Welfare Reform Blamed For Soaring Malnutrition

IDS-malnutritionCuts to social security, stagnating wages and high fuel bills have been blamed for a trebling of hospital admissions due to malnutrition in Leeds.

According to the Yorkshire Evening Post, 93 people needed hospital treatment for malnutrition in 2012, compared to just 30 in 2008. These tragic cases could represent the tip of the iceberg says Councillor Lisa Mulherin, warning that the number of hospital admissions: “tells us something about the changes to the welfare system, wage stagnation and the way fuel prices have gone up out of all proportion with people’s pay.”

A shocking 27,000 people across Leeds were estimated to be suffering from or at risk of clinical nutrition said health professionals in the city last year.

Appalling the situation is likely to become far worse as a wave of cuts to benefits begins to bite.  The Bedroom Tax is just a few months old and 9000 households in Leeds are estimated to be affected.  Changes to Council Tax Benefit mean claimants in the city will now have to pay a weekly sum out of their already meagre incomes.   The re-assessment of people on sickness benefits is still far from complete and many people are still to face having benefits slashed due to being found ‘fit for work’.  When reforms to Disability Living Allowance finally take hold around a fifth of disabled people are expected to lose this vital benefit.

The pain doesn’t even end there.  George Osborne’s benefit uprating bill represents a real term cut in almost all benefits, pegging annual rises far below inflation at just 1%.  The poorest people in the country are set to be made steadily poorer over the next few years.  The rise in benefit claims being sanctioned for not meeting ever more draconian conditions for claiming out of work benefits is leading to horrific suffering, and the number of people affected is rising sharply.

A recent report by Citizens Advice found that 70% of claimants serving sanctions were forced to cut down on food, with some people reporting having to beg or go through bins to find something to eat.  For those with health conditions the situation is even more acute.  One person told Citizens Advice that during a sanction: “We couldn’t afford a meal each day so often didn’t eat for days on end. I suffer with hypoglycaemia and need to eat, so this left me with many black outs, confusion, incredibly weak and sick.”

According to callous Ministers in the DWP, this kind of desperate poverty will ‘incentivise’ people to find work.  Yet even if the Government’s manufactured unemployment figures are taken at face value, the miniscule rise in jobs has not been seen across the whole of the UK and certainly not in many northern cities like Leeds.  The number of unemployed people in Yorkshire rose by 4000 in the last three months.

Forcing unemployed people to the brink of starvation will not create a single job.  Yet still Iain Duncan Smith tries to foist the blame for poverty and unemployment onto the poor and unemployed.  Rarely has any modern Government shown such cruel indifference to the suffering of their poorest people.  That this kind of state-inflicted poverty is happening in one of the richest countries in the world should be a global scandal.

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  1. IDS is saving pennies from one budget by adding pounds to others. The fact he’s allowed to get away with this underlines the sheer pointlessness, from our POV, of the political system.

    • Where is he getting the money from to give tax cuts across the board on the lower rate of income tax? Is this to help employers who are refusing to pay a living wage, saying they would go out of business if they did.
      They should not be in business if they cannot afford to pay decent wages, conning the public that capitalism works and pays – rubbish.

    • something survived...

      Ian Duncan Smith, Twinned with Nigel Farrage
      -Putting the ‘N’ into Cuts

  2. In recent bloodtests I had one number was in the below normal range and I queried it. Apparently it’s one you usually see on people with malnutrition, my GP said. That’s what happens when you try surviving on £48/week and have to live on toast cos’ you can’t get a job. Nice

    • I had my bp & blood tests three weeks ago: Iron – very low, vitamin d – very low, everything else, low except for B12 which I have always had injections for coz I don’t absorb it very well. I feel ok though, for now…

      income pw:
      jsa 71.70
      hb 75.00
      ctb 20.00
      total 166.70

      expenditure pw
      Rent 98.00
      ctax 21.68
      gas/elec 17.00
      phone/Int 8.00
      water 9.00
      TV Lic. 3.00
      total 156.68

      amount left for food, transport, clothes, toiletries, cleaning stuff etc.


      • Ridiculous, isn’t it ? How on earth are you supposed to manage ? I have a car too and that is very cost-prohibitive but I live in a village miles from anywhere which doesn’t help…..

        • something survived...

          If I buy no food till several days into December, travel nowhere, don’t pay my credit card payment or bills, etc, I’ll have just enough to hand over every penny of my combined JSA and HB (only income for November) for rent. Trouble is my card and bills need paying, I’ve not eaten for three days, I feel terrible, and I’ve other costs I can’t not pay. So when my pitiful dole finally comes I’ll have to spend some of it on those things, and my rent will be underpaid and my second month of arrears in a row.

          I’d like to arrange a meeting of IDS with God. But I’d want that god to be Cthulhu.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if the government start saying malnutrition is caused by the poor cos they can’t manage money .

        • That sounds about right..thats Duncan smiths idea of poverty which is poverty brought about due to lazy people not doing enough to improve themselves by not wanting to be entrepreneurs…

        • They already have said that. Indeed over 10 years ago, the MSP for the Pollock area of Glasgow told us all being poor is not a barrier to being able to buy good. After all, she saw folks in Glasgow going to local chips shops and buying chips and cigs, and all the rest of it.
          I wrote a damning poem called “Let them Eat Cake” in response. That MSP is Joannie Lamont…the Leader of her party in Scotland…Labour !

      • I have a partner and a son of 17. I was registered disabled for life after an industrial accident. They stole my incapacity benefit then stole my Dla and suspended my Industrial Accident Benefit of £31.20 for eight months for no apparent reason.

        We are now receiving just £31.20 and my partners two afternoons a week pay to live on.

      • You can ditch the TV Licence, Kim, that will save you £150 a year 🙂 Think what you can do with that 🙂

        * YOU DO NOT REQUIRE A TV LICENCE TO OWN A TV – FUCK TVL! FUCK THE BBC! (A ‘tv licence’ is only required to watch live broadcasts AS THEY ARE BEING SHOWN)

        THE GOLDEN RULE: NO CONTACT!! (Stick with it and you will be safe)



        TVL/BBC Threat-o-grams

          • March 2013:

            “Dear Sir/Madam

            You have not responded to our previous letters. We want to ensure you have the information you may need before a hearing is set at your local court.

            Please read the information below carefully and keep for your records. You will be allowed to take it into court with you.

            Yours faithfully,

            Jane Powell”

        • oh It will definitely go – I’ll have no choice in Jan when my rent increases. The £3 a week would be handy but it’s not going to improve my diet much.

        • Easy to say but I was taken to court before for not having a black ‘n’ white licence. It’s easy to say ignore it but it won’t go away. Nobody needs a whole heap of court costs added onto the bills they’re already struggling with.

          • True, the monthly threat-o-grams wont go away, neither will TVL/BBC random visits. But they have got no more powers than a door-step salesperson! To be taken to court you must have let them in? Signed the confession form? How easy they are to ignore does I suppose depend on a degree to where you live, how secure your property is and your own individual circumstances. But ignore them you have to!

            NO CONTACT!!

