DWP Hires Miracle Lifestyle Guru Who Claims 95% Success Rate In Curing Mental Health Conditions!

definition-isanityFears that the psychological treatments to be introduced in Jobcentres will amount to little more than unscientific quackery look well founded with the appointment of a so-called stress and anxiety management company to provide service for claimants with a mental health condition.

Earlier in the month ITV reported that a company called Start Smiling Again would soon be working across several Jobcentres in South Wales.  According to Minister for Murdering Disabled People, Justin Tomlinson, this is part of a package of support that shows that supporting people with a mental health condition is a priority for the current Government.

Start Smiling Again are run by David Rahman, who calls himself a Coach & Blueprint Therapist.  It is unclear whether anyone else is currently involved in the company as their website contains no company information, landline phone number or address.  Instead potential customers are invited to call Dave on his mobile.  Classy fuckers.

David Rahman claims to be a bit of a miracle worker.  Not only can he cure stress, depression and anxiety, but even ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia – all previously thought incurable by real doctors.  According to Rahman 95% of his patients have made a full recovery based on his magical techniques.  It’s all in the mind he seems to suggest, and as soon as you find the root cause of your anxiety, depression or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome then your condition will disappear.  He calls this Blueprint Therapy.  He invented it.

Rahman boasts gaining Diplomas in Hynotherapay, Coaching and Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) along with being a trained practitioner in ‘Time Line Therapy‘ and ‘The Chrysalis Effect’ (don’t ask).  Most of these diplomas were gained at the esteemed NLP training centre Inspire 360 where some courses last as long as a week!

If Rahman has any real qualifications in mental health or psychology he makes no mention of them – his background is as an optometrist. Proper psychologists don’t generally spend their days posting endless self-help messages on social media like the one above claiming that insanity means being unhappy and not being prepared to change the way you think.  He also runs a sideline in writing ebooks such as this one on how to attract women and his misogynist streak shows in his recent facebook posting.

The DWP's new provider of mental health services shares some insightful advice.

And he thinks he’s a lion.


Rahman should fit right in at the Jobcentre which is riddled with this glassy-eyed nonsense but the appointment of his company is a new low even for the DWP.  Ever since plans were announced to introduce Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)  into 350 Jobcentres serious concerns have been raised not just about the quality of this coerced ‘support’ for claimants with a mental health condition, but also the ideology that lies behind it.  Iain Duncan Smith seems to think that all someone with a mental illness needs to do to get better is cheer up and start applying for jobs in Tesco. And if that doesn’t sort their life out he’ll stop their benefits to teach them a lesson.  And now he’s got a lifestyle guru to force people to start smiling again.  Or else.

It is genuinely horrifying that unscientific drivel like this is soon to be inflicted on some of the most marginalised people in the UK.  People who have often lived through desperately traumatic events, or have serious and complex mental health conditions and could have their lives demolished by this kind of horseshit.  The DWP is now at risk of actively harming the mental health of all those unlucky enough to be forced to depend on Jobcentres.  It is time for  mental health workers, from psychiatrists to charity workers, to get behind those they support and find ways to bring down and discredit the current DWP regime.  Anything else now is collaboration.

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717 responses to “DWP Hires Miracle Lifestyle Guru Who Claims 95% Success Rate In Curing Mental Health Conditions!

  1. The Tory Corporate State in action, shovelling hard-working taxpayers’ money into the pockets of sleazy companies like Start Smiling Again. They most certainly will be smiling at the tens of thousands coming their way. Does that quack Rahman have a recognised medical qualification? The demented Duncan Smith is completely out of control. It’s obvious that Cameron is too weak to control Smith and leaving it to Osborne who we know has his own agenda.

    • Iain demented smith is the one person who needs to be treated by that quack. But I doubt that it will put a stop to his out of control antics that destroy people’s lives with those illegal sanctions and bedroom tax evictions. IDS denies that more people are using foodbanks than before, maybe it’s because there are no foodbanks outside his local corner shop Harrods and that he thinks that this is also the case everywhere else.

    • PhobosandDeimos

      You just couldn’t make it up.
      I’m in south wales :/ If the dwp try forcing me anywhere near those pseudoscience fraudsters I’m going to be so all over them…
      my site – http://phobosanddeimos.net/
      fyi – http://startsmilingagain.com/ now just has a “This website is undergoing site maintenance” message.

      Obviously he’s never heard of google cache – http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:ZbyGTc-LRYoJ:startsmilingagain.com/about/+&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk

      QUOTE –
      Approved UK Government provider for stress and anxiety management.
      An official provider for stress and anxiety management for the UK Government Department For Work And Pensions (DWP).
      An official provider for stress and anxiety management for The Lift Project in Wales.
      Providing GP seminars on stress, anxiety and depression treatment and management.
      Working with employers to provide employees with motivational and sales training.
      Working with employers to provide employees with anxiety and stress management courses, with the goal of reducing absenteeism from the workplace.
      AND –
      Qualifications and accreditations

      Chrysalis Effect Practitioner – M.E. & Chronic Fatigue
      Diploma NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
      Diploma Hypnosis
      Diploma Time Line Therapy
      Diploma Advanced Certificate Coaching


        • overburdenddonkey

          he makes the mistake of putting thoughts before feelings (emotions)…as if thoughts cause or create emotions they don’t…an attack (abuse) always creates/cause an emotional response, as does any thing that happens, or we need to respond to, pos, neg, or neutral, too one, which in turn create/cause expression in some form or another…everything we do is an emotional response to something or another..ie we don’t think we’re hungry we feel it 1st, we also have a pretty good idea when our needs will crop up…we might ‘forget’ the original emotional response to hunger, because getting fed has now become so complex, but it’s/the emotional response is still there, but buried in (threats of) sanctions and conditionaliies that must be met first…if you want to get fed this is what you must do 1st, this is others writing the script and not self as it ought to be…people always respond and develop according to their infant emotional map of life, whether it is emotionally healthy or not…
          feeling causes thought, thought causes communication of needs, whether to self and/or others…
          the suckle of an infant child represents their most powerful muscle set, if a child is not fed on demand they turn the volume up so mother cannot fail to here infant…we’re all born, lovable, sociable, cooperative, and non-violent…ignore emotions @ one’s peril…see pavlovs dogs and operant conditioning…

          • GEOFF REYNOLDS

            These welfare reforms have had a marvellous effect on my lifestyle…….

            Since the DWP stole my DLA and my Incapacity benefit two years ago, i have had time to reflect on just what my £33 per week has given me.

            I still piss myself but have no need to buy incontinence pads as rolled up newspapers are much more in theme with saving the planet. The sores at the top of my legs and genitals say otherwise but now that i can’t afford to buy the creams, who cares?
            My spinal injury is giving me many sleepless nights now that i have been declared fit for work and the pains in my thumbs is increasing daily.
            Having been awarded nearly seventeen thousand pounds at Leeds crown court many years ago, for industrial deafness and moderate to severe tinnitus in both ears, has miraculously disappeared since my ATOS report…………….

            In fact being scored as zero points by ATOS, and formerely awarded fifty by the DWP’s own doctors, makes me wonder if real doctors are up to the job…………

            Surprisingly i was told on a number of occasions by the DWP doctors that i was incapable of all work, only to be told that it is possible to be unable to do any kind of work under DLA, but possible to be capable of work under ESA.

            ………………….Removing my right to mobilise, to eat a proper diet and pay my way has certainly improved my condition substantially.

            Finally i would like to thank, JUDGE MARK ROWLAND, who contends that my human rights have not been breached as i can claim job seekers allowance.

            “£33 per week, the face value of a disabled man in Camerons Britain.”……

            • GEOFF REYNOLDS

              ……………………..and that is why i want to see the bastards like FREUD, SMITH , TOMLINSON AND MCVEY IN THE DOCK…………..

              • GEOFF REYNOLDS

                ……………….along with the biggest cunt of all, BILL GUNNYEON, EX DWP, AND NOW MAXIMUS.


          • DWP/JCP PSYOPs goes far beyond putting up a poster saying ‘we earn more than you’ in the local jobcentre, it is the State perpetrating an act of warfare against citizenry.

      • The Moons of Mars


      • The Moons of Mars

        😀 😀

  2. The NHS tried to pull that “You’re not depressed or Bipolar… just unhappy” BS on me last year. They just weren’t interested and couldn’t be bothered. This DWP development is downright disturbing.

  3. Ive already had my mental health problems made worse by the DWP or Jobcentre and have now had to go SICK from my job and their pathetic efforts!!. Someone tried in the week to go through their well rehearsed patter about how she knew so much about mental health,therapy ect,,A JOBCENTRE JOB COACH!!!!!!. How dare they even try to profess they know anything about Mental health. I just said NO!! im not interested in going to MIND!!. I have my own therapy where i was originally referred to by my doctor thanks and ill be sticking with that!!. It physically shrivelled when i said the word NO!!!. I have not been assessed yet even and shes tryin to make me do things i dont have to do!!. It needs a serious uprising about all this,,its gotta be stopped people!. Its just making my mental health worse!!.

    • overburdenddonkey

      yep the word NO!!! and mean it, the most powerful word in all languages… they don’t like it do they…. 🙂

      • ha ha NO,,,,LOL,,,they dont like it,,she did not most certainly. I actually think their staff are suffering by what their being made to say to people!. I dont take any truck,,they must dread me goin in there!!!. 🙂

      • Ive even been told i have to search for work still,,,even though im off sick from my part time job, and have given sick notes????. WTF are they on?????.

        • overburdenddonkey

          I Densoillprophnetethol Schematis, i think…..

        • Rose,

          Question – Were you “Told” this face to face or given it in “Writing?”
          Big difference. If Written is a Mandated thing and must be done – if Verbal is a Asperation and can be ignored.
          Ask for it in writing – and state you’re willing to collect the letter later the same day – make sure to note who you speak to and when, ask also for your request to be placed on your records.
          Notice how quite it will go after that.

          Good Luck & get better soon

      • Two years ago I was signed off for two months because of appalling work conditions including bouncing pay cheques and constant sexual harassment. I always intended to go back because even that was better than dwp bullying.
        Mr rahman ( no relation -I’m rehman) would probably say I led the bustard on and I should of smiled to compensate for the bouncing cheques!!
        Two years on I’m still on silly amounts of medication to control debilitating migraine. I always suffered but they got and are even now debilitating even though I’m in another job. Working harmed my physical and mental health!!
        Over to you Mr rahman..

    • I don’t see how being threatened with “get better now, or starve”, is supposed to REDUCE people’s anxiety. I’ve been stressed more since the bleedin’ election. They really are killing people, and they really don’t care. Life carries on, and the government is starving people to death!

      How is this possible? And if anyone ever had any thoughts against the EU, they’re our only hope against this. Which is why the Tories are so keen on getting rid of the Court of Human Rights.

      • Greenwood4727

        I dont like the EU (the red tape and stuff).. BUT it appears its our only hope

        • The European Court of Human Rights is entirely separate from the EU and even if Dodgy Dave and Crew managed to change the law you’d still be able to take a case to the court in Strasbourg. The big difference is at the moment you can use the UK courts to achieve the same thing, and that’s what the idiot Tories and their Nu Labour accomplices want to change, Of course, the Tories could pull out of the treaty all together, but that would look really bad internationally, and not even Russia has contemplated that!

          The Tories are playing fast and loose with people’s ignorance, or their own as far as the ECHR thing – the Tories can only make it more difficult to pursue cases, that’s all. Which is bad enough, and seriously retarded, but that’s the Tories for you!

  4. I’ve searched high and low for traces of this twat as a professional, and there are none. Apart from endless self promotion via various social media sites and Linkedin. What next? Someone will sell the DWP a handful of magic beans.

  5. I can’t wait! I have M.E. Fibromyalgia osteoarthritis, spondylitis, depression, O.C.D and Borderline Personality Disorder. If he can cure all th

  6. Definition of insanity:
    Believing anything David Rahman says.

  7. Every signal member of staff at the job centre seem to be completely nuts – I’m sure they go on courses – staff training with NLP re-framing etc. Are they examples of the results? -Don’t think I have ever seen one smile, like automatons, who play passive aggressive mind games and make every thing about projecting how they feel onto others to bully them?
    And why is this Company / therapist’s web site written as if it’s for children or retarded people? It so patronizing. And what if like myself, people who identify themselves as Christian find all his listed qualifications (mainly Hypnosis and NLP) to be heretical and contrary to their faith based believe system and values –  “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2). In other words to become free from the hypnotic suggestions of the word. Not being hypnotised to think every thing is fine and dandy, when its not !

    • Calling people retards is not nice, and yet you profess to being a Christian. Something wrong here.

      • bluehook – jonathan did not call anyone a retard – he said the website was written as if it was for children or retarded people ie people slow of learning or as the politically correct brigade now say learning difficulties which means the exact same thing and in my view doesn’t sound any better then retarded.

    • overburdenddonkey

      and honour thy mother and father, and forgiveness, ie tolerance of abuse and abusers, centre pin of all dogma including behaviourism…

      • and “with all thy getting get understanding”.

      • It is not for anyone to forgive anyone, that’s called playing God .

        • overburdenddonkey

          no no no!! i’m in charge of who i forgive or not and no one else…

          • Anyway the very fact that a couple of individuals have decided to attack me here over the Christian concern — proves my point that some belief systems are not compatible with new-think . Know doubt I can be cured and re-programmed – To be just like every one else- vessels to be filled with phoney ideas of self worth and judgement.

            • overburdenddonkey

              i’m no more attacking you than you’re attacking me, i’m expressing what i know to be true, is all…like it or lump it, don’t play the victim though…you may be confused to learn that i enjoy the practice of quakerism…

              • https://plus.google.com/+SandieHughesCoUk


              • You did not have to reply to me with your twist on religion . In other words I did not start this between us – I am defending myself , my original comment – you are imposing ( attacking ) with your views. I do not mind we all have views – but I am not attacking you – I am defending my post . You attack I respond in defence, Its semantics, but you accuse me of playing the victim . Lets just go round in pointless circles from here on then ?No – I will refrain from attacking your confessed beliefs.
                I was making a point using you perhaps to point this out – that Christians are sure to be attacked , by the government people in general – and I am sorry if you took it in a mote personal way other than the intention to reinforce my point.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  no i don’t agree, i’m not going to argue about it though, as it will be a very long argument…

        • I’m sorry but your wrong there, we can forgive each other

        • What? If you believe in God and the Bible then it quite clearly says in dozens of places that you should forgive people as you have been forgiven. It’s not ‘playing God’ to forgive people, it’s disobeying God not to!

          • Really -I`m`sure its all to do with judgement – To forgive means to give before – not to judge in the first place . The bible has not been very well translated.

            • jonathan – that’s deep. I hadn’t considered that meaning.

              • overburdenddonkey

                deep….! add the extra words…for-give (perhaps even spelt foregive), means give before one receives…and i will not, in many circumstances…

                • obd – your comment is on the other hand not deep – just gobbledegook.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  why coz i imply it means judgement, making them… it comes from ‘you give to me, i will give to you’ one has power over the other, holds one’s vitals of life to ransom, which is all one can ever really need from another, want of course is an entirely different matter…and thence to stop giving is by cause of making judgements on the others rights to demand payment…
                  what else can give before mean, if you dispute my definition…?
                  by all means say i’m speaking nonsense but also educate me…ie offer remedy, otherwise it just looks like an insult….

    • Jonathan – Well said. We are in the world but not of the world.

    • Tend to agree with jonathansharpe. The “it’s all in the mind” brigade are after the style of a number of phoney and cult religions who demand their followers do not have medical treatment – but play mind games and con them out of all their worldly goods. If our government is on this path of dealing with reality by denying the existence of real problems – most of which they created or have made worse – and classing people who point out the truth as mentally disturbed, we are on the path of Korea or Stalinist Russia. They will have to open all those asylums again for the millions who disagree with their version of reality.

      • Is there a religion that isn’t phoney or cult, according to your own personal beliefs? In ongoing discussions like these it’s perhaps better to leave religion and party politics out of it, On JV’s blog we manage to do the latter well, and we perhaps should refrain from the former too – most of us here are on the same side, whatever our personal take on life is, after all.

        • Agree. Too many diversions from the main issues.

        • Your are wrong, I think the place is inhabited by left learning authoritarians, In my view as bad as the right leaning ones – Libertarian- right or left views are attacked – the only non authoritarian views tolerated / accepted are the anarchistic.

          • Nobody should be attacked here for their religious beliefs but using the term ‘retard’ is not on in this country. It’s been replaced with ‘people with learning difficulties’.

            • pompousfruit as i have already said above jonathan did not use the word “retard”, and I have already said I do not think “with learning difficulties instead of retarded (ie slow of learning) sounds any better

            • What is wrong with you you are deliberately twisting what I said ?I simply asked why the web site of the so called therapist was written like it was for Children or Retards – Not that the people are Retards – its that he obviously thinks his clients are retards, not that they are !- People with mental health issues are very often the most intelligent .Which make thing very frustrating when people talk down to them , I`m sure .—- And even if I did –there’s nothing I despise more that people who try yo shut down other peoples right to free speech by setting their own parameters , as if they know better .

