Sandra Gives The Game Away: Jobcentres Given Sheriff’s Stars For Hitting Benefit Sanction Targets

sanction-sheriffSandra Lambert, manager of 149 Jobcentres and self-styled lifestyle guru, has spent much of the last few days frantically blocking people on twitter who have been taking the piss out of the cringemaking motivational advice she inflicts on the poor bastards who work for her.

She wasn’t fast enough however to hide the tweet in which she awarded a Texas style sherriff’s badge to Jobcentres in the midlands for upholding their DMA decision rate – as spotted by @refuted.  A DMA means a referral to a Jobcentre ‘decision maker’ to process a benefit sanction.  It is the second time this month a DWP manager has been exposed praising their staff for hitting benefit sanction targets – targets that Iain Duncan Smith’s department have repeatedly claimed do not exist.

It is not just that the DWP are lying which is so contempible, all government departments lie after all.  It is the sheer glee that has accompanied this policy of driving people into desperate poverty should they happen to miss a meeting with the Jobcentre or call in sick for workfare.

There is no argument anymore, benefit sanctions kill.  They are the cause of desperate suffering as has now been well documented by organisations which work with claimants such as Citizen’s Advice, MIND, Gingerbread, Oxfam, Homeless Link and countless others.  Whatever your views on the social security system there should be no doubt, benefit sanctions are intended as punishment, and that punishment is severe.

To hear that Jobcentre staff are being given Easter eggs, or gold stars or Texas fucking badges as prizes for inflicting this regime is repugnant.  There is something very wrong at the DWP when the tears and broken lives they cause are met with laughter and merriment and fucking competitions to do it to as many people possible.  Do they get a bonus if they sanction someone who goes on to top themself?  An extra pat on the head if someone is sick and may not last the Winter if they can’t afford to put the heating on?  At the very least you might expect some dignity, sensitivity and awareness of the seriousness of their actions.  But instead it’s just a big fucking joke.  Has a government department ever sunk any lower?

Perhaps this is the reason for the glassy-eyed nonsense that seems to inflict many of the managers at the DWP.  Perhaps it is the only way they can sleep at night. By turning the whole wretched and inhumane system that they oversee into some kind of twisted game where they compete to keep each other’s spirit’s high as their hands become ever more stained with blood.  But that is no excuse.  The consequences of their actions are all too real and no amount of happy clappy slogans will fill a hungry child’s belly or talk a desperate person out of suicide.

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240 responses to “Sandra Gives The Game Away: Jobcentres Given Sheriff’s Stars For Hitting Benefit Sanction Targets

  1. I really hope the powers that be don’t ban this woman from twitter. She’ll continue to make an absolute tit out of herself and the Department. Do continue Sandra…

  2. I just hope the voters get to know all this before the General Election.

  3. Let’s marshal our collective resources to get this evil cunt sacked and expose IDS as the lying bastard he is.

    The sanctions regime is supposed to in IDS-speak ‘change behaviour’, but it makes no difference how well people comply with the onerous regime when there are people in the employment service who have a predetermined number of claimants they must refer for sanctions every month.

    The reality is it does not matter how many 20 page application forms you complete a week, how many speculative nuisance calls you make to companies begging for work, or how much free labour you give away in work trials; the sword of the sanctions regime can fall on anyone because being target based it will necessarily at times punish people on the entirely arbitrary basis that the sanctions referral target must be met.

    This should be a national scandal, but we live in an age when there is seemingly no infamy to which the unemployed can be subjected which does not meet with broad public approval.

  4. Vile disgusting people they are. Almost a different race are they not? Reveling in inflicting misery on some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in society tells us everything we need to know about these evil lowlife’s.

    Any decent people would shun them and want nothing to do with them as they know it could be themselves or a member of their family who is the next victim of a sad bunch useful for nothing apart from inflicting pain on other people.

    • @Raining – “Almost a different race are they not? ”

      That’s the point – they’re not a different race (or you may have meant species ?). There will always be people able to justify to themselves the most atrocious acts – death camp guards in Nazi Germany for example – and be willing to carry them out, whether for ideaology, money or a pat on the head from those who order them to act thus.

  5. please keep comments sensible, the fuckers will be all over this thread.

    • @johnny is it part of their job requirements to snoop on this blog and ” report back to sir”
      if so thats a bloody weird job if you ask me

      • Some comments on this blog have been used in the DWP’s legal argument to not reveal the names of workfare exploiters. More on this in the new year.

        • @johhnyvoid ah that would be that freedom of speech we hear so much about..the kind that brendan o bollocks goes on about the kind which tries to shut down any kind of concern worry or fear.
          Oh that kind ..

        • An admission that at the top echelons of the DWP they are aware of the abuse of power and abuse of claimants by JCP staff as documented by this site and its comments section.

          • latest release of official data, covering the period from the introduction of the tougher regimes in late 2012 to June 2013, shows that sanctioning rates have increased further. The proportion of all JSA claimants being sanctioned each month increased to around 5%. In total there were 553,000 JSA sanctions applied, an increase of nearly 11% on the same period in 2011-12. There were 11,400 ESA sanctions applied in the period from the introduction of the tougher ESA regime in December 2012 to June 2013. This is nearly double the number in the same period in 2011-12.[78] Dr Webster pointed out that the number of sanctions in the year to 30 June 2013 was around 860,000, the highest number in any 12-month period since statistics began to be published in their present form in April 2000.[79]

            Reported inappropriate sanction referrals

            87. Most witnesses accepted that conditionality regimes were necessary and that sanctioning of benefits was the most practicable method of enforcing a conditionality regime—a notable exception was the PCS union, representing Jobcentre staff, which was of the view that sanctioning “does not work in terms of getting people into work”.[80]

            88. However, witnesses also believed that Jobcentre staff were too quick to raise doubts and make sanction referrals without applying due discretion. We were provided with a number of real life examples of referrals which appeared to be inappropriate. These included referrals made for missing Jobcentre appointments despite claimants having good cause and informing the Jobcentre of the reason.[81] Citizens Advice reported an example of a claimant referred for a sanction for not actively seeking work in the period between finding a job and starting that job.[82]

            89. The PCS union reported that Jobcentre staff were being put under pressure by management to increase sanctioning rates. DWP has strongly denied the existence of any national or local targets for sanctioning—following an investigation and report to the Secretary of State on the issue carried out by Neil Couling. However, PCS believed that the Department had “expectations” about the appropriate level of sanctioning and that these were “targets by another name”. The PCS also highlighted that Jobcentre staff whose sanctioning rates were not meeting expectations were subject to an “improvement plan”—formal performance management proceedings.[83] The Minister for Employment recently confirmed that the number of sanction referrals made by Jobcentre Advisers is part of a “variety of performance data” used to monitor Advisers’ performance.[84]

            90. Neil Couling told us that he and the Department had an expectation that people would be sanctioned, “because that is the law” and “public servants are meant to follow the law.” DWP monitored sanctioning rates to highlight and investigate anomalies with a view to ensuring that sanctions were being properly and consistently applied across the Jobcentre network. In the course of his investigation into the alleged existence of sanctioning targets, he had found variations in sanctioning rates between different Jobcentres which he was seeking to address.[85]

          • Also a kick in the backside for the person on here who slagged us all off and said our comments didn’t do anything and had no effect.

            There you go, proof positive that what we say on here does have an effect on things. Apply enough pressure and things will change. Maybe not as fast as we like, but any change for the better is surely good?

  6. It seems to me that if any scumbag at the DWP slaps a sanction on anyone and that person then dies, then that person responsible should have a private summons taken out on them by the dead persons family.
    Perhaps this is the way forward to make these morons responsible for other peoples lives and eventually track back to government departments responsible for making the DWP carry out these atrocities and bring in a law that makes this kind of thing a crime against the vulnerable.

    • Unfortunately they the “morons” only identify themselves by a first name only on a badge they wear on their shoulders … my best wish is they are constantly haunted by the guilt that their petty-bureaucratic “mindset” for the rest of their lives… “Thou Shall Not Kill” – the precedent of individual responsibility and guilt was set by the British legal teams which were involved in the Nuremberg Trials of Nazi War Crimes Tribunals…. somebody ought to remind IDS and the rest of his department.

