Streatham Jobcentre Besieged By Protesters Demanding No Forced Treatment

no-forced-treatmentAround 100 people marched on Streatham Jobcentre today in a fantastic start to the fight against forced psychological treatments for unemployed, sick and disabled claimants.

Protesters gathered in Streatham Memorial Gardens with many carrying banners showing the growing anger at the collaboration of mental health workers and charities with the DWP’s workfare and benefit sanctions regime.  At just after 2pm the protest took to the streets, taking over the busy road before fnally arriving outside the Jobcentre which now also contains much of Lambeth’s mental health services.

The ever present G4S security guards blocked campaigners from entering the Jobcentre, with one member of staff informing the amused crowd that there were no jobs available today.  What bungling Jobcentre workers didn’t realise is that several people were already inside the building where they proceeded to disrupt the opening party of the so-called Living Well Network Hub and hung a banner out of the window to large cheers from the crowd.

The message from those present was clear.  The threatened forced psychological treatments pledged in the Tory Manifesto will be fought every step of the way – and any charities or healthcare professionals who collaborate with this unethical practice will also be held to account.  The re-locating of vast swathes of local mental health services in the Jobcentre building was also the target of anger – a move carried out without any public consultation and which suggests a chilling future for mental health service delivery in Lambeth.

According to The Guardian, the DWP are now denying that Streatham will be one of the pilot areas for the upcoming scheme which will eventually see therapists stationed in 350 Jobcentres.  Apparently the department made a mistake when they said this would be the case.  South London and Maudsley NHS Trust are also spinning fast, claiming there are no plans for ‘formal’ links between the new Living Well Network Hub and the Jobcentre.

A press release by homelessness charity Thamesreach, who are part of the network of agencies running the project, reveals a very different story however.  According to them the Hub brings together voluntary sector providers, GPs, psychiatrists, nurses, occupational therapists and social workers with Streatham Jobcentre Plus staff.  The intention, according to the charity, is “specialist mental health services operating alongside Jobcentre Plus Staff” with the  “common goal of improving health and well-being and helping people to get back to, or stay in, work.”  And that is why the project was recently visited by not just Iain Duncan Smith, but the former DWP Minister for Disabled People Mark Harper.  They must think we are fucking idiots if they expect us to believe this is all just some big coincidence.

The protest was called by the Mental Health Resistance Network, whilst campaigners were also present from Kilburn Unemployed Workers, Boycott Workfare and Disabled People Against Cuts.  Those speaking at the protest warned this was just the beginning.  Forced treatment, of any kind, for anybody, will be ferociously resisted.  And therapists, charities and mental health workers should get the fuck out of Jobcentres and refuse to participate in DWP attempts to rebrand unemployment as a psychological defect.

Boycott Workfare will be back on the streets tomorrow for the day of action against workfare exploiters B&M Stores, check their website for details.

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  1. Well done to everyone who took to the street and protested. Your post on this subject Johnny is excellent, the reality of what is now happening has really hit home.

  2. overburdenddonkey

    “common goal of improving health and well-being and helping people to get back to, or stay in, work.” i was forced to put up with this shit for years, until i discovered the truth, which is why i know so much about the subject…i see behaviourism for what it is…i knew it would eventually spill out and infect a much wider spectrum of peoples lives like the above example, i am not surprised…it’s actually part of it’s ‘natural’ habitat, it’s the medical equivalent of japanese knotweed….
    the practice of behaviourism is immoral and unethical….

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  4. If the Government want to put these people in job centres and then tell us it’s out thinking that is wrong and there are loads of fulltime jobs etc. well can i suggest they start with I.D.S this ‘thing’ has a personality of a mass murderer… look in the psychology /psychiatry books .. it’s there in print and everytime he’s on the TV it’s there in his face. Put the idiot out of his misery and take him back to broadmore!

    • overburdenddonkey

      r h
      this re-education scheme encapsulates everything we’re fighting and by announcing it, they declared a clear marker of their direction of travel, intention and methodology, FOR ALL TO CLEARLY SEE…few in the uk can deny or register it’s extremely sinister implications @ some level…opposition against this will draw very wide support….

  5. “You have to laugh or you’ll go insane.”

  6. CBT is the biggest con of all time, it does not do anything except make money for them who came up with the idea in the first place.

    • Have you any evidence to back your claim? I used to be scared of other people and leaving my house. That was until I received counselling and cbt which helped me. I then started volunteering with local 3rd sector mental health charities and met others who benefited from cbt.
      yes I agree that the proposed brain washing at job centers is wrong.