              • Oh yes -0and I have a leaning disability myself – Dyslexia , you may have noticed my mistakes – for which at least not yet- no one has tried to belittle me for here – often people do . I know all about being called a retard – thanks

              • I didn’t write that people with mental health problems are unintelligent and I understand that you don’t go along with the attitude that they are. I’m annoyed that there is the general attitude that mental health problems are linked with learning difficulties as if you have one you have the other. Don’t use the word ‘retard’ unless in inverted commas.

                • pompousfruit – AGAIN, he did not use the word “retard” (noun) – he used the word “retarded” (adjective)! You seem to have difficulty understanding – hope spelling it out has helped.

                • …although I see he has used it but so what… He has used it to mean people who have retarded learning, just like one describes someone who has epilepsy as an epileptic or someone who has leprosy as a leper. Whatever happened to free speech?

          • Nowt wrong with anarchism,,, No Gods, No Masters!

            • Ah but with anarchism one has the right to do wrong things as well as right things and get away with them.

              • Not so. You have obviously swallowed hook, line and sinker the orthodox presentation of anarchism. All it actually means, is to be without leaders, and in contrast to the way anarchism is portrayed, it is in face the diametric opposite of chaos. Besides, don’t people have the right to do wrong things and get away with them, largely depending on their social status and connections within the power hierarchy? Define Right and Wrong, often they are mere value judgements. We are told that stealing is wrong, yet we live in a system that is fundamentally based on theft, (profits, taxes, theft of land etc) but that theft is deemed justifiable by calling it something else and allowing people of a certain class and position to enjoy the proceeds of that crime as of right.

                In a truly anarchist society there would be less wrong doing, not because fundamentally people would be better, (they wouldn’t, and as anarchists and not utopians we don’t delude ourselves otherwise) but simply because there would be less need to do wrong.
                I don’t doubt for a minute that there would still be a need to deal with wrong doing, however that is defined, but I am pretty sure that anarchists would deal with these issues in a much more fair, and just manner.

                Anarchism is about self-regulation, about freedom. Any society needing a hierarchy and government with police and army to suppress people demonstrably isn’t a free society.

                • yes but there is no common law, surely with anarchism there is no forms of money being exchanged, but people still need land and resources, people will still fight and kill each other over them. Then the weakest and more vulnerable will not stand a chance in that world. They will die same as in this Tory world. And there will always be people who enjoy hurting people and committing crime without the need to do so, their victims? the most weak and vulnerable. So how would you look after the weak without any form of law and order? Also you said that politics is irrelevant here, but you discuss anarchism, is not that a form of politics?

              • sibrydionmawr

                I guess you could see anarchism as a form of politics, but it isn’t party politics, which is what is generally meant when talking about politics. You seem to fundamentally misunderstand anarchism as a concept, but I hasten to add that you are not alone. The mass media are largely responsible for many associating anarchism with total chaos, often using the word ‘anarchy’ in the bold headlines, only to go on to use the word ‘chaos’ in the story. At root, anarchy simply means to have no leaders, but that is only partially true, as really we all do rely on leaders, but within anarchism those leaders are either elected to the positions they hold, as delegates subject to immediate recall if they don’t reflect the views of those who elect them, and usually in the more important positions, i.e. those that could result in the building of power bases etc, are limited in terms of tenure, so perhaps a person holding such a position would only hold it a certain number of times, for a certain amount of time. The idea that the system itself is self-limiting in terms of how much power, or wealth that any one person can wield – obviously voting wouldn’t stop anyone gaining wealth, in terms of cash, or in any other form, but there anarchism would say, fair enough, you’ve worked for that, you deserve it, but would draw the line at people enriching themselves through the exploitation of others.

                People will fight and kill each other anyway, that is the nature of the beast, but as anarchists believe that everyone has a right to life, and therefore enough land for their needs, much as Overburdeneddonkey says with his neat phrase ‘vitality giving vitals of life’ which should be given to all, regardless of any other consideration. That could be in the form of food, clothing, shelter etc, or could be in the form of money, or combinations of things – that’s the beauty of anarchism, it’s wide open for discussion, and as long as it isn’t going to harm anyone else, you’d be free to pursue whatever lifestyle you chose.

                Many sci-fi writers are anarchists, and I think that more people than actually think of themselves as such are anarchists, or pretty near to it. If you have ever wondered at the lunacy, the stupidity of actions by governments or politicians and have thought that ordinary people could do better on their own, then you are starting to thing in an anarchist way.

                Sure, there are the usual crowd of idiots that are attracted to ‘anarchism’. They are the ones who you see throwing things at riots, that is when they are not agents provocateurs put there by the police. I’m not saying that anarchists are not prepared to defend things, but the vast majority of us are very much into peaceful change, and don’t advocate winding up the police without good reason. We don’t like them, but they have the power lock us up for varying amounts of time, and personally I just don’t see the point of having to endure that without there being a very good reason..

                There are also many, many different flavours of anarchism, and they contain lots of different ideas, and philosophies. Some are extreme, but some would appeal to the vast majority of people. Try searching Wikipedia and you’ll see that there are some quite famous people who are regarded, and regarded themselves as anarchists of one sort or another. Tolstoy being one of them.

                • I’m sorry but it sounds close to communism to me, I don’t like communism, nor really do I like capitalism any better. You did not yourself express which branch to anarchy to profess to believe in, or how without authority the rules and ideals are sustained by everyone. Not everyone agrees to look after the poor, the sick, the disabled in that sort of society they will be trampled upon, it resorts only to the strongest survives. No better than this Tory government. I believe that morals should play a bigger part in society.

        • overburdenddonkey

          hear hear…
          the word secular comes to mind, and should be strictly observed..being born and bred in the uk and @ 63 yrs old i’ve heard enough dogma to last me several life times, as i’m sure many others have..the word i love is ‘practical’…

        • sibrydionmawr – the day johnny bans us from expressing our Christian beliefs on here is the day I will boycott his blog and make no further donations to it.

          • sibrydionmawr

            I’m a member of the IWW, where we insist that people leave both their politics and their religion at the door, and will be challenged for bringing either up whilst in a meeting or on union business. The union doesn’t seek to censor or restrict anyone’s right to hold even the wackiest religious, or political views, so long as they don’t conflict with the values of the union, basically anything that is anti-human in any way is out of order, but the union early on learned the wisdom of not being either political or religious in that both tend to create internal arguments and divisions where there need not be any.

            Both religion and politics are personal matters, as is whether to have any religion or none, likewise politics. They should, in my view, remain personal.

            I have views on both politics and religion, and if pushed, will talk about both in private with people I know well, but I wouldn’t dream of mentioning them here. It is neither the place, or is relevant, and is indeed, as Conaristocracy said, it leads to unnecessary diversions.

            In the context of this blog both religion and politics are irrelevant.

            • sibrydionmawr – good job it’s not your blog then…

            • Considering that we humanity face an enmity of malignant ideology which has every thing to do with the political and dark spiritual beliefs of it upper oligarchy – I would have thought politics and religion have every thing to do with it. Why would you want to restrict alliances by setting parameters which would alienate people who find religion and how it shapes politics of prime importance to the fight for the future of the human race .

              I find the desire to control the debate strange – as mature people with the same goal ? have no need for arguments and divisions- people should learn to agree to disagree about these matters , because we have a very real threat to deal with. Why would you not want all the allies you can get ? But instead choose to alienate many by not allowing them to express their ideas and beliefs fully. You are actually imposing your views onto others by not doing so .

              Religion and politics are not personal matters to the people who control us- they are actually the driving force behind what they do – the ideology- they cannot be fought with out understanding this. These matters must be talked about because even if you do not believe in such – They do !. And here`s something to consider – many of them are satanic – and they believe in this – It does not matter if you do – they do .

              • overburdenddonkey

                and we’re arguing about our human right to the reliable provision/supplies of vitality giving vitals of life on demand for all…so stick to the subject please…without those things we can not have the luxury of religions etc etc…

                • Human rights are rights given by government and thus can be taken away – inalienable rights have been given by God , no man can take them away .Which came first ? One of us has things the wrong way round here ?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  priceless 🙂 it is obvious considering your first post on this thread that you were trying to assert ‘One of us has things the wrong way round here ?’ that was the purpose of that goad….do you want me to explain…? can i even be bothered….?! others can read too…

              • overburdened donkey

                Again, people do not have to keep challenging me – perhaps for some reason they are threaten – I’ve no idea,- but I have an opinion – that hypnosis of the world / the word , is not compatible with my personal believes – you decide to run of on tangents of disagreement to cause an argument – This is / you are an example of exactly the sort of mind screwing that would happen to me in a therapy session if I bought my believes up – So it does nothing but prove my first post – But really, yes I can’t be bothered too. Just like I can’t be bothered with other person challenging me here, actually arguing about a word “Retard”. Just shows the hypnotic power of a word if one can be so easily offend by one.
                from where I am you both seem to be the ones asserting toward me (and too easily affronted and argumentative)

                • overburdenddonkey

                  ‘Again, people do not have to keep challenging me’, your word is not the final one, you’ve posted, there’s a reply button, i often use it…
                  no i won’t shut up, i speak if i’m moved to, when truth is threatened i often speak out…i’m not controlled by your god or anyone else’s god only by my gut and physical (emotional needs)…i will not honour thy mother and father, my parents were brutal abusers…nor will i forgive them, nor should any other abused child, unless they offer a full and unprompted apology then i might ie sincerely seek my forgiveness and explain why they did as they did to me, which will never happen btw…like i have implied and like many others also have, have had religion stuffed down our throats in lieu of sustaining food and therefore unable to discover truth from/with the perspective of a full belly THE GUT…for example; you don’t have to reply to this post you may or may not that is your choice….
                  quite why you choose to give govs power over your human rights is unfathomable to myself and i suspect many others…i’m truly sorry that your christian beliefs were challenged in therapy…true therapy is a place where core/true self is discovered… ie the reasons why one continues to ‘love’, give power freely too abusive parents and/or siblings etc etc…

                • So, there it is, you have an issue with me because of your previous problems with other people who called themselves Christians.. I am not tying to implant my own beliefs upon you , I am just defending mine, in an attempt to not allow myself to be compromised by an exterior force. You have me mixed up with some authoritarian controllers from the past .
                  Personally I do not believe it is up to anyone to forgive anyone else for their sins / crimes – we do not have the power . Except perhaps to understand the difference between psychopaths and victims. And who is who .

                  “quite why you choose to give govs power over your human rights” I clearly stated ( I think ) that I believe the opposite . I do not believe in the term Human rights but inalienable (i.e., rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws)
                  —- this is another reason I find it necessary to keep responding to you is also because you keep misinterpreting me.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  p s jon…should read recovered or rediscovered not discovered…

                • overburdenddonkey

                  THIS IS A BLOG, where people post their opinions..yes an issue that i have not attempted to disguise, i am not vexed by having issues, as you are… i was talking about actual human rights not laws…ie natural rights you distinguished qualified them as belonging to govts they don’t…

                • we are taking about the same thing –

                  “Natural and legal rights are two types of rights. Legal rights are those bestowed onto a person by a given legal system. Natural rights are those not contingent upon the laws, customs, or beliefs of any particular culture or government, and therefore universal and inalienable (i.e., rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws).”


                • overburdenddonkey

                  p s i can now see that we agree on many things, ffs leave ‘god’ out of it

                • overburdenddonkey

                  we all have natural rights to reliable provision/supplies of vitality giving vitals of life, these must be met or we suffer….that’s all i have to add on the matter…

              • @ jonathansharpe re satanic ideology of our leaders – certainly looks satanic. But you’ll lose your audience by saying so. People get Nazism – the similarities are alarming. Working people to death the old, the ill the handicapped and if they can’t work let them starve.

              • Fine, you believe what you want, but I still don’t think the metaphysical realm is relevant here. It’s not about religion, or even about politics with the the so called political elite, but about greed and power. And that is all they have, and they only have that power because people like us consent to them having power, and not because of some eternal metaphysical battle between the forces of darkness and light.

                You assert ‘satanic’ forces, where is your evidence, where are your facts, where is your proof? I appreciate that you need no proof, as for you simple belief is enough, but you must try to understand those of us who are sceptical, cynical even, and require more solid evidence and proof.

                Even if some of our rulers are engaged in satanic rites, so what? In a secular society, all religions must stand as equal – no matter what we as individuals think, or believe. The only issue is wrong doing. Remember, isn’t the Church of England also known as the Tory Party at Prayer? And isn’t IDS a practicing Catholic? For most of us, it’s not people’s politics that are at issue, but what they actually do. IDS may well be a criminal, as might be Tony Blair, but that has little to do with their politics, but with the crimes they commit.

                We don’t need to involve issues of politics or religion to be against what the rulers are doing, we all have our different motivations, and we all are working towards being free of that. Surely that is enough. The relgious/political debate is for another day, where if you try to convince me that either is the path to salvation I will politely smile and say “No thank you” and walk on.

                I think the human race is as safe as it ever has been, barring the actions of deluded idiots, which generally speaking seem to be thankfully absent in the case of all heads of state, bar one, the USA, where barm pots like Reagan and GW Bush (both of whom professing some kind of belief in messianic prophecy) or any other quasi – religious wingnut that corporate America backs. They scare me with their Armageddon agenda that really could spell curtains for us all

                • just to point out a few things, And whatever I say here, know this you have the right to believe and have faith in whatever you choose or none at all, as long as it does not hurt anybody else, as an example as long as you don’t believe in murdering anyone for your own gains; which I am sure you don’t, but you get the idea. Religions are the teachings of the difference of good and Evil, I myself am a Christian. A faith is well a faith, you do not have to give proof to believe and you as a Christian, or any other faith have the right to discuss your beliefs just as much as a ashiest discusses his beliefs, if you want to call it in a scientific way.

                  So secularists talk by the way of evolution, and Christians talk in the way by creationism. Both are natural way of getting their point across, I cannot expect you to discuss things in a creationist way, so don’t expect Christian’s or any other faith to discuss things in a secular way, or that makes you arrogant. To be an a atheist is to have a belief and a faith that no God exists, it is still a faith and a belief. To ask if People prove their god is real or not is just the same as asking an atheist to prove their isn’t one. And you can’t prove wither or not. So please respect other peoples beliefs as, I at least respect yours.

                  Another thing is The church of England, the Roman Catholic church, is against the welfare reforms and not for them. And like many people be it atheist or in other religions with other gods, or like me one god, some are only say Christian in name only, maybe they believe they are doing the right things, that they are expressing the say, Christian way or maybe they just pretend for power and to get away with their own sick actions. They are not true to their faith. Duncan Smith in my opinion is a Christian in name only, he doesn’t follow Christian values or those values are corrupted.

                  I have no wish to come across as offensive so please do not take it in that way, just merely explain to leave religion and politics out of the equation is impossible to actually do because you will have to leave out your secular way of thinking out of it too, it is impossible to discuss anything without expressing your own beliefs. And no people can never come to one way of thinking, we are all to different for that to happen.

                  What frightens you about the end of the world? even A secularist believes that the sun will eventually die. Nothing lives forever, even when lives are prolonged no one is immortal, the Earth is not Immortal, nor are the galaxies, or the universe. Nothing will exist forever, except in my Christian beliefs that souls and god are immortal. Please discuss I find it very interesting about other peoples beliefs, if that doesn’t offend you that is.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  the point is we don’t need no rule book to guide us by as feeling make word…as we’re all born lovable, sociable, non-violent and cooperative… something has gone dreadfully wrong it we need a rule book to guide our behaviours whats good/right whats bad/wrong which is behaviourism, in that case…we don’t need no preachers teachers nor gurus…for people to lack reliable supplies/provision of vitality giving vitals of life is evil…

                • I don’t have faith in anything. I respect, and have always respected people’s right to believe what they want. But that doesn’t mean I agree with them, or that I don’t hold opinions about those beliefs that the believers would find hurtful. So I don’t talk about these things to any but close friends. I appreciate that people hold differing views, and anyone who has read my posts on this thread will realise, I have never challenged the right to hold those beliefs, and just suggested that this isn’t the proper place to bring up either politics or religion, as they are both irrelevant here, and cause diversion and disagreement. Neither Overburdened Donkey or myself have brought up politics, (except in the very broadest sense) or religion, and in all our posts in response we haven’t invoked religion. If you look at most of the comments sections to JV’s posts you won’t find many references to religion, and even politics is most often referred to in a derisory manner. The two are simply irrelevant HERE! However relevant they may be in the lives of many commenting on here, but again, I don’t know how many do, or don’t hold religious beliefs, simply because that is irrelevant in the context of this blog.

