Worse Than The Poor Law, Universal Credit Slammed By Councils, Charities And Even Landlords

cih-poor-lawSavage new rules, which could leave newly unemployed, sick or disabled people with no money at all for six weeks, have been slammed in a consultation carried out by the DWP’s own advisors.

The Social Security Advisory Committee (SSAC) ran the consultation after the DWP warned that the seven day waiting period already introduced for current out of work sickness and unemployment benefits is being extended to Universal Credit. As the SSAC rightly point out this will leave most new claimants without any benefits at all for six weeks due to the monthly payment cycle of Universal Credit.  Perhaps most shocking of all, this will include payments intended to cover rents, meaning new claimants will not just face the trauma of losing their job but immediately be plunged into huge rent arrears.

The plans have been met with outrage by charities, housing associations, local authorities and even landlords.  One organisation, the hardly fucking radical Chartered Institute for Housing, points out that: “Even under the poor law that preceded the welfare state it was unlawful for the authority to refuse support to a person who had no income or savings even for a short period of time.”

The result of the consultation is that the SSAC recommended to the Government that this proposal should not proceed.  The DWP, predictably, have rejected this recommendation  on the basis that they think people will have enough money to tide them over.

According to the DWP, most people are paid monthly and so should receive a final salary payment if they leave work and it is ‘not unreasonable’ to expect them to budget this money to last the full six weeks.  They also claim that low earners will aready be on Universal Credit anyway, so they will not face a waiting period if they lose their job.

The truth is that a single person, with relatively low housing costs, will cease being eligible for Universal Credit if their earnings go above about £310 a week before tax.  This is the kind of ‘relatively higher-income employment’ that the DWP believe means a person will have a couple of months rent lying around somewhere, as well as enough cash to get them through the next six weeks.  It is fucking astonishing they can say this stuff with a straight face.  What is perhaps of most concern is that they might actually believe it.

The DWP have brushed aside concerns that many workers are not paid monthly, particularly in lower paid jobs.  McDonalds, for example, pay fortnightly, whilst lots of agency and cleaning jobs pay weekly.  Additionally not everyone comes onto benefits after leaving work – a failed business, the end of a relationship or someone leaving the parental home can also trigger a benefit claim.  The DWP merely say that these people might be able to apply for a benefit advance, although this will be conditional on whether they think the person can afford to pay it back.  With some people likely to face housing costs running to over a thousand pounds, and that’s before they eat, it is unlikely that a Short Term Benefit Advance will do anything to bridge the gap.

The SSAC also recommended that if this policy were not to be scrapped then exempting the housing element of Universal Credit from the waiting period might “mitigate against the harshest impacts”.  The DWP have responded that this would only confuse claimants and therefore not meet the aim of simplifying Universal Credit.

For the last five years we have been told that giving money to the very poorest will make only make them lazy and unhealthy.  Now apparently it will confuse them as well, as if they will not be able to cope with such riches as being able to afford to pay their rent.  There has rarely been more transparent bullshit spoken to justify what is nothing more than a simple transfer of wealth from people in poverty to line the pockets of the filthy rich.  According to the DWP the money saved by this policy will be re-invested in welfare-to-work support, meaning yet more lucrative contracts for the likes of G4S, Maximus and A4e and the multi-millionaires who run and own them.

You can download the SSAC’s report and the Government’s response at: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-universal-credit-waiting-days-amendment-regulations-2015-si-2015-no-1362-ssac-report

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137 responses to “Worse Than The Poor Law, Universal Credit Slammed By Councils, Charities And Even Landlords

  1. I have only one thing to say ….. Bastards!

  2. Looks like this will also lock people into poverty pay jobs.

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  4. A-Brightfuture

    UC is being created to abolish the welfare state. Of course ministers know the immense hardship and distress UC will cause. The unrealistic demands and complete twisted policies of the soon redundant DWP, is a department that has shot itself in the head, and is slowly dying.

