Priti Patel Hands Award To Poverty Pay Employer That Pays Just £2.68 An Hour

priti-deathThe DWP’s new Minister of Death Priti Patel last night handed out an award to a company who pays just 11 pence an hour more than the minium wage to staff in a supervisory role whilst retail staff on Apprenticeships earn just £2.68 per hour.

Patel was the main speaker at the annual awards ceremony held by the Employment Related Service Association (ERSA), the trade body established to lie of behalf of the welfare to work sector.  Every year the likes of G4S and A4e gather for a slap up meal at a luxury London venue to celebrate another year of fleecing the tax payer and dole out awards to employers who have helped them gain ‘job outcome’ payments.

This year’s Large Employer of the Year award went to Poundbakery, a not very large employer who run a chain of bakery shops.  Accrding to ERSA, this was for demonstrating “exceptional commitment in creating opportunities for disadvantaged and long term unemployed jobseekers.”

Some of those ‘”fantastic and rare” opportunities involved working in one of their shops on the Apprenticeship scheme for as little as £2.68 p/hr for 24 hours a week.  These apprenticeships could last for up to two years, reflecting the length of time it takes to train people to sell loaves of bread rather than just being an excuse for the company to dodge minimum wage laws.  Or at least that’s what grasping employers claim to ensure this grotesque exploitation remains legal.

Other vacancies for the company ask for people with “ideally some retail management experience” to work as supervisors for the princely sum of £6.61 an hour, just 11 pence more than the minimum wage.

You might have thought that the welfare-to-work industry would want to give awards to ethical employers, who pay at least the Living Wage, but sadly this is far from the case. Previously the Large Employer award has gone to companies involved in unpaid schemes such Greggs and B&M Stores who will be the target of workfare protests later this month.  It is unclear whether Poundbakery also making use of Jobcentre programmes providing free labour, but with their retail assistants working for the pittance of £64 a week, they hardly fucking have to.

Poundbakery are on twitter (and facebook) if you want to ask them to pay their workers properly: @poundbakery

Bakers everywhere can fight for better wages by contacting the Bakers and Allied Food Workers Union

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215 responses to “Priti Patel Hands Award To Poverty Pay Employer That Pays Just £2.68 An Hour

  1. I put this in another column earlier, but it is relevant to this story see the drug store SAVERS is now getting in on the act.
    Savers, the drug store was adverstized the other day…….
    Retail Apprenticeship
    £5,435 + level 2 qualification
    Full time 12 month contract
    This was for two of its stores in Central Glasgow
    This would be about the £3 an an hour mark. It is shocking stuff.
    If this is what they want to get up to now, then forget it. I will go elsewhere.

    • I bet the manager at Savers must be laughing his chump off, knowing he will get the work done in is store and make extra profits, instead of handing the money to the lowly-paid apprentice staff.

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  3. Is that the grim reaper standing behind her?

  4. That kind of thing, a little known bakery paying apprentice staff bugger all, whilst getting lauded by some silly bint makes me kind of sick and angry. I really wonder how the tory twits earning millions each year can even sleep at night knowing that if you are a school or college leaver entering the world of work for the first time you can expect to be paid peanuts.

    Something has to give sooner or later as it’s about time we, the people of this country take it back from the grasp of the greedy, tory twits in jobs given to them through fake CVs. None of the tory elites have NEVER done a decent days paid work in the real world ever. Not even any un-paid work in various charity shops or local community projects such as I have done over many years. I can’t somehow see a toffee-nosed twit sitting in his fat arse in government earning a crust in some factory or lending a helping hand to a local voluntary project.

    I’d like to see one of the twits do a voluntary project like I have done for a few years – namely break his back clearing a redundant railway line in the hope it can be re-opened to passengers again. I gave up many a Sunday sweating my b**** off clearing vegetation from my local railway line just hoping to one day see it back in use after many years of closure, even if just a heritage railway.

    All the tory tossers just do is sit in government 5 days a week just talking, laughing, joking, back-stabbing and generally saying ay or nay to votes on policies and new legislation they want to fuck us over with. Talking their fat arses off is all well and good but it DOESN’T prove anything or manufacture any product to be sold to the customer.

    Bollocks to the government and their crabby nonsense. They should get out of the fucking elite bubble and its cushy lifestyle and see the real world for what it really is. Real jobs are not about sitting and talking all day, spouting complete twaddle. Real jobs are in factories, shops, hotels, and not forgetting the army of un-paid workers doing their bit in local projects desgined to make progress.

    I’ve done my bit in the recent past grafting my ass off un-paid to try and rescue my town’s closed railway line on many a Sunday. No tory twit or local councillor were nowhere to be seen on the project I was extremely proud to be a part of.

    We’re all being shafted yet again by the elite twits whose only priority is to get paid well for a cushy, very easy job in a government building that is only fit to be knocked down and replaced by a supermarket. The sooner the fucking place falls down the better.

    • Another Fine Mess

      How come your typing/writing’s so good tonight, have you run out of beer or something? It would take me an hour to write that much, and another half an hour correcting the mistakes!

