Benefit Sanctions Will Cause A Deterioration In Health And That’s OK Says DWP Rule Book

dmg-sanctionsPhysical punishment is now built into the benefit system with sanctions both known and intended to cause a deterioration in health says the DWP rule book..

The shocking fact was revealed by Alison Garnham, Chief Executive of the Child Poverty Action Group who was giving evidence to Work and Pensions Committee’s sanction enquiry this morning.  Graham ended her evidence by pointing out a chilling extract from the DWP Decision Maker’s guidelines referring to whether a claimant who has had their benefit stopped should be entitled to a meagre Hardship Payment for the first two weeks of their sanction.

According to the rules, it would be “usual for a normal healthy adult to suffer some deterioration in their health” if they are left with no money to buy food or pay for essential items for two weeks.  A Hardship Payment can therefore only be awarded for this period if Jobcentre staff decide that due to an existing medical condition a sanction will cause a greater decline in health than it would a normal healthy adult.

As Boycott Workfare point out today, sometimes that deterioration in health can be fatal.  And all for the crime of missing a meeting with the Jobcentre.

The DWP’s decision maker’s guide can be found at:

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211 responses to “Benefit Sanctions Will Cause A Deterioration In Health And That’s OK Says DWP Rule Book

  1. Just released (literally) research showing sanctions are NOT forcing people into work, they are forcing them into destitution.
    (One of the authors has just finished giving evidence to the Works and Pensions Committee.)
    I suggest those with a limited attentions span just read the Conclusions :-

    Click to access sanction120115-2.pdf

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    It’s not often I’m left speechless, but this is just………

  3. Lol at DWP threats

    Well, if thats the biggest threat. .
    A can of beans costs 24p and I have a couple of 100 under the mattress like any sensible person.
    I am quite sure I can weather no pittance for a fortnite..

    • I’m speechless, both at what the DWP have put in the DM guidebook but mainly at your reply above!
      I commend you for stocking up on cheap tinned food but not everyone has that luxury once all their bills are paid.

      • Lol at DWP threats

        Its not those sort of beans I recommend stashing under the mattress.

        • Family mattresses stuffed with confused sanction notices, not sure If it can be done but going to seek directions from HMCTS as to the maladministration of a particular JSA claim, how can a case be put or dealt with in the administrative chaos and mayhem created by the DWP/JCP for the claimant in such matters.

  4. “Happy to do business with a prison service that flogs, stones and beheads its inmates?”

    “Chris Grayling and the Ministry of Justice, through their “commercial brand” Just Solutions international, expect to make millions helping the Saudi prison service.”

  5. But isn’t a minimum sanction 1 month following the changes in October 2012?

    • Lol at DWP threats

      Yes, but the point is you can get hardship payments after the first two weeks of a sanction.Hence the two weeks with nothing.

    • the quoted passage is discussing whether to award hardship payments for the first 2 weeks of a sanction period. a healthy adult with no chronic medical conditions no dependants etc, or someone who doesnt declare their condition (ie: someone with asthma might not consider it chronic and fail to declare it) is not allowed to claim hardship payments for the first 2 weeks of a sanction. if someone had a couple of hundred pounds in the bank and this showed on a bank statement they provided, they would likely be declined hardship payments for the entire 4 weeks.

  6. Hope no decent folks want a GP appointment coz I recken they are pretty clogged up with disgusting old folks what just wont die, the lazy unemployed what are getting sick due to having no money and stress, and of course pretend sick folks what get sicker every time the DWP poke em! Dismantle the NHS, then scumbags cant take advantage. Its not fair for them to stop decent folks from accessing the treatment what they is entitled to is it? While we are at it, get rid of the welfare state altogether. No-one needs a safety net these days do they? Lets face it, Would decent folks get old? get sick? become disabled? Lose their precious jobs? No! That is what bad folks do!

  7. i have read today about a woman who laid down on the rail line, the newspaper just kept on saying how she caused 100 000 pounds of damage. she was sent to prison, which is were she wanted to go as she was HOMELESS and had poor mental health, no empathy from the newspaper.

    • So being homeless and sick she cost the rail comp £100000 and the state prison service how much? DWP are intentionally making people sick, and homeless too. We can see how this has cost society. Never mind the suffering caused to the people going through this heartless regime. I see people’s physical and mental health being destroyed by the DWP. Apparently it is expected and normal? We should not worry. We are a rich country so presumably can bear the cost.

  8. 35098

    An admission that the intent of sanctions is to assault and degrade the health of sanctioned claimants as a form of corporal punishment.

    • overburdenddonkey

      mr r
      yep, ritual humiliation…to create dependency…

      • Refused CWP now awaiting sanctions, my conscience is dependant on dignity and liberty.

        • overburdenddonkey

          mr r
          far better that way, stand firm, and depend on one’s own judgement… rather on their words and actions…work without pay experience, is slavery…

      • Yes, humiliation (and worse) is certainly deliberate… but dependency? Isn’t their intention exactly the opposite?

        • The dependency is that of serial killer and his dependency on involuntary victims or the dependency of the labour exploiter to exploit the income insecurity of claimants.

          The nature of the economic beast is that the majority of the population is dependent on an income stream.

          To manipulate the dependency on subsistence income with sanctionable conditionality takes that level of income dependency to the realm of coercion and slavery.

          • Reckless – “The dependency is that of serial killer and his dependency on involuntary victims”

            I think you’ve got that the wrong way around! Or are you saying that the claimants are the serial killers and the DWP is the victim?

            • The politicians and DWPs psychopathic urges to control and kill are the real dependency.

              • That’s the opposite of what overburdenddonkey was saying, but coherence isn’t really the point for either of you…… is it?

                • Can not speak for overburdenddonkey,

                  More incoherence –

                  The welfare dependency is in the masters conditionality, the difference is between conditional and unconditional welfare. Break welfare conditionality and you break the welfare masters dependency on slavery. The master then defaults to a non-dependant holding benefactor and the slave to unchained beneficiary.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  ‘That might be so if a patient’s/claimant’s unnecessary suffering was an intended result by ATOS/Maximus employees. I have heard of no such cases. As far as I know they were all due to incompetence or indifference.’
                  ‘Yes, humiliation (and worse) is certainly deliberate… but dependency? Isn’t their intention exactly the opposite?’ i expect you’ll be able to tell me how these 2 statements are coherent?
                  and furthermore since when is compliance (being told what to do), to masters wants/desires/wishes independence?

                • OBD – Obviously because the two posts were about different things! The government does NOT want claimants to be dependent on benefits. They want exactly the opposite. They just want them to f*ck off and not claim any more money, and they’re not too bothered about how or why, or sometimes even if they live or die.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  no! both blog posts are about the dwp…and they do want people to be dependent either on them via jsa, e and sa, WP, and/or charities…it is dependence on the neoliberal establishment, which ever way one cuts it….servitude is dependence…

                • FFS! One was about incompetence or indifference (therefore not deliberate), the other was about intention (therefore deliberate). I seriously think English isn’t your first language!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i seriously think that you have no idea what you are talking about and indeed don’t have the 1st clue about the WCA or e and sa…or even what it is…you cannot even describe the 1st cycle process, let alone know what it feels like, to engage with (emotionally)….and constantly insulting people about their language skills does you no credit…

                • Also one post was about ATOS/Maximus employees and the other was about government.They are NOT the same people with the same motivations. I think that’s what you (and others) don’t get, because you seem to think it’s all one big conspiracy which is trying to get you. Grow up!