            • Also write to TVL and remove their implied right of access (to your property) that everyone has, like the postman, milkman etc. That way they can’t step foot on your property to reach your door. OK, no good if your door fronts directly onto the street but very useful otherwise.

      • Kim

        I notice there is no bedroom tax to be paid from your budget either and my tv licence fee is £4 per week.

        • bedroom tax doesn’t apply – I’m a private tenant – my rent is £98 pw I only get £75 and some pennies housing benefit so I have to hand over £23 to my landlord and I have done since I became unemployed. My mum is a pensioner and she has to pay it as well because her house has 2 bedrooms like mine and she’s with the same landlord. Is it £4 now? TVL? I was just rounding up – I thought it was about £150 per year, but tbh I haven’t looked at a bank statement to check.

    • Really sad non of these people do not have a family, friends, or a job. Could be really bad luck?

      • what are you saying? that we should go begging to friends and family who are almost as badly off? I have a brother who works but has 4 kids to feed – I wouldn’t dream of taking food out of their mouths. I paid my taxes for 33 years – I expect to get something back when I fall on hard times, not have to go round with a begging bowl. Lack of work is not a matter of luck – it’s gvt policy.

      • I have family and friends but there’s only so many times they can put petrol in my car or buy me food or pay my TV licence direct debit for me. Like Kim I have also worked for 30 years before this round of unemployment. I don’t expect to be approaching 50 having to rely on other people for food. Therein madness lies. I should be in the position now to manage to do that for myself !

      • John you are absurd ..mismanagement of economy by useless govt is not bad luck of its citizens .

      • I have No friends, because they all have families, they all have their own expenses.. the ones that dont can go out at night cant afford too.. Family, well theres just mum and me.. we are still paying off the funeral costs of my older brother..the other family i have have kids and their own families. they dont have much money either.. Luckily My mum still works at age 76 because one she enjoys her job and 2 she cant afford to quit. How many times can you go begging before they are no longer friends..

    • something survived...

      what’s toast? my gran might have mentioned it….

  3. Look on the bright side, winters here –I’ve heard hypothermia’s not such a bad way to die, better than slow starvation

    • Doctor in the House

      … but that’s what is so dangerous with hypothermia… you don’t know you are dying!

    • If you want to die the best way is to place a plastic bag over your head and fill it with pure helium gas (not the balloon type, that’s got oxygen in it). A breath or two, some mild panic, and you’re gone. It’s the way I’m leaving this world when I decide the time has come.

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    IDS should be every child’s (and adult’s for that) worst nightmare!

  5. Rosemarie Harris

    Jonathan Sharpe… Well at least you admit starvation does exist and not through choice either.

  6. Ironic! We are going backwards. Wasn’t the welfare state started coz there wasn’t enough fit strong men to fight the.class rulers bloody wars? Coz they malnourished, had TB ect??

  7. found an interview with ids from aprill 2013 with james obrien, im sure most of you have already heard this, if not u will discover what a clueless man ids is. cant even make his mind up.. also he gets a bit of a roasting from the james.

    ive also noticed more people are filming thier jobcentre experiances. GOOD, the more of these that exist, the better case we have to prove to those who dont quite believe what is truly happening to the people who need help the most…
    ps/ be carefull when filming, i would suggest doing it covertly..if u wonder into a jobcentre with a camera, u might get thrown out, if so, film it anyway..

    • The man is a moron – so closed-minded. When we all look like Belsen survivors he’ll say it’s good that obesity levels have dropped.

      • overburdenddonkey

        strangely enough obesity is often a symptom of malnutrition, caused by a craving of certain food group deficiencies…

        • Dr Gillian McKeith

          I made this point before on here but I was made out to talking bullshit; peoples bodies are getting what they require from the (processed) muck that they are eating so they just keep on eating. It’s not how much you eat, it’s what you eat!

          • * aren’t getting – damned auto correct

          • overburdenddonkey

            dr gillian
            some times the truth is a hard pill to swallow…and as you’ll know there are many different, seemingly, opposed, and confused factors at work…earth to belly we are bio-dynamically powered…we must get to grips with malnutrition and tackle it head on…

        • Yes empty calories, starch and sugars, cheap food devoid of vitamins and minerals, the body just eats more to get the vitamins and minerals it needs

      • Dr Gillian McKeith

        If you study photographs of Belsen victims you will see that they has pot-bellies, obviously due to malnutrition. Obesity IS a sign of malnutrition! Of course you can still have greedy pigs a la Eric Pickles!

        • overburdenddonkey

          dr gillian
          so i can forget my post on the 1967, biafran famine, pot bellied pigs, mitochondria, cell membranes, krebbs cycle, and changes in body shape of people with t2diabetes, then…malnutrition is an immensely complex subject in any shape or form, esp in the uk today, that deserves a book in it’s own right, if anyone can stay awake long enough to write or read it, then it should be written…it is all about getting the right energy to the right place at the right time, to provide the right output, on demand…and clearly for many, many, people this is simply not happening. it is very definitely strongly linked to income, excessive demands being put on a very limited income and the energy output demands of living a life with some sort of quality, chasing work that does not exist and never will, of the “welfare state”, that no longer is, more like the warfare state…malnutrition is a key poverty indicator, and that more and more people are becoming malnourished is of deep concern…we are expected to rush about, as if, we are spring chickens in peak condition, like we are solar powered and can thrive on a sniff of an oil rag…

        • the pot bellies of the starving can’t really be described as obesity – that’s caused by a swollen, damaged liver, not excess fat – but I know what your saying. It’s been common knowledge among pig breeders for centuries – you starve your pig alternately with over-feeding them. It puts the body into scarcity mode so it stores what it can as fat when food is finally introduced.

    • Kill Duncan Smith

      Vile cunt

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  9. on a side note, the torys can erase thier internet history, but type ids name into you tube and all you get is bad stuff about him,,, great..
    u can erase your history but u cant erase anybody elses…

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  11. Some really scientific stuff in these reports, allied with a sensationalist headline. No account taken of family breakdown & just poor food choices

    • overburdenddonkey

      this blog post offers truth, that should you wish, you are free to discover for yourself, good bye…

    • Sensationalist ? What on earth do you mean?

    • John
      You probably believe USA landed on the Moon and that the Boston bombers (patsies) really did it.

      But you won’t believe that benefit sanctions cause hunger.

    • It’s funny how “family breakdown” and “poor food choices” seem to coincide so well with a massive toughening of benefit conditionality and the imposition of measures such as the bedroom tax isn’t it?

      Or it could be that you are talking nonsense…

    • Yes! These stories of people who are being left with tiny amounts – or nil – money to live on and the (entirely unrelated) supposition they might not manage to eat a healthy, balanced diet as a result & they might become malnourished … I ask you!

      We will give ourselves indigestion if we carry on swallowing this unscientific nonsense.

      As for The Yorkshire Post: (not widely seen as) a hotbed of leftie, woolly-liberal news & views – are there no cricket matches to report?

