Problems At Work? Contact A Real Fighting Union And Stuff Your Boss!

stuff-your-bossTo hear the current government talk you would think the business community are paragons of virtue – nobly trickling down wealth to the rest of us whilst sticking to the rules and giving us poor plebs something to do in the daytimes.

The reality, as anyone who’s ever had a real job knows, is that most businesses are a bunch of crooks, happy to rip off their workers, customers or even the state as long as it lines their filthy pockets.  And small businesses are often the worst despite the shrill calls from many well meaning folk that it’s just the bankers, or multi-national corporations, that are fucking up our lives.

Whether it’s rogue landlords or bent bosses, the only way to beat these bastards is through sticking up for each other and acting together – as workers, claimants or tenants.  As the working class, and don’t let any fucking idiot tell you that no longer matters – everytime a liberal says class struggle is over a stockbroker cracks open another bottle of champagne.  They know exactly what the game is, and they are terrified of us remembering we can fight back and win if we act collectively.

The Newcastle branch of the radical Solidarity Federation union have a track record of succesfully taking on exploitative employers and beating them.  They have just launched a new campaign to highlight worker’s rights and give support to local people being screwed over by their boss.  In their own words: “We specialise in the cases that other unions leave behind, and will show solidarity to all workers in struggle regardless of membership. SolFed has an excellent track record of winning case work. If you or anyone you know have a problem with your boss, get in touch.”

You can find more details on their website, please share and spread the word:

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90 responses to “Problems At Work? Contact A Real Fighting Union And Stuff Your Boss!

  1. The government is just as economical with the truth as emploeyrs. Over half of over 60s are within the working poor, equally threatened with benefit sancitons, workfare and loss of employment rights.

    The non-paid out state pension since 2013 is being called a surplus by both the Tories and Labour together, when the NI Fund cannot fund anything else in government, as the other 2 parts it can fund have received their share.

    With the lost 7 years of payout to a couple of the state pension since 2013, youth jobs have been lost on the high street, as it is mature people who shop in town centres.

    But worse is to come with the biggest con in UK history of the flat rate pension that will leave women born from 1953 and men born from 1951 with NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE, as poorest workers and women with no other pension provision.

    No trade union is telling people this fact, when the unemployed over 60s are not even in government statistics.

  2. Johnnys right, and its so fucking obvious. They fuck us over every day on the assumption, which at present is true, that we dont collectively fight back. Some of the shit they get away with, theres no way they would put up with in France -borne out of egalite, fraternite, and LIBERTE !
    If we’re getting short changed by an employment agency, the chances are theres others in the same boat -confront the ‘recruitment consultant’ collectively-ditto landlord, DWP office. Theres work to be done, theyre killing people on ESA every week, homeless are freezing, it can not go on.

    • In France they do real demonstrations and strikes, whilst we in England either do nothing much, or start violent riots and smash everything up.

  3. The real cunts are those running the Work Programme contracts. ‘PROFIT BEFORE PEOPLE’ is the real motive that Seetec gives a flying fuck about.

    Last week, during my Tuesday signing-on attendance at my local funny farm (joke centre minus) I completed a holiday form asking for two weeks off over christmas/new year. To my slight suprise, my request my approved and accepted by my two JCP advisors.

    However, this hasn’t stopped the greedy pigs at Seetec Head office sending me a letter this week (wednesday 16th) expecting me to attend my current placement christmas week and new year week. And yet, these money grabbing CWP lunatics fully expect me to be at placement on 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 29th, 30th and 31st December. But get this – all the Seetec offices up and down the country will be closed from 24th December to 5th January 2015. Seetec expect their CWP clients to work for nothing on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, but the slave drivers will themselves be at home during this period.

    My two fingers are rampant against the corrupt system, and I am taking my full lawful entitlement to allowed holiday grace from JCP, thus ignoring the mickey mouse letter telling me all about Seetec’s christmas arrangements. They might be shut for a week, but the CWP slaves still have to work for nothing, to guarantee Seetec’s immoral source of income – £250 per client attendance, per week, for 6 months. Seetec try any shit with me claiming that I have been non-attendance for two weeks, even though I did a JCP holiday request through the proper methods then my local MP will be informed of the underhand, dirty tricks Seetec will do to try and slander me and grab as much money as possible out of me.

