Black Cap Occupied, Camden Is Rising, Thank Fuck For The Fuck Parade


Politics doesn’t have to be boring.  It doesn’t have to be endless A to B marches, dreary rallies full of power-hungry hasbeens or soulless celebrity benefit gigs that cost half a giro just for a ticket.

That’s not to say it’s always going to a barrel of fucking laughs.  Standing outside a Maximus assessment centre with a banner in the freezing cold or getting up at 5am to join a picket line is desperately important.  But a political movement that does not inspire or exhilarate will eventually run out of steam.  And the bastards are not going away any time soon.  We must not run out of steam.

Sometimes, by defying their rules, and acting collectively, we get to see a glimpse of what our lives could really be like – and that is a world worth fighting for.  We should chase those moments because they provide the strength to do the hard stuff, which for a sadly increasing number of people just means staying healthy and alive.

Summer is coming. They can’t take that away from us.  There is no better time to be out on the streets, and with anger against the Tories spreading throughout the UK there will be no lack of opportunity.  The Daily Mail wants a Summer of Rage it would be a shame to disappoint them.  But not on their terms.  It should be a summer of having a fucking laugh at their expense as well.

Every time the rich see us weep they crack open another bottle of champagne.  They want us starving if we don’t have a job, and miserable and worked half to death if we do.  It is not just that they want to take away the health service and the welfare state.  They want to turn our streets and cities, pubs, clubs, football grounds, anything they can find into their playgrounds and price us out.   This enclosure of human pleasure means that joy can no longer be free, it is just for the rich now, or at least only those who can pay.   Glastonbury Festival can only survive with a fence, security guards, coppers and eye-watering ticket prices because there isn’t a better festival down the road without all those things.  Margaret Thatcher made sure of that 30 years ago this week.

So let’s start taking it back.  All of it. The occupation of the Black Cap in Camden, one of London oldest gay cabaret venues and recently closed to make way for yet more luxury flats, is a fantastic start.  The upcoming Central London demonstration on June 20th does not have to be a soul-destroying display of obedience and quiet acceptence, it can be as spiky and fun as people make it.

In just over a month Class War are holding a Fuck Parade in Camden where rampant gentrification is destroying what was once a thriving cultural, and largely working class corner of London.  The event takes its name from an annual event in Berlin which sees thousands take over the streets to party and protest against the commercialisation of the city.  Just like in Berlin, London’s history and culture are being destroyed in the name of greed. 

According to one blogger, who reviewed last year’s event, the Berlin Fuck Parade “shatters the silence of all the newly-finished luxury blocks that dot the city’s streets, forbidding to the average Berliner despite being nearly empty.”  The same shit is happening everywhere.  Our resistance is global.  Etc (puts the spliff down).

For full details of the Fuck Parade, being held on July 11th from 7pm outside Camden Tube, please join (and share the fuck out of) the facebook page.  Or info here for non-facebook users.

The campaign to Save The Black Cap, which is not (yet) affiliated to the squatters are also on facebook and are holding a weekly vigil outside the venue on Saturdays from 1pm – 4pm.

A group has also formed to support Camden’s last remaining alternative venues by getting pissed in them – join the next Reclaim Camden pub crawl.

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115 responses to “Black Cap Occupied, Camden Is Rising, Thank Fuck For The Fuck Parade

  1. overburdenddonkey

    yep, everyone on this planet knows a time when joy had no name….

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  3. Britain Need’s a Better Chancellor of the Exchequer than the One at
    Present and No More Nutcase Public Spending Cuts

  4. ever notice that when gedion is talking he tilts his head to one side and as you watch the degree of tilt gets grater, must be all them bricks in there other than brains.

  5. Arlington House (London)

    Arlington House is a hostel for homeless men in Camden Town, London that opened in 1905. It is the last and largest of the Rowton Houses to be built and is the only one to remain in use as a hostel.

