Is Work Really Good For Your Health? Probably Not If You’re Sick, Disabled Or Poor Says DWP Research

work-makes-meA DWP funded study published in 2006 reached a clear conclusion: “there is little direct reference or linkage to scientific evidence on the physical or mental health benefits of (early) (return to) work for sick or disabled people.”

This is quickly qualified by the researchers, who are no doubt aware that you don’t get cushy jobs writing reports for the government by telling them things they don’t want to know.  So the study claims that there is a ‘a broad consensus’ that work is good for the health of sick or disabled people “across multiple disciplines and also, importantly, among disability groups, employers, unions, insurers, and the main political parties”.  In other words if enough important people say something is true then it must be true, despite the lack of evidence.  That’s science folks.

The tragedy is that this ‘broad consensus’ has manifested in a horrifying regime for disabled people or those out of work with a long term health condition.  Every benefit sanction, work capability assessment and forced unpaid work placement that has been inflicted on sickness benefit claimants can be traced back to this invented consensus.  So far has it gone that even the recent Mental Health Taskforce report – which highlighted the shameful lack of funding for mental health treatment – called for employment to be viewed as a clinical outcome.  In some parts of the UK trials are being established to put DWP funded ‘work coaches’ in GP surgeries.  Mental health treatment ‘hubs’ are being sited in buildings alongside Jobcentres.  A new Health and Work Programme is on the way aiming to strip benefit from up to one million claimants of Employment Support Allowance – the main out of work sickness and disability benefit.   All of this is being justified by the belief that work is good for the health of sick and disabled people based on the 2006 report which says there is no scientific evidence for this claim.

The study called ‘Is Work Good For Your Health And Well-Being’ was authored by Gordon Waddell and A Kim Burton, two specialists in back pain from Cardiff University.  It features a review of over 350 scientific publications examining the relationship between health and work.  The focus of the study is largely those who are non-disabled, healthy, or have mild to moderate health conditions.  What it found is that “work is generally good for your health and well-being, provided you have ‘a good job'” (emphasis theirs).

A  discussion of the study, published in an Oxford Journal, pointed out this is a “a no-brainer”.  If you love your job, are well paid, and have a boss who is sensitive to health requirements then this might well be better for your health then the poverty and social isolation that can come from unemployment.  But even this is only a ‘general’ effect. Work can also be bad for your health the study found.  Low status and low paid jobs are a particular risk, as is work that is ‘unsatisfactory’.  The review even found that for a significant minority of people, between 5 and 10%, unemployment can lead to improved health and well-being.

Even this may not tell the full story.  Often it is assumed that because evidence shows that (generally) unemployed people are less healthy then this means that unemployment is bad for your health – rather than poor health being likely to lead to unemployment.  The researchers warn of this ‘health selection effect’ although they claim to have accounted for it. There is also an economic dimension – unemployed people are poorer, and it may be poverty that is bad for your health, not unemployment.  The researchers appear to agree and caution that in areas of high social disadvantage then a range of factors impact on health and even then “It is all very well to say that work is good for your health, but that depends on being able to get a job.”

Finally it’s worth noting that many of these studies featured in this review were carried out in the US where the loss of a job may mean an end to health insurance.  Government policies can certainly attempt to socially engineer poor health due to unemployment – already the UK has a benefit sanctions regime designed to harm the health of those who do not keep up with endless Jobcentre demands to look for work.  It may be that impacts on health due to unemployment could be mitigated by paying people more benefits and ensuring access to free healthcare.  The idle rich seem healthy enough after all.  The Queen Mother was 101 when she died and you can’t get much more workless than someone who didn’t even wipe her own arse.

The truth then, at least as far as this review is concerned, is that a good and well paid job is probably good for your health if you only have a mild to moderate health condition.  But it might not be.  You might even be one of the 5-10% who are better off being unemployed. Also there is no evidence that the health benefits of work applies to sick and disabled people, although lots of very important people think it should.  A bad job however, with low pay, low status and little prospects, could be worse for your health than unemployment.  And yet these are exactly the types of jobs that many of the claimants who face being bullied off sickness or disability benefits are likely to end up in.

According to the Mental Health Taskforce “people with mental
health problems are also often overrepresented in high-turnover, low-pay and
often part-time or temporary work”.  Current Jobcentre policies aim to get people off benefits and into work – any work – as soon as possible.  Private companies running back to work schemes are paid according to how many people they find a job, not on the quality of those jobs. Some of those jobs will make people sick, or will worsen existing health conditions.

Astonishingly, if Iain Duncan Smith gets his way, then GPs themselves will be involved in handing out these work cures, without any regard for the evidence which shows that poor quality work might harm people’s health.  The employment advisors, soon to be installed in Islington GP surgeries offering ‘jobs on prescription’, work for Maximus, the sinister US outsourcing company who also run the despised Work Capability Assessments used to stop people’s benefits by finding them ‘fit for work’.  They cannot be trusted to be aware of the complex interactions between work and health.  They will not be medical professionals but welfare-to-work busy-bodies tasked with bullying and coercing people into low quality jobs as soon as possible.

If there were loads of great jobs out there, jobs which are genuinely rewarding, well paid and enjoyable, then any coercion or conditionality within the benefits system would seem bizarre.  People are already queuing round the block in some parts of the country just to work in a coffeeshop.  Tens of thousands of people are working without pay. Despite the snide rhetoric from government ministers and the media that unemployment is caused by lazy or deficient unemployed people there is no shortage of hunger for work.  There is a shortage of jobs though, especially good ones, likely to not damage your health.

In such a cut-throat employment market, dominated by ever more demands on workers to raise productivity then patients themselves, not welfare-to-work advisors, or even doctors, are the best ones to judge whether a job is likely to be suitable for them, or whether they want to go back to work at all.  The medical ‘consensus’ that work is good for your health may apply to doctors, healthcare bureacrats and other pampered professionals but it is just not true for many of us who face long hours, low pay and insecurity.  A middle class solution to a working class problem is not acceptable.  The duty of the medical profession is to first do no harm, not parrot ideology intended to trick us into low paid work by lying about the health benefits.  And that means keeping the Jobcentre out of the NHS.

Join the protest to keep work coaches out of doctor’s surgeries outside City Road Medical Centre, 190-196 City Road , London, EC1V 2QH on Friday 4th March from 3pm.  Please spread the word, more details on the facebook page.

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  1. Reblogged this on Christopher John Ball and commented:
    This needs to be read and shared widely to counter the way Iain Duncan Smith and others ‘quote mine’ such reports – Duncan Smith ‘quote mines’ much in the same way that creationists ‘quote mine’ Darwin

  2. Void, I love your stuff…this post takes all the previous ones I’ve read to another level. You’re a public service. You are factual , you make people think. You’re wise…you have a big heart so you have a public duty to keep doing what you are doing

    stop swearing though, might put a few “gentler” types off, which would be a shame. You don’t need to swear. You have a mastery of language which rises way above this need…

    • The Queen Mother was certainly a lazy old bag, she was a gin sodden old c¥nt, which probably accounts for the fact she didn’t wipe her jacksy, because she was to F*cking pissed.

      • Bet the smelly old trollop got someone to raise the gin bottle to its lips because it was so fucking idle(and thats just the ones on its ugly face)

      • The queen mother was a racist who thought Mr Hitler was a nice little man. Tell that to me and those of my relatives who perished in the camps…

        • To be fair to the old ldear…..she didn’t like Hitler, or the old Nazis, or the Germans in general for that matter. She saw enough during the First Great War to see to that. However, it is very true, she was surrounded by lots of well to do aristocrats and the like, who did like Hitler. Such folks still like the Nazis. Even Niicky Clegg liked the Nazis….after all he spent 5 years in bed with them!

      • And you know this how exactly?! Thought not – you’re just a ranting old anti-Royalist trolling through this site to promote your vile anti-Royal views which does tend to spoil an otherwise thought provoking and intelligent thread.

    • Gentle types? You mean the pseudo middle class. The Daily Mail reading legions who are usually ecstatic about the “scroungers” being made to work. They may be soft bastards with badly skewed values, but the politely worded Tory soundbites they like to utter are a million times worse than any swearword I know, and I know a few. Intent is everything. These tossers don’t even know this. Curse away, Johnny. It’s enough to make anyone truly gentle and human swear.

      • The Daily Fail mob are the upper middle class nobs whom are “gentile” along with their tweed jackets, pipes, monacle eye glasses and country estates, and whom go out every weekend fox hunting or grouse shooting as a pastime.

        Not the rest of us whom have to put up with the bollocks from JCP on a daily basis, or having to scrimp and save to put a roof over our heads and food in the freezer.

      • well said black dog, it’s a pity we can’t hear Johnny Void, I hope he is SHOUTING his messages from the rooftops!
        Gentle John and his pseudo scientific observations can fuckoff.

    • good g**** Charlie Brown!

    • Natalie READ (staff nurse)
  3. Johnny, the point of work isn’t just about work for the sake of work; it is about having people doing something constructive, rather than just laying about at home all day doing nothing but watching tv and drifting in and out of sleep. There is a great sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are contributing towards society, especially if it comes from doing voluntary, community based work. If most of the layabouts who are on here every day for a serious number of hours, ranting their vitriolic diatribes could instead find something useful to do with their lives, may I suggest eight hours working on the high street in a charity shop, then maybe, just maybe their self loathing would evaporate and they would become better people. You know who I’m talking about Marie, Stepping, Geoff, Raining, Flyte Hawks and Bob Chewie. Do yourselves some good – VOLUNTEER NOW!!!

    • Roger, why don’t you take your own advice, volunteer in a filthy “charity” shop for 8 hours a day you lazy old fart.

      • I can’t see the lazy pillock Roger getting out of bed at 6am in the morning to go work in a factory, like I had to do years ago on a meagre wage through some dodgy one-man band recruitment agency. Lazy git roger all mouth and trousers and a right old windbag akin to Neil Kinnock.

      • Roger… I’m a single working mum. I spend 5 hours a day doing back breaking school cleaning and I have arthritis and an unrelated back problem. I get no satisfaction from it and I despise and have no respect for society whatsoever. I want to work, but this work I do is not suitable for someone with my problems. I do it to keep out of the JCP clutches. Should my back go or my arthritis flare, I would expect to be allowed to recover in my own time rather than get work on a prescription.
        Incidentally, in my last job, the company went bust. Our paychecks regularly bounced and I was subject to racial and sexual harassment on a daily basis. I needed 8 weeks off to recover from the stress. I always intended to go back, even to those dreadful conditions, I just needed time to heal. Luckily while I was off it finally went bust

        • @ Katrehman

          “Roger” – if that is indeed his real name or an assumed name he is using to hide himself on here, is just an arrogant troll who likes to stir up trouble on here. It’s obvious that he has never worked since leaving school (or maybe he is actually still in Nursery School as I speak) and has no concept of what real life presents us every day of our lives.

