Priti Patel Appointed Minister Of Death At The DWP

priti-deathPriti Patel, staunch supporter of the death penalty, will replace unemployed former Employment Minister Esther Mcvey it has been announced today.  Patel has previously said that she supports the reintroduction of capital punishment as a ‘deterrence’, although she would not say whether she preferred hanging or electrocution.  Wanting to bring back state executions is only half the story of her malevolent past however.

Prior to becoming an MP, she worked as a public relations advisor to British American Tobacco, where she was linked to the sinister ‘Project Sunrise’.  This is believed to be part of the initiative established by cigarette firm Phillip Morris which aimed to create the “dawn of a new day” for the tobacco industry by smearing anti-smoking groups as extremist.

Patel continued supporting the tobacco industry on being elected, voting in favour of ending the smoking ban in 2010 and speaking out against plain cigarette packaging.

Patel also worked in corporate relations for alcohol giant Diageo, whose so-called charitable arm Tomorrow’s People were famously responsible for expecting unemployed unpaid workers to sleep under a bridge during the Queen’s Jubiliee celebrations.  In her new role as Employment Minister she will be responsible for handing out lucrative contracts to manage workfare schemes to organisation’s such as Tomorrow’s People.

In 2012 Patel was one of the auth0rs of Brittania Unchained, a nasty diatribe penned by five Tory MPs which accused British workers of being the “worst idlers in the world”.  The book called on the UK workforce to emulate China, where 70,000 people die in workplace accidents every year, or South Korea, the suicide capital of Asia.

Priti Patel and death have never been far away.  If her past tells us anything it is that she will put money before life at every turn. This is what the modern Tory Party represents.  Whether ex-confidence tricksters like Grant Shapps, or shills for the tobacco industry, if there’s money to be made then they have no care at all what the consequences of their actions may be.  That Priti Patel is now in charge of benefit sanctions and sickness benefit assessments that have already claimed a growing number of lives is genuinely chilling.  Death now stalks the corridors of the DWP like never before.

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126 responses to “Priti Patel Appointed Minister Of Death At The DWP

  1. gud stuff, shared

  2. She won’t mind me blowing my jsa on hooky duty-free rolling baccy then

  3. IDS’s grip on reality has descended into farce where 5 hrs daily jobsearch is concerned, with jcp advisors tipping claimants to record any daily activity as ‘jobsearch’. A visit to Aldi, or the Red Lion all counts as jobsearch apparently, so long as you say you asked for work! Fucking ridiculous.

  4. Good job hitler is not around ,or he would probably have taken the position….

  5. “Priti Patel, staunch supporter of the death penalty,”

    So is Gordon Brown…..

    • That clown Gordon Brown would sign his own death warrant… oops, he just has…

      • Gordon Wilson, the ex-leader of the SNP and who is still a key player and very instrumental in developing SNP policy is a big supporter of capital punishment having voted along with other SNP members for the restoration of hanging in Commons votes.

  6. overburdenddonkey

    the tories are frightening…..cue ozzy, and still no word from the BPS…

  7. eviltorypervert

    im so glad the plebs voted the way they were told to.

  8. The Tories are only scary if we let them,I bet ,ids, lower case on purpose loves his nicknames and the same will be of Patel.What annoys me is when you read of people starving or dying and nobody has popped around to help?Fuck whoeverever thinks they are in charge and look after ourselves,if you employ people pay them cash you both benefit,if you have a spare room think of letting someone use it for a couple of nights,just keep the axe by your bed!Government needs to be rewrote ignore the current lot and get on with our lifes!

    • One hell of a lot of sense in what you say there. If Fat Dave wants Big Society, let’s give him a version of it he won’t like.

    • Yes I’ve been thinking that.

      UK is the sole nation in Europe without 7 day a week free cafes
      that provide hot cooked meals and hot drink, without vouchers,
      equally to the working poor, poor pensioners and the unemployed.

      Families can feed family through BOGOFs from big supermarkets. There is always some deal going on.

      Just be sure it is something like a tin that can be opened without a tin opener and eaten cold, or a packet of something with some nutritional value. Not just crisps or sweets or cakes.

      Remember to get something to drink. Look about you? Where are the constantly running public drinking water fountains of the Victorian age?

