#WEcan and We Did Fuck Up The DWP’s Online Campaign To Promote Workfare

Once again the DWP have been reduced to a laughing stock on social media after their online campaign to promote unpaid work became dominated with comments from those opposed to workfare.

The #WEcan campaign aimed to enourage employers to provide unpaid work experience placements for young people.  The DWP had also hoped that young people would post up ‘workies’ – apparently the work version of a selfie – on social media alongside their experiences of unpaid work placements.  It turns out though that the young were too lazy and feckless even to bother doing that.  Minister for Employment Priti Patel must be furious.  It wasn’t like this when she worked for the tobacco industry encouraging kids to take up smoking.

Instead what happened is that the hashtag was dominated by people furious at a government that seems obsessed with forcing young people to work for no wages.  Alongside this many people used the hashtag to pledge to boycott some of the companies named as being involved in workfare, such as @marksandspencer, and @Halfords_uk.

Amusingly the DWP also invited people to laugh at them on facebook, where unfortunately for the department the #WEcan hashtag is already in use by the Wellness Education Cannabis Advocates of Nevada. The DWP’s social media team get paid real money – our money – for this bungling shit.

In what seems like an attempt by the DWP to muddy the waters the #WEcan campaign promotes all forms of work experience, including short placements for schoolchildren or paid internships as well as workfare schemes.  This led to some of the organisations backing the campaign complaining that they only do nice work experience and they don’t support the nasty stuff.  These organisations should be at the forefront of challenging the government about ever more exploitative Jobcentre enforced workfare which can now involve 780 hours of forced, unpaid work.  Instead they are quite happily helping the DWP rehabilitate workfare with gushing tweets about how wonderful unpaid work can be.  So fuck them, they are on the wrong side.

The DWP have now resorted to drafting in Jobcentres to tweet furiously and try to rescue the campaign. Make sure it doesn’t work and tell @WEcan what you think of workfare using the hashtag #WECan.  Please spread the word.

Here’s what some people have said so far:

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166 responses to “#WEcan and We Did Fuck Up The DWP’s Online Campaign To Promote Workfare

  1. Instead of MARKS AND SPENCER spending lavish amounts of money on trendy advertising, why don’t they use the “OL MAN RIVER” song to show the nation how they welcome slaves to work in their department stores.

    Paul Robeson – Ol’ Man River (Showboat – 1936) J.Kern O …


      Dere’s an ol’ man called de Mississippi
      Dat’s de ol’ man dat I’d like to be!
      What does he care if de world’s got troubles?
      What does he care if de land ain’t free?

      Ol’ man river,
      Dat ol’ man river
      He mus’know sumpin’
      But don’t say nuthin’,
      He jes’keeps rollin’
      He keeps on rollin’ along.

      He don’ plant taters,
      He don’t plant cotton,
      An’ dem dat plants’em
      is soon forgotten,
      But ol’man river,
      He jes keeps rollin’along.

      You an’me, we sweat an’ strain,
      Body all achin’ an’ rack’d wid pain,
      Tote dat barge!
      Lif’ dat bale!
      Git a little drunk
      An’ you land in jail.

      Ah gits weary
      An’ sick of tryin’
      Ah’m tired of livin’
      An’ skeered of dyin’,
      But ol’ man river,
      He jes’keeps rolling’ along.

      Colored folks work on de Mississippi,
      Colored folks work while de white folks play,
      Pullin’ dose boats from de dawn to sunset,
      Gittin’ no rest till de judgement day.

      Don’t look up
      An’ don’t look down,
      You don’ dast make
      De white boss frown.
      Bend your knees
      An’bow your head,
      An’ pull date rope
      Until you’ dead.

      Let me go ‘way from the Mississippi,
      Let me go ‘way from de white man boss;
      Show me dat stream called de river Jordan,
      Dat’s de ol’ stream dat I long to cross.

      O’ man river,
      Dat ol’ man river,
      He mus’know sumpin’
      But don’t say nuthin’
      He jes’ keeps rollin’
      He keeps on rollin’ along.

      Long ol’ river forever keeps rollin’ on…

      He don’ plant tater,
      He don’ plant cotton,
      An’ dem dat plants ’em
      Is soon forgotten,
      but ol’ man river,
      He jes’ keeps rollin’ along.

      Long ol’ river keeps hearing dat song.
      You an’ me, we sweat an’ strain,
      Body all achin an’ racked wid pain.
      Tote dat barge!
      Lif’ dat bale!
      Git a little drunk
      An’ you land in jail.

      Ah, gits weary
      An’ sick of tryin’
      Ah’m tired of livin’
      An’ skeered of dyin’,
      But ol’ man river,
      He jes’keeps rollin’ along!

      • This must be the daftest thing that Marks and Spencer have ever done, instead of promoting their brand they have put two fingers up to the young by expecting slaves to work in their stores for absolutely nothing.

        Personally, i for one, will never set foot in their tarnished store ever again.

        Whoever made the decision to collaborate with the DWP, should tender their resignation for making such fools out of this iconic brand.

        Hopefully sales will plummet as the disgust gathers momentum,similar to when Ratner was publicised for saying his stores sold crap.

      • This was the “B side” (can’t remember the “A” side lol) of a track me old gran (RIP) used to play on her “radiogram” when we were kids 🙂

        • Maybe it was the “A” side lol sure we had to “flip it over” lol think it was a new bendy plastic 45rpm though. Old gran had a lot of Elvis tracks on “bakelite” 78rpm – if you dropped them they broke, but the plastic 45rpms were great cos you could drop them and everything 🙂

        • Walter Brennan should re-release this thumping beat track – it would shoot straight to No1!

    • overburdenddonkey

      yeah great song, that and ‘summer time….’
      then there’s this one ‘the workers song…;

    • Great choice that Sarah, given that Paul Robeson was very much on the side of the workers and the oppressesed.

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  3. It’s not like you get real training in the job you would like to do… As your working life is now into your late 60’s at lest try to get them training in something they would like to do for the rest of their life.With all the compaines in this country and the best anyone can do is shop work with no extra money,and do these shops put the prices down or let the youngsters choose something for free .. do they fuck .. do M.P’s family get to do this for their benefits .. no mummy and Daddy makes sure they are on the Taxpayers bank roll.. Money that’s the only difference between them and us they steal it we have to sign for it! Where are the jobs where we get to shadow a teacher, Lawyer, Bank manager, High court judge, Footballer etc
    This is why it’s crap and a punishment it’s meaningless …You are not valued you are free labour .. Is this how the D.W.P personal got their jobs no wonder they are demented!