          Put him on the work programme and he will soon start crying and wet his nappy in response.


      “watching tv and drifting in and out of sleep”

      That’s what I do after I get back home from my mandatory unpaid Work Placement! I make a cuppa, sit down by the fire, absolutely knackered, put the tv on and doze off in the chair, snoring from 4.00pm to 10.00pm, too fucked to move. I don’t feel any sense of reward, just worn out & traumatized, but so unbelievably glad & relieved to back home. Until the next day, that is, when the whole soul-destroying & demoralizing living nightmare begins all over again.

    • oh, do fuck off Roger

    • Roger, while I applaud your views on the benefits of voluntary work, just pause a moment and take a raincheck on the rest of your vitriol. There seem to be just a few wildly exaggerated assumptions in your text -eg ‘the point of work isn’t just about work for the sake of work; it is about having people doing something constructive, rather than just laying about at home all day doing nothing but watching tv and drifting in and out of sleep’ – So you think that anyone who isn’t doing voluntary work or a proper job is not being constructive do you? Just a small assumption there – I mean, have you never heard or people caring for others at home, or just doing housework, or helping out a neighbour with shopping? All of these are constructive things which unemployed people, who may not be involved in any kind of voluntary work, often do. Which shows that not everyone who is unemployed spends all day watching TV – a pretty patronising and completely unsupported assumption it seems to me. So that you don’t make any more of these grossly outrageous comments, take my advice – engage brain before mouth before posting.

  4. I Roger Have Spoken…

    • ………… out early?

    • Stop rabbiting Roger!


      yes Roger, but you seem to have spoken shite again.

    • I, Gordo shall pronounce on your word! Work is indeed all about helping to rid a person of idleness. That is very true. But work, to be truly productive, to both mind and soul must be remunerated appropriately. It must also nourish and help maintain the individual concerned, and his/her family.
      To expect any individual to go out to work, for any number of hours, and not to receive a fair pay for that work, is nothing other than servitude. Also known as Slavery!
      Most ppl you read on here, are either actually in work at present, or they have worked for years and years, but ill health now prevents them, or they may have become unemployed thru circumstance, like their work being taken away by some one called Thatcher, or have seen their work stolen away to India or China, or wherever. They want work badly , but the work, real work is not there to be found. And what is to be found is low paid, low hours or no hours work. How then are these folks to pay rents, buy food, pay bills, or even the means to get to work? Explain all that to us, whoever you really are.
      It is not that works is not good for you, and that some don’t know that, but that work is only really good for you if it can really pay you.That, my dear child, Roger, is how it is.Okay…..Ego locutus. Causa finita!!

      • Here is a look inside a TV Factory . You would think this would provide a lot of jobs! But the recurring word is ‘automation’. It mentions that the ‘workers’ just watch over the machines’ and are in ‘danger of getting bored’. Anyway, what is this obsession with ‘work’. Is it not better that machines are doing the shitty jobs? It also brings down the cost of your flat-screen TV.

        • “All production is automated, workers only watch over the equipment.”

        • “In this shop microcircuits are produced. All the process is automated.”

        • If no one is paying the workers, who is there to buy the product?

          • You get the TVs for free because they are made by machines 🙂

            • If only 🙂

            • You are getting no jobs or wages because things are made by machines, hence my rallying call for a free society, production and distribution of everything for free – not such a silly concept after all is it?

              • Makes sense fly because “Labour” has been taken out of the equation. Capital is fast approaching its pinnacle and ultimate aim where it no longer needs Labour to produce goods. So we can just take the machine-made TVs off the end of the production line for free 🙂

              • I said if only, sadly the world is full of greedy fools, it needs laws but fair laws and ways to stop corruption. Its not money that is corrupt but people. Money is the fuel recourses is the fuel. Capitism can’t go on to infinity anyway, because one day it will burn it self out, if sick people in our society, those at the top, continue to grab and horde. I think there still should be forms of work too, the right jobs for the right people, creative work mainly, people need something to do and to feel useful, all in moderation. And no hassling the sick and disabled, its not worth their grief. I always hope the world would be a nice place like that fly, trouble is too many people don’t want it. They want to be greedy they want to fight over who has the most stuff and show it off, what will you do with people like that? It took me a long time to realise that some people enjoy climbing over others, just to get what they want, and weaker and more vulnerable the people are, the more they enjoy it. I’m not here to argue with your vision of a perfect world, I just don’t believe we could achieve it.

                • The Human Animal

                  Human nature wins out each and every time.

                • Absolute negativity no wonder you are unemployed. I have studied almost every political theory and ideology under the sun not to mention mans inhumanity to man through the ages.
                  Nobody will have the opportunity to be greedy if you have a production and distribution system whereby the amount produced is the amount going out to real, not invented people, for free worldwide.
                  The amount of people on this planet to do this (plus robots) will far exceed the amount of work there is to be done so nobody will be working slave hours with little or no reward at the end to show for their labour, their needs could and should be catered for in every area.

                • all I can say is that I hope it works, but plans often have problems and unexpected consequences, as my mum used to say, if it can go wrong it will. And the life I’ve had the majority of it has been negative, the majority has had terrible happen to me and other people around me. I’m allowed to be negative, its what I’ve come to expect from life. I did used to be positive actually, then I went to look for work in the jobcentre, after 8 years, of next to nothing, I gave up. So there you have it.

  5. Bridgend-born Will Thomas was airlifted back to the UK with serious injuries. Penniless and on crutches, he was told he couldn’t claim any benefits at all. Cameras follow his year-long battle to get financial support.

    Young Valleys couple Iolanda and Michael have their benefits sanctioned, their money cut and they struggle to cope. But it’s even tougher for them when Iolanda finally gets a job.

    costa coffee = 1 training week (no pay), and zero hours

  6. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Since there is no job contract on the Work programme, the word Work & the word Job mean two different things. Working makes your health better used to be called Occupational health.

    • @Stepping
      “Working makes your health better used to be called Occupational health.”…………or Therapeutic Work if you were on Invalidity- or Incapacity Benefit. Therapeutic Work was something you had to ask for.

  7. Changes to legal aid for domestic violence victims ruled ‘invalid’

    Court of appeal declares alterations to rules on obtaining support legally flawed, in victory for women’s rights campaigners


  8. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    ESA means no one is disabled & everyone is equal. UC means no one is left unemployed & everyone is equal.

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    Having a shit makes you feel better & healthier !!!! Define – Unemployable !!!

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      There`s a long list –

      Fear Of Buttons [both]
      Can`t Tie My Shoelaces………

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    Is there somewhere that can teach me to tie my shoelaces !!!! Don`t get confused with a shirt & tie !!!!

  12. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Universal credit is trying to do all claims by Internet & phone. The DWP do not want to have the responsibility of having admin & letters. Makes it Invalid !!!!

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Please DWP can you send me a letter with the date on !!!!!!
      While I`m here can you also put the correct date on the letter that I have spoke to you over the phone Now!!!! Careful it will be invalid DWP threats !!!

      • New JSA claims can only been completed online as the lazy fucks in JCP can’t be arsed to even lift a pen and help you complete a paper-based claim form any more.

        • That’s not true….I mean the DWP staffers that is….It is not they who have demanded everyone goes on the internet. It was George Ian Smith. He knows how impossible that is for most folks trying to claim this benefit, and also, if they try to phone in the claim, it’s gonna cost them 45 pence per minute on the mobile, or 12 pence from a landline. Think (or rather don’t) how long these calls will take. How long just to get thru. A person on a mobile could find they run out of credit before they even get to talk to someone. Or a person in a call box, run out of coins. This, IDS must know. It is done quite deliberately to make it as difficult as can be imagined to claim, and to get a benefit of any kind.
          But those trying to get said benefit are doing so, because they have to. Not because it is a lifestyle choice. Without money, they tend to die. The New Nazis are well aware of this……which makes them pure murderers, on a par with Hitler and Stalin. Nothing less.

          • Snotty woman: “Thank you for calling the Department of Work and Pensions. Your call is in a queue and will be answered shortly. …. 30 minutes later… Thank you for holding, All our advisers are busy at the moment. Your call will be answered as soon as one becomes available. ….. An hour later…. BT Announcement: “The other other person has hung up. The other other person has hung up.” . “You have insufficient credit to make this call.”

          • Snotty woman: “Thank you for calling the Department for Work and Pensions. Your call is in a queue and will be answered shortly. …. Dead Kennedys – Kill The Poor plays in the background… 30 minutes later… Thank you for holding. All our advisers are busy at the moment. Your call will be answered as soon as one becomes available. ….. An hour later…. BT Announcement: “The other other person has h

  13. There is a difference between be able an and unable to work, there is a difference between a poorly paid, work till you drop job, than having at least six figures a year in a cushy job, so those that are working (if you can call it work) as MPs they are right work is probably doing them very good.

    • so what do you suggest should happen to our socio-political economy to change that Maria?

      • Well, whether you have money or a no money society people should be responsible to each other, care about the well being of each other and do what each person can for each other.

        • Yeah and tell the truth to each other too, do you think you are capable of that Maria?

          • Lies and deceit are as bad as greed theft and power, infact they usually go hand in hand.

          • if your going to be childish again, You’ll be having a conversation on your own again. And I’ll wait again until you address me in a reasonable way. I don’t mind. It’s funny though for someone you seem to hate so much, I seem to be the one you address the most in your posts, now why would that be? why do you find me so utterly fascinating?

            • I think you will find that it is you that keeps replying to me, so I guess I am the fascinating one, get over yourself.

              • PS I have never said I hate you, more little white lies Maria.
                You tend to veer from sense to idiocy, self loathing to delusions of grandeur, one never knows who one is addressing.

                • Then why the hateful comments fly? if you don’t hate me find but from what you say to me what am I meant to take that as, that you love me instead? I don’t lie you say I lie about my situation and my deafness, but its all true actually. I don’t understand why you think a am a compulsive liar. How have you come to that conclusion? what right have to call me a liar and you have no proof. For all I know you could be a liar too but don’t I go around accusing you of being one? What is the point of this behaviour at me if you don’t enjoy doing?

              • I am polite and answer when you with reasonable comments address me. But not when you are being idiotic. Which is a shame because most of the time you have interesting thins to say and you spoil it a lot, with this type of behaviour. I said I wasn’t going to talk to any more if this behaviour continued and yet it took you three days of more idiotic comments to stop. If you don’t want me to talk to you I’m ok with that too. It’s up to you but I won’t waste my time while you carry this bitter feud on. Either let it go or don’t bother me in the future.

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    I work for nothing being patronized. Does nothing for my Disability Confidence !!!!

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    How about I get a job as a Sit Down Comedian !!!

  16. petition
    asda – restore foodbank collection points

  17. Johnny, I have struggled with serious mental health issues all my life and can say that the system in this country, at all levels, for people like me is shite.