  5. The sooner the better for us all A-Brightfuture

  6. overburdenddonkey

    fuck, they really do think we’re machines that can switch off our biological and emotional needs when they demand…and then we’re expected to switch back on as they command…in a just world we would be able to eat soil, and have feathers to keep the rain out and keep ourselves warm…
    surely people can now see that we’re being blamed and punished for being poor…the decoded message is that they don’t gaf, couldn’t be any plainer…

  7. a network error occurred

    And what do the Labour Party have to say about this? Absolutely fuck all? No, they agree with it! And they wonder why they lost the fucking election!

    • Labour party are a part of the same neo-liberal conspiracy that benefits massive corporations and business’s but does nothing for you if you’re unemployed/disabled or poor. Glad to say they were found out in Scotland and then shafted hard at the election for their complete betrayal of people’s hopes and beliefs. Hopefully they’ll now disintegrate completely as a party never to be seen or heard from again..

      • a network error occurred

        The bastards actually think Universal Credit is a good idea, and Benefit Sanctions are brilliant. Some fucking Opposition. Labour have abandoned us, and in turn we abandoned them. We need an English version of Sinn Fein to stand up to these Tory cunts. A totally new Peoples Party, and I don’t mean fucking UKIP.

        • comp keeps crashing

          you are so right, i was only saying that to someone the other day. but i said snp lol,but we do. labour has tossed us to the side, now ukip no way and the rest not a chance in hell. the working people of this country need to get together and form a new party. one that will work and is for everyone not the rich and fare. but will it happen god knows but should only ever decent mp was churchill even though he was a con,and the cons are blaming labour for the sate of the uk when it was thatcher fucked it all up.and labour tried but did not do a very good job in sorting this out.now the cons are wanting to go back to the work house days.and make homelessness illegal also.they want us to slowly fade away,but it shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

          • a network error occurred

            If they keep on pushing someone’s gonna get hurt. You can only push people so far. It will blow up in their faces. Riots will turn into civil war and Revolution. Never mind the ‘Arab Spring’, there will be aWinter of Dissent.

          • The SNP won an up to 80 per cent voter turnout because it has Devo Max and is an anti austerity party. The SNP pay the bedroom tax and council tax support of the poorest Scots and are not shutting down disability benefits as in England.

            If the people in Wales had been more aware, they would have voted Plaid Cymru more as the NHS is devolved to Wales.

            So I wrote up a new party and called it The Swans new party.


            Labour voting areas have the highest number of non-voters and people who do not bother to keep registered to vote.

            One Labour voting area held the record in May for a 51 per cent non-voter rate.

            This is more usual than you think in England and Wales.

            So there is a yawning gap for an anti austerity party.

            So being half Greek from me mum and a SYRIZA fan, it is easey peasey for me to write it up. From me English dad am the grateful inheritor of the suffragists/suffragetes, The Chartists and Cromwell.

            The hard left got wiped out in this last election, losing every single MP deposit, with micro party voting.

            Something a bit back from the hard left could win as big as the SNP did in Scotland.

            But as we are stuck in a fixed term 5 year parliament, there is just one hope.

            There is a movement beginning for the north of England to break away into a separate nation. I kid you not.

            Far better than the other movement, which is to become devolved to Scotland.

            I signed the petition for the breakaway nation and added what about the Midlands as far south as Worcester?

            This is not a Swans new party idea, but came up from the people themselves, who are signing the petition in droves and a phone poll showed such as Manchester citizens very keen.

            So if you want the party to start, then I’ve done the groundwork.

            All we need is your feet to give the new party legs.

            Not to sit around a committee table, sup tea and endlessley debate.

            Oh no. The only way a new party can soar into people’s knowledge is to get out amongst them.

            So are you up for it Sir?


      • Gordon Broon shafting the hard-working taxpayer out of £732 for 250 ink cartridges as a greedy fucking expenses last grab parting shot was the last straw.

