Fuck The Tories – The Fight To Save Social Security Gets Bigger Every Day


Fighting back against the bastards has never been more important, so here’s an updated list of some of the groups taking action against social security reforms.  This list is far from exhaustive – apologies to those I’ve missed – feel free to post up links to any other claimant groups, websites and facebook groups in the comments. There’s more of us than ever now, keep spreading the word and get involved.

This blog will be taking a break until late August.

National Groups

Boycott Workfare – fighting forced labour and unpaid work:  http://www.boycottworkfare.org/ also on facebook and twitter @boycottworkfare

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) – National group who’ve organised many actions in London and elsewhere including blockading Oxford Street and occupying the DWP: http://www.dpac.uk.net/  Join the facebook group or follow them on twitter @Dis_PPL_Protest

DPAC also have a network of local groups – for local contact details visit: http://www.dpac.uk.net/contact-details-for-local-dpac-groups/

Black Triangle Campaign – involved in organising protests throughout Scotland against the Work Capability Assessment and Welfare Reform as well as lobbying and campaigning work: http://blacktrianglecampaign.org/  Also have a facebook page and are on twitter @blacktriangle1

Mental Health Reistance Network – Called the recent protest against the re-location of mental health services in Streatham Jobcentre and have promised more action is to come, on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mental-Health-Resistance-Network/479666938752033

Carer Watch – resisting the constant attacks on Carers, visit their website and follow them on twitter @CarerWatch

UNITE Community Union – the attitude of UNITE’s leadership to claimants has been woeful but there has been some great work achieved by local groups throughout the UK, for more info visit: http://www.unitetheunion.org/growing-our-union/communitymembership/unitecommunityactivegroups/

Local Groups

Birmingham Against the Cuts – not just benefits related but have organised lots around welfare: http://birminghamagainstthecuts.wordpress.com/

Brighton Benefits Campaign – long running campaign which organises regular actions and protests: http://brightonbenefitscampaign.wordpress.com/

Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty – another long running campaign, lots of info on their website at: http://edinburghagainstpoverty.org.uk/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Edinburgh-Coalition-Against-Poverty/181015481950367

Haringey Solidarity Group – Long running local group, very active against workfare: http://www.haringey.org.uk/

Ipswich Unemployed Action – long running group with a recommended website at: https://intensiveactivity.wordpress.com/

Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group – hold weekly meetings, organise protests and regularly picket Jobcentres, more info at: http://kilburnunemployed.blogspot.co.uk/

Leamington Claimants’ Union have a website and seem to be recruiting new members: http://lcu.iopan.co.uk/

London Coalition Against Poverty – long running umbrella group campaigning on a range of issues: http://www.lcap.org.uk/

Norwich Claimants’ UnionOn facebook and more details at: http://www.norwichclaimants.org/

Poor Side of Life – blogging and organising around Ashton Under lyne Jobcentre, details at: https://thepoorsideoflife.wordpress.com/

Winvisible – Women With Visible and Invisible Disabilities – based in Crossroads Women’s Centre, Kentish Town: http://www.winvisible.org/


Benefit Claimants Fightback – facebook group for all claimants and supporters, ask to join at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/116432071735566/

Kate Belgrave – stories from the front line of welfare reforms, on twitter @hangbitch and at: http://www.katebelgrave.com/

Welfare Weekly – comprehensive social security news, on facebook and at http://www.welfareweekly.com/

DWP Examination forum – friendly forum for all those struggling with the WCA and welfare reform: http://www.dwpexamination.org/

Unemployment Movement Forum – forum for all things claimant related: http://unemploymentmovement.com/forum/index

ilegal – fighting to rescue social welfare law: http://ilegal.org.uk/

Refuted – Your rights on sanctions, workfare, mandated activity and more, on twitter @refuted and at: https://wwwrefuteddotorgdotuk.wordpress.com/

Disability News Service – regular news on disability and social security, on twitter @johnpringdns and visit: http://www.disabilitynewsservice.com/

Disability Defence – Facebook group fighting for disabled people’s rights: http://www.facebook.com/groups/disabilitydefence/

Respect for the Unemployed and Benefit Claimants – long running facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/25024876259/

Other claimant related blogs and websites include Where’s The Benefit, Same Difference, Slutocracy, Joe Halewood, Vox Political, WOW Petition, Jayne Linney, AAV, Crippen  and Keep Volunteering Voluntary – please put a link to yours in the comments.


There are too many groups fighting against social cleansing, gentrification and housing benefit cuts to mention in this post but in London some of the main campaigns are Focus E15, Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth, Streets Kitchen, Radical Housing Network, Action East End, Reclaim Brixton, Reclaim Hackney, Sweets Way Resists and Eviction Resistance.

Other related national groups

Class War – stood candidates at the recent elections including challenging Iain Duncan Smith in his Chingford constituency.  Have consistently supported action by claimants and organised protests against the notorious Poor Doors in East London.  Class War are on facebook and twitter @ClassWar2015

Solidarity Federation – Not specifically a claimant group but have run national campaigns against workfare including forcing Holland & Barrett to stop using unpaid labour – for all details: http://www.solfed.org.uk/

International Workers of the World (IWW) – One big union supporting all workers and claimants.  Have been particularly active against welfare reforms in Liverpool and Scotland.  For local branches and details of how to join visit: https://www.iww.org.uk/

Other national groups which have been involved in action against welfare reform include UK Uncut, Occupy, Anarchist Federation, People’s Assembly and the Right to Work Campaign.

That’s all for a bit folks, enjoy the Summer.

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730 responses to “Fuck The Tories – The Fight To Save Social Security Gets Bigger Every Day

  1. but we still got 5 more years of the Tories 5 more years of hell you cant change that no matter how much you protest and blog or put up facebook pages, so what are we going to do in this next 5 years more cuts more attacks on sick disabled driven into suicide.

    • overburdenddonkey

      you can only do what you can to resist as best you can, is all…
      have a good break j v, many brilliant posts and thanks for everything you’ve done… 🙂

    • Another voice

      Pay up £3 and vote for some actual opposition and hope at the next election in Jeremy Corbyn:


      • overburdenddonkey

        labour are now getting in a right tis over their invitation to pay 3 quid to get a vote….

        • So much for democracy. The Labour Party hates it.

          • overburdenddonkey

            no, they don’t like their place @ the trough threatened do they…!

            • We now have Michael Forsyth, ffs, saying that the Smurph and Wee Dougie Alexander should stand for Holyrood next year in order to save the union.

              Yeah, bring it on – Margaret Curran, too. Let’s see the mealy-mouthed gits being humiliated again.

              • overburdenddonkey

                yep, we don’t want for lack of entertainment in scotland that’s for sure….
                flogging the ‘saving the union’, dead horse, imo they need bereavement counselling…

    • Well said… tho I’m trying to blog their attemps at harm/murder on me, and the corrupt blind-eye turning from the rest of their gangs…(can’t think of anything else to get them off my back).

      As for the hot air blowers –


    • James Gasekll

      Hey Cleft Palutt, don’t underestimate people power. At the moment there are less police and armed forces available to quell public disorder than ever before in the UK. Anarco groups are right. The next wave of street protest over the way people are being treated in this country will be massive. What’s coming will make the fucking poll tax riots back in day look like a kids tea party.

      • Another voice

        I would not be holding out hope for that. Nothing major happened in the last 5 years, save the London riots early into the Coalition, and the squeeze only got tighter. What major austerity policies were reversed in the last government as a result of campaign action?

        Cleft is right in his/her reflections, the cumulative effect so far has not been enough – it’s important to be realistic about that. Equally, it’s not an excuse to do nothing either.

      • @James Gaskell
        ………….while of course we will have to endure a British winter and if it’s a cold’n given the huge number of sanctioned having no food and heat, the Tories could face insurrection. Don’t forget those 5,000 machine rifles bought in by UK constabularies while despite what May says, Boris is keeping his water cannon washed and polished,

  2. rather-die-than-vote-tory

    Hi Johnny, thanks for the links & for your posts that helps keep my spirits up against this scum. Enjoy your break mate, you deserve it. Thanks Graham

    • Yeah Johnny, enjoy your month’s break in the sun-kissed Caribbean at hard-working blogpayer’s expense… 😉

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  4. there is very unfair.

    dident you know that ian duncan smith dies on the cross to save all our souls.

  5. ‘Sanction threat to health: Duncan Smith responds with lies’




      ……………..whatever she is involved in, boosts mortality statistics for the DWP……..

  6. Johnny – Hope you have a nice break and look forward to seeing you back.




    The DM must consider if the health of
    the person with the medical condition would
    decline more than a normal healthy adult. The DM should make this comparison
    based on a normal healthy adult who is in similar circumstances to the person
    with the medical condition.
    It would be usual for a normal healthy adult to suffer some deterioration in their
    health if they were without
    essential items, such as food,
    clothing, heating and accommodation
    sufficient money to buy essential items
    for a period of two weeks. See Appendix 6 to this Chapter for further guidance.
    The DM must determine if a person with a medical condition would suffer a
    decline in health than a normal healthy adult and would suffer hardship



      ……………………….ask yourselves, what the fuck is an ex commissioner of the department of social security doing, masquerading as an appeal court judge?

      This is not justice, just an extesion of their control on an ill thought out Eugenics programme that is seeing bodies build up on an unprecedented scale.

      The truth only remains hidden till somebody decides to speak out.

      Sooner than later, the truth will come out and those implicated will be named and shamed…………………..

      “i was only following orders, is wearing a bit thin”

  8. selling an item namely NHS which belongs to the public paid for through years upon years of taxes donation charity sponsorship all give from a public or even company source to be kept maintained and used for the public and to remain in publics hands only to be entrusted to a government to look after whilst there are in office. Which is selling off to private people is theft at its highest level and not just theft but a fraudulant government using its position to fraudulant change legislation to suit there greed with the NHS and public land buildings being sold on a massive scale to pay a nation debt which was caused from fraud in the first place and passed to the taxpayer all of which is all accountable to the government fraudsters. The police should and forced to arrest these people(whole of government) and they should be tried but the police in themselves are owned by by these same fraudsters by making the MET a corporation owned by the fraudsters to do there enforcement. Disgusting system we are forced to live by

  9. three generations

    Not so much fck-tories but fck-labour as labour take the bigger political hit for betraying the welfare state – the tories could never have assaulted the welfare state without labour complicity.

    The moves to dismantle the welfare state started way before the 2008 *crisis* did the post-war contract have a sunset clause.

  10. I am neither left wing or right wing and have never been very political but I just can’t understand how things are becoming so unbalanced in society ? large corporations the rich hammering the poor why ? It doesn’t make sense surely the people at the top want to live in a balanced society or has greed taken hold of them and the the Capitalist dogma of take take made large corporations blind to the needs of society . If I was rich now I would be very afraid that I was about to lose everything and anyway I would not want to live in a society where I pass hungry children and homeless and destitute people while I have my belly full and money to spare to buy goods I don’t really need ! I am not religious but sins are sins and greed is one of the worst !!

    • overburdenddonkey

      they know full well that they need us, we the people…they create complex mind games and scenarios to deny this to themselves…sins are sins and greed imo the worst….
      imv it would be best if the rich volunteered to pay extra taxes, but then again why should they get more per person resources in the 1st place….?



    Some 120,000 children whose parents work on low incomes will be “cast adrift” if the UK government changes its definition of child poverty, the social justice secretary has claimed.

    Alex Neil urged UK ministers to focus on the root causes of child poverty and not on redefining how it is measured.

    His comments came in a letter to the UK’s work and pensions secretary.

    The Department for Work and Pensions said eradicating child poverty was “an absolute priority”.

    A new way of measuring child poverty was announced by UK Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith earlier this month.

    ………………”nice to see someone with a modicum of sense opposing the views of a welfare claimant murderer”


      “jeremy corbyn on andrew marr, absolutely top class act by somebody who hates Tony Blair, just as much as the families that lost loved ones due to his lies……………………

        • WoS is wrong in its political assumption. any SNP attempt to resuscitate the left of the Labour Party as the head of a Frankenstein British Socialist Party will backfire.

          The SNP meddling in grass-roots English politics could be viewed as an abandonment of Scots independence for British federalism.

          • overburdenddonkey

            yes it’s speculative, but imv a fair assessment of the emergent demand for radical political change across the uk…
            the snp have as yet announced no plans to set up an affiliate r.uk party…

            yeah it could….and i strongly object to federalism….but again it’s up to us to be vigilant….there is no grass roots abandonment of indyscot that i can see, many people are still very raw….imv support and determination for indyscot is stronger than ever….

    • “A new way of measuring child poverty was announced by UK Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith earlier this month”

      There is only one way of measuring child poverty. Poverty is related to income, not how well anybody does academically.
      IDS has so much blood on his hands, as does Blair, Straw, et al, they now want to change the freedom of information act to try and deny the general public, access to their crimes against humanity.

      It is one thing to be ashamed of what they have done, but changing the boundaries to hide the crime is not a clever political move, it is moral suicide.

      Whilst on the subject of suicide, does anyone have an indication of Mr Smiths personal killing spree?

      • They’re definitely not ashamed; just don’t want to be shamed, or face any consequences & ‘the ends justify the means’ in their tiny pea-sized minds.

  12. Have a good break Jonny; we’ll miss you.

  13. Bercow defends £31,400 travel and accommodation expenses

    ◾£524 for an official car to travel to Canterbury to see Archbishop Justin Welby enthroned in March 2013
    ◾£172 for a drive to Carlton House Terrace, which is 0.7 miles from the Houses of Parliament, to open a conference on alternative and augmentative communication
    ◾£168 for a one-way car journey from King’s Cross station in London to Speaker’s House after a day trip to Leeds in July 2013
    ◾£367 for a drive to the University of Bedfordshire to deliver a lecture on reforming Parliament to ensure it was “a credible institution”
    ◾£44 in long distance calls from Mr Bercow’s room during a visit to Vienna in 2013
    ◾£158 for a car journey to Baroness Thatcher’s funeral at St Paul’s cathedral, 1.8 miles from the Commons, in April 2013


    Would be cheaper getting a helicopter to go 1 mile.

    • Some one is getting ripped off !!!

    • The Speaker also claimed £983.40 for a one-way drive from Halifax to London on 6 November 2014, for a parliamentary outreach event which seeks to spread awareness of and encourage engagement with Parliament.

      Mr Bercow’s “wait and return” car journey from the Commons to a state banquet at Buckingham Palace, which is about 0.8 miles away, on 3 March 2015 cost £126.72.

      He also submitted a claim for £138 for a return drive from the Commons to Battersea, London, where he and an aide attended an Education Outreach event on 11 September last year.

  14. ‘Lord Sewel quits as Lords deputy speaker after drug claims’


  15. What a sleazeball, he could of at least used a £50 note instead of a fiver.

    Lord Sleaze

    • Lord Sleaze Steps down. So Well Bye.

      The Sewel convention, which applies to the relationship between Westminster and the Scottish government, is named after him.

      He has been a member of the Lords since 1996 and is also a senior vice principal of the University of Aberdeen.

      In a recent blog for the Huffington Post, he said the Lords had taken “major steps” to “protect its reputation and punish misconduct by its members”.

      He highlighted the new power of peers to suspend for any length of time or expel a member who had misbehaved.

      • My induction at Learn About in Newport the other day to sign me up for my six months of slave labour on CWP comprised of filling in forms that had the Working Links logo on them. I was told that all the forms will be sent to Working Links. Learn About used to be based in Cardiff at the offices of the company that owns Learn About called ACT Training. The guy running the induction couldn’t explain why they were moved from that large building. I would say it was because the owner of ACT doesn’t want ACT to be linked to making money from forced workfare but still wants to make money from workfare. Because people see the working links logo and working links are mentioned at induction they tend to think that they must own Learn About. ACT Training were a well respected company but it looks like even they will do anything for profit. I wonder how many other companies are hiding workfare profits by fronting it with new companies.

        • Effectively Working Links are taking a ‘back-hander’ to allow their satanic 666 number-of-the-beast logo to be used on the paperwork in order to deflect attention from the major profiteers of this slave labour contract – ACT Training . It is not like Working Links have any reputation to lose. We all already know that Working Links are fucking scum, no different than if the official insignia of the Nazi party, a swastika and a picture of Adolf Hitler was emblazoned on the paperwork.

          • Just write on any paperwork that Signing means “Only Signing to Working Links” subcontracting is not allowed, any such behavior invalidates the contract and will lead to a claim of compensation for misuse of information and missrepresentation. No doubt there will be threats – Harrassment will then kick in. Claims of “Commercial in Confidence” will not be viewed by courts in a understanding way, nor will withholding the information on who in DWP signed off on such a contract who will be included in the court action.
            This whole thing is illegal from get go & DWP is aiding the concealment which males them liable.
            Inability of supplying the contract is not an excuse

  16. Fuck the lot of the fuckers, every last fucking one of them. Have a great break mate.


      …………will Lord Sewer be sanctioned, made to attend mandatory workfare or fuck off for a couple of weeks like Maria Miller, to carry on leaching from the taxpayer while theiving in office?

      Snorting dope from between a hookers tits, the ideal standard of someone in high office giving advice to others……………………………

      Paedos,liars, crooks, drug takers and murderers, the government elect who push austerity for the poor.

  17. James Gasekll

    If there is any doubt left in your minds about how fucking low this Tory scumbag government is, and what it is doing to vulnerable people, then check out the list below.

    People who committed suicide/died due to Tory welfare reforms:
    List compliled by Sarah Marsden (LabourList.org)

    # Terry McGarvey, 48. Dangerously ill from polycytheamia. He knew he was too ill to attend Work Capability Assessment but was afraid not to go in case benefits were stopped.
    During the session Terry asked for an ambulance.
    He died the following day.

    # Elaine Lowe, 53. Suffering from COPD and fearful of losing her benefits.

    # Mark Wood, 44. Doctors advice and medical reports he had complex mental health problems.
    Found fit for work, benefits stopped.
    Starved to death weighing only 5st 8lb when he died.

    # Paul Reekie, 48, the Leith poet and author. Severe depression. Found fit for work, benefits stopped.

    # Leanne Chambers, 30. Depression for many years, became worse when called in for a WCA.
    Suicide soon afterwards.

    # Karen Sherlock, 44. Multiple health issues. Found fit for work, benefits stopped.
    Fought a long battle to access support group of ESA.
    Died a month after denial of benefits, of a heart attack.

    # Carl Payne, 42. Father of two. Feared losing lifeline benefits due to welfare reform.

    # Tim Salter, 53. Blind, agoraphobic. Found fit for work, benefits stopped.
    Suicide by hanging.

    # Edward Jacques, 47. HIV and Hepatitis C. History of severe depression and self-harm.
    Found fit for work, benefits stopped.
    Suicide by overdose.

    # Linda Wootton, 49 years old. Double heart and lung transplant patient. Found fit for work, benefits stopped. The refusal letter arrived as she was desperately ill in her hospital bed.
    Died nine days later.

    # Steven Cawthra, 55. Benefits stopped by the DWP, rising debts.

    # Elenore Tatton, 39 years old. Found fit for work.
    Died a few weeks later.

    # John Walker, 57, deep in debt because of the bedroom tax.

    # Brian McArdle, 57 years old. Disability benefits stopped.
    Fatal heart attack the next day.

    # Stephen Hill, 53. Found fit for work, while waiting for major heart surgery.
    Died of a heart attack one month later.

    # Jacqueline Harris, 53. Former Nurse could hardly walk. Found fit for work, benefits stopped.

    # David Barr, 28. Severe mental difficulties. Found fit for work by Atos. His appeal failed.
    Suicide. Threw himself from a bridge.

    # David Groves, 56. Due to take work capability assessment.
    Died of a heart attack the night before. His widow claimed that it was the stress that killed him.

    # Nicholas Peter Barker, 51. Brain haemorrhage left him paralysed down one side.
    Notified his benefits were being stopped.
    Suicide by shooting himself.

    # Mark and Helen Mullins, 48 and 59 years old. Attempted to live on £57.50 a week, making 12 mile trips each week to get free vegetables to make soup.
    Double suicide.

    # Richard Sanderson, 44. Unable to find a job, housing benefit cut forcing him to move, nowhere to go. Suicide.

    # Martin Rust, 36 years old. A schizophrenic. Found fit to work.
    Suicide two months later.

    # Craig Monk, 43. A vulnerable man, partial amputee, slipped far into poverty.
    Suicide by hanging.

    # Colin Traynor, 29, epileptic, stripped of his benefits. He appealed.
    Died. Five weeks later his family were notified he had won his appeal.

    # Elaine Christian, 57 years old. Worried about her work capability assessment.
    Suicide. Found at Holderness drain, drowned, with ten self inflicted wrist wounds.

    # Christelle and Kayjah Pardoe, 32 years and 5 months old. Pregnant, her benefits stopped.
    Suicide. Christelle, holding her baby son, jumped from a third floor balcony.

    • RIP all the welfare reform and sanction casualties that have gone unrecorded.



      9 November 2011

      Dear Health and Safety Executive,

      In terms of the Freedom of Information Acts, please can you supply
      a copy of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Report into the
      tragic and avoidable death of Mrs Elaine Christian, as reported in
      the Hull & East Riding news website…


      Thank you.

      Yours faithfully,

      Calum McLean
      9th November 2011

      Link to this



      Personally, i can’t wait for the autumn statement concerning welfare deaths to be made available to parliament.
      Somebody will have to sign it, but you can bet it will not be Duncan Smith, for he would have somebody fall on their sword to try and protect himself.

      The bald headed, pasty faced murderer will soon be out of office as the fictitious figures are scrutinised and found not fit for purpose…………

      Being a successful murderer takes a lot of planning, the DWP are desperately playing for time in an effort to concoct an alibi that will be their downfall.

      …………and all the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn’y put DUNKO THE CLOWN, together again………………..

  18. An online resource to be added I think is this guy: http://www.thesanctionedjobseeker.co.uk

    Especially for his advice on how to tackle Jobcentre harassment: http://www.thesanctionedjobseeker.co.uk/guide-to-stopping-harassment-from-the-dwp/

    He also seems to be taking DWP to court. I hope he wins.

  19. Down with Zombie Scum who Collaborate by Non Resistance being
    Spineless Jellyfish and I Am All Right Tossers

    They are No Better than Nazi Collaborators in Occupied France

    Tory Collaborators in Oppressed Britain

    They make me Sick All the Numbheads/Scumheads out There

  20. The Regime will Not be Challenged Properly if they are Allowed to
    use a So Called ” Extremism Bill ” as a Tool of Tory Tyranny
    when their Policies have been Extremism against Social Justice and
    Common Sense

    Government and Parliament Needs to be Accountable Not an
    Ivory Tower Dictatorship

  21. It is Not Supposed ” Infiltration ” of ” Hard Left ” into the Labour Party
    that is a problem but Labour being reduced to like the Liberal Democrats
    over the Coalition another Branch of the Tory Party

    It is Hard Tory Policies against Social Justice and Common Sense
    that have to be Challenged and Stopped





      • overburdenddonkey

        the shock of having social security stopped and/or threatened, and not knowing ones rights is the major problem….
        as you know knowledge is power, which is why sites such as this one are a vital aid for sufferers…keep up the good work…

        • overburdenddonkey

          of course if the system was honest we would need to fight for our rights….

          • GEOFF REYNOLDS

            Thats right my friend, obd, once the state started concocting fake medical reports utilising ATOS, my private war started and i will see it through to the finish.
            They can try all they want to silence me by forcing me into destitution but it will never work as there are too many like us in a similar predicament.

            Having tossers like JUDGE MARK ROWLAND, denying that human rights are not being breached makes me laugh out louder.
            Our whole justice and appeals system is so bent it could hide behind a corkscrew.

            People like ROWLAND sit on small fortunes whilst delivering destitution on the weakest and most vulnerable. It is they who are the real parasites that feed off the flesh of those they push into poverty

            By virtue of having a powdered wig and a black gown does not mean he is a worthier man than me.

            We are all born equal, although he thinks pushing those down the ladder somehow pushes himself further up.

            “i have nowhere to fall being at the bottom, Rowland has his career at stake” .

          • If you have to literally fight for every individuals rights on a case by case basis then they are not universal rights but are bribes, privileges and rewards.

        • overburdenddonkey

          Now have several ongoing sanctions, appealing is a waste of time and only legitimises the DWP conspiracy to defraud claimants in the first instance. The sanctions regime is a corruption perpetrated against claimants on a nationwide scale, a scale that would only be put to rights by the striking of all sanctions and by compensating all the claimants that have been sanctioned over the last few years.

          Sanctions are theft by fraud.

          • Southern Comfort

            … and anything less, and Wee ‘urgent review’ ‘oh, look I’m on a committee now, what a pure dead brilliant career move, oops I meant to say “I want to help people – as if 😀 “‘ Mhaira and the rest of the SNP waste-of-space with their kilts, cabers and inflated salaries + expenses can fuck right off.

          • Aye, bit aw we get is mair n mair haun wringin’ n nuthin eva chinges. It hus bin goan oan since a wis a wee nipper chucking deed haggis throu’ thi’ neebirs windaes.

            • Professor of Celtic Dialects

              For the benefit of viewers in the South here is a translation of McCaber’s response:

              Yes, but all we get is more and more hand wringing and nothing ever changes, It has being going on since I was a small child throwing dead haggis through the neighbours windows.

          • Hanging Judge

            Sanctions shall be suspended by the neck until they are dead! And may the Lord have NO mercy on Iain Duncan Smith’s soul!

    • overburdenddonkey

      i’m confused that you should cite behaviourist maslow as an example of non-behaviourism…but i certainly get that you don’t approve of behaviourism and the way the state is driven by behaviourism and behaviourist policies, which btw the labour govt pushed as a universal panacea when it was in power….

      • Here’s my view of CBT – https://kittysjones.wordpress.com/2015/03/22/the-power-of-positive-thinking-is-really-political-gaslighting/

        I worked in social services when this was being foisted on folk as a new “cure all”. I set up some group work with a couple of psychologists and we bypassed CBT using a combination of therapeutic models that were more effective. Many of the professionals at the time found the CBT model to be crap and ineffective as a therapeutic tool.

        As I said, there’s a world of difference , though, between using therapy on a consenting public, and using behaviourism to punish people. All bullies are behaviourists, and many are totalitarian thinkers, too. (Such as Skinner.)

        • overburdenddonkey

          i agree..common sense once prevailed but it’s almost dead and buried now…i’ve found ‘consenting public’ who are desperate for relief of symptoms, will consent to most anything, if the counselors credentials have official (accredited) recognition, and also used by the nhs for example…yes, behaviourists are bullies pure and simple…

          • I was just reading the Void’s excellent piece on quack therapies. One thing that really pisses me off is self appointed self help gurus like Rahman. They talk such self promoting delusionary shit and do more damage because ultimately, it’s all about changing the way you think about shit than getting of your arse and changing the shit. I’ve a big problem with individualistic therapies too. As they also prop up a status quo – you know, all that crap about being your own best friend. It props up more selfish bastards.

            I think we need more therapists who sometimes say: “Today, I couldn’t give a fuck about how you feel, I would like you to consider the impact of your actions on the feelings and lives of others, let’s explore that…”

            • overburdenddonkey

              yep, we have to dig deep into our own shit to change things, go where we don’t want to go, get to the root, and go where cbt stops us from going, don’t want empowerment getting in the way of profits….
              it’s fucking hard grueling work where one has to relive the traumas not numb them with pharms etc or cbt….see, dr dot rowe ‘beyond fear’ scathing of cbt, cbt is as effective as pharms and pharm drugs are less effective than alcohol in numbing the organ we need most of all in dire situations, the brain… or the work of dr bob johnson vid ‘curing mental pain’…and his work in parkhurst prison that was eventually blocked by the tories, coz it worked….I think we need more therapists who sometimes say: “Today, I couldn’t give a fuck about how you feel, I would like you to consider the impact of your actions on the feelings and lives of others, let’s explore that…” i see where you’re coming from but i don’t agree with you on that point, or perhaps what you mean is more subtle than that, because it’s the causes of the behaviours the causes of those symptoms, that need to be vented and given light of day…so not the actual crimes themselves…then people rediscover their ‘lost’ humanity…see PUNISHMENT: A FAILED SOCIAL EXPERIMENT [FULL AND UPDATED VERSION] very raw in places….