      Should foodbanks be giving out free water every day?

      Beg for food in churches or Sikh temples.

      Don’t food shoplift as you are not ensured of a meal in police cells and you will most probably always get bail.

      The supermarkets make enough profit.

  9. Tories Out Social Justice In
    Protest against Tory Tyranny

  10. Priti Patel’s family were gifted charity and compassion when they were most vulnerable, Priti wants to payback what she may perceive as a humiliation with the hangman’s noose.

  11. Well lets give her enough rope……. you know the rest.

  12. Priti Patel – ‘Project Sunrise’ we can see where this is going a DWP smear campaign against the unemployed and supporting groups.

  13. Good God. Is cameron mentally deficient, or is he ruthlessly efficient in promoting this known anti-humanitarian she devil to be ids right hand axe woman.

  14. I reckon Patel is in for a rough ride and not from us. The Tories are Racist, not happy to have women in power and she is not that keen on Cameron by all accounts. How she fairs with Ids, not sure?

    • Their love of money trumps any racist tendencies, they do not care what face is on the money.

      • overburdenddonkey

        labour have just voted for murphy to continue as their leader….

        • The UK media are gearing up to tear down the SNP MPs expenses scandals and all, Mhairi Black would be well advised not to court the media.

          • Mhairi Black is going to be toast. She is way, way too young to be playing the House of Cards – she sound too much like a uni student – which she still is – reading from a politics text book: fighting this, promising that.. . Maybe she has been ‘pushed’ into this position by her father who has obviously been instrumental in this; parents often like to live their own failed ambitions through her children. In most cases MPs have to lose an election campaign before they are given a seat to stand for – she was just in the right place at the right time, and just so happened to fit Wee Nicola’s politically correct, “progressive” agenda – young and female. Mhairi would be well advised to not let any reporters into her kitchen especially any fuckers from Sky News – Kay Burley, Martin Cunt, you only had to see the evil glint in Adam Boulton’s eye when he was interviewing her after her election win to see that the knives will be out, don’t give the bastards a chance, Mhairi if you know what’s good for you.

            • Digging Up the Dirt

              Mhairi better watch out Anna Botox form Sky News doesn’t get wind that she has claimed expenses for a tube of toothpaste or something.

  15. ‘Pity’ Patel

  16. I just went to my work programme at Maximus. I bet they’re all happy the Tories won because they get to keep their jobs. Their jobs which entails harrassing the poor, the sick and the disabled off benefits into shitty call center jobs under threat of sanctions.

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    We are so blessed to be able to watch the formation of the first Tory Cabinet for 2 decades

  18. Was at the Work Programme last Thursday: the receptionist called out to all us Job Searching plebs, (he was reading from The Sun): ‘France is the most generous country in Europe for Benefits – I think you lot should think about going there’.

    With people like this ‘helping the unemployed’ at the bottom of the shit heap, it’s no wonder they need sadists at the top to lead by example. God help us all.

    • Years ago I read about a doctor in South Africa who’d had enough of being carjacked so he injected a bottle of brandy through the cork with the strongest laxative he had and left it in his car. Then he waited to see who came in the hospital with a severe case of the two bob bits

  19. You know, there is another way to protest.

    What if all the disabled and chronic sick emigrated to SNP’s Scotland, which has devolved by Scottish law their welfare.

    They help their poor and disabled and old far more than we do down in England.

    Learn to speak in a Scottish accent right for the area you go to live in a shared tent before you apply for social housing.

    Then the private companies will not have workfare clients to badger?

    Those retiring next year have no such luck, as their state pension is wiped out by the flat rate state pension, the biggest con in UK history.
    And even pensioners are hit by the national roll out of Universal Credit.

    Ifg we all sign each other’s petitions in huge numbers, that is also a form of mass protest.


    prittle-prattle (ˈprɪtəlˌprætəl Pronunciation for prittle-prattle )

    foolish or idle talk; babble

  21. Another Fine Mess

    Have they given a date yet for when sanctions are replaced by hangings? We know some that are innocent will be executed, to meet the targets, but that doesn’t matter it will still be seen as a deterent.

  22. Priti Patel


    Tory cunt and most definately not pretty.

  23. Gove, the new Justice Minister is also a fan of capital punishment. His job is to repeal the Human Rights Act, which is the biggest barrier to bringing back state murder.