  4. Currently on CWP Seetec placement until 19th January 2015, so not long now before the cunts behind cushy desks in a centrally-heated office are out of my way and I can finally get my life back again without having to run about like a blue-arsed fly so the greedy cunts get the EU social fund £250 per week out of pimping me into unpaid work.

    Don’t really mind my curent placement as most of the time I don’t do anything and generally fuck about and take full advantage of the situation. I shan’t mention on here the placement that I go to four days a week, as they are really nice people to be with.

    The only gripe I have is having to work standing up all day either outside, or in an un-heated building, working on various oddjobs whilst freezing my nuts off, all the while elsewhere the people I have to put up with at Seetec sit on cushy chairs behind desks just lifting pens up and down and pressing buttons on their cheap keyboards in a very warm office building.

    It’s alright for them, though. I do all the un-paid work in the freezing cold weather all day and they get the glory and £250 per my weekly attendance. That £250 a week is my wages, you government pimps, not your fucking pocket money for me being compliant under constant threat of sanctions and harassments from you. I have to work for that money under illegal duress but don’t get a penny of it, – so I should fucking get
    my dues for what I put in, not lazy fuckers pretending to be smart and clever sitting on their fat arses allday behind expensve desks.

    • Hi Fen Tiger, I am very interested to find out more about the £250 per week from the EU social fund payments to seetec and others.
      Could you post any links you have for this? I would be obliged.
      Thanks in advance, Still Oaks.

  5. fen tiger

    after 19 01 15 you leave CWP but what happens to you circs then? Won’t you be forced to be a daily signer at JC and have to go in there for hours on end on IADs and look for work under their nazi regime?

    Once you complete CWP everything is appears to be shrouded in secrecy. I asked the advisor at my CWP at initial meeting (on it 1 month) and she didn’t know!

    My god, you think your sit is bad ? You want to see what I had to put up with on WP – should be on Panorama, Despatches, News, etc

    I’m trying my darn hardest to get my own placement at present. I’m not working in some dive charity shop anytime soon just sorting out crap all day. I want to do something worthwhile with my time and get some new skills. Anyone else tried/any experience of this themselves?

    Guess what? got another sanction letter yesterday !!!!!!!!!!! No money till new yr!!!

    • After 19/01/15 It’ll be back to the usual claptrap nonsense from the desk monkeys in my JCP office.

      I’m now fully enjoying my well-earned christmas fortnight holiday, and not having to get up for nothing in order to be a slave for greedy pigs sitting on their fat arses all day in a cosy, centrally-heated Seetec office while I had to work in the freezing cold outdoors. I’m on holiday now so I really don’t give a flying fuck about Seetec or Jobcentre shite.

      Since the start of my current placement, in October, unitl yesterday (Friday) I’ve had to get up at 6:00am four mornings a week in order to get ready for my work start time of 8:00am, except on Tuesdays when having to do sign on weekly (in the morning) and four hours of jobsearch in the afternoon.

  6. f t

    You say Seetec ‘try any shit with me claiming that I have been non-attendance for two weeks,’

    I have had this HORRIFIC SLANDER written all over my JC appeal pack by WP – Ingeus advisors in collusion with JC manager ‘in charge of WP’ – he’s CORRUPT beyond CORRUPT and colluded with JC staff to stitch me up in the most malicious way to literally annihilate me beyond believe! God forbid, what you would do if you received this report in the post. You’d blow DWP,JC and Ingeus out of the sky, trust me!!!!!!

    Mine is serious slander and defamation of character – serious serial mobbing in the workplace and take my word for it, the WP and JC are a breeding ground for GS: state criminals at best! I am living (or rather existing) truth! They are paid on the basis of screwing you over!

    • My Jobcentre approved holiday request should stop the CWP cunts trying any slander against me in relation to the letter I received about Seetec Christmas opening arrangements. If they took no notice, the letter will be set on fire in their office.

  7. f t
    As a result, my fate awaits. I know in Jan 2015 when my CW placement starts, I will be deliberately sent to the most HORRENDOUS place going – everything already conveniently set in place and the mobbing in the workplace will be severe and relentless. All these fraudsters are in it together. Parasites that feed off each other. Just another evil ploy by them to force me into destitution and repeat sanctions with no explanation.