      • Edge. No two humans are the same and what works for one might seriously damage another. I’m glad you were helped by cbt, however apart from anything else it’s illegal to force people into treatment unless they’re sectioned. I have rheumatoid arthritis, and I work. If I was unemployed, if the job centre insisted that I took ibuprofen under threat of sanctions, I’d be hospitalised as I’m allergic and I’m concerned this is the way it’s heading for any person working or not, mentally ill or physically ill, under universal credit. Will they then force obese people to get gastric bands??
        In Brazil women are forced to get regular breast exams and smear testing by law if they are to work. These tests are to some humiliating and violating. Imagine if this came in over here. Or if men were forced to get compulsory rectal exams to check for prostate problem when they didn’t want to??
        Let’s hope I’m the paranoid one here..

        • I should also have added in Brazil these evil laws are justified because the state wants to be assured it’s employees are fit enough to slave for it for around 45 years like working animals it seems to me!!!
          If they don’t comply they’re not employed. Can you imagine under UC you fulfil all your jobseeking requirements and are then sanctioned for refusing a smear test?? Or a sexual health check when you are celibate??
          I. Posted the thought on a site a while ago and was told it would never happen. Me thinks they’re starting with the mentally ill and then coming for the rest of us…

      • overburdenddonkey

        there is not a scrap of evidence that cbt cures one of anxiety…
        management and control is not a cure….even the nhs admit it doesn’t work ie cure one of anxiety…it’s often used with management and control drugs, and/or other bizarre interventions…i’ve also claimed to have benefited from cbt, which is the POSITIVE thing to say…until i realized to say otherwise met with derision from ‘counselors’ and was told i was being ‘negative’ not doing it right’ ‘resistant’, ‘angry’, ‘awkward’ etc etc when i answered back, when i spoke my mind until i challenged what was going on and reverted back to my 1984 therapy that subsequently helped me see how toxic cbt is, and offered unshakable resolve to eventually face my abuse and recover…dr oliver james explains the DRIVER of cbt…
        one has to boot out the root causes of anxieties from one’s mind, which is always caused by CA…
        everyone who has been abused as a child is affected by it, the symptoms people suffer are similar in every case, no one is born anxious nor born savages nor evil, in need of management and control…the cause of their anxiety is always what has been done to them…when truth is revealed and finally seen, people react in similar way, sobbing, outrage, relief, and joy, ‘if i’d only known this a long time ago my life would not have been blighted in the way it was’, people always say and do this, when the moment of realization comes, no exceptions…
        ‘Oliver James – Happiness, CBT & Apple Pie: Hard Selling From The Clinical Psychology Salesmen’
        see also: punishment; a failed social experiment…(full and updated version).. presented by prof joe sim and the solutions section presented by dr bob johnson… cbt is based on DOGMA feudal legacy and feudal lore, it promotes @ all times work makes one well and sets one free…obviously it’s income that does and moving around to hunt and gather is good for one UP TO A POINT…the activity is a means to an end ie to leisure time..the not having to spend all day hunting and gathering is what is sought after…people get very despondent in fruitless job searches ie fruitless hunting and gathering trips because what people want and need most of all is the INCOME that such searching ought to bring, will hopefully bring…one is blamed/responsible for not bearing fruits by others and self…in self this erodes self esteem…the natural way to overcome/mitigate this is decent UBI/unconditional decent level benefits…
        see also the work of bill mollison, water segal, and thelandisours ‘ending the bribe for the theft of our land’…and the work of the common weal…

        • I am completely with you on this. I found CBT detrimental and even my gp questioned it’s efficacy for me. Needless to say he received a very snotty reply from the therapist and I was closely questioned by her for telling the gp what I thought. Naturally enough you would imagine I could have discussed this with the woman herself, but after I was ‘persuaded’ to alter progress scores on a review I saw very little point.
          As other commentators have said , CBT addresses certain issues but with it’s lack of regard for what has led one to that point for me it was pretty much a band aid for a broken leg.
          This woman was also zealously anti-drug and very dismissive of the gp who prescribed them and I was put under constant pressure to cease medication although at he time I was heavily medicated and certainly not in a place where I could do without them.
          All in all my experience of CBT was negative but like you I was never listened to when I raised concerns (except gp of course), as far as the mental health services were concerned CBT was fabulous and I was the problem.
          When I was put in a position of extreme danger by the DWP/wca and attempted suicide I was told that unless I accepted more CBT there was nothing the service could do for me, so I pretty much gave up on the mental health services.
          The move to locate these services in job centres is terrifying but the really sad thing is that I believe that there will be therapists out there who will be more than willing to do this job, and just like the woman I was issued will return their ‘patient’ to a place backwards from square one.

