The Unemployment Timebomb At The Heart Of Universal Credit

self-employed-earnings-graphIain Duncan Smith’s response this week to soaring low paid self-employment shows he remains as clueless as ever about what is really going on in the jobs market.

According to IDS, figures showing that the number of self-employed workers has jumped by 600,000 is a sign of “entrepreneurial spirit” and proves that his bungled and reckless policies are working. What is really going on is very different and lays the foundation for an unemployment time bomb at the heart of Universal Credit.

Some of the rise in self-employment is almost certainly down to falling living standards.  People who have taken early retirement are  setting up small businesses in an effort to pay soaring bills, along with so-called mumpreneurs – parents forced out of the workplace due to huge childcare costs and shit wages. The rise of the internet has also allowed some of those who are unemployed to generate a small income from self-employment, such as an ebay shop, or by carrying out small amounts of paid work online through micro-job sites.  Many companies use flaky self-employment contracts for sporadic or casual work to help them dodge minimum wage laws, or providing other benefits such as holiday pay.  These are some of the reasons self-employment is soaring, but of these precarious workers are really making much money.

Alongside this Jobcentre staff and Welfare-to-work companies are known to have encouraged unemployed people to claim Working Tax Credits and set up as self-employed, even if there is little chance of them earning a livable income. This gets them off the unemployment figures and onto a lower rate of benefits, although it may be a risky move for the claimant.  A claim for Working Tax Credits demands that those without children spend  30 hours a week working as part of their self-employment.  If they are unable to prove this then at some point the Tax Office may decide to take back the money that the DWP advised them to claim.

According to a report released late last year, the average annual income for self-employed workers (who earn less than £100,000) was just under £10,400 in 2011, a fall from from £15,000 in 2000.  There are currently four and a half million people who are self-employed.

£10,400 a year works out at £200 a week –  less than somebody working 35 hours a week on the current minimum wage would earn. That means that many, if not most, of these workers will be unable to claim the upcoming (stop laughing) Universal Credit as self-employed earners.

When Universal Credit is fully introduced, only those earning the equivalent of a full time minimum wage salary will be eligible for self-employment part of the new benefit which replaces Working Tax Credits, Child Tax Credits and Housing Benefit.

Claimants will be given a year to achieve these earnings – although first they will have to pass the planned Jobcentre Dragon’s Den assessment to prove their self-employment is financially viable. If after 12 months they are not hitting the required earnings they will see benefits slashed as they will be assumed to be earning the full-time minimum wage when their claim is calculated.  Many will be forced to forsake self-employment at this point, and some will be told to do so by the Jobcentre.  Instead they will become ‘unemployed’ and expected to spend 35 hours a week carrying out ‘work related activity’ such as attending endless courses on how to write a CV or even full time workfare. They may even have to give up the work they are doing which makes them a small income because – astonishingly –  Jobcentre busy-bodies will have the power to sentence claimants to unpaid work instead of allowing them to carry out paid work on a self-employed basis.

Iain Duncan Smith may have convinced himself he has created a new spirit of entrepreneurship, but seems to have forgotten that even if this were true – and it isn’t – he plans to kill it stone dead.  And then all those self-employed workers will suddenly be back on the dole, and we will see the true extent of unemployment in the UK.

Above graph from the Tax Research report on plummeting earnings for the self-employed.

For the latest red tape ridden rules planned for self-employed Universal Credit claimants visit:

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    • ……a strange thought went through my mind when i was trying to analyze why the DWP are so reluctant to release the mortality figures………

      Like the hidden contents of the ATOS EXTERMINATION AGENDA, are our government working to a pre-set target of disability and welfare deaths?

      Could it be possible that behind closed doors, some covert committee has drafted an agenda to eliminate a nominated amount of persons in order to reduce the welfare bill?

      Oddly, if you project the known average of fatalities each week, then align this to the savings expected over a lifespan, you end up with a colossal figure……………..

      I wonder how many more must die to accomplish this exercise on modern day eugenics?