    George Orwell lived in one of the Rowton Houses and wrote about the experience in Down and Out in Paris and London, his semi-autobiographical account of living in poverty in both cities. Brendan Behan lived in Arlington House.[1]

    Arlington House was taken over by Camden London Borough Council in the 1980s, but was subsequently privatised and later given without payment to One Housing Group (OHG) by the Novas Scarman group to ensure that building works were completed. As of 2010 the building was owned and managed by One Housing Group, undergoing major government-funded refurbishment, and due to reopen in 2010.[2] There has been much criticism around this matter; see “What the press says”, below.

    Arlington House was opened after completion of major rebuilding by Mayor of London Boris Johnson on 10 June 2010. It is said to “feature hostel accommodation along with business units, artist studios, conference facilities and accommodation for low-rent housing for workers”, [5] It has since been visited by several well-known people, including Tracey Emin, Iain Duncan Smith, Nick Clegg, and Prince Charles.[6][7]

    • So now it`s 10% of the complex that is for homeless people & even that will have to be vetted. No fixed Abode. The work house are all being closed down & PLC.

    • Terry Stewart

      One Housing Group sacked two union reps, Bryan Kennedy from Unite and Debbie Cordrey from Unison when they spoke out against executive pay.

      One Housing Group closed and evicted 50 rough sleepers from their Dean St Hostel to open a backpackers hostel and pub for tourists.

      One Housing Group evicted the Hillview tenants association from their own community centre as they didn’t meet “the corporate values” of One Housing Group.

      One Housing Group de-recognised the tenants associations in Tower Hamlets on the Samuda and Island Homes estates as they are “an obstacle to private development”.

      One Housing Group decided to introduce market rents for all new social and supported tenants creating a benefit trap for them. One Housing Groups’ direct competitors (.e.g. FamilyMosiac , Newlon) decided not to do this as they felt it unethical. One Housing Group uses the extra rent to build private flats for sale.

      One Housing Group has several fire enforcement notices against them in their care and support buildings for the vulnerable and elderly , just reinforcing that they absolutely don’t care whether their tenants live or die as long as a few quid can be saved.

      One Housing Group has no social purpose whatsoever. If you want to know how their Chief Exectutive Mike Sweeney sleeps at night? It is with the help of a few glasses of expensive brandy on his publicly funded £232,000 per year salary.

      • £232,000 per year salary!! – that’s over twice what Cameron earns – and he is the Prime Minister ffs!

  6. Phil Neville’s wife Julie hits out at Twitter trolls

    BBC – 18 mins ago – 5th June 2015

    The wife of ex-England footballer Phil Neville has hit out at Twitter trolls who have bombarded the family with abuse about their disabled daughter.

    Julie Neville spoke out after Greater Manchester Police (GMP) revealed complaints about online abuse had almost doubled.

    Mrs Neville said one Twitter user wrote about T-shirts with the slogan “Phil Neville’s daughter is a spastic”.

    Others had threatened to rape her while her husband had received death threats.

    GMP has released figures that show the force received 959 complaints about crime on social media in 2014, including sexual offences, threats to kill and harassment. In 2013 the figure was 512.

    Read More:

  7. overburdenddonkey

    we took to the streets in our thousands in alban…..we can make a difference although this has yet to be fully realized with firm political actions to end our sufferings..people who had never stood up and spoke before got up and let rip it’s wonderful stuff, politics is ours not theirs…one other thing that when when in the streets towns and cities i know that i’m no more than a few feet away form another social justice campaigner…we will overcome we must overcome… turn everything into human rights issue and you won’t go far wrong….

  8. Only fools and tyrants demand censorship.

    Censorship protecting you from reality.

    • Stuff internet censorship. Last year I signed Google’s petition to stop all that nonsense as I believe in free speech and free rights for all. Governments wanting censorship are trying to hide their true motives against the common person.

      I vote for a republic. It’s the only way our country will recover from the greed, corruption and back-stabbing politicians. No wonder our country is in debt – our greedy MPs have voted for a pay rise, although half are saying they will refuse it and give to charity. I’ll believe that when I see it. They are just saying that to win the sympathy vote and to hold on to power.

      We are all in it together, except it you are not an MP who’ll say to the rest of us in the real world – I’m richer than you, now go fuck off you poor pleb and give me your vote to keep me in a cushy little number for another five years.