        • Fucking ridiculous, Broon must be selling the pen ink cartridges on for a profit to a market stall or some place. From experience these ink refills last for fucking ages, they write for fucking miles, like to the Moon and back and still some left over for a round to Mars. Broon is up to something. Must need the dosh what with only being a multi-millionaire ex-Prime Minister and all. Broon and his ilk take the proverbial biscuit – but, oh look, Broon has already raided the cookie jar 😀

          • Jobcentre Psychologist

            Broon’s obsessive take it just because you can and hoard it even though you have no need for it does suggest a mental disorder. It would be interesting to see what else Broon is hoarding – does he have a garage full of House of Commons beermats…

  8. a network error occurred

    Freud & Smith should swing for this. Time to build a gallows…

  9. Check out the “Universal Credit (Surpluses and Self-employed Losses) (Digital Service) Amendment Regu,ations 2015 (S.I. 2015 No.345) too. It shows the lie behind the whole project about making people who work better off… If you’ve a fluctuating income you may have to wait up to six months for the DWP to average out your Housing Costs Element because the algorithms in the “live” system being beta tested in Sutton are unable to judge how better off people may actually be: so the policy is now to stop people from benefitting from 3-6 month contracts then signing on. It basically states that there is an expectation that the final month’s wages will cover rent and living costs.

    This weird “live” IT problem hasn’t however indicated that one of the late unlamented Esther McVey’s pronouncements last January about the DWP sanctioning people who refuse to accept Zero Hours contracts – unless they are “exclusive” to a single company – is up for review. The HMRC tax element is apparently more than capable of dealing with the 65% taper.

    To quote JV: “Don’t laugh”. FFS if people like Matthew Oakley who helped plan this shitheaded scheme as part of Policy Exchange are now finding issues with this and the current sanctions levels now they’re on the SSAC isn’ t it time to accept it is fucked? It certainly isn’t a simplification when you start calculation the payment schedules and all the attendant “de minimus” blahblahblahs needed to work out the standard allowances.

    Of course, these calculations are not shown on your monthly letter acknowledging payment. However, given that these letters are currently being (on the basis of personal experience) sent out about 27 days AFTER the payment is made you’ll be spending two days making the calculations work and another day wondering if you need to spend £6.45 on a “signed for/guaranteed next day delivery” letter to get Mandatory Reconsideration.
    (Top tip I nicked from a recent BW flyer…ask for MR and a “Subject Access Review” – see the ICO website for a model letter and guidelines – and hand it in to your least favourite advisor. Try to get a photo of their face when they open the letter and try to mentally decide who they need to legally pass it on to so they don’t become personally responsible… it’s a beautiful moment, believe me!)

    • The poor are being crushed and will be so scared of losing their jobs. When I end up on UC and go to the cash machine and see a months rent and four weeks of JSA instead of just my fortnightly JSA I had better not go to the local betting shop. A few losers and it might become a case of shit or bust and the rent money is gone.

      • a network error occurred

        if I get a months rent & 4 weeks JSA all at once I’ll be tempted to get on a plane to Greece.

        • a network error occurred

          Or Northern Ireland. Thank fuck for Sinn Fein!

          • Sinn Fein has it’s bad points, certainly, but a lot of it’s basic (non-terrorist) political ideas are quite good ones.

        • Yes. Go to Greece. Help SYRIZA beat those dratted Troika EU nasties.

          But I never got any benefit and denied state pension payout til 2019 from 2014 (the others from 2013).

          Mobility challenged more and more so no more Greece, after a lifetime of going.

          I did my bit. Promoted SYRIZA amongst relatives of me mum for years. Kept lookout for SYRIZA graffiti artists in the city.

          And try and flog Varoufakis’ book on me website, that you access by clicking the red button on me below page, to actually teach political economists:


          Come on. Let’s have a SYRIZA in England, now we have become a Greece. I’ve written it up. It’s up to you to get out and make it happen.


        Dear Geoffrey Reynolds,

        Thank you for your Freedom of Information request received 23 April. You asked;

        You state that your department does not issue food vouchers and yet, in another of my FOIs
        you state that there are no plans to introduce them. State clearly if the food voucher idea has
        been terminated or not?

        DWP does not issue food vouchers, and has no plans to do so.
        If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the reference number
        Yours sincerely,

        DWP Central FoI Team

        …………………………………….AND YET:

        Duncan Smith outlines plans for prepaid benefits cards in place of cash
        Minister tells Tory conference scheme will ensure claimants with ‘destructive habits’ do not spend benefits on drugs or alcohol
        On prepaid cards, Duncan Smith said: “I have long believed that where parents have fallen into a damaging spiral – drug or alcohol addiction, even problem debt, or more – we need to find ways to safeguard them – and more importantly, their families, their children, ensuring their basic needs are met.

