How The Benefit Lies Begin: Claimants Offered Cash And Fame To Say They Don’t Want Jobs

ally-einsteinThe above pic comes from the facebook page of Alley Einstein, the so-called journalist behind yesterday’s appalling Sunday Mirror attack on an elderly woman’s wedding.

It is hard to imagine anything more vile than finding people in poverty and bribing them say they don’t want a job just so you can smear them as a scounger in the media.  But that’s exactly what some freelance journalists are up to.  Do not fucking talk to them.  And do not talk to Alley Epstein.  The money will run out and it will fuck up your claim.


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203 responses to “How The Benefit Lies Begin: Claimants Offered Cash And Fame To Say They Don’t Want Jobs

  1. Please stop calling her ‘elderly’ – she was only 61.At one year older that makes me ancient.
    Pat x

    • Sorry Pat, I know (I’m just being a bit Daily Mail myself)

    • Ditto Pat.

      As for this story I would expect some people to fall for her spiel.

      It reminds me of when ‘Nick and Margaret” came to Ipswich (2013) to do a show about unemployment.

      ‘Nick’s Gofer had contacted us on Ipswich Unemployed Action asking help to get people on this show.

      I put them off, but he got my phone number.

      One day suddenly….

      Nick, “I’m just about to arrive in Ipswich”.

      “I’m busy etc….”

      In fact I’d never heard of Nick or Countdown but I gathered that I was meant to be impressed by hearing the great man phone me in person.

      They got no cooperation from us lot: nor should – I hope – anybody cooperate with this individual.

    • she may have been only 61. but she looked even older. Maybe due to her JCP hassling her. I know that my JCP seems to age me older than I look.

      • Fen Tiger, I too though, that she looked older than her ‘youngish’ age.
        Maybe to much time in the sun enjoying herself (joke). A little bit like me today. Glass of cold wine in one hand and sun cream in the other (not joke) What more can an unemployed jobseeker do when there are NO FUCKING JOBS and ‘the sun is shinning and the weather is sweet’ ?
        I hear a song coming on!!! Come on Stepping , help me out!!!

  2. Most of the stories are over inflated lies. Like a story last year, a pair of “scroungers spending thousands upon thousands of tax payer funded benefit money on christmas”, featured in the Sun and the Daily Mail. Turned out they were lied to by the journalist who said they were running a story about about having a good Christmas on a tight budget. But it’s okay the press can lie with freedom, they can afford their expensive lawyers and if they really have to make a correction, all they need to do is write a teeny tiny barely a paragraph on a page no one reads like 3 years later after the frothbait was published.

  3. Beneath contempt lower than vermin
    They should go after VIP and MP expense fiddlers and corporation parasites like atos maximus and g4s a4e

  4. So she’s a journalist who can’t spell believe … tut tut!

  5. a network error occurred

    Yes, I am far too pretty to dig holes, mix compo & shovel shit LOL 🙂 if only! I can’teven dig holes & mix compo anymore as too old & got no CSCS card. That just leaves shovelling shit, but there’s not much call for it anymore…

    • You need a confined spaces card and a hazardous materials card and a copy of the risk assessment before you can shovel shit.
      This ensures several high paid jobs for wankers who cant even shovel shit come out of the price for shoveling shit,so dont feel bad about the job.You are keeping several useless little wankers in gap year beer money whilst your own kids starve.

  6. Too Pretty For The Auld Pancrack

    Will ya giz a job?

  7. people might even pretend to be on benefits so they can get some cash in this way. the Tories haven’t stopped fraud, they have encouraged it and new types of fraud too, by people who are private companies claiming they have helped people into work and making up claimants. That’s another good example, meanwhile innocent vulnerable people get punished by the way of starvation and this is the DWP’s idea of fairness.

    • Seetec are such private companies fiddling and defrauding the country, pretending to help people back into work, but on a managed ‘self-employment’ basis. When I was vegetating in seetec earlier this year they claimed a high success rate of back -to-work employment figures but only on the ‘self-employment’ side at 35%. All other career sectors (with re-employment targets per month) shown on the display board in reception were hardly winners for them with very low percentage rates.

      • I know I am in doubt of all the dirty tricks they use. and referring to an later post on this thread, you should have good hours and at least a living wage, it is only respectful, and employers don’t respect their works any more.

      • Fen, I remember my first experience with Seetec. Or was it the second,? I am pretty sure that they changed their name at some point. Something to do with BREAKING THE FUCKING LAW. Anyway, in the middle of the UK’s second City, I was thrown into, what can only be described as a holding unit for asylum seekers. The ‘escape route’ was on top of one of the highest buildings in the city. They ‘logged’ you into the building with fearsome security guards, kept you waiting for ages and then set you a test to see if you could ‘understand’ English. I won’t bog you down with the details (JOKE) but I had a nervous breakdown. It did not last long, although, just enough for the JCP to realise, that some job seeker’s are, quite gentle souls, alas, alas.

    • Whistle Down the Wind

      This happens all the time. We hoover it all up and then discover that the ‘happy couple’ are in actually actors. There was an infomercial, and ad disguised as an article in the Daily Heil for some ‘millionaire’ ‘dating site’. They ran a story of a ‘couple’ who had supposedly met on the site. The girl regaled us with stories of how this gentlemen wined, dined her, bought her all sorts of expensive gifts. Anyway, someone did a little digging – turned out she was an actress/model, and he was manager of a PR firm. The real twist in the tale was that the guy was gay 😀 Anything, ANYTHING you read in a ‘newspaper’ is totally, twisted, distorted, made-up bullshit. There will be person(s) who are party to this or somehow know the truth about this somewhere screaming “This is complete bullshit… their voices going unheard. Media is total fucking horseshit. Period.

