The Biggest Attack On Wages Yet, Sectors With High Vacancies To Get Thousands Of Workfare Workers

Join the Day of Action Against B&M Stores on June 27th.

Join the Day of Action Against B&M Stores on June 27th.

The Government is claiming that up to 100,000 unpaid jobs are set to be created over the next year in a hand out to the corporate sector worth up to a billion pounds.  Astonishing some of these work experience positions will be targeted in areas which already have high numbers job vacancies making a mockery of the claim that these schemes are intended to reduce unemployment.

According to a recently updated document, produced to explain the various workfare schemes to the first victims of Universal Credit, the DWP are claiming that “An extra 100,000 work experience and sector-based work academy places have been made available between April 2015 and March 2016 for 18 to 24 year old jobseekers.” 

These are the corporate workfare schemes which have already seen almost half a million young people bullied into working for the pittance of benefits often for large national employers. This huge extension of the two schemes is being carried out at a time when unemployment is allegedly falling and this shows the real motivation for the extension of unpaid work.

In 2011 lying bastard Chris Grayling, then the Minister for Employment, launched Sector Based Work Academies, saying that they would be targeted at “sectors with high volumes of current local vacancies”.  You read that right.  Not areas of high unemployment, but the opposite, places where there are already lots of jobs.  Sector Based Work Academies can involve up to six weeks full time unpaid work and do not come with a guarantee of a job on completion.  So in sectors that are doing well, and that can afford to employ staff, the Government is encouraging employers to take on workers for free instead.  Workers that are funded by the tax payer and expected to survive on the pittance of benefits, just £57.90 a week for under 25s.

There has rarely been a more transparent measure to force down wages.  If greedy employers were expected to live by the same free-market principles inflicted on everyone else, then when demand for workers went up, they would have to provide better training and higher wages.  But the government are saying save your money, have a load of tax-payer funded free workers instead.  Britain’s biggest benefit scroungers are not the poor, but high street names like ASDA and Poundland.

Unpaid work for private companies is officially voluntary, and even illegal under minimum wage laws unless organised by the DWP.  But those who refuse corporate workfare face being sent on other mandatory forced work schemes for so-called community organisations.

It is unclear where these 100,000 new placements will come from, particularly as plans are being drawn up to force everyone under 21 into permanent workfare if they have been unemployed for over six months.  Many of the UK’s largest companies have withdrawn from unpaid work schemes completely after their carefully crafted corporate reputations disintegrated following protests from Boycott Workfare and others appalled at this grotesque exploitation of young workers.

Those protests are set to continue, with a day of action called against B&M Stores who in 2013 were even named workfare exploiter of the year by the vile welfare-to-work industry.  For more details visit (and share) Boycott Workfare’s website.

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240 responses to “The Biggest Attack On Wages Yet, Sectors With High Vacancies To Get Thousands Of Workfare Workers

  1. I am on CWP,referred back to the Prime for refusing to sign their Paperwork Issued with a Sanction doubt (dismissed),I have been reassigned to another Sub,a Charity,not a Scooby as to what they are doing,breaking the CWP Guidelines and oblivious to what is suppose to happen,I have lodged a complaint with the Prime,they dismissed it out of hand,I have escalated it and documented everything with the goal of going to ICE,a long and labour intensive haul,the thing that sticks out is that the Prime only tells the Subs what they want,not what the Claimant/Client are suppose to receive from the Contract,it occurs that they have been ramming false information down our throats for so long without being called on it that they believe that they can get away with this BS,it also seems that the DWP really doesn’t care..Just tick that box and keep those Sanctions coming!

    • It’s so damn hard claiming social security now with all the traps, respect to you for keeping up the fight, especially with the horrendous CWP. The trick with that scheme – it sounds like you know – is to state a willingness to participate but decline signing the paperwork at the initial provider engagement appointment. But saying that, I know, is far simpler than the reality of the situation.

      Good luck to you!

      For others:

      (see the docs underneath)

      • It just goes to show that information is key, and it’s thanks to sites like this, Boycott Workfare and Refuted that we can arm ourselves with the definitive knowledge we need to safely challenge the bollocks the DWP and their cohorts try and foist on us. I don’t know what is going to happen after August 1st and we no longer have a regularly updated Refuted, The information is of course readily available by searching, but I know of no other ‘go to’ site that has all the most reliable information there and ready to use, I totally understand though when it’s the work of one person, and huge thanks are due for all the work done on that site,

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    So there will be even less paid vacancies. ….when more employers realise they can get labour for free, maybe some of those “Working Class Tories” or the “Make ’em work for their benefits” brigade will be signing-on too.

  3. Ingeus are fucking SCUM!!

    Workfare-exploiters Ingeus are one of B&Ms biggest ‘customers’.

  4. Why don`t these Workfare companies pay a wage for the same work rather than paying nothing !!! It`s part of the scam. So why can`t I have a real job with wages !!! Trying their hardest to keep you from working. Working now means no money just everyone relying on top ups from the DWP. That is why the DWP admin cost is huge.

  5. Work Pays – big Corporations !!!

  6. What I meant to say was “I am misunderstood”. DC quotes from his bible.

  7. It should be illegal to do voluntary work unless it’s for a registered charity.

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  9. This is a self-defeating move by the corporates as unpaid staff make for bad customers. Employing unpaid staff for many of these companies, then, means destroying their own customer base. They appear blind to this, unable to see beyond their own greed, one imagines. Idiots. Let them have all the unpaid staff they want. The more staff they employ on that basis, the sooner they go out of business.

    • Not even necessarily their own business. You put in a hard weeks graft for jack-shit; the pittance you receive for your labour is barely just enough to cover the rent and put a stale crust on the table. All your expenditure goes on the bare essentials so you have nothing left over for discretionary expenditure, you know like some fucking enjoyment, pleasure, entertainment out of life… or is that not allowed. What ever happened to the economist’s theory – the (Maximum) Utility of Money whereby everyone receives the maximum utility (happiness/satisfaction) from the exchange of a unit of money.

      • Please be wary of buying in to the rhetoric of working for benefits. The money is an entitlement, a subsistence allowance, not payment for labour. Sorry to be pedantic, but buying into the rhetoric in this way gives a psychological victory to our enemy, I still call my JSA ‘dole’ thus retaining the link with unemployment benefit.

        When it comes to terminology, we don’t have to use their words, we can use our own, and give them our own interpretations, thus empowering ourselves and dis-empowering them. Sure, they can still break our bodies, but it’s our minds they really want to control, as the way we think is crucial to the way they control.

    • Also self-defeating because any conscripted labour with an ounce of spirit will start looking for ways to liberate stock in lieu of wages.

    • i agree Bill Kruse if i worked for B&M for free for example i wont help Customer’s to find what they want i wont report shop lifting or stop them i would let them get on with it and if i had to work on the till i would short change B&M buy given money away to customer’s.

    • totallygivenup

      yesterday i had to use a well known supermarket,a young guy in a yellow jacket was pricing items,a woman said to him “smile or dont they pay you enough” he replied “they dont pay me anything,only the green jackets are paid” the woman who was probably a buy to let type,said”best work harder for a green jacket then”..i had to walk away quick before i went ballistic

      • Well known supermarket with green jackets? Asda? Think they are all the same. In Tesco its the ones with lilac jackets who don’t get paid, blue ones get paid? Supermarkets are crawling with workers who don’t get paid. Cunts!

  10. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Johnny Void here describes the latest replacement of wage labour with cheap, workfare serfs by the government. The DWP are planning to create 100,000 workfare and ‘work academy’ jobs in those sectors of the economy with high vacancies. These will be filled by jobseekers aged 18-24. This follows Chris Grayling’s statement in 2011 that the government would be targeting workfare ‘work placements’ at precisely those sectors of the economy.