      • something survived...

        today classmates wanted to buy me a meat pie, I reminded them I’m vegetarian. they said something silly like you can’t live on just vegetables. I pointed out to them that I can’t AFFORD vegetables. If I bought one portion of one vegetable or fruit, it would feed me badly (and feeling still hungry) for one meal. That leaves the rest of the week. For what it would cost, I can get economy pasta for a week. (£1.60, till recently was £1.20)

  12. Soon there will be a gas shortage due to the increase in cremations that have arisen from the Welfare Reform act to which the Queen gave her royal assent (blessing).
    Meanwhile Princess Ann, another of this nations most famous welfare scroungers, has defended eating horse meat……..

    If these bastards had their way we would be doffing caps and eating each other!

    “Fancy a royal hot dog?”………corgi with mustard anybody?

    • The only decent heating we will get is when we are cremated and we will be sent an expensive bill for it too..I read in the grauniad that the energy companies were expected to carry out green policies in return for them to charge what they like..it seems that only a small percentage of that work has been carried out

    • I fucking hate cats, the mangy, wailing little shitters. I have at least ten traipse through my garden daily as if they own it. God help ’em when I get to the stage that I have no food cos they are going to meet my protein requirements quite nicely thank you.

    • Now that you mention Gas shortage, I seen a lot of reports that there will be a severe winter this year, it was posted all over. But that got me thinking about how they could know that, do they have a crystal ball ? Or can they manufacture this crisis? They can hardly get the weeks weather right. But upping the gas prices will most likely cause a lot of extra death. Something those in control will like. If they could control the weather, they could make it all but impossible for one to go to the shop and get food.
      Just thinking…………

  13. All part of the great recovering 21st economy. Vote Conservative for rickets. Vote Conservative for death.

  14. The QUEEN is so out of touch with reality, she probably thinks the bedroom tax are the nails that holds ones bedroom carpet to the floor………..


    Surname: Void; Forename: Johnny; Sex: M

    Place of Death: Jobcentre Plus Office

    Primary Cause of Death: Myocardial Infarction (heart attack)

    Secondary Cause of Death: Severe and Sustained Malnutrition brought
    about by Sanctions issued by Jobcentre Plus/Department of Work and Pensions


    Dr. Death


  16. After all the disabled have been eradicated following the onslaught from the DWP, who will be next on the hit list?

    If i had an unsightly boil, a lisp or a weight problem, i would start feeling very uncomfortable as this wave of government eugenics holds no boundaries……………………

    Anyone not from the true arian bloodline is almost certainly a target!

    I recommend blue contact lenses, ones with inbuilt mirrors so you can keep an eye on those behind you, this christmas…………….

  17. Joking aside……….
    Yesterday i witnessed a homeless woman going into a local fish and chip shop for a bag of scraps, which were obviously free.
    The chip shop owner, who i have known for many years, told me that she came in whenever they opened and as far as he knew, it was the only thing she had to eat…………

    Truly shocking……….

    • Tories will think the most shocking is that chip shop wasn’t making a profit out of that

    • something survived...

      Till they find out which chip shop it is and put the man in jail for feeding the poor/homeless (crime in city of london /square mile /westminster to feed the homeless apparently????) and close it down and demolish it and, using workfare, build a dodgy building and open up a branch of wonga loans or someone even sharkier, rip off the locals and when it collapses and kills everyone, kill two birds with one stone….

  18. overburdenddonkey

    malnourishment ah, food for thought..
    …people in antarctica eat blocks of lard in order to function in extreme cold, the inuit feast on vitamin rich blubber …the longer one is forced to live on a basic subsistence level of £71/wk (let alone working on workfare, and still have to meet all of the other conditionalitys to avoid sanctions, and perhaps even without the meagre £71/wk) and still be expected to function..malnourishment is the crux tool of their barbarity…the terror of it and the reality of it…we must campaign for the vitals of healthy life for all, imo any money/assets left over the, rich are welcome to…malnourishment is the hidden killer, in our midsts…the longer one is forced to live on the basic subsistence level of £71/wk and even less by cause of stealth taxes, the deeper one is plunged into to poverty the more passived and compliant one becomes to the many sharks of poverty enablers within our culture…notwithstanding “silent spring”, type literature….
    malnourishment has become more and more acute in our culture, sharpness leaves the mind and one becomes much easier to push human being around, and manipulate…£71/wk cannot provide the nutrition to, enable a full working week, as expected by imposed conditionality and things such as workfare, coupled to all other requirement factors of life…
    malnourished/cold/tired people, cannot think straight, the level of malnourishment one suffers also often depends on underlying disease, and are heavily disadvantaged when dealing with the well oiled machine of the dwp and anything it happens to be spewing out at any one time..
    one is expected to act, as if, one is not malnourished or suffering and punished if one does…thatcher said, if you don’t work, you don’t eat, she has her wish, her nightmare is with us, for all to plainly see. malnourished people are passived, the reality is if one does not eat before work, one suffers immensely..malnourishment is rife in britain today, it is a level not far above starvation, it causes mental fog, and shuts down the higher mind, as the brain that feeds exclusively on glycogen, suffers a glycogen shortage, one then responds in a much more primal basic way, rational thought evaporates, lethargy takes over..schools are reporting much higher levels of malnutrition, amongst their pupils, obviously this seriously curtails learning, and severely disadvantages children..increase food quality, benefits, end sanctions and conditionality now, it does much harm, it is terrifying..

    • The WHEAT found not only in bread but found adulterating virtually every type of cheap processed food, is a dwarf hybrid frankenwheat (though not GM) that was brought in 20 or so years ago for greater yield and cheapness

      It has far less protein and far more carbs than natural wheats (such as einkorn and emmer) which have been consumed since the stone age, but are now only available from up-market health food shops.

      It contains a bunch of toxic chemicals which were not in natural wheat, including opium-like drugs that mess with the hunger centre of the brain to trigger cravings and addiction. Another chemical disrupts insulin levels, causing any food eaten to be locked down into fat cells and triggering diabetes. And then there is a super-gluten which triggers off sensitivity and chronic autoimmune disease in one out of every three people (including Coeliac, MS, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, etc.) Allegedly these drugs got into the hybrid wheat ‘by accident’.

      So we have epidemics in the West of obesity, diabetes, autoimmune conditions etc.

      Poor people fill up on wheat based food because it is cheap, and the toxins in it are slowly killing them.

      Wholegrain wheat, btw, is just as bad as white – so you can guess that the ‘finest wholegrain’ that David Cameron puts in his Acme bread making machine, is NOT from hybrid wheat.

      • This guy here was I believe the first to expose the dangers of modern wheat (or Frankenwheat as he calls it): Dr Davies maintains that wheat should play no part in a modern diet Wheat also acts as an appetite stimulant, food manufacturers add it because the want us to come back for more – to keep eating. And as Dr Davies points out the food manufacturers don’t care if they make us ill – it’s a business model! And you move from one business model to the next; drugs manufacturers to treat your illness, then onto coffin manufacturers. Look after your health!

        • Chocolate Digestive

          This is the danger of trying to live of off tea and ginger nuts… lol 🙂

        • well, it’s all you can afford when you have no money coming in after being sanctioned… you know that is destroying your health, but what can you do… at least the cheap bickies and sweet tea fill a hole in the stomach.