                  I suggest that those bringing the subject of religion up knew full well that they’d get this kind of reaction, and it seems that they now wish to play the martyr, screaming that some fundamental right of theirs has been breached. That would imply a serious twisting of the words that myself, or Overburdeneddonkey have written here. Nor have I expressed any personal religious or political beliefs of my own here. I’ve mentioned them in passing, yes, but not ever elaborated, and I won’t because they are irrelevant to the context.

                  I could be a very devoutly religious person playing devil’s advocate for all anyone knows here, however I describe myself as an agnostic, but that’s all I’ll say, as any more is simply irrelevant.

                  This is my last comment on this particular thread, as I think I’ve amply proved my initial assertion about division and disagreement as well as about diversion… wasn’t JV’s blog post about a charlatan’s quack psychological therapies?

                • overburdenddonkey…

                  The new testament is not a rule book, it is a collection of letters – There are some religions that are a collection of rules – But Jesus only gave one command – ” that we love one another”. Something we, every one often do not fulfil dutifully. We are only human.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  human beings are born lovable, sociable, cooperative, and non-violent and with no need of guidance from anyone…
                  can you tell me the type of ‘love’ jesus was/is trying to help us to recover/discover….?
                  ‘we’re only human’, whose duty it is to follow commands…please stop degrading human beings as ‘things’ in need of divine guidance, usually barked @ us from the pulpit and others who claim to speak for the deities, jesus and god..

                • Interesting – What if that is how I see people – as things – creations , that would be hopelessly lost with out a connection to the divine. Love ? “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” to understand ( to stand under ) this , one would have to have first accept then that we are nothing —- John 5:30 “I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.. “

                • overburdenddonkey

                  thanks, i haven’t had a good belly laugh for ages….if you see human beings as things/creations in need of guidance from ‘above’ then you’re a behaviourist….

                • The I wonder who or what implanted your antagonistic streak. And I find your “behaviour” quite fascinating – the mind games you play -the bait set for people to the degree that some insult you and then you play the victim -Sort of Passive aggressive, constantly looking to project conflict on to others unfortunate enough to fall into your web –

                  I am not a behaviourist because I am not an animal that can be programmed – I have a soul,and I don’t look to the world for guidelines or guidance but inward. And I am not here on an ego trip trying to convert anyone – if your looking for someone on an ego trip look no further than Mr Keep smiling -that is Behaviourism – My believes centre on the opposite as expressed in my very first cooment on the Post ( to de programme one from the hypnotic influence of the world , by breaking down the conditioning implanted from and since childhood to find the real unique person – that God created ) ,

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you describe you’re own behaviour perfectly…alas you project it onto others and play false victim…but then i can only say what i see i have no way a changing that for you…that is for you to do i can only point it out the best that i can, your 1st post was a goad and i’m not the only one to see it..

                • Only a goad for people who hate Christians- Perhaps then a goad to expose how Christians are not tolerated , more and more today

                • overburdenddonkey

                  p s jon
                  the discussion is behaviourism where people are forced to change their behaviours to suit the other/another..the product behaviours will be unnatural…but we still all do have behaviours…

                • overburdenddonkey

                  something that i should not have to post to yous 2…i don’t enjoy posting, but i have something to say, so i do…i’m very nearly housebound, but like geoff very tenacious, posting is extremely hard work and tiring for me….
                  i suffer various neuropathies around my body, caused by long term industrial injuries and undiagnosed diabetes, unlar claw hand, diabetes related gout, genital thrush, always pissing, tooth problems etc etc…i also battle with dyslexia…my right hand is very deformed and right arm wasted and i have posted this info before…
                  so i make every effort i can to post so i do take posting very seriously, i’ve tried to be small minded, but it didn’t work…ps larger i cannot drink, judge ye not lest ye be judged thyself….

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i also suffer a diagnosis of this.. http://www.raynauds.org.uk/ which is often associated with HAVS…

  8. Reblogged this on Mentally Wealthy and commented:
    If this is, as most suspect, some NKP approach to treating mental illness it is reckless and dangerous….

    • obd – aplogies, that should read “neither you nor sib”. Make a lot of mistakes when not long up…

    • obd – are you saying we should follow dr bob’s rule book instead of God’s rule book?

      • overburdenddonkey

        nice try….i also know it’s difficult to get one’s head around, in our rule driven culture…dr bob does not have a rule book, other than the emotional health we’re all born with, yours….he helps one find/recover true self so one can do what one needs and wants to do…he helps one vent trapped emotions that’s all, helps bring RELIEF to sufferings…the customer knows what they feel, he listens to what they tell him they’re suffering…ie release mental pain, that we all know is there when it’s there…he says what do you feel, about this that or the other…and looks for the jaw dropping moment or the block, the agony, and helps one vent the blocked emotions that cause it…he doesn’t care what caused it, only that it’s there..he never judges what one has done, he works with murderers, rapists, pedos, and anyone who needs release from their mental pains…
        see tom mangold’s panaroma prog ‘predators’ and his successful work in parkhurst prison c wing, where the drugs bill plummeted to nr 0, alarm bells ringing went from 20+/yr down to 0, all violence stopped and prisoners started to freely learn as their minds were set free…everyone wants to be peaceful and content…

        • obd – a simple “yes” or “no” would have sufficed…

          • PS – The bible is more than a rule book – it is also God’s love letter to humanity.

            • More like an eclectic collection of stories collected together over the passage of time by people who then went on to create a god in their own image.

              • sib – Your atheistic opinion – entirely predictable and to quote you “whatever…”

                • PS Sib – I notice in a reply to jonathan above that you say you refrain from giving your opinions on other peoples beliefs “I respect, and have always respected people’s right to believe what they want. But that doesn’t mean I agree with them, or that I don’t hold opinions about those beliefs that the believers would find hurtful. So I don’t talk about these things to any but close friends.” HA HA. Everything you as an atheist and Christian-antagonist could say or write about Christians has already been said or written. There is nothing that you could say or write which we have not heard or read before, and in some cases have ourselves spoken or written.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  yes, we know know we’ve heard ‘your’ stories of the victim many many times before, i growing up in the 50’s, it’s the same old same old rhetoric…
                  you try to thicken the wall so no one can get through, well done you’ve done an excellent job….

          • overburdenddonkey

            how dare you be so rude as to tell me how to respond and that i talk too much, other posters or readers maybe interested in a fullish response…now is that your response below cop out more like it…

            • for pity’s sake, I was only joking obd – I read and noted your full response.

            • I’m sorry I’ve lost the plot over this discussion.

            • PPS Sib “There is nothing that you could say or write which we have not heard or read before, and in some cases have ourselves spoken or written.” should read “There is nothing that you could say or write which we have not heard or read before, and in some cases have ourselves spoken or written before we were converted to Christianity.”

            • obd – any wall you describe is a wall which you have yourself built.

              • overburdenddonkey

                you and the other one brought up persecution (of christ) not me…you drove the whole discussion in this direction, as a distraction to bring yous on to hallowed ground that yous know so well…the bottom line is that you’ve been called out as behaviourists and you don’t like that being pointed out….

                • obd – You will be glad to hear that have run out of replies to you, and will not be replying further to you on this subject. I’m sure you will claim a false victory.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you couldn’t be further from the truth, implying that i actually enjoy this…..what a disgusting thing to say after all the efforts i make to reply…

                • “you and the other one brought up persecution” Your just making me laugh now – there is an abbess between your views and ours. But and yes accusation and false labelling are reminiscent of Christ. We did not direct ( the Christians here ) the whole discussion in this direction you did and only on our / this little thread . I for one expect the world to hate me – so I’m not bother , it happens all the time . I keep saying that behaviourists are opposite to real Christianity but you just will not accept it. And won`t just let it be – to agree to disagree .

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you accused me and another of attacking YOU…

                • Overburdenddonky -“you accused me and another of attacking YOU…”

                  You are – but for some reason you can`t see it . You think perhaps i`m attacking you ? as I say we are opposed in our views – so I am going to have some lager beer and watch a good film and I suggest you do something similar rather than spend a lo- too much of your time it seems trying to make a mark on other people. Just let it lie – and lighten up – and don`t forget to KEEP SMILING !

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i’m not a behaviourist jon, finishes the conversation with behaviourist tips…

                • “i’m not a behaviourist jon, finishes the conversation with behaviourist tips”
                  It sarcasm , irony . Every one who reads it in context can see this – but you still keep attacking – you need therapy ( that was also ironic – if you didn’t get that also) also . Jesus help me = that was also an ironic turn on myself . Ii might try a joke but your probably take that serious too

                • overburdenddonkey


                • overburdenddonkey

                  ps you’re right i won’t take anything you or fellow posts seriously ever again…

    • Jonathan – “Christians are not tolerated , more and more today.” Well said. It is some “Christian country” which increasingly marginalises the very believers in its so-called faith.

      • jonathan – exactly – lies and false accusations about Christ and his followers are as old as Christianity itself, and we are told to expect it. “Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man’s sake.” (Luke 6:22)
        “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.” (Matthew 5:11)

  9. The problem with this is that someone on drugs at the D.W.P found this quack on a website and now is paying his company a fortune to tell the unemployed that they think /do things differently and they can’t handle that .These people who has no experience of being unemployed /Ill so rather than see that they lack any insight into themselves and like the government blame someone else for the problems they create. To confuse these people just be positive that they have the problem .. Reverse the help they want to give you ..Don’t give them control over you ,let them think they have the control and watch the fun.
    All the best.

    • D.W.P found this quack on a website and now is paying his company a fortune

      Willing to bet the connections are more intricate than the simple click of a mouse.

      • Whose sister is he married to? Or who’s married to his sister? Or which schools did he go to, and who with? Was he a member of a certain upper-class Oxford “social club” known for smashing up restaurants and abusing other patrons, then throwing cash on the floor for the owner to pick up like the middle-class peasants they are?

        Then again, could just be that he talks the required bullshit. Even though he has no actual qualifications in anything. The real qualification for any “Guru” is complete shamelessness. And for the less intelligent ones, a fondness for eating one’s own bullshit.

  10. The Minister for Us is no longer Mark Harper, it’s Justin Tomlinson.

  11. Dave Rowlands

    I will be signing up for this course, I’m getting older so he should able to cure ageing.

  12. CBT bullshit scanner offered to the DWP at the exclusive happy clappy price of £45 million.


    I was invited to attend a one day ‘course’ on the Psychology of Positive Thinking last week but didn’t go. The person who had invited me referred to my diagnosed Disorder as “very vague” adding “if that’s what they are calling it these days so be it”. The person delivering the ‘course’ has some psychology experience but had never heard of my disorder and didn’t know what it meant but made incorrect assumptions. The pair of them had been informed of my disorder 3 months ago but had not even bothered to research it until I backed out of the ‘course’. Neither of them seem to recognise the way in which my disorder relates to the type of work I am capable of doing, the relevance of which as not even been considered when finding jobs for me to apply for (or applying on my behalf!).

  14. CBT the prosperity cult of psychobabble.

  15. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ His company only has assets of £1 and was only set up about 2 months sgo FFS !!! It has Confidence Trickster written all over it.

    • Un-qualified confidence tricksters (i.e DWP goons) employing the services of other charlatans to help them carry out their dirty work and try to belittle the poor and trodden-on jobseeker into making themselves feel un-worthy with life.

      IDS (irritial Duncan syndrome) needs to get his head tested in the local nut house for yet another half-arsed scheme designed to feather nest his pockets with more ill-gotten gains.

  16. Hmm. 07811 957216, eh? Let’s go digging…

    Self Confidence and Stress Life Coaching
    127 Bute St
    Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan CF10 5LE

    127 Bute Street is also known as Enterprise House. It appears to be an old building refurbished as a Business Centre housing a number of small businesses.

  17. Where are the health professionals and the duty of care to their patients. FFS! does nobody care any-more.

    • Ah, actual psychiatry has been cut back massively. Tories don’t like the NHS.

      They’re having a go at killing it off, even though something like 90% of the populace want it to stay. Just which idiots are voting the the Tories anyway?

  18. overburdenddonkey

    go to the circus @ least the clowns there have red noses to identify them by..

  19. If he’s claiming to cure ME, CFS and fibromyalgia, which are physical conditions according the World Health Organisation, then it’s not just people with mental health conditions who are going to be put in danger.

  20. Reblogged this on musings from outside the asylum and commented:
    Life for those already struggling could just get even more fucked up and fucked over. Life style guru my arse!

  21. Physician, cure thyself! – Oh but wait he’s not a physician, Rahman’s a fucking fraudster! Mind you perhaps they’d be interested in my “invention” too. I can make a car run on tap water. It works just as well as his “cures”…

  22. They have brought in the SS(A).

  23. I have bipolar type 1, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, spondylitis, plus some other bits and bobs I won’t bore you with. I’m not given the opportunity to stop my bipolar meds or I’ll be sanctioned as I become manic and psychotic! If the DWP decide I have to use his quack practices and he considers my bipolar cured and therefore I don’t need the meds, I will sue him when I’m sectioned!!! How IDS can have the audacity to insult severely sick and disabled people like this is beyond me! Mind you he’s ‘cured’ so many who’ve been found fit for work (only to go on to dying within 6 weeks of being cured!) I wonder why I’m surprised! It beggars belief!

    • Irritial Duncan syndrome’s mother and father are brother and sister. It fully explains why he is an in-bred turd on the sole of humanity.

      • Lol, good one!

        • I never did like Irritable bowel syndrome (Ids) after he decided I had to go on the work programme last year. When I see him jump up and down on the news recently over the living wage increase announcement I nearly smashed my telly in disgust at the lunatic slaphead.

          • I call him Iain Donkey Shit and my urge to smack his supercilious face with a shovel reigns supreme in my mind! Lmao 😉

  24. Oh and I’ve left a link to this blood on the Mind Facebook page. I’d like to see their opinion.

  25. Is Dodgy Dave gonna take Dunkco The clown with him for not being fir for purpose & misleading Parliament. !!! On the world stage now. Dave`s not good under pressure. Since Fri & the UK pilots fighting in Syria the government want to make new laws about the Freedom Of Information Act so as it is harder to get any info out of the democracy !!!! Michael Gove says it trumps everything. Send these nutters to the stress and anxiety management company & start Fucking Smiling.

  26. I’m sure there’s something unethical about this but for folks in or able to get to London he’s doing Groupon vouchers – http://vouchercode.altervista.org/london/life-coaching-and-counselling-one-39-or-three-89-sessions-at-start-smiling-again-up-to-70-off/2015-02-05/

    • Very interesting. I notice on the Groupon advert he mentions ‘patients’. I was under the impression that only doctors and the NHS could use the word patients. Therapists, when training, are advised that they cannot refer to their clients/customers etc. as patients or patient. I was involved in lecturing and training way back in time, and we had to immediately correct any of our students trying to refer to clients as ‘patients’. Qualified therapists are not there to medically treat a client. We cannot make claims that we can cure. This Rahman quack appears to be breaking all the rules.

      In addition, I wouldn’t call anyone doing a one week course or less, a qualified therapist. Depending on the modality, training length does vary – months or years. Courses of a week or less would then be undertaken by the qualified therapist to add to their knowledge, or refresh and add to their skills.

      If the Rahman quack is doing hypnotherapy he needs to be very careful. I have known qualified and very good hypnotherapists who did proper training courses and the course was much much longer than a week. Proper hypnotherapy training courses would weed out those unsuitable to be therapists, as a therapist could play with the mind of a client if the therapist did not know what they were doing. I have also seen unqualified people do inappropriate and dangerous things in group client settings. Most of the group members are in thrall to these quacks.

      • the man is a total fake

        just seen these 2 following vids that Pam Sanby shows further down this blog but they warrent resharing to get the info out

        *just want to say there’s a possible trigger warning when folks watch the vids due to the subjects being talked about in the videos)

        the first vid is about someone called Beverley – “Nearly 20 Years After She Was Raped, Beverley Started Living Life Again”

        the second is a news item about someone called Wanda and then later on Beverley appears again at 2mins and 6 seconds to claim that her epilepsy has been cured (WTF?!?!?!?) –

        It’s the same person but with different problems…. sheesh!!

        • overburdenddonkey

          andy c and pam who posted this down the thread…
          there is no animation, no life, no passion, no signs of being released from their emotional prisons, no edginess, no independence, no fuck off wanker you’ve crossed the line, to their accounts…all i see is compliant, passive, controlled behaviours, with no equality and emotionally dead, no exuberance….and why the fuck does it need mood music…lenny and karl didn’t need it….a truly healed person always describes the past traumas casually and without fear of the past traumas coz they’re now over finished done with and dealt with…i was raped many times, among others things, and i’m not the slightest bit triggered by saying this, what does concern me how ever is getting this message across to others…see the vid presented by dr bob johnson i posted to pam….in ‘curing mental pain’ you’ll see 2 examples lenny and karl both post trauma, talk about what happened to them without fear and are very articulate, happy to be released from their emotional prisons and relaxed when talking about their pasts, and their past terrors…’it happened, we’re now over it’ is the overarching message from them…they can both describe what happened, without any sign of trauma…
          no emotional healing can take place until frozen bottled up terrors are exhumed and given light of day…

        • Yes – the same person. Rahman is using actors to endorse his quack courses. He obviously can’t find any successful turnarounds from the poor captives he finds in the job centre. Not a one willing to vouch for the magic he has performed on them.