    For instance, there is little to no NHS mental health support for the long term sick unless you can afford to go private. Equally, unless you are in a crisis situation, medically no one wants to know you as it is deemed that you can manage your own illness by stuffing a load of mind numbing medication down your neck.

    In terms of work, yes, I’ve worked in a number of jobs. Some have been utter shite and others ok. The crap ones were all low pay/low skilled (even though I have two university degrees) and the bosses really took the piss. On many occasions for example, I had to open up at 5.30am on my own (this should have been my bosses job, but I was forced to do it) and get the store filled up and ready before opening time. I used to run about the store like a headless chicken as I knew my boss would inspect it once he arrived later in the morning. I also had to make sure his brew and morning paper were ready on his desk otherwise I would have my crap wages docked.

    Everything about these shit jobs was about pressure and stress and being bullied into submission. If you complained or answered back you knew they would try to issue you with a warning or conjure up some lame excuse in order to sack you for gross misconduct. Of course, all these crap jobs were non unionised.

    I can tell you factually that all these types of jobs made my mental illness much worse. You feel more worthless, you have no to talk to as they are all looking out for number one. You live in constant fear of being branded a fool and losing your job. It did not matter how hard you worked, it was never good enough. There were many time I felt like committing suicide over how I was treated at work. All the bullying and harassment was overwhelming.

    As for the good jobs – well yes there is a great sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are being treated like a human being and making a positive contribution. But these jobs were few and far between and often on temporary a basis. For someone with my condition I guess I was very lucky to even get to this level as competition was very high.

    I have completed some voluntary and community based work too. I spent a lot of time on the sick as opposed to being on the dole, but many ill informed people see this as an excuse for being lazy. Anyone who doubts my illness should check out the telephone book sized amount of medical notes I have had from my consultants. I wish that I did not have this illness as it has blighted my life. But for those who think I am lazy or should take any shit job that risks my health and possibly my life then think about this. Try thinking, without any pause, about losing all your family and friends at once, think about killing yourself 24/7, think about putting an electric drill against your forehead and turning the power button on. I have been assessed by Atos many times and even they realised that I am seriously ill.

    Being called lazy is nothing new to me, but this is what I have had to deal with all my life. I guess many people with a mental illness have faced this hate crime too.

    So if anyone thinks I am too lazy to take a crap job then try being me for a week. I guarantee that you would throw yourself under a train by the end of day one.

    • If you have a serious mental illness e.g. schizophrenia you would qualify for the higher rates of disability benefits which are currently around £300 a week + free flat etc. A lot better then being stuck on £70 a week, and taking a shovel-load of shit from the jobcentre for the privilege or working shitty minimum wage jobs where you would have no where near £300 a week by the time you paid for accommodation, in-work expenses etc.

      • Mrs Christmas – I suffer from Dysthymic Disorder and Clinical Depression at the moment. I also have suffered from Adjustment Depression and an eating disorder (a sub type of Anorexia) in the past caused in the main by uncaring and bullying employers.

        I look back on it all now as a huge challenge and one I have still to fight with every day. If it was not for my family, who have supported me throughout my illness, I would not be alive today.

        • “Persistent depressive disorder, also called dysthymia (dis-THIE-me-uh), is a continuous long-term (chronic) form of depression. You may lose interest in normal daily activities, feel hopeless, lack productivity, and have low self-esteem and an overall feeling of inadequacy. These feelings last for years and may significantly interfere with your relationships, school, work and daily activities.

          If you have persistent depressive disorder, you may find it hard to be upbeat even on happy occasions — you may be described as having a gloomy personality, constantly complaining or incapable of having fun. Though persistent depressive disorder is not as severe as major depression, your current depressed mood may be mild, moderate or severe.

          Because of the chronic nature of persistent depressive disorder, coping with depression symptoms can be challenging, but a combination of talk therapy (psychotherapy) and medication can be effective in treating this condition.”

          Sounds like one of those things you could have without even realising it 😀

          And it would describe anyone under the Jobcentre jackboot 😀

          • So basically anyone unfortunate to have a miserable life, is now blamed not just for their own supposed failing, but also for purposely making themselves have a mental illness?

            • It’s always been this way with MH in the UK Maria. The basic tenet of all psychiatry is that there is something “wrong” with the person in distress.

              Every single therapy available in the NHS (drugs & cbt is about all that is left) and most available in the private sector follow this tenet.

              Psychiatry makes miserable lives even worse.

        • “Work problems, going away to school, an illness — any number of life changes can cause stress. Most of the time, people adjust to such changes within a few months. But if you continue to feel down or self-destructive, you may have an adjustment disorder.

          An adjustment disorder is a type of stress-related mental illness. You may feel anxious or depressed, or even have thoughts of suicide. Your normal daily routines may feel overwhelming. Or you may make reckless decisions. In essence, you have a hard time adjusting to change in your life, and it has serious consequences.

          You don’t have to tough it out on your own, though. Adjustment disorder treatment — usually brief — is likely to help you regain your emotional footing.”

          Could describe anyone thrown onto a government workfare scheme 😀

          • S.A.D – Indeed and excellent descriptions of the illnesses I’ve experienced. Given the workfare system at present – perhaps the Tories want to mess with people’s heads. May I suggest that if anyone experiences any of the above illnesses due to stress and bullying from the DWP that they seek medical help ASAP.

          • Just say you spent six months on CWP getting up every morning, doing an utter shitty job, going home and going straight to bed, not even watching TV or anything, just so you could mend your broken back and be ‘out of it’, and at the weekend just laying in bed pondering suicide and dreading Monday morning. Would would this qualify as a serious mental illness or is it just part and parcel of CWP? Like S.A.D said you can have a serious mental illness and not realise it because you just think it is somehow ‘normal’, and things could be a lot worse, and just like, get on with it.

        • Isn’t awful how the behaviour of sick minded people can cause people to have serious illnesses.

    • PS You should name and shame these ’employers’ providing they can’t identify you or have any come back on you.

      • Mrs Christmas – Thanks for the advice. I was going to take one of these employers to a employment tribunal for unfair dismissal, but my health became significantly worse due to all the stress and worry. Eventually I had to take my doctor’s advice over the damage to my health and had to settle out of court (legally called a Compromise Agreement) .

        It appears certain disgusting employers use a system of recruitment safe in the knowledge that they can put in place an expiry date for dumping some of their employees who are unaware of this. I believe in HR circles it’s called ‘use and lose.’ I worked at certain well known supermarkets and large high street stores and a smaller university. All of them treated me like dirt and finally dumped me.

        • The term “Use and Lose” has been coined to describe laws that authorize driver licensing actions against persons found to be using or in possession of illicit drugs, and against young persons found to be drinking, purchasing or in possession of alcoholic beverages. Therefore, “Use and Lose” has the meaning that if you use alcohol or other drugs you will lose your license.

          Use and Lose laws generally have been enacted to combat alcohol/drug abuse irrespective of possible highway safety benefits. That is, as it came to be recognized that young persons were not very likely to be jailed or otherwise substantially sanctioned by the criminal justice system for alcohol/drug offenses, states sought a meaningful sanction to deter these offenses. Driver license removal, or denying licensure, was seen as a sanction that could be readily imposed and would be meaningful to youth.

          – WTF?

          • In the UK it is even worse as you can lose your driving license for ANY offence!

          • And new drivers have to re-sit the driving test if they accumulate 6 penalty points or more within the first two years after passing their test i.e. get flashed twice by a scamera and its all over – fucking brutal!

    • David Rahman Noodles

      Always look on the bright side of life 😀

  18. Following orders ‘distances us’ from our own actions

  19. Rosemarie Harris

    I would love to know what jobs some people can do and would love to see the face of the company when you start losing your balance when you look up bang into things when you can’t judge distances, sweat when it get too hot and i am not talking about the height of summer either. That’s just some of the things i know but i am claming J.S.A …. I won’t give them any reason not to help me into a job.They might think i am clumsey because i do drop things and it really is a pain in my hands and wrists.!
    No point in worrying what’s the worst that can happen…. Bring it on.

  20. The Tories have reached a new low in making a quad amputee prove he is disabled enough to qualify for his disability benefits or they would be stopped. *

    I suppose the shameless Tories think he should be made to work for his disability benefits instead!!!

    The DWP is not fit for purpose and is a complete and utter disgrace.

    *Source: Daily Mirror, 18/02/2016

  21. paultheswineherd

    What the fuck is this all about? – Is it to help IDS to get more money for himself, or for his DWP, or for his Tory Party coffers? This murderous bastard is photographed laughing all over his fucking chops (meanwhile I am not going to apologise for swearing – I am not a ‘Daily Mail softie’ and I fully support anyone else who does on here). IDS & Jeremy Hunt are both absolute cunts – but they do not realise that they are. They are both sick – sick with murderous intent and also wanton ‘privatisation’ of everything.
    And as for the royal family scroungers – well enough said – it was reported yesterday that the biggest diamond in the world has been discovered in Angola – I said to my wife, I thought that it been found in one of the queen’s dressing table drawers! These total financially scrounging cunts – whilst many of her ‘subjects’ slowly starve – she and her ‘family’ are living the drunken and totally abandoned life of Riley.

  22. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    DWP Press release

    PM: Improve mental health treatment to get thousands more back to work

    15 February 2016

    David Cameron announces that tens of thousands of people with mental health conditions will be supported to find or return to work.

    •tens of thousands of people with mental health conditions to be helped to find or stay in work
    •Prime Minister meets with CEOs of top UK companies to agree new workplace standards on mental health
    •extra £1 billion a year for the NHS to help put mental and physical health on equal footing

    Read More:

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      To fully embed the link between employment and mental health, the government will work with the NHS to ensure:
      •access to talking therapies for people suffering from conditions like anxiety or depression will be almost doubled so that 800,000 people get the support they need thanks to a £308 million investment
      •29,000 more people with mental health conditions will be helped to find or stay in work thanks to the increase in these therapies and there will be more mental health experts in job centres to embed the link between employment and mental health
      •£50 million will be spent to double the reach of programmes finding work for people with mental illness – known as Individual Placement and Support Programmes – with evidence showing these programmes save £6,000 per person due to reduced inpatient costs
      •over £50 million is invested to more than double the number of employment advisors, so that they are linked in to every talking therapy service in the country

      Mind Chief Executive Paul Farmer, who led the Taskforce, said:

      “This is a landmark moment for mental health care in this country, a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform services and support for people with mental health problems. We are saying to the NHS, to government, to industry, to local leaders and to the public that mental health must be a priority for everyone in England.

      “We need to prevent problems in the first place, and to respond to people’s mental health problems at the earliest possible opportunity. As part of this, the NHS can and should be a world leader in care which treats people’s minds and bodies equally well.

      “This report is a feasible and affordable blueprint for how to significantly improve care for people with mental health problems. We have consulted with the experts – people with experience of mental health problems, professionals providing care and the public. It’s time to make positive change.”

      Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith said:

      “One in 4 people have a diagnosable mental health condition in any given year and we want to offer them as much support as possible and help them get back to work. This is particularly vital because we know that employment can help promote recovery and keep people healthy.

      “By investing over £50 million and introducing more than double the number of employment advisors to work alongside therapists, we will make a real difference.

      “This is an important step towards integrating employment and health support to help people find and stay in work. We will set out more on our approach in the Work and Health White Paper.”

      Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said:

      “We have made monumental strides in the way we think about and treat mental illness in this country in the last few decades — from a society that locks people away in asylums to one giving mental health equal priority in law.

      “But we must accelerate progress even further. Our shared vision of a 7-day mental health service means people will get the care they need, when they need it, and will help us do much more to prevent mental illness in the first place. We will work across government and with the NHS to make the recommendations in this landmark report a reality, so that we truly deliver equality between mental and physical health.”

  23. I. Introduction

    1. UnumProvident has been operating in the UK for over 30 years, and is the UK’s leading provider of income protection insurance. UnumProvident is a wholly owned subsidiary of the UnumProvident Corporation, our US parent and the world’s largest provider, with assets of over US$40 billion. At the end of 2001 in the UK alone, UnumProvident protected over 737,000 lives and paid benefits to people with disabilities totalling some £116 million

    • II. Do the high numbers of people on incapacity benefit (IB) represent hidden unemployment?

      5. It is UnumProvident’s contention, and its commercial experience, that acquiring a disability does not make one incapable of work. In our experience, most disabled people are capable of some work, would like to work and crucially, have an expectation that they will return to work in some capacity. Indeed many disabled people would be capable of some work, albeit perhaps not enough to support themselves. We attach a series of case studies[2] which show how we have been able to work with our claimants to achieve a successful return to work.

  24. 13. UnumProvident is actively engaged with the Government, policy-makers and large employers to share best practice and to see where our systems and approaches might be applied more widely. We are currently working with the Department of Work and Pensions on this, and have had discussions with officials in HM Treasury and the Prime Minister’s office. We have met with officials to help better understand the nature of the IB casebook, and to discuss how our commercial experience and expertise might be more widely applied. In addition, we will shortly be supporting the National Employment Panel in its work on the New Deal for Disabled People through a secondment of one of our senior managers.

    • Are you the geoff renolds from scarborough who plaxtons got shot off with a £50.000 back hander as they were sick to the back teeth of you causing trouble. union related you talk the talk how ill you are pal but i have seen you class yourself as disabled total lie you know that yourself you must forget people see things you still going to thailand twice a year i was there 3 years ago and i know you were near us tell the bloody truth you can walk unaided drive play golf play snooker and thow beers down your neck every week my wife is disabled you are a disgrace writing the things you have on here. readers beware of this man he is a liar also a marked man in scarborough telling lies and upsetting the wrong people

      • Well said eddie you are right this man is a shit total liar disabled my arse he is fit for his age only acts disabled as no one will employ him in scarborough he caused to much trouble at plaxtons his last job he cons tax payers money playing at been sick. I hear he will be on bbc benefit cheat progam the noose is going to tighten Reynolds around your fat neck soon and most people in scarborough will laugh anyone who calls you friend wants a good slap too.
        you threaten anyone again and you will get your wish of been disabled for real.

  25. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    DWP Press Release

    17th Feb 2016

    UK employment reaches record high

    The UK’s employment rate has hit another record high, rising to 74.1%.

    Read More:

    Minister for Disabled People Justin Tomlinson said:

    “It is vital we stay the course with our long-term economic plan, to ensure more hardworking families benefit from the country’s growing economy.

    “There are now 150,000 more disabled people in work over the past year, which is fantastic news.

    “By working to halve the disability employment gap, we want to make sure more people can reap the positive financial and health rewards of employment, and are helped to achieve their ambitions.”

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      “”””“There are now 150,000 more disabled people in work over the past year, which is fantastic news.”””

      No Proof – Invalid Statement.

      • Natalie READ (staff nurse)

        ………………strange how they hail the bastardised employment figures but try to bury the welfare mortality figures.

  26. 25. UnumProvident would propose that IB should be retained for those disabled people who are genuinely incapable of undertaking any work whatsoever. The remainder should be transferred to a form of Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) which is sufficiently flexible to recognise that they have limited capacity to work. JSA claimants are required to look for work, and indeed are supported in that process by JCP. This simple administrative move sets the expectation of a return to work both for the individual and also for potential employers.

  27. 31. We hope that you find these comments and observations both useful and informative of our experience, and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss them further with the Select Committee.

    Joanne Hindle

    Corporate Services Director

    13 December 2002



    21 JAN 2013

    Dr Gunnyeon: One of the important things here is that, having designed a new assessment, the competencies and the training of the health professionals who are going to be doing it is absolutely critical. We are working very closely with the providers as they develop their training programmes. We will agree how they will assess competencies. We have a robust process before anybody is going to be allowed to undertake assessments. They will not only have to go through the training; they will have to demonstrate their competency before they start to do actual supervised assessments. They will then have a period of supervised assessment before they are able to undertake unsupervised assessments. For a further period all their assessments will be audited. There will be ongoing random audits. We will be looking at this very closely.




    What happened to Emily Field is unlikely to find its way on to the news. But the story of how one young woman with organ failure was denied help when she most needed it – and the subsequent battle between the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), the outsourcing firm Atos, and a mother – tells us exactly how rotten Britain’s social security system has become.
    Now Britain needs clothes banks too. What sort of society are we living in?

    Field, who is 28 years old and lives on the outskirts of Reading, has had type 1 diabetes since she started primary school. Over the past three years Field’s health has deteriorated rapidly – she’s struggled with chronic fatigue, pain and failing eyesight – and in the spring of 2015 she was diagnosed with diabetic kidney disease. By Christmas, doctors told her she was at “end stage”. “In essence, my daughter’s dying,” Field’s mum, Louise Hughes, tells me. “She won’t live for much longer without dialysis and a pancreas and kidney transplant.”

    • balcony39
      6h ago
      18 19

      I’m not legally educated and I have no personal experience of ATOS or the current DWP regime. What springs to mind however is a question. Could a class action be brought against IDS,the DWP, ATOS and the Tory regime in The Hague, at the court of human rights and crimes against humanity? Seems there would be no shortage of stories of cruelty, crass deliberate ineptitude and severe operational failing. Question would be, how much does IDS sit in his lair laughing at the chaos and hardship he causes? And how much of this stems from current regime policy?

      • It is more than high time that some sort of ‘collective’ action was taken under Human Rights Legislation – (as long as there was a more than definite chance of winning such an action!). This would be vital as to the ‘costs’ and ‘expenses’ of such an action be launched. There have been far too many suicides, sanctions, stopping of benefits, starving of people etc, etc, to be totally ignored. There are also increasing foodbanks everywhere (denied by this present Tory administration).
        ALL of these things are ‘denied’ by IDS, DWP & the Tory Government.
        All that they can say is ‘we are taking people out of poverty by JobCentrePlus finding them a job’ (by what I have read on here this is a total fucking joke – that does NOT happen) and we have created 4 million ‘new’ jobs. What fucking world do these prats live on – of what I have read on here and seen and heard on the ‘reliable’ media outlets, most of these are part-time, low-pay, low esteem jobs, combined with an increasingly cruel sanctions and workfare programme – which does NOTHING for anyone, except for making people suicidal and giving them no hope for the future. Meanwhile, Iain Duncan Smith laughs his arse off and takes even more money from the ‘taxpayer’ – whilst this bastard at the same time, castigates ‘claimants’ for receiving money from the ‘taxpayer’.
        They all need to be brought up the European Court of Human Rights and under present E.U. legislation, charged with Human Rights desecrations in Britain (all ‘Countries’ of Britain that is).
        Also, the Judiciary seems to be corrupt and this also needs to receive urgent attention from the ‘powers that be’, perhaps even before such an investigation by the ECHR is brought and launched.

    • Emily has organ failure – yet her mother had to battle Atos’s boss for benefits
      Frances Ryan

      The DWP eventually gave a severely ill woman the help she was entitled to. But not until her mother crossed the country to speak to David Haley in person

  30. This evening its beginning to look like ‘dead pig fuck’ Cameron’s ‘unilateral declaration of renegotiation’ with the E.U. is starting to fall apart and unravel at the seams. Whilst there has been absolutely no ‘consultation’ with the ‘electorate’ of Britain – this self-serving jumped-up, insanely rich, bumptious and arrogant ‘politician’ has jetted/eurostarred off on goodness knows how many ‘trips’ which have been invariably paid for by the ‘hard-working tax-payers’. These ‘tax-payers’ have absolutely no say in it whatsoever. The ‘electorate’ have absolutely no say in it whatsoever.
    Even his own ‘front bench Ministers’ have absolutely no say in any of this whatsoever.
    Who the fuck does he think that he is? This is one pompous and arrogant ‘man’ up against the other 28 Countries of the E.U.
    Angela Merkel & Francois Hollande may be backing him in word, but probably, if the truth was known, they hate his very guts.
    He thinks that they and the E.U. as a whole loves ‘him’. The stupid bastard – I predict that very soon he will cone back to Britain having lost his ’cause’ and promptly be kicked out of his ‘premiership’.
    The shame would be that, though ‘he’ may be gone – the rest of this despicable bunch of corrupt cronies would still be very much in office.

    • Also, one thing that is not mentioned anywhere on the Media is Cameron’s desire in all of this ‘unilateral EU renegotiation’ to get rid of the E. U. Human Rights legislation & replace them with a ‘British Bill of Rights’ – (apparently this is well behind anyway and is also behind in being discussed about).
      However, if ‘he’ and his rotten crew did eventually get rid of the E.U. Human Rights legislation – there would be NO protection at all – especially for the poor and the disadvantaged. I am sure that the ‘richest’ however would be very well protected – the Tories would make sure that they are.

      • ………..that will be one of his sticking points Paul.
        27 nations are more than happy to encompass the broad spectrum of EU Human Rights legislation but Pigshagger wants boot camp rules to bully the plebs into dead end jobs and doth their caps to Eton’s bum chums.

        • Hope the rest of the EU tell him to shove it up his arse. He doesn’t give a toss about Britain; just his rich Etonian mates and their shares in Corporate UK.

          • They are all fucking wankers in government. Camoron will be back to shagging dead pigs in the farmyard as soon as he gets back home to blighty. You won’t though see him in action porking some bacon on BBC or Sky News.

          • Chukka Umuna said today that the British people did not want Europe legislating on bedroom tax, benefits and pensions etc, is this because Europe has sat back and done nothing.
            Europe will not support the British poor against this retrograde government whether we are in or out of Europe.


    Up to 9,000 British heroes who served Queen and country are homeless after leaving the military, a Sunday Mirror investigation reveals today.

    Shockingly, ex-service personnel account for one in 10 rough sleepers across the UK.

