The £300 A Day Youth Unemployment Conference Where Unemployed People Aren’t Welcome

workfare-protestA youth employment conference is taking place in London today where assorted workfare sharks and poverty pimps will be discussing the latest ways exploit young unemployed people whilst fleecing the tax payer.

Spokespeople from the welfare to work sector will be out in force all day pretending that they can fix unemployment by fixing unemployed people.  Both G4S and Working Links are listed as sponsors of the event

Unemployed people themselves will not be welcome at the event which is being held in the prestigious (and expensive) QE2 Conference Centre.  Some tickets cost an astonishing £612, the same amount a young person workfare would receive whilst working full time for over 11 weeks.

The hashtag for the event is #YEC2013 where workfare exploiters will be patting themselves on their backs over how much money they are making out of unemployment whilst they shovel vol au vents down their over-privileged necks.  Tell them what you think or contact the conference organisers @CESIevents

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41 responses to “The £300 A Day Youth Unemployment Conference Where Unemployed People Aren’t Welcome

  1. slavers conference, dicing up job lots….

  2. Oh, if only I still worked in event stewarding, I’d be sauntering in for free to have a few words with the attendees.

  3. ” over ten times the amount a young person on full time workfare would receive in over 11 weeks.” slight editing problem there perhaps?

  4. You can bet that the three main parties here in the UK are thinking along the same lines.

  5. @Roy Bard. No that figure seems about right. JSA – is around £72.00 per fortnightly payment which is paid whilst on work(un)fare programme.
    72x11weeks = £792

    • Frank Psychosis

      JSA is exactly £71.00 per week

      • oOo Don’t forget that with the uprating bill we got an increase of 10% on that 71.00 of 70p which means that the gov can’t even do a simple 10% calculation without somehow loosing a penny…. twats!

        • DOH! in my anger I miss-typed, 1% as 10% fucketedky feck, best I go sit on the norty step.

          • It’s okay don’t be angry about the missing 60p/fortnight (£1.20/4 weeks; £15.60/year). Of course it’s not a miscalculation – (some of the finest mathematical minds in the country spent over 20 minutes working out that averaging the uprated amounts over some random yearly period of time means they can do rounding up or (oh, look) down, to the nearest pound and still make the sums ‘work’. Not to worry if anyone leaves JSA within the whatever years it is time frame – we are all in this together so it makes economic sense in the longer term something … something. So no need for us to be selfish/greedy/question the odd missing 30p of ‘handout’. We might think it’s really ‘ours’ (now) but if we lower our expectations just slightly, maybe then less likely to be disappointed when Universal Incredibility really starts ‘making a difference’.

            • Really – never attempt anything mathematical without access to a calculator – it’s just asking for trouble. (1p not 30p;). Oh well – it’s the principle!

      • Confused I think it is £71.70? (unless the 70p is ‘summat for nowt’?). Includes (ie. excludes) the 30p rounded down at 1% uprating.

    • Young people (under 18) get £56 a week on Job Seekers. 11×56= £616.

  6. They,ll be sorting out the tender prices,for the next tranch of tendering,nothing at all to do with unemployed folks.

  7. I hope whoever is catering for them has laced their volauvants with chilly powder and hemlock.

    • Landless Peasant

      Not really. It all depends what job it is they expect me to do, how far away it is, and how much it pays. If it’s 10 – 15 miles away, pays min. wage and is something to which I am unsuited, they can fuck off. If it’s 0 – 5 miles away, is something that interests me, and pays more than min. wage, then maybe.

  8. It’s just one big gravy train which royalty and the political/business class ride for all it’s worth.

    Only unions brought bargaining power to the rest of us at one time, not so now most are colluding with the above for their own ends also.

    I think we should open a bank account that people can donate to but no-one can withdraw from until 2015 the next election. Use it to pay to put up independents throughout the country to challenge the closed shop two party system. Each independent representing the peoples movement, I would donate to that. If those who donate send receipts for said donation to a reputable addressee or p.o. box so we can account for amounts in bank.

    • Landless Peasant

      Back in the 90’s I donated to The Green Anarchist fund to buy a rocket-launcher, but it didn’t happen tho’.

      • Probably just as well, if rocket had been made by Bae systems it would have turned out to be equally dangerous to the user!

  9. An absolute waste of time – unless they can find five million jobs from somewhere.

    • Landless Peasant

      Exactly. It’ll be the jobs that used to be done by the Public Sector, but for less money.

  10. Landless peasant do you think a peoples movement would not work or get enough people to support it? because I disagree and I think you might even get celebrities that depend on the people for their incomes to donate too.

    • Landless Peasant

      Well, there is already Galloway’s Respect Party, which in essence is supposed to be a people’s party, and there’s other Independents, as well as the Socialist Worker Party, so perhaps it would be better to support one of those?