        • I forgot to ask – is Rahman qualified to treat and cure epilepsy?

  27. Start Smiling Again are run by David Rahman, whose website is tracky, cheap & crap. Voodoo & bible Bashers. Do we have to Smile like Dunkco The Clown !!!

    • Start smiling again? what a stupid name for a website / business. Every time IBS issues an illegal sanction are people smiling again or crying over possible eviction or starvation. I rather suspect the latter.

  28. ^^that’s not me advertising for him, I’m trying to point out the weirdness of what he’s doing as i don’ think any professional qualified therapist would dare do this

  29. Bloody Eric & Ernie – Positive Thinking

  30. A “business” in a shabby back office with just £1 backing? And that scumbag Duncan Smith is going to hand our taxes to this shyster? The keys of the DWP asylum are most certainly in the hands of its inmates.

    • Throwing money to the wind is nothing new at the DWP fraudsters. They have been doing this for years ever since they brought in New Deal and latterly Work programme. Maybe the assets of just £1 at ‘start crying again’ is all he has got after bunging the DWP all of his profits just to take on his shady business and ‘expertise’.

      The shite is about to hit the fan with the department of wankers and pricks once this gets out in the papers. Probably not the daily fail or the guardian as they both are loved in with the pillocks in high office at Number 10.

  31. Does the jobcentre have a licence for handing out drugs !! No they don`t. So that is putting people`s lives in danger if some quack at the jobcentre makes you stop taking your medication, for whatever. Really where has the common sense gone. Until there is a new law restricting common sense I will continue to use it.

  32. Dodgy Dave leaked the Queen photo to the Sun to deflect from the UK Pilots being used in Syria.

  33. Would IDS have signed this buffoonery contract off, how autonomous are JCP areas in commissioning such scams?

  34. Life Coaches are scams – It comes from the rich & famous like Hollywood where they pay £100 an hour to be told you feel great now you have been conned out of £100 an hour they think it`s a miracle so they want more. The jobcentre want more & more that is why they are striking.

    • It’s all about trying to brainwash us JSA plebs into accepting any old bullshit from the JCP by them employing a charlatan, or a better word I can put – quack. Just cause there are these sort of people on ‘get-rich-quick schemes’ in the US of America doesn’t mean we have to have them setting up life-coach business here in the UK.

  35. overburdenddonkey

    mhp’s are never caused by faulty or crap thinking, in fact thinking is as brilliant as ever, they’re always caused by others making one feel crap about self, and having to adapt to the whims/nastiness of powerful others for one’s survival…this is a spin off from many other behaviourists crazy mind set batshit….feeling/emotion always makes word, feel unhappy, the word to use is unhappy, anything else is denial…they’re not BRIDGING THE GAP, but going direct to desired PRODUCT outcome, we all want to be happy and if we can blame ourselves for not being so, we have power over it, what’s not to like…?!..except it doesn’t work and makes things even worse with the extra layers of anger caused by ‘therapist’ and their extra demands dumped on one, one now has to control…then when that fails new control methods, management, and bazaar interventions are added….see ‘the myth of the chemical cure’ and ‘mad in america’…
    in my 1984 therapy, she encouraged me to express my blocked anger and rage, i denied i had any for a long while, and tried all else, it all failed and could never have worked, coz it floated above the trapped feelings never dug into them as her and bobs work does..eventually bits and pieces of my trapped anger and rage come up…then i met bob’s work found out more about those bottle up feelings and what they were and eventually freed myself of them…me telling you this changes nothing for you, won’t hardly shift a thing, it will not cure you, doing the work and bridging the gap will…there are no shortcuts, no magic pills, all one needs to know is where to look and how to deal with what one finds…ie angrily say, ‘how dare you do what you did to me’, and mean it….
    http://www.brusselsblog.co.uk/people-we-should-listen-to/ dr bob johnson strongly objects to the way mh treatment is and is going…. giving struggling people false hope and the massive burden of remembering, (also to forget the past and remember too forget it, or formembering) all of this crap is a dreadful thing to do…and makes the victim even ‘angrier’ (now even more suppressed/repressed) and therefore they have to control/mange their ‘anger’, act out being pleased, pleasing, and appearing happy, coz their expression is now blocked and the only thing that they can do under such circumstances is numb their OWN minds, deny it’s happening and accept or try to accept this reprogramming, which is what it is…the idea of bob’s work is to dump the original overt source mind programming, and get to the original covert source software that we’re born with, not add new (obvs crap) software to the existing crap…
    blueprinting is an engineering term that us mechanics do to engines to improve/enhance the engines performance….
    http://www.enginebasics.com/Advanced%20Engine%20Tuning/Blueprinting.html ‘To really blueprint a motor requires an INSANE amount of time, and an INSANE amount of parts….the manufactures are not to blame’…. hmmmmm!?

  36. its obvious the government thinks mental illness is such a simple thing, these quacks will not do anything, other than hold their hand out for cash and rob the taxpayer blind, and do nothing to solve unemployment, do nothing to help sick and disabled people with what they need. What a joke this is.

  37. Oh his PR man just happens to have the same surname name as him. Coincidence or related? It’s strange because he seems to specialize on tech PR not mumbo jumbo positive thinking fluff. His company Raptor PR was specifically founded to do PR and business mangement solely for Start Smiling Again in January this year.


    • @Bobchewie
      Just logged on to my LinkedIn account and checked the above link and the page comes up as blank.

      • Linked in can be a pain really but sometimes you get snippets which are revealing like the A4e twat who revealed that their company had much more influence at DWP than originally thought
        And to think they were fraudsters as well

        Must tell you something

  38. “David brought me a design he wanted implemented as a new website. We transferred some content from a previous website, and have evolved the original concept together as David’s business has grown.”

    Sandie Hughes website.


  39. https://sandiehughes.co.uk/portfolio-item/start-smiling-again/

    Quote above from.Sandie Hughes website

    You bet his business has grown with tax payers money thrown at him

    • @Bobchewie
      Just had a look at her website – pass the sick bag. These snake oil merchants aren’t new, they were around when I was a kid. Problem is, in our Corporate State, making money comes before anything else and of course the Tories are deregulating everything in the name of “free markets”

  40. LOLOLOL!

    • @Raining
      …………….but it doesn’t list “Unemployment” or “Disability”. The Rahman elixier treats both.

      • Yeah very true!! LOL! Incurable diseases and conditions and this total fanny is trying to tell us he can cure things that medical men have been studying for years and being unsuccessful in curing.

        “Believe just believe in your own potential and your mental illness will melt before your eyes. Then you too can take up your dream position as a workfare participant and feel great about yourself!”

    • What on earth is ‘Damplang’? A disease caught by living in damp houses?

    • Raining – Lol – But it should be IDS name on the bottle and his picture in the ad.

      • Yeah JCP, if i had photo shop i’d definitely have had a go at it. Would have looked perfect with that twats grinning coupon on the bottle!! LOL!

  41. A-Brightfuture

    “Start Smiling Again”
    Sounds more like a dental practice for false teeth !!!!

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  43. This – possible typo – made me smile at least – Run by a specialist stress and anxiety management company, the programme reportedly saw 50% of participants successfully run to work…running away from this ‘therapy’ more like…

  44. Greenwood4727

    The DWP caused my breakdowns.. how will going to the dwp cure my depression caused by the DWP.. NLP is one of the few things that does scare me.. its quackery and brainwashing and it is dangerous..

    • We at the DWP aim to kill or cure all of our patients (benefit claimaints) by any means possible. Even if we have to hire some quack with made-up qualifications gained from an Indian college

      • Anyone whos come from the Work Programme has likely had their condition worsen,abuse daily attendence and constant harrassment at every turn.Now someone is trying to claim miracles not for the first time later being shown as a fat cat then just vanishing having made a killing.

        Most of this is likely rehased print off sheets and ideas from existing websites.

        “as soon as you find the root cause of your anxiety, depression or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome then your condition will disappear.”

        Perhaps he should turn to the Conservative Party for the cause,Margaret Thatcher being the architect.If they could dissapear along with a few others then perhaps there would be an improvement for everyone.

  45. David Rahman seems to have friends within the NHS as well as at the DWP. His contact address on the Chrysalis Effect website is
    Nant Garw Medical Centre
    Vale Of Glam
    CF83 2AX
    Tel: 0800 023 6263
    Mob: 07811957216

  46. So this woman says she went to a session, she doesn’t know what Dave did, maybe he hypnotised her,

  47. If it works for some people what’s the problem?

    • Pam Sanby | July 18, 2015 at 7:55 pm | Reply
      If it works, all’s good, andt that’s okay if you choose to take on this methodology. However, the DWP will force subjects, at threat of benefit removal. That can’t be right in anyone’s view … Surely!

    • They can make me the the happiest most confident guy in the world but I still won’t get a job out of it. Things like this won’t work on me but maybe on weaker sheep like people. They just want people to smile and use no resitance as they get up on monday morning for a 30 hour week slave labour shite.

  48. Oh god. All of us on the Work Programme are being called in for interviews about our ‘mental health issues’. I guessed there would be something like this behind it. Having spoken to almost everyone at my Work Programme, I can state with authority that the only thing ‘wrong’ with all of them is lack of work. Or, like me, too ill to work but being declared ‘fit for work’ and consigned to two years’ ‘Job Searching’ for hours per week to no end.

    How long has this government been in? It feels like two years already.

    • I never got that ‘mental health issue’ rammed at me when I was doing time at Seetec work programme. Thank fuck for that as I already had enough of their shit for six months what with trying to get me into zero-hour work and fobbing me off with a dodgy recycling centre until it fucked my allergies up with their rotten, disease ridden paint being re-sold.

  49. Beverley, in this clip has her epilepsy cured. http://youtu.be/6dr1-PTeNL0

    Beverly, in this clip has her anxiety over two rapes cured http://youtu.be/VpauzW0_7Gw

    Her hair colour has changed in the itv clip, but they’re one in the same I’m sure! For a start they look alike and also you can’t mistake the South African accent they both have! And to top it all you can’t cure epilepsy with talking therapies!

    • overburdenddonkey

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxphZtIHvHs these men are formally inmates of c wing parkhurst prison….note the way lenny the 1st on this vid changes in body language etc, and how both openly engage after healing has taken place…

      • overburdenddonkey

        ps pam
        the people in the vids you posted are not relaxed @ all…where as the people in the vids i posted are very relaxed after their terrors are confronted, blocked emotions expressed and healed….

      • If the government is making people do the therapy then if it isn’t all above board and people are damaged from it where does the liability fall? Interesting video, more food for thought. Thanks.

    • I agree they are the same person Pam. She has a large spot to the side of her mouth in both videos!

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  51. I feel what we looking at is unethical and illegal neurolinguistic programming, or to use the old term: brainwashing

  52. For anybody unfamiliar with Cold War brainwashing techniques, beg or borrow a copy of The Ipcress File

    • overburdenddonkey

      yep great film….

      • & book (? – thanks Dad, for those long forgotten, sub-lent, one-day-to-be – unexpectedly – relevant, cold-war spy-type stories from the library, great for rainy afternoon, way preferable to maths or any other form of homework).

        • overburdenddonkey

          psst! looks like a caine night for me… half way through the whistle blower…it’s wildpete wot done it…

        • what’s a library?

          • A building where people nick the books and magazines and never bother to return them. I often go to my library and pinch any decent book to later sell it on ebay. I have to top up my money somehow…

          • I’m thinking back a good few years, Sian – it was where my family borrowed the vast majority of books we read. Even then the ‘adults’ section was fairly often nearly empty (small local branch) but it still somehow managed to stay open. There wasn’t a bookshop in the place I lived between ages of 5&14 – just a newsagents – & then one or two a bus ride away (nearest town/s), so both parents’ library books were on the menu once I’d read mine. Hence a quite good(?!) working knowledge of Cookson/Austen/Deighton/Le Carre…

          • a place where books live used to be many public libraries at least there was five years ago, also a great many private libraries, of course if you own two or more books you own a library. These days you are more likely to call them e-readers.

  53. 😀

  54. 😀

  55. This is just another way to harass the claimant. Another type of pressure that they can apply to frustrate people off benefits.

  56. ‘Cardiff dad David O’Mar died two weeks after being ruled fit to work’


  57. ‘A DWP spokesman said: “Our thoughts are with Mr O’Mar’s family. It’s wrong to suggest a causal link between the death of an individual and their benefit claim.’

  58. Doubt this is party political networking looks more like the happy clappy networking of the common purpose types.

  59. That ‘start smiling again’ website quite blatantly advertise the fact that to get help and treatment from the con artist he wants us to pay for his services using Barclay card, visa or American express.

    While I’m on the subject I am reminded of those faith healers and
    and the wild church preachers in America.

  60. Qualifications and accreditations

    •Chrysalis Effect Practitioner – M.E. & Chronic Fatigue
    •Diploma NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
    •Diploma Hypnosis
    •Diploma Time Line Therapy
    •Diploma Advanced Certificate Coaching


    With a £1000 I could also get these qualifications from one of those dodgy colleges in India who churn out this sort of rubbish 24/7. Maybe I could then go into business as a charlatan and with a bit of luck persuade the DWP to get me on board and start brainwashing people into believing the DWP are good for all and like to starve people to death for the common good and to save a few pennies from the benefit coffers.

  61. david rahmann is just like one of the clowns exposed by Derren Brown.

  62. https://www.livingsocial.com/deals/1395152-stress-and-anxiety-relief-session

    Scrolling down this website page and I could earn Tesco clubcard points for signing up to the happy treatment. Every little helps…

  63. dirt under their feet

    In November 2014 the Advertising Standards Authority ruled against the advertising of the Chrysalis Effect, due to concerns “that they had not provided robust evidence, such as clinical trials or studies, to support their claims that the programme would enable consumers to achieve ‘complete recovery’ from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.”


    “ Because we had not seen any evidence to demonstrate the efficacy of the Chrysalis Effect programme for treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, we concluded the claims were therefore misleading.

    The ad breached CAP Code rules 3.1 (Misleading advertising), 3.7 (Substantiation) and 12.1 (Medicines, medical devices, health-related products and beauty products).

    The ad must not appear again in its current form. We told Chrysalis Effect Ltd to ensure they held substantiation before making similar efficacy claims for the programme. ”

    Yet here is this David Rahman’s site full of the same sort of clinically unsubstantiated claims, which is illegal. So one thing that we can do right now is to put in a complaint to the ASA.

    Not that the DWP cares anything about the law, and not much about reality either. Cut back on serious clinical practitioners and then throw large sums of money at anyone who’ll say what they want to hear, which is that anything can be cured by the right attitude, and if you’re not cured of being unemployed or not making enough on the only wage you can get – it’s your own fault. Not in any way their fault for appallingly mismanaging the economy and removing all real support and help.

    On his site Rahmann claims to be “ the creator of the ‘revolutionary Blueprint Therapy &Coaching’ “. The Blueprint Therapy being really only based on neuro-linguistic programming, from which NLP centre, as mentioned, he obtained his’qualifications’. So just another label for much the same thing, and nothing new at all, as with the time-line therapy, which you can guess from the title does something like clearing the negative past memories holding you back – quickly cures you of all of that (it’s always quick you’ll notice) – a notion also started in the 1980s with NLP.

    From Wikipedia –
    According to Stollznow (2010) “Bandler and Grinder’s infamous ‘Frogs into Princes’ and their other books boast that NLP is a cure-all that treats a broad range of physical and mental conditions and learning difficulties, including epilepsy, myopia and dyslexia. With its promises to cure schizophrenia, depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and its dismissal of psychiatric illnesses as psychosomatic…”

    You can read all about it here –

    Such types of therapy having in common being promoted using a variety of social psychology ploys:

    To create a phantom:– an unavailable goal that looks as if it might be obtainable with just the right effort… but can’t in reality be obtained…

    Manufacture source credibility and sincerity:- create a set of gurus… and a set of qualifications (obtainable for anyone on a short course)… write books and articles about it…

    Establish a Granfalloon:- Kurt Vonnegut terms a ‘granfalloon’, a proud and meaningless association of human beings – powerful propaganda devices – generally share jargon, beliefs, shared feelings, and enemies…

    Construct vivid appeals:- a vividly presented case study or example to make a lasting impression – full of wild stories about practitioners curing phobias in under 10 minutes – and just about anything else…

    Attack opponents through innuendo and character assassination:- critics and scientists are motivated by jealousy – that there is a general conspiracy among psychologists who prefer to charge for years of sessions, rather than have people cured as instantly and powerfully…

    That is, like – quack, quack, quack.