    Talking of which, I have had no explanation from JC whatsoever why they sanctioned my on 26 11 14. No suprises, there when as I’ve done absolutely NOTHING wrong as usual and they make any claptrap up along the way to disguise the relentless corruption against me!

    • I fucked Seetec over twice in relation to two previous crappy placements they wanted to force me into. One of the placments was a death-trap paint-recycling depot where customers end up injured after tripping over pallets lying all over the small yard, to me being gassed by the toxic paint fumes in the building into a severe hay-fever attack I was unable to control. If that smarmy two-faced wanker of a manager running that illegal paint-recycling place is near me again, the police will be contacted by me about his dangerous, un-licensed death-trap business.

  8. Ordered to re-engage with CWP after exiting induction meeting – not sure what the next move will be after the year, to comply or not to comply that is the question?

    • overburdenddonkey

      mr r
      avoid signing anything, ask for meetings with them to be recorded..

      • overburdenddonkey

        p s on cwp workfare et al also see their links page… does solfed have a claimants section?

        • Risk (more) destitution or the damage limitation of challenging the CWP from within???

          • overburdenddonkey

            mr r
            i sincerely know what you mean…the process is very fraught and designed to be…know you are right…i seriously mean that you are right and they are wrong in all that they do…
            or put another way, you know you’re right to resist, do only what you can, and build on your victories…

        • I don’t know specifically what Solfed offers to claimants, but like the IWW (which I’m a memeber of) I know that the IWA (Solfed is the UK ‘face’ of th e IWA) does regard the unemployed as workers like any other, even though particular workers may not currently be in employment. Both the IWW and IWA(Solfed) have similar roots, though Solfed is openly ‘political’ and officially Syndicalist whereas the IWW isn’t overtly political (politics and religion are regarded as personal matters which should be left at the door for IWW purposes as both of these can, and do split workers). The IWW has traditionally also distanced itself from labelling itself as Syndicalist, though fundamentally Syndicalism is what the IWW is about.

          And the end of the day, you take your choice – the differences between the two are like the differences between Quaker and Unitarian. Both are way better than mainstream unions, and knock the spots of things like Unite Community, which from all the accounts I’ve heard only do anything when someone leaves and they no longer receive the monthly direct debit payment!

  9. I was told a few weeks ago by my so called work coach that 2015 will bring in hours of attendance at the jobcentre looking for jobs on a computer as part of the 35 hours a week jobsearch. She also told me that it won’t be all jobsearch but things like planning a journey to any employer that I apply to in case I get an interview.
    She didn’t say what month it will start in 2015 but the way she worded things I guess it will be sooner rather than later.
    The only consolation for me is that I can walk to the jobcentre in around 20 minutes from home so it’s just the boring part of sitting around all day waiting for home time that I would have to endure.

    • Just tell the jobcentre to fuck off. Mine doesn’t like it whenever I have to retaliate against their constant bullshit and lies.

  10. b a t r d
    r o b
    Shit! just typed a load of stuff here and lost everything
    Yet, it states on refuted that 35 hr job search is illegal !

    o b d

    Surely better to record in secret as if they know meetings recorded with act accordingly. We need to record all the corruption as it is!

    • overburdenddonkey

      yes they will act accordingly which is exactly the purpose, to stop them in their tracks, if @ all possible….especially if one is sick and disabled…would you rather attend or not?

  11. o b d

    thanx for the brilliant link – really helps!
    It’s just a shame I can’t access videos on this pc for some reason – library cuts them off!

  12. rob

    What’s all this ‘engage’ term (shit!) WP, CWP, JCP, DWP use?
    I have this word all over the 50 pg ‘appeal report’.
    She DOESN’T engage with this, she DOESN’T engage with that. They rant on and on and on about this baseless shite!

  13. Let me tell you!

    I have refused to sign EVERY form going including my CC – have FIFTH I/vw mon 22 12 14 at Bodge Ctr to try, as they’ve tried everything but gun against my head so expect that on mon, to coerce me to sign every piece of shit going.

