Iain Duncan Smith Not A Lying Bastard Claims DWP

dwp-press-officeThe DWP have taken to twitter in a crude attempt to defend themselves from the accusation that Iain Duncan Smith has been misusing statistics.

Showing their utter contempt for the comments made by Andrew Dilnot, the head of the UK Statistics Authority, they are clearly attempting to show that Iain Duncan Smith was right in his conclusions about the impact of the Benefit Cap, despite the evidence saying the exact opposite.

Astonishingly the DWP then go on to re-iterate Mark Hoban’s claim that  “DWP staff & claimants (are) telling us cap is impacting behaviour & leading to those affected getting work”.

They also point out that everyone affected by the cap has been contacted by the Department.  The implication is that the DWP has some information on reports from claimants and DWP staff about the impact of the benefit cap.  These statistics, or reports, have not been published.

This is a shocking snub from the DWP which shows just how far they are prepared to manipulate the truth to defend the brutal welfare reforms.  The UK Statistics Authority has accused them of making claims about people finding jobs due to the benefit caps which are not supported by evidence.  The Authority has even warned they are breaching the official Code of Practice on for Official Statistics.

The DWP have responded that they have information, not yet published, which proves Iain Duncan Smith’s claims are true, despite the official statistics showing otherwise. This makes a mockery of independent regulation of government statistics. Even when they’ve been caught fibbing the DWP cannot bring themselves to back down and have instead launched a petulant attempt to defend Iain Duncan Smith’s lies.

There’s a petition about this, for those that do petitions, at: https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/work-pensions-committee-hold-ids-to-account-for-his-use-of-statistics-2

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42 responses to “Iain Duncan Smith Not A Lying Bastard Claims DWP

  1. Rosemarie Harris

    The worst bit is they actually belive what they are saying!
    It does not matter that we know the truth ,they will keep telling us the opposite.

  2. Not surprise to hear this as he is a sanctimonious git who will never accept his idotic way of looking at things damages people and lives ! Who ever the DWP civil servant is doing this should think about his/her job in the future when they will be called to account as collaborators in crime !

  3. All out of touch politicians end up believing their own propaganda and are usually the last to know to even escape. You only have to see that in action in many countries with out of touch dictators who think they are popular because they organised and paid the crowds

  4. Good man Johnny. You’ve got the bastards back-footing so keep at it. There’s a petition on Change.org that could possibly nail the git for good if enough folk sign it. It’s rising fast!
    Truth will out on this malodorous bunch of creeps running this fair and honest land.

  5. Steve Fitton

    Tell the lie once, tell the same lie with conviction and they will believe what ever we say. As long as you keep relaying the same lie. 1933 Geobbles.

  6. Obi Wan Kenobi


  7. This song tells the truth about IDS,unlike IDS himself,

  8. Just signed the petition on Change & shared it on facebook. Sadly can’t see it making one iota of difference. IDS is so far up his own backside he wouldn’t recognise the truth if it slappped him in the face.
    We can hope that the fat cunt gets his come-uppance some day, karma has a strange way of levelling out the score.

  9. How odd that Iain Duncan Smith who lied about studying at the University of Perugia and included several other other half-truths and untruths on his CV in respect to his fantasised past, would choose to lie again, thrashing about and grasping at straws as his welfare reforms, most particularly the abortive Universal Credit, begin to sink beneath the waves.

    How can such a dishonest idiot ever have become head of the DWP?

    • Cos he’s delusional, psychotic even & totally believes his own propaganda. Should be sectioned, (something I don’t believe should be done to anyone, but I’ll make an exception for IDS,) for our own good

    • Who?…the same twat that was leader of the Tory Party?

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  11. @Spot on Darroch. Has anyone got a nice big list of ALL of the baldy git’s smug lies.

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  13. There are several sets of figures IDS will find impossible to put a spin on as this year progresses: increases levels of debt to local authorities and subsequent evictions, increases in homelessness, increases in petty crime, the consequent increases in court cases, and the combined impact of support services struggling hopelessly to pick up the pieces – and still no real jobs.

  14. Lord Freud psychobabble drives the IDS – DWP BS machine.
    The ideologically bankrupt idea that if you kick someone’s crutches away they’ll get up and run.
    The voices of reason and reality are drowned by political posturing and rhetoric.
    Well done for answering back with truth and facts. Shared!

  15. Agenda 21, this is just the start, unless Joe public wakes up!

  16. Kick him out of government and he will either get an extortionate pension or a seat in the house of lords.

  17. The Job centres are trying to get as many possible onto claiming carers or incapacity/disablity allowance as they have been pushing people I know who are looking for work & refuse to claim something they do not need .Many reasons , to hit figures on shifting people off unemployment , to cover up the bullshit from IDS making the numbers he quoted look genuine . And of course reach the figures for productivity bonus one of the best kept secrets they have.

  18. Larry Loxton

    If what you say is true this will not only distort the unemployment figures but will put meat on the bones of their propoganda machine atos which claims the sick are not really sick.

  19. IDS is probably as nutty as he appears. However, I believe he was carefully selected for the task he is doing. He is following his master’s/owner’s orders. The task is not to save the country money but to get rid of (kill) the poor and the disabled. Notice how Cameron etc. just sit back and let him get on with the job. If something goes wrong, they can say it was nothing to do with them. If it goes well i.e. accomplishes many deaths, they can claim the success from their masters but would never admit it to us. From the master’s point of view, IDS is doing very well.

  20. The reason our petition will make a difference is we’re asking the Work & Pension Select Committee, who scrutinise the DWP to call IDS in and make him answer to his claims against the evidence. He, and his cronies can choose to ignore our evidence but they can’t ignore the findings of the Committee.

    Please keep signing https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/work-pensions-committee-hold-ids-to-account-for-his-use-of-statistics-2#

  21. Landless Peasant

    I’ll be contacting my MP about this issue, and I urge others to do likewise.

  22. Somebody please stop IDS

    More lies. When will it end?

    • when his lips stop moving.

      Meanwhile Hoban has made £144,000 selling his second home.

      I have no words left to describe these venal cunts. It’s time for talk to stop and action to start. It certainly isn’t coming from the unions.

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  24. I spent a good part of yesterday signing e-petitions,55 in all,and signed this one today. IDS is a lying bastard.

  25. Reblogged this on The Big Picture and commented:
    OK, so now he’s not lying apparently. You Decide

  26. something survived...

    The post saying “breaking news on IDS”; I was disappointed to open this and find out that the word IDS was not followed with ‘Assassinated’. Maybe we could post the vacancy on UJM? ‘Person wanted to dispose of IDS, must be able to complete task. Stakes supplied, to make extra sure.’ Could at least break the record for most applicants per vacancy. Or open it to all comers, and payment on production of said ‘minister’s ‘ head on a spike.

    Depressed to learn of the ‘government’ (sic) saying the UK will have a referendum and if people vote to leave the EU, the UK will do so.

  27. I don’t know how to do it, but is it not possible (via an epetition) to call for IDS to be removed from office on the basis of his completely falsified CV, his false expenses claims (Betsygate), and now his utter lies regarding Welfare Reform?

  28. Phone this number 020 7854 4243 to report your concern about IDS’ mental health. He is a risk to society and should be assessed. His address is Caxton House Tothill Street London SW1H 9NA and you don’t have to leave your name or number just a message if the office is closed. SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE.

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