          • The thing is there are choices, even on very limited budget.

            For example, a packet of custard creams from Morrisons cost 30p and it looks great because there’s two whole rows of ’em, must be about 40 biscuits. But Morrisons (and other supermarkets) also sell value rice 0.5kg for 40p. Now clearly boiled rice ain’t gonna delight like a custard cream but nutritionally there’s no competition.

            Lentils, rice, onions can all be bought at really low prices. You just have to accept that you can’t always have exactly what you want when your budget is so restricted.

      • We should all be issued with a chemistry set to test the food before we eat it!

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    Just down the road…the same thing will be happening in Tyne & Wear.

  20. basics have become luxuries.
    around 70 billion quid a year
    wasted on tax avoidance by
    the rich each year while most
    folk are destitute..million kids
    in dire poverty..manchester has
    40,000 kids (50%)..most beggars
    cleared off the street in april
    with a campaign of don’t give
    money to beggars ..ok for
    beggars/homeless to exist
    in caves in stockport ..
    “out of sight, out of mind”.
    media whitewash is the same
    thing selling us sedatives and
    hypnotics..which probably keep
    us sane..antidote to the crippling
    fear in most folks minds..but
    keep us blind and unaware of
    the savage starve the poor agenda
    ..almost like freud ,mcvey,ids etc
    listened to the song “kill the poor”
    by the dead kennedys and thought
    …there’s a jolly fine idea..ya..


  21. The tragic thing about the ‘ welfare reform ‘ is that it is misnamed.
    Its not a reform..
    Its just another amendment to the social security act. Like all the previous ones..
    It really should be called that ..because thats all it is…using the term ‘ welfare ‘ gives negative connotations and ‘ reform ‘ is also quite wrong too..

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    Are the ConDem coalition overseeing a return to widespread malnutrition in one of the world’s richest countries? Is it fair that pensioners and the disabled should have to face the “heat or eat” dilemma when the countries billionaires have seen their wealth DOUBLE since the so-called global financial crisis?? Is it remotely just that the poor, the sick and the downtrodden should pay the price – some with their lives – for the mistakes of fat cat bankers who will never know the meaning of the words “cold” and “hungry”? This excellent blog sheds some light on such burning questions – and delivers a damning verdict on a government which will go down as the most callous and incompetent in living memory.

    • “for the mistakes of fat cat bankers”

      Rob Atkinson,

      There were NO mistakes by the fat cat bankers, what is happening was planned out to happen before Thatcher came to power, we were all set up.

      The plan they have is coming to fruition.The powers that be knew what was going on, they did nothing to stop it, indeed, they actively encourage ALL the criminality. I have said it before, they want trouble on the streets, the banks to go under and amid the chaos and destruction bring in a state of emergency, form a tri-party government, suspend elections until after the emergency (you should live so long).

      It was well planned out, these people are always one step ahead in the art of deception!. God help us all, for that is all we have left…

  23. Iain Duncan Smith MP

    Let me make myself perfectly clear, there are more ways of killing a welfare scrounger than cutting their throat!

    We are working for you

    Iain Duncan Smith MP

  24. Nigella Lawson recipe book for undernourished families..
    1 string pie and binbag waste soup
    2 house dust pudding
    3 dandruff cake
    4 marry a miionaire and have relative in tory party

  25. Slow calculated genocide?

    These people in power know exactly what they are doing, they know how people are suffering. They are evil.

  26. Cutting the welfare bill is now having the predicted effect of adding to other bills,namely hospital/medical and soon police/law enforcement bills. Anymore cutting is going to be disastrous,well it is already disastrous really.

    • Of course. I dread to think how much I’ve cost the NHS in treatment as a direct result of undue stress caused by the Welfare Reforms.

      • @landless do its all your fault then ..being I’ll deliberatlsy to avoid work is costing the country thus forcing millionaires to move abroad resulting in more unemployed faking sickness thus starting the whole cycle again

  27. They say they are cutting the “welfare bill” but actually they are not. All these Work Programs and Workfare schemes are not cheap. These things are costing billions. The plans for universal credit are costing millions. Hundreds of millions wasted already. (All the fault of reckless civil servants apparently.) None of this is about saving money.
    As D. Cameron admitted last week in London. Though he didn’t actually “admit it” a such, but he did tell us something along the lines that he would continue with austerity, not because it was needed, but because he believed it was right.
    It has not been given the coverage it deserves.

  28. This government is trying to starve the disabled in particular to death. The things it’s said against the disabled would be unacceptable if they said them against black people, Asians, or religious groups.

  29. Didn’t the NAZI PARTY have a similar idea with Belson and and others?


    The message needs to to be sent out now. If you’ve never voted in your life before or think why bother because they’re all the same then think again. These ‘too far right’ wing bastards need to be voted out.

    • Unpaid work once reserved as a punishment for committing a criminal offence can now be imposed for the crime of unemployment. Enough? No by fuck its not enough! If your caught being unemployed, then you could soon be finding yourself in a bootcamp!!
      Could we see the birch being introduced into the job centres before Christmas? These are really sick bastards in no 10 at the moment.


    • Starvation is the natural punishment for lazy people wanting to avoid work the only salvation is wanting to be super rich boss and vote tory ..thus you are saved and born
      Again Hally loo rolls

    • Who decides — I hope these people on the daily mail comments applauding this find themselves hauled of in the middle of the night to some boot concentration camp for 2 years, on the orders of some unaccountable arbiter decision maker.

      This is exactly were its going — it won’t just be the “Shameless”; it will be anyone who speaks up. We are at the beginning of an Authoritarian state the likes of which we have not seen since Stalin or Pol Pot.

      • Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

        “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

        – Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

      • Hauling people of to ‘camps’ is pure Nazi-ism!

      • Today i got on a bus & on the top deck was a giant ‘campaign’ poster by Crimestoppers. It was truly shocking – in giant capital letters it proclaimed WelUnFare (well-Unfair); Followed by something like ‘Benefit Fraud – don’t let it make you angry … Phone Crimestoppers’. Next to this were 6 pictures (in a double row) of faces meant to represent Mr/Ms joe/joanna public contorted not into an ordinary look of anger – but a look that i last remember seeing during the 2 minutes hate segment of the filmed version of 1984.

        The number was 0800 something – if anyone wants to contact them (they encourage anonymous callers) this might be a good time to express (rationally?/politely) feelings of outrage/& object – either that or it might for the trades description people . It was unlike anything
        i’ve ever seen & if I were wearing an identifying badge of some kind (to denote UB) it would have been a truly disturbing siutation to be in – it was horrifying to contemplate who it’s aimed at/how it’s pointing the way to a ‘correct’ response to ‘fraudulent benefit/’welfare’ claimants’. Although the strapline said “Don’t let it make you angry” the pictures were conversely showing people in various versions of uncontrollable rage – (if this isn’t a direct ‘clue/nudge’ i’m not sure what would be).

        This was down the road from the hospital

        • @shirley the benefit fraud hotline is filled mostly with malacious calls any way where is the dwp fucked up hotline ?

