Iain Duncan Smith Is A Lying Bastard – It’s Official Says UK Statistics Boss

Iain_Duncan_Smith_pissedA post on the Guardian Politics blog reveals that the UK Statistics Authority have accused Iain Duncan Smith of misusing statistics.

In response to a letter from the TUC, the head of body which oversees official statistics, claims :

“We have concluded that the statement attributed to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions that ‘Already we’ve seen 8,000 people who would have been affected by the cap move into jobs. This clearly demonstrates that the cap is having the desired impact’ is unsupported by the official statistics published by the Department on 15 April.”

The letter can be read in full on the Guardian website.

UPDATE:  The Chair of the Statistics Authority has also written to Iain Duncan Smith directly claiming that the statistics to not comply with the Code of Practice:

In the manner and form published, the statistics do not comply fully with the principles of the Code of Practice, particularly in respect of accessibility to the sources of the data, information about the methodology and quality of the statistics, and the suggestion that the statistics were shared with the media in advance of their publication.

In March, when considering a complaint about the handling of statistics on child support, I was told that senior DWP officials had reiterated to their staff the seriousness of their obligations under the Code of Practice and that departmental procedures would be reviewed.2 The Board of the Statistics Authority would welcome further assurance that the working arrangements within the department give sufficient weight to the professional role and public responsibilities of statisticians.

The letter can be downloaded at (PDF): http://www.statisticsauthority.gov.uk/reports—correspondence/correspondence/letter-from-andrew-dilnot-to-nicola-smith-09052013.pdf

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44 responses to “Iain Duncan Smith Is A Lying Bastard – It’s Official Says UK Statistics Boss

  1. Well it certainly proves he is systematically lying for specific political ends (no surprise there) but I can’t see where it proves anything about the marital status of his parents!

  2. A Cuntservative has lied? Tell me it isn’t so!

  3. This cabinet are nothing if not consistent

  4. What a piece of work this man is!

  5. I don’t need the UK Statistics Authority to tell you that this man is a lying bastard. He demonises the weak and vulnerable using ideological attacks under the guise of austerity, and then has the nerve to suggest that his policies are in some way benefiting the country… Thousands of people have died because of ATOS assessments, he’s got blood on his hands. It’s time the people of Britain wake up from this trance they seem to be under and start exposing these heinous individuals for the scum they are. And no… voting UKIP isn’t the answer. If you think they will be any better you need to get your head checked

  6. A thoroughly dishonest and nasty cretin. This man and his millionaire wife should have been fully investigated by the Fraud Squad some years ago when he procured a non-existent Government job for his her. She was being paid a handsome Government salary for doing precisely nothing. She had no duties and never attended the dept. It was only through the actions of a public-spirited whistle-blower that the fraud was stopped. However, neither this cretin Duncan-Smith were subjected to a proper investigation and the due process of law. I repeat, a thoroughly dishonest and nasty cretin.

  7. Complete and utter piffle

  8. This government is really disgusting, they have lied so much they don’t even know what the truth is anymore.
    This is effecting so many sick and disabled, me being included in that, stress is something that we really don’t need and it is pushing people over the edge.
    A friend of mine who has Bipolar is so stressed it s making her so much very worse, she trembles when she thinks about what the hell is going on

  9. this is agenda 21 in action…using center stage 3 circles…graphics… social economic and environmental….to rationalize development model, as if it is logical and balanced…. see rosa korie google it!

  10. We all know he is a liar, but for statisticians to be right for once is more worrying.

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  12. Bernadette H

    You can tell when IDS is lying, his lips move

  13. Obi Wan Kenobi

    So, is he going to be sacked for this?

  14. If this statement was made in parliament, which i seem to recall it was, then he should of course resign. Lying to the people is pretty routine… lying to parliament is and always has been a far more serious matter. I give you John Profumo!

  15. Give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves, or in this case, they tell so many lies that even they can’t tell when they’re lying and how often they say it. They seem to think that there’s no internet, no Google, no Hansard…

  16. So how do we bring this price of shit to account? I can’t see jail time, just look at Blair for the definition of getting away with murder, but a very public humiliation and removal from office would be a nice start

  17. A first class wanker!

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  20. The clue is in the name “con” servatives. No surprise at all actually. Stats are scientifically produced, it is an insult to these great staisticians/mathematicians. This chinless pillock couldn’t walk in their shoes!

  21. Statistics like surveys don’t necessarily reflect the truth.

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  23. JV we know in this instance and probably others that the statistics are correct and IDS is twisting them to suit his own propoganda, but all I am saying above is that the office for statistics and surveys do not in general always reflect the truth.