  4. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Yes We Can is copywrite Control or are the DWP now in dispute with Wiki

    “Yes We Can” (slogan), a slogan used by the Barack Obama presidential campaign, 2008

    “Yes we can,” a slogan used by the Scottish National Party’s campaign of the United Kingdom general election, 1997


  5. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  6. Anyone taking their car into Halfords will now notice that the back seat has been disturbed by slaves looking for loose change.

  7. That is why I think they want a class war so they can impose and add further rules ect.

  8. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    So DWP there is a job the become the President of the USA or it that President of the DWP.

    YES WE CAN# #Yes We Can# Which one is which it gets so confusing.

    No We Can`t – Panto

  9. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    No We Can – Slogan goes with the sanctions with Yes we Can.

  10. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Is Obama running for President at the DWP !!!!

    Yes We Can Fuck Off.

  11. #WEcan kick fuck out of you if you stop our money

  12. paultheswineherd

    sarah – Brilliant – a very apt song! M&S should be totally ashamed of themselves for promoting workfare. They always (like Tesco also) said that they look after their workers. No more. Their CEO is some bloke who has jumped ship from another company in the hope of rescuing M&S from their gradual fall. Obviously they now like to exploit everyone and make their CEO even richer (as well as their shareholders) – the greedy bastards.
    I’m really pleased to hear that the campaign on here has worked and is making a total laughing stock of the DWP and their hairbrained & cruel scheme. Long may it continue (and also plaster the posters all over the rotten companie’s involved windows. Continue to shame the bastards in any and every way possible. People have to fight back – if they dont we will be in for totalitarianism with all the shit that that eventually entails.
    Rosemarie – yes, all very true my friend.
    overburdenddonkey – yes you are very right as well my friend.
    Labour is absolutely shit scared of Corbyn – even David Miliband is urging people not to vote for him. It’s only because they are so afraid of losing their cosy bedmates in the form of the corrupt big business and bankers of Britain. They are just like the Tories but a little less blue!

  13. As if they aren’t despised enough and enough of a laughing stock, they go ahead and do this crap. LOLOLOLOL!

    DWP + JCP = SCUM.

  14. paultheswineherd

    Further fucking up is definitely required, as I say, by all means possible.
    The pressure applied must continue to be totally focussed, organised and relentless. These cruel bastards MUST be forced to give up on these workfare/slavery schemes. And that includes the unfair CWP also.

  15. Reed Co uk, clearly don’t learn much about anything. Glasgow is not in Lanarkshire…..and has not been since before the end of the 19th Century (1893 to be exact). But we see it’s not just Victorian geography Reed and the Rest like to maintain !!

  16. Ask yourself, what is worse, a retailer who has goods produced in a sweat shop abroad, or a retailer that uses slave labour in order to sell it’s goods?

    They are one of the same, identical in every way, parasites that feed from a host Quite reminiscent of the members of the House of Lords and the Judiciary, it would seem..


      Given that it would be counter-productive if paid employees were
      losing their jobs or hours because of these schemes, checking that
      this doesn’t happen would be a responsible action for you to take.

      I would therefore be grateful if you would provide me with copies
      of all research intended to measure compliance with these aspects
      of the schemes.

      To save us both time, please note that the Act section 1(1) allows
      you to respond to my request by saying that you don’t hold the
      information. In the past you have provided information on related
      subjects and needed prompting to fulfil my request according to

      Such additional informations was no doubt kindly meant but is

      Yours faithfully,

      Mr Harris

      Link to this

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    • Have you noticed how his eyebrows go down his face towards his mouth? He is slowly turning into a werewolf…

    • Another Fine Mess

      “I have never broken a Labour whip in my 15 years in parliament”
      “I don’t have any ideas or principles of my own, why am I even here.”

  20. paultheswineherd

    sarah7 – that is very interesting and I wonder what their response will be!
    There are a couple of new ‘news stories’ to add – these go from one extreme to the other!



  21. paultheswineherd

    Toddy – You’ve hit the nail on the head there my friend.
    Andy Burnham – Squeaky clean looking at the outset – but I reckon that he would sell his own aged granny to win votes. Definitely NOT to be trusted – just the same as all the other runners. (Corbyn excepted!)

  22. Just tell them to fuck off and you will not do any work for less than the minimum wage that someone your age would receive. If you’re under 25 you may have to work more hours but if you’re over 25 you have the corrupt employer over a barrel

    • on the edge of suicide i expect after trying to exist on just thirty quid a week for two years
      Apparently, it’s all because of a judge called Mark Rowland who said his human rights had not been broken. Rather odd when he has a lifetime disability award.
      We will probably see his name in an obituary column. One more to add to the DWP list of shame.
      Bless him.

      • ANTI-POVERTY campaigners have warned that hundreds of thousands of families are facing hardship after being wrongly sanctioned.

        Almost two million sanctions against claimants have been imposed across the UK, according to data released by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) since the controversial measures were introduced by Iain Duncan Smith in 2012.

        But since the regime began, a total of 575,881 of these 1,824,877 decisions have been challenged with 285,327 overturned – a staggering 49.5 per cent. Claimants were on either Employment Support Allowance (ESA) or Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA).

        Last night, John Dickie, director of Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland, said the figures indicated how “punitive” and “unfair” the regime was and warned that many more claimants had sanctions imposed unfairly but had not appealed them.

        “People are being sanctioned wrongly, and that is having a damaging impact on them, their health and their families’ well-being,” he said.

        “It shows how unfair the regime is. What’s also very worrying is that there have been many decisions wrongly made, but have not been challenged or appealed.

    • “murdering mark rowland”

      “Hundreds of thousands of people are being put through tremendous worry and stress for absolutely no reason. It also shows how important it this that claimants appeal when they believe they have been unfairly sanctioned.

      “There needs to be an immediate review of the UK Government’s conditionality and sanctions regime, with an immediate halt to any new sanctions whilst it is carried out.”

      In March MPs called for a full independent review of the sanctions regime in the next parliament amid growing fears of their impact on vulnerable claimants.

