#WEcan Expose The Wannabe Tory Councillor Behind The DWP’s Workfare Campaign

After failing to become a Tory Councillor Laura-Jane Rawlings decided she was the voice of youth employment instead

After failing to become a Tory Councillor Laura-Jane Rawlings decided she was the voice of youth employment instead

It’s been a humiliating week for the DWP on social media.  Yesterday hundreds of people used the hashtag #fakeDWPstories to take the piss out of the them after Welfare Weekly revealed that they were inventing case studies in support of benefit sanctions.

Whilst all this was taking place the DWP were desperately trying to rescue their #WEcan campaign which had also become a laughing stock on twitter.  This was a shabby attempt to promote unpaid work schemes, and came with a gushing press release promising that up to 12,000 young people would be posting ‘workies’ and sharing their stories of unpaid work experience.  Those 12,000 young people were supposed to come from their campaign partners Youth Employment UK (@YEUKYouth).  They never turned up.  Fucking kids eh.

At first glance Youth Employment UK appear to be exactly what they say, which is “The Voice for Youth Employment in the UK”.  On twitter yesterday they claimed that both the organisation, and the woman who runs it, are politically neutral and all they care about is helping young people get jobs.  They emphatically denied that their Chief Executive, Laura-Jane Rawlings, is a Tory.  That tweet has now been deleted.

In truth Laura-Jane Rawlings stood as a Conservative candidate in the 2011 Corby Council elections.  She lost and shortly afterwards set up Youth Employment UK.  And be in no doubt, Laura-Jane Rawlings is Youth Employment UK.  She is the sole director, the website is registered to her and even one of her claimed corporate patrons – plotr – is a company run by her.

Her qualification for this lofty position as The Voice for Youth Employment is that she’s a life coach.  In a nice little sideline business if you pay her £35 quid she will talk to you on the phone for 50 minutes.  Her coaching, according to her, is inspired by the discredited pseudo-science neuro-linguistic programming along with counselling and Cognitive Behavoir Therapy – neither of which she seems to be qualified in.  As she boasts on her website, she isn’t really qualified in anything at all.

But of course none of that matters if you know the right people in the Conservative Party and are prepared to say the right things.  Yesterday she gave a cautious welcome to the announcement that young unemployed people are to be sent on bootcamps or face benefit sanctions.  She sounds far more like the voice of the Conservative Party pretending to be neutral than she does the voice of youth employment.  And she has been well rewarded for it.  Whilst Youth Employment UK say they have not been paid by the DWP for the #WEcan campaign, they have received a huge of amount of free advertising including national media coverage.

Youth Employment UK claim to be led by their young members and youth ambassadors rather than just a Tory spiv with a big mouth.  If this is the case then those young people need to know they are ripping off themselves and millions of their fellow young people by endorsing workfare and benefit sanctions.  There is no evidence that Work Experience schemes help people get jobs.  A recent DWP evaluation found that young people who refused workfare were more likely to find work than those who went on the scheme.   Demand a wage and join the fight to destroy workfare.

Visit Boycott Workfare’s website for more info on the fight against unpaid work.

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407 responses to “#WEcan Expose The Wannabe Tory Councillor Behind The DWP’s Workfare Campaign

  1. As a Life Coach does she claim a 95% success rate in curing life?

  2. hmmm

    Isn’t there a pattern forming here?

    First we have our friend who got 50K stuffed into his back pocket for NLP and curing the medically incurable [truly a miracle in it self – I wonder what the Medical Council thinks?]

    Now we have another sponger pop up doing NLP…

    I would wonder if like the aforementioned also got a nice 50K back pocket payment…

    How many more like this are there out there we don’t know about?

    • That ole’ devil IDS is throwing money to the wind with abandonment like no tomorrow, as if he has an endless pit stuffed with £50 notes. That money has obviously come from stolen benefits he had the audacity to authorise. Fucking lunatic needs to be sectioned before more deaths occur in his power-mad sanction killing machine.

    • something survived...

      NLP and CBT: At the place where the DWP are sending me for CBT, which is at a place for the mentally ill (though they know I’m not), one of the volunteers (not a service user or ‘inmate’) says he is a Reiki practitioner. He believes in loads of weird conspiracy theories and rants all day nonstop about them, making him look like he’s a service user not a member of staff. He has said some quite bigoted things so far, and factually incorrect statements. He says as well that anything even poverty (it’s not a disease!) can be cured by alternative therapies. And (though qualified therapists should know this is totally illegal) he is going around saying he can cure cancer!

      • something survived...

        PS for updates on what happened to me, re-read the Void article on ‘psychocrats’ defining poverty as a mental illness.

        • What happened something survived? You accidentally delete your bookmark to the Void, your work roach have you sectioned or something… ?

        • s. survived ~ redefinition: the order of the day. “… [most] other people would be differently (less) affected than you: QED, “Your account of what you’re experiencing isn’t, “in my professional opinion”, ‘real’ (read “true'”). Gloria Gaynor might have something to say …

  3. Laura-Jane Rawlings – yet another wannabe who has spotted the potential to jump on the growing Work Programme gravy train and all of the millions on pounds wasted on it so she can live comfortably knowing all the misery this tory cock-up is causing doesn’t affect her, and nor does she give a flying fuck about.

    It’s only a matter of time before she puts together a website on the same lines as ‘startsmilingagain’ and peddles herself as a charlatan lifestyle guru with the power to change people’s lives for the better and claim that being happy is the key to getting a job under the knackered work programme.

    IDS and his pen-pushing numb-nuts must be rubbing their sweaty hands in glee with the promise she could pull in even more money for the tory turds through an extension of the work programme called ‘brainwashing you into eternal happiness’.

    Somebody should stop these greedy fuckers in power and all those others crawling out from under the rock from destroying lives and killing people through illegal sanctions and un-authorised health lifestyle guru brainwashing cobblers.

    • Santa Hates You

      Fen Tiger – You’ve totally hit the nail on the head with this post – brilliant!.

      • something survived...

        But jobs – most jobs these days and especially if zero-hours – don’t make you happy. They make you knackered, zombified, pissed off, feeling like shit. Yelling or snapping at friends. Too tired to remember to do important shit like pay bills or deal with debts. You tumble into your probably shitty home after another day of your shit job, practically comatose. In full knowledge that every day will be like this until you lose your shitty job or die. Even if you are making ‘loadsamoney’ and have a posh place you are probably not genuinely happy. Or necessarily a nice person…

        Home owners could be two missed mortgage payments from sleeping in doorways. And the stress of that knowledge must affect health. Without health, your job performance slides till you’re fired for getting ill, then told by DWP you are fit for work!

        • Santa hates you

          Something survived – Been there and got the T-shirt on feeling like shit. I worked for an organisation that drilled every last effort out my body and mind until after 4 years of doing this shit, fucked my work performance up due to depression. My employer then decided to suspend me from work for months under the lame excuse that I had sent a sexual harassment note to a colleague in my own handwriting! The note was not addressed to anyone, not dated, or made any sexual references towards this colleague. Equally, I had a completely satisfactory work record up until that point. During this period of suspension I had a complete mental breakdown. My doctor said I had clinical depression. I told my employer about my mental illness and they then said I must resign under a legally binding agreement so I would get a decent reference or they would dismiss me for sexual harassment. By that stage I was beaten and so resigned as I knew they wanted to get rid of me. Since then, having lost my job like this and my mental health, the DWP was in no way understanding to my plight.

          To them I’m rubbish. Given what’s happened in me, I suppose they have a point.

        • something survived… Where’ve you been? I had my fears about your fate, but I see you’re still alive and kicking. 😀

  4. All those tory turds know what to do with the work programme and everything else that has gone before it. Stick it up their fat asses. None of these half-assed schemes ever work and yet they seem to think these stupid piss-take placement programmes do good.

  5. Their lies and double dealing just keep on giving don’t they!


    The female guards at Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and Ravensbrück are less well known than their male counterparts, but they were no less brutal

    ‘[They] hit the prisoners, who were almost as thin as skeletons with a thick stick … withholding of food and beatings, [they] also made the prisoners stand for hours’

    Scenes like this were inflicted by thousands of SS guards who reigned terror upon millions of prisoners interned in the hundreds of concentration camps throughout the Nazi regime. Names such as Josef Kramer, Rudolf Hoess and Theodor Eicke have become synonymous with such atrocities. Yet, to the female prisoners held in camps such as Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and Ravensbrück, the names Irma Grese, Maria Mandl and Dorothea Binz – amongst many others – instilled as much, if not more, panic and fear than those of the SS men. In fact, the scene described above was committed by the Aufseherin (female overseer) Lehmann at Ravensbrück concentration camp, and was far from unusual in the female sections of camps.

    Of the 37,000 SS guards who actively participated in the daily suffering, torture and death of the internees, approximately 10 per cent were female overseers. Some of these overseers, including Irma Grese, were sentenced to death along with their male colleagues for ‘murder’ and ‘crimes and atrocities against the laws of humanity’
    – See more at: http://www.historytoday.com/lauren-willmott/real-beast-belsen-irma-grese-and-female-concentration-camp-guards#sthash.BflV7LHA.dpuf

    • Steven Speilberg

      Irma Grese used to strut around the camp naked, and if any of the (male) prisoners so much as took a side-ways glance at her they were shot dead on the spot!

  7. How in the bloody hell do these people get these roles? Are they sleeping with someone who knows someone? do they put these jobs on the U.J.M site ( I haven’t seen it ,mind you i haven’t seen any well paid jobs that this department keeps employing) A bloody life coach these people don’t know fuck about our lives or the problems and yet she has all the answers….. Must be a bloody stupid question if she has the answer.
    Where do they get them?….but l do know who pays for them!

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  9. Another cunt without a conscience. I’m fed up with these evil bastards and their wicked ways. Where will all of this take us before things improve for us all. Will it ever improve. Unlikely i’m afraid as the nutters are in charge and they have only just started to rev up the engines aided and abetted by the media and so called Labour opposition in westminster. All this while the queen sits on her fat fucking arse.

  10. “Comment from eighteen year old school leaver, Natalie”

    “Being an active participant in YUCK, changed my life completely, reaching the tins on the higher shelves allowed me to further pursue my ambition of becoming a mountain climber”
    “Nineteen year old, Max said”;

    “YUCK brought out the best in me, peddling 23 miles to work on my sisters bike to work night shift on zero hours in complete darkness without any employment rights, helped me find my feet.
    “21 year old, Emily said”;

    “Don’t knock it till you try it, gaining this magnificent insight how it was possible to sweat for so long in Tesco’s while those around me were getting paid, fed my craving to go shoplifting”

    • Toddy: LOL!

    • Aw love it, Toddy.

    • Santa Hates You


      • something survived...

        25 year old Dom said he loved working for nowt in Tesco and being told what to do by 16-year-olds with shit for brains. ‘With my benefits being stopped, I am getting nothing, but still have to sign on and do this workfare. It’s great to stack economy baked beans I can’t afford a can of, when I have not eaten for four days. I have to climb on steps but have told the boss I am dizzy from not eating. He said he might report me to DWP for saying that. I am really grateful to him for pointing out my failings as a human being. Our line supervisor is an almighty bitch and she has started calling us fatty, dumbo, ginger, crip, Jock, bud-bud, and ‘the gay one’ to the other staff and to our faces. Because she is our supervisor we can’t say anything in case the DWP get us sanctioned. She doesn’t like the way I stack things apparently. Perhaps I should have done a GCSE in it?’

  11. paultheswineherd

    This really says it it all does’nt it!
    A wannabbee Tory bitch – so full of herself (after losing her election poll) that she has the absolute audacity to set up a company to take as much money as possible, from the ‘hard-working taxpayer’ of Britain. These, ‘tax-payers’ (such as myself) who have to get up at ‘silly-o-clock’ to get to my pig farmer employer (outside Hereford) and work a full day at minimum wage. I, for one have been a ‘victim’ of a ‘Tory’ Government in the past – working a ‘full-time week’ for ‘benefits’ + £10 per week + travelling expenses. The poor, the vulnerable, the sick & disabled – after all, I could be one of ‘these’ in the future – and the Tories – ‘fuck the poor, the vulnerable, the sick and the disabled’ Look after the very rich – the non-tax-payers, the bankers and the shareholders, the multinationals, the House of Lords and the Judiciary.
    If I was a millionairre I would sue all of these bastards and give the money to all that they have pilloried.

  12. Another Fine Mess

    An article from 2013, despite having 2,600 views only got 1 ‘like’.

    “It’s not all doom and gloom out there. According to Laura Jane Rawlings from Youth Employment UK there are employers in certain areas that are desperate to hire. So brush up your CV, these people need you.”

    If they really were desperate to hire then they wouldn’t be bothered whether your CV was brushed up or not.


      19 August 2015

      Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

      On the Government website you have Community Work Placement case
      studies from Leon and Lee.

      1. Community Work Placement:

      2. Leon’s case study:

      3. Lee’s case study:

      In light of a recent FOI to Welfare Weekly admitting that case
      studies in a benefit sanctions leaflet were fake, are these
      examples genuine or merely illustrative?

      Yours faithfully,

      Andy Mitchell

      • Another Fine Mess

        I’d bet on them being just “illustrative”, ie. cobblers.

        “Lee’s work coach sourced a Community Work Placement for him as a driver’s mate and delivery operative at a waste disposal, recycling and delivery social enterprise in the north of England.”
        “The staff at his placement provider gave Lee a lot of advice and support, helping him to focus his job search activities and putting him forward for a job at a global medical technology business”

        Yeah right.

        • something survived...

          And working on a bin van will get you a job selling medical supplies, how exactly?