    And charities have warned that the problem of homelessness among former soldiers, sailors and airmen is a “ticking time bomb” which will only get worse if urgent action isn’t taken.

    Yesterday Simon Weston OBE, who suffered serious burns in the Falklands War, accused the Government of “betraying” veterans after learning of the disturbing numbers without a home.

    “A huge amount of rhetoric comes from politicians, but they never actually do anything,” he said. “Ultimately, it’s a betrayal.”

    The Sunday Mirror this week heard harrowing stories from veterans who fought on the front line but now sleep in doorways, graveyards and parks, begging from the passers-by whose freedom they defended.

    …………yet the dwp have killed hundreds

    The RAF’s celebrated Brimstone missile system has yet to kill or wound a single Isis terrorist in Syria since MPs controversially voted to support bombing raids in December.

    A Freedom of Information (FOI) request by The Huffington Post UK also revealed just seven Isis militants have been killed or wounded by bombs dropped by RAF jets – either with Paveway bombs or Hellfire drone missiles.

    Brimstone, hailed for its accuracy, was the main reason for the UK going into Syria, offering a military capability lacking among the US and French air forces, and was cited repeatedly by the Government and MPs.

    …………….each missile costs £100,000 and our ex military are sleeping on the streets, disabled are robbed and our kids go without food

    • ………….if we had sent these seven to either CAPITA, ATOS or MAXIMUS, they would have probably died anyway and saved the treasury a fortune.

      • @Paul

        good news

        No progress in OINKS EU reform demands

        • Looks like ASDA has had it’s come-uppance as the punters give them the cold shoulder.
          Sales down 5.8%, poetry in motion for the workfare abuser headed by the unsavoury Walmart billionnaires.

          • and they are going to get rid of the charity food bank donation trolleys.

            • 99p Stores have been taken over by Poundland. Sooner or later ASDA will be taken over by Lidl and be re-branded as either ASDL or LIDA…

              • Nah Asda has long been dead and now it is only a matter of time before it disappears.

                • Asda long dead, don’t make me laugh, it is one of the largest retailers both here and America.
                  It should be paying all of it’s workforce I grant you but the likes of lidl and
                  Aldi are being subsidised by the EU economy, that is why they can pay all of it’s staff and still make a profit.

                • Asda is long dead, it is Wal-Mart now. Asda died a time ago, but maybe your right Wal-Mart will survive.

                • Aldi and Lidl probably get some sort of grant from the EU, in the same weigh Turkish outfit Vestel who make dodgy TVs amongst other stuff get huge EU subsidies.

                • Retail Analyst

                  Asda stores may not be on the way out but the brand certainly is. Asda has lost the plot; the stores still heavily promote junk food. The stores look they were designed for kids with the bright primary-colour labeling and cartoon-character festooned packaging. Even Lidl and Aldi have caught on and moved with the times. Unlike Asda, they no longer stock sweets and chocolate bars at the tills; now you will find sunflowers seeds and pumpkin seeds etc. at the till.

                • Retail Analyst

                  Asda customers are a dying breed – literally!

                • Retail Analyst

                  And funnily enough you will find that ‘fatties’ tend to shop in Asda as well as Farmfoods and Iceland. And another thing about ‘fatties’ is that they ALWAYS have a multi-bag of crisps on the top of their over-flowing shopping trolley.

                • Retail analyst

                  The thing about thinnies is they are not only anorexic, wrinkle ridden rotten eggs, they also believe any rubbish the medical/nutritionalists put out to them, even though they change their mind about what is bad for you one year is good for you the next.

                  Who cares what logo or colour is on their shelves and only birds of the feathered variety will be interested in sunflower or pumpkin seeds, which sometimes have cannabis seeds amongst them I am told.

              • Polly the Parrot

                Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are full of nutritional goodness. Us parrots live to a ripe old age on a diet of sunflower seeds 🙂 Put down your bag of chips, fly!

        • ………..but the BBC will no doubt report it as a success even if they take his duty free from him at the terminal. Perhaps he should have shown the ministers his plans for his own multimillion pound private jet requisitioned from the RAF, PIGFORCE ONE.

    • The Vulnerable are always the easy targets, even if someone is going to die and would die at the appointed same time anyway, what is the point in making peoples lives to suffer more pain and misery than they have to? All they do is see a number of millions at the top, but fail to realise that each one of them is a person.

  33. Does anyone know about Recovery Colleges? These new initiatives provide workshops in Mindfulness, Surviving Abuse, etc. for people with mental health conditions. Sounds great – apart from Remploy being one of their partnerships, page 11. Then there’s that insistence on Individual Learning Plans for service users, page 15:

    Click to access Camden%20and%20Islington%20RC_prospectus_Dec_10122015_final%20single%20pages.pdf

    Looks like Health & Work programme is getting integrated inside what should normally be a therapy environment. 😦

    • “What is co-production at the Recovery College?
      All our courses are co-developed from scratch by two tutors, one an
      expert by lived experience and the other an expert by profession.”

      what the fuck is an expert by lived experience????????????????

      • @Jeremy
        “what the fuck is an expert by lived experience????????????????”……..a graduate from the University of Hard Knocks.

      • It’ll be some forelock tugging little drone who gladly took the brain/body destroying drugs, gladly parroted the CBT/mindfulness mantras and is convinced that they are “well” and have been “helped”

    • Recovery Colleges, better known as Workhouses are the brainchild of Richard Montoni’s (MAXIMUS HEAD DISABILITY KILLER), in conjunction with the DWP.
      If they can rob you of your entitlements and make you do some form of penal servitude it is seen as rewarding.
      MAXIMUS, who now run Remploy are not interested if they make a profit from your free slavery, they have already been reimbursed by the government of which many have vested interests and heavy investments.

      To put it bluntly, if MAXIMUS could chain the UK’S disabled to some sort of giant chain driven bicycle to power a dynamo to produce electricity, they would.

  34. A Consensus For Slavery is Not That of Decent or Honourable People

    Slavery Needs to be Opposed as Contrary to the Words of Rule Britannia
    Namely Britons Never Shall Be Slaves

  35. Good Quotation from the Ex European Commissioner Claude Cheysson
    ” The Europe of Maastricht could of only been Created in the Absence of
    Democracy ”

    Ignorance is Not Strength Ignorance is Slavery and the EU is a
    Pantomime that owes much in Origins to the Nazis and was Supported
    in Principle by the old Fascist Leader Sir Oswald Mosley

  36. Another Quotation From Raymond Barre ex Vice President of the
    European Commission

    ” I Have Never Understood why Public Opinion should be Taken into
    Account about European Ideas ”

    Despite the Pressure of the Government and most of the Media Establishment Nearly Half of France Voted against the Maastricht Treaty

    Denmark Voted against the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 AD
    The EU is a Victory For Power Crazed Politicians and Ivory Tower Bureaucrats

    Margaret Thatcher Kept The UK Trapped in the EEC/EU during Her
    Evil 11 and a Half Years of Tyranny and Oppression over this Country

    Under Her Regime VAT was Increased and the Single European Act
    of 1986 AD pushed through Parliament

    Europe as a Whole is Better Off without the European Union and
    Nutcase Austerity

  37. The Nazis Done Forced Labour and Forced Labour is Slavery Tyranny
    and Oppression

  38. Notice that Petition For The Resignation of Ian Duncan Smith as Secretary
    of State For Work and Pensions Now Has 117,430 Signatures

    No to Universal Credit Hands Off the Poor and Labour Councillors that
    have Voted For Nutcase Public Spending Cuts and still would Need to Resign

  39. Common Sense Not Chaos is what this Country Needs

    No Nazism nor Totalitarian Political Correctness

  40. Brilliant piece – well done JV
    In a country where right is wrong and dissent is unacceptable this piece is timely. The powers that be are akin to North Korea or Nazi Germany in their thinking and actions though, as we know to our cost and we appear to have very few friends. In his trips to Brussels Camerdung has probably spent the equivalent of 10 years health and social care budget. This country is fucking shite

  41. The 20th of February Mark’s the Anniversary of the Secret Meeting Between Nazi Tyrant Adolf Hitler and German Industrialists For Money to Finance Nazi Election Campaign in 1933 AD

    Two Million Reichsmarks were Contributed towards the Nazis at the Meeting according to Records

    The Nazis coming to Power was and is a Disaster For Germany and the German People and the World at Large.

  42. Momentum Needs to have Momentum in it in having No Austerity
    For it Not to have the title of Static

    • @SARAH

      in November 2007, the BBC reported on its news that the British government were using a discredited american private health insurance company to advise on welfare policy.
      Strangely the transcripts and footage of the BBC news mysteriously went walkabout from any internet postings and youtube……………….

      In January 2007 Professor John Langbein of the Yale School of Law produced a paper
      identified as ‘The Unum Provident Scand
      that exposed Unum’s practice of disability
      denial, and in November 2007 BBC News reported that the British government were
      being advised by an American insurance company with a reputation for ‘racketeering’.

      By 2006 the State insurance commi
      ssioners of 48 American States approved a settlement
      in an investigation of the Unum Provident Corporation that required the healthcare
      insurance giant to reconsider 200,000 claims and to pay $15million in fines

      whilst not
      forgetting, at the same time as
      these fines in America for malpractice, the company were
      funding Aylward and Waddell at the Centre at Cardiff University.



      • “NICE SET UP”

        Professor Sir Mansel Aylward CB MD FRCP FFOM FFPM (Chairman)

        Ex-Chief Medical Advisor to the UK Government Department of Work & Pensions between 1996 & 2005
        Director of the Cardiff Centre for Psychology & Disability Research at Cardiff University (FUNDED BY PRIVATE HEALTH INSURER UNUM)

        DWP chief medical officer from 2005, previously medical director at CAPITA…….
        A former Department for Work & Pensions director has taken a new role with the US outsourcing giant which has picked up lucrative contracts from the department.

        Former DWP chief medical adviser and director of health and wellbeing Bill Gunnyeon is doing consultancy work for Maximus, it emerged this week.

        The switch has raised eyebrows as weeks before Gunnyeon left DWP, Maximus was handed a contract to deliver the government’s new ‘health and work service’.

        A few months later in October 2004, Maximus won the multi-million pound contract to run the fitness to work tests in October last year.


  43. “The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism — ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power

    Franklin D. Roosevelt


    Disability News Service (DNS) revealed last week that Bill Gunnyeon had been given permission by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to work for US outsourcing giant Maximus on both its work capability assessment (WCA) and Fit for Work contracts, from the beginning of March.

    The much-criticised WCA assesses eligibility for out-of-work disability benefits, while the new Fit for Work service provides an occupational health assessment and health and work advice to employees, employers and GPs, in a bid to help people return to or stay in work after an illness.

    Gunnyeon left his post as DWP’s chief medical adviser and director for health and well-being – where he had overall responsibility for WCA policy – only last August, but has since been handed lucrative consultancy work with Maximus.