      • @ Landless Peasant -Galloways Respect party is a sinister grouping which is pushing an Islamist line- hardly relevant to most people in UK or to the looming social and current economic crisis here. Galloway’s race and religion sectarianism makes him unwanted and unelectable as an MP in Scotland where like in N Ireland they have a problem with catholic/ protestant sectarianism. Check out the biography of ‘kooky’ sidekick, Yvonne stockholme syndrome Ridley who as a DAILY EXPRESS Journalist was ‘captured’ by the Taliban and on her ‘release’ converted to Islam. If she’s not OO7 I’ll eat my hat

      • Landless Peasant
        have a read of this, i came across a article a couple of weeks ago,
        Ken Loach & Owen Jones were discussing forming a new labour left party, cannot find the original link though,

        Support Ken Loach’s appeal to discuss the formation of a new political party of the Left to bring together those who wish to defend the welfare state and present an economic alternative to austerity

  11. Meantime having skipped through Grayling’s ‘reforms’ re prisoner supervision orders (for the good of my iffy blood pressure) in collaboration with G4s/Serco what a surprise we discover on P17 of G’dian the story of Eddie Stobarts new legal aid outsourcing company, purportedly to save £220m.
    Wtf wtf wtf !

  12. what happened to the comment i just posted?

    Latest fraud and error DWP 1.4bn in underpayments

  14. Teesside Solidarity Movement

    Reblogged this on Teesside Solidarity Movement.

  15. Landless peasant

    A movement is different from a political party, but independents from that movement can stand for political office in the form of becoming an mp.

    Who would not like to see a judiciary that cannot be manipulated by governments in order to attain some real justice in this country?

    Who would not like to see a fair days pay for a fair days work irrespective of education or training?

    Who would like to see real education,- not the dumbing down subservient model we have within our school systems?

    Who would like to see real accountability from our public services regarding complaints and less meddling from governments in health, education etc.

    All questions that concern the people that work in and partake of these services who would really like a voice in each town or city?

    A peoples representative unlike a party would have no specific policies but address all recommendations by the people.

  16. perspective….2011/12 uk gdp £1.8 trillion,,,
    hb £17bn…ib £5bn….i support £7bn… esa £3.5bn…jsa £5bn…..dla £12.5bn..= £50 bn + state pension £74bn …
    a billion is 1000,000,000
    a trillion is 1000,000,000,000….
    total govt spend £700bn…
    to create 5m sustainable worthwhile jobs in uk cost, approx £0.4 trillion extra in uk gdp….but global labour market saturated,,,with cheap labour, so no need to create more jobs, in uk economy….please correct the figures if they are wrong! there is a glut of manufactured goods…therefore to be and remain competitive, in this market model, costs have to be driven down…guess where we come in this “deal”? we need new economics and non-political governments…in fact the polar opposite of what we see now!

  17. Donkey

    You have to capture the political system before you can change it from within or eliminate/reduce it’s corrupt influence, thus enforcing a real system of governance not borne out of cronyism and that works with the people not dictates and punishes them unnecessarily.

    • fawkes..true.. win p r war of words first, fight ’em with jaw bone and tongue,get message out there, and resistance…and then mass movement… and/or variations of aforementioned….too cold for it now…

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  19. Recently the Government asked for submissions re “Extending labour market interventions to in-work claimants – call for ideas”. So wacky ideas are not just for the young! I suspect that the lunatic fringe made a substantial contribution, though I cannot access the file of responses (MSG) that Frank Zola has made available. For anyone interested it can be found here: Here is a sample from a lone parent adviser:

    “So I’m thinking if there is a site like a big warehouse that is rented and contracts from companies are made where similar packing jobs are created. All you will need now is for advisors to refer clients there on a rota, say for six months and they get paid for doing that job. It has to be managed properly and they could also employ somebody to run a cr che facility on site for lone parents!”

  20. And yet occupy st paul’s guy was exonerated by our legal system + despite front page on Daily Mail. There are relics of decency left in this country and to deny their existence is a counsel of despair. 2 years is a short time for a credible 3rd / 4th party to succeed cos it’s all about the money.
    As for the ‘inevitable revolution brought about by the inherent contradictions of capitalism’ (to paraphrase)? It’s a romantic dream to which a reasonable objection in the context of jvoid might be the scenario of a person who posts to this blog being ‘collateral damage’ during an insurgency simply because they can’t get away / can’t get meds food water. Be careful what u wish for ! Thanks to johnny void for not moderating any of my witterings yet,warning of the dangers of conspiracy theories and providing a forum for us all to hope for something better. Goodnight

  21. John DV

    So you think thoughts of a revolution are a pipe dream or conspiracy theory? We are not talking about the storming of the bastille type revolution, more about democratically overthrowing party politics via the voting system which I think it is achievable, as you rightly state might take time but Rome wasn’t built in a day and we have to start somewhere.

    Nobody has ever tried ad hoc policy making, but policies that are made by parties and are enshrined in stone, when not working, leave the party not knowing how to reverse these policies without breaking manifesto pledges made to those that supported them.

    You are trying to give the illusion that justice is available to all despite it being in short measure. The St. paul’s occupy guy belonged to a growing movement and may well have been one of the reasons for his exoneration, there is safety in numbers, unlike that of the individual who applies and is knocked back for legal aid . How many have been denied just because of the changes to legal aid? A peoples court (certainly not a judge judy type) could see people presenting their own cases for free if need be.

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