  9. Rival Sound Plate System

  10. There was a report today on vox political I think today about HMG giving five contract to snoopers monitoring social media in real time and inform HMG as to what the plebs really think of them.
    Now privicy rights set aside what a golden oppertunity to saturate the said media with the right message of the oppressed majority. So let the fight for right start. Make video documentary for YouTube. Send email comments to all newspapers about story’s even the snouts in trough ones. Make used of all social media. Send in freedom of information requests to local and national organisations and HMG. Use national and local radio phone-in’s. We now have a new breed of local television statons i.e Made TV a golden oppertunity to get the message across, use them. Boycott bussnesss who exploit there workers nothing hurts more than hitting them there well lined pockets. Ask the DWP/ HMRC/NHS for a subject information requests from the date you started work until the pressent day, And watch out for UPS delivering it by sack Barrow. Do the same for any orginisation you have had dealings with. All the above are passive and leagl so what are you waiting for start emailing and writing now.If you have a camera/ phone get videoing for YouTube.
    Tommaz Jay
    Oppressed, but not enough to stop fighting back.

  11. The daily Fail is carrying this story today, and is usual praising from the rafters the latest cobblers spouted from Herr Himmler Smith –

    What Himmler Smith won’t mention is the high number of people forced into zero-hour contracts. dead-end jobs, un-employed people’s forced attendance of the Work Programme (or as I would rather call it from personal experience ‘like being in prison’), benefit sanctions being carried out left, right and centre – all of which contribute to the un-employment figures being fiddled into lower numbers.

    That bald-headed fucktard Herr Smith is obviously brown-nosing the (German) royal family into a knighthood for his plans to rob the people of Britain their dignity and well-being.

    Fuck off, Smithturd. Your latest claims (through your supporting newspaper the Daily Fail ) of the figures dropping simply don’t wash with me. GET A REAL FUCKING JOB YOU BALD-HEADED RIGHT-WING NAZI.

    • overburdenddonkey

      then they’ve got a serious problem because there is no economic advantage to be seen, in getting all of these, as they want people to believe, extra people into employment…! and certainly no need for an emergency austerity budget in july….work is obviously not paying, if indeed the extra numbers are back into employment as they claim, and NOT boosting our economy…only 1 in 40 new jobs are full time… “You can’t expect an MP to scrabble around on a salary of £67,000.” yes when one has millions an income £67000 pa (now nearly £74000), must seem like pocket change….to someone on hardship payments £35/wk, £73/wk is a fortune..the shear scale of their piss take is jaw dropping…

    • @fen
      Don’t forget those on Pension Guarantee Credit who are “economically inactive” aren’t counted, and there’s a lot of those.

      • @ wildswimmerpete & Overburden –

        I forgot about the others. I reckon those new un-employment figures were written on the back of a fag packet in IDS’ counting house when his abacus broke and he lost all the little beads under the fitted carpet.



    ………………….thanks to a pre selected bent judge, justice has once again been tossed out of the window……….

    How can it be possible for delays to benefit with regards PIP, be deemed unlawful yet not be a breach of human rights?

    We all know the answer and so do the DWP…………….

    Field an insider and you will always get the desired decision.
    Starving someone into submission is the latest trend from the uk governments hand picked assassin of benefit claimants, shitbag Smith.

    No doubt the EU Commission will be casting a dubious eye over this latest jaundiced decision by a so called, fair, impartial and independent judge?

    Isn’t it strange that with so many being “unlawfully” starved that no compensation can be claimed?

    It could only happen in the uk…………….

    Meanwhile Cameron is on his travels trying to put the finger of corruption on foreign fields, a diversionary tactic to try and switch the onus from his own bag yard.

    The centre of corruption and flagrant human rights abuse where swathes of people are forced into exodus from the playground of the rich, the metropolis that is the cancer of the world, London………………



      all DWP policies and benefits are compliant with all
      EC/EU Treaties, Legislation and Human Rights Conventions signed and
      ratified by the UK. Judgments of the European Court of Justice and European
      Court of Human Rights are fully complied with up to the present date.