              • My point is that our behaviours arise in a social context, are influenced by and also influence others. We don’t exist in isolation. I’m a social socialist, community orientated and all of that. I do think we have a degree of free will, intentionality and consequently, responsibility – not only ourselves but to others, too. That’s kinda what I meant. I think some kinds of therapy encourage narcissism and prop up the pathological competitive individualism, selfishness and hierarchical thinking inherent to capitalism

                • overburdenddonkey

                  yes, behaviourism (approved behaviours) is an active component of neoliberalism, without it neoliberalism could not exist….
                  in fact imo neoliberalism is a development, a tumour that has grown from behaviourists roots…behaviourism after all is always imposed on others, by a ‘higher power’, neoliberalism is a progression of it…benefits the few @ the expense of the many….

        • Maslow was considered a humanist, not a behaviourist. I used his hierarchy of needs because it’s a good way of showing why sanctions can never work: if you don’t meet your basic survival needs, you cannot be motivated to meet other needs such as looking for work, learning and so on.

          See here – http://www.simplypsychology.org/humanistic.html



          Under the last labour government, there was a preference for CBT, which was cheap, but that was not mandatory and was a model used in social services rather than job centres. It doesn’t work a lot of the time, and I’ve criticised CBT heaviy, also. The point is it matters that under this govt, it is being used without consent, and not as a therapy, but as a means of coercing people into low paid, insecure, exploitative jobs.
          (I’ve tried posting this again, as the original comment hasn’t been added. Probably a glitch)

          • overburdenddonkey

            just seen this, late i know…yes he is considered to be a humanist but without going into great detail, i now see things differently than when i 1st came across his work 30yrs ago…
            i’m now certain that we’re all born with full self esteem, lovable, cooperative, non-violent and sociable….the higher archical needs triangle, i now believe assumes a pathway/process to recovery, ie a restoration of what is lost, squeezed out of us as we grow within this system….

            • The Seagull Family

              We have never understood your beef with Maslow (and his triangle). It is just so spot on. You are never going to amount to fuck all in life if all your resources and energy, your very life force are spent, exhausted, consumed on foraging for a stale crust of bread to get you from one day to the next.

            • Contrary to what Maslow and his triangle suggest the DWP maintain that sanctions do provide jobseekers with the motivation, boost, energy and vitality to springboard and propel them on to achieve great success in life. According to the DWP sanctionees have sent thank you cards to the DWP for sanctioning their benefits and are forever beholden and eternally grateful to the ‘decision maker’ who stopped their sole means of support.

            • overburdenddonkey

              no one was born needing to EARN anything, (any rights to anything)….1st time i’ve mentioned maslow…i’ve mentioned bf skinner a fair bit…

            • Yes, we teach our children to conform, yet it’s not a system that is kind to the majority, we teach them to compete, which divides and weakens us ultimately. Whose interests does all of this compliance shit serve? It ain’t ours, that’s for sure.

              I just seen this, as I’ve been in France for a spell, and had a break from t’internet.

          • Maslow’s triangle has it spot on. If you are on benefits you never move above the bottom layer because you are constantly struggling for, to maintain the very basics… food, water, shelter, somewhere to have a dump… you don’t think beyond the next 40 mile trek to the nearest foodbank for a packet of dried pasta… It is only when these need are taken care of, when they are a given, that they are no longer a concern that you move up to the next level. Sanctions just keep their victims pressed against the bottom level.
            You are never going to ‘self-actualise’ on sanctions.

    • Over Four Thousand Words
      And NOT ONE of them was “fraud” “abuse” or “criminal”.
      How’s that blind eye of yours?

      • I’ve written at length many times about the dehumanising and stigmatising of disabled people and unemployed people in many other articles.

        I’m sick and disabled – and do have poor eyesight through illness. But I am far from blind, thanks

        First one I wrote in 2012 – https://kittysjones.wordpress.com/2012/10/15/are-the-tories-simply-out-of-touch/

      • I’ve written many times elsewhere about the abuse, stigmatisation , dehumanisation and the rhetoric. I’m disabled , and as it happens I am losing my eyesight through illness. But I am far from blind, thanks.

        • Unsurprisingly you did not answer my point –
          “Over Four Thousand Words. And NOT ONE of them was “fraud” “abuse” or “criminal”.”

          You linked to something you wrote in 2012 – the only mention of “fraud” “abuse” “criminal” there are in the comments made by other people.

          Nice to hear that you are “far from blind”… so google – Fraud Act 2006, Misconduct in Public Office, Vulnerable Adult Abuse (plenty more of course)… and start reading, it’s not exactly difficult… for any human that hasn’t been blinded by political insanity.

          • For christ’s sake, who are you the language police? I’ve written a piece about fraud and misconduct in public office, for a start. These are blogs, not books, and we cover a limited amount of scope in each piece. But can cover a broader range of issues overall. I write what I write about, not what you think I should. I’ve written over 300 pieces, and have covered a wide range of issues, from human rights and the law, to more experiential impacts. get a grip! Lol!

  22. The Misery and the InJustice that the Class System Represents Must
    be Challenged

    Human Rights includes the Human Right Not to be Victimised by Toffs
    for being Poor and to a Place of Residence to Live in

    GEOFF REYNOLDS | July 27, 2015 at 12:27 pm | Reply

    Thats right my friend, obd, once the state started concocting fake medical reports utilising ATOS, my private war started and i will see it through to the finish.
    They can try all they want to silence me by forcing me into destitution but it will never work as there are too many like us in a similar predicament.

    Having tossers like JUDGE MARK ROWLAND, denying that human rights are not being breached makes me laugh out louder.
    Our whole justice and appeals system is so bent it could hide behind a corkscrew.

    People like ROWLAND sit on small fortunes whilst delivering destitution on the weakest and most vulnerable. It is they who are the real parasites that feed off the flesh of those they push into poverty

    By virtue of having a powdered wig and a black gown does not mean he is a worthier man than me.

    We are all born equal, although he thinks pushing those down the ladder somehow pushes himself further up.

    “i have nowhere to fall being at the bottom, Rowland has his career at stake” .

  23. Sorry to go off topic.

    But this is urgent.

    Does anyone know where I can get a reasonable personal hidden camera – the ones they wear under clothes/cover in whistleblower documentaries eg: Panorama, Dispatches etc. ASAP?

    Mobiles are useless as they use this as sanction machine to contact you with and will see you recording them and act accordingly. Want to show these GARGANTUAN FRAUDSTER FUCKERS in their true light!

    Am going thru hell at JCP and need to get one ASAP as proof of serious harassment and breach of DPA/DWP guidelines.

    Have come off JSA since Feb 2015 to date it is so bad but am so destitute need to sign on again. DWP will make my life infernal hell and it is not safe/appropriate to go in JCP any more without camera protection. Trust me, if you knew my situation you would do exactly the same in order to serve them with an harassment order and wand compensation after what they’ve done to me!

    Many thanks.

  24. It’s not off topic at all… and it’s not like any of those -bleeps- listed above will tell you any of this….

    You can get very cheap ones on ebay (pens, buttons, watches) but they’re not very good. Poor sound quality and short battery life… but better than nothing if that’s what you can afford.

    The good ones need a bit of ‘hacking’ to make them wearable… something like this is probably the easyest… just add velcro…
    The sound is a bit noisy on the one I tried, but not too bad.

    I think on here adding more than one link in a comment needs to be ‘moderated’ Johnnys away so I’ll add more links in another comment, should work….

  25. The 28th of July 2015 AD Mark’s the Anniversary of Stalin’s Order No 227 Not One Step Back in the Face of Nazi Aggression and Brutality in 1942 AD.

    There Needs to be Not One Step in the Peaceful Campaign For the Defence of the Welfare State and Political Liberty in this Country

  26. Does anyone know anything about this new P3 Navigator Charity?

    They’re supposed to help with welfare issues. However, the image they project very much implies they are only interested in 17 – 23 year olds? I am in my 50s and have passed a new branch that’s just opened up near me. However, I feel put off by their image as they only mention ‘Young People’ support on the stickers in their window and it seems that way inclined. Don’t really notice anyone my age going in there?

    Any one have any experiences about this place good or bad? I contacted them about an excessive amount of sanctions and nothing available for my age group. I got an app but didn’t turn up as felt very out of place!

    NoOppression :

    OMG! How right you are! You have to hear of my recent appeal for refusing to sign in at WP – 3 months sanction.

    The Judge deliberately failed my appeal – rants on and on about BUILDING REGULATIONS and everything my fault!!! – he refused to adhere to DWP guidelines at any time and when I showed him copies of DWP FOI guidelines, he tears me to pieces for all the photocopies and only abiding by my rules! It’s complete CARBAGE and this in only a fraction of what I’ve been subjected too.

    Am writing to JSSA, Refuted, Johnny and MP (knows about everything as has been FANTASTIC) as we speak!

    Then received letter from Priti (UGLY) Poverty Pimp Punisher herself Patel few days ago as report from her JCP ‘officials:’ he said, she said, they said, we said claptrap! As usual with no names attached – HORRENDOUS lies, fraud, malice, twisted truths, usual vagueness, obstruction, fabrication, diagnosed by this Mengele QUACK –

    with mysterious ‘health issues’ and fabricated ‘diagnoses.’

    OMG! . . .

    You couldn’t possibly make it up! Don’t have time to go in to detail as writing reports to expose these vile Nazis!!!



    DWP/Tribunal have done everything in their power to destroy me and force in to destitution as they are being funded by serious organised crime.

    I know this for a fact as I have risked my safety and life to expose these JCP state criminals – name and shame the sicko/s by proxy complicit in administering this long-term malicious hate campaign against me to try to silence me as they’re all in it together as we all know too well if one goes down they all do! . . .

    …Been dragged in to this carnage and hell for long enough against my will to know these sickos’ tactics inside out mate!

    You hit the nail on the head – very clued in ! You want to hear the rest of my story. You couldn’t possibly make it up. It’s HORRENDOUS – the WORST (premeditated) DWP character assassination I’ve ever encountered . . .

  27. Phobosand Deimos
    Thank so much mate – will check it out!
    Don’t mind spending a bit more if it’s good quality. So long as I catch these fuckers laying in to me, anything’s worth it! Take out a loan if I have too. They’ll be sued for compensation anyway!

    • Thanks Help.
      Just be careful. If the sick criminal abusers ask if you’re recording say ‘NO’. If you say ‘yes’ they *will* commit more crime against you.

      But even then, if they can cover it up they will cover it up.
      Learn how to edit audio (Audacity), video (quite a few free video editors out there) to cut out your and other (not involved) peoples personal info (like Panorama, Dispatches etc do) and publish it… blog, youtube, indymedia etc.

      It’s the *only* protection we have…. even Jeremy Corbyn is just too busy sucking CAPITA, PCS, UNITE cock. – http://www.theyworkforyou.com/regmem/?p=10133

    • overburdenddonkey

      imho before you waste money time and effort check out the info here….

      • “waste money”
        roflmao…. You need EVIDENCE to put criminals in prison.

        Any mention of that… or even something as easy to understand as The Fraud Act 2006 in all of their hot air blowing? Why Not?

        • overburdenddonkey

          you also need a decent justice system and support from other agencies….

          • overburdenddonkey

            ps pho
            if the ‘evidence’ is used to reassure oneself of what has happened and to work out what went on and how to say no/assert no @ the crucial time, challenge their assertions of what would be good for one, then it is useful

            • It’s *completely* lawfully recorded audio/video. Admissible in any court.
              Not ‘evidence’…. It’s EVIDENCE.

              And as well as –
              Domestic purposes – The prevention or detection of crime – The apprehension or prosecution of offenders – In connection with Legal Proceedings, Rights, Advice etc. –

              Public Interest Journalism – Is also a use that is exempt from the data protection act – http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1998/29/section/32

              • overburdenddonkey

                oh i give up….

                • um QED? or am I missing your point?
                  yes I know cops, cps(criminal protection service), lawyers, courts are corrupt.

                  The *only* thing they fear is being ‘outed’… press or internet… that’s why they go ape shit about voice or video recorders….

                  And why their collaborators (most of the links above) won’t mention it or just lie about the law or just parrot the dwp’s total BS about it.
                  As well as not even mentioning the basics like Vulnerable Adult Abuse, Fraud, Misconduct in Public Office etc etc…. total scumbags. They’re just as much to blame for the ‘bodycount’ that they all so eagerly jerk themselves off over.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  it’s never worked yet in our circumstances, yes it might work for us @ some point, but it has to be well resourced…the social security recipient is best imo using the info to help them understand whats going on….
                  it won’t bring down a/the system, (then again there is an emergent movement for radical political change), others will take their place and not make the same mistakes as their predecessors…but, if it doesn’t grind down the victim still further and they’re boosted by it what’s not to like…

                • Hi OBD
                  ‘Outing’ those criminal abusers doesn’t grind me down at all… quite the opposite.
                  The sickos jump straight off my back and crawl under their rock.. for a while… no threatened sanctions no endless fake ‘appeals’.
                  Outing them does a lot less harm that playing by their criminal rules.

                  True… none of the swine are in prison… yet…
                  But as more of the dwp’s victims realise that they’re just getting a pile of blind-eye turning BS from all of those political crazies, then more will realise that they have to get and report the evidence themselves…

                  EVIDENCE – not a word understood by political, religious or pseudoscience nuts…. (it is NOT the same as ‘belief’ or ‘opinion’)

                • overburdenddonkey

                  yep i use it to nip in the bud…sure it’s valid evidence, i use it in the way that i’ve described…i’ve never been able to go any further with it though, and i’ve tried believe me, as i lacked resources to do so…mainly they try to confuse one and claim something is said or meant other than actually was, they try to fog or stammer one’s train of thought, and/or whats been said and/or how one arrived @ a situation…once confidence builds one can easily recollect and challenge them….and the more people that do the better for all i agree….i tackle abuse head on… maintaining income is our biggest problem…we are the many we can collectively change their behaviours towards us….

  28. Sorry, meant to say
    there when talking about the judge/appeal, criminal justice system.

    This is EXACTLY what Priti (UGLY!) Patel MP has done to me! :
    Exact QUOTES from your blog:

    “concocting fake medical reports”
    “all they want to silence me by forcing me into destitution”
    “my private war started and i will see it through to the finish”
    I DON’T need to say anymore……

    Everything you say I have ALSO experienced first had on a MONUMENTAL scale by the authorities and EXACTLY the same treatment by the police!!!
    That’s another HORRENDOUS story in this witch-hunt I’ve been subjected too by the authorities and the same perp/s!

    This just proves the entire legal system is CORRUPT BEYOND CORRUPT!!!

    And if you are targeted by a prolific sicko with unlimited financial resources and contacts in high places all these criminals have to do is to buy a top lawyer and off they pop : scot free without a blemish on their character. Leaving carnage and destitution in their wake when the poor can’t even afford the bus fare to the fucking advice centre to be immediately told there’s no legal help available in the first place as in my case!
    GEOFF REYNOLDS | July 27, 2015 at 12:27 pm | Reply

    Thats right my friend, obd, once the state started concocting fake medical reports utilising ATOS, my private war started and i will see it through to the finish.
    They can try all they want to silence me by forcing me into destitution but it will never work as there are too many like us in a similar predicament.

    Having tossers like JUDGE MARK ROWLAND, denying that human rights are not being breached makes me laugh out louder.
    Our whole justice and appeals system is so bent it could hide behind a corkscrew.

    People like ROWLAND sit on small fortunes whilst delivering destitution on the weakest and most vulnerable. It is they who are the real parasites that feed off the flesh of those they push into poverty

    By virtue of having a powdered wig and a black gown does not mean he is a worthier man than me.

    We are all born equal, although he thinks pushing those down the ladder somehow pushes himself further up.

    “i have nowhere to fall being at the bottom, Rowland has his career at stake” .

    I know another bent Judge who’s head will roll! To be dangled from the nearest fucking rusty nail and see how this fits in nicely with his fucking UNFIT FOR PURPOSE ‘Statement of Reasons for Decision’ you couldn’t fucking make it up – : forced to sign in WP (at Ingeus) due to owner of building imposing these building regulations and then the Judge states: “the building would not appeal to be owned by Ingeus!!!”

    O M G ! ! !
    Wish I had time to expand . . .

  29. PhobosandDeimos

    Thanks so much for your help. Please keep the info coming. It’s invaluable!


    I just went on your website. I couldn’t believe it:

    “How the hell are Maximus, and the dwp, able to steal medical information about me from what is supposed to be my gp WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE AND WITHOUT ANY CONSENT.???”


    This is unbelievable !
    This is exactly what the police did to me.

    You have to hear my story it’s HORRENDOUS. The police also fabricated horrific ‘diagnoses’ against me funded by proxy – the same person now funding JCP!!!!!!!!!!

    I have to study your site. It contains invaluable info on there. The similarities to my case is ASTOUNDING!!!!!!

    I just have to get these reports finished. I have appeals all over the place to sort out and write up the latest carnage. I have no resources so have to use my local library and as you know we are limited to only a certain amount of time per day . . .

    You’re a brilliant contact to have. I’m so glad I’ve spoken with you as all this really gives me support.

    • Ooooh thanks Help,
      I havent been able to update my blog with what’s happend since yet…. all a bit too much atm (ptsd thing).

      The ONLY reply I’ve had from all of those political scumbags was just one from a local council councilor…. And he only wrote to tell me that he is DEAD. (an auto reply)

      The ONLY reply I’ve had from the police was an *anomyous* message from their ahem… ‘helpcentre’ from some blind,dumb,deaf chimp who doesn’t even understand what “REPORTING CRIME” means.

    • The police and social services among others also have full access to your medical records; there is no such word as ‘confidential’ in a doctor’s surgery!

      • Too true… I found that out the hard way….
        And even less ‘confidential’ in their ahem…psych ‘therapy’.
        The psedoscience criminal quack I saw called itself ‘Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Honorary Senior Research Fellow’.

        Checkout – The Computer Misuse Act…. And Data Protection Act, Section 10…. and of course…. Misconduct in Public Office…..
        And that’s even before you find out what pack of lies they’ve written.

  30. Common Sense means a Caring Society and a Caring State

    It means One Free of Oppressive Poverty and Slave Labour

    It means One where Welfare Benefits are Respected as a Source
    of Help to Poor and Vulnerable People and where Poor and
    Vulnerable People are Not Victimised by the I Am All Right Jack
    Brigade and Bigots Tabloids

    • overburdenddonkey

      well done for stating the bleeding obvious….

    • NoOppression – Well said in your above posts.



        From: Anita Bellows

        27 July 2015

        Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
        I would like to know:
        1. How many of the 49 internal peer reviews into benefit-related
        deaths involved an ESA claimant categorised as vulnerable who had
        not been seen face-to-face by their Work Programme provider before
        they were referred to Jobcentre Plus to be sanctioned?
        If it does not exceed the cost limit, I would also like to know:
        2. How many of the 10 claimants who had been sanctioned were
        receiving ESA at the time they died?
        And again if it does not exceed the cost limit, I would like to
        3. Of the five people who were not claiming benefits at the time
        they died, why were they the subject of peer reviews ie how were
        they customers if they were not claiming benefits?

        Yours faithfully,

        Anita Bellows


          “What Anita is asking is straight forward”

          Knowing that people in the ESA GROUP were vulnerable, the DWP decided to sanction them, regardless of their condition………….

          Surely this is tantamount to cold blooded murder?

          • GEOFF REYNOLDS



            Sanctions to vulnerable people on employment and support allowance nearly doubled in Teesside in 2014.

            A total of 865 sanctions were dished out across the 12,190 people in the ESA work related activity group in the Durham and Tees Valley jobcentre district last year.

            This works out as 71 sanctions for every 1,000 claimants and is 81% up on the rate of 39.2 per 1,000 claimants in 2013.

            This is a result of the number of people claiming that type of ESA decreasing at the same time as the number of sanctions being awarded dramatically increased.

            In 2013, there were 515 sanctions issued and 13,130 claimants, according to the figures from the Department for Work and Pensions.

            Employment and support allowance (ESA) is a benefit awarded to people who have illnesses and disabilities.

            • Hate to point it out GEOFF. But claimants on ESA get paid a significant more than claimants on JSA. In the event of an (vulnerable) ESA claimant being sanctioned they will still be paid more than an unsanctioned JSA claimant since they sanctioned amount can never be more than the ESA ‘premium’. Just saying…. 😉

              • overburdenddonkey

                yes it’s always been the case that sick and disabled people have been paid a premium, can you tell me the many reasons why this is….??
                i don’t agree with sanctions under any current circumstances, unless ie one is paid jsa of £140/wk and the max sanction, of last resort, is £30/wk….
                http://www.coe.int/t/dghl/monitoring/socialcharter/Conclusions/State/UKXX2_en.pdf just saying 🙂

                • The Crocodile Family

                  ESA is paid at around £140 a week an the maximum sanction isn’t even anywhere near £30 a week. Before you expect us to shed tears over ‘vulnerable ESA’ claimants being sanctioned please spare a thought for JSA claimants who are expected to survive on £30 a week. An what about GEOFF and his partner and child who have been living, if that is the correct word in this context, on £33, in real terms, a week since 1970! We are seriously sick to the back teeth of hearing about ‘vulnerable ESA claimants being sanctioned’ but no mention on of those who are being expected to live on much less, or in the case of ‘Help’ no income whatsoever. Save your tears, obd, for a more worthy cause.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  nice try….no it’s £102.15 /wk WRAG and sanctions bring one down to jsa level….over 63 and one gets PCG rates of £148/wk approx…

                • overburdenddonkey

                  ps i do i’ve been destitute where £30/wk seemed like a small fortune…

                • obd

                  It is also worth mentioning if you are the higher rate of ‘disability’ benefits i.e. you if are a ‘schizophrenic’, have a ‘crippling’ ‘disability’ such as alcoholism or you are a drug addict you will trouser in excess of a whopping £260* a week! Also when was the last time you heard of an alkie or druggie getting sanctioned? It’s never happened.

                  * Brand new free Nissan Nissan Qashqai included in package 🙂

                • obd

                  FREE to alkies and druggies! 🙂

                • Hard-Working Taxpayer

                  Hard-working taxpayers need not apply! 😦

                • @Overburdened
                  Looks like all the paid Tory trolls and shills are taking advantage of Jonny’s well-deserved holiday. Everybody, don’t feed the trolls.

                • Cat Amongst the Pigeons

                  Yes, when Johnny is away the trolls come out to play. Seems like they are having a field day!

      • overburdenddonkey

        then you’ll be glad to explain the merits of them and how words change things and not actions…

  31. obd – “then you’ll be glad to explain the merits of them and how words change things and not actions…” was your first reply to my comment to noop of “Well said in your above posts.” To translate, I was commending him/her for his/her succinct use of language in all of his above posts to express the situation in which many of us find ourselves in the uk today. I do not have to list the merits of each of his above posts in order to commend him on them. The second part of your first reply was about how I would explain words change things and not actions. I pointed out that this is a blog, which is made up of words and I now further explain that Johnny in setting up a blog would like to think that his words help to change things. At no point did I say that words and not actions change things, but for some reason you have assumed that I was implying it, purely for agreeing with the words written/said by another commenter on this blog. Since you did not concede the point I was making and instead dodged the issue by replying sarcastically and saying “wow! you’re right i never noticed that before…”, your reply, since it iself an avoidance of a straight reply to my point, completely misses as a reply and is therefore completely ineffective. Hope this answers your last question, as I shall not be arguing further with you on the matter…

    • overburdenddonkey

      words without action are pointless, words that get to the nub of the problem and offer remedy are not….
      to say people are stupid changes nothing, common sense for example, is blocked by our behaviourist system which you support…





        • Geoff – If only he’d said “Over my dead body!”…

        • overburdenddonkey

          it’s going to be fun, geoff, especially as the the scotparl election campaign starts to heat up, polls already suggesting +60% for the snp….going to be some singed feet, for sure…


            Fooling the Scottish people -the SNP could legitimately declare independence tomorrow.

            CAMERON should get some balls and call their bluff.

            • overburdenddonkey

              http://news.sky.com/story/1526389/uk-economy-posts-0-7-percent-second-quarter-growth… ‘The biggest surge in oil and gas production for 26 years and a pick-up in services helped drive growth higher.’ and oil price is set to double… imo the answer is in green technology long term, who needs oil but its useful to bridge fiscal gaps with… the snp gave the indy fight their all imo…. UDI possibly …. the snp have a lot of work to do @ WM as well …. many i know are frustrated by being where we are….

              • overburdenddonkey

                ‘Alert readers can’t have failed to notice the media working itself up into a particularly dopey froth this week over the subject of a second independence referendum. First the press, short of actual news in the political silly season, pumped up Alex Salmond stating the bleeding obvious into some kind of hold-the-front-page revelation. (Salmond has said, like, forever that he believes Scotland will be independent in his lifetime. That can only happen through a referendum. It therefore stands to reason that he must believe a second referendum is inevitable. Him saying so in response to a direct question is about as far from “news” as it’s possible to get.)…’

                • Joint Lease

                  That can only happen through a referendum.

                  Referendum is the least legitimate franchise and the one less likely to deliver independence, not true that referendum is the only way independence can happen – it is possibly the worst way for a people to achieve unfettered nationhood.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  yes it’s asking permission to leave the room right enough…

      • overburdenddonkey

        ps telling people they are ie stupid does change things as it often causes them to feel bad about themselves, (crushes self esteem) especially when it is said to a dependent child/frozen child often enough/repeatedly…

          • overburdenddonkey

            christ, still trying to pick fights…
            noop has called general populous (generically) stupid many times….

            • obd – I am NOT Christ, just one of his followers. And you are the one who is always trying to pick fights. I thought the way you were putting him down and repeating about calling people stupid that he had called you stupid at one point. If he has called the general populus stupid then I’m sure there are times when we’ve all said much the same about people in general in certain respects.

              • overburdenddonkey

                no i respond to attacks on the truth however veiled they are…you’re picking a fight right now…and i will respond…
                no need to be passive you know…one has to speak out when people put others down, as the main message is how they’re putting themselves down….as it actually means that noop doesn’t understand the problems people face in there day today lives…i’ve posted a link to noop re ‘that right wing uk public’ and the main point is people are NOT right wing @ all….i’m sorry that you can’t see that, one day you might do….i’m trying to show noop something, even reassure noop that the uk public aren’t as stupid as noop makes out….

                • What’s the noop? I’m trying to work it out! LOL!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  the one i posted a link to… do control > ‘f’ and type in a search name into the dialogue box…

                • overburdenddonkey

                  a f m
                  win10 has no noopspambot app, pity…manual filtering only from now on…

                • Another Fine Mess

                  As long as you enjoy your little chats with it. 🙂

                • overburdenddonkey

                  from now no more, but i thought i’d make the effort…fool is me… 🙂

                • No More Oppression

                  Agree! We Must Fight The System! We Are Not Fooled!

                  overburdenddonkey | July 29, 2015 at 10:40 pm |

                  from now no more, but i thought i’d make the effort…fool is me… 🙂

                • No More Oppression

                  starting chatbot

                  overburdenddonkey | July 29, 2015 at 10:40 pm |

                  from now no more, but i thought i’d make the effort…fool is me… 🙂

                  / stopping chatbot

                • Another Fine Mess

                  Nice try NMO.

                • No More Oppression

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                  keyword detect = fooled
                  turing test = ok

                  We Must Bring Down The Government! We Are Not Fools

                  response thread =

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                  from now no more, but i thought i’d make the effort…fool is me… 🙂

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                • No More Oppression

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                  It Is Not Good Enough To Do Nothing. We Must Try Harder! No To Being Government Slaves!

                  original response =

                  Another Fine Mess | July 30, 2015 at 7:48 am |

                  Nice try NMO.