    • CBT in my book is teaching to think you are alright, but it doe nothing to fix your real life problems. The problems a still there unsolved at the end of it. But I do want work and everyone here does want work. Wanting to work is not the problem, its opportunity and pay and hours and the fact that some people are not able to, CBT will never fix unemployment.

  7. Claimant Commitment – Insane Edition.

  8. Another Fine Mess

    helping people to get back to, or stay in, work.

    “The aim is to offer better mental health services on site and more quickly than was happening previously, with work playing an important role in someone’s recovery.”

    I wish they’d put a big cork in this “work” is the solution to every problem, the days of everybody working productively are over, and have been for some time, machines do it now.

  9. eviltorypervert

    are you working class types complaining again

    • We have tried to contact you about your participation on the Work programme. We will call again within 2 hours. Allternatively, contact us on 01685######. The information we need may affect your benefit.


      • Dear Victim,
        As our constant crime and abuse has not yet managed to kill you, you are required to attend Private Life Extraction sessions with one of our barely trained unregulated quacks.
        Your information will be made freely available all over the public sector because we love masturbating ourselves stoopid to all of our abuse. (that is why we can claim clean underwear on work expenses).
        If you fail to attend we will starve you to death.

        Jimmy Savile Fan Club – DWP Branch

        • something survived...


          CV Library posted vacancy of:
          “Amdinistration Assistant
          Job description: My client, a public sector require an Administration Assistant at their office in (…)
          Must be able too multitask. Keep up to date with all our latest vacancies at. Follow us on, and and find
          out how you can win 50 pounds worth of vouchers of your choice…”
          It doesn’t give the URL or twitter etc. references, and it sounds unlike a job ad to be offering vouchers. Are they a pound shop?
          Do they mean: ‘Mussed bee Abel 2 spel. pllez txt orl yor frenz. dis job gr8. wee dint tel u wot job iz yet. ha ha’

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  11. What with this and companies like one housing group taking over mental health caring at a number of homeless hostels on order to make money from this and cutting staff and forcing staff onto zero hours contracts too before long mental health will become booming business for private companies before long

    • overburdenddonkey

      it already is a multi billion dollar industry.. $ $ $

      • In England? Have we changed currency now?

        • overburdenddonkey

          are you now responding to me in general now bob or only when you feel a need to be sarcastic…?

            • overburdenddonkey

              choose what whether your sarcastic to me or not or i you reply or not….

              • overburdenddonkey

                ps it sounds like you’re trying to blame me for something when the reality is that you’ve been nipping @ me for months and in fact since i started posting here…

                • Haha. I’m not the thread blocker am I?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  now if you want to claim i speak rubbish please do, but also give me examples and have a discussion about it instead of making inane vacuous comments like… ‘Haha. I’m not the thread blocker am I?’ what does that even mean…have i got to work out what you mean or are you going to tell me…?
                  you want me to stop posting on your pet ‘project’ pedophiles and the victims role in the prosecution of them and you don’t like what i have to say about the subject…that’s the nub of the problem and you won’t discuss it with me without going off on tangents, posting vacuous nonsense on this very serious subject, refusing to admit when you’re wrong, disappearing, claiming that you have vital other work to do, ie ‘helping’ CSA/CA victims, therefore leaving things unresolved between us, projecting your crap onto me, that victims only suffer if they die, if they live they’re not victims but survivors and then constant sarcasm…i’ve had to fight against your type of attitude to heal from the affects of CSA/CA, and your attitude is endemic in our culture and counter productive to healing….so yes i have very strong views on it, and need to express them to counter those views, such a yours…you post to provide info don’t you or is it just a game for you…? trying to turn things into a joke ducking and diving and nipping away @ me, i will not tolerate it..

              • overburdenddonkey

                ‘i choose life…’ bob, what on earth does that mean…?

                • Stop it you two, shake hands, make up and be nice to each other. You love each other really!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  stop adding fuel to the fire…i have my stance on this matter i know what has gone on and i’m not in the wrong, end of…if bob wants to discuss with me then he should but he won’t….

                • Dont make assumptions about anyone

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i’m not making assumptions…i read what you post and react to that, if you’ve anything concrete to add rather than making vacuous assumptions about how i’m interpreting your posts re CSA/CA and our discussions on the matter, please do…

  12. Good Demonstration Good to see Resistance to Tory Tyranny

    Stuff Mind Control and Psychological Torment Pahlava

    The Tories are the Nutcases

  13. On the day of the B&M protest, here is a piece about the real benefit cheats – employers who milk the system:

    Of course, you will be sentenced to CBT for saying this sort of thing!