    As Mr Void points out, this has got absolutely nothing to do with lowering unemployment, and everything to do with forcing wages down. If the economy is left to operate as envisaged by the original laissez-faire economists, employers would be forced to raise wages or offer better conditions to attract workers to jobs they had difficulty recruiting. By artificially filling these posts with unpaid workers, Grayling and his successors are acting to drive wages down by making paid work in those sectors much scarcer.

    This action bears out the scepticism of pre-19th century workers to ability or willingness of the government to set wages to their advantage. Before the rise of trade unionism in the final years of the 18th century, working men and women generally were not in favour of the government setting wages, as it was felt that this interfered with the free bargaining between worker and employer that ideally produced higher wages than those set by the government. Now that the unions have been all but destroyed by Maggie and her successors, it’s time the old, pre-union scepticism towards government intervention on behalf of the workers should return, at least regarding the Tories.

    Johnny Void also points out that it’s unclear where these jobs are going to be created, as many companies have withdrawn from the workfare schemes due to public protests. About which, there’s another one planned against B&M Stores, who in 2013 were declared to be, in Mr Void’s words, ‘workfare exploiter of the year’ by the welfare to work industry.

    As for the age group at whom these non-job are aimed, this is the same group the Tories have decided should not receive housing benefit and so should either continue to live with their parents. Or, when this is impossible and they have been slung out, will be forced onto the streets as members of the rising numbers of the young homeless. These young people are, of course, the NEETS, the Not in Education, Employment or Training, who have now become the latest threat to civilised society as dole-scroungers, according to Tory ideology. Unemployed school-leavers are naturally one of the politically weakest sections of the population, and the Tories have constantly tried to exploit them with artificial non-jobs since the creation of the Youth Opportunities Programme under Thatcher.

    Their demonization of this age group also shows the deep resentment of the 1960s marked in other parts of Conservatism by their hatred of the new, sexual permissiveness. The post-War years saw the emergence of the modern youth culture, and the 1960s in particular are remembered for youthfully rebelliousness as teenagers and young people explored radical philosophies and created a distinct counterculture as a direct rejection of the strictures and injustices of mainstream society. The wholesale placement of this part of the population in workfare and poverty thus looks very much like an attempt to prevent them once again taking to the streets in protest, as they did in ’60s against racism, Vietnam and in favour of a more liberal attitude towards sexuality.

  11. NoOpprerssion

    No to Forced Labour which is Slave Labour

    No to Oppressive Poverty

  12. Thatcher’s (originally Callaghan’s) Youth Opportunities Program was nowhere near as bad as the current non jobs. I don’t think people were forced on to it with quite the same level of coercion, and the allowance given to the youth for attending compared favourably with the dole. I think they got travel expenses as well. I also think that more attempt was made to ensure that the courses were well run with an emphasis on training rather than “work experience”.
    The standard was a bit variable, but many YOP courses were worth attending.

    • YOP was a different kettle of fish compared to the current MWA/CWP shit. I worked in a vets under YOP. The employer was allowed to top it up (which is explicitly forbidden under current government schemes) and I was ‘taking home’ £140 a week. This is what twice an over-25 week jobseeker currently ‘takes home’ on MWA/CWP. Has a friend working in a garage and they were on a lot more on that, so was pretty peeved off.

    • You also got you travel and expenses covered. MWA/CWP victims don’t even receive any money for a meal. Imagine that, working for nothing, and you don’t even receive a meal to replenish a meal. I watch the ‘community paybackers’ round here going off for there two hour lunch break and see than sat with armfuls of food and drink. Convicted criminals getting treated better than jobseekers. And the community paybackers don’t work anywhere near as hard as the mwa/cwp poor souls I have seen slaving in the local park for something called Groundworks. They were in tears being bawled at in the pouring rain. Heart-breaking. This country disgusts me. If I could afford it I would up-sticks to Spain.

  13. Seetec = scum.

    • Just checked out Seetec – the non-jobs they impose on their workfare slaves are juts that: non-jobs in hospitality, management, hotels and so on. Absolutely nothing useful in engineering or manufacturing.

      • I know that Seetec are scummy cunts. I had to do 6 months WP bollocks with them from July 2014 to Jan 2015. I had to put up with fucked-up re-employment tactics from them for my time wasted in there, such as trying to get as many people on their books as possible into self-employment.

        One person they talked into self-employment ended up in tears a few weeks later as her self-employment business went belly up and she was almost evicted from her home as she had no money coming in. She had to sign back on and had to start attending their job search sessions again the minute her own job went tits up.

        Seetec, the lowest of the low, will talk their clients into going self-employed and make it look they are getting people back into work. One day, whilst in the reception area I glanced on their job success board and cleared displayed at 35% employment success rate was self-employment. But how many people later had to return to signing on again after their business venture failed?

        Seetec tried to talk me into going down this route by saying to me ”if I took £10 extra on top of JSA by going self-employed, would I do it?” I said no, I would not be any better off.

        Seetec are scam artists who know fuck all about getting people back into work. I was told that years ago they used to only be involved with computer repairs and sales. So why the fuck are they involved in the WP when they used to do something entirely different?

        Another gripe or two I have is they fucked my CV up completely making it unusable to any employer. I still haven’t yet got round to repairing the damage they caused to it. Then there are the dubious placements they send their clients to, all in the name of ‘work experience’

        Their first placement attempt for me I would have been sent to the Mepal Outdoor Activitiy centre near Ely, Cambs. Yet I live many miles from that and I would have had to catch THREE different bus services TO that centre in the morning and THREE bus services back home in the even ing. How was that a fucking local community project to my home town?

        I argued a toss with my JCP over that fucked-up placement and they eventually agreed it was a bad idea as having to catch three bus services each way meant I woud have never been able to fulfil the contracted placement hours per week, as the local buses and connection times were no good.

        Then there was the second placment attempt against me, and that death trap called CCORNN in March, Cambs. Fucking place stank of rancid paint and clearly in breach of Health and Safety. Yet the twats at seetec claimed they checked it over prior to me going there. No fucker from seetec ever went to that place to ensure I was safe there. I still hate that ugly cunt manager at CCORNN to this day, nearly five months after I last went. I fucking told the cunts I had hayfever and allergenic problems but they didn’t listen, ended up with a bad hayfever attack due to the toxic paint they were recycling and selling back to the public.

        Seetec needs to be shut down for good as they only fuck you up with dubious placements at any old on-the fringe business, mostly with total dis-regard to health and safety laws.

        I’m glad I no longer have to suffer being in that dumb place doing ‘supervised’ jobsearch or having to work my ass off for nothing, just so the placement gets a few hundred quid a week for having me be a slave.

        If I find myself back at Seetec for another six months, I will start world war III with them…

        • Set fire to the office(at around 1 am), throw a few molotov cocktails through their windows. With a bit of luck the place will go up, the office will have to close/be closed, if everybody did that in the country you would bring the work programme to its knees.
          No one has ever attacked the WP as yet, Thats why they keep getting away with what they do.

          • We tried this when we were school-kids. To get of off school we used to set the fucking school on fire. It didn’t work! All that happened was that a few portakabins were brought in. We were lucky if we got the morning off.

  14. Why do we listen to them?we are told from birth that’s how it is but only by the rich.Cant we ignore the status quo and look after each other and not the wealthy.After all we have free will not cheap labour to rule us.

    • Ian that’s a sound suggestion, it’s exactly what is needed. I wonder how we’d do it whilst we are in the middle of our broken and infinitely sub divided society that seems to run on fear, hate & jealousy?

      Peaceful protest, peaceful communities that actually do care for all seem like a pipe dream these days.

      Our future is with the young usually, but this raft of oppressive schemes for the young is ensuring that we as a society, remain under the thumb of the cruel & wealthy forever.

