5000 People With Cancer Declared Fit For Work Boasts Grant Shapps

shapps_pissedInternet con-man Grant Shapps has been crawling all over the papers today as the Government used Easter Sunday to launch an all out attack on sick and disabled people.

Tory party chairman Shapps claims in the Telegraph today that he will do his job from the pub from now on and his bizarre diatribe suggests that he’s already well on the way to being pissed.  The notorious get rich quick scammer rants that sickness benefits are ‘evil’ whilst brandishing figures attempting to smear all those out of work due to illness or disability as scroungers.

Once again the Tories are suggesting that most claims for Employment Support Allowance are not genuine based simply on the fact that many people give up a claim for ESA before they are assessed.  This is the exact same trick that the DWP tried to pull last year which simply reveals that for many people sickness is temporary and when they get better they end their claims.

Digging into the numbers however reveals some tragic statistics.  Shapps’ pub bore rhetoric is based on figures which breakdown claims for ESA by condition, and provide details of the results of their assessments.

They make for depressing reading.  Almost 5000 people with cancer were found ‘fit for work’ between 2008 and 2011, including ten people with malignant brain tumours.  Over 1000 people diagnosed with schizophrenia were also deemed scroungers and had benefits stopped.

Two and a half thousand people with MS were found fit for workfare if not paid work and placed in the Work Related Activity Group.  A further 800 MS sufferers were thrown off sickness benefits altogether.

Confirming that many claims are temporary in nature, the figures include many people who had broken a limb or suffered some other short term injury or condition.  Unsurprisingly many of this group came off benefits before being assessed which can take place several months after making an initial claim.

There are many other reasons a claim might stop before an assessment takes place.  Claimants could marry someone and no longer be eligible, or in many cases reach retirement age.

In a predictable spittle-flecked outburst, the right wing press have crowed that almost 10,000 people whose primary conditions was associated with drug use ended their claim before assessment,  A similar number were found fit for work – as if employers are suddenly rushing to hire currently using heroin addicts.

Whilst some of this group may have stopped using drugs and therefore ended their claim, some may have found themselves in prison.  Others may have slipped out of the benefits system completely due to the chaotic nature of their condition.  Some will probably have died from an overdose before the assessment took place.

And it is this that reveals the truly nasty face of this Government.  Around 14,000 people with cancer ended their claim before they were assessed.  It should be hoped that this is because many of them went into long term remission.  The sad truth is that some of them will have died whilst awaiting a benefit decision.

It is these tragic deaths that the vile Tory party are only too happy to exploit in an attempt to prove that half of people on sickness benefits were faking their conditions.  They truly are beneath contempt.

The figures are available via google viewer for those without Excel or can be downloaded direct as an xls format.

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  1. I have no words. Scum does not come close to describing Shapps and his cohorts.

    • VERMIN!

    • I do agree tht if you are faking illness you should not get benefits. But if you are I’ll and are genuinely entitled to benefits you should get them. Why don’t they spend more money getting the fakers off benefits which will pay for itself in the long run. But if you are genuinely I’ll you are entitled to be provided for its not rocket science. Why not get more of the shirkers of this country back to work. The ones who have no intentions of working and enjoy a life provided for by the workers of the world. They think it is thier god given right to be provided for and have no intentions of ever working. Then there children follow in thier footsteps. A lot of these people get a lot more than people on disability benefits. Why not go after these people they won’t drop down dead working and are more employable. Also as they are been paid for doing nothing why not put them to good use. They could provide the help that disabled,people need and cannot get, they can help clear the street of rubbish tidy old people’s gardens deliver meals on wheels the list goes on and on. I don’t mean take a job away from someone I just mean help where there are no funds available to carry out these tasks. After all they are getting paid. Going after able bodied makes more sence. Of course a lot of them are busy making more children so they can claim more in benefits and get better housing, living in a standard better than when they worked. No wonder they don’t want to work. This cap does not fit everyone and some people want to go back to work. But they are busy giving jobs to unemployable genuinely disabled people there are going to be no jobs left for the employable.

      If you work and earn over a certain amount they stop your child benefits so when people are on benefits and getting the same amount in fact more as they don’t pay tax on thier money are they not having thier child benefit stopped. This cap fits a lot of people if you count all thier hand outs including rent/mortgage Which working people have to pay but it is not deducted first.

      Also what a fortune we could save if rents were capped. Why not cap rent look at all the money we would save money which could help disabled people have a better life. £8000 rent per month is disgusting this person could never afford this if he worked. What a lot of people this would help.

      It seems to me we are going after the wrong people. Why does someone not born in this country comes over to work then we send his family more money in child benefits etc than if you were born here lived here and worked and contributed towards the system. I will never get my head around that one.
      Our NHS is stretched the answer is simple do what they do abroad if you are not entitled to use make you pay or produce insurance and claim on your insurance policy but stop providing our services to people who are. It entitled free of charge.

      I could go on and on but I will leave it there for now.

      So go after the right people and leave genuine disabled people alon

      • @Susan Sutcliffe,

        So go after the right people and leave genuine strivers alone!

        The fatally overpaid with the inflated mortgages, the mandatory foreign holidays four times a year, the car showroom on the front lawn, etc!

        An ostentatious lifestyle of credit dependency the real shirkers.

      • @ Susan Sutcliffe

        According to government figures, the benefit fraud rate is 0.8 % and 19 billion pounds in benefits go unclaimed every year.