      • The beer hadn’t run out last night. In fact I don’t even smoke or guzzle any beer / alcohol of any sort. I have other vices such as having a thing about eating apple tic-tac sweets or lemon sherbets. I have never in all my years touched cigs or any booze, apart from one occasion many years ago where I got drunk and hammered at a christmas party held at my former charity shop.

        Having to fart about with JCP nonsense and no proper help from them is enough to start me on the booze.

  5. Priti Patel. A very apt name that suits someone who spends all day prattling and waffling on in a building fit only to be knocked down.

  6. Priti Patel car crash interview on unemployment and UK economy

    • overburdenddonkey

      ‘let’s be clear’, sorted then, the economic miracle is on it’s way…£100bn+ deficit nae bother…next…!

    • Yet more of the woman’s typical incoherent nonsense.

      How on earth did she get elected? Who is voting for her – is it a cultural thing? Are there members of the local asian community who think they need representation and have turned to this lunatic?

      I don’t care about her ethnicity, I care that she is utterly incapable of answering a simple question without spewing a load of bizarre propagandist bullshit. This is disgraceful – if you listen she even manages to catch herself doing it in response to one question even she realises has nothing to do with her bollocks about ‘we are economic plan’!

      She’s just another Tory on austerity autopilot.

  7. Another Fine Mess

    No Results For: Sales Assistant jobs at All Stores
    Well there wouldn’t be would there!

    • No results found for sales assistants. That’s because that poundbakery is taking work programme clients or apprentice staff on the cheap, thus filling the vacancies, saving on staff wages and gettting the bread baked. Un-employment figures are therefore reduced at a stroke.

      Priti patelli is on a nice little winner here.

    • That large scary face on their recruiter website is probably more than enough for people not to apply for any job with them. Nuff said.

    • Interesting to note that looking through all jobs on that website, the role of assistant manager is £7.29 per hour. Try telling that to your willing apprentice applicants, miss priti patelli cake.

  8. All these new jobs…and the tax take has fallen…..

  9. overburdenddonkey rally in glasgow this w/e…

  10. Sleaford Mods – ‘The wage don’t fit’

  11. what a fucking joke this woman is. and once again UJM is having problems so i cannot log in to submit my jobsearch. FFS at this rate iam going to end up with a fucking sanction.

    • Another Fine Mess

      Yep, wasn’t working for me earlier to paste my activities in.

    • If noticeable error take screenshots if you can.

      • Another Fine Mess

        Server Error in ‘/’ Application.
        The resource cannot be found.
        Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.
        Requested URL: /Protocols/Saml20/Signin.ashx

        • The 404 or Not Found error message is an HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested.

          The web site hosting server will typically generate a “404 Not Found” web page when a user attempts to follow a broken or dead link; hence the 404 error is one of the most recognizable errors users can find on the web.

    • I have been in the Job Centre a few times when the staff cannot access Universal Jobmatch a useless system. They politicians do not really want us all working, what they want is the unemployed, sick and disabled to stop claiming. They live in their isolated bubble where they detest the majority of the public and attempt to drive a wedge between people. I am surprised there has not been a social explosion to date.

      • When I signed-on, Tuesday, my out-going so-called job advisor falsely claimed that I had changed my log-in password for my UJM account without her knowledge. Silly cow. I soon forced her to backtrack when the second time she wanted to spy on my account, she was able to access it easily.

        No wonder the system is knackered and always goes wrong. Anything run or built by the Americans or Chinese is always bound to fall apart and stop working. the UJM site is owned and managed by Monster (an American company).

        • James Gasekll

          Fen Tiger – You don’t have to give Jobcentre staff access to your UJM account. It’s your right to do so. They don’t tell you this because they want to spy on jobseekers.

        • They want us all working for nothing. Ian Duncan Smith would get rid of all Job Centre staff if some unemployed people did the work for their benefits. As you state the UJM site is owned and managed by Monster (an American company) as is Maximus who will soon be doing Atos work. And when the riots start I can hear Smith, Cameron, Patel, condemning those who have had enough. These ruthless sociopaths need the state to protect them and their financiers. We do not need more dissent, we need a revolution.

    • Jason & afm – That’s one of the reasons I still use a paper jobseekers diary, and you are legally allowed to revert to one to record your jobsearch.

  12. Charlton Heston

    Godamn you Priti Patel! Godamn you to Hell!!

  13. Poundbakers? Never heard of it but I’m going to aren’t I? Independent bakeries always taste better than cheap chain bakeries, I think tomorrow I’m going to buy a nice cake from my favourite bakers and eat it.

    PS Don’t tell the Mirror, the Sun or the Daily Mail of my “outrageous lavish luxury expense paid for by THE ALMIGHTY TAXPAYER.”

    • @futureindoubt
      Depends on where you live, Poundbakers is owned by Sayers originally from Liverpool, a formally well regarded brand before it was sold on. Poundbakers is the down-market arm of Sayers intended to challenge Greggs.

      • Never heard of them, not in my area. But since Poundbakery is using extremely cheap labour, and I’d assume extremely cheap ingredients too, then it’s only a matter of time before they expand everywhere. And due to undercutting the competition via exploitative means, backed and endorsed by the government, many other bakeries paying at least the minimum wage will go under. (Or will be forced into the same exploitative practices as a means for survival.) The staff may ironically get hired in the same role as workfare/apprenticeships – especially as “apprenticeships” are going to be opened up to older folks.