  8. Too Pretty For The Auld Pancrack

    Do you know anyone who is avoiding getting a real job because they want to be a Journalist? Contact Alley Epstein…

  9. Pedantic Toilet Cleaner

    Epstein ?

  10. Well done Johnny for exposing the underhand tactics which this vile woman uses to try to create a “news story” which will earn her good money.

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  12. At least confirms the government has organised all its media chums and TV channels, much the same nowadays! They are conning gullible, vulnerable as well as the victims of orchestrated lies against claimants. I know we knew it has been the case since 2010 but the fact this ‘journalist’ is visible on Facebook reveals how it is being managed and directed. Yesterday’s mirror was disgusting journalism and from what is supposedly left of centre chip paper. Clearly the owners are in total control!

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    This is the disgusting kind of bile merchants that is creating this “feckless scrounger” narrative that the Tories use to justify their attacks on the poor. Shame if she gets flooded with emails…..

  14. Glad you mentioned the Sunday mirror article, it was on a two page spread inferring the elderly couple had no right to have a family ceremony while they claimed benefits… Over the page was another two page article which depicted the greatest parasites this country has ever endured celebrating the Queen’s 89th birthday as Britain’s biggest scrounger… I threw the paper in the bin… Then had to retrieve it as I was in the supermarket…

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    This is the disgusting kind of bile merchants of Media love creating. It’s this “feckless scrounger” narrative that the Tories use to justify their attacks on the poor and those in need of social security. It would be such a Shame if she gets flooded with emails…

  16. If she really is looking for ‘Ladies ‘ that don’t want to work in a supermarket etc then she could try Kate Middleton who does not even look after the two tax payer funded children and has more spare bedrooms than a M.P all on Benefits!
    Look forward to the programe!

    • I get the impression that with her looking for ‘ladies’ it could be construed as ‘ladies of the night’ for a new brothel she is opening.

    • The Royle Family

      As me old gran (rip) used to say: “The Royal Family are nowt but gold-plated scroungers”. Interesting factoid: Buckingham Palace is the largest council house in Britain 🙂 And what was that with Her Maj claiming winter fuel allowance lol

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    I thought nobody could sink any lower than Ch 4 or 5 benefits street produces. This type of psychological social media is a low point. What type of nation afe we becoming when the poor and less fortunate are used a visual tool to make profit. Shame on them

  18. Exploitation. This will prompt more ‘these youngsters who think zero hours contracts and workfare are beneath them’ stories.

  19. dirt under their feet

    It’s time to turn the tables and instead give the maximum publicity to the vile trade of this person, and those like her. Want an exmaple of real low life – here it is.

    Persons whose purpose is to discredit the poor and twist the truth in every kind of way, and in so doing distract from the much worse and greater scrounging from the public purse of the financiers and corporations and rentiers and privateers and poverty pimps.

  20. Mum-of-one Alley Einstein obviously views divorce as more appealing than marriage – its just that the marriage of “scroungers” sells more papers.

  21. “Mum-of-one Alley Einstein, who has been married twice, disagreed with .. and voiced her opinion on the topic.
    She said: “My parents should have got divorced and they never did, I always blamed myself.
    “You’re teaching the children the wrong concept of a marriage, the wrong concept of love, why stay together?
    “We can’t live a lie anymore. You can’t tell your children … mummy and daddy are staying together because of you.”
    She was challenged about married couples bailing out too early and she insists she never did this.
    Alley said: “I’ve been divorced twice, I was in it for 10 years once, 13 years the other. I got out because my daughter needed to see her mummy and daddy happy.
    “If you guide them through the divorce, it gives them strength. I think what Kate means is it gives them the ability to understand – they too can struggle with this and come out of it stronger. Children need to be given a sense of struggle.”

    Who is Alley Einstein?
    * At 35 years old have have been a working journalist for 16 years having started my career covering cattle and sheep sales as a rural TV reporter and weather girl down under.

    Hang on, that means when she first got married she was a maximum of 12 years old! No wonder she doesn’t approve of older brides!

    • Reading her ‘cv’ and she has been asking Drunken Shite to write it for her. And we all know already that his own CV is full of cobblers.

    • Fellow, Not ANOTHER weather girl? (grind your teeth down McVey).

      • I don’t think Ferster McVile has got any teeth any more after she lost her job. Too much tooth grinding whilst ranting against the great un-washed jobless people made them fall out of her mouth.

  22. robert dellar

    So sad.

  23. I wonder if this breaks any of the press regulations here. It is quite unacceptable. And we are left wondering just what this evil bism said to the older couple who got married and the story put onto the Sunday Mirror.
    She sounds very much a Kate Hopkins type of person. It so Hopkinsy style language.

  24. I see she’s a member of the NUJ, interesting,

    I wonder what they think of her behaviour.

    I think I’ll make finding out my project for today

  25. Just reported her to the NUJ, passing on the contact details she advertises publicly (including her NUJ number, email and phone number).

    This disgraceful piece of shit can explain herself to her peers.