        “Also as they are been paid for doing nothing why not put them to good use. They could provide the help that disabled,people need and cannot get, they can help clear the street of rubbish tidy old people’s gardens deliver meals on wheels the list goes on and on”.

        The Tories already have a scheme like this – it’s called workfare.
        See here: http://www.boycottworkfare.org/

      • Yes, Susan, go after everyone… expect you! As long as you are free to collect your hard-working taxpayer handouts without any scrutiny or oversight. Why do the “genuinely” disabled, and I am sure you are “genuinely” disabled, Susan 🙂 object to medical assessments – got something to hide? 🙂 And why we are at it, why not boil down all those unemployed “scroungers” and fertilise Susan’s lawn with them… think of all the money that would save, and we could then give it all to the “genuinely” disabled just like you, Susan. You could treat yourself to a new 50 plasma screen and a foreign holiday 🙂 People ON benefits looking down and criticising and somehow thinking they are more deserving, and even deserving of other people’s benefits payments are the lowest of the low. Live and let live!! Now, piss of back to the Daily Heil!!

      • ‘Hey Susan’
        10 billion in benefit fraud in ten years
        70 billion in tax avoidance in one year !!!!!!!
        And I quote ‘ who are the real scroungers’ ?

  2. i think i have read this elsewhere now..re cancer sufferers..maybe i posted it,,,anyway this comes as no surprise but more worring when you consider that the cheif scrutineer of Atos WCA ( a ‘doctor’ who was once head of faculty of occupational health FOM) believes that all sickness is a lifestyle choice..

  3. i did post on this subject a while back.someone from a university looking into this matter of cancer sufferers should be sent into work as ‘therapy’..

  4. Hammermith & Fulham tory councillor wrote to schapps complaining about other councils (including tory) who were not doing enough to house ‘working people who contribute to the economy’..and H&F council were talking about ‘reframing’ the policy on housing the homeless..and regarded most homeless as ‘intentionally homeless’..

  5. New minister for disabled is ex TV presenter who wants to strip their benefits and reckons most are fakers…


    • @profeedan and where do they get their stats from? ATOS?

    • something survived...

      is this the nazi cow that hates gay people and immigrants? she says here that disabled people get better? grow back legs? unparalyse themselves? cure themselves of HIV?
      that is as appropriate as making hitler the minister for jewish affairs…

      • @something survived thats nice

      • @something survived esther mcvey claims to be a working class tory..obviously most working class are air headed ex tv presenters arent they?

        • something survived...

          I bet my sister’s husband’s family (Liverpool origin) love her. The bloke (dad) was called fit for work so he started believing it, and doing more physical activity than he should. It turns out they were wrong. A small oversight on their part! As a result, while doing the activities he’d been warned by medically qualified actual doctors not to do, in order to satisfy those that wanted him ‘job ready’… he collapsed with a heart attack and was dead before anybody got to him. Result Atos 1, Humanity nil.

          • @something survivd two conclusions (1) to delude the unwell that they are fit for work (save money so that private health dont have to treat them) (2) to kill them off using same fit for work strategy -either way they win by saving money (no benefits)



            The government have became embroiled in a row with a church coalition over its claims that far-reaching welfare cuts coming into force on Monday are predicated on dishonest “myths” perpetuated by politicians about the poor.
            The Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church and the Church of Scotland joined forces to accuse the government – and sections of the media – of the “systematic misrepresentation of the poorest in society”.

            During a round of interviews on Sunday, Grant Shapps, the Conservative party chairman, hit back. “Where were these people jumping up and down as those housing waiting lists doubled under the previous administration?” he asked. “Why weren’t we hearing from the churches?”

            Shapps was primarily speaking about the so-called bedroom tax, which comes into force on Monday and which will result in people in social housing losing 14% of their housing benefit if they are deemed to have one spare bedroom or 25% if they are deemed to have two spare rooms.

            Labour has produced fresh evidence, based on information from councils about unoccupied properties, suggesting that 19 out of 20 families affected would be unable to move to a smaller property even if they wanted to because suitable social housing is not available in their area.

          • this might explain why armed forces are given priority housing in localism bill..



  6. Well written and the one before it. I lost my mojo and umph, worn out and wasted. But will reopen After Atos to include these posts and share them out again. Have to Raise Myself this Easter Sunday, never mind anyone else. Maybe that is the message of today, To get up from laying down when convinced you are knocked down and dying and ready and comfortable for the grave and its stillness and comfort. Ok I will reopen AA, but God knows where it will go next.

  7. what a bizarre picture this presents ‘intentionaly homeless and being sick as a lifestyle choice..yes we bump into people like this every day don’t we..we need a govt who will do something about this preferably ones who are in the pockets of huge corporations..yeah that will sort them out..

  8. @kevin james isnt ‘aunty’ running AA atm?

  9. UK going back to Victorian era

    I’m a qualified mental health nurse. ATOS don’t employ mental health nurses as they are not qualified even after 3 years training so they use general nurses with no experience and give them a few weeks training. My pal is a general nurse and went on a home visit to see a guy with mental health problems and then phoned me with the symptoms and asked me what she should write on the form! She went alone and I know the guy she saw. He is so volatile that when he is in the community we always send 2 male CPN’s and 2 police officers to do a home visit and she goes on her own! This is an accident waiting to happen and when it does murder will probably be quoted. ATOS are dangerous and should be kicked out assp.

