Grant Shapps Is A Lying Bastard – Now That’s Official Too!

Grant ShappsInternet con-man and Tory Party chair Grant Shapps has become the second senior Tory to be accused of misusing benefit statistics by the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA)  in just one month.

Iain Duncan Smith was recently subject to a humiliating rebuke from the UK statistics watchdog after lying about the impact of the benefit cap.  Now it’s the turn of former get rich quick scammer Grant Shapps after he claimed that almost one million people had come off sickness and disability benefits rather than undergo the notorious Work Capability Assessment carried out by IT firm Atos.

Shapps’ claim was a shabby attempt to smear those with serious illnesses or disabilities as fraudulent, by attempting to claim hundreds of thousands of people came off benefits rather than face an assessment.  As pointed out by the chair of the UKSA, Andrew Dilnot, the figures Shapps used actually largely related to the number of new claims dropped before an initial assessment between 2008-2013.

Assessments usually do not take place until several months after a person has made an initial claim for out of work sickness and disability benefits ( now called Employment Support Allowance or ESA).  This means large numbers of claimants with short term conditions, such as a broken leg, go back to work before the assessment is complete and therefore end their claims.

The truth is that the number of claims ended before assessment shows that most ESA claimants are honest, and end their claim for benefit when they no longer need it  – the very opposite of what Shapps was attempting to suggest.

According to the New Statesman between: “March 2011 and May 2012, just 19,700 (somewhat short of Shapps’s “nearly a million) abandoned their claims prior to a work capability assessment in the period to May 2012”

It’s hardly surprising that Grant Shapps – a man who made his money running a string of spam websites under a false name – should be caught fibbing.  But what is even more telling is why he is fibbing.

Against a backdrop of disabled people facing soaring hate crime, Shapps is trying to whip up the mob by misusing figures which he claims proves most sick and disabled claimants are fraudsters like him.  Claimants who may have the most severe disabilities, life threatening or terminal illnesses like cancer or serious and complex mental health conditions. Claimants who are already having their lives plunged into chaos by the other changes to benefits such as the bedroom tax and council tax benefit reform.

It is not enough for Shapps and his Government to strip away what little financial security many sick and disabled people have with heartless and needless cuts.  He also seems to want claimants falsely labelled as criminals in not just the gutter press but also in the streets.

Download the letter from the UKSA  (PDF)

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44 responses to “Grant Shapps Is A Lying Bastard – Now That’s Official Too!

  1. Be great if you could do a summary of all the lies UKSA have confirmed Tories have told since May 2010. Presume it will be a long list!

    Also be great if you could do a summary article giving a brief overview of all of the misguided / evil policies of the Tory government across the different areas (welfare, health, education etc). A big ask I know but everyone loves a list! Would be a powerful overview to present to the few who still doubt the callous nature of this government.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. No surprise, yet another lying Tory Bastard exposed for what he is.

  3. UK going back to Victorian era

    Pinnochio for PM – at least you knew for definite when he was lying and he would make a better job than the bunch of morons in power just now

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  5. such a grotesque piece of bullshit lie. this Shapps should be charged with perjury or something. total disgrace!

    • something survived...

      A vile c–t. He’s the same Michael Green that tried to rob me, by mailing me years ago and demanding money. for a scam. Luckily I thought it was a scam and was broke anyway, also I reported him to lots of animal rights groups as his scams involved animal abuse. Why do twats like that send blood junkie stuff to animal-rights vegetarians like me? It’s his own fault. So he should be in jail. Also if you have a conviction/criminal record it’s illegal to change your name. So WTF is his real name? The lying c$$$!

  6. Pierre Lapin, Jobseeker's Alliance

    Nice one Johnny! And well done by the UKSA’s head, god knows how long he will keep his job, watch out for the scandal story found by the dirty digger and his cohorts…
    At what point does a politician’s lies catch up with them? Hopefully before 2015…
    Prime porky-tellers thus far… Camoron(“we are not the nasty party”) ,IDS(every time he opens his foul mouth, +statistics wrangler extrordinaire), Nick Clegg(cowardly selling of his soul in the pursuit of power+upping university fees), Jeremy Hunt(NHS ‘reforms’ that will ruin it via bureacracy+ BskyB ‘insider trading’), Grant Shapps(see above+dodgy loans company).
    These are the ones of the top of my head. Corruption of the kind found in South American countries in the ’70s and 80’s.
    Doesn’t it make you SO proud to be British.


  8. Landless Peasant

    If I lied on my JSA claim I’d be prosecuted, why aren’t they?

  9. @Johnny Void is this the infamous 900,000 that was being banged on about a short while ago? ha! i shot that one down easily when i found 900,000 were part of the hidden unemployed that were legitimately on incapacity benefit only last year..that appeared in the sheffield hallam report..(yes them again)…only last she still trying to trot that old chestnut out again? must be desparate then…

    • @paul a team of archeologists discoverd a strange artifact buried many years ago..they claim it may well be a ‘job’…speculation about finding more treasures such as ‘long term job’ has been ruled out.

  10. In my experience people most readily seek out faults in others which they perceive in themselves. This is not surprising. What Sharps has done is put himself in the position of a benefit claimant and though ‘what would I do’? It should come as no surprise that he see fraud everywhere because fraud is exactly what he would do.