                • @PARTTIMER And heres me reading about A4E Executive stating that DWP got all their best ideas from A4E and that A4E pretty much designed the WCA….TAIL/DOG ideologically business would be running the whole thing entirely instead of part time at present.

                • Which do you work for PT Maximus or the DWP !!!!

                • OBD – “you cannot even describe the 1st cycle process, let alone know what it feels like, to engage with (emotionally)”

                  If you don’t like it, then go out and look for a ****ing job. Perhaps I could suggest that brushing up on your grammar and punctuation (and perhaps also your attitude) would help your prospects no end.

                • Sorry OBD. I forgot that you can’t possibly get a job, because you have such bad RSI that you can’t even use a computer keyboard……. or was it just the shift key you can’t use? I forget exactly what you said now, but I’m sure it must be really awful for you.

  9. Jobcentre ‘hit squads’ set up benefit claimants to fail, says former official

    Bosses accused of setting targets for sanctions, while unscrupulous staff targeted weak and vulnerable customers

    The Guardian, Tuesday 20 January 2015 22.40 GMT

    Jobcentre bosses set up “hit squads” to target benefit claimants for sanctions and put pressure on them to sign off the dole, according to evidence presented to an inquiry by MPs.

    The written statement, by a former jobcentre official, John Longden, says frontline staff were ordered to “agitate and inconvenience” customers so they fell foul of the rules, enabling staff to stop their benefits payments.

    Staff who failed to meet sanctions targets each month were threatened with disciplinary action, he claims.

    Read More:

  10. Debbie Abrahams MP, who has previously stated, “I support the principle of a sanctions regime. If somebody consistently fails to turn up for work experience or a Work programme scheme, sanctions should be applied”.

    How to sit on the forced labour camp fence.

    Debbie Abrahams MP, Is this image community work experience or the forced labour of slavery?

  11. DWP Press Release 21st Jan 2015

    A landmark one million jobseekers on more rigorous work search regime

    Over a million jobseekers have signed up to a Claimant Commitment meaning they need to do more to find work or face losing their benefits.

    Read More:



      The Claimant Commitment, which is deliberately set to mimic a contract of employment,
      Part contract, part personal work plan
      rigorous regime
      are expected to do
      makes this expectation explicit.
      this new jobseeking regime.
      sets out their responsibilities


  12. DWP Work Coaches are a complete waste of money. DWP Life Coaches are a complete waste of money. £1 million on bullshit.

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  14. Everyone will see a change in the attitudes from the advisers in jobcentres, many have already seen this, I too, all very quiet in the jobcentres, advisers seen using the computers meant for claimants searching for jobs because they know some of them will be laid off in March, (digital jobcentres)

    • Cant bring myself to have any sympathy for JCP staff they wilfully indulged in the attempt to psychological and economically destroy my family, with full knowledge of our socioeconomic status they gave no quarter.

  15. London councils go on defying Eric Pickles over publications

    Four local authorities continue to publish in defiance of the law

    Wednesday 21 January 2015 11.45 GMT

    I am indebted to HoldTheFrontPage for reminding us, yet again, that Eric Pickles has the political clout of a wet haddock. It reports today that a council is continuing to defy an order by Pickles’s communities and local government department.

    Pickles wrote in November to the south London council of Lambeth to “demand” that it stop publishing its Lambeth Talk magazine on a monthly basis. Go quarterly by January, said the minister, or else.

    So what has Lambeth done? It has gone on publishing its magazine as before in defiance of Pickles’s law, the local audit and accountability act, which limits the publication of council newspapers to four per year.

    But Lambeth is not alone. Three other London boroughs are still publishing their own regular publications: Tower Hamlets, (East End Life, a weekly); Waltham Forest, (Waltham Forest News, a fortnightly); and Greenwich (Greenwich Time, a weekly).

    Newspaper publishers who believe such council-run publications provide unfair competition to their commercial operations must be frustrated by Pickles’s apparent weakness and sloth.

    That said, two councils, notably Greenwich and arguably Lambeth, could make out a decent case for their publications. What is unarguable is that a law exists that is not being obeyed, and the minister responsible for it looks foolish.

    The Guardian:

  16. Time the DWP got out of it`s 1970s technology. FAILURE.


  18. Which of the DM guidance papers does the print come from. I’ve looked at all the ones on the page you link and its not there. Oddly, the paragraph numbering is a different format. Can you provide a direct link to the document or a link to the inquiry papers … I like to know context before raising these issues where politicians might see them.

  19. whilst i support the principals of sanctioning the truth is it has been massively taken advantage of because DWP staff are given incentives to sanction anyone they can get away with. 2 years after being sanctioned because a member of job centre staff blatantly lied about me I’m still waiting for my complaint to be dealt with. If someone is taking advantage of the benefit system something must be done (I’m not saying just stop their money but they need some kind of punishment) but don’t reward people who have jobs for taking advantage of those who don’t through absolutely no fault of their own.

  20. BBC Radio 4 programme on Benefit Sanctions 20th Jan 2015 [for those who missed it last night]



    Many people have asked the DWP for information on what is contained in the decision makers handbook, but as usual they fobbed them off.with utter crap. Only now is it known that a DWP employee has the role of distinguishing who should live and who should die………………….


    What a fucking sad nation we have become, someone without medical knowledge, helped by a profit driven ATOS employee, to put you into the ground to meet an office target figure that derives you a bonus.

    The Nazi’s were evil bastards but the regime beneath the likes Freud, Smith and Gunnyeon are absolutely despicable…………….

    I sent letters to five different Decision Makers of the DWP in Leeds and Bradford, each letter was sent recorded.
    I told them that i was only receiving £32 a week and was disabled. I was struggling to eat and had not lit my gas fire for four years.

    Not one reply came back, they totally ignored my plight, they had achieved their targets and it did not matter because i lived over 50 miles away.

    The DWP is nothing more than a state sponsored killing machine which operates in tandem with the Courts and Tribunals system, they all pissin the same pot!

    In the tribunal in Scarborough, the judge, J D Wall, laughed as i told him i was struggling to buy food. These twats are all singing from the same hymnsheet. Paid mega bucks each day to bring about destitution on those they have been instructed to cull as their pockets bloat with the money they hastily frenzy upon.

    Disability is not something i decided to select, it came about after an accident in a factory that i had worked in for nearly twenty five years.
    When i was eleven i got my first job washing up in a cafe. I worked every weekend and holiday whilst i was at school, in the same cafe till i got a job on an amusement arcade.

    In my full time employment i paid national insurance, these premiums were my insurance that if i was to fall sick or be injured in my workplace, i would have some sort of welfare provision to fall back on.

    At no time did i elect to be transferred to a French disability denial company that would place me on the scrapheap.

    Putting me out to graze, or just killing me, it makes no difference to the likes of the Decision Makers,

    for we are nothing less than shit on the bottom of a shoe to them………

    • …………………seventeen months living on £32 per week, the value of a disabled person under Camerons government

      • “Grayling’s Reply”, 8th june,2011″ “fuck em”

        Q338 Chair: Obviously, that is an area where we will differ, but it does seem incredibly unfair and a lot of people feel very let down. They thought they had done what the Government asked of them. They had worked all their life; they had paid their National Insurance, and it was an insurance for ill health. Their family income is taking a double hit. It will have come down because that earner is no longer earning because they are now on ESA, and in a year’s time they get another £85 taken out of what was already at least half, if not more, of the household income. Do you have a sense of or think that perhaps that is being very harsh?

