Chaos At The DWP As Bungled Help To Work Scheme Attempts To Launch

Unlike Help To Work, the new Keep Volunteering Voluntary campaign has already been a huge success.

Unlike Help To Work, the new Keep Volunteering Voluntary campaign has already been a huge success.

Despite wildly optimistic claims from the DWP, today’s launch of mass workfare seems to be in chaos behind the scenes.  With barely any information yet available on the scheme it appears that the flagship Help To Work programme has no-one actually running it, no guidance for companies involved and no real plan to deal with the huge influx of claimants to Jobcentres from daily signing.

According to the BBC a mere 70 so-called charities have signed up to provide placements on the scheme which will involve forcing unemployed people to carry out 780 hours of unpaid work.  For ‘Help To Work to be successful, these charities will need to accept hundreds, or possibly thousands of placements each.  Predictably the DWP are not saying who the charities are.  So far the only voluntary sector organisation prepared to admit to being involved are @groundworkuk who hope to secure a lucrative sub-contract from whichever private sector profiteers are running the scheme.

Perhaps most astonishingly, no-one knows who those private companies are either.  Whilst some of the most despised companies in the UK were invited to bid –  including A4e, G4S and Atos – there has been no announcement from the DWP about who has been successful.  A recent Freedom of Information request revealed that just 18 days ago no decision had yet been made on who will run the scheme.

The DWP must be a bunch of fucking idiots if they think we’ll believe that a huge programme, affecting 200,000 people, could have been cobbled together over the Easter holidays by whichever welfare-to-work parasites they’ve finally chosen .  It takes time for companies to train and recruit staff, secure placements and develop the administration systems needed.  This is likely to have been made all the harder by the fact that as of just over 3 weeks ago, the guidance (rules) for the Help To Work scheme ‘had yet to be finalised’.  It has still not been published.

A similar scheme to Community Work Placements has already been trialled and not only did almost no-one find real work, but over a third couldn’t even be found an unpaid placement.  Case studies published by the DWP today show that of the only three claimants they could find prepared to endorse unpaid mandatory work, only one of them had actually found a job!

One Jobcentre source has claimed staff locally have been informed Help To Work will not launch today, despite even David Cameron putting his name to a press release saying that it would.  With no-one running the scheme, and no rulebook, it is hard to see how the Community Work Placement part of Help To Work can genuinely start this week.

This is not the only part of Help To Work that looks to be in trouble.  Tens of thousands of unemployed people will now be expected to attend the Jobcentre and sit in a queue waiting to sign on everyday rather than looking for work.  A memo to members from the PCS Union said that the DWP was only bothering to meet them this week to discuss the staffing and health and safety implications of the new regime.  The memo also confirms that travel expenses are to paid to those signing on daily which could add millions to the cost of the scheme.

Also launching today is a new campaign to Keep Volunteering Voluntary.  In contrast to the DWP’s bungling efforts, this has already proved a huge success with almost 40 voluntary sector organisations already pledging they will not take part in workfare schemes including Oxfam, Unite, Children England and the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO).  Martin Sime, chief executive of SCVO  has gone even further  saying that Help To Work will be: “demeaning, counterproductive and undermine genuine volunteering”.

Please help spread the word about the new campaign, who can be found on twitter @keepvolvol or join the facebook page.  Please also share, tweet and blog details of the new website at:

Read the latest from Boycott Workfare about the new scheme and how to fight it.

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129 responses to “Chaos At The DWP As Bungled Help To Work Scheme Attempts To Launch

  1. Apart from anything else, isn’t this lunatic scheme likely to put more people into the JC buildings, on a daily basis, than fire safety regulations permit? Perhaps someone should have a quiet word with their local Fire Safety Officer – a job for the PCS rep on site, I think.

    • The safety implications of so many folks in small jobcentres was my thoughts as well
      Jobcenters for example do not have water dispensers despite a Euro directive that public offices used by the general public are supposed to have them. That should be looked into. There are absolutely no facilities in these places for those with disabilities or medical needs. There are now more ppl with illnesses having to go to jobcentres due to ATOS, etc.
      This thing about reimbursing daily signers will cost huge amounts of money. It saves the tax payer nothing at all.