    This lot are jack-booted and marching back a century, the difference is then the UK had a future to look forward to and there was hope we could make a difference, make our lives better by taking back the fruits of our labour. Now they are taking us back to the hell-hole of eugenics, slave labour, no rights, no property (except for the rich), basic feudalism, euthenasing the disabled and ill and old.

    Well, who do they think are going to play along in our own obliteration?

    • Spot on comments. Keep banging the drum about evils of torys ideological agender of eugenics. Make documentaries, blogs put them on youtube as your testaments to the evil oozing from under a stone in the stinking cesspits of the palace of Westminster by the lake. Use mass media in all its forms good and bad. Bombard right wing newspapers, TV or radio with emails on a hourly basis. Use the media as they used it against us in demonizing all sick, skint, crippled and idle undeserving. But never give up because if you do the wretched putrid twisted beyond any semblance of a human being bred to ruling classes have won. WE ARE ALL EACH WORTH MORE THAN 10, 000 OF THE DUCH BAG SCUM WHO INFFEST THE DWP AND GOVERNMENT.
      Tommaz Jay.
      Afraid for the future that the next generation will inherited.

      • dirt under their feet

        Yes, time to turn the lense back onto them.

        For every lie (though it can be difficult to keep up) – put together the real facts and broadcast them in some way to the world, not just nationally, but also internationally.

        For every dastardly act (though it’s even more difficult to keep up with them), let them be exposed to the whole world.

        For every local iniquity, let no detail not be broadcast.

        Turn everything back upon them, as they have turned their backs on us.

        Let nothing they do (or don’t do) happen without a protest about it, in some form.

        Enough is enough already.

    • Under curtain circumstances, I would support capital punishment, if it is only used for murderers and if said murderers are guilty. However, bringing it back at the same time as cutting legal aid will mean that innocent people are hanged.

      • Since the Shitstem is totally corrupt, how could it ever be trusted to determine whether someone is deserving of being put to death? Once the state has killed them, it can’t bring them back if it is later proven that they were innocent.

        “The Justice Department and FBI have formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants over more than a two-decade period before 2000.

        The review confirmed that FBI experts systematically testified to the near-certainty of “matches” of crime-scene hairs to defendants, backing their claims by citing incomplete or misleading statistics drawn from their case work.

        The preliminary results of that review, which Spencer Hsu of The Washington Post reported last week, are breathtaking: out of 268 criminal cases nationwide between 1985 and 1999, the bureau’s “elite” forensic hair-sample analysts testified wrongly in favor of the prosecution, in 257, or 96 percent of the time. Thirty-two defendants in those cases were sentenced to death; 14 have since been executed or died in prison.”

        • Silent Witness

          It’s like was said in that Radio 4 programme Forensics in Crisis most forensic labs work hand-in-hand with the police. The police also tender work to forensic labs and effectively pay forensic labs to give them the results they want. Another remark was that is generally takes the general public i.e juries at least ten years to catch up on how flawed and corrupt the ‘evidence’ is that is being put before them and being relied on to ‘secure’ convictions.

  24. Forensics in Crisis

    Crisis in Court

    In this series, science journalist Linda Geddes investigates why forensic science has fallen into crisis, and what can be done to restore confidence in the field.

    Programme 3:

    In March 2015, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were finally acquitted of the murder of Meredith Kercher. The case hinged on DNA results that were later overturned in court.

    In this episode, Linda Geddes looks at why this evidence was unreliable and how it was misinterpreted in the courtroom.

    DNA testing is being increasingly relied upon by UK police to secure convictions. But leading experts such as Prof Peter Gill, who helped to pioneer DNA fingerprinting in the 1980s, are concerned that the technique is being overstretched.

    As we become able to detect ever smaller amounts of DNA, from more than one person, the sources of error and uncertainty are increasing.

    Defence lawyers fear that DNA evidence isn’t being adequately cross-examined in court, due to complexity of the analysis needed to produce results.

    Could our unwavering faith in DNA evidence be misplaced?

    Producer: Michelle Martin.