      • Shit Sandwich

        The do it on purpose with the young. When you are forced to work for nothing, starved to death and denied a roof over your head by a ‘society’ which if not explicitly, at least tacitly approves of it are you really going to give a flying fuck about that ‘society’ or its constituents? Like the fuck you are! Slave labour, starvation, homelessness – very bitter lessons to learn at a young age. Are these experiences going to leave these young people with a sense of ‘community’ – what fucking community? The same community who abused them for slave labour, left them homeless and destitute. Of course it isn’t – is it going to engender a hardened dog-eat-dog attitude.

      • If anyone remembers the “battle of the Bean Field” they will understand how the state acts against any form of alternative to being forced into the status quo. I think had social media been around then the outcome may have been different.

  15. Wow. We think it’s bad here but USA truly is a Police State. Just seen video on ch4 news of Pigs in Texas busting a children’s birthday party. Unbelievable.

    • Cop brutality is always in the headlines in the USA. If you want your parents/grandparents/children/other relatives/pets or friends shot to fuck – just call the cops!

      Yesterday’s read included a cop who killed a dig by hacking it’s throat with a knife, whilst saying “I’m gonna gut this fucking thing” in front of his colleague who was holding the poor (and terrified) dog down. Before the crowds of dog haters start, the dog wasn’t being aggressive to start with. But hey ho, the rights of any living thing don’t matter a jot when the state and federal government allows this sort of behaviour and doesn’t prosecute/sack/penalise the cops.

      American societal & corporate culture is welcomed into this country by our foul government. How long before our cops start carrying knives, whilst believing that it’s ok to vent pent up rage/trauma on any animal, including the human ones?

      • The cop didn’t kill a “dig” He killed a “dog”

        All I want for Christmas is an edit function on the whole of my life.

        • @Lucy
          The US model is already here, a few years ago UK constabularies were issued 5,000 semi-automatic weapons between themselves (possibly more now), while Boris the Eton Buffoon must be itching to deploy his water canon.

          • I can remember seeing cops with semi-automatic guns in the mid 90s Pete, in a big shopping centre in Bristol.

            • Smith & Wesson

              What the fuck use is a semi-automatic weapon in a big shopping centre? You still see coppers stomping around airports with machine guns… wft!

              • job lorra cheap guns

                The guns are limited mechanically to single shots I believe,and have to be ‘un-modified’ in the workshop to be used in auto mode.

                • job lorra cheap guns

                  It may be that they can be set to fire 3 shots at a time but only with permission from both sets of grand parents.

          • National Gun And Rifle Assoication

            And the “right to bear arms” is enshrined in the US Constitution.

          • It depends what type of water cannon Boris the Buffoon intends to use. One borrowed from the Fire Brigade or his own…

          • totallygivenup

            with smartwater to make sure anybody splashed is banged up

      • Road Rage Cop Wars Interceptors

        The USofA is fucking hilarious where a “routine traffic stop” always turns into a fucking shoot-out 😀

      • What about the cop who shot and killed that poor guy because he “mistook his gun for his taser”?

        • Another Fine Mess

          I heard that excuse, problem is 8 shots??

        • job lorra cheap guns

          Yes, a hobby bobby mate of the sheriff no less.
          I bet the guy is bloody hilarious in the bedroom..
          Interestingly,nobody would perjure themselves and sign off the idiot’s firearms training so I would guess somebody is looking at manslaughter charges.

      • National Gun And Rifle Assoication

        If we are going to go down the USA route we should be allowed to arm ourselves to protect ourselves from the cops. In the USA the cops have guns but so to the public. Not like the UK where you get thrown in the slammer for having a catapult in public.

  16. The over 50s are fed to Post Work programme Support for the just get out treatment.its a scandal this country.The whole thing ranks of greed and discrimination.

    The something for nothing.


    • That’s what I’m now a subject of, over 50s post-work programme support, but it’s over 2 years since I completed the Work Programme! Their latest bright idea, do some more voluntary work. It’s time they reduced the Retirement age to 50.

      • job lorra cheap guns

        Here’s an idea. Why not socially cleanse all the non rich classes away from areas of prosperity to the countryside or idle manufacturing cities? Then we can blame them when they cannot find a living wage?

  17. Another Fine Mess

    A good one from UM.
    Facing psychological coercion and manipulation has become a daily part of claiming benefits
    Curing unemployment is a growth market for psychologists. Job Centres are becoming medical centres, claimants are becoming patients, and unemployment is being redefined as a psychological disorder.

    Made-up ailments such as “psychological resistance to work” and “entrenched worklessness” feature in ministerial speeches and lucrative Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) contracts, without attracting a murmur of protest from professional psychologists.

    Psychological explanations for unemployment – the failings of the maladjusted jobseeker – isolate, blame, and stigmatise unemployed people. They reinforce myths about “cultures of worklessness”; they obscure the realities of the UK labour market and the political choices that underpin it

    • overburdenddonkey

      a f m
      a great article with many links, that cut straight to the root….a must read…
      it’s devastating that their job security, status, and income are really much more important than facts and actually helping the awakening of humanity….

      • Another Fine Mess

        Groundhog day.

        • overburdenddonkey

          a f m
          groundhog day indeed….and i have a lot more to say about it and that the use of cbt under any circumstances is destructive, and this is where it ends up even though this is not yet cbt’s finale, i’m sure…but i must say 1st that they’ve over the last few decades stripped job creation assets, from the uk economy, to the bone, marrow even!!…stuffed their bank a/c’s et al with the proceeds of the sell offs, ongoing, redistributed production of goods and many services globally to make even more cash, surged buy to let and other asset retention schemes, to boost their wealth pile/inflation sinks…and left us to rot…then they sell, expect/demand, that we except the fantasy that the economically sucked dry/downtrodden claimants become creative, aspirational, entrepreneurs, and develop the ability to live off a sniff of an oil rag…blamed for the lack of jobs…we’re taught to eat shit…loaves and fishes….
          New TNS poll for next May’s Holyrood elections has constituency vote
          SNP 60%, LAB 19%, CON 15%, LD 3% …….. BTUKOK, smith and the vow have spun their magic, indyscot here we come…. 🙂

  18. Why would someone ever employ anyone ever again, when it’s possible to have workfare slaves who have very few rights?

  19. What lies beneath the politics, a deferential and subservient uk population how did this come to be?


    ………………………and just another 8, 000 jobs to go at HSBC UK.
    Seems the threat of pulling out of the Eurozone has put the cat amongst the pigeons.
    From fiddling Libor to manipulating exchange rates and miss selling of payment protection insurances and services, the bank has really travelled far in the last few years.

    Couple that with it’s boss, now knighted, arranging safe havens for bent corporations ill gotten earnings, finally fate has maybe caught up with them.

    Another eight thousand freebees for Sir Terry Leahy to abuse, gratis of the DWP.

    Terry learnt his skills well at his last job at Tesco, poaching workfare to stack shelves for absolutely fuck all, courtesy of the magic circle of arse rubbers in the Lords………….

    Yes B&M should do very well from enforced slave labour but one must ask the decisive question of where his millions are funnelled.

    Surely the HMRC are not looking in the right places;

    It is not known how many shares Leahy personally owns in the store chain because they are tucked away in a fund run by US private equity group Clayton Dubilier & Rice.

    That fund CD&R FundVIII is based in the tax haven of the Cayman Islands.

    It means multi-millionaire Leahy, who acts as an adviser to CD&R stands to benefit from advantageous tax treatment.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


      …………………..who knows? Perhaps the HSBC boss, another roach with a knighthood, showed uncle Terry the safety of the Cayman Islands for his ill gotten pocket money made off the backs of DWP lackeys……………..


        ……………….meanwhile Bob Marley is on the way to become number one, a protest song to upset our govt and a follow up to “the witch is dead”.

        What about a re release of the Sex Pistols classic, hailing our beloved monarch who shits on her loyal subjects whilst doing no more than shaking hands and unveiling plaques to herself while the UK starves?