      • This would’nt surprise me in the least Geoff, i can imagine an evil deathsquad of the elite having fun thinking up more sadistic ways to screw the poor and disabled, while they themselves are raking in a fortune through other peoples misery. Shower os shite!

      • I think you have a point. Especially how Atos treated the very ill. Also putting the retirement age back to nearly 70 is going to leave a lot of unemployable elderly people without support. There are bound to be deaths among people who would previously been on a pension.

      • martin a garrett

        for me, part of the fear of radicalism are the actions taken by the radicalised, as these tend to involve harming others as well as oneself.


          I am at Scarborough magistrates court at 10am in the morning for my second ESA appeal.

          The ESA decision was based upon my medical report from ATOS which is not worth the paper it is written on, full of errors and omissions and biased phrasing constituting disability denial.

          The tribunal are fully aware of the mistakes in the initial HCP report, but pretend it does not exist and try to carry on as though everything is above board.

          In the mean time, i have submitted a claim against ATOS in the county court, a civil action for the money i have lost due to the flawed, not fit for purpose, medical report.

          When i was asked to do something at my medical, and could not do it because of pain, the HCP wrote


          This was written on my report, seventy five times!

          Strangely, on the LIMA software that they use, there is an option on the screen that says ” CLIENT UNABLE TO PERFORM THE TASK”

          In other words, the HCP has been briefed on how to deny the disability by rephrasing a task, making it look as though the client has refused to do what was asked of them………………


      • “Could it be possible that behind closed doors, some covert committee has drafted an agenda to eliminate a nominated amount of persons in order to reduce the welfare bill?”

        They already have that; it’s called the NHS.

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    Johnny’s article builds on the ‘nouveau pauvre’ piece I’ve already reblogged, pointing out the gaping holes in Iain Duncan Smith’s logic. I think we’ve all come to the same consensus about self-employment under the Tories (and Tory Democrats) – and it isn’t what the DWP is peddling.

  2. There is going to be one hell of a party when the lies can no longer conceal the truth of the socio-economic disintegration of the UK.

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  4. I don’t believe Universal Credit will ever happen.

    There are only about 6,000 single people (without children) who receive it now; not one couple, family or self-employed person have been transferred to, or claimed for, Universal Credit and nobody can say if/when anybody in these categories ever will. I hear that none of the computer systems have worked, or are ever likely to ever work, properly. UC was a stupid idea made worse by conditionality requirements which have to be assessed on a monthly basis.

    The single greatest disaster of the Coalition is Iain Duncan Smith.

    Coming to the end of his career this one man’s vanity has cost countless millions of pounds and squandered hundreds if not thousands of lives. IDS represents a squalid and tragic episode of British history.

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  6. How much is anyone willing to bet that £10k is gross, aka all the money that passes through their hands before expenses? Lets face it, self employment is very expenses when time, tools, insurance and all the other costs are added in.

    Bet I could take that figure and knock 2/3rds off to reach the take home wage.

    Its disgusting that people are expected to live on such, that they are demonised, but worst yet that its being praised as a success by the powers that be!

    And its not just a problem for them, it affects us all!

    They go on about healing the economy all the time do the Tory’s (and Libs). Every penny these people do not get in a wage is a penny not being spent in the economy.

    Its simple really, more money, actual real spendable disposable income at the ground level can benefit everyone in a consumerism society.

    Of course, that will never happen. Its blatantly obvious, and in the mean time, my business will be expected to cut throat again and again because of this simple factor that crap pay means none of it comes my way, which does not go anyone else’s way!

    And Millionaires making the short fall for this currency deficiency? some how spending all the excess they pay themselves? Dont make me laugh. Bunch of morngy hippocrits the lot of them and always the first to bitch about paying tax and how much they get paid.

    Of all the things I hope for, including a better world I cannot see coming to reality with this system of government.
    I actually hope for a complete system collapse, money loosing all value, a complete system reset when the value of things disappears and true value, like peoples time and health, basic needs, and justice comes to the forefront.

    • The IMF and World Bank are already planning just such a reset and set up a new global currency (apparently to avoid a total systems collapse). If they do we’re more than just f***cked.