  26. Looks like multiple breaches of the NUJ code of conduct

  27. On a more happy note, I was reliably told today during signing on at my local gestapo office that my so-called JCP advisor is leaving for a new job. Good riddance for some old crab who was absolutely no fecking help to me whatsoever apart from bunging me into the jaws of scammy seetec to help them feather their already deep pockets with even more money.

    Until my JCP stop farting about with me by playing musical chairs and actually do something proper for once (like maybe phone up the local employers in town and ask them if they have anything on offer for me, I may as well start a new Jarrow march through my town just in the vain hope I can get some frigging work for a chance.

    UJM is a massive fraud enticing cock-up. I’m beginning to suspect now that following that scam e-mail yesterday morning in my job application (only) e-mail address, the only way my business-like e-mail address (only ever given to employers) was somehow obtained or intercepted or even sold on at one application I made recently.

    How else did a scammer obtain that private e-mail address of mine when I have only even given it to employers? Fuck UJM, If I found out my e-mail was obtained without my knowledge and permission, I will be bringing a case against the fucktard Drunken Shite for personally allowing my private data be sold to the cheapest bidder in the hope I can be persuaded to empty my bank account to some African con artist. (£3000.000.000 in lottery winnings my arse).

    • Ah, the old 3 thousand million scam. Quality scammers have learnt to keep the prize down to tens of miilions. .

    • Fen, you need some fresh air. Come and join me in the garden for a pint of plonk (bring your own) and we can slag the BASTARDS of all day long.
      There are benefits to being unemployed you know!!.

      • I’d be quite happy to join your in your garden Bernadette 🙂

        There’s not much else to do other than to slag off the pillocks in my jobcentre or the fools ‘running’ this once proud country.

    • Fen Tiger – “my so-called JCP advisor is leaving for a new job.”
      Hope it falls through and she joins you in the “dole” q… 🙂
      Hope your new advisor is at least slightly better, although saying that reminds me of a review of Garfield: The Movie (2004): “It’s marginally better than The Cat in the Hat, though that’s like saying suffocation is mildly more amusing than drowning.”

      • Yes, I hope my new JCP advisor knows what they are doing in an otherwise depressing place.

        I don’t get anywhere with that bunch of dingbats as they are obsessed nowadays with their new signing pads and whether or not they recognise signatures or not. Mine today only scored 70% so I had to scribble for a second time before the system finally decided to give me 97% pass rate.

        Makes me wonder that the new signing system is a little too pedantic and fussy over how a signature is scribbled on the pad. I know it is supposed to help cut down fraud, but surely a margin of 27% between my first and second scribble is taking the arthur bliss a bit too far.

        • Fen Tiger – Remember, you are entitled to insist on pen and paper signing – they cannot legally force you to sign using the new pads – someone else probably has the link to the confirmation by DWP of that fact, if they could post it on here…
          The new system is a total waste of money, but hey, better than spending it on benefits for the claimants….

          • They no longer use the old pen and paper system at my JCP as it is one of the first to trial the new system before it launches across the country. I suppose I could wreck the digital pad by driving a screwdriver through the middle of it and really fuck up the software.

            • Fen Tiger – Nevertheless, that does not affect your right to continue to use pen and paper for signing. Just because THEY no longer use the old pen and paper system does not mean YOU have to.
              I have gone to a forum:

              I have found a link there to support you if you don’t want to be arrested for driving a screwdriver into one of the pads but you still want to make things difficult for the JCP and DWP. I know which one I’d chose 😉


              “…The legislation in place to support the use of Electronic Signing is part of wider legislative changes that allows the capture of signatures by electronic methods. This is contained within the Social Security (Electronic Communications) Order 2011 and can be accessed at

              Article 3(2) of this Order amends the Jobseekers Allowance Regulations to allow the capture of signatures electronically. It enables the Department to use alternative methods to pen and paper to capture signatures from Claimants wherever it is required in its business. It does not, however, make the use of electronic signatures compulsory as a condition of receiving benefit and was never intended to do so…”

            • I have found a link on a forum to support you if you don’t want to be arrested for driving a screwdriver into one of the pads but you still want to make things difficult for the JCP and DWP. I know which one I’d chose 😉


              “…The legislation in place to support the use of Electronic Signing is part of wider legislative changes that allows the capture of signatures by electronic methods. This is contained within the Social Security (Electronic Communications) Order 2011 and can be accessed at

              Article 3(2) of this Order amends the Jobseekers Allowance Regulations to allow the capture of signatures electronically. It enables the Department to use alternative methods to pen and paper to capture signatures from Claimants wherever it is required in its business. It does not, however, make the use of electronic signatures compulsory as a condition of receiving benefit and was never intended to do so…”

              • I’ll mention it in passing at my next visit to my gestapo office and see what claptrap gets spouted to me.

              • I sign on an electronic pad every time I take a delivery. It’s just normal now. What’s the problem? Why would anybody get upset about it and want to destroy the pad?

                • You have never had the misfortune to have to claim benefits. You probably have an idealize view that jobcentre is there to help you into work. This is wrong the job centre’s role is to make you so miserable you will leave weather you have a job, a lot of people on the dole have children leaving it is not an option, people trying their hardest to get jobs, doing all they can some people get nothing, some people dream of menial jobs, but you can’t take jobs that don’t pay anyway, don’t pay enough to even feed one person never mind your children or all the other things you need. You are lucky to be able to find so many jobs, you are lucky that employers like you and you are lucky you are so adaptable, because many people aren’t capable. But all this is futile anyway in the end there is enough paid work for everyone in this country, and employers favour migrants because they will work for anything, and because some employers even make slaves out of them, paying them so little it is impossible to make a living. so when you are stuck in a system that does this, most people won’t hurt another human, but when an object is assessable to you, that represents the systems, you will start to feel hatred against it. You think you have a hard life? You haven’t seen anything.