    Now Labour’s Sheila Gilmore, a member of the Commons work and pensions select committee, plans to quiz ministers including Mark Harper, the Conservative minister for disabled people, about Gunnyeon’s new role at Maximus.

  45. Jobcentre Plus ceased to be thus many years ago when those lame cunts decided to scrap the D.H.S.S and merge the pensions department and benefits department all into one big fuck up. Jobcentre Plus is only now the public name and public face of the DWP in every town/city. They don’t even follow their remit of advertising jobs as otherwise they claim by their stupid ugly name board plastered above the entrance doors.

    • Pissed-off Jobseeker

      JOBCENTRE ” – except there is no fucking jobs in it 😀

      • The complicit media finally take an interest in mental health after massive rise in suicide thanks to evil draconian tory cuts ( sanctioning is their version of the final solution)

        • Been doing some checking around F.O.I requests on the internet and turns out that the “My Work Plan Booklet” being issued out left, right and centre is not even a condition of receiving JSA. Failure to complete the booklet doesn’t result in an automatic sanction neither and JSA claimants can continue to record their job activities in a manner that is deemed most suitable and effective.

          I shall shove the booklet I got recently up my Work Roach’s ass and tell her to get bleeding glasses and re-read her own JCP rules and guidance.

          • You tell Fen don’t let them take you for a ride. 🙂 seriously I mean it, this outfit is now run by cowboys and there’s nothing right about it at all. The whole government is run by cowboys, never mind the DWP.

            • “My work plan booklet” guidance for JCP’s can be found online as an F.O.I. request. If those tossers get shirty with you refusing to use and complete the booklet, show them this guidance.

        • Yes Duncan Smith loves the final solution!

      • yep it took me sometime to realise that, only occasionally could you find a real job in there but you’d have to be lucky.

  46. Fakebook is Spyware

    You should all be aware that N(Spider)A site Fakebook ‘plants’ a tracking ‘pixel’ on this site, and probably every other website you visit. This is so that Fuckerberg can track all your web activity even when you are not logged into that spy agency pile of shite site.

    • Fakebook is one of many websites that secretly watch people. It’s why I use all manner of security apps on Firefox and beefed-up its about:config privacy settings to maximum.

      • If you are running ‘out of the box’ and on the ‘recommended’ ‘default’ settings sinister Fuckerberg and those creepy gugle guys will be watching you taking a dump.

        WordPress is literally bogged down with spying/tracking shit. No wonder the pages take an age to load.

        • Not if you use as your main search engine instead of google, yahoo, bing, or the other rubbish that all track your online movements between websites.

          I might probably get round to using TOR browser once more as I found out I can run it from a USB stick, entirely separate from the PC.

    • DPAC Warning about posting on Spybook

      Government agencies (which includes the DWP) and law enforcement (the Police etc.) have FULL and UNFETTERED access to your Fakebook account for the “detection and prevention of crime” (e.g. benefit fraud) – you can forget those silly ‘privacy settings’. This also means that government agencies and law enforcement can conduct automated trawls to try and track down benefit recipients and automatically monitor their accounts. If you are on benefits if the DWP and receive a tip-off that you have bought a new flat-screen TV this is enough to trigger an investigation. Would you tell your work roach that you have just bought a new flat-screen TV? Thought not! Well, if you post your new flat-screen TV purchase to Fakebook the DWP will know as soon as you click “Post”.

  47. It is work, getting through the day in excrutating pain and sickness. Shifting onnbyour are on the floor to get to the bathroom or kitchen cos your back and leg pain means you can’t stand up. Having limited painful uyse of both arms due to mastectomy cos of cancer and vein damage due to chemotherapy means trying to cook a meal takes ALL DAY!

    I worked from 17 until I got seriously ill….. but still have to go to fun jbc+ wrag interviews!!!,!!!!! Feel like ripping off my wig (have chemotherapy bald head at present)…..ripping off my stuffed bra to show the mastectomy scar….and puking all over the desk…….and asking the smug sanction loving evil coiw “DOES IT LOOK LIKE I CAN WORK SOMEWHERE STACKING SHELVES LIKE THIS???????”. Then puke some more and shuffle painfully back home to recover…..takes 2 days.
    Oh IDS I do hope you get very very ill one day and your rich wife dumps you….and you get kicked out of your grace home………to live on £100 a week…………you’ll be eating your words and not overpriced breakfasts you fat greedy tw@t.

    • paultheswineherd

      polwin12 – Well said and I’m very sorry to hear what you have had to endure via these total bastards.
      And, yes, I agree IDS really needs to suffer well – he may be a lot nearer to this though than most of on here think. Like Cameron, his good luck cannot last for ever!

  48. And where is Corbyn and the Labour Party in all this ? Not a word about changing a single part of the Tory welfare ‘reforms’. Or the treatment of the disabled. Or the brutal sanction system.
    He’d much rather discuss submarines.

    • paultheswineherd

      Jeff – What you say is very true – Labour should be totally ashamed of themselves. With them, it’s almost like all of this cruelty being carried out by the Tory regime is not happening at all. What planet are Labour living on?

  49. paultheswineherd

    LSE is doing disabled people no favours at all by cancelling this lecture.


      Which roughly translated means that fuckpig has achieved absolutely nothing, and if he has, he has given something away that you are not being told about…………….

      Everyone abroad hates the bastard with a vengeance, especially me.

      PS just listening to him talk, he has gained absolutely zilch but is using the corrupt BBC to reiterate what we already had.

      Mark my words, a completely different story will emerge in the next few days as experts unfold the truth behind his lies.

      Never trust an Etonian who fucks pigs heads and took part in a ritual to destroy money in front of a tramp to earn his Bullingdon stripes…..

  50. paultheswineherd

    Anyone fancy a job in Dubai – courtesy of JCP’s UJM!


      …………….murdering bastards

      The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has unearthed a “draft” report that ministers failed to send to a coroner six years ago, following concerns he raised about a suicide linked to flaws in the “fitness for work” test.

      The draft report has finally emerged more than three months after Disability News Service (DNS) started questioning why DWP appeared to have failed to respond to a Rule 43 letter about the death of 41-year-old Stephen Carré in January 2010.

      That letter, sent to DWP by coroner Tom Osborne on 30 March 2010, linked the suicide with serious flaws* in how the work capability assessment (WCA) was used to test the eligibility of people with mental health conditions for out-of-work disability benefits.

      But letters from Osborne to DWP and the family of Stephen Carré show that ministers never produced an official response to the Rule 43 letter, as they were legally obliged to do.

      Now DWP has finally admitted that it did exchange letters with Osborne during the summer of 2010, and even produced a “draft final response” to his letter in September 2010.

      But the department has also admitted that it cannot prove that it sent this final response to Osborne.


        Instead, a DWP spokeswoman claimed that colleagues had now found “a draft response that we meant to send back to the coroner” in 2010.

        She said this draft response had now been sent to the coroner “for the avoidance of doubt and for completeness”.

        She added: “Because we can’t confirm that it was sent [in 2010]and we can’t confirm that the coroner received it, for the avoidance of doubt we have sent the original draft.”

        The existence of the draft report – and the admission that DWP cannot prove it was ever sent to the coroner – should raise serious questions about the political future of work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith and former employment minister Chris Grayling.

        They made key decisions in the summer of 2010 about the WCA process that Osborne had linked to Stephen Carré’s death*.

        Among those decision was that they would roll out the WCA to hundreds of thousands of long-term claimants of incapacity benefit (IB) the following year.

        They also failed to show the Rule 43 letter to Professor Malcolm Harrington, even though they had commissioned him to review the “fairness and effectiveness” of the WCA.

        The following year, in December 2011, a long-term IB claimant – Ms D E – took her own life after being told she was not eligible for ESA, a death later linked by the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland to similar WCA failings to those that led to Stephen Carré’s death.

        And in 2014, another coroner wrote an almost identical letter to Osborne’s, again warning of concerns about the safety of the WCA, after the death of a north London man, Michael O’Sullivan, who also took his own life after being found fit for work.

        DWP this week claimed that it was unable to confirm that Duncan Smith and Grayling were shown Osborne’s Rule 43 letter – and their department’s draft final response – in 2010.

        The DWP press office has also been unable to say whether the draft final response has now been shown to Duncan Smith and his current employment minister, Priti Patel, and his disabled people’s minister, Justin Tomlinson.

        Last November, government-funded research concluded that the programme to reassess people claiming IB using the WCA could have caused 590 suicides in just three years.

        DNS has been asking DWP about the Rule 43 letter since being shown a letter from Osborne to the Carré family in October 2010 in which he said that DWP had failed to provide a “substantive response” to his letter, despite its legal duty to do so within 56 days of receiving it in early April 2010.

        At the time the letter was received, DWP was headed by Labour’s Yvette Cooper, but a general election was called within days, and Duncan Smith replaced her as work and pensions secretary in May 2010 after the formation of the coalition government.

        *Osborne ruled that the trigger for Stephen Carré’s suicide had been DWP’s rejection of his appeal against being found “fit for work”, and he called in his Rule 43 letter for a review of the policy not to seek medical evidence from a GP or psychiatrist if the claimant has a mental health condition.

        Neither the Atos assessor who assessed Stephen Carré, from Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire, nor the DWP decision-maker who subsequently decided that he was fit for work and therefore ineligible for the new employment and support allowance, had sought information from his GP, his community psychiatric nurse or his psychiatrist.


    Iain Duncan Smith is giving the green light to almost a 20 per cent cut in support for people with disabilities.

    Funds available for disabled people who used to access the ILF (Independent Living Fund) will be reduced by nearly a fifth over the next four years.

    Government ministers have said the measures are appropriate as the claimant number will fall, however campaigner Linda Burnip claims this is calculated “based on the hope enough people will die.”

    The ILF was closed by Smith last year causing major controversy, leading to disabled people clashing with police outside of Parliament.

    The Department for Work and Pensions announced that funding would be handed over to councils, and they would support people who needed it.

    However, a consultation by the Department for Communities and Local Government reveals the funding paid to local authorities will be cut by 19 per cent in real terms over the next four years. A grand total of £34.5million by the end of the Parliament.

    Linda Burnip, of campaign group Disabled People Against Cuts, said: “The figures going to ILF users are based on the hope that enough people will die.


    Britain’s benefits are among the least generous in western Europe – despite David Cameron saying they’re a “lifestyle choice”, a report has claimed.

    The UK has the stingiest unemployment payouts and is third-lowest for working benefits overall, behind only Switzerland and Ireland, in the analysis of 14 of the richest or largest European nations.

    Denmark and France were the runaway winners in the study of OECD data by a recruitment website.

    It found Britain’s £73.10-a-week jobseeker’s allowance was left in the shade by Denmark, which offers the unemployed 90% of previous earnings for up to two years.

    Even in Ireland, which had the worst paternity pay, new jobseekers are paid around £146 a week.

    The survey comes as the Prime Minister, who described welfare as a “lifestyle choice”, prepares for an EU showdown over his desire to put an emergency brake on migrant benefits.