      • Whatever currency is set up, you will still see inequality as those with the most now, will exchange it for the equivalent of the new currency.
        We do need global economic alignment with regards incomes, cost of living, interest rates etc. though,, then no country will be able to undercut another.

        • Rumour is that the US dollar will be massively devalued to about 25% of current value. Inequality will worsen within and between countries.

  7. yes this man is a monster its own party dumped as a leader cameron could not get rid of him if he was alive 70 years ago hitler wouldnt give him a job at belsen for being too cruel and yet they are doing GODS work what the fkcu is that about oliver cromwell sloughtered thousands in the name of GOD IDS asnt even saved any money im avin a rant its saturday

  8. Tenants hit by the hated Bedroom Tax have been offered a 60p Cadbury’s CREME EGG to soften the blow.

    • Housing Associations as part of 2014 rent increases have factored in the costs of evictions caused by welfare reform – housing association tenants covering the costs of their neighbours evictions or even their own eviction.

  9. Oh, thank you so much for this blog. I am a lone parent/carer of a little boy with special needs, I do a little self-employed work (that I have declared to them) around my caring role, and I have been recently summoned to the Jobcentre, so I will need to be careful when I speak to them. I was a little shocked to get the ‘you must attend AND participate in this interview or your benefits will be affected’ letter. So now they are coming after the carers who are already running around like headless chickens 😦

  10. Landless Peasant

    I’ll tell you what I think is going on, and it’s been happening for ages, I know people who do it or have done it. Because being on the Dole is so oppressive and the amount of hoops you’re expected to jump through have got more & more ridiculous, many people have simply declared themselves to be Self-Employed but on a Low Income, so they declare just enough earnings to qualify for Housing Benefit but also get the Dole off your back to a large extent. The work they do is just bits they already did on the side because the Dole is not enough to live on. This could be a bit of Gardening, House Cleaning, Dog Walking, Motorcycle Repairs, or I know one guy who made leather mini-skirts, whatever.

  11. This has been obvious for years. The progression towards an economy where workers have no rights and have to work for minimum or less wages because of competition. It is the ‘american model’ and was entirely intentional.
    It is a system where everybody creates their own business and is responsible for their own taxes and book keeping,ensuring massive profits for accountants, banks, solicitors, lawyers, whilst the lower skilled face enormous competition with no safety net. The biggest joke is,here, this system would break the exchequer. I know many in this position who declare everything that comes in in bacs payments and cheques,whilst keeping the cash jobs under the pillow.
    U.S. citizens are a bit more honest with the taxman ;the penal system is horrific-3 years no parole and a $250,000 fine is common for minor tax evasion.and so they are also less inclined to pay cash for the same reason.A prosecution for tax evasion cannot be hidden from any prospective employer,client or customer.It will result in your dismisal
    and you will lose all respect and legitimacy.
    Here,the rich dont support the exchequer, the working and middle classes do. If they all start cooking the books the only people left to fill the coffers will be the rich.
    BRING IT ON,I say ! When the low skilled hold their pocket linings out to the taxman,the inspectors will be instructed to go after those with all the trappings of wealth,were they can ‘get a result’.
    Lets see how they like the unforeseen consequences of their idiotic policies. When the penalties inevitably get tough,it will be the rich getting slung into pokey, not the the ironing ladies,window cleaners and car valeters of this country.

    • For those who have been deemed to not meet the IR requirement for self-employed, they will not only be required to pay back all Tax-credits received, but the new piece of legislation will allow them (as technically “frauds”) to be pursued through the courts and have all their assets seized for payment to the state, including their home. So if anyone thinks they will be better off on these benefits than dealing with the many colours of shite handed out by the DWP, watch out for this one, The push to get people “self-employed” we all know to be a cynical move to massage figures, but it is also a means to reduce the volumes at the JCP – they are having numbers cut too – but it is also intended to stave off the social disintegration that is inevitable, given the way that the poor are being impoverished for & by the rich.