      In a hard-hitting report, members of the House of Commons’ Work and Pensions Committee said there were increasing concerns that frontline civil servants were under pressure to achieve targets to apply a certain numbers of sanctions.

      Dame Anne Begg, the former Scottish Labour MP and the committee chair at the time, said the system was particularly controversial as it withheld subsistence-level benefits from people who have little or no other income.

      No-one from the DWP was available last night to comment.

  23. The stupid demented wankers at the DWP know something is wrong with the work programme and the attitudes and practices within the Jobcentreminus. What are they doing about it? Absolutely fuck all and trying to whitewash it and bury it as bad news.

    Utterly contemptable twats running the asylum with no clue on how it affects real people struggling day to day with running their lives. The clueless wankers in government, the DWP and JCP should all fucking hanged and shot to stop them messing up the country.

  24. On a more happy note, the stupid place I used to have to go to for six months – Seetec (absolute cunts) have been forced to close their office in my town for three days a week and are now only open Thursdays and Fridays.

    Ha ha ha fucking ha for being greedy, immoral wankers taking loads of money and producing fuck all results except in slave labour placements, zero-hour job applications and self-employment forced on all those having to go there for six months.

    I’m now hoping the gravy train has fallen off the wheels for these immoral wankers, since funding and referral payments made to them for taking un-employed people for six months, has ended. Now the useless seetec staff will either have to find other jobs and go to the jobcentre to sign on and see the fucking reality for what it is for the rest of us unable to get decent work.

    Fucking karma for me after what those scammy cunts tried it on with me sending me to a fucking death trap business breaking Health & Safety Laws all in the name of helping me back into a work ethic.

    • Galatians 6:7 – Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man or woman soweth, that shall they also reap.

      Life plays some queer tricks; but one of them isn’t letting us get away with it

      • That’s the way it works, one thing lead to another in an interwoven chain where action equals reaction and good and evil must achieve equilibrium; my cunt ‘work programme’ ‘adviser’ spent some of her immoral ‘earnings’ on a fancy sports car; lost control and crashed into a tree; she is now on the great big work programme in the sky 😀 Now if she hadn’t been been such an evil bitch fucking the poor and vulnerable over she would still be alive today.

  25. overburdenddonkey

    ‘Quietly and without fuss, one of the key claims unionist economics, that Scotland is overly dependent on oil, has lost its menace. The referendum battle lines on oil revenues were clearly drawn, oil price volatility was a vital unionist scare story. The No campaign claimed that Scotland’s economy wasn’t viable without a steady $100 a barrel and that any fall in prices would herald an economic disaster. Claims of ‘armageddon’, ‘cataclysm’, ‘black-holes’, ‘tax rises combined with massive cuts in services’ were all based on fears of $70 oil prices then considered to be the worst case scenario. Today $70 would be a desirable price for the industry – so why hasn’t the sky fallen in?’

  26. Good that there are some People who are Not Brainwashed Slavery
    Collaborating Zombies like Hordes of Scum Brainwashed by Toilet Paper
    Tabloids out There are

    No to Forced Labour and Glorification of Slavery

  27. Yes to Social Justice Human Dignity and Human Decency

  28. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Join jobs ‘boot camp’ or lose benefits, warns minister Matthew Hancock

    VoxPolitical – 17th Aug 2015

    “Jobless young adults will face losing benefits unless they take part in a “boot camp” to get them ready for the world of work, the chairman of a Government taskforce has said.

    Cabinet Office minister Matthew Hancock said the measure was part of the Government’s goal of ending a “welfare culture” in some communities.

    The chairman of the cross-Government “Earn or Learn” implementation taskforce said he would take a “no excuses” approach.

    Under the plans, targeted at people aged 18-21, w ithin the first three weeks of claiming out-of-work benefit people will take up an Intensive Activity Programme (IAP) to help them move off benefits and into sustainable employment.

    The programme – labelled a “boot camp” by officials – will take 71 hours over the first three weeks and will see claimants given help with job applications and interview techniques as well as an “extensive” search for vacancies.

    A dedicated “work coach” will work with jobseekers and review what was achieved during the initial three-week course, the Cabinet Office said.

    The taskforce, which includes Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith and Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, will implement measures including the requirement for y oung claimants to take a job, apprenticeship, traineeship or unpaid work experience or face losing benefits.”


    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      All of which breaks the Health & Safety Laws.

    • “hit squad”, “boot camp”…. what next? “short, sharp, shock”?

      • Just Saying Reichsarbeitsdienst From June 1935 onwards, men aged between 18 and 25 had to serve six months before their military service. Conscripted personnel had to move into labour barracks. Each rank and file RAD man was supplied with a spade and a bicycle. A paramilitary uniform was implemented in 1934; beside the swastika brassard, the RAD symbol, an arm badge in the shape of an upward pointing shovel blade, was displayed on the upper left shoulder of all uniforms and great-coats worn by all personnel. Men and women had to work up to 76 hours a week.

    • “The programme – labelled a “boot camp” by officials – will take 71 hours over the first three weeks and will see claimants given help with job applications and interview techniques as well as an “extensive” search for vacancies.”

      LOL! What a friggin’ joke!!! That’s what the job roaches are supposed to be doing now. Helping people with interview techniques and extensive searching for vacancies; Is that not what they’re forcing people to do now? So how is this utter shite any different apart from the threat of losing benefits once more being the stick to beat people with.

      And incidentally that Hancock that’s proposing all this is a nasty little prick.

      • IDS needs a boot up his arse to wake him up. This is not 1939 when people where conscripted into the forces prior to WWII, and if they were not they were put in jail for contempt refusal.

  29. overburdenddonkey

    ‘It’s great news that (a) the target has been reached and so spectacularly exceeded, and (b) the press coverage has raised the profile of issues like the government’s brutal sanctions regime and the new court laws in England and Wales which see small fines inflated to several times their size by fees and surcharges designed to intimidate poor people into pleading guilty (because that attracts far lower charges)…..’

  30. There is a reason it is called #WEcan and not #YOUcan. When I was a kid a found my uncle’s Officer Training Manual from Sandhurst. And the very first thing it said is that you always address the privates as “we” not “you”. If you listen to his speeches Churchill did the same thing: “WE will fight on the beaches, WE will fight in the fields, WE will fight in the hills…” It is not as if old war-monger Churchill had any intention of fighting; it was YOU that would be doing all the fighting. Should have held onto that training manual – there was a lot of good stuff in it.