                • Elbow Grease

                  I was asking Fen Tiger and JCP Sufferer why they have a problem with using an electronic pad.

  28. *Watching the first episode of the CH4 sci-fi drama ‘Humans’ on sunday, and was expecting Idiotic Smite to appear as one of the robots…

  29. Schiklegruber

    Just shows you what a bunch of imbeciles Mirror readers are (and any other fictional daily comic,come to that)

  30. Licence fee my arse
    Dont watch the goggle box, its for Morons.

    • Is that where you told the Licence fee collectors to go put their demands for you to pay their telly tax?

      • @Fen
        It’s very easy to deal with TV Licensing (aka Capita Business Services):
        a.) Never, ever, communicate with TV Licensing, bin their monthly threat-o-grams unopened – that’s another 50p wasted on postage by Capita.
        b.) Should a TV Licensing goon knock on your door, say nowt, don’t even identify yourself.
        c.) Shut the door in their face. That’s it.
        I haven’t paid for a TV Licence for over eight years – ditched the moron box. However you can watch catch-up TV via the interweb – no licence needed. TV Licensing has long realised that banging on my door is pointless.

  31. And they think I dont notice the Lag

    Oh, how I enjoy my posts going missing now I am receiving benefits!

  32. ive had terminal cancer 15 times and i never missed a days work theres no excuse for sponging.

    • U R taking the piss right?

    • No jobs where I am, unless what little sh*te jobs (not paying the minimum wage) the local agencies around here try to flog all in the name of helping us un-employed.

    • hear, hear! I have been in a coma for the past 25 years and have never missed a days work either. spongers should be make to work or starve.

      • If you work for nothing as the bosses want you too, you will starve anyway.
        If you pay the worker, give him regular hours and enough, they’ll work for you. When employers advertise paid work instead of voluntary, and when there is enough work for everyone, you will truly see how many spongers there really are, people want to work, but they won’t be used.

        • The work programme scum, otherwise known as Seetec are more than happy for their customers to work up to 35 hours a week for basic JSA, or even for nothing if sanctioned. And still be forced to do supervised jobsearch in their depressing buildings on top of that. All these places that provide workfare for Seetec just exploit people in return for cash rewards up to £100 per week.

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  34. This journalist is scum. Exploiting the poor to frame people as scroungers. Cunt

  35. Apparently, and according to the website – dated July 2014 – (and even if this story is still relevant now) Alley Einstein was at the time outed on ITV’s This Morning programme as a member of the ‘hairy legs club’ – whatever that is all about…

    Thousands of women are joining what is being called the ‘Hairy Legs Club Movement’, shunning waxing and shaving to go more au natural.

    The idea behind the movement is to allow women the choice not to conform to social expectations of beauty, with the “Hairy Legs Club” blog on tumblr inviting women to post their images.

    But would you dare to keep the hair? Journalist Alley Einstein is one woman who has, and she joined This Morning today to explain why.

    “For three years I’ve not shaved my legs. I’m very proud of it,” Alley said.

    I just don’t have the time I’m a working mum, I don’t have the time to do this. And it has saved me over £500 in waxing.”

    “I think there could be some blokes who may like it and some may not. But at the same time blokes need to shave or not shave depending on what their partner likes.”

    But today’s This Morning hosts Marvin and Rochelle Humes weren’t convinced.

    Rochelle said: “I really respect it and I’m so much each to their own and if you don’t want to don’t, but for me I just can’t. Even a little bristle, I can’t.”

    “She’s definitely had leg stubble a couple of times, but I’m not sure I could have my partner having hairier legs than me,” Marvin joked.

    Check out the video above to hear more from Alley about the Hairy Leg Club.

  36. Boycott ” Newspapers ” which Victimize the Poor and Vulnerable

  37. The mentality is getting sicker and sicker this outfit was shamed into removing this sticker for sale “Not Really, Just Lazy” using a disabled person
    sign for a car bumper.

  38. LOL 🙂

    Alley Einstein is up the alley without a paddle –

  39. Contrary to popular belief, the 1981 UK chart song ‘Einstein a go go’ by Landscape is not about Alley Einstein, other to what people have been saying…

    • Landscape – Einstein A Go Go

      • It’s a bit too much of a coincidence that the energy released released by the fission (splitting up of an atom) just to happens to equal the mass of the atom times the speed of light!! Kind of like how the sun just so happens to be exactly 40 times more the distance from Earth that the Moon is from Earth so that the Moon will block out the Sun during an eclipse.

      • ** mass of the atom times the speed of light [squared] which is even more of a coincidence!!

  40. More bad news from the gurning slaphead IDS –

    If they sack the baldy buffoon and shut down all the JCPs by replacing them with proper privatised jobcentres tasked with advertising jobs and real help, then maybe money will be saved.

  41. DWP have published what they believe to be the Jobseekers allowance accounts payment methods for May 2014.

    Meanwhile, in the real world we are more bothered about where the next meal comes from or if we get evicted for non payment of rent, etc.

