Stop G4S: Protest Their Annual General Meeting Thursday 6th June

g4s-workfareWelfare-to-work thieves G4S will be holding their AGM in Central London on June 6th. Join the protest outside, supported by Boycott Workfare.

From the Stop G4S website:

The last twelve months have seen G4S voted third ‘Worst Company of the Year’ in the global Public Eye awards, they also face a UK parliamentary inquiry into their disastrous handling of an asylum housing contract and will soon give evidence at the inquest into the death of Jimmy Mubenga who died while being restrained by G4S staff. Not that you would know it from the self-congratulatory tone of G4S’ latest Corporate Responsibility Report.

Across Europe, G4S are becoming a pariah company as trade unions, charities and faith-groups take a public stand in opposing its drive to put private profit above human rights.

Organisations in the Middle East have called for a boycott of G4S due to their complicity with Israel’s repression and detention of Palestinians including children.

On June 6th the company returns to the City of London for its annual corporate jamboree.

Stop G4S campaign is calling for a (Europe-wide) demonstration of outrage as G4Scongratulate themselves on another year of profiteering at the expense of human dignity.

Bring banners, flags and drums; bring yourself and your friends. Refuse to be taken in by their whitewashing of abuses, join us at the AGM to hold G4S to account.

Meet Thursday June 6th 2013 from 1pm
Salters’ Hall, 4 Fore Street, London, EC2Y 5DE

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16 responses to “Stop G4S: Protest Their Annual General Meeting Thursday 6th June

  1. Ravacol on the dole

    and if you can’t afford the bus fare g4s can be found in a job center near you…………

  2. Does anyone on here know if the Co-op is using workfare? It’s just that in the local co-op the manager is constantly complaining of being short-staffed yet when I asked if there were any vacancies I was told that they’re “not recruiting” Yet there is a constant turnover of new faces behind the tills, there’s another new one today! They’re all young men , late teens/ early twenties just the target age range for workfare, so are the co-op using some “youth training scheme” which is really workfare in disguise?

    • A while back I went in the Co op, and young men of that age group were stacking shelves, joking loudly about how they were sent by the Jobcentre on some work expereince scheme. So – yes, it appears co op are using workfare.

      • Where can any of us shop nowadays with a clear conscience? I’m minded to cancel my co-op membership, sending them a strongly-wordred email as to why I’ve done so.

        • Corner shop, family run, local butcher, local greengrocers – there may be a small price premium but it’s worth it for a clear concience

          • Oh, and I told co OP they will never see a penny of mine after being the commercial bank of Atos, and also using Atos as hatchet men to dispose of sick employees in Human Resources. Yup, atos declare a Co OP worker too sick to work and sack em – then deny that same worker benefits at a WCA

    • Hi Kitty, why don’t you ask the lads? (get them on their own and tell them you are doing some research for Uni).

  3. Stop A4e as well (wonder when their AGM is…)

  4. Are G4S and A4e, linked in any way?

  5. Eric Greenwood

    A4e used to have g4s security in their buildings, g4s runs a work programme, a4e runs a work programme. They go for the same schemes.

  6. b f skinner would be proud of these people, and likely be a company director….
    cradle to grave behavior prefects….

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  9. Compass group are also moving into the supplying of personnel for contract but mostly do catering. Dont forget serco with their contracts around the world

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