  31. Likewise, It is not like whoever comes out with this #WEcan nonsense has any intention of working for nothing but #YOUwill.

  32. Yes to Social Justice Human Dignity Human Decency And The Death Penalty

    • So now they’re admitting what we all knew. What else would they be faking i wonder?

      DWP + JCP = SCUM.


      • They’ll be claiming next that the work programme has got everybody un-employed back into work and the un-employment figures stand at zero.

        Drunken the clown had already fabricated his CV with bullshit and lies to land the top job in the flea-infested DWP towers. The DWP mantra is so entined with lies and bullshit nobody there knows the truth about anything anymore. They have a work culture of working in the world of lies, not the truth or reality.

  33. From the DWP Jobcenters online e-mail alerts. Today…….
    “Are you aged 16-25? Interested in retail?
    Marks and Spencers Braehead are working in partnership with the Princes Trust who are looking to source 16 enthusiastic young people to start their 4 week free training course. During this time you will have the chance to gain experience within any of the following areas bakery, food, ladies wear, menswear, home and operations, with a guaranteed interview at the end of the course which we will help and support you to prepare for.
    The closing date to apply is 3rd September 2015. The course starts 14th September 2015. This is a great opportunity to gain employment before Christmas and use the skills you gain to look for Xmas jobs .
    Ask your work coach at the Jobcentre for an application form “
    It is noticed here that no mention of any pay !!!
    (Breahead is a large sopping center and mall outside Glasgow and Paisley, in Scotland)

    • I set my Outlook never to accept ANY email alerts from the DWP/JCP nor from Universal Jobmatch. After all it’s only fucking junk mail riddled with spyware and viruses and an un-trusted source.

  34. Meant to say shopping center !!

  35. Zac & Sarah taking the piss.

    Every sanction a sadistic fiction inflicted on a masochistic stock character, subliminal poverty porn for the masses.

    • overburdenddonkey


      • The shite has not only hit the fan but clogged it up where it comes to the Department of Wankers and Pricks (I should call them the Despicable Wankers and Pricks).

        I always read the news sections on BBC Red Button on a daily basis, but when I came across this news lead just a few minutes ago I felt so angry about remembering the time I myself was put on an illegal sanction last year all because the stupid cow I had then as a JCP work coach fucking lied to me, falsely making out I had not done enough to find work when in actual fact I did. Four fucking weeks without money just so I could fill a gap in my JCP’s monthly sanction target.

        IDS must be squirming like a trapped rat in a bucket of poison now after this surprising revelation has crept out of the back door to DWP towers. David Camoron really should now sack the bald-headed bastard and carry out a full independent investigation into the DWP itself and order all of the fucking numpties to sort themselves out or be sacked.

        I don’t know whether to feel angry, happy or whatever over when I had been caught in their illegal sanction trap and all the other un-employed people also who have been through the same pain just to make it look good for their own JCP sanction target quotas. Absolute contemptible bastards are truly deciding who gets money or not for being good and playing by the ever-changing (daily) rules forced on them.

        As sanctions have probably been low some fucking halfwit cunt within the DWP put it upon themselves to invent people and ”their” stories over getting sanctions and forcing them into saying ”oh, by the way, my sanction for three months really helped me”. Bollocks. I bet ole evil eyes smithy had a personal hand in inventing these scare stories himself to try and bury other bad news over his monumental cock-up with Universal credit or the 18-21yr old boot camp bullshit.

        The next time I go to my JCP I will mention in passing about the evil fake sanction stories that have surfaced today. Hell, IO may even get a four week sanction for my trouble for bringing up the shit that they are all in it together. Lying bastards in the DWP need fucking shooting.

  36. What a huge embarrassment to the government, hitting the BBC news for creating fiction to try and convince the electorate the welfare deaths have been worthwhile.
    Producing cock and bull stories about people who were glad that they had been sanctioned. It seems that they are desperate to convince themselves that the large swathes of cash wasted by DUNKO THE CLOWN, was based on logical thinking.

    The DWP is like a wounded rabid dog that lurches along while putting innocent lives at risk.

    They are merely public servants, office serfs, many to be soon temps or joining those they try to starve to death.
    Not a comedy of errors they are better described as an error of comedies, the man at the helm despise by all and sundry and worthy of an assassins bullet.

    And what of all the collateral damage that they wish to keep anonymous, each and every incident of death bears the hallmarks of a decision maker, a bent judge or a ten minute health care professional.

    In effect the DWP have disappeared up their own arsehole, they have made rules so complicated that their own staff arent sure what they are doing and freedom of information aswers often contradict what has been said earlier.

    No longer do they give a persons name on a document for fear of litigation later.
    You have to laugh really when a government department is so short of brains that the only form of communication with a claimant is holding back the money that allows them to live.

    Kick an animal and get fined, kill a person and you have attained this months office target. What an absolute bunch of fucking losers, what complete scum of the earth.

    History will identify all the perpetrators of this latest holocaust, this experiment in eugenics.

    “Fraudulent reporting has shown just how desperate you have become you never had an ounce of credibility in the first place”

    • Benefit fraud is tiny compared to the massive fraud levels being committed purely by IDS and all of his slave workers employed in the DWP.

  37. May be some more on the fake sanctions story on this website –


    quote ”A DWP source said that Duncan Smith would not have had any knowledge of the leaflet before it was published. The leaflet is understood to have been produced by civil servants in the department’s communications team, which comes under the responsibility of the DWP’s director of communications, Richard Caseby, a former managing editor of the Sun.” unquote

    So, the fucking hairless lunatic didn’t know before about this breach of public trust, but now the story has come out I bet he is denying it and laughing his fat, hairy arse off.

    • That is a outright lie.
      This piece of £%$£ would have been produced by the Information office.
      As it is part of the central plank of DWP policy Snr Civil Servants and Ministers would have been pre-briefed on its contents.
      This would allow them to answer any questions concerning said rubbish by the press/constituants/stakeholders etc.
      I am a ex-civil servant and worked in a press office.

