I’d love you to be my McKenzie pal
    – sure need some reliable support right now!
    (sorry! just realised you have no money, so that’s not going to happen anytime soon is it!)

  38. DWP/JCP documents not dated or signed even when submitted to HM Courts & Tribunals Service, they do not want the culpability of a paper trail.

    A new tactic by JCP staff is to destroy and subvert the claims of targeted individuals by conspiring and collaborating on that objective.

    • They never sign and date anything. And lies are contained within ‘telephone conversations’ with nameless individuals. The DWP is corrupt, corrupt from the bottom to the top.

  39. Where’s alban ??????????????? Do you mean Olban ?????? St alban (s)?

  40. what are gl24’s????????

  41. OMG Mr reckless. You have a point. Only earlier today I NOTICED this. Please expand!

    OMG just frantically checked thru all paperwork. You are sooooooooo
    R I G H T !!!!!!!!!!!!! omg, THEY are sooooo corrupt.

    Surely, this is illegal, it’s a court case for fks sake! How can these state criminals be allowed to get away with this ?????????????????????

    Please explain . . .

  42. O B D !
    thanks for much for the gl24 link.

    I know this crock of shit only too well, it just didn’t register. SO MUCH shit paperwork to deal with. Don’t know whether coming or going!

  43. Mr reckless
    OMG YOU SAY it how it is! This is completely what’s happening here! You must be psychic!

  44. I’m afraid things are going to get a lot worse. You see, after Gordon the Moron bailed out the banks they kept the money for their bonuses rather than lend the Plebs money. So one night I came up with a brilliant idea, we the government would reintroduce 95% mortgages, just like the ones that got us into this mess in the first place. Brilliant, London house & apartment prices rocketed and in other places too. Also, we have so far manipulated every figure we can find when deciding to tell the public what inflation is. We reduce it by 7 to 10% each time. Alas I do not think we can do this for much longer and the bloody Arabs have really buggered things up for us in their Oil Price War with the US of A. Quite frankly my dears, 2015 will make 2008 look like small change lost down the back of the sofa.
    Good luck with the future
    Yours in snorting,

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