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    …………………….and pigs can fly

    Our reference: VTR 501
    Date: 08 May 2015

    Dear Anita,

    Thank you for your Freedom of Information request received on 07/02/2015 .
    You asked:-

    [1] I would like to know how many claimants out of the 49 peer
    reviewed cases had received a sanction. This includes previous
    sanctions and sanctions at the time of their death.
    [2] And if it is within the cost limits, the number of sanctions for each
    claimant will also be useful

    DWP response

    1. In 10 out of the 49 reviews, the person concerned had sanctions recorded
    at some point in their claim.

    2. This information is not available in the peer review reports.

    If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the
    reference number above.

    Yours sincerely,

    DWP Central FoI Team

  27. DWP Press Release – 11th May 2015

    The national roll out of Universal Credit continues today (11 May 2015) with the benefit now available to new single claimants in Richmond, Kirkwall, Lerwick and Stornoway.

    Universal Credit – which will be available in all jobcentres across the country by next spring – simplifies the system to make sure it always pays to be in work. When fully rolled out, it will make 3 million people better off with a £7 billion boost to the economy every year.

    Already available at over 260 jobcentres across the country, the new benefit will eventually replace 6 existing benefits:

  28. At least Grant “would I cheat you?” Shapps has been stabbed in front by the Bullers Boys.
    Patel was also associated with vile James Goldsmith’s ukip type party circa 1997.

  29. Nothing wrong with the death penalty – especially if IDS and the others are the first to be tried for crimes against humanity.

    • dirt under their feet

      Too quick though, for those who have enacted so much despair and lingering suffering upon so many people (and then laughing about it, as seen in government debates)… But they definitely, really seriously, should be convicted for really serious charges against humanity.

      I saw a programme recently about a tough prison in Siberia which is only for really serious murderers, from where there’s no escape for life for most of them… That sort of thing (just fantasising).

      But instead we have far too much of the locking up of the victims, and not the perpetrators of the conditions which led to the criminal act; and with Gove in charge of justice, that’s only going to increase.

    • Fellow, Lol, especially If they proceeded with abolishing the Humans Right Act. Happy Days

  30. dirt under their feet

    They have anyway already introduced death by sanction as a supposed deterrence. But then, no person with anything remotely resembling a moral compass would work with the insanely twisted IDS.

    With much more of the unworkable Universal Credit on the horizon, with the purpose of sanctioninig just about everyone with any hint of a benefit (as the commitments it demands are scarcely achievable), which will include many of those hardworking persons they keep carrying on about; PP looks to be just the person for the job of executing (equivalently), without trial, as many as possible of those criminal types not making enough money to get off of benefits, even when it’s the government policies that have made it nearly impossible for them ever to escape poverty.

    And many of those idiots who voted Tory, many of whom are not well off enough to be as secure as they imagine, have no idea of the dark tsunami of destruction planned to engulf this country. All so the wealthy can be become more wealthy at the cost of everyone else.

    A government should be there for the wellbeing and support of its citizens, not just an increasingly small percentage of them.

    • Government policy is designed to make it impossible for the poor to get away from poverty. The establishment agenda (The Tories are just their political mask who also managed to infiltrate the Labour party) always was to kill off people claiming any benefits, especially the sick and disabled. Most people did not want or vote the Tories in. There just the result of a fart from a sick broken Electoral system that the Establishment so dearly loves.

      The initial appointment of the death loving psychopath Duncan Smith and now the appointment of his equal partner in crime Patel glaringly proves this.
      The poor probably would have been much better off with Bonnie and Clyde.
      At least they were upfront about murdering people.

  31. More like Shitty Patel 😀

  32. New legislation reducing benefits c(r)ap is to form part of the first Queen’s speech of this government. To allow for the signing of further death warrants/the bringing of more distress, upheaval and ill-health. Where there is harmony…

    • It has been reported that recently there has been a massive increase in the number of stroke victims. The main cause of stroke is high-blood pressure. It is well known that stress causes high-blood pressure. Persecution and harassment of benefits claimants through DWP ‘policies’ designed deliberately to do so is putting them under extreme stress. Wonder if there is any correlation.

      • Of course no connection whatsoever (as with removal of income: increased use of foodbanks). As with the (alleged) use of “scaremongering” tictacs.