    • Say NO to fucking jobcentres

      We don’t need any fucking ‘jobcentres’ – pubic or private. JSA could easily be paid a la the pension. With the resultant saving in staff and infrastructure you you could not only double the dole, but treble, quadruple it. It’s a no-brainer – you don’t see any Pension Centre Plus, do you?

      • No need for ‘jobcentres’ doubt anyone could make a case for keeping them open other than as a work programme for work coaches which are more or less unemployable in the private sector.

        • People who work in jobcentres are often lacking something worthwhile in their otherwise petty little lives. ”I know… I will get a job working front desk in a job centre and fuck up other people’s lives for a laugh; and hey, maybe I will get a bonus or a gold star from my JCP line manager for being a little Hitler.”

          Or it could be that they can’t get a job anywhere else after many failed application attempts and go into civil service duties. After all, it’s easy to fabricate a CV nowadays by getting fake qualifications from an online college based in India.

          For further details on how to lie and cheat you way through life and to produce a winning fake CV, contact the Chingford MP Idiotic Drunken Sh*te for further details. His address and telephone number can be found in the back pages of any porno mag.

  42. This article is genuinely pornographic.

  43. Whilst I was looking at that nonsense spouted on their website, I told them what I thought of them at the bottom of the page where it says ‘help us improve’

    I simply mentioned that their website was broken. How more truthful can I get?

  44. how did that woman get work? as well as being an arsehole, she’s barely literate ffs!. what on earth makes her think she has more value than the people she is vilifying? is it because some idiot editor is validating her nasty self with wads of cash?

  45. I clean houses for a living. It’s a worthwhile job and I take pride in doing it very well. People who are claiming benefits because they don’t want to do a supposedly menial job like mine definitely should be exposed.

    • Why are you cleaning other people’s houses? Are these house owners too lazy and bone idle or perhaps woe betide too upper class twits to even clean their own houses?

      ”What shall I do today jeeves, clean my house myself or get some lower class menial servant to do it whilst I go play polo or go fox hunting or maybe even visit my dear friend the queen for cucumber sandwiches and a pot of earl grey tea?

      • I clean houses because it enables me to pay my bills and put food on the table. Isn’t that the reason most people work? I don’t know what you’re trying to say.

        • The cleaning jobs I see often advertised around my local area are always less than 10 hours a week…

          • Most workers in this industry work several jobs. It’s just the nature of the business that most jobs are small. Mine are mostly in the tourism sector. I still don’t know what you’re trying to say.

            • Service Master


              Job description

              Cleaner required Permanent position working for a reputable cleaning company, working as part of a team where training will given, duties to include the requirement of vacuuming and mopping floors, wiping down surfaces, cleaning appliances and toilets etc. Pay Rate: £6.52 per hour 2 ½ hrs Tues & Fri evenings Email CV/application to: or call 07788 313992

              * Seen this advertised on the joke UJM website this morning; and the JCP will call state that this is a career, not just a job.

              • Tried clicking on the advertised e-mail link given for that cleaning job and my computer says it opens outside of IE11s protected mode. Go figure. Not a good start for that cleaning company by using an un-trusted e-mail address.

              • Yes, most jobs are small, which is what I just said. I still don’t know what point you’re trying to make.

                • I went for cleaning jobs even with small hours and the minimum wage. Nothing. I went for a job cleaning the guts of animals, that isn’t only just menial, it is truly terrible, the smell, you will never smell anything so awful. I was enthusiastic when they showed me round, I said I wanted to do it. I heard nothing. Yes I am picky with my jobs I have to be because I am deaf and I am simply unable to do some jobs. In the job center there is hardly anything there because physically I am weak, not too weak to do anything at all but weak enough that employers rejected me, I have asked if there is any extra help that will enabled me to do jobs, I begged the jobcentre, but they wouldn’t budge, offered me to learn how to write a CV yet again. I left he jobcentre and went to live back with my parents, I have £20 a week to live on and now I am trying to write books, because slim chance of making any thing as it is, its all I have. I look after my elderly parents, There are many people like me and there are many sick and disabled people who can’t do anything even though they dream of doing the most menial jobs. And there are frauds and people who are lazy, but there aren’t as the extreme number of people the jobcentre would have you believe, most people claim benefits because they don’t have a choice and unless I can pull a rabbit out of an hat soon, there will be nothing but the street after my parents die.

                • Elbow Grease

                  Maria – If you have a physical disability which means you don’t have the strength to carry a hoover up the stairs (or other necessary tasks for a cleaner), then obviously you can’t do that job. If you are a full time carer for two disabled parents and you are also too disabled to work yourself, then why are you only on £20 a week? Who’s giving that to you?

                • I do have the strength to carry a hoover up stairs, I am capable of cleaning to a point, but when I turn up to a interview and look like a little weed, and before you say anything about exercising and building my muscles up, I tried other get stronger, I don’t I become weaker and have to have rest. But even so I have gone for those jobs, pretended I could do them, nobody wants to know, When there is someone else who looks like the can do the job. I have no chance I tried for eight years, those few that took me on got rid of me in no time. No there is no place in society for me, society won’t let me be a part of it, not the other way round. I given up because I have more chance of winning the lotto jackpot that even being a part of life. That just my circumstances and you will find there are millions of people like me. It just should not be that way.

                • Because some people aren’t lucky enough to be able to live by going self-employed as a cleaner. Some people also have physical or psychological issues preventing them from working. You fortunately don’t have those barriers but others do. That’s the point people are making.