        Chris Grayling: I understand the point you are making, but we live in challenging times financially

  22. overburdenddonkey

    not too many steps to the workhouse now!








    Annex 1
    DLA/AA Bulletin 28/2013
    Type of bulletin Procedural Information Date issued: 07/11/2013
    Bulletin number: 28/2013
    Subject Restricted ATOS Services
    Issued to All DLA/AA Staff
    Make changes by Immediately
    Timing Immediate to be brought to the attention of staff on Destruction
    To be
    the day of issue
    DLA/AA Abbreviations

     Background
     Special Rules Claims
     Normal Rules process with Revised ATOS Support – Midlands BC
     Normal Rules process with Revised ATOS Support
     Potentially Harmful Information
     Appeal responses which contain potentially harmful information
     Copy documents requested
    Revised ATOS Services
    1. The ATOS service will for the time being be on a revised basis. This bulletin explains the
    new procedures to undertake until a full service is resumed.
    2. ATOS Healthcare have been providing the DLA/AA Business with Medical Services for
    many years and during this time they have supported Decision Makers (DMs) to make better
    informed decisions. From 06/11/2013 this support will be on a revised basis.
    Special Rules Claims
    3. The process for SR claims is unchanged and SR cases can be referred in the usual way for
    Warbreck House, Preston and Midlands BC. However any DLA residual cases which are still
    Annex 1
    being processed at the Regional Benefit Centres will need to be referred to the ATOS Service
    Delivery Lead at Atos Healthcare, Warbreck House, A114, Lobby E, Warbreck Hill Road,
    Blackpool, FY2 0YE. Contact details [Redacted S.40 FOI Act]
    Normal Rules process with Revised ATOS Support –
    Midlands BC
    4. ATOS will be available for face to face advice on child cases at Midlands BC and referrals
    for advice should continue on the DBD385.
    Normal Rules process with Revised ATOS Support
    5. All other cases which need advice will follow the new process.
    6. The Team Member will register and refer normal rules claims to the DM for a decision
    following business as usual processes.
    7. The DM will look at the case and decide if they have enough information to make a decision.
    If so, a decision is made as usual.
    8. If the DM cannot make a decision they will consider the evidence available (see DMG
    Chapter 1 and Chapter 61, para 18). EMPs will no longer be available as a source of evidence
    (except for RPP cases). DMs may however use CCM guidance, Health and Wellbeing
    Directorate recognised internet sites such as Cancer Research UK and NHS Choices, the
    information in the claim form, request factual reports, ESA85 reports, care plans, information
    available from schools or social services. They can also telephone the claimant or carer,
    discuss the case with fellow DMs, colleagues, their HEO, or seek advice from DMA Leeds if
    the enquiry concerns applying the law to the established circumstances. This list is not
    9. If the DM is unable to make a decision, they will refer the case to the designated person for
    a case conference.
    10. The designated person will consider all the available evidence and decide if there is
    sufficient information available to enable a decision to be made on the balance of probabilities
    and if so advise accordingly.
    11. If there is insufficient evidence the designated person will advise an appropriate source of
    evidence to be obtained before a decision can be made on balance of probabilities.
    12. In exceptional circumstances, should all sources of evidence be exhausted and it is still not
    possible to reach a decision on balance of probabilities, the designated person may seek
    advice from ATOS using the DBD 385 via the medical evidence wizard.
    13. Following the case conference, the DM must make and implement their decision on the
    balance of probability based on available evidence at the time, or progress case in line with the
    advice given.
    Annex 1
    Potentially Harmful Information
    14. DMs will still be responsible for identifying Potentially Harmful Information. Harmful
    information is information that must be withheld from the customer if the disclosure of the
    information would be harmful to the customer’s health.
    15. Information should not be disclosed to the person to whom it relates if you consider the
    disclosure would be harmful to the health of the customer. If you receive a medical report
    where the health professional has included information on the harmful information page of the
    report, you should accept this as harmful information unless you have good reason to believe
    the health professional was mistaken.
    16. If you are unsure whether the information is harmful, or there is potential harmful
    information mentioned elsewhere on the form, if Potentially Harmful Information is identified it
    must be highlighted on the document, a harmful information sticker placed on the front of the
    file and the DBD39 (if used) completed stating where the evidence is held. You should no
    longer refer the case at this point to medical services.
    Appeal responses which contain potentially harmful
    17. DM’s should continue to follow the guidance contained in DMPG chapter 12 para 172 to
    Copy documents requested
    18. It is the customer’s right to ask for a copy of the information on which the DM has based
    their decision. If the DM has identified the documents requested contains potentially harmful
    information Team Members should refer the case back to the DM.
    19. The DM should complete form DBD385, using the medical evidence wizard, and refer the
    file to MS for advice. The form DBD385 should be retained as supporting evidence.
    Do you have any questions about the
    For questions about DLA/AA
    procedural/technical content?
    guidance contact:
    Staff Advice line via e-mail: DCS
    DLA-AA Advice line
    Do you have any comments about the
    Please contact DWP PDCS
    formatting or publication process?

    Approved by: DLA/AA Procedures and Forms Stakeholders
    Business Unit: DLA/AA Disability Business Products and Advice Team

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    It gets worse – this is inhumane. Again, I do not blame the Conservatives, they can no sooner stop themselves from hurting people than a scorpion could stop itself from stinging you. No – I blame the Liberal Democrats, they knew better. If this is an example of what happens in their much trumpeted fairer society then they can keep it.

    • I too blame Nicholas Clegg for much of what has gone these past 4 and a bit years.
      It is almost laughable when he talks about stopping the worst of tory excesses, etc. What exactly has Nicky boy stopped? He has defended the Bedroom Tax, for starters. He has allowed the evil despotic George Ian Smith to get away with murder on a scale only Hitler and Stalin would be proud of.
      Nicky talks about not sitting in Government with Farage, and dares to say the Greens are not worth airtime, and doesn’t want to sit in Government with SNP (they too Socialist for him, then?)…
      But Nicky boy won’t have to worry about sitting in Westminster Palcae with anyone. He will not be an MP after early May, and neither will most of his fellow Nazi supporters.
      What has been going on regards sanctions etc, has been totally illegal. It is utterly shocking that no one in DWP has been prosecuted over any of this. That folks are choosing to kill themselves, and that Labour MPs actually support this system, which they helped set up in the first place.

      No wonder they expect to loose many of their MPs in Scotland. What a useless group in Westminster.

  25. Inspector Clouseau

    lol at the cops in dorset asking 5000 guys to “voluntary” give a sample of their dna ostensibly to solve an 100 year old murder…. wonder what happens if you don’t “volunteer”… 😉 *SOUND OF DOOR BEING KICKED IN*

    • …………you get arrested on some trumped-up charge and your DNA ends up the police database. That’s the idea – they tried that in my area a few years ago.

      • And/or your DNA gets sold to insurance companies and your insurance for driving,health or anything else gets too expensive.

    • Lol at DWP threats

      I was burgled a few years back. I knew which kids had done it as I had seen them eyeing the place.
      Unfortunately, the old bill did not have time to go round taking 5000 dna samples from local ‘youves’, so I had to repair my door frame myself.
      If they asked me for my voluntary dna I would tell em to hop it.

  26. Here`s a good idea for the Think Tank – £1,000 fine if you don`t vote in May 2015. It don`t matter if you are registered to vote & don`t vote. £1,000 fine if you are not on the voting register & £1,000 fine if you are but don`t vote.