      • iain duncan smith

        Mr Reynolds

        I will personally re-instate your benefits if you can name one, just one, current Top 100 artist.

        iain duncan smith


    Rastaman herbshit nothing to do with political dissent, the song release is calling for the legalisation of marijuana. A chemical cosh to pacify and zombify the people of the uk into a state of utopian delusions.

    Colorado corporate cannabis and the poor, not a happy story.

  22. I would love to know where the cash from the benefit sanctions has gone and the total stolen from people.

  23. Wish someone would ask Georgey boy in his next TV interview how much cash has been apprehended from benefit sanctions and where it has gone. Surely they must keep a record of this.

    • questions like that will never get the chance to be asked, any questions that are directed towards him would be pre-screened and limited to what they ask
      just like what happens with interviews with the dictators of this world.

  24. So these are the high quality apprenticeships and training opportunities promised by the Tories. Mark my words: It’ll be the under 21s today and everybody else tomorrow, just like Labour’s New Deal.

    • Another Fine Mess

      They’re just normal NMW jobs that suddenly get ‘Apprenticeship -‘ stuck on the beginning when the Gov. runs the next creating apprenticeships wheeze.

  25. Stuff Nazi Style Brainwashing and Tyranny

    Another Fine Mess | June 8, 2015 at 10:39 pm | Reply

    A good one from UM.
    Facing psychological coercion and manipulation has become a daily part of claiming benefits
    Curing unemployment is a growth market for psychologists. Job Centres are becoming medical centres, claimants are becoming patients, and unemployment is being redefined as a psychological disorder.

    Made-up ailments such as “psychological resistance to work” and “entrenched worklessness” feature in ministerial speeches and lucrative Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) contracts, without attracting a murmur of protest from professional psychologists.

    Psychological explanations for unemployment – the failings of the maladjusted jobseeker – isolate, blame, and stigmatise unemployed people. They reinforce myths about “cultures of worklessness”; they obscure the realities of the UK labour market and the political choices that underpin it

  26. So there will be no realistic living wage for those that are in paid work coz the attitude will be i can replace u anytime with an unpaid worker

  27. Russia is Not the Aggressor in Europe so Down with Russophobia

    Down with the Nazi Regime in Kiev Remember the Nazi Massacre in Odessa in 2014 AD

    Yes to World Peace and No to Western Warmongering

    The Money Wasted on Trident can be Better Spent on Welfare
    and other Public Services

    Britain Deserves Better than the Tories

  28. Reblogged this on Citizens, not serfs and commented:
    It’s becoming clear that the issue isn’t absence of work, but unwillingness to pay for it.

    • The Capitalists have decided that they don’t want to pay wages anymore, that’s the top & bottom of it.

      • Certainly looks like it. But how can anyone make money if no-one has any money to buy anything? Ford figured that out.

        • Exactly. Hence the economy is fucked. If they really wanted to save the economy they could have given everyperson in the country a few grand insteadof giving it to the banks. They are deliberately fucking up the economy because the end game is a cashless society of work slaves.

          • I fear you are right on all counts. That’s what their actions point to. Their words are just a smokescreen.

          • Philip K Dick

            Yes, you will work for whoever or whatever the Government or its agents decide and on whatever terms and conditions the Government or its agents decide. You will be paid in credits* with all of your spending strictly controlled and monitored.

            *according to what the Government decides or its agents; non-savable, and expire at the end of the payment week

          • Philip K Dick

            You will also be monitored and controlled via and implanted device.

  29. More staff than produce on the shelves or money in the customers pockets labour as cheap as chips and more on the way.

  30. patricknelson750

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  31. eviltorypervert

    if theres any teenage lads reading this if your out of work im sure in could offer you a postion.



    …………….Its taken you ten long years to realise that the CPS, the judiciary and police are all above the law in the UK.

    Good luck in your pursuit to bring the nine murderers to justice and put an end to your living nightmare.

    Nobody can imagine the trauma you have been through in bringing your beloved sons killers to account.

    Always remember, the establishment here has a way of covering up it’s victims, ask anyone using this site.

    You may not achieve your intended convictions but you will cast a dark shadow on the corruption that is rife within our security services and our government.



      Soaring funeral costs have left thousands of low-income families in the dire situation of being ‘too poor to die’, according to research.

      Research by SunLife Direct reveals that ‘funeral poverty’ rocketed by a shocking 125% in the first four years since 2010, with the average cost of dying up 10.6% to £8,427 from 2013-14 – seven times the rate of inflation. This includes death related costs such as probate, headstones and flowers and the basic cost of a funeral.

      Actual funeral costs – which account for less than half of the total cost of dying – have also risen by 3.9% since 2013 and a staggering 87% since 2004. The cost of a funeral now stands at an average £3,590.



    Psychologists from the British Psychological Society (BPS) have today (9 June) called for an ‘end-to-end redesign’ of the controversial Work Capability Assessment (WCA).

    To qualify for the sickness benefit Employment and Support Alllowance, sick and disabled people must undergo periodical medical assessments to show the are ‘too unwell to work’.

    The BPS says there is a ‘growing body of evidence that seriously ill people are being inappropriately subjected to WCA’.

    They argue that ‘the WCA does not effectively measure fitness for work and that its application is producing inappropriate outcomes for claimants’.

  35. Your chance to tell these scam artists what you think of them.

    (taken from their lying, propaganda website) –

    ”Seetec will be attending the Into Work Convention in London on 14-15th July 2015.”


    Public Accounts Committee publishes its twenty-first report. –

    The Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP, Chair of the Committee of Public Accounts, today said:

    “The Department has not succeeded in incentivising Work Programme providers to support harder-to-help claimants into work. Almost 90% of Employment and Support Allowance claimants on the Work Programme have not moved into jobs.

    Evidence shows that differential payments have not stopped contractors from focusing on easier-to-help individuals and parking harder-to-help claimants, often those with a range of disabilities including mental health challenges.

    Data from Work Programme providers shows that they are, on average, spending less than half what they originally promised on these harder to help groups.

    It is a scandal that some of those in greatest need of support are not getting the help they need to get them back to work and are instead being parked by providers because their case is deemed just too hard.

    The Department must do more to encourage providers to work with harder-to-help groups by tackling poorly performing prime contractors and sharing information on what works.

    It should also collect and publish information from each provider on how much they are spending on different payment groups.

    We are also concerned about how the Department’s sanctions regime is operating. Sanctions can cause significant financial hardship to individuals, and it is not clear whether the sanctions regime actually works in encouraging people on the Work Programme to engage with the support offered by providers.

    Feedback from some constituents suggests that the number of sanctions has been increasing and that some providers have been recommending sanctions more than others. The Department confirmed that Seetec has referred more claimants for sanction than other providers.

    The Department should monitor whether providers are making the right sanction referrals to the Department and that they are not causing unfair hardship. It should publish the number of sanctions by provider.

    The Department has designed the contracts with providers in a way which exposes the taxpayer financially.

    Underperforming providers may still be able to claim bonus payments for 2014-15 because of the flawed performance measure whereby the fewer clients referred to a provider, the better their performance looks. This may include Newcastle College Group whose contract has been terminated.

    The Department must make every attempt to claw back the estimated £11 million of inappropriate payments.

    After a slow start, performance of the Work Programme is improving, but there is still a long way to go before it is working effectively for all.”

    Margaret Hodge was speaking as the Committee published its 21st Report of this Session which, on the basis of evidence from Robert Devereux, Permanent Secretary, Department for Work and Pensions, Matt Thurstan, Senior Responsible Officer for the Work Programme, DWP and Mike Driver, Finance Director General, DWP, examined the Work Programme.