        “That means benefits paid, I always believe, should go to support the wellbeing of their families not to feed their destructive habits.

        “To that end, conference, today I can stand here and announce to you that I am going to start testing prepaid cards onto which we will make benefit payments so that the money they receive is spent on the needs of the family, finally helping I believe to break the cycle of poverty for families on the margins.

        “This is a change for those families that we as a Conservative government will be proud of.”


          DWP DECISION MAKER, “we have no option but to sanction you, according to your card details you had two eggs last month”……….

          • GEOFF REYNOLDS


            The rates of benefit are not determined by ‘living costs’ and so it is not possible to provide a
            breakdown of these amounts by reference to separate amounts for specific items of
            expenditure, such as food or fuel charges.
            Rather the Government firmly believe that claimants should be free to spend their benefit as
            they see fit, in light of their individual needs and preferences, rather than having a set pattern
            of expenditure imposed on them. Every claimant’s requirements vary and to attempt to base
            rates upon the personal expenditure of individual recipients would produce an unfair and
            unsustainable system.


            • quote – ”The phrase “the amount the law says you need to live on” refers to the “applicable amount” of benefit, laid down in law that can be awarded if a person satisfies the conditions of entitlement.” unquote

              Under what UK law does this DWP bullshit come under?

    • OK, so I found what I think is the ICO website: https://ico.org.uk/
      Now, how do I go about finding a model letter & guidelines for a “Subject Access Review” from this cyber haystack?

      More importantly, what does a Subject Access Review do that make Job Advisers cringe? Yeah Nic, we all wish to experience this beautiful moment. So don’t deprive us 🙂

    • Hi, I think if you dig deeper you’ll find this is connected with the project being led [yeah right…] by HMRC Tax office for live… let me restate LIVE, data on a weekly, [Weekly? Oh didn’t they find that doesn’t work?] be transmitted about tax/ni to HMRC.
      Problem one. It don’t work.
      Problem two. No sign it will work in the forseeable future
      [there was a link to this rubbish I came across where the head of HMRC IT admited this]
      As George Pretentious Smith designed UC to hook into this unfinished system you can see there is a big hole in how it is supposed to operate.

  10. what is a MR and a subject access review and how can it help me ?


    ………………..a DWP spokesman said,

    “the continuing success of our welfare reforms can be researched alphabetically in the obituary columns of your local newspaper”

  12. According to the DWP, most people are paid monthly and so should receive a final salary payment

    Their poxy jobsite is full of employment agencies,if anyone does find anything through that their not going to be paid monthly and certainly not get a “final salary payment”.It shows is how out of touch the rich are in peoples everyday lives where there’s no security and no money to fall back on.

    According to the DWP, most people are paid monthly and so should receive a final salary payment if they leave work and it is ‘not unreasonable’ to expect them to budget this money to last the full six weeks.

    What about people who cannot budget or manage money,while everyone else is grabbing and demanding including the council,the DWP are expecting it to last.Their world and the real world are and always have been two different things.

    • dwp are lower than scum

      Also means that when you do eventually croak from overwork you die with the DWP owing you the tidy sum of six weeks universal credit.

      • That’s how IDS is trying to make savings in his budget. Kill the un-employed off so they don’t have to spend out as much in future on all benefit payments.



      …………I suppose you can read that two ways?

      Imagine the look of anguish on poor Marks face this morning, knowing that his counterpart in another union, Paul Kenny, has received a gong from the battered witch in the palace?

      All that aiding and abetting of DWP social cleansing of the poorest and most vulnerable has been completely overlooked………………….

      Poor, poor, Mark, doesn’t anybody out their love him?

      Even his mini SS stormtroopers must be shocked, no gleaming gong for their omnipotent (unimportant), plasticine figurehead.

      ……………………Hitler made sure all his generals were bedecked with ribbons and iron crosses, perhaps the highest honour, the blue max, is awaiting the release of the hidden mortality statistics that you helped create?