          ‘5 foot Latifa was forced to take an unpaid job lifting wheelie bins. However she found that a lot of the rubbish she was expected to deal with contained used drug needles. When one luckily stuck into her one day, she was inspired with a brilliant business plan. Sure, she was now HIV-positive; but that was defeatist talk according to her Life Coach. They visited her house daily to check A) That her mandatory picture of IDS was on the wall and that she wasn’t using it as toilet paper or a dartboard B) To observe her on film praying to it 5 times a day. Meanwhile her idea had taken off. She is now a self employed businesswoman who collects and distributes dirty needles. “We put them in an oil drum, shake them around, then pull them out at random. You never know what you’ll get. All those other needle exchanges were boring, using only clean new needles and costing too much money. We put stickers on for your kids to get into it too.” IDS recently sanctioned her for being away having her T-cells checked. While working in an alley scooping up the needles, Latifa was raped one day. The rapist was on a community litter picking placement nearby and had been stalking Latifa for weeks. She got pregnant and is about to become a single mother to a rapist’s HIV-positive baby. But as soon as it can walk, she plans to get it picking up dirty needles. It’s all part of the return to good old Victorian Underworld London values and lifestyle. Bring back hanging!’

        • Community Work Placement - A Journey

          Fen Tiger’s Community Work Programme Journey*

          “Fen Tiger’s work coach secured a placement for them at a paint re-processing plant.

          Fen says that they are really enjoying their work especially as it fits into their career objectives. Fen’s job centre work coach keeps in regular contact so ensure that the placement continues to meet their needs and speedily resolve any issues that may arise.

          Fen says a big thank you to their job centre work coach and Seetec for securing the placement and especially to ACCORN re-cycling for giving them the opportunity to prove themselves within a state-of-the-art production facility.”

          * for illustrative purposes only

          • I forgot to mention that I ended up as manager of that paint recycling project following the end of my Work Programme Placement there through Seetec. If only, then I could tell all of them at the JCP and seetec in person to go and fuck themselves for being absolute greedy cunts exploiting people like me.

      • The web links for those DWP endorsed fake case studies are no longer available on the gov.uk website. Now I wonder why this is…

    • Santa Hates You

      As an addition to this, Rawlings hasn’t got a fucking clue how the job market work as many employers prefer jobseekers to complete application forms rather than submitting CVs and Cover letters as it forms the basis of their selection process. Also Rawlings could get enough votes during an election because put simply – she’s a fucking Tory arsehole.

  13. Daniel Margrain

    An excellent blog. This is very informative stuff and highlights the corruption underpinning power. It’s always the ‘stick’ for those at the bottom, never the ‘carrot. I wrote about this in my latest blog piece. Kindly take 2 minutes of your time and have a read. Thanks.

  14. Another Fine Mess

    Just imagine, if you went for a walk of 5 miles each day, by the end of the week you’d be 35 miles away from home.
    If you put a clean pair of socks on every day, then by the end of the week you won’t be able to get your shoes on.

    If you need any more free Life Coaching hints or tips let me know.


    WELFARE campaigners are calling on the Scottish Government to intervene to protect people affected by benefit sanctions, after it was revealed that the UK Government admits cutting payments harms their health.

    The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) publishes guidance to the job centre officials who decide whether claimants should have their payments stopped.

    The rules appear to state that doing so for even two weeks will “usually” damage the claimant’s health. Some sanctions last longer than this, or are effectively indefinite.

    The Black Triangle Campaign, which lobbies for the rights of disabled people, said the guidelines were appalling and a “perversion” of discrimination laws, while a child poverty campaigner said they were beyond belief.

    In a section dealing with vulnerable people, officials termed decision makers (DMs) are advised to consider whether the vulnerable person’s health would be harmed more than the average person.

    The guidance says: “It would be usual for a normal healthy adult to suffer some deterioration in their health if they were without: 1. essential items such as food, clothing, heating and accommodation, or 2. sufficient money to buy essential items for a period of two weeks.”

    A vulnerable person is one who would suffer more than this, it suggests, adding: “The DM must decided if the health of the person with the medical condition would decline more than a normal healthy adult.”

    John McArdle, of the Black Triangle Campaign, said: “What decent civilised person would look at that and be anything other than utterly appalled by it?

    “Even if it were acceptable, we believe DMs are not qualified to make these sort of judgements.”

    • Try and imagine what it does to a disabled human being over a period of more than two years?
      Bent judges have nowhere to hide.

      We are coming for you, each and every one who put a claimant in peril to feather your own little nests.

      • This is killing people, and the government knows it.

        They’re sufficiently embarrassed to try to cover it up. They appealed against the FOI request for statistics, and stopped collecting them too.

        But just because starving poor people to death is a little politically sensitive, it’s not going to stop them doing it. These aren’t Tory voters who are dying after all (!)

        • Mugabi is doing the exact same thing in Zimbabwe and even the UK Government hypocritically criticises him for it.
          But now I understand why they don’t actually sanction him or do anything to remove him from power.
          It must be like looking into a mirror.

          • Taking away the minimum people need to survive cannot ever be justified for any reason. In a civilised society IDS would be in jail.

            • overburdenddonkey

              Click to access UKXX2_en.pdf

              Conclusion; The Committee concludes that the situation in United Kingdom is not in conformity with Article 12§1 of the Charter on the ground that:
               the minimum levels of short-term and long-term incapacity benefit is manifestly inadequate;
               the minimum level of state pension is manifestly inadequate;
               the minimum level of job seeker’s allowance is manifestly inadequate

        • There was a debate in the Scottish Parliament discussing bad/good work, income/lack of income on people’s health on the BBC Parliament channel yesterday. One of the comments was that an increase in JSA would increase jobseekers life expectancy. It then follows that reducing JSA or even stopping it wholesale will reduce jobseekers life expectancy. And this the whole point of sanctions – sanctions are designed to kill – on purpose! They want you DEAD!



        • People walking around (here) in the middle of an allegedly thriving, bustling and growing city – visibly without enough to eat, asking for 20p for something to eat …

          • JCP/DWP and the Mindfuckers

            Start smiling again….. as you are slowly being starved to death!

          • My mum gets free burger vouchers or 2 for 1.. from some of the shops she goes in, and she gives them away to people in need… at least macdonalds is warm and slightly filling i have lived a long time and i have never seen it this bad..

    • “The guidance says: “It would be usual for a normal healthy adult to suffer some deterioration in their health if they were without: 1. essential items such as food, clothing, heating and accommodation, or 2. sufficient money to buy essential items for a period of two weeks.”” – tantamount to the DWP admitting that sanctions are detrimental to their victim’s health!

  16. ‘14 San Francisco cops’ gang up on homeless man ‘armed’ with crutches (VIDEO)
    Published time: 18 Aug, 2015 04:10
    Edited time: 19 Aug, 2015 13:06
    Get short URL
    © Bobbie Johnson
    © Bobbie Johnson / YouTube
    It took about a dozen San Francisco Police Department officers to take down and restrain a one-legged, black homeless man, armed with crutches and apparently dangerous. The incident is the latest embarrassment for the US police, who face constant accusations of unreasonable use of force.

      • Another Tory clown spouting their lippy mouth off to try and win votes from the person in the street. She’ll go a long way with a top level promotion in the DWP if she ever continues to open her mouth with discriminatory babble such as this.

  17. There are Decent People and There are Utter Scum

    Forced Labour Unpaid is Slave Labour

    Britons Need to Stop being Slavery Collaborating Zombies

    • Judges like Rowland are utter scum.

      • Yes, twats like Judge Rowland make me laugh, playing God with peoples lives is the new norm.
        Coming out with sentences of bullshit in order to deprive the disabled of the right to live.

        Must make the imbecile feel important because i bet everybody around him actually hate his guts.

      • Yes self regulating scum who for the most part are above the law.

  18. JCP/DWP and the Mindfuckers

    Start smiling again… as you are slowly being starved to death!


      A spokeswoman for the DWP said the guidelines did not mean that the department accepted sanctions would usually harm people’s health. However, asked for an alternative interpretation she said she was unable to provide one.

      …………………lost for words, the hidden welfare mortality statistics say more than enough.

      • THERE was a time, aeons ago, that a government minister whose department was caught out telling bare faced lies would have had to resign for it. They’d have been slapped down and forced to make a grovelling apology to the House of Commons. That’s why cabinet ministers are paid so much more, because they are supposed to be responsible and the buck stops with them. They’re supposed to be accountable. But Iain won’t receive any sanctions for an action that would have resulted in a benefits claimant being sanctioned. It’s only the poor and the weak who have to suffer the consequences, not the rich and the powerful. That’s the real lesson of Iain’s sanction regime. We are governed by an unaccountable class which doesn’t need to bother with trivialities like truth, or even basic human decency. Iain’s department is also the department which insists that a raped woman prove that her child is a result of rape or she’ll get her benefits capped. And these are the people whose job is to ensure a basic standard of living for all citizens.

        These are the reasons why Jeremy Corbyn is attracting such support, why the SNP has crushed all opposition, why the British state is teetering on the verge and may not survive. It doesn’t deserve to survive. It’s a disgrace to common humanity.



    WHEN Scotland finally gets its independence, I hope it is written in to our laws that any politician, person of influence or media outlet editor found to be purposefully misrepresenting figures, trying to influence the outcome of studies/reports or blatantly lying to the public for self-interest or the interests of a lobbying group, can and will be jailed plus be banned from holding any similar positions in the future.
    I don’t believe we have as many unscrupulous individuals at Holyrood as there are at Westminster but I would like to safeguard against anyone like IDC ever being able to have control or influence over our nation.
    He and his kind are the vilest type of scum. They see every one not of their privileged positons as a subspecies and therefore are not concerned about the affects their deceit and manipulations are having on the population.
    They are the parasitical subspecies and we need to eradicate them from the world of politics.

    • “More lies expected from ids to hide real extent of welfare related deaths”

      The Government will reveal statistics for the number people who have died while claiming benefits next week, in a partial victory for campaigners.

      Tory Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith waged a legal battle to keep the figures secret even in the face of a ruling demanding their release.

      The department today announced a series of documents will be published on Thursday August 27th, detailing the number of deaths for people on out-of-work benefits, Employment and Support Allowance, Incapacity Benefit or Severe Disablement Allowance.

      But campaigners worry the Government intend to ‘fudge’ the figures – releasing them in a form that’s impossible to compare to previous releases.



        • “Carry on the good work, Mike”

          Mike Sivier, the blogger whose Freedom of Information Request sparked the DWP’s panic, said the release is unlikely to include the actual number of deaths.

          Instead, the department has signalled that they’ll publish “Age-Standardised Mortality Rates (ASMR)” – ratios of deaths of claimants when compared with the population as a whole.

          The last time they published similar statistics in 2012, they published the total number of deaths. Some 10,600 people died between January and November 2011 while claiming Incapacity Benefit or Employment and Support Allowance.

          Mike Sivier said: “It is remarkable that, after three years of inactivity, the Conservative Government has rushed these ‘fudged’ figures into publication so soon after I won an appeal against the Department for Work and Pensions, meaning the actual numbers – not the ASMR fudge – would have to be published.”

          It’s understood the figures won’t include the number of claimants who have died while under benefit sanctions – something that more than 200,000 people have demanded in a recent online petition.

          Meanwhile, the DWP has appealed the against a decision to demand they publish the total number of deaths.

          They’ll take it to an Information Rights Tribunal, to be heard on November 10.

          When contacted, the DWP would not confirm what format the publication would be in.

          But in their appeal, barristers for the DWP said the department was preparing the numbers in the ‘ratio’ format.


            Atos Refuse To Disclose Disability Benefit Assessment Profits

            “They had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the Scottish Parliament in the first place – and now it is clear they were just fobbing us off with promises that they had no intention of keeping.

            “ATOS are happy enough to do the UK Government’s dirty work by carrying out assessments that can lead to sanctions on welfare payments for disabled people – and they must now come clean on how much money they are making from this contract.

            “The Tory Government ministers hide from answering questions Scotland’s Parliament – but the sooner the organ grinder Iain Duncan Smith comes here to explain his decisions, which make life so difficult for so many vulnerable and hardworking Scots, the better.”


  20. Today Mark’s the Anniversary of the Battle of Romania in 1944 AD.

    This was a Soviet Victory of the Red Army against the Nazis
    and Resulted in Bulgaria turning against the Nazis whilst a Coup
    in Romania lead to Romania going over to the Allies.

    The Brutality and Cruelty of the Nazis should be Remembered
    wherever in Russia or other Countries

  21. Today also Mark’s the 75th Anniversary of Winston Churchill Speech
    Namely ” Never was so much Owed by so Many by so Few ” in 1940 AD.

    The Courage of the Few in Opposing the Tyranny of the Nazi Regime
    in Germany Contrasts with the Cowardice of the Many in Collaboration
    by Non Resistance .

  22. Another Fine Mess

    Public relations body investigating DWP fake welfare claimants leaflet
    CIPR has written to members who work at DWP to find out if they had any part in producing document which featured two non-existent benefits claimants

    • CIPR’s appear to have standards of ethical conduct does the PCS union?

      • something survived...

        Since they wrote a bullshit leaflet, can we write a bullshit ‘record of jobsearch’?

        • Idiotic Drunken Shite has got a bullshit CV and yet he landed a right cushy top job deciding who gets hammered with the Bedroom Tax and illegal benefit sanctions. Fucking right ugly cunt he is whom I wouldn’t want to meet on a dark night.

          If I falsified my CV to land a cushy, well paid job I would have been sacked for gross mis-conduct and would automatically lose any JSA for a minimum three years. How the fuck did the DWP let in a monster such as loony Smith, or are they all fucking brain dead cunts in the first place? I expect you’d have to be a brain dead zombie to work there in the first place or you were rejected for every other job going for simply having a fake CV, in the same manner as the slap-headed wanker they call ‘sir’ or ‘overlord high grand master’

  23. overburdenddonkey

    these people build on a lie, block past, to cause dependency on remembrancer and is therefore behaviourism..which destroys self esteem, tells one one is not getting it right and should listen to them for a price….