  14. Also the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy appear
    to Oppose this Outrage which Need’s to be Stopped

    • “NoOppression”, you’re right, the BACP have said CBT requires the consent of participants.

      No truly professional psychologist would have anything to do with “mandatory” CBT at Jobcentres as a condition of benefit entitlement.

      The trouble is, there might be enough unprofessional and unscrupulous practitioners of the tick-box type who will do it though!

    • The BACP is not the gmc, nmc or hpc.
      It’s just a front to make their members *appear* ‘professional’.

      • yupits, looks like you and me are the only ones who know what the BACP is.

        For anyone hoping the BACP will save them or stop this insane DWP scheme…

        The BACP has no legal or licensing power within the industry at all
        Psychotherapy of any sort is totally unregulated in the UK
        The BACP is a trade body
        Anyone can set up as any kind of psychotherapist in the UK, they do not need any qualifications or any type of registration with any body to do so.

        • So very, and provably true Lucy.

          And does anyone really think that these pseudoscience quacks (emdr and the rest) will be any less criminal abusers than the GMC/NMC regulated Frauds at Atos? (none of them are struck off and in prison yet)

          I posted some links to some of the things they are up to in a couple of comments below….

          I do tend to be a bit of a link-monkey spammer 🙂 … so I’ll just suggest that you also check out Misconduct in Public Office (excesses of official authority; ‘malicious’ exercises of official authority, frauds and deceits), Fraud Act 2006, Theft Act 1968 – Section 21 – Blackmail, Abuse of Vulnerable Adults… There’s loads more…

          er… dwp… hello… you haven’t repealed any of those crimes. Have you.

  15. The Tory in fighting has started. No it hasn`t, Yes it has, no it ……..

    What unworkable bullshit. IDS needs forced psychological treatment.

    So does psychological treatment involve medication !!!

    Or is it psychological treatment just for the purpose of finding a job !!!!

    Do the jobcentre now have access to your medical files !!!

    All getting above your station Dodgy Dave – Your Bill Of Rights are not here yet.

    Now back to the Tory in fighting.

  16. When happens if you can`t hold a pen. You sign nothing then. Perhaps my hands don`t work today. Sorry I`m computer illiterate as well.. So the DWP & Jobcentre has no proof of nothing because there is nothing. Now DWP make up stories because there is no proof.
    The Onus Is On The Burden Of Proof. Cease & Desist DWP & heel & shut the fuck up from bullying & harassment.

  17. Chrys Muirhead

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  18. Helping people back into work? LOLOLOL I have just been turend down for a fucking unpaid ‘voluntary’ job because I declared that I have a mental disorder!

    • that prejustice , under the equal opportunities act.

    • Wonder that they’re not earmarking you to be sent to a special assessment centre to help cure you and make you fit for work overnight! “Overnight CBT session available and now i can happily declare you fit for work! Please pick your job from this list: Toilet cleaner/Attendant, Care Assistant, Fast food counter server! Your new career awaits you after our special CBT session cleared you of your faulty thought patterns!”

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  21. A job centre where no jobs are available that’s a fecking new one! When you hand over your signing on booklet they immediately tell you to look on the job points.

  22. You know that bit in the old signing on form for JSA where they asked you if you’re violent or feel that people working with you will be in danger? Well what if you are prone to acting like that? What would they do with you? I think they’d have one of these special places to send you to now and probably try to give you shock treatment or something to cure you of your problems.

    This whole thing is getting very sinister. Reminds me of what they did to RP McMurphy played by Jack Nicholson in OFOTCN where they gave him a lobotomy because they couldn’t control him.

  23. Norma Roberts

    I had someone assigned to me, by Ingeus, who was going to “help me with my mental health problem” I suffer with agoraphobia, following a violent attack. I was told that “agoraphobics need to get out more” …

  24. When the culture is an obstacle to performance the outlook for those exposed to this,there are real risks.The government has a duty to act responsibly and is not doing so,they mistakenly believe that people can be by threats of there benefits being removed.What they are overlooking is that people have disabilities not always accurately or diagnosed at all.

    Skills Conditionality is a never mentioned where the unemployed are sent back to the the classroom again under benefit threats being removed,even with the best will of someone they are to going to find it difficult and all to often impossible to archive little,again mistakes are made of people not wanting to be there attitude.someone can be left feeling isolated and foolish.What these schemes amount to is trouble.The person can be even more affected though negative experiences and even more damaged.But perhaps the outcome helps remove them from the register for good this time.