  7. don’t really know what to say, I was on JSA the way they run it I couldn’t last a week last time they tried to waste to my time rather than help me look for a job, send me on a six week course who knows where and concentrate on confidence building CVs and interviews, well I’ve already done cv and interviews four times over and since they were going to kill my confidence like they have done so many times before I just stopped going. my family look after me, we live at the edge of poverty, I wanted to work before they come in, but they have put me off working for a long time if not for good. I feel terrible for the people who have no one to help them. In times past of governments and monarchs and rulers, these lot have to be the worse in the whole history of Britain, and people are fool to vote for either party again.


      • Yes it sad when you have to resort to crime to survive, one day when my family dies, as they are old. I will end up on the street because it is not easy for me to find work, as I am almost severely deaf. I spent a long time begging them for help you know for some equipment to help me both find and do the job. They told me that no such scheme exists, that they may help me if I find a job, but only a maybe and they wouldn’t tell me what sort of help I could get. Its seems in the future their will be a lot of crime as the rich get richer and the number of poor people increases.

        • We are talking about more vulnerable and difficult-to-reach groups, because we know that by any measure, Jobcentre Plus is relatively successful in getting mainstream jobseekers into work. That is what it does; it is Jobcentre Plus’s bread and butter. It is what staff do week in and week out.

          Our report recognised that JCP is good at what it is currently being asked to do: it has become adept at getting people off benefit in as short a time as possible. Since April 2011, JCP’s primary performance measure has been what is called “benefit off-flow”. The old mantra “What gets measured gets done” comes to mind. About 75 per cent of Jobseeker’s Allowance claimants come off benefit within six months, and some 90 are off benefit within a year. But – and this is a big “but” – is getting someone off benefit quickly always good enough? Is off benefit always a good and sustainable outcome?

          Our answer to those questions was a clear no. The evidence suggests that measuring JCP performance primarily by benefit off-flow is unsophisticated. Jobcentre staff are likely to say to themselves: “Let’s concentrate our efforts on people who are most likely to come off benefits quickly we need to meet our 13-week target and let’s keep a very close eye on anyone coming up to 26, 39 or 52 weeks on benefit, too.” Who can blame them for that? That is how their efficiency and effectiveness is measured, and that is the task that they have been set by ministers, but JCP needs to be incentivised to take a more sophisticated approach.

          Our second key recommendation was that JCP’s performance measures be amended to ensure that Jobcentre staff are more clearly incentivised to

          get people not just off benefit but

          into sustainable and long-term employment. A system that merges out-of-work benefits and in-work tax credits, and in which benefits taper off gradually as earnings increase, would be a huge step forward. That is what universal credit is intended to do, but it will require creative thinking from the Government about new performance measures for JCP.

          The Department for Work and Pensions says that it will think about how to formulate such measures once universal credit is implemented whenever that is going to be. We think that it should be thinking about and testing them now, not leaving it until much later.

          Another issue is JCP’s use of sanctions. There is an inherent tension in what JCP does, between helping and supporting people to find work on the one hand, and, on the other, enforcing strict rules, including financial penalties for claimants deemed not to be trying hard enough to find work. Such is the everyday experience of the Jobcentre Plus advisor and the job-seeking benefit claimant, and it can make for an uneasy relationship.

          Almost by definition, the payment of unemployment benefit has always been conditional. To get the dole, people had to prove that they were both out of and looking for work. The concept of conditionality is not new, but conditionality enforced by financial sanctions is much more recent. We agree that a conditionality regime is necessary, but have noted the lack of evidence that sanctions on their own incentivise claimants to look for work.

          Meanwhile, the system has become progressively more stringent and punitive. Tougher sanctions legislated for in the Welfare Reform Act 2012 include stopping a claimant’s Jobseeker’s Allowance for three years; prior to the Act coming into force, the maximum sanction was six months.

          Not only have sanctions become tougher, but they have been applied much more frequently in recent years. The pre-eminent expert in this field, Dr David Webster of the University of Glasgow, highlighted a “dramatic rise” in the use of sanctions under the coalition Government.

          Currently, if someone is on JSA for any length of time, there is a good chance that they will suffer a sanction. Sanctions do not happen only to a small minority; some 860,000 people were sanctioned in the year to June 2013. More than 5 per cent of all JSA claimants are sanctioned every month, and that proportion rises to over 8 per cent for jobseekers aged between 18 and 24. We should ask whether that is a reasonable proportion is that the proportion of JSA claimants who are not doing enough to find work. It seems particularly high.

          The evidence we heard suggests that a significant number of sanctions are incorrectly and unjustly applied. Many people we heard lots of examples have been sanctioned for missing a jobcentre appointment when they had good cause and had informed Jobcentre Plus in advance or, indeed, had not received notification of the meeting until after it was due to have taken place.

          A wide range of witnesses believed that JCP staff were generally much too quick to refer a claimant for a sanction. We were given many real-life examples of JCP applying the strict letter of the law in circumstances in which common sense would suggest that discretion should have been applied. I heard an example of an older person who had fallen out of work and was sent off to use Universal Jobmatch, the new computerised job-search system that all JSA claimants have to use to apply for jobs. But this person had no IT skills, and so was sanctioned for not applying for enough jobs. That is the kind of thing that we feel should be weeded out of the system, because it does not demonstrate the proper use of sanctions.

          There is certainly a need to find out whether these sanctions are just punitive, whether they are just to increase the numbers of people off-flowing from benefits, or whether they are working more effectively. There is evidence that sanctions increase benefit off-flow because people who are not receiving any money do not bother to turn up to sign on. Of course, if they turn up to sign on, they remain on the unemployment register, but if they do not turn up they drop off it. That is another reason why benefit off-flow does not necessarily indicate a positive outcome.

          We need a thorough and fundamental independent review of the operation of the conditionality and sanctions regime across the jobcentre network. We want a far-reaching review to investigate whether sanctions are being made appropriately, fairly and proportionately across the jobcentre network; the link between sanctions and benefit off-flow; and, crucially, whether sanctions are having the desired effect of encouraging claimants to engage more actively in job-seeking.

          Dame Anne Begg

          • Dame Anne Begg conveniently ignores the social security elements of JSA and ESA, for many sanctions remove the last resort to a subsistence income.

            The Socialism of those who don’t work don’t eat.

            • Re Dame Anne Begg, she clearly hasn’t got a clue about what some Jobcentres are like. Take the case of a long term unemployed man who asked my advice about the type of training to ask for when he had to go and see the training man from a “charity” that Hoovers-up lottery money then pretends to train the unemployed. My advice was Fork Lift Truck and I said that getting this under his belt would give him the “in” to getting a job. Instead of acceding to this perfectly reasonable and genuine request they offered to put him on a “scheme” making bird-boxes! Needless to say allowing them to make a fool of him in that way was never going to improve his CV. In Cornwall one has to pay privately to get the training and the cost was about £600. HOW CAN A MAN ON JSA AFFORD £600? It was totally out of the question. The man then phoned the Cardiff Jobcentre and what a difference! Of course Wales is a different country! The clerk said “Yes we’ve got just the course for you boyo, forklift truck and warehouseman’s certificate, its a fortnight and its free!” The man packed his tent and got the bus and as a result he’s now held down a steady job for about six years. To be perfectly honest the Jobcentre staff in Cornwall deserve twenty years on the wrong side of the counter themselves but it will probably never happen.

              Oh I almost forgot, they also used to tip-off friends and family about any worthwhile jobs. Anyone else applying would be told that the vacancy had been filled so in this way their friend Fred would have no competition at the interview.

        • Unemployment and worklessness have also been shown to lead to poorer health outcomes for both out-of-work adults and their children.

          The same arguments can also be made for psychological well-being

          Er total bollocks (,especially the ” suicide bit is irony lost on these twats
          Twaddle of course deliverd by
          Policy Exchange

          And in extremis, reports have also found that unemployment can lead to an increased incidence of suicide.