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  65. Smile or Die!


    • overburdenddonkey

      very true…there was a movie about a couple of people who separately flew round usa with redundancy packages, can’t remember it’s name yet…where does this concept of rising above ‘things’, forgiveness, 12 steps and the higher power and miraculous thinking come from again, the work is very famous….!?

      • overburdenddonkey

        the movie is called ‘up in the air’…. life is now crammed with corporate role models, how to be a ‘good’ person, get it ‘right’, and serve the higher power…

    • This is the biggest pile of sewage I have ever read, thinking in a different way is not going to make employers suddenly employ you. Thinking your C.V. is better? what is that about? Are they encouraging you to lie on your C.V.? are they encouraging you to creative with the facts? Are they encouraging you to be dishonest?

    • and going on about Mental health as if unemployment is the cause and there is no other cause of mental illness, They are going to kill a lot more people with this mentality, they should not be offering this advise anyway since the author of this programme as no clear understanding of mental illness.

  66. Another Fine Mess

    Here’s the BBC’s version, they seem to be calling it ‘The Moving Forward programme’ here, looks like they’re using the same actors though!

    Radio version, they keep sticking the words “back to work” in random places.

  67. Wanna serve Smiffy the ultimate sanction

    ‘Where are you from?’
    ‘A planet called Earth”
    ‘What’s it like?’
    ‘Over populated, polluted, very little work..’
    (The culmination of 100 years of George Smith’s employment and immigration policies,.)
    Watch it and think.

  68. Sounds like a quack religion. Kinda proves our politicians are quacks and charlatans. Seems they are trying to talk unemployment out of existence – it’s all in the mind. Go to the Job Centre to get jobs – can’t because there aren’t any but offered delusional therapy instead. But there are jobs for the boys patronising and insulting the plebs. Well, if work does not provide a living, and the safety net we pay for out of our huge taxes is taken away, how do you feed yourself? After the unemployed are classed as insane, what next? Sent off to re-education camps?

  69. Reblogged this on Citizens, not serfs and commented:
    The evidence that our government is insane is mounting up.

  70. Nant Garw Medical Centre

    Please note that Dr Griffiths and partners are not responsible for private services carried out by other professionals in the building. Any queries should be made directly to the service provider as stated.

    Simone J. Davis 07715 239 999, 0845 003 74 74

    David Rahman 0800 023 6263 , 07811 957216

    So who is responsible for allowing a Charlatan to practise there?

  71. Correction

    So who is responsible for allowing a misogynist Charlatan to practise there?

  72. “A DWP spokesman said: “Our thoughts are with Mr O’Mar’s family. It’s wrong to suggest a causal link between the death of an individual and their benefit claim.”

    maybe we could get the DWP to change rather than disabled people – these heinous crimes against disabled people have to stop – but of course this tory minority govt is waging war in Syria and Iraq without telling parliament never mind the people

  73. Scum bastard

  74. First sign of insanity is believing anything the government says. The second is acting on the first. So there must be millions of daily mail readers out there that believe everything the Tory twats say judging by some of the comments they allow on their pages designed to incite hatred of sick & disabled plus the unemployed.

  75. I’ve drafted a complaint to the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) about the claims made to treat depression, fibromyalgia and ME on the Start Smiling Again website (no evidence provided beyond testimonials / treatment offered for conditions for which appropriate medical supervision should be sought and practitioner is not appropriately qualified nor working with someone who is / claims and statements made in testimonials are likely to be at odds with the Committee of Advertising Practice’s code) but as the website has suddenly become ‘under construction’ there’s not much point submitting it yet – if the claims are removed that will be the end of that.

    If you want to see the website you can view the content from Google’s cached copies of the various pages.

    An entirely separate matter though is what evidence the DWP has seen / accepted that this treatment is successful – I imagine that would involve some sort of Freedom of Information Act request but I’m afraid I’ve no experience of doing one of these so might leave that to someone else.

  76. I have just sent these emails to Katie Dalton at Gofal (as shown in the BBC clip at Swansea Job Centre).

    Dear Katie

    Why are you involved with mental health when you have no mental health qualifications?
    Did you know that David Rahman is a charlatan? Please see Johnny Void’s latest blog.


    Dear Katie

    You call yourself a feminist.
    How about this, written on David Rahman’s social media page?


  77. Start Smiling Again website

    This website is undergoing site maintenance.

    • Also David`s Facebook page is not visible to non members.
      Working hard since yesterday David !!!

    • …in other words, somebody left a nasty text message to the quack and he is not smiling at the moment so he decided to put his website ‘under maintenance’. I suspect this could be the reason behind while his website is not working at the present.

      • @fen tiger probably and the transferred data between websites with Katie wotsername

        • Anyone wanting to be getting involved with that medical monkey just needs to see their local doctor for some Prozac. At least they won’t then be forking out large amounts of cash to make them feel better if life gets too much for the poor lambs.

          The next thing we’ll get to here from the quack is that he has solved the obesity crisis by saying to the flump people that all food is dangerous – just drink bottled water and your weight will simply drop away overnight.

  78. One of David`s clients is Katie Hopkins.

  79. Better get rid of David “Quack” Rahman quick with his £45 million. The fools at the DWP [Dunkco The Clown] Wait till the main press pick it up. Lambs To The Slaughter InN Deep Shit.

  80. The IP address for Mr. Quack’s website is this –

    After doing some checking around his website is being hosted on a cloudfare host called ‘Linode’

  81. I’ve written to my MP. I can’t be held responsible for my bipolar becoming psychotic should Rahman’s methodology be rolled out across the country which I can see happening. The DWP and IDS are desperate to ‘cure’ mental health conditions and get us all back to work, all cured and tickity boo!

  82. The Nudge unit has been privatised

    Behavioural Insights Team is now independent of the UK government

    The Behavioural Insights Team – also known as the Nudge Unit – is now a social purpose company. It is partly owned by the Cabinet Office, employees and Nesta. For more information, please visit the


    Another website knocked up in 5 mins

  83. Although the website is offline it looks as if David Rahman can still be contacted via Twitter:

    • David Rahman ‏@davidrahman · Jul 14
      Ibiza is gorgeous. Drinks are better

      Stay in Ibiza with you £45 million Government contract David.

      • Someone is paying for his holiday, and I bet it’s all those willing (mugs) people paying money to do his ‘we want you to have a happy life’ courses.

        • Hmmm! Setting himself up in a position where he’s advising people on issues like mental health, when it appears he has no qualifications to do so. Anyway on a quick look round his twitter site he says, after taking one of his courses, these people stopped their anti-depressants!! Wonder how their GP’s feel about that Who’s going to pick up the pieces if their mental health falls apart again? Rahman? I doubt that.

          • ‘Anyway on a quick look round his twitter site he says, after taking one of his courses, these people stopped their anti-depressants!!’

            It is highly dangerous to stop taking anti-depressants without your GP’s advice.

          • overburdenddonkey

            no thought was harmed in constructing that statement, it just appeared, as if, by magic…after all ‘your thoughts are just things, it’s your choice’…

          • Raining – imagine his sweaty palm on your shoulder as he posed for a creepy threesome-hug for his own publicity! I bet after the picture was takent they were reaching for the anti-depressants again!

        • Someone is paying for his holiday, …

          Presumably DWP/JCP compensated David Rahman for his Ibiza enabling lifestyle services. Positive thinking turning DWP/JCP into an all expenses paid globe-trotting travel agent courtesy of sanctioned claimants.

      • I think his contract is for £48,000 rather than £45m (according to the Contract Finder website) but possibly I’ve missed the info about a larger amount. Justin Tomlinson has indicated that £43 million has been made available for projects of which Start Smiling Again will be just one.

        While I’ve not sent a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority (his website’s down, so not much point as the claims are no longer there) I’ve published the draft complaint here and my ‘workings’ in case of use or interest to anyone http://brodiesnotes.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/dwp-in-wales-has-commissioned-mental.html

        Start Smiling Again is also on Twitter (https://twitter.com/StartSmilingSg/) but they’ve not tweeted since Nov 2014.

        Can I meekly suggest that anyone communicating with Mr Rahman by Twitter, Facebook or email etc is fairly polite about it otherwise this story will probably end up being more about ‘angry* internet mobs’ rather than underevidenced treatments and the process of pitching for government contracts.

        *No doubt justifiably, but politeness seems a good place to start with 🙂

          • Where are you getting the £45m figure from? Justin Tomlinson has referenced £43m for a whole bunch of projects but I don’t think any more than £48k has gone to Mr Rahman.

            “Justin Tomlinson MP, Minister for Disabled People, added: “This excellent scheme is not only helping jobseekers find work but is also informing wider government activity on mental health. Combined with the recent naming of Swansea as the UK’s first Disability Confident city, it marks out South Wales as part of the country truly leading the way on mental health.

            “Supporting people with mental health conditions is a priority for this government. We have allocated over £43 million to pilot services which will help people with such conditions find and stay in work and are determined to continue building on the progress made.””

            • A Wales-based company is partnering with the Department for Work and Pensions to roll out an initiative in South Wales job centres. to get people with mental health problems back into work.

              The ‘Press Pause to Play’ programme was piloted in Swansea towards the end of last year, helping people with anxiety and depression through a combination of psychology, physiology and neuroscience.

              – David Rahman, founder & MD of ‘Start Smiling Again’

              Minister for Disabled People Justin Tomlinson welcomes the programme as a mark of the Welsh Government’s promise to support people with mental health conditions.

              “This scheme is not only helping jobseekers find work but is also informing wider government activity on mental health. Supporting people with mental health conditions is a priority for this government, and we have allocated over £43 million to pilot services which will help people with such conditions find and stay in work.”

              – Justin Tomlinson MP

  84. mornings are marvelous with mr motivator

  85. The Behavioural Insights Team have real mental health issues.

  86. Unworkable, dangerous to all involved, no foundation, false claims, no evidence, bought back handed PHD`s, privatised so no responsibility for when it goes wrong [2 days], also a client can not be mandatory, thy are customers & since you have no medical qualifications we are not patients we are paying customers paid for by Dunkco The Clown at the DWP. Not Fit for Purpose in false claims or fakery & fraud on own admittance og guit by a contradiction in terms or policy. The contradiction are the foundation of policies like these, but really it is cutting corners by only paying £45 to David Crackpot Rahman instead of paying Capita £400 million. David rahman will now be taking over from Capita in doing the PIP Contract at a quarter of the price Capita does it for.

  87. though his website is down you can still see pages via google cache, I’ve also taken screen grabs too

    the page of the website that mentions the 95% cure

    (This is Google’s cache of http://startsmilingagain.com/btc-why-it-works/. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 11 Jul 2015 15:26:40 GMT.)

    the page that mention ME, CFS, fibromyalgia cure

    (This is Google’s cache of http://startsmilingagain.com/portfolio-item/ive-recovered-from-m-e-and-fibromyalgia/. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 5 Jul 2015 04:27:19 GMT. )

  88. How Can I Smile I Have Just Had A Fucking Stroke. David will fix that. Do you get a badge with that David. Bible Bashing Maniac the DWP have hired.

  89. Start Smiling Again

    Choose from the following options for life-coaching and counselling:

    •£14.50 for one session (60% off)

    •£39.50 for three sessions (76% off)

    Are the % off also apply to the jobcentre or is your reductions done after you got a £50,000 contract & a £48,000 contract off the DWP !!!

  90. Another Start Smiling claim

    Stressed? Anxiety? Feeling depressed and down? Would like like help in feeling better again? No risk: 1st session FREE if you’re not happy after it. Guaranteed.

    So mandatory doesn’t come in to it

  91. You missed it This great deal for Start Smiling Again, Harley Street is over. But don’t despair, we’ve got more great deals every day.

  92. Pingback: The Sunday Sermon; Needing to belong. | Sometimes, it's just a cigar

  93. overburdenddonkey

    ‘What our research also found was that the most striking thing about the period since Blair became Labour leader in 1994 was a staggering and almost overnight increase in the number of British voters turned off politics altogether. In 1992 just eight million people entitled to vote stayed at home. By 2001 that number had rocketed to EIGHTEEN million, a 125% increase in nine years, and in May it was still at almost 16 million. Since Blair, eight million UK citizens who used to vote have simply walked away and washed their hands of the entire political process. That’s quite a legacy, but it’s also an opportunity, because it’s a lot of people waiting for a reason to vote for someone. (Most of them young and/or poor, two traditionally Labour-friendly demographics.) Bizarrely, it’s an opportunity Labour and its allies seem utterly determined to shun.’ the problem is that any attempt for others to form a new party is crushed…



    Believe it or not, i hold master certificates in Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Advanced Hypnosis Techniques and Neuro Linguistic Programming……………………………..

    Many years ago i decided to enrol in Hypnosis to try and help my disablement.
    After spending thousands of pounds i got the accreditation that would enable me to go into practice.

    Those certificates gave me the go ahead to fuck with peoples brains……….

    Midway into the courses i sent one of my friends home to get a chainsaw and chop a landlord up. My friend went home and came back to the pub with a chainsaw. He fired the chainsaw up and was going to attack the landlord until i pulled him out of his trance.
    He did not know why he had the chainsaw and why he had gone home for it, he could remember nothing whatsoever…………………………….

    Some people are much more susceptible to hypnosis than others, mainly those with troubled minds.

    Some friends came through and i was left talking to one of them in the toilet.

    Every few minutes he would stand up at the end of the table and shout, “It’s my round”.

    My friends were in hysterics, it was so funny……………………or was it?

    I held the power to control peoples minds, and still do.

    I have seen things within a hypnosis classroom that would absolutely amaze you, people taken back in time and people taken forward to an imaginary future.

    My grandma, bless her, now dead, was struggling to come to terms with parts of her past.
    After going into trance she described the street where she lived, the house number, her friends, what they were wearing, what her mother was cooking and the aroma of the baking.

    Everything she told me checked out, i had unlocked memories from decades before………………..

    Sadly, hypnosis and NLP are the wrong tools to treat patients with disabilities, be it mental or physical.

    Several times i witnessed people who were regressed, taken back in time, have irrational outbursts, bouts of screaming and faces contorted beyond recognition.
    Take somebody back to a bad time in their lives and often they will re live it, the horrors that happened are brought to bear whilst in trance.

    Programming human minds is a complete minefield of these horrors. One gir had to abandon the course after suffering continual nightmares.

    No matter what the tutor tried to do, he could not erase the troubles that now infected the girls mind.

    He tried and tried to try and put right what he had resurrected, but each time the therapy made it worse………………………

    These Quacks, Dunko the Clowns, army of untrained idiots are seeking to push the suicide mortality rates, through the roof.

    If i can send a guy home to get a chainsaw and cut a landlord up by virtue of holding a glossy certificate, think what Dunko’s Clowns are capable of?


    ……..What next?

    the mind boggles……………….

    Clinical behaviour implants as an alternative of being starved by the department in charge of welfare?

    The body count is a good indication of the failures of the DWP. Human life a commodity worth paying by the clown in long shoes and a bright red nose…………………………………..

    • overburdenddonkey

      still if they complain geoff, we can tell them shit happens, move on, don’t dwell on it, let go, get over it, stop thinking, start living, a stonking way of dismissing a sanction dyt…? oh, no! of course not allowed to think, but then if no one thinks nothing matters so everything’s gonna be alright…don’t worry ’bout a thing coz everything’s gonna be alright…and the mother and father of behaviourism is for todays star prize…!? now why don’t they want us to think again, oh yeah i remember damn those thoughts, it gets in the way of prophet…

  95. Ask DWP and these twits if Governed by a “Duty of Candor”:

    “There is also a contractual duty of candour imposed on all NHS and non-NHS providers of services to NHS patients in the UK to ‘provide to the service user and any other relevant person all necessary support and all relevant information’ in the event that a ‘reportable patient safety incident’ occurs.”

  96. James Gasekll

    Thank you Johnny Void for exposing this dangerous unprofessional charlatan. Methods for instantly ‘curing’ mental health and other serious disorders and conditions don’t exist in real life. If they did thousands of real doctors would be out of a job. I sincerely hope nobody is harmed by charlatan

  97. As for NLP:
    “The balance of scientific evidence reveals NLP to be a largely discredited pseudoscience. Scientific reviews show it contains numerous factual errors, and fails to produce the results asserted by proponents.”

    So use/or promotion [say by DWP for instance as a ‘Facilitator’] of any of these bogus schemes falls under the heading of False Representation, Bogus Medical Treatments, and should be reported to the General Medical Council. Also by trying to force this onto a individual this would open themselves up to claims of Personal Injury – as Facilitators, this would include ALL individual involved in the chain – from those who instructed looking into the scheme, to those who investigated, signed off the contract and implemented it.

