Unemployment Is Not Caused By Unemployed People: Keep The Psychocrats Out Of Jobcentres

When I click my fingers you will wake up, and all your benefits will have been stopped.

When I click my fingers you will wake up, and all your benefits will have been stopped.

There are some things which need nipping in the bud.  Forced psychological treatment for unemployed people is one of them.  As is the attempt by the DWP to reframe unemployment as a psychological defect or the result of a ‘negative’ attitude.

Unemployment is caused by a lack of jobs.  According to the Office for National Statistics, there are currently 1.81 million unemployed people of working age.  In addition to this there are 2.34 million people who are economically inactive and want a job, but do not meet the strict definition of unemployed.  This just means they either haven’t actively looked for a job in the last four weeks or would be unable to start a job within two weeks.  There are also 1.44 million people who are working part time because they could not find a full time job.  That’s over five and a half million people who are under-employed or out of work completely.

Even this doesn’t tell the full story.  There is a growing number of people on sickness or disability benefits, as well as lone parents with children under 5, who are expected to prepare and look for work.  There are people over pensionable age who are looking for jobs, as well as college and even school students.  There are those who’ve dropped through the gaps altogether and neither feature in the counts of people claiming benefits or are likely to fill in the Labour Force Survey from which the unemployment figures are drawn.  There are 86,000 prisoners,  waiting to join the dole queue on their release.

Equally importantly there is now a European wide labour market.  This does not necessarily decrease the overall supply of jobs – immigration also creates jobs, you only need to step into a Polish supermarket to see that.  But it does mean that the millions of people in the UK looking for jobs are joined by many more from overseas.  There is ample evidence of greedy employers only advertising jobs in Eastern Europe as they know they can get away with offering lower wages.  Despite triumphant Tory claims that there are more people in work than ever before, the number of people born in the UK with jobs actually fell slightly in the latest quarter.

All of these people, millions in the UK alone, are chasing just 734,000 vacancies – and the number of  jobs available also fell during the last period.  Of course people in work, who are looking to change jobs, are also chasing those vacancies.  To suggest, when work is so scarce, that unemployment is caused by unemployed people, is offensive and absurd.  The truth is that the tiny minority who don’t want a job, who may be carers, volunteers, artists or just too ill to work, are doing everyone else a favour.  If you don’t agree then why not give up your own job so someone unemployed can take it.

On Friday a demonstration is due to be held in Streatham where mental health workers are to be brought into the Jobcentre.  The Government aplans to introduce Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) therapists into 350 Jobcentres as well providing online Cognitive Behavior Therapy to unemployed, sick and disabled people.  They announced before the election that they soon intend to force some claimants to undergo psychological treatment or their benefits will be stopped.  This will require significant changes in the law and a Full Employment and Welfare Benefits Bill was announced in the Queen’s Speech.  This is not a done deal, there is still time to fight it, and that fight begins on Friday.

Please help spread the word about this protest and come if you can.  Already happy-clappy DWP managers are turning Jobcentres into cults, wittering on endlessly about being positive whilst actually making everyone feel like shit.  Behind the scenes shadowy ‘behavioral insight’ teams are dreaming up yet more harassment of unemployed people based on the flimsiest of evidence.  The rise of the Psychocrat, using psychological therapies to control, not cure, must be halted.  A defiant and well attended demonstration this Friday is vital, to show the DWP that this is a line we will not let them cross.

The facebook page for Fridays protest is at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1632671646970164/  Please share, tweet, blog and make sures everyone knows this is taking place and why.

An important paper by Dr Lynne Friedli and Robert Stearn has also recently been published which explores the role of coercion and psychology in welfare-to-work and workfare schemes, you can read it at: http://mh.bmj.com/content/41/1/40.full

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180 responses to “Unemployment Is Not Caused By Unemployed People: Keep The Psychocrats Out Of Jobcentres

  1. Brilliant post, and brilliant link to Dr Lynne Friedli and Robert Stearn’s paper.



      ‘Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

      It appears that the Office for National Statistics (ONS) class
      people on unpaid workfare-style programmes, as being employed for
      the purpose of the government statistics that show the number of
      people in work.

      Can you,

      1) Confirm that this is correct and if it is,

      2) Explain why people on unpaid workfare-style programmes are not
      paid National Minimum wage.
      Some time ago I made a request – see link here

      The DWP advised me to direct my request to the Office for National Statistics(ONS),
      who in turn advised me to contact the Labour Force Survey(LFS) See link for details


      Both of these organisations seem to suggest that it is DWP who are in a position to
      respond to my request.

      Will you please now respond to my original request.

      Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.”

      I am of a senior grade to the person who dealt with your request previously, and can confirm
      that I have carried out an internal review.

      Your original request (2014-IR514) was received on 13 October 2014 but was not
      acknowledged by us until 4 November 2014 for which I apologise.

      Whilst there is no formal target for Internal Reviews we do aim to respond to these within 40
      working days if possible. As we did not send out our response until 12 May 2015 we failed to
      meet this aim and I apologise for the delay in providing the response to 2014-IR514.

      If you have any queries about this letter please contact us quoting the reference number

      Yours sincerely,

      DWP Central FoI Team

  2. Thanks so much for your support with this Johnny. I haven’t been all that well the last few days but will do as planned on Friday. x

  3. neuroticbunnylady

    Why does it not surprise me that the Tories would pull something like this.

  4. No truly professional psychologist would have anything to do with a scheme like this.

    True professionalism might well fly out the window, though, and be replaced with another set of tick-box practitioners gutless enough to be used as the cat’s-paw of the state.

    The legal position will be interesting if victims do not grant their CONSENT to undergo this babbling guff. Even the BACP says consent must be granted in all cases.

    • overburdenddonkey

      the only reason that various gov schemes nudge et al have gained any traction is because of cbt/behaviourist (cult) so called therapies which only ever serve the therapist, no exceptions…

    • The nhs (including the iapt) have been using ahem ‘therapy’ to umm… ‘obtain’ peoples private lives and put them on internet based porn…. er I mean ‘records’ sites for years.
      Here is what the iapt gets it’s ‘professionals’ to do –
      Did you think that ‘therapy’ was confidential?
      Personally I don’t want jimmy saviles biggest fans anywhere near my private life… and I’m sure that there are plenty of victims of rape and child abuse with even stronger feelings about this than me.

      “This will require significant changes in the law ”
      They should have scrapped just about all law years ago to make this anywhere near lawful / not criminal…

      • Enemy of the State

        It’s like that scene from Enemy of the State:

        Robert Clayton Dean: I’ll tell you what. Rachael, was my girlfriend in my second year of law school, we still remain in close contact, and we swap information from time to time.

        Blake: Did you have an affair with her 4 years ago?

        Robert Clayton Dean: Ever beat off in the shower, Brian? Ever had any homosexual thoughts?

        Silverberg: Bob, that’s…

        Robert Clayton Dean: [Interrupting] None of my fuckin’ business. You’re damn right it’s not. I love my wife and I love my son, “absolutely” with no equivocations, and that’s none of your fuckin’ business either.