    • perhaps its just me but i cant help but thinking that finding all these people fit for work somehow aids all the privatised health companies who are now taking over the NHS to cherry pick the not so sick..(and charge govt a fortune to treat them)

    • ‘There will be some who might say “this is too much” or “I could do it for less”,’ he said. ‘But we should look at the issue in more depth. MPs are there to represent us.

      That’s just it though, they only represent the rich bastards.

  10. i was puzzled to see that advice from DWP to GPs about form filling in were advised get in contact with Atos…

    • something survived...

      Presumably if your doctors refuse to fill in anything unless you pay your doctor £50 (which they can claim is copayment and kick you out of NHS treatment for): then Atos can’t demand, if you don’t have £50 spare, to consult with your doctors? Since Atos ignore all medical opinion anyway and the test is not a medical…. And ditto for Atos taking over DLA/PIP.

      Our Shatos centre is at the back of a dodgy carpark full of obstacles and mainly full of potholes, not signposted, not on satnav. When you get to the building after paying shedloads to park, if there even was a space (usually skips and flytipping are on top of the only 2 disabled spaces): it is up some fucking steps. Now, I would like to claim these fucking steps are also, well, Fucking Steps. But the CCTV trained on the entrance is the only working piece of kit. So you can’t even fuck on the fucking steps. Once inside (insider info, from someone who went inside – as JSA, Atos don’t touch me)
      there are steps and interviews are on first and second floors up. No lift, ‘we can’t afford it’. There are no toilets the public can use. No other facilities. Just a building full of twisted numpties with targets of kicking everyone off benefits. They pull tricks like forcing my friend, the insider, through all the above and up to the second floor, so they can say that by getting there (2 sticks, bad spine, ME, other disabilities, motability car) she ‘proves’ she is not disabled! At her age getting another job is unlikely as nobody wants her, keeping a job requires the benefits they are trying to take away. She chooses between constant pain or drugging herself into a zombie state. Neither of which is conducive to a good state in which to work. Both from her point of view, and that of any employer or service user. She got fired from a previous job where she was bullied for being disabled. Atos are clueless tossers.

  11. This is what we are up against; a well rehearsed propaganda media machine.

  12. White van man in full saloon bar rant. Ugh

  13. “What matters to every family in the country is that the cost of living is controlled.” says Shapps.

    So why no caps on rents in the private sector you little numpty!?!

  14. Shapps was on radio5 this morning he used the word medical 3 times to describe what people are put through, we are constantly told by ATOS/DWP assessments are not medicals has ther been a change or doesn’t Shapps know whats going on the latter I expect. He was let off lightly by timid interviewer who was probably told not to ask to searching questions

    • something survived...

      Grant SHATTS: does he know what a pint of milk costs? (I don’t any more but that is for the reason that for years I’ve been unable to afford to buy any) His understanding is so far off the mark. Here is a quote off the BBC website: “You ought to be able to go out to work and know you’re better off without having to spend an hour-and-a-half in front of a Jobcentre Plus computer trying to do calculations”
      -Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps.

      Well no. In the formerly 10 minutes, now 5 minutes if you’re lucky, rush you through like you’re a dogturd they’re sweeping out of the way (as opposed to being the main point of their job and the reason they are being paid), Signing On, that is where they do this spurious ‘calculation’. The computer does belong to JCP but is on their separate staff-only network, and usually the staff won’t even let you see it. Your own record. Like Carol (as portrayed by David Walliams), they tap a couple of random keys and wait for the computer to say no. Without any info on your actual outgoings, they make bogus figures out of thin air. ‘This is how much better off you would be in work’.

      It makes endless assumptions. Not all jobs are 40 hours; your chance of getting a job are bad whether you want it or not as the ratio of applicants to jobs is massive. Not everyone can work 40 hours, particularly if disabled or a carer/parent. At any time your boss could be in financial difficulties and cut your hours or pay or both. If you get a new job, not everyone can get a fulltime one. You would be in limbo where you could not claim benefits. Of course, if on minimum wage, there are the wage deductions to consider, like insurance/pension. And you would lose your other benefits (and education and all other free/subsidised things you get) and be charged council tax. In most jobs you would be vastly worse off, assuming you can even find an appropriate job and they hire you and you can keep it going.
      They never factor in the cost of living or any of your ‘sundry’ expenses, which actually add up when taken as a whole.

      Grant Shapps hasn’t got the brains to clean out the fat in a fryer, he also said in another interview that people should share a room because his kids share. But there are two of them in a room (not 6 or 8 or 10), and crucially both of them are boys. If you have kids over 10, different sexes are not meant to share a room!

      Did Shapps fail at being a used-car salesman in another life, and became a politician because it was a job recruiting people with no skills (or empathy or charm)? Vacuous prick. The amount he doesn’t want big families to have (families with disabled kids too), is his lunch expenses for the year. Is he frightened the single mums are chipping into his Big Dinners Mountain?

  15. Unfortunately, MP for my area if I could afford to go to the pub maybe a glass of tap water would not be chargeable would ask him a few interesting questions.

  16. I wonder what NYe Bevan “lower than vermin” would have said?

  17. I can’t understand the thinking of the government. Can’t they see that people with nothing to lose are very dangerous? There’s going to be mayhem in society pretty soon.