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  32. How can a tribunal judge during (1/10 sanctions!!!!) appeal refuse repeatedly to acknowledge or adhere to DWP guidelines and refuse on any grounds to abide by these at all time? This is my story!

    In Priti (VILE!) Patel MP, Minister for Employment’s letter to my MP about me has completely violated her OWN DWP guidelines!!! eg: JCP forcing a mobile on me for refusing to give them a phone no. when told them not on phone due to destitution!

    You fucking idiots! For a start, there is NO fucking legal requirement to either supply these tossers with a phone no which means in turn, there is NO legal requirement to accept a phone off them in the fucking first place!

    She is clutching at straws and goes on and on about fabricated underlying health problems that DON’T/HAVE NEVER existed without a shred of evidence or even a remote diagnosis, just vague beyond vague terms in the flimsiest attempt to discredit me!!!!! You have to see it to believe it! SLANDER! She rants on to the furthest extreme going short of deliberately holding back from labelling me for libel, yet causing as much damage as possible to my reputation.

    There are 7 letters to Anne Hanna, Belfast requesting vital info and still no Mandatory Reconsideration Notice for JCP violating DPA/DWP guidelines and obtaining my personal data on CC without my consent. Why has no-one else challenged this?

    P: 4 Claimant Commitment


    Why do people offer this/any advice for this page ? I refused. Had 5 apps to sort out. JCP refused to remove all contents on page even when I told them categorically they were violating above acts. Refused again. Sent another flimsy CC in meantime. I refused to sign. Sent for Mandatory Recon – never received. JCP closed my claim.

    DWP guidelines state CC has to be agreement been both parties and subject to change – flexible! Certainly NOT the case! So no money since Feb!
    This fucking liar then says

    “I was sanctioned indefinately for failing to comply with her CC (and then tried to criminalise me with) and has made no contact at all with the Jobcentre since her claim for JSA was closed in Feb.”

    I was told at the time by the fucking fraudster advisor, not to attend the JC again as there was no point and THEY would write to me if required. Not to mention the letters come from Belfast and the reason I have written to fraudster Hanna.

    The twisted truths and everything turned round to criminalise me as they shit themselves making everything up as they go along to desperately try to cover themselves!

    OMG! The FUCKING LIAR! So,help me, I will out her big time to the press and media.

    Any advice?

    • @ help! – I might be saying something you’ve already tried, but I’ms saying it anyway in case you haven’t. When I lost my bedroom tax appeal at the lower tribunal stage I wanted to take it to the upper one, but I didnt think I could do it by myself so I contacted my local welfare rights officer. She told me that I had to ask if i could take it to the upper one, but even if it was refused, I could still do it, as long as I had asked in the first place. However, she said that I needed to have reason to take it eg that the appeal at lower tribunal was not conducted properly. I gave her all the paperwork from the case and the cd recording of the case, and after examining it she told me she couldnt see anything wrong in the way the proceedings had been handled, so I couldnt take it any further. However, in your case, it seems they have not handled it properly, but a welfare rights officer would probably be the one to confirm it to you and help you with your case against them. It’s up to you whether you mention to the welfare rights officer that you are going to be buying recording equipment. Perhaps just “enquire” whether it is admissible as evidence, just to test the water and see what he/she says.

      • overburdenddonkey

        yep, i was told the same thing, i saw them as being wrong and applied for leave to appeal it was granted and i won my appeal…

  33. any advice yeah get a job!!



    ………….Having been a Commissioner for the Department of Social Security, and now standing as a truly ” independent judge” on matters concerning benefit claimant appeals, must blur your vision slightly on who you really represent, the claimant or the DWP?

    Reading the human rights legislation it seems that your affiliation to a government department leaves you being, neither fair, independent or neutral.

    What i cannot understand is why you were selected to make decisions on matter of welfare policy, given your past history.

    What is more to the point, it goes without saying that your appointment to this position is really untenable as you prove to serve your old masters ever so well.

    Does the mere thought of being associated with a government department that has blood on it’s hands not distract you from some of your outragious decisions on the application of sanctions against the most vulnerable in society while collecting an enormous wage for doing so?

    Being a judge is rather a difficult job, i understand that, but living with your conscience is another matter.

    Every time you go to an atm and look at your statement it does not show just how many innocent lives you have put at peril. To some, money acts like a mild drug, obliterating the effects of what you do on an everyday basis……………

    Just to remind you, it is an offence to mistreat animals;

    Animal Welfare Act 2006

    The Act places a responsibility on owners of animals to ensure that their animals’ welfare needs are adequately met, including:

    providing a suitable environment to live in;
    ensuring that they have a suitable diet;
    protecting them from pain, suffering, injury and disease;
    being housed with, or away from, other animals (depending on its needs); and
    being allowed to express itself and exhibit normal behaviour patterns.


    “Does your position, wearing a wig and a gown not afford the same protection to human beings, or does your well documented affiliation to the DWP preclude this?”

  35. H e l p !


    … And your point is, exactly? What the hell has that got to do with anything?

    Why are you on this site in the first place?

    You have NO idea the LIVING HELL i have bee subjected too by DWP. You clearly DON’T!!!

    You would NEVER have made such a malicious and frivolous remark if you did let me tell you right now! And I hope for you sake you never do as I don’t know how well you’d cope with being forced into destitution when you’ve done absolutely NOTHING wrong but repeatedly stitched up!

    • The job centre work coach can get away with most things. The claimant commitment officially has to be agreed by both parties but if you don’t agree then you won’t get any JSA. We can only keep records to help us defend OK ourselves against any lies made by job centre staff but the system stops us from going any further than a chat with a regional manager who will just fob us off. Even contacting your local MP will usually result in your complaint being passed on to the DWP who will pass it to the regional manager. They can mess us around and enjoy watching us go through the complaints system that will eventually lead us back to where we started. The best you can do is get a new work coach, probably the best friend of the work coach you complain about. Many years ago I complained about a personal advisor as they were once called and now she is the manager of the Post Work Programme Support. That’s probably why I have been kept on PWPS for over two years instead of the six months.

      • Working Links Are SHIT!!

        Yeah, it’s like Working Links ‘complaints system’. They have these ‘postcards’ on the table next to reception. You are supposed to fill them in and ‘post’ them into the little red ‘pillar-box’ on the wall. But when you take a look at the ‘pillar-box’ you can see that there is a black bin bag attached at the bottom with a flap covering it up where the complaint cards fall into, ready to be removed and thrown out with the rubbish!!

    • I’m sorry for sounding harsh but you will never beat the dwp the days of living off jsa and rent paid is long gone and it will never change in fact it will get worse It’s not nice being on the dole but there are jobs out there even volunteer do anything but languish on the pittance that is JSA what is it about 60 quid a week how anyone can live on that is madness


        What is the weather like in your parallel universe?
        The one where jobs are abundant and well paid and full time.

        Give the lads at the nudge unit a big hello from Geoff.

      • quinny – apologies for previously recommending you attend literacy classes. I recommend you apply for a job as a jcp advisor – you’re perfect material.

      • There are not enough jobs for people, and in my case I have Asperger’s Syndrome,and the only ones who would want me are scammers, Quinny.



          Geoffrey.. If its of any use to you, just a bit of info on the latest one…

          The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been ordered to pay a woman with Asperger’s syndrome a total of £70,000 after an employment tribunal found the DWP to be guilty of disability discrimination. The DWP was found by the tribunal to have subjected the claimant to harassment due to her Asperger’s. The tribunal initially awarded damages to the claimant of £54,000 as compensation for constructive unfair dismissal and disability discrimination. In a further hearing, another £17,500 was ordered to be paid by the DWP for failing to comply with a re-employment ruling. (06/03/2013)


      • This post was sent in from Conservative Party HQ somewhere in London.

      • quinny, Of course WE can beat the DWP. It just takes time, suffering and poverty. What the majority of people on here are doing, is fighting for the future of others, Yes, many of us have had it in terms of suffering but we are not giving up. Unlike yourself.

    • @Help
      We are being invaded by Tory trolls, please don’t feed them – they just might slink back under their bridges.

  36. It is Evil the Suffering of the Poor whilst MPs already have an Increase to their Already Large Salaries their is the MPS Expenses Gravy train and
    the I Am All Jack Already Rich get Tax Breaks so it is Not the Poor who
    are the ” Scroungers ” the Language of the Tawdry Tabloids

    Forced Labour is Slave Labour

    Unpaid Labour is Glorification of Slavery

    • overburdenddonkey

      yeah we know so do the uk public… http://wingsoverscotland.com/that-right-wing-british-public/



        Conclusions 2014

        The Committee
        concludes that the situation in United Kingdom is not in conformity with Article
        12§1 of the Charter on the ground that:

        the minimum levels of short

        term and long

        term incapacity benefit is manifestly

        the minimum level of state pension is manifestly inadequate;

        the minimum level of job seeker’s allowance
        manifestly inadequate.

  37. quinny

    Just to inform you. I haven’t had jsa since February 2014 (yes, FOURTEEN) not 2015!!!

    The only money i had was 2 weeks over new year: circa 27 12 14 and no lie, these cunts, clawed it back on the 28 12 15 – the next FUCKING day!!!!!!!!!

    The corruption in my case is STAGGERING but far too extensive to go into detail here.

    I really appreciate your comments/feedback and totally accept what you’re saying and I agree with you both completely but to do nothing is encouraging/complicit in allowing these fuckers to get away with state murder ALL the time!

    I have lived on barely £500 in nearly 18 months and 10+ completely baseless and malicious sanctions. The litany of lies and fabrication I’m dealing with at present is unbelievable! JCP have goaded me in full knowledge of this repeatedly knowing they can just get away with completely destroying an entirely innocent person!

    The more I have got to know/exercise my rights, the more the malicious harassment has escalated and it is now completely out of control by them. They are so desperate to prevent exposure, they are literally making really serious allegations up about me all over the place to discredit me in every way they can.

    I’m talking SLANDER big time. This is really serious and has been going on since I originally signed in 2012! It’s just been engineered extremely insidiously!

    It DWP had done to you what they are doing to me, I can’t imagine what you’d do in retaliation? You’d certainly want to stand up to them in every way possible and quite rightly so!

    • 1. search Google for “Civil Legal Advice” and call them NOW
      2. search Google for “jobseekersanctionadvice” Contact NOW
      3. Request all documentation held on you by DWP in relation to your claim – including ALL documentation on how decisions made in your case and criteria used in doing so.
      4. Go through such documentation with a fine tooth comb
      5. see Citizens Advice Bureau/use “Civil Legal Advice”
      6. see local councillers [might well be useless but try anyway]
      7. see local MP [also might well be useless but try anyway]
      8. Record all conversations with DWP from this point forward
      9. If possible take freind to any meetings/if person sittng near by request they move away/depart
      10. In writing inform DWP any non-normal meetings you are to be informed by Text, a letter and a phone call [ALL THREE this will stem the ghost meetings DWP likes to create] and this is be placed on your records – subsequently request a copy of records covering that period to make sure its been done.
      11. If you feel put upon i.e. “Harrassed” – lookup “thesanctionedjobseeker” via Google

      Good Luck

      • Gazza

        Thanx so much mate!

        I really appreciate the amount of work put in to your list and prompt reply (and everyone else’s contributions, trust me!)

        I have already done 95% of your advice but there are some great additions as well I need to check out. My MP has been FANTASTIC but obviously only so much he can do.

        You have obviously had serious problems in the past and found all this info out by default. You have to learn as you go along with DWP – so corrupt. They really do make it up as they go along. You never know what they’ll throw at you to criminalise you and kick you off benefits.

        With all the info you’ve just provided, only wish you knew the whole story. With all your invaluable knowledge you’d be representing me in court at this rate, trust me!

        I’d love to know what experiences you’ve had in order to research all this but understand if you don’t want to share them.

        • Short answer – had Management “Hunting” for me from Chairman down. Staff consulted me on staff matters as no one trusted union. Had to do a lot of learning on the hoof.

          Simple questions I always asked is: Who wants what, why do they want it?, What do they gain from getting what they want? [i.e. the Journalists Questions: Who, What, Why, Where, When and How – adjusst as needed]

      • @Gazza
        We need people to volunteer as McKenzie Friends to claimants, equipped with covert recording gear.


    “We now invent home office regulations to deny benefits to EEA MIGRANTS”

    …………..whatever next, are people really saying our government is corrupt?

    12, If in your response you state whatever excuse to avoid
    disclosing the Home Office Regulations then it will be taken that
    it does not exist. “Intended for future publications” will not do:
    please let the British people see now that it is possible to
    restrict EEA migrants’ benefits: one of the cornerstones of the
    manifesto, was it, before the elections.

    Yours faithfully,

    Beatrix Bene

    Link to this

  39. Advice Needed

    Can anyone tell me if this is correct.
    My daughter has just graduated and has just claimed for UC.
    They have told her that for everyday they cannot see into her UJM they will deduct £8.50 per day.
    I just want her fully armed and informed.
    Many thanks

    • A N – You don’t have to legally allow them into your UJM, that’s why there is the box there to be ticked or not ticked by you. You are still allowed to give your jobseeking evidence in paper and ink form of jobseeker’s diary as I do or your own home-made jobseeker’s diary ie sheet(s) of paper, and that does not change when you are on Universal Credit.

    • overburdenddonkey

      http://www.edinburghagainstpoverty.org.uk/node/105 there’s also an info links section that goes to more info on UC….

    • Why oh why is DWP so stupid.
      1. Request this “Mandatory” request in writing signed by the advisor AND the advisors Manager – oh and the threat in writing as well.
      2. If there is no written explanation/order this is clearly harrassment with threats – that makes it Gross Misconduct on their part – any support by any officer for this position placs them in the same position. to be clear – they support it or dont – there is no inbetween here.
      3. See post above at time of : Gazza | July 28, 2015 at 3:06 pm
      4. Tell her to make this request over Phone and record it.
      5. Say will be in to pick up the letter the next day. There is No excuse in not providing it in writing next day if true – it is a letter quoutiing the DWPS own regulations the adisor was trying to impose right? Takes 5 minutes to write.
      6. She is to have a pre-pared letter of complaint – two copies 1 for her records, one for senior staff [complaints seeem to mysteruiosly disseapear – I wonder why?] oh, and have a witness to handing it over.

      DO NOT TRUST any DWP talk – only in writing

      • Oh, forgot to mention – if unable to supply thiks is to quote George Prentious Smith only an “Asperation”, and therefore has no legal standing.

        • Advice Needed

          Many thanks Gazza.
          I have never seen so much rubbish jargon involving UC, They have also told her she can have a “loan” of 100 pounds to tide her over the 5 weeks waiting time.
          However this is not like the old days where it is deducted from your benefit, it is collected from a 3rd party??!!…………payday loan, and if she gets behind with payments they will get the bailiffs to collect the money.

          What the hell are families going to do when this rolls out to everyone.

          • Advice needed

            This all gets odder and odder – third party? Since when? Who orderd this? Where is the information about this “Recomended by Government” loansharking?
            You seriously need to contact the CAB/Civil advice line – anytime someone recommends [and it is NOT in DWPS remit to do so – how would they gaurantee she’ll get the loan? Unless there is a personel connection which them brings in threats and menaces as directing her to take on a loan from which they benifit via commission] loansharking.
            This all smells very very nasty.

          • @Advice
            “they will get the bailiffs to collect the money.” ……………..with an additional fee of £250 or so. The beginning of a spiral down to destitution.

  40. Scam Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This link might not be up for long but it is a good example of how phishing sites work.
    You will also notice that COMODO – the useless pieces of crap that they are – seem to hand out ‘certificates’ to any old Tom, Dick, Harriet or scammer.




  41. How can I Tell a Genuine Commitment to Non Oppression and a
    Caring Society

    Answer Not Trendy Agendas or putting the Rights of Thugs before
    Victims but a Genuine Concern For the Poor the Vulnerable and the

  42. George Orwell wrote in 1984 about Totalitarianism

    Totalitarianism Needs to be Opposed which means Not being a
    Mind Controlled Zombie

    • overburdenddonkey

      perhaps you’ll tell us how to switch the mind control off, please….


        You don’t have to be a genius to work out why key politicians want to water down the remit of the freedom of information act………..

        On this mornings news was a story of how a member of the old bill, working for the met, had earned £45 000 in overtime payments.


        Sadly, this story would have been hushed up if not for a freedom of information request, which should be an incentive to sign any petitions that relate to this issue.

        Fellow mushrooms, they want to keep you in the dark and shit on you from a great height…………..


        p.s, ignore those that are shafted, your status in the eyes of your old employer, the DWP, is paramount………………….


          Mark Wood, 44, who had a number of complex mental health conditions, died at his home last August, months after an Atos fitness-for-work assessment found him fit for work. This assessment triggered a decision by the jobcentre to stop his sickness benefits, leaving him just £40 a week to live on. His housing benefits were stopped at around the same time.

          Wood, of Bampton, Oxfordshire, was not told his housing benefit and employment and support allowance (ESA) had been stopped, and struggled to survive on the £40-a-week disability allowance that remained. He was reluctant to ask relatives for help and they were unaware his benefits payments had been removed until shortly before he died.

          A DWP spokesman said: “A decision on whether someone is well enough to work is taken following a thorough assessment and after consideration of all the supporting medical evidence from the claimant’s GP or medical specialist.”

          “Our sympathy goes out to the family of Mr Wood.”


          • GEOFF REYNOLDS


            ………….and Cameron and his 31 conservative party donors are on a jolly up in South East Asia, from the proceeds………..

            • GEOFF REYNOLDS

              “please sign this petition to get rid of, dead man walking, Iain Duncan Smith”
              The vilest piece of shit ever to tread this planet.

              Please S&S ‪#‎Petition‬ ‪#‎UKG‬ & Parliament: ‘‪#‎Vote‬ of ‪#‎NoConfidence‬ in ‪#‎DWP‬ ‪#‎IDS‬ secretary Ian Duncan Smith
              For denying the existence of, and refusing to publish data on the deaths of claimants of incapacity benefit and employment and support allowance between November 2011 and May 2014. This is despite the rulings of the Information Commissioner and public pressure resulting in a 243,657 strong petition.’


  43. @GEOFF.
    The noose is getting tighter,

    49 claimant deaths – evidence of DWP negligence cover-up grows

    Category: Latest news
    Created: Tuesday, 28 July 2015 21:55

    Evidence that the DWP are involved in a cover-up over their own negligence in connection with the death of 49 claimants is growing. Private sector work programme providers may also be implicated in the deaths.

    Disability News Service discovered last year that the DWP had carried out secret reviews into the deaths of 49 claimants. The DWP have refused to publish details of those reviews.

    In June of this year Benefits and Work made a freedom of information request asking:

    a) How many of the 49 claimants whose deaths were peer reviewed were ESA claimants who were, or had recently been, on the work programme.

    b) How many of these were deemed to be vulnerable claimants in relation to ‘safeguarding’ procedures.

    We asked these questions because the DWP had recently issued reminders to work programme providers about the safeguarding procedures, implying that they were not being properly followed. The procedures should ensure that all ESA claimants with mental health conditions receive home visits when threatened with sanctions.


  44. @GEOFF

    These are statistics, not confidential information and there is no possibility whatsoever of client confidentiality being breached by providing two numbers.

    The grounds the DWP are using are the same ones they have successfully used to refuse to release anonymised versions of the 49 reports. But in this case all we were asking for is those two numbers.

    The fact that the DWP are refusing to give the information very strongly suggests that at least some of the claimants who died were indeed vulnerable ESA work programme participants and that the proper safeguarding rules were not followed.

    If this was not the case then it is very hard to see why the DWP would refuse to release the information and claim public interest immunity.

    We have asked for a review of the DWP’s decision and we will pursue this issue as far as we possibly can.

    In the meantime, the suspicion that the DWP are involved in a cover-up that involves both the department and private sector providers in what may even be corporate manslaughter is only going to gather momentum

  45. Boycotting Tabloids that Victimise the Poor/Challenging them including
    Ripping Up Tabloids if any are left laying about abandoned before
    putting them in a Bin,Putting Forward the Case for Social Justice
    and Human Dignity as it is Not the Poor who are the Scroungers

    overburdenddonkey | July 29, 2015 at 1:07 pm | Reply

    perhaps you’ll tell us how to switch the mind control off, please….

    • overburdenddonkey

      but how are those actions produced in the 1st place, ie the willingness to do as you suggest…

  46. More Large Demonstrations For Social Justice which includes a
    Welfare State and the National Health Service and also For
    Political Freedom of Speech



    You asked:

    For each of the 49 reviews just provide:

    – Cause of death e.g. suicide, heart attack etc

    – Benefit claimed in the 12 months before death e.g. ESA or JSA or
    both etc

    – whether the benefit was being paid at time of death

    – whether the claiment had been requested to attend a WCA in the 12
    months before their death, if they actually attended, and the outcome
    of the WCA e.g. fit/not fit for work.

    Our response to these new questions:

    DWP confirms that it does hold the information you seek. The Department
    considers this to be confidential information about our clients gathered by civil
    servants in the course of their duties. This being the case Section 123 of the
    Social Security Administration Act 1992 (SSAA) prohibits the release of such
    information. As the SSAA is prior legislation this engages Section 44 of the
    FOI Act making the information ineligible for release under the terms of that
    Act. As section 44 is an absolute exemption the Department has no duty to
    consider where the public interest lies.

    If you have any queries about this letter please contact us quoting the
    reference number above.

    Yours sincerely,

    DWP Central FoI Team



      Yes that’s right folks, good old Dame Carol having helped to boost the suicide levels of claimants, is now called in to make the death toll go through the roof………………..

      Having a knighthood is no mean achievement, but you are always poised to pay back when called upon to do so.

      Carol first helped get rid of the sick note, she then stepped in to help Bill
      Gunnyeon,(CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER DWP, NOW FEATHERED HIS NEST AT MAXIMUS), to introduce the giant killers ATOS………………………

      After working closely with the big names in the private health industry, Carol’s lifetime ambition is to hand the welfare state over to them……….

      by hook or by crook, it seems !

      If the government needs anybody to do their dirty work, Carol is never far away.
      She is not interested in the mounting pile of victims, she is only too happy to carry on collecting her £3oo per day expenses on the backs of her victims………….

      Association of British Insurers in partnership with UNUM and AXA PPP Healthcare.


      Dialogue panel includes;

      Dame Carol Black
      James McGarry CEO UNUM
      Bill Gunnyeon CBE (DWP)


      Health and Wellbeing at Work Conference
      5-6 march 2013
      Venue; NEC Birmingham

      Speakers include;

      Dame Carol Black

      Bill Gunnyeon CBE

      Professor Sir Mansel Aylward



      Dame Carol Black

      Chief medical adviser warns that funding requests will be challenged

      A tax break for companies that fund interventions to get absent employees back to work will be considered by the Government, but much work needs to be done to analyse its implications.

      This was the message from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to insurers, healthcare professionals and employer representatives at the Association of British Insurers this morning.

      “Any conference I have been to, it [removing tax disincentives to fund healthcare] is one of the things that employers have consistently raised and I understand that,” said Dr Bill Gunnyeon, chief medical adviser at the DWP. “But I’m not making any promises.”


      Simon Burns (Minister of State (Health), Health; Chelmsford, Conservative)

      We are not aware of any meetings between officials and UNUM. However, Dame Carol Black, expert adviser on health and work to the Department, met them on three occasions in January 2012 to discuss the positive relationship between work and health





        Does it really matter if a few thousand people die under the heading, collateral damage ?

        Of course it doesn’t !

        Private health insurance companies lobby our parliamentarians on a daily basis, over two hundred noble lords and ladies in the chambers of the House of Lords have links and investments to the private health providers………………….

        All the corpses that are neatly hidden from view, the product of heinous welfare reforms, have the provenance of being associated with BILL GUNNYEON, EX DWP CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER AND NOW MAXIMUS, AND THE LOVELY, DAME CAROL BLACK.

        …………….All they needed was a key player to sell the hype to parliament, and that came in the twisted shape of non other than, LORD FREUD, the failed banker who formerely was recognised as a clown in banking circles…………….

        A trilogy of obscenity that caused so much, pain suffering and death. Not to mention grief for the families who had loved ones laid to rest for the sake of greed.

        History will one day highlight these criminals, it is now up to us, collectively, to bring the matter out into the open……….

        But alas, is does not stop there.

        The lawlords and the judiciary, at all levels are still playing a vital part in shafting those in need and the vulnerable.

        “Hiding behind badges of office, propped up by huge salaries, they fuck all and sundry into destitution”

        Is this democracy in action?,

        I think not……………….

  48. Another gem to add to the campaigning Local Groups: https://grenfellactiongroup.wordpress.com/

    They are working to defend & serve the Lancaster West community. Fight regeneration plans in Kensington & Chelsea borough of London. Yup. that’s the yuppie nest where ordinary people still live.

    Have a good rest, Johnny Void. In the meantime I’m going to miss your blog but many thanks for all your hard work.

  49. Yes to a Britain Free of Oppression Degrading Poverty and Mayhem

  50. Yes to a Britain where People have Backbone and Character Instead
    of being Slavery Collaborating Zombies and Mind Controlled

  51. It is Clear that the Mess of Present is Also due to many too Many Scum out There being Selfish I Am All Right Jack Oblivious Ignoramuses out There
    Both Gormless and Grotesque

    Britain lacks Decent People there Needs to be More of Them
    instead of Materialistic Scum Thug Scum and I Am Right Jack Scum

  52. Keep up the good work Johnny and everyone else, will show these tory turds we aren’t going down without a fight!

  53. **Off-topic**

    Finally got my free full copy of Windows 10 (via Microsoft media tool download) and it’s fking great. The only things I had to do was check my log-in password carried over, the screen resolution needed fixing and having to re-install iTunes (took less than 20 seconds to install and scan my music files). Using the new Edge browser as I speak as Firefox is not yet been tested.

    • How does Windows 10 compare to, say, WIndows XP? … 😉

    • i.e would it be worth the hassle to ‘upgrade’? 😉

      • Old Skool

        I have warned people that this is a road crash waiting to happen – lo and behold a mate came round with a non working laptop from 05th May. He was unable to log in.

        Managed to get in via Safe Mode [Press F8 and keep pressing to get to black screen and chose Safe Mode option]

        Using restore it appears a update came down the pipe which borked his login. Updates are now disabled.

        I would point out to everyone this is just ONE application, there are others] – Microsoft has updated Outlook 5 times this year and each time %$£’ed it up.

        The reports I am seeing on slashdot org and theregister tells me alI I need to know about trusting Microsoft and its always on updates. They might say you have a choice [I hear they’ve backtracked – honestly don’t care or trust them] but that clearly was not their intent in the beginnig nor I predict for the future.

        • Hey Gazza! I have constant problems with my PC every time these MS updates are downloaded. The system runs mega slow, it freezes and all manner of crap happens.

          I was thinking of changing altogether to Linux Mint.

          One thing i know is these MS updates are a real pain in the arse. Trouble is if you disable the updates they say your machine will end up not working properly..

          • Linux Mint? Good Choice – Go for it.
            Back up all important data before hand & passwords.
            Suggest do dual boot to test and get used to – will be applications you cannot get that are Windows specific, but not a lot of them.
            Useage? Google/youtube is your freind.
            MS Office alternatives – LibreOffice/Kingsoft Office [both free]

            Another Big advantage of the Live DVD is when Windows goes down, can use it to get on web [do job applications/banking – on this point, big plus is no info is stored on PC before or after use – but you have to input wifi code and all passwords each time you use DVD].

            • Or even better, a bootable usb with Mint or whatever other flavour of Linux on it – with extra space to store personal settings etc as well as personal files. Works just the same as a DVD and is a whole lot more convenient. Again, it will leave no trace on any machine you use, it’ll be as if you were never there!