        • Instead of using flour in their bread products they are more likely using sawdust as a cheap replacement ingredient.

    • The word ‘Pound’ is the new buzz for 2015. First we have Poundland, then we have poundworld ( a cheap rip-off) and now poundbakery.

      What next? Poundtesco?

  14. EveryLidlHelps

    All together now…

    “She’s priti, priti vacant…”
    “She’s priti, priti vacant…”

    “And she don’t care!!!!!”

  15. Fen ,torie …..males……(they aren’t men) sit around all day ……becouse they aren’t capable of doing a days work,most torie…males…..are narrow shouldered weak backed,button cocked …impotents…..they have no physical or mental strenghth ,there despite a very expencive private education ..slow and dim witted…they are,needy and immature ,soft and pampered…Osbourne,cameron,Johnson,lol you only have to look at there fathers and grandfathers ….there wetbacks they have no gut, grit,or lead in there pencils,and as for doing a days hard manual graft… could never happen they haven’t the strength within 5 mins they would have a breakdown,they would be a hindrance not a help …….we would all have to carry them… we’ve allways done.

    • I broke my back almost when I used to work on a local heritage railway project in my area. When we used to spread the good word about our work to re-instate and re-open our former branch line, we had our local councillors all wanting to jump on the bandwagon.

      Not once, however, did they ever turn up during one of our Sunday working days track-clearing vegeation or inspecting the track itself. They talked the talk, but never walked the walk to help us when we mucked in on the railway. The thought of using shears, saws and garden loppers against brambles and trees was too much hard work for the council nobs. ‘All mouth and no trousers’ was the phrase I used against the well-to-do council nobs plenty of times during a hot sunny afternoon as I was cutting away the mass of overgrown brambles.

      It was hard, sweaty work but I enjoyed doing it as it gave me a sense of self-satisfaction and a job well done.

  16. Jesusisananarchist

    She’s priti, priti vacunt …
    She’s priti, priti vacunt….

    And she don’t care!!!!!

  17. really it should be 50p an hour but perhaps that is too shocking. So 1960`s wages.

  18. I want to work for nothing just to be helpful !!! Let`s all kill ourselves & you can run the ID fraud of the books. FRAUD. Death Fraud.

    • If they had me working in that bakery I would have contaminated the bread making it unfit for consumption.

      People like that Priti Prattle, drunken shi*te and the rest; especially in the joke centre take me as they find me. I do see why I should have to change my ways just to please them or follow the leader. They can all get fucked if they don’t like who I am.

  19. The nudge Unit is being nudged into death tactics – The death Nudge Unit. Get on the payroll for 50P an hour.

  20. Watch out for the Job Trial which is been mentioned again,work for an employer for up to 30 days for your jsa.Its supposed to be voluntary but its being pressured on long term unemployed.

    Speaking to another signer who went on this a while back ended up in Tesco stacking shelves in the middle of the night on jobseekers allowance went through the induction and interview then was told they didn’t want was clearly widespread trough the country.
    If these profiteers want to employ people they should employ them,not under the guise of trying someone out and pay them a decent wage.

    • If this ‘worktrial’ comes to my town I will simply say to my JCP ”get knotted”

      The WP scheme failed so this new replacement won’t fix the problems. There are not enough good, quality jobs to go around, unlike what the tory twits are spouting off every day. The un-employment figures are wrong as it doesn’t take into account un-employed people on sanctions, training courses, work programmes or on un-paid apprencticeships.

    • @Ken
      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure it’s illegal to force night shifts on a workfare victim? I’m sure they can only mandate the standard 9 to 5:30 hours.

  21. Priti Patel – is it a cultural thing?




      ……….anyone that belongs to an organisation that hides mortality statistics is aiding and abetting the biggest peacetime killer on uk shores, IAIN DUNCAN SMITH…………….
      For her part in these heinous crimes against humanity, she should face the consequences.

      CORPORATE MANSLAUGHTER must carry the maximum penalty…………



        She became a camp guard at the age of 19, and in March 1943 she was transferred to Auschwitz. She rose to the rank of Senior SS-Supervisor in the autumn of 1943, in charge of around 30,000 women prisoners, mainly Polish and Hungarian Jews. This was the second highest rank that SS female concentration camp pesonnel could attain.

        After the war survivors provided extensive details of murders, tortures, cruelties and sexual excesses engaged in by Irma Grese during her years at Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. They testified to her acts of pure sadism, beatings and arbitrary shooting of prisoners, savaging of prisoners by her trained and half starved dogs, to her selecting prisoners for the gas chambers.

        • Don’t forget that Idiotic dunken biscuits closely resembles Herr Goerring. I’d like to see his (IDS) family tree if he has any distant relation in the gestapo or Hitler’s high command.

  22. Starving Peasant

    Pound Bakery? I ate 2 of their sausage rolls yesterday & shat thru’ the eye of a needle.