    Mr Cameron, who will attend crunch talks in Brussels today, wants to stop the British benefit system being a pull factor for migrants.

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    An excellent addition to the blog – as always.

  54. David Cameron Wins the Referendum on the EU it is a Victory For Him
    and Nutcase EU Austerity

    A Vote to Leave the European Union a Political Defeat for David Cameron
    and a Chance to ReNationalize the Railways and have Money For Public
    Services in the United Kingdom

    The EU does Not Give a Damm about the Poor and Vulnerable in the
    United Kingdom look at what the Con Dem Regime done between May 2010 AD and March 2015 AD and the EU did Not Charge to the Rescue of the Poor and Vulnerable and the Nutcase Austerity Agenda of the Neo Liberal and Nazi Inspired European Union

    Greece has Suffered Terribly

    ” Britain should be at the Heart of Europe ”
    Oswald Mosley 1930’s Leader of the British Union of Fascists and a
    Campaigner for the UK to remain in the ” Common Market ” in 1975 AD .

    The United Kingdom Needs to be Independent and Sovereign with
    Money For Public Services and a ReNationalized Railways

    • Enough with the UKIP smears of EU, NoOppression. It’s thanks to EU laws that jobcetres cannot legally force claimants to apply for zero hour contracts.

      Not to mention millions of expat Britons able to claim benefits in France, Denmark & rest of EEA thanks to their EU status. Will you accommodate them once they lose their EU status?

      If you don’t like oppression, NoOppression – then stop oppressing fellow workers & claimants from Europe.

      • Good point! If it wasn’t for the EU we would ALL be on ‘zero-hour contracts’. IDS did kick up a stink with the EU over this, even threatened to leave the EU 😀

      • If you are ex pat, give up your British citizenship if you want to live abroad, you are not suffering what the rest of those on benefits are under the uk dwp.

  55. The Country Need’s A Better Political Class than the Nation Wreckers
    currently at Westminster

    Representatives Either Represent and Serve or Resign

  56. Notice that Petition For The Resignation of Ian Duncan Smith as Secretary
    of State For Work and Pensions Now has 117,733 Signatures

    No Austerity No to Universal Credit and No to Austerity Stooges in the
    Parliamentary Labour Party Denying Political Accountability

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  59. Just been watching George Galloway on RT today regarding Blair/Browns PFI of which the government put in 11billion and the British tax payer has to pay back 80billion, for closing local hospitals in favour of long distance monoliths.


    Heartless bastards in the DWP wanting this meningitis victim to basically grow new arms and legs to prove he is not pretending to be disabled. I hope that evil fucktard IDS is reaching for his lawyers as this is needs to go to the European Court to stop the Nazi once and for all.

  61. No Nutcase Budgets No Nutcase Austerity

  62. No to TTIP Leave the EU

  63. Money For Public Services Not Nuclear Weapons

  64. BBC News reporter Ellie Price was pointing to a large wall poster that the “Out” cabinet members had signed… Pritel Patel, check, Michael Gove, check… she then pointed to an illegible scrawl: “Apparently that is Iain Duncan Smith’s signature” lol

    • paultheswineherd

      London Cabbie – Exactly so – Iain Duncan Smith was probably drunk at the time!
      Far too many ‘whiskies’ from the ‘tax-payer funded’ bars of the House of Commons! – Iain ‘Drunken’ Smith! (The ‘poor’ murderer extraordinaire’)

  65. Another Fine Recession

    Most of The Waste Programme and other Welfare 2 Workfare parasites claim more £bns for their pointless courses from EU funding than they do from the dwp.
    What’s going to happen to them when we leave the EU ? 🙂

  66. paultheswineherd

    I’ve just seen an interview on Channel 4 News with Chris Grayling (the hated ‘Employment Minister’ and then ‘Justice Secretary’ and now the ‘Leader of the House’). What an absolute load of bollocks – I reckon that he is a twin brother of Iain Duncan Smith, – both the twin ‘love-children between Satan and some lady with the surname of ‘Duncan’.
    I agree with Geoff’s views of last night – the ‘devil’ is in the detail.
    When the ‘newspaper’ & ‘media’ pundits eventually take this ‘deal’ apart, piece by minute piece – they will most probably find that it is a whole lot of ‘nothing’ or ‘next to nothing’ and a load of ‘lies’ and arrogant bullshit for Cameron to look better in the eyes of the ‘sheople’ and other, (more informed) British people. Pig-fuck Cameron is NOT going to fool all of us on here – he must think that we are stupid – but we are not. Most of us follow what is happening very closely – we do not believe ALL that we are told, either by the so-called ‘Politicians’ or the ‘Media’. If we did believe it all, then we ourselves would be the equivalent of ‘sheople’.
    (The ‘workaday’ and totally ‘ignorant’ sheople! They do not know and they do not care – unless and until, they get made redundant/lose their jobs and they have to sign on at JCP and then wait up to 6 weeks for their benefits to be paid in. Not to worry – many of these ‘sheople’ voted Conservative and now they could live to regret this terrible decision – Baa, Baa! ).

  67. paultheswineherd

    Fuck all of these insanely rich (and getting richer) bunch of cunts:-
    John Whittingdale – a bastard – hated by the BBC!
    Theresa Villiers – a hated prize bitch if ever there was one!
    Michael Gove – a hated ‘bum-boy’ (hated by teachers & barristers)
    Chris Grayling – a hated ex-Employment Minister, Justice Minister &
    ‘Leader of the House’
    Iain Duncan Smith – a hated Secretary of State for Works & Pensions, a confirmed psychopathic murderer of the weakest and poorest in Britain.
    Priti Patel- a hated Employment Minister – a grim reaper also and a lover of cigarette smokers – (her ‘family’ business)

  68. paultheswineherd

    I have a long-standing ‘theory’ as to why IDS is still in his ‘job’.
    Many of you may remember (told to be by my father) of a case involving a ‘Profumo’ and a high-class prostitute called Christine Keeler. This scandal apparently was exposed by the 1960’s media and he, as a Government Minister had to resign. The populace was seemingly mortified by the revelation that he had been shagging this high class-street tart.
    I have a strong feeling that Cameron is allegedly ‘covering’ for IDS.
    IDS may actually be allegedly, blackmailing Cameron over the ‘photo’ of Cameron having ‘relations’ with a ‘pig’. This scenario may, or may not be true! Who knows! Perhaps, in the future the truth may out!

    • Paul – I remember the profumo affair, my mum told me about it when I was a teen.

      If IDS is blackmailing pigfuck Cameron with photos, I hope the bastard is clagging himself!

      • paultheswineherd

        Marie – Yes, indeed – I am sure that there is much more to this than meets the eye. Cameron is most probably shitting himself now that IDS does not ‘spill the beans’. Having said that – now there will be some sort of ‘split’ in the Tory party. The ‘Ins’ and the ‘Outs’. The ‘Ins’ will support Cameron whatever happens. And the ‘Outs’ – they will now be fighting against him in the background – indeed in the ‘backbenches’. My guess is that, from now on the ‘Out’ Ministers will be ostracised to the ‘backbenches’ – a whole lot of shit could hit the Tory ‘fan’ in the future.
        From now on, Cameron is definitely going to have to watch his back!

      • Nah…They are all shackled to the “One eyed triangle people”, through various corporate business links that are signed in blood.

  69. paultheswineherd

    If the ‘Outs’ win – then there will be no more Human Rights ‘protection’ from the E.U. as such, – we will be out on our ear – and the only ‘Human Rights’ protection will be from the ‘Geneva Convention on Human Rights’ which was drawn up at the close of WWII. (the UK is still a signatory to this!) which the UK cannot ‘withdraw’ from.

    • And then – (legitimately) – the Tories could introduce their ‘British Bill of Rights’. No ‘rights’ for the low-waged, the ‘poor’ and the ‘underpriveleged’, the ‘sick’ & the ‘disabled’. Loads of protection for the rich and the very rich.
      Is it any real wonder that IDS/Priti Patel/Chris Grayling etc, want to be out of the E.U. – all of them would then be able to kill all of the above – at will!
      The fucking bastards – ‘no wage’ for all of these ‘common’ groups – but loads’a dosh for their friends, the bankers and hedge fund managers, city tricksters and also the Jewish families – up to their eyes in ever more ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££

    • The OUTS want to scrap human rights and re-introduce the death penalty!

  70. Sky News just reported that ‘Bum-Boy’ Michael Gove and Boris Johnson may have met in ‘secret’ to ‘sort out something! We shall wait and see!

  71. According to The Sunday Times – ‘Cameron declares war on (the 6) rebels’

  72. The Fuckers – just let the (In) Tory party now declare war on the rest of all of them – and split themselves apart – (like I said all along might happen!)
    The Tory Party split upon EU lines – this is exactly what happened in John Major’s Government – and it eventually brought them (the Tories) down!

  73. The ‘Mail on Sunday’ is reporting that (Bum-Boy) Michael Gove & Boris Johnson have had ‘secret’ talks! – Is Boris Johnson ‘in’ or is he ‘out’!!

  74. This is very interesting: The Sunday Telegraph – “A Cabinet Divided”
    (Top Right) “Cameron to emphasise British sovereignty with new “Bill of Rights” – Sky News – (very vacuous)


    The existence of the draft report – and the admission that DWP cannot prove it was ever sent to the coroner – should raise serious questions about the political future of work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith and former employment minister Chris Grayling.

    …………..What you are witnessing is a cover up by the DWP.
    In an effort to hide the impact of welfare cuts they decided to withhold information of a suicide that would put welfare changes under scrutiny.

    It is akin to falsifying a post mortem report or knowingly concealing evidence of a crime.

    I can remember when a paper seller was hit by a coppers asp and he fell to the ground heavily and later died. The police hired an indian pathologist to do a post mortem and it said the guy died of natural causes. It was not till the family asked for another pathologists report that the truth came out, the injuries were sustained by the police attack.
    Subsequently it turned out that the police pathologist had a history of faking reports to let the police off the hook and he was struck off.

    This dereliction of duty by the DWP has further exacerbated the mortality count which as it stands, runs into the thousands.

    Those families who have lost poved ones should be bringing a private prosecution against the work and pensions secretary for corporate manslaughter.

    Maybe that is why Clown Smith and his hunchbacked female sidekick wish to pursue a Brexit, to try and escape prosecution by the EU.


    Ask most people about Europe and they don’t give two fucks……..

    What you are witnessing is slight of hand, smoke and mirrors, eye candy for the easily fooled…………….

    The big issue is our jewel in the crown, the NHS, the right to free medical treatment and life saving drugs and therapy.

    Our bent media, the BBC and Sky, the voice of Israel are doing a fine hatchet job of our most precious service.