      ………………….AND PIGS CAN FLY

  13. World Cup Report – YT & Navigator (July 14)

  14. The other day I decided to try an experiment on how sh*te universal job mis-match really is –

    Through Mozilla Firefox, and using a proxy extension add-on, I switched my IP to an American based proxy IP – but for no known reason UJM got really pissy with me and refused me access to the log-in page and locked me completely out. I assume then that if your computer is hiding under another IP and not its own, UJM will detect this and blocks access like it did me.

    As soon as I switched the proxy IP off and went back to the real IP address everything was back to normal and I could log in with no problems. No error page or ‘UJM account locked page’ as what happened through a different IP.

    UJM is just one big snooping tool wanting to know every little detail about you, right down to your computer location. If its own tracking cookies and hidden web beacons don’t know you are whom you say and where you live, it will lock your account out.

    • The Fuckerburg

      That other snooping, tracking piece-of-shit, Facebook does the same thing. Try logging in to that dung-heap from a different device/location ans see how far you get: “Account Locked”

      • UJM doens’t like me signing in through Firefox, maybe it’s because I have numerous privacy and security extension add-ons in place to stop the web beacons and trackers hidden on UJM.

      • The Fuckerburg, I remember ( I am quite old, kind of) signing up to Facebook and they kept telling me of all the people that ‘I might know’. Nobody in the world knew I was on Facebook and I never ‘invited’ any friends. They had accessed my email address book. I suppose its common knowledge now, but 6/7 years ago unheard of.

        • IT Security Expert

          Facebook is pure fucking creepy. No matter how you cover you tracks it seems to track you down. You can test it with a blank account. Hide your IP* – it will still suggest “people you might know”, and pin down your location to within 500 metres. I don’t think the dumbfucks who use that site know how much tracking goes on. But if you just access like the typical dumbfuck who uses it you aren’t any the wiser. The Fuckerburg even tracks you when you are on other sites. It is “free” for a reason… 😉

          * Facebook won’t work unless you enable Javascript – how fucking convenient… 😉

        • IT Security Expert

          Like Fen Tiger discovered, it is only when you try and disable tracking that you realise how heavily you are being tracked.

      • IT Security Expert

        And Google won’t even let you search unless you hand over your IP address.

        • sibrydionmawr

          Using StartPage is a way to have all the advantages of Google without giving anything to Google. You can use it in Firefox and it’s pretty easy to install. It’s also possible to use it with Chrome and Chromium browsers.

          You can also find out more about making your online activities more secure by following some of the information here:

        • I have set as my main browser in Firefox in addition to Donottrack, disconnect, ghostery and noscript extensions.

      • For best results wash & go with Tor browser bundle. Long live the Pirate

  15. I might have to list on here all the tracking devices that UJM tries to get away with…

    • Fen and others, have you tried using Tor?

      • I did have TOR (through firefox) on my computer on one occasion but it slowed down my browsing speeds and repsonse times. Instead, and recently i discovered which I now use as my main browser in Firefox along with numerous privacy and security extensions.

    • Fen Tiger – I only log into UJM on a device that I hardly ever use. Re Facebook, I attended one of the JCP’s “group sessions” recently, and they let me away instead of having to sit through it, because I don’t have a facebook account! Needless to say, the others were starting to think of denying that they had one, but they had already said that they had!

  16. Paul Gregg crawls out of the woodwork to promote his rotten brand of welfare reform.

    The Resolution Foundation’s Paul Gregg, a professor of economic and social policy at the University of Bath, said: ‘The UK has made great strides in improving its employment record in recent decades, particularly among families with children.’

  17. I think that all this snooping is to put people off from attending protests in case they can be identified and subsequently arrested for “whatever” reason. However, this is in my opinion, a little bit misguided as the comments I have read today has made people all the more determined to attend the protests. This government is rattled by the protests that are being held against their austerity cuts. Austerity should start at home – Westminster.

  18. *OFF TOPIC*
    Why are some Jobcenters incorrectly instructing JSA Claimants to undertake 35 hours weekly job search activity when they are under NO legal obligation to do so? Do JCP Managers think they are above the law or are they simply incompetent?