    The Department for Work and Pensions (the Department) is responsible for the Work Programme, which aims to help people who have been out of work for long periods to find and keep jobs. Specifically the Work Programme aims to increase employment, reduce the time that people spend on benefit, and to improve support for the hardest to help – those participants whose barriers to employment are, relatively, greater than others on the programme. The Department assigns people to one of nine payment groups depending on characteristics such as age and the benefit each person is claiming.

    The Department pays prime contractors to provide support to people to get them into long term employment using a payment by results approach. The amount the Department pays a prime contractor depends on its success in getting people into sustained work and the payment group of the individual. The Department has 40 contracts with 18 prime contractors. Either two or three prime contractors operate in 18 different geographic areas across England, Scotland, and Wales. Prime contractors may subcontract some or all of the support they provide.

    The Department will stop referring people to the Work Programme in March 2016, although payments to prime contractors will continue until March 2020. Between June 2011 and March 2016, the Department expects to refer 2.1 million people to the Work Programme and forecasts total payments to prime contractors of £2.8 billion.

  37. Public Accounts Committee more interested in sanctioning claimants than safeguarding the public purse from corruption and fraud.

  38. The Department must make every attempt to claw back the estimated £11 million of inappropriate payments.

    Inappropriate payments or fraud which is it?

    • With Idiotic Drunken Sh*te’s track record it will most probably be fraud on a massive scale that will never be signed off by the Treasury. No wonder the country is trillions in debt when people like him overspend beyond their means by buying up corrupt work providers and keeping them with constant bung payments.

      I only hope that what the committee has said is true that the WP has failed completely and is scrapped. Money being chucked at it in the hope that ‘supervised’ jobsearch sessions and work experience in dodgy organisations does NOT lead to a proper paid job.

      If the likes of seetec and others actually put people into proper work situations where they wanted to go to and that lead to a paid job, and not some sh*te flybit charity, they would onyl them bring down un-employment and show real help to us struggling.

      ‘work experience’ in flybit companies and NOT in proper places like shops, factories, warehouses, offices, does not fucking work. It’s like sticking a plaster on a broken leg and hoping it heals quickly.

  39. £2.8 billion for the false imprisonment of law abiding citizens.

  40. Bet there would have been more job outcomes putting £2.8 billion directly into the pockets of the claimants.

    • overburdenddonkey

      mr r
      notwithstanding the £bn ripped out of our local economy, by welfare cuts in the last 5yrs, well over £10bn in scotland alone… over the last few decades stripped job creation assets, from the uk economy, to the bone, marrow even!!…stuffed their bank a/c’s et al with the proceeds of the sell offs, ongoing, redistributed production of goods and many services globally to make even more cash, surged buy to let and other asset retention schemes, marketeering, profitisations to boost their wealth pile/inflation sinks…and left us to rot…then they sell, expect/demand, that we except the fantasy that the economically sucked dry/downtrodden claimants to become shiny brand new creative, aspirational, entrepreneurs, develop the ability to live off a sniff of an oil rag and/or magical healing powers…blamed for the lack of jobs…we’re taught to eat shit…whilst they get even more accustomed to the exponential growth in their lavish life styles…..whilst we’re expected to perform miracles with loaves, fishes, cognitive and physiological wellbeing….

      • overburdenddonkey

        there will be no investment in jobs growth, no ending of austerity but consolidation of balancing books with existing receipts…
        danger, race to the bottom in progress…

        • overburdenddonkey

          ‘Growth, what growth? Thatcherism fails to produce the goods’….

          ‘In a wide-ranging analysis of Britain’s performance in the decades before and after 1979, economists at the University of Cambridge say the liberal economic policies pioneered by Thatcher have been accompanied by higher unemployment and inequality. At the same time, contrary to widespread belief, GDP and productivity have grown more slowly since 1979 compared with the previous three decades.’ tell us something we don’t know, and why didn’t the academics say this sooner….??
          all thatcherism has done is to destroy lives…and be an inflation sink for the rich….that’s what it was always for…and if the tories red and blue have their way we’ll be paying their rampant greed for decades, even if they stop now, which they won’t…

  41. If IDS accepted his pay rise, then he should hand it all to charity. He isn’t exactly short of money when his father-in-law eventually snuffs it.,_5th_Baron_Cottesloe

  42. This Really takes the Piss
    That People Ripped Off in Life over Necessities how to Blow so much
    Money For a Funeral

    Poverty is a Tool of Oppression

    GEOFF REYNOLDS | June 10, 2015 at 9:28 am | Reply


    Soaring funeral costs have left thousands of low-income families in the dire situation of being ‘too poor to die’, according to research.

    Research by SunLife Direct reveals that ‘funeral poverty’ rocketed by a shocking 125% in the first four years since 2010, with the average cost of dying up 10.6% to £8,427 from 2013-14 – seven times the rate of inflation. This includes death related costs such as probate, headstones and flowers and the basic cost of a funeral.

    Actual funeral costs – which account for less than half of the total cost of dying – have also risen by 3.9% since 2013 and a staggering 87% since 2004. The cost of a funeral now stands at an average £3,590.


      Sun Life will no doubt have made a tidy sum from the increased suicides and deaths that the DWP have masterminded through welfare reforms.
      There are many more deaths on the horizon and that is why Duncan Smith, (formerely George), seeks to hide the numbers of his mini-holocaust from the prying eyes of, not only the EU Commission but the good people of the UK.
      Smith is like a murderer trying to rub out his footprints, sadly they all lead to his front door and ultimately the Decision Makers who are nothing of the sort……………..

      DWP exterminators would be more apt.

  43. Michelle hunt

    I agree with the dwp people on benifits should be force to take on low paid manual work etc or work for free why should they get paid for sitting down on their ass also the dwp should have a list of jobs and the people who have been on benifits the longest should accept the 1st job offered on the list if not loose their money …

    • accept the first job offered? No one is EVER offered ANY job!

    • Michelle, in all the years, decades, that I’ve been unemployed, the DWP have NEVER, not once, offered me a job, any fucking job, never . They don’t offer people jobs. So wtf are you talking about?

    • Troll Finder General

    • restless and angry

      “the people who have been on benifits the longest should accept the 1st job offered”

      We have a sysem where people compete against each other with a job at the finish line, when was the last time you knew of someone who were offered a job at the JC that didn’t involve competition.

    • Maybe you should work in the DWP, unless you do already. In the real world, we have to fight our corner just to even get an job interview nowadays. For every job advertised there must be at least 50 to 100 or more applicants chasing it

  44. Work Programme – A £2.8 billion thieves guild to defraud the poor of jsa and leave them destitute on £34 hardship payments.

    £2.8 billion benefit fraud put that on your front page Daily Mail.

  45. Whitehall the real Benefits Street.

  46. Just seen on BBC News economic dunce Gideon Osborne is hosting a big slap-up banquet to promote Austerity! Why couldn’t they make do with a few digestives & cup of tea? Hope the fucking hypocrites choke on it.

  47. Michelle cunt why dont you fuck off …bitch



    ………….as the so called, elite, of UK society gorged, belched and farted on a lavish meal of lamb and salmon and expensive drinks, the rest of us looked on in disbelief………………………

    Wanting to push the poorest 3.7 million into abject poverty was the highlight of their night whilst Carney, the richest banker hand puppet, spoke volumes about doing nothing.

    Rebellion is in the air and just around the corner it would seem. I actually had a vision of somebody tossing a hand grenade into the the midst of the hurrah henries who have no idea of what austerity really means.

    How many more who will die cannot be accurately projected, but one thing is for certain, it will not be in the circles that these leaches partake.

    Collectively we are a threat and they can tinker with media communications to keep us in the dark. The internet and mobile phones are already being logged.
    RT News has just shown photographs of phone message interception masts in the London area, the residents unaware of what they are.
    The level of surveillance on our private conversations is shocking, no wonder they wanted to shut Snowden up!