      • overburdenddonkey

        the point you raise is a good one…but for the victim sees this as giving the therapy weight and validation ‘it must work coz they go through all this trouble to quantify it’s success clinically, they look @ outcomes and see what can be done to improve them….they try to convince one it helps in controlling symptoms and guess what, it fails, who gets the blame and is left to pick up the pieces and suffer the continued consequences of the abuses..??…there is no such thing as good behaviourism…there is no evidence it cures anything, a fact they admit..
        ‘CBT cannot remove your problems, but it can help you deal with them in a more positive way. It is based on the concept that your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and actions are interconnected, and that negative thoughts and feelings can trap you in a vicious cycle.’ CBT aims to help you crack this cycle by breaking down overwhelming problems into smaller parts and showing you how to change these negative patterns to improve the way you feel. Unlike some other talking treatments, CBT deals with your current problems, rather than focusing on issues from your past. It looks for practical ways to improve your state of mind on a daily basis….’ ‘CBT cannot cure the physical symptoms of these health conditions, but it can help people cope better with their symptoms….’ it keeps one in a ‘state’, a state of flux management…and guess what armies of managers are required…
        with CSA/CA, they basically say it happened get over it and that the mh problem is coz one cannot get over it, not caused or anything to do with the abuse as it’s all in the past…ie your mind is faulty coz you can’t get over it, ‘it’s the way you think and/or chemical imbalances et al…’ therefore always blaming the victim….so why not offer a therapy that DOES WORK http://www.brusselsblog.co.uk/people-we-should-listen-to/ ‘The governor you talked to was following the party line – the ‘replacement’, the so called DSPD units (Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder units) cost £500,000,000, and achieved nothing. A Sainsbury Mental Health Centre Report condemned them – they never once asked me what I did …CBT doesn’t go to the root – which needs cutting..’….for example anger management is useless, as the cure in a nutshell is; “Goodbye psychosis – using anger to cut its roots,” one expresses, with the aid of expert therapy, trapped/blocked/stuck/frozen emotions, trapped @ the time of the abuse events, and one is cured…. managing anger is blocking emotions that need to be expressed in order to heal…no expression of trapped emotions, no healing…..

        • “CBT cannot remove your problems, but it can help you deal with them in a more positive way.”
          Excellent. so these quacks are going to teach everyone about criminal offences (fraud and misconduct in public office are a good and easy place to start… plus Vulnerable Adult Abuse).
          Then show everyone how to get evidence and…. find an honest cop.
          Removing all of those constant dwp et al ‘problems’ would be the biggest of all help in getting back to work.

          dwp etc crime, and evidence is all I’d talk about. I certainly wouldn’t let any of those sick quacks steal any of my private life.

    • Zombie, the IAPT therapists that will end up in JC+ will be the very same who provide CBT via the NHS. The will be at best Psychology graduates with a poor 3rd. They will have had a total of 6 short weeks (not full time) training in delivering script based, bullshit cbt.

      The BACP has absolutely no powers whatsoever. Yes they have a Guide To Ethical practice, which their members are supposed to adhere to, but most don’t. There is no fear amongst the hoards of existing therapists that losing their place on the BACP register will mean a loss of income. Why? because if the BACP do indulge in a rare disciplinary investigation, the only “punishment” they can mete out is removing the dodgy practitioner’s name from the register. The iffy therapist can carry on doling out damage to the vulnerable in their own practice, in the public toilets, up Mt Everest or anywhere they please, as long as they don’t use the BACP name and claim registration.

      Unless you are assaulted, sexually/violently, or the therapist steals money from you, there is bugger all you can do about it. They are pretty much free to do as they wish in practice, and they will apply that freedom to whatever they do to claimants in JC+. The DWP won’t be regulating them either.

      Psychotherapy is 100% unregulated in the UK. There is some doubt as to its status as a “treatment” too, and this, I believe is where they will be able to circumvent the rules that exist concerning consent to medical treatment.

      • The same 20-something-bullshit-psychology-degree-still-live-at-and-home-drive-a-corsa arseholes you find working as “advisers” on the ‘work programme’

      • “Unless you are assaulted, sexually/violently, or the therapist steals money from you, there is bugger all you can do about it.”

        Not really true, there’s a whole list of laws they’d be breaking and criminal offences they’d be committing. Checkout data protection act – section 10, human rights – right to a private life, vulnerable adult abuse, misconduct in public office (up to life in prison for that), fraud, blackmail…. for starters.

        Thing is… try finding an honest cop, or honest lawyer :/

        Hint – be your own journalist. That and reading up on some laws are the only protection you have.

        • yupits, when it’s a case of someone being treated for MH issues, then all of what you typed does not apply. The law is not applied equally.

          The MH card will be played at every turn, you will not have access to natural or any other type of justice. It won’t just be the cops & briefs who let you down, it will be the GPs, the nurses, the CPNs, the loved ones, the family, the anyone who you are supposed to be able to trust.

          Hint: Read all the laws you want, read and learn by rote, then have cause to rely on them. Then you’ll find out just how much protection the law really does afford those with MH conditions.


          • something survived...

            Alternatively: every the-rapist you are sent to see, pretend (since after all they are saying you are mad) that you have fallen in love with them. In theory the rules say they must immediately find you somebody else.


  5. overburdenddonkey

    it seeks to ‘cure’ a non existent ailment…which in fact all behaviourism does..
    so what it does is to put pressure on the victims to change as if they are wrong THEY ARE NOT, this causes/worsens mhp’s and does not cure them… muffling symptoms cures nothing…

  6. Dr Hannibal Lecter (Jobcentre Psychologist)

    I can drive a person insane just by talking to them 👿 👿 😀 😀

  7. James Gasekll

    Things are getting worse for the unemployed and disabled. I’m really ill at the moment due to a serious health condition. Worries about the planned cuts to disability benefits announced by the Tories don’t help either.
    God help us all.

  8. For Everyones Information on this Subject

    Cross Posted from Ipswich:

    [I cut and paste relevant parts below]

    June 19, 2015 at 5:36 pm

    As I understand it Unless you have been Sectioned under the Mental Health Act, and been assessed by at least two doctors, [taking advice from your GP methinks] no medical treatment of any kind can be forced onto an individual – as the charltons would be being paid by DWP for the application of said so called “Treatment”, this would fall under the following:

    Definitions of Harassment in Discrimination Law

    OR more plainly:

    “Bullying [continuing Harrassment] is conduct that cannot be objectively justified by a reasonable code of conduct, and whose likely or actual cumulative effect is to threaten, undermine, constrain, humiliate or harm another person or their property, reputation, self-esteem, self-confidence or ability to perform. Tim Field Foundation 2015”

    The above link is most most informative – you must think in terms of yourself as a person in the street and not as an employee as that is the main thrust of the informaton on the page but is still applicable to ordinary members of the public.