  13. just as i’ve gotten used to living alone under the current regime, they want to change it all? don’t throw my world upside down, please

  14. In-work benefits destroyed out of work and disability benefits but that was the political intent of the left, why would a Labour socialist government support wage subsidies (tax credits) that only benefited employers and the poverty trap of a low wage economy?

  15. Capita hands its receptionists ‘overbooking scripts’ after new PIP crisis

    DNS – 12th June 2015

    Delivery of the government’s new disability benefit appears to have been plunged back into crisis, after reception staff were sent scripts telling them how to explain to benefit claimants why their appointments have been cancelled.

    Disabled people across the country are turning up for pre-booked appointments to be assessed for their eligibility for personal independence payment (PIP) – which is replacing working-age disability living allowance (DLA) – only to be told that their appointment is no longer available due to “assessor availability”.

    Because of a shortage of assessors to carry out the tests, Capita is having to recruit 90 more healthcare professionals, just five months after making an estimated 80 of its 400 assessors redundant.

    Disability News Service (DNS) revealed those job losses in January, which themselves took place only months after Capita had launched a recruitment drive to clear a huge PIP claims backlog last summer.

    Read More:

  16. iain Duncan Smith – the biggest benefit fraudster in the country.

    A chimpanzee who once proclaimed he could live on £53 a week, yet has never got round to doing so as his tempting wage of £135,000 per annum is making him rub his hands with glee and utter contempt to us all. Someone who claimed £100.5p for wet wipes on government expenses and then tried to cover it up. he obviously doesn’t have a poundland in his local area, or maybe those shops are just too common downmarket and lower-class for the likes of the tawdry clown. He even claimed for underwear and haircuts on expenses…

    A bald-headed chimpanzee who thinks the bedroom tax doesn’t even exist in his own tiny little mind and carries on with scant regard, brushing off claims that his policies are working. Yes… working people into eviction, starvation, hunger and early deaths.

    History will look back at the slap-headed goon and judge him alongside the likes of Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, robert mugabe, and Kim un ding dong as the bringer of doom and death against people who won’t bow down to his demands.

    How the fuck the hairless tosser got into government in the first place with a CV full of lies and cobblers I will never know. And how he hung on to his cushy little desk job number in the bowels of the criminally corrupt DWP is totally beyond my comprehension. A shiny-headed tick-turd who will lie and cheat his way through life with a cushy job, rent-free country house and brains the size of a pea.

    Universal Credit (still no sign of it yet) has all but failed. probably because he won’t stop fiddling his out-of-control figures on a back of a cig packet.

    Universal Jobmatch; full of scam jobs, dodgy agency jobs, self-employment cobblers, endless re-posts of non-existant jobs and con artists trying to steal information about its users.

    The work programme; entices dodgy provider outfits to fiddle the un-employment figures to ensure they get plenty of cash and keep fucking us about with claims of ‘work experience’ will help us return to employment. Not when these crappy Seetecs, A4es and others just dump their clients into shitty little dodgy recycling depots with scant regard for public health and safety. The promise of being bunged cash from Seetec and the others will keep the fly-bit companies asking for a constant stream of ‘willing’ WP customers on their books for up to six months, only to be replaced with another WPP victim at the end of the placement time. Getting back into work will not happen if these scabby ”providers” only bung their clients into punishment for simply being out of work.

    The whole scabby DWP, WPP, JCP system is so fucked up and totally out of control, nobody in government knows what is going on now or do they know how to fix the damage.

    David Camoron promised to look after the poor, disabled and vunerable members of society back in 2010. We are seeing a twisted version of this through the hated bedroom tax, illegal sanctions and people being referred to foodbanks by the cunt JCP. Fucker Camoron is a lying little weasel who went back on his word. As for his right-wing turd Idiotic Drunken Sh*te, an ugly shiny-headed monster with pea brains and a constant capacity to lie, cheat and defraud his way through a cushy life.

    • And yes, I am still angry about being fucked over by incompentent clowns for six months for the crime of being out of work through no fault of my own.

      if what I read the other day about the work programme no longer having people referred to it come next year, I only hope I don’t have to face going back to Seetec again, the way they fucked me over and made me feel like a criminal.