  18. Rosemarie Harris

    This is information that needs to be sent to unions,the labour M.P’s,Dr.s /Nurses union with the agrument that is spelt out .We know what is happening but many don’t lets educate them!. We can write , Email to our local papers with the reasons why people are so called giving up their claim
    Put it on Blogs, give them the truth ,Lets fight them word for word.
    This Government are beyond belief!

    • This government are just creating more burglary, muggings, crime in general as the squeezed iur society will turn to this through sheer survival, beware all you Tory pricks, IT COULD BE YOU!

      • How idiotic is it to create large numbers of people with nothing to lose? Any one of which might decide to mug the first rich person they see? As they have more stuff worth robbing. Not to mention both more of every kind of crime and more political protests. Is that really what the government wants?

  19. Little did we ever think the biggest threat to the country does not come from any antagonistic enemy reaching our shores but from the very government currently in power and not even running the country in a cohesive and constructive manner beyond their own agenda. It goes without saying the biggest enemy of this country can only be looked upon as the coalition, it’s painful to watch them and it’s painful to see people suffering as a result of their insane policies and propaganda, the most shocking aspect to all of this there are people that believe in them, that reflects on them more than the fact of party support and blind loyalty at this period of time.

    Nobody can stomach little rich pillocks with a plumb in their mouth preaching party policies on TV, in the papers and on the internet as if their decisions affect them, much less being talked down to and designated the dirty underclasses, and don’t think for one moment that does not also include the working middle classes of society who they are using as stooges in spreading the vile propaganda, that is absolutely disgusting from so-called “Exceptionally Educated”, the fact is they don’t even know about real life, they live in their ivory towers with their silk shirts, cigars and caviar not to mention holiday homes and other homes with countless bedrooms and their posh blowjobs from their secret mistresses or boys, it’s clear to see how money does not buy class, it’s part of you.

    We are heading towards a period of great hatred, of great confrontation and along the way this country will lose far more than would have been thought at the beginning of this coalition. It’s against most peoples nature to live or behave like the Tories are treating them, this has nothing to do with getting people into work or getting people off welfare dependency, it’s more about destroying the welfare state, destroying the NHS and destroying people who are sick and disabled and cannot work or those who are unemployed and can be used to which lengths they so choose. Their ultimate goal would be to create one sole level of class and all else ceases to exist in their minds…. they are only interested in themselves.

    They want everyone to dance to their beat, to their agenda, they will use all means possible to do that and that includes tearing up the Human Rights Charter Act and rewriting to conform to their own agenda. I would urge people to be careful what they wish for in tearing this up even if it does at this time protect people in this country who may preach evil against us. I would not trust this coalition to put an alternative in place that would not have loopholes that could be exploited in different ways against the citizens of this country. The reality is this country needs a new kind of government and not this two party charade that we have endured for too long in the history of this country.. it’s not fit for purpose in the 21st century and does not serve a fair spread for different classes in society.

  20. Cunts!

    • the clumsy PR of this twat is embarassing..i suppose central office thinks that doing it from a pub makes him look like a man of the people..ie working class drink beer dont they?..classic fake strategy epic fail..

  21. The left opened the doors to these Beer Hall Putsch imitators,

  22. I gave up on claiming “the sick” back in the day after my first rejection, not because I wasn’t genuine but because I was so despondant that I honestly thought I’d rather just lie down and die that jump through all those hoops and constantly having to njustify myself to people who didn’t really care anyway.

    It’s “chaff” like me that this government want to weed out, so it all makes sense from their perspective.

  23. http://www.update.org.uk/news-detail.php?page=553

    More than 300,000 disabled people to have benefits cut says Esther McVey

    More than 300,000 disabled people will have their benefits cut when Disability Living Allowance is replace by a new benefit, Esther McVey, the minister for disabled people, announced today – but the change has been delayed for two years.

    An initial 560,000 claimants will be reassessed by October 2015, and 330,000 or these are expected to either lose their benefit altogether or see their payments reduced, Ms McVey told the House of Commons today

    isnt she a sweetie? bless her..

    here she is at mencap talking about job opportunities with mentally ill people..


  24. So my rapid cycling, mixed state bipolar affective disorder, my substantial lumbar scoliosis with left sided limbs (especially leg) noticably longer than the right side, left sided sciatica, asthma, osteoarthritis (with proven calcification by xray in right knee joint, displacement of thumb joints making grip, writing etc painful and weakness and swelling generally), and prolapsed blowel and bladder are all a lifestyle choice then? If only it were that simple and for all of them there is no prospect of recovery and they will only affect me more as time goes on.
    Cancer is life threatening and even survivors have to go through the turmoil of constant tests and health checks putting a tremendous mental and physical strain on the patient, and there is no known cure for MS and schizophrenia, the other two conditions mentioned – indeed stress only makes these conditions get alot worse at a more rapid pace, but hey, according to the people in charge we are all “scroungers”, “malingerers”, and “lying thieving bastards” so why should the severity of our conditions be believed anyway ……… its interesting to note that not one of these people passing such judgements are suffering these permament conditions – I would love them to spend 6 months in someone’s shoes and one month in someone’s addled head with no access to the required levels of support, or to finance of any kind to survive because the jobcentres will not allow them to sign on due to their not being well enough to fulfill their jobseekers responsibilities but obviously to them not sick enough to receive ESA help …….. I personally live in fear daily of what will happen when I am due for review in June because, despite all I have going on, I can move an empty cardboard box and press a button on a keypad, and know how to change my padding for the prolapses, so despite my mental health being aggrevated by all of this and my inability to hold a bladder full or my constant passing of noisy wind, I may of course be found fit to work – frightening times for us all!