      However, I doubt it will be daily signing for everyone. It is an option open to advisors. They will try and be quite selective and choosey about who they will have in every day. But even still, it will cause chaos and overload the system.
      And apart from anything else, there aint the jobs for all these ppl to go to anyhow!
      Most jobs on offer are still part time.
      I can see big trouble here with this. As for the stupid Serwotka “union” well….be interesting to see what they come up with as they’ve done too nothing useful as yet.

      But the safety implications of all this is something more should be made of.


    • Department for Workhouses and Prisons

      We’ll sanction the surplus population for the breach of law caused by their workshy attitude

  2. I live in a village miles away from the nearest town and don’t mind signing at the local Jobcentre on a daily basis since I can use their IAD to do a bit of jobsearch, have a walk around the town afterwards, visit a couple of friends who live there more often, do my shopping AND get my bus fare paid there and back (£5.70 return).

    I’m Kool and the Gang with that folks!

  3. The aim of this indentured slavery is to starve unemployed people to death. There are, in the tory/fascist government’s eyes, too many unemployed people, and they do not have a clue as to what do do for them, because nothing in their warped ideology allows for this.
    Thus, if they create an ever-burdening layer of rules, regulations and sanctions, they can simply say “you haven’t complied, so you do not get your entitlements. Please piss off and starve”.

    It needs no more ‘thinking out’ than it has been given. Iam Dunked-in Shit assumes there will be no queues of half-starved people begging to be taken on in indentured slavery, because they will all be dying somewhere else out of sight…and unrecorded.

    It’s assisted suicide.

  4. Utterly predictable of course; the administration required for the daily signing would put any public sector department into a state of panic. The next trick of course will be a mandatory “help out at the job centre” scheme to deal with your own claim. Smirk.

    • It would be interesting if someone did lay down terms to their slave master, but it won’t work. Let’s be honest, they will just laugh at you and if you refuse to work (which is entirely right IMO) you’ll just get sanctioned. This is the way it works right now. Completely dysfunctional.

  5. The comment on ‘Boycott Workfare’ will be invaluable
    “The law, correctly stated, is that you are free to charge your own fee for the work you are summoned to do. Any Job Centre notice that doesn’t clearly state this is likely to engage s2 of the Fraud Act 2006, and should be notified to the police.’

    Though my reading of the act suggests that s.5 is also applicable, esp §(4);

    “5“Gain” and “loss”
    (1)The references to gain and loss in sections 2 to 4 are to be read in accordance with this section.
    (2)“Gain” and “loss”—
    (a)extend only to gain or loss in money or other property;
    (b)include any such gain or loss whether temporary or permanent;and “property” means any property whether real or personal (including things in action and other intangible property).
    (3)“Gain” includes a gain by keeping what one has, as well as a gain by getting what one does not have.
    (4)“Loss” includes a loss by not getting what one might get, as well as a loss by parting with what one has.”

  6. Train staff?

    I think you expect too much of these providers!

  7. will be great mass queues to sign in meaning everyone >15 minutes late leading to sanctions galore. There you go unemployment 0% problem solved

    • David i would go into the JC and take a selfie of myself, it would have the time & date the photo was taken, hey presto evidence that i was in the JC on time, so its not my fault i were waiting in a queue for hours on end to sign on.

      • Department for Workhouses and Prisons

        Our Decision Makers have decided you edited the selfie. They don’t need to provide logic or evidence. You are guilty.

  8. Iain Duncan Smith

    One has to spend money in order to save it ——aaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhh gulp!!!!!

    • Do you mean like this Iain;

      “A mental health trust forced to free up inpatient beds by discharging patients into bed & breakfast accommodation has seen its bill for the measure rocket five-fold in less than a year.

      London-based Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust saw the cost of moving discharged patients into B&Bs shoot up from £46,000 in 2012-13 to £264,000 in the 10 months to January this year.