    That will sort out the people !!! Go the full hog & close all jobcentres.

  27. The lid is off, and all the worms will come wiggling out.

    Just for the record im on ESA and last week my *cough* adviser phoned me to ask why I had not signed up for Univervsal Jobmatch, I told her that I do not have to seek work (I have a letter from a DM which states that). Then she tried to say its for the roll out for UC. I told her that its for new jobseekers at the moment. She went silent and asked me when would it be convenient for me to come in and have a “chat”.

    She asked me what time and date would I like!!
    Not her dictating when I should come in!!! I do not trust her kindness.

    Its such a shame, because no one trusts anyone who is DWP related,
    IDS has totally destroyed any kind of honesty between claimant and the DWPs little helpers.

    Hitler had 5 years of terror and culling. Just like IDS.

    But in the end Hitler put a gun to his head when he knew things were going wrong, and shot his brains out.

    So the history books tell us.

    • We all hope and pray that IDS one day goes and does a Hitler on us and shoots his pea-sized brain out before he takes out a hitman contract against us all under the guise of ‘Death By Sanction’

  28. The DWP sound like Cold Calling Sales People wanting you to sign up with their latest scam. The DWP selling Double Gazing Now – Have you got the double glazing for cardboard boxes DWP !!!!

  29. So the Work Programme has now completely failed and collapsed, so the new measures brought by the Condemns to replace the cocked-up mis-work pgogramme is ‘Death by Sanction’.

    No doubt this new replacement taking over from slave forced labour has been written on the back of a fag packet by Fester McVile and approved by the grand over-lord himself – Iain (I am a complete and utter wanker) Dumphkoff Smite, or his real name ‘The Grim Reaper’ he tries to hide from us.

    • What a friggin’ joke this unemployment figure announced today is! Quite unreal how they have manipulated and fixed the figures to say that there’s only 1.91 million unemployed now.

      Well the WP is a joke and doesn’t find people sustainable employment so where are all these people disappearing off the UE register to? It’s certainly not to good quality full time jobs.

      What a bloody joke. The members of this govt should join the magic circle as they keep managing to make people disappear, just like that.

      • The un-employment figures are fiddled each time a Work Programme client is forced by Seetec, A4E, and all of the other parasite WP providers into taking self employment or zero-hour contracts.

        I would like to see actually where all the FUCKING jobs are, that the lunatic cameron keeps shooting his big, fat mouth off about all of the time. I apply for jobs left, right and centre, but NEVER hear back from any of the companies I send my applications off to. I’m simply wasting my time all in the name of getting sod all money each fortnight.

        As for CWP and all the other bollocks (New Deal, etc), these so-called work training schemes only will place people into community and voluntary organisations and never into proper places of work where you would be offered a real job along with a decent day’s pay and proper on-the-job training. Not some mickey-mouse scheme that gives you ‘work experience’ that as soon as you leave the scheme, you are forgotten by the nobs who placed you wherever.

      • From: Trudy Baddams

        20 January 2015

        Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

        How many disabled have moved into full time work in 2013 /2014 (not
        including part time or zero hour contracts, nor workfare / work
        programmes, nor training.

        How many disabled on sick note were moved into work fare / work
        programmes in 2013 / 2014

        Yours faithfully,

        Trudy Baddams

        Link to this

        • ……………………………………and still the DWP don’y know how much you need to live on?

          I would have thought this easy question would be the prime basis of the welfare state……………….but not the UK.






          From: Ian White

          17 December 2014

          Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

          I would like the following under the Freedom of Information Act

          When sending out a breakdown of a claiments “Entitlement” that
          breakdown always says in some way or another….

          “This is because etc. etc. the amount the Law says you need to live
          on ”

          A, Please can you tell me exactly which law you are refering to
          here and please provide me with a copy of that law (not Act which
          is a statutory instrument).

          B, If the law say I need £X to live on am I not breaking the law if
          I then use that money for something other than living expenses?

          C, Has the DWP factored this “Law” into the fact people are having
          to use the money “The Law says they need to live on” into paying
          “Bedroom Tax” as it is more commonly know?

          D, Will the DWP prosecute anyone who uses “The money the Law says
          they need to live on” for the paying of things other than

          E, How many First Tier Tribunal cases have the DWP lost in the
          whole of the UK?

          F, How much has the DWP paid thus far (to the date of this request)
          spent on appealing the Bedroom Tax at First Tier Tribunal (FTT)

          G, How much so far has the DWP spent progressing winners of FTT to
          the Upper Tribunal appeal?

          H, Finally please could I have a full and exact break down of
          expenses for both Iain Duncan Smith MP and Esther McVey MP for the
          last 2 financial years? Not expenses as MP’s but expenses claimed
          directly through the DWP as “work” expenses?

          Yours faithfully,

          I. White © ™

          Link to this


            • @John Kiois listen you tosser considering everything that Geoff has been through he is entitled to shout . Hardly anyone has complained cept you and for your info Geoff has done some fine research and dug up important stuff to let us know which is about the systematic dismantling of the social security and health system of this country
              Now move along little boy and let the grown ups speak

  30. The WRAG is an over spill and a Bermuda Triangle for JSA..make the claimant so stressed out. He/she goes to the docs gets meds for anxiety, goes into WRAG.(if they are lucky)
    Bingo!!! one more of the job stats.
    I suppose this latest job count did not take into account the roll out of UC, were new claimants are to claim UC rather than jobseekers allowance.

    New UC claimants are not counted. As they are not classed as being on “jobseekers”.

  31. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    This is truly shocking, as it reveals that the DWP expect those sanctioned to become ill through starvation and the inability to pay for essentials, such as heating and so on. Indeed, the sanctions regime depends on it to cow the unemployed into line. This is heading very much into the dark territory of totalitarian regimes such as Stalin’s Russia. Stalin used artificial famines in the 1930s against the Soviet people as part of his collectivisation programme. The aim was to break and destroy the kulaks, the rich peasants. There was an irony here in that the wealthy peasants Stalin attacked in many cases weren’t sharply differentiated from the rest of the Soviet peasant population. Moreover, they were traditionally solidly socialist in their political opinions.
    In Ukraine, one of the great agricultural regions of the Russian Empire, 8 million people died in what its people remember as the ‘Holodomor’, a genocide carried out by the Soviet state against this country’s people. Overall, about 30 million Russians and other nationalities perished in the famines of the thirties.
    This document shows that the DWP is now using starvation as a deliberate tool against its own citizens. The jobcentres also have targets regarding the numbers to be sanctioned or thrown off benefits, which means that as far as they are concerned, this starvation and poverty is a permanent condition. This makes the sanctions regime a crime against humanity. I’ve lost count of the number of people, who died of poverty and starvation after being sanctioned, or judged ‘fit for work’ by Atos. It was about 45, though so many more people have been added to this list of victims that I really haven’t been able to keep up. As starvation is an integral part of the sanctions system, this means that Iain Duncan Smith cannot claim that there deaths were accidental. They were the logical end product of a brutal system, and Smith is responsible, if not for their murder, then at least for their culpable homicide.

    • IDS is well and truly on course for his long-awaited knighthood by the Queen, come her birthday in June, by the actions he is now taking against every decent person in this country. I hope she lops his head off with the sword, instead of tapping his shoulders with it when he bends down on one knee at her flashy pile in Central London.