          • @bob – I’m sure you’re right. It was the graphic nature of the pictures, coupled with the sizs of the ad/poster – it took up almost a third of one side of the bus (well, it was big). The faces looked scary – a bit like the still of IDS on question time when he got so upset with Owen Jones & started pointing/grimacing … I’m sure he’s something to do with these. Who are crimestoppers? Are they part of the police/government. The use of Welfare coupled with Unfair – was just ‘pure’ 1984.

            • Yeah Shirley and now my net connection is fucking up preventing mr from posting properly and idiot yahoo mail is a mess
              What I was trying to say donkey was that although we know the scrounger thing is a myth the sleepy public don’t know that and when we try to get across the fact that DWP is in cahoots with atos a4e brigade of criminal all the msm has to do is post one story about ppl stealing to eat and it will be turned into benefit shop looters attack shops to feed drug habit ..and I don’t think its wise for any of us to seem to be condoning crime ..you know how this shit works in the govt propaganda war …

            • Yes classic New-speak/ Orwellian. WelUnFare. 1984 was a warning; not intended to be an instruction manual

            • Apparently, this poster campaign was run around 2 years ago but has strangely popped up in west yorkshire only now … or perhaps it was decided at a local level to re-run it/posters were found in a storeroom at the bus garage & someone decided they’d look on the shiny new buses recently ‘rolled out’.

              One slight bit of good news is that, apparently, at the time this specific campaign/these ads were more widespread (?) there was a fairly high response from people voicing their concern about the tone/appearance of them – if not the message (which of course, crimestoppers defend on principle – & they state that there was/is no malice intended in their chosen use of words/pictures.

            • @bob, thanks for the link to the CS website/benefitcampaign. The photos on the site look like someone ‘acting anger’ for a photograph – to illustrate ‘feeling annoyed & even angry in response to a perceived injustice’.

              The ones on the bus ad’s version weren’t the same (way worse) – just looked like people somehow (?) showing signs of actual uncontrollable/uncontrolled rage; & hate-filled. If see it again i’ll look and see if effect is as bad – maybe it seemed worse due to not expecting to look up & see that – but i don’t think so. Fairly surely these pics had somehow been ratcheted up several notches from depicting ‘ordinary’ annoyance/anger. CS hinted that quite a number of concerns had been raised/complaints received at the time it was originally run (2 years ago) & suggested they might have ‘toned it down’ somehow/even allowed to fizzle/made it less extreme. They expressed a bit of surprised it was even around (still) & knew the specific ad. Press office office said they’d “look into it”. Probably won’t start a one-woman counter-campaign but someone @CAB saw it & felt similarly. Said they’d be interested to hear CS’s reply to (negative) “feedback”. They have a weekly benefits-related/social security-issues type meeting – said they’d discuss it there. (Was at CAB for a.n.other reason but were talking about people claiming benefits being presumed guilty, by JCP, for ‘being unemployed’, & people with caring responsibilities now expected to devote large chunks of their life to job seeking activities on pain of sanction etc. & it seemed relevant …

            • Invasion of the Benefit Snatchers

              Like Donald Sutherland at the end of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers when he grimaces: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarh, a benefit scrounger.”

            • Invasion of the Benefit Snatchers

              Like Donald Sutherland at the end of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers when he grimaces and points: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh, a benefit scronger.”

        • * further down the road from one of the main hospitals, in the city referred to in the report above which describes such a huge increase in cases of malnutrition.

          The idea that all & sundry are likely to run across someone committing benefit fraud of some description (& be filled with self-
          righteous, all-consuming fury & rush to ring crimestoppers), while somewhere nearby there are increasing numbers of people who aren’t able to feed themselves/their families adequately, who are trying (& failing) to be able to exist on the ‘dreaded’ *’WelUnfare’/it has been withheld from them for made-up reasons so that benefits ‘advisers’ can gain brownie-points at work … That reality is something that Joe/anne public should be being encouraged to feel angry enough to want to complain/jump up & down about – there shouldn’t be any need for a poster campaign. This might be how people seeing the ‘racist vans’ may have felt & somehow this needs to be similarly repelled – before it becomes ‘usual’ and considered to be ‘reasonable’ on buses/in public places ….

          • Shop a scrounger vans will come next ..

            • Like the terrorist warnings on the tube ..be on the lookout for emaciated ppl carrying food or fivers ..

            • It bears no similarity to anything people have asked for (does it?).

              Things are moving fast. The ‘hate-poster’ seen today appeared just days after meeting someone at the HB office – it was cold & they were standing outside, trafficwatching/trying to be well enough to
              keep an appointment) – said they’d not eaten for 2 days – benefits had been stopped – for a 2nd time. Had decided not to continue claiming JSA, as (“not worth it” any longer) & they were going to “pay their own way” (i wouldn’t be able to do this but can completely see why someone might think that way). Absolutely disillusioned & a genuine sense of being let down by empty promises given to supposedly help re-find work/no longer able to face further JCP bullying/associated stress. Housing office though, rec0mmending restarting a JSA claim … (Reason for stopped benefit: Not applying for Jobs one Sunday & Bank Holiday Monday). Not going to appeal – ill-health symptoms already being felt & the risk to health had been noted & would very likely worsen s0 decided to ‘cut their losses’. Post-WP, where previous benefit stoppage was backdated from an alleged “missed appointment” one year previously.

              This is not, now, an ‘exceptional’ scenario – it must seem unreal though, when that’s explained to someone in the ‘world of work’ (18 months ago i struggled to believe this was/is the case & six months before that, benefit-related/ESA nightmare stories were starting to rear their heads – anecdotally). Unless/until personally affected by either or both though, the reality can be too far removed to fully realise – and in some cases to even believe (?). But it’s in this context that the calls for ‘illegal migrants’ to “go home” & “WelUnFare frauds” to be ‘dobbed in’ (by neighbours, presumably, who have to be curtain-twitching types/like getting up extra early to watch the comings & goings of people living in their street). The city centre also is also being divided (physically) into 2 halves – with one half full of gleaming shops & glitzy eateries (& people with the disposable income to spend in them) & the other full of Poundlands & pawnbrokers & people who might/might not have eaten that day – dependent entirely on whether they’d been ‘lucky’ that week, or their ‘Adviser’ needed to raise a doubt to meet his/her
              minimum expected levels (Mels). All of this sounds like science fiction.

              It’s necessary to engage with the ‘rules’ of the ‘game’ to whatever extent anyone is able to, to be able to try to stay afloat/receive some income. All taking place in broad daylight, & presumably too many people have been sold the idea that consumer goods are their main worry – &/or working a 40+ hour week in order to continue to receive incremental adjustments to their stick of celery.

              • Yeah Shirley same twat..he used to show up on other sites I was on boasting about what he done to little kids and what he would like to do. Got reported to police do now they monitor him and know when he shows up on the net…

              • Yeah Shirley same twat..he used to show up on other sites I was on boasting about what he done to little kids and what he would like to do. Got reported to police do now they monitor him and know when he shows up on the net…he admitted he couldn’t please his wife because he was attracted to little boys..