  25. Harper's Bizarre

    As a former regular of Streatham JC AND Maudsley ‘patient’ I’m glad people are making a stand down my old manor. I work for a local Mind in north London who DO NOT CONDONE THIS (the national charity is a whole different set up, i can’t speak about them) . Yes, we ran projects to help mental health service users who wanted help to find work (of their own volition), but now we get floods of people turning up who have been threatened with having their benefits cut off if they don’t attend, many who’ve never used (or needed to use) mental health services before in their lives. Those of us geniunely working to help people who want it (many of us service users ourselves) are being tarred with this evil, and increasingly threatened with withdrawal of funding ourselves. It stinks, the DWP are screwing all of us

  26. Harper's Bizarre

    CBT in and of itself isn’t the problem when people undergo it voluntarily for their own reasons, it may help some people, it may be useless or even detrimental to others. I think the point here is it’s being forced on people as some kind of corrective treatment for not having a job, or ‘the right attitude’ or whatever, which is just terrifying. There is a big difference between local minds (they are all independent charities with different local priorities – you can;t really compare one to the other), but national Mind’s role is supposed to be a campaigning one, and they should be fighting this tooth and nail, but like all big charities they appear to tow the line with whoever’s in power in order not to lose funding/status, so you’ve got to ask who they’re really supposed to be helping…

    • overburdenddonkey

      not true! people have cbt coz they’re given no other choice, and it is heavily promoted, that and pharms, often one has to plead for it ie prove self worthy of cbt, that one has the right learning and attitude for changing, half the battle is done by one, in convincing self it’ll work and i’ll make them proud of me, for trying…so as one goes into cbt passived compliant…labour heavily promoted it and it was only a matter of time to get where we are now with it…mind do strongly promote cbt…a treatment that does cure one is sidelined in favour of cbt…the affect is to keep people needy, which you’ve already alluded too…and yes they often use the excuse that their hands are tied and as cbt often makes things worse in every possible way, mind should speak out against cbt, yes but they tow the line…like i have said it is the medical equiv of japanese knotweed and has now spread to the wider domain…cbt is worse than doing nothing…i speak out against all behaviourism where ever it is found..the nhs admit that it doesn’t work and the reason is coz it leave the root causes of anxiety intact, untouched ie one’s history is ignored for the present difficulties, instead of reaching back way into one’s past and finding the root causes and therefore curing the victim….expressing bottled up emotions and letting them out…see also mad in america and the myth of the chemical cure…
      ‘but national Mind’s role is supposed to be a campaigning one, and they should be fighting this tooth and nail, but like all big charities they appear to tow the line with whoever’s in power in order not to lose funding/status, so you’ve got to ask who they’re really supposed to be helping…’ here you acknowledge something is badly wrong, stick with it…. 🙂

  27. Harper's Bizarre

    (realise I went back on ‘not speaking’ about them soz), it could get me in trouble whatevs but I just can’t stay silent on something so important. I might trust I’m among conscientious people here (trolls not withstanding, yawn…)

  28. off topic

    is it me?
    the bbc seemed to have ‘banned’ the sleaford mods’ glastonbury show from iplayer, apart from one song about a tarantula and a cornetto.

    ‘Beeb backs ‘kill Boris’ band’

    (scroll down past samcam’s tummy)

    • The BBC is far from partisan, they made no attempt to report on these protests since Labour are in full support of even worse treatment of the unemployed and the BBC is essentially the Labour Channel.

      • What utter tosh, indeed a lie constantly peddled. An academic study by the journalism department of Cardiff University concluded that the BBC is essentially supportive of the Tories. The BBC might have been mildly left-wing in the 1970s, but that’s now ancient history…

        • Is that the same Cardiff University whose other ‘academics’ are funded by UNUM –

          And, (when working with their colleagues at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board) do this with peoples private lives, without their knowledge or any consent, and despite *every* objection when they find out about it. –

          • I’m not sure exactly what your point is. Obviously Cardiff University’s involvement with Unum isn’t a positive development, likewise the university’s involvement in military research.

            However, your two other links merely connect to what amounts to sales pitches to an information system that, on the face of it at least, seems to be a positive development all round. You claim that there are objections, yet you provide no evidence, and I’m not sure what point you make when you refer to people’s private lives,

            I get that you are calling into that there may be bias within university departments, but that is to be expected, and one of the points of the process of debate is to expose bias, Academics are people, and as such don’t always act morally or ethically, even when there is a reasonable expectation that they should,

            Even if the departments you mention are responsible for all manner of things less than good, and where Unum is in the picture, that is likely to be the case, what has this to do with a report finding from the Cardiff University School of Journalism? Especially when that university department publishes a finding that is at odds with what the prevailing political regime would have us believe.