  24. overburdenddonkey

    #LabourPurge is up there….

    • The Labour Party’s Beer Hall Putsch.

    • OBD: Off topic but ill ask here as you may know, living in Scotland. If you’re cited as a witness in a court case do you have to go? I told the police i wasn’t willing to give evidence when they asked me. Then i got this friggin’ citation to appear as a witness through the post. I’m bloody raging about it as my evidence is no evidence at all. I don’t even see why they want me to attend. It’s BS!!!

      Bloody pathetic.

      • overburdenddonkey

        yes, i would think so…best check with cab…

        • Yeah the thing is a policewoman took a statement from me and asked if i was willing to appear at court. Indicates that there is an option not to. Thing is if i don’t go i don’t want a warrant out for my arrest!!! LOL!

      • McCaber and Co. (Criminal Defence Solicitors)

        It depends if you are a defence or a crown witness. If you are a witness for the defence it is the defence lawyer who has to cite you; your citation will be delivered by a sheriff officer or whatever they are called these days, and if you don’t turn up in all likelihood nothing will happen. But if you are witness for the Crown then you will be be cited by the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service and to give your citation added weight it will be hand-delivered by the Police with an accompanying threat of 21 days in prison if you don’t turn up. Not sure if anything would happen if you didn’t turn up, it would probably depend on the individual case and circumstances, if a Sheriff/Judge would issue and arrest warrant. Reluctant witnesses don’t make good witnesses. Depending on how critical the testimony was they would probably just call the case again or just drop it.

        Another thing to note if you are down as a Crown witness the police will have taken a statement, and it is up to the defence agent to secure one.
        But if you are a defence witness the police will pursue you for a statement. Generally this means that there will be loud banging at your door two to threes days before the trial (generally just after the shift change at 7am, 3pm and 11pm).

        You should never give a statement to the police if you aren’t willing to be a witness in court; one could also ask why on earth are you giving statements to the police in the first place. Are you assuming that the accused in going to plead guilty, something the police always say to address these concerns: “I wouldn’t worry about appearing in court; they always plead guilty”. It all fine and dandy making statements to the police but if you lack the moral fibre to face those you readily accuse in court then you need to think again.

        • McCaber and Co. (Criminal Defence Solicitors)

          Generally this means that there will be loud banging at your door two to threes days before the trial (generally just after the shift change at 7am, 3pm and 11pm). – just to be clear the police will call 3 times a day – this is standard procedure.

        • McCaber and Co. (Criminal Defence Solicitors)

          Off topic but the procedure of the police proves how unfair and one-sided the criminal (in)justice system. They do this so that the Crown will know in advance what the defence case it – and it is the police that they send round to get a statement. As for the defence we are left with usually the services of a private detective to secure a statement.

          And the Crown as a matter of course never furnishes the defence with the prosecutions statements. We have to wait for a pre-trail hearing in order to ask the Sheriff/Judge to rule that the Crown must provide full disclosure. Of course the Crown, as a matter of course, will always object to full disclosure. Without full disclosure it is practically impossible to prepare a defence.

        • LOL! Hahahaha! Thanks McCaber.

        • Interesting, it has now been revealed that Police State Scotland didn’t take a statement from “Harry Clarke”, or “Rudolph” as he was known in hospital to protect his privacy, the driver involved in the Glasgow bin lorry crash. How utterly peculiar is that! Echoes yet again of politicised justice system. What say you wee Nicola?

          • The Scottish Scum

            Tomorrow in your Scottish Scum
            Harry Clarke: My Story – the Untold Story. Harry Clarke speaks exclusively to your Scottish Scum!

          • 32 Tonne driver

            Good on Harry for letting these cunty advocate depute prosecutor bastards, Dorothy fucking Bain and those other cunts who would have you sent down for knicking a box of choc ices. Well done, Harry for dodgy every trick in the prosecutor’s book: “just between you and me, Harry, one to one”. It is not a fucking pub – it is a court of law. It is not like letting these prosecutor cunts – and what the fuck were these cunts doing at a Fatal Accident Inquiry in the first place – get another scalp is going to bring back the dead anyway. It is the cunty toff system that holds us all over a barrel that is to blame for these tragic deaths.

            • 32 Tonne driver

              Good on Harry for letting these cunty advocate depute prosecutor bastards take a flying fuck to themselves!

              • And just when the fuck are we going to have an inquiry into the murders being carried out day-in day-out by the DWP?

            • Fear of losing your job/livelihood, fear of being unable to find alternative employment, fear of having to sign-on and being sent to your death on some fucking death-trap workfare scheme?…. Wonder how much these over-paid parasitical advocate bastards got paid for this?

              • I Despair At Zombie Judge Who Has Let This Criminal Driver Free!
                Innocent Victims Have Been Killed! Where Are Their Human Rights? Yes To The Death Penalty!

                • NoOppression

                  We Demand The Death Penalty Criminal Drivers! Drivers Who Speed And Use Their Mobile Phone Are Criminal Scum! We Demand The Death Penalty For Speeding Drivers And Drivers Who Use Their Phone! Criminal Drivers Must Face The Death Penalty! Let Us Start Respecting The Human Rights Of Victims Of Criminal Drivers! Down With Soft Zombie Judges! We Demand The Death Penalty For Criminal Drivers!

            • 32 tonne!? You need to go on a diet, mate 😀

            • I do not wish to answer that question

              😀 😀

            • I do not wish to answer that question!

              😀 😀 😀 😀

            • I do not wish to answer that question!

              Yeah, H’s ‘evidence’ was a master-class in how to side-step the advocate depute prosecutor knob-heads and their futile attempts to ‘extract’ a ‘confession’. Those smart-ass fucking knob heads seriously under-estimated H lol 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

              • Down With Zombie Judges Who Let Drivers Who Break The Law Go Free! Where Are The Human Rights For Victims Of Drivers Who Break The Law? Where Are The Human Rights For The Victims Of Speeding Motorists And Drivers Who Use Their Mobile Phone? We Demand The Death Penalty For Drivers Who Break The Law!

          • Where Are The Human Rights Of The Victims Mown Down By This Criminal Driver? Yes To Social Justice! Harry Clarke Must Face The Death Penalty!

          • I Despair Of The Zombie Judge Who Let This Killer Go Free! The Same Zombie Judges Who Let Murderers, Rapists, Muggers, Abusers Of Disabled Persons, Thugs, Racists And Islamophobes Go Free! I Despair Of Our Zombie Society Who Sit On Their Hands, Do Nothing And Let This Happen!

            Where Are The Human Rights Of The Innocent Victims Mown Down By This Killer Bin Lorry Driver? We Demand The Death Penalty For Drivers Who Kill!

            We Demand The Death Penalty For Murderers, Rapists, Muggers, Abusers Of Disabled Persons, Thugs, Racists And Islamophobes Yes To Social Justice! Yes To The Death Penalty!

  25. Good!! Now all the New Labour arseholes, plus the other three candidates in this election, can go and join the Conservative party as that’s where they’re most suited.


  26. Schoolboy Michael McLean dies after industrial accident in Inverurie

    A schoolboy on work placement has died after an industrial accident in Aberdeenshire.

    Michael McLean, 17, was found unconscious at Denholm Oilfield Services in Inverurie on Friday.

    His life-support machine was later switched off at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. Michael, from Kincorth in Aberdeen, was on his last day of a summer placement.

    The teenager’s father, Mark McLean, works at the company.

    A company spokesman said the everyone at the “close-knit” firm was “absolutely devastated”.

    The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is investigating.

    • I can’t see the Work programme provider who sent the poor lad to a death trap being shut down by the HSE for a shocking dangerous breach of the Health & Safety At Work Act.

      Money is everything and comes before human life when it comes to ALL fucking Nazi scum work programme providers. The poor lad will be lucky to get buried in an old tea chest if the WPP was to pay for the funeral. Scammy Tory cunt WPP bastards.

  27. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/08/20/exclusive-parody-band-the_n_8013958.html Spoof band The Iain Duncan Smiths has recorded a version of a Smiths classic satirising the Government controversy over faked benefits claimant testimonies..

    The recording, What Difference Does It Make (If All Our Testimonies Are Fake)?, is inspired by the Department for Work and Pensions admitting that claimants comments used in an official benefit sanctions leaflet were fabricated.

    Lyrics include “the DWP will find work for idle sods like you” and “so I’ll still lie to you, oh ho ho!”.

  28. Finland considers basic income to reform welfare system.

    The Finnish government is considering a pilot project that would see the state pay people a basic income regardless of whether they work.



    Simon Danczuk

    Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk received £10,000 for an article he “contributed” just five hours of his time too – £2,000 an hour. The payment was received by the Labour MP from the Murdoch owned News Group Newspapers, publisher of the Tory supporting newspaper, The Sun.

    The figure was revealed in the Register of Members’ Interests:

    24 July 2015, received £10,000 for an article I contributed to. Hours: 5 hrs.
    (Registered 28 July 2015)

    Mr Danczuk also received a payment of £3,000 from ITV for two hours of television appearance/s – £1,500 an hour.

    1 August 2015, received £3,000, for appearance/s. Hours: approx. 2 hrs.
    (Registered 03 August 2015)

    So far in 2015, Mr Danczuk has declared earnings of £17,960 from outside interests in addition to his MP salary, which including a recent 10% pay rise is now £74,000.

    Mr Danczuk’s expenses claim for the financial year 2014/15 have not yet been published – in 2013/14 he claimed a total of £206,908.92.


  30. Please provide statistics of all official crimes against humanity United Nations investigations launched into the UK government DWP since the welfare reform act was introduced in 2012.

    The information you require is not available under the Freedom of Information Act as the exemption contained in Section 27 on International Relations applies. All United Nations inquiry processes are confidential. That confidentiality should be respected.


  31. At least there was no denial Enigma, which in turn means that they are being investigated.
    The DWP and its private enforcers like JUDGE MARK ROWLAND and his jackbooted cronies, have been reported several times.

    The correlation between the body count and those implicated should surface sooner than later.
    Deep down, the TORIES are shitting themselves but carry on the pretence of being unaware.
    The problem is, their reign of terror is too well documented to be overlooked.
    Like Hitler’s deputies, the rope is only a few steps away.

    • Erasing people, especially the poorest, the infirm and the disabled, is so much cheaper than paying them, hence Rowland’s involvement in the finer points of Social Euthanasia, the cleansing of the inferior class structures.

  32. paultheswineherd

    Isn’t that disgraceful about Danczuk – another ‘pig’ with his nose in the trough! sarah – thank you for letting us all know about this, as normally we would not know anything about it!
    Greenwood4727 – Thanks for that also -sounds really good!
    It ought now to go viral on the net and be played on Sky News – I bet they would NOT play that – too politically sensitive for their Tory ‘ass’ darling!
    After all Sky News do not want people out there to know the real truth about what this cunt and his DWP entourage of dutiful monkeys are doing to our working poor, poor, vulnerable, sick & disabled population!
    Its about time that all of these heartless bastards from the very top to the very bottom, were investigated, tried in Court and if needs be, jailed for their undoubted crimes.
    Good to hear that the UN may be investigating what is going on – only one problem here though, as I understand it, they can only ‘advise’ the British Government, – they can not take them to Court.
    The European Court of Human Rights should get involved as should the Equality and Rights Commission in G.B. WHERE are both of these organisations in all this? Judge Rowland should also be prosecuted.
    Glad to see that the CIPR is investigating DWP – I expect that DWP will try to twist it and cover it all up as usual.
    Terence Donnelly – You are definitely right there! These greedy bastards believe that once they are in ‘Public Office’ then they can do exactly what they like. If you or me did any of this stuff – we would be tried & jailed!
    DWP re due to release the stats on deaths on 27th August – how very convenient – will it be the truth & the whole truth I wonder! – I somehow doubt it! More FOI requests required and any ‘other’ publicity is required to let the general population what is going on & the crimes that are being committed by this Government in ‘their’ name.
    Meanwhile, my friends please continue to let us know what is going on when you can. And also please continue to ‘pressure’ these heartless bastards in ANY way possible – from Facebook & Twitter etc, etc, to direct action. It’s the only way that all of us are going to win against this increasingly totalitarian regime of Neo-Nazi scum of the earth.


    ROWLAND, Mark (born 1953), an Upper Tribunal Judge (Administrative Appeals Chamber) (formerly a Social Security Commissioner and Child Support Commissioner), since 1993.

    Article 6: The right to a fair trial
    The test case for compliance with Article 6 is whether or not the tribunal will be adjudicating on civil
    rights or obligations.
    Article 6 provides that everyone has the right to a fair trial in both civil and
    criminal cases. This gives an individual the right to be heard by an independent,
    impartial tribunal, in public and within a reasonable amount of time.

    ………………………..AN OXYMORON?

  34. paultheswineherd

    Daily Express tomorrow: William & Kate have got permission to build a £60,000 tennis court. I wonder who’s paying for that! The queen (Ha Ha!) or the ‘hard-working taxpayer’ – they might even pay for it themselves (Ha Ha!) – it’s certainly alright for ‘some’!
    And of course, absolutely nothing about the IDS shithead or the DWP and their lies.

    • It will be built on the ashes of those that the DWP lay to rest. The net will represent the divide between rich and the poor, the tramlines the forgotten electrification of northern railway routes and the ballboys, the young kids that eminent politicians prefer.

    • £60,000 for a bleeding tennis court? Wimbledon tennis club is therefore far too down market and shabby for the likes of the pampered elite living off the rest of us in cushy palace buildings and doing fuck all for their money.