          7  A large body of evidence has also shown that worklessness can pass down generations and in earlier life. 8

  8. unemployedinnohopeuk

    I actually feel sorry for these devil’s disciples. They’ll probably do such a good job of destroying people without thougt of what is right (and don’t mean in the eyes of some silverspooned odious toff politician like ian duncan shit or his mates) they’ll end up redundant on the scrap heap themselves. Karma will have em either way always does you reap what you sew.

  9. Everyone should contact their MP with details of this Tweet and demand an answer as to whether they think this is an acceptable way for a government department to behave. Don’t stop until the MP gives an unequivocal yes or no and make their opinion known on the internet.

  10. The regime of Sanction Sheriff Dissociation allows DWP/JCP to criminalise and dehumanise claimants that in turn facilitates the wilful socioeconomic destruction of some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in society.

    The wilful destruction of peoples lives by DWP/JCP is becoming a matter of public record and general knowledge, the threshold for criminal prosecutions has surely been crossed.

    • Yeah thats unreal ” .the sanctions sherriff” like unemployment is dodge city and their job is to ” clean up” by getting shot of more claiments after all unemployed are criminals aint they
      And it fits with ” .cleaning out of all the riff raff of boroughs to make it possible to flog off properties to the well off

      ” This town aint big enough for the both of us”
      you feckless idle scum have got to go,,,
      That way
      Wealthy equals the good guys
      And poor folks are the bad guys

      Does that include the over paid crooked bankers in the city ?

  11. dirt under their feet

    So IDS is yet again shown to be a blatant liar, and having lied yet again outright to the House and the country, along with many other matters, what is happening about it? Nothing.

    And when in responses to debates and comments about the many types of suffering (and even death) he is causing to steadily increasing numbers, he only laughs and mocks and acts most bizarrely, while repeating the same lies, in a way which shows signs of a serious psychiatric illness, what is being done about it? Nothing.

    What’s being done abut the DWP now so often putting itself above the law, by just ignoring it and making up their own rules; having become simply a tool for finding more and crueler ways of punishing and tormenting the poor (all a reflection of the person at their helm)? Nothing.

    By intentionally misleading the House, on many issues, provably, IDS has broken the ministerial code, again and again and again; along with McVile, and others. Where then are the demands for his and their proper resignation?

    Where are the moves to have someone so very clearly of unsound mind made to vacate his seat? For urgent treatment, and for the safety of the nation.

    And how many provable – easily provable – huge lies before the Labour leadership (supposedly in opposition) say anything much about it?!

  12. Yeah i saw the stuff about the star rating a short while ago. No doubt they get fucking discount at a store somewhere as a ” incentive” a promotional item for some cheesy product or company







  13. I find it disturbing how she has taken the symbolism of a sheriffs badge, as an alternative to a gold star, like what you got at junior school – as pathetic that idea is by itself. But to use a sheriffs badge? Does she really love this idea of policing the poorest citizens? Criminality of the unemployed being enjoyed by this, unmistakably petty, belittling, callous individual. No doubt she is totally convinced she is doing good.

    Anyone manager posted this tweet which i find scary, considering the suicides that have happened under sanctions. it just scares me –

    • The Good Society of the Common Purpose Collective, a bureaucratic class leading beyond authority and the rule of law.

    • overburdenddonkey

      yes it’s scary stuff…but a totally ignorant misquote as jcp wasn’t around @ the start of evolution billions of yrs ago…just shows how they’ll say anything to justify their abuse of their fellow human beings…it serves good purpose that evolution is an extremely slow process….oh,dear; which means she’s a creationist….
      nature grew our bio-sphere into the lush garden it is today, that’s supports us, nature doesn’t tolerate abuse by human beings, or any other species… nature/evolution will eventually evolve us out of the equation..
      which is exactly why global warming and dimming will eventually extinct human being’s or any other species that doesn’t live in harmony with nature…


    So which is the real twitter account by this berk ?
    the satirical,one with johnnyvoid tweet on or the one i just postes with govt approved bollocks messages ?
    can you sort this out mate?

    • Shes clearly locked down her twitter or deleted all her crazy tweets. I’ve looked on her profile before and it was full of utter crap.

      • @Bebe well i just asked as a tweet was saying stuff about a satirical one and an actual one

        The one i posted seemed to have govt approved guff on it

        • The satirical DWP and the actual DWP.

          To you and I, CWP will be mandatory to the law courts it will be voluntary to avoid a crimes against humanity prosecution – keeping justice blind.

          The sick joke is on us!

  15. oh look…

  16. Reblogged this on Lindas Blog and commented:
    Perhaps Sandra Swivel Eyes will find her head is such a spin having to block so many tweets about her ‘bucket worthy’ motivational psychobabble, she might wake up out of her obvious dissociated state and realise she has been brainwashed into believing her own drivel.

  17. How can HMCTS continue to uphold any JSA sanctions when there is the probability of targeted sanctions?

    • Mr R its to appeal to the faily hate readers who like to see someone “cracking down” on someone.

      They love that shit .

    • In February 2013, the NAO highlighted the risks of a primary focus on benefit off-flows, including perverse target-driven behaviour such as prioritising those claimants most likely to contribute to the achievement of targets in the short term. JCP staff might feel under pressure to concentrate on claimants approaching their 13th, 26th, 39th or 52nd weeks on benefit. They may choose to prioritise more job-ready claimants, whom they believe will be easiest to take off benefit quickly, to the detriment of claimants who are more in need of their attention. As noted in chapter 4, there might also be a risk that JCP staff could see sanctions as positive outcomes in themselves. It should be noted that it was not clear from the NAO’s research whether the benefit off-flow performance measures had in fact led to these perverse behaviours.[98]

      105. Nevertheless, a key point highlighted by the NAO, and echoed by a range of witnesses to our inquiry, was that benefit off-flow rates do not necessarily reflect positive outcomes.[99] There are a number of reasons why claimants might leave benefit without entering work, including: coming to the end of their time-limited period of contribution-based benefit; transferring to another benefit; withdrawing from the benefits system altogether, possibly as a result of sanctioning; or being imprisoned.

      106. DWP’s own figures show that, of the 2.88 million people who left JSA within 12 months of their claim in August 2011 to July 2012: 667,000 (23.2%) “flowed back on to benefit or left the active labour market e.g. retired”; and 534,500 (18.5%) “found work”. In the remainder of cases (1.68 million (58.3%)) DWP were not aware of the claimant’s destination.[100] In the course of its research the NAO found that in 40% of cases JCP did not record the reason why a claimant had left benefit. One of its key conclusions was that “Simply measuring how many people end their claims for benefits does not reveal the true impact of jobcentre services.”[101]

      107. However, DWP defended its use of off-flows as JCP’S key performance measure. It highlighted survey evidence that a large majority (68%) of claimants leaving benefit do so initially to enter paid work.[102] DWP therefore considers off-flow to be a reasonably good indicator of positive outcomes. Neil Couling argued that off-flow targets are part of a “very successful, very active system at the moment”.[103]

      • That last part (107) i thinks says a lot … it suits their psychopathy
        and fucked up “logic”

        ” its all about saving tax payers money ” ( by funnelling into the bank accounts of corporations on govt contract gravy trains )

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  19. The happy clappy people should listen to this story reportedly written by Oscar wilde but which the French say is plagarism.
    The story broke my heart when it was played to me in infant school many years ago, but made me think about the poor in society.

  20. What a complete disconnect from reality -sheriff’s badges?. This is not a game ! This is real peoples live here – these people are living in a mad hatters world. And they want to project this sort of nonsense on to normal people- the loony`s are running the asylum.

    • overburdenddonkey

      and yet in a few days time millions will celebrate this lunacy….

      • Good point -this sort if nonsense does really start when we lie to children and mess with their minds.. . we create a disconnect like -if your good Father Christmas will give you a present

        • overburdenddonkey

          indeed a time of intense culturalizations/normalizing to learn what is culturally good or is bad… can be seen entrenched especially in the trenches of ww1, when either side saw themselves as good christian’s and indeed most were @ root decent people, who were manipulated to believe they were good and the other side bad …when will we ever learn?