  12. I’d like to be self-employed, but it costs too much to get started.

    • Jobcentre Plus Small Business Adviser

      It’s a common misconception that you need shed-loads of cash to become self-employed. Start-up costs can be as low as £1 *, for example a bucket and sponge – Jobcentre Plus could have you up and running as a self-employed window cleaner in a jiffy. The first step on the road to self-employment is to pop into your Jobcentre Plus office and ask to speak to the Small Business Start-Up Team – you will be pleasantly surprised at what we have to offer!

      * help in the form of a budgeting loan may be available from the ADF (Adviser Discretionary Fund)

      • the jobcentre is full of shit

        … the usual patronising bollocks we have come to expect from the JCP/DWP

      • the jobcentre talk bollocks

        Yeah, 5 million buckets and spades = 5 million self-employed window-cleaners = 5 million adverts in shop windows/5 million flyers through the door!

        • Let us not forget imported EU workers will undercut the indigenous bucket and sponge brigade rendering it all rather moot.

  13. Iain Duncan Smith should be FORCED to EAT his own SHITE! Then he will know what his welfare policies taste like!

  14. nagga munchettes knickers

    about time too you plebs think “oh i work in spar for 16 hours im one of the strivers dave said”..well wakey wakey time to wake up

  15. The only answer for this is to demand unconditional basic income. Now. Ranting about evil Tories / stupid Labour, as true as it is, isn’t going to change anything. We’ve got the memo and it’s still happening. A lot of them already have an unconditional income from inheritances, trusts and dividends.
    There is nothing wrong with being self-employed, as long as you have enough to live on, are able to do things suited to your skills and inclinations, and have real control over your time. The problem with the current ‘self’-employment trend is that it’s being used by the corporates to drive down wages and conditions, and with zero-hour contracts removing any autonomy, what we get is a fearful, harassed serfdom, not real self-employment. But does anyone really want to go back to the old model of doing the same thing for eight-ten hours a day, five days a week for decades until retirement?
    There’s lots of unconditional unearned income out there which could be targeted to pay for it – inheritance, capital gains, rents, dividends, transaction fees, bonuses for failure, etc. To say nothing of all the other activities like arms manufacture, war, fracking, banks inventing ever-more exotic ‘products’, etc which really should not be paid for by anybody any longer.
    UBI should also include cheap (or free?) secure housing, free health and education.
    This nonsense has got to stop somehow, and it will, because ultimately this system will collapse under the weight of its own contradictions and stupidities. The question is whether we have a positive demand to put into action when it does. Otherwise we’ll wind up with a form of neo-feudalism run by gangsters, in a wasteland. This is where things are heading now, and which neither the purely defensive posture about benefits, nor nostalgia for ‘real jobs’ effectively challenges.

    • Yes I agree,

      I recently bought a new washing machine from a well known high street retailer through there online service.
      I was quite shocked when I had it delivered and fitted by a couple of guys who were both not employed by the high street company but each of these people in my kitchen were self employed.
      They then had to phone the company and I had to confirm the job had been carried out to a high standard and I was happy with the service or the guys would not get paid.

      So I can only guess that this high street store didnt employ individuals for these jobs to cut down on holiday, sick pay, workers rights etc.

  16. Not really off topic, because “nudge” is part of this relentless decline in wage levels, working conditions and the extreme and unreasonable conditionality that those on benefits have to endure. Here, a wanker who has no clue, but plenty of money and an ego to boost, discusses how “nudge” is the future.

    Read it and vomit

    Another idealolgue in his tower, pointing and laughing at the tiny ant people scuttling around, crushed by coercion, driven by fear.

    • DWP default nudge settings sanction-penury-death.

      DWP Government nudge policy – the evil mind f*cking games of a psychological terror campaign perpetrated against its own citizens.

  17. Self-employed has a degree of business or financial stability attached to its meaning in the UK, the IDS minded self employment is that of the poverty coerced hireling or the precarious and below subsistence micro worker.

    • Yeah, remember his “slivers of time” bullshit that he spewed out after May 2010 when everyone was being exhorted to support the “big society” ?