    If you do have Mental Issues, simply write out a avidavit stating that a named person [name them – freind/family/doctor/solicitor with their signature] will decide with you if you wish to take up this ‘Kind Offer” of treatment – until that time you’ll have to decline as it might actually cause your condition to deteroiate. “Request they sign a Personal Indenity for damages from using this treatment as it is outside of your recommended GP/specialist treatment regime?” Request verbally and in writing the detailed research background papers which you can consult with your ‘Named’ advisor & doctor on this “Kind Offer”.

    If they upset you there is of course the option of bringing Harrassment which is much much easier than as I suggest might be the case in regards to fraud as detailed below – but still an option.

    But in doing so that it also builds further evidence for Threats/Menaces… It is a sticky area. But I want to emphasis to everyone – do the Harrassment first then contemplate the rest.

    Can get the papers from any magistrates court and costs £25 for Harrassment – that would be money well spent, and indicate that any further action that incurs costs will be recouped via the courts. We all know DWP is averse to paying out money…. Be beautiful if it came to it to watching the baliffs go in…



    And finally due to the “being paid” aspect:

    Fraud Act 2006, “Threats and Menaces” i.e. making a demand that you patricipate or your money will be stopped [just saw a nice solicitors page where it goes into the legal jargon, THIS is covered – oh oh dearie me]

    From an individual who did some checking on what is above:

    My reading of it [having seen the legal explanation] just the act of making the demand is a big no no [Threat], stopping Benifits [Menaces] – the fact that they are also being paid is when the fraud occurs [gain].

    Put that with the “Nope” you’re not my doctor and and “I in no way autherise you to treat me for a non-existant condition” and it gets sticky fast.

    So in short – DEMAND in writing from anyone/organization that tries this on – include the entire hieracy [line mangement/decision maker at DWP] involved [the outside firm/dwp] etc – warn them of the consequences of continuing their actions unless they can present to you the relevant advice on the relevant laws that what they are doing is not:

    a] criminal
    b] civil, which can lead to a claim for damages due to their delibrate behaviour and affect on yourself.
    c] staff acting after being warned about this would be commiting Gross Misconduct in a Publis Office – sacable nd this applies to Managers as well as they are responsible fr the actions of their staff… happen once…hhhhmmm coincidence, happen twice… happenstance, a tird ime inthe same office? Enemy Action and no excuse willget them off.

    by Pauly:

    Section 2 of The Fraud Act 2006 ” Fraud by false representation”
    Section 4 ” Fraud by abuse of postion ”
    Section 5 ” Gain and loss”
    ” Loss includes a loss by not getting what one might get,as well as a loss with parting with what has.”

    These charges would also apply to the Charltons as well as DWP.

    So all I can say to DWP is – please please please – bring it on

    Legal Eagle
    June 20, 2015 at 2:40 am
    Jobseekers are by definition of sound mind and body otherwise they would be on other (higher levels of) benefits. The DWP can’t have their cake and eat it. It’s a “Catch 22″ for the DWP: jobseekers are either mentally ill and therefore shouldn’t be on JSA or they are not mentally ill and therefore entitled only to JSA. Psychological torture and mental abuse under the guise of ‘therapy’ is an abuse of a jobseekers Human Rights under the ECHR (European Convention of Human Rights.

    ALSO DWP G4S Goons:

    OT: DWP Guards and them ‘Handling you or another person’

    Oh another thing if a DWP guard approaches you and manhandles you they are commiting Assault/Harrassment and are acting under Colliusion with DWP Staff/Management in doing so – also by allowing it DWP are themselves chargable for Assault, they are requesting the Assault – take your pick.

    Why do I say this? ONLY on duty Police Officers are covered by the Law to manhandles others in the performance of their duties.

    A person can only be detained using “Citizens Arrest” if they re suspected/believed to have carried out a Criminal Act – Sorry but Civil doesn’t cut it [like raised voice etc – NO SWEARING/Threats].
    Oh and officials lying by claiming something – once again Gross Midsconduct in a Public Office, oh and Slander as well. Police will have recorded claim made by official so why else would they have turned up if called?

    As an example – See case of ex-Met Officer Ali Dizaei.

    Legal Expert
    June 20, 2015 at 2:25 am

    Citizen’s Arrest is a minefield; for example under Scots law:

    “While no statutory provision for citizen’s arrest exists in Scots Law, there is a common law position that anyone committing an offence can be arrested using minimum force if necessary with consideration to what is reasonable in the relevant circumstances. The offence must be a serious one and not merely for a breach of the peace. The person exercising the power must have witnessed the offence occurring therefore they cannot act upon information from another person. An arrest is applicable reliant on situation.”

  9. It is well known that all JCP staff use psychological tricks against the un-employed. JSA sanctions are claimed by the DWP morons only to be used as a last resort, but the amount of sanctions rolled out each month is just bloody ridiculous to say the least.

    People are being criminalised just for not apply for enough jobs each week in order to meet the un-reasonable quota laid down in their claimant commitment. If the jobs simply are not there, then they can’t be applied for. Jobs do not grow on trees as the nutty fruitcakes running the corrupt government otherwise believe.

    I keep seeing the same old rubbish re-advertised day in and day out in the knackered UJM site often with changed ref. numbers. But that is not what they tell me when I have to sign on. All I get is this from them if I ask such a question – ”we never change the ref. numbers on UJM if a job is re-posted at a later date” How the fuck would they even know this when it isn’t JCP morons who update the system or post jobs on there on behalf of the employers. Fuck knows.

  10. Loving the Jobs market.

    Got a nice call from a scum bag employment agency this morning.
    Said he had suitable work for me and ‘How much did I need money wise?’
    I replied; ‘How much are you paying?’ He wouldnt say.
    Just wanted me to engage in a competition with every other worker on his books. I told him not to waste my time again.

    • One scabby employment agency in my town only pay their workers cash-in-hand. They don’t pay their employees (working on the land or in factories) either by cheque or by bank. They pay them by what I believe (need clarification on this) illegal means (?)

    • That happened to me in good ole Norn Ireland in the seventies. Always an unemployment hotspot employers NEVER advertised the wages. In one job interview they asked me how much I was getting on unemployment then paid me £5 more than that and told me not to discuss my wages with the other employees. I left NI to get a job with wages I could live on. Looks like the bad old days have come back.

      • Loving the Jobs market.

        We’ve all seen that ‘dont tell anybody how much ‘ chestnut.
        You find out everybody gets the same money about 6 months later,except for the odd daft one who worked for even less.


      and Commons officials told broadcasters not to film the protest, which continued outside in Westminster’s central lobby.

      …………..in other words, “SWEEP THE BASTARDS UNDER THE CARPET”


      • overburdenddonkey

        yep, like everything in this god forsaken UK, scrape below the very thin veneer of ‘fair play UK’, all manner of ugliness emerges…for example;
        ‘UK rents average €902 (£750) a month in comparison to the European average of €481 (£400), according to the NHF, which represents housing associations. Private renters in the UK spend almost 40% of their income on rent in comparison to the European average of 28%….’