      • That’s why they constantly bombard people with the dreaded ‘Brownies’ dropping through the letter box. All done to harass you and make you feel miserable. Bad day when you have to dread the postman calling. It’s never good news with these brownies, have you noticed that?

  33. Savid Javid, another Tory connard on the Today programme saying that for 18-21 years-old JSA will be changed to YA (Youth Allowance) and 18-21 years-old will have to work for it.

    • What are they all going to do take turns at walking Savid Javid’s dog?

    • So they will receive less of a shock if/when asked to work for below the minimum needed to subsist in later life – & so they understand early on the meaning of “something for nothing. Makes complete sense.

      • While their little treasures are vandalising the halls of academia and patronising the natives on charitable gap years the working class “youth” will be conscripted into forced labour – apprenticeships in slavery.

        • Not sure I’d want to buy anything made by forced labour – we’ve all seen Schindler’s List where the factory workforce were making artillery shells just and so too big for the gun breeches. The railway workers of France during WW2 had a nice line in sabotage going, they changed destination labels on railway wagons, so the goods intended for one place arrived somewhere else. Distribution centres will still use a similar system of labelling, (albeit utilising computers) but could probably just as easily be sabotaged.

          Just as not paying people properly is a bad idea, (though why shopworkers are so supine has always been completely beyond me) not paying them at all is a fatally flawed idea, almost guaranteed to fail. We already know that many are likely to be sanctioned, so we need desperately to prepare to support them. Goodness knows, no-one claiming JSA has a lot to spare, but I manage to give a couple of quid to someone in need of help outside of Tesco a couple of times a fortnight, and okay, so that’s a few litres less pear cider for me, but I just feel that’s the least I can do. Perhaps if we did manage to get a group of interested people up and down the UK to come together and start the ball rolling to put together a plan to set up our own basic security net a crowdfunding appeal could then be set up so that people like us could donate what we felt we could afford – I’m talking micro amounts here, as literally every little helps, and taking my cue from the Widow’s Mite.
          I appreciate that many on here wouldn’t be able to afford a financial contribution, and would probably qualify for help from such a scheme, which would be ideally overseen by local people, deciding on a case by case basis, with people presenting themselves directly, therefore no need to ask to be referred by a JCP advisor, social worker etc. Obviously there would be a need to guard against abuse, but if it was administered locally, and I mean, VERY locally, then that would serve to reduce the potential for abuse. Also, so long as someone can prove who they are, and can provide evidence of a sanction, i.e. the sanction letter, that should be enough to ensure that the person be supported as long as the sanction is in place.

          I know that the Trussell Trust does a lot, but it appears to me that they are somewhat mild in their criticisms of government, and their ‘time limited’ help designed to not ‘encourage dependency’ strays too far into the notion that somehow the applicant is to blame. Quite simply if someone has been sanctioned for a month, then it’s likely they’ll need some kind of support for a month, as, even if they manage to get hardship payments they will still need a reduced level of support to maintain their health, which is all that can be managed on the full JSA payment, and then often only with some difficulty.

          I guess I’m arguing for a kind of alternative social security system that isn’t owned by the state, or some do gooding charity, but a system that is entirely owned and controlled by us, the people that need it.

          We can beat the bastards, but only if we do it together.

  34. A friend sent me a clip from the new c4 bennifit street poverty porn feast …cunty c4 the clip was great showing 3 cunty middleclass media types photogrraphing the people on asking no permition ..its a public street ….the got there fucking yellow bellies chased right outta there by the local lads ….good

  35. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Johnny Void presents a chilling summary of the vile career of Priti Patel. Patel has been the post of Employment Minister, to replace the equally disgusting Esther McVile.

    As Mr Void points out, Patel was one of the five Tories, who wrote Britannia Unchained, a nasty tract castigating British workers for being too idle. They recommended instead that we should emulate the emerging Asian economies, where workers are paid a pittance, and have few, if any, employment rights.

    Mr Void gives a bit more information on her past, which may otherwise have gone unnoticed. Like she’s a supporter of bring back the death penalty. She was also linked to British American Tobacco’s ‘Project Sunrise’, smearing anti-smoking groups as extremists.

    She also worked for Diageo, whose charity, Tomorrow’s People, expected their unpaid workers to sleep under bridges during the work they were given for the Queen’s celebrations.