                • Elbow Grease

                  Maria, Trev – It’s not luck, it’s hard work… and perhaps the hardest work is keeping a positive attitude every day instead of giving up. Of course some people have physical or mental health problems. That’s why the Labour party fought to bring us the NHS and welfare for people who can’t work. Which brings me back to my question Maria – Why are you only getting £20 per week? Nobody can live on that.

                • why I am expected to live off £20 a week? that is question I want answering. There is nothing except able to visit my GP and emergency health care I am entitled to nothing else and by the way tings are going won’t even be entitled to £20 a week, in the future. I tried to stick the dole when it changed but it was mental torture I live off my parents pension and I’m not proud it only a state pension. But it would hurt them more if I didn’t accept it, so I accept it. I would like to find a job but I need help to do so and the help I need is too expensive. And I do work hard I work hard everyday, you think writing is something so easy, it is physically and mentally draining, you put a lot of working into it and get such a little return out of it. But I know I can do it because people have said my writing is good, very good. I work very hard to find a job, but the gains are so little I made little more than I did writing. Instead of negative feed back I got trying to ordinary jobs, and felt worthlessness. I found appreciation in writing. But that guff about if you work hard you will get rewarded, isn’t true, some people work hard, like me and get nothing.

                • Elbow Grease

                  Maria – Nobody can possibly expect anybody to live on £20 per week! The question is why are you only getting £20? It sounds like you urgently need some advice about your situation. Is there a Citizens Advice Bureau near you? Take a look at

                • I’ve tried the CAB, the Doctors, they sent me to four different pyhcastrists all of which who said I had a normal way of thinking, sent me for CBT, but it won’t help me. you don’t need to tell me my situation is dire, I know it is, but because I can’t do anything about, because everything I tried has failed, I have just had to accept it. You think there is help, no there isn’t, not any more they took it all away. You think vulnerable people get helped? You think help goes to those that need it? it doesn’t. The government has made it, so I would like a burden on society and others too, this is the point I want to make for you, this is the cold reality of this system. That all I wanted out of this conversation, for you to see what it really is like instead of all that rubbish printed in the papers.

                • Elbow Grease

                  Your carer’s allowance alone should be £62 a week. You really should go back to the CAB and they will tell you more about how to claim it.

                • I would but I don’t quite meet the time frame for carers allowance, I do a lot but its not enough to get and though my mum and dad need assiance in some things it doesn’t resister. the present isn’t really a problem, its the future I want to sort out. I don’t really want benefits I want a job. I want to go to the dole and they will do all they can to help get into work, but all they do these days is waste your time, make you do pointless activities all day. are willing to sanction you and humiliate you for tiny unreasonable things in which an employer would be more forgiving of. I spent years doing the same things over and over and you know may be I had better chance if I never bothered with them in the first place. I threw away bin bags full of rejection slips and letters, I could have papered the whole house with them, quite literary and no exaggeration. I got tired of wasting my time and energy fruitlessly. The whole reason why I don’t sign on is not because I don’t want to work, but because I do. It’s ground me down and I’ve been turned away that often by everyone I’ve asked for help, I’m getting so weary of it. I don’t want to raise my hopes again, and then be let down again. I can’t stand the stress of it anymore.

                • Elbow Grease

                  If you and your parents are just about managing on their state pension while you’re getting your writing career up and running, then all credit to you for not claiming benefits, and to them for supporting you. There are other people on this site who are not so principled!

                  Good luck in the future. Are you writing a novel?

                • Yes I am, if I were on benefits I and they helped I’d be ok now, I only left them because they would not help me and seemed futile to be on there. And for the intense psychological pain they caused me. And the fact that they made me more unemployable than I started off with. I would not judge the others, you don’t know their circumstances and neither do I. And until you have walked in their shoes, you will never know. I am writing a novel, it is fictional fantasy but exploring real peoples lives and hardships and of course social injustices. I’ve been writing a long time and my dream was to find a job to fund writing in my spare time and when I finish this novel, I’ve been dabbling in learning to write music, being ambitious , in classical music.

            • This comment came via Conservative Party HQ, somewhere in London..

    • Do not get your point why is this an issue for you if you take pride in your work they why concern yourself with other people, subtle comment but what you are really advocating is work place coercion.

      Even kings and emperors have the work place “choice” to abdicate.

      • Because this is a democracy and I’m a voter and a proud union member.

        • A member of the hard working families collective though so, really would not brag about being a union member about as self-serving as the political class.

          • If you think the trade unions and Labour party have done nothing to help the poor of this country then you are a fool. Maybe you would like to go back to the days before the NHS and welfare state.

            • Labour was very good in the past, but I do not like what it is becoming. It seems to me that they are becoming more and more like the Tories. No one here wants the NHS or the welfare state to go, but if things carry on much longer like they are, they will be gone completely as there isn’t much of it left anymore.

              • Maria, just a thought; if you care for your parents for 20 or so hours per week you can claim carers credit. This contributes to your old age pension so that there are no gaps. I claim it and although I get no monies, every little helps.

            • The British NHS and welfare state are liberal in origin.

              • You could also argue that the origins of the Labour party are liberal, but that would just be pedantic. The NHS and welfare state are directly attributable to the trade unions and Labour Party.

                Anyway, I’m glad that you don’t disagree about the huge amount the trade unions and Labour party have done to help the poor of this country over many decades.