    Yes DWP this means your managers from the George Prentious Smith, Dep Sec on down.




    Like him or loathe him, poor old Jack now wants restrictions on what freedom of information requests can cover……………….

    Obviously, now he is in the spotlights for rigging a phoney war, along with Tony Blair, he now seeks to try and wipe his bloody fingerprints from the much awaited Chilcott report.

    Changing the remit of the terms of the freedom of information act would give him enough wriggle room to get out of selling lies of weapons of mass destruction to the masses.

    It would also get government departments, like the infamous, murdering DWP, off the hook.

    Imagine what the DWP could do if they had nobody to answer to, ( JUST LIKE THEY DO NOW REALLY).

    Headlines like these would just disappear, just as quickly as those they laid to rest, it would seem.

    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been told by the information watchdog that it does not need to release secret reviews it carried out into the deaths of 49 benefit claimants.

    Campaigners have expressed frustration and disappointment at the decision, with one MP saying it underlines the need for an independent inquiry into the use of benefit sanctions.

    Disability News Service (DNS) has been trying since last autumn to discover what DWP learned from its investigations into deaths linked to the withdrawal or non-payment of disability benefits.




      Christopher Graham became Information Commissioner in June 2009. The Information Commissioner is appointed by HM The Queen and has independent status, reporting directly to Parliament, with a range of responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Data Protection Act 1998 and related laws. The functions of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) include promoting good practice, ruling on complaints and taking regulatory action.

      ………………..lower than the belly of a rattlesnake

      • Gary Kay

        Then if that’s the case, why doesn’t someone pick up the baton and investigate all the deaths and publish the results with full permission from all the families that lost a loved one?

        • Jeff Smith on July 19, 2015 at 18:52 said:

          Sometimes I wonder if all of this is not some sort of horrible test, to see how much the British people will actually take before they rebel. And by the look of it, the answer seems to be, a very great deal.
          The welfare state is in ruins, the NHS half privatised, and some of the most vulnerable people in society are being deliberately reduced to destitution.
          We are hurtling towards ‘victorian levels of poverty’ to quote a recent report.
          The DWP seems to be answerable to no-one, and largely above the law. Acting as some sort of state within a state, with the tacit approval of the government.
          Child poverty is abolished at a stroke, by changing the definition of child poverty.
          How long before the concept of ‘disability’ is abolished as well ?
          If only this were just a bad dream, then we could wake up, and it would all be over.

          • It is a bad dream, only one your to endure forever. At least that is how it seems. Anyone got a magic potion that banishes certain members of the government from the Earth and wakes everyone up from the nightmare?

  99. southessexheckler

    Reblogged this on The Heckler and commented:
    When we saw this, we momentarily thought about checking the date but nope, it wasn’t April 1st! The DWP really do think that hiring a ‘lifestyle guru’ who in all honesty hasn’t a clue about mental health, will magically ‘inspire’ people to get back into work. This is despite a growing body of evidence indicating that a growing number of jobs are being automated out of existence – https://southessexheckler.wordpress.com/2015/06/11/disappearing-jobs/ A trend that’s only too obvious when you use a self service checkout at the supermarket to name just one example… But why let the truth get in the way of an ideological mission, particularly when you’re the omnipotent DWP?

  100. overburdenddonkey

    he says ‘your thoughts are just things, it’s your choice’ doh! but how did you think that one up without first turning feelings into thoughts and thence into words to express your thoughts..!? feeling make word…thoughts DO NOT CAUSE ANXIETY, they express anxiety, as does body language, thought has nothing to do with causing anxiety…the words emotional trauma doesn’t cause anxiety…trauma causes the word anxiety to be used to express a state of being, this process cannot be reversed, or problems worsen…until the bottled up feelings caused by the trauma event, are expressed, one is not free…trauma causes passive compliance to abusers….

  101. So, to recap:

    Yes, it’s the David Rahman Show, starring Beverley Davies, not once, not twice, but three times.

    Act I

    at the beginning and at the end

    Act II
    https://youtu.be/6dr1-PTeNL0 – @2:04

    where she is cured of epilepsy

    Act III

    where she talks about David Rahman’s success in treating her twice-rape trauma

    He didn’t get rid of that spot though (as seen in Acts II and III).

    (no details like that please – jv)

    • The Scottish Government currently operate its own £9m International Development Fund

      Not sure how foreign aid became a devolved matter but rather than kicking sanctions into the westminister long grass aka “urgent review”.

      Mhairi Black would do better to call on her SNP colleagues to deploy the same rituals that magicked a Scottish foreign aid budget to deliver an emergency Scots aid fund that compensates sanctioned Scots claimants £ for £.

    • For all her ‘fighting talk’ sanctions won’t impinge on Mhairi Black’s lifestyle on a salary of £67,060* + expenses.

      * 10% increase pending.

  102. Posted THIS on Start Smiling Again’s facebook page yesterday https://www.facebook.com/1388691361449342/photos/pb.1388691361449342.-2207520000.1437372056./1427546320897179
    It would seem that Mr Rahman doens’t appreciate my sense of humour though, lol

  103. It is worth noting that David Rahman the man behind ‘start smiling again’ lists his qualifications on his website. I use the term ‘qualifications’ rather loosely. None of these include a recognised qualification in dealing with the complex issues he claims to have had so much success with. Although the details of his so called qualifications are rather vague, at least one of these is from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). This is the same NLP which regularly sends out emails, informing the recipients that they gain a qualification for the special offer price of just £29.

    Mr Rahman’s tweets seems to belittle what it means to have such an illness as depression or anxiety. He seems have mistaken these conditions for general unhappiness or simply ‘choosing’ to be depressed. The DWP handing vulnerable people over this this man, to be exposed to his ideas and methods could be the very thing which pushes some of them over the edge.


  104. Sandie Hughes is a fabulous online business design and support service providing a great product and a continual high level of service. Sandie is both professional and approachable, and I feel is always at hand for any queries or problems that may arise. I love the work Sandie has done on creating my website and the unparalleled support and encouragement she provides in further developing the site and marketing my business through the various online web platforms of social media. Hence if you are looking for a high level web development service to support your business, then I would highly recommend Sandie. Thank you again Sandie.

    David “Crackpot” Rahman.

  105. Reading an earlier post on here about one of JV’s bloggers sending in an FOI request to the tory twits, this I have reason to believe as why’ the happy life website is still down and the DWP are investigating his voodoo black magic life fixing claims.

  106. To turn your life around and become one of the happy people, call me on this number – 07811 957 216. I will only charge you £1.50 per minute for a minimum of 60 minutes personal counselling, not forgetting an extra non-returnable fee of £100 as a booking charge to attend one of my lavish brainwashing seminars at a top London hotel, date to be confirmed later this year.

    My website shall be back up online tomorrow due to essential maintenance work being carried out by DWP spies as they are currently installing tracking software on my website to follow all people using that service.

    David Rahman.

    • – I hope no one on JV’s blog takes this joke of mine seriously…

    • @FEN TIGER and all

      Can we tell.David to go fuck himself?

      Actually I.just had a thought
      DWP are always going on about benefit fraud to save money so why not report Davis Rahman to DWP for fraud and help.DWP to save hard working tax payers money

      • The DWP won’t investigate him and his medical mockery as they have sent some of their top staff out to Ibiza for an all expenses paid (by the taxpayer) holiday for a month. If it’s good enough for the charlatan it must be good for the hard-worked lambs at the DWP to have a well-earned sunshine break away from it all and enjoy a dip in the sea.

        David Rahman has sent this message to us all – ”Hi everybody, I hope you are enjoying your British summer, probably pissing down with rain right now where you are, I am sunning myself into a dark brown tan, eating icecreams, drinking malibu, eyeing up the local talent in their bikinis and chatting them up. Please don’t be jealous that I have had this holiday paid for out of DWP coffers (money saved from sanctions being issued to the lazy bastards on JSA)”

        I will be back at the end of the month, back in South Wales personally visiting the job centres in that area to promote my new business – ”how to fuck even more people over and grab their money in the pretence of making them feel better about themselves”” This new enterprise should get me even more dough in my bank balance after somehow my company profits were leaked out to be only £1 for the last two months.

        I have booked an appointment with Sir Iain Duncan of Smith, high overlord and grand wizard of the DWP to press my case to extned my medical claptrap across the united kingdom to suck in more gullible people claiming benefits into my money laundering scheme ””how to have a happy life while being fucked out of money by the tories””

        David Rahman esquire.

  107. I was at weekly job search and I overheard staff discussing the fact they had no training in mental health and the expectations on them. The Tories and the Department of Work and Persecution will stop at nothing to put pressure on the weakest in society because of ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ signs. Most mental illnesses cannot be cured but they can be managed with the right treatment by professional psychiatrists and psychologists free from bias, not some charlatan claiming a 95% cure rate, proves he does not have a clue what he is talking about. Those the Tories call shirkers and scroungers no doubt will be fit to fight their wars, a good way for the Tories to get rid of the younger unemployed. As Tony Benn said you never hear a general saying he has exceeded his budget for bombing raids against an enemy, they spend what they need to in war. Then after the conflict they want to declare war on their own weak and sick. That is the Tories for you and the others are these days no better.

  108. I wonder if there’s a red-faced and spluttering senior figure at the DWP demanding to know, right know, how the department could ever come to contract for services with someone like Rahman?

    Ah, most likely not. The DWP has form when it comes to dealing with questionable organisations. Just look at the Work Programme.

    • Labour leader Harriet Harman faces welfare bill revolt – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-33590465



        ………..never did like her Bob.
        Met her and her husband at a union course several years ago, she is in love with her own image.
        She made the headlines a few years back for sending her kid to a private school, a red tory if i ever saw one.
        Hope she gets her come uppance Bob, or will the follow the party line and just shit on all those that elected her to her dizzy heights.

        • Harriet Smarmymam. Remember when she laid in to single parents at the start of the New Labour government? Pink bus? – sick bag please.

      • No wonder she’s in trouble, Bob. Voting with the government on the welfare bill would be the last nail in the coffin of the Labour Party. They won’t make themselves electable by trying to be as much like the Tories as possible. Who is going to vote for Tories lite when they can vote for the real thing?

        Just noticed the typo in my comment above. Should read “…demanding to know, right now…”; but you knew that.

  109. ‘Start Smiling Again’ (or I cut your benefits). Sounds like something out of Monty Python
    ‘The Tale of Happy Valley’

  110. Response I just got from the “Start Smiling Again” website:-
    “This website is undergoing site maintenance.”

  111. Here are some of the people who have achieved the level of happy life at one of David Rahman’s seminars. No drugs were taken at the recording of this video, filmed at one of the rooms in his offices in London…

  112. Psychobabble Bullshit does Not Brainwash Me

    • nor me, but what about the poor people who have to have their time wasted, when they could be trying to find work in a more productive way and possible way. This kind of thing goes back to the workhouse, and there’s good reason why they got shut of them, because they didn’t find anyone any work.

  113. I’ve just seen Jayne Lilley posting about all of this too http://brodiesnotes.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/dwp-in-wales-has-commissioned-mental.html

    hmm looking at the screengrab of the “about page” grabbed by Jayne Linney he says, “having successfully treated sufferers of anxiety, stress and depression for a decade”

    (a grab of the page by google cache confirms this http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:ZbyGTc-LRYoJ:startsmilingagain.com/about/+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk )

    well that’s strange because on his Linkedin profile he was an optomotrist up to 2009 and between 2009 and 2012 he was a “Personal & Executive Coach”

    (weirdly i couldn’t save a version at Internet Archive but i managed to find a workaround using archive.is – https://archive.is/7KPV9)

  114. @GEOFF it’s not just that don’t forget the Daily Hate was attacking her about her time at NCCL claiming she was supportive of PIE
    when she wasn’t maybe she’s trying to look tough in order to please Daily Hate and it’s benefit scroungers headlines loving readership


      Can remember all that Bob, people have short memories. It won’t be long before Harriet is doing a topless page three shoot for the Daily Hate, after all, she has to please her real backers…

      It seems that our inglorius government are on the cusp of introducing schoolkids to shrinks.

      Best to program them when young to fit the corporate glove, after all we don’t want any dissent when they try to have us tagged and chipped, before sending us to work camps……..

      Meanwhile prisons are going great guns, everything is firmly in hand as the inmate suicides, drug abuse and violence reaches a crescendo.

      Everybody in this country knows full well we are accelerating backwards, but the propaganda merchants of the Office of twisted statistics and Fiscal bullshit, tell us differently.

      Wait for the DWP’S response to claimant murders, that should be a good one, the finest fiction ever produced by a department run by Dunko the Clown and the PCS hitler youth movement.

  115. Here is Anita, who was cured of depression ‘after less than six months’ as shown by Another Fine Mess above. (Why not just say 5 months or whatever number it was?)

    And here we have Anita again (allegedly) working before David Rahman cured her of her depression

    BBC tester tape

    And did you know that David Rahman cures alcoholism and OCD too?


    My name is Nigel and I’m from the Gorseinon/Loughour area. I sort of had a death wish. I was depressed and also, for a period of time became an alcoholic.

    I sort of lost interest in life. I just wanted to die. I have had two heart attacks probably due to stress and depression, and of course all the drinking I was doing at the time. I got drunk one night and I ended up in a place I wasn’t too happy with. I got drunk, I walked up these stairs and I ended up in a house of ill-repute. Thankfully nothing happened because I was drunk; singing and dancing, and of course you’re not supposed to do that in those sorts of places, so I was ejected from there, which I’m thankful for. I was sitting on the Kingsway in Swansea and I just realised how low my life had become.

    I had all these post-it notes all over the place (from the course) and the one that has always stuck in my head is “Life is not an emergency”, and that has slowed me down. I am slightly different to most people, and people think “he’s odd”, or “He’s weird”, but I don’t care, because I am an individual. I really don’t care what people think of me, and that’s a nice feeling. I also have, up to a point, peace of mind; and peace of mind is nice. It’s a nice feeling.

    You can’t tell an alcoholic to stop drinking. They won’t. They need some event in life to stop them. It’s up to the person to want to stop. And yes, if an alcoholic was introduced to David, and they sat down and actually listened to him, then yes that would work. What he said did penetrate my head. I did have OCD. It took me 20 minutes to check the cooker and 20 minutes to check the door. That seems to have gone.

    ‘That seems to have gone.’
    Eh? Either it did, or it didn’t.

    • quote – ”You can’t tell an alcoholic to stop drinking. They won’t. They need some event in life to stop them. It’s up to the person to want to stop. And yes, if an alcoholic was introduced to David, and they sat down and actually listened to him, then yes that would work. What he said did penetrate my head. I did have OCD. It took me 20 minutes to check the cooker and 20 minutes to check the door. That seems to have gone.” unquote.

      What he really meant to say was he checked the cooker and 20 minutes later when he checked again the cooker was gone…

    • sian – I’m sure I’ve seen “Nigel” in an episode of “Midsomer Murders” – back in the days when I watched tv…

  116. johnnyvoid’s excellent exposé should have been picked up by the MSM and made headline news, a national scandal mulled over by the good society glitterati on countless talk shows.


    ………………my friend Clive is just a head that lives in a sequined hatbox…….

    Before therapy, Clive was very anxious and not outgoing, prefering to idle the day away in his box. His father tried many things, round boxes, square boxes and lined boxes, but Clive remained very reclusive……………..

    After just one session of therapy, Clive changed, asking his father to take him to the pub on his birthday.

    Upon reaching the pub, Clives dad took him out of the box and placed him on the bar…….

    Within minutes, Clive had a host of friends, and they continued to buy him a whisky for his birthday.
    After the first whisky, Clive grew an arm, the second, he grew a leg and so on and so on…………….

    By the time last orders was called, Clive was a complete human being.

    Staggering from all the drinks, Clive clutched his fathers arm before falling headlong through the pub doors.

    Clive was hit by a passing taxi and died instantly……………….


    • 😉 😉 😉 😉
      I’ve only recently worked out how to do smiley icons on jv’s page
      😉 😉

      • We could start our own ”start smiling again’ business on here, without having a medical moron with Donald duck qualifications telling us how to be happy on his website 🙂

  118. Anita = Anita Bourne, Director for B-line Groundworks Ltd 2000 – 2007 (allegedly)

  119. time for a break

  120. Only a degrading and failing society can not prevent charlatans from assuming control.

  121. More gobbledygook from the life guru who likes to get straight to the point with a swearword or to –

    Neuroplasticity (a condition where the brain starts to turn to mush and rubbery like plasticine if we watch these mind-numbing videos). Anybody with some money to spare can gain fake qualifications and dodgy degrees – from India – and set themselves up in a cushy office building and run a phoney medical business.

    I read elsewhere that the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency previously told the medical morlock not to carry on with his dangerous health claims and advertising, and yet he took no notice of them. That is surely a breach of advertising law and can carry hefty penalties and a shut down of his dodgy dealings. Trading Standards need to get in on the act and shut down this slap-headed lunatic before someone following his advice ends up dead.