      And another thing, if William and Kate don’t want people taking photos of their two kids, they why the fuck do they take them to a public children’s play area all of the fucking time instead of having play equipment in their own fucking garden? Is their garden too small to have just a swing or sand pit, or is it they don’t want to ruin the grass? Fucking snobs having their cake and eating it.

      Upper class twits will always be upper class twits whom never change. The royal family will never marry commoners or into commoner families – they only ever marry into upper class families with double-barrelled posh names and loaded with money either through posh businesses they own or because their are lord and lady of the manor.

      Kate comes from such an upper class lord of the manor family. Would William or Charles have married into an ordinary family living on a council estate. Never, as this would taint the blood line too much and eventually we would be ruled by chavs and layabouts wearing a crown on their heads.

      Roll on the revolution so this country will no longer be in debt having to constantly pay out for that ‘royal’ family and the upkeep of every building and plot of land they own. The Queen even owns the coastline for fuck sake. Bit fucking stupid as I have never seen her build a sandcastle in all the years I went to the beach for a day out.

  35. paultheswineherd

    Hi sarah,
    Yes – there we have it! He seems to be an absolute hypocrite as well as a heartless and greedy bastard to boot! Surely with his previous ‘job’ he must be in a ‘conflict of interests’ situation. It’s high time he was prosecuted.

  36. paultheswineherd

    P.S.! Please do not forget that there is a petition out to be signed ‘for a vote of no confidence in IDS’. It’s past 18000 now, but still a lot more needed
    to reach an eventual total of 200,000

  37. The government are controlling the petition numbers.

    • same as Carnage at the bank of england, so desperate to falsify the growth figures to push up the interest rates for those pulling his strings.
      More collateral damage will follow, repossessions, homelessness and more poverty to follow.

    • Even if the petition numbers reach 200,000+ we expect the tory tossers to disregard the petition and claim ‘we are far too busy to respond and debate the subject.

      Debating the petition and actually acting upon it and putting it into law or forcing IDS the sack are two different things that are not compatible. Succesful petitions only even get debated by back-benches who spend all day asleep in the Houses of Parliament and have nothing else to do apart from getting loads of cash for simply turning up each day.

    • paultheswineherd

      sarah – I would not be at all surprised if they are doing this. After all, they cannot afford to lose IDS!!

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  39. amazed you all have access to the web yet claim your skint… funny that. days of dossing on the dole are gone, get a job like the rest of us..Keep up the Good work Iain Duncan Smith. spunk as much of my taxes as you want on getting the bone idle in to work.

  40. RT hon Iain Duncan Smith

    The dwp is being privitiesd as we speak and you’s just rant on here 2 years tops it will be privitiesed hahahahahahaha

    • and you my friend, will be history.

    • We don’t respond with any civil response on here to fucking trolls like you and gimcrack, so fuck off and only come back when you have got something useful to say that will positively help us. Stay off the fucking dope and weed as it messes with your brain and rots it into a mass of black jelly that will eventually leak out of your ears and nose.

      • My message above is for the attention of gimcrack (whom is obviously smoking weed and crack cocaine, and the tory supporting layabout by the name of Iain Duncan Smith. Both being obese people with no conscience or morals whom for kicks are hiding behind their computers in a dingy back bedroom wearing just underwear and looking at gay porn most of the day when too stoned with dope to use the keyboard and troll the rest of us with lame comments and insults without knowing the true circumstances as to why we rant against the government.

        • Just seen a programme on tv that is stating emphatically that the judiciary in the USA are accepting bribes from lobbyist groups to push for more light offenders to be given custodial sentences.
          This gives the privatised prisons a feeding frenzy to extract more money from the government to cover inmate numbers.

          It is not a mile away from what is happening in our workfare industry.

          The implications are totally shocking.

          Watch out for UK privately run prisons becoming overcrowded, but most of all, keep an eye on the magistrates handing down the sentencing.

          Judge Mark Rowland immediately springs to mind.

          • Nobody does anything for nothing, especially the judiciary.

            • Kicking appellants claims into touch is one of the most rewarding contracts, just think of the savings to the exchequer.
              If you want yourself your kids and your family to have the best, you must be willing to sacrifice claimants, disabled or not.

              • overburdenddonkey

                but have you ever been through the dreadful experience of appealing, coz if one does not, one has no hope of any income….?
                the words that open http://www.edinburghagainstpoverty.org.uk/node/5
                ‘The Work Capability Assessment….designed to cut your benefits through trickery, but read on to learn how, with advice and support, you can get what you are entitled to. The information here is particularly geared towards applications/ reviews for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), but the same principles apply for applications/ reviews for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and its replacement Personal Independence Payment (PIP). If you are awarded ESA you will either be placed in the Support Group or the Work Related Activity Group – the Support Group not only pays more money but also means you do not have to attend so-called work-focused interviews. ATOS are currently the main company doing the Work Capability Assessments but this all applies whichever company is involved.’ say it all, will people now set up grassroots support groups…

          • There have documented cases of this going on in the USA for ages, particularly when it comes to juvenile offenders. Lots of judges have been busted for this.

  41. Fen, I think you are being kind to gimcrack. He is the guy, that runs his own business, which is ‘slowing down’ probably a white van man, is up to his neck in debt, or is that credit, enjoys a line or two at the week-end, hates women and lives in either Manchester or Liverpool. He is a KNOB

    • Give white van man a break the anti-state welfare lobby are more likely to be of the low level professional class – the pimp type that would have been the left leaning tea boy lackey or the charitable typing pool delegator in the offices of the old nationalised industries.

    • @ Bernadette

      Yes, gimcrack has been snorting a few white lines up his damaged nose with the crystal meths bought for by his JSA payments. Lazy, drug-addled fucker he is.

  42. don’t ya just hate these fucking tory bastards?

    • and the impostors strategically placed as neutral judiciary figures only to back the DWP at every turn.


        Tony Blair has intervened again in the Labour leadership contest, this time demanding that Jeremy Corbyn explain his links to a deranged warmonger who launched an illegal war in the Middle East in 2003.

        • Burnham raises Tory infiltration fears.

          Must be bad when the Labour Party needs Tory infiltrators to pick the right candidate to put them on the road to a socialist utopia.

        • Yeah, Sky News has just uncovered footage of Jeremy Corbyn shaking hands with Tony Blair way back in 2003!

  43. ‘DWP calls grieving mum and demand to know where her son is – day after he is buried’


  44. ‘Vulnerable teenager appears in court for taking box of 70p choc-ices from his care home’s staff fridge’


    • Another hand picked cunt.

      Acting Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS South East, Kris Venkatasami, said: “The CPS carefully reviews every case it prosecutes in line with the Code for Crown Prosecutors and this case was no different.

  45. When government departments drift beyond the rule of law and low level bureaucrats seize arbitrary powers that is the nefarious manifestations of a totalitarian society.

  46. stitchedupandbroken

    Can someone tell me wots with the MPs Simon Dznuk and John Mann? I thought they were telling stories of reconnecting to traditional Labour voters. Now,when I hear from them,they seem to have suddenly converted to Blairs snake-oil filth. Who’s buying them?
    R4 this morning: Did anyone witness the R4 shorthand for what JC was supposed to have said about ISIS,Fallujah and American troops? A nice 30 degrees of spin,shorthanding(lying)over what JC actually said.
    Complain? Wot me? That goes straight to some regulator who’s on £100k and gonna put my complaint straight in the bin(High Five!!) Probably in the same school and form as Judge mark Rowland. My complaint would just justify his ass on the bench,milking.

  47. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/dwp-calls-grieving-mum-demand-6291065 The DWP does it again
    The Department for Work and Pensions called a grieving mother demanding to know why her son had missed a job-seekers’ appointment the day after his funeral.

    Jacqueline Brown was reduced to tears after receiving a call from the DWP just 24 hours after saying goodbye to her tragic 31-year-old son James, The Department for Work and Pensions has apologised to her for messing up despite her filling out all the necessary forms to tell them what had happened.

  48. The 20th of August Mark’s the Anniversary of the Liberation of Marseille in 1944 AD.

    The Nazis were Chased from Marseille

    Down with Nazism Now and Forever

  49. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    Not under the carpet but get them benefit cheats who have been sanctioned & have been claiming benefit for 30 years = £800,000 So why DWP are you so scared of catching the fraud Come on now DWP stop being modest & get off your arse & sue me for £800,000 benefit fraud.


  50. May David Clapson be Remembered as that is More Important than
    ” Celebrities “

  51. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  52. The 24th of August Mark’s the Anniversary of Adolf Hitler Ordering
    the Cessation of the Evil Nazi T4 Euthanasia Programme against
    the ILL and Handicapped after Protests in 1941 AD although Sadly
    Euthanasia Murders continue during WW2 .

    Stuff Euthanasia Eugenics and Moronic ” Master Race ” Idiotology
    in the UK Now and Forever

    No to Euthanasia Eugenics and Neo Nazism

  53. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    It is illegal to withhold a public form & the only way to get a public form is by a DWP Vetting Process which is carried out by the Integrity Department [DWP Fraud Office] These public forms are like gold dust so you need to be approved by a phone call from the DWP. The DWP want some info like NI number. Can you prove who you are DWP since you called me. No the DWP can`t prove who they are & round & round in circles in panto.
    COLD CALLING = MY APPEAL AGAINST COLD CALLING. You can appeal at any time about anything. So get the appeals in before the sanctions. LITIGATION TIME. Next – Since the DWP vetting process to get a public form has failed back to the Cease & Desist Letter DWP.

  54. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  55. The EU Commission has suspended more than £45m earmarked for Scotland under the European Social Fund after what it called “irregularities” in spending.

    The ESF provides cash for projects aimed at creating and supporting jobs in member states.


  56. Lynn Henderson, Scottish secretary of the PCS, said: “Our members are determined to win this dispute. It is heartening to note that the support is as strong with members who get the allowance as with those who don’t. We call on NMS management and the Cabinet Secretary Fiona Hyslop to right this wrong.

    “It is one thing to say that you oppose austerity measures and low pay but when it’s in your gift to do something about it, for relatively little money, the Scottish government choose to do nothing about it.

    To sanction or not is within PCS union members gift.

  57. Fen tiger you been ranting on here over 3 years….as your anger and posts changed out!! as it fuck! tootle on now it’s giro day. weed to bun spliff to bun

  58. thickfatcocksloveem

    CLass war ?? haha no class more like seen better dressed in the local charity shop…class war will not do anything while dressed like scruffy fucking students with purple hair nose studs and dirty manky filthy army boots,,,one tip!!! dress smart getta fuckin wash and a pair of Adidas gazzells only 65 quid a pair you scruffy cunts


        The First-tier Tribunal (Information Rights) has provided details of the venue for the ‘benefit-related deaths’ hearing at which the DWP will appeal for permission not to publish the exact number of people who have died while claiming incapacity benefits since November 2011.

        It will be at Field House, 15 Bream’s Buildings, London EC4A 1DZ, starting at 10am on November 10 this year. Apparently it’s a five-minute walk from Chancery Lane tube station; those of you with disabilities will need to plan extra time to allow for your conditions (although obviously you don’t need This Writer to remind you of that).

        All tribunal hearings of this kind are open to the public, so if you are able to attend, please make a note of the date and location in your diary and come along. If you can’t, tell all your friends to come in your place

        Any and all support on the day would be welcome. The Conservative Government, by rush-publishing its fudged ‘ASMR’ statistics on benefit-related deaths, is hoping to quiet public unrest about the number of deaths that have taken place after its “welfare reforms”.

        It seems clear that ministers are terrified that this issue will continue to blow up in their face.

        This is your chance to show that you are not going to let it lie down and die.

        • HOW THE DWP PLAN TO BURY BAD NEWS (along with their victims)

          “The DWP have cynically arranged for the long-awaited employment and support allowance (ESA) death statistics to be released immediately before a bank holiday in the middle of the parliamentary summer recess, Benefits and Work can reveal. This is a traditional method of burying bad news in the hope it gets the minimum possible publicity.

          The ESA death statistics will be released on Thursday 27 August, immediately before the bank holiday in England and Wales on Monday 31 August.

          So, not only will the news receive much less attention because it is in the immediate run up to the holiday, but parliament is in recess, so ministers cannot be challenged on the statistics.

          Given the enormous delay in publishing these figures, it is very clear that the timing was absolutely designed to ensure the figures receive a s little attention as possible.

      • Sara’s* journey into zero-hour career in retail:

        “I was looking for a job… & then I found a job – but Heaven knows I’m still on benefits & signing on!”

        * the name is only for illustrative purpose.

  59. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    351,000 disabled people have found work since 2013.


    It does not say paid work.

  60. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Work involves tripping over things all the time like, I still can`t do up my own shoelaces & furniture in the way all day. Doors are a problem too tripping into doors like allowing self harm work training. Lie Ability !!! Have you had an accident at work. Work pays tripping up & over things like a disability confident trickster barrier.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Are there any jobs not involving tripping over & testing the Health & Safety like a Health & Safety Officer !!! Well the job title was not clear when who signed it !!! Many barriers broken & now the lifts.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Perhaps I am over qualified !!!

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          Whoops someone has dropped a pen on the floor – You better pick it up I will trip over it. Who dropped the Tea Spoon Again.

          • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

            Stop throwing sugar cubes in the office they are dangerous.


              ……perhaps they don’t exist, thats why.

              From: Beatrix Bene

              21 August 2015

              Dear DWP Strategy Freedom of Information,

              1, In your reply of 21st August 2015 you claim that the Home Office
              Regulations are in the public domain but you have not provided a
              link to this public domain nor stated which public domain, where

              2, As a response to my previous FOI request you have disclosed The
              Immigration EEA Regulations 2006 but you have not disclosed the
              Home Office Regulations, the full text, as requested.