                Maria – I agree with you about New Labour. In England there is no longer a democratic socialist party, but perhaps Jeremy Corbyn is a faint hope?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  elbow..rubbish..they were directly attributable to men and woman who saw…seers…of human need, over greed…
                  the economic structures that once supported socialism and organised labour have been closed down and/or sold off, to line the pockets of neoliberals….and they’re almost gone….leaving millions in poverty…they’ve sold off our jobs…
                  millions disenfranchised with nothing too vote for, democracy is therefore killed… we need once again that same vision but, one that accepts that there are now no fucking jobs for the a large number of people…we all need an income that will provide reliable supplies of vitality giving vitals of life…or were done for, that means a decent income….hunter gatherers cannot hunt nor gather without a decent larder full of energy/vitals FIRST…
                  living hand to mouth is hopeless… the state teases, goads, and torments, people…just like you and ie the WCA…’just make every effort’ as if one has not and hadn’t thought to do that….!!
         the destruction of, which is clearly and unambiguously supported by labour, those who clearly have no empathy, nor compassion…
                  that want one to explain one’s whole life’s circumstances, as if, those circumstances are odd and unusual….then say it’s all very easy just do this that or the other, as if, one hasn’t already tried…
                  just to cause frustration, isolation and get a reaction and gain power over the other, you preach behaviourism and that doesn’t make you an athiest…’Of course they are. Step 1 in silencing someone is to “other” them. Marginalise, isolate, provoke, react….’ from rev stu campbell on twitter…coz that’s exactly what they do…like i’ve said to you before smith delivers nothing for scotland….

                • Jobcentre IAPT Therapist

                  What’s wrong with you? Everyone else is happy shovelling shit for jack-shit 😀

                • Jobcentre IAPT Therapist

                  What’s wrong with YOU?

        • overburdenddonkey

          i’m one of those people who really enjoy’s cleaning, but not for the sake of it…nothing wrong with cleaning for a living as long as one is paid properly for it and one is not treated like a stray dog…i rather thought that you might also be a scientist, just a feeling i get from reading your direct and no messing posts…. ‘this is a democracy and I’m a voter and a proud union member….’ the only thing i can agree with there is ‘i’m a voter’…the rest imv is debatable, and nothing to be proud of, i actually was a t&g union rep, many yrs ago….but of course that is why you make such generic assertions to draw others into debating the smell of air…
 prof allyson pollock on the welfare state and profitisation of the nhs…

          • I don’t understand some of what you say. This is a democracy, but it’s up to the voters what they make of it. The same is true of trade union membership.

      • Another Fine Mess

        Mr. R.
        Elbow Grease wants these people competing for the very same job that they’re doing, probably getting work experience/trained on workfare……
        And then you know what happens next….

    • Another Fine Mess

      Elbow Grease:
      People who are claiming benefits because they don’t want to do a supposedly menial job like mine definitely should be exposed.

      How many £ billions of hard-working-taxpayers money do you think we should spend trying to expose these people then, about £25bn has be wasted so far, we could try another £25bn?

      Expose them as what, cave men? If everyone thought like that we really would still be living in caves and foraging. Luckily a few of the foragers were too lazy to go foraging all day, – so they built a farm instead.

      We can tell employers have big problems recruiting people to do jobs like cleaning, that’s why most of the cleaning jobs have to offer a high wage isn’t it.

      It’s not luck, it’s hard work…

      How about:
      Doctors, nurses, bricklayers, plumbers, pilots, teachers, policing, engineers.
      As well as doing the actual work, these jobs require years of study, rules and regulations, certificates, licences.
      If you think doing a few hours cleaning is hard work compared with a proper job, then you can’t be working very hard then.


    • Doesn’t say anything about a DBS certificate being required – that’s £44 for the enhanced check.

      • A dodgy website run for the Department of Wankers and Pricks will always be bound to carry paedophile friendly jobs. I also noticed no mention of DBS checks as part of the job application process.

  46. I see the drug store SAVERS is now getting in on the act. This was adverstized the other day…….
    Retail Apprenticeship
    £5,435 + level 2 qualification
    Full time 12 month contract
    This was for two of its store in Central Glasgow
    Not happy with this, as I like the local SAVERS store, but if this is what they want to get up to now, then forget it. I will go elsewhere.

  47. Ah! Just incredible the depths this once great set of countries has turned into. a place where conning the gullible into exploitative non jobs is seen as acceptable and where men are encouraged to be cleaners or Care Assistants as an example of a superb career. The kind of jobs that were usually considered only suitable for housewives or students with a couple of hours to spare.

    They won’t be happy until they’ve totally emasculated us guys and replaced us with a multiple choice robot or something.

    • overburdenddonkey

      being elderly, i remember these were pin money jobs and never considered as main income type jobs…now we scavenge for scraps…. done to impoverish the precarious classes… wages into the banks money used to ‘invest’ (ie offer more mortgages, millstones) and supermarkets etc etc equals a very flexible highly taxed, productive, work centred, focused, and diminishing labour force….

      • OBD: Well said and totally the truth. Yes those jobs were for housewives or students with a few hours to spare each week. What sickens me is that these types of jobs are now being touted to unemployed folks as good jobs and actually careers!! Young unemployed folks are going into JCP’s to be talked down to and patronized into thinking this is actually good.

        These are not ‘jobs’ in the conventional sense that we of an older generation see them.. They are hardly the kind of positions where a person could provide for themselves and family. Yet over and over i hear people being told “There’s a job as a cleaner! That’s a good one! Apply for that!”