    • That welfare vote tonight will be interesting. Any labour MP who abstains will be just as bad as the ones who vote with the Tories. Clearly the Tories will win the vote but what is important is how many of the labour MPs really care enough about the poor to vote against.

    • Classic technobabble piss-take:

    • The Supernova Therapy

      There’s also this, taken from his Linkedin archive, when he was working as an optometrist.

      Case study client Julie
      November 2008 – February 2009

      Client Julie [name has been changed to protect confidentiality] presented with panic attacks, claustrophobia, anxiety, stress and had been on anti-depressants for 10 years.
      Even the chief psychiatrist of Gwent advised her that she will always be on anti-depressants for life, as his wife was!
      I worked with Julie for 3 months, and at the end of it, she was no longer on anti-depressants, no more panic attacks, and no more claustrophobia.
      She was a changed woman, and also lost 2 stone as a bi-product of the process.

      Julie’s GP and pharmacist were completely aware and were amazed at the transformation.

      The strategy and methodology which I developed then [purely by serendipity] became the forerunner to the Supernova Therapy I use today.

    • ‘Taxi drivers’ brains ‘grow’ on the job’


      ‘Brain changes seen in cabbies who take ‘The Knowledge”
      (funded by the Wellcome Trust)

    • @Fen
      Neuroplasticity is a physical process where the brain rewires itself after a physical trauma or (in my case) a stroke. I doubt Mr Happy Clappy Rahman can induce neuroplasticity. Apparently the brain always has some unused capacity that can be utilised in case of brain damage.

      • @ wildswimmerpete

        Mr happy clappy witch doctor shouldn’t even be involved with claiming such wild practices such as neuroplasticity and any other medical cure either on his youtube channel or his website. I wonder what the medical profession has to say about that charlatan or if they even know about him.

        He can’t even vouch for his umbongo bongo qualifications nor his medical training background, of which what makes those African voodoo witch doctors look like they have spent years training at medical school before entering our hospitals.

        The DWP, in all of their wisdom are looking at ways to ‘fix’ people medically unwell and not fit for work after the ATOS disaster they got tangled in with, and are hoping that mr. snake charmer is the first of many to crawl out from under a rock to take up their offer of screwing people people over whether fit and healthy or not.

        That snake charmer reminds me of someone whom is on the internet and shortwave radio 24/7 who is a self-proclaimed last day (the only true one) religious prophet. This nutty prophet is an American preacher who goes by the name of ‘Brother Stair’ and he runs a cult organisation called ‘the overcomer ministry’. He often makes fake and fraudulent claims about the end of the world is about to happen and ever disaster that occurs in the world from earthquakes to governments falling is down to god, not human nature.



  122. bbc – Welfare cuts backed amid Labour revolt.

    If that is a revolt then a revolution must be a trip to mcdonald’s for a happy meal.

  123. bbc parliament welfare reform with priti patel in the starring role to the sanity of the horror channel

  124. Would have imagined in party politics the most opportunistic time to vote with your conscience would be when there was a caretaker leader.

    Dont understand the labour mps, maybe I am ignorant Westminster party political procedures.


      Last nights vote signalled the death knell of the Labour party in my eyes.

      Some of the old brigade, like John Mcdonnell, had clear views on Harriet Harmans treachery to the working poor and disabled…………..

      Labour backbencher John McDonnell made his distaste for the government’s proposed welfare bill clear when he told MPs that he would “swim through vomit” to oppose it.

      Amid the five-hour debate over the bill, which is designed to cut welfare spending by £12 billion, the MP for Hayes and Harlington announced:

      “I would swim through vomit to vote against this bill. And listening to some of the nauseating speeches in support of it, I might have to.”
      The words, Red Tory’s, seem to make more sense now, as the party that is supposed to represent the working classes pushed a knife into their backs and twisted it with a vengeance.

      Harman must now defect to the Conservative party, the party that has always encompassed her true values in life. She would prove an asset to their bench of vitriolic backstabbers that put themselves before anyone else.
      If i was Jack Dromey, Labour MP for Erdington, Birmingham and.Harman’s husband, i don’t think i could face my constituents ever again, the shame would be too heavy to handle……………

      “Mind you, with the new ten grand rise, who gives a fuck about those who get trampled and left behind, the poor and infirm, or those on the list of hidden dead”…………………………..



        Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign in Defence of Disability Rights

        Tonight, we will be naming and shaming (as if they had any) all the ‪#‎RedTories‬ who ABSTAIN on the Tory Welfare Bill.


          PeteWishartMP @theSNP to #Bercow

          : “Can I suggest to Mr. Speaker that we change places so that we sit in the benches of the Official Opposition?”


            The family of a dead man has received an apology after being asked to return £41 of his benefits because it was paid in the four days after his death.

            The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) wrote to Chae Bennett’s family acknowledging his death and asked for the money back.

            Mr Bennett, 21, from Barry, was found dead on 15 April.

            His family called the move “despicable” and the DWP has confirmed it has waived the request.

            Mr Bennett’s mother, Rachel Degaetano, 45, said: “I just cried and then I was angry. I think it’s disrespectful.”

            The letter from the DWP and addressed to Mrs Degaetano said it was “sorry to hear” of her son’s death, explained overpayments can be made in these situations and fully accepted “such payments are not made as a result of anyone’s fault”.

            It added: “We hope you appreciate that when public funds are incorrectly paid, we are obliged to ask for them to be refunded.”

            • How can that be when benefits are usually paid (fortnightly) in arrears would have thought the payment belonged to the deceased person’s estate.

          • I thought they were supposed to better the country instead of playing musical chairs and feathering their own nests with a 10% pay increase.

        • ‪#‎WelfareBill‬: ONLY 48 Good Men and Women Left in The ‪#‎Labour‬ Party – Here are the names of those who voted AGAINST cuts that will further agonise our poorest citizens:

          Diane Abbott

          Debbie Abrahams

          David Anderson

          Richard Burgon

          Dawn Butler

          Ann Clwyd

          Jeremy Corbyn

          Geraint Davies

          Peter Dowd

          Paul Flynn

          Mary Glindon

          Roger Godsiff

          Helen Goodman

          Margaret Greenwood

          Louise Haigh

          Carolyn Harris

          Sue Hayman

          Imran Hussain

          Gerald Jones

          Helen Jones

          Sir Gerald Kaufman

          Sadiq Khan

          David Lammy

          Ian Lavery

          Clive Lewis

          Rebecca Long Bailey

          Andy McDonald

          John McDonnell

          Liz McInnes

          Rob Marris

          Rachael Maskell

          Michael Meacher

          Ian Mearns

          Madeleine Moon

          Grahame Morris

          Kate Osamor

          Teresa Pearce

          Marie Rimmer

          Paula Sherriff

          Tulip Siddiq

          Dennis Skinner

          Cat Smith

          Jo Stevens

          Graham Stringer

          David Winnick

          Iain Wright

          Daniel Zeichner


          Kelvin Hopkins (Teller)

          • I’m disgusted with my MP, I thought she was better than this, and certainly my correspondence with her led me to believe otherwise, but now I cannot vote for her again.

          • Perhaps the 48 should consider breaking away from the now totally fucked and defunct party that still has the gall to call itself the Labour Party and combining to form a real party of the left, one that will actually stand up for people who are poor, homeless, unemployed, sick, and disabled.

          • Labour R fucked

            48/326 is pretty dismal. Can’t see Harriet Harperson, Blair or Milliand’s Monolith in here – who would have thought!

      • @Geoff
        That’s why I paid my £3 to become a Labour supporter and can vote for Jeremy Corbyn. The sight of JC and The Beast of Bolsover pasting Camoron and Gidiot all over the Commons would be a sight for sore eyes.


          ………Watched the beast tear into Jeremy Cunt, i think yesterday.

          He made me feel so proud, telling him he ought to wrap in ……….

          The debate was about the health service and Dennis got into his ribs about the wanton waste of money being spent on agency nurses while ours endure pay freezes and meagre incomes.

          Up to now Pete, i like everything that Corbyn has said, seems like the old school.

          One can only hope Pete and as JBS has said, maybe it is time to break ranks and form a new party.

          • overburdenddonkey

            a no confidence petition, still live, to parl re JH has achieved 100000 sigs in 2 days…. the nhs aren’t happy with his meddling…

  125. overburdenddonkey

    ‘When we wrote a report on experiences of sanctions in Dundee last year we found at least 16 people who had been sanctioned through Triage, mainly for missed appointments that they had never been informed about. The PCS claims that you are many times more likely to be sanctioned on the Work Programme than to find a sustained job.’


      The DWP are just up to their old tricks again, they use Triage as a means to administer sanctions to move the blame from themselves. Much in the way they utilised a french multinational, ATOS, to steal bonafide disability benefits.
      By passing the blame it takes the heat from them and directs it elsewhere.

      Sadly the DWP are struggling to pass the buck on claimant welfare deaths, inevitably it will fall into the lap of Dunko the Clown, but he is to thick to realise the stooge will have to accept full responsibility.

      Soon the smiles will turn to fear as the reality of his heinous crimes, come to haunt him.

      Anybody who laughs and cheers at the misfortunes, hardship and deaths that they have ultimately caused, will fall on the sword sooner or later……..

  126. Diane Abbott, the Labour MP and a candidate for the party’s nomination for the London mayoral contest, told BBC News this morning that Harriet Harman, the acting Labour leader, “miscalculated” when she ordered Labour MPs to abstain on the main welfare bill vote last night.

    “This is a bad bill. It will force 330,000 children into poverty, it actually reduces work incentives and, far from the party being split on it, outside of Westminster I think Labour supporters are pretty united and think this is a bad bill which we have to oppose.

    I think the underlying sentiment, even inside Westminster, is against the bill. I think Harriet miscalculated the amount of opposition to the welfare bill, we’ll have a new leader in September and I believe that new leader will find a position around which we can all unite.”

    She also said the Tories did not have an electoral mandate for their changes.

    “They haven’t got a mandate because whenever they were asked ‘what cuts are you going to make?’ they refused to be specific, because they knew that if they said what they were going to do it would be wildly unpopular … It’s one thing to talk about cuts in welfare in the abstract, it’s another thing when people realise it’s going to hit real families and real children.”

    The Guardian – 21st July 2015 – 10.43


      ………………..Abbot should have taken the reins, i honestly hope Harriet Iscariot is sent packing.

      • overburdenddonkey

        it gets better… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-33610801
        Save £20bn, George Osborne tells Whitehall departments….


          Mr Osborne has already unveiled £12bn of welfare savings plus £5bn of tax avoidance measures – which together with the £20bn of departmental spending cuts make up the £37bn figure earmarked to get government finances back in the black.

          Today I want you to imagine what you would cut from your lifestyle if told that your income would fall by either 25% or 40%, after adjusting for inflation, over the next four years.

          “tell Judge Mark Rowland that i am erecting a gallows at home”


          They have privatised the WCA and the jobcentre work, the pensions part will be sold off as soon as they arrange for their city friends to swoop in for the kill.
          Watch for ministers and top civil servants jumping ship just before the acquisition………..

          like Shithouse, Bill Gunnyeon to MAXIMUS


          • GEOFF REYNOLDS

            Imagine the Hedge fund cowboys with citizens pension funds. One fucked transaction, one hair brained gamble by a City of London spiv and “BINGO”…………………………your future nest egg has gone up shit creek!


  127. NLP was discredited by the great and the good more than 30 years ago and is viewed as pseudoscience. However, look on the bright side (excuse the positive thinking twaddle) – such quacksalvery in the Jobcentre will at least give astrologers credence.

  128. I’ve just been on – http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/ – to check out the server status for startsmilingagain.com and http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/ is returning a 404 error for that website.

    So, the charlatan is not giving us the truth over his website being under maintenance when in fact it is no longer available on the hosted cloudfare server. I reckon either the DWP/JCP and/or some former paying customer has got the wind up over those statements spouted by the weasel rahman.

    * The HTTP 404 Not Found Error means that the webpage you were trying to reach could not be found on the server. It is a Client-side Error which means that either the page has been removed or moved and the URL was not changed accordingly, or that you typed in the URL incorrectly

  129. Forgetting Psychobabble Excrement and Brainwashing what is Clear to
    Anyone with Common Sense and Human Decency is that it is Not the
    Poor and Vulnerable who are the Scroungers but the I Am All Right Jack
    Already Rich wherever Millionaires with their Tax Breaks and MPS on the
    Expenses Gravytrain

    The Lack of Anger about this Cuckooland State of Affairs show what
    Zombies there are out There

  130. The 21st of July Mark’s the Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Claus von Stauffenberg in 1944 AD.

    This took Place in Berlin and was over the Attempt to Rid Germany of the Tyrant Adolf Hitler 20th of July 1944 AD Rastenburg East Prussia .

    His Stand is in Contrast to the Spinelessness of Oppression Collaborators and the Spineless ” Silent Majority ” who Failed to Resolutely Oppose
    the Nazi Regime

  131. Greenwood4727

    Some informationa about that place.. and Look at the address on google maps…Name & Registered Office:
    NP12 0AU
    Company No. 09523989

  132. Penylan Stores House comes up with I. C. B. Electrical Services


  133. This is something interesting that I have come across on the interweb


    It seems that the snake charmer wants to be one of those ‘faith healers’ that the America is full of. Nothing more than hypnosis guiding mind over matter used by them, and it looks like the charlatan is trying the same hypnosis techniques on the ‘unwell’ with the blessing of the DWP.

  134. * Completely Off-topic*

    Anyways, I’ve been e-mailed this morning about my Windows 10 free upgrade (July 29th launch day) that I reserved some weeks back. I won’t be around here then, moaning about the government and other things for a few days during my computer’s upgrade and many other things I will need to fiddle with, the likes of iTunes and 100s of Mozilla Firefox tweaks I have done.

    • Fen Tiger – I’m sticking with Windows 7 – but then again Windows 10 is probably much better than Windows 8!

    • Fen

      Watch out – Windows 10 huh? You have NO control – updates [whatever Mictrosoft deems you the user MUST have will be poured down your throat – wether you like it or not].

      Own your PC? Own Windows 7?

      Not new all controling Windows 10.
      Say hello to subscription [i.e. pay per month from what I hear in the near future – some say it’ll be years, but rememer we are talking about Microsoft whose slogan is “Embrace New software, Extend the software over the protest of the Original Owner, Extinguish the Software and replace with Microsoft own… your for a price]

      Truly a Capatalist Company in name and action

      • Gazza – Yes, I was suspicious when the offer for a free update to windows 10 appeared on my pc. Needless to say, the offer will remain unaccepted by me. I can’t seem to delete the offer though…

        • Cannot delete?

          Why am I not surprised? just wait for it to be updated in such a way as to make it easy to mistakenly choose it.

          You know its going to happen.

          Me I use Linux Mint, love it – free to download, free to update, install WINE and use KingsoftOffice/LibreOffice and no need at all for MS.

          Oh and so much more stable. Last Laptop had Vista – the worst ever MS operating system.

    • Windows XP still works fine and dandy with none of this crap! An operating system is an operating system is an operating system…

  135. sian – “These bad boys weren’t bad either!!!” Yeah, just like the clinically depressed boys and girls weren’t clinically depressed either.

  136. By Failing to Oppose Tory Tyranny Many are No Better than Nazi Collaborators

    There are Parallels between Tory Britain and the Third Reich when One Looks at the Victimisation of the Poor and Vulnerable and the Collaboration by Non Resistance of the Spineless Majority

    Britain Flipping Well Wake Up from the Zombie Trance

  137. Decent People do Not Vote Tory Nutcase Austerity or get Brainwashed
    by Hate Rags called ” Newspapers ”

    Gormless Grotesque and Out of Touch Evil Scum

    wildthing666 | July 19, 2015 at 12:13 pm | Reply

    First sign of insanity is believing anything the government says. The second is acting on the first. So there must be millions of daily mail readers out there that believe everything the Tory twats say judging by some of the comments they allow on their pages designed to incite hatred of sick & disabled plus the unemployed.

  138. Tory Nutcase Excrement such as this PsychoBabble Brainwashing
    Mind Control has to be Opposed

    The Grotesque British Public might be Happy with Oppression and
    Slavery but Decent People and Human Decency is Not

    Oppose PyschoBabble Pahlava from Tory Regime Stooges

  139. Oh I’ve always been deaf, when I went to school they gave me hearing aids and other special microphones, just so I could learn, now I just have hearing aids that improve my hearing for one to one or small group conversations, but don’t satisfy the requirements of employers, I begged the JCP to help me gain some extra equipment that may help me find a job, but they said you may (emphasis on may) get help with staying in a job, only you have to get one first. So I gave up, I now live with relatives, otherwise I’d be wandering the streets or dead by now.