      The use of B&Bs, which the trust admits was “not ideal for patients”, was revealed in a Freedom of Information response which also shows an 11-fold hike in the trust’s bill for placing patients with private providers.

      This budget shot up from £89,000 in 2012 to almost £1m in the first ten months of 2013-14, with each bed costing the trust around £800 a night”

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    DWP in a shambles yet again!

    • “DWP in a shambles yet again!”

      Because Iain Duncan Smithe and his ministers are trying to turn the Department away from being an agency charged with the delivery of Assistance to one that is used to coerce people , nominally under its care, into non-existent jobs at a time of mass unemployment.

      Smithe is not ‘fit for purpose’

      • Sure, it’s just another method of seasonally adjusting unemployment figures. If we are ‘working’ while claiming JSA, we can either be removed from the jobless figures or held up as examples of how we are being trained for work. Either way, the ‘hard working tax payer’ feels safe in the knowledge that us burdens on society are being dealt with. It’s a crowd pleaser gesture!

  10. I would urge anyone offered the choice of daily signing or voluntary (hah!) placement, to choose the daily signing option. No JCP office will be equipped to handle that kind of influx and will be forced to report back to the DWP to that effect. The flawed systems own weight will crush it and render it unworkable, which hopefully will teach IDS, McVey and the Condems that they modern day slave trading under any name will not work.

    Speaking of which, hasn’t IDS been conspicuous by his absence at the launch of this project. I notice that McVey was wheeled out to Breakfast TV viewers, doing her usual sterling job of evading the forced labour questions!

  11. Many people can see that this whole ‘welfare reform’ program is inherently wrong. I know many people (quite rightly) point at the inhumanity or the (numerous) individual cases of failure but behind all of this is an inherently self contradictory, inconsistent, illogical and irrational set of ideas, words, documents etc. What seriously bothers me is why do people meet, talk, produce written documents which if examined at the simplest level are meaningless irrational rubbish; All driven by some unnoticed assumption that by the very act of going through those processes the content must be substantial, meaningful and practical. It is profoundly unintelligent.

    So, given the scale and scope of these reforms, it is inevitable they will crash. The serious concern I have is how will it collapse. It is beginning to look as if it will be extremely harmful to a lot of people.

    In my experience people who are perceived as malicious or criminal from the outside always have their reasons for doing what they are doing which most commonly doesn’t include the ultimate interpretation of themselves as malevolent. In fact the higher up you go in the culturally perceived hierarchy the more they seem to perceive themselves as ‘good’ in spite of the consequences of their actions.

    My concern is ‘how’ to deal with this delusional hierarchy. They write the (inconsistent) laws, they administer the (supposed) justice and they control the mechanisms of social control. The possibility of social collapse and violent riots even to the point of aimless revolution are clearly looking more and more likely – some might say inevitable. I have spent far too much of my life dealing with control freaks and bureaucrats and they are stunningly unintelligent; But they maintain ‘power over’ other people. So what are the ‘words’ all about? I am seriously too bewildered to cope with the scale of this stupidity.

    • I, typed help to work into google. And, according to the independent the jobless must attend the Jobcentre daily. There is no mention of any work experience (workfare) on their website. It just says if the jobless refuse to attend daily, they will lose jsa for 4 weeks (about a month for 1st refusal)
      and 13 weeks after that.

      • ” It just says if the jobless refuse to attend daily,….”

        This used to be the requirement in the 1930’s. It had an unforeseen consequence for the ‘government’.

        Unemployed people, who had previously been isolated by their poverty, started getting to know one another as a consequence of the daily signing. As a result they were able to start building the ‘National Unemployed Movement’ from local bases

        • Another Fine mess

          Having unemployed on-line for 35 hours a week is having similar unintended consequences. 🙂

          • “Having unemployed on-line for 35 hours a week is having similar unintended consequences”

            I am pleased to hear it

        • Well said Jess. Get talking to everyone in the dole queue, make friends and spread the word. Get these bastards out of office asap.