    • “But criminal justice expert Harry Fletcher said: ‘It would be extremely difficult to administer and manage, and it may run counter to the European Convention on Human Rights.’” “may” for fuck’s sake!

  30. If this approaching Winter is a cold one then it’s obvious that thousands of people across the UK are going to die. Could be high tens of thousands. Will it be widely reported or covered-up? The Tories will claim it as a victory because unemployment figures have fallen. Labour will call for the Living Wage for Grave Diggers.

  31. Regards the TV license next year I am definitely thinking of giving them the shove and telling them to piss off if they come to the door.
    As for phil eccles maybe he would like to shove his head in a mincer

  32. Here`s a great idea, my JSA has been sanctioned for 3 months, so Iv`e decided to go shoplifting to feed myself. I`ll get caught, go to prison where I`ll get 3 square meals a day, & free heating for nothing!

    • @catherine but you will have criminal record not be allowed to vote ..and it might affect any employment ..so stop being silly..also thats been said before it was daft then and daft now..

      • Personally I have no desire to steal anything from anybody. But Catherine, whoever she is, has a point. Sometimes it is necessary to break a law in order to enforce a higher one – the moral law that a human has the right not to starve to death while there is food around. I’m telling you straight, I will not meekly starve to death, with my nose pressed up against Asda’s window, while there is food inside. I will go in and fill my belly if it ever comes to that.

        It is not a crime to relieve oneself from starvation.

        Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning broke the law when they passed ‘secrets’ to the press – but they served a higher law in doing so, at extreme personal risk. Would you rather they had put their own asses and those of the Govt first and kept quiet?

        • No Kim its a wind up from someone trying to persuade any of us to commit crime so they can claim we are theives…

          • Maybe it is, Bob. But whether Catherine’s post it’s a flippant joke or an incitement to crime, my point stands. It’s all a matter of degrees – I’ll wager you would cheat, steal, kill to feed your kids if they were starving.

            • Funnily enough no I wouldn’t Kim..and indeed anyone who suggest to some one to commit crime would also be wrong Catherine …

            • you would watch your children die rather than steal for them???? That is incomprehensible to me….

              • No it isn’t kim Catherine DWP daily mail staff writer tory HQ twat …no it isn’t incomprehensible at all. Its quite simple ..I don’t have children…so no need to steal kill invade threat …whatever…

            • …and I didn’t suggest anyone should commit a crime. Read my post again. I’m suggesting we shouldn’t judge someone if they feel they have no choice.

              • It amounts to same thing….you think the real world would understand / forgive if you stole out of some sort of desparation ? Reality check is that we are all thrives in the eyes of willfully ignorant so actually stealing is not gonna help matters now is it ..kim Dave catherine frank Doris Phil lord snooty and his pals DWP officer from nuneaton ..

            • if you insist I am all these people you claim I am, what can I say about it that you will believe. Is anyone who doesn’t agree with you automatically a TORY infiltrator. Well I’ve been called some things in my time, but Tory twat was never one of them.

            • you are entitled to your opinion, but if name-calling is the best you can manage…. a reasoned analysis of why you think my views are ‘Tory’ would support your argument against me much more effectively.

        • If you eat the food straight of the shelf and leave behind any packaging you can’t be charged with shoplifting. No doubt the scummy Tories will quickly close that loophole.

          • What the fuck is this a troll gang or someone with serious personality disorder ..

            • What I do know is that if you eat say, grapes on the way round, they will get another bag and way those instead, but I don’t think they can get you for ‘shop-lifting’ the grapes you have already ate 😉

            • Beside, I think it is ‘reasonable’ to taste-test some grapes anyway – I think I have even seen notices displayed in some shops to the effect of: “Only one grape can be tested” lol 🙂

            • A heartless hand on my shoulder
              A push – and it’s over
              Alabaster crashes down
              (Six months is a long time)

              — Shoplifters of the World (The Smiths)

              Shoplifters Of The World Unite lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

            • something survived...

              got done for being in a shop and finding a dirty grape on the floor, rubbing most of the dirt off and eating it (they’d have binned it) apparently it is stealing! offered to pay for it they said no it isn’t fit to eat so we can’t sell it ,offered to shift boxes to pay it off and they said no.
              didn’t get arrested in the end but they wanted to call cops. that was years ago. since then regretfully leave such stuff on ground. other week found banana intact on wall nobody around so I ate it

          • …. you’ve haven’t taken any goods past the last point of sale, have you? And what about when Asda leave goods in the ‘foyer’ part of the store beyond the tills, to get shoppers to make impulse purchases on the way in – you don’t have to pass a till point to make off with those goods – where does the Law stand on this?

            • Bobchewie.. I think you have been unfair.. Parents will steal to feed their kids. It has happened recently parents starving and the police actually PAID for the food they took and more..If the choice is between stealing and living.. people will steal.. what world are you living in, Me thinks you are the troll.. swearing and insulting others.. Kim me thinks that Bob hasnt got the faintest idea of compassion.. I would steal to save the life of my mum or the kid next door to do no less means i am just as bad as the government.. The fact that you wouldnt even consider breaking the law to save a persons life shows you are still a brain washed drone.. we cant do this we may get in trouble.. sometimes you have to break the law to protest, without breaking the law how could any protest exist.. Shall we have a case of you seeing children starve to death and you sit do nothing, THIS is what the state wants.. and you are following the states line.. You are the problem, mindlessly following what the government says.. The fact you are relying on insults without even discussing it shows what kind of person you are..

              • Greenwood ppl know me on here and other places ..did I not write about a friend who took her life after being accused of benefit fraud…the point I was making was simple .the bastards out there have us framed for cheats even poor sods in wheelchairs are accused of fakery and I am not gonna do anything to encourage that wrath because we will all get it in the neck they want any excuse to fit us up…besides starvation or not stealing is a crime. Imagine if it were some small shop just trying to make ends meet…

            • bless you Eric, that’s what I was trying to say – I guess I didn’t express it as well as you.

    • Prisoner Cell Block H

      But you will end up with a ‘criminal record’ which will effectively make you unemployable thus compounding your problems. Besides, losing your liberty and being imprisoned isn’t a pleasant experience – you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy!. You sound as if you have never been ‘sent down’.

      • hmm – you’d rather starve to death than go to prison? What peculiar values you have.

        • Kim Catherine your silly games don’t work on here

        • What a prosperous statement – nobody *chooses* between starving to death or going to prison? You get sent to prison because you have been CONVICTED of a CRIME – i.e. you have been ‘criminalised’ which is not really smart thinking is it! Anyway, ‘Kim’, you haven’t answered the question? Have YOU got a criminal record? Have you ever shop-lifted (in Asda)? Been caught? Or are you just on here to encourage *others* to partake in what you are making out to be some sort of ‘jolly jape’ with no consequences whatsoever. Are you sure you are not Karen Passmore back for another bite of the cherry?

          • I have never been convicted of a crime. I have never gone to prison. I have never shoplifted in Asda or anywhere else. But that’s because I’ve never needed to. I maintain my stance.