          • Fuck you Bill G

            Fuck all this bullshit ‘upgrading’ shit! It is for fucking mental retards. If you have a system that is functioning properly why the fuck to you want to give yourself more shit to deal with. Oh look, something has broke, something is incompatible, can’t get this fucking shit to work. That is why they keep doing this fucking shit – just to fucking piss you off! How many times have you clicked ‘upgrade’ then discovered the ‘upgrade’ was some dumbed-down pile of shit with have the features you previously used missing and a load of bullcrap added. And you immediately wanted to ‘roll-back’ to your previous operating system/software? Fuck you Bill G and your fucking shit. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

        • Gazza, your mate would have had an early test version of Win10 on his laptop – it’s why it would have broke. The official RTM version only came out on 29th July, only when Microsoft deemed it ready and fit for purpose. If they had found any further problems the release date would have been put back for another year or so.

          I’ll be having Firefox for Win10 when that launches any day soon, currently using the Win7 version of Firefox with no problems (noticed a huge speed browsing increase on Firefox with this arrangement)

          • It was Win7.

            And my pointing to Outlook is just to illustrate that 5 time so far this year updates has failed on just this one [how many in Windows is there again?] program and a central one at that.

    • Be very careful with Windows 10 – It is spying on everything you do!

      Tom’s Hardware

      Portions of Microsoft’s privacy policy, which indicates that the company is using a keylogger, among other methods, to obtain information about the software’s performance. This is likely one of the reasons why Microsoft insists that Windows Technical Preview not be installed on computers that are used every day.

      “When you acquire, install and use the Program, Microsoft collects information about you, your devices, applications and networks, and your use of those devices, applications and networks,” the privacy policy stated. “Examples of data we collect include your name, email address, preferences and interests; browsing, search and file history; phone call and SMS data; device configuration and sensor data; and application usage.”

      Microsoft provided four examples, one of which clearly states that when entering text into any application, Microsoft may collect those typed characters. Why? So that the company can fine-tune the spell check and auto-complete features. Again, the Technical Preview is not ideal on machines used for everyday purposes unless users don’t care about this “character collection.”

      Microsoft also revealed that when users open a file, the company collects information about the file, the program that opens the file and how long it takes to open said file. Microsoft claims that it uses this information to improve performance and more. Microsoft also collects information about programs that are installed — including the device they are installed on — and uses that information to determine and improve Windows 10’s compatibility with those programs.

      The company acknowledges that it may collect voice information if the customer uses voice input features, such as speech-to-text. This information will be used to improve speech processing, Microsoft revealed.

      “Microsoft uses data we collect from the Program to operate, improve and personalize the Program and other Microsoft products and services,” the privacy policy stated. “Some data is stored on your device and some data is transmitted to Microsoft. Microsoft shares some data with our partners to improve how their products and services work with Microsoft’s products and services.”

      • Microsoft spying on us Windows users has been going on since they brought out the very first version many years ago. I’d be more worried about the government spying on me and my internet activities than Microsoft. The government have already tried to control the internet in the UK with censorship, yet they have failed. No doubt they will try to curtail freedom of online speech again.

        Be glad you are not living in China as their internet is heavily controlled and spied on by their government. Their own citizens have been thrown in jail for simply not using a government approved social media site or government approved internet browser.

        • Microsoft/government, pretty much the same thing when it comes to spying on us really. I’ll never go back to using Windows. I’m now in my 7th Windows free year, and I’d love to be Microsoft free, but that sadly isn’t practicable.

    • Fen T; Me to. However, I cannot, for the love of money access my old email which I set up ages ago and never used. They want my old password, which I do not have. Nonetheless, have gone through the process of trying to retrieve it, bloody nightmare. Off topic, any idea how I can pass (not right word) all my music from XP to my new notebook? A dongle would not be big enough. Would I have to purchase one of those expensive portable hard drives ? Thanks

    • Crassssssssssssssssssssh

      I tried ‘up-grading’ to Windows 10 but my Nivdia graphics card kept crashing. And this is on a system barely six months old. So ended up having to do a major restoration operation. What a load of hassle and waste of time – all for nowt. Thanks for nothing, Bill fucking Gates!

      • Crassssssssssssssssssssh

        And another thing, this Win 10 fucker wouldn’t let me access the ‘recovery partition’ to restore Win 7 so ended up having to nuke the drive. Had to use a friend’s computer to download a fallen-of-the-back-of-the-lorry copy of Windows 7 to restore an operating system. It is easy to get yourself in a pickle with this stuff. If is isn’t broke – don’t fix it.

  54. Fuck you Bill G

    Fuck all this bullshit ‘upgrading’ shit! It is for fucking mental retards. If you have a system that is functioning properly why the fuck to you want to give yourself more shit to deal with. Oh look, something has broke, something is incompatible, can’t get this fucking shit to work, can’t get this piece of shit to boot, want to smash it to fuck with a hammer. That is why they keep doing this fucking shit – just to fucking piss you off! How many times have you clicked ‘upgrade’ then discovered the ‘upgrade’ was some dumbed-down pile of shit with have the features you previously used missing and a load of bullcrap added. And you immediately wanted to ‘roll-back’ to your previous operating system/software? Fuck you Bill G and your fucking shit. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  55. Fuck you Bill G

    Fuck all this bullshit ‘upgrading’ shit! It is for fucking mental retards. If you have a system that is functioning properly why the fuck to you want to give yourself more shit to deal with. Oh look, something has broke, something is incompatible, can’t get this fucking shit to work, can’t get this piece of shit to boot, want to smash it to fuck with a hammer. That is why they keep doing this fucking shit – just to fucking piss you off! How many times have you clicked ‘upgrade’ then discovered the ‘upgrade’ was some dumbed-down pile of shit with half the features you previously used missing and a load of bullcrap added. And you immediately wanted to ‘roll-back’ to your previous operating system/software? Fuck you Bill G and your fucking shit. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    • Fuck you Bill G

      “mental retards” – should be those with ‘learning difficulties’

    • Win10 is fully compatible with any Win7 or Win 8 machine. My PC has been using the new system since yesterday after a four hour upgrade and there is nothing wrong with my PC. All I had to do with correct the audio output problems which were set wrong, nothing more.

    • FyBG, I love my old XP, Got all my music and photos on it, it still work and its solid. In the past, when something broke on my machine it could be fixed, still can. Not like these’ throw away shite’ that we have now. What’s a girl to do?

  56. As soon as I mention I’m now on Windows 10 people start scare mongering over it. I have no problem with Microsoft collecting data over how I use my PC. They have been doing this ever since the first ever edition of Windows came all those years ago.

    If people are having problems with their PCs and/or operating systems it is simply because they have absolutely no clue on how to use a computer. Fact. I have been computer literate for over 25 years now, self-taught I may add and any problem I encounter is very easily addressed and fixed within minutes of the problem occurring.

    My system wasn’t broke on it’s original Win7 software and it ain’t broke now on Win10. In fact it is faster and more productive. Now, I can get fully online to the internet well under 10 seconds of my booting up my computer, unlike before when it would have took me around 30 or more seconds under the previous system.

    I bet that some people scare mongered against using Win7 when that first came out, and the same when Win8 or XP first came out as those people stuck with the previous system to any of them. If you are not on Win10, you are missing out on what Microsoft has done, not only with giving us the chance to bag fully free software for nothing, that will next year will cost £99 to buy on a set-up disc.

    I checked if my PC had activated Win10 and it has, as it is using the old product registry key that came with my PC, along with my previous log-in password and all of my files, folders and data I had on the old set up.

    • Until I lost my home internet earlier this year my computer was working fine on millennium edition. I hadn’t upgraded since I bought my computer in 2001. Couldn’t use messengers but got around the internet well enough. Thank goodness for smart phones, at least I can still do some job search and save on trips to the library.


        Billy Tail Jeremy Corbyn – Most Dangerous Man in Britian
        Fear Labour Artist Taxi Driver speak

        Why Jeremy Corbyn? Artist Taxi Driver speak

        Jeremy Corbyn – Most Dangerous Man in Britian
        The artist taxi driver

        • Good on you Geoff, you never fail in your quest for the TRUTH.
          I VOTE FOR YOU GEOFF. Go on Geoff go for it, what you got to lose x

          • GEOFF REYNOLDS

            ………..cheers. Bernie.
            They can rob me but they won’t shut me up!!!


            • overburdenddonkey

              ultimately we have to defeat behaviourism and stop them getting their hands on the sweetie jar….power must be permanently returned to the people, nothing less will do imo…

    • Computer Newbie

      Anyone else having problems upgrading from Windows 9 to Windows 10. Keep getting the message: “Error: your operating system never existed.”

      • Found this here:

        Upgrade to Windows 10 initially via Windows 7 or 8:

        Run setup.exe directly from within Windows 7 or 8. This step is of paramount importance, as it’s where Windows 10 itself detects that you indeed have a licensed, activated OS.

        5) Windows 10 Clean Installation:

        Whatever you do, do NOT attempt to do a clean installation of Windows 10 without going through step 4 above. You MUST initially run setup.exe from directly within Windows 7 or 8 first, or you’re fucked!

        Not everyone has bothered to ‘upgrade’ to Windows 7, 8 or 9 and not everyone who has has a ‘genuine’ copy.

        • “I checked if my PC had activated Win10 and it has, as it is using the old product registry key that came with my PC, along with my previous log-in password and all of my files, folders and data I had on the old set up.”

          You obviously had a ‘genuine’ copy of Win 7, 8 or 9 already installed. Anyone else trying this with a ‘dodgy’ copy would no doubt end up with a ‘brick’ for an operating system.

          • Win10 uses the same activation product key that any existing legitimate Win7 or 8 machine uses. Microsoft went so far to say that anyone upgrading from Win 7 (minumum operating system) would be up and running on Win10 the minute the upgrade has completed.

            Anyone using Win XP or earlier can forget it if they try to have Win10 on their machine. The minimum software specs for running win10 is Win7. I’m on Win10 home edition as I was previously on Win7 home edition. Depending on what version of Win7 or 8 you have, you will get the equivalent Win10 edition like for like.

      • overburdenddonkey

        i went to remove my recovery partion and software as it’s causing problems and guess what win10 won’t let me do it…?

        • Bill g the third

          What’s the recovery partition for – Win 95… 😉

          • overburdenddonkey

            it came with the system it’s the manufactures install so i can do various things ie restore to orginal software…it’s win 7 that come with the system…it also said that one can revert back to original win7 within a month of win10 install, guess what it tells me it won’t, so it looks like a complete reboot from recovery and back discs i made oh fucking joy…it also won’t let me press escape on boot up so i can change the progs and settings…

      • Bill g the third

        Don’t think this ‘upgrade’ to Win 10 is somehow going to work on older hardware designed for XP. For starters the video card is probably not WDDM complaint Run > type in “DxDiag” without the inverted commas to check. It might just work on Vista systems, but reckon it is only good to attempt an ‘upgrade’ on Win 7 and above. If you are running an XP system, best just to forget about Win 10.

        • Bill g the third

          Best thing to do to ‘upgrade’ and older system is to install for RAM. Win XP can take up to 2 GB. An original system probably has only 512MB. The older DDR memory sticks are kind of expensive though – it would set you back £40+ for a couple of 1GB sticks. Still a lot cheaper than buying a new computer and will deliver a massive performance boost.

        • Bill g the third

          * install more RAM

        • Win Xp machines aren’t compatible with any of the software that Win10 uses. Microsoft are only offering it to Win7 and 8 users free upgrade for a year after the monumental cock-up that was both Win 8 and vista.

          Before I changed over to the new OS I had to update my HD intel video driver with the recent intel WMMD compliant update offered only last month as part of the monthly update programme. Even the intel WMMD update is in-compatible with old XP machines.

          XP and everything before it is obesete and out-dated software no longer protected against the latest virus threats. Microsoft even actively encourages Win users to get rid of everything that is before Win7 as it is un-safe, dangerous software that they no longer support. Would I use a computer running on Windows 2000 or ME knowing full well that it can’t be protected by Microsoft and that any virus lurking in the old software could wipe out my PC and lose every photo, password, bank details I have on that PC? No I wouldn’t.

          • If you are still using a machine running XP then best consider using something like Lubuntu or ZorinOS – dependent on how much RAM you have, though anything less than about 2GB is going to be a bit on the slow side. Both of those operating systems are available for free, are well supported and receive regular updates and upgrades that don’t take all day to install like some operating systems I could mention. Just remember to back up all your personal files somewhere before you install, and then put them back on your computer after install has completed, Full installation of most Linux flavours is quick.

            Linux Mint is also a popular choice, and very newbie friendly.

          • Windows is a dick of an operating system the way is it always ‘logging’ and ‘caching’ – for ‘performance reasons’. Nothing to worry about in the normal course of events, until your system gets pounded by the cops, feds, whoever and they forensically examine it. You could easily be up Crap Creek without a paddle.

        • lol looks like I am running DX 1.0 and my BIOS is dated 1985 lol Windows 10 here we come 🙂 or not! 😀

    • Think it is only ‘free’ if you are ‘upgrading’ from Win 7, Win 8, or Win 9 and have a ‘genuine’ system. If it is truly free then why is it the case that ‘illegal’? ‘copies’ are being ‘shared’ for which you need ‘activators’ and such for?

    • Microsoft used to gather user data to improve their products, Windows 10 is doing it to sell advertising (which is why the upgrade is free) http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/07/30/windows-10-privacy-settings/ You have a year until the upgrade stops being free (if it ever does) so don’t rush into things and Classic Shell http://www.classicshell.net greatly improves things.

      • overburdenddonkey

        much of that stuff can be switched off…their attempt is to have a hands off totally managed OS…it keeps complaining that i’m using google…i thought defender might be worth having but i’ve switched that off now and gone back to my old software…i keep threatening to use linux perhaps now’s the time…

        • You won’t regret changing to Linux. It’s pretty much ‘plug ‘n’ play’ now with peripherals being auto-detected and drivers being downloaded if they are not already there. You always get to say yes or no to software being installed, so you have complete control of your system. No viruses either, at least none that need worrying about, as they only really exist in theory.

          You can always try many Linux flavours out by running them as LiveDVD or LiveUSB -they run a little slower that way as they run in RAM. Or you can do a dual boot with Windows, but do defrag Windows before you install Linux, and only install Linux after Windows, so it’s ideal if you already have Windows installed. You then get to choose what OS you want to use when you boot up.

      • wordpress is complete shit

      • Don’t know what it does for productivity, but Windows Royale is a good-looking theme for Windows XP

    • Hey Fen
      How do I get rid of the green/blank screen (with sound), so I can watch all the videos posted on here. Am afraid I am one of the clueless, having difficulty with anything Technophobically speaking! Please explain in layman terms. Some one has said to me I got the biggest pile of crap on the market (Windows 8.1)! Cheapest I could find, Toshiba, on the never, never, of course.

      • Hi Tickety

        You could be on here through Mozilla Firefox or any other browser other than Internet Explorer 11 / Microsoft Edge (which is what I use as part of my Win10 OS. Firefox for some reason blocks or disables videos being shown on this blog website, yet Microsoft Edge (possibly IE11 even) will allow them.

        Adblockplus, noscript, ghostery, blur add-ons for firefox WILL block or disable any video playing on any site, especially on youtube. So whenever I want to trawl through youtube I end up having to disable adblockplus and noscript just to get the videos to play on there.

  57. Tory Tyranny Needs to be Opposed just like Fascism Nazism
    Islamophobia and the Victimisation of the Poor and Vulnerable

    So Called ” Extremist Disruption Orders ” are a Tool of Tory Tyranny
    and Islamophobia and Need to be Opposed and Stopped

    There is No Freedom without Political Freedom of Speech there is
    just Slavery

    Britain Deserves Better than Out of Touch Tories in Office

  58. stitchedupandbroken

    Is there any chance of the BBC delving into the graft and corruption of Britains judiciary stem and the quislings that endorse theimproper sanctions bought about by the DSS…or shall I go back to taking the medication?
    Corrupt,full of graft,toadies,greasers…no not the Russian parliamentarians…those here.
    I wish I could go to Scotland to see Ricky Tomlinsons 1 man play about improper judicial practice. I see Alan Bennett called UK inc.the biggest band of hypocrites going. Corrupt from tip to toe

    • ………well said my friend, the judiciary are nothing other than the penal arm of the DWP…………

      Where i live, in Scarborough, you see the same old magistrates, like JUDGE WALL and his retired sidekick, DOCTOR MANNERS, who is no longer registered, filling their bloated pockets, stealing benefits from claimants.
      ………………..and then you get pillocks like senior JUDGE MARK ROWLAND, insisting that your case cannot go forward on the issue of breaches of human rights because it is possible to claim JOB SEEKERS ALLOWANCE.

      Which is strange after being deemed disabled for life?

      People like Rowland have no connection, whatsoever, with those they fob off with reams of legal jargon. To them we are mere parasites that sponge off the state.
      They were happy to take my national insurance payments though, till my workplace accident.

      These people, these handpicked assassins of the disabled, think of one thing only, personal greed.

      I have witnessed a plethora of really disabled people leaving Scarborough magistrates in tears, their meagre existence stolen for no apparent reason other than the judge and his bumbling old sidekick have been instructed by the DWP, to place them on lifes scrapheap.

  59. People Must Not be Complacent about the Threat of Tory Tyranny

    The Tories are More the Extremists than Defenders of Common Sense
    and Social Justice

  60. David Cameron got himself slammed by Labour because he called the migrants “swarming” across Europe.
    Thousands of home grown benefit claimants have been called “skivers” “shirkers”, and left in poverty.
    Labours response…….Silence.

    One migrant has been killed by a train this week, headline news.
    Thousands of benefit claimants have died in recent years.
    All swept under the carpet.

    David Cameron says..”migrant crises will last all summer”
    Oh well, that will keep the crowd pre- occupied to what`s really going on.

    • Cameron saying the migrant problem will last all summer was wrong, he should have said it will go on for years. If someone tried to rob a store you wouldn’t escort them to the door if they are caught and allow them to keep trying for as long as they want to.

    • …………anyone using the term, “swarming”, considers those to be no more than insects, for fucks sake, these are human beings, be they green blue or pink !!
      Living breathing organisms that deserve the same right to a life as anybody else.
      When i see somebody cutting a perimeter fence or stowing away in a lorry, i do not feel threatened, i feel sorry.
      Sorry that people cannot read into the desperation that human being must be facing to have succumbed to that situation.

      I feel really lucky having friends who are from all walks of life, creeds and colours and religions. I have not one ounce of religion in me, but i never underestimate the feelings of others that do.
      iN fact, i will go one step further and state that, perhaps us white people are the most ignorant and biased and blindfolded, of the lot,

      • Many of those migrants paid up to two thousand pound to get here and are safely in Calais. They are not in fear of their lives now. Most unemployed have never had two thousand pound and if we tried the tactic of force we would be arrested and not just escorted to the exit.

        • Calais Resident

          Yup, it is BS! It is always people with money who somehow manage to ‘flee’. 2 grand is fortune in UK terms, and an absolute fortune to an unemployed person. So what must be it’s equivalent value to a person living in one of these countries these migrant are ‘fleeing’ from, and especially to an unemployed person living in one of these countries.

          Something just doesn’t add up with these ‘migrants fleeing persecution’ or whatever. The one thing that they never give a satisfactory answer to is the question: “Now that you have made it to the continent of Europe. It is hardly a backward war-torn region. Why not settle in another European country. In fact, why not seek asylum in France. Why the pressing need to make it to the UK?”. ” But the UK is like… you know…”.

          The UK and the French really need to get tough on these fuckers. There are always enough troops/police to quell whatever in the UK, so why are these fuckers being allowed to run rings round us. Round them up, forcefully if need be, and ship these swarms of locust back where they came from.

          • Leaner and meaner without the self-loathing baggage of the host peoples they are coming to the UK to compete and displace not to deliver us a lecture on social justice.

          • GEOFF REYNOLDS

            “Something just doesn’t add up with these ‘migrants fleeing persecution’ or whatever”

            Everywhere the UK bombed to destruction, with our allies, the gung ho yanks, has left a trail of destruction and utter destitution.
            Each and every expensive shell that we rain on foreign soil leaves somebody looking for shelter.

            When we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, all we achieved was a great big zero.
            I have seen film footage of market places before and after our ill thought out campaigns. We have decimated everywhere that we have invaded or attacked. The people in power were described as tyrants yet it was us who put them in power in the first instance.
            Libya is now in a shocking state, in complete turmoil with feuding warlords fighting for ultimate power.
            Saddam and Gadaffi were proper bastards but they had an element of order, we left them with fuck all.
            The world banks, weapons and arms manufacturers can’t wait for some dickhead prime minister like Bush, Blair or Cameron, to declare war on some far away state sat on oil reserves.
            War creates huge debts that the banks need to generate huge profits, people of all ages are merely collateral damage.

            The collateral damage comes in the form of those seeking sanctuary here, our actions are responsible for the upturn in asylum seekers.

            Italy are taking everyones share of the collateral damage, they have greater land mass and more agreeable climates to those uprooted by our ill conceived bombing raids and drone attacks.

            “For every positive move there is always an equal, opposite, negative reaction. The UK creates it’s own destiny, we are our own worst enemy”

      • Where are these migrants even getting that amount of money from to pay the traffickers to get them here? France is breaking EU Law where it clearly states migrants can claim asylum in the first SAFE country they land in. France being the first safe country in Europe.

        All those bloody free-loading, disease ridden foreigners are wanting to come to the UK and over-run us with their own customs.

        If I went abroad to a European country I would have been expected by them and their government to explicity follow THEIR rules, laws and customs on what I can and cannot do there. They are coming here and bringing their own country laws and customs to us, totally ignoring OUR God-given laws and customs to which they SHOULD obey.

        My town is full of polish shops. WHY? I bet there are no English shops like ASDA, morrssons or the local spar shop in any of their countries. So why the fuck are we even allowing foreign shops over here? Is British food not good enough for them?

        The same about them speaking their own languages here too. They either learn our language as their first or they go and fuck off back where they came from. Why should we have to alter our road signs or any other notice etc just to accommodate them. They don’t change their signs, etc in their countries when we live or visit them. One fucking rule for them and another for us.

        If they don’t speak our language and follow our customs, then all I say is simply fuck off back to their own countries. My town park, every morning is littered with empty beer cans or booze bottles, all with polish labels. I see this all the time around the children’s play area. Too fucking lazy to put the empty cans in the bin that is next to where they sit. They leave the cans on the bench or all over the ground. Then there are the disgusting polish who freely piss up the side of a tree in full view of anybody passing them by in the park. They have no morals or shame about where they take a leak. They may do this filthy activity in their own country, but I have seen this happen with young children near by. Fucking filthy, disgusting foreign bastards.

        • Racism Is Ugly

          Try and find a way of expressing your frustration without resorting to the dehumanising language of racism please.

          It shows you up as a cunt.

        • By selling everything they own in the country they would rather be able to continue to live in before setting off on the most dangerous journey they could possibly imagine undertaking?

        • @Fen
          Poles served in the RAF during WWII, despite knowing that Polish fliers downed in Nazi territory would have “special treatment” from the Gestapo. That’s why I have a lot of respect for the Polish.

        • paultheswineherd

          Fen Tiger,
          You are exactly right and you are telling it as you see it in your particular area. There is absolutely nothing wrong in that.
          I agree entirely that if someone comes to your country, then they should abide by ‘your’ country’s rules.
          After all – if we went to ‘their’ country, then they would not have it if ‘we’ tried to enforce ‘our’ culture and ‘our’ traditions upon them!
          If ‘we’ lived in their particular country – we would have to abide by ‘their’
          rules – and rightly so also.
          @ Racism Is Ugly – Fen Tiger is not being a cunt – he, or she is seeing it exactly as it is as he, or she sees it.
          This is not a ‘Racism’ issue. It is about telling the truth as you see it, – and, what is more, – actually having the guts to do it.

          • The only cunt I See on here is ‘racism is ugly’ Why doesn’t he or she simply fuck off to an Eastern European country if I am simply telling the truth for once.

            My town is openly and freely being used as one big open-air toilet and dustbin on a daily basis by these un-washed illegal immigrants living here. There is a massive problem with anti-social behaviour in my town caused purely by foreigners being drunk, pissing freely in the street in full view of everybody else, littering the place with empty cheap cans of foreign booze bought from one of the now many foreign shops we have, and they also threaten and harass us.

            They have no social manners whatsoever and should fucking start to treat us properly instead of intimidating us through being drunk and abusive. I have been verbally abused by a drunk foreigner one night whilst walking through town by such an ill-mannered immigrant. And before anybody says anything on here, I was simply minding my own business and not even looking in the direction of the person verbally harassing me..

            My town centre and park are covered by a police order banning the handling and consumption of alcohol, and yet this order is simply ignored by these immigrants. I say to anyone who doesn’t like the picture I paint, spend a day in my town and see the social damage being caused by these immigrants living here.

            They are often drunk all day long, piss freely in the street in full view of children – I have seen this happen one evening in my town park, throw litter and empty booze cans on the paths and roads, abusive to anybody who simply looks at them, stagger drunkenly in the street narrowly getting run over by traffic, and they sometimes shoplift from supermarkets.

            Every day that I go into town I always see drunk immigrants harassing and abusing the locals, pissing freely in public with absolutely no shame, using lesser-used streets and public alley ways do have a shit and leave soiled toilet paper, throwing litter and empty booze cans in the ground, next to a litter bin and trying to shoplift from the shops. It’s their culture to do this in their own country. Some of the public alley ways in town have been sealed closed permanently by the police as they were used as toilets by immigrants. Shit, shitty clothes and shitty toilet paper strewn all over the ground in these pathways, causing distress to the general public and environmental health hazard.

            Before labelling me as racist, spend a day in my town to see the massive problem we locals have to face with ill-mannered, un-washed filthy, abusive and drunk immigrants, getting pissed on cheap booze paid out of jobcentre benefits handed to them.

            • Pawel and the Poles

              Hey Fen Tiger, big cholera! We see you, we punch your fucking face in!

            • Pawel and the Poles

              Hey Fen Tiger, big cholera! We see you, we shit on your fucking face!

              • You wouldn’t even be able punch your way out of a paper bag.

              • Oh look. Hey come the fucking trolls defending the illegal immigrants trying to get here. Is is socially acceptable for one of your drunk European countrymen to piss up the side of a church building or piss in a graveyard? Well, I’ve seen it happen in my town during a public event.. Fucking disgusting habits pissing on or in holy ground. You bloody piss-ant foreigners should be ashamed of yourselves for using my town as a toilet, pissing and shitting in public and spreading diseases.

                • paultheswineherd

                  Fen Tiger,
                  Stick to your guns my friend – you know and have obviously seen, what has been happening in your town. And as for the illegal immigrants – yes, they can fuck off back to their countries. They do not have ‘legal’ papers. If you or me were in their countries without papers we would be jailed – no questions asked (until they contacted Cameron’s Home Office!)
                  And as for desecrating Christian Churches and graveyards – well this is even worse. If we went over there and did that to them – then we would be jailed!

            • The only reason you are getting away with posting such offensive, dehumanising, ignorant, hate filled bile on here Fen, is because JV is away.

              Like all racists, you are a bitter little coward who tries to justify ignorant hate with bullshit such as “spend a day in my town” and classics such as “Why doesn’t he or she simply fuck off to an Eastern European country” Is that all you have got?

              You are an ignorant racist.

        • History Repeats

          “Where are these migrants even getting that amount of money from to pay the traffickers to get them here?” – they are not poor people – although they pretend to be. If anything ‘bad’ happens in a country it is always the poor people who are left behind to suffer. The ruch always ‘hot-foot’ itThe toffs, the previously deposed tyrannical aristocracy, just simply rich bastards, Priti Patel and her clan or whoever these fuckers are should be sent back to where they came from. Let us not repeat the same mistake we made with Priti Patel.

        • History Repeats

          No, these fuckers have travelled through the WHOLE of Europe to get to France and the last leg of their journey to enter the UK by hell, high water or EuroStar.

          • History Repeats

            … or the back of a lorry. Get these fuckers to fuck!

          • History Repeats

            Think about it! Travelling across the whole of the third-world, war-torn continent of Europe to get the the Land of Milk and Honey, where the streets are paved with gold. What brave souls indeed! They must still have enough money left in the kitty to pay for a EuroTrecker Rail Pass. These fuckers are really taking the piss!