    “more shit from the DWP”

    From: Karyn Adams

    12 June 2015

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    As of 27 April 2015, claimants who have been in receipt of
    income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA (IB)) for 12 months or more
    will receive an Annual Verification (AV) letter on the anniversary
    of their claim. The letter will require them to verify or update
    their circumstances, sign a strengthened declaration and return it
    to the Benefit Centre.

    Apparently – and i quote – ”The claimant will have 28 days to
    complete their response, sign the declaration and return the letter
    to the Benefit Centre.

    If the AV letter has not been returned after 28 days, a reminder
    letter will be issued, allowing a further 14 days for a response.
    If no reply is received within 14 days of the reminder being
    issued the case will be considered for suspension.
    If no reply is received within one month of the date the
    suspension was notified the claim may be terminated for
    non-compliance with the AV process.”.

    Can you tell me what information you hold regarding the legality of
    possibly terminating either a JSA or IB claim if the claimant
    declines to fill in, sign and return this Verification letter?.

    Also, can a claimant merely fill in the verification form and
    decline to sign it?. If not, can a claimant be mandated to sign the
    form? What would the legal basis be of forcing someone to sign this
    verification form against their will?.

    As far as i am aware, a JSA claimant is under no obligation to sign
    anything, apart from their fortnightly declaration, and their
    Jobseeker’s Agreement. Can you please provide me with the
    legislation that states that completing AND SIGNING the Annual
    Verification form is mandatory, and a condition of claiming JSA.

    Why has this form been created when JSA claimants are already asked
    at every signing on appointment if there has been any change to
    their circumstances before they are allowed to sign their

    Yours faithfully,

    Karyn Adams

    Link to this

  18. No one in their right mind would want the work programme & Workfare on their cv. It makes it impossible to get a real job with real wages & real meaning.

  19. Now that your at the top & won all that there is to be won, the only way is in fighting.

  20. Don’t treat unemployment as a mental problem – report – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-33060794



    • overburdenddonkey

      can’t you see that’s what the behaviourist therapies that you advocate does, is to blame the victim’s….
      it tells one the problem is one’s crap thinking process, and teaches one to deny one’s symptoms, ‘or else!’…ie all would be well if one could just snap out of one’s malaise and get a job, pull yourself together…

    • It’s typical Tory thinking, putting the cart before the horse. Instead of realising & admitting that many of the longterm unemployed have mental health problems and should really be granted Disability, they conclude that unemployment is a mental illness. It is Toryism that is a mental illness.

      • overburdenddonkey

        a net
        yep…..and have caused/causing @ the very least mhp’s to worsen…in their lunacy are claiming now, as plain as day, that work cures mhp’s…
        this conclusion is directly from the annals of cbt, that peoples problems are caused by their crap and faulty thinking mind….they have spun themselves dizzy….

        • a network error occurred

          but my mhp make it impossible for me to work but the Dr s won’t give me sick Notes so I have no option but to claim JSA as though I am fit for work. I am diagnosed with a condition that makes me highly susceptible to Stress, & prone to Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks (Depersonalization Disorder), suicidal thoughts, & seeing things & imaginingthings. Yet no sick note.

          • a network error occurred

            my condition is genetic & cannot be cured.

            • a network error occurred

              I am also classed as being emotionally unstable. I’ve been told to apply for Packing jobs, & that unless I worked flat out & wasn’t fast enough, I’d be sacked at the end of the 1st week. Well I know that I wouldnt even last a week. One day would be my limit.

          • overburdenddonkey

            they truly are in 2 places @ once aren’t they….no sick note, for a genetic disorder, that they also appear to be claiming is an incurable mhp…very surreal…

      • a network error occurred

        Not to mention the fact that there are no fucking jobs anyway.

  21. Hardworking families syndrome.

  22. A-Brightfuture

    I really do fear that the suicide rate will go up if this “therapy4you” comes into play.
    How dare they assume that unemployment is a mental issue.
    Talking therapy has no agenda, except the wellbeing of the client.
    For a professional to shame a client for being out of work , is about the lowest a human can go.
    There will be retribution when a client, through no fault of there own will do something so shocking, either to themselves, or the phony therapist.
    People are being pushed to far to the edge by people who have not got a clue.