      • But it isn’t happening and has been threatened/blogged to death before; this is all just smoke and mirrors. Until your DWP advisor actually informs you take everything read on-line with a grain of salt. I have yet to read here or on any other forum comments by anyone whose actually been sent on a work placement let alone been told they’ll be doing community work. The job centres do not at present (nor are likely to with the economic down-slide) have the manpower to staff that amount of people signing daily. The worst case scenario is for those who’ve been unemployed for more than 3 years and aren’t making any effort to find work..Which if you look at it isn’t a bad thing as they are the ones ruining unemployment for anyone genuinely job seeking. As much as Daily Mail readers would like to blame the EU influx and lax immigration the indigenous bone-idle aren’t exactly helping matters either…

        • //Which if you look at it isn’t a bad thing as they are the ones ruining unemployment for anyone genuinely job seeking.//

          How is someone not applying for jobs ruining anything for people who are applying for jobs?

          //the indigenous bone-idle aren’t exactly helping matters either…//

          Stats. This sort of sweeping, know-it-all comment needs statistics to back it up. Got any?

        • Another Fine mess

          The worst case scenario is for those who’ve been unemployed for more than 3 years and aren’t making any effort to find work.

          Well there’s 1 million leaving the Waste Programme without finding a job after 2+ years, So if the £7bn spent on the Waste Programme couldn’t find them paid work what else would you suggest, spend more or spend less, look harder, or what?

        • Department for Workhouses and Prisons

          You have no clue.

          Readers of middle/upper class papers like the Daily Mail, Times and Guardian welcome “the EU influx and lax immigration” because they can pay lower wages. Oh sure they might complain about multiculturalism but they put money first.

        • Jesus H Christ

          Jesus Fuck 😯 put down that 👿 Daily Heil 👿 for Christ’s sake

        • S C A R, This government is not going to back down on sending thousands to work for nought. And they will be getting us to sign on daily. This whole policy is to punish those that have not found work after leaving the 2 year work programme. Looks like you’re in for a shock!!!

          • Another Fine mess

            The Waste Programme was supposed to be help for the long-term unemployed. But it wasn’t long before they just left them and went for the 3 months unemployed instead, and just parked the LTUs.

          • Another Fine mess

            …It won’t belong before brand new JSA claimants have to sign every day, not to punish them, just to keep them motivated of course.

        • “Which if you look at it isn’t a bad thing as they are the ones ruining unemployment for anyone genuinely job seeking”

          You can fuck right off with that divisive shit. People are already divided enough without this bullshit attempt to divide them into “genuine job seekers” and “scroungers” bullshit. This is the Tory line and has no place in any fight for social justice. All unemployed people deserve dignity

          • For those of you who have not come across her work before, Sheila Rowbotham is part of a generation of historians who, along with EP Thompson, changed the way history books are written.
            She recently published this;

            “”We have been hearing a lot about scroungers since the recession set in. In the media it really has been scroungers, scroungers, scroungers. It is funny how scroungers are always poor people, whereas the rich get classified as ‘deserving’. You could write a fascinating history of scroungers from the sturdy beggars of Tudor times to the present day. I have a strong suspicion that scroungers tend to make their entry when
            ruling classes are getting twitchy about their grip.

            The scroungers of 2013 are being subject to the same abuse as the workers who went on strike in the Winter of Discontent in the late 1970s, when the first edition of Beyond the Fragments was published. The myth of the insatiable greed of car workers, gravediggers and NHS public sector workers – many of whom were low-paid women – has always puzzled me. And all the more so because I repeatedly hear it from pundits who are earning far more than the strikers they berate.

            In fact, in the late 1970s inflation was eating away at the wages of the Winter of Discontent workers, and this followed on from a financial crisis that wasn’t of their own making.


            When I was a child I used to get told to be good – otherwise the
            bogeyman would come and get me. It took me several years to work out that the bogeyman was just an invention to scare me”
            Sheila Rowbotham: Beyond the beyond”

            Click to access s56_rowbotham_segal_wainwright_patel.pdf

        • Did you miss the part where I said I was one of those starting a community work placement tomorrow morning?