    ………………….Battle lines are being drawn and we should be aware of the misuse of so called terrorism measures. Reality will show the terrorism is being rained upon us, the UK citizens, not from foreign shores but from Westminster.

    The cusp of civil disobedience is only a hairs breadth away, austerity is just a myth from those who want you in the cemetery gates faster………


      …………………strangely, the Netherlands have just rejected hosting the 2019 European Games, stating that they cannot afford them…………..

      Just watch some idiotic cunt from the UK jump in and say that we could host them here.

      We could broadcast them live on monitors in food banks, after all, the facade of a nation with endless wealth and unlimited finances should be pushed regardless of those being rounded up sleeping on the streets.



        Cutting tax credits will leave 3.7 million people £1400 per year worse off and could put your duck pond island and house flipping strategies at risk.



          ………….and the DWP propogating more shit obd:

          But the Department for Work and Pensions said there was no evidence to back up the “highly misleading” claims.

          “You have been branded a nutcase for not wanting to work for peanuts”

          …………….my friend always said that chimps don’t talk, because if they did, they would give em a job…….


          From: Tony

          10 June 2015

          Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

          Please state the law with regards to a JSA claimant who disputes
          being forced to attend a community work placement by their DWP work
          The claimant will have agreed by way of a signed claimant
          commitment that they have to do all that is reasonably expected of
          them to remain being entitled to state benefits and to obtain
          However the claimant will also dispute being forced to work for
          less than the national minimum wage as they feel it is unfair
          exploitation by the work placement provider.
          The claimant believes work must be paid at the national minimum
          wage for every hour worked.

          Yours faithfully,


          Link to this

          • Have I got a case against those scummy cunts seetec for fobbing me off with a load of old WP bollocks designed to make it look good for them and at the same time make me look a fool?

          • Planet of the Apes

            Yes, my old gran (rip) used to say this too, that chimps weren’t as daft as they made themselves out to be, and if it was ever found out that they were more intelligent they would be made to work in the fields, down pits, in factories, re-cycling plants, staff call centre. We we be saying there are no jobs because those fucking chimps too them all 😀

    • overburdenddonkey

      imv geoff they’ve cooked their pumkin with this… ‘Ministers treating unemployment as mental problem – report’


        Everybody contributing to this blog should read this obd, the content is utterly shocking……………………

        …………it’s roots are firmly embedded with ex DWP turncoat ( now at MAXIMUS). BILL GUNNYEON and his links to the FACULTY OF OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE (BILL GUNNYEON WAS PRESIDENT OF THE THE TRICK CYCLISTS)…………….

        • overburdenddonkey

          yep, there’s a sound clip @ the bottom of the bmj study page…even they must extricate themselves away from denying abuse symptoms with the use of cbt and indeed all forms of behaviourism, as predicated in the dsm5….where mental illness diagnosis is clustered around a miriade of generic symptom definitions…rather than be identified as a natural human reaction to trauma (PTSD)…and therefore subsequently blames the victim for carrying these inflicted symptoms, as if the victims own and/or is responsible for the symptoms and subsequent management of them via ‘helpers’ rather than as a curable affect of abuse…the affect of this is to not only let many abusers off the hook so that they carry on abusing, but also to mistreat and further abuse, abuse victims…the symptoms are NOT caused by faulty thinking, but by indoctrination of being told how to think ‘or else’ and therefore trained not to think for one’s self, and think in the way an abuser directs/dictates….
          and are in fact emotional injuries…teaching victims how to cope by using cbt et al, often used in conjunction with pharms, not only causes a massive extra physiological cognitive burden on the victim, it does not cure the symptoms, as the underlying root cause remains intact….
          ‘But the DWP said Friedli and Stearns’ report had no basis in fact and was just relying on anecdotal evidence from blogs and social media.’ well they would say that wouldn’t they, it’s hardly a comprehensive rebuff, to say they’re making it all up, is it…?…feeling make word…gut m/t and rumbles, word to use is; hungry/starving…400000, (anecdotal’s, each with their own story to tell…!), JSA sanctions 2013/14, is coercion, all punishment is..see pavlovs dogs for details.. ‘But before we get to the pyrotechnics, let’s briefly review the recent past. In 1952 the first of “the DSMs” was published – this was the first edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. The current version is the 4th Edition, DSM-IV, 1994, with DSM-V about to hatch. However, the first edition is far superior – since in 1952, it acknowledged that mental disorders could arise from a whole host of factors, especially family and social stresses. By 1994, the DSM-IV had emasculated this sensible view of human nature.
          What’s left – apart from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) – is, in my considered professional opinion, prime medical garbage. Back to the three fundamentals. Firstly, causative factors – who can seriously doubt that stress plays a central role in mental breakdown? Well, the DSM-IV for one. Even ‘death of a loved one’ is explicitly excluded from any connection with
          mental disease [DSM-IV p xxi]. How unreal can you get? A vague ‘bio-genetics’ is wafted about in lieu, for which there has never been a scrap
          of objective evidence – nor is there likely to be. Psychiatry likes its mental disease hardwired – thereby permitting any number of bizarre physical
          interventions, all immune to scientific evidence. Secondly, diagnosis. This is the medical blue print the clinician imposes on the hodge-podge of
          symptoms triggered by disease. If you still think that malaria, for example, is caused by bad-air (which is how it got its name) then your diagnostic
          structures and treatments, being less real, are going to be less efficacious.’

          Click to access 176_16-18.pdf

      • Unemployment treated as psychotic criminal behaviour – jobcentre plus the UKs secret reprogramming centres.

        But the DWP said Friedli and Stearns’ report had no basis in fact and was just relying on anecdotal evidence from blogs and social media.

        As a claimant Yes there is brainwashing and criminalisation of claimants going on in jobcentre plus and on the work programme, have pointed this out on this blog long before this report.

        • Paranioid Schizo on JSA

          Yes, you are treated as being stark rate bonkers but at the same time are not entitled to the higher rates of benefits that the stark raving bonkers receive*

          * Schizophrenics and others entitled to the higher rates of disability benefits receive £250 a week compare with the JSA rate of £73.10 (£57.90 if you are under 25)

        • Paranioid Schizo on JSA

          The DWP can’t have it both ways. Either the unemployed are nuts and are entitled to the higher rates of benefits or they are not nuts.

        • Paranioid Schizo on JSA

          And if the DWP want to go down this road then “unemployment” should be added to the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) manual that shrinks use – Unemployment Disorder. At least then the unemployed having being recognised as being completely off their trolley would be entitled to the compensation (higher level of benefits) given by society in recognition of their condition. There is something disturbing about treating the unemployed as nuts yet refusing to recognise it as such.

        • Paranioid Schizo on JSA

          And if the unemployed have to see the job centre shrink as a condition of their unemployment benefit then they must by definition be nuts so why are they on unemployment benefits, and not disability benefits. This is like something out of Catch 22: If you are unemployed you must be nuts, but if you are nuts you can’t be unemployed. Something deeply disturbing about all this.

      • Unemployed Peasant

        Then where’s my sick note?

      • Barking Mad Loony

        So by that reasoning anyone with a non-materialistic outlook, who doesn’t buy into the rat race, or who is anti-capitalist, is mentally ill. Are theygoing to section every anarchist & every practicing Buddhist?

  49. Welcome to the Club

    Anyone who thought that the newly popular ‘Scottish Nationalists’ were actually ‘nationalists’ – or likely to bring a breath of fresh air and honesty to our islands should think again. Nicola Sturgeon, the fiery leader and defender of the Scots (stop laughing at the back), has just trotted off to Washington like a good girl. She has a busy schedule ahead of her – kneeling to kiss the rings of various crime bosses – to gain ‘approval’ and ‘authority’ in the bogus and contrived arena of modern political ‘debate’.