        Is this the best we have to offer unemployed folks? This is another symptom of the wrecking of our industrial heritage. Back in the day i had loads of jobs that were in factories building things. It was semi skilled mostly but a bit of thought and effort went in to it. At the end of the day though you had a bit of pride that you’d actually done something at the end of a shift. There were tons of these jobs up and down the length and breadth of this country.

        Now the best they can offer unemployed folks is to be a friggin’ cleaner or a care assistant. And this is progress?

        • @ Raining I hear there is a vacancy for a paperboy/girl round your way. You may want to check it out 🙂

        • You never know, it could be the ideal career move, gets your foot on the first rung of the Publishing industry ladder. Big trees grow from small acorns 🙂

  48. In reply to Elbow Grease about the jCP now using digital signing pads. Until you have actually used one, you won’t know how difficult it is to get your JSA payments released by simply signing your autograph on it.

    The digital pad system recognises your initital first 6 signatures (after yo uhave been changed over from the previous pen and paper signing system) before it will even accept you onto the new system. Only then will it allow you to then sign the pad proper to release your payments.

    If your signature is not recognised, you have to keep re-signing the pad until it does know you are not somebody else pretending to be you or you are trying to defraud the software. My JCP no longer uses pen and paper signing as they phased it out when the new system came in.

    Then there is the question of you now being tracked by the pad software; not only at each time you attendance sign, but also if your JSA claim is currently valid and you do not have a current sanction applied against you.

    The new system is purely designed to keep tabs on the JSA customer 24/7 as is universal jobmatch, just purely to keep you toeing the line at whatever JCP rules are applied against you.

    My own computer has been beefed up with powerful anti-virus software and firefox browser add-ons to prevent me being tracked, hacked and scammed on the internet. The same cannot be said when i will now be tracked and watched not only by universal jobmatch but now with digital signing pads.

    I do my bit in trying to return to work, but with the bollocks from the JCP increasing each week, and no employer can be bothered to contact me, I am losing the will to live.

    • In reply to Elbow Grease (about whose identity I have my suspicions) about the use of the electronic pads, when they get them up in running in my Jobcentreminus I am going to refuse to use one as is my right (just as I still use a paper jobseeker’s diary), partly because one of the aims of it is to save the DWP money, none of which is to be passed onto the claimant. Another of the aims, as Fen Tiger points out, is to track the claimant to some extent, just as recording your jobsearch activity on UJM does. Another reason to use insist on using pen and paper to sign is that they are promoting the lie that the use of these electronic pads in signing is conditional to the receipt of JSA, when it is clearly not.

      • I certainly have my doubts about the new fangled system. Take yesterday (Tuesday) when at my local gestapo office. My first attempt to sign my life away came back with a 70% score. Yet when I altered the style of my signature very slightly, the second attempt hit 97% and subsequently allowed my money through.

        Shows the system is skewed with no leeway whatsoever when it comes to awarding my meagre money rations or not.

        • Yes, Fen Tiger, it seems to be yet another excuse to delay or deny payments, and that is why I think it is so important to stand our ground regarding our rights to sign using pen and paper. In fact, your example has made me very wary about my jcp doing the same as yours has, and just in case my Jobcentreminus have “abolished” the use of pen and paper for signing by the time of my next signing, I will print out the links and details etc which I have posted above, and take them with me every time I sign in future.

      • Another Fine Mess

        about whose identity I have my suspicions
        Me too.
        If you don’t want to use the pads just alter the speed and or pressure each time, they’ll soon get fed up, they have enough problems as it is!

        • afm – in fact, Elbow Grease seems to be so naturally curious I believe I detect the “Fresh Summer Meadow” scent of a newly-laundered labcoat….
          I never thought about altering the speed or pressure, but would that not make more problems for us than them?

          • overburdenddonkey

            we’re all gullible according to EG and alters, coz we believe our own experiences and judgement’s….which in turn means we must do as we’re told by others who know what’s best for us…how crazy is that, but that is what EG is implying, don’t trust oneself…ie there’s something wrong with you if you can’t see we live in a democracy, and everything is your own fault, for not getting it right….so a tory, for sure…

          • interesting, but psychological tricks will not work on me, we need a welfare state and when I do get a job or if I do make money I will always make the correct contribution to society. Because I believe in helping other people and from experience there will always be unemployed people in a country no matter what you do, no matter how willing you are to work and I don’t believe people should suffer for it. we are a society and unlike the empty words the Tories had, I really do believe that we should be in this together, without the poorest of society, which I am most certainly a part of, being segrated. I want a fair society and this is not it.

            • And you too, Maria. So, so cynical 😀

              • Not cynical, but that is the truth of the world we live in. I believe we should help each other instead of chasing worldly gains, that help no-one, not least of the person who chases them actually achieves nothing and has lost everything they had when they started.

  49. Both The United Kingdom and Greece Need to be Independent
    Sovereign Countries with Socialist Policies outside the EU

    Neo Liberialism is like Neo Nazism a Cancer of Evil upon

    Set Europe Free from Capitalist Slavery and Nazi Racist

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  52. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    I’m afraid I’ve been away from the usual blogs for too long, following my disgust at the Tory victory. I’m reblogging this for all of you who haven’t seen it, as it shows just how mendacious the media is in trying to smear all benefit claimants as idle scroungers.

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