    I refused flatly to sign in at WP and have been sanctioned SEVEN times for this reason alone and they have also added horrific lies to try and condemn me even further.

    DESPITE the FACT it clearly states on refuted you don’t have too!
    WP said it was for H&S reasons and mandated me every app to conform.


    It was ME, yes ME ! ! ! . . .

    who notified refuted and asked them to put it on their website at immediate effect as I has experiencing so much FKNG EXTREME grief from these SS, that it was NOT necessary on these futile fckng grounds and used as a thinly disguised ploy to make sure these fkrs get paid for doing fk all but verbally battering, bullying, intimidating and threatening innocent people to death!

    I have been thru FKING HELL like you wouldn’t believe by bodge ctr, WP, CWP – can see where that’s heading already, JCP and DWP!!!!!!!!!

    Because I have exercised my fkng rights, I have been hounded into destitution and witch-hunted to death!!!!!!!!

    • Also refused to sign CWP personnel details docs, was sent back to JCP and ordered to re-engage. :- (

      • “Engage” is partly corporate management bullshit, part political correctness. One possible alternative is “re-join”. A thesaurus will supply a list of synonyms to confuse jobsworths.

        • Here we go:
          verb: engage; 3rd person present: engages; past tense: engaged; past participle: engaged; gerund or present participle: engaging

          occupy or attract (someone’s interest or attention).
          “he ploughed on, trying to outline his plans and engage Sutton’s attention”
          synonyms: capture, catch, arrest, grab, seize, draw, attract, gain, win, captivate, hold, grip, engross, absorb, occupy
          “the tasks must engage the children’s interest”
          antonyms: lose
          involve someone in (a conversation or discussion).
          “they attempted to engage Anthony in conversation”
          participate or become involved in.
          “organizations engage in a variety of activities”
          synonyms: participate in, take part in, join in, become involved in, go in for, partake in/of, occupy oneself with, throw oneself into; More
          share in, play a part in, play a role in, be a participant in, be associated with, have a hand in, be a party to, enter into, undertake, embark on, set about, launch into
          “they like to engage in active sports”
          establish a meaningful contact or connection with.
          “the teams needed to engage with local communities”
          arrange to employ or hire (someone).
          “he was engaged as a trainee copywriter”
          synonyms: employ, hire, recruit, take on, take into employment, secure the services of, put on the payroll, enrol, appoint, commission, enlist; More
          retain, have in employment, have on the payroll;
          informaltake on board
          “he engaged a nursemaid to look after them”
          antonyms: dismiss
          pledge or enter into a contract to do something.
          “he engaged to pay them £10,000 against a bond”
          synonyms: contract, promise, agree, pledge, vow, covenant, commit oneself, bind oneself, undertake, enter into an agreement, reach an agreement, negotiate a deal
          “he engaged to pay them £10,000”
          reserve (accommodation, a place, etc.) in advance.
          “she had offered to engage a room in the house of the woman”
          (with reference to a part of a machine or engine) move into position so as to come into operation.
          “the clutch will not engage”
          synonyms: interlock, interconnect, mesh, intermesh, fit together, join together, join, unite, connect, yoke, mate, couple
          “he engaged the gears with a crash”
          antonyms: disengage
          (of fencers or swordsmen) bring (weapons) together preparatory to fighting.
          enter into combat with (an enemy).
          “tank and infantry units engaged the enemy”
          synonyms: do battle with, fight with, enter into combat with, wage war on, wage war against, take up arms against, attack, mount an attack on, take on, set upon, clash with, skirmish with, grapple with, wrest with; More
          encounter, meet;
          informalscrap with
          “they were sent to engage enemy aircraft”

          late Middle English (formerly also as ingage ): from French engager, ultimately from the base of gage1. The word originally meant ‘to pawn or pledge something’, later ‘pledge oneself (to do something’), hence ‘enter into a contract’ (mid 16th century), ‘involve oneself in an activity’, ‘enter into combat’ (mid 17th century), giving rise to the notion ‘involve someone or something else’.
          Translate engage to
          Use over time for: engage

          Do this with all of the management BS, use all available synonyms to throw back in their faces!

    • battered,

      Remember your good conscience needs nutrition, there are many ways to skin a cat.