  24. This man is a traitor to the UK and the punishment for traitors is to be hung, drawn and quartered. Personally I think that would be a very apt punishment for IDS.

  25. Landless Peasant

    So much for “honest and transparent government”. Write to your MP.

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  27. Somebody please stop IDS

    Iain is a fucking liability. Lying imbecilic bastard.

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  30. I cannot believe that anyone will be surprised that IDS has been deliberately lying to the public,because that is basically his job,and he does it so well. He would have made Adolph very proud…

  31. Here’s another conniving cove using dubious statistics – educayshun’s little Micky Gove
    Apparently, for evidence of children’s knowledge and aptitude that he is using to justify changes government policy, he used (amongst others) a survey done by….. Premier Inns!!

    His own department in a FOI request even had a spelling mistake!

    What a sad, sorry, desperate, sneaky, loathsome bunch they all are.

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  34. Ian duncan smith is a lying deceitful pig who along with his rich friends has only one aim in life and that one aim is to absolutly destroy the welfare system and push the working classes back to the 16th and 17th century, i am dissabled and have just had my incapacity benefit taken away even though i suffer from an advanced degenerative desease, i like most dissabled people would work IF and this is a majorly BIG IF employers would give me a full time job, but because i like a lot of dissabled people have to take a collection of pain controlling medications such as morphine and co codamol throughout the day to be able to function employers start to run in the opposite direction and take on able bodied people without even thinking of offering the job to people like me, what makes Mr ian duncan smith such a sad and nasty excuse for a human being is that he has set up this means testing that states if someone is claiming a benefit thats means tested and the claiments partner earns more than 7400 then the claiment gets NOTHING, before i became sick we got a mortgage and then my wife got pregnant now im sick i cant get a penny from the so called means tested benefits even though im suffering from a degenerative desease and have numerous surgeons letters to back up my claim, my wife works as a health care worker within the NHS and earns 14000 a year, we have a mortgage and a 4 year old to look after so Mr Ian Duncan Smith you tell us how were to pay our bills and missed mortgage payments since you and your EVIL SERPENTS that work for your family destroying department of un social security.
    I have served my country with honour and worked from the age of fifteen and a half right up until the age of 50, then i became too ill and now you and your well off political friends including that bull shitter (making britain a fairer caring society) Mr Cameron all of you laughing at the poor and starving on public television as you are told that record numbers of broken and hard up people are now relying on food hand outs from charities!!.
    All you really care about is your expense accounts and how to starve and beat back the working classes of britain so that our system becomes the same as that of the americans and that is F_ CK them if they are too sick to work let em starve!!, this is all going to come back and bite you all in the ares at the 2015 elections…you cant keep kicking a dog just because youre bigger than it is because you think you can do what you like because the dog will quite rightly turn around and savage you.
    you and mr camerons government will pay for your crimes against the working classes just wait and see!!?.

  35. They are taking the piss. Wondered why Tescos never advertise jobs….its because the job centre are giving them free labour ie US! Wtf. And homebase and so called salvation army etc etc etc. They’re saying find work. They’ve given TESCOS all the workers they need…forced labour …to keep their benefits. The councils USING free labour. What…these people have £56 a week and have to pay busfares to get to work. The whole thing is fucked up. How about stopping WORKFARE so there ARE some jobs? Oh and yes I have a college leaver son sanctioned twice since september which is affecting the whole family including his 9yr old brother. Yes we are struggking to get enough food. Obviously workfare needs to be stopped and fucking employers have to pay more. Cameron looks like a well fed pig. He talks like he is stillingesting his last fillet steak all the time!!! That bald headed twat shoukd be taken out aswell as the blond bint……hard to take her serious. I watched yiuth parliament the otherday. Wow what a joy! They should replace them all with these talented youths!!

    Its our own fault we have stayed down…..where they wanted us in our fuccking council chicken runs like the humbled they wanted us to be. How secure will they be anyway in a screwed up country ….or are they planning on getting the army in…..strange the news highlighting thatcher was planning to.

    How can people find. Work starving??

    • I whole heartedly agree with everything you are saying especially regarding the rich pigs controlling the current situation regarding the benefits situation and as for that pig ignorent blond bitch of a bint from sheffield, im sure shes not actually believing the shit that spews forth from her stupid ignorent northern gob!! and as for those crapulas morons cameron, and duncan smith they both need to be sent to the north koreans for summery exicution and

  36. No Oppression

    We Deserve Better We Need Better We Need the Many to Stop
    going along like Sheep with the Demonisation of the Poor and Vulnerable

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