          • overburdenddonkey

            p s
            it’s the origins of sanctions and conditionality….the stick and the carrot, that we all rote learn…

          • The giving of presents and Santa Claus as gift bearer is probably of pagan origins, now superseded by corrupt mindless consumption.

            So where all those working class trench-men ignorant of the overwhelming geopolitical forces that sent them to an early grave?

            • overburdenddonkey

              mr r
              mostly @ 1st, and many lived in poverty, easy to manipulate…. ‘days of hope’ youtube..
              as harry patch said war is organised slaughter, he had a pact with others to shoot to wound and not to kill …apparently more bullets were fired into the ground than @ each other….there was a lot of defiance on either side during ww1, many unofficial truces….

              • overburdenddonkey

                ps paganism is pre unified christanity….many were slaughtered as being pagan that were not pagan @ all…
                mid-wives, herbalists and healers… heretic’s, @ dissonance with the unified establishment quest for power and control over the masses…..

              • Without a pact of conscience the shoot to miss tendency in Western Armies is much higher than they would have you believe. Could be a throwback Instinct where the intention of low-level war may have been to humiliate and intimidate and not necessarily to kill. Post-war to carry a remorseful or superstitious conscience would have been as much of a burden to everyday survival as it is today.Anyone can kill but not everyone can kill without conscience.

              • “there was a lot of defiance on either side during ww1, many unofficial truces….”

                But also a lot of atrocities by us “good guys” carried out on orders from above, including shooting of unarmed civilians and the execution of shell-shocked comrades (IDS would approve – the ultimate sanction).


                • overburdenddonkey

                  it’s a type of PTSD, which can have this affect on people, it can cause murderous behaviours, ie hitler suffered it….and reeked revenge on millions as a result of it….

        • actually thinking about we also create a connect to those who want to control us ?

    • @donkey @all i created a picture for sandra lambert. I hope she likes it lol !

  21. Hey Ms Lambert, sanctioning benefits ain’t no game of Texas hold ’em you you know…

  22. Benefit Sanctions must DIE...

    … and so must the ‘decision makers’ and all the others complicit in this barbaric process…

  23. If she is that busy tweeting when does she actually work? Wish I could tweet all day instead of working – don’t think my boss would be too pleased though. Think I would be awarding Job Centre Plus an award if they had zero sanctions and claims processed efficiently and quickly in order to help people not awarding badges according to the number of sanctions they had managed to rack up – do you need a personality disorder to apply for this job?

  24. DWP Staff are fucking SCUM!!

    Human beings are DYING because of these DWP murdering bastards and all they can do is laugh, pat themselves on the back, collect their Easter eggs, M&S vouchers, bonuses, and talk about fucking “fizz bombs”. BURN IN HELL YOU CUNTS!!

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  26. M a r i a

    What a tear – jerker!

    F UC K !

    DON’T you ever BE out on the fkng street girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You ever that desperate you come and stay with me mate!
    My god! HOW fkng disgusting can you get???????????????????

    Desperately want to spin some real dosh so I can set up my own benefit sys for you guys.

    God! what I could only do if I had squillions in the bank!
    I’d set up a benefit sys every claimant could only dream of mate, let me tell you and go fck these scumbags and they couldn’t do a flying fk because it would be MY own private enterprise and I could do what the fk I liked with my own squillions.

    For a start, I’d sack the lot of these Nazis on the fkng spot and banish them all to the furthest distant planet imaginable and concentrate on sorting you lot out fair and square with a decent fkng quality of life and income and get you all back on your feet with fkng dignity and decent fkng training and the like with EVERYONE in need getting their FAIR fkng share of what they need in life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maria, come on down girl.

    Don’t allow these insensitive scumbags to drag you down in to the gutter and stoop to these parasites level of inhumanity!!!!!!!!!!! . . .

    • Stephen Hawking aka Microsoft Sam :D

      When I win the lottery sanctions will be dead in the water 😀 And these Nazis will find themselves the first ‘settlers’ on Mars if they are lucky or some barren desolate planet on the outer arm of the Andromeda galaxy if they are unlucky 😀

    • well as I said I’m not sure I’d want a job anymore. I would be ashamed that any tax I paid would not go to the people that need it, they are refurbishing their big office in London for billions, and inflating their pay by 11%. While the people who have next to nothing, have that taken away so that they have nothing. How can they be so mean? I couldn’t do it. Think id rather fall on the street than be in a job for the DWP and sanction or stop somebodies money by work capability assessment don’t know how they can live without listening to their conscience it must be shouting at them. As for the street day by day I’m getting used to the idea, if I do I sure I’ll figure something out, they frightened me for a long time, but I am not frightened any more there isn’t a lot they can take from me now, they have taken a lot of it and mostly its my peace of mind.

  27. Sanction Sheriff


  28. I’ve been sanctioned 7 fkng times this year ALONE – 5 in succession!!!!!!!!
    Sanctioned: taken on a new fkng meaning mate!

    I’m the one who deserves the Fkng sheriff’s badge for tallying up the most sanctions and it’s not even the end of the year yet, plenty time to go yet before end Dec for brown bundles to drop on the mat !

    • I understand your anger, I have never been sanctioned, they just have a thing about stopping my money all together instead, I have £20 a week that’s it that is what they left me on for the majority of the last 3 years. IDS spends three times that much on one breakfast apparently. We must get rid of them, and fast before they kill our country never mind us.

    • First I must admit to being an OAP so to a certain extent I’m out of it. The crafty DWP have however scammed me for Notional Income (Long story, worked for a firm, left, went abroad, came back, lots of bills so cashed-in my frozen pension but I didn’t know what a frozen pension was) The pension also had a widows pension built in, note WIDOWS PENSION, not MY Pension and the rules were that a person who was unmarried at age 60 got his widows pension back. It wasn’t a huge amount but it paid some credit card bills. Next the DWP started yelling that they wanted their money back! Yup their money – you couldn’t make it up!

      As to jobs and dole, in the 1950s I went to an exhibition “Cities Of The Future” held by UMIST. Now there was still rationing I think and certainly a tremendous amount of austerity so to be told that in the future most homes would have cars, telephones, fridges and colour television sounded like pie in the sky. In particular UMIST predicted that all kinds of new machines would be doing most of the work so people would only need to work two or three days per week. They predicted that “There would be a lot more leisure”.

      What UMIST did not predict was how the “leisure” was going to be shared out but I think we know that now. I’m old enough to remember cast iron gas mains which used to crack during frosty weather. The result was that armies of gas-fitters were kept in readiness for emergencies. Later plastic gas pipes were introduced which had a design life of over 100 years. The gas fitters were then redundant. Similar parallels can be found elsewhere. IMHO its not fair to punish people whose jobs have been eliminated by the accountants but it goes on all the time.

      UMIST did not even consider globalisation which for many has turned out to be the second punch in the double-whammy but just what the answer is I don’t know. Take care!

  29. There ain’t NOTHING great about Britain!
    There ain’t NOTHING merry about Xmas!

    I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FKNG ASHAMED to be a brit – in fact I refuse to tick those nationality boxes anymore . . . I’m NOT a fraud despite the hatred bile those state murderers spew!

  30. Wonder if the “JSA Online Sheriff” is anything to do with universal jobshite?

  31. Maria:

    “In times past of governments and monarchs and rulers, these lot have to be the worse in the whole history of Britain, and people are fool to vote for either party again”.

    HOW RIGHT are you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We don’t even have a fkng monarch. ER is a complete FRAUD. She ain’t no queen II. Her coronation was a fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Queenie ER” is OFFICIALLY on the list of war criminals and should be banged up for 25 years for WAR CRIMES along with Blair and Bush!

    She’s the biggest fraud going. Her coronation was a fraud. The precious stone in her coronation crown was being repaired in Scotland so absent at the time of her coronation. So, null and void coronation : she’s the biggest benefit scrounger and fraud going mate !

  32. DMA UPHELD DEC “RAT ‘ERE”, round of applause for these public servants screwing our lives up and getting badges of honour for it, they’ve already kicked us when we’re down, now they’re spitting at us

  33. the department for deciet and sanctions under that bungaling lying bastard smith is TOXIC! smirking smarmy fat bald headed cunt! how’s them 39.00 breakfasts and 100.00 pounds worth of wet wipes you lying sponging fuck! the wetwipes to wipe your mouth every time you open it you lying twat! .