    • They are total f*****g wankers the lot of them. I despise them and their whole attitude and everything to do with them. The whole idea is to force people to be a Care Assistant or the like even though they probably have no aptitude to do a job like that which is a vocation that some people have in them but most do not. Either that or a piece of shit job working a fast food counter somewhere. Again not even a real job but only suitable for a student doing it as a stopgap to make some extra money while they’re attending college or university or the like.

      That’s the type of people who are suited to those types of jobs. People who are only doing them as a stopgap earning some extra cash before moving on. Not as a ‘career’ for the friggin’ over 50’s!

  14. Hi battered,

    They are changing the rules to make it harder for us to refuse anything. In open plan offices they bully us so they know full well the management will back them up whatever happens even though many witnesses might be present. They will eventually make signing a claimant commitment compulsory to obtain JSA. We only have one life and sometimes it’s in a persons interest to go along with some things if only to avoid years of hardship.
    Many people try to get others to stand up to the DWP but it’s a long haul and by the comments labour are making the next election won’t make it any better for claimants.
    I’m 58 and if gordon browns labour had not pulled the plug on pension credits I would be retiring in two years instead of possible workfare until I’m 66.

  15. why wont you sign ur jsa/cc or is what is on it unreasonable ie apply for 90 jobs a week?

    i have signed mine yet i will not ever sign anything from a 3rd party provider and have done so for more than 5 years as by law there is no legislation for me to do so and enter in to a contract with them as the letters from the jcp says its mandatory to go and thats it nothing about entering in to a contract with a provider or sign there data wavers.

    you still have to turn up tho and say you are willing to take part but will sign nothing as by law you do not have to and to raise a sanction doubt over this fact i have one every single time the providers sent a sanction doubt for non attendance, even tho i did turn up anyway but keep proof of my bus tickets.

    i done the same on my mwa 4 weeks at some shop in town and was asked to leave the store cos a let rip on there fb page for sanctioning me for non attendance when i had proof i went and even got slagged of on the company’s fb page that i was a reject from society that was not wanted at the store, proves i went then dont it 😉

    to this date the jcp just has my home address and a phone number for a phone box somewhere as that is all i need to claim jsa and u dont even need to give them a phone number as they can send a letter in the post.

    remember if it not your signing day they have to refund you bus travel at the provider or the jcp, only problem is the jcp will pay it in ur account like ur benefits so 3 day wait so if they want fun and games at there iads get ur bus fee paid 3 days in advance so you are not out of pocket or demand a weeks mega bus ticket if they want to save on fairs.

    like most things the jcp are talking bollocks when they say will have you in there for 35hr a week js as there will never be enough to go around and will be left to the providers to take on in the end and they wont care if you look for work or not as they will get there fee and do jack shit as per usual and will last 4-6 weeks like all the other crap they do now n same as it was 10 years ago.

    as of now i have been and done it all wp mwa back to work balls and not had to stay and do any of it and one all of my sanctions for non attendance that the providers have tried as i kept proof i did in fact go and was the providers that asked me to leave.

    i have just had to sign for the last 6 months cos they out of ammo for me.

    cant wait for some new ammo to come in cos i get board just signing 😉

      SNP prediction ( LIE) $113 a barrel Reality $ 60 a barrel

      Just imagine what the outlook would look like now had we voted for independence in the referendum – when the SNP’s economic predictions were based on oil at $113 a barrel.

      Right now, it’s barely half that, which would be enough to blow an estimated £12billion black hole in John Swinney’s projected finances over the next few years.

      • overburdenddonkey

        INDY WOULD HAVE BEEN MAY 2016 @ earliest had indy been won…
        the UK is losing £bns now…not scotland! + oil was only ever a bonus and as an environmentalist i agree with patrick harvie oil should be left in the ground…opec refuse to pump less as they say this is a normal BLIP and will likely yet go down to $40/BoE…extraction costs @ the massive clair ridge field is $3/BoE….norway now has a £500bn oil fund… the price of oil was never expected to go up to $113/BoE when it did….still we can all now look forward to the £53,000,000,000 cuts coming which ever of the 2 tories parties connive their way into no 10….we’ve only yet seen 40% of the proposed cuts, yet…the UK economy is trashed…live with it, or do something about it, your choice…

      • overburdenddonkey

        ps a little lesson for you the reason they drop the price is to increase demand, once demand is increased pumping will be cut and prices will soar…

      • give it a fucking rest

  16. HI! Mr R

    appreciate kind concern AND YEAH! my conscience shames Mother Theresa trust me! My nutrition is non existent for past 9 months (sanctioned!) and couldn’t ever skin a cat : VEGAN big time!