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  24. Now I’ve seen somewhere that so much of a mess is Universal Credit and its IT project, that it may not be nationally rolled out til at least 2020.

    Scotland may get enough Devo Max to prevent UC getting into there.

    Wales will get more devolution on welfare and is against UC.

    Ulster does not lose pension and pension credit next year as not part of the flat rate pension law, and has rebelled against welfare cuts there.

    Flat rate pension forecasts are coming thick and fast for the poor with retirement dates next year. £66 per week. £55 per week. £44 per week. £38 per week. And even £8.39 per week after 45 years in work.

    And Pension Credit is gone too.

    See end of my petition, why, in my Why is this important section:


  25. Another Fine Mess

    These must be some of all those apprenticeships they’re creating.

    Apprentice Cleaner
    What’s in it for you?
    On the job training from day one of employment
    1-1 visits on a monthly basis – No day release needed for college
    The successful candidate will gain a fully funded level 2 qualification
    Further progression onto a level 3 qualification
    You will be working Monday to Friday, over a period of 30 hours, this will be paid at £81.90 per week.

    Social Media Apprentice
    The apprentice will be expected to answer the phone and take enquireies, deal with customers in the showroom face to face. Ensure price points are correct and the correct brouchers are out.
    Using social media to promote the company and brand via Twitter & Faceook.
    Salary 2.73 – 2.73 per hour

    • overburdenddonkey

      a f m
      wow! they actually write this stuff….it’s a bit like asking an apprentice’s to go fetch a bucket of steam or asking them go to the tool store for a long wait or a left hand thread spanner….this is plainly a HUMILIATION, a piss take, that we’re not supposed to laugh @ or see as such….people are seriously expected to apply for this shit….! it’s disgusting…

    • a network error occurred

      It’s a Jobs MIRACLE!!!

      • overburdenddonkey

        a net
        it sure is, up to 1 in 40 new jobs are full time these days…without these apprenticeships fuck knows where we’d be…

    • Another Fine Mess

      More constant training and constant learning bollocks from Adult education charity, Niace.
      I sometimes get told I’m over-qualified, so what ‘real paying jobs’ are we all supposed to be doing ‘exactly’.

      ‘Learning and employment systems broken for millions of people’
      Armed with the results of the annual learning participation survey, David Hughes takes aim at the number of adults taking up learning opportunities and calls for action to make the classroom a more attractive place.

      Concerns over older people’s IT skills
      The lack of older people taking part in education and training could leave the UK with a digital skills gap as the population ages, a charity says.
      Adult education charity, Niace, says, in its annual survey, that fewer than a third of 55- to 64-year-olds are involved in any learning.

      • a network error occurred

        They never stop with their bollocks. Learning for 55 – 64yr olds I’ve heard it all now. Fucking bullshit.

        • in Bradford the Healthy Life Expectancy is just 51, and the Average Life Expectancy (for men) is 76. I’ve been told b a doctor to expect to live to my late 60s. Of course I’m not going to spend my time sitting in a bloody class room!

      • a network error occurred

        And in any case, what fucking learning? There is no learning. They don’t provide funding for Post Graduate Degrees.

    • Another Fine Mess

      How to create 3m apprenticeships – fiddle it.

      “Firstly, many of the 3m starting an advanced apprenticeship are being counted for the second time, having already achieved an intermediate apprenticeship.
      In fact, apprentices joining the accountancy profession often enters at level two and progresses to level three and then continues on to level four. They would be counted three times towards the 3m target.

      Last year, a third of all apprenticeship leavers failed to successfully complete the course.
      This means we would be counting 1m failed apprenticeships towards the 3m target.

      It is also worth keeping an eye on the development of Degree Apprenticeships, which featured in the Conservative manifesto. For example, might a quick win be to simply rebadge nursing degrees as apprenticeships?”

    • Unreal! Everyone knows this apprenticeship thing is a gigantic friggin’ con trick for employers to get slave labor. An apprenticeship is an electrician, joiner, bricklayer, welder, plasterer etc etc. You know something useful? An apprentice cleaner!!!! Don’t make me f—–g laugh!! An apprentice shit house attendant that’d be another one they’ll likely pull.