    • Need some advice from those in the know….my partner received the dreaded brown envelope this morning, nice of them to leave it until she cant get to CAB in time for her interview at the jobcentre on the 02-01-2015………what I need to know is what can she get away with in being tortured ( perhaps I used the wrong word there but because of being forced to take a third less beniffit I cannot afford to buy fresh fruit and those other luxories and so my head is a tiny bit addled ) so what does she need to tell them and what does / doesnt she have to sign legaly,and then I get a letter saying that she has to attend the interview or I will be sanctioned again and I have to sign to give them permission to tell her about the claim. Pleasr give honest and sensible answers I want to feck them about as much as possible.

      • overburdenddonkey

        a lot of very useful info here…

        • Thanks, will get it checked out soon as I finished my jam butties, well it aint jam its ketchup but I’ve trained my brain to think its jam.

      • wish I could help but been caught in their traps over and over, just when you think you have all the info the pull another trick on you all I can say is tread carefully and say exactly to the letter what you mean to say, play a poker face, don’t show your irritation or, anger or any emotion whatsoever or they will jump on you, good luck and I wish you well hope they give your full benefits back and hope you can have a merry Christmas after all.

      • Had an on-going joint claim (partner did not have to sign on) – partner called into JCP a couple of months ago – partner now has to sign on every fortnight to be interrogated by JCP lackey in the same way as the primary claimant.

        Or it could be the less severe non-signing partner show your face every six months joint claim appointments of old.

  34. Mark the cards of ALL these Job Centre cretins…..TORY governments don’t last forever and anyone who sups with the Devil with pay the price….no excuses.

    • Tory governments don’t last forever, maybe, but we’ve had Tory policies from ALL governments for the past 35 years. Not forever, granted, but for too bloody long. It wouldn’t be so bad if their economic thinking was joined up, but it isn’t – it’s the economics of the madhouse.

      Start thinking in terms of DEMANDING the introduction of an unconditional citizens income. Even the brighter elements of the capitalist class realise that something like this is their only real hope of remaining wealthy, or maybe even alive long term. The next tranche of ‘austerity’ cuts, the 53,000,000,000 pounds will hurt, but it’s my guess that it’ll start to hurt the so called ‘middle class’ disproportionally this time – the poor will be hit yet again, but they bore the brunt of the last series of cuts, just to get the idea of cuts onto the agenda, as, after all, the poor have to be totally desperate with absolutely nothing to lose before they revolt (and that could yet happen). Increasingly it is now also ‘middle class’ workers who are facing increasing precarity. This group is less likely to take these kinds of insults lying down,and will be more likely to vote and agitate for change. However, it is vital to remember that it doesn’t matter a hoot if you are ‘middle class’ or ‘working class’ if you are unemployed or on a zero hour contract – you are a marginalised worker.

      Turn off X Factor and turn to taking action – whether that is voting, joining local protests against Workfare exploiting scum or getting actively involved in your local IWW or IWA (Solfed) branch – or even supporting the Class War Election 2015 campaign.

      We can change things, if we want. Remember, 25 years ago thousands of protestors in Germany brought down a wall that most thought would never come down, and defeated a government arguably even nastier and more out of touch than the one we have – though our lot have the better surveillance system as part of their war of terror against us.

  35. Reblogged this on discordion {Artist Ian Pritchard} and commented:
    These risable powermad idiots ruin people’s lives causing them to go without food, then award themselves plastic stars for achieving targets of punishment and degradation.
    Structural violence at it’s most graphic.

  36. DWP is a terrorist organisation which has killed at least 10,000 people. They also work with another brutal terrorist group known as ATOS who live up to their name because they don’t give a toss about the vulnerable. See
    Unite, fight, don’t let them get away with their shite…

  37. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    This is the proof of what many, including the good Mr Void himself, have been saying for a long time: that the DWP are setting quotas and awarding prizes, like Easter eggs, to Jobcentre staff for sanctioning people. One former DWP whistleblower stated that the targets were pinned to the office wall. All this was flatly denied by IDS and his subordinate liars in the department. Well, here’s the proof at long last, though I have no doubt that it will be denied, or disowned, blamed on a ‘rogue office’ or employee.

  38. Another Fine Mess

    I thought someone would’ve posted this by now.

    More than 80,000 UK families face a bleak Christmas because their benefits have been stopped.

    • This household has been assaulted by a 3 month Sheriff sanction this Christmas.

      • Another Fine Mess

        The PCS could have at least been honest and said.
        because their benefits have been stopped – by us.

        • The sanction was third of three maliciously delivered more or less back to back on a young adults fresh claim, the claim is now a confused mess that will have to be sorted out at appeal.

          It was not the DCM that done it and ran away, it was a malicious JCP work coach.

  39. Well done Johnny for highlighting this.
    I work for an organisation as a volunteer where we pick up the pieces of people that have been sanctioned. Nearly all vulnerable – some elderly who have never claimed benefits and feel as if theyve done wrong. All because of those evil Jobcentre cunts.
    Lets not forget the fat bloated multi millionaire crooks in the House of Lords who rubber stamped the legislation. These unelected parasites receive ‘Lordships’ in return for large donations to the political parties. Half of them just sign the register, claim £300 , for doing so, then fuck off for the day. They also claim £30 000 a year for ‘incidental expenses’. They are quite content to receive our money, and instruct job centre lackeys to let ordinary people freeze, starve, and commit suicide.

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  41. One in four Jobcentre staff who are members of one of the country’s biggest unions claim they have been given a target for the number of clients they should sanction despite the government insisting that no such targets exist.

    A Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) survey of 550 Jobcentre workers also found that 82% feel under pressure from managers to suggest more people who could be sanctioned.

    It is it is no longer acceptable for the DWP’s Work Services Directorate to deny that there is a problem or claim that issues are just isolated incidents

    PCS surveyed members working in Jobcentres across the country and also discovered three fifths of staff have felt pressure to put people forward for sanctions even when they didn’t think the claimant deserved it.

    The UK Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has always denied that it has targets for the number of people who should lose benefits through sanctions.


    • DWP + JCP = LOWLIFE SCUM. Anyone who can do what they do are the same types who worked in Auschwitz and Belsen during the WWII. Not their fault they say ‘i was only following orders’

      Just the absolute worst examples of humanity. Seeking to drum up any excuse to remove people’s benefits makes these bastards lowlife trash,



    4.1 We found no evidence
    of a secret national r
    egime of targets or
    widespread secret imposition of local re
    gimes to that effect. There is no
    national use of league tables. We
    found no evidence
    people are being
    wrongly sanctioned as a consequence.
    Indeed the accusation itself is
    founded on a misapprehension that adviser
    s in jobcentres sanction people.
    As this report explained earlier
    advisers merely raise a doubt about
    conditionality. Independent Decision-Makers make the sanction decision and
    claimants have a right to
    an independent appeal with
    Her Majesty’s Courts
    and Tribunal Service if they
    are unhappy with the decision.

    ……………..more lies from the mass murderers at the DWP

    • Independent Decision-Makers make the sanction decision and …

      That is a lie, sanctions are instigated by the JCP lickspittles and are almost instant, there is no way the Decision-Makers have time to deliberate over cases, all they do is rubber stamp the sanction, they do not even seek evidence from the claimant. MR is just a harassment fishing exercise and a bureaucratic roadblock to delay or subvert the appeal which is usually months down the road.

  43. The Department takes steps to ensure that staff are aware of such customers, who would be considered as vulnerable. We have a dedicated team (Accessing Jobcentre Service) who can assist and support vulnerable claimants. For vulnerable customers, we do offer access to phones or Internet Access Devices (IADs) which are in the office.