  18. Every day my letterbox rattles with a flyer posted by someone desperate to make a living……..
    Garden work, tiling, pointing, block paving, attics cleared, best prices for scrap,,,,,,
    At the same time, begging bags for a 1001 charities………
    Nuisance calls to the home phone and mobiles asking if we would be willing to do a short questionnaire, pip claims, solar energy, investment opportunities, etc, etc………….

    Everyone is trying their hardest to put a meal on the kitchen table. Never have i seen the desperation that is facing the UK at this minute.

    ………and never have i seen a government throw so much shit at the people at the bottom of the pecking order!

    Vile is an understatement…………..

    Bring on the big fight, the one that we are all waiting to happen………..

  19. wordsbehindwalls

    This is me. I’m terrified. I was moved into accommodation because I’m classed as ‘vulnerable’. Without my WTC I have nothing left to live on or for.

  20. Excellent piece! What a pity the mainstream media prefer to promote the guff about entrepreneurial flair than see it for what it really is – a masking of unemployment and underemployment. In many cases the officially self-employed who are not engaged in remunerative work will be receiving less in Working Tax Credits than they would in Jobseeker’s Allowance. Agh!

  21. told a tory canvasser to fuck off yesterday and felt good.I shall punch the next one I see.

  22. I don’t think anyone really knows how the universal credit will “work” in reality, but I can’t see any government wanting to add more people onto the unemployed figures, so predict they’ll have to work on how they shaft the part time or self employed.
    I can see it only being rolled out to people on JSA or income support eventually. So much for it replacing “all” benefits. DLA, Carer’s Allowance are already outside of it.

  23. Great article. This remarkable recovery sounds too good to be true because it isn’t true. And it will hit the fan one day!

  24. Rosemarie Harris

    To earn enough money nowadays in self employment you need a bloody good idea or some knowledge to really make you self employed. As well as the usual dog walking etc ..You need to look at the bigger picture,what is there a shortage of ,and at present it appears to be someone to look after the older person, shopping,cleaning, gardening, even perhaps getting them out to clubs i am not talking about personal care. But for this you will need some exprience,also a C.R.B check, insurance, transport and you would need serveral clients each day.
    Self employment isn’t a easy option if you are serious about earning enough to support yourself and possibly a family. Doing a few hours per day just isn’t going to cut it ,to do it properly needs time and energy and money.
    But some do manage it , but looking at it if Universal Credit does make the light of day then the only way it is going to work for the self employed is if it really is a job and not a hobby!

    • A lot of voluntary groups do shopping for the elderly. It doesn’t really make sense though – why not just order on-line lol And for these roles there is all the usual CRB checking and bullshit to go through!

    • A lot of voluntary groups also take elderly people out to clubs to 🙂

    • And giving a jobseeker a bucket and sponge and signing them off as a self-employed window cleaner as the Jobcentre comment above seems to be suggesting just isn’t going to cut the money-earning mustard either 🙂

  25. My concern is those forced into ‘self employment’ by WP/JC+ , when they ‘fail’ to reach the ‘agreed’ standard, will be classed as having made themselves intentionally unemployed. This will lead to them not only being asset stripped, but also denied UC/dole for longer periods. But hey they’ll be off the stats for even longer as they will effectively be sanctioned for doing as they’re told.

  26. Self employment is more trouble than its worth if you’re earning pennies. They tried to coerce me onto it but I knew what i would be letting myself in for and that they have no concern for my future just getting a result for their record. Never trust any of the advisers you can’t really trust them.

  27. Your readers might be interested in my blog post ‘Universal Credit and the Self Employed’ and the more comprehensive briefing paper they can download free.

    Also my Facebook page on the same topic:

  28. goverment troll

    why do my comments keep getting removed.

  29. Another Fine mess

    For more unemployed bashing, daily signing, sanctions…
    Watch Skynews’s papers review on the Indys ‘i’ at 00:45 ish.