      …………exalted to the position of a PCS god, holding the power of attorney to decide if one lives or dies by removing the sustenance to even exist….

      An executioner of the state, a killer in office, nothing more, nothing less……

      Hiding behind the oldest cliche known to mankind, the worst excuse ever,

      “I was only doing my job”…………………………………..


        3. When a death is reported to a coroner

        A doctor may report the death to a coroner if the:

        cause of death is unknown
        death was violent or unnatural
        death was sudden and unexplained
        person who died was not visited by a medical practitioner during their final illness
        medical certificate isn’t available
        person who died wasn’t seen by the doctor who signed the medical certificate within 14 days before death or after they died
        death occurred during an operation or before the person came out of anaesthetic
        medical certificate suggests the death may have been caused by an industrial disease or industrial poisoning
        prolonged delay of benefits,
        breach of human rights,
        application of sanction by pissed with power Decision Maker

        The coroner may decide that the cause of death is clear. In this case all evidence of Corporate Manslaughter must be withheld from the public domain.

    • JCP Managers Leading Beyond Authority and beyond the law, Work Coaches are both willfully malicious and incompetent they think claimants are out with the protection of the law, a JCP regime of dehumanisation and the delegitimisation of claimants.

      jobcentre plus is a criminal enterprise sanctioned by government that not only breaches human rights but disregards the basic civil rights of clamants.

      • Jobcenter Managers and Work Coaches are guilty of conspiracy to commit Fraud via deliberate and malicious misrepresentation of the law, and using intimidation to threaten and undermine the legal rights of claimants. Are they acting alone or upon instructions from higher up, if so who’s instructions? Why are such gross breaches of Human Rights going unchallenged by the Opposition? BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL IN IT TOGETHER.

        • IDS is the biggest benefit fraudster going. If there is any money to be saved, chuck him and put a stop to his fraudulent fingers in the till. How much money is he being bunged to fuck up the lives of people unable to get into work.

      • They’re all massive twats from the manager to the security guards. Who the fuck would ever want to work in a jobcentre in the first place?

    • On a previous visit to my local joke centre I overheard my jobcoach tell another customer to do a minimum 35hrs per week job activities.

      If the silly moo had said this to me I would have asked to see a copy of the rulebook all JCP’s are supposed to stick to.

      Maybe, all JCP staff think they can get away with it and assume the rules don’t apply to them, nor does the jobseeker act.

      • When I objected to the illegal 35 hour instruction my Work Coach became very angry & flustered, raised her voice, threatened me with a Jobseekers Directive for daily signing, and I found myself being surrounded by G4SS goons. I have subsequently complained to my MP, but am still waiting for an outcome.

        • First port of call to make an official complaint against a member of JCP staff is the manager – by means of a letter of complaint for the attention of the manager. The letter has to be specific and clearly state your grievances otherwise it won’t be any use in helping to resolve your situation. Trying to contact an MP over the JCP cunts is probably a waste of time as all MP’s don’t give a flying fuck about us not in work.

          • luckily the Work Coach in question has now been demoted to new claims enquiries and I no longer have to deal with her, though I doubt if my MP had anything to do with it. He simply said he had written to the Minister for clarification of the 35 hour rule, and I’m still waiting to hear back. Don’t know which Minister, whether he meant IDS or Fraud or some other cunt.

  19. I feel that IDS will kick the bucket soon, before the next 5 years are up certainly, maybe even sooner with a bit of luck, but either way I reckon he’s gonna croak before too long. Pickles too.

    • Here’s hoping that one day soon old slaphead Drunken Sh*te actually keels over dead during Prime Minister question time. It’ll be the first ever decent and sensible thing he will have ever done for the human race.

      I never did like the silly old fool after he decided I had to waste my life on some stupid work programme bollocks under the pretence of ‘work experience’

  20. overburdenddonkey

    a tale of trying to be in 2 place @ once…

  21. ‘Gabba the fuck’ looks like Herr Smith’s mother – both fucking ugly and dumb. When Herr Smith was born the doctor slapped his mother’s ass and said ”we don’t want that ugly little fucker in this world. put him back where he popped out from”.