  44. NEIL COULING, DWP’s eraser of mortality rates………………………

    PCS Allegations of Sanctions Targets
    In reviewing the evidence provided by PCS, individual colleagues from within
    the Directorate and the Guardian I have found no evidence to suggest that
    there is a systemic target regime being delivered throughout Work Services or
    indeed within any District. Some of these examples do not provide any
    evidence of wrong doing on our part, whereas others are historical examples
    which have already been addressed. There are however a small number of
    examples of where targets have been set by individual managers with local
    office colleagues and where this is the case, steps have now been taken to
    ensure that this is rectified.
    The evidence suggests that these examples represent a failure on the part of
    individuals to correctly apply our policy with regard to ensuring that
    conditionality is applied appropriately and not symptomatic of a wider target



    ………taken from hansard.

    Lord Freud:

    We are not working to targets. We have made it absolutely plain that that is not our policy. We have had a study done on that by the head of JCP, Neil Couling, which reported in May and found that we did not run targets. Obviously, we collect management information, without which we could not give out the kind of data that is requested

  46. Job Centre’s are still pushing people into ‘volunteering’ for the BHF with threats of sanctions. I know because it is happening to me.

    • got pushed onto a food hygiene course under the threat of sanction… which led to a zero hours contract at a local chicken factory, which is seeing no work leading up to christmas so i’m only getting 2-3 shifts a week max… this is ofcourse playing havoc with the bills i need to be paying out as they all assume i’m in a full-time position which i’m bloody not

      what’s worse? having to deal with the jobcentre, being harassed and thrown from course to course, but having enough social security to get by… or finally getting a job but not earning enough to make ends meet, being between the 16 hours to get JSA and 30 hours to get tax credits (why does this gap exist? what do the people in this gap DO exactly?) it’s only a matter of time before i have debt collectors banging on my door

  47. I myself work in the jobcentre and find this disgusting. I feel awful for stopping people’s money but it’s all the job is about nowadays and I hate it, everybody is trying to leave as it is one of the hardest jobs for anybody, there are many scumbags out there that don’t deserve the money and it sickens me to my stomach to see the poor people who actually need and qualify for the money get it taken from them. We’re not all like they say above

    • Enjoy your Christmas my dear, hold your head up high and consider yourself absolved from any part in the escalating pile of carnage left by your department……………

      …………..each time you pull a cracker will remind you of the grotesque nature of your superior attitude to the poor and disabled and the hatred you have personally dealt out in the form of sanctions.

      You are a cog, a vital component in a state sponsored killing regime. Anybody who can inflict pain of this magnitude upon another human being has no place on this earth.

      You sold your soul to the devil long ago……………

    • So presumably you only target for sanction the claimants you judge to be scumbags.

    • You can judge between the deserving and the undeserving then? is there such a thing as an undeserving person? As I said in an earlier comment I would rather be homeless than be in a job that takes and sanctions people from their benefits. Britain used to be a decent country and five years of the Tories is all it takes to degenerate peoples morals, values and attitudes. An easter egg won by causing a lot of misery and suffering to a lot of people, is that all those human beings lives lost are worth it for winning a easter egg?

    • Tanya – If you and many of your colleagues find the work so unsavoury why do you not, through your union, agitate against it? If your union will not support you, join another run by workers, for workers such as the IWW – I think JCP staff might just still qualify for membership, but who knows it might be too late and you would find yourself in a similar category as the G4S goons who would not be welcome in the IWW because they oppress workers (amongst other odious activites), in this case, unemployed workers.

      Surely, if you’re all so desperate to leave, but haven’t, I wonder why that is? Is that because there are no fucking jobs out there, apart from scummy zero, or near zero hour contracts with the likes of Tesco?

      Oh, and Tanya, one last piece of advice: you don’t have to like all those who claim JSA or other benefits, and you don’t even have to approve of their lifestyles, but to arbitrarily decide that some are undeserving scumbags would indicate that you need to get out more at lunchtime (perhaps joining in on an anti-Workfare protest) instead of sitting in the staff room reading someone else’s cast-off copy of the Daily Mail. IDS is one of the most prolific scroungers of public money I know of, and there seems to be no scandal attached to his oppulent and wasteful lifestyle, not to say his entire wasteful existence (in my opinion, of course).

      • Lifestyle – how can a claimant finance a lifestyle on a sanction shattered JSA claim – a lifestyle on JSA is an absurd notion.

        • easy it is the only lifestyle you can have on JSA the lifestyle of a survivalist, or you don’t last so long on it. Either way, if they are touting out that this is a good way to live they clearly have never tried it.

  48. and from the vilest twat that ever walked this earth……………

    Mr Duncan Smith: I can assure my hon. Friend that there is no target on benefit sanctions, that the advisers give benefit sanctions as a last resort, and that the

    23 Jun 2014 : Column 20

    system has a full set of checks and balances. There is a mandatory reconsideration almost immediately of that decision, and then there is the opportunity to appeal. The purpose of a sanction is to help to remind the individual that this taxpayers’ money comes with an obligation to co-operate; to find work by seeking work


    A Department for Work and Pensions spokesman said: ‘We don’t recognise these figures. What the PCS Union fail to recognise is that sanctions are a necessary part of the benefits system, but they are used as a last resort in a tiny percentage of cases where people don’t play by the rules.

    ‘There are no targets for sanctions and in fact there were fewer sanctions this year compared to last year. We also have a well-established system of hardship payments for benefit claimants who have little or no other resources available to them.’



    Ministers have admitted they are considering using a legal loophole to avoid publishing the results of secret reviews into 60 benefit-related deaths.

    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) admitted to Disability News Service (DNS) last month that it had carried out 60 secret reviews into benefit-related deaths since February 2012.

    DNS subsequently put in a new request, also under the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA), to ask for the summaries, conclusions or recommendations of those 60 reviews, minus any information that would identify each claimant.

    DNS also asked to be told whether DWP had implemented each of the recommendations from these reviews.

    But this week, DWP’s freedom of information team told DNS that it needed a further month to consider the request, under section 36 of FoIA.

    Section 36 is designed to protect information when its disclosure would be likely to prejudice “the maintenance of the convention of the collective responsibility” of ministers; inhibit the “free and frank provision of advice”, or the exchange of views, for the purposes of deliberation; or would be likely to prejudice the “effective conduct of public affairs”.


    …………….A RESPONSE TO DWP’s policy of murdering claimants….

    Disabled activists who believe that the government’s cuts and welfare reforms have led to the deaths of benefit claimants were appalled by the DWP response.

    Bob Ellard, a member of the steering group of Disabled People Against Cuts, said: “It doesn’t get more serious than this.

    “If the publication of information about the deaths of 60 claimants, possibly as a direct result of welfare reform, is not in the public interest, then what is?

    “It must be in the public interest to know whether our government is implementing welfare policies, in the knowledge that these ‘reforms’ are killing disabled people.

    “The DWP cannot be allowed to continue stonewalling on this. We urgently need an independent inquiry into what the DWP knows about the deaths of benefit claimants, otherwise the body count will continue to increase.

    “How many more deaths will it take before something is done?”

  52. “play it again Sam…………..

    And Samuel Miller, a disabled campaigner from Canada, who has played a key role in raising awareness at the UN’s human rights office of the impact of welfare reform in the UK, said he was “not at all surprised that the DWP is doing everything in their power to prevent even a redacted release of the 60 internal reviews”.

    He said: “They obviously fear that doing so will invite greater scrutiny of benefit-related deaths, in the form of increased public and media attention.”

    He added: “The DWP is resorting to petty obstructionism – even a full-fledged cover-up – because the mortality of the sick and disabled has become too politicized for the Tories to cope with.”


    From: Phillip

    13 December 2014

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of
    Information reviews.

    I am writing to request an internal review of Department for Work
    and Pensions’s handling of my FOI request ‘Please release the 60
    peer review reports written as a result of customer deaths as
    published in DNS’.

    You have or will fail to meet the legally established deadline for
    providing this information.