        • “Which if you look at it isn’t a bad thing as they are the ones ruining unemployment for anyone genuinely job seeking.” Ruining Unemployment? I know you didn’t mean it that way but it looks like unemployment is a joyful thing and is being ruined by some unemployed people like myself .. 3 years unemployed Registered nurse, Distinction awards in nursing related studies and still can’t get a basic full time position in support work. Fuck knows what they are looking for when they advertise these jobs that I apply for. I have over 20 yrs experience in nursing & ok yes ! some weeks I just say fuck it and stay under the bastard duvet after putting in days and nights of effort into applications that are getting no response. It is mentally draining as humans are not designed to keep getting negative results from positive behaviour, we are motivated by steady progressive incremental feelings of achievement. This was hellish before and the temp is going to be getting rammed up like never before.

  12. I think that daily sign ons were abandoned in the 30s because they realised that getting so many unemployed together on a regular basis created a forum for protest… Well that was the story anyway!

    • “they realised that getting so many unemployed together on a regular basis created a forum for protest… Well that was the story anyway!”

      Not just a story….You can find confirmation in the papers of the UAB, (Class AST) here;

      • Wonderful! Thank you for the link .. but keep it quiet from IDS/DWP.

        • I am not sure where the earlier reply I left went, but, I shoud point out that I have referred you to a ‘class’ of documents, not given you a precise reference.

          You can however use this. A former N.U.W.M. also informed of using the ‘daily’ signing as an ‘organising tool. Some N.U.W.M members were actually banned from the local Labour Exchanges, and they were rigorously excluded from the slave labour camps (called training centres) that were set up in the 1930’s

          You should also try and get hold of Walter Greenwood’s novel, Love on the Dole. Most of the characters in it were drawn from real life.

          So controversial was it, at the time, that the British Film Board vetoed any production until 1941

  13. A scene from the 1930’s;

    “I have already mentioned that throughout this period of unemployment was not on any occasion sent after a job by the Labour Exchange. However, quite apart from this, at the Labour Exchange itself it was almost impossible to get anywhere near the Vacancy clerk to ask about any job that may have been advertised on the lists pinned on the walls
    Of course, this was due to the fact that there were such enormous numbers of unemployed signing on at the Exchange– though it is still a mystery to me why the management considered it sufficient to allocate only one man to deal with the hordes that surged in front of the Vacancy counter day after day.”
    Max Cohen; “I Was One of the Unemployed”. 1945

  14. Here’s the press release;

    “The new scheme – Help to Work – will give Jobcentre staff a new range of options to support the hardest to help get off benefits and into work.”

    I notice they are referring to sanctions as ‘options’ now.

    How forked a tongue does the DWP Press Office have?

  15. There will be “intensive” coaching, a requirement to meet an adviser every day …

    Every day signing on will only fray tempers and could be catastrophic for JCP jobsworths that are dedicated followers of the ‘botherability’ death cult.

    • Daily coaching from a deeply damaged individual, with deep-seated problems stemming from a dysfunctional childhood –Daily visits to a total contemptuous bullying prat who is to deluded and stupid to realize he/ she is of no help what so ever and that he / she is very likely one day going to push the wrong person too far !.

  16. There is no Help To Work Scheme this is obviously going to be a mass sanctioning offensive.

  17. Another Fine mess

    A comment from the Indy, could be useful.

    You have to approach this intelligently, if you hare forced to attend daily they you should receive something of benefit/value each time you attend, advice, ideas etc, if you do not then the person you see is not fit to do their job and should be complained about. If you are not happy with todays’ visit, if you think you have gained nothing from it ask for a complaints form and make a formal complaint( every day if necessary) you have fulfilled your part and they have not. Swamp them with complaints copied in to your MP, local councillors, local media etc.

  18. You have to admit it IDS is spectacularly successful at creating major disasters.

  19. Another Fine mess

    Lisa from Birmingham……..later she successfully applied for a job there.

    But did she actually get the job?

    Denise from Liverpool….gained valuable experience that could be referred to at interview as well as some outstanding references.

    But no job.