      Dr Alasdair Emslie elected President of the SOM

      Alasdair, Health Management’s Co Founder and Chief Medical Officer, is elected President of the Society of Occupational Medicine. The Society of Occupational Medicine was founded in 1935 and continues to be concerned with the protection of the health of people at work and the prevention of occupational injuries and disease. It also remains a forum for the exchange of information, ideas and best practice and provides professional development for its members. This is a prestigious recognition of achievement for Alasdair and we are all very proud.


      Has no meaning – it is a hobby of occupation not taking their own medicine aka quacks & fakes.

  24. No sign of ‘elbow grease’ on here yet? I’d like to read what they have to say about the merits of the new JCP signing system after I have spoken out about my fears of now being tracked covertly each time I sign on those pads.

    It isn’t all to do with saving money and administration in the JCP’s, If anyone was to believe that. It’s really about keeping their beady eyes on us 24/7 and making us subserviant to their endless rules.

    I am not a criminal for simply being out of work. so they should stop treating me as such and do something useful and helpful towards me for once.

  25. UJM still refuses to work on Firefox. Good job that I have NoScript abd Donottrack installed as I want to fucking see how that site tracks me…

  26. Did anyone catch this on youtube? The man needs to be slapped down.

  27. Oh dear £7. 4 Bn to do up Parliament because its a shit hole.

    • All MPs talk bullshit everyday, so the smell of piss in rooms below toilets makes no difference to them. They are used to wallowing in the pig trough and surrounded by flies and mosquitos.


      …………expect the final cost to be more than double this quote because they have not factored in that whoever gets the tender to do the work will be a tory donor.
      The bidding process will be behind closed doors and the extent of the double dealing lobbying groups kept secret.

      Somebody will already be earmarked for the contract and either KPMG or PWC chosen as auditors/accountants.

      One thing is for certain, the contract will not go to Eastern Europeans who would do the work for a fraction but the labouring will use apprentice training workfare placements costing fuck all in real wages while filling the pockets of the scumbags.

      With Health and Safety regulations ditched and the DWP reluctant to face up to those they kill at random, a few asbestos related deaths would be swept under the carpet………….

      …………..PS, take away my £33 per week if you need it to gild a spittoon or pay a bribe.


  28. so not 1 mention of the providers getting this so called work exp for ppl that are being paid thousands for that task.

    and then that the providers pay the company for each person they have there.

    fkn joke non paid work is no good on a cv also mwa CANNOT be used to gain recent work experience as its on pg two of the mwa tool kit.

  29. mortally offended lol


    ”roofs & leaking toilets: It could cost £6bn to refurbish crumbling Parliament ”

    I’ve always known that those upper-class tory twits were taking the piss, but not that literally now this news report has come out saying that toilets are leaking into rooms below them. Why should any of us employed or other, have to dig into our own pockets to fix the houses of parliament at a tune of £6 billion.

    The cretin tory toffss have been allowed a pay rise so any repairs should be paid by them. After all, only they use the building every day and the public are only admitted in on certain occasions and not allowed to wander the corridors or have a go at the elite nobs without being chased and manhandled by the cops.

    And another thing, why is the house of commons so called when none of the twits illegally squatting in there have a common background but all have had public school lives.

  31. Forced Labour is Slave Labour

    Collaboration with Slavery is a Crime against Human Decency

    Low Wages are a Tool of Oppression

    Yes to Social Justice No to Slavery

    Increase Welfare Benefits Spending Tax the Rich Hands Off the Poor

    • Slavery is a crime, but try telling that to the JCP. They will say work programme placements helps you back into work by doing un-paid labour with a scabby work programme provider.

      • overburdenddonkey

        surely you know that humiliation, doing pointless exercise, and malnutrition build character by turning one into stone, and is ‘good’ for one….NOT…!

  32. Support Social Justice and Decent Public Services

    Oppose Nutcase Public Spending Cuts

    There is a Need For more Mass Protests

  33. I ma glad I am not a father, I worry about my nephews and nieces and the future they and millions of other young people will have. As Aristotle wrote long ago “Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.” In the context of what is happening today poverty is the parent of revolution and hate crime, because that is what these politicians are involved in hatred of the sick, hating the poor and the unemployed. And even people with good jobs are not immune to this hate crime, events can change lives overnight.

    • The future generations have been bequeath hell by the delusional and suicidal quest for a guilt-ridden good society.

      • overburdenddonkey

        exactly right… ‘good citizens’ compliant, mesmerized to accept being nation one mind, told that we must instantly love wankers or we’re bad…aka 12 step business school inc, always serve the higher power…

  34. overburdenddonkey

    see labour as rescuers or no….tough cheese…
    ‘Yesterday we highlighted a quote from Labour MP Kate Hoey about how the party secretly expects their next leader, whoever it is, to be in opposition for the next 10 years, meaning the UK will have a Conservative-led government for at least 15 years. Kate Hoey is on the Labour fringes, but today one of the front-runners for the leadership job proved her right.’

  35. Another Fine Mess

    If you’re one of the 5.7 million low paid in the retail and hospitality industries, you’re not low paid because these are low paying industries, you’re low paid due to your motivation, skills gaps and low productivity.

    Even if you could increase the productivity of these workers so that they could shelf-stack or bed-make twice as fast, well then you’d only need half the number of them, who still wouldn’t be better paid because they’d be competing with the other 2 mil on ‘work experience’.

    employers in these industries struggle with high staff turnover
    So we’re going to
    look at the most effective ways of supporting people moving up the career ladder
    … which will increase staff turnover!