  38. paultheswineherd

    sarah7 & Fen – yours are both very good posts and very true. I bet that both BBC & Sky News are both really pissed off at having to report this story. IDS will of course deny having anything to do with it all – this psychopath needs investigating urgently and – if cut down, even better. Cameron ought to be ashamed at still having this mad murderer still in charge of the DWP. What a complete and utter shower of shite – all corrupt, cruel & greedy bastards from the very, very top to the very very bottom of the Work Roach’s corner rat hole. I hope that this revelation is only the start of a real fight back against what is happening. Something really needs to be done to stop all of this. And then to cap it all, the news that the Communications Director of the DWP is no less other than a former managing editor of the Sun (could it be much worse!). What a shithole of a Government we now have – very rich looking after the rich, and by their policies killing poor, sick & disabledpeople. The same goes for the House of Lords and by the looks of it, much of the Judiciary too. Rich, old boys and ‘good friends’ corrupt to the core and screwing every bit of money and not deserved ‘expenses’ they can out of ‘the taxpayer’, whilst bending over backwards to support their banker and multinational company mates.
    And the right-wing and corrupt media, headed by an Aussie twat who does
    not think twice about all of the scandellous lies that his empire pumps out.
    It all very soon needs to come crashing down around their rotten necks and I truly believe and hope that that process is now going to start in earnest.

  39. paultheswineherd

    And….What a coincidence – one of them on the Sky News paper review at 10.30PM this evening is going to be no less than the Managing Editor of ‘The Sun’ – Stig Abell, – it will be interesting to hear his comments on the DWP’s lying!

  40. Sanctions are the best thing that ever happened to me 😀 If it wasn’t for sanctions I wouldn’t be where I am today 😀

    • That ‘joke’ about sanctions being the best thing ever is in very poor taste for people affected by loss of money whilst trying to play by the illegal rules made up out of thin air by the DWP.

      I, along with others, have had an illegal sanction against me at some point simply for being made out as a liar. It was my word against the JCP who refused hard evidence of my job-seeking activities some time last year. I was doing what I was expected to do but my JCP wanted purely to put me on their monthly sanction target quota as it wasn’t where IDS expected it to be.

      All JCP’s have a monthly sanction quota to fill and are expected to fill it by IDS. If they don’t, their staff themselves are in the firing line by their regional managers for not doing enough to threaten innocent people into doing something not reasonable to them.

  41. southessexheckler

    Reblogged this on The Heckler and commented:
    The DWP not getting it their own way as their WEcan scheme which promotes unpaid workfare (slavery) gets the treatment for people not prepared to be taken for mugs:)

  42. Imagine a scenario where you have been called into the DWP because of a falsification on a questionnaire, your feet wouldn’t touch the ground, you would be sanctioned immediately and for god knows, how long.

    But it’s all in a days work for the ministry of disinformation.

    This is nothing but fraud, nothing more, nothing less!

    Heads should roll, no mistake about it, but the utter contempt that the
    DWP have shown in trying to rebrand it’s failure is astonishing to say the least.

    How many more lies have they told? That is the question on my lips.

    How many of the literally thousands that have perished under one idiots watch, would be still with us, but for all the lies?

    Every statistic that the DWP now issue must be treated as complete bullshit, every utterance a fabrication, a tissue of lies.

    Regarding their earlier admission of looking into the deaths of 39 people only, add around three noughts and it will give you their motivation for keeping the real truth hidden.

    • oh IDS lied on his CV http://www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice/pressreleases/stories/2002/12_december/19/newsnight_ids_cv.shtml Iain Duncan Smith’s biography on the Conservative Party website, his entry in Who’s Who, and various other places, state that he went to the Universita di Perugia in Italy.

      This is not true: his office now admit that he went to the Universita per Stranieri, which is also in Perugia.

      The Universita per Stranieri – or University for Foreigners – was founded in 1921 and is a totally separate institution to the medieval Universita di Perugia, founded by the Pope in 1308.

      Although the Universita per Stranieri is a respected language school, it did not grant degrees when he studied there in 1973, although some students attained diplomas.

      Mr Duncan Smith’s office has now admitted to Newsnight that he didn’t get any qualifications in Perugia or even finish his exams.

      Dunchurch College of Management

      The first line of Iain Duncan Smith’s biography, on the Conservative Party website, claims he was “educated at Dunchurch College of Management”.

      In fact, Dunchurch was the former staff college for GEC Marconi, for whom he worked in the 1980s.

      Mr Duncan Smith’s office has now confirmed to Newsnight that he did not get any qualifications there either, but that he completed six separate courses lasting a few days each, adding up to about a month in total.

      Newsnight has now spoken to 19 former tutors at Dunchurch. Most agree it is over-emphasising his experience at Dunchurch to describe it in the way he does.

      John Garside, a former Dunchurch tutor, says: “I’m puzzled, flattered, but puzzled. What we did was offer short courses… it was not a continuous form of education by any means.”

      Newsnight has shown these details to some of Iain Duncan Smith’s constituents in Chingford.

      Several people assumed he must have been at both the University of Perugia and Dunchurch for several years, and obtained qualifications in either or both places.

      • If I lied on my CV and typed fake qualifications and certificates on it and my employer found out I would have been sacked immediately with no grounds for appeal or compensation. And for being sacked for gross lying the JCP would have then denied my access to JSA for three years.

        Yet drunken the clown lies all over his CV and gets away with by Camoron turning a blind eye to it all. Fucking Tory tosser elite cunts all in it together as usual.

        IDS – ” Oh, by the way; my CV is full of complete bullshit and fabricated lies and fake qualifications from the college of um-bongo land”

        Camoron – ” Not to worry my old eton chum smithy, I will promote you to the highest job in the land and help you fuck up people’s lives by killing themselves through loss of benefits. Your bullshitted CV will never be made in the public domain as I will have a personal word with the Information Commissioner’s Office to shut their trap”


    A man has been fined nearly £300 for stealing three bottles of baby milk at South Derbyshire Magistrates Court this week.

    Janis Butans, 34, was given a six-week community order with a curfew and ordered to pay a £150 criminal court fee, £85 costs and a £60 victim surcharge after sentenced for stealing the bottles from a Sainsbury’s in Intu Derby shopping centre coming to a total of £295, according to the Derby Telegraph.