  25. http://www.bluecollarconservatism.com/portfolio/esther-mcvey-mp-calls-blue-collar-conservatism-a-call-to-arms-for-all-working-class-conservatives

    Esther McVey MP calls Blue Collar Conservatism a ‘call to arms for all working class conservatives’

    Writing for the Wirral News on 15 November Conservative MP Esther McVey introduced Blue Collar Conservatism to the voters of the Wirral.

    “This month saw the creation of ‘Blue Collar Conservatives’. A political policy group created by and for working class Conservative voters.

    “Throughout the history of the Conservative Party, its most effective and reforming periods in office have been when it drew upon the support of millions of blue-collar voters and put their interests at the heart of its agenda. In the 2010 General Election the Conservative Party saw its highest swings amongst skilled and semi-skilled manual workers.

    “Blue Collar Conservatism (BCC) is a forum to explore policies and ideas to increase Conservative support amongst blue collar voters and it aims to transform this into long term support and attract additional blue collar and aspirational voters.

    “This group was formed outside Parliament but now has the support of 100 Conservative MP’s many of which are true BCC’s. I have been asked to work on the advisory board, which I have agreed to do, as its vital that we shape new Conservative policy going forward.”

    Blue Collar Conservatism is delighted to have Esther on the Advisory Board. She has been a supporter of BCC throughout and BCC would not have happened without her vital contribution. She understands the values of the voters who will determine the next election.


    A GROUP of disability protesters stormed the offices of Wirral West MP Esther McVey this morning.

    Led by the secretary of Merseyside TUC Alec McFadden, the group of half a dozen people entered the Hoylake constituency offices of Ms McVey, who is Minister for Disabled People, just after 9am.

    Staff at the offices called the police while the occupiers, from Disabled People Against Cuts, unfurled banners and gave the thumbs-up from the office windows.

    The protesters left the building after 45 minutes.

    Cllr Chris Blakeley, who works for the Wirral West MP, said the protest had not caused any major disruption adding: “The police are here now talking to them and to move them on.”

    The protesters took a letter to the Wirral West MP which read: “We are writing to you to express our disgust in the way the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition is treating disabled people who are being stigmatised and persecuted by the government measures to the extent that some commit suicide or die while under compulsory work-programmes.

  26. why are we letting this fucking evil scum Government, get away with all off this.

  27. Nasty little worm – can someone feed him more alcohol and then he might post something we can really shaft these guys with

  28. http://littlerichardjohn.wordpress.com/category/grant-schapps/

    The teenager minister for housing Grant Schapps is claiming with some pride that the rolling bi-ennial wave of evictions, combined with a punitive increase in rents will pay to build more new social housing, which he says he believes is necessary. This is the biggest lie of all. If the New Poor law Amendment Act delivers any revenue at all, which is doubtful, it will immediately find its way into the pockets of grateful cowboy speculators, who will bang up their usual tacky boxes, and vanish overnight. The only real benefit to the government will be as another bulwark against local action and organisation. It is another shackle to genuine progress.

  29. I’ve noticed the absolute ceaseless attacks on benefit claimants this weekend from Tory MP’s and their press cohorts. Makes me wonder what their trying to deflect attention from, but doubtless it will succeed thanks to the sheep who believe the spin and lies.

    • @MEM its waht my friends call the left hand/right hand when something is being drawn attention to then it means something else is going on somewhere else..

  30. I tweeted gillian@skynews this morning prior to the Schapps interview, asking them to question him about how many disabled people had committed suicide,unable to face the evil ATOS. appointment. They were flagging up government ‘success’ figures’ about how many people they had relieved of their living, so I wanted him to acknowledge how many of these numbers represented people whose lives they have effectively ended.I had to go out before Schapps appeared. Did anyone see the interview?

  31. http://how-to-be-healthy.co.uk/lifestyle-crisis/

    “Every year we hear about another new breakthrough in fighting cancer, yet in reality it is hype as cancer is on the increase.
    James Watson, Nobel Prize Winner (forDNA) said of theUSsystem, “The National Cancer Program is a bunch of sh!t”
    And another Nobel Prize Winner, Linus Pauling, said “Everyone should know that cancer research is largely fraud.”
    Most cancers are preventable, and there are many promising cures too, but they are ‘too cheap’ to make enough money! The trouble is it costs too much money (about £1 billion) to get a drug licensed so simple cures like vitamin C, oxygen, B17, bicarbonate of soda, and others will not get licensed unless the government steps in.”
    In my clinic for instance I offer a free blood pressure check and health screen, along with free advice on what has been shown to work in order to stay healthy. By following this advice I have seen people’s blood pressure and diabetes reverse so quickly they have to come off the drugs. So far I have had no doctor ask me what this advice is!
    I hope my rant today inspires some better health and makes Grant Shapps ring Andrew Lansley!

    so whats the game here then? is it about jobless? or cancer.??