  11. IDS cv has been removed from the conservative party website,presumably because of the LIES in it.

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  13. I have enjoyed reading the other replies and pmsl at quite a few. It churns my stomach everytime I read such vile disgusting information, I have to admit it is only in the last 8-12mnths I have been aware of, looked for or spent “time” reading. I now realise how ignorant I was to MANY of the issues which I am now aware of but I know of many pppl like myself and others with even less knowledge….. Which I think is something that HAS to CHANGE and just sharing info such as this on face book or with different groups etc this will happen. Thanks for your hard work and getting things like this OUT THERE!


    “A COUNCILLOR has accused her neighbouring authority of shirking its responsibility by paying for human ”dregs” to live in her area.
    Denbighshire councillor Joan Butterfield launched her attack on Conwy council after learning the authority was using bed-and-breakfast premises in Rhyl as emergency accommodation for the homeless.
    Some of those “transferred” into the town are ex-offenders entitled
    A Conwy spokeswoman said 107 people currently needed temporary housing and all but six had been accommodated within the county.
    The remaining six have been put up in the Morville Hotel on Rhyl’s East Parade,but it is not known whether any of them are ex-offenders.
    Mrs Butterfield, who used the term “dregs” at a meeting of Rhyl Town Council, said Rhyl had enough problems of its own without having to deal with those passed on by Conwy.
    “We have a homeless problem of our own in Rhyl but Denbighshire have rarely, if ever,gone out of the county, and it is an easy option for Conwy to use Rhyl,” she said.
    “They should ensure that they have enough temporary accommodation of their own and should not pass on their problems to us,” she said.
    “We don’t know how many are ex-offenders but the numbers are irrelevant”….

    dregs, benefit scroungers, criminals,terrorists….look what we’ve become folks….how nice…

    • something survived...

      Hmmm… shall I go round to her house and later it mysteriously burns down? Then the deadly bitch will be Homeless, and therefore Scum. Dregs.
      Don’t worry you toxic cow. There’s a nice bit of rotten collapsing pier you can live in. then you’re a Squatter. A Criminal. So camp out on the beach? Okay but it gets submerged twice a day. And winter is no fun at all.
      OTOH why burn down a perfectly good house? can’t afford matches anyway. Let’s post her private address on the internet and then flashmob every local homeless person to converge on her house and move in. Or if she owns a second house somewhere, squat that while she’s away and squat her car/s too. Squat her offices. Nasty bitches like this really need putting in their place. Clearly she’s not a Christian.


    Support secured for those facing homelessness Funding to help those facing the real and frightening prospect of homelessness will continue …
    Support secured for those facing homelessness
    Funding to help those facing the real and frightening prospect of homelessness will continue to the end of this Parliament, Housing Minister Grant Shapps said today.
    StreetLink posterA preview of the new StreetLink poster
    Councils across the country are set to receive a share of £160million over the next two years.
    The Minister also confirmed that a new website and telephone line, where anyone anywhere looking to get help for someone sleeping on the streets can go to, is on track to be available by Christmas.
    He also offered a first-look at a new campaign aimed at encouraging people to seek help for rough sleepers in their area.

    Funding support

    Mr Shapps announced that councils across the country would receive £160million over the next two years in Homelessness Prevention Grants – offering certainty that homelessness services will be funded to the end of this Parliament.
    This is on top of the £160million that has been allocated to councils over this and last year, which has been used to offer support to those facing the threat of homelessness, including:
    * providing rent deposit schemes to enable homeless people to get accommodation in the private rented sector
    * mediation services to help prevent relationship breakdown leading to homelessness
    * outreach services to help get rough sleepers off the streets and into accommodation.
    Latest figures show that 199,000 households were last year given help to stay in their homes or find new places to live – stopping them from facing losing their home and, potentially, a life on the street

    “Latest figures show that 199,000 households were last year given help to stay in their homes”….Bedroom Tax anyone???

    “or find new places to live” Localism Bill anyone?

  16. No one gives a real chit about us disabled, as long as the arseholes in government are spewing out the lies and conning the the rest of the UK into believing we are all scroungers, we are doomed and our own government refuses to support us God help us.

  17. I lift up my eyes to the hills—
    where does my help come from?

    A song of Ascents
    (Verses 1-2)

  18. Anybody who has any knowledge of the Social Security systems in this country knew immediately that Shapps figures were bogus. All ESA claims are made on the basis that the first 13 weeks are an assessment phase during which a claim is wholly based on the initial medical evidence supplied with the claim and subsequent sick notes. Any additional assessment beyond that point is scheduled by the DWP.

  19. This 13 week con ESA assessment phase is completely wrong. It should be called called sick pay not ESA. Its all a part of the propaghanda on dropped claims and false claims etc

  20. IDS relatives like a hand out of a million pound for their estate. All for the good of the Country though. will be the claim

  21. Grant shapes a liar realy he personally phoned my carer as did his lady wife said he was looking into things blah blah so ta for reporting this as he realy must be then and over a 5 year period I’ve learnt not to be so naive as my daughter states mum nobody help you all the same they only tell you what you want to hear learnt this so true round and round the mulberry bush

  22. rainbowwarriorlizzie
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  25. something survived...

    Bring back acne
    If there were more blackheads and zits trying to get elected then they’d be more honourable candidates to vote for.

    ‘Grant Shapps – Because you can’t polish a turd’.

    ‘Grant Shapps; Shit sprayed a pretty colour is still shit.”

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  28. Grant Shapps another Archer, a liar and con man

  29. You’ve definitely understated your case. Shapps/Green/Fox is actually a “Loathsome, Obnoxious and Dishonest Lying Bastard.” However, he is just one of many such nasty, loathsome, dishonest, lying Tories.

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