              3. You claim that they are included in links, which is not a
              satisfactory response because it was asked that you disclose the
              written records you hold about them for the general public to read
              on http://www.whatdotheyknow.com. Could you please do so at your earliest
              convenience otherwise it will be taken that they do not exist.

              4, I have made a FOI request to the Ministry of Justice requesting
              to provide the written records they hold about the non-existent
              Home Office Regulations so please state in your response whether
              they exist, which year they were passed, which year they were
              amended as you have failed to answer the above questions in your
              response of 21st August 2015.


              • Just think how many appeals have been knocked back knowing the law is flawed.


                  “was he being evicted, and why?”

                  The incident began when officers escorted a housing official to a residential address in Tilson Gardens, Brixton, south London as part of a pre-planned eviction, Scotland Yard said.

                  At 9.45am, unarmed officers tried to enter the property. As they were doing so, a man was seen emerging from one of the rooms.

                  Officers withdrew and a police negotiator, London Ambulance Service (LAS) and firearms officers were called to the scene.

                  At about 4.45pm the man was shot by police outside the premises.

                  The man was treated at the scene by ambulance staff and taken to a south London hospital suffering serious injuries.

                  A Yard spokesman said that, as in any shooting, officers from the Metropolitan Police’s directorate of professional standards had been informed, and the incident had been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which has started an independent investigation.

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  So What Leave it to operation Trident.

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  And The Notting Hill Carnival.

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  Set Up Yourself Sarah7 you have not spoken to me before on JV.

              • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                Not interested in taking on the whole thing. The reply to my post has nothing to do with some sort of crusade.

  61. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Stop Talking & Take Legal Advice & since that`s not free I represent myself.

  62. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Am I proving Mental Health Issues or is that the voices I hear in social media.

  63. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Well that will cost you £50 to move that empty box. I thought the work started now in fraud !!!

  64. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Before we start anything DWP I need you the DWP to teach me how to do up my shoelaces. It makes it much easier to get out of the door for some interview. I am disabled because I don`t know how to tie my shoelaces. Can you help DWP !!!


    It has been reported that the theft of blue disability badges has doubled in the last year.
    I cannot disagree with this statement, but the thefts have been committed by none other than the DWP and it’s hand picked judicial henchmen.

  66. Forgive me intruding on your web site but i thought it was about time i came forward and said my piece.
    Lately, your site has featured, rather strongly, articles regarding an appeal court judge named Mark Rowland.

    I too have had the misfortune to come across this rather unsavoury character in my pursuit of my stolen disability benefits by an equally unsavoury ATOS Hcp.
    Rowland disputed that any of the disability discrimination laws, the equality laws or human rights laws had been breached.
    This man is nothing short of an utter disgrace having well documented links to the DWP.

    I suspect the same guy has quashed many more appeals using the same rhetoric.
    Would any others like to speak out?

    • Join the merry band my friend.

    • They have changed laws and cooked the books to steal benefits from people and then deny benefits to others. All to give money to high flying Corporate greedy pigs and bent banks.

      This is an ideological war have no doubts about that. The idea is to widen the gap between the rich and the poor and to in essence create a slave class in all but name.

      We have to fight this with everything at our disposal.

  67. Another rough sleeper left to die on our streets

    Gary Dunn, 53, was found collapsed in Leather Lane, Southend, and died before medics were able to treat him.

    Volunteers at a soup kitchen claim Mr Dunn “fell through the cracks” of a system which struggles to deal with homeless people with alcohol issues.

    Homeless charity Harp has confirmed Mr Dunn was housed in a rehabilitation centre, inWestcliff, but was forced to leave after a month due to his drinking and behaviour.

    He was later forced to leave the charity’s night shelter for the same reason.
    Caren Rowson, of the Warrior Soup Kitchen, which feeds the homeless twice a week, said: “He was set up to fail.

    “He always wanted another chance but in the end he was just left to die.”

  68. New claims of Atos assessment lies are ‘tip of a massive iceberg

    Fresh concerns about the behaviour of Atos and its assessors emerged after Disability News Service (DNS) revealed last week how an Atos nurse repeatedly lied about a disabled man he was assessing for personal independence payment (PIP).

    The nurse, who is believed to be still carrying out assessments for Atos, stated in his report – in addition to a string of other incorrect statements – that Colin Stupples-Whyley had attended the PIP assessment alone, even though his partner had sat with him throughout the interview.

    Now, following the publication of that story, other disabled claimants have come forward to describe to DNS how their Atos assessors “lied” about them in benefit assessment reports.

    Former nurse Sue Hardy, who lectured on nursing for 22 years at the University of Bedfordshire, until she was forced to retire due to ill-health in 2013, said she was appalled when she read the report written by the Atos nurse who assessed her for the out-of-work disability benefit employment and support allowance (ESA).

    The report was littered with errors, but most worrying was the cognitive tests section, which was filled in by the assessor even though none of the tests had been carried out.

    Hardy, who was accompanied by a friend to the assessment, said: “This nurse lied on my assessment form. Having just had to give up my 35-year career as a nurse and senior lecturer, I found her assessment erroneous in many areas.”

    • overburdenddonkey

      yes, the WCA et al and sanctions should be scrapped, that’s the root of the problem….the WCA is put in place so that they claimant has to prove need, it’s trial by ordeal…

  69. paultheswineherd

    Why is this Judge Rowland still in his job? There must be a conflict of interest I’d have thought! As Bizzalee said – there must be many, many other miscarriages of justice carried out by him and these have to be reported so that the public understands exactly what is going on in ‘their’ name.
    Is he not accountable to anyone? But, like IDS perhaps he is ‘unsinkable’ and ‘unremovable’. Can no one ‘sink’ or ‘remove’ this bastard also?
    But, having said that – the Chilcott enquiry has been dragging on for over 7 years now at a ‘reported’ cost of £10 million (and the rest I suspect!)
    Perhaps Rowland is very good at dodging any shit thrown at him, just like so many ‘Politicians’ and ‘Public Office’ people nowadays in Britain.

    • overburdenddonkey

      the problem is the WCA and sanctions which should be scrapped…the vast majority of parliament supports the WCA sanctions and austerity….

    • The bastard has driven Geoff to the place none of us want to go.

    • The Judiciary are all bought and paid for by big business and politicians. In Scotland they want these links kept secret and is the reason why they reject transparency and calls for a Register of Interests. WATCHDOG’S WITHERING ATTACK ON JUDICIARY


      Investigator says she got no co-operation and only met law chief once in three years

      By Mark Aitken Political Editor Sunday Mail 07 December 2014

      A former watchdog who probed complaints about legal chiefs has hit out at Scotland’s judges in her farewell report.

      Moi Ali was appointed the country’s first ever judicial complaints reviewer in 2011 but announced her decision to quit earlier this year because she had no power and the role was “tokenistic”.

      Her final report details complaints of alleged racial bigotry, bullying, lying, conflicts of interest and making secret recordings of meetings.

      And Ali, who left the role in August, reveals Scotland’s top judge, Lord Gill,only met her once.

      She said: “Unfortunately, there has been little interest in the positive difference that the JCR could make.

      “Although I have had a good working relationship with the judicial office, I have met the Lord President just once in three years.

      “My interactions with both the Lord President’s office and the judicial office have focused more on what I cannot do rather than what I can do and as such, an opportunity for whole system improvement has been lost.

      Reform campaigner Peter Cherbi said: The current system of judges slapping each other on the back and dealing with their own complaints is clearly unfit for purpose.

      “Ms Ali found investigations by the judicial office were delayed for months, officials were confused as to their own procedures, and complaints were treated with the disdain.

      “One complaint filed by a mother on behalf of her disabled son was kicked out because too much time had passed and the judge could have forgotten the events. There’s not much point in having judges who forget what they had for breakfast but can remember to pick up a £200,000 salary and all the expenses trappings of judicial office.”

      Independent MSP John Wilson said:”It is up to the new justice Secretary to take a serious look at the report by Moi Ali and develop a system that is independent of the Lord President to bring confidence in the judicial review process.”

      A judicial office spokesman said: “The judicial office has fully co-operated and will continue to work with the judicial complaints reviewer to take forward the recommendations of the Lord President’s consultation on the complaints process.

  70. Have You Heard about what Happened in Stockport ?

    Apparently some Evil Yobs Victimised a Muslim about his Beard and like a Gang of Scum Assaulted him in Racist Islamophobic Stockport

    This Kind of Evil Behaviour is Not Acceptable to Decent People .

    I Blame the Racist Islamophobic Victimise the Poor as Well Tabloids for Generating Islamophobic Thuggery by their Victimisation of Muslims and also a Non Culture of Casual Thuggery .

    No to Islamophobia Racism Neo Nazism Eugenics and Euthanasia

    No to a Nazi Boneheads Britain Yes to a Britain of Human Decency
    and Social Justice

  71. Racism and Islamophobia is Part of the Divide and Rule Agenda
    just as Poor Verses Poor and the Fucking Bastard Class System

    Down with Racism Islamophobia Oppression of the Poor and the
    Fucking Bastard Class System

  72. Down With Soft Judges Who Care More About The Rights Of Murderers, Rapists And Muggers

    We Demand A Return Of The Death Penalty

  73. Better the Red Flag and a Britain of Social Justice Human Decency
    The Human Right Not to be a Victim of Thuggery or Mugging Not to
    be Murdered by Degrading Poverty and Victimised by Racist Victimise
    the Poor Toilet Paper Tabloids than the Nihilistic Oblivious Amoral
    Hellhole of So Called ” Progress ” of Greed Oppression and
    Divide and Rule

  74. Down With Soft Judges Who Care More About The Rights Of Murderers, Rapists, Muggers And Islamaphobes Than Their Victims

    Down with Racism And Islamophobia

    We Demand A Return Of The Death Penalty

  75. Yes To Human Compassion And Decency Towards The Victims Of Murderers, Rapists, Muggers, Thugs And Islamophobes

    Yes To The Death Penalty

  76. Yes To The Death Penalty For Murderers, Rapists, Muggers, Thugs, Racists And Islamophobes

    Yes To A Fair And Tolerant Society

    Criminals Are Human Scum And Must Face The Death Penalty

  77. Eugenics was and is about Getting Rid of the ILL and Handicapped to
    Create the ” Master Race ” . Before 1914 AD The Eugenic Review
    Opposed Social Legislation due to the Evil Views that Supposedly
    it was penalising the Fit for the Sake of the UnFit whilst Groups like
    the Liberty and Property Defence League called For ” Self Help Verses
    State Help ” in other Words NO HELP

    These Oblivious Monsters sought to Bring the Law of the Jungle ie
    Savage Cruelty into Society .

    It Explains why I Support a Caring State with Social Justice and
    Help For the Poor via a Protected Welfare State as Opposed to
    an Evil Selfish I Am All Right Jack Social Darwinian Neo Nazi
    Hellhole of Slave Labour Exploitation

    To Hell with Eugenics Euthanasia So Called ” Assisted Suicide ”
    Divide and Rule Racial Hatred and then Britain would be Less of
    a Hellhole

  78. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Can you make a mark with a pen ?
    Very stupid question. No I can`t make a mark with a pen to tick the No box.

    Can you make a mark with a pencil then?
    Rubber stamped !!!

  79. paultheswineherd

    overburdenddonkey – yes, you are right there – it all stems from the WCA and the total shambles of a way that is being ‘administered’, from private companies in it to make as much dosh as possible down to the often twisted, unqualified HCP’s (which bring their own ‘professionalism’ into total disrepute) who if they do not personally try to get their ‘customers’ off of their deserved benefits, then they pay the price too. The Tories and most of labour, as you rightly say are fully supportive of all of this barbaric cruelty to poor and unfortunate people, knowing that they do not have the ‘official’ clout to fight it. If people can, then they MUST appeal – if they do not, then they lose ot anyway. Any hope at all is worth going for and fighting your corner for. These priveleged and rich twats do not give a tuppeny fuck. After all, they are still getting their masses of money and expenses and anything else that they can get their grubby financial paws on and their corrupt and sleazy friends and acquaintances will fully support them in doing it. What really worries me also is the creeping and gradual ‘privatisation’ of ‘our’ NHS. If we lose this many of the people in GB will be in a terrible place. Credit Cards/Health Insurance fronm the likes of UNUM, Atos, Maximus & Capita – we might as well all try to emigrate to the USA – because it will be much the same! ‘Cameroncare’ under these awful private companies (not ‘Obamacare’) – the thought fills me with total horror.
    Toddy and sarah – I hope that Geoff is alright – he’s not been on here for days and days now.
    No Oppression – Yes, fully agree my friend – you have told many truths in your last post and Britain is now becoming an awful hellhole to live in,
    Only though, if you are NOT rich!

    • overburdenddonkey

      no! it is not the admin of it, it is the WCA itself….

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Part 23: Declaration
      Please read the Notes at the front of this form, and the text below.
      Then sign and date the form at the bottom of this page.
      l I declare that I have read and understand the notes at the front of this
      form, the information I have given on this form is correct and complete and I
      have included all my income and savings.
      l I understand that I must report all changes in my circumstances which may
      affect my entitlement promptly and by failing to do so I may be liable to
      prosecution or face a financial penalty. I will phone 0345 608 8545, or write
      to the office that pays my benefit, to report any change in my circumstances.
      l If I give false or incomplete information or fail to report changes in my
      circumstances promptly, I understand that my Employment and Support
      Allowance may be stopped or reduced and any overpayment may be
      recovered. In addition, I may be prosecuted or face a financial penalty.
      l I agree that
      – the Department for Work and Pensions
      – any approved health care professional advising the Department
      – any organisation with which the Department has a contract for the
      provision of assessment services
      may ask any of the people or organisations mentioned on this form for any
      information which is needed to deal with
      – this claim for benefit
      – any request for this claim to be looked at again
      and that the information may be given to that approved health care
      professional or organisation or to the Department.
      l I also understand that the Department may use the information which it
      has now or may get in the future to decide whether I am entitled to
      – the benefit I am claiming
      – any other benefit I have claimed
      – any other benefit I may claim or be awarded in the future.
      l I agree to my doctor, or any doctor treating me, being informed about the
      Secretary of State’s determination on
      – limited capability for work
      – limited capability for work related activity, or
      – both.
      This is my claim for Employment and Support Allowance.