            However bad being criminalised and spending time in prison may be (and I don’t doubt what you say for a second – I am sure it’s horrible) I deem it infinitely better than starving to death. I also deem stealing to keep yourself alive is NOT A CRIME, whatever the state may say. I don’t advocate anyone commit a crime – it is up to you to decide what will push you over that precipice, not me. I’m saying, everyone has their point at which they may consider theft if they are denied other means of satisfying a fundamental human need. Because most of us are not at that point, we have the luxury of judging other who have and calling them criminals.

            I think you and Bob, and I, will have to agree to disagree on this one.

            and no, I’m not this Karen Passmore, Catherine, or anyone else.

            • You are missing the point – NOBODY should be in the position where they feel the have to STEAL to SURVIVE! We should ALL have enough money to BUY whatever we need to feed ourselves from Asda or wherever. Forcing a HUMAN BEING into a position where they feel that they have NO CHOICE but to STEAL (because that is how they court will look at hit, mitigating circumstance DO NOT negate the crime) is ABHORRENT. Can you not see that? That is why this sanctioning bullshit has to STOP NOW!! It is almost as if certain interests want to force those on benefits to turn to crime in order to feed the prison-industrial complex, just look across the pond to the US of A, well they can fuck right off. Being on benefits DOES NOT EQUAL criminal. Nobody wants to have to shoplift at fucking Asda – the shelves are over-flowing with food, why should someone be stood outside peering through the windows in a state of starvation – WHAT SORT OF A FUCKING COUNTRY IS THIS?? We will have to agree to treat your remark with the flippancy it deserves.

            • omg it is you who are missing MY point. I AGREE WITH YOU, for heaven’s sake!!! NOBODY SHOULD BE FORCED TO STEAL.

              But they ARE forcing people into it. and, yes it is ABHORRENT. It’s disgusting. It’s a bloody tragedy!!! These people in government are fucking certifiable. Hell, I stand against these bloody sanctions with you – shoulder to shoulder!!! It is this government who are the criminals, not people who steal to survive!!

              I wish they would be fair to the poor of this nation. I wish someone would slap Duncan Smith on that fat bald head of his and wake him up. I wish I could blow £20 notes out of my arse and distribute them outside every job center – but wishes ain’t fishes… and until someone does something about these arseholes who think starvation and deprivation is a good remedy for poverty – stealing food will continue, and condemning people for it only serves those in power..

            • Actually kim jong I’ll I dont care that much but many other unemployed people will get the blame for someone on benefits stealing
              Blimey even being in a wheelchair is a crime according to daily hate ..

            • OMG! I am NOT arguing with you Kim, people ARE being forced to STEAL to SURVIVE! And it IS ABHORRENT! Human beings being forced into this position because they have no money to live on because they have had brutal benefit sanctions inflicted on them by the powers that be and their lackeys at the JCP! It is an MONEY-BASED economic system that we live in – how the fuck are people supposed to live with NO MONEY – you tell me! People are being turned into CRIMINALS through no fault of their own to satisfy some warped idealogical agenda. It is FUCKING scandalous and has to STOP NOW!!

            • And nobody is condemning anyone for stealing food – I couldn’t give a fuck about Asda and their fat profits – but the point is that PEOPLE SHOULDN’T HAVE TO, if they want to shop-lift, fair enough but they SHOULDN’T HAVE TO!

            • And Kim, STOP SHOUTING ffs 🙂

            • Can’t see any judge or magistrate taking that view, most of them are tories anyhow & would be of the opinion that the unemployed are all “scum” & deseve what’s coming to them.

            • Hey amigos, you shoulda do likea we do in Espana… just go into the shop in a big group and takea whata you wanta… there is nothing da security can do lol I thinka in the UK you call it steaming lol

        • Kim if imprisoned for theft, your children would go into care so it would be defeating the object. just saying.

          • Asda’s profits are not hit by shoplifting they pass it on to those that can still afford to shop and is one of the reasons the tax paying public would condemn it rather than understand it.

          • Actually GF I don’t have kids but I take your point, which is even worse than sending someone to prison. The fact that people will risk it shows the level of desperation some people feel. Though I don’t think you get a custodial sentence for a first offence, do you? I might be wrong. I’ve just watched hundreds of people in The Philipines raiding a grounded ship carrying a huge cargo of rice. The word ‘looting’ was used. The poor buggers have had no food or water for days – how can this be called looting.

            • During the summer riots someone (a first offender) received 4 years for nicking a bottle of water out of fucking Aldi. I think they have to obtain reports if you are a first offender or under 21 before imposing a custodial sentence but they still can, and some crimes attract a mandatory custodial sentence anyway, just depends which side of the bed the judge has got out of that morning.

            • overburdenddonkey

              we need an intact welfare state, that’s what we need to fight for, right now…but, i do see what you mean about committing a crime to prevent a worse crime… http://www.independent.co.uk/news/pounds-15m-hawk-attack-women-freed-1331285.html

            • Kim

              It can’t and I agree in extreme circumstances there is nothing wrong with it, but I am not a judge nor do I make the laws of the land.

              What I don’t get if they knew the typhoon was going to be a big one in advance why were the people not evacuated?

          • obd

            yes we do. but i honestly believe the welfare state is history… they are determined to get rid of it…. and I don’t think labour will do anything to stop it.

            • overburdenddonkey

              if you really believe that the welfare state is finished, why do you post here?

            • because I believe if there is to be any tiny chance of saving it, it is here… in places like this… the corporate media will never tell people what’s really going on… it’s one subject I hope I’ll be proven wrong on.

            • in the land of hope, there is no winter….

            • overburdenddonkey

              hope is a cruel master, it is right that we hold these despots to a/c, and demand our human rights to our benefit entitlements and press for an improvement in them, and build little victories into big victories, for human dignity…we are all benefit entitled, do not let them try to tell one any different…the vast majority of the electorate deep down, believe in the welfare state, or it would have gone yrs ago…therefore the current levels of politicking against the welfare state would not be necessary…in the months coming up to the next “election” that remain, they are pulling out all the stops in treble speak, and they are tripping over each other, with gaffs, on a daily basis, you yourself, noticed one with ester, and the “1m new jobs created for people who have never worked before”…they are in disarray, and in panic..

            • exactly – if we don’t fight, future generations will condemn us as cowards and our ancestors will turn their backs on us in their graves. we must fight and we must win.

            • overburdenddonkey

              ps kim
              sanctions and conditionality must end now and the cruelties inflicted on the unemployed/underemployed/sick and disabled must be brought to the attention of the wider public….who knows they might be next…

            • Kim,

              “Living in hope is like dancing without music.”

              — Anon

            • Since we are on about morality.. If i see a person starving and do nothing then they die I am morally guilty of murder..Or are you saying a persons life isnt worth anything but the rule of LAW must occur.. the LAW is of prime importance over the LIFE of someone else.. Someone you could have saved and didnt.. Morality goes out the window when it comes to saving a childs or your life.. what kind of humans are you that you would let someone die over a petty man made law.. perhaps when they bring in the next law that removes your right to vote, right to live .. perhaps you may change your mind.,. unless you are brainwashed by the state to be mindless drones obeying the laws of the masters, Yes sir, no sir, can i have another 20 lashes for daring to try to live.