      Time they were told to get their apprenticeships right up them. Train real apprentices not this BS where every job is turnt into an apprenticeship to con the shite out of people.

      Rumour has it there;s an apprentice shelf stackers job going in a supermarket near you! Please form an orderly Queue with CV to hand please.

    • Would be nice if whoever posted this rubbish job on jobsearch could spell …. “enquireies”?

  26. … that fewer than a third of 55- to 64-year-olds are involved in any learning.

    Can see where this one is heading straight to an Age Concern re-education through labour work programme.

  27. The nice young lady at Barclays Bank taught me how to open up an email account, they would never mandate me to open up a universal jobmatch account or threaten to sanction my benefits and confiscate the old age pension, would they?

  28. Sky Academy

    We Believe in potential, using the power of TV, creativity and sport to help one million young people unlock their potential.

    … and I am a couch potato vegetating to the arbeit macht frei propaganda.

  29. A Sky Academy commonly known as a call centre.

  30. To get down to the “nitty gritty” – everything is being outsourced – JCP – then to Agency A4e for example, then to workfare provider. Everyone is being paid apart from the claimant who just receives their benefit. Then for people who are working – Tax Credits/Child Tax Credits – HMRC – now being outsourced to Concentrix on behalf of HMRC. Where is all the money coming from to outsource all of these contracts? Also the WCA which is also outsourced – I would hate to think that these outside private companies are all being funded by the cash stolen from claimants under the guise of a “sanction”. Just one more thing, is it right that all of these private companies have access to people’s sensitive data?

  31. Sanction the Rich For their Greed and Selfishness

    Oppose Universal Credit Demand Decent Benefits which are
    Adequately Protected

    It is Not the Oppressed Poor who are Scroungers it is the Filthy Selfish
    Rich who are Selfish I Am All Right Jack Hoarders of Wealth

  32. The TV Zombie Box has a Lot to Answer For in Vegetating People

    Mr. Reckless | June 14, 2015 at 3:07 am | Reply

    Sky Academy

    We Believe in potential, using the power of TV, creativity and sport to help one million young people unlock their potential.

    … and I am a couch potato vegetating to the arbeit macht frei propaganda.

  33. Reblogged this on glendrixglendenning1 and commented:
    Here we have yet another example of the storm that is now beginning to break upon the low paid and most vulnerable groups in our society. Of course, the previous five years have been something less than “a picnic” for the above low paid and vulnerable; with deaths attributed to benefit sanctions now running into the thousands, Millions of people depending upon food banks, homelessness sky-rocketing, the gap between the poorest and richest expanding at a rate not seen since records began and of course, our old standby “solution to penury and misery”, suicide, also at a record high among the low paid and jobless.
    As I frequently find myself saying these days, words fail …..

  34. It says a lot about how bad UC is if even the DWP are condemning it, there’ve already been problems with it during its test run and still sounds like it’s not ready and really never will be, it’s a bad idea that is going to hurt a lot of people but the government wants it that way, anything that they can think of to screw and hurt the people, they will dream it up and implement it and will leave many people being more poor, widespread destitution, homelessness will increase, it will put extra pressure on our already strained resources and organisations, the country’s already gone to rack and ruin and with what these arseholes want to do and bring in, it’ll be more chaotic, painful and damaging to all of those who have already been affected severely over the past five years, I fear for many in our society and in our communities for as we well know, the Tories don’t believe in it or very much that we hold dear so prepare for the worst!

  35. More bad news from the gurning slaphead IDS –


    If they sack the baldy buffoon and shut down all the JCPs by replacing them with proper privatised jobcentres tasked with advertising jobs and real help, then maybe money will be saved.

  36. Pingback: Neoliberalism is for lovers: where is the love? (part two) « sanshistory

  37. This Shows how a Stand For the Welfare State has to be Made

    The Welfare State is More a Help to the Poor and Vulnerable than
    the Rubbish Tabloids and Gormless Grinning Dummies

    Great Britain Need’s a Better Chancellor of the Exchequer

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