  32. Reblogged this on glynismillward189 and commented:
    More proof (as if it were needed) of the evil intent of Iain Duncan Smith

  33. EVIL EVIL EVIL Tories… vote them out in May 2015

  34. The work and pensions sanction enquiry meeting is just protracted bullshit to give the electorate a sense that the politicians are working on their behalf.
    They are in it together, it’s just a game to make you think they are listening.
    One day you will all wake up to the fact that they all adhere to the same theories. Sit round a table for so long and you all end up singing from the same hymnsheet.

    They will tinker at the edges and nothing will change. The european courts of human rights are our only saviour, but have they been bought off?

    Only time will tell……………………..

  35. Scottish housing associations want to get their dirty little hands on the work programme plunder – F*ck off guru socialists.

  36. Isn’t that an admission of willful neglect?

    And even manslaughter?

    How can they knowingly take such action? If I was working somewhere and witnessed sanctions alongside that advice I would feel I had witnessed a serious crime.

    Consider: prisoners at Auschwitz were fed. Not on sanction/exclusion.

    I was without provision for 10 weeks following sanction. After A+E diagnostics point to a serious longstanding mental condition – a shockingly prevalent one – personality disorder characterised by (amongst other things) (A) fear of abandonment. (B) psychosis under stress (C) anxiety (D) impulsiveness (E) Suicide.

    It isn’t difficult to imagine how the sanctioning system works to drive such folk to the grave.

    Is it?

    And yet now, again, I am being threatened with sanctions – if I don’t attend their healthcare under the work programme (!!!) they will sanction me.

    If my therapist, psychiatrist or GP had recommended it, I might accept. Because I could refuse. I am happy with my current treatment though, thanks.

    I am not being forced into a dumb healthcare regime under the diktat of a frigging office manager from the Work Programme – or else lose my benefits. I mean – how is that going to help me in anyway?

    What next? Aktion T4? For efficiency?

    • Even though the DWP and JC+ staff will tell you that they will sanction you if you do not take part in their Mickey Mouse Health Into Work life wrecking regime, you do not have to take part and refusal to accept their proposed “treatment” must not result in sanctions.

      No person can be coerced or forced into accepting and receiving medical or any other treatment, because, in law, it is considered social control. For the moment, this stands, but since this foul government has ignored so many states of law that protect us, it’s going to take some cojones to refuse their healthcare bullying.

      Good luck with it.

  37. Yes we are nearing the election and yes we want this evil gestapo out – but in the last 5 years have we really done anything to make a difference? I think not, and to me, that is the most appalling thing we have done as a part of the UK, we’ve allowed this to happen and sat back and watched.
    We are worst than anyone else as we could have made a huge difference. How very, very sad 😦

  38. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    It’s all our own fault 😦

  39. I’ve stated repeatedly that the draconian welfare reforms have ruined the mental and physical health of benefit claimants. We now have proof that this is a deliberate policy of the DWP.

  40. There is no poverty or disabled people in the uk Jan 2015 – They are not targets but a target for sanctions with no targets just bonuses. £1,000 a sanction.

  41. Proof by contradiction

    In logic, proof by contradiction is a form of proof, and more specifically a form of indirect proof, that establishes the truth or validity of a proposition by showing that the proposition’s being false would imply a contradiction. Proof by contradiction is also known as indirect proof, apagogical argument, proof by assuming the opposite, and reductio ad impossibilem. It is a particular kind of the more general form of argument known as reductio ad absurdum.

    G. H. Hardy described proof by contradiction as “one of a mathematician’s finest weapons”, saying “It is a far finer gambit than any chess gambit: a chess player may offer the sacrifice of a pawn or even a piece, but a mathematician offers the game.”[1]

    Law of noncontradiction

    classical logic, the law of non-contradiction (LNC) (or the law of contradiction (PM) or the principle of non-contradiction (PNC), or the principle of contradiction) is the second of the three classic laws of thought. It states that contradictory statements cannot both be true in the same sense at the same time, e.g. the two propositions “A is B” and “A is not B” are mutually exclusive.

  42. Sounds like something from Nazi Germany,doesn’t it? Rules for starving people in concentration camps,perhaps?


    “Today, the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Hunger and Food Poverty reports on the reasons behind the growth of food banks in this country, and makes recommendations of how we can move forward to tackle 21st century hunger.

    When we launched our inquiry in April this year, the food bank debate was mired in party political rhetoric. Food bank statistics were being used as ammunition in an unseemly battle in what is an extremely emotive policy area. This mode of discussion prevents a full and dispassionate assessment of the complex reasons people turn to emergency support in a crisis. The APPG took evidence from over 150 people, in Parliament and in sessions around the country.

    Our principal recommendation is to establish a new body known as Feeding Britain, which will provide better co-ordination amongst civil society, Government departments and supermarkets – which struggle to make effective use of the enormous food surpluses they generate. This would make a practical difference to the food banks which have become embedded in many local communities as the first port of call in a crisis. We want to ensure they have a sustainable supply of food, are linked to other services that will be able to address underlying issues, and enable a healthier dialogue to take place between Government departments and political parties.

    Broadly, we found it is possible to define two categories of food bank usage. Firstly, there are those who are coping on a low income for a long time, who live “hand to mouth” and therefore have insufficient financial resilience to cope when the car or the boiler breaks, or when unemployment hits. Secondly, there are those who have more complex underlying needs – who are struggling with extensive debt, health or addiction problems, and who rely on the state for income and support.

    We need to acknowledge the lack of financial buffers amongst the lowest earners in society. For those on a low income, it is critical to continue to make sure they can keep more of the money they earn. Our Government has made significant strides in this direction by taking 3.2 million of the lowest paid out of tax. A future Conservative Government should go further, and work towards delivering our commitment to take those working full-time on the minimum wage out of tax altogether, and to ensure that we support savers.

    But we should also remember to make the case for a strong economy that distributes prosperity fairly. Despite an unprecedented unbroken period of economic growth up to 2008, Britain still experienced the highest rate of inflation amongst similarly advanced western economies between 2003 and 2013. During this 10 year period Britain saw the highest inflation across food, fuel and housing – wages grew by just 30 per cent in this decade; but the cost of food alone rose by nearly 50 per cent. Our report shows that for the poorest 10 per cent in our society, the amount of their income spent on food, utilities and housing rose from 31 per cent in 2003 to 40 per cent in 2012. Clearly, this leaves considerably less in household budgets to deal with unexpected expenditures.

    Reducing the use of food banks for low earners will not happen overnight. It requires a sustained long-term economic plan that bears down on the cost of essentials. We are now beginning to see the fruits of growth: food inflation this year fell to an annual rate of -0.6 per cent: the first time it has fallen since 2006. Average earnings for those in continuous employment rose by more than double the rate of inflation last month: the start of “real pay growth” according to the Governor of the Bank of England. Our childcare reforms will also save low income families up to £500 each month.

    We also need to talk about welfare. Our existing welfare system will benefit from the specific changes already in delivery to make it more responsive to people’s unpredictable lives. Universal Credit is not an easy reform, but the evidence we heard underscored the clear case for it to be successfully and fully implemented. We make some suggestions of how the administration and delivery of benefit decisions could be enhanced further.

    As I reported in my joint submission with the Trussell Trust, the hardship caused by any changes in benefit payments is not a new phenomenon: in 2006/7, benefit delays accounted for 34 per cent of referrals to Trussell Trust food banks; in 2013/14 it accounted for 31 per cent of referrals. It is not so much about the amount being paid, but needing to ensure that all that can be done is done to remove the gaps in payments as life changes are “processed” by the state.