  11. ITV News – 2015 6 24 (3) Disability Protestors in Houses Of Parliament over ILF abolition

  12. Disabled Protesters Clash With Police As They Try To Storm PMQs


  14. Reblogged this on Mentally Wealthy and commented:
    This is potentially the most dangerous excercise in brutality towards some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

    Psychological therapy should always be a choice, a well planned decision by an individual.

    This cannot be allowed to be implemented without a challenge!

    Where are our mental health charities! They should be outraged!

    • overburdenddonkey

      as most advocate cbt or some form of behaviourism they won’t be disturbed by this @ all….

  15. I can only describe it as evil

  16. These mental experts are unstable & mentally unwell to believe that mental nudge units have the answer.



    Mass Media have a day off !!!

  18. Psychological therapy used by people with no knowledge of it are bogus & fake. £££££ Cash Cows Rule.

  19. Godamn you DWP cunts to HELL!!

    As soon as you come out with something like: “I am sorry doctor I would prefer not to answer that question”, it is going to be: “Oh well, I am going to have to refer you back to your work coach for being non-co-operative and we all know the consequences of that, don’t we… 😉 ” Yeah, like SANCTION, BIG FUCKING SANCTION. These cunts are going to keep pushing until your either sign-off or commit suicide. Godamn these DWP cunts to Hell!!

  20. Reblogged this on Christopher John Ball and commented:
    Whenever medical treatment is carried out it through your GP. Your GP refers his/her patient, keeps a record and receives updates and details of all treatment. This is, in part, so no conflict of treatment takes place. Will the Job Centre be sending details of any ‘diagnosis’ their ‘behavioral insight’ teams make? What happens if any treatment conflicts with that approved by our GP? If the ‘behavioral insight’ team make a diagnosis they are opening a legal minefield for themselves. If someone is harmed by the ‘behavioral insight’ diagnosis they would face serious action.

    • Yeah, what if you go to your doctor and say that since been referred to the jobcentre ‘behavioural insights team’ you have started suffering from depression, anxiety and having suicidal thoughts. And you you wont even have to make it up because you will be because a blind person could see what the objectives of this jobcentre mindfucking are.

  21. There are going to be a lot of made up medical conditions used by these fake non medical non experts. Tri Polar or try Polar. Yet there is medication in sight. Where has the medication gone in so called fake medical experts. Bullshit can only get you so far.

  22. I have looked at this document and the answer is there in black and white the unemployed isn’t the problem it’s the lack of jobs and no scheme that replaces paid work is going to make us feel worthy. How many of these idiots are doing it for nothing after all they might say they are worth it … and you know what we the unemployed are worth more than you .. so you can stick your freud up your ass but you had better tell his wife where his head has been!





      …………………..Angela Merkel is banquetting with the wrinkly old bastard that sold her subjects down the river.

      Enjoy your meal Maam, i hope the bastard chokes you……………

      • something survived...

        Geoff, I’ve noticed a technical flaw in your otherwise promising plan. If as suggested you were to nail the nails into every part of his skull, down to the heads, ……..
        Being only six inches long, none of them would touch his brain.


      £41.36 paid incorrectly into his account

      The 21-year-old’s body was found by a dog walker in an area of woodland within walking distance from the family home on College Road in Barry.

      But just 55 days after his tragic suicide, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) sent a letter to his grieving mum Rachel stating that £41.36 of her son’s income-related employment and support allowance had been incorrectly paid into his account.

      The sum covered the four days following his death on April 15.

      The DWP letter stated it was “sorry to hear” about Chae’s death and that “such payments are not made as a result of anyone’s fault” before adding “we hope you will appreciate that when public funds are incorrectly paid we are obliged to ask for them to be refunded.”


      • something survived...

        They ought to withdraw the money from the bank and return it in person at once.

        After they have wiped their bums with it.

  24. “… immigration also creates jobs, …”

    Not sure how that works, would 1 million immigrants create 1 million jobs without any localised displacements or wage degradation.

    • Loving the Jobs market.

      They create jobs from the backward logic perspective that as they will live 2 to a room and actually eat shit the employer can hire two for the price of one and make a fortune.

      • Immigration will overwhelm the welfare state all IDS needs to do is keep the gates open.

        • overburdenddonkey

          the welfare bill which includes pensions is a small part of uk gdp, it’s significance exaggerated out of all proportion…welfare tourism is almost non-existent… http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2013/10/eu-study-shreds-myth-benefit-tourism the ESC ‘European Committee of Social Rights’ (jan 2014) article 12 also state that uk state benefits are manifestly inadequate something like 40% lower than they ought to be… we need a citizens basic income, particularly since our high levels of unemployment and that unemployment in europe as new techs come on line will soar…
          for example PFI in scotland costs @ least £700m/yr, without even considering what has been built, even should have been built which in itself costs £billions….the scotgov are very aware of the problems caused by this millstone…
          spending money on people is far more important/valuable than building new public buildings…and that’s just PFI in scotland…
          ‘The move from the disastrous Private Finance Initiative (PFI), so beloved of Scottish Labour, to Not for Profit Trust (NPD) has transformed the productivity of capital in Scotland. We now build better schools for 30 per cent better value than under PFI. Now we need to go much further to build an infrastucture of transport and communications which will do justice to our fundamentally smart country.’

  25. A Clockwork Orange

    This shit has to stop. A line in the sand has to be drawn otherwise the DWP is just going to keep on pushing.

    Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them
    — Frederick Douglass

  26. Not been in the city centre for a few months, today it was full of beggars looked like a socio-economic war-zone, casualties and refugees everywhere.

    A fu*king hell-hole Scotland.

  27. Brilliant post Johnny Void. And thank you for saying that we should be grateful to those who do not wish to work, instead of harassing them – given the ACTUAL numbers of unemployed & underemployed people versus actual jobs!

    One thing, does anyone know WHERE in Streatham Memorial Gardens the protest is taking place? Because the park is huge & not everyone uses Facebook.

  28. Einstein’s Theory of Relative Jobseeking:








    Meanwhile the body count keeps stacking up……………….

    It is stated PIP Assessment Tool (PIPAT) Release 2.0 is not a DWP
    developed tool, please evidence this. Who developed it?

    Please state who is the commercial supplier you lease the software

    Please release a copies of the development contract,
    the government tender for development document
    and the lease contract.

    Please point to the contract terms stating that you cannot release
    the software, or extract is function or screen shots under the
    Freedom of Information Act 1998.

    If you cannot evidence the statements please release the PIP
    Assessment Tool (PIPAT) Release 2.0

    A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is
    available on the Internet at this address:

    Yours faithfully,

    I Cau

    Link to this


    “Shafting the most vulnerable, all in a days work for the DWP”

    From: john haupt

    24 June 2015

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    Dear sir or madam,

    1. a. Could you tell me how many benefit sanctions were issued in
    b. how many were issued against people in the work related
    activity group?
    c. what was the longest a claimant was left without any money?
    d. how many sanctions were overturned on appeal?
    e. does the dwp make sure councils are made aware of situations to
    stop people becoming homeless or is up to the claimant to sort
    these matters out?