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  33. Following housing minister Grant Shapps announcing his support for a third runway at the weekend, some commentators are predicting that he may be shoehorned into Greening’s role. As an amateur pilot, Shapps should know a thing or two about aviation at least. Though he has ruffled some feathers with his headline-grabbing announcements and outspoken style, smooth-talking Shapps seems to have impressed the powers-that-be while looking after the housing brief. But could he be handed something of a poisoned chalice by becoming transport supremo? An unholy alliance of Richard Branson and angry, mostly Tory, councils on the HS2 route could soon be joined by outraged west London voters in swing seats if the third runway gets the green light. And if it does not, expect an increasingly furious aviation lobby to be banging ever louder on his door.

    What can we expect from a Shapps-led Department for Transport (DfT)? Some headline-grabbing initiatives surely. And possibly some celebrity endorsements, which, as my colleague Jamie Carpenter has noted, have become something of a fixture at the Department for Communities and Local Government where Shapps currently plies his trade

    is schapps grovelling up to r branson here?
    aka virgin care??

    after all treating cancer can be pretty expensive cant it? costing private companies a lot of money who would rather be treating cheaper ie easier conditions..you know companies like virgin care for example..but if you were to say that cancer sufferers werent really ill..then im sure that might help unless the only help you are offering is to help private health companies..like virgin care for example.after all jeremy hunt has been helping out there too hasnt he?

    • something survived...

      I have a confession to make. I’ve just done a U-turn on the third runway. I was firmly opposed, but now I’m all for it. Provided that they build it on his FACE.

      • @something survived i wonde if he wanted this job..he likes mixing with celebs he could be bransons mate and help out with his poxy trains..also this cancer thing could help virgin care..by claiming that cancer sufferers are fit for work so dont need treating..

  34. havng had a major operation in the middle of january this year i applied for ESA, the response was ‘sorry not entitled’ when i rang to query their deciscion i was told it was because i hadn’t given bank details! so i asked, i am entitled then? so don’t you think the letter i recieved was misleading? ‘oh was the reply it’s just a generic letter we send out, then people ring us.’ really? because some people would just take that at face value and believe what they are being told was my response. letters like that could account for why some peoples claims stop before assessment could they not?

  35. I’m worried – I’ve just recently been diagnosed with cancer & am due to start chemotherapy in the next few weeks (which is not very nice – and renders you incapable of working). My wife who claims jsa has been told by her adviser that she can only claim careers allowance and any support I might be eligible for once treatment has actually begun. It may take months to sort out & in the meantime our jsa will stop immediately – leaving us both without any support what so ever.

  36. not allowed to post word cancer on FB you get blocked,i think somebody is trying damage limitation.

  37. I was proud to live in a country which looked after disabled people. Now, they just want to hound them. Let’s face it, we all love being sick don’t we. Such a great way to spend our days.

  38. Alison Webster: – not allowed to say ‘cancer’ on FB…?! Well that’s all the astronomy/astrology pages and groups fucked then!

    FB uses bots, so context isn’t checked; if what you’re saying is true (and, for the above reason, I don’t believe for a nanosecond it is) there’d be an outcry!

    Cancer (the disease) takes its name from the Greek for ‘crab’, just as the constellation does because, under the microscope, cancer cells look like microscopic crabs.

    • In June 2007, Shapps became shadow housing minister,[23] outside the shadow cabinet, but entitled to attend its meetings. Shapps was shadow housing minister during the period of the last four Labour government housing ministers.

      Shapps argued in favour of a community-up approach to solving the housing crisis and warned against the then Labour government’s strategy of top-down Whitehall driven housing targets, which he believed had failed in the past.[8] In his 2007, 2008 and 2009 Conservative Party conference speeches on housing, Shapps outlined a vision of localism being used to replace centrally imposed housing targets with the aim of creating more new build overall.[24]

      In May 2008, Shapps revealed to parliamentary commissioner that he had accepted donations amounting to several thousand pounds from companies linked to his housing portfolio.[25] Because of the companies links to his portfolio, there were allegations of sleaze in the press.[26] The Conservative party denied that Grant Shapps had been influenced by the donations and a party spokesman is reported to have said “Some of the Conservative policy on housing is actually against the policy of the donors”.[25] Shadow ministers are allowed to receive donations from organisations covered by their brief as long as the person has a company in the UK or lives in the UK.[25] The Commissioner exonerated all shadow cabinet members involved.[26]
      In April 2009, Shapps launched the Conservative party’s ninth green paper on policy, “Strong Foundations”.[27] In it Shapps argued for new Local Housing Trusts designed to allow local communities to grant themselves planning permission to expand and a new Right To Move intended to encourage more mobility within the social housing sector.[27]
      Minister of State for Housing and Local Government
      In May 2010 Shapps became housing and local government minister within the Communities and Local Government department and immediately repealed Home Information Pack (HIP) legislation.[28] He chairs the Cross-Ministerial Working Group[29] on Homelessness which includes Ministers from eight Government departments.
      As Minister of State for Housing, Shapps has promoted plans for flexible rent and, controversially, proposals for amending tenure for future social tenants.[30] Shapps has also promoted plans to reward councils for backing new housing through a scheme known as the New Homes Bonus[31] and denied claims that changes in Housing Benefit rules would be unfair.[32] and championed Tenant Panels.[33]
      At the 2011 party conference, Shapps backed the expansion of right to buy with the income being spent on replacing the sold housing with new affordable housing on a one for one basis.[34]
      Conservative Party Chairman
      In September 2012, Shapps was appointed Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party in Cameron’s first major reshuffle.