    I don’t think it will the workers that make money out of these ideas.

    • overburdenddonkey

      a f m
      make a colleague redundant today by working harder for less… uk plc working harder for you….brought to you in association with, chucked in well slippery greasy barrel, now get out of that, corp….ensuring you gain no traction in life…

    • Another Fine Mess

      40% of Australian jobs could disappear in next 10-15 years
      “This research shows that in some parts of rural and regional Australia in particular there is a high likelihood of job losses being over 60 per cent,” he said.
      According to Martin, automation will not only affect industries like agriculture, mining and manufacturing but also areas that have not yet been affected, like health.

      If only these workers would work a bit harder.

  36. overburdenddonkey

    yep, the million acre shepard, c/w cyborg solar powered sheep dogs…


    ……………just been on RT News that the UK deficit could be as high as £8.6 trillion, not £1.5 trillion as we are being force fed to believe…………..

    They have not factored in a host of things to give a true reflection of our debts, including pension shortfalls.

    No wonder they seek to fuck every man, woman and child to keep up appearances to the rest of the world.

    We are living a lie funded by those at the bottom while the toffs ransack the burning building.

    Keep looking out of your window tomorrow, you bald headed murderer, and note the discontent you have created as the crowds march past chanting for your blood…………………..

    Place your face on a red laser dot and do us all a big favour………….

    • overburdenddonkey
      mhairi black talks to ATD pt 1 of 3
      + rally in glasgow tomorrow…

      • Austerity is a myth in the UK, the assault on welfare such as sanctions are malicious not economic.

      • lol mhairi black finds logic in the bedroom tax WTF all those peasants with spare bedrooms – definitely a ‘hard-working families’ Labourite.

        • And you can bet your last JSA dollar that mhairi black finds logic in sanctions.

          • Mhairi Black is a smart little opportunist of careerist shit if ever there was one. You have to give her that. Impeccable timing jumping on the SNP bandwagon at the most opportune moment – a haggis supper could have pulled that seat from under Dougie boy! And what is it with that fake ‘working class’ accent of hers?

        • overburdenddonkey

          the scottish govt snp condemn the bedroom tax and have mitigated bedroom tax in scotland, there is also council tax reduction, so people on very low incomes don’t pay it @ all….but having looked @ the vids again vid 2, 3mins in sanctions are discussed and condemned…vid 3, 3mins in housing in general and approx 5mins in, on bedroom tax she said she can see the theoretical argument and logic in people moving to 1 bed flats but there are none available…she did say she condemns the bedroom tax, things aren’t changing @ all many are in dire need NOW..what come across is nothings changing or gonna change in the near future and in fact set too get much much worse, with £15bn more in cuts announced in this emergency budget in july …perhaps mitigate sanctions NOW in scotland @ the very least, but this would be seen by as lack of social solidarity…?? so we have to find a way in scotland to mitigate sanctions, and close down foodbanks, as a priority, as well as reversing austerity in general across the uk…so tell me what can the snp actually do when faced with all of that opposition, but keep on plugging away like they’re doing…? the red and blue tories agenda is to crush all opposition ie snp bad…we people have to push for change as always….it’s up to the people of the uk now….us….

          • The bedroom tax IS an abomination. But there is LOGIC behind people moving to smaller size property when their children move out – in the exact same way they no doubt eagerly moved up to larger sized property as their family grew. And it IS selfish to hold on to larger sized properties that your needs no longer require. Conceded that there is probably no smaller sized properties for these occupants to go to. But there is a sneaking suspicion that this is being used as a convenient excuse for these occupants to hold on to their larger properties; and it would take a rocket up their arse to get these tenants to move. It is a shame that is takes the brutality of the ‘bedroom tax’ to bring this issue to the fore of these tenants minds. Of course who or whom these vacated properties would be going to is an entirely different discussion, not to mention that a lot of larger, and vacated properties in general, are just left empty.

          • If the housing stock was managed properly there would be decent smaller sized property in their current locality just as close to their friends and family for these under-occupiers to move to. And in these circumstances they SHOULD be required to move, and given every assistance to do so in order to make the transition to their new home as smooth as possible.

  38. In some cases it is elderly people who are left in larger houses simply because their children have left home. However, sometimes these people do not want to leave their larger houses because of memories/children might return at some stage. Or perhaps they like the area they have lived in all their lives. On the other hand, if people want to move to a smaller house voluntarily then it is easy to find someone to swap houses with. I see adverts in shop windows all the time for house swap requests. Extra bedrooms should not be non-taxable. People are already being taxed for the property via the banding on their Council Tax bill. If Labour had won in Scotland you can bet your last £1 that all of these people who are living in a property with extra bedrooms would be forced to pay the bedroom tax. I am definitely sticking with SNP and as OBD has intimated the SNP are, and will continue to struggle to reach a consensus with Westminster Mp’s blocking their every move. I happened to catch on TV the Fraud MP (as Geoff calls him), at the House of Lords when Lady Hollis brought up the bedroom tax – he started off by quoting figures and stating the revenue the tax brought into the Treasury – she interrupted him – she said it was cruel and that the government should do a U turn on it. Then he started going on about how many people had started working – nothing whatsoever to do with the question – he looked very uncomfortable!!!! PS – someone checked the figures he gave verbally to Lady Hollis and they were incorrect lol.