  80. Reblogged this on Industrial Workers of the World Dorset and commented:
    Keyboard warriors, in you go!

  81. paultheswineherd

    Also – both Cameron and Hunt have said that the ‘NHS would be safe in their hands’ (do not believe what comes out of their lying deceitful gobs) – they would dearly love to sell off the NHS to big private companies and then the ‘NHS would be safe in the hands’ of these greedy bastards! I don’t think so somehow!

  82. Laura-Jane Rawlings MAC*

    * Member of Accredited Cunts 😀

  83. NoOpophobes!

  84. paultheswineherd

    overburdenddonkey – Yes, it is the WCA itself and it should definitely be scrapped. But, unfortunately they are DEFINITELY NOT going to scrap it.
    As the ‘Political Parties’ have it at the moment – both Tory & (shamefully also), Labour are fully happy to continue with this terrible policy of terrible cruelty to people who do not deserve this unfairness, to save absolutely fuck all.
    So, if they are not going to scrap it – then what is left?
    They will still call people in to be assessed for the WCA.
    With all of the HCP’s (physiotherapists, psychotherapist.s, chyropodists, (even paramedics now!) etc, etc trying to keep their pathetic jobs with ATOS etc, – all of these have nothing at all to be proud of.
    They are all bringing their own ‘medical’ qualifications into total disrepute by signing up to these awful companies. ‘Loads of Money’ comes to mind.

  85. paultheswineherd

    overburdenddonkey – I have just had a look at what Lucy Reynolds has said. After the terrible debarcle with the breast implants which have gone so wrong by ‘private’ doctors doing these procedures – as usual, the NHS has had to pick up the tab to correct what these ‘private’ doctors have done.
    Private doctors = Loads of Money from their ‘private’ patients.
    NHS doctors/consultants = Correcting these ‘private’ doctors mistakes.

    • overburdenddonkey

      the point is that the mechanisms for the irreversible privatizing/profitising of the nhs have been slowly put in place since thatcher’s time… see Lucy Reynolds talks to Jill Mountford it’s over an hr long…the key to understanding the WCA and winning appeals, is who furnish’s the descriptors, and knowing that the WCA SHOULD NOT EXIST and therefore the reasons it does exist…which is to find people fit for work and put people off applying for esa…
      ‘The Work Capability Assessment….designed to cut your benefits through trickery, but read on to learn how, with advice and support, you can get what you are entitled to…..’

  86. paultheswineherd

    buttcrack – yes – you have definitely got this right.
    This, oh, so fallen Tory wannabee – she has picked herself up for her low, low life, to chrysalis into a ‘phoenix-bird’ angel to ‘help’ young unemployed people into jobs. What a total bitch – hopefully to get some ‘hard-working taxpayers’ money to help her sorely forgotten ambitions.
    The only problem is that the way it is today – this cow will probably win and get the hundreds of thousands of pounds of ‘tax-payers’ money that she, oh so much, desires. Get a REAL job, you cowbitch, – just like me and the rest of us have to do do.

  87. paultheswineherd

    ‘She’ ought to get up at 6-7AM every day – to work 5 days a week at the minimum wage (to feed and look after ‘someone-else’s) boars, sows, weaners and piglets. (I have to work occasional Saturdays/Sundays if and when required). She would very soon give up on doing this job I am sure! (of course, we are lucky at the moment – we also get Working tax Credits), but according to Cameron and his friends – we are soon going to lose this help and we may even be out on the streets in the future!
    Shame on the bastards.

  88. Another Fine Mess

    Jobseeking Surrounded By Fictions, Myths And Convenient Narratives

  89. paultheswineherd

    overburdenddonkey – I agree entirely. The WCA, in it’s present form should have been scrapped years ago. It is really ‘not fit for purpose’. I have so many friends who have been affected by this – both cut off from benefits (through the WCA system) for no apparent reason and being put into the WRAG group, with no support at all to ‘get a job’ as such.
    I really fear about what is going to happen to us in the future – at nearly 60 years old, if I was made redundant – I would not like to end up having to go into the JCP bastard ‘Jobsearch’ system. According to what I see on here, at almost 60 years old, I would be expected to look for work from day 1!
    And, I do not have a private pension that I can dip into!

    • overburdenddonkey

      yes, they try to deexist one and ‘get in’ to use behaviourism to manage one…
      one has to deexist them and not recognize them….see them for what they are, that way one can hold onto much of one’s personal power….knowledge is power..
      i have had many appeals and wca’s, i can recall none of the names of the people involved, and i’m not the slightest bit interested in them as people..
      i feel no animosity towards them, nor do i see them as sociable human beings….yes, people are being shifted from support group to wrag…

    • When looking through Geoff Reynolds earlier posts, he states that his Atos report says he was seen to sit in a chair and get up unaided and got onto a couch to refuse to be examined.
      He later states that his medical report goes on to say that he “was observed to stand, holding his walking stick, for the whole duration of the examination”
      The whole report was nothing but a tissue of lies yet he has been without sufficient to exist on for over two years.
      Judge Mark Rowland must be an utter bastard, given that Geoffs case highlights the inadequacy of his judicial position.

      Twats like Rowland should not be in a position to abuse the disabled.
      The Courts and Tribunal Service must hold their heads in shame if anything was to happen to him.

  90. paultheswineherd

    overburdenddonkey – Yes – I agree – the WCA should be totally scrapped and the sooner, the better!


    How fortunate, the police have now discovered a gun in the property where the guy who was shot earlier this week, resided.
    He was shot after police and a housing officer tried to evict him. Surely the only reason you would shoot somebody is if he was brandishing a weapon at the time.
    It seems highly irregular to put bullets into an unarmed person?
    Mind you, brazillian electricians at Stockwell underground would say otherwise, if they were alive today, that is.

    We are becoming more and more Americanised. The finding of weapons after a shooting seems to have increased, no end, over the last few years.
    Indeed, i can think of three prominent cases in the UK where weapons just seemed to appear afterwards that helped the police case to draw firearms and discharge them.
    In fact, one was found in the boot of a suspects car and another was miraculously found behind a wall several days later.
    If you can tranquilise an animal, you can tranquilise a human being, what the fuck are armed officers doing at an eviction?

    The mind boggles, what next, the death sentence for taking a choc ice from a fridge?

    • When I worked in CID we used to keep a ‘stash’ of drugs back in the nick for planting on suspects… 😉 Wouldn’t put it past the Old Bill to be keeping a ‘stash’ of guns back in the nick for this very same purpose… 😉

    • Increasingly social housing providers are increasingly becoming part of system that is in fear of the people they house. It has come to the point where they will lie and play tenants off against one another, to the point where housing officials are generally regarded like we generally regard the police, bailiffs or cockroaches – and that is why armed police are there, partially to protect their fellow oppressors, but also to instill into the minds of the public at large that the poor, those in social housing are to be feared, that they are tantamount to being terrorists, and therefore the presence of armed police is legitimate.

      It’s all bollocks, of course, as we know, but since when has that stopped them?

  92. ”Brutality of the Bedroom Tax exposed in disgraceful images of disabled man driven from home ”


    We have to thank the in-human Idiotic dumbwanker Smith for this barbaric display of his fellow man. Rob Tomlinson, who has cerebral palsy, has to bathe in a paddling pool after Iain Duncan Smith’s rules forced him out of the home converted for his care.

    The Ironic aspect about this is that his former four-bedroom converted home was taken by an elderly couple exempt from the bedroom tax. Fucking in-bred cunt that is in personal charge of the fucked up bedroom tax and yet I bet he laughs his arse of when reminded of this shocking story.

  93. There’s an almost endless amount of competition but this just might be the maddest thing the Mail has published http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3207363/Prime-Minister-Corbyn-1-000-days-destroyed-Britain-brilliant-imagining-Corbyn-premiership-reveals-Tories-gloat-Labour-s-woe-careful-wish-for.html Excellent comedy value. The Daily Mail, keeping up a tradition of smearing the left that dates back to the Zinoviev Letter in 1924 or even earlier.

  94. paultheswineherd

    Is there absolutely no way that IDS & Judge Mark Rowland (amongst others) could be brought to book for ‘committing crimes against the British population’ whilst holding ‘Public Office?
    After all, Tony Bliar was called up to answer in an inquiry over ‘his’ part in the Iraq War (although as yet, he has not had to face a ‘trial’ as such!)

    • As well as dragging the UK into an illegal war it was Tony fucking Blair’s truly evil administration that introduced sanctions into the benefits system – we are now paying the price!

      What about this Corbyn character? When he takes the reins of power does he intend to scrap sanctions, and does he intend to offer an immediate apology for the pain, suffering, misery, suicides, destitution and deaths an utterly cruel and abhorrent abomination of a policy introduced by HIS fucking party have been responsible? Or is Corbyn another one of those: “I believe sanctions have a place in the benefits system by only as a last resort. There has to be a mechanism to deal with claimants who refuse to stick to their agreements.” cunts which was incidentally the line those shower of utter, utter fucking cunts in the Scottish Parliament took.

  95. paultheswineherd

    overburdenddonkey – thanks for putting this article on – it says everything about what this mad and totally cruel IDS & his Government are doing to people.

    • overburdenddonkey

      it really comes to something that we human beings need ‘proof’ that human beings will suffer and the sufferings without suffient income…imv the campaign should be focused on scrapping sanctions et al…and highlighting the dire consequences of behaviourism on humanity in all it’s forms….

    • Just the very act of being sanctioned, the very fact that an entity is attempting to KILL you; the knowing that an entity wants you DEAD leaves a lingering, everlasting most bitter taste in the mouth.

      • Even knowing that being sanctioned is a real possibility & the constant threat of it can’t easily be ‘un-felt’.

  96. Iain Duncan Smith

    I’m Going nowhere folks I’ll go 10 Months before the election, I’m the Torie hatchet man chin chin

    • paultheswineherd

      Iain Duncan Smith – have no worries my (not) friend.
      All that I have to say to you is – just tot up your sleazy points and count your loads of money at your own pace and also your own ‘god-given’ blessings.
      I can assure you that we are going after you and intend to bring your sorry ass to justice – after all, you, of all the ‘lovely’ people really deserve this.
      Also, I will personally not forgive you for having a really good go at my friend Fen Tiger – who has spoken for ALL of us on here and is telling the real truth about what you and your decrepid and also deceitful DWP has, and is, doing to so many deserving people.
      You care not for the sick & the disabled and the poor – (even such as me on my minimum wage). I am sure that you will be prosecuted for your crimes that you have ordered and permitted through your beloved DWP. You my (not) friend have it all to come and you totally deserve it.
      Be prepared – ‘something’ is definitely on the way to you, – not today – maybe not tomorrow, not even next week – BUT, ‘in the future’ and (most probably) well before the 2020 General Election, I can promise you that it is definitely you will live to see it. What it is – well, you will have to wait & see.
      Just wait and pray – Just wait and pray and further, just you ‘wait’ and pray. You, my (not) friend are on our hit list. Just pray that it is NOT you.

      • paultheswineherd

        But I can assure you Iain Duncan Smith – YOU are within our ‘sights’

        • paultheswineherd

          hahahahahaha – and now, so much for the hatchet man

        • paultheswineherd

          By the way – this information is meant and also directed towards the ‘real’ Iain Duncan Smith, the Secretary of State for Works & Pensions – and NOT the ‘troll’ which is purportedly on here in IDS’s name!
          The ‘real’ IDS – You had better look out. You will definitely not see what is on the way to you. You WILL be surprised and also very dismayed at the justice which IS going to be meted out to you in due course. We are watching you at a discreet distance. Watch your back my (not) friend.

          • They all are tory cunts ‘in power’ whom think they have the upper hand with us UK citizens. We are their fucking bosses, not them.

            And as for any tory supporting troll (going by the name of Iain Duncan Smith or gimcrack on here) who wants to take me on for me simply telling the truth about the whole system, don’t waste your time bandying words with me as I will simply ignore you.

            I have been through the fucking grinder on more than one occasion with the jobcentre and have had many battles with them for simply standing up for my rights under the ECHR act and for trying to stop them dehumanise me through sanctions and every single work programme and new deal going – of which none of them put me into proper work as I was lead to believe by them at some stage, but instead was placed in a fucking death trap of a placement breaching Health & Safety At Work Act.

            If I seem to rant, it is against the government making me feel like a worthless criminal for simply being un-employed through enforced redundancy and not getting a scrap of any help from a bunch of fucking losers in a so-called jobcentre. I will only end the fight against David Camoron and his bunch of brain dead clowns when they are all tried for crimes against humanity through illegal sanctions, the mis-work programme and bedroom taxes.

          • paultheswineherd

            To the ‘real’ Iain Duncan Smith: Due to the unfair treatment that you and ‘your’ own DWP have meted out to so many undeserving people – I can assure you now that you had better be prepared for justice to be meted out. In the near, mid, or distant future and at a date that is ‘suitable’, this will be done. I would very strongly advise you IDS to watch your back. Justice is at last and very deservedly, on it’s way to you.

    • The hatchet will be in your head for being a complete asshole over your bedroom taxes and illegal sanctions.