    As Mr Void points out, this advocate of lies, exploitation and death is now responsible for benefit sanctions and sickness benefit assessment. Expect the further murder of the poor, the sick and the disabled, all in the name of corporate profit.


    Upon receiving a message from Malaysia, it was heartening to read that a country some six and a half thousand miles away are aware of the anti austerity marches on Downing Street……………….
    Even down to the slogans written on the protestors placards, “i pledge to resist” and, “stop the cuts”.

    Moreover, the rise in foodbanks is well reported and the way riot police were called to such a small gathering.

    The eyes of the world are watching, as are the Human Rights organisations.

    All itching to put the boot in the most crooked administration since the Nazis.

  37. Out went wicked witch Esther McVile only to be replaced by the incarnation of Khali, Priti Patel.

    who has previously said that she supports the reintroduction of capital punishment as a ‘deterrence’, although she would not say whether she preferred hanging or electrocution.
    Wanting to bring back state executions is only half the story of her malevolent past however.

    • Another Fine Mess

      link from twitter
      Priti Patel: Human Rights and Hard Cash 2013

      • Interesting stuff, welfare conditionality to a submissive society.

      • Priti Patel is NAZI SCUM!!

        Priti Patel and her family obviously come form the money-class otherwise they wouldn’t be able to flee from anywhere. And it is also the likes of Priti Patel who garner support for Nigel Farage and Co. People who have been invited into the country extended every courtesy, being given compassion, help and support to get them back on their feet… and then what to they go and do – stab the indigenous population in the back as they attempt to turn the UK into a third-world African dictatorship. Now, when we see “refugees fleeing tyranny” we wonder just who the hell they really are and who we may inadvertently be letting in!

        • Priti Patel is NAZI SCUM!!

          What Patel and her chums deliberately forget is that the United Kingdom signed up to the ECHR in the aftermath of World War II. It was created in 1959 and is not part of the European Union – as Patel and the rest of her party would have you believe.

        • “British government documents, recently declassified under the 30-year rule, have supported earlier accounts by the journalists Pat Hutton and Jonathan Bloch which said the rise of Idi Amin was engineered by outside interests to stop President Milton Obote’s nationalisation drive in which the state had taken 60% interest in all foreign and Ugandan-Asian-owned businesses. Sky News, the London-based satellite TV channel, recently quoted from one of the British documents in which the Foreign Office in London had said “Amin was reliable.”

          That Idi Amin was a brutal dictator of extraordinary cruelty is well-known and becomes more so as the tally of his victims, according to conventional accounts, topped over 100,000 between 1971-75. What is less known is the role of the British government and its allies not only in maintaining Amin’s machinery of repression but in actually establishing him in power. Although Amin later became alienated from his Western friends, we can show here that the break between him and Britain became complete only when his fall (on 10 April 1979) was imminent, and that regarding him as the least evil option from the point of view of British interests, London actively helped keep him in power.

          The tale of how the Western powers took measures to reverse the decline of their fortunes in Africa during the 1960s is complex in detail but simple in principle. In Uganda, once dubbed the “Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill, huge British financial, industrial and agricultural interests were under threat from the Obote government.”

          • “And it is also the likes of Priti Patel who garner support for Nigel Farage and Co. People who have been invited into the country extended every courtesy, being given compassion, help and support to get them back on their feet… and then what to they go and do – stab the indigenous population in the back as they attempt to turn the UK into a third-world African dictatorship. Now, when we see “refugees fleeing tyranny” we wonder just who the hell they really are and who we may inadvertently be letting in!”

            What garners support for Ushit is their small-minded bigotry, xenophobia and enthusiasm for scapegoating immigrants for all the ills of the country.

            It is the western imperialists that subjugate and exploit the third-world and it is the western imperialists that have now decided to prey on their own citizens. Refugees fleeing western backed tyranny have no say on that decision and neither does Priti Patel. She is just one of their agents.

  38. Police have time to watch c4 benefit street, but will not investigate the human trafficking from the DWP/JCP – workplace provider – place of forced labour slavery chain.

  39. The Moral Maze

    If you knew Priti Patel was on one of those sinking boats fleeing from Uganda would you let her drown?