    Bodge ctr have tried in desperation to force a mobile (won’t give them landline) on me and threaten me with 3 yr sanction virtually every time go in there – have got really, really nasty.

    Do you honestly think i’d fall for that blind fk when they can say any boloks over the phone and it’s my word against them when they deny everything they’ve said and to deliberately harass me with shite jobs.

    Just this week JC sent me to a fkng illegal non contract vacany and bullied me to death to register at this agency NO fcking way, want EVERYTHING in writing mate! You have no idea what’s going on in this JC.

    EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING guys, is completely illegal that they are doing. It breaches constitution and administrative law off the face of the earth! I have already had to study judicial law in connection to this serious shit going in with me and this is all central to it. Don’t even think about JR (judicial review) – not worth paper printed on – only about 2% ever in favour of appellant and highly controversial! In other words – appellant set up to fail from onset – just like all victims of crime!

  17. oh! and Mr spr ted

    Let me tell you, I HAVE applied for 90 jobs/wk.

    No make that literally 100s of jobs/wk!

    Ironically, have just for the 3 rd x reached my :

    2 0 0 0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! + counting . . .

    – yes, two thousand !!!!!!!!!!!!!! max hit allowance on my cv library job app acc
    and guess what I’ve been told by Adolf H at bodge ctr ‘I don’t engage and CAN’T possibly be looking for work and continue to not actively seek work’!!!!

    It’s stated all over the DWP ‘appeal report’

    That means I HAVE applied for well over

    6 0 0 0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if not
    7 0 0 0
    fkng jobs

    and I was sanctioned on 26 11 14

    ‘not actively seeking work’ in the most flimsiest sense of the word!
    . . .

    • @ battered, if you say to the sanction centre that you have applied for 6,000 vacancies in one week they will just retort/retaliate that they must be unfocussed ‘one-click’ applications, and that you have put any time/effort into studying the job spec and ‘tailoring’ the application. Still, it is crucial to have a record of your job applications that you can ‘use in evidence’

  18. oh! and if that wasn’t job application dedicated enough, I’M SITTING here from 9 – 5.15 pm in the library today, guess what?

    You got it ! JOB SEARCHING and have already applied for at least 8 + jobs on a Saturday!!!!!!

    I also look for jobs on sun as well!
    I have proof of all these 1000 s of job apps as well so this tribunal should go ‘live’ i’m telling you, there’s gonna be more than sparks flying when I’ve finished with this judge.

    Gonna trek down M/head due my last SUCCESSFUL appeal. Due Wt/ford but can’t stand the place – bad feelings about that place so gonna change courts. Even though, I say it myself as (most) law so corrupt in the first place, had corker of a judge and hope get him again.

    Ironically, the last thing I said to him was “I’m definitely going to be seeing you again sometime soon!” . . .

    . . . He hasn’t got a clue what’s got coming to him this time. It’s gonna take forever to go thru all the shit and litany of lies! . . .

  19. i apply for 4-6 jobs a week and put it on my actively seeking employment form i get every time i sign on and have never had a problem other than the jcp demand i hand them screen print outs which i do not have to do under my jsa claim and i also take photos of the jobs on my phone tho i do not need to show them this but shuts them up.

    when you job search make sure you Wright every app on paper you apply for and if that many they will not win a sanction doubt but if you dont sign ur cc/jsa then will prob try do what they like with you i imo sounds like it lol they just taking the piss and trying it.

    they will give up dont worry just dont give in to there unlawful bull shit there trying as it will bite them in the ass in the end one day.

    and keep proof of everything even time spent on the phone to employers ect if they want screen prints then charge them for each 1 at a quid each.

    the more proof you got of job searching the better and put it all in writing as if the jcp adviser does raise a sanction doubt they get bollocked for losing it by there line manager and they soon vanish from the office.