            • History Repeats

              Unless they just ride the tops of the trains… nothing would surprise!

              • Those immigrants trying to get to the UK are NOT entitled to free housing, free health-care and free DWP benefits.

                The UK is not their country, nor have they automatic free rights of entry. They should fuck off. Britain is full up.

        • Dobry Polski Sklep


          • Fuck off, you dumb foreigner. , Try using a toilet instead of pissing freely in public in view of everybody else. Fucking filthy and disgusting habits you have.

            • Fen thinks that posting racist hate filled comments is going to really impress JV when he returns.

              Odds on her being right?

  61. The Ugly Face of Disability Hate Crime – BBC Documentary

    Published on 23 Jul 2015

    Adam Pearson is on a mission to explore disability hate crime – to find out why it goes under-reported, under-recorded and under people’s radar. In this documentary, Adam challenges people into questioning their attitudes towards disability and disfigurement, to uncover the roots of the issue.

    Adam has neurofibromatosis type 1, a condition that causes benign tumours to grow on nerve endings – in his case, on his face. He is disfigured and disabled and has experienced disability hate crime first-hand, like a number of his friends, some of whom he meets with in the film. Their stories may differ, but their disability as the motivating factor is constant.

    Just days into his investigation, Adam becomes the target of some grossly offensive online hate speech. While this isn’t unusual for him, for the first time Adam decides to take action, reporting it to the police – with some unexpected outcomes.

    Undeterred, he looks to understand the laws specific to disability hate crime, and finds that a mixture of ignorance and inequalities mean that these crimes often don’t make it to our courts, or are sentenced less severely than other hate crimes when they do.

    Adam looks to uncover what attitudes and influences may be causing people to commit disability hate crime in the first place, questioning whether the portrayal of disfigurement and disability in the media, for example, could be leading us to associate them with being ‘the bad guys’.

    With help from Miles Hewstone, professor of social psychology at the University of Oxford, Adam conducts an experiment measuring peoples’ innate prejudice towards disfigurement that gives some shocking results, and leads him to question if he alone can hope to affect a change – and if so, how?

  62. overburdenddonkey

    Independence supporters stage Glasgow rally

    • Mr Sheridan told the independence rally in Glasgow that the Tory prime minister had “no democratic mandate to rule our country.”

      So says Tommy pontificating on an Entryism mandate.

      • overburdenddonkey

        i don’t care what tommy says i care that people turned out to protest…and WM doesn’t have a democratic mandate to rule scotland so tommy is correct, as am i….

  63. The 1st of August Mark’s the Anniversary of the Start of the Warsaw Uprising in Poland Land of the White Eagle in 1944 AD.

    The Polish Home Army with Help from other Sources such as the Royal Air Force Resisted the Nazi Occupiers .

    The 36th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS ( Dirlewanger Brigade ) took part in Acts of Brutality a Group of Nazi Thugs led by an Alcoholic and Sick Child Abuser Oscar Dirlewanger

    Nazi Brutality and Evil Need’s to be Remembered for the Sake of
    Human Decency

  64. The Victimisation of Disabled People as ” Scroungers ” is a Crime
    against Humanity and Human Decency a Disgrace to the British

    • The noose tightens IDS and gets closer to you every day. Soon you will answer for your barbarism towards the sick disabled and unemployed.


      • overburdenddonkey

        @ root the main point is that the WCA causes immense suffering both red and blue tories know this, and are ignoring the remedy scrap it now…


        …………..I found myself in a terrible situation a couple of months ago, in fact i would rather not go there but i have to warn others……………..

        I was seated at the top of some of the tallest cliffs in Britain, my head in my hands and my empty wallet beside me. Photo’s of my nearest and dearest were arranged on the grass around me and it was raining heavy.

        The edge of the cliff was about two feet away and it was drawing me ever closer like some form of invisable magnet.

        That just one leap would take away the last two years of living hell, since an ATOS operative named EMMA BRODERICK had manufactured a fake medical report that would relieve me of my lifetime disability award.

        First they stole my DLA then they used the concocted report to take the rest. leaving me with just £32.32p per week to live on…………………..

        I was just seconds from ending it all. Each and every night i have not slept, the myriad of paperwork and failed documents to appeals, floating around in space.

        Piles and piles of envelopes chasing lost causes right up to as far as i could go, right up to the upper tribunal and the pompous bastard that is a self satisfied god among his penal elite, JUDGE MARK ROWLAND….

        ………………..I honestly thought that the poisoned appeals system would allow the claimant to raise issues that they considered unfair?

        How wrong i was, you go through all the machinations of the system to someone like ROWLAND,to be told that you cannot raise point a or point b, because………………..

        Because they don’t want your case to be successful, that is…………..

        The savings to the DWP are paramount to your pains and conditions and that is why the spike in welfare related deaths.

        I consider myself living proof of the evils of this government and i was so close, two feet, from being anothe of CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM (THE FOI COMMISSIONER), closely guarded secrets.

        Everybody has a tipping point, the DWP know this and not content with starving a claimant into submission, they utilise a NUDGE unit and a trail of fruitless appeal corridors to exhaust your will to carry on.

        “I ever asked for an industrial accident that changed my life, but the pain and suffering from the accident pales into insignificance from the pains inflicted by the DWP and JUDGE MARK ROWLAND.

        WE, are many, and the world must know of the pure evil meted out on the most vulnerable……….


        • Sad to hear Geoff but never ever give in. That’s what these scum bastards want. They want us to be another one of the hidden victims that hopefully they can keep from the general public so that they never find out how sordid and bent the system is.

          The sad and basic truth is, when you do work and pay in, then take ill or need help, it’s taken from you in order to add money to government coffers so they can hand it to welfare to work crooks, banks and corporate cheats. You think if you’ve worked that you’ll be looked after if you take unwell. The scary reality for most of us is that that just doesn’t happen.

          The benefit denial industry is in full bloom as they seek to destroy the social security safety net in front of our eyes. This benefits rogue employers who can then exploit a workforce who have no avenues of protest because they hold the threat of penury over their workforce because the benefits system has been completely destroyed. See the proposed Tory bastards legislation where they want to further curb the unions power as well. That as well as wanting to pull out of the EU HR’s act so they can further exploit folks with impunity.

          DWP + JCP = LOWLIFE SCUM.

          • “You think if you’ve worked that you’ll be looked after if you take unwell.” – and anybody who is so utterly fucking stupid that they still buy into that fucking horseshit seriously needs their fucking head examined. Get real, ffs!

            • it never has been and it never will be – it is all a great big fucking CON!!

            • It never has been the case and it never will be – it is all a great big fucking CON!!

            • Peeps really, really need to grasp that most basic of concepts and get in drilled into their thick fucking heads. We have been deceived, our parents were deceived, our grandparents were deceived and yet we still buy into that fucking shite!

            • Generation after generation being taken for a fucking ride!

            • “and anybody who is so utterly fucking stupid that they still buy into that fucking horseshit seriously needs their fucking head examined”

              Utter shite Rubber hammer. It used to be if you were ill you could go on the sick and actually get benefits without being threatened bullied and sanctioned.

              Maybe you don’t remember eh?





          defies belief really?

  65. … the poisoned appeals system

    HM Courts and Tribunals Service legitimising criminality and fraud against benefits claimants by the dwp/jcp.

    • overburdenddonkey

      yes it is….but what do we do about it…?

      • geoff reynolds

        Think about it, think really hard, think beyond the parameters that you normally do ?


        iF KILLING AN INNOCENT brazillian electrician is today classed as acceptable, where will the carnage stop?

        If forty nine deaths can be hidden by the freedom of information officer, CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM, anything is possible………………


          ………………………………but the real truth is that the real figure is into the thousands, the forty nine that we are aware of are just the tip of the iceberg that have slipped out into the public domain.

          The real figures will be exempt from view if the politicians like JACK STRAW try to alter the remit of the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT that he introduced.

          Everybody has a secret, dirty little secrets that they wish never to surface.

          JACK STRAW and BLAIR and CAMERON, hold a myriad of dark little secrets that they don’t want to get into the public domain………..


          “Keep watching the headlines regarding changes to the freedom of information act”


        • overburdenddonkey

          but after everything i’ve posted you’re telling me that i don’t get it….?

      • Withdraw cooperation do not appeal sanctions – appeals are like begging a mugger to give your money back as compensation for mortally wounding you.

        Appeals only legitimise the criminal sanction system – in the same way dwp decision makers legitimise the jcp work coaches power to maliciously sanction.

        You can dissent and not play the appeals game …

        • overburdenddonkey

          but, that’s exactly what they want….

        • WRONG, Pritty. Big, BIG mistake. 1. Because it costs the DWP ££££s – do you think they DWP produce appeal ‘bundle’ for next? Do you think the tribunal judges are ‘voluntary’ workers? 2. In all likelihood you will win your appeal and get your money back. 3. The Jobcentre will soon get the message not to fuck with you!

          The Jobcentre want you to take their sanctions and shit lying down. They want you do top yourself. Don’t give the bastards what they want. Best to look at the appeals process as an admin task, a clerical duty, ‘compartmentalise’ it, just treat is like a ‘job’ (what you are PAID to do), be dispassionate about it, don’t let it affect you emotionally or psychologically – just like the DWP workers.

          • overburdenddonkey

            a pp
            correct, learn from it….

          • Well, it is pretty much an admin task as most sanctions are basically wrong bureaucratic decisions that would not be made if those making them actually referred to the law. If you are on JSA then the 1995 JSA Act applies, and it has a nice simple little test contained within it, to whit, that as long as you have taken two or more, (or less if ‘reasonable’) then you have fulfilled the requirements of Actively Seeking Work, no if, no buts, and no matter what your JSAg/CC says. Many people are sanctioned because they didn’t do everything on their JSAg/CC which is wrong, because it’s what you actually did that should be considered, not what you didn’t do. Appealing should be easy, as you’d have to be totally inactive to have done so little that you don’t fulfil the Actively Seeking Work requirements.

            Anyone who says that appealing doesn’t work, or is waste of time either hasn’t done it, or hasn’t done it correctly. It’s not down to any kind of interpretation really as the test contained within the 1995 Act is basically a pass/fail test.

            • That is, two or more steps (3) per week, not every day as the test is a weekly test. So you don’t have to do things every day.

            • Many Tory Reconsideration

              Still the disingenuous Jobcentre mislead and wrong-foot claimants. Mandatory Reconsiderations often contain vague, meaningless phrases such as: “We expect you to do all you can to to find work”. And go on to detail the “step” contained within the JSAg/CC and the jobseekers alleged failure to adhere to this ‘agreement’. The final kick in the teeth is their completely false statement the Jobseekers Act was used to make this ‘decision’. Jobseekers are being illegally sanctioned day in-day out.

              Most jobseeker agreements ruled unlawful – and the DWP doesn’t care

              • They do not mention a minimum number of steps – the implication being that everything that’s been agreed to as being possible should be done on most, or every day – no wonder people are confused – they are deliberately misled (by omission).

                • sibrydionmawr

                  But with JSA it is very clear – so long as a JSA claimant has fulfilled the test contained within the 1995 JSA Act then they are fulfilling their commitment for ASE. It’s true that there are considerations of what is contained in the JSAg/CC but even so, it should be quite easy to justify not having done more in order to supply context, as there it’s not as if there are huge numbers of jobs around, and though I guess in theory we could be challenged for not looking for, and applying for all kinds of jobs, JCP seem to be quite keen that we restrict our searches to what we hare qualified/have experience in.

                  There is no real need to buy in to the confusion and misinformation that the DWP clearly wants us to.

                  Things would be so much easier if people were educated from pre-school to university level to question all who set themselves up as ‘authority’.

        • Who are you anyway ‘Priti Patel’. The way in which you seem to be encouraging sanction victims not to appeal suggests that you work for the DWP!

    • Bullshit! JSA appeals have an almost 100% success rate!

  66. Another Fine Mess

    Permanent fix for XP, Win7, Win8 and Win10 problems.

    • overburdenddonkey

      i’m looking @ it the noo…

    • Best to go for :

      Linux Mint 17.2 “Rafaela” Cinnamon

      as it is the most obvious Windows Looking version

    • 0% win10 problems on my previously win7 machine. I really don’t know what the fuss is all about with these doom-mongers saying that Win10 will fuck up your PC one way or another. My computer runs a damn lot faster and smoother now than before, and I had to fix it on more than one occasion with its recovery disk. Win7 has a lot of flaws in it that win10 has addressed.

      • Fen

        Good luck on that – you’re going to need it.

        Look at


        It appears I underestimated the the issues so far this year.
        Sit tight, its going to be a wild wild ride.

        • Who wants to work as an unpaid ‘beta tester’ for Microsoft? 😀 Anyone? 😦

          • Oh, Fen Tiger does 😀 Gee thanks, Fen. We will send you a Microsoft ‘bug’ for your time and patience 😀

          • “On the flip side current Windows pirates can sign up to be ongoing Windows 10 beta testers, which gets them a free, legitimate version of Windows but they then have no delay options at all. This means they (perhaps deservedly) become the first victims of any bad Microsoft updates”

            Microsoft have a long history of using ‘pirates’ as ‘beta testers’. Pirates by their very nature tend to me technically aware and adept PC users anyway.

            So initially Microsoft is not too bothered that the latest Windows Service Pack 0 release is being ‘shared’ because this allows the ‘pirates’ to reports bugs and problems.

            But further down the line Microsoft always releases a ‘bug-fix’ Service Pack 1 which always includes a means to block the ‘pirates’ ‘legal’ key, deactivate the ‘activator’ or includes some “THIS COPY OF WINDOWS IS ILLEGAL” ‘watermark*’.

            * The ‘genuine Windows ‘tool’ was pushed out as a ‘priority update’ through Windows Update – you just can’t trust Microsoft 😉

            • block the ‘pirates’ ‘ilegal’ key… 😉

            • Anyone who uses pirate copies of Windows is a fool. I’d even suggest that most using pirated copies of Windows are technically illiterate, as why use an operating system that more than likely contains all sorts of nasties, can’t usually have updates or upgrades when there are perfectly legitimate operating systems out there for free that knock Windows into a cocked hat, and no viruses to worry about either. Hells teeth, even in legitimate form Windows contains enough annoying crap without making matters potentially worse by downloading something that someone has uploaded to some dodgy site containing goodness knows what horrors.

      • It is all the manufacturer pre-installed ‘crapware’ that slows downs PC. A friend used to go for shower and have breakfast while her new PC ‘booted up’ because it took half an hour to do so…. until I had a look. It had TWO ‘trial’ ‘anti-virus’ as well as a host of other shitware to load. So I ‘nuked’ the disk and installed a ‘clean’ copy of Windows XP… now her computer is up and running in a couple of seconds.

      • And another friend used to write a whole new operating system waiting for his PC to boot up but that’s another story… 🙂

  67. stitchedupandbroken

    I read Geoff Reynolds and believe every word of what he says. Keep on,Geoff. It really does make you wonder how those people who implement the corrupt decisions sleep at night,but as said,there is always someone who will take the 30 pieces of silver. I wonder,if on their deathbed,when they are alone,whether the ghosts of those who they have purposely injured and conspired to do down,will come back to haunt them. Will they be able to hold their heads high in their social milieu. My cynical part says yes,because they will be mixing with other toads,judges,criminals,relatives of government.But I hope not. In their nursing homes,wife or partner or sons and daugters gone,I hope what they are doing and have done comes back to re-visit them. Then I want their prayers for forgiveness to go unanswered. THATS JUSTICE!

    I can see how the system works: inundate those whose benefits are cuts with forms,interviews,reviews,applicants,medical assessments…until they(the impaired)are spent. Offer ’em a few ‘appeals procedures'(already fixed)so’s that the British Judical system can still claim…impartialty(scuse me whilst I larf).
    I see Ricky Tomlinson is to put on a one-man show at Edinburgh about the miscarriage of justice that had him imprisoned and that murdered his colleague. Would love to go see him if he appeared around here. He’s still traumatised by what they did to him. Geoff there are thousands out there who hate British institutions especially Tory. I now always have to vote for any extremist party…right,left or wotnot. I can’t vote for the status quo. NEVER


      ………………….All the hype in the media about Litvinenko’s death being ordered by Putin………….

      To this day, nobody has faced trial for the murder of an innocent Brazilian electrician on Stockwell Tube Station, gunned down in front of so many passengers that gave testimony that was completely ignored………….

      Why hasn’t the guy who was stitched up for Jill dando’s murder been compensated for being locked up all those years?

      We make a fuss about the two Burmese lads framed for killing two brits but the injustice here is being swept under the carpet.
      It would seem that spying, subterfuge and covering up of government and police agency crimes are just the norm in backward Britain.

      Handing huge bonuses to the Queen while her loyal subjects are driven into destitution………………

      What the fuck is happenning on our shores?

      • ………………perhaps the reason why Jeremy Corbyn is doing so well in the Labour rankings.

        The word Leftie is just a bullshit tag to try and stain him with some unknown propogandral bullshit.

        People aspire to his values that Benn taught him well.

        Benn, the finest prime minister that Britain never had……………….

        Corbyn’s values put the rest of the Labour movement into shame.
        They have been as much representative of the British working (and unworking classes), as Julie Andrews is to Deep Throat.

        Once you enter the hallowed chambers of Westminster, your ideas of what you truly represent, go to the wall. You are coerced into a fantasy world that is so far from your original aims that you end up lying to those that elected you in the first instance.

        All and sundry are now frightened to death that Corbyn will expose the rot that is in government today, hence all the piss taking by the media slots.

        I wish him well in the perseverance to clean out the chambers and expose all the Lobbying back handers and tainted votes from those that seek to prosper having conflicts of interest…….

        A pitbull, Jeremy aint, but a breath of fresh air, possibly…………..

        Only time will tell…………

        Meanwhile, the security services will have been briefed on trying to dig the dirt on Corbyn to try and discredit him in some way, a bit like the mail did on Milibands father……………….

        • @Geoff
          Late 60s/early 70s Tony Benn’s bins were sometimes emptied by well-dressed “binmen” into sacks in the boots of Jaguar cars. He describes one such incident on one of the Benn Tapes.

  68. This Country has been so Fucked Up for want of a Better Term to
    Describe it and the Spineless Majority/Grotesque Public are as
    much to Blame as Wrecking Politicians the Selfish Slavery Collaborating
    Shower of Shit

    I Despair of ” Great Britain ” More like Grotesque Britain

    Tyranny Occurs when the Majority of People are the Problem Not the Solution

    What have most Alleged People done about Politics ? Believe the
    Horsemanure of the Press and the Zombie Box , And behaved like
    Ignoramuses and Sleep Walking Zombies

  69. From: Michael Ward

    2 August 2015

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    How many benefit accounts got their claims ended/accounts closed
    between 1994 to 2014 due to death (caused by suicides)?

    The number of accounts closed with the DWP during the period should
    be reflected in the freedom of information act.

    If you could kindly submit the data organized in detail to gender,
    month, year, type of benefits, gender, location, age group, I would
    appreciate it.

    Yours faithfully,

    Michael Ward

    Link to this

  70. “first they starve you then deny you the right of appeal”

    From: Frank Zola

    24 July 2015

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    Please email a copy of your submission to the Ministry of Justice
    consultation on further fees proposals
    which proposes £100 fee to appeal against an FOI decision at a
    first tier tribunal and a further £500 for an oral hearing, then a
    further £100 to appeal or £500 for an oral hearing at a second tier

    Yours faithfully,

    Frank Zola

  71. Just reading ……calis residants …..comments its obvious that he/she is totaly vile……your like your parents a worthless vile cunt….you come on hear demoniseing and dehumanising migrants useing that monster cameron words ,calling people a swarm …..your the fucking swarm….cunt……thease swarm as you say have more guts ,more courage,more brains,than a mean bitter miserable inadaquate cunt like you will ever have and you are a cunt tell us all what have you ever contributed to the world,to humanity…….yeah nothing….you’ve just taken,like a leach ….I watched an interview with one of the migrants …a young vetenary doctor who had fled syria his wife and children had been killed along with most of his family ……poor man,poor man he had nothing left,nothing he was dressed in rags,starved,desperate,all this man wanted was to start again,to maybe have a better life …that’s all…..sorry everyone for my laugage but i just couldnt let ..calis residant ….get away with being so vile and cruel……..dxx

    • All fine and dandy Damos, but the $64million question is: why the fuck can’t this Syrian geezer and the rest of this rag-tag band of ‘refugees’ settle somewhere else in Europe? Or France? France, Germany, Italy… these places are not third-world countries. And in a lot of respects, especially infrastructure-wise they are miles better than the UK So just what the fuck is the big deal about getting into the UK! And they NEVER ever give a satisfactory answer to this question.

      • overburdenddonkey

        but they do, settle in other eu countries….! luxembourg takes most per pop head…many go to the nordic countries as well…

      • Also, very many people speak a small amount of English – perhaps their children have been learning it at school – and they may consider they’d have the best chance of finding and keeping work in the UK than in a country where the main language spoken is completely new. They may have some information which says that historically, this country has offered asylum to people in desperate straits (eg. kinder transports/people fleeing AH’s Germany). Of course, this has very much changed & the intention is for it to become ancient history and for ‘charity’ to begin at home so that we can shake off this terrible reputation for decency.

  72. Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign in Defence of Disability Rights shared Adam White’s video.
    17 hrs · Edited ·

    Wow! ‪#‎Revolution‬ is in the air at a jam packed ‪#‎CorbynRally‬ in ‪#‎Liverpool‬! ‪#‎TheInternationale‬ Unites the Human Race!

    If I was a Tory, I would be a bit concerned, LOL Perhaps this popular movement is bigger and more powerful than anyone has given it credit for! ‪#‎ARISE‬

    The International

    Arise ye workers from your slumbers… See More
    Adam White

    Liverpool right now. Jezmania.

  73. Jeremy Corbyn stands miles apart from the other Labour leadership contenders and he has consistently stood up for the issues we campaign on. Whether he’s been leading anti-war marches, standing up for the rights of disabled people or calling for radical solutions to the housing crisis, Jeremy has always been on the side of social movements.

    We know a lot of people are sceptical about the Labour Party, for many very legitamate reasons. We urge people, despite those concerns, to back a true campaigner leading the opposition.

    Marc O’Neill, UK Uncut

    Linda Burnip, Disabled People Against Cuts

    Deborah Hemanns, National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (National Committee)

    Alistair Cartwright, Media Reform Coalition

    Diane Skidmore, Fuel Poverty Action

    Rob Lugg, Ritzy Living Wage Campaign

    Selma James, Global Women’s Strike

    Suresh Grover, The Monitoring Group

    Pragna Patel, Southall Black Sisters

    Zita Holbourne, National Co-chair Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC)

    Dr Jason Moyer-Lee, President International Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB)

    Paul Mackney, Co-chair Greece Solidarity Campaign (pc)

    Joy Hurcombe, Chair of the Save Shaker Aamer Campaign

    Sex Workers Open University

    Dave Wetzel, Transforming Communities

    Moazzam Begg, CAGE

    Walter Wolfgang, Vice chair Labour CND

    Daniel Voskoboynik, This Changes Everything UK

    Hilary Wainright, Founding Editor Red Pepper Magazine

    Francesca Martinez, Writer & Comedian

    Ewa Jaciewicz, Writer & Activist

    John McArdle, Co-Founder Black Triangle Campaign

    Joe Taylor, National Community Activists Network

    Gabriel Bristow, London Play & Youth Work Campaign

    Dr Jo Ram, Community Reinvest

  74. overburdenddonkey

    we have a doorway to their bureaucracy it beggars belief that people think they can change things by not entering it…£bns go unclaimed every yr…demand your rights be met anything else in is surrender….

  75. stitchedupandbroken

    To all,but Geoff Reynolds in particular:
    You will never know how much your protests are costing the DWP,ATOS,SS,judicial reviews. You may(at the moment)believe you’re losing…but,bit-by-bit, you’re winning. It’s costing them ££££££££££££££££££££££££s and £££££££££££££££££££££££££s and labour costs to process your claims,photocopy documents,contact each dept,employ judges etc Think about it: you’re costing ’em. They’d rather you’d top yourself(save the £££££)but you’re going to hang around and fight for your rights,and those of others. Well,that’s how I think about it(on my good days!)
    It’s not that I am manipulative,but in my case I want police involvement,NHS and Trust records,GPs and other reports.taped recordings,hearings….It is,and will cost them thousands. And all because of a refusal to acknowledge and Industrial Injury brought about improper work practices. I am not going away. I will continue to claim my rights for the wrongs done to myself and the injury incurred.
    It will cost you Lord Fraud and your like to get rid of me. Those who write on here know you are a disgrace

    • overburdenddonkey

      the greater one’s insight into the system the better, fighting them restores one’s self esteem…know you’re right, it’s your social security which is paid 40% lower rates than it ought to be..

      Click to access UKXX2_en.pdf

    • yeah, that’s smart a welfare state for bureaucrats, while the ink dries the claimants die.

      • overburdenddonkey

        yes the system is crap….but why’s not claiming better..?
        the more people who claim and appeal if ness the better for all….



    On 17th January 2012 Hansard recorded that Lord Freud referred to the “Models of Sickness and Disability” document that he had handed round to some members of the House of Lords (http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld201212/ldhansrd/text/120117-0001.htm), this being the document which will apparently underpin the transition from Disabled Living Allowance (DLA) to the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and from which document it is clear that the biopsychosocial construct now permeates medical assessments for state benefits (so it may come as no surprise that Professor Peter White is acknowledged as an advisor)


      The influential 2007 report by the unelected Lord Freud,
      promoted the use of the private
      sector in welfare reforms when adviser to the New Labour Party a
      nd before being
      appointed as the Minister for Welfare Reforms in 2010 by the Coalition government.
      Subsequently, the WCA was sub

      contracted to Atos Healthcare in 2008 and according to
      the General Medical Council, Atos Healthcare ‘have total immunity from a
      ll medical
      The WCA uses a manipulated bio

      model of assessment, designed in
      consultation with Unum Provident Insurance
      and is a replica of the discredited
      healthcare insurance assessment model historically use
      d by Unum Provident Insurance to
      resist funding insurance claims.
      The LiMA IT programme used for the WCA was
      designed by Atos Origin IT Ltd, the parent company of Atos Healthcare, for exclusive
      use for DWP assessments.

  77. The 5th of August to the 12th of August shall Mark the Anniversary of the
    Wola Massacre in 1944 AD when Nazi Forces went on a Brutal
    Rampage against Resistance Fighters and Civilians

    The Brutality of the Nazis Needs to be Remembered so Nazism is
    Not Romanticised or Glorified


      Unum Provident Insurance changed its name to Unum Insurance in 2007 to distance itself
      from increasing negative publicity for identif
      ied malpractice. Yet, the only opinions
      considered by the DWP regarding the benefits of work and the assessment model used to
      assess disability benefit claimants are those of Aylward and Waddell, whose research wa
      sponsored until 2009 by Unum
      Insurance; identified by the American
      Association of Insurance in 2008 as the second most discredited insurance company in
      n January 2007 Professor John Langbein of the Yale School of Law produced a paper
      identified as ‘The Unum Provident Scand
      that exposed Unum’s practice of disability
      denial, and in November 2007 BBC News reported that the British government were
      being advised by an American insurance company with a reputation for ‘racketeering’.

      • overburdenddonkey

        they use the tool of behaviourism to get what they want….behaviourism is the com dom….

        • overburdenddonkey

          ps typo; behaviourism is the common denominator, not com dom….

          • Priti Patel better watch as she seems to be going down the Fester McVile route as regards popularity. Keeps going the way she is she’ll end up as popular as Hitler.


            • And another from Ms Patel. Seems, according to her, stopping someone’s benefits doesn’t mean they have to go to foodbanks for food!!!!


              • overburdenddonkey

                no, we eat paving slabs…and then http://wingsoverscotland.com/the-cost-of-majesty/

                • OBD: LOL that’s just unreal! All that money for a couple of plaques!!