  40. So Ms Patel wants us all working to the Far Eastern model.

    I hope she asks her chums to install handly little extras to their new age sweat-shops, like suicide nets, just like the ones they’ve had to fit in their factories in China and South Korea.

    • I can see Priti Patel is going to be as popular as Fester McVile was!

      • totallygivenup

        barroness mcvile please or maam yes you are reading correctly

        • McVey was unintelligent, patently stupid even as well as politically vulnerable. Patel may be an obscene example of a human being, but she seems to be far from stupid. I doubt the Tories give a damn about being popular, especially when they have a majority that seems to have lulled them into a false sense of security. Patel’s biggest failing isn’t the stupidity of McVey, but her arrogance. She will overstep the mark, but I suspect that she won’t be satisfied with minion status to IDS, and is obviously a towering intellect by comparison. Though the worst of it for us is that it now means that there is at least half a brain controlling the DWP, but watch that space, it could be fun when there is a falling out between IDS and PP.

  41. What is happening to this once proud nation that seems now not to care at all about our fellow human beings? Is it that the our tory task masters in the assembly at the dysphonia inflicted Westminster palace of broken promises, deception, greed and purveyors of abject misery have lost all sense of the reality that living in today’s society brings?

    Is it because they as the self-proclaimed born to rule class are so self-centred that like an illness power has become so intoxicating it has damaged any semblance of humanitarian goodness?

    They seem to have corrupted a once proud to civil service, most likely by fearfulness of losing their own employment. They have further corrupted the right wing press, if that would be at all possible who have now become their puppet propaganda machinery

    But most importantly they have corrupted the ordinary citizens of our once proud nation by indoctrination into evils of eugenics and the social engineering. This is the path that will ultimately lead the way to a society so bereft of feelings towards any one of numerous so called undeserving including sick, disable, unemployed, poor and very, very soon the elderly.

    The resulting rotten core that these self-serving maggots have infested will continue to eat away at our society as surely as night follows day until the day dawns that results in enlightenment of all ordinary men and women. When this happens the result will not be to put citizen against citizen, father against son, fellow brother against brother but a reconciliation that will put the blame squally where it belongs, upon the wretched twisted shoulders of the corrupters not the corrupted.

    This has happened time and time again thought-out our nations proud history, but this time I do believe that the day of the morally corrupt politicians are numbered. As is the elitist inbred part of society who have a belief in only themselves as the see others as lacking and undeserving of what they have and would rather die than to give up. You can only pity the poor creatures they have become, belonging to an endangered species can’t be much fun when money can’t buy you a future anymore as it belong to a bygone era. Ask any Dodo.

  42. Aside from being a thoroughly nasty piece of work, she’s utterly incoherent.

    Nothing she says makes the slightest sense

    • Nothing any of the current lot in government make the slightest sense to me as they all talk in a foreign language – they all talk bullshit. A language I never learned whilst in school…

  43. iv’e known the likes Priti Patel since she started out i don’t think she is conservative for one minute like most conservatives she’s a chancer a closet ukip and in reality very much at home with china and there ways but very flexible and has the ability to be whatever you wont her to be

  44. I had an interesting phone call Monday evening from those contemptable twats Seetec wanting to know if I had yet found employment. What the fuck has it got to do with them, or any other slimy WPP, whether I am back in work or not? It is none of your fucking business SEETEC if I am in work or not – you only want me to say I am working so you can grab £1000 from my future employer.

    Seetec never gave a flying fuck about me when I was under duress for six months, unitl January this year, so why now are they suddenly interested in me and my current status long after I have escaped from their money grabbing lies.

    When I get back into work, I will instruct my future boss to reject any phone or letter contacts from Seetec and I will expose the truth about them and their contemptable, callous bullshit.

  45. Just a quick note to say that comments referring to Patel’s religion, race, appearance or gender will be removed, including stupid nicknames because she doesn’t have an English name. Attack her for what she says and does only please, that should be plenty to go on. I’m not giving an inch on this by the way.

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  47. PS I forgot to add Esther McVile.

  48. Another Fine Mess

    Does Priti Patel support the death penalty? Tory rising star gets evasive during car-crash interview

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  51. Craig Tomkinson

    Pure indo aryan nazism

  52. Craig Tomkinson

    British workers are idle? She says . It is no surprise Uganda kicked out these Asian Nazis.

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