    A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is
    available on the Internet at this address:

    Yours faithfully,


    Link to this

  54. What has happened to the DWP/JCP lickspittles that interacted with those 60 claimants.

  55. after being sanctioned,i said to my
    advisor that it was a disgrace starving and sanctioning people to hit targets
    and avoid pips from their manager..
    advisor sheepishly said they did not
    have targets whilst nearby on the wall
    was a large chart with “off-flow” at
    the top with loads of dates + stats..!
    the cvs of these advisors must
    resemble those of freud,mcvey,ids etc
    written in blood

  56. People on jobsicker alovance, have any hance for any loan for christmas?

  57. I cannot understand how Iain Duncan Smith can brazenly lie in speech and writing and not be brought to book. On a recent edition of the Sunday Politics Andrew Neil told IDS that Universal Credit was in danger of folding because the Treasury had not signed off on it guaranteeing completion of the failing project. IDS contradicted Neil and claimed that UC had been approved by George Osborne and the Tresury and had been signed off during the summer. Neil challenged this and Iain Duncan Smith continued with his story. At the end of the programme Andrew Neil read out a statement made recently, on the record, by a Treasury official before a parliamentry committee, who stated that Universal Credit had not been signed off and wouldn’t be quite possibly for years. Polly Toynbee, who was present, sighed and commented that lying was just something IDS has done and continues to do on a daily basis.

    How the fuck can the man get away with it?

    How can a politician lie and lie and lie on camera and not be sacked?

    What the hell is going on?



      From: GEOFFREY REYNOLDS (Account suspended)

      8 June 2013

      Dear Operations FOI Requests,
      I thought i would remind you since you say you have history of

      “Mr Lloyd said Jobcentre workers had threatened to tear up £25
      Marks and Spencer vouchers received for getting claimants off
      benefits as part of a DWP ‘carrot and stick’ approach.

      He said: “The carrot is a small one and a number of PCS members
      from Smethwick were considering tearing up their vouchers in front
      of IDS to show their feelings over the matter.”

      Yours sincerely,


      Link to this

  58. OT.

    “A Great British Housing Crisis”

  59. DWP Press Release 23rd Dec 2014

    Snow clearing health and safety myth shattered

    As people across the UK brace themselves for the first arctic blast of the season, Health and Safety Minister Lord Freud is urging a common sense approach to clearing snow from footpaths and pavements.

    There are no health and safety regulations that prevent people from clearing snow at their home, their business or at their neighbours’ homes, despite newspaper stories in previous winters to the contrary.

    Now ministers want to pre-empt the usual health and safety myths ahead of the first snowfall that could prevent people from doing a good deed to help stop others falling and injuring themselves on a path or pavement.

    Minister for Health and Safety Lord Freud said:

    “People need to be aware that they will not be reprimanded for doing a good deed by clearing ice and snow. The truth is very simple: you can clear ice and snow from footpaths and pavements but always be careful that you don’t put yourself in danger.

    “Countless lives have been saved and injuries prevented because of robust health and safety practices. But bogus excuses give real safety laws a bad name and stop people from taking action.”

  60. Shame there are no Health & Safety rules at the DWP & Jobcentres. Health & Safety in the workplace rules broken. What a huge long list of fuck ups.


    Is the slogan.

  62. They put these Idiots like S Lambert up to waste time on bullshit. DWP Corporate Manslaughter In Deep Shit.

  63. Bored bored with the bullshit !!! DISABILITY HUMAN RIGHTS NOW !!

  64. She’s deleted her Twitter account by the look.

  65. Also, where is the MSM on this story? I mean the line about targets being the result of a few rogue JCP managers is kind of dead in the water as Miss Piggy oversees 149 of the buggers and is also pushing out sanction referral targets. These targets are clearly coming from the top and IDS has no unquestionably told lies to the media and more seriously to Parliament

  66. hmmmm,, The DMA quotas are bad…. Comic Sans is worse!

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  68. So, yeah it could seem like that, but it’s more likely to be a reward for people who are only giving sanctions when they should… not encouraging people to give sanctions but making people think twice about whether or not the individual should receive a sanction. possibly reducing the amount of sanctions handed out. (this is coming from someone that has previously received a few sanctions that were not upheld because they should never have been given, but recently they know more about when to give them, probably due to schemes like this (it seems a bit patronising for the staff though.)

    • Wondered how long it would take the DWP Morlocks to start trying to spin this story.

    • hmm I think it would be better if they were getting sheriff badges for helping, the word helping with the meaning found in the oxford dictionary and not the dictionary of the DWP, helping people into work, giving them real help and for helping to find them real jobs, with real hours for real pay and then and only then will it be a decent scheme

    • When would it be justifiable to remove the means to live from someone?

      • @shirley when you have arsholes like this non elected govt who use vulnerable people as scapegoats to funnrl tax payers money into the accounts of these corporate leeches who bribe these arseholes into awarding thek fat contracts

  69. So everyone has vented their rage in this thread, some good jokes have been told, but how many of you have actually done something about it? Write to your MP, email journalists, anything to bring wider attention to the issue.

    Because if people don’t start acting people like Sandra win. That simpering idiot who has been promoted well beyond her capabilities has climbed the ladder by embracing a brutal regime, being a fangirl for it, and then trying to wrap it up in so much self-help nonsense that people become inured to just how badly they are being fucked over.

    Anything less than Sandra Lambert’s sacking and IDS being hauled before a select committee (again) and as a group I think we seriously have to start asking ourselves if we are up for the fight. If we can’t score a victory with such an open goal we are utterly deluded to think we can win the war. And it is a war, and there have already been many losses, and there will be many more.

    • believe me she(my MP) knows how I feel, I have discussed with her about a number of issues and she agrees with me and is one of the MPs that is actively in parliament, talking about these issues because I have seen her there. Can you e-mail journalists? I didn’t know about that, how would you fin their work e-mail address, I thought they were just there to report I didn’t have an idea you could converse with them.

      • @Maria you can converse with journos i do it on an almost daily basis but finding the right ones is tougher , you sometimes have to do deals with them , some are all take take and no give, its a hazard of the job im afraid

        • do deals? what kind of deals?

          • @Maria well in my case i wanted a case investigated and in return i would offer information..
            In this case you want something investigated and reported so maybe you can offer them another story on this subject maybe an experience by yourself or someone you know about jobcentre sanctions

            The press can be a funny lot sometimes with their egos and deadlines

    • As long as the UK planet live in daily hate land and see themselves as safe it will continue sadly it will only change when those in work start to realise their job isnt safe and could be chopped in favour of a lowly paid unemployed person which is weird as it would make that unployed person another hate figure
      ” Who do these claimants think
      they are ” takin our jobs “

      • why so much hate between people I’ll never know

        • @Maria maybe its emnity or something this rotten corrupt govt has created it

          • its not just the government is it its how some people think underneath they are waiting for a chance to be themselves and then a lot of people get brainwashed into thinking it too. the government hasn’t created it, it was already there, they have just played on it so they can implement their policies. In reply to the other subject, I don’t have much of a story for the press it was me that walk away from the dole and I am not living in poverty just yet, even though it is hard to get by at times. its the future that is bleak, if I don’t get a job or and income now, before my family die, I can’t support myself. That all I wanted some extra help finding a job because I am deaf and I’ve been in work before and so much trouble keeping a job and keeping the employer happy doing things all wrong, and all they can go on about is fixing my CV. They won’t help me. and its the only story I have I don’t have any other I don’t know anybody else, its up to them to tell their own story if there was anyway. Will it do as story? if I sound upset I am, but don’t anyone think I’m getting at anyone on, here I don’t intend to offend or hurt anyone. Everyday I worry about my future it has caused me anxiety and all the doctor said was don’t think about it, that is basically what CBT is the basic message, why is it so hard to get help now? You know what to hell with the journos, I am I not a writer? I’ll write it up myself, and anyone else who wants to be in it, they have pushed me way too far.

            • @Maria very sorry for your pain and suffering i was only trying to assist best way i couldgetting yout info out to public is hard but there are freindly blogs who will take up your story i am sure johnny knows quite a few i hate seeing ppl suffer so i had a friend kill herself over this scroungers crap they put out

              • it alright you haven’t done anything I was just venting frustration it them that cause my grief not you. I may though invent a story using the elements of the type of things they have done not just to me but others, I don’t know why the main papers won’t run to these stories, unless they can’t any more so much for free press.