    It comes less than a week after the Independent reported a crowdfunding campaign had been set up to help a woman in Kidderminster pay court fines of nearly £330 for stealing a 75p pack of Mars Bars.

    The fundraising page, which was set up by Stuart Campbell after he saw the original court report in the Kidderminster Shuttle, has now reached over £14,000 in less than a week.

    Butans was fined £295 for stealing three bottles of baby milk

    Mandatory court fines were brought in by former Justice Secretary Chris Grayling shortly before the general election in May to make the courts more self financing.

    absolutely disgusting

  44. overburdenddonkey

    ‘WELFARE campaigners are calling on the Scottish Government to intervene to protect people affected by benefit sanctions, after it was revealed that the UK Government admits cutting payments harms their health….’


      There are too way too many “special interests” groups trying to wriggle out of sanctions by claiming “vulnerability”: “don’t sanction me I’ve got a kid 😦 “; “don’t sanction me I’ve got ‘mental health’ issues 😦 “, but these ‘vulnerable’ people always seem to survive, and the truth is no matter how they spin it they really couldn’t give a flying fuck about other ‘non-vulnerable’ groups. Incidentally, ‘vulnerable’ is a construct of the previous utterly despicable Labour administration where you were denied even the basic “hardship” payment if you weren’t in a ‘vulnerable’ group.

      And what about ‘non-vulnerable human beings’ such as big, tough, hard-as-fuck David Clapson (RIP)? Did he survive sanctions? No! This ‘vulnerable’ crap is really beginning to grate. END SANCTIONS – WITHOUT EXCEPTION…. or accept them as they are. It is better to have across the board sanctions than sanctions targeting specific groups a la Labour; this is about the only thing the Tories get right. And this is why these ‘special interest’ groups were urging us to Vote Labour GE2015 because they thought the ‘vulnerable’ card would give them some leverage with a DWP headed by “let’s kick the unemployed harder” than the Tories Rachel Reeves.

  45. Some more on the blatant sanctiongate stories from welfareweekly website –

    quote “The photos used are stock photos and along with the names do not belong to real claimants.

    “The stories are for illustrative purposes only.

    “We want to help people understand when sanctions can be applied and how they can avoid them by taking certain actions. Using practical examples can help us achieve this.

    “We have temporarily changed the pictures to silhouettes and added a note to make it more clear that these are illustrative examples only.

    “We will test both versions of the factsheet with claimants and external stakeholders to further improve it in the future. This will include working with external organisations.” unquote


    Will we see the real people on those photos sue both the DWP and government for libel and mis-representation for using their photos without their express written permission under the European Court of Human Rights Act or will drunken the clown pay them off to keep them quiet?

    The fact that the DWP have admitted to using the photos as ‘illustrative examples only’ and the stories were apparently obtained from real JSA claimants’ cases hardens the case for the police to step in and prosecute all those involved with the nasty politics being played out in government and the DWP.

    I thought that all claimant case loads were treated with upmost confidentiality and the JCPs were bound by law never to disclose each claimant’s benefit claim and case load to anybody else, not even to family or friends. Double fucking standards from the tossers in the DWP. Saying they refuse each JSA caseload to be discussed to other people and yet they fucking do it themselves to make up a fairy story to promote the virtues of sanction cases and how they force people into making choices not of their own making.

    It is so fucking obvious that each day that passes, the rules are changed on a whim by JCP staff to make us jump through even more fucking hoops just to obtain what is in effect a lifeline to support us while we try to get back into work. Even the European Courts don’t recognise the DWP sanction regime and the low level of fortnightly JSA payments as under EU law they are both deemed illegal.

    The DWP are acting outside of UK law and EU law where it comes to sanctions and piss-poor benefits. Even the slap-headed drunken the clown refuses to believe in the existence of food banks in this country by thinking that food banks only exist in third world countries. The way that the Nazi tories and IDS are acting, they alone are making the UK a third world country by their illegal actions and words.

    Camoron and IDS need to face trial in The Hague for their crimes against humanity. IDS has blood on his hands each time somebody un-employed or sick commits suicide through loss of benefits for simply not knowing the JCP rule book has changed again another day.

    The rules change so much each day in JCP’s up and down the land their own staff no longer believe what is relevant nor do they even know how to act upon the rules. They should have one set of rules only and fucking stick with them year in and year out, not play fucking patty cake with them for their own amusement.

    • Yeah, and yesterday’s Rectum had a pic of “Harry Clarke”, the driver involved in the Glasgow bin-lorry crash “near his home” with a massive headline: “We will see you swing on the end of a rope”.



    The DWP admits that benefit sanctions harm people’s health

    THE Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has published guidelines to jobcentres acknowledging that social security sanctions actively damage the health of claimants.

    The guidelines state that imposing benefit sanctions for two weeks or more will “usually” damage the health of a claimant. As has been widely reported, many social security sanctions last significantly longer than this, and are sometimes indefinite.

    In a section on dealing with vulnerable members of society, official decision makers (DMs) were advised to consider whether the health and wellbeing of a vulnerable person would be damaged more than the average person.

    The guideline states: “It would be usual for a normal healthy adult to suffer some deterioration in their health if they were without: 1. Essential items such as food, clothing, heating and accommodation, or 2. Sufficient money to buy essential items for a period of two weeks.”


    • How come disabled campaigners like Geoff Reynolds have been deprived of the essentials needed to live for over 2 years?

      No wonder bastards like JUDGE MARK ROWLAND have a lot to answer for.


      • The implication of the Judiciary in the DWP slayings will soon surface, they are all part of the Eugenics master plan.
        Without the help of king pins like Rowland, the theft of benefits from the most vulnerable could never happen.
        Rowland and his ilk are putting the boot in those that they are supposed to be helping.

        Masonic lodges breed hatred for the poor while filling the apron pockets of the affiliate.
        Rowland will be a secret handshaker that thrives on the profits from those he drives to desperation.

        • overburdenddonkey

          the root cause is the WCA..which should be scrapped…
          ‘The Work Capability Assessment….designed to cut your benefits through trickery, but read on to learn how, with advice and support, you can get what you are entitled to. The information here is particularly geared towards applications/ reviews for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), but the same principles apply for applications/ reviews for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and its replacement Personal Independence Payment (PIP). If you are awarded ESA you will either be placed in the Support Group or the Work Related Activity Group – the Support Group not only pays more money but also means you do not have to attend so-called work-focused interviews. ATOS are currently the main company doing the Work Capability Assessments but this all applies whichever company is involved….’