            Many things that universities do are at best questionable, and at worst responsible for some truly horrific developments, and Cardiff University is no better, or worse in this respect. But they are also responsible for some of the best things that humans are capable of. Knowledge itself is morality free, even if the humans using it aren’t.

            Case in point being current DWP plans to misuse psychology to recast the unemployed as mentally ill – some, many maybe, may well be less than 100% mentally healthy, and let’s face it, few of us are 100% mentally healthy, but if someone is mentally less than well and they are also unemployed, it’s quite likely that they are less than mentally well because they are unemployed, and not the other way round!

            • overburdenddonkey

              the root problem is always lack of income rather than lack of work and added to this is the pressure to get work, working is a means to sufficient income is all, especially if the work will not provide suffient income and there are no fucking jobs in any case..
              as we are hunter gatherers (instinctively), fruitless searching and being blamed for lack of outcome, is soul destroying…and yes as our culture is insane, it’s very difficult to avoid being mentally/cognitively affected by this, but it is possible….access to reliable supplies of vitality giving vitals of life, on demand, for all, is good/stabilizing, reduces the affects of mhp’s and prevents them…

              • sibrydionmawr

                Of course OBD it’s down to lack of income at base, and you know that I know that – which is why the most sensible way out of this mess is going to have to be a system of unconditional basic income. You and I both know that, but we also know that most people are so conditioned, brainwashed into believing that only by having a job are we fulfilling our civic duties, regardless as to whether civic society is giving a damn about us.

                It’s interesting to compare places. I took part in two pickets of B&M stores on Saturday, in both Merthyr Tydfil and in Cardiff. In Merthyr Tydfil there was a general understanding of the issues faced by people with nothing, and a remarkable absence of attitudes completely fuelled by the likes of the Daily Mail – daily life in Merthyr refutes that anyway, and I suspect that for a large part of the South Wales Valleys. It’s completely different in Cardiff, and it’s common to be told to get a job and stop being a scrounger – quite likely by people who are in receipt of Housing Benefit and Working Tax Credit.

                I’ve been ‘unemployed’ for a long time, and I’m actually busier now than I was when I was in paid employment in many ways. I’m also far more socially productive. I play the game, as far as the DWP are concerned, but resent the silly hoops they have us all jumping through, and do feel greatly for those whom this pressure pushes them to breaking point, which is partially why I’m in the IWW and also of late, heavily involved in Sgint, the Welsh Claimants Union.

                I get interviews for jobs, but it’s getting to be a bit of a farce, as I’m sure that once potential employers see me and realise that I’m in my late 50s most consciously, or perhaps unconsciously in some cases, rule me out. I’m glad that I have my active role in the IWW in Wales, as it gives me a purpose.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  yep, people are trained to think and act in role, that it’s the actual work that is satisfying and not the income…yes work has some satisfaction in moving about to get income, but the overwhelming factor in emotional health is a ‘healthy income’, in all senses of the term….correcting the lies, with the truth of one’s innate knowledge, forms the basis/foundation of cognitive therapy, that i bang on about…

                • Sally Striver

                  Unless you are in a ‘vocation’, in which case it isn’t really work; you are unlikely to be working for works sake; most of us work to fund our hobbies and interests outside of work. Work to live; not live to work!

                • Sally Striver

                  btw can’t imagine anything worse than toiling away on one of these workfare schemes, where the unemployed are forced to graft hard for a full week under pain of absolute destitution, and having absolutely no money for a bit of enjoyment out of life. Absolutely criminal it is!

                • Sally Striver

                  Anyway, I honestly don’t think anyone would turn down a decent job that gave them a ‘healthy’ income to be able to live life, not just enough to cover the bare essentials such as a value loaf on the table and the rent. I have no truck with all this mind-bending nonsense that the jobcentre is now inflicting on claimants; it is a nonsense trying to twist claimants minds into ‘choosing’ low-paid/no pay crappy jobs and brainwashing them into being ‘happy’ in their new found crud roles. All the whilst as those responsible for devising, implementing and inflicting these ‘policies’ live high on the hog. If it is good for the goose it is good for the gander; the DWP should be leading for example.

                • Sally Striver

                  leading by example…

            • My – back on topic – point is that… like the IAPT is doing nationally ….. here are what some of the sickos are doing locally…

              Using fake ‘therapy’, that they fraudulently let people believe is “confidential” to steal peoples *Private Lives* and publish them on their ‘jimmy savile fan club’ (thousands of them) porn and grooming sites.