  140. I suspect the industrial shredders in the bowels of Caxton House are overheating with all the use. There’s no way Duncan Smith will allow the publication of data that will lead to his arrest and arraignment.

  141. Labour are in total ideological meltdown the spent force in British politics, it really does not look good for them.

  142. Is this a response record?

  143. ‘New MPs’ petitions committee won’t accept pleas from popular websites with millions of users’




    ……………………..and more to come following George’s attack on the poorest.

    A father who died of horrific neck injuries from an electric saw had studied diagrams in a human biology book shortly before turning the machine on and killing himself.

    He seemingly wanted to make sure he inflicted the horrifying injuries on himself in the right place, an inquest heard this morning.

    He was a “kind, caring man” but health problems, bereavements and possible changes to his benefits became “too much for him”.

    Glenn Harris, 55, of Freeston Street, Cleethorpes, died at his home on February 10.

    An inquest at Cleethorpes Town Hall was told that paramedics and the police were called in after his son and a brother-in-law could not get a reply from his home.

    A family member forced entry and found the body of father-of-two Mr Harris slumped on the floor.

    There was blood splattered around the walls and ceiling and he had suffered serious injuries around his neck from an electric saw, which was near his body and was still plugged in.

    His ex-wife, Gayle Harris, told the inquest that he was very worried about proposed benefit changes and this had a “profound effect” on his state of mind.

    He did not want to go and see a doctor again about his medical problems and told her: “I can’t go through all this again.”

    She added: “He looked absolutely dreadful. He said he had not eaten for two days. He was very shaky.

    “He was panicking about these benefit letters. He looked so poorly.”

    He was also depressed because his sister had died in December and he had also lost his mother.

    Mrs Harris said that, when her son could not get an answer at the door, she “had a funny feeling” that something was wrong, so she suggested: “Bust the door in.”

    Mr Harris had not left a suicide note but there was a manual that was open, showing diagrams of the cardio-vascular system, the inquest heard.

    Coroner Paul Kelly concluded that Cleethorpes-born Mr Harris, a former Findus process worker, took his own life.

    He said that Mr Harris suffered a “deteriorating picture of mental health” and was “becoming increasingly affected by adverse life events” including possible benefit changes.

    “The injuries from which he died needed to be organised and planned even up to the point of him obtaining a book of human biology in order to examine where, if he was going to inflict serious injuries, it should be,” said Mr Kelly.

    “It was unfortunate that he was unable to live with the problems that were beginning to overtake him.”

    After the hearing, Mrs Harris told the Grimsby Telegraph that her ex-husband was a “kind, caring man” who wanted to work

    image: http://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/icon1.png
    but could not do so because of his medical conditions, including an auto-immune illness, lupus and other matters.

    The deaths of his two sisters and mother were another factor in his state of mind and it was “too much for him”.

    She added that the manner of his death was shocking and asked: “How does anybody do something like that?

    “I don’t think anybody can believe it. I think it’s a little bit unique really.”

    He had, shortly before his death, gone shopping and done other tasks that he would normally do on that day of the week, she said.

    “He was a very kind, loyal, caring man,” said Mrs Harris.

    “I never, ever in all the 30-odd years, heard him say anything wrong about anyone. He always said something kind.”

    She had known him since 1981. They were married in 1987 and separated in 1997 but remained on good terms.

    Have your say

    Read more at http://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/Dad-used-electric-saw-life-worried-benefit/story-27455462-detail/story.html#4jFLV4YOCFP6SgKH.99


      …………..”Don’t forget to include this poor soul in your report, Mr Smith”

      She added: “He looked absolutely dreadful. He said he had not eaten for two days. He was very shaky.

      “He was panicking about these benefit letters. He looked so poorly.”

  145. ‘Leon Brittan among senior Westminster figures named in new child abuse files’



    Is there any wonder the govt are trying to overturn the remit of the freedom of information act, Bob………………
    The cabinet office ministers who originally held back the requested information should be named and shamed because they are covering for someone higher up the chain of paedos, someone in a high ranking position.
    It’s strange how key pieces of evidence go walkabout all the time, mind you, even Saville was hosting drinks parties in his flat with key police figures.

    Edwina Currie got him the keys to go on to abuse kids in lock up, she was also shagging Major…………………..

    There is some sinister figures in our police, judiciary and ministerial, and we both know who they are. Trouble is they are only exposed after death like kiddyfiddler fat Cyril.
    More revelations came out a couple of months back about Jersey care homes and more kiddies bodies will inevitably turn up sometime.

    At present i am reading George Bradshaws Railway guide wearing a lemon jacket……………..

    • @GEOFF Govt Borough councils religious institutions social workers social services the list goes on and on bent cops it’s lengthy and security plods.

      And goddard is going to whitewash the whole lot

  147. UJ & SS. A winning combo.
    ‘Customer Relationship Manager’ – hmm.
    Perhaps this is Karma as now the only place for them to reasonably advertise is on the UJ non-job site.

  148. How politicians learned the power of the gentle nudge

    The bbc only see goofy baby elephants in the news room, not a rogue DWP trampling the corpses underfoot.

  149. overburdenddonkey

    btw bob behaviourism is govt policy so it’s no surprise that they use behaviourists to carry it out…

  150. OT – Pass the sick bag – advert for UC call centre job:
    DWP/526/15 Universal Credit Centre Telephony Agent/Account Developer

    Department for Work and Pensions

    Closing date: 24 Jul 2015
    Return to search results
    Reference number
    £16,760 (pro rata for part time) – £19,485 (Pro rata for part time)
    Administrative Officer
    Post type
    Fixed Term
    Length of employment
    Up to 18 months with an option for DWP to convert this to a permanent appointment.
    Business area
    DWP Operations – Universal Credit
    Type of role
    Operational Delivery
    Working pattern
    This/these jobs are available for full-time, part-time or flexible working arrangements (including job share arrangements)
    Number of posts
    SiteGlasgow Service Centre, 96 Milton Street, Glasgow
    About the job
    Job description
    This vacancy is open at Stage 4 – External Recruitment.

    We are looking for people who are customer focused, with the right skills, commitment and capability to deliver an exceptional public service. If you have a genuine dedication to a public service department that makes a real difference to the lives of others you will find great satisfaction in working with us.

    The Universal Credit Telephony Agent / Account Developer roles are more than simply call handlers or processing agents. These roles offer you an exciting opportunity to shape and be at the heart of the Government’s innovative Welfare Reform agenda, in particular the flagship Universal Credit.

    What is Universal Credit?
    Universal Credit is a new single payment for people who are looking for work or on a low income. Universal Credit will help claimants and their families to become more independent and will simplify the benefits system by bringing together a range of working-age benefits into a single payment.
    For more information please visit: https://www.gov.uk/universal-credit

    Department for Work and Pensions Context:
    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is responsible for welfare, pensions and child maintenance policy. As the UK’s biggest public service department it administers a range of working age, disability, ill health benefits and the State Pension to over 22 million claimants and customers.

    DWP is responsible for helping people move into employment, supporting pensioners and protecting some of the most vulnerable in our society.

    Position Overview:
    You will provide excellent customer service in a fast paced service centre task and telephony environment, supporting a diverse range of working age customers. You will deal efficiently and effectively with a wide range of new claims and changes to Universal Credit and complex customer enquiries using a range of secure computer systems.

    •You will play a key role in supporting both the Department’s and the Universal Credit (UC) aim that digital will become the primary contact channel for all claimant services.
    •You will work collaboratively and build strong and proactive working relationships with colleagues in all parts of DWP.
    •You will provide a quality service by understanding the end-to-end claimant journey, appreciating where your role fits in and identifying the right actions and interventions to best support UC claimants and your colleagues.
    •You will uphold the principles of Social Justice at all times; by supporting claimants through difficult times, offering them sound advice and providing them with the relevant tools you will enable them to transform their lives for the better.
    •You will provide the telephony service to UC claimants, set up their new claim or action change of circumstances and help claimants get online or resume their online new claim.
    •You will make and receive telephone calls from claimants and resolve their queries.

    Essential Criteria:

    •A good standard of literacy and numeracy.
    •The ability to communicate by phone; prior telephony/Contact Centre experience is desirable but not essential.
    •The ability to communicate well with a wide range of diverse people/customers.
    •The ability to understand complex information and give explanations to people/customers.
    •The ability to navigate a range of computer systems to action tasks and telephony queries on customer calls.
    •The ability to handle tricky and difficult situations with people/customers.

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    …………….a disabled persons account of the most vile bastard that ever walked this earth………….

  153. Dear DWP who are currently “Smiling Again” (Sic) and Mr Justin “I am also Smiling Again” Tomlinson

    I am more than happy to point out the followinig to you all:

    a] the website citing the main claims of “Start Smiling Again” and its owner
    David Rahman who I am sure is “Smiling Again”, have a little little problem with that, seeing as it has gone AWOL and even if it comes back – as it was I believe cited on camera by Mr Justin “I am also Smiling Again” Tomlinson is the Contract not now Null and Void?

    b] as a result of the above, I would not be surprised if someone reports this to the police as fraud – has DWP not done so yet? [see c] and d] below]

    c] via Police claimed fraud on the public purse – citing commerial privalage will be interesting to watch

    d] I hope with your fidicury duties DWP Press office [yes I’m talking to you now] has taken the time to do the above. Ooooppppsss you haven’t? Oh Dear.

    e] I’ve already listed the problems .Gov faces personally from the use of such services – with c] above it enters a new area. Good Luck there.

    f] finally the contract. Welll the contract was signed under the old BOGUS reasons, that does make this fraud. DWP see b], c], d] & e]. Internal investigation of those who promoted it? Advanced it to award stage? Who signed it?

    Well I must be off to “Start Smiling Again”, as I am feeling sad about the above.

    But remember – we’re all in it together.

  154. Greenwood4727

    More information, apparently looking at the business start smiling again, its got a new address 12 Birchgrove Rd, Swansea, West Glamorgan SA7 9JR once again its another residential area same place as Oaktree Park Clinic Beauty Consultants and Little People Day Nursery Childcare Services

    • Our missing charlatan is moving to different addresses on an (almost) daily basis. What the flying fuck has he got to hide from us all if he cannot stay in one place for more than five minutes.

      People are being thrown off the trail when it comes to demanding their money back for ‘happy life’ coaching from someone with no more experience and qualifications that all those nutjobs running the DWP. I bet they are still using his ‘services’ to force people into accepting that life is a bed of roses and that being happy counts more than losing your job or benefits.

    • Little People Day Nursery Childcare Services –

      Fucking creepy if we find out that medical lunatic Rahman is trying to brainwash young children into believing his dangerous nonsense is acceptable.

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  156. Looks like there is some confusion among mental health professionals about whether these schemes are ethical, they seem to be saying the right things as organisations but it’s an open question as to what their members are doing. More information from a mental health blogger


  157. overburdenddonkey

    from bbc’s andrew kerr on twitter…. ‘Scottish Secretary David Mundell opens food bank in Dumfries. Crowd chant “shame on you” as they chase his car.’

  158. Google link-

    Bereaved mother and her teenage daughter evicted after failing to keep up with bedroom tax payments – Wales Online
    WalesOnline‎ – 19 hours ago

    Amanda Williams and her daughter 17-year-old daughter were escorted out of their Cardiff …


    We can’t find the page:


    The file could not be found for a number of reasons such as the file being moved or deleted. Please check your spelling and if you still can’t get to the right page try either using the Search Box below or heading to the homepage for a look around.

    If you still have problems, try emailing feedback@walesonline.co.uk and we’ll do what we can to help you. Click here to get back to where you came from.

  159. David Mundell, Scottish Secretary and the Tories’ only MP in Scotland, has today opened a foodbank in Dumfries:



  160. overburdenddonkey

    ‘The STUC’s Ian Tasker said: “Welfare reform is affecting people in and out of work as benefits are being cut. It is strange that despite a lot of evidence to the contrary that Mundell still holds the position that welfare cuts do not lead to increased food bank use.’

  161. Abstaining from the Bill is Not Right There Needed to be a No Vote
    against the Poxy Bill

    Britain Need’s to be a Land of Social Justice Not a Tinpot Tory Totalitarian

    Who can People turn to if there is Poxy No Opposition ?

  162. The Busy Bees

    This Rahman cunt has stirred up a right hornet’s nest with the amount of responses he has generated. Small wonder his website, Facebook and Twitter account have gone AWOL.

  163. overburdenddonkey

    s n
    6bntrl surely….

  164. overburdenddonkey

    anyway i wonder if these advocates of blog freespeech would leave their doors and windows open to let anyone in and have tv’s etc that could never be turned off….

  165. overburdenddonkey

    ‘If only Labour had someone like Nicola Sturgeon, a social democrat with similar politics to Mr Corbyn but who is also deadly serious about power and is a brilliant communicator. It’s worth remembering that, in The Herald/TNS poll after the TV debates, Ms Sturgeon emerged as the most popular leader, not just in Scotland but in the UK.
    But even assuming he loses, Mr Corbyn has already won a significant victory by demonstrating that values of collective security, nuclear disarmament, wealth redistribution and social welfare are still viable in the Labour party.
    Perhaps Mr Corbyn has shown that Scotland is not such a special case after all. Metropolitan commentators often dismiss the SNP success as identity politics, anti-English nationalism. But as Mhairi Black made clear in her Commons maiden speech – which has been viewed more than 10 million times – that nationalism had very little to do with the SNP’s recent success.
    The SNP tsunami was all about politics: rejection of the Westminster consensus on low taxation, austerity, welfare cuts and nuclear defence.’
    the now clear and growing uk consensus is that people want massive political change in the uk…..

  166. overburdenddonkey

    https://archive.is/l8kEE angry protesters chase tory out of town…

  167. The one area of 1990s Labour radicalism that did endure, paradoxically, was devolution. The creation of the Scottish Parliament in 1999 opened a new space in UK politics that has allowed these social democratic ideas to be revived in a new context. In a sense, Holyrood fulfilled the Blair mission statement.

    lol overburdenddonkey possibly the worst re-post ever.

    The SNP will lose their political potency if it ever gets out that they are Macwhirter’s closet British Socialist Party.

    • overburdenddonkey

      don’t know what you mean labour had to be dragged kicking and screaming to set it up as the tories passed the but the UN stepped in, and insisted a scot parl was created…best i examine your posts more closely then…

      Click to access story.pdf

  168. ‘Mithu Rahman, 32, a GP, of Cardiff Bay, enjoyed an alternative takeaway from the Vegetarian Food Studio with friends David Rahman, 39, a website director, and optometrist, Abid Rahman, 32, a civil servant, Michael Lewis, 32, a civil servant’


  169. Hotel owner Shamsul Arefin jailed for trafficking workers

    Arefin’s crimes were described as a “clear case of modern day slavery”.

    “Human trafficking can come in many forms and as prosecutors we are committed to doing all we can do eradicate it from Scotland.”

    Is there a commitment to prosecuting the DWP/JCP for the human trafficking of workfare slaves in Scotland?


    Horseshit it most certainly is. You cannot cure someone with genetic brain development disorders simply by telling them to “cheer up” or “think positive” “you’re being too negative” etc. Patronising bastards.

  171. Lifestyle 'Guru'

    Let’s all pull together and make it 700 responses…. come on team 😀

  172. Lifestyle 'Guru'

    Come on, nearly there… get responding….

  173. Lifestyle 'Guru'

    Only three more to go… let’s see you all put in a big effort… go, go, go….

  174. Lifestyle 'Guru'

    Come on team…. we can make it… only two to go…

  175. Lifestyle 'Guru'

    Only one to go…. one big final push team… let’s make it 700 responses 😀

  176. Lifestyle 'Guru'

    Phew! 700 responses 🙂 What a fantastic effort! 😀 Well done team! 😀 Have a custard cream on me 😀

  177. An article from 2005 in which an ex-BBC Radio 4 newsreader speaks out about being forced to take part in horse-shit ‘team-building’ exercises:

    Even the BBC is at this horse-shit

  178. They sound like miracle workers, can cure mental health problems, hope they can cure me! 😉

  179. They sound like miracle workers for us mental helath sufferers, hope they can cure me of my problems! 😉

  180. Another stick to beat the mentally ill with, Thatcher must be laughing her sick arse off in Hell!

  181. Another way to patronise and hammer the mentally ill!

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  183. Suddenly the Ministry of Silly Walks looks like a sensible government department. Depression is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, not a failure to regularly sing ‘zip a-dee doo dah’. I find it appalling that someone lacking in medical credentials has been handed taxpayers money, to ‘assist’ the ill.

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  185. If the DWP forces anyone to engage in this drivel, they should bombard their MP, local papers, bloggers and anyone else who will listen to them. This sort of thing is not acceptable – and it’s an unacceptable waste of people’s money.

  186. I see he offers free consultations. I wonder what would happen if alot of people took him up on this offer…

  187. Another hack claiming to cure the uncurable, just wait for the court cases to pile up

  188. download The Expendables 3 for free online

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