    Single mother Denise from Warwickshire…….Since finishing her placement she has continued to volunteer for the charity

    Still no job.

    Is that the best they’ve got? Why bother even calling it Help to Work.

  20. Oxfam opted out? We have a family member who is a REAL volounteer and she says that they are always having people in on forced labour schemes particularly those with learning problems or young kids.

    • Oxfam have been quick to respond to any reports of workfare in their shops which has been organised by managers at local level. If you contact them, or Boycott Workfare with more details of where this is happening they will look into it, I’m sure.

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  22. So this abusive, pointless scheme launches today. How are they telling people they will be sent on it? Are they sending out letters or are they just going to drop them through a trap door into an oubliette when they sign on?

    • Jobcentre Plus


      Dear Lucy

      You have been referred to the following OPPORTUNITY:

      Help to Work

      You are directed to attend GROUNDWORKS, at the Industrial Estate on the Edge of Town

      on Tuesday 29 April 2014 @ 08:00

      If you fail to carry out this direction your benefits may be affected.

      A Cunt

      For MANAGER

    • But it doesn’t launch today; that is the whole point. Hands up everyone whose actually been told they are signing on daily or polishing a statue of Queen Victoria in the town square. I’ve never polished a turd and thankfully thanks to a lack of public sector administration won’t be about to start now…

      • Jobcentre Plus


        Dear S C A R

        You have been referred to the following OPPORTUNITY:

        Help to Work

        You are directed to attend GROUNDWORKS, at the War Memorial in the Town Centre

        on Tuesday 29 April 2014 @ 08:00

        If you fail to carry out this direction your benefits may be affected.

        A Cunt

        For MANAGER

    • Groundworks are fucking SCUM!!

      Groundworks will be hoping to clean up on the Help to Work contracts.

    • I’ve just sent that link to the leader of my local Rotten Borough, in my dreams our hard core tory council would join Liverpool in this boycott.

      Well done Liverpool!

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  24. I don’t really care so let them waste millions in paying pointless travel expenses and employing more staff on this half-baked nonsense. They will be the losers not the claimants. That won’t phase us!

  25. I would like to see IDS and Fester being sent on a PERMANENT unpaid work placement.

  26. I have a urinary tract problem, not to go into details, but sometimes I need to go every 15 mins. They dont let you use the toilet in job centres. I shall be pissing in the corner, I kid you not

  27. I’ve been mandated to start a 30hr week (inc Saturdays) at a local cancer research shop on May 1st as part of the Community Work Placement scheme. I’m also expected to do a 10hr job search as well or be sanctioned.

  28. My jobcentre is replacing job points for ones with internet. I wonder if that has anything to do with changing how often people need to go in and sign on.

    Looking through the jobs its all trainee roles so they can get to avoid paying nmw.

    • All JCP’s are also removing their public access phones too. Tried to use one of these phones in my JCP the other day and both were out of order. I thought, ‘what a load of lying bollocks that is, to claim that they are faulty’.

      The fuck if I am going to ring an expensive DWP phone number at home. Cheeky cunts give me piss all each fortnight and then expect me to give them this money back through paying them into making an important call on their 0845 number.

  29. Katie Hopkins has said on twitter that it is “time we issued an unemployed persons(sic) uniform.”

    The dozy twat can’t even master basic punctuation, yet she is a “media personality” and an “opinion former”!


    • They’re just seeking attention (whoever they are)

      Sanction them!

    • Another Fine mess

      A trained economist; graduate of Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Intelligence Corps bursar and qualified marketer, Katie spent 15 years working for a Global Brand Consultancy in UK, Tokyo and USA leaving as MD, UK.

      Katie runs a business consultancy transforming underperforming SMEs into profitable organisations with sustainable growth.


      • MI5/6 protecting their own economic interests, they control more celebrity and political puppets than Spitting Image.