    • The Bedroom tax is not only a bedroom tax it is also an occupancy tax, dobt those that support the logic of the Bedroom tax would be so supportive if it were made universal and include homeowners – why should a spare bedroom and a non dependant penalty only be enforced against claimants.

      mhairi black’s logic is maybe even worse than that of IDS, his objection is more economic mhairi’s theorising is discriminating on the space a claimant can occupy – how about cargo container or prison cell.

      A home means a home from cradle to grave in my book.

      • Mr R – totally agree with what you have said, however any property whether it be a council house/private rental/owned/mortgaged/owned outright is taxed via the Council Tax Band which can increase or decrease (lol) be frozen – where does the right to tax bedrooms or extra rooms within a property come into the equation? Before any tenancy agreement or mortgage offer is signed, sealed and delivered the people already know what the council tax banding amounts to. I hate to say it – but here goes – if the SNP had not frozen the council tax in Scotland then Westminster would have run riot in England raising these bands to unacceptable levels. The UK Government have just come up another way to raise the revenue from social housing in the form of the bedroom tax. At least the SNP have subsidised this burden to social housing tenants in Scotland. I don’t think they can do much more on this issue. As for Mhairi Black – time will tell.

        • The council tax should be scrapped and we should return to the rates. The rates which proceeded the poll tax was a much fairer system and was based on the ‘rateable value’ of your property i.e the more your property was worth the more you paid; none of this silly ‘band’s nonsense whereby the Lord of the Manor sat in a castle pays only twice the amount of a tenant in a one-bedroomed council property! Incidentally, the rates are still used for business properties and is still in place in Northern Ireland. Oh, what about the ‘poor pensioner’ stuck in an a high value property – simple, there was a system of ‘rates rebates’ in place. Under the rates the ones who could afford it i.e. the rich paid more and the ones who couldn’t i.e the poor paid less which is the way it should be.

          We keep hearing about the ‘poll tax’ riots and all that guff, but the poll tax was merely a ‘trojan horse’ to introduce the council tax, and the council tax is a much more iniquitous tax than the poll tax. I really wish people would stop harping on about the ‘poll tax riots’ as if if was some kind of ‘great victory’; it was nothing more than a pyrrhic victory, a con, since it ushered in what we have now, the council tax, as was the way it was all planned in the first place.

        • Spotted! – Mhaira Black driving a new ’15’ plate Lamborghini… just shows what a 70 grand a year + expenses MP’s salary will stretch to… 😉

  39. Protesters to march on jobcentre over mental health therapy links

    DNS – 19th June 2015

    Disabled activists are to hold a protest about a new government scheme that will see mental health therapists installed in a south London jobcentre.

    Members of the Mental Health Resistance Network (MHRN) are also furious that a new “Living Well Hub”, providing access to Lambeth’s community mental health services, is set to open on a separate floor of the building where the jobcentre is based.

    The network, and supporters – including members of Psychologists Against Austerity and the Alliance for Counselling and Psychotherapy – will march on Streatham jobcentre in south London on Friday (26 June) to highlight what they see as government attempts to “re-educate” people with mental health distress.

    The protest comes after the journal Medical Humanities – co-owned by the British Medical Journal – published an article criticising the view that being unemployed was “evidence of both personal failure and psychological deficit”.

    The article suggests that countries implementing major welfare reforms – such as the UK – are increasingly attempting to force “complete and intimate behaviour change” on unemployed benefit claimants through “coercive and punitive” methods.

    One government intervention is a project – announced in March’s budget – that will “co-locate” therapists from the NHS’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme in more than 350 jobcentres, providing “integrated employment and mental health support to claimants with common mental health conditions”.

    The first jobcentre to host these IAPT therapists is in Crown House, Station Approach, Streatham, the same building as the new Lambeth Living Well Hub (LLWH).

    Read More:

  40. That What Is The Question. If I can`t answer because the questions make no sense I can`t sign nothing or be sanctioned. Common sense prevails.

  41. Alex Salmond’s 60,000 proposed social housing policy – when the wind blows West oldScots can occupy, when the wind blows East newScots can occupy.

  42. Captain Salty

    If IAPT doesn’t work how long before the cat o’ nine tails is introduced to jobcentres… then the gallows…

  43. overburdenddonkey thousands turn out in glasgow today, but when it’s indyscot rally and the same number turn out it’s hundreds….just saying…

  44. Grahame Smith, general secretary of the Scottish Trades Union Congress, which organised the rally, said austerity was “not sensible economic policy”.

    This is austerity –

    Asked by Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem whether Greek banks would open Friday, his answer was stark:

    “Tomorrow, yes. Monday, I don’t know,” replied Benoit Coeure.

  45. A-Brightfuture

    Iain Duncan Smith Welcomes Record Universal Credit Applications..

    ERRRRRRRRRRRRRR ..We where all told unemployment is at an all time low level !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gormless prat.