    Each and every day they pull the health service to bits like a rabid dog frothing at the mouth.
    But who gave the Conservatives a mandate to fuck with not only our lives, but that of our offspring in years to come. I certainly didn’t and neither did you.
    Fucking up social care and placing pensioners in wards was no master plan by a genius, just a juncture of capitalism and insanity.

    Hopefully within the space of the next forty eight hours the tory party will start tearing itself apart, the seeds of discontent have already been sown, the divisions marked and the bickering in full swing…………..



  77. Whenever you see a headline which asks a question such as “Is Work Really Good For Your Health?, the answer is always “No” 😀 Save reading the article 😀

    • Yeah, strange times we live in…..

      If a footballer breaks a metatarsal(relating to the foot), they need ample time to recover, physiotherapy, light training and constant supervision, whereas, if you are disabled suffering from cancer, multiple limb loss or mental health problems you are fit for work………………….

      • ……saw this morning, not on the BBC or Sky, that the yanks have bombed Libya.
        In an apparent targetted raid on an ISIL stronghold.
        The americans claim they had permission from the interim Libyan government but the government deny any knowledge.

        When we left Libya after murdering the tyrant, Gadaffi, the country was a a theatre of civil unrest and terrorist groups thrived.

        Well blow me!

        Sounds more than familiar doesn’t it?

        Wonder when Fallon will mention our special relationship and place his military might (our cannon fodder), into the frame?

  78. Geoff – Your comments regarding a ‘collective’ case brought by families for those that have died are very good. That is certainly one way to proceed – especially if they could all get together and fight for their justice – there is always strength in numbers. By the way, I have also found a recent article about the Bill of Rights – only a small article but interesting. No wonder Cameron wants to get rid of the ECHR – more power to the Tories to trample down/kill even more people. Talk about Hitler & Kim Jung Un – these bastards are almost as bad as them.
    Mind you, the ‘in fighting’ has only just started – and hopefully there will be a whole lot more to come before too long!

    • Just remember folks that regarding the EU ref we are dealing with a bunch of pathological liars, who will stop at nothing to confuse the situation.
      Everything is “Alice in Wonderland.”
      Black is white
      Right is wrong
      Up is down
      Down the rabbit hole we go.


    My normally peaceful & relaxing Sunday is being ruined by the recurring thought that I have to go to that fucking place again tomorrow. Bollocks.

    • Anonther Fine Recession

      Make sure the overall ‘value of any work’ that you do is only equal to your wage, – preferably less. 🙂

  80. Joan ARMATRADING (Support Worker)


  81. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Stephen Carré scandal: DWP ‘finds’ draft report that was never sent to coroner

    DNS – 18th Feb 2016

    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has unearthed a “draft” report that ministers failed to send to a coroner six years ago, following concerns he raised about a suicide linked to flaws in the “fitness for work” test.

    The draft report has finally emerged more than three months after Disability News Service (DNS) started questioning why DWP appeared to have failed to respond to a Rule 43 letter about the death of 41-year-old Stephen Carré in January 2010.

    That letter, sent to DWP by coroner Tom Osborne on 30 March 2010, linked the suicide with serious flaws* in how the work capability assessment (WCA) was used to test the eligibility of people with mental health conditions for out-of-work disability benefits.

    But letters from Osborne to DWP and the family of Stephen Carré show that ministers never produced an official response to the Rule 43 letter, as they were legally obliged to do.

    Read More:

  82. Is Workfare Really Good For Your Health?

    Does the Pope shit in the woods?

  83. paultheswineherd

    Stepping – Thanks for putting this on. Ideally, all of them (except for the Coroner) should be brought to Court under a manslaughter charge.

  84. ‘Skills Conditionality – Transitioning Ahead’ is 8 weeks of sheer mental torture; pointless, futile, demoralizing, soul-destroying, bullshit. I hate every fucking second of it, and still have another 3 weeks to do. I really don’t know how much more of this I can take. Fuck you Iain Duncan Smith.

    • What is skill conditionality? I’m guessing its not about acquiring actual real skills.

      • …………if you are wondering where your disabled neighbours have been for the last few months, think really hard…………….

        Is the property starting to smell?

        Are there lots of flies at the windows?

        Chances are that your neighbour has died after being found fit for work.


        • Think very hard………………..

          Is it cheaper to falsify a disabled persons medical report or pay them the equivalent amount for them to enjoy a similar mode of living as their rich counterparts who are able bodied?

          Look in the obituary columns every evening to formulate a true opinion…………………………

        • I am the disabled neighbour, if it weren’t for my mum and dad being so kind, I’d be one of those people. I pity people who don’t have relatives, or friends its nor right what they are doing as you know Geoff. You know I used to want to work, but the system put me off work, even if there was no welfare state (well, what’s left of it, if anything) I have no desire to work anymore, they want you to work for nothing, or next to nothing on survival wages. That’s if they ever gave me the help I need to find one in the first place. What kind of a life is that for anyone young and fit and healthy? never mind anyone disabled. They are bastards hoarding nearly all of societies money and claiming that they have a right to, while the poor and sick and disabled are condemned for owning a pittance, if anything.

  85. paultheswineherd

    With this happening & with the ‘defection’ of the ‘6’ yesterday, war has now started to break out within the Tory party ranks – watch this space from now on! “A week is a long time in politics” – but 5 years or more under continuous Tory rule is an absolute bloody nightmare!


      Paragraph 35099 of the Decision Makers’ Guide :

      “It would be usual for a normal healthy adult to suffer some
      deterioration in their health if they were without 1. essential
      items, such as food, clothing, heating and accommodation or 2.
      sufficient money to buy essential items for a period of two weeks.

      See Appendix 6 to this Chapter for further guidance. The DM must
      determine if a person with a medical condition would suffer a
      greater decline in health than a normal healthy adult and would
      suffer hardship.”

      …………….HE WOULD RATHER KILL YOU……………


    CAMPAIGNERS are demanding a public inquiry into deaths of vulnerable adults linked to Tory welfare reforms. Scottish disability campaign group Black Triangle is joining forces with other organisations and victims’ families to call for an investigation into the deaths, claiming lessons over tragedies are being ignored by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

    The campaign will focus on the cases of Michael O’Sullivan, a 60-year-old from North London who had long-term depression and agoraphobia, and who killed himself in 2013.

    A coroner later ruled that the father-of-two had killed himself as a direct result of being found fit to work by the UK Government’s disability assessors, and demanded action be taken to prevent further deaths.

    The campaigners also want an inquiry to scrutinise the death of Mark Wood, who had complex mental health conditions and starved to death four months after his sickness benefit was cut off. The 44-year-old, from Oxfordshire, was left with just £40 a week to pay rent and bills after being assessed as fit to work. He weighed just 5 stone 8lbs when he died in 2013.

    John McArdle, co-founder of Black Triangle, said the deaths of these vulnerable adults should be investigated in the same way as cases of child neglect.

    “Life is just as sacred for a vulnerable adult as it is for a baby,” said McArdle. “We are looking at launching a public campaign for a judicial inquiry into these deaths. We are not going to stop until we get one.

    • paultheswineherd

      Geoff – This is really good news and it means that at last, there is the chance of getting well deserved justice for these poor unfortunates and their families. Let’s hope that they can all get together, stick together and demand a proper public inquiry into the Tories totally unnecessary cruelty (and ‘austerity’). They all deserve answers and justice and I for one (and I am sure that most on here also) wish them well.
      Keep at them, keep at them and keep at them until the Government & the DWP/IDS etc finally are brought to account for the crimes against the people that they between them all, have carried out.

    • paultheswineherd

      That poor lady – another murder carried out by the Government, IDS & the DWP & their ‘helpers/contractors’. Totally shameful in a so called ‘civilised society’.

  87. @geoff

    Bernie Daly

    What crime is being committed by the unemployed? They are without work simply because none is available or it does not pay enough to live on. Commit a crime and you are imprisoned but are still entitled to basic human rights and standards of treatment. Become unemployed you are likely to have your benefit stopped, be made homeless as you can’t pay rent and be slowly driven to suicide

  88. The ” Common Market ” for which the 1930s Fascist Leader Sir Oswald
    Mosley campaigned for the UK to remain in during the 1975 AD Referendum
    Two Years After joining the ” Common Market ” without a Referendum
    beforehand and during which the Yes side spent loads more than the
    Pro British Side and Lied about Sovereignty Wrecked the Livelihoods of
    British Fisherman with Abysmal Bureaucracy and has Not Exactly Rallied
    to Defend Steel is a Bureaucratic Quagmire which Common Sense says
    it is Time to Leave

    The ” European Court of Human Rights ” Let Murderers be Released
    in the UK ….Surely it is a Human Right Not to be a Victim of Murder
    but done Nothing to Save David Clapson and Karen Sherlock

    As the EU Gravy Train has Rolled On the Gulf between Rich and Poor
    in the UK has Grown

  89. The Right Honourable Jeremy Corbyn MP Leader of the Opposition
    Apparently Wants to Renationalize the Railways

    It was an EU Directive 91/440 which was Sadly Destroyed British Railways

    Leave the EU and the Railways can be Renationalized .

    The Leader of the Opposition should Not be Trying to Hand David
    Cameron a Victory like the Leader of the Liberal Democrats appears to want to do so

    As For Influence in Europe the United Kingdom has Less Votes in the
    Council of Ministers than it did in the 1970’s when it was Conned by
    Anti British Politicians such as Margaret Thatcher into Remaining

  90. The Ins are quite Happy for EU Quagmire to continue with bogus
    ” Human Rights ” that do Not Help the Poor and Vulnerable

  91. There is a Human Right to Decent Heating in Places of Residence

    Since ” Privatisation ” Costs have gone up going against the Poor and
    Vulnerable in this Country

    The Neo Liberal EU has Not Rallied to the Rescue

  92. Labour the Official Opposition Needs to be an Opposition Not a Tawdry
    Consensus of No Choice

    • The pope is fighting to end the death penalty throughout the world, I hope he is fighting benefit sanctions in the uk then.

      • The Hanged Woman

        It is astonishing that anyone who has dealings with the DWP could be in Cavour of the death penalty; the DWP and the ‘providers’ lie, distort the facts, bend the truth, and stitch their victims up on a daily basis. EXACTLY the same way the Police, and judicial system operate. And the way witnesses behave in court.

  93. Natalie IMBRUGLIA (senior lecturer)


    • And Camoron as well. He takes the ultimate blame, along with IDS. Both deserve to be tried for their perverse crimes against humanity. No civilized country or society would ever consider taking from those who have the least.

      • Central government have stolen people’s benefits and housing benefits in the form of bedroom taxes then given a new department in councils made up of young kids who have never lived to judge who is to have these discretionary payments, it’s called first contact, I suggest it is called daylight robbery, nobody knows what anyone gets if anybody.
        These arseholes are all hiding in benefits offices and civic centres not to mention community centres.
        If any of them had brains they would be dangerous, they question nothing.

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  96. thanks for write this blog…….really awesome……
    Read my blog on unemployment….

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