        • My friends told me to investigate this site. The stories are mind blowing.
          If only a small percentage of the electorate really knew what was going on behind their backs i am sure there would be a rebellion.
          For many years i have suspected that the magistrates and judges could hide behind a corkscrew. The conclusions that you people draw can implicate Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service into the deaths of untold benefit recipients.

          Keep up the good work.

          • Landing on this site is like landing on Planet Reality with a hard bump and a shock to the system; a long, long way from the Benefitia Britainia black-hole in the Channellea Fiveita galaxy.

          • there are other sites more shocking than this, but its been hidden from people like you, its a shock seeing the problems, and knowing people who are going through horrible things because of the corrupt system, I myself have seen and spoken to people on the very edge and while i wish i could say something to help, there is little to say.. Marion Hames thanks for visiting and we spread the word the only way we can have a voice..

          • paultheswineherd

            Hi Marion,
            Thank you for visiting this site and for catching up upon what is ‘actually’ happening to so many people in Britain today.
            So far, you will have been prevented from seeing what is actually going on. Our TV/Radio broadcasters, as well as the ‘tabloid’ newspapers are to a great extent, influenced and and also controlled by their ‘masters’ – whether it be Rupert Murdoch/and/or the top BBC/Sky bosses to report to ‘you’ as a member of the ‘public’ that everything is fine – the Conservatives are in ‘full’ control of the ‘public’ finances. They are NOT.
            The ‘public’ finances are in ‘dire’ street (but ‘they’ do not want you to know that fact). It is all being kept from you, largely by the ‘Media’.
            Unfortunately, at the last General Election, – (partly due to the FPTP electoral system) – you were (and probably a lot of others also) were duped into believing that the Tories were in good control of everything.
            THIS IS NOT THE CASE. They are going to have to sell off loads of ‘public’ assets – paid for by the likes of you and me. I am being paid terrible wages. Although Cornish born, I and my young family now live close to Hereford & because of my poor wages (I work for a local pig farmer!) we applied for and got, Working Tax Credits. If these were cut in the future we would be just about destitute.
            The Tory Government has done nothing for us whatsoever – in fact they are threatening to cut ‘our’ vital support.
            Is it any wonder now that we, as a family now support Jeremy Corbyn?
            I am almost 60 years old and if I was made redundant I would be forced to find something else.
            Labour = Red Tories (they have ‘forgotten their roots’)

            • The internet in the UK is un-controlled, free from regulation and snooping by the Tory bastards and we want it to stay that way. The Tory twats however are threatened by the very fact that the internet is freedom of speech used by all wanting to better the country, and the elite want to control the internet and by doing so control us.

              All media such as newspapers, magazines, BBC, Sky are controlled by state regulation as to what they can and cannot say. Also they are closely monitored by the government who watch every word typed and spoken by the media and if the government don’t like what is said about them the truth is twisted to suit them and certain things are blocked and censored.

              The truth about all news,etc, reported in the world is only ever found on the internet. Not in newspapers or on telly as these outlets are very closely controlled and monitored by GCHQ and the government. Talking of which GCHQ want powers to monitor and store our future emails and skype chats, etc in case they comes across commands and messages between Islamic terrorists or other. Fucking creepy to me.

              • paultheswineherd

                Fen Tiger – You’ve summed it up very well. We have to try to keep the internet uncensored as much as possible as the ‘Media’ and their masters have it all stitched up ‘their’ way so that the truth get buried.
                We just might as well be in North Korea.

          • paultheswineherd

            Marion – something I forgot to add – as well as the ‘truth’ being covered up by the Media (through them & their controlling Masters/Government) I am also very worried about the stealthy & creeping privatisation of ‘our’ NHS. This current Government would very dearly love to sell it off to the likes of large companies, such as UNUM, Atos, Maximus & Capita. The end result would probably be the same as the US – everyone would need a Credit Card/Health Insurance. ‘Obamacare’ came to the USA – we could have our own version – ‘Cameroncare’ – that prospect would fill me and I think the majority of the UK population with total horror.
            Cameron & Hunt both said that the NHS is ‘safe in their hands’ – they would love it to be ‘safe’ in the hands of greedy private companies.

  48. Toddy yes the Judiciary are a law unto themselves. Utterly corrupt as they have been bought off by corporate paymasters in whom they invest that is also why anyone injured at work never gets damages either if they need medical evidence. Scottish lawyers and Judges are insured by the same company as doctors, employers for a reason. All they are doing is treating benefits claimants the way they treat litigants, in that it has all been decided before any hearing. Their end goal is creating humans who are smart enough to do the work and dumb enough to accept shitty conditions. We are going back to the 1930’s. If Scottish Judges are honest who do they not want us to know about their financial arrangements.

    In Scotland the Judges have formidable power and aim to keep it that way.


  49. I was ill two years ago and eventually got a letter to go to Atos. I am lucky my illness was temporary and I knew I would have no points before I was examined as it is not a medical examination just a bureaucracy to get the sick off sickness benefit. When I got a phone call telling me I had no points I told them I did not want to appeal much to the surprise of the person I was speaking to. As we know it is all pre-arranged if you have a slight pulse you are fit for work. All I can say to taxpayers is hope you don’t take a stroke becaus the same regime awaits you. Our lives hang by a thread anyone can be a victim of these bought off politicians.

    • George Carlin (RIP)


    • oh i would have appealed.. anything to cause the system to slow down.. cost the system more and more and if enough of us do it we will bring it down (in addition to direct action)

    • overburdenddonkey

      the WCA needs to be scrapped when appealing and/even claiming one has to put everything into it or you’ll get nowhere…people MUST claim and/or appeal and seek advice on how to do so from grassroots groups as i have taken pains to mention…the system is NOT going to change anytime soon it’s what we are stuck with…. fill and return all forms no matter how unfair one rightly knows that they are, note on the forms one’s objections but also fill in all of one’s reasons for claim and/or gl24 appeal….

  50. George Carlin (RIP)

  51. George Carlin (RIP)

  52. George Carlin (RIP)

    Seems like wordpress/something/someone is blocking George Carlin! WTF!