              The world is full of people breaking the law for the right reasons.. and they change the world.. if you just mindlessly follow the laws the masters give then you are nothing but property to them.. They can do whatever they wish to you if they follow the law.. If you are saying we have to follow the law at all times, then you shouldnt be complaining about sanctions should you.. that is the LAW..

              It is a War against those in charge, they have declared war against us. it is upto us to fight however we can.. if we dont then we are nothing but slaves.. Is that what you want Prisoner Cell Block, BOBchewie.. RIGHT is RIGHT, if i have to do what is RIGHT by breaking the law I WILL.. If you dont fight by however you can then you might as well walk yourself into the ovens.. because that will be the LAW

      • we are already unemployable as employers dont want us.. Which would you want the prison of out here where homelessness, starvation, malnutrition violence against the unemployed. Or In prison a room, food, and a bed.. Look at the other so called people with criminal records quite a few are rich they write true crime books, look at other criminals they still have lordships etc.. hasnt stopped them from profiting.. The fact that people are considering prison to be better than the prison out here should tell you something.. I myself live in my head, I see no one, i have no social life, what will i lose.. not much I will lose nothing cant you see Out here is the prison, the prison of endless suffering, endless demonising, endless pain.. dealing with the job centre, the dwp wanting us to become mindless drones, or to be dead.. wouldnt prison be better than death that this state wants us.. prison or death.. which would you choose.. prison or starvation.. which would you choose..

        • Actually Eric I don’t fancy a prison record thanks very much…
          I already live in one along with seriously mentally ill residents .thats not much fun nor do I have privacy ..

          So quit caring me a troll because you are being silly….and kim do you really want all the unemployed cast as theives and crooks
          No I don’t think you do..

          • Bob, we are already classed as thieves and crooks – the Daily Mail has seen to that. And no I would not want the Govt to crack down harder to stop people fighting them. But I won’t cower down because they might step on my head a bit harder than they already are.

            Hey – I have no beef with you personally – we want the same things – an end to this tyranny. If we have different views on how this must be achieved and how far we are prepared to go, then, like I said before, we must agree to disagree. Not resort to insulting each other about it.

            • @eric I know but we aren’t running the game are we the govt mouthpieces are..how many middle class confortables read this stuff ? None I bet ..they just want someone to blame when their council tax goes up..and its not gonna be atos is it..

        • I would choose the right to have cruel sanctions stopped basically and also exploitation of workfare and the whole poverty pimp trade stopped ..ok?

          • When whatever we do is now a criminal records, when we cant even speak out, when we have punishment under the work programme longer than most community sentences.. when we cant even protest under kettling and prison, when people are arrested for protesting the truth.. when you cant call a MP or PM a coward when he is.. that is the true crime. The rule of law MUST be tempered by compassion.. Problem is so many people have it hardwired to OBEY.. like you.. you are obeying what the state tells you.. We the unemployed are already treated like child murderers for the “crime” of being unemployed.. so why not do whats right.. The greatest leaders like ghandi was arrested he spoke out against the ruling law.. we should fight, break unjust unfair laws.. Starvation is preventable.. but you appear to want people to starve to death without trying to do anything to save their lives..but obviously you hold the rule of LAW to be more important..that peoples lives.

            • overburdenddonkey

              yes, we stand up 4 our rights…not act like corralled lambs…we are not scroungers, we are entitled to our benefits, we have a right to life, above all else, we must not let others blind us from that fact….

            • Well done twist ecerything I say.
              Of course I don’t us to starve but I like to think that us lot are the thrives and that the corporate raiders and their mates are so that the sleeping public can see its them ripping us all off. Don’t fancy the waters getting muddied any further thanks .where you go with this mugging an old lady cos you need a sandwich ?

            • Fuck autocorrect ..us lot are NOT the theives the corporate raiders are..

            • overburdenddonkey

              no! just stop yourself buying into the scrounger, thief, and fraud, rhetoric…because it is not true, get some perspective..

              • Donkey you and I all know the scrounger myth ok ? But when we are trying to direct mr and Mrs fast asleep to the fact that the likes of DWP in cahoots with atos a4e criminals you know damb well how msm likes to confuse the poor public with welfare villain stories ..and I don’t fancy playing into their hands

            • btw Eric, have you ever actually BEEN to prison or are you just harbouring some ‘romantic’ ‘Porridge’ notion. People talk about the DWP ‘breaking people’, but prison breaks people, the maximum anyone can tolerate is 12 years before they are driven nuts, that is why life sentences of 12 years and over are automatically appealed. If you think the jobcentre control your like you have NO CONTROL over your life in prison absolutely none whatsoever – prison means prisoner (the clue is in the name). You are told when to get up, go to bed, eat, shit and shower! You NO decisions to make – your brain will atrophy (rot) and that is one of the worst things about it. I agree that if people had never broken the ‘law’ we would still be living in the dark ages, and of course if enough people break a law it becomes unenforceable. I also agree that the laws are made by the rich to serve the rich and laws serve the economic system, but I really don’t think turning to petty thieving to receive a prison term is the way forward.

            • and btw, Eric, it’s ‘loss of liberty’… a most peculiar and distressing feeling… from the moment you are cuffed and thrown into the meat-wagon to be shunted through the courts and the prison system you are nothing but a piece of shit!

            • overburdenddonkey

              yes, it is a myth, treat it as such, it has no power, only the power you/we give it….by keeping on about how others like the daily hate or this or that tory blogger or twitter user sees us, you are playing right into their hands, and upsetting yourself. be upset with what they are doing and saying that directly affects your life, dismiss them…you take on too much, man…

              • Donkey what has riled me the most ..is that friend of mine who killed herself because of benefit fraud accusations ..and when I see all this gobtripe from the trolls and daily hate it just puts it all into perspective for me…how why did we sink this low ..or let the bastards not only kick us into the gutter but try to flush us down the drain ..

            • overburdenddonkey

              ps chewie
              should read dismiss them otherwise…

              • Donkey I can’t post here my isp has decided I have no right to say anything on here its a bloody mess connection drops out when I submit then it drags then screen goes blank ..lovely eh ..what we fought a war for ..that and free bingo ..

            • overburdenddonkey

              telling them to be honest and care will not work, it plays into their hands, coz they think why does this person want us to care. in other words you are asking for them to care for you, and they don’t.
              standing up for your rights will work, put them back under the damp rock they crawled out of, and live your rights to be, show them up for what they are, with facts about how we are actually being treated by those who do have power over our lives not those who don’t, find ways around there power…

        • Well Eric, if you are so keen on prison why don’t you ‘treat’ yourself – you’ve have carte blanche to do anything you want… cos, after all, they are only going to send you to prison 🙂 Why limit yourself to stealing a loaf of bread out of Asda, as they say may as well get hanged for a sheep as a lamb 🙂

          • We are already treated like criminals.. Just look at the stories about child murderer Philpott.. he was a criminal on benefits.. but the way the press put it he was on benefits and was a criminal.. I believe only in DIRE emergencies should we break the law.. and only to save My life or the life of my friends