  97. Kucing Joget123

    I’m impressed, I must say. Very rarely do I come across a blog that’s both informative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Your blog is important; the issue is something that not enough people are talking intelligently about.


    GUIDELINES on how to deal with suicidal benefits claimants have been handed out by the Department for Work and Pensions to Scots workers tasked with rolling out the UK Government’s controversial welfare reforms.
    As part of a six-point plan for dealing with suicidal claimants who have been denied welfare payments, call-centre staff in Glasgow have been told to wave the guidance, printed on a laminated pink card, above their head.
    The guidance is meant to help staff dealing with unsuccessful applicants for Universal Credit who are threatening to self-harm or take their own life.
    A manager is then meant to rush over to listen in to the call and workers – who insist they have had no formal training in the procedure – must “make some assessment on the degree of risk” by asking a series of questions.
    One section of the six-point plan, titled “gather information”, demands that staff allow claimants to talk about their intention to commit suicide.

  99. overburdenddonkey

    who knows, but a new scottish political party will launch 29 aug…


    Front-runner in the Labour leadership contest and former Health Secretary Andy Burnham has hired lobbyists with connections to major pharmaceutical companies and private healthcare providers to work on his campaign.

    Sources working for his rivals said the revelations could hurt his credentials as a defender of the NHS.

    A lobbyist who counts a string of drugs companies as clients has been appointed by Andy Burnham to help run his campaign to become Labour’s next leader.

    John Lehal, who runs Insight Consulting Group, has taken leave from the company that he set up to become Mr Burnham’s campaign director of his leadership bid.

    He is joined on the Burnham campaign team by Katie Myler, a managing director at the lobbying firm Burson-Marsteller, whose clients have recently included HCA international – one of Britain’s leading private healthcare providers.

    John Lehal John Lehal

    The appointments are said to have “raised eyebrows” among rival campaign teams.

    “It’s just a question of how it looks,” said one Labour source connected with a rival campaign.

    Mr Burnham has previously been critical of the Conservatives links to lobbyists criticising the appointment of Lynton Crosby to run the Tories’ election campaign given his company’s links to alcohol and tobacco companies. He has also strongly condemned the Conservatives for opening up the NHS to private-sector providers describing it as “indefensible”.

    Mr Lehal’s clients in the UK have included the pharmaceutical giants Pfizer, Novartis and Bristol-Myers Squibb all of whom make multi-million pound revenues from the NHS. Other clients include Look Ahead Care and Support Ltd that provides services for people with learning disabilities and mental health issues. Of six centres, run by the company and recently inspected by the Care Quality Commission, just one was rated good, four “required improvement” and one was rated inadequate.

    Katie Myler, left, with ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband Katie Myler, left, with ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband

    Insight also works with Teva UK – one of the biggest private suppliers of generic medication to the NHS – that has a number of working partnerships with clinical commissioning trusts.


    • paultheswineherd

      sarah – thanks very much for letting us know about this.
      This shows that Andy Burnham is just a ‘closet’ Tory (as many of us have already suspected!) They are all deceitful and sleazy bastards.
      Even more reason to get Jeremy Corbyn into power if at all possible.

  101. Universal Jobmatch - Vacancy Alert Service



    Verification Officer
    Vacancy posted: Tuesday, 11 August 2015

    Salary: £17,440
    Location: Glasgow

    Closing date: 23 August 2015

    Position Details

    Salary: £17,440 – £20,050 per annum

    Location: Glasgow

    Contract length: 6 month ftc

    Position Title: Verification Officer

    Reports to: Regional Verification Manager

    Working Hours: 37.5 hours per week. Core hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm. Flexibility is required to work between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday as arranged by the manager, with flexibility to work on a Saturday 9:15am – 1pm to meet business requirements.

    About Ingeus

    Since starting in the UK in 2002, Ingeus UK has grown from a team of three people to become a 1,700-strong leading provider of people-centred services, including employability programmes, skills training and health-related support. We work as one to help people to reach their full potential.

    The Role

    An exciting opportunity has arisen in the Regional Verification Team for a Verification Officer. The core goal of the Verification Officer is to communicate efficiently with employers in a telephone based environment to achieve effective verification of job starts and job outcomes, and the successful payment of all available financial outcomes.

    To be successful in this role you’ll need great communication, both oral and written, the ability to build relationships and rapport easily with a broad range of people, and a great deal of resilience. This role is accountable for liaising with employers, job centre plus, operational colleagues and clients, so to thrive you will need to be confident, courteous and professional, consistently delivering first class service.

    The role will require effective time management, multitasking and prioritisation skills, as well as high levels of attention to detail, accuracy and timeliness in order to efficiently complete a range of verification tasks within stringent compliance guidelines at all times.

    What we’re looking for

    Outbound customer service experience coupled with an excellent telephone manner
    A good level of IT literacy – MS Word, Outlook and Excel at intermediate level or above
    Resilience, determination and the ability to deal with multiple priorities as well as the natural frustrations of the role appropriately
    Excellent oral and written communication skills
    Able to effectively network to build and maintain effective relationships internally and externally
    Attention to detail and an ability to work under pressure

    Application Instructions

    Please could all applicants supply a cover letter detailing the following:

    Evidence of your ability to cover the key elements detailed in the job description
    Key skills that you would bring to the role
    Why you want to work as a verification officer
    Your approach to a targeted role

    Applications in no later than 23rd Aug

    Apply here

    • You did not need this many qualifications to join the SS, yet the only real quality needed to join INGEUS is a total hatred for fellow human beings.

      • It’s nice to note that the staff of IGNORAMUS work a 37.5 hour week and are not required to work zero hours or shifts.

        • Not forgetting the lazy twats at Seetec whose office in my home town is now only open just two days a week after seeing their funding from the DWP scrapped, probably because of the re-employment rates in Seetec of their clients have dropped to zero in the last few weeks.

          If the lazy turds at Seetec are still closed most of the working week I’ll probably be able to smash the windows in and nick their paperwork for their remaining few clients.

    • Who would want to work in a dumb place such as Ingeus? No working over 37.5 hours a week, no working at weekends, no working at night after 5pm, no zero-hour contracts. Fucking lucky wankers have got it easy and have never had it so good.

      I had to work alternate shifts early and lates some years ago for some shitty, dodgy food factory in town and was treated worse than dog shit by the management and some of the cunt. ugly staff I was teamed with. Being an agency worker there I had no say or rights in making a complaints if I felt aggrieved. The cunt shift manager was a right asshole who sided with the unsavoury staff members I had to team up with during the evening shifts and I felt uncomfortable of having to work with them.

  102. paultheswineherd

    IDS : Your deserved justice awaits you. You may laugh and scoff – but I am sure that you will be laughing and scoffing on the wrong side of your face before too long. Justice for you awaits – but when and where you bastard, then you will just have to wait and see. I am certainly not going to tell you!

  103. Camoron, IDS, and the rest of you bastards in government, you probably think reading this blog is beneath you. The storm will come in an instant, and before the year is out.

  104. stitchedupandbroken

    I am very interested in how institutions work. Especially evil institutions.
    Fast forward to Newsnight last week. The Catholic church offers an apology for the wrongs it sees itself to have done and supported in the sexual abuse scandal.
    A reporter asks What happened to you? to a victim. Victim says she was habitually sexually interfered with by convent nuns when she was 10. And? “When I was older,14,I reported it to my catholic priest” Then what happened,she is asked. “Well the priest he raped me” came forth the answer.
    We don’t want weak weasel worded apologies. We want heads rolling and £££££££££££. COMPO+++ Then the slammer for the rapists,the criminals,the bastards.
    IDS is psychologically raping people. Example set by the church. They really know how to screw people…and the government have learnt from ’em
    10 the nuns used to sexually abuse me

    • Institutions, especially the Church are a form of domination where the former uses its power to cover up it’s activities. No one guards their activities only their own. Why do they want people to believe in God when they don’t. Money.

      Many modern instutution’s for example professional unions do not have complaints systems. People complaining enter a system where their complaint will be forgotten about. They want us to believe there are robust complaints systems to protect the public but it is a sham.

  105. stitchedupandbroken

    I see IDS is about to announce new Work Schemes today making those incapable of work,now fit.
    This should be no surprise. IDS upholds Stephen Hawking as Prime Example. Hawking is disabled,he’s also 70+(or wotever age!) He continues to work! If he can work,YOU CAN WORK. WE WILL MAKE YOU WORK.
    With new anti disability laws that promise zero tolerance on discriminative practice,that will make wheelchair users eligible for scaffolding jobs at 500′ +: IDS’s wet dream. I would suggest that only those laying in a tray of pink liquid and able to move their eyes be entitled to benefits. Even then,wasn’t there some French guy who wrote a book,paralysed,but able to write ‘blinking’.
    I think the idea is to browbeat and bully anyone nto seen as unfit to work into…foregoing benefits. ANY BENEFITS. IDS’s job will then be done. Food Banks are about to multiply. And any rise in criminality? Stealing food? A Mars bar,even? The slammer!! And which of course the government ministers and the judiciary have a steak in: privatised. Nice little earners!! You read it all in the USA which is coming to a place near here soon.
    Ever felt sympathy for those that hate The Great Satan or Little Satan!
    Tally Ho!


    Cost of appealing Information Commissioners decision to publish ESA deaths

    Cost of appealing Information Commissioners decision to publish ESA deaths

    Why Assessments Are Being Made By Unqualified Health Care Professionals And Tribunal Decisions Are Being Overturned.

    How many suicides have there been by benefit claimants from 1994 to 2014

    Cost of appealing Information Commissioners decision to publish ESA deaths

    Death statistics for benefit claimants.

    How many benefit accounts from 1994 to 2014 were closed due to suicides?

    Harm arising as a result of sanctions

    DWP: Is a Jobseeker, with an existing Claimant Commitment in place, required by law and / or DWP policy to sign a revised Claimant Commitment at the request of a Jobcentre WorkCoach?

    DWP contact with Channel 5 benefits programmes

    Specialist Autism Training for Decision Makers and PIP/ESA assessors.

    Are the Community Work Placement case studies genuine?

    Fake claimants leaflets

    PIP revised Timetable

    Civil Penalty JSA

    Benefit Sanctions and The Nudge Unit

    Job description, person specification, pay, hours and conditions of DWP Tribunal judges and doctors



  107. ……………looking out from his office window, the ex DWP commissioner, JUDGE MARK ROWLAND noticed several hearses go by. Glancing at his gold wristwatch he turned to his secretary and asked, “Do you think i should really be making decisions on benefit appeals, given my history with the department?”

    “Dont be silly, Mark”, she replied………….

    “We both know the disabled and poor are worthless”

  108. Tories want the cuts to kill people. They would rather use gas but they cannot.

    • overburdenddonkey

      there are people out there without any no strings income, and no support from family and/of friends to help them get by whatsoever…with destruction of pensions eligibility this is now much worse than things have been for a very long time…
      people must claim and/or appeal, for their SS entitlements…imv we should also campaign for higher payments, scrapping; the WCA etc, sanctions and conditionalities….
      ‘The Work Capability Assessment….designed to cut your benefits through trickery, but read on to learn how, with advice and support, you can get what you are entitled to. The information here is particularly geared towards applications/ reviews for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), but the same principles apply for applications/ reviews for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and its replacement Personal Independence Payment (PIP).
      If you are awarded ESA you will either be placed in the Support Group or the Work Related Activity Group – the Support Group not only pays more money but also means you do not have to attend so-called work-focused interviews. ATOS are currently the main company doing the Work Capability Assessments but this all applies whichever company is involved….’
      yes, it’s hauling rocks but it’s not hopeless, one can win….

      • The tanking FTSE just about to dip below 5000 in donks – so that is your pension taken care of 😀

        • below 6000 lol only 20 more points to go 🙂

          • 12 point to go 🙂

            • Seems to be encountering some ‘resistance’ lol

              • where’s ‘support’ when it need it… and yet when you listen to the words of Osborne and Cameron they tell a different story…. 😉

              • And to think the Footsie ‘peaked’ at 7046.82 on 18/05/2015 only 3 short months away 🙂

              • There is a seriously massive crash – correction – call it what you want going on in financial markets at the moment. The markets are in free-fall. Or as Warren Buffet would say: “there is a sale on”. Shares are as cheaper than they have been for a long time at the moment. Of course you don’t know where the bottom of the trough is. But just as soon as the panic-stricken have sold out and the smart-money has bought their shares on the cheap they will as sure as Eastenders follows Top the the Pops “rebound”. It is all one big scam – the China export figures is just a load of horseshit of a pretext.

              • PS The city traders and the wanker bankers won’t lose any money – they will make money. It is private investors and pension funds that will be hit as always. Just another way of robbing Joe and Jacqueline public. Wonder when the Stock Exchange ‘plunge protection’ mechanism will kick in.

        • One thing we do know in hindsight is that the FTSE 100 ‘peak’ was at 7046.82, so if you bought the FTSE 100 then you are seriously ‘underwater’, but if instead you sold i.e. shorted the FTSE 100 you are quids in. These ‘free’ markets are rigged to high heaven. But this is where everyone’s pension money is – pension ‘pots’ are not kept in a Post Office Savings account or an ISA they are ‘invested’ in the stock market; reason being that over the ‘long haul’ they are expected to produce a higher return.

          • Gold hasn’t really moved so it can’t be all bad. There will be a lot of forced selling going on at the moment, ‘margin calls’ and all that kinda stuff. Markets way oversold at the moment. This is how the ‘big boys’ make their money.

        • The stock market is not the place to put your money if you are like ‘saving’ for a new ‘flat-screen’ TV or something. 😀 You would like need nerves of steel 😀

    • they cant use gas because its too expensive.. thats why they are doing fracking to reduce to cost so they can (i wish i was joking but it feels like that)

  109. first they came for the unemployed, i wasnt unemployed so i didnt speak out, then they came for the sick and disabled, i wasnt sick or disabled so i didnt speak out. then they came for me, and there was no one to speak out for me.