                • GEOFF REYNOLDS


                  ……….just how many legitimate claimants have been robbed of their payments over the years?

                  How fielding inside players, posing as independent judges has saved the exchequer billions of pounds.

                  Lots of us have tried without success to mount an appeal against the Department of Pensions but have any of you considered why the majority of appeals are unsuccessful?

                  “You don’t have to be a genius to fathom out why, the whole fucking system is deliberately skewed in their favour by fielding players like JUDGE MARK ROWLAND in THE prominent role of assessing what appeals can go forward to a hearing…………………………..

                  What the fuck is an ex DWP COMMISSIONER, doing in a role that is meant to be truly independent, unbiased and fair?

                  This is not justice, this is a deliberate attempt to pervert the course of justice.

                  It is one thing to be loosely connected to a government department, but for fuck’s sake……………………..

                  EX COMMISSIONER?

                  Is their any wonder this prodigy of a bent system keeps denying that my human rights have not been breached?

                  He is actually the cause, part of the myriad of key players that are specifically hand picked to keep the human rights people off their tail.


                  Rowland’s links to the Department of Social Security are so clear, it’s unbelievable…………………..

                  So why has this man been allowed to make decisions on issues of your welfare?


                • GEOFF REYNOLDS

                  ……………….same happened in Scarborough many years back.

                  They spent a fucking fortune on endless red carpetting for one of the Hanoverian inbreds to walk along to unveil a wall plaque in a new wing extension, shortly after they mothballed two brand new operating theatres to be later used as store rooms.

                  The wanton waste goes unchallenged. It wasn’t an off cut from a sunday market either………..

                  Personally, i would have greased the floor. At least the whole fucking town could have had a laugh at her, rather than her laughing at her subjects she has signed into poverty……………

                • overburdenddonkey

                  https://kittysjones.wordpress.com/2013/01/30/735/ the majority of appeals did succeed, which is why they introduced MR…

      • B. Adams

        I would agree with you on this one Geoffrey.. Even if the tribunal members are recussed re bias, there is also no chance of getting a fair hearing when DWP legislation is allowed to interfere with the tribunals independence.. Not only is the DWP Decision Maker not independent or impartial by the fact that they make the policy and then make the decisions and are not to be seen as impartial for the purposes of article 6 (see Alconbury etc..) This can be rectified by subsequent control by a judicial body which has full jurisdiction and does provide the guarantees of article 6(1). however”this doesn’t happen and is compounded by the DWP legislative interference in the judiciary (tribunals).. Re Institutional Bias

        “Central to the rule of law in a modern democratic society is the principle that the judiciary must be, and must be seen to be, independent of the executive.” The principle of the separation of powers is the cornerstone of an independent and impartial justice system. Structural independence of the tribunals include legal guarantees that allows the tribunal to operate at arms length from the executive, the terms of appointments of members and administrative independence from the primary decision making agency.

        The Social Security Act 1998, Schedule 6, Transitory provisions does the opposite, it dictates upon the constitution of appeal tribunals, how the appeals to tribunals are to be carried out and how the President of appeal tribunals is appointed under section 5 of that Act”. Sections12 to 20 of the Social Security Act gives statutory obligations, i.e. procedural instructions and directions on how the tribunals must carry out their functions, the procedures when there is an appeal and also as to their obligations regarding who they must use for medical examinations (if the tribunals wish to use them in the appeal) and consequently the type of medical evidence to use. The DWP even pays for it…


          Reference Entry
          ROWLAND, Mark (born 1953), an Upper Tribunal Judge (Administrative Appeals Chamber) (formerly a Social Security Commissioner and Child Support Commissioner), since 1993

  78. Is there any wonder the suicides are getting out of hand?

    The DWP sent a leaked internal memo to staff telling them that it was no longer necessary to rely on information generated by ATOS, because the Atos brand was now tarnished.
    Decision Makers should now use the internet to make a medical decision.but turn to ATOS for advice, if every other attempt had failed.

    Civil servants told to judge whether disabled deserve benefits by GOOGLING their illnesses

    00:00, 20 November 2013
    By James Lyons

    Leaked memo reveals Department for Work and Pensions staff were instructed to look online when assessing Disability Living Allowance and

    Civil servants have been told they can judge whether to pay benefits to ­the sick by ­Googling their illnesses, after proper tests were scrapped.

    In a memo leaked yesterday, Department for Work and Pensions staff were instructed to look online when assessing new claims for Disability Living Allowance for under 18s and Attendance Allowance for over 65s.

    Shadow Work Secretary Rachel Reeves accused the Tory-led Government of showing “utter contempt” for disabled people.

    The Labour MP said: “Out-of-touch ministers need to explain to disabled people how they’ve got to a situation where guidance is being issued telling civil ­servants to look for advice on complex disability cases on the internet.

    “It’s just one more sign of the utter incompetence of DWP Ministers and their total contempt for a fair assessment process for disability benefits.

    But Maximus are now the chosen killers

    • upnigellincott


      This is the memo that the DWP tried to hide.

      Annex 1
      DLA/AA Bulletin 28/2013
      Type of bulletin Procedural Information Date issued: 07/11/2013
      Bulletin number: 28/2013
      Subject Restricted ATOS Services
      Issued to All DLA/AA Staff
      Make changes by Immediately
      Timing Immediate to be brought to the attention of staff on Destruction
      To be
      the day of issue
      DLA/AA Abbreviations

       Background
       Special Rules Claims
       Normal Rules process with Revised ATOS Support – Midlands BC
       Normal Rules process with Revised ATOS Support
       Potentially Harmful Information
       Appeal responses which contain potentially harmful information
       Copy documents requested
      Revised ATOS Services
      1. The ATOS service will for the time being be on a revised basis. This bulletin explains the
      new procedures to undertake until a full service is resumed.
      2. ATOS Healthcare have been providing the DLA/AA Business with Medical Services for
      many years and during this time they have supported Decision Makers (DMs) to make better
      informed decisions. From 06/11/2013 this support will be on a revised basis.
      Special Rules Claims
      3. The process for SR claims is unchanged and SR cases can be referred in the usual way for
      Warbreck House, Preston and Midlands BC. However any DLA residual cases which are still
      Annex 1
      being processed at the Regional Benefit Centres will need to be referred to the ATOS Service
      Delivery Lead at Atos Healthcare, Warbreck House, A114, Lobby E, Warbreck Hill Road,
      Blackpool, FY2 0YE. Contact details [Redacted S.40 FOI Act]
      Normal Rules process with Revised ATOS Support –
      Midlands BC
      4. ATOS will be available for face to face advice on child cases at Midlands BC and referrals
      for advice should continue on the DBD385.
      Normal Rules process with Revised ATOS Support
      5. All other cases which need advice will follow the new process.
      6. The Team Member will register and refer normal rules claims to the DM for a decision
      following business as usual processes.
      7. The DM will look at the case and decide if they have enough information to make a decision.
      If so, a decision is made as usual.
      8. If the DM cannot make a decision they will consider the evidence available (see DMG
      Chapter 1 and Chapter 61, para 18). EMPs will no longer be available as a source of evidence
      (except for RPP cases). DMs may however use CCM guidance, Health and Wellbeing
      Directorate recognised internet sites such as Cancer Research UK and NHS Choices, the
      information in the claim form, request factual reports, ESA85 reports, care plans, information
      available from schools or social services. They can also telephone the claimant or carer,
      discuss the case with fellow DMs, colleagues, their HEO, or seek advice from DMA Leeds if
      the enquiry concerns applying the law to the established circumstances. This list is not
      9. If the DM is unable to make a decision, they will refer the case to the designated person for
      a case conference.
      10. The designated person will consider all the available evidence and decide if there is
      sufficient information available to enable a decision to be made on the balance of probabilities
      and if so advise accordingly.
      11. If there is insufficient evidence the designated person will advise an appropriate source of
      evidence to be obtained before a decision can be made on balance of probabilities.
      12. In exceptional circumstances, should all sources of evidence be exhausted and it is still not
      possible to reach a decision on balance of probabilities, the designated person may seek
      advice from ATOS using the DBD 385 via the medical evidence wizard.
      13. Following the case conference, the DM must make and implement their decision on the
      balance of probability based on available evidence at the time, or progress case in line with the
      advice given.
      Annex 1
      Potentially Harmful Information
      14. DMs will still be responsible for identifying Potentially Harmful Information. Harmful
      information is information that must be withheld from the customer if the disclosure of the
      information would be harmful to the customer’s health.
      15. Information should not be disclosed to the person to whom it relates if you consider the
      disclosure would be harmful to the health of the customer. If you receive a medical report
      where the health professional has included information on the harmful information page of the
      report, you should accept this as harmful information unless you have good reason to believe
      the health professional was mistaken.
      16. If you are unsure whether the information is harmful, or there is potential harmful
      information mentioned elsewhere on the form, if Potentially Harmful Information is identified it
      must be highlighted on the document, a harmful information sticker placed on the front of the
      file and the DBD39 (if used) completed stating where the evidence is held. You should no
      longer refer the case at this point to medical services.
      Appeal responses which contain potentially harmful
      17. DM’s should continue to follow the guidance contained in DMPG chapter 12 para 172 to
      Copy documents requested
      18. It is the customer’s right to ask for a copy of the information on which the DM has based
      their decision. If the DM has identified the documents requested contains potentially harmful
      information Team Members should refer the case back to the DM.
      19. The DM should complete form DBD385, using the medical evidence wizard, and refer the
      file to MS for advice. The form DBD385 should be retained as supporting evidence.
      Do you have any questions about the
      For questions about DLA/AA
      procedural/technical content?
      guidance contact:
      Staff Advice line via e-mail: DCS
      DLA-AA Advice line
      Do you have any comments about the
      Please contact DWP PDCS
      formatting or publication process?

      Approved by: DLA/AA Procedures and Forms Stakeholders
      Business Unit: DLA/AA Disability Business Products and Advice Team

    • “Is there any wonder the suicides are getting out of hand?

      The DWP sent a leaked internal memo to staff telling them that it was no longer necessary to rely on information generated by ATOS, because the Atos brand was now tarnished.
      Decision Makers should now use the internet to make a medical decision.but turn to ATOS for advice, if every other attempt had failed.

      Civil servants told to judge whether disabled deserve benefits by GOOGLING their illnesses”.

      This is frikkin unbelievable!!!!! Now they “google it” to see if someone can keep their benefits.

      What a sorry screwed up hole of a place the UK has become.

  79. No to Thought Control No to State Totalitarianism and No to
    Nuclear Weapons ever being used Again as the 6th and 9th of
    August 2015 AD Mark’s the 70th Anniversary of the Hiroshima and
    Nagasaki Murder Bombings in 1945 AD




    ……………………Kinda answers all the questions and ticks all the boxes why the uk government are willing to sacrifice a lot of dead claimants to hand over the social security coffers to the private health insurance industry and privatised companies, Johannes……………..

    ………….not that we didn’t know our corrupt governments intentions anyhow.

    And that’s why certain members of the Labour Party are trying to shaft Corbyn…………

    “He stands in the way of them profiting from selling the electorate short, while filling their own pockets even more”.

    • Hi GEOFF
      Yes here is another one from Tony Benn

      The political theorist Hannah Arendt in ‘The Origins of Totalitarianism’ warned that some day governments would want to get rid of those they regard as superfluous, she was Jewish and escaped the Nazi’s. They see us as economic units to be used and disposed of as our politicians see fit and as Benn says the immediate fight is going to be a big one. Benn also states the international financiers will cancel a countries debt if they sell of their hospitals and any other form of welfare, and that is why TTIP the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is dangerous. We all know what is happening Geoff, we are living in dangerous times.


        Had the pleasure to meet the guy many moons ago in Eastbourne at a union centre
        Undoubtedly the finest prime minister that we never had, he stood tall amongst all that met him and a diamond geezer with the rhetoric.

        Corbyn has many of this guys values, that’s why both the Tory and Labour camps are very afraid, very very afraid, it would seem.

        Going back to what you said Johannes, Lord David FREUD, a standing joke in banking circles, once slipped up and referred to the disabled as “STOCK”, which gives credence to your assumptions relating to the jewish lady.

        Hansard in an effort to try and cover up his mistake, altered what he said, from “stock to stopped”, in an effort to cleanse what he actually stated.
        You can still find the altered hansard transcripts and view the video footage of him saying it.

        …………mind you, the same evil bastard came out with the ideal that disabled should be expected to work for just two quid an hour, not before trying to wriggle out by stating that he had been misquoted.
        Yet the secret recording proved otherwise………………

        LORD FRAUD, deliberately sold a document that was written by Waddell and Burton, to the house of coke sniffers.
        The document which has been proven many times to be the rantings of two lunatics was accepted as the basis of welfare disability changes.

        The document was written by the two men and co authored by MANSEL AYLWARD at Cardiff Universities new study unit that was sponsored by the discredited, disability denial American UNUM insurance corporation, the same corporation that the DWP invited in to shaft the disabled of this country by giving lectures to the relevant sub committees.

        In fact, all the new welfare changes are not the ideas of our government, but those of the corrupt private health insurance company UNUM.. that were fined millions of dollars for fucking over the disabled in the states.

        The only real changes in disability denial is that our government sought to try and distance themselves from the flak, by utilising ATOS as the hit man.

        Unfortunately the claimant body dump is sending ripples of anguish through those that perpetrated the UK EUGENICS PROGRAMME…….

        AYLWARD, ex DWP chief medical officer, handed over the reins to Bill Gunnyeon who in turn sold all the uk disabled down the river whilst at the DWP, before jumping ship to MAXIMUS……………..

        Dame Carol Black is ever ready to be called upon to put the knife in wherever prescribed.
        Only the other week she has given the government the go ahead to fuck the obese and drug and drink dependent.

        Her surname is very apt, considering the trail of dead people left in her wake.

        PS, don’t let any gas shower salesmen over your threshold Johannes, the zyklon B might be her next suggestion……………….

  81. overburdenddonkey,, the majority of appeals did succeed, …

    You maybe missed my point, which is for many the right to access benefits in the first instance, the first point of access is becoming the appeals system where a claimant has to jump through the corrupt loops of obedience in the hope of getting their claim awarded.

    The danger of playing the appeals game is that the first point of access to welfare then becomes the right to appeal, risking a legitimate claim to a HMCTS Kafkaesque trial.

    • overburdenddonkey

      yes i know i’ve written about this many many times before, the system is behaviourist based….you MUST CLAIM AND/OR APPEAL…
      grassroots groups like this help one to do so… http://www.edinburghagainstpoverty.org.uk/
      ranting and raving @ judges etc not filling all the forms does not help one to get an income, yes it’s hauling a cart of rocks, i know i’ve had 8 appeals inc 1 UtT appeal which i won…we need an income…
      the WCA and sanctions conditionality need to be scrapped but this is the REALITY that we are in… doing nothing is NOT a protest….

      • So well said OBD. One of my neighbours was sanctioned, and wasn’t going to appeal, but I pointed out that he had nothing to lose, and 290 pounds he might gain, as it was quite clear that the DWP were wrong in sanctioning him. He decided to appeal, and I helped him by pointing out where to get the correct info. He won. Appealing is one of the most effective ways we have of protesting with effect, and as you say, we need an income.

        Of course it’s a crock of shit having to claim benefits etc, and we really do need to start to make a case for some kind of income as of right, as in an Unconditional Basic Income/Abolition of the Wages System where our basic needs are taken care of regardless of any other consideration – where we are guaranteed that we have, in your succinct phrase, “the vitality giving vitals of life”. But we have to ensure as far as we can that we manage to stay alive in order to achieve this hope.

        Quietly merging into the background whilst remaining true to some kind of philosophical purity will see us starve unnoticed.

  82. So, where are all the fucking mad angry people following Osborne’s sale of RBS sale to our detriment – ie taxpayers of UK have lost again to this fucking bastard – anyone else even a little bit annoyed????FFS wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • this amount is over ONE BILLION QUID of OUR FUCKING MONEY – it’s not the fucking governments/ its not fucking osbornes ITS OUR FUCKING MONEY How do we get rid of these cunts????????????

  83. Cameron supports hardworking people so his rant goes and all those hardworking people will lose billions due to Osbourne. As Tony Benn said we don’t want to make the banks so confident they do the same again. We are living in a corrupt Plutocracy Jeremy and I am furious too. Something has to give sooner or later. As someone said they want us smart enough to work and dumb enough not to protest at long hours for a pittance with no welfare be it financial or medical because the Osbourne’s of this world are financially secure. A plutocratic group of corrupt politicians are in it together with international financiers to create a dystopian existence for millions.

    See https://www.opendemocracy.net/can-europe-make-it/john-weeks/spectre-is-haunting-europe-%E2%80%94-spectre-of-democracy

    • Eloquently put Johannes and very much the truth of the whole thing in a nutshell. Then, if you take ill or lose your job, they’ve seen to it that you will get no benefits, unless you become a state slave on workfare.

      A country so divided it’s hard to imagine the UK in a worse state.

  84. They want the sick and poor to commit suicide and many tragically are because Ian Duncan Smith cannot murder them with machine guns or some other method of destruction. They are cutting welfare a slice at a time. Parliament has been taken over by the rich for the rich.


    The great RBS rip-off. Osborne has just handed 1 Billion Pounds of Public money to The City.

    • Yes BOLLOCKS TO AUSTERITY One Billion of taxpayers money they could have put into the NHS. Osbourne and his faction are quite happy to label the sick and poor scroungers because they are receiving benefits from ‘hardworking people’ and they have rewarded the the bankers who caused the 2008 crash through what one author called Casino Capitalism with the same ‘hardworking people’ bailing out corrupt financiers whose goal is to create a debt slave plutocracy with them as masters and the ‘hardworking people’ slaves. What we have is a system as you know for rewarding private failure with public money, and then crushing the weakest in society to pay the deficit so they can do it all again.

  86. The NHS e-referral system is shit. It serves as a tool to reduce the number of people on waiting lists by putting people on waiting lists to go on the waiting list. It suggests it’s your plan but the NHS manages it and even your GP provides your password – confidential- NO, yours to organise – NO – be very careful, this is yet another planned mess

  87. overburdenddonkey

    ‘What’s been going on within Labour reminds me of what went on within the Democratic Party under Reagan and again for a while under Bush: many leading figures in the party fell into what Josh Marshall used to call the “cringe”, basically accepting the right’s worldview but trying to win office by being a bit milder. There was a Stamaty cartoon during the Reagan years that, as I remember it, showed Democrats laying out their platform: big military spending, tax cuts for the rich, benefit cuts for the poor. “But how does that make you different from Republicans?” “Compassion — we care about the victims of our policies.”

  88. paulthecornishswine

    Unless Jeremy Corbyn is elected, then Labour is totally fucked – they are really the ‘new’ Tory Crimson Lite. What makes it even worse today is the news today that Osborne has flogged a load of RBS shares to the ‘Financial Institutions’ – he is obviously looking after his multinational ‘rich’ friends (at a £1Bn loss to the ‘Taxpayer’) – don’t matter about the ‘poor’ and the ‘claimants’ being sanctioned and being sent to the foodbanks.
    Shame on these banker bastards – taking all of the money from all and everyone – but they do not care – after all, they are the rich and as far as they are concerned the poor, the disabled and the claimants can go to the wall. These banker bastards are all CUN*S

    • I would argue that Labour is totally fucked anyway.
      In the 60’s there was a noisy right wing in the party headed by George Brown who became Wilson’s chancellor – he was a bastard and a bully. Ever since the right have moved within Labour to derail policy and backstab and opinionated and popular left winger – look at Benn. Kinnock betrayed the unions and workers and was an utter fool (stillis). Bliar removed Clause 4 and became a war criminal in the pursuit of power. The right wing of the Labour Party is a cesspit of vile backstabbers and fascists and should have no place in a party that claims socialist leanings. Brown and Miliband highlighted to poverty of thinking and practice hence Labour is all but dead. A century of gains for working people, the poor and disabled thrown away in appeasing the tories and the elites and the corporations. Labour is shit today and look at what they are doing to Corbyn … the right of the labour party should fuck off to the tories NOW

  89. paulthecornishswine

    Incidentally, please do not forget to sign this Government Petition (to debate a vote of no confidence in this sociopathic &/or psychopathic bastard, the current Secretary of State for Work & Pensions Iain Duncan Smith for his lies & subsequent deaths of poor unfortunates on ESA).
    I, for one (and many others also!) would love to see this total shit brought to court to answer for all of his and his ‘Department’s total failures.
    WHY is he being allowed to get away with all this?
    WHY is there no accountability? He is in PUBLIC OFFICE – and he should be accountable for ‘his’ decisions.
    It’s already at 16000+ out of 100,000 so it is definitely coming on.
    If you, or me would do this to the poor, the disabled and claimants – we would be brought up before the courts and ten tons of legal shit would be brought down upon our heads – and, whats more – we WOULD be found guilty! Please get all of your twitter/facebook etc friends to sign also – Let’s get this boar of a cunt to answer for his wrongdoings. Please sign at:

  90. The Tories don’t call people Untermenchen or subhumans but that is what they mean, how far would Ian Duncan Smith and his colleagues go if there were no constraints on them? I have no doubt.

    • I am NOT a fucking customer of this government – I AM A UK CITIZEN – so fuck off you tory nazis

      • I don’t like the customer label either but they want to change the ideology towards people they regard as enemies of the state.

  91. Good to see something Written from someone who does Not Think
    the Sun shines out of the Tories Arse unlike the ” Newspapers ”
    Shit Rags that they Are

  92. Townie Mentality has aided Tory Tyranny Obliviousness Sheepishness
    and I Am All Right Jack

  93. I Support a Right to Live.

    Trouble is too many Brainwashed Out of Touch and Gormless out There think ” Assisted Dying ” is giving people ” Rights ” when in Reality it Mocks the Right to Live

    No to Nazi Euthanasia and No to a Tory Master Race Britain

    No Wonder why the Country is in the Fucking State it is a Mess of Obliviousness and Slavery Loving



    ………………..poor Mark seems to have forgotten the basis of the legislation, so i thought i would remind him…….

    Poor chap, he seems to have forgotten he was a Commissioner for the Social Security, but now he is truly independent……………….

    Article 6: The right to a fair trial

    Article 6 provides that everyone has the right to a fair trial in both civil and
    criminal cases. A party to legal proceedings has the right to be heard by an
    independent, impartial tribunal, in public, and within a reasonable amount
    of time. Article 6 is not subject to any exceptions, though the procedural
    requirements of a fair trial may differ according to the circumstances.


      ………….Yet my case has only taken just over two years, to be knocked back at the final hurdle by an ex commissioner who worked for the DWP.

      £33 per week for the last two years, push those lovely king prawns to one side Mark, just like you do with the disabled……………..



    (a) It leaves uncertain the relationship between “constant pain” (which the F-tT accepted that the appellant suffered) and “significant discomfort” which is the test set out in the ESA Regulations, Schedule 2. On its face, and having regard to the ordinary meaning of the words, it might be thought that someone who was experiencing “constant pain” was also suffering from “significant discomfort”. But that connection or conclusion is not made by the tribunal.

    The respondent’s submissions in this appeal are to the effect that the “tribunal found as fact that the claimant does not, for the majority of the time, have complete control of his bladder and bowels, but, although he does have leakage, it is not such as could be described as full evacuation or that requires a change of clothing”. So, submits the respondent, he “has a certain degree of control that prevents full evacuation and, thus, would not satisfy the relevant descriptor.”

    Although it is found that her husband had to put on her shoes and socks, there is also nothing to indicate whether she reasonably needed help taking off at least her socks. It was also found that she could dress herself otherwise, although this was not always easy for her. There is no finding whether, in the light of the time it took her or the discomfort involved, she reasonably needed help in this respect.

    The tribunal then went on to find that the claimant managed the stairs using her hands and knees. There is no consideration of how often this occurred or whether she reasonably required help from another person when the alternative was to crawl up and down. There may not have been any help that could sensibly be given. It may be that what was really needed was a chairlift, but the matter needed to be considered and dealt with.


    • overburdenddonkey

      it says more about who advised the claimant….

      • Words of wisdom from judge Mark Rowland;

        In another case –
        SW v Secretary of State for Work
        and Pensions (IB)
        – the Upper Tribunal has
        given its first detailed consideration of when
        links between a party’s representative and the
        tribunal give rise to apparent bias. This case has
        given Mary Stacey the opportunity on page
        12 to look again at the range of circumstances
        when a tribunal judge or member’s link with an
        individual appearing before them – or behaviour
        – would give rise to the perception of bias.

        the dwp stooge who helps get rid of the disabled for a hefty pay packet.


    FFS, what hope is there? Just seen a job ad for a Warehouse Cleaner to sweep floors & empty bins, “must have 1 years previous experience” WTF? Mind you, I suppose It’s all my fault for being “too negative”…

    • Unemployment Advisor / Job Roach

      You can’t be expecting to just walk into any job you know, I think you’re setting your ‘job goals’ too high. 🙂

      • Well is that so? So a Warehouse cleaner is too high and lofty a goal? What do you suggest? Shit house attendant? Toilet Cleaner? Working behind the counter at a fast food place? Walking around with one of those billboards strapped to you advertising a shop somewhere?

        What about those? Are they good one’s?

        • Unemployment Advisor / Job Roach

          Shirley you noticed the smillie.

        • A warehouse cleaner is not really a realistic job goal for someone who has been unemployed for as long as you 🙂


            But why the hell does anyone need one years previous experience to sweep floors and empty bins????? I WOULD HAVE BEEN HAPPY TO DO THAT JOB BUT AM EXCLUDED FROM EVEN APPLYING BECUASE OF THE RIDICULOUS REQUIREMENT!!!

  97. paultheswineherd

    Unemployment Adviser/Job Roach – I suggest that you get ready for when the Tories privatise your JCP and hand it to some company who will screw as much money as possible in the form of a ‘Contract’ from the Government – they may have you doing some of the jobs that are mentioned and pay you very little or indeed, nothing at all, to do them.
    The likes of ‘yourselves’ and so many of the so called ‘hardworking people’ had better keep a good look out. If you (or any of them!) lose your ‘jobs’ – you could well be in a while pile of pigshit.
    Saying about all of the ‘millions’ of pounds – there was a time when there was a Leveson inquiry into what the NOTW and other tabloids were getting up to. Now we have a situation where the tabloids tell lies all of the time and totally get away with it. What I would like to know is when is there going to be some ‘scandal’ being dragged up to affect the likes of cameron, Osborne etc, etc. After all, weve already had the Ted Heath allegations come up in the last 24hrs or so. Is our so squeaky clean Tory Government now and very soon going to be clobbered by something??!!

  98. …………….all the shit in the papers surrounding Ted Heath is just crumbs for the easily led…….

    The real kiddy fiddlers are still at it and still command high profile jobs in parliament, the judiciary and the old bill.
    Seeking the worse rated female judge from New Zealand was no oversight, neither was the staggering wage, free flights and expenses.

    Anyone can hand over the perpetrators of paedophile acts after they are dead, the dead don’t talk, as we all know……….

    Our rent boy and hostel abusers are still up to their old tricks, you are being played for fools because those trusted to run the inquiry are some way involved themselves.

    You don’t imagine for one minute that dozens of files, transcripts and evidence has just gone walkabout, do you?

    Our security services are like a huge vacuum cleaner wiping the dicks of those that pull their strings.

    Money buys perversity and there is so much to choose from when it is being constantly thrown at you.

    Snorting coke off an orange bra slung over a hookers tits is becoming for somebody on a standards committee.

    Cameron’s fling with Brooks was carefully hidden, as was her failure to be called for hacking phones.

    Blairs fling with Murdoch’s ex was also well covered, but one day she might call in her iou with a sperm stained tie. Monica was well drilled on setting Clinton up and collecting evidence.

    Soon revelations will leak about what Cameron’s cuties got up to on their all expenses freebie trip to South East Asia the other week.

    And there has been the tragic story of Cecil the lion, which pales into significance when compared to all the trophy heads on IAIN DUNCAN SMITH’s wall, for fucks sake he didn’t just murder them, he got the judiciary to stuff them as well.