              You state “an information system that, on the face of it at least, seems to be a positive development all round”
              Do you not understand what *Consent* is?
              Ever heard of ‘human rights – right to a PRIVATE LIFE’?
              Computer Misuse Act? Data Protection Act – Section 10? Ill Treatment? Vulnerable Adult Abuse? Fraud Act? Blackmail? Misconduct In Public Office?

              ” yet you provide no evidence”
              Standard public sector blind-eye turning denial denial denial. Learn how to read, see and hear.

              “Knowledge itself is morality free, even if the humans using it aren’t.”
              So you’ve never encountered (and recorded) the *morality free* sickos from cardiff uni, dwp, nhs, atos etc, etc?

              “it’s quite likely that they are less than mentally well because they are unemployed, and not the other way round!”
              ptsd is an *injury*… and it’s why I’m having to go through all of this criminal abuse.
              I might be able to get back to work… If I can ever get all of these sick swine off my back.

              And for others… It is NOT because they are unemployed… It is because of all of the the constant dwp(etc) crime and abuse.

    • overburdenddonkey

      catch the ‘young fathers’.. 🙂

  29. Harpers Bizarre

    Donkey I think we are essentially in agreement – I am against the ‘cult of CBT’ but it doesn’t mean it’s never helped anyone. Any kind of therapy should be an informed personal choice not a requirement. But yeah it’s basis is essentially in a prescriptive kind of ‘positive thinking’. As if you can make the voices in your head go away with positive thinking. As if positive thinking is going to make your rent affordable or non existent jobs suddenly become available. Where does it end? Does having any kind of critical thought about anything mean you are a ‘negative thinker’ who requires correction? Maybe with a complete brainwash we’ll all be ‘happy’ to work for £2.50 an hour. Personality fascism is here and I’m scared 😦

  30. ‘endogenous’ depression is just that – it comes from within.

  31. overburdenddonkey

    this might make you laugh

    • overburdenddonkey

      yeah, it did make me laugh… 🙂
      ‘endogenous’ depression is just that – it comes from within.’
      without going too deeply into the into the illogic of the bio-genetics argument, for 1 the generic all of it’s advocates roads lead to work being good for one…2 how can another ethically impose or claim, that the victims of such are disorders and can be fixed by following a therapeutic approach of a non sufferer of such disorders…they really have to know for certain what emotionally healthy human behaviours are, and they don’t…they only know what it suits them to believe as being an OK (ok, not ok) non sufferer…3 the sufferer has to remember what they are being told and act on the others advice and/or other so called treatment implications ie pharms..therefore if the sufferer can mange/control such bio-genetic disorders there can’t be much wrong with their minds, which there’s not…so if there minds are ok, then there is no bio-genetic affective disorder and the distress is caused by something else, a non bio-genetic disorder, aka the affects of child abuse, when the affects of child abuse are treated using CT (cognitive therapy), the symptoms evapourate, and one tells the cbt/bio-genetic/work sets you free therapist to fuck off, and perhaps they can get on and do something useful with their lives…oh no! they’ll join the dole queue, won’t they…it’s just more rule book based on wrath of god pulpit dogmatic principles…

      Click to access 176_16-18.pdf

  32. still can’t find the sleaford mods at glastonbury on iplayer. meanies. yes, ian dury is in there. bless.
    (please watch second video, and view gallery at )

    love from pussy riot and charlotte church

  33. did thatcher ban ‘the beat’?

    the beat – stand down margaret

  34. never mind

    there’s always this:
    Super Furry Animals at Glastonbury on bbc iplayer @ 1:01:50

    ‘the man don’t give a f**k’

    diolch bois

    • Sian – os oes gennych chi awydd i weithredu yn erbyn pethau fel hyn, a’r holl rwtsh y DWP hela e-bost ataf ar Diolch

      The above is asking Sian to contact me if she wants to get involved in opposing stuff like this in Wales, and everything else the DWP is putting on us. If anyone else in Wales is interested in getting involved, please e-mail me at Thanks



    …………………………………….desperate to hide the fallout of inhuman welfare reforms on the most vulnerable.

    David Cameron is a LIAR. You should all know that by know.

    When he said, “The data will be published; they are being prepared for publication as we speak,” he was referring to a very particular version of this information which will be completely useless in working out the number of people who have died.

    Only a week ago, This Blog revealed that the government plans to publish the figures as ‘Age-Standardised Mortality Rates’.

    I wrote: “Age-Standardised mortality rates are the number of deaths, usually expressed per 100,000, that would occur in that area if it had the same age structure as the standard population and the local age-specific rates of the area applied, according to Public Health England.