    As Jack Monroe told the Inquiry in July: “if my benefits had been paid quickly, in full and on time I would have been able to meet my living costs”. DWP can point to significant improvements: 92 per cent of claims are now processed on time (up from 86 per cent in 2009/10), but clearly there is more to do in this respect. For those who are not processed in a timely manner this is not a statistic but a personal crisis.

    Food banks are beginning to respond to the wider needs of the most vulnerable: we heard about debt advice, cooking classes and welfare support services alongside food parcels. Civil society will inevitably be able to offer a more personalised and less time-constrained approach to welfare than the state can – but we want to embed partnership working to ensure that the best overall provision into the future.
    Let me also add that we in the conservative party will promise to do blah and even more blah until this country has been rescued from socialist tyranny and free markets will save us all, GOD BLESS DAVID CAMERON AND VOTE TORY OR DIE…”


  44. Is it just a coincidence that folk with issues and MH problems are now being frogmarched to “private health care” run by the “establishment”, just like the failing Work Providers.
    What happened to MH on the NHS.
    Why aren’t folk being sent to proper counsellors, who have had 4 or 5 years of BACP training, who have no agendas except the patients wellbeing.

    This is not ethical, and bloody dangerous.

    • With the barbaric state of ignorance that drives pretty much all of MH care, both in the private sector and the NHS, it’s probably better that no one gets access to treatment. Psychiatry and it’s sad little acolyte Psychology have walked a very long way down the wrong road and there is scant evidence that they will be looking at a map or turning back. The road they are on keeps people unwell, miserable and ultimately kills them. MH care in the UK and many places elsewhere in the world, is a festival of charlatans.

      BACP is just a trade body, they aren’t even a proper professional register and actually hold no powers at all. There are qualifications that BACP approve of but they are not an educational organisation.

      They can strike someone from their membership list, but can not stop someone from setting themselves up in practice. BACP aren’t audited externally by anyone. So many of those working in MH (both NHS and privately) manage to place the initials BACP prominently on their literature, and this implies to the hapless patient that their qualifications and experience have been thoroughly proved. All that happened is that the therapist paid a yearly fee to have their name on the register.

      When things go wrong in therapy, and they do, commonly and catastrophically, there is no recourse to any kind of justice, due to the swift act by therapists, docs, shrinks, psychologists of always playing the MH card whenever a patient has concerns – “yes dear, we know you aren’t happy with your treatment, but you are mental and no one is going to believe you and anyway you don’t know where your own arse is so how could you possibly know anything about your mental state and how you should be helped?” is a common translation of the predictable responses to those who have been harmed by this unregulated, useless system.

      Many therapists, BACP registered or not have many agendas running in the background. Why does someone become a counseller or therapist?

      Read up some Geoff Masson (Against Therapy) and some Dorothy Rowe, follow up with some Bob Johnson and you will get a helpful guide to the complexity of the mess that MH care at all levels has become.

  45. DWP Medical (factual) Reports

    A guide to completion – April 2014

    Information Provision
    DWP obtain consent1 from the patient2 to approach you for the release of clinical information. Therefore you can rely on an assurance from DWP or a healthcare professional working for Atos Healthcare or Capita Health and Wellbeing that consent has been provided and there is no requirement for you to ask to see a copy of the patient’s consent.

    1 Consent may be provided either in writing, electronically or verbally. DWP has procedures in place to ensure that consent is valid.
    2 Occasionally consent may be provided by a third party acting on the patient’s behalf.
    • If the patient is mentally incapable of managing his own affairs, and there is power of attorney or an appointee is acting on behalf of the patient, as permitted in legislation.
    • If the patient is potentially terminally ill and the claim to benefit has been made by a third party on the patient’s behalf, as permitted in legislation.

    Gov – PDF:

    Click to access medical-reports-completion-apr-14.pdf

    • 1 Consent may be provided either in writing, electronically or verbally. DWP has procedures in place to ensure that consent is valid.

      Yes Fraud.

    • “British firm Capita Healthcare Decisions, part of Capita plc, announces that it has gained full URAC accreditation for its telehealth, remote triage and clinical decision making software,”
      Yet more “telephone consultations” that WON’T WORK should be the victim be suffering the consequences of stroke, deafness, speech problems or several other cognitive deficits. Utter cnuts.
      Bear in mind Capita persecutes those who choose to ditch the moron box via its bastard offshoot TV Licensing.

      • Which in turn means that the DISABILITY DENIAL SOFTWARE which has now achieved accreditation, may be sub leased to any other firm who are contracted to carry out sick/disability assessments of the workforce.

        The software will be just a rehash of the LIMA system used to steal benefits by ATOS as instructed by the DWP.
        All these OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE inspired dreamboats are nothing more than the states insistance that proper medical values are now redundant, proper medical reports by qualified surgeons, specialists and GP’s are assigned to the waste bin………………………

        Hence the upsurge in certificate holders of the DDAM (FACULTY OF OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE) fairytale diploma.

        Engineered to progress occupational health industry, steal benefits from bonafide claimants and support the DWP theory that real doctors prognosis is now a thing of the past…………………..


        • …………………….this, in turn will enable the likes of MAXIMUS to make a statement that they no longer will use the software used by the dreaded ATOS, but use CAPITA’s instead…………………


  46. Contradiction – Consent is not mandatory – Well you better word correct then DWP.

  47. What is the descriptor for all those a4e, learn direct and third sector wanna be gurus are they working class.

    • Another Fine Mess


      • They all have the same attitude of their own self-importance and are oblivious of the people and issues around them. They can not even pass themselves off as low grade bureaucrats.

      • Another Fine Mess

        They all have the same attitude of their own self-importance
        That’s because they’re only allowed to think positive. They really hate it when you point out the main ‘barriers to work’ are lack of jobs, and 300 apps for one vacancy – so I make sure I do mention it! They don’t like it if you mention the number of fake job postings either!

        It’s not all bad, sometimes the victims get something useful out of it.
        But very often the course will claim a fantastic success rate of 50 or 60% of the victims getting a job shortly after finishing the course, unfortunately
        I always swap phone numbers with quite a few of the other victims, so we can see how we get on, and it’s just not true.
        I’ve lost count of the number of ‘courses’ I’ve been on.

  48. 10 Contradiction Commandments by the DWP written in stone that`s sinking the flag ship.

  49. Is a contradiction a medical condition DWP !!!

  50. A U-fucking-KIP candidate has suggested that welfare claimants should be BANNED from driving! Un-fucking-belieavble!

    • Lol at DWP threats

      I have been informed that the idea included selling the new claimant’s car for use as living money until it was consumed, before benefits would be granted.
      A fantastic idea from the world of people who never had a real job as usual;
      Sell the transport whilst looking for work.

      • UKIP are fucking NUTS!!

        … and how the fuck is a driving ban supposed to help a claimant get a job? UKIP are fucking nuts!!

        • Lol at DWP threats

          People dont have cars unless they need them for work,so stopping them from driving any way would limit employment chances. In rural areas this would probably be limit them to zero.
          UKIP think no differently to any other party,they just arent as good at lying about it.
          Voting for a party is akin to giving the lunatics the keys to the asylum.
          50 years of party rule has brought the country to its knees yet people still do it.Take Camaroon’s latest verbal Twaddle on full employment aims;how can you have full employment in a country with no borders?Its not possible until the whole world is earning a living wage and living in a detached 4 bedroom in Shropshire ; Pie in the sky from never had a job as usual.
          Who is the bigger fool applies I suspect.You gotta be unstable to vote for the idiot.

          • UKIP are Bonkers!!