    • overburdenddonkey

      no more nationalist than independent, canada, NZ etc is…scotland is a country, not a county…i’d hardly call her fiery she doesn’t project her voice well @ all, she’s hardly operatic is she, a bit like roger daltrey in his early days before, he found his true singing voice…but people do shut up and listen to what she has to say…tis civic nationalism…she nor the snp need to gain approval they don’t gaf about gaining approval, they already have it, they care about getting their message out there, and will likely gain 60% of the seats in holyrood, because they do…she is not our defender….we all have a voice, find it and use it….simply describing how bad others are, is useless….cat boyd, found hers and now uses it very effectively, RIC conference 2014

    • stap pitting wee nicola doon will yi

  50. Indeed the ” Scottish Nationalists ” and Anti English Racism are just
    Agents of Division a Ruling Class Tactic of Divide and Rule

    Great Britain Need’s a Socialist Government with Compassion for
    the Poor that puts Welfare before Destructive Trident Nuclear
    Weapons of Apocalypse

    Independent United Socialist Great Britain

    Down with the SNP Yes to Social Justice in Great Britain

    • The Bilderbergers

      Yup, expect to see Wee Nicola sat round the table with Ed Balls and Co. at Bilderberg meeting soon.

    • When they pull out the race card you know they have lost the argument.

    • overburdenddonkey

      what…! a load of nonsense….we don’t ‘care’ about the snp, ffs…we care about social justice, and we’re going to get it…are you coming with us or not…?? the scots are not anti-english, but anti-WM rule…we’re fighting for something much bigger than ourselves…’Agents of Division a Ruling Class Tactic of Divide and Rule….’ don’t you think we’ve thought about that too…we’re not fucking stupid, man…!! common weal… the snp are our vehicle for change… they fail to deliver, having convinced us they can, they’re history…. …

      • sibrydionmawr

        I wouldn’t bother OBD – none of them can see why the support for the SNP is there.

        For some, yes, it is about the SNP, but I’m guessing that most of that support is about opposition to Westminster rule, something which even the leftie Brit Imperialists don’t understand.

        At it’s very worst, modern Scots nationalism is like modern Welsh, or Scandinavian nationalism: a civic nationalism that isn’t based on where you are from, or notions of blood and soil, (which worryingly is where a lot of the UKIP understanding of nationality stands, or perhaps even more worryingly, the imperialist, hierarchical understanding of Great Brit nationalism) but a sense of shared common values that is forward looking to a shared future based on a continually evolving, changing sense of what it is to be Scottish – which includes a sense of social justice that is just unattainable under the present regime.

        • It’s not over till the fat lady sings, nationalism is not a short circuit to a socialist Scotland did nobody notice the Scots voters have wiped red from the political map.

          But of course they were not real socialists.

    • England had its chance in may and decided to vote the tories to power instead. Labour are also just as bad the tories now. Don’t drag us scots down with your insane right wing country.



    What that’s brought for Paula is a profound anxiety about how much money she has to live on. In an attempt to bring down the bill for disability benefits, Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary in charge of welfare, commissioned the private firm Atos to test every single claimant of employment and support allowance, the successor to incapacity benefit. Paula has been through two such tests in two years, each time seized with worry about what happens if she “fails”.

    “It gets to the point where you’re frightened of the thud of the postman coming up your path,” she says. “You’re fearful of a brown envelope, in case it’s from the DWP [Department for Work and Pensions]. You’re fearful of a white envelope in case it’s from Atos.” The worry got so much that once she was admitted to the local psychiatric unit, where staff were warned not even to mention benefits in front of her.

    Some have been less resilient. A friend of Paula, also suffering with bipolar, received a letter saying that she’d been paid too much in benefits. This was early in the austerity regime, when the lexicon of “skivers and strivers” was still new and shocking. The friend told others that she wasn’t able to cope with the stress. A few days later, she threw herself under a train, leaving behind three small children. “She’s not the only friend I’ve lost; this government’s got blood on its hands.”



      When ministers began austerity five years ago, they got up a cover story. They pointed at Greece. They pressed into service any scrap of academic research that helped their cause, no matter how shoddy. In short, they manufactured an emergency. And they encouraged their friends in the press to run story after story about the people who didn’t deserve their benefits: the slobs and liars and mickey-takers.

      The story has stuck, though the plan to wipe out the deficit failed, which is why we’re about to do the same dance all over again. Some of the biggest savings promised from disability benefits haven’t materialised. But Paula and her friends have become human collateral in an ideological war, poisoned by the rhetoric of a regime that nabs money from the poor and hands it to the rich – while claiming to be acting in the best interests of the people it hurts most. But whatever incentives you throw at Paula, they won’t make her less disabled. She needs support; instead she gets a walloping.

      “If I had Cameron in front of me” she says, “I’d have only one question: Why? Why’s he picking on us? He had a disabled son, he’s claimed DLA.

      “Where’s the hatred come from?”



  52. Together with the Divide and Rule of Racial Division Festered by the Ruling Class another Problem is the Nasty and Vicious Class System which keeps ” People in their Place ” as Masters and Slaves .

    The Gormless and Evil Prattitude amongst too many People which props up the Class System and the Exploitation of Slave Labour is that the Filthy Rich can have their Obscene Lives of Luxury Blowing a Fortune on Champagne Watches and Cars whilst the Poor already Suffering the Degrading Effects of Poverty are to be Victimised and Stigmatised .

    The Class System and Obscene Poverty go Hand in Hand with Oppression

  53. overburdenddonkey news in scotland…

  54. Divide and Rule of Racial Division = the Progressive Plantation of diversity equality and inclusion.

  55. Let all take a moment to remember Christopher Lee, and one of his favourite films:

  56. Another Fine Mess

    People can earn as much as they need on zero hours contract, says Government minister

    The “flexibility” of zero hours contracts allows people on them to earn as much money as they choose, a Government minister has claimed.
    Conservative business minister Baroness Neville-Rolfe defended the continuing legality of the contracts during a discussion in parliament .
    “Most employers using zero hours contracts value the opportunity and flexibility they offer and individuals on them are able to earn as much or as little as they choose,” she said

    • afm – yeah, right people actually want to earn as little as possible in one job – and then get forced by dwp to look for another one.

    • If you are on a zero-hours contract, how do you get any money coming in if your employer decides there is no work for you to do.

      Zero hours should be banned as they do not guarantee work from one day to the next. If you are not working, you don’t have any money coming in nor can you claim benefits at short notice to cover your bills and rent.

      • Zero hour contracts are OK for kids wanting to earn a few £s extra pocket money, so what if the paper delivery doesn’t turn up and you don’t get paid, no sweets today, big deal… but are worse then useless for adults trying to run a household with regular fixed expenses like rent/mortgage, ford, bills which need a regular fixed income to cover.

  57. Sounds like these: these “specially designed for those who like bold writing”. Retailing at £3 a pop; that makes 244 ink cartridges!! How much ink does Broon get through lol 😀

  58. Greedy fuck probably got a discount so probably got 250 for £732 – saved the hard-working taxpayer a few bob, Broon did 😀

    • Never mind buying fancy pens through government expenses, I bet the squinty-eyed jock also bought hulk-themed underwear through dodgy bung payments during his time in office.

  59. “Gordon Brown spent £732 on pen cartridges before stepping down as an MP at the general election.

    The former Labour prime minister bought 250 ink refill cartridges for a Cross Porous point pen in December 2014.” RTFA

  60. Gordon Brown spent £732 on pen cartridges before stepping down as an MP at the general election.
    The former Labour prime minister bought 250 ink refill cartridges for a Cross Porous point pen in December 2014.
    The claim came to light after the body overseeing MPs’ pay began published MPs’ expenses receipts after losing a freedom of information battle.
    A spokesman for Mr Brown said he had “already volunteered” to return any unused refills.
    Mr Brown stepped down as Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath MP in May, after a 32-year Commons career that saw him serve as chancellor and prime minister.
    The expenses details have been published after the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) lost a Court of Appeal challenge against an order that it must release copies of receipts submitted by politicians.
    It followed a Freedom of Information request by a Sunday Telegraph reporter.
    The latest document – which is the first to be disclosed under FoI without a court order – showed that Mr Brown claimed £732 on expenses for the ink refills.
    Mr Brown’s spokesman said: “Because of his eyesight, after a series of operations on both eyes, Mr Brown uses special felt-tip pens for writing letters and notes.
    “When his parliamentary office closes down on July 8, Mr Brown’s office has already volunteered that it will return refills that have not been used by him or his staff.”