    • I have to apply for a minimum of 15 to 20 jobs per week, as is in my claimaint commitment. Yet there is fuck all jobs to apply for in my area…

      • How can you apply for 15 to 20 jobs a week? That’s insane! I could go months and there were no decent jobs to apply for. Just dumbass jobs that were only suitable for a school leaver as a first job. Or for a student at college or university looking for a few extra £££. So they weren’t to bothered that it was crap. They wouldn’t be doing it for that long so could put up with it.

        Trouble is these non jobs are now what they’re trying to push people into as careers!!! LOL!

        Man! what this country has descended into. It’s unreal. It’s dead depressing i can’t see any future for this country the way it’s going. It used to be you could pick up jobs that were semi skilled that paid quite a decent wage. Now all those types of jobs have vanished from the market to be replaced by Care Assistant, Call Centre worker, Fast food skivvy, Toilet Attendant type things.

        F**k! It’s maddening!

        • A lot of of ‘jobs’ are only good for allowing a teenager to save up for a video game or the latest moby fone… peeps will do almost any old shit for ‘pocket money’ – we’ve all been there 😀 , but these jobs aren’t any good for fully-grown adults in need of descent, sustainable employment that pays a fair wage.

          • Absolutely spot on mate, i couldn’t have said it any better. Unfortunately this is the kind of dross work that they’re trying to threaten people with sanctions if they don’t agree to do them.

  20. r o b

    Know all about the open plan offices. They are appalling. There’s zero privacy in JC. You are open to listening to confidential info whether want to or not due layout. I have been complaining about this since the first time went in that hell-hole.

    I am repeatedly bullied by advisors and manager in there and they deliberately raise their voice and do it deliberately as they get of on the power trip in order to criminalise you and humiliate you in public.

    It’s also a psychological ploy and deliberately to protect them to the max. It’s appalling when they deal with claimants with (confidential) health issues and everyone in the large open plan office can hear every word.

    I have had so much flak because I only speak when spoken too and only whisper and they loathe this. I tell them MINUS MINUS fkng Z E R O – like JV says, ‘you don’t tell these fkrs anything you don’t need too!’

    They will use it against you! Like I keep saying, I have more than my fair share of experience of this and what they can’t try to coerce out of you, they make it up to suit themselves, just like the cops!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Battered, buy one of these from Amazon £17.95 and free delivery, then you can record every appointment you have with the Jobcentre. It also records phone calls , so record those too.

    eSynic 8GB Steel Digital Voice Sound Phone Recorder Dictaphone MP3
    Player Audio Record Black Color with Built-in Lithium Battery

  22. We are the 55%. We are the People.

  23. s t
    . . . ful of chat!

    thanks for the link/advice. I am contacting them actually but unfortunately there’s a lot more to this than I can really go into here and I don’t think they have the combined criminal knowledge to support the rest of the case. Let’s just say what’s going on is highly criminal and involves an extensive network of government officials and serious organised crime . . .

    The problem is I know too much if you get my drift and this is a backlash of this.

    Have already done everything you suggested about the job search. I will not deal with DWP under any circs on phone – been stitched up by them big time over phone!

    DON’T EVER deal with them by phone: sanction machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please follow my advice
    Please learn by what’s happened/ing to me!!!!!!! so it doesn’t happen to you.

    You have to protect yourself as yes, of course, matters are going to get a lot worse at JC. They are literally abolishing the benefit system and like me, will use ANY flimsy excuse to kick people off in the most malicious and benign way imaginable!

    • “extensive network of government officials and serious organised crime . . . ” WTF!

    • btw battered if this is as serious as you say and you have evidence of an “extensive network of government officials and serious organised crime . . . ” you can bet your bottom dollar that these bastards have been through your personal circumstances and financial situation like a dose of the salts… wouldn’t be surprised if they have/are conducting surveillance on you too. Make quadruply-sure sure they have haven’t got any dirt on you, at least nothing that they can take to the bank… and be extra careful that you care meeting your job-seeking requirements…. it sound like a hornet’s nest this does…

  24. trust me i can smell there bs a mile away and will only contact them in person or by letter fkn think ill hand over all my personal details over the phone to a provider in the jcp office got fkn no chance still had the phone shoved in my face n id say send a reply in righting please.

    i even got a warning letters from my jcp cos i stress out the staff to much fkn joke that 1 is pmsl.

    and get a recorder like above they be fooked then 🙂

  25. f e n

    thanks for your suggestion, just came thru.