    Long live the Queen, tomorrow morning would suit most of the country…………

  99. “priti fucking sickenining”

  100. paultheswineherd

    Geoff – Yes indeed – too much of our ‘Governmental system(s) have it all far too much stitched up – everyone from the Judiciary to Gov’t ministers and all of the other bastards here, there and everywhere else
    Other ones I can think of are Esther McVile – (she will never have to visit a foodbank – she’ll just pout, squirm and tit flash her way into yet another well paid media job and also the arch-bitch Priti Patel (not the Priti Patel on here!!!) –
    the absurdly paid ‘Employment Minister’ who would just love to put up against a wall and shoot all of the claimants, the poor, the sick & the disabled. This ‘Minister of Death’ so ably aided and abetted by IDS.
    Royalty is little better – the Queen – raking it all in while many of her ‘subjects’ suffer -, the poor, the sick and the disabled having to use food banks to survive. Prince Charles meanwhile is also raking in the millions, whilst looking as good as possible to many of his admiring public.
    IDS is a really special case. This uncaring sociopathic murderer should be brought to justice for culpable manslaughter as soon as possible – except that Cameron and Osborne etc, etc, will protect him all of the way.
    What is happening to our once ‘Great Britain’? – for the ‘non’ priveleged it is just turning into an uncaring, shit place to live with everyone out for him/herself at the expense of everyone else. Many of the people in Britain today would sell their still living grandparents for a measly sack of dosh.

  101. overburdenddonkey

    Asked if Kids Company’s finances could have been run more efficiently, Ms Batmanghelidjh said: “Our problem is not the efficiency of our financial systems, it’s our lack of funding.” many here have heard that one many times before…. ie lack of income not the management of meagre SS payments…

  102. Cameron has ousted Kids Company, yet endorses ‘criminal’ companies such as Unum, Atos, Maximus, Start Smiling Again and all the work programme provider companies: Working Links, Ingeus, Serco etc.

    Emma Harrison from A4E ‘stole’ £8 million taxpayers’ money for providing a welfare-to-work company that makes a profit from STATING THE BLEEDIN’ OBVIOUS, eg how to compile a CV, how to look for work etc.


    ………a detailed insight in how they drive claimants to take their own lives.

    From: Greg Peachey

    3 August 2015

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    I am submitting a request for information on behalf of my tenant
    who has a disability and requires some help and support. She
    prefers to remain anonymous.


    The information she requires is, over a recent 6-month period:
    a) What percentage of applications are rejected at their first
    b) What is the ratio of applications accepted at their first
    assessment to the total number ultimately accepted (incl after
    first assessment and after an appeal)

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


    The reason for this request is that it appears to be common
    perception/knowledge that in order to discourage applicants and
    minimise financial support to people with disabilities, virtually
    all applications are rejected at the first assessment in the hope
    that most people will not have the tenacity to appeal.

    If it were true (and I hope it is not), this would be a crude,
    inefficient and unfair method of cutting costs. Whilst there may be
    a significant number of fraudsters, it would be fairer and more
    efficient to get it right first time by doing a proficient job of
    distinguishing between people who play the system and those who are
    in genuine need.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


    1. National Disability Charity Advice

    The national disability charity which supports my tenant told her
    that she had excellent grounds for being awarded PIP but that she
    should be prepared to appeal as she would be automatically rejected
    after her initial assessment, as virtually all applicants are.

    2. Colleagues with Disabilities

    My tenant, because of her situation, is in touch with many peers
    with genuine disabilities whose experience confirms this.

    3. Quality of Assessment

    My tenant’s experience (and I was a first-hand witness) is that the
    assessment staff and process appear to be shamefully untruthful and

    For example, an excerpt from the Decision Maker’s Reasoning said:

    “You said you have difficulties with planning and following
    journeys. I have decided you can plan and follow a route of a
    journey unaided.”

    This effectively contradicts my tenant and calls her a liar. It
    shows the assessor to be insensitive, pompous, opinionated and
    dishonest. An assessor with any skill at all would have known that
    this conclusion was wrong, because I was present and had actually
    taken a day out of work in order to bring my tenant to the
    assessment, because she was unable to make the journey herself. In
    fact a total of four people attended the assessment centre in order
    to give her the support she required.

    If this is representative of the quality of the staff involved and
    the process they follow, then the Government should make a public
    apology to people with disabilities, the process should be
    fundamentally re-designed, the organisations involved should be
    dismantled and their staff should be reprimanded.

    A more detailed background follows…

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    4. Full Context

    In 1979 – at age 17 – my tenant was diagnosed with psoriatic
    arthritis. She was put on every NSAID drug available, and
    eventually on sulfasalazine and the maximum dose of methotrexate
    and then onto etanercept injections. The arthritis ruled her life.
    She wore a neck collar, wrist splints, could only walk with a
    walking stick and was having her knees drained regularly. She was
    very lethargic all the time and her immune system was extremely
    low. She was told that if she didn’t take this serious medication
    she would be in a wheelchair – which she was temporarily confined
    to. One by one, she lost virtually her whole family, mainly due to
    cancer. She lost her father at age 7, her sister, her brother and
    his wife, and most recently her mother. She just has one surviving
    sister. She took a job in a care home, but when her whole team was
    made redundant, she lost not only her job, but also her home. She
    was referred to me by a member of the local church community team.
    Although she had been told that her disease was incurable and
    despite the fact that the joints are still fused in her hands and
    feet, she struggled out of her wheelchair and refused to accept
    that she was disabled. She was originally on full mobility
    allowance, but voluntarily gave up both her finance and her
    mobility car. The DWP representative said that she had never known
    anyone to be so honest and take this step and assured her that if
    she ever found the need again, she should simply ring the DWP and
    the support would be reinstated.

    The disability charity who supported her requirements to earn
    recognised her needs (which specifically included an extreme
    anxiety and inability to find her way particularly to unfamiliar
    places and urged her to apply for PIP – although as stated above –
    they said that her initial application would be routinely rejected.

    Her first appointment was arranged 35 miles away in Milton Keynes.
    Because she was unable to make her own way there I took a day out
    of work to drive her there. We allowed plenty of extra time for the
    journey and arrived in the vicinity with 40 minutes to spare.
    However, the assessment centre was situated on a very, very lengthy
    boulevard, it was not visible from the road and people in the area
    did not know what or where it was. We rang the contact number on
    the reminder note, but it was a central number and the staff there
    were unfamiliar with the location, but promised to ring us back
    when they were able find out, which they never did. Eventually we
    went into a Council building and found someone who was able to
    describe the approximate location and in due course we stumbled
    across the assessment centre. By now my tenant was in tears and
    extremely stressed.

    Staff at the centre explained that the building was not clearly
    marked because some people with disabilities had expressed a desire
    for their applications not to be too visible. (This is not very
    helpful to first-time applicants, particularly those who have to
    travel from outside the area!) My tenant registered 5 minutes late
    and we were told that the appointment would have to be
    re-scheduled. When the lady in reception heard the circumstances,
    she told my tenant that she could apply for a home visit – which
    she did, but was then allocated another appointment, even further
    away, in Bedford. When we rang in again, ATOS staff applied for a
    home visit, but instead a new one was rearranged in Luton.

    The supporting disability charity was unable to find my tenant
    employment and so helped her to set up as a self-employed
    child-minder. In this she was supported administratively and on a
    day-to-day basis by me (as I am private tutor) and my 22-year old
    daughter, who is also very keen on working with children. The Luton
    appointment was arranged on the only day of the week that she took
    care of a child, and so I drove her there, accompanied by the child
    and my daughter who took care of him in the waiting room.

    I was a witness to entire assessment, and was absolutely appalled
    to see the resulting documented decision. For example:

    • My tenant told the assessor that she doesn’t cook. She eats meals
    that I prepare for the family as a whole. Whenever I cannot cook
    she simply eats cereal. The assessor gave her a score of 0 for this

    • When asked, my tenant showed her hands, wrists and feet. The
    assessor commented that the swellings and deformities were clearly
    visible. Because her wrist and left thumb joint are fused, causing
    frequent pain in her joints, she finds many day-to-day activities
    difficult. The assessor gave her a score of 0 across all day-to-day

    • In social situations my tenant is often tearful. The assessor
    gave her a score of 0 for engaging with people face-to-face.

    • I help my tenant with her administration, finance, correspondence
    and budgeting. The assessor gave her a score of 0 for complex
    budgeting decisions.

    • I have to drive my tenant to unfamiliar locations. Eventually she
    is able to find her way to familiar local destinations. Despite her
    painful joints and the fact that I had to drive her to the
    assessment centre itself, the assessor decided that she could plan
    and follow a route of a journey and gave her a score of 0 for
    mobility issues.

    It is this disturbing insight into the PIP assessment process that
    has prompted this Freedom of Information Request.

    Yours faithfully,

    Greg Peachey

    • This is not just one bad episode, the DWP are stealing from those they deem, not worthy of a life, the sick and disabled.
      The Courts of Human Rights should be kicking the doors down and running a full investigation of the governments Eugenics programme.

      These are not random acts, they are attrocities so vile that words fail me!

      • overburdenddonkey

        as soon as human rights were put into law the vast majority of people lost them…

      • From: Anita Bellows

        27 July 2015

        Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
        I would like to know:
        1. How many of the 49 internal peer reviews into benefit-related
        deaths involved an ESA claimant categorised as vulnerable who had
        not been seen face-to-face by their Work Programme provider before
        they were referred to Jobcentre Plus to be sanctioned?
        If it does not exceed the cost limit, I would also like to know:
        2. How many of the 10 claimants who had been sanctioned were
        receiving ESA at the time they died?
        And again if it does not exceed the cost limit, I would like to
        3. Of the five people who were not claiming benefits at the time
        they died, why were they the subject of peer reviews ie how were
        they customers if they were not claiming benefits?

        Yours faithfully,

        Anita Bellows

        Link to this
        From: DWP freedom-of-information-requests
        Department for Work and Pensions

    • overburdenddonkey

      one MUST see these people as having infantile behaviours that are not to be pitied, one must also see them @ root as human beings…one must calmly, rationally and in a detached manner argue against their proposals to remove one’s income…picking fights with individuals does one no good, they are the gatekeepers to one’s income like it or not…we’re the many, the more people who appeal the better, appealing is not futile…we have to often put what is called ‘false pride’/ego’s aside…
      we can have various diagnosis’s with a range of symptoms with some unrelated to all of our diagnosis, in other words undiagnosed conditions, all symptoms must be considered…fear and panic of the system drives people to their graves…advice services are very poor we’re up against @ 4 different obstacles ie the dwp, the so called hcp, the tribunal services, the crap advice we get and our health conditions… ‘just pop in, sit and wait for one of our over stretched advisers and we’ll do as we can…’ ‘but..i’m sick and/or without income…’
      see the work of dr bob johnson…imv our fight should be to get these systems SCRAPPED and our incomes vastly increased….

  104. work coach scumbag sanctioning a sanction – hardship payment.

    … better off being a refugee their £30+ hardship payments are not open to sanction.

  105. Indeed The Savage Attack on Iraq in 2003 AD and the Evil Behaviour
    of Occupying Troops like Raping a 14/15 Year Old Girl Bloody
    Paedophile Scum Makes my Blood Boil with Rage

    Afghanistan Iraq and Libya have Suffered under Western Warmongering
    and Aggression and So we Need to Recognise that Racism and Fascism
    is Not the Answer as Both Indigenous and Immigrant have Suffered
    since May 2010 AD

    GEOFF REYNOLDS | August 1, 2015 at 2:03 pm | Reply

    “Something just doesn’t add up with these ‘migrants fleeing persecution’ or whatever”

    Everywhere the UK bombed to destruction, with our allies, the gung ho yanks, has left a trail of destruction and utter destitution.
    Each and every expensive shell that we rain on foreign soil leaves somebody looking for shelter.

    When we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, all we achieved was a great big zero.
    I have seen film footage of market places before and after our ill thought out campaigns. We have decimated everywhere that we have invaded or attacked. The people in power were described as tyrants yet it was us who put them in power in the first instance.
    Libya is now in a shocking state, in complete turmoil with feuding warlords fighting for ultimate power.
    Saddam and Gadaffi were proper bastards but they had an element of order, we left them with fuck all.
    The world banks, weapons and arms manufacturers can’t wait for some dickhead prime minister like Bush, Blair or Cameron, to declare war on some far away state sat on oil reserves.
    War creates huge debts that the banks need to generate huge profits, people of all ages are merely collateral damage.

    The collateral damage comes in the form of those seeking sanctuary here, our actions are responsible for the upturn in asylum seekers.

    Italy are taking everyones share of the collateral damage, they have greater land mass and more agreeable climates to those uprooted by our ill conceived bombing raids and drone attacks.

    “For every positive move there is always an equal, opposite, negative reaction. The UK creates it’s own destiny, we are our own worst enemy”

  106. With Regards to the Atrocities in Iraq an Example is the Mahmudiyah killings
    where a Family was Butchered by US Army Soldiers of the 502nd Infantry
    Regiment and the Girl in Question Raped was 14 Year Old
    Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi .

    What Pisses Me Off apart from the Racism and Islamophobia in the
    UK and USA is how the Murderers and Rapists Escaped the Death
    Penalty given the USA has a Death Penalty for Murder and should have
    for Rape as Well

    • The perpetrators received a tougher sentence than a racially or religiously aggravated offender would in the UK, indeed the race or religion of the perpetrator in the UK can act as a mitigating factor when it comes to sentencing.

      Surprised that someone chanting NoOppression would selectively support the Death Penalty for the other.

      • overburdenddonkey

        wow! i was just about to point out the same thing but using different comparator”s… NoOppression | August 6, 2015 at 4:32 pm | Reply
        Yes to Social Justice and Human Dignity

        No to Tyranny and Human Degradation
        NoOppression | August 6, 2015 at 3:19 pm | Reply
        With Regards to the Atrocities in Iraq an Example is the Mahmudiyah killings
        where a Family was Butchered by US Army Soldiers of the 502nd Infantry
        Regiment and the Girl in Question Raped was 14 Year Old
        Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi .

        What Pisses Me Off apart from the Racism and Islamophobia in the
        UK and USA is how the Murderers and Rapists Escaped the Death
        Penalty given the USA has a Death Penalty for Murder and should have
        for Rape as Well !!!!????
        it’s worked out well in the USA, not…
        talk about being in 2 places @ once….the sadness is that you cannot see it….. 🙂

    • To Kill A Mockingbird

      “NoOppression | August 6, 2015 at 3:19 pm | Reply

      What Pisses Me Off apart from the Racism and Islamophobia in the
      UK and USA is how the Murderers and Rapists Escaped the Death
      Penalty given the USA has a Death Penalty for Murder and should have
      for Rape as Well”

      Agree! Noop has seriously lost the plot. Especially with a name like that and coming out with such a contradictory, completely bonkers statement such as that. No To Oppression yet at the same time wants supports the oppressive death penalty but also wants to extend it to rape. ‘Rape’ which just so happened to be the chosen tool of oppression of the black man in the American Deep South: “that black man ‘raped’ me’. ‘Rape’ so easy to accuse, and so easy to be wrongfully convicted of.

      • Putting Noop on ‘Ignore’ – no time for arseholes! Talk about ‘cognitive dissonance’ or whatever it is called. No To Oppression – Pro death penalty wtf! You should fuck off to Saudia Arabia you stupid cunt. You have to take the whole culture or not at all; you can’t ‘mix and match’ cultures. There was an ‘Islamic scholar’ talking on the BBC News channel the other day. He was asked why women in Islamic countries were forced to cover themselves from neck-to-toe, weren’t allowed out on their own etc.: “Because women lead men on” was his explanation. He also said: “boys will be boys”. Also alcohol – a chief factor in many acts of criminality – is prohibited in Saudia Arabia. Saudia Arabia may have tougher penalties for sexual offences such as rape but there is a sort of ‘counterbalance’ in their culture. Given the social mores of the UK, and in particular the ‘frailties’ of the criminal (in)justice system the death penalty for rape would be a sure fire recipe for miscarriages of justice, not to mention being completely disproportionate and unreasonable in relation to the crime (although ‘no to oppression’?! would no doubt disagree) . People will accuse people of crimes for all sorts of reasons, and rape is the easiest crime to accuse someone of. Incidentally, nobody has been executed for rape on British soil since the 17th century; the exception being the (innocent black) servicemen hanged at Shepton Mallet during World War II.

        • btw Noop Saudia Arabia also has the death penalty for ‘adultery’. You can’t have one without the other Noop… 😉

        • The death penalty for ‘rape’ and the death penalty for ‘adultery’? Would you be OK with that, Noop? Just remembered Noop is a ‘chatterbox’ lol

  107. Today is the 70th Anniversary of the Hiroshima Nuclear Murder
    Bombing in 1945 AD.

    No to Any more Nuclear War and No to Wasting of Billions on the
    UK Maintaining Nuclear Weapons or being a Lackey of Western
    Warmongering Aggression Racism and Islamophobia

    The Poor should be Helped with those Billions

  108. Yes to Social Justice and Human Dignity

    No to Tyranny and Human Degradation

  109. overburdenddonkey

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33788415 i see agony on the faces of these people @ the closure of kids co… they know what they’ve lost and whats coming….



    … not only did the claimants in these cases have a right of appeal against the decisions to terminate their awards of employment and support allowance, but they also were entitled to argue in those appeals that the awards should be extended on the ground that, at the date on which the Secretary of State’s decision was, or could have been, effective, they had limited capability for work-related activity so that the awards should have been superseded in their favour rather than to their detriment”.

    The DWP has issued guidance following this decision (DMG Memo 12/14 and ADM Memo 11/14).


    • overburdenddonkey

      as soon as they turn human being into paper, we face an uphill struggle, trail by ordeal…



      Repeat claim for ESA
      V2040 Where
      an award of ESA has terminated as in V2010 or V2015
      a further claim for ESA is made
      the DM should firstly consider whether the guidance on establishing a further 365
      days entitlement based on a later tax year in V2045 applies. If not, the DM should
      next consider whether the guidance on deterioration in the claimant’s health
      condition in V2056 et seq applies.

      Click to access admv2.pdf

      • overburdenddonkey

        one can reclaim 6mths after being found fit for work and @ any time after if one’s health deteriorates…

  111. paultheswineherd

    There could be a whole lot of smelly pigshit heading in (someone’s) way!
    By what Camila Batmankayleigh said on BBC News, she may know of a whole lot more than the general public knows – who knows what is going to become of this lot – perhaps (hopefully!!) Cameron (or his Government) may even be involved! After all, they have had £3 million thrown to them from the taxpayer’s purse in the last few days – where has ALL of that money gone? Definitely NOT to the poor, the sick and the disabled of Britain.

    • overburdenddonkey

      they paid over £800000 in overdue wages…. ‘Following discussions, a £3m grant payment was made earlier this week specifically to fund transformation and governance work at the charity. The government is now seeking the return of the money, saying it has evidence that some of it was used to pay £800,000 of staff salaries via the monthly payroll, in breach of the conditions under which it was given. – ‘

  112. paultheswineherd

    Fen Tiger,
    You are absolutely right in that you are truthfully telling it as you see it in your particular area. You live there – you see it & there is nothing wrong in
    reporting actually what you see and observe.
    I personally agree entirely that if someone comes to your Country, than they should abide by ‘your’ Country’s rules. After all, if we went to ‘their’ Country, then they would definitely not like it if ‘we’ tried to enforce ‘our’ culture (and also religion!) and all of our ‘traditions’ upon them.
    Summing up – if ‘we’ lived in their particular Country then ‘we’ would have to abide by ‘their’ rules – and rightly so also.
    @ Racism Is Ugly – Fen Tiger is not being a cunt – he or she is seeing it absolutely as it is as he or she sees it. This is definitely not an issue of ‘Racism’. It is more about telling the truth as you see it and what is more, him/her has actually had the guts to stand up and say it on here, which is highly commendable.

    • Paul & Fen, looks like the moronic MSM have achieved what the government wanted with you two. Divide & rule. You have both been conned.

      The pair of you are ugly racists. You know it, but like all racists, you are too gutless to own up to it. But you are happy to gob off with a tornado of hate towards people who have come from countries where suffering is way beyond the scope of your tiny minds, or experience.

      Whilst the cats away, the racists will play I’d guess.

  113. paultheswineherd

    overburdenddonkey – Oh dear!! – That’s not looking good for them!!
    Is there a lot more to it all than meets the eye perhaps!!??

  114. paultheswineherd

    overburdenddonkey – Yes, I agree and many thanks – paul

  115. Pingback: Fercockt Britannia | Gabriel Vents



    Now that the yanks have escalated their attacks on ISIS by launching drone attacks on Syrian targets from within the Turkish borders, it follows, as night follows day, that Fallon will make an announcement that the UK will have more involvement in the issue………………..

    Even though the yanks have not got clearance from the UN Security Council, they have taken it upon themselves to go forward in their true, gung ho, fuck everybody else fashion.

    As we have been training drone pilots, it is only natural that our involvement will be sneaked in through the same back door.

    Fallon has taken it upon himself to ignore the wishes of parliament. He sees himself as the warlord elect, to do just whatever he pleases without the permission of those in Westminster.

    Strangely, in conversation on tv this morning, it transpires that one of the UN weapons inspectors, Scott Ritter, had reported that no weapons of mass destruction had been unearthed when they searched for Saddam’s hyped up arsenal that triggered the INVASION, that started Blair and Bush’s PHONEY WAR.

    No wonder the Chilcott Inquiry has fallen on stony ground and Jack Straw wants the remit of the freedom of information act changing to omit government strategy policy……………

    One day you will wake up to the grim reality that you are living a complete lie, that black is white and white is black.

    The yanks are slowly changing their own constitutional rights, slowly but surely……………
    The same directive is being used here, the British Bill of Rights, what a total crock of shit ! You are being shafted at every level by those that purport to represent your views.

    Greed is their motivation but you stand in the way.

    They are not bothered how many corpses litter our streets to achieve their goals, tunnel vision rules o.k.

    Finally, the yanks have decided to privatise their eavesdropping services to private contractors to monitor your metadata.

    Does this mean GCHQ at Cheltenham will be on Osbornes christmas list to his friends in the city?


    I reached the glorious age of sixty a few days ago, JUDGE MARK ROWLAND.
    I enjoyed my half tin of watered down, value chicken soup.
    Hope your official banquet went ok. You deserve a pat on the back for securing so much benefit stolen from the disabled………………….

  117. Happy Birthday from 'the Void'

    A belated Happy Birthday to you GEOFF from everyone on ‘the Void’. 🙂 Congratulations on reaching your 60th ‘milestone’! 🙂


      …………..i consider myself very lucky, JUDGE MARK ROWLAND wanted me in an obituary column……………

  118. Ms Batmanghelidjh said: “Our problem is not the efficiency of our financial systems, it’s our lack of funding.”

    Dubious – ngo client group and the plunder of the public purse.

    • At Learn About who are part of ACT Training I had to do four hours of job search. They only have seven computers so six of us were put in a small box room with just enough room to put three chairs on one side and three on the other side. Just enough room to avoid tripping over each others legs. We were given a tablet each to do our job search. It wasn’t a good experience holding that tablet for four hours with no table to put it on. One guy spent most of the time looking for news items to read than doing job search. The induction paperwork had the Working Links logo on it and was sent to them. I saw one guy who was over sixty totally out of breath when he eventually made it up to the top floor of the building.

      • I wouldn’t mind starting a charity if the government would give me a few million pounds. I would give myself a few hundred thousand for a salary and give people who threaten to commit crime some money in an envelope if they turn up once a week.I’m sure many would turn up and praise me if I offer them cash. Of course once the cash is stopped they will go back to crime.
        On second thoughts, maybe talking to people with a criminal mentality and showing them how nasty and evil crime is and what it does to the victim is the best option.
        I wonder how much the Kids Company founder took as a salary. Maybe she did it for no personal benefit.

      • ACT Training are clearly breaching Health & Safety Laws by using a tiny box room for you to conduct your jobsearch. God forbid if a fire was to ever break out in that building.

        Demand to see all relevant paperwork and certificates they hold that covers the H&S act, first-aid, fire, building insurance policy. If they won’t show you those important documents for any reason, contact your MP to get involved.

        Those fuckers should get shut down for putting your lives at risk.

        • Working Links Are SCUM!!

          Working Links cram lots of jobseekers into tiny, stifling cramped rooms on purpose. Working Links have a special name for the room: “The Cauldron”. “The Cauldron” has no water dispenser – a clear breach of Health & Safety. There are never any toilets – at least for the customers – on Working Links premises – another clear breach of Health & Safety. The provision of toilets wouldn’t make any difference since “The Cauldron” door is locked shut at all times with no staff in attendance – another clear breach of Health & Safety. And “The Cauldron” is windowless with only a small barred one-way mirrored perspex window for the staff to peak in – another clear breach of Health & Safety.


      • @Rob
        That over-60yo shouldn’t be required to do job search. Assuming he was 62 and a half he should’ve been advised to claim Pension Guarantee Credit. Even when I was a youngster the Ministry of Employment drew the line at 60 because after that age it was very unlikely for a applicant to be considered for full-time employment.

    • overburdenddonkey

      it was all a dream kids co should have never been needed and the fact that it was, meant that it was never going to survive…i’m surprised that it has survived as long as it has in a world determined to destroy rather than create… http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/deep-jungle-monsters-of-the-forest-the-amazing-brazil-nut-tree/3365/

  119. There is More Life in a Ghost More Integrity in a Rat and More Courage
    in a Mouse than The Spineless Majority Brainwashed and Braindead

  120. How about the Human Rights of Someone Not to be a Victim of
    Murder and Rape ?

    When Politicians Abolished It there was No Public Referendum upon
    the Matter

    Noop is nuts | August 7, 2015 at 10:57 am | Reply

    Putting Noop on ‘Ignore’ – no time for arseholes! Talk about ‘cognitive dissonance’ or whatever it is called. No To Oppression – Pro death penalty wtf! You should fuck off to Saudia Arabia you stupid cunt. You have to take the whole culture or not at all; you can’t ‘mix and match’ cultures. There was an ‘Islamic scholar’ talking on the BBC News channel the other day. He was asked why women in Islamic countries were forced to cover themselves from neck-to-toe, weren’t allowed out on their own etc.: “Because women lead men on” was his explanation. He also said: “boys will be boys”. Also alcohol – a chief factor in many acts of criminality – is prohibited in Saudia Arabia. Saudia Arabia may have tougher penalties for sexual offences such as rape but there is a sort of ‘counterbalance’ in their culture. Given the social mores of the UK, and in particular the ‘frailties’ of the criminal (in)justice system the death penalty for rape would be a sure fire recipe for miscarriages of justice, not to mention being completely disproportionate and unreasonable in relation to the crime (although ‘no to oppression’?! would no doubt disagree) . People will accuse people of crimes for all sorts of reasons, and rape is the easiest crime to accuse someone of. Incidentally, nobody has been executed for rape on British soil since the 17th century; the exception being the (innocent black) servicemen hanged at Shepton Mallet during World War II.

  121. No Wonder why the Country is the Gormless State it is when
    Murderers and Rapists have more Rights than their Victims

    How about Homeless People Murdered by Braindead Thugs ?

    The Human Rights of Victims is what I Care About

    No to Do Gooder Liberalism which Fails to Care about the Poor
    and Vulnerable



      Gidiot’s early xmas present to the the Tory donor arsewipes……..

      Britain’s financial watchdog is looking into claims that hedge funds made millions of pounds at the taxpayer’s expense by using inside information to short-sell shares in Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

      An analysis of RBS share trading reveals there was a sharp rise in the number of shares being shorted – a technique that involves borrowing a stock and then betting it will fall in value – between the bank’s interim results last Thursday and the Government’s £2.1bn share sale on Monday night.

      It has been alleged that the increase in trading could be a sign that some investors got wind that the Government was about to start selling part of its 78 per cent stake in the bank – betting this would drive the share price down.