  22. Priti Patel, stated that sanctions were only used “as a last resort in a small percentage of cases”, …

    Then sanctions have a mighty impressive kill rate Priti Patel.

    Hundreds of thousands last resort sanctions are not a small percentage of cases Priti Patel.

    • Priti Patel used to work in a scam Indian ‘Microsoft centre in New Delhi…

    • overburdenddonkey
      ‘Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act show that 3,097,630 JSA claims were made in 2013-14 and 568,430 individuals were subject to a sanction, a total of 18%. In 2012-13, 16% of claims were subjected to sanctions and 15% in 2010-11. They are imposed on people who fail to keep appointments, reject jobs or walk out of jobs without good reason’
      and that is just JSA…!!

      • “reject jobs” by that they mean refuse to do unpaid work. They don’t offer anyone any jobs.

      • They are imposed on people who fail to keep appointments, reject jobs or walk out of jobs without good reason.

        Where did that unattributed line come from did the guardian journo make it up?

        Would guess most sanctions are imposed on malicious job-search “doubts” manufactured by work coach thugs.

        • overburdenddonkey

          no it’s not, in the barking mad world of the dwp, that’s how they describe it..extrapolative speculation, is how the UtT describe it….

          • Extrapolative speculation, presumably there maybe rabbit shit down the hole consequently there may or may not be a rabbit down the hole assuming it is a rabbit hole or in probability the hole of a dead rabbit.

            Is that how this bullshit works?

            • overburdenddonkey

              yes….they want to put one in a position where one is having to constantly prove ones self worthy….
              ie define ‘make every effort…?’ or ‘full participation in an interview’….it’s meaningless, but it sounds plausible, puts the onus/backfoot on you, and then you have to challenge their decision….

              • It’s all in the wording.

                • ‘make every effort’… ‘full participation in an interview’… … ‘we expect you to do all you can do to find work’… ’how long is a piece of string?’… even superglue on steroids couldn’t nail down these definitions… 😀

              • ‘make every effort’… ‘full participation in an interview’..’how long is a piece of string?’… 😀

                • The Riddler

                  ‘expect you to do all you can do to find work’… ’how long is a piece of string?’ 😀

                • Dr Stephen Hawking

                  ‘make every effort’… ‘full participation in an interview’… … ‘we expect you to do all you can do to find work’… ’how long is a piece of string?’… it is like the universe… wide open to interpretation; constantly shifting, changing and expanding; infinite…

                  ‘expect you to do all you can do to find work’… ’how long is a piece of string?’ 😀

                • … I might be a bit thick but I think the answer is that because the quantitative answer is unknown the jobcentre can just keep moving the goalposts… 😉

                • It’s like, I mean, ‘we expect you to do all you can do to find work’… it’s like there is always going to be something else that you could have done to find work, if you know wot I mean… it’s like that Hawking geezer said, it is ‘infinite’, if you know wot I mean, it ‘s not like you can cover all bases, if the bases are infinite, if you know wot I mean, innit… ? 😉

                • Professor of Astrophysics

                  And the ‘expect you to do all you can find work’ infinite universe has to be ‘evidenced’ in the finite granularity of sub-atomic particles……. 😀

                • Professor of Astrophysics

                  And the ‘we expect you to do all you can do to find work’ infinite universe has to be ‘evidenced’ in the finite granularity of sub-atomic particles……. 😀

                • Work roaches a fucking low-life scum

                  Yeah, me fucking work roach wanted me to write down the url of every website I visited like this: ffs And gave me a big thick sheaf of paper to do so. When I asked the cunt what the fuck is the point of that all that happened was that I was suddenly surrounded by G4$ goons. Anyway, on next appointment I told the cunt I wasn’t gonna do it, so they raised a fucking ‘doubt’ – not actively seeking employment!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  the point is that if they expect one to define their expectations of one, they ought to be able define what they mean as well and they can’t….and they must so as one can know what they’re teaching one….many so called welfare orgs are obvs complicit….
                  here is an example of one that is not…. go grassroots orgs, set one up if possible…set up a common space group… see for ideas….it’s all one way valve atm, we must change this…

                • All this astrophysics talk has gone over me ‘ead 🙂

                • Come again, professor of astrophysics, you’ve lost me 🙂 And you too Stephen, what does an expanding universe expand into? 🙂 And David, I had to borrow your aftershave, soz 🙂

                • And David, you are a bit fick but I forgive you 😀

  23. I would point out that once your rent arrears reach equivalent of 2 months rent, it is Association policy to serve a Notice of Proceedings.