      • Keep Volunteering Voluntary

        What’s this? The sound of the Salvation Army changing their tune lol 🙂

        “But 30 voluntary sector organisations including Oxfam, the Salvation Army and the YMCA, are launching a campaign today to Keep Volunteering Voluntary, forming an alliance of groups who have all agreed not to sign up to the scheme. “Workfare schemes force unemployed people to carry out unpaid work or face benefit sanctions that can cause hardship and destitution,” a pledge signed by the campaign’s members reads. “We believe in keeping volunteering voluntary and will not participate in government workfare schemes.”

        A Salvation Army spokesman added: “We feel that a 26-week work experience placement is too long and would not be beneficial.” Britain’s biggest union, Unite, has also condemned the new scheme as “nothing more than forced unpaid labour”.”

        • Keep Volunteering Voluntary

          “The charities have noted that the maximum community service order that someone might receive if they were found guilty of drink-driving or assault is 300 hours, but claimants on six-month workfare schemes will have to work without pay for more than double this time.”

        • Keep Volunteering Voluntary

          “A Salvation Army spokesman added: “We feel that a 26-week work experience placement is too long and would not be beneficial.”” – I have a sneaking suspicion that the Sally Army are still receptive to shorter periods of forced unpaid labour 😉 Maybe their Christmas Appeal donations were taking a hammering. The envelope came in handy to light the fire mind you 🙂

  30. totallygivenup

    what i find deeply concerning is that the JC staff and the unions are saying and doing nothing are they enjoying the power are they enjoying inflicting pain on the needy and vulnerable..sadly i fear a big fat YES we must never forget there role in all this

  31. The whole system is in chaos, all caused by the ideology of a few trumped up rich kids with nothing better to do. If they were to make changes to their system to make it fairer then they would be admitting that their system is flawed. They are never wrong, they “believe” they are doing the right thing for the “tax payer” and it’s astonishing how many people fall for this rhetoric.

    This lot will never ever admit to any kind of mistake, they made their choices and we have to live by them.

    Quote from an article in the Telegraph:

    “These people lack remorse and empathy and feel emotion only shallowly. In extreme cases, they might not care whether you live or die.”


  32. I am one of the 400k who have been unemployed for over three years and will be affected by the new jobcentre rules. I guess we have the best part of 800 jobcentres in the Uk so the average jobcentre might have an extra 500 forced to sign daily if they all refused to do workfare. I guess half will go for workfare to avoid the jobcentre bullying so let’s say 250 extra signing daily. It might take two full time staff to cover the extra load at every jobcentre.

    • I wouldn’t worry yet captain; they’ve already failed to deliver on the start date (being today) for Community sentences. And there simply isn’t the budget to administer daily signing when you consider there are 4.5 million people unemployed in the UK. Granted not all of them are claiming but a vast percentage are and no public sector department can cater for that amount of human traffic in/out daily. For one they’d have to pay the public transport travel costs which any DWP advisor can/will confirm.

      With the exception of A4e level cobblers the Tories have failed to implement any of these new schemes and even today Cameron has now announced to the media you’ll all be cleaning war memorials etc but it will not happen despite the howls of approval by Daily Mail vultures/readers. If anything it is mostly scare tactics with very little danger of anything coming to pass.

  33. The main figure is the 400k who are unemployed for over three years. An extra 250 or so a day signing at each jobcentre could be managed. A quick three minute signing(20 an hour) for say eight hours a day (160) could see two members of staff working full time would just about cover it at each jobcentre. If everyone claimed bus fares that would certainly help increase the costs to the taxpayer.It’ as everyone say, divide and rule, make a significant minority of people suffer hardship and they will want everyone else to experience the same as them.
    This government doesn’t care about the suffering, they just want to bully people off benefit whatever the outcome. They might find the cost worth paying until the next election.

    • Professor of Unemployment Studies

      The original intent of fortnightly signing-on was to prevent the unemployed from ‘cohesing’ forming groups etc.; the rationale was to keep the unemployed as isolated as possible. Now with the advent of new technology and the internet in particular the original intent is somewhat diluted. It could be that the DWP now believes that daily signing-on will have little or no effect on the ‘cohesion’ of the unemployed.