      ……….over a billion and counting, mind you it would have paid for some really nice headstones or decorative urns for the DWP HIDDEN VICTIMS.

      • @Geoff
        “by using inside information to short-sell shares in Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).”
        Bugger the toothless watchdog, insider dealing is a criminal offence and the SFO should be getting off its collective arse

  122. I do Not Like Anti Arab Racism Nor the Aggression against Arab

    Saudi Arabia is Right to have the Death Penalty for Murder and should
    did the UK before the Liberal Do Gooder Brigade had it’s Way and
    Murderers are Free to Murder Homeless People in the Knowledge
    that them Evil Scum will Get Away with it

  123. A Britain where the Poor are Cared For Residential Areas are Not
    Litter and Broken Glass Strewn Hellholes where there are Public
    Services and Not Nutcase Public Spending Cuts is what would make
    me Say I Am Proud to be British because a Nihilistic Totalitarian
    Hellhole of ” Modern Democracy ” with No Public Consultation is
    Not That

    One Free of Arrogant Toffs and Thug Yobs For Decent People Only

  124. The 7th of August Mark’s the 125th Anniversary of Anna Mansdotter being the Last Women to be Executed in the Kingdom of Sweden in 1890 AD.
    This was for the March 1889 AD Yngsjo Murder

    There was more Common Sense in the Kingdom of Sweden then when Sweden was an Independent Country than Nowwhere Murderers get Away with Murder due to No Death Penalty and where Child Molesters are Allowed to Adopt Children .

    The Wicked Shall be Turned into Hell and All the Nations that Forget God

    Psalm Chapter 9 Verse 17 of the Holy Bible

  125. People Need to Stand Up for Social Justice a Caring Welfare State
    and a National Health Service as Well as Political Freedom of Speech
    and Communities that Care instead of I Am All Right Jack and
    Every Man For Himself Mentality

    A Better Reality than Neo Liberal Slavery and Oblivion

  126. Another Fine Mess

    Why are ppl still wasting their time with noop.



    From: Mr D Robert

    24 June 2015

    Dear Her Majesty’s Courts and the Tribunals Service,

    Please can you provide me with the following information:

    1: How many cases in Scotland were referred to the Employment
    Tribunal for 2013 and 2014?
    2: Of those cases, how many in Scotland are on the basis of
    Disability Discrimination for 2013 and 2014?
    3: Of those cases, how many are withdrawn, how many are settled
    with ACAS conciliation, how many are struck out, how many are
    successful at tribunal, how many are dismissed at preliminary
    hearing, how many are unsuccessful at hearing and how many go to
    default judgement?

    Yours faithfully,


    Link to this



      If the HP notices a claimant is covertly recording their
      the restrictions relating to the recording of consultations should be
      explained to the claimant. If the HP
      is content to be recorded, the
      claimant is content to
      sign the agreement form and the claimant’s
      equipment meets the specified requirements, the consultation can
      continue. If this is not the case the claimant should be asked to stop
      recording. If the claimant refuses
      the consultation should be
      terminated and
      the case should be returned to DWP using the return
      assessment function with reason failure to participate. The Case
      Manager will consider whether the claimant has good reason for
      failing to participate in the consultation. If the only reason for failure
      to participate is the claimant refused to stop recording their
      consultation, it is likely the Case Manager will make a negative




        In the meantime, while Atos will do all that they can to accommodate requests for audio recording there may be times when the service cannot be offered, for example where it has not be possible to get access to recording equipment on the date/time of the WCA. In these circumstances clients will be told in advance that their request cannot be accommodated and offered a later date.

  128. overburdenddonkey


      A disabled woman has lost the car she relied on to attend vital hospital appointments, after the government decided she no longer needed higher level mobility support without bothering to carry out a face-to-face assessment of her needs.

      Jo Jones (pictured), from Stockport, had her Motability vehicle removed today (Thursday) because of the decision to reduce the amount she receives for mobility support through the new personal independence payment (PIP).

      Disabled activists said that her case demonstrated the impact of the government’s “vicious” social security reforms, its attempts to cut spending on disability benefits, and the impact of introducing PIP, particularly on those with mobility impairments.

      Jones only began receiving PIP in April 2014, after having her leg amputated the previous year.

      She was previously an accountant, but was dismissed from her job in June 2014 because she was not able to tell her employer when she would be able to return to work following health problems.

      Due to diabetes, high blood pressure, neuropathy, asthma, depression, the amputation, and being prone to leg ulcers in her remaining leg, she was awarded the enhanced rate for both the mobility and daily living components, after a face-to-face assessment by government contractors.

      She used the enhanced rate mobility component to lease a Motability vehicle, which she has been driving for the last year.

      But 12 months after securing the PIP award she was told she was being reassessed. Two months later – without any further face-to-face assessment – the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) told her she no longer qualified for the enhanced mobility rate, and so would have to return her Motability car.

      DWP refused to comment.


      • Hard-working taxpayer

        “She said: “I will just have to sit indoors all day. I sleep downstairs, my bathroom is downstairs. These four walls of my living room is it. We have a conservatory but to all intents and purposes this room is it.”

        One would imagine this is a similar experience to being stuck in a one-bedroomed flat/bed-sit on JSA then, eh… 😉

        Not only that, there are some of who actually work, yes WORK, who can’t afford the LUXURY of running a car. Some of us even have two earners and still only dream about owning a car. No wonder there is such a backlash against these scroungers. We are sick and tired of getting out of bed in the morning to stand at the bus-stop in the pouring rain to get to work whilst our scrounger neighbour’s curtains remain closed at a brand new car stands in their drive-way. Enough is enough! Well done DWP for giving this greedy, lazy woman a reality check kick up her fat backside!

        * work
        employment, as in some form of industry, especially as a means of earning one’s livelihood:
        to look for work.

        synonym – disabled; usage “I can be bothered to work. I just pretend to be ‘disabled’. I get a brand new free Nissan Qashqai at hard-working taxpayers expense for doing jack-shit.”


        • Hard-working taxpayer

        • Hard-working taxpayer

          “We have a conservatory”?! Wow, just wow!

        • Hard-working taxpayer

          Obviously should be: “I can‘t be bothered to work.”

        • Yeah mate, can see why this scrounger is cheesed off, wish we could afford one of ’em fancy motors:

          • Jeremy Clarkson

            Notice how the Nissan Qashqai come with ‘disability adaptations’ such as controls on the steering wheel to operate the sound system and control your phone 🙂 Seriously though, ALL cars should have these controls anyway. Fatal accidents have been caused as a driver took their eyes off the road to adjust the radio. Anyone who has ever had a ‘steering wobble’ and nearly lost control knows all about how dangerous it is to take your hands off the wheel to adjust controls.

        • Another Fine Mess

          Hard-working taxpayer

          If you find work hard, you must be doing it wrong, all the hard work is done by machines these days, or are you just lazy and don’t really want to work? Even your own definition of ” *work ” doesn’t include the word ‘hard’.
          Perhaps you mean you’re just being exploited, or perhaps you’re just rubbish at your job.
          Wishing others were poorer won’t help you, it will just make it even easier for you to be exploited even further!
          Hopefully one day you’ll become disabled yourself, then you’ll really find out what hard work is.


    Government figures predict that, with the mobility criteria set at 20 metres, 548,000 of the 892,000 working-age people who were receiving the higher rate of the DLA mobility component in February 2013 will not receive the enhanced mobility rate of PIP once they are transferred to the new benefit.







        • It is the DWP that need investigated because it is them that made the heartless decision to take this woman’s sole means of independent living away. The cruellest part was letting her have the car in the first place, then just as she was enjoying the benefits of it and had become dependent on it, snatching it away in the most malevolent way possible; just like an evil parent snatching the cookie from a starving child. As we say in Yorkshire: you don’t miss what you’ve never had.


    By John Pring Disability News Service 6th August 2015

    A contender to be Labour’s next deputy leader – a former welfare reform minister – has been forced to defend her decision to accept donations from a lobbying firm used by the controversial company that tests disabled people’s “fitness for work”.

    Caroline Flint, the MP for Don Valley, is benefiting from a former member of staff from Sovereign Strategy working on her campaign – a donation worth £8,000 – and the use of a room in Sovereign’s London offices.

    Sovereign, which provides companies such as Formula One and Bloomberg with help in “navigating public life”, is owned by the former Labour MEP Alan Donnelly.

    The donations to Flint’s campaign have been declared properly in the parliamentary Register of Members’ Financial Interests, but the entry does not mention – and does not need to mention – that another of Sovereign’s key clients is the US outsourcing giant Maximus.

    Maximus has a lengthy record of discrimination, incompetence and alleged fraud in the US and has also been linked with allegations of exploitation and manipulation of government contracts within the Australian welfare-to-work industry.

    Conflict of interest, just fucking greed……………….

    Corbyn wants rid of fuckers like her………………

  131. ………nice career move Caroline

    Flint has taken a hardline stance on social security, one that could be helpful to Maximus – if she became deputy leader – by providing more political cover for continuing harsh treatment of sick and disabled benefit claimants.

    Only five weeks ago, Flint was telling the Sun that Labour needed to be comfortable giving benefit claimants a “kick up the backside”, a story headlined by the paper as “Flint: Let’s kick the spongers”

    • We should all be thanking our lucky stars that those pure fucking evil ‘let’s kick the scroungers’ New Labour cunts weren’t elected at GE2015. God only knows where we would all be by know – starving to death in the gutter no doubt!

  132. paultheswineherd

    With reference to the story about Caroline Flint – it’s high time that the whole of the political system (and also the judiciary ‘banking’ & tabloid newspaper systems for that matter) should be totally taken apart. These rotten and often corrupt ‘public office officials’ are totally milking, pint by pint and gallon by million gallon, huge amounts of ‘taxpayer’s’ money.
    The ‘private’ companies, multinationals and even some of the ‘registered charities’ are not much better.
    Propped up by millions of pounds of often, ‘public’ money – supported by the egotistic, arrogant, corrupt and well overpaid politicians. What a totally shameful situation – it is these bastarding twats that are the ‘scroungers’.
    It is definitely NOT the claimants, the poor, the sick and the disabled who are so often castigated wrongly as the scroungers.

  133. The 10th of August Mark’s The Anniversary of The Storming of The Tuileries in Paris

    in 1792 AD. Revolutionaries were Unhappy with the Situation and Decided to Storm the Palace of the Tuileries. The Swiss GuardsEnded Up being Destroyed and King Louis XVI of France by then called King of the French lost his Throne being Deposed

    An Important in the History of Revolutions in the World


      When they finally erect the gallows to those who have cheated and killed the disabled and poor, one name is paramount and stands out above all others;

      LORD DAVID FREUD…………………………

      Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb Green

      To ask Her Majesty’s Government what was the annual rate of sanctions applied to Jobseeker’s Allowance claimants in each of the years from 2010 to 2014 inclusive, calculated by dividing the number of all those sanctioned in each year by the total number who claimed Jobseeker’s Allowance in each year.

      Hansard source
      (Citation: HL Deb, 21 July 2015, cW)

      Photo of Lord Freud Lord Freud Conservative

      The information is not readily available and to provide it would incur disproportionate cost.

      ……………………………….May his head detach from his body, the counterweight of those he has killed, dragging at his heels……..

  134. The 11th of August 2015 AD Mark’s the 70th Anniversary of the Krakow Pogrom in 1945 AD.

    This was a Nasty Episode of Victimisation of Jews with 1 Death a Vicious Attack on the Kupa Synagogue and Casual Thuggery in the Streets.

    A Outrage against Human Decency.

    Fascism Racism and Thuggery are a Plague this Country can do without

  135. The Apolitical Too Many out There have a Lot of Blame for the Present
    Situation and over the Past Years because of their Obliviousness

    I can See the Anger those who Struggled for the Right to Vote would
    make of the Couch Zombie Don’t Think Don’t Vote Brigade

    Britain will be Slaves by being a Nation of Sheep and Zombies

    I Really Despair

    • overburdenddonkey

      ‘I Really Despair’…(not suffering, and likely never to have suffered)….goading with self satisfied smugness @ the real life plights of others…
      implying that you believe that you’re above all others (looking down)…speaks volumes of your foolish, infantile, preachy, patronizing, condescending, dictatorial, arrogance….
      ‘Miller was born in Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland into a Jewish family. She was the oldest daughter of Gutta und Meylech Englard and had a sister, Irena, who was five years younger. From 1931 to 1933 the family lived in Berlin, where nine-year-old Alicija learned the German language. Due to the National Socialists’ seizure of power in Germany in 1933 the family turned back to Piotrków Trybunalski. As a young woman, Miller managed to escape the Jewish Ghetto in Piotrków Trybunalski, where all Jewish inhabitants were interned since October 1939, and survived World War II in Warsaw under the assumed name of Alicja Rostowska. While she was able to smuggle her mother and sister out of the Ghetto, her father died in 1941 in the Ghetto.[6]’

  136. I see that David Rahman is still posting on his Facebook page.

    • Another Fine Mess

      What a load of cobblers!

      • overburdenddonkey

        yep, anyone who grew up in the 60’s can come up with that cobblers….

        • Obviously the old bill haven’t yet got round to arresting the medical lunatic for defrauding the public purse. I bet the half-wit nutcase is laughing his scrawny little ass off at all the money that the incompetent DWP have thrown at him.

          ‘Stay away from negative people’ is the new proclamation from the un-licensed quack I see. He has obviously been getting new training and fakery qualifications from the School of India posted to him whilst sunning himself on holiday in Corfu or wherever he buggered off to for a few weeks on the proceeds of crime (DWP are criminals).

          • overburdenddonkey

            ‘but, how do i get it right…?’ ans ‘you’re always being negative and looking for problems’…note to himself; ‘keep away from negative people and those who don’t do as they’re told….’



      Geoff Reynolds

  137. paultheswineherd

    Annos –
    You’ve summed it very well my friend.
    All of these scheming arseholes have financially screwed everyone else apart from themselves. They have come out on top – with no one able to question what they have done in any way whatsoever – I wonder why?

  138. paultheswineherd

    BBC 1 Ten O’ Clock News Headline: England has won The Ashes (Cricket)
    Sky News Headline: 2.4 million Carphone Warehouse customers hacked.

    This is even more evidence that goes to show that the ‘News’ Media do not care a tuppeny shit about what is ‘important’ in this Country of ours!

  139. paultheswineherd

    Obviously: The lesser mortals:
    It is the likes of us, – the lesser, and low paid mortals – paying our taxes that help to pay ‘our’ Politician’s (and our ‘local politicians’ not deserved salaries!) and our ‘Council’ salaries through the Council Tax that we have to pay). Bollocks to Austerity and Bollocks to all of the overpaid rich Government Ministers’, – ‘IDS’, – ‘Priti Patel’, – ‘Cameron’ and ‘Gideon’ Osbornes of this once proud Country. Fuck the whole lot of them.

  140. paultheswineherd

    2300: Sky News: Cricket – England has won – WOW

  141. paultheswineherd

    Hi everyone – I’ve got to go to bed now – got to look after my pigs in the morning!! – paul


      A man dies and goes to heaven, as he is greeted by saint Peter, he is led into a large hall whose walls are adorned with clocks. Looking around his curiosity gets the better of him and he asked saint Peter “ Why do you have all these clocks .’’ Those are lying clocks Saint peter replied, you see every one on earth has one, and every time they tell a lie the fingers of the clock advance. Pointing to one particular clock, saint Peter said, “for instance that is Mother Teresa’s clock and as you can see the fingers haven’t moved. This indicates she has never told a lie’’. Pointing to another clock he said “that is Nelson Mandela’s clock and as you can see, the fingers have moved slightly, indicating at sometime in his life he must have told a lie’’.

      The man look’s at saint peter and said, “ you say every one has a clock, and yet I can’t see one for Mr Iain Duncan Smith. ’’ Saint Peter replied
      “no you wont see it, That’s in the main office,




    Being registered as disabled and living on only £33 per week for over two years now is no mean feat…………….

    I wrote to five (5), different people within the DWP, asking why i am in receipt of this meagre amount, each letter was sent recorded delivery.

    To this day i have never had a reply.

    On going through the appeals merry go round, JUDGE MARK ROWLAND ASSURES ME THAT MY HUMAN RIGHTS HAVE NOT BEEN BREACHED, NOR DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION ACTS OR EQUALITY ACTS, which i find to be rather strange……………………….

    (or not so strange when you consider he was a SOCIAL SECURITY COMMISSIONER, but now masquerades as unbiased. (Please stop laughing).

    It seems that once the system has robbed you, they just carry on and ignore you as though nothing has happened, hence the large blip in suicide rates that the DWP and dear Mark, would love to disappear………..

    Someone else is now asking questions;

    From: H Jackson

    8 August 2015

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    It has come to my attention that DWP staff members are regularly
    ignoring requests for reasonable adjustments made under the
    Equality Act 2010 (based on a study of approximately 30 claimants
    over a 6-month period). One of the most blatantly disregarded is
    the request by disabled claimants for DWP staff to communicate in
    writing, only – although the DWP is also regularly failing to
    contact the claimant’s nominated representative.

    If a person is accepted as disabled under the law, and is recorded
    as such on your records (that is, they are in receipt of disability
    benefits, such as: DLA, ESA, PIP, AA, etc.), under what
    circumstances is it acceptable for the DWP to ignore repeated
    written instruction to communicate in writing, only, as a
    reasonable adjustment under the Equality Act 2010?





    Health Professionals employed by Capita and Atos to carry out Personal Independence
    Payment (PIP) assessments come from a range of different backgrounds. This includes not only
    doctors and nurses, but also professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists and
    paramedics. As of 31st July 2015, there are 171 approved Health Professionals conducting
    assessments for the PIP contracts who have a background as a paramedic.
    If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the reference number above.
    Yours sincerely

    DWP Central FoI Team

  144. Housing Officer

    It appears that local authorities/housing associations are being owed an increasing amount of rent appears. The amount owed is predicted to get a lot higher when universal credit takes full effect. But what can local authorities/housing associations really if the vast majority of their tenants are in arrears/don’t pay their rent. They can isolate an individual household here and there for eviction as a ‘deterrent and pour encourager les autres but can they really evict whole housing schemes leaving them empty while they receive no rental income whatsoever?

    It is possible to reach a state where, as happened in the 1970s, whole housing schemes were effectively ‘rent-free’. The bailiffs feared to tread in these areas and neither would the police enter these ‘un-policeable’ areas.

    For all intents and purposes, effectively, the tenants then once again ‘owned’ the properties that had been stolen from them originally as they were taken back into public ownership.

    • “It is possible to reach a state where, as happened in the 1970s, whole housing schemes were effectively ‘rent-free’.”


      The schemes are fragmented and the working class bonds that held them together have been unravelled by the diversity of competing interests.

      Doubt there even is a cohesive working class in the UK.

      • Yes, times have changed! Interestingly, I was brought up as a kid in one of these ‘rent-free’ housing schemes 😀 We used to do all sorts of stuff like burn the internal doors to keep warm 😀 Think the scheme was called “The Friendly” lol … unless you were from the council, a bailiff, debt collector or copper. If we even suspected that a car belonged to one of these cunts we torched it, and if we caught one of the bastards lurking around we slit their fucking throat 😀

    • I also think there is an increasing element where housing associations are being seen as part of the problem as they have increasingly colluded with the government over issues such as the bedroom tax and with the DWP by setting up things such as jobclubs or by becoming secondary contractors for Workfare, or even by using workfare themselves. I don’t know what the situation in England or Scotland is, as I live in Wales where housing associations are more afraid of the Welsh Assembly Government than they are of tenants, which to me tells a worrying story. It is tenants who should have complete control of the housing association, and housing association workers should defer to tenants, and not the other way around. Housing associations also seem to increasingly encourage snitches to grass up other tenants in an attempt to impose control.

      The sooner that ‘public control’ i.e. tenant control takes over the better, that we do form co-defensive organisations of our own to defend against the increasing tyranny of the housing associations with their liberal and unjust use of the anti-social behaviour legislation, bailiffs and even armed police. All evictions for non-payment of things like rent should be opposed, as a place to live is a basic need, and not a privilege. Eviction should be reserved for anti-social behaviour such as snitching on neighbours.

  145. Here’s the load of old cobblers from the medical lunatic on Linkedin –

    ‘Coach, Therapist, Mentor and Public Speaker

    Start Smiling Again

    2012 – Present (3 years)|London. Cardiff. Swansea.

    My mission to ensure clients reach their potential, living the type of life and achieving the success that they deserve.

    I specialise in high stress reduction, anxiety management, anti-depression program [non-medication], executive burnout and time-management issues.

    As of February 2015, I am an Official Provider for stress and anxiety management with the UK Government, the Department For Work And Pensions (DWP).’


    Has the buffoon IDS signed off the relevant documentation and authorised personally third-party unlicensed, un-regulated quack practices to operate within the DWP?

  146. Get this load of fabricated bullshit from one of Rahman’s satisfied customers – whom probably has lost thousands of pounds of money through this dangerous brainwashing organisation.

    • fen, i’ve just seen your comment under this video. can’t believe rahman’s still producing this tripe. it was uploaded 2 days’ ago.

      one of the endorsers of this slogan is niall griffiths. i think that he is head of rehab jobfit wales.

    • “Possibly thinking of ending it all” Have you ever heard such crap in your life? What? and Rahman’s BS changed all of that did it? Just like that?

      Hail Rahman the new saviour of mentally ill people. In one fell swoop the deranged and mentally ill are cured of their afflictions and are ready for workfare or an unpaid post in Poundland. He actually may be Jesus resurrected come to save us all.

      Ah yes the mental health profession have been doing it wrong all the time. They should just have consulted Rahman and the problem would have disappeared just like magic. No need for mental health workers, or psychiatrists, or psychologists, anymore when we have the ‘Rahman method’.

      • overburdenddonkey

        http://www.psychminded.co.uk/cognitive-behavioural-therapy-no-more-than-another-labour-quick-fix/ cbt is as effective as pharm drugs in numbing the mind…some even claim that dr dot rowe recommends cbt, she does not…
        ‘CBT is a dishonest therapy in that it fails to acknowledge the basis on which it has been built. The use of the categories as set out in the DSM in the curriculum of the IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) implies that the dysfunctional cognitions in depression are caused by that disorder. Many CBT therapists don’t acknowledge, or perhaps don’t know, that CBT is actually based on the proposition that what determines our behaviour isn’t what happens to us, but how we interpret what happens to us.’

      • ‘He actually may be Jesus resurrected come to save us all.’ 😉

        actually, he’s the devil.

        • Since Rahman was awarded the DWP contract in February, is there any evidence that he is working in Job Centres? If not, then what has he done with the £48K?

          • … apart from holidaying in ibiza

            • Another thing: i don’t believe those are real people in those videos!! You know? The one’s that say “I was thinking of ending it all!” and stuff like that. Then they met Rahman and he saved them.

              They’ve got to be actors he’s paid to act the goat in front of the cameras just for the video. No one could be that friggin’ dumb in real life to fall for that shit and actually believe it surely?

  147. As of February 2015, I am an Official Provider for stress and anxiety management with the UK Government, the Department For Work And Pensions (DWP).

    The Batmanghelidjh and Rahman doctrine – rather than piss about with sanctions and appeals maybe claimants should apply to become official gov/DWP providers of buffoonery and shenanigans, the rewards are much higher than a hardship payment and unsophisticated to contract.

  148. hardship payment? i never got it when i was sanctioned. you’re a liar priti patel

    • hardship payments are not automatic; you have to prove to the jobcentre that you are in ‘hardship’, that is why they are called, like, hardship payments.

  149. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mxp_wgFWQo Noam Chomsky on Capitalism and Democracy.

    • Noam Chomsky reads Adam Smith and appears to sympathises with nationalism as a means of social protection from globalisation – close the borders and put up the trade barricades. While Chomsky concentrates on capitalist globalisation he fails to chastise the other partner in that unholy alliance – the socialist internationalists of globalisation.

      The misreading of Adam Smith served the propaganda of both sides of the globalisation agenda, good to see Chomsky make this partial correction.

  150. obd and lucy – you’ve probably seen it already

  151. Chomsky on Margaret Thatcher

    • “The Masses Against The Classes”

      “The primary role of the government is to protect property from the majority and so it remains” (Noam Chomsky)


      Hello it’s us again
      We’re still so in love with you
      And yes we mean it too
      Yes we’re so in love with you

      Hello it’s us again
      You thought you were our friends
      Success is an ugly word
      Especially in your tiny world

      The masses against the classes
      We’re tired of giving a reason
      When the future is what we believe in
      We love the winter, it brings us closer together

      So can you hurt us anymore
      Can you feel like it was before
      Or are you lost forever more, messed up and dead on alcohol

      Hello and fond farewell my dear
      I hope you hear this nice and clear
      Our love is unconditional
      Our hate is yours to feed upon

      The masses against the classes
      We’re tired of giving a reason
      When the future is what we believe in
      We love the winter, it brings us closer together

      The masses against the classes
      We’re tired of giving a reason
      When we’re the only thing left to believe in
      We love the winter, it brings us closer together

      A slave begins by demanding justice and ends by wanting to wear a crown

  152. If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.
    George Orwell

  153. If people on benefit were declared a race, it might make nasty programs about them illegal. After all, you don’t see programs like “Jews on Benefits” or “Blacks on Benefits” because the program makers would get in trouble for inciting racism.

    • I’m waiting for channel 5 to do a programme called, “THE JUDICIARY, HOW WE FUCK THE DISABLED AND POOR”………………

      They could do solo slots and feature a different judge each week, following the plight of those they leave in poverty, acting on instructions from the DWP.

  154. Loads of work out there some just choose not to do it the dwp are dismantling the welfare system as i speak then it will be no dosh at all i get up for work at 4.30 am to commute two hours do a 12 hour shift for 9.40 an hour then a two hour commute on a train home! i like money in my pocket on a Friday you see i hate my job but i do it it#s called pride self respect! i then walk past the same set of blokes pissed up outside the local pub sniffing coke lads i went school with none of them have any intention to work boils my piss that cancer patients are deemed as fit to work yet feckless cunts like them are seemingly on the sick for life!

    • Ah – but we used to sleep, twelve of us, in t’cardboard box on t’motorway; nowt but gravel to eat. We had to get up before we went to bed. Luxury!

    • Yeah, jealousy is a strange thing, it makes you wish that you had kicked that amputee in the wheelchair a little harder…………

      The sight of all those losers sniffing coke, pissed up every day on £72 per week must be mind bending.

      Hearing them say, “Quinndog is coming, he never amounted to anything and he still works for peanuts in that dead end job”

      “If he only knew what was going on behind his back, he would probably be on the razzle with us”…………………..

      at least you got your pride and that is exactly what Cameron wants. Somebody on the bottom rung of the ladder, having little intelligence, picking on those worse off instead of having a go at those who put him in his dead end job.

      Divide and rule, the policy of a fool.

      • overburdenddonkey

        it baffles me geoff, how people take pride in destroying their bodies and grinding down their self esteem and call this self respect….!!

      • Must be sniffing a soft drink. REAL coke cost a couple of grand and ounce – barely enough for one ‘snort’. How does wearing your orange bra suit me, Lucinda? Fancy a quick one?

    • Ingeus Employment Adviser

      Very true quinndog. Only recently we managed to secure employment for one of our customers. Financially he wasn’t actually any better of by taking the job, in fact he was worse off, but in terms of self-worth, self-esteem, now, wow, that is a completely different story! Let’s call him GEOFF, popped into our office one afternoon with a ‘thank you’ card and a box of chocolates. And this is what he had to say: “When I was in the pub with my mates supping my beer last Friday after my first week in work, I turned round to them and said: ‘You know what. I bought that beer. And you will never know how good it feels.'” A true story and one that should warm the cockles of your heart. Work isn’t all about money: it is about the craic, the camaraderie, cracking a joke round the water cooler… it is all about work. work, work….

      • Only recently we managed to secure employment for one of our customers. Financially he wasn’t actually any better of by taking the job.

        “and he brought a thank you card and chocolates”