    2. a. Since the courts have decided the time taken to reach a pip
    decision has been deemed illegal, what will be the recommended
    legal limit.
    b. since maximus has taken the wca over, what are the latest up to
    date statistics of people being put in to support group, the work
    related activity group, and found fit for work.
    c. how many people have asked for their interview to be recorded
    by Maximus.
    d. in terms of a percentage how many requests for a recording have
    been refused,
    e. how come maximus do not use their name on any literature.
    f. are staff examined to make sure they have a good grasp of the
    English Language
    Yours faithfully,
    John Smith

  31. Indeed People Need to Wake Up and Say No to Tyranny and Totalitarianism

    No to Tory Regime Brainwashing and No to Tory Tyranny

    Get the Poxy Tories Out

  32. Britain Deserves Better than Nation Wrecking Tory Blockheads in Office

    Stuff the Tories and Stuff their Psychological Rubbish

  33. It is Someone out of the Nazi Third Reich and a Totalitarian Tory State the Violation of Consent and Human Dignity by Forced Psychological Testing for those Not in a Position of Work Slavery

    This Crime against Humanity Need’s to be Totally Opposed as with the Nutcase Public Spending Cuts and the Tory Regime in General

    Shame upon the Liberal Democrats for Propping Up the Tory Regime from May 2010 until the General Election which many are Concerned about is Rigged

    Shame upon anybody Disgusting Enough to Vote Tory

  34. Can you give a reference for the job vacancies figure? Or point out where you sourced it? Thanks

  35. is minister for man slaughter
    Ian duncan Smith really saying
    that 2.3 million kids in dire poverty
    really is ok in his eyes …
    acceptable stock digit level factor in…..

    • Yes, that’s what he’s really saying. He wishes it was 3.5 million kids in poverty though. That would be more ideal for him as he could then threaten their parents that they would get their benefits removed if they don’t agree to be a slave for a massive profitable corporation somewhere working for their benefits..

  36. overburdenddonkey

    http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/exclusive-socalled-inwork-poverty-soars-by-59-under-coalition-as-more-people-with-jobs-are-forced-to-claim-housing-benefit-9340907.html ‘Exclusive: So-called ‘in-work poverty’ soars by 59% under Coalition as more people with jobs are forced to claim housing benefit….’ and there are 13m people in poverty in the uk according to oxfam…and yet http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33266799 ‘Charities said proposed welfare changes would leave families worse off. Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said UK poverty levels were the “lowest since the mid-1980s” and showed government reforms were working.”Our reforms have tackled the root causes of poverty,” he told the Commons.’ and this is with a massive increase of food bank need and the highest levels of sanctions in history…

    • Why worry unimpeded immigration will solve poverty ever GDP bio unit counts, immigration equals economic growth and prosperity for all does it not?

        • Happy days are here again the class war is over as immigration will cure all our ills eh!

          • overburdenddonkey

            will you tell me how you think immigration blights your life…?

            • It is not immigration it is a politically induced mass slave trade – displacing both local and immigrants from their homelands, you know what the political agendas of mass immigration are across the political spectrum overburdenddonkey.

              Facilitated human trafficking on a global scale.

              • overburdenddonkey

                it’s the core reason that i and many voted for indyscot…and why i advocate reliable supplies of vitality giving vitals of life for all…
                famine, (fear of shortage), and/or fear of it causes wars, sometimes by greed sometimes by need, which ultimately make famines worse, more frequent, and by causes global warming (global dimming)….
                global trading makes things much much worse, the more manufactured goods we consume as individuals the worse it all gets…accumulation of wealth for some @ the expense of the majority must stop, that we’re all entitled to a healthy lifestyle must be restored…
                allofusfirst it can be and must be done…the precarious masses must change the way things are now done by the minority…
                strangely enough these reports are harder to find, whilst the myth that we can all ‘aspire’ live lavish lifestyles has been perpetuated, if we just make every effort, we can all be rich beyond our wildest dreams….. http://www.allofusfirst.org/

                • obd
                  Yup, your hero the big fat fascist fucker Alex Salmond is a big fan of the global slave trade (mass immigration) as was war-monger Tory Bliar. A perpetual scam, one group of slave just displaces the other Irish > Indians > Poles. Had to laugh at a previous generation of immigrants, Indians in their turbans shaking their fists and shouting at the scab Polish drivers taking their jobs… rewind a few decades and it would have been the Irish shaking their fists at the Indians as they took their jobs. People are getting more and more desperate to earn a living… look at the coverage from France as the cities 50 million odd taxi driver over-turn, torch the cars of the “Uber” drivers; and cut the throats of the drivers and passengers…

                • overburdenddonkey

                  very presumptuous, stay stuck in the cult of personality if you must, but don’t bring me into it….2 people i very much admire are quakers sue and bob johnson… http://www.brusselsblog.co.uk/people-we-should-listen-to/
                  i also admire the work of bill mollison….personally i think the snp are ok in comparison with the political rest, but i’m much more inclined to the ssp..
                  the key is working with those who @ least see humanity as being important, if not vital… i also advocate a UBI, if not @ the very least ending dwp sanctions and conditionality…but would go even further and bring uk state benefits up to ESC council of europe recommendations ie an approx 40% increase in benefits…rents in the uk are by far the highest in europe and should be drastically reduced…2m new homes ought to be built now…

    • “Over” According to the ConParty, [start Party Political Broadcast]

      “Its the worker fault… they’re not working hard or long enough… but the will soon… coming to a DWP Office near you… You know you want it, you did vote for us!…”

      End Broadcast

  37. Greenwood4727

    Not to mention how many of these jobs are duplicates, saw the same job as a self employed person, for 5 different areas where i live.. the same job, the same everything just location.. Not to mention those forced into self employment, or those like my work programme provider wants me to do “homework” when i need the structure of a proper job.. and there is no “homework” that i can do.. mental health issues, distractions, and working for less than NMW…

    • something survived...

      Do they mean working from home? Assembling kits and stuff, then waiting to see if you get paid? I’ve done this job and it is shit. You do the stuff fine but they say, you have not made enough or fast enough, or the quality is not good enough so guess what, you don’t get paid and may be charged fines for messing up the stuff. After you pay a fee to join and pay for your materials which is before your first shift! Then if you finish a bag, done okay enough, they pay, but can deduct pay for ‘minor flaws’. They often pay you late. But your next shift is starting and before then you are having to buy another lot of materials from them, out of your shit wages if they paid you and out of your savings if they haven’t.

      But my major point? If you live in private rented housing, social housing etc you are usually banned in the tenancy agreement from working from home, as it causes a Change of Use of the property. This can get your landlord in trouble. It can get you evicted. Even if you are wheelchair or bed bound and it’s the only job you could do/get.

      Who was the bitch who said of the paralysed and the limbless,
      ‘They can lick a stamp’?


    ………….Page 13 of the Tory party manifesto, the electrification of rail links to the North, the creation of a Northern powerhouse by improving infrastructure……………..

    another grim fairy tale to dupe the easily led………..

    HS2, Holocaust 2 more like.

    Time for the North to merge with Scotland and kick these bastards into touch!