  53. stitchedupandbroken

    I always think the people commenting upon this sight ‘do complain’. Rightly so. You/me are a minority. We complain,and sometimes the squeaky door gets the oil. I feel for those who can’t/won’t complain. They are either too weak,shy,mentally incapacitated,’believe in the judicial system/government. They are the ones who go without…or are laying in churchyards now. There must be thousands. No,tens of thousands. Gruppenfurher IDS order of the 30pieces o silver award,oak leaf!
    I am not clever enough on this machine,but would love to purchase the Pack of Evil playing cards,albut similar to the playing cards they hd for Saddam Hussein. Ace of Death: IDS. Queen of Spades(Graves): Esther McVey. Others nominated?

  54. Anyone who does Not Despair is Oblivious to Say the Least

  55. paultheswineherd

    Going back into history – Henry 2nd in 1173 said ‘will no one rid me of this turbulent priest’ (i.e. Thomas A’ Becket).
    What I say now is ‘will no one rid us of this and murderous’ Iain Duncan Smith, (in 2015,) the Secretary of State for Works & Pensions.
    “Take this unrepentant bastard now and en bound him now to face justice – forthwith to the magistrates, – nay the Sheriff’s, or the High Court indeed.
    Convict this murderous tyrant to face what the State has to offer”.
    This will, no doubt will be a total aquittal, for absolutely nothing done – by the Judiciary. Murderous and corrupt Judge Rowland is no doubt in charge of the proceedings and the subsequent release of this murderous bastard.
    This shows what it is genuinely like nowadays and I rest my case.
    Bollocks to them all and fuck the whole lot of them.
    Only a wholesale revolt/revolution/will topple these corrupt twats.

  56. paultheswineherd

    And also – If I personally was in the position of these poor unfortunates whose ‘personalities’ and ‘pictures’ were used by the DWP – I would definitely sue the Government/DWP because of the lack of permission to use these images. In law, this would be seen as ‘fraud’ or (in modern parlance in law) as ‘stealing one’s identity and using it unlawfully’
    I would have thought that the Government/DWP may well have a case to answer if this were to be brought to court.
    (If only we were in Scotland – and not in ‘England’)

    And… please have a look at this: (IDS – the arch-murderer of the DWP)

  57. paultheswineherd

    This shameful and totally unrepentant Neo-Nazi, IDS does not care one IOTA. He is still getting his MP’s salary and expenses (and anything else that any other other ‘hard working taxpayer’ will give him).
    If a 9mm round gets put into him and he ends up dead in the future – I for one will not shed one tear. If this should EVER happen, then no doubt Cameron & Osborne et al, will be crying all the way to their banks – (after all it will be saving the public purse)

  58. paultheswineherd

    And also ….on top of everything else – this IDS arsewipe has also falsified his CV. If you, or me, were to do this – it would be considered (by a potential employer if found out), or by the Judiciary to be (in law) a case of fraud.
    IDS has again got away with it all! Once again.
    For fucks sake – how many times more is this wanker going to get away with it all? WHEN is someone going to challenge him and knock him off of his previleged perch?

  59. paultheswineherd

    Latest Sky News: Faisal Islam reporting that Corbyn may have had anti-symetic views (?). Smoke and mirrors from a most right-wing TV Channel.
    They hate the idea that Corbyn may have a chance – and they (Sky News) are now going all out to discredit him.
    Yvette Cooper jumped up and said that he has anti-symetic and anti-gay issues to answer. In my own, personal opinion,
    Sky News are trying to dig up as much shit against him as possible as they DO NOT like the idea that the other right-wing Labour hopefuls could lose out to Corbyn.

  60. Benefit sanctions gave me the boot up the arse I sorely needed. A big thank you to you Iain and all your fantastic staff at the DWP!!

    • i have a holiday coming up. But do i still get my jsa while im on my holiday in the uk ?

      • Welfare Rights Adviser

        Yes, you will! No need to tell the jobcentre unless it conflicts with a signing appointment* though. You are not entitled to JSA, however, if you holiday abroad -as if!, again, no need for the jobcentre to know as long as you arrange dates around jobcentre appointments, and you can always claim ‘sickness’ in any case. Too bad if you are on weekly or on impossibly daily signing.

        * the jobcentre does like to change signing times around, and issue random appointments because they think everyone on benefits is ‘working on the side’

        • sorry, for delayed reply. But, are you saying if i go on homiday in uk i will receive my jsa while on holiday ?

          • Welfare Rights Adviser


          • Welfare Rights Adviser

            But you are allowed only one fortnight of “holiday entitlement” a year!

          • Welfare Rights Adviser

            The jobcentre will also want the address of where you are supposed to staying – not sure if they check if you just make one up – B&B, Blackpool. It be easier not telling the jobcentre and just working the holiday around your signing times; and unless nothing changes/crops up once a holiday is booked. And it does look kind of suspicious saying you can afford a holiday on JSA.

          • Welfare Rights Adviser

            And they will also expect you to be “available” too – just in case a job crops up 😀

          • Welfare Rights Adviser

            Though I don’t know how you can have an address if you are just ‘touring’ or something… 😉

          • Welfare Rights Adviser

            Personally, I wouldn’t tell them though – would just work around signing times 🙂

  61. Dead and Buried in the DWP Cemetery

    I will be ETERNALLY grateful for being sanctioned 😀

  62. Living in a Cardboard Box

    Benefit sanctions helped me get my life back on track. If I hadn’t been sanctioned I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you, thank you Iain Duncan Smith and the wonderful DWP from the very bottom of my heart.

  63. The Alternative to Slavery and Oppression is Human Dignity and
    Social Justice

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  65. It is Not the Poor who are the Scroungers it is the Selfish Rich who Need to Justify Themselves

    Some Politicians do Not have a Brain and thus are UnFit to Hold Office

    My Blood Boils with Rage at the Arrogance of certain Politicians in the Ivory Tower ofWestminster who know Nothing of Austerity.

    There is One Politician in Particular who is an Utter Tosser

  66. paultheswineherd

    IDS: We are presently in the process of actively tracking you down to make sure that you answer for your crimes to the vulnerable, the poor, the sick and the disabled people of Britain. You may have hidden, but you will be found. Your clock my (not friend) is still ticking.
    You will pay and you will pay for it all very soon.

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