            Exactly ted, it is not like there are 6 million jobseekers running around in Beemers. But if a jobseeker was to secure a job offer they would need to arrange transport, and especially in a rural area a car would be the only option… but they can’t because they have been banned from driving by virtue of being unemployed. This is the politics of the madhouse – and this is where UKIP belong – the madhouse! Or is the driving ban an extra-judicial “punishment” to go along with fines and community payback that the jobcentre so gleefully hand out… in that case it may not be such a good to tell the jobcnetre that you have a licence… could end in a ban.

            • UKIP are Bonkers!!

              Also, a professional driver is going to find it nigh on impossible to secure another job if their licence has been revoked for any reason – UKIP, Nigel Farage and the assorted clowns coming out with this insanity should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act never mind asking us to vote them into power!

              • Another Bonkers thing about this “Idea” [if you can call it an idea, more like delusion] 1. How would this be enacted in Law? You are seizing something from someone who has broken no crime… Oh sorry being unemployed is a crime! Good luck arguing that to a Judge – the knock effects at changing the law to accomodate this would cause the ecomony to collapse as it would impact so many areas – contracts, jobs, health etc etc. 2. How about those who would start work Before local transport started running? 3. How about parents/carers [especially those with disabled children, or otherwise who need private transport]. The list goes on.

                Good good thinking on UKIPS part – vote for the “Ideas Party… Sorry…. Nutty Party… er….Nazi Party now. You know you want to!

                • UKIP and anyone who votes for these cunts should be SECTIONED!!

                  It is being disqualified from driving (a criminal penalty) for the ‘crime’ of being unemployed. And how are you going to fill in a job application form: “have you ever been disqualified from driving?” “Yes…. but it was for being unemployed”. “Tough! Disqualified is Disqualified”. And what about insurance? How does a disqualified (for being unemployed) driver insure their car. And what if the (unemployed) driver is caught driving whilst disqualified (for being unemployed); will they be prosecuted for drving whilst disqualified. The more you think about this “policy” the more crazy it sounds.

                • “… driving while Unemployed”.

                • … is a very serious offence, shirlleynott…. don’t get caught 😉

  51. Man turned away from disability benefit interview in Bournemouth – because he was in a wheelchair

    Bournemouth Echo – 21st Jan 2015

    A wheelchair user who had his leg amputated turned up for a disability assessment but was sent home – because it was on the first floor and he wasn’t allowed to use the lift.

    Michael Sparks was shocked when job centre staff told him his appointment was not on the ground floor and he couldn’t use a lift as he would be ‘a fire hazard’.

    One woman worker then even asked the 52 year old, whose right leg is amputated below the knee, if he could walk up the stairs instead.

    Read More:

    • Only when ATOS and DWP staffs start getting prosecuted for stuff like this will this kind of thing begin to stop. Certainly in this instance, someone really ought to face court action. IDS himself should be facing trial……but trouble is, all that tends to cost a certain amount of money, which most folks in these situations do not have, That is one explanation for much of this. The callous disregard for the poor by most MPs and London press is another.

      • Strange that you mention that – have the goods on Snr Management [to the top] practices and hold it over their heads just learnt that ‘Karma’ has caught up with the manager who sparked it off.

        Justice. He is now sitting on the other side of the Table. Sweet!

  52. Norwich assessment ‘disgrace’ set to end, minister claims

    Eastern Daily Press – 9th Jan 2015

    The “disgrace” of disabled people being sent miles from Norwich because an assessment centre cannot be used by wheelchair users is expected to be brought to an end this month, a minister has indicated.

    The government said in June it would stop sending people by taxi or public transport to Ipswich or King’s Lynn, and even further afield, for assessments to decide if they are fit to work. Campaigners have spent three years calling for the issue to be addressed.

    But Mark Harper, minister for disabled people, has said in a letter to South Norwich MP Simon Wright that the medical assessment centre, used by private firm Atos, has taken on two extra rooms and that the Department for Work and Pensions was drawing up final proposals and was working towards a “go-live” date at the end of January.

    Read More:

      • …………..and along came MAXIMUS, the knight in shining armour that promised an end to the attrocities inflicted on the disabled by ATOS.

        The first plan would be to completely radicalise how the new work capability assessments would continue, so they brought in ATOS’s same software, shamed nurses, doctors and physiotherapists under the guise of a different coloured uniform.
        Staff were contracted to change their hairstyles and clothes in an effort to fool the unsuspecting tranche of the walking dead.

        Atos posters were hastily replaced with the awe inspiring MAXIMUS company logo, just like the advent of walking into a communal extermination camp shower block…………….

        This time the victims would not be stripped of their belongings, the gold fillings and silver spectacle frames, Maximus only wanted to remove their benefits, their right to welfare and their right to an equal life to that of an able bodied person.

        The transition would be effortless, as Bill Gunnyeon, ex DWP and now MAXIMUS had sold his soul to the American private health insurance lobby of the mighty UNUM corporation.

        As the first victims entered the examination rooms, unaware that the HCP’s were in fact the same as before, Bill’s lip started to twitch………………

        “just how i managed to fool so many, for the sake of the so few, will haunt me for the rest of my days, he mused”

        Meanwhile the carcasses kept piling up, the DWP were literaly tugging their hair out……

        How could they account for the staggering amount of deaths borne from the new contract?…………..and along came MAXIMUS, the knight in shining armour that promised an end to the attrocities inflicted on the disabled by ATOS.

        The first plan would be to completely radicalise how the new work capability assessments would continue, so they brought in ATOS’s same software, shamed nurses, doctors and physiotherapists under the guise of a different coloured uniform.
        Staff were contracted to change their hairstyles and clothes in an effort to fool the unsuspecting tranche of the walking dead.

        Atos posters were hastily replaced with the awe inspiring MAXIMUS company logo, just like the advent of walking into a communal extermination camp shower block…………….

        This time the victims would not be stripped of their belongings, the gold fillings and silver spectacle frames, Maximus only wanted to remove their benefits, their right to welfare and their right to an equal life to that of an able bodied person.

        The transition would be effortless, as Bill Gunnyeon, ex DWP and now MAXIMUS had sold his soul to the American private health insurance lobby of the mighty UNUM corporation.

        As the first victims entered the examination rooms, unaware that the HCP’s were in fact the same as before, Bill’s lip started to twitch………………

        “just how i managed to fool so many, for the sake of the so few, will haunt me for the rest of my days, he mused”

        Meanwhile the carcasses kept piling up, the DWP were literaly tugging their hair out……

        How could they account for the staggering amount of deaths borne from the new contract?

    • “The Associated Press reports”

      I read some months ago that they use your webcam to watch and listen to you even when your NOT using it!!!.

  53. A U-fucking-KIP candidate has suggested that welfare claimants should be BANNED from driving! Un-fucking-belieavble!

    Do not buy into these he said, she said soft political porn distraction stories.

    How the MSM has us – shooting at shadows.

    • overburdenddonkey

      mr r
      this was suggested in the usa about 18mths ago, and was met with the same reaction, wtf!…should pensioners and those on in work benefits etc, also lose licence, does this candidate say?

      • Shifts the conversation from the actuality of sanctions and deaths to the maybes of shooting at shadows as WoS put it.

        What would Esther McVey prefer to talk about on Question Time the tongue in cheek of a hypothetical licence ban or the actuality of DWP/JCP sanctions and deaths.

        Bet she would prefer to talk hypothetically with tongue in cheek.