  70. well.. I have been studying this setup for i while now and can highlight a main key area of failure.

    The DWS main point of contact for the claimant is with a person who is desperately trying to avoid being a claimant themselves. Their prime motivation is in elevating or even just keeping their paid work and there is little will remaining for the care and well-being of the claimant. This is the first area that needs to be re-arranged as not only must we relieve the pressure placed on DWS staff to administer inhuman procedures, we must also ensure that the contact staff are of that caring nature essential for this type of work. The roll itself needs a particular type of person that has strong empathy, flexibility and a conscious sense of responsibility for their actions. The more i study it the more i see the whole DWS being purposely orchestrated to benefit both government and corporate entities by forcing people against their core will to perform what must be described as heinous deeds against their fellow citizens. We must find someone who can write down exactly what we need to ensure what put into law

  71. nick corelli-lichtenstein

    The current modus operandi of the dwp and Westminster can be brought to account through approaching the courts in Strasbourg. There are various sections of the Convention on Human Rights which are available to ensure the ‘system’ does not cause suffering. The United Kingdom has a proven track record of abuse. Therefore a criminal record that is correspondingly lengthy. There are ways which are straightforward and legal to protect your personal rights within the above document.

  72. Their weapon is anonymity , can we find out who they are and where they live , publishing their home addresses on flyers and distributing them , the bastards would not like that, public accountability on the street , that would change their tune , all political channels are bought and sold , long live King Mob. After all its only fair , they know where the claimants live, would they still sanction if their victims became homeless and camped on their front lawns ?

  73. Sandra Lambert is just a silly old cow with IDS’s tiny cock up her rear end all day long. One already sees her brown-nosing around him to eventually take over from Fester McVile’s cushy little position as his mistress in power.

  74. When I was once being harrassed by one of these nasty, pathetic government creeps, I asked him: “How can you do your job knowing that it causes so much misery to so many innocent and vulnerable people?” His only reply – “If I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t be able to pay my mortgage”. That was it. No compassion, no empathy, no soul. Just self-interest.

  75. For all of the crappy clapped out Sandra:

  76. typo – Sandra’s

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    If you’ve got twitter, you can give her some too.

  78. As a former DM with JCP, I think that this is vile. Not only does it cause misery, but the handing out of badges to mature, professional and in most cases caring human beings for hitting targets set by educated idiots who (in my opinion and experience) are simply laying low in a nice quiet office until they get a fat protected pension and a mention in dispatches, is equally offensive and making a mockery of them as individuals.

    It shows that management see their staff as simplistic and child-like where in many cases they are very well educated (often better than those at the top).

    I could go on…

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  80. Post this – unless you’re a self-loathing white / other.

    Robotization of manufacturing process means per that Oxford Univ study it’s expected 1/3 unskilled jobs will disappear in 10-15 years. So cut the flood of immigrant unskilled labour.

    Oh, forgot: we can’t do that so long as we are in the EU since freedom of movement of labour and “equality” are fundamental, non-negotiable principles.

    • Oh you left out the reason ” immigrants are taking our non jobs is because british are all lazy scrounging off the state living the life of luxury ”
      or its because employers offee such shit wages , there is that but no you can ignore all that with your ” white power” crap

  81. I had the sad misfortune of working for the DWP for nearly five years and was very forward thinking and highly succesful in helping my customers (namely 18-24 year olds and those with drug/alcohol dependancy) into meaningful work/training. In part, I loved my job as I found helping those in need rewarding. Howvever, I left a year ago after I received my appraisal. Although I had achieved fantastic results in getting my customers moving forward and was highly thought of my by my customers and colleagues, I did not achieve the highest box mark at the end of the year because I had not referred enough of my customers to be sanctioned.
    As far as I understand, the DWP does not set national targets for sanctions etc., but these are set at a regional level in what becomes a very competitive and depressing culture.
    I got out thankfully but there are some fantastic staff working at the Job Centre who I’m sure would feel belittled by such a pathetic, poisonous jesture.

    • You must be Jo-King

      You self righteous sanction machine, even if you sanctioned one person in your 5 years, you sanctioned one too many!

  82. needs to be in regular press- why not in papers on the news- its fucking cover up!! attacking poor and vunerable- .those cunts in the jobcenter on about£350+ a week mon- fri(most work 4 days!!) no weekend work. just following orders -ant that what nazis said!!!

    • Yes Charles, 50 pieces of silver would be enough for those control freaks to follow orders, the song by Eric Clapton should have said I shot the sheriff and his deputies.

  83. I was sanctioned.
    In that two week period I had 4 interviews (one of which later got me a job), had over a dozen other contacts with employers and agents, and applied for more that five-times my ‘contracted’ number of jobs.
    The reason for the sanction varied – first it was that i had not applied for all of these jobs via Universal Jobs Match (which is so poor that i never has one reply from any application made on it). Then it was that i had applied for unskilled jobs that i had no experience for. Then it was that i had been applying for jobs for which i was qualified – when i had been told to apply for unskilled jobs (the job i got was one of these skilled jobs).
    I complained to the job center manager – who informed me in writing that the he had seen the decision pushed through at the adjudicators office – and further compliant would do no good.
    Instead, I escalated the complaints up the chain, including to my MP, making data protection applications, etc. At an appointment with my MP – I provided all the evidence, and a transcript of all conversations with DWP staff, etc It was clear that she – a Conservative MP – had seen complaints before where decisions were unfair but marginal. However, in this case. she was quite staggered by the abuse of the sanctions system.
    In the end, I got to talk to the adjudicator in person (i queried a the written reason for the sanction – delivered weeks after the required deadline – which seemed total non-sense). During this conversation, it became clear that she had not looked at any evidence and just rubber-stamped the decision based on a summary provided by the job center. With a complaint to my MP underway, she agreed to look at the evidence and reversed the decision on the phone within a few minutes.
    The job center staff were furious – and lost the paperwork five times to delay reversal of the decision – which was finally reversed by contacting a regional manager in the same office of the adjudicator.
    It’s just my opinion – but i would say – my name had been picked at random to be sanctioned that week. Nothing i did would have made a difference. The expectation of the DWP is that you will give-in and accept their lies and bullying – in order that they can meet their sanctions targets.
    The time and effort and stress (I began being treated for angina during these weeks) involved in fighting this sanction certainly delayed me in getting a job – and came close to scuppering the application which was eventually successful.

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  89. …jobcenter on about£350+ a week mon- fri(most work 4 days!!) no weekend work … Now add onto that sum, plus the managers’ salaries, the 750 Jobcentres throughout the UK.

    Plus the trebling of the DWP sanction decision-makers since 2006.

    Plus the cost to the NHS of the huge rise in malnutrition hospital admissions and to NHS via GPs of the high increase in kids with Rickets, a symptom of hunger that affects bone development.

    By the rise in retirement age, the 1 million 60-64 only on some kind of benefit and half of over 60s within the working poor will be hit with sanctions by Universal Credit from 2016, just when those with a state pension payout age from next year (get payout if remain in work or lose it and have to early retire from the huge austerity job cuts yet to come), get
    See why, under my petitiion, in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT section, at:

    IDS’ voting area is Chingford and Wood Green in London.

    Class War and Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (6th biggest party) are both running as MP in that voting area.

    Shame Class War and TUSC are in competition. But the less Tory MPs by the poor vote from 18 to pensioners, coming out to vote, the better.

    But a vote for either of these also hopefully brings either as MP in a UK parliament where there is no such thing as a small party, who have the most influence as MPs since voting by all the people began.

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  91. I know there’s no legal aid funding for things like this but surely a group action could challenge the legality of it? The CAB don’t seem to be doing much, other than referring people to food bank (if they’re lucky/unlucky)

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  93. Reblogged this on musings from outside the asylum and commented:
    I cannot help but wonder at how UK Gov and some UK media are teaching a whole culture to dehumanise anyone who needs help and support. Any reason to kick them into the gutter is now rewarded.

  94. Hope her family never get a job or cannot work and are sanctioned to live in poverty all their lives.
    Karma is a bitch and it does have a way of kicking you in the crutch in later life.
    Have a shit life you bitch.

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