  46. Exactly how many times are you allowed to walk around the monument from a short distance away is there a limit can one invoke the Ancestors whilst walking?

  47. The Hippy Chick at StonedHenge :)

    Happy Summer Soltice everyone 🙂

  48. overburdenddonkey
    i don’t want to hear bitterness from the opposition about why they’re not in charge/power…but solely their bitterness towards austerity and how in detail they’re going to reverse, restore and therefore fully oppose, the removal of human dignity and seek to restore our natural rights to reliable supplies of vitality giving vitals of life for all, NOW!!…waiting for a saviour/another/the other to come along, as some do (see above vid) and do it is futile….
    promised land politics is dishonest, to say the least….’we’ll take care of that, let’s find a new leader, you can all go home now’, ‘get back in yer boxes’, ‘sorry turkeys, we tried perhaps next year’, solves nothing…fight the tory cuts she say’s…er no, they’re thatcherite labour’s cuts as well….our system is set up so that we have to ask them for our needs to be met, prove need ie of food, when one’s gut already does this…

  49. There is an opportunity for Gideon to reconfigure corporate welfare back to social security by striking down in-work benefits and reallocating that spending to increasing unemployment benefits – subsidising poverty trap employment and employers through tax credits/HB was and is a corruption of social security.

    • It wasn’t Gidiot who introduced ‘in-work’ benefits; it was in fact Gordon ‘250 ink cartridges’ McBroon who introduced handouts for greedy employer subsidies, l’est we forget.

      • Haggis-munching, one-eyed, gulps like a goldfish Jock McBroon also introduced us to “hard-working families”.

  50. Glenda Jackson seems to be capable!

  51. While in-work benefits reward poverty pay employers tax credits/hb/child care costs the unemployed that are the most in need of a social security system draw down £34 a week hardship payment.

  52. Another Fine Mess

    By sifting through 50 years of data, the OECD finds that having hoards of bankers swapping $s, £s and 0s around in computers doesn’t actually produce anything useful. Who’d have thunk it.

    New work from the OECD concludes that Britain’s inequality, poor productivity and lack of investment can all be laid at the door of a bloated financial sector

  53. Another Fine Mess

    “IMF research released last week shows that there are economic downsides to inequality. Raising the income share of the poorest 20% of the population increases growth by as much as 0.38 percentage points over five years. By contrast, increasing the income share of the richest 20% by 1% decreases it by 0.08 percentage points. So much for trickle down.”

    “If not now then at some point, this vicious circle will have to be broken.”

    So carry on cutting, Gidiot & IBS.

    • overburdenddonkey

      a f m
      it’s odd that what was laid out before it and could be clearly seen then, is now retrospectively condemned allowing the profiteers to keep their profits….

      • … allowing the profiteers to keep their profits.

        But that is how good scams work, the scammed citizens are not innocent bystanders at the lower level they participated and bought into the mansion mortgage and 4 holidays a year credit scam.

        • I'm Allright, Jack, how's you?

          Yes, the ‘scammed citizens’ are COMPLICIT, PARTY TO and INSTRUMENTAL in their own DOWNFALL borne out of their own GREED, desire to PULL A FAST ONE, ‘BETTER THEMSELVES, FURTHER THEIR OWN INTERESTS, GET ONE OVER ON and FUCK OVER their fellow citizens!

          • overburdenddonkey

            wot they’re are no victims, where do we go from here in that case, we only have ourselves to blame, now who else says that..?
            oh yeah, labour, libdems, ukip, and the tories….

            • Rose-tinted glasses in your choice of frame aspirational blue, red or yellow.

              The UK is overwhelmed with the victims of victimhood time for a reality check.

              • overburdenddonkey

                so are there no victims…?
                the term victimhood is a dire testimony of our blameless culture…j’acused of victimhood, even though one is a victim, as if, one is wallowing in self pity and all one has to do is think positive and snap out of it…LMF…

                • reality check

                  not really, i was at a demo once and got speaking to someone… well, someone who just wouldn’t stop talking … and they openly admitted that they “bought into the Thatcher shite”… “bought their council house”… “and look where I am living now, in a tent”…. on and on………………..

                • overburdenddonkey

                  but as you say they bought into what they were sold by an established presence that was selling an ideology for profit, as if it was win win…if our movement is of ‘let he has no sin cast the first stone’ it will never gain traction for change, as it plays into created guilt, as if, one is culpable and clearly one is not…that a gradual erosion has taken place over many years one can see by looking back the beginning and where we are now the present or the end of the present,and comparing then and now (the beginning of the future ie anytime after now) the equally important bit is that which is in between…the cobweb that people get caught up in…one has to see what one is a victim of, before one can healthily remedy wrong doings caused by others…who told the lie, who profited from it and who were mugged by it…’saying you only have yourself to blame’, is the basis of behaviourism guilt syndrome and remedies nothing…’how the fuck did i end up here’ is always the right question to ask…and was the question that you were being asked, they were looking for answers…and what were you demonstrating about, you obviously felt an injustice towards that/those issues, and weren’t blaming self, and they were standing united with you against what ever it was ….the system works profits gets nourished by conning others to buy into it….get to the root causes, then things will/can change…blaming victims never causes unity…and you claim in your moan about them, that it’s their fault they wouldn’t stop talking, move away from them if you’re not interested in listening to what they’ve got to say…..why didn’t you tell them you’re not interested in what they have to say…?