  42. 2.3 million kids in poverty SOLVED – DWP emigration programme.





  44. Your site is amazing, thank you for being a voice in the wilderness. Watching Question Time at the moment, so at a low ebb.


    ………………One must surmise that the latest person in charge of “Universal Fuckup”, must be on the cusp of handing in their notice or going off on sick to join the litany of failures before them………………………

    Although these comments brought a smile to my face;

    “A Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) spokeswoman claimed that there has been no overall increase in costs, and blamed the apparent increase in costs on an accounting device”

    “Duncan Smith’s programme to replace disability living allowance with a new personal independence payment has also been given an “amber/red” rating.”



  46. Figures detailing benefit-related deaths to be published, says David Cameron

    Prime minister’s disclosure, in wake of 200,000-strong petition, comes two days after Iain Duncan Smith’s claim in parliament that such data did not exist

    TheGuardian – Wednesday 24 June 2015 19.01 BST

    David Cameron has announced that statistics showing how many people have died after losing their benefits are being prepared for publication, days after work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith denied that such figures existed.

    Speaking at Wednesday’s prime minister’s questions, Cameron was responding to Labour MP Marie Rimmer, who asked if the government would comply with an April ruling from the information commissioner that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) should publish data on the deaths of claimants of incapacity benefit and employment and support allowance between November 2011 and May 2014.

    “You have repeatedly been reported as saying you want to create ‘a new era of transparency in government’,” Rimmer said to the prime minister. “Given your desire, why is [Duncan Smith] refusing to release the statistics relating to the deaths of people who have been declared fit for work, as instructed to do so by the information commissioner?”

    Cameron replied: “First of all let me reassure you this data will be published and is being prepared for publication as we speak. I think it is important we publish data and this government has published more data about public spending than any previous government.”

    Read More:

    • How much is the cover up costing !!!!! IDS has nothing to worry about. Once Dodgy Dave has his Bill Of Rights it don`t matter how many people died through the DWP.


      ………………………good news my friend, but, alas, the seasonally adjusted mortality rates will not include anybody with either a vowel or consonant in their name and will only include those over 84 years of age that were in receipt of jsa before june 12th……………………….

      in other words, they will rig the figures to hand, “DUNKO THE CLOWN”, a get out of jail free card, which will not save his sorry arse, as additional freedom of information requests will prove the DWP to be lying (as usual).



    “UK poverty levels were the lowest since the mid 1980’s and showed government reforms were working”

  48. The 27th of June 2015 AD Mark’s the 110th Anniversary of the Mutiny upon
    the Battleship Potemkin in 1905 AD.

    The Russian Revolution of 1905 AD showed how Unhappy many People werewith Poverty and Political Repression

    The October Revolution of 1917 AD during which the Aurora Fired the Opening Shot Established a Revolutionary Government in Office and from then the USSR which was Instrumental in the Defeat of Nazism

  49. Gormless Tory Arrogance

    Get the Tories Out of Office

    GEOFF REYNOLDS | June 26, 2015 at 12:38 am | Reply


    “UK poverty levels were the lowest since the mid 1980’s and showed government reforms were working”

    • “UK poverty levels were the lowest since the mid 1980’s and showed government reforms were working”

      The tory twats blind to reality once again. As long as they are cocooned in their upper-class bubble living the high life in country piles, have jobs that they got by faking their CVs or they have connections with the money lenders and have servants running around waiting on them hand and foot, they really won’t go away and stop messing the country up.

      Those poverty figures are the same as the latest un-employment figures – completely fabricated just to make good news in the papers or on the leftie BBC. If we are lead by the tory donkeys to believe poverty and un-employment is falling, then we are all truly fucked to pieces and with no hope of winning the war.

      • Doesn’t add up! A trip to the city centre is now like walking into a war-zone. Peeps are strewed everywhere; their knees pulled up to their chest and a blanket covering their shivering body with a paper-cup and a soggy sign placed in front of them: “Homeless and Hungry. Please Help! God Bless You!”

  50. think how many out of work psychologists this will employ.

    are thse people going to be reall trianed and accredited pscholigiststs or just people with some mickey qualification in something or other to do with the subject.

    because i would a reall psychologist would already have better things to do. and already be making more money than the dwp could pay them..

    • I came a across an unemployed psychology lecturer when I as doing mwa, a right fucking whacko with the most unkempt hair and bedraggled appearance you have ever seen – a stereotypical psychology lecturer. More generally psychology is the worst degree you can achieve. It is very hard to get very far with it and only a minuscule percent achieve any success even at uni level. Unemployment is rife among these academic duds so I can’t see the DWP having any difficulty filling these vacancies. The ‘work programme’ and such is riddled with academic rejects armed with dud psychology degrees working as ‘advisors’.

    • nuggy, it’s likely they won’t even have a third in psychology. When Positive Step recruited to deliver it’s cheap, crappy cbt via IAPT they advertised for anyone who had 3 years experience in health care. The same criteria as when Atos recruited for WCA assessors.

      The people it recruited for IAPT got six weeks minimal training in how to deliver script based, limited cbt only.

      The coercive crap they plan on delivering in JC+ will probably have even lower recruitment criteria.

      There won’t be anyone delivering it who has any ethics, expertise or awareness of the damage they will do to people forced into accepting reductive, damaging cbt

  51. Streatham JCP – ‘The DWP now says this announcement was a mistake’


    • Another Fine Mess

      Why didn’t they correct the mistake then, they must have known about all the publicity. What they really mean is ‘We got caught out again as usual’.

      • The Biggest Problem this lot have in dong something like this is that it would involve a fundamental re-write of the Law [i.e. drag everyone ba k to the Victorian times when on a nudge and a wink, a rich woman say, can be institusianlised and her inheritance stolen – THAT is why the law is the way it is now – now extend that to today you see their problem]

        If te ConParty change te law – people WILL notice and it’ll kick off.

        They lack the basic sense that No one I know trusts them… and that’s just to flush the toilet let alone anything else.

        • Gazza, I think they’ll rename the MH interventions at JC+ as some soft form of advice giving, that way they will circumvent the rules around coercion to accept treatment. It will also allow them to move onto the next step, which will be sanction on refusal.

          This shower of shit in power have no qualms about rewriting the law and making it retrospective.

          • Jobcentre Plus

            Dear Lucy

            You have been referred to the following OPPORTUNITY, Intensive Coaching.

            We expect you to do all you can do to find work.

            If you fail to attend a mandatory provision your benefits may be affected.

            A Cunt

            For Secretary of State

            • Or what about Advice Shop 🙂

            • Or Positive Step 😀

              • something survived...

                off a cliff, they mean. beachy head jcp. your new one stop shop and final solution. ids would cut the ribbon himself to open the place. better still, he can also give your ‘Benefit Kids’ a helping shove! BTW: Does George Osborne look like a nasty squashed version of Arnold Rimmer, who has just snorted some coke out of a dog’s bum?