    I have just got hold of a brilliant spy watch and it does brille audio also to rec JC apps.
    Unfortunately, real blow can’t set it up in the library – limited to what allowed to do and not sure if it will work on old borrowed laptop – really frustrating.

    Real great little kit if it says what claims to do. I will have to try somehow to get working as it’s really conspicuous and ideal due circs.

    OMG! have got to get this report finished to MP re: JC corruption – haven’t done any yet and library closes in hr!!!!!!!!!!

    Already 15 pgs long + counting . . .

  26. Off topic but listen to this absolute fuckwit! Yes you guessed it Fester McVile talking a load of absolute crap, again. She says it’s ‘wrong so many over 50’s are locked out of the workplace because of their age’

    Stupid bloody muppet it’s not because of their age. It’s because there are no decent jobs going and most of those people don’t want to work in friggin McDonalds or KFC doing a job that is only suitable for a student earning some extra cash!

    That’s why the over 50’s might be locked out of the workplace. Serving in a fast food establishment or the like is not a career. Thing is these are the kind of no hope jobs that this wanker government are trying to push people into and saying it’s a career! What a bloody joke!

    This is the essence of the WP and workfare, to bully and intimidate people, the over 50’s now, to take these dead end no hope ‘jobs’ under the threat of benefit loss and absolute destitution.

    McVile is a real nasty piece of work.It’s a wonder she wasn’t with Cameron at the gates of Auschwitz the other week when he was there doing her best Irma Grese impersonation.

  27. overburdenddonkey re MR prior to appealing to 1st tier tribunal…

  28. Those jobs in fast food places are better suited for the young looking anyway. No offence to anyone over 50 but I’m not far from 60 and an old codger like me wouldn’t be good for business front of house.

    • You place too much importance on vanity and youth, as do business.
      The hardest work you will find is usually done behind the scenes, which is usually delegated to older people.

  29. I fully agree with the idea that older people work harder behind the scenes but with image being so important a front of house job is better suited to fresh faced people especially where food is involved.
    In the past, before all this modern technology came in, experience was far more important but with modern technology even jobs in accounts are being done by people just being told where to type numbers in boxes on a computer.
    A good example, my father who was a manager of a bookies in the 70s had to write out all the bets for the punters and also calculate all the bets and pay outs. Night racing was getting the results just before 10pm on the radio and going through the books writing up all kinds of lists until 1am. These days a manager of a bookies just has to be friendly to the customers and is much better paid. Image is now the main criteria. I heard a manager of a betting shop say that the one thing he can’t do is work the bets out but it didn’t matter.
    I was only making the point earlier that if I had to apply for a job front of house selling food I would have more chance of emptying the place than attracting customers.
    Workfare is a different matter and I can imagine having to face that in the future in some form of community work or charity shop.

    • Bookie are all computerized now… I can just imagine the dizzy blonde, early 20-something manager of our local bookies who always wears a skirt up to her knickers and is always flirting with the customers tuned into transistor radio late at night writing down the results and computing all the bets and payouts in her head lol 😀

    • It’s true mate. These kinds of establishments don’t want oldies as the face of their business. I read someone recently saying that, if you’re not young and model good looking, your CV go’s in the bin as you walk out the front door after just having handed it in, in wine bars or pubs in London.

      Those are, as i said, jobs for youngsters who’ve just left school and are just doing it to raise some extra cash while they’re at college or University. For them it’s fine as they’re going on to better things so they don’t bother that they’re doing that. They know it’s short term. But this bastard government are trying to trumpet those non jobs as ‘careers’ for people. And threatening them with sanctions if they don’t take them. Or making them do it as workfare for their dole.

  30. Unemployed over-50s.

    Not a career psychopath or striving subservient then off to CWP you must go.

  31. but with image being so important a front of house job is better suited to fresh faced people especially where food is involved.

    HA! HA! I don’t think the hairy bikers or two fat ladies(now 1) would agree with you

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