  54. And the cunts at that shithole Urban75 you go to can fuck off and die as well.

    We don’t need bullies and trolls in the campaign to fight austerity. Fucking scum like that who smear and misrepresent people just so they can enjoy their cunts echo chamber can fuck off and die.

  55. overburdenddonkey,

    do not get your comment, so there are no perpetrators only victims, a state of victimhood that neither perpetrator or victim can escape from, both locked into the crime.

  56. Another Fine Mess

    Where’s JV, surely he should be released by now. 🙂

    • @AFM
      A firm founded by a right-wing New Labour first woman together with a US Republican and financed by leading Tories, and headquarted in the Cayman Islands,,,,,,,,you couldn’t make it up.

  57. Poverty Pay is a Crime against Social Justice and Human Decency
    and it should be Tried as a Crime against Humanity .

    Slavery is Oppression so Down with Slavery .

  58. Attacks on Welfare are Support For Slavery and Oppression

    It is Not the Poor who are the Scroungers it is the Selfish Rich who
    are the Hoarders of Wealth

  59. In work benefits created the “shirkers and strivers” division within the working class, with in-work benefits recipients self-identifying as a aspirational class above unemployed benefits recipients.

  60. Doubt Gideon&George will have the political guts to strike down in-work benefits as a tool of working class division they maybe too much of an asset to lose.

  61. Pingback: Priti Patel Hands Award To Poverty Pay Employer...

  62. We all know that Amazon doesn’t pay any tax in the UK, so why are they being nosey at me each time I come on here and rant against the government?

    This is what ghostery has to say about those tax evaders using trackers on this JV blog forum –

  63. It is British Interests to Have a Socialist Revolution with Redistribution
    of Wealth from Rich to Poor and Get the Tories Out Sooner Rather
    than Later

    It is a Question of Decent Government and Human Right Verses
    Slavery and Tyranny

  64. That is True

    Ivory Tower Politicians in Westminster Live in a Tiny Selfish Little
    World of their Own

    Down with their Divide and Rule Tactics and Shame on Scum who
    Collaborate by going Along like Braindead Sheep with these Tactics

    They Need to have a Brain and a Conscience

    Johannes | June 18, 2015 at 1:06 am | Reply

    I have been in the Job Centre a few times when the staff cannot access Universal Jobmatch a useless system. They politicians do not really want us all working, what they want is the unemployed, sick and disabled to stop claiming. They live in their isolated bubble where they detest the majority of the public and attempt to drive a wedge between people. I am surprised there has not been a social explosion to date.

  65. Indeed this has to be Opposed

    It is a Outrage against Human Dignity Something the Nazis would
    of Done

    Stepping Razor Sound Plate System | June 20, 2015 at 2:26 pm | Reply

    Protesters to march on jobcentre over mental health therapy links

    DNS – 19th June 2015

    Disabled activists are to hold a protest about a new government scheme that will see mental health therapists installed in a south London jobcentre.

    Members of the Mental Health Resistance Network (MHRN) are also furious that a new “Living Well Hub”, providing access to Lambeth’s community mental health services, is set to open on a separate floor of the building where the jobcentre is based.

    The network, and supporters – including members of Psychologists Against Austerity and the Alliance for Counselling and Psychotherapy – will march on Streatham jobcentre in south London on Friday (26 June) to highlight what they see as government attempts to “re-educate” people with mental health distress.

    The protest comes after the journal Medical Humanities – co-owned by the British Medical Journal – published an article criticising the view that being unemployed was “evidence of both personal failure and psychological deficit”.

    The article suggests that countries implementing major welfare reforms – such as the UK – are increasingly attempting to force “complete and intimate behaviour change” on unemployed benefit claimants through “coercive and punitive” methods.

    One government intervention is a project – announced in March’s budget – that will “co-locate” therapists from the NHS’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme in more than 350 jobcentres, providing “integrated employment and mental health support to claimants with common mental health conditions”.

    The first jobcentre to host these IAPT therapists is in Crown House, Station Approach, Streatham, the same building as the new Lambeth Living Well Hub (LLWH).

    Read More:

    • overburdenddonkey

      sadly like many you condemn behaviourism, yet @ the same time advocate it….depression is caused by OPPRESSION…

  66. The 23rd of June 2015 AD Mark’s the 75th Anniversary of Nazi Tyrant Adolf Hitler Surveying Paris in 1940 AD.

    France was Divided between Collaborators the Vichy Crowd and the French Resistance.

    In a Way Oppressed Britain is Divided between Collaborators with the
    Tory Regime and Decent People who Believe in Social Justice

  67. Another Fine Mess

    “A Tory MP says there is no link between benefit sanctions and rising foodbank use.

    Employment minister Priti Patel said there was no evidence showing that stopping a person’s benefits led to them seeking emergency supplies from a foodbank.

    During the same debate a fellow Tory MP also contradicted Patel’s claim.

    Andrew Percy, who represents Brigg and Goole on Humberside, said his constituents were being forced to foodbanks because of the way sanctions were being administered.”

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