  110. Indeed the Stick their Selfish Head up their Arse Mentality of the
    I Am All Right Jack Middle Class and the Oppression Loving
    Section of the Working Class Brainwashed to be too Thick and
    Ignorant to Understand what Poverty does to People

  111. Out in the Pratt Race /Rat Race of the Townie Trance it is like
    Spot the Decent Person

    Too many Thugs Muggers Yobs and Toilet Paper Tabloid Reading

  112. People who are Not Angry about Oppression and Slavery Leave a Lot
    to be Desired in Terms of Human Decency

    There is Good and There is Evil and Slave Labour Exploitation by
    Greedy Slave Driving Tinpot Tyrant Bosses is Evil

    Men being Ruled by Tyrants if Not by God

  113. Labour Needs to Stand Up For the Oppressed and the UnderDog in Britain

    That Means Defending and Rebuilding the Welfare State Stop the Victimisation of the Poor and Vulnerable and Bridge the Gulf between Rich and Poor .

    Increase Welfare Benefits Abolish Zero Hour Contracts and Increase the State Pension whilst Lowering the Retirement Age.

    Labour Did Britain a World of Good in 1945 AD with the Labour
    Government in the Year that Nazism was Hopefully Defeated
    and Needs to do so Now Not just Act like Nowhere to be Seen
    or Heard Dummies

  114. Man! This is rich! IDS is now blaming his staff for the fake stories! Nothing to do with him! Of course not. Does he not realize that when you’re the head of the organisation that you take the ultimate blame when the shit hits the fan? “Nothin’ to do with me guv!”


  115. Labour Needs to be an Opposition so the Country is Not a 1 Party State Dictatorship

    This Means Standing Up for the Underdog and Oppressed in this Country wherever it is Defending the Welfare State Demanding Welfare Benefits are Increased and the State Pension as Well whilst Demanding the Abolition of Zero Hour Contracts and Challenging Enslavers who Deny Staff a Living Wage.

    The Labour Government of 1945 when Nazism was said to of been Defeated sought to Help the Poor and the UnderDog and should Needs Labour to do so Now.

  116. This Whole Youth Not in a Position of Enslavement in Boot Camps
    has a Sinister Nazi Ring to it almost like the Hitler Youth or some
    Nazi Arbeit Organization

    Stuff Nazi Eugenics and Euthanasia as Well

    Adolf Hitler got in Power through Kowtowing to Elements of Big
    Business as Well as being a Political Con Merchant leading Gullible
    Voters up the Garden Voters

    It is Beyond a Sick Joke that People went to Flipping La La Land
    when him and his Shower came to Power thinking Everything was OK
    when it was Not because a Genocidial Power Crazed Nutcase held
    High Office

    Forced Labour Unpaid is Slave Labour

    Low Wages that Chains People in Degrading Poverty and Destitution
    is Slavery

  117. Turn Off Noop ffs

    Who the fuck set NooP off – was it you obd?

  118. It doesn’t take much to set Noop off, perhaps it was just a gentle flurry of wind.

  119. This Country is in a Sleepwalk Trance which is why there is so much
    Poverty and Suffering

    There Needs to be More Demonstrations Not just Once in a Blue Moon

  120. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Duncan Smith says ‘fake claimant’ officials face action

    BBC – 24th Aug 2015

    Iain Duncan Smith has said his officials who used fictional claimants to show the impact of benefit sanctions could face disciplinary action.

    The work and pensions secretary said the made-up stories on the DWP website were meant to help people understand the system and were based on “real life cases”.

    But Mr Duncan Smith stressed that he had not seen them before publication.

    And he told BBC News that the officials “should never have done that”.

    The DWP faced widespread criticism last week when it emerged that two sickness benefit claimants, supposedly called Zac and Sarah and who featured on the department’s website, were not real people.

    Read More:

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Dunko The Clown losing control of the DWP. A Circus spokesperson said.

    • quote – ‘Duncan Smith says ‘fake claimant’ officials face action’ unquote.

      Everybody working in the DWP are only following by example. They are all blindly following the rules laid down by Iain Duncan Smith and also following his example to lie and cheat their way to the top of the food chain in DWP towers, and to lie and cheat their scrawny arses through life.


      I don’t believe the cock and bull story that he previously didn’t know about sanctiongate or the dirty, underhand tactics those zombie wankers running the corrupt system putting out dangerous claimant success stories linked to the illegal use of sanctions. Fucking power mad wankers at all levels from bottom to top in a government department well versed in spreading malicious bullshit for the lowest denominator – i.e. lower un-employment levels and increased use of stripping people of their rights to money under EU law.

  121. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  122. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Scared to use the phone DWP !!!

  123. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The ESA is changing today. New Rules.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Benefits shakeup aims to force more disabled people into jobs

      Government wants radical reform to push 1m more people into work, but disability campaigners fear they are being targeted

      The Guardian – 24th Aug 2015

      Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, is poised to announce a radical reform of sickness benefits that the government hopes will force up to 1m more disabled people into work. Changes to employment and support allowance (ESA) and the assessment of people claiming sickness benefits will be part of a package of announcements expected to be made public on Monday, which aims to shrink the “disability employment gap” by taking many people off benefits and expecting them to move into work. The reforms will anger disability campaigners, who claim that they are being targeted as part of a £12 billion cut in the welfare bill.

      The changes come days after the Department for Work and Pensions admitted it had used made-up stories from fictional claimants to demonstrate the positive impact of benefit sanctions. On Thursday, the DWP is expected to release data for the first time showing how many disability benefit claimants have died after having their benefits cut or stopped.

      In a speech on Monday, Duncan Smith is expected to claim that 2m more people are in work and that the number of workless households is at a record low following previous government reforms. “There is one area on which I believe we haven’t focused on enough – how work is good for your health. Work can help keep people healthy as well as help promote recovery if someone falls ill. So, it is right that we look at how the system supports people who are sick and helps them into work,” he is expected to say.

      “But we must not stop there. We need to be relentless in our efforts to get more people into work and off welfare,” he will say. “The number of disabled people working has risen by 350,000 over the past two years, the highest on record. Yet, even though we have got more disabled people into work, that is only the beginning.” According to a briefing, Duncan Smith will also announce new changes to the Fit For Work service and changes to access to mental health advice for claimants.

      Read More:

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Until Dunko The Clown puts it in written everything is null & Void in litigation.

      • No mention of ‘startsmilingagain’ and that charlatan David Rahman from the flabby mouth belonging to Drunken Shite? Well, I am surprised…

      • All those people that were sacked from the DWP will now be placed for two years onto the work programme, having to work as slaves in placements in recycling depots or sweatshops in return for their benefits.

  124. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    DWP seeks 2,800 short-term staff weeks after shedding thousands of full-timers

    Union says adverts are for roles similar to those done by 3,824 workers who left two months ago and shows ‘further casualisation’ of department

    The Guardian – 23rd Aug 2015

    The Department for Work and Pensions has been criticised for advertising nearly 3,000 jobs on short-term contracts less than two months after shedding thousands of permanent staff.

    A total of 3,824 permanent staff members across England, Scotland and Wales left under a voluntary exit scheme in late June. On Thursday, the DWP said it was looking to recruit 2,800 people to work on its “reform programmes”.

    Mark Serwotka, the general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services union, which represents public sector workers, said: “It is incredible that less than two months after cutting thousands of low-paid jobs, the DWP is advertising for close to the same amount.

    “Instead of constantly trying to trip up claimants, the DWP should ensure the proper resources are in place to return the department to one where sick, disabled and unemployed people are given the support they need and deserve.”

    A PCS spokesman told the Guardian: “We see this as further casualisation of the workforce, which we are obviously opposed to. We want to see people employed on permanent contracts.”

    According to the union, many of the staff who left in June worked in areas similar to those in which the department is now seeking to hire. It said the work could have been done by the existing staff, “with minimal retraining and setup costs”.

    Its analysis suggested that the first wave of hires would mean a shift in the department’s geographic focus.

    London and central England in particular are recruiting significantly fewer than they lost in June, while many more will be hired in north-west England and in Wales than those who left in those areas.

    A DWP spokesman said: “We are undertaking some big welfare reforms and we’re recruiting fixed term 18-month appointments to cover this period. There have only been a handful of compulsory redundancies over the last four years – with the vast majority of people leaving voluntarily.”

    The news comes as the DWP deals with a row over its use of fake benefits claimants to send out a positive message about its reformed benefits system.

    It used stock images alongside what it admitted in a response to a freedom of information request was invented testimony. The department said they were representative of conversations its staff had had with real people.


    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      There are loads more people wanting jobs on the WorkFare Programme.

      • THE DWP and JCP freely admit in the sanctiongate that they are breaching JSA client confidentiality rules when it comes to discussing benefit clients case loads and what is said in conversation between JSA client and their work roach to use as the basis for coming up with cock and bull sanction stories.

  125. If I was to lie and give false information when updating my claimant commitment I would be seen as committing fraud and have my JSA case closed down permanently. Yet the bug-eyed lunatic Drunken Shite is committing public fraud right under our noses with sanctiongate and his old eton chum David Camoron is endorsing that bald-headed sack of shit.

    • Fen: Your posts always cheer me up mate when i’m a bit down and despondent. IDS is indeed the biggest wanker of all time. Must be in the running for the most detested person in the UK, if not the world, with his smarmy answers and BS.

      • I must be doing something right on here if I can manage to cheer at least one person up with my rage against the state. I have plenty more venom against the government, especially IBS (IDS) – One Bull Shit. He talks it all of the time so he should have a name that befits him.

        • Your spirit shines through in your posts mate, not to let these evil bastards tear you down. That’s what they want; to keep grinding our spirit and soul down until we end up compliant friggin’ zombies willing to do anything the DWP + JCP scum tell us to.

  126. Don’t worry, the failure to deliver real welfare reforms, and the desperatiob by the private health insurance companies to take over the whole welfare system, is starting to come apart at the seams.

    Desperation is the key word, money is being flushed at an alarming rate and IDS (DUNKO THE CLOWN) is becoming aware that his days are numbered…………

    Can anyone name one thing that this government have been successful at?

    I can’t, everything they have dabbled with is either worse or fucked completely.
    If starving people is the tory answer to welfare reform then they have already failed.

    Reform is mean’t to improve, not destroy.

    The big difference between us and the yanks is that the yanks can spot a litigation case from a mile away. The DWP are easy pickings, like a huge ripe apple waiting to be picked from a lower branch.

    Reading the lists of benefit related deaths would attract the death sentence in any civilised society, but we are far from civilised, perhaps one of the lowest in how we honour human rights legislation.

    The eyes of the world are focused on the shit that is being dealt to us unworthy souls, but the sick dreams of a handful can be eradicated in many ways, that why Corbyn represents an immense threat to the building blocks of hatred.

    Everywhere you look anti Corbyn hysteria, and he has captured the hearts of the Scots through his stance on an alternative to austerity.

    They are in a complete frenzy, like a one legged dog in a lamppost factory, not knowing which way to turn………….

    There ill laid plans are going to come crashing down sooner than later.

    • ……………read in between DUNKO’S false smiles he is on his way out, a complete embarrassment just like wannabee porn queen Esther.

  127. paultheswineherd

    The universally hated IDS gobshite twat had better watch his back!
    The ‘death’ statistics are due to be ‘released’ by DWP this Thursday, 27th August. He may well be prosecuted and perhaps something even worse!

  128. Another Fine Mess

    Start Gurning Again is back, but the site maintainance doesn’t seem to have worked, the site’s still swamped with make-believe think yourself better/richer claptrap.

  129. Materialism is Evil in the Sense that it makes People Selfish and Superficial

    Better a Caring Society with a Clear Sense of Human Compassion towards the Poor andVulnerable than an Evil Materialistic Individualistic I Am All Jack Abomination Thatcherite ” There is No Such Thing as Society ”

    Margaret Thatcher Needs to be Remembered as One of the Most Evil Tyrants in British History who Inspired Obliviousness Greed and Selfishness

  130. Tory Party thinktank insists  ‘ the voice of youth unemployment’ would need long term unemployment experience – more quals ? – homeless for a few years? (FRAUD?)

  131. paultheswineherd

    IDS: We are in the process of tracking you down to make you pay for your crimes to the vulnerable, the poor, the sick and the disabled people of Britain. You will pay for your crimes – and I assure you that you will pay for them as soon as is practically possible.

  132. Reblogged this on perfectlyfadeddelusions and commented:
    Sack her and get the Tories out of power

  133. I have committed over 100 Burglaries, stolen so much over the last couple of years just to live, buy food etc since my money was stopped back in Jan 1st 2013 and because of now having to maybe go 10 years with no money and my age 57 years old I am not sure of if I will even get a pension too. So over the next 3 years I have to plan on possible another 100 – 300 plus Burglaries and many other crimes to have a fall back plan of around £20,000 – £30,000 to last me in my pension years. IF and only IF I do get pension money I will give away all I have taking to homeless and people who have been sanctions. My full story is here :- I am not a writer so forgive me with how I worded stuff….. http://lisa.wc.lt/forum/showthread.php?tid=12

  134. Do you know what find more disgusting that all of you middle aged sad lonely people are commenting about young people. Instead of writing crap why dont you actually do something for us

  135. Omg……. It’s totally mind blowing…I’m melt wen I listen this song…So I try to find the meaning at last I found it here…Thank u soooooo much ..LikeLiked by 1 person

  136. People really believe anything they read. Do a little research and this article has 85% of total lies. What a joke of a writer! Thought doing research would be a no brainer.

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