  39. Frankie o keeffe

    Lets first get this right…there are GENUINE disabled people who should get MUCH MORE money today that’s my opening post but there are also shisters of the first order probably in the thousands ripping off the system and in so doing STEALING that money from the genuine disabled.Like I said no cancer sufferers MS sufferers Parkinson sufferers etc should EVER lose benefit they should get the best of help and people should fight tooth and nail for them but the swindlers and cheats I know at least 10 then multiply that by the adult population should be nailed for what they are pickpockets of the genuine disabled.Now if posters here are saying ALL those on benefit are GENUINE then they are living in lala land.Fight for those who deserve it not for those who don’t.

  40. Benefit fraud is small. Much more money is wasted by DWP incompetance. Plus a lot of benefit money goes uncollected.
    And on the subject of cheats, what about those in Government ang big business. If you want people on benefits to be honest then lead by example.

  41. @Frankie o keeffe
    Yes fortunately the original invalidity assessments provided by qualified medical professionals have been overturned by Government trained assessors that can spot genuine cases (none) from “shisters scroungers” (all the rest). Good news for the top 100 thousand earners in this fair Country. Their collective £4.3 trillion honestly earned money will at last shine as as an example of moral probity when compared with the countless zillions earned by the malingers.
    In addition is well known that sickness is the result of vice.
    So let get our wit together and return to the logic and compassion that is propelling the present minister in healing society from this biblical plague.
    (Yes…I am mad)

  42. Very close friend of mine, was pronounced to be ok to be in the work related activity group.. by Atos/DWP
    The Cancer he’d been battling for the prior 8months with chemo and various drugs, took his dignity…and 4 weeks after his assessment.. his life.
    His esa benefit was stopped because he couldnt make it to the meeting with the WRAG advisor.. the fact he couldnt walk… didnt come into it.

  43. something survived...

    being too ill to attend is a pretty good reason for qualifying for the bloody payments in the first place!


    Grant Shapps MP: Over the next two years we’re going to tell the British people about this Government’s impressive achievements


  45. @JOHNNY VOID see above re grant shapps telling the british people about this govts impressive acheivements..this is ripe for a response ..

    they must have a death wish..

  46. Reblogged this on collysbubble and commented:
    really good blog a must read not my own work https://johnnyvoid.wordpress.com

  47. http://www.theyworkforyou.com/regmem/?p=11917

    This page shows how Grant Shapps’s entry in the Register of Members’ Interests has changed over time, starting at the most recent and working back to the earliest we have managed to parse. Please be aware that changes in typography/styling at the source might mean something is marked as changed (ie. removed and added) when it hasn’t; sorry about that, but we do our best with the source material.

  48. This coalition is attempting to create a climate of hatred amongst our own classes, not their own of course. This is really straight out of a comic book if you drill down into the detail of their agenda… they can use the working classes against the mentally and physically disabled and unemployed by telling them the reason their wages are meagre these days is because of those people claiming benefits while you work hard and honest for your half bag of grain they consume the rest and do nothing. This hits on a common nerve in peoples mentality without reason it can create an almost subliminal affect upon people who see this stuff on TV, read it in the papers, on the net or hear it on the radio… it’s a conditioning method using propaganda and selective rhetoric during rousing speeches of the faithful followers of this fascist coalition.

    Of course much of it is lies and stereotyping and the government are not adverse to dragging the country back years in social tolerance just to satisfy their own fascist agenda. At a time when people might be forming a fist and looking for someone to punch the government will be happy to point them in the direction of the weakest in society and lead them to believe those people are responsible for a change in their living standards, and why they cannot have that second holiday per year. This is all diversion tactics to hide the fact our country is falling apart by the seams… the economy is flat on it’s back needing the kiss of life, but they are incapable of scrapping the policies because of their arrogant pride, they would sooner take us over the edge of a cliff than admit they have failed in key policy areas.

    I very much doubt if there will be much to save of this country come 2015 and it has to be said we are closer to the days of Oswald Mosley than a society where people have a voice and feel part of a democratic country based around positive realistic policies. I know of many people who have said if the Tories get in again in 2015 they will leave the country and never return, to be honest I can see that happening for a good many people before that time, and probably they will look upon the UK and feel alienated because of their class. This government must be careful… if you prod the kraken too much it will wake up and will not be satisfied until it’s laid waste to the coalitions best laid plans and bites their heads off.

    • @MOI Oh almost certainly its the old divide game..feed the fears to the comfortable middle classes and blame it all on the ‘underclass’ except you cant keep playing that game all the time..
      growth is zero..fact..and now tories are getting desparate by having a death wish by announcing their list of ‘impressive acheivments’ in the face of the facts they there arent any…

      see my posts about tories and mr shapps..

  49. Grant Shapps has launched a new Conservative achievement card designed to help campaigners on the doorstep.

    Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps has launched a new Conservative achievement card designed to help campaigners on the doorstep.

    Available for public download, the cards detail the top twelve Conservative achievements of this government – including dealing with the deficit and creating record high levels of employment in Britain.


    “creating record high levels of employment in Britain” THAT MUST BE A TYPO SURELY..

    Launching the cards, Grant Shapps MP said: “No matter how loud we think we’re shouting in Westminster, very few people are going to notice until we simply get out there to let people know in their own neighbourhoods.(THATS IF THERE ARE ANY LEFT)..