        • ……………..DWP welfare sanctions have banned many from eating and breathing

          • esther IRMA GRESE mcvey………….

            In Pierrepoint’s biography, he describes the events leading up to Irma’s execution and the hanging itself as follows :
            “At last we finished noting the details of the men, and RSM O’Neil ordered ‘bring out Irma Grese’. She walked out of her cell and came towards us laughing. She seemed as bonny a girl as one could ever wish to meet. She answered O’Neil’s questions, but when he asked her age she paused and smiled. I found that we were both smiling with her, as if we realised the conventional embarrassment of a woman revealing her age. Eventually she said ‘twenty-one,’ which we knew to be correct. O’Neil asked her to step on to the scales. ‘Schnell!’ she said – the German for quick.” In Britain prison warders and medical staff would have been responsible for weighing and measuring the condemned prior to execution but on this occasion Albert Pierrepoint and RSM O’Neil had to do it. Irma was 5 feet 5 and a 1/4 inches tall and weighed 150 lbs. She was given a drop of 7 feet 4 inches.

        • Indeed this story could be a MSM distraction porn plant to give Esther McVey that very escape route.

          Question from the QT audience: What does the panel think of UKIPs plan that welfare claimants should be banned from driving?

          • ………………..rubbing the shiny totenkopf deaths head symbol on the collar of her SS tunic, Esther turned to the audience and gave her opinions of why the poor, the disabled and vulnerable must die…………

            From the rear of the auditorium came a somewhat lonely applause.


            …………………..Adolf turned to leave…….

  54. Esther McVey is on Question Time tonight – BBC1 10:35pm

    Should be good for a laugh!

  55. Labour Party, Welfare Reform – driving ban.


    Now the Welfare Reform Bill will enable CMEC to bypass the courts and order absent parents directly to give up their driving licences and passports until they have met their financial obligations.

    The Department for Work and Pensions says the move would be a “last resort” after other means of securing cash for kids have failed.

    Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell stresses: “We are supporting parents in these tough times, but for those who choose not to support their own kids, we will not stand by and do nothing. If a parent refuses to pay up then we will stop them travelling abroad or even using their car.”

    He adds, “We want fair rules for everybody and that means giving people the support they need, but in return expecting them to live up to their responsibilities.”

    The controversial Welfare Reform Bill also includes measures which may require many single parents and people on incapacity benefit to go out and seek work.

  56. However, some oils are great for your skin and promote youth, moisture,
    prevent eczema and so much more. That’s because your skin can absorb HA at a
    cellular level. It moisturizes by using Hyaluronic Acid, which is an all-natural and very
    potent moisturizer that can help to rejuvenate the skin.


      …………….or will they use CAPITA’s newly licenced DISABILITY DENIAL

      British firm Capita Healthcare Decisions, part of Capita plc, announces that it has gained full URAC accreditation for its telehealth, remote triage and clinical decision making software, bringing together clinical expertise and Silicon Valley innovation.

      From: John Slater

      22 January 2015

      Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

      Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of
      Information reviews.

      I am writing to request an internal review of Department for Work
      and Pensions’s handling of my FOI request ‘LiMA License for

      Section 18 of the published HDAS Agreement does not contain a LiMA
      license and therefore the DWP has not provided the requested

      Please provide the requested information or cite the appropriate
      statutory exemption. This is the only IRR I will submit and if the
      DWP fails to respond within the period set out in the Information
      Commissioners guidance I will complain to the Commissioner.

      A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is
      available on the Internet at this address:

      Yours faithfully,

      John Slater

  57. “Govt outline plans to share health records of benefit claimants”

    • overburdenddonkey

      quoted from the above document from annos
      ‘Michael Gelling, chair of the tenants’ and residents’ Organisation of England (TAROE), described the government’s proposals as ‘dangerous’ and ‘too far’.’
      i’d say so! grim…localism anyone?

  58. Jim Murphy wants to spread food banks all over Scotland and housing associations want control of the work programme.

    The danger is that a Scottish welfare system will become the plundering pot of Scotland’s social enterprise thug class.


  59. ……………………first they took away the cars and nobody said anything.
    Then they came for our lawnmowers and nobody said anything……….
    Then they took away our clothing and nobody said anything……….

    Fucking gipsies, worse than the social………….

  60. Number of homeless soars by 20 per cent as campaigners blame ‘callous’ government policies

    Jan 22, 2015 08:54
    By Jennifer Williams

    The council accepted legal responsibility for 628 vulnerable people with nowhere to live in the 12 months to September

    The number of Mancunians classed as officially homeless has gone up 20pc in a year.

    The council accepted legal responsibility for 628 vulnerable people with nowhere to live in the 12 months to September.

    That compares to 522 the year before.

    Councils only have a legal duty to re-home people if they tick three specific boxes.

    They must have a right to live in the UK, be ‘unintentionally’ homeless – so not, for example, because they have been evicted thanks to rent arrears – and considered in ‘priority need’

    • So should a person getting evicted due to sanction engineered rent defaults burn the house down in a state of despair to ensure that they are not classed as intentionally homeless?

    …………………………..pegged it

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  63. Children are, or should be, exempt from DWP onslaught on parents they are innocent and suffer because their parents are without a job or unable to get more work, the government are guilty of humanitarian crimes against children

  64. Sorry to be a bit OT, but just wanted to rant in public about workfart.

    Today at Northfield Pertemps I arrived on time for my appointment, according to the card given to me last time by a member of staff. I waited 30mins and then asked what was going on, only then did I get told my appointment was 30mins after the time written down by Pertemps.

    Worst of all was how I heard the staff deal with someone on the phone whilst I was waiting. It sounded like a Pertemps user was asking for a changed appointment to be put in writing. Pertemps agreed, but when the member of staff hung up they moaned about having to put it in writing and called the person an idiot.

    I have changed appointments in the past and have done it in writing because of the fear of sanctions. Missed appointments or lateness stand to be reported to the jobby/DWP and so having concrete proof of when appointments were booked for is necessary. It appears Pertemps does not want to extend this courtesy to its users though. They even look to have contempt for those that ask!

    I did ask the staff member about what was said on the phone, she explained that the person is currently having some kind of dispute. I didn’t realise at the time how in a way this actually makes things worse! Stand up to Pertemps or otherwise not get what they are saying and you can be labelled and called names. When someone is having a dispute that absolutely does not make it OK for a business to name-call, it makes the company look like it does not actually care to get the dispute resolved amicably.

    It was of course ironic that a Pertemps users seemed to be trying to pre-empt bureaucratic failings and gets called an idiot when the same member of staff had failed to get my appointment onto the computer correctly. I mentioned this irony to the lady on the front desk and she just implied that she didn’t care, that I should take it up with the member of staff. Good customer service would been to have said that I have an interesting point and to have offered to get a manager who is in a position to deal with it. But good customer service from Pertemps? Hahahahaha. Good luck to those applying for any job involving customer service, Pertemps will likely teach you utter guff.

    And I am not so naïve that I do not imagine Pertemps don’t look at this blog sometimes. If I am going to write about this incident I could complain, or I could stick the anecdote in public and hope it has more impact – based on what I have seen if I did things internally and privately I will get superficially niceness with slurs the moment I’m gone.

    Another mention of their ineptness: a sign on the wall asking for users to do a survey with an immense and complex URL. Something wrong with a URL shortening service? Or even a redirect off Pertemps’ own site? ->||/survey.aspx?bollocks. No matter what, another barrier to the company listening to its users, but an offered service that superficially makes it look like they do care.

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