    • overburdenddonkey

      cbt is like trying to light a fire with a bucket of water…it doesn’t work, and is a waste of peoples time, energy, and money…
      false hope, in exasperated, controlled, tedious, managed. frustration, and even plain hope, are cruel masters…
      people want and need a decent income which used to be provided by work, but as there is very little, a UBI, or @ least decent unconditional benefits which recognize reality, and not deluded thinking, must be implemented, or things will get much much worse for people, inc mental health…and the costs for example to the nhs of picking up the pieces of human wreckage….

      • overburdenddonkey

        ps as i see the problems are 4 fold, 1, unresolved historic abuse 2, the knock on affects of that leading to being continuously abused by others, 3, unexpected circumstances and the pressures put on one to self resolve them (affects), and 4, lack of decent income…lack of decent income can easily be resolved allowing the affected persons to attend to the other issues in their lives…unconditional income (sanctuary type), assists people in changing their lives, it works…let people find there own solutions and therapies, every abuse victim knows that there problems @ root are caused by the abuse that has been inflicted on them….
        those that emotionally survived captive horrors, did so because they were fairly emotionally healthy prior to captivity, @ least emotionally maturish enough not to blame themselves for what others were doing to them…

  52. Is that you painting GEOFF? You should make a career as an ‘artist’ 🙂 Anyway, it sums up the whole DWP experience in a nutshell. Why won’t these cunts just LEAVE US ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

    • Because Edward they want you as a slave to a mega corporation trading somewhere near you, to work for benefits. This is them fulfilling their demented promise to their big business pals, that if they back them, then they’ll profit from the slave labor and reduce their running costs, thereby shovelling more cash into their already bulging bank accounts.

      That’s the whole thing in a nutshell.

  53. Universal Credit cost soars to £16billion: Watchdog sounds alarm bells over project set to take 9 years –


    When will the hairless buffoon Drunken shite finally wake up and smell the coffee that his half-arsed little scheme to revolutionize the system has not only failed but used up government and taxpayer expenses. If the country is in debt, then it is because money has been thrown left, right and centre on fucked-up government thinking concerning benefit shake-ups, the worse than useless work programme and hitler staff at the Nazi jobcentres.

  54. The fairies running the country still currently don’t want us to trying to change the country for the better.


    It’s been a month since we had the results of the stitched-up election and yet we still get this message from the nobcases’ gov. website.


      Just visited a good friend, he has serious spinal injuries.

      The nhs want to try a pioneering operation to implant a device in his spinal canal that should help to alleviate his everyday pains.
      It is an electronic stimulator that has a remote control that is activated by the sufferer to increase or decrease electronic pulses that should have some beneficial effects.
      We live in Scarborough, which is 42 miles from York…….

      My friend has to attend a weekly class in York, the class consists of eight likely candidates for the same operation but they wish to whittle down the numbers to four.

      In an effort to see who is most likely to benefit, there are two trick cyclists, (psychologists), at the meeting.

      The class are told that in order to qualify for the eighteen grand operation, they first must show that they must have the right attitude………

      I kid you not………..

      Last week the class was given trick cyclist mumbo jumbo homework to complete, one of the questions was,

      “If you wake up in the morning and stub your toe, do you think, oh god it’s going to be one of those days when everything goes wrong, or do you put the incident behind you and think positively?”

      I have never seen such bullshit in all my life, how much are these charlatans costing the nhs?.

      ……………………Yesterday, the transport to take him to York failed to turn up.
      He is now worried that he will be sanctioned for non attendance.

      No wonder this once great island is going down the fucking pan……….


        ……………there is a nineteen month backlog for the operation, no money will be available so it would be a lot cheaper to put a drawing pin in one of his socks.

        • @Geoff
          Eh? I’ve just been fitted with a cardioverter/defibrillator and wasn’t subject to any of that psychobabble – my device cost £17,500 and the whole job if done privately would be around £50,000.

          • something survived...

            I was almost denied emergency hernia repair surgery, because the surgeon found out I had an advance directive. Um the surgery still needed doing! He said that meant an attitude problem. I begged him to do the repair. He did, but it didn’t work. Also I was discharged far too early, then sent home by hospital car. I had to crawl upstairs without any pain treatment, and went to bed till the pain made me pass out. I woke hours later realising I had gone into shock and was in a big pool of blood. A housemate called an ambulance. As soon as I got to hospital the staff’s urgency suddenly stopped, and I was dumped onto a trolley in a corridor for hours, still bleeding. When I was finally seen, the hospital staff were barely aware I existed, and were rude. They didn’t stitch up the wound, and blamed me for my housemate having called 999. They dumped me in the waiting area in the middle of the night still bleeding and covered in blood, but told me minutes later that nobody was allowed to stay there, and the security forced me outside. It was winter and freezing, and bad weather. I had no money or phone, and the cash machine was inside. Flagging down cabs didn’t really work. Neither did hitching. It took me hours to crawl home, 2 miles downhill, further opening and contaminating the incisions in the process. During it, drunks debated coming over and kicking me, but decided to just spit and laugh instead. I subsequently complained and got a big round figure, namely zero, of attention paid. When I complained they had not dealt with my complaint, they denied I had made one. They then admitted I had made one but they had lost it!
            (None of the above is an exaggeration; all this happened.) Are elective advance directives by proxy allowed for crap staff? When my GP admitted the op had failed, they re-referred me to the only person doing it in my area, which was that surgeon, the one who had botched it. But he refused before the scheduled appointment to even see me, saying he would not redo the procedure because I have an advance directive. A nurse said if I agreed to declare my ethics/wishes were now opposite and to cancel the directive, I might be able to get a surgeon ‘some years from now’; I didn’t, but I never got offered a repair anyway.

  55. Surely the salary costs involved in employed these trick cyclists would cover the cost of an operation for everyone… just a thought…;)


      exactly, they are utilised as a stop gap to save money……….
      but end up costing more in the long run.

  56. Another Fine Mess

    Slightly OT.
    Heard a few ornaments/junk rattling before @14:09:50 mini earthquake?

  57. Top bloggage as usual Dave.

  58. …..I meant Johnny, sorry. Sanctions have made me mad.

    • Sanctions have made me MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Yeah, great blog Jim 🙂



    “Mr Cameron said….”That is why I have asked Professor Dame Carol
    Black to undertake a rapid review in to how best to support those
    suffering from long-term yet treatable conditions back in to work.

    “In particular, I have asked her to consider whether people should
    face the threat of a reduction in benefits if they refuse to engage
    with a recommended treatment plan – it is vital that people who
    would benefit from treatment get the medical help they need.”

    strangely, when the DWP were asked about this, they gave this reply:

    I can confirm that the Department holds no information relevant to your

    You may wish to contact the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP), who
    may hold information relevant to your request.


  60. Reblogged this on synthetic zero.

  61. Another Fine Mess

    The treatment will look great on your CV, right next to your unpaid community work, employers will be falling over themselves to take you on!

  62. I have a degree in psychology, so let them try pulling the wool over my eyes. I can spot a pseud-psych a mile off, and trust me, these will be, just like the HPs are an insult to doctors who’ve taken years to study at medical school.