  50. http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/388416/900k-drop-claims-as-benefit-reforms-bite

    TORY ministers went on the offensive last night over a raft of swingeing benefit cuts designed to slash Britain’s spiralling welfare bill.

    They also released Whitehall figures yesterday showing that nearly 900,000 people on incapacity benefit dropped their payment claims rather than undergo a tough new medical test.

    New measures due to come into force today include cuts in housing benefit for council and social housing tenants with spare rooms in their homes as well as changes to council tax benefit and disability living allowance.

    And an annual £26,000 maximum limit on a household’s total welfare claims is also being introduced from this morning.


  51. Chuck Champion


  52. “They also released Whitehall figures yesterday showing that nearly 900,000 people on incapacity benefit dropped their payment claims rather than undergo a tough new medical test.”

    THIS IS A PROVABLE LIE ..900,000 are part of the hidden unemployed who were diverted onto incapacity benefit..its documented..(oddly enough by the same people the govt get their research)

    so are they trying to suggest that 900,000 since last year have decided to stop claiming? on top of all the benefit sanction that have now come out??

  53. Moi

    The working class has been divided since time immemorial, depending on which trade was needed or in vogue at the time, it was those that were ahead of the game and could forsee what was needed as society changed and embraced new technologies that benefitted financially, they then went on to form their own middle class, but never formed their own middle class political party, instead joined the Whigs and tories.

    The rest of us have been in service to this class then and ever since, until the arrival of Thatcher who enabled working class to buy their own council houses and shares in the newly privatised public services such as bt, british gas etc, whereby as shareholder they glean the profits yet as taxpayers are still paying for new infrastructure and technologies from their public pockets, only those with shares in these companies survive while the ordinary tax payer suffers.

    Now we have investment by the sharholder classes in developing countries and mass unemployment here, combined with mass immigration to undermine our incomes which is creating a toxic mix both socially, economically and politically.

    Divide and conquer is definitely the name of the game.

  54. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9964767/Iain-Duncan-Smith-I-could-live-on-53-per-week.html

    IDS can survive on 53 pound per week.
    Tories ministers are being to look more deluded this weekend

    • @PAUL is that before or after hes bunged part of it to his wife?

    • @paul well the tax payer paid for his house, and ive seen his expenses eg staff and office expenses etc..all tax payer funded . the man is mentally deranged..

    • Anomie shrugs

      “The current rate of jobseekers’ allowance is up to £56.25 a week for people between the ages of 16 and 24, and up to £71 for an adult over that age.”

      Couples get £56.25pw JSA each regardless of their age, as usual DWP policy does not add up, what is a “person” and the “minumum amount”?

      • But at the moment (until Universal Credit kicks in) jobseekers between 16 and 24 and living at home can claim Housing Benefit of 15.70 a week which brings them up to the 25 and over rate of JSA.

    • Well the fat git should put his money where is mouth is & give it a go. i give him about two days…

  55. Grant Shapps, aka Michael Green, aka Sebastian Fox, a professional confidence trickster.

  56. Hi, everyone, haven’t been able to post anything on here since last Thursday as my internet went down on Friday am & has only just been restored. Been highly frustrating after seeing & reading some of the outragous reports over the weekend such as conman Shapps & his crass comment that his sons share a bedroom so why can’t everyone else’s children share a room. Doesn’t the idiot know that this isn’t always appropiate? What if the children are male & female teenagers? Or if one is disabled & needs medical equipment? And this from a jerk who lives in a country cottage worth several hundred grand no doubt Out of touch fool.
    As for the garbage IDS has been spouting, words fail me.

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  58. i work first of all but i have a son with Aspergers Syndrome and a daughter that is bipolar ! im constantly fighting the DWP for both of them. Im now getting the brunt of the bedroom tax but because im in arrears with my rent because of all the carry on with the ESA ! i cant move house and i cant win ! so go to hell Tories !!!!!!!

  59. Well done Susan, you’ve just played out Tory policy in a nutshell. It’s called “pitting the poor against the poorer”.

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  61. A bit of a development today

    Atos phoned, and it seems i am being placed in a blue cross charity shop on the 17th of this month (mandatory work activity)
    Had a doctors appointment today, he has done a referral back to my surgeon due to the onset of arthritis.
    The doctor has given me a sick note for six weeks while the referral takes place

    what happens now, i am claiming job seekers at the moment, will i have to sign off and claim ESA,
    What happens now, do i continue signing on as normal
    Do i have to attend this mandatory work activity
    What happens with the council tax and housing benefit

    sorry for the 20 questions, or i have posted in the wrong place but i am truly in the dark at the moment

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  63. Pingback: Benefit Bullshitting Exposed By Daily Mail’s Workshy Map

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  65. Why wasting you time going to hospital wasting thousands of dollars to make sure that you are been cured from this deadly disease called cancer? when there a herbal dr called dr iroko who help so many people across the world with his herbal medicine that will cure you forever. My wife had cancer and i was devastated there was nothing i could do cause i have exhausted all the money i have buying drug. One day a colleague of mine introduced me to dr. iroko cause he told me that he was helped before by this man herbal medicine, i give it a try my friend and today my wife has been cured. Stop wasting your money on drugs that can not help you. The email of this man is herbalbestsolution23@hotmail.com contact him now cause he is the only cure to cancer.

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