      • ……..
        Is that what she’s saying in her blurbs?
        Wasn’t it the case that Hopkins was discharged from the military college as she could no longer continue due to epilepsy fits, etc? That doesn’t quite equate with “graduated” does it? Or with being a military bursar either. Which doesn’t sound like she ever was, unless in between college classes or part of her course kind of thing.
        How could she have spent 15 years working for the one same company when she was at a university, then military college, then she’s in with the Met office for a very, very brief time, (they fired her in 2007). Then she starts her own business with the husband she stole from the woman he was married to? Where does the 15 years with the one firm come into any of it? Because I don’t see where the 15 fits in to any of that timefame. Maybe she did mange those 15 years but I don’t see it there.
        From what I gather, the only business she has is that with herself and her new hub. It is really a front for Hopkins to get media attention isn’t it?

        But then we have IDS pretending he went to an ancient Italian university, instead of just telling the truth that it was the foreigners technical school he was at!
        A pattern in deception seems to be emerging here with these kinds of folks. What wonderful company the rightwing like to keep! No doubt Hopkins’ No. fan will be Edwina Currie!

  30. Just so everyone knows that the money saved by ‘austerity’ is going to a good cause

    “We subsidise the landed gentry and their shotguns. While the poor are plunged into brutal insecurity, the rich are untroubled”

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  32. People will die! This is going to be the start of the uprising my friends. I’m just a scared onlooker but I can see what will happen!

  33. i hope there is an uprising toff with there heads,,, give us real jobs you smarmy tory wankers ,,, work for nowt fuk off.. its community service

    • Iain Duncan Smith MP

      Fuck off, you Labour supporting tosser. I’ll get all you lazy fuckers back into work sooner or later. I want my fucking knighthood from the Queen. She has promised me an OBE as soon as all the lazy wankers are doing unpaid forced community work. If I can be at work at 6:00am each day, so you can as well, you fucking lazy unemployed cheeseburger eating chavs.

      • something survived...

        “Be careful what you wish for: A Fable/Cautionary Tale”

        And one day, eventually the universe saw fit to grant IDS his request. He became a knight, a peer, and major landowner.

        This happened just before the revolution.

        Lord IDS, Sir N. Farage, and Sir N. Griffin, being dragged through the streets in a skip of rotting garbage, discussed their situation.
        Farage: At least I nearly got to fuck the country.
        Griffin: I tried to fuck the country, but it ran off scared after the first course and I had to pay for dinner.
        IDS: You don’t know what you’re missing. I got to fuck the country for YEARS.

        The world’s press gathered as the procession halted, and the three condemned men met, briefly, the combined talents of the Hammersmith Black Disabled Lesbian Immigrant Shooting Team.
        A few tears were shed: but only for the blood getting all over the poor garbage. The seagulls on the landfill site enjoyed the best supper they’d had in weeks.

  34. Another useless report on Channel 4 “news” last night, releagated to last item in the programme, a tiny soundbite from BoycottWorkfare and lots of footage of IDS and Fat Dave (who’s been overdoing the hair dye) at a Job Centre that I assume had been sanitised of actual paupers.

    • Yep. You would imagine that the report would have pointed out that everybody on the scheme not on daily signing disappears from the head count of the unemployed, even though they aren’t in gainful employment and are still doing Jobsearch etc.

    • IDS is a fat cunt himself. Every time I see the porky pillock lying through his harley street dental teeth I just laugh at the overstuffed fool.

  35. Lessons of 1968

    If the instruction to long term unemployed to sign on every day comes to pass won’t the number of those unemployed people far outnumber the amount of DWP staff present. Likely outcome – nervous breakdown for staff or awareness from those signing on that through their strength of numbers they could perhaps start an insurrection!

  36. There is the potential for us to organise around this. If they go ahead with the daily signing regime that will mean huge groups of unemployed people gathered in one place a huge change from the atomised individualism that allows them to pick us off one by one. We could organise protests both outside and inside the job centres. We could leaflet the people. We could organise a quiet sabotage campaign, get everyone to demand toilet access at the same time, demand water, demand chairs, feign illness, throw up, get their kids to piss on the floors, chant slogans, and generally be as obnoxious as possible. Use your imagination, get down their and ORGANISE.

  37. How the hell is this daily signing crap going to work? I can see that jobcentre staff will be so overwhelmed by the sheer number of people that they have to deal with will have them deciding to go on strike, I hope so, because that will teach this government that their policies are unworkable.

  38. I’ll do daily signing if and when it comes to it. Those DWP dicks have clearly forgot that slavery was abolished a few hundred years ago and that it is now a crime punishable by threat of a lengthy prison sentence and unlimited fines.


    • I would like to see that!

      • Idi Amin Smith surely knows now that the devil is about to lunch on his ass. His time in that cushy desk job is well and truly over – and the only safe place for the bald-headed lunatic will be in Broadmoor prison.

        I have had many weary battles with the JCP and my WPP of late. I know enough information know from their own DWP rulings to keep shutting them up and stopping them if they try to gain my UJM account or dare to land me into zero-hour contracts.

  39. On May 22, all the working poor, sanctioned unemployed, disabled, sick, poor pensioners, and pensioners deprived of state pension payout for years can vote TUSC – Trade Unionist and Socialist Against Cuts. See my home page for links

    By voting TUSC into local councils now, it gives the party a chance to help people in the local community from May, and gives a local group support for candidates for 2015 general election.

    This is your and mine only hope for the future.

    Why voting will actually help for the first time in 60 years:

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  43. Landless Peasant

    I’ve been to sign on this afternoon and there was no mention of Help To Work, daily signing or community work. To be fair, though, most of the interview was taken up by me arguing with the adviser over other matters, so maybe he forgot to mention it? Doubt it though. The Jobcentre doesn’t appear to be in any way prepared for such an influx of enforced daily signers. Conclusion = Osborne’s talking bollocks.

  44. something survived...

    Coming to a circus near you:
    Osborne’s Talking Bollocks,
    will be performing on the trapeze, high wire, xylophone and mandolin, and for an encore they will be riding an ostrich round the ring.
    Also on the bill: Grant Shapps and his amazing growing nose;
    Katie Hopkins attempts to juggle fifteen rather angry sharks;
    ‘IDS and the Dead Peasants’ will be singing the favourite patriotic songs of Benito and Adolf, while IDS attempts to ride a unicycle across red-hot coals.
    Michael Gove stars in an amusing sketch entitled ‘A man with his head up a hippo’s arse’. Ringmaster and chief tamer, the Daring Dave Cameras-Run, will explain key aspects of Conservative welfare policy to a somewhat deadly and ferocious tiger that has just had its food ration Sanctioned; and will exhort it to vote Conservative. (Results to be cleaned up by the Workfare Allstars) The undead witch mummy from Castle Greyscale, Thatchera, will be summoned from the netherworld, and will raise people from their wheelchairs, before leading all present in a rousing version of that most patriotic anthem ‘The Horst Wessel Song’.
    Following the sacking of the previous knife-throwing team in order to save on paying workers, and their subsequent replacement by blind people on workfare, tonight will be the new team’s debut performance, with the beautiful Theresa May on the target. Something for the children next: the Boy Wonder, or Third Leg, will be manipulated from above as he mimes to ‘Puppet on a String’. Next we have some clowns from the Department of Work and Pensions. Imagine the hilarity, slapstick and farce, as they try to fit 5 million unemployed, sick and disabled people into 500,000 notional jobs. (“Up there with the Laurel and Hardy Wallpapering a Room sketch” – The Speculum) Then, we meet the talking seal (Computer Says No) that we are now using to determine the outcome of benefit claims. Then Eric Pickles and Ken Clarke have a comedy sumo match. The winner gets to eat a plate of pies. Finally, marvel at the tiny and fragile Last Actual Job In Great Britain. If enough applause follows, your local hospital will be closed down and updated by being replaced by a callcentre.

  45. It’s the biggest Farce ive ever heard or seen. The Manager of the Job Centre playing the dame, Snow White and the 23 Stupid Dwarves. What the hell do these people expect from us. Im volunteer every day of the bloody week, it’s a disgrace My fuckin dishwasher works harder than they do so does my washing Machine.

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