  61. “Mr Brown’s spokesman said: “Because of his eyesight, after a series of operations on both eyes, Mr Brown uses special felt-tip pens for writing letters and notes.” Bullshit! These fancy pens provide “a smooth alternative to the free-flowing ink of a fountain pen, with the convenience of a ballpoint”. They are just good pens, that’s all!


    IDS: MP pay increase ‘unacceptable’

    Iain Duncan Smith has said a proposed inflation-busting pay increase for members of parliament is “unacceptable”.

    The Independent Parliamentary Standard Authority’s (IPSA) announced a week ago that members’ pay should rise by 10 per cent to £74,000 a year.

    IPSA has had control of MP’s pay and expenses since the 2009 expenses scandal and said the new salary was at the lower end of a range of levels considered.

    As work and pensions secretary, the Chingford and Woodford Green MP’s annual salary of £134,565 is more than double what a backbencher MP currently earns with £66,000.

    He has taken the same stance as prime minister David Cameron by saying the salary increase is “unacceptable” as public sector workers are restricted to one per cent.

    Mr Duncan Smith, said: “This proposal by the independent body that decides MPs’ pay is unacceptable.

    “That’s why the Government has written to IPSA re-iterating the prime minister’s view that this is the wrong amount at the wrong time.

    “There is no final decision.

    “But, ultimately, it is right that an independent body decides MPs’ pay – rather than the previous unacceptable situation where MPs voted on their own pay and pensions.”

    He did not say whether he would accept the pay or pump it back into his constituency like Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy and Ilford North MP Wes Streeting have suggested.


    The greedy little fucker is raking it in for simply being a back-stabbing ugly weasel and killing people with sanctions and bedroom taxes. No we all know where the money from his bedroom tax goes – it goes into his deep pockets.

  63. “Turn benefits into repayable loan, says Tory group”


    “children of the poor to be denied university placements”

    ………………’s taken longer than i expected but now the inglorious bastards in power want to stop education grants to the poorest for university placement.

    As we all know, money would be wasted if true opportunities like workfare and shelf stacking apprenticeships were not taken by the kids of the poorest and vulnerable.

    Wearing a cloth cap in Eton is not the given thing, a mortar board on a dustman’s kid would be so foolish.

    “Higher education is to be a privilege of the elite and not those picking crumbs up from the food banks”

    ………………..and as for the likes of Baroness Neville-Rolfe and the cunts who patronise zero hours employees, enjoy your subsidised meals, your subsidised drinks and your £300 per day expenses allowances, because the starving will not hesitate to cut you up into bite size fillets to overcome their pangs of hunger.



    Seems a long time ago since Maggies thugs challenged the oppressed mining community, but to me it was like yesterday……………….

    The INDEPENDENT POLICE COMPLAINTS COMMISSION, OR OPERATION COVER UP, as it is better known, are the government sanitizers of all that is fetid and corrupt within the police force today.

    Independent they certainly are not, corrupt they certainly are……………..

    After HILLSBOROUGH and JEAN CHARLES MENEZES, the IPCC are the laughing stock of the keystone kops, with no more investigative drive than TIN TIN.

    “What a surprise that no inquiry is under way, especially after the mysterious loss of evidence, notebooks and personal accounts”

    What makes it even more sinister is that we stand on the cusp of more rioting that will no doubt raise questions of police tactics during confrontations?


      In February 2008 over a hundred lawyers who specialise in handling police complaints resigned from its advisory body, citing various criticisms of the IPCC including a pattern of favouritism towards the police, indifference and rudeness towards complainants and complaints being rejected in spite of apparently powerful evidence in their support

      It has been noted that “no policeman has ever been convicted of murder or manslaughter for a death following police contact, though there have been more than 400 such deaths in the past ten years alone.”. Although a number of these were determined (by inquest juries) to be suicides, other cases such as that of Ian Tomlinson, were found by inquest juries to be ‘unlawful killings’.

      There have been a number of police officers convicted of causing death by dangerous driving, including those responsible for the deaths of Hayley Adamson and Sandra Simpson


  66. If you are placed in a ‘Mandatory Work Placement’ it is important to remember that you owe nothing at all to the opportunistic weasels you are forced to work for. And I do mean nothing – you don’t get fair pay, why should they get fair play? Here is a list of things you can do to pay the scumbags back and make them wish they never met you:

    1. On your first day, hand them a letter explaining that, because they have attempted to exploit you via this despicable scheme, they have earned themselves a LIFETIME BOYCOTT by yourself. No donations and no purchases for the rest of forever. Instead of “Yours Sincerely”, why not go with “You Make Me Sick”? A small gesture but it is the thought that counts.

    2. Be gratuitously rude: If someone wishes you “good morning”, ignore them. If you need to know what to do next, why say “How can I help?” or “What would you like me to do?” when you can say “What do you want?” It is right and proper that the offensive should also be offended.

    3. Refuse to learn the names of the people you are working for: Even if you have known the creeps for months and are well aware of their names, act as if you do not know and, most importantly, do not care. Identify people you are referring to with descriptive labels, such as “the fat woman who never shuts up” or “the dopey old guy with the warts.” If anyone helpfully provides you with names, just shrug and carry on as before.

    4. Refuse to respond to the use of your first name and instead insist upon your formal title being used: Why are you on first name terms, anyway? Are you friends with the people who are screwing you over? They will probably ignore you in this so return the complement and ignore them back. When they get annoyed, say “I have already told you we are not on first name terms.” Never let them forget contempt is a two-way street.

    5. Never respond to anything until they repeat themselves at least once: This will get very frustrating very quickly. Every time someone loses their temper with you is a minor victory – just laugh in their angry faces.

    6. Work slowly: Take pride in completing as little work as possible within any given day. Be the crappiest worker you can be. If you are given “targets”, just ignore them. If you are told you need to work faster, agree but only increase speed by about 10% and slow down again after an hour. Ask them if they feel they are not getting value for money.

    7. Make lots of mistakes: You should aim for an error rate of 25% or so – any higher and it will become obvious to anyone that it is deliberate. Also, make errors that are slight since they are more plausible and are less likely to be spotted, causing more harm in the long term. Work that has been completed incorrectly is often more of a problem than work undone.

    8. Engage in opportunistic acts of sabotage: This is a delicate one since it could actually land you in prison. The trick is to keep your eyes open for opportunities that present themselves. For example, has your manager left his keys on his desk and left the office? That was a mistake! Chuck them behind a filing cabinet or something similar. It will takes you seconds to “lose” them but will take them hours to find them (since they “know” they are not behind the filing cabinet). When they are discovered, they will know it was deliberate but find it impossible to prove it was you, even if you virtually admit it by saying “I know nothing about it – but I do think it is jolly funny!”. This is just an example but the trick is to spot the opportunities, rather than try and create them. And remember, the world we live in has lots and lots of cameras in it so do a quick check before you “accidentally” push over that pile of crockery. And offer to pay for the damage out of your paycheck (but not your benefits) – it is the decent thing to do.

    And that about covers it. And remember: If your slavemasters are not every bit as dissatisfied with your sub-minimum wage employment as you are, then you are not just letting yourself down but also everyone else who is being subjected to the same.

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  68. lets be honest
    if you work anywhere
    you should receive the minimum wage

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