    “The figures to be published by the DWP would not state the number of deaths which have taken place between November 2011 and May 2014. Instead we would be given a fudged figure showing the number of deaths among ESA claimants when compared with the average number among the population as a whole. That is not what I requested; it is not what anybody wants.”

    My assessment is endorsed by Ms Rimmer in this Mirror Online article, which states: “Officials want to release ‘standardised’ figures which won’t show the actual number of deaths – even though they released actual death numbers in 2012.

    “Instead of the real-life numbers they plan to release ‘Age Standardised Mortality Rates’, which present deaths as a ratio when compared to the population as a whole.”

    Ms Rimmer is quoted as follows: “What is needed now from this disclosure is the full picture with information unadulterated.

    “The Prime Minister must stick to his word by publishing the data unedited.”


      “cameron will pull out all the stops to prevent the true number of deaths falling into the public domain”

      “the true extent of this crime could unseat the government, bring public figures to prosecution and force the DWP to pay unprecedented levels of compensation to both, families of victims and sufferers of this wholly unneccessary modern day torture”

      “they are merely public servants, we have a right to unedited mortality rates”

      • Doubt the DWP statistics will significantly shift public opinion, the anti-welfare conditioned public may view them as incidental remember there are thousands of public service union comrades out there willing to sanction for a paper sheriff badge or M&S voucher.

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  37. Collaborators with Oppression in Tyrant Britain are Scum just like
    Collaborators with the Nazis in Occupied France

    It makes me Angry when Sheople are too Thick to Think

    Edge of Sanity | June 28, 2015 at 3:15 pm | Reply

    Doubt the DWP statistics will significantly shift public opinion, the anti-welfare conditioned public may view them as incidental remember there are thousands of public service union comrades out there willing to sanction for a paper sheriff badge or M&S voucher.

    • overburdenddonkey

      will i get through….? the ‘thickness’ is an affect of abuse, NOT the fault of the individual who has had to adapt to the abuse, therefore the individuals mind is ok…

  38. So mental health sufferers, myself included, will have to endure this torment or else, the abusive and unsympathetic attitude and way we will be looked at and dealt with, what utterly cruel, sadistic and cold hearted these Tory turds really are, all this will do is make others like myself feel and become even worse then we are already, will drive up and push us into a more highly depressed, anxious and distressed state of mind which could result into some people taking severely drastic measures, or is that what these arseholes want us to do, treat us badly with no respect and compassion, which will result in some of us getting even more upset and distressed which will increase depression, anxiety and other mental health issues which could result in some of us taking our own lives, which will get the benefit figures down and in turn will make them look good to their voters, they have it all figured out, the Nazi bastards!

    • overburdenddonkey

      my recovery started for certain, when i realized what you have perhaps only just recently realized as summed up in your post…the time has come to treat yourself in the way you expect to be treated by others….this is difficult @ 1st but gets easier over time with the relief of little victories, reassuring you that you’re on your healing path…

    • 7 Point plan for improving the well-being of benefit claimants:

      1. End conditionality
      2. End sanctions
      3. End workfare
      4. Close down the whole jobcentre benefit ‘policing’ infrastructure
      5. End welfare to work programmes
      6. Pay an unconditional guaranteed income for those out-of-work at a level high enough to ensure a decent standard of living. Use the existing mechanisms and systems in place for pensions for payments.
      7. Everyone is guaranteed to vitals of life: food, shelter, heat. Nobody can be deprived of the vitals of life. Nobody can be blackmailed, coerced or manipulated under pain of their vitals of life being withheld.

  39. overburdenddonkey and Bee, you speak very wisely and compassionately, something the Tories lack in abundance.

    • overburdenddonkey

      thank you mr…but it’s the simple natural truth that we’re all born knowing, that has/is ‘somehow’ vanished, frozen and blocked…’banished knowledge’…the work of dr bob johnson aids one in recovering true self, and shifts/blasts the boulders that block souls…

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  41. Too Pretty For The Auld Pancrack

    Being told by a so called job adviser that I am too negative when She already knew that I have Borderline Personality Disorder is frankly insulting. In any case I wasnt being negative, just realistic. If a job is 15 miles away with a 6am start & I have no transport then I can’t get there, simple as that. How is that being negative? And if it is then how can I alter the damage that was done to the development of my brain as a child? I was told by a doctor that my condition is untreatable.

  42. Hi, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your website in Opera, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, wonderful blog!

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  47. What are the best websites and blogs dedicated to reading and literature?

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  49. I dugg some of you post as I cogitated they were very beneficial very useful

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