    What ever happened to the Housing Association’s equality and diversity policy.

  24. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Mr Void here reports the plans for yet another demonstration, this time against the gentrification of working class and marginalised, ‘bohemian’ areas in London, which are forcing out their historic, traditional residents. It’s based on the ‘F*ck Parade’ in Berlin, which was a mass protest against the social cleansing in that great city of its poor and marginal residents in favour of the rich. Class War are holding a similar even in Camden on July 11th. Mr Void also states that this protest is intended to be fun, as it is through this that the necessary energy and enthusiasm can be retained to carry on the protests and demonstrations against the government and its cuts.

  25. “Tax Havens And The Tory’s – Will they Honour Their manifesto? – Give Up Their Secret Nest Eggs To The Taxman – Pigs Will Fly First”

  26. The Chuckle Sister

    you conveniently forget to mention that the Executive Director of Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty is on a salary of £250,000… 😉

  27. Once again the DWP have ruined my day. Spent all morning wasting my time at some poxy jobclub place pointlessly applying for jobs I can’t do in places I can’t get to, for the fucking sake of it, whilst the sun was shining & I had laundry to do. By the time I got back sun has gone, black rain clouds have gathered & I can’t hang my laundry out. VERY ANNOYING 😦

  28. All the Jobclub place can suggest is that I do yet more fucking voluntary work, standing around in some charity furniture shop with nothing to do for the bloody sake of it.

    • And that qualifies as “specialist advice for unemployed over 50s” FFS. What a load of bullshit.

      • I know how you feel not roger – I have a job that I absolutely detest – wish I had never taken it on – another non-interview email today – I definitely think it is age related.

  29. Down with Slave Labour

    Forced Labour is Slave Labour

    Degrading Poverty is a Violation of Human Rights

    Increase Welfare Spending and End Tax Breaks For the Selfish Rich

  30. Instead of Wasting £100 Billion Pounds on Trident Nuclear Weapons
    it is Better to Spend this on Welfare the National Health Service
    and Funding to Local Government

    Welfare Yes Warmongering No

  31. Doctors/GPS that do Not Care for their Patients should be Sacked

    Doctors/GPs Need to be Caring People Not Stooges of Tyranny and

  32. Given Nutcase Tory Defence Cuts whilst Wasting a Fortune on Trident Nuclear Weapons Pahlava should Argentine take what it Calls the Malvinas then maybe that would bring to Light just how much the Tories have Wrecked Britain’s Defences

    The Problem with the Result of the 1982 AD Falklands War was that that Evil Bitch Margaret Thatcher was Helped by it to Win the 1983 AD General Election and put Oppressed Britain under more Years of Slavery to the Tory Party of Privilege andthe Oppressive Class System

    I would Hate to See the Tories use another Falklands War to be Propelled by
    Gormless Pratts into “Winning ” another General Election many are Concerned that this General Election 2015 AD was Rigged

    Argentina is Not the Problem it is Tory Nation Wreckers the I Am All Right Jack Scum and the None so Blind as Those who will Not See in Britain who Are the Cravenly Out of Touch

  33. Check out what Gordon Bowden is saying about hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ‘shell’ companies in London, operated by the super-rich ‘great and good’, asset-stripping trillions from the wealth of the country. There are lots of interviews on Youtube where he talks about this massive fraud done by the super-rich, including many ‘famous’ Sirs, Lords, etc. This is huge, but hardly anyone knows about it – documentary evidence was handed to the BBC by Mr Bowden more than three months ago and they have done nothing.

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