  63. More lunatic bullshit from these arseholes!

  64. Purple Haired Welsh Aspie

    As someone who has had psychological manipulation techniques (Behaviour Modification, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and general “gaslighting”) used on me in the past by negligent teachers who wanted to “groom my silence” in order to cover their own arses about failing to respond appropriately to my telling them that I was being abused at home (long story, which I intend to cover in my blog some time) I find the prospect of being forced to submit to similar psychological manipulation techniques by Job Centre staff absolutely terrifying… I even find TV and Radio Commercials triggering because I recognise that their aim is ultimately to infiltrate our subconscious minds in order to get us to buy stuff that we wouldn’t otherwise consider buying. Thankfully I’m in the ESA Support Group at the moment but if at some point they decide that I’m fit for work, I will fight against it every step of the way if they try to make me have JC based “therapy”.

    • I don’t think the Support Group is exempt from changes in the budget. No idea what these changes will be but they’ve hinted at altering it which scares the shit out of me

  65. something survived...

    The jobcentre referred me to a place with the only free computers. Unfortunately it is a place for mentally ill people, drug addicts, and mentally ill drug addicts. They are making me go there for hours, five days a week. (And then say I need to not be there so much, as it gets in the way of job seeking activity; but by leaving I can be called AWOL and sanctioned anyway.) I pointed out I am in none of the required categories. The Job Centre told me: We are sending you or stopping your benefits, so we can say that you are mad. If you don’t agree you are mad, we will stop your benefits and that would prove you are mad because you denied being mad, refused to fake insanity, and got yourself sanctioned. So now they are insisting I’m crazy. Of course I have never been sectioned in my life. The rest of the people there have. You see, the problem with such a place is that it is full of mentally ill drug addicts. Who often stop their medication. Who steal off eachother and me, and that is on a better day. I have to be there among my stalkers, people who have been verbally abusive to me in the past or now, and people who have seriously assaulted me. It functions as a sort of soup kitchen; and sometimes they steal my food or try to. It is like Banished but without anybody there I could possibly ever fancy. And without the possible reprieve in the form of getting hanged. Incidentally, the free computers are mostly hogged by the above people; if you get on one you get only minutes and they don’t work well; and its network recognises Jobwank as a threat and usually blocks it. A lot of the people never wash, so it’s hard to keep food down because of the smell. It’s like, think of all the people you hate or try to avoid, then put them in a room with you all at once but you are not allowed to leave. I’ve not been sent here by the police, any court, any section/order, social workers, doctors, shrinks, etc. I was sent by the scrotal warts known as the jobcentre plus.

    The ballsacks think that this is helping me! Well on the plus side I get some food and drink out of it, at a time when my benefits have been stopped and I have no food/drink/cash. I get potential access to books and some other stuff. They must know it’s not particularly helping THEM, as I’ve told them that their wankpile of a website doesn’t work there. Other pluses, I am not in the jobcentre, being stared at like I’m the leader of Al-Qaeda, and having to look at Pigface. They have put me on weekly signing as an extra punishment, simply because they felt like it. Also I’m not outdoors in the rain or whatever. And another sort of plus, it does throw up all sorts of useful and devastating intel…..: I saw the man from Work Programme/Working Links, who I’d been told when I was on 2 years sentence there, was the second in command. He had actually done that role like nothing was odd about it. So finally I get the staff aside and ask what his job is here. They look blank. He’s not a member of staff. He’s a mental health patient! In fact, as I later learn, he’s a person sent on Work Programme too, and he was of the same rank as the rest of us. But because the WP only had one guy officially running our WING, they and the JCP had decided to make him an overseer of the other workfare slaves, and pretend he was a paid member of staff. He was put in charge of our personal details, possessions, medical info, all sorts of confidential shit. He was given the power to authorise or deny claims for transport expenses. And was put in charge of ‘training’ us on computers, our CV courses, our IQ tests, everything! And had us make and serve drinks to him. And clean the kitchens, and repair stuff. His boss/’colleague’ must have been in on it too. Most seriously of all, both of them were granted the decision making power to have any of the other inmates sanctioned! I know because I was actually there witnessing him personally get dozens of sanctions applied onto people. He was mentally ill for years before being sent to WP. It had nothing to do with intelligence, because I’ve seen more of that in a dirty sock. He is a big guy so that could be the reason, to keep order. The two of them laughed and joked like they were regular colleagues and of equal rank at WP. They were sanctioning people for forgetting the right day, or being late, or not applying for enough shit jobs. The usual reasons. They don’t need bars on places like that one and this one, because the sane know that if they walk off or get kicked off, miss attending, or are late, they will have their benefits (means of existence) stopped. I’ve been less jokey than normal because there’s been increasingly little to joke about. (Though Iain D-S in that picture needs to hold his arm up much higher, and the other hand must come round to the upper lip and do the moustache…) At the time I thought the WP ‘bosses’ crude and inappropriate for being homophobic or racist, and for saying using a computer is like seducing women. Now knowing the fake boss was all along an external part time inmate at the local secure unit, puts a whole new spin on it and makes it much more disturbing. It now makes sense why he’s been stalking me for years, ever since WP ‘ended’ (mine didn’t as I never got an official discharge). He pings between the psych ward, the community care place (the one I’ve been sent to), hanging out on the street, and stalking people. Out of all my stalkers that are there, he’s probably the physically least dangerous to me…! (Many of the people that come are also homeless. They give out clothing and sleeping bags to them.) I think this is a pretty damning indictment of the DWP/WP, anyway.
    Like Sirius Black in Azkaban held onto the knowledge he was innocent, I hold onto the knowledge that I am sane.

    The downsides outweigh the pluses. People off their meds and/or having ‘episodes’, have accused me of all sorts. They say I am spying on them, and think the computer is filming them and talking to them. Well, one paranoid schizophrenic does. Others have anxiety, depression, bipolar, OCD, ADHD, pyromania, kleptomania, APD….. I’ve nearly been attacked, right after the guy had walked in and shoved me off the computer I’d just logged on. And he was angry I’d made him make the effort, by being there. The conspiracy theory ones are oddly some of the worst to deal with. They start lucid and then before you know it they are saying really crazy stuff. Because caffeine interacts with other people’s meds, I have just been told, I’ve been fed on decaf all the time! Sex offenders are sent there too, but let’s not go there… The circumstances are enough to drive most people insane, but I’m still normal. Why do the DWP think it’s okay to put sex offenders (in a situation no party can leave) with victims of sex offenders? muggers? burglars? junkies? And to actually put an attacker in there next to their victim. You could almost believe IDS dreamed that one up himself (and when he woke there was jizz on the sheets). Hey, it works for asylum detention removal centres, their rape rate is through the roof.

    The counsellor I am seeing for CBT is where I was sent because one of the mental health patients, who has stalked me for 20 years, gatecrashed my campaign group meetiing back in March and has stepped up the stalking, though he’s at the centre. Either the DWP don’t imagine the consequences of their policies, or they don’t care. More instalments to come as and when, when I can make it to a computer.

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