  34. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Johnny Void here skewers IDS’ claim that the government’s welfare-to-work reforms have created a new, entrepreneurial Britain. He suggests that the real reasons people are becoming self-employed is to make some money due to a fall in income from welfare payments, such as unemployment benefit and the state pensions, or because many jobs require their employees to declare themselves as self-employed as part of avoiding the laws governing minimum wages and employment conditions. What is really shocking about all this is how much the average income for the self-employed has fallen, and how they will ineligible for receiving Universal Credit when it comes out because most of the self-employed are earning less than the minimum wage. Yup – this shows just how screwed and perverse the Tory’s concept of welfare actually is. The self-employed won’t be eligible for state assistance to relieve their poverty, because they’re too poor. So much for the Tories being the party of small business, then.

  35. Women were early retired in lieu of redundancy under Austerity public sector job cuts from age 50 (now rules say from 55) so instead of just lump sum of only one week per year in the job, had a small works pensions so got some income eery month. Ageism in job recruitment from 50. Half Women 50-66 within working poor. Home-working is hamstrung by lack of capital for the high cost of ads in newspapers and low income gained. Women lost most from tax and benefit changes, as tend to be poorer than men.

    Can get state pension payout and stay in work.

    Extra financial burden put on employers of raised retirement age, when ring fenced NI Fund is economically sound, just so women lose years of payout and lose altogether around £40,000 of payout for 6 years or more.

    Worse is to come with the Flat Rate Pension.
    See if you lose most or all of your state pension:

  36. Why do public sector get retired at 55 and everyone else now has to wait until 65, plus the extra year uk government have slapped on, robbing B*&*&*&!S.
    People should be storming parliament like they stormed the Bastille!

    • overburdenddonkey

      g fawkes
      the pensions age escalator, many who reach 62 this year can get pension guaranteed credit….but the pension age will be soon 66 for all us plebs increasing to 69 and beyond, so in reality most won’t qualify + the ni contribution yrs increase to 35 yrs…someone posted the other day that retire @ 60 adds 18yrs to life span, but retire @ 65 expect to die within 6 mths, the last furlong causes most strain, i’ve not checked the source, the state pension is a universal entitlement, so if the latter is true only people who retire early, and have more than 30/35yrs stamp, will get it….

      • The last furlong causes the most strain, that will be the 5 years they will be either signing on or forced into part-time work and still subjected to dwp dictatorship.

        • overburdenddonkey

          g fawkes
          imagine doing MWA/workfare @ 69..
          rather than there being chaos and no plan, their strategy to reduce costs etc etc and enable privatization of the nhs etc, is a responce to a master plan…see dr lucy reynolds on health and social care bill for more details…

  37. What chance have the young got to earn 35 years stamp in this economic climate? They are being sanctioned left right and centre for not carrying out nazi orders and conditionality, workfare or forced onto zero hours contracts or self employment where they can’t even keep body and soul together, never mind pay stamp.

    • overburdenddonkey

      g fawkes
      yeah, exactly bye bye state pension for the poor, the benefactors will be the rich, as they will be very likely the only ones who live long enough to get it…

      • overburdenddonkey

        ….and have the job security and finances to set up a PPP, or have one included in their jobs package…who on zero hrs contract is going to have the confidence to regularly put money aside for a PPP, it’s bad enough on min wages or even living waged work, to do so….

        • overburdenddonkey

          this link on zero hr contracts is worth a read……

          • How can you be mis-sold PPI, this again is banks giving back free money to those that have already had the protection of insurance should they have needed it. They will be blaming the subprimes again to cover the amount they have given back to those that have paid for PPI and have probably not needed it because they have remained in work.
            The banks are pulling bigger scams than anyone for those they see as worthwhile customers.

  38. OBD

    The only people that will be happy with zero hour contracts are those that are moonlighting on top of their day jobs and not getting taxed on such.

  39. ps or pensioners as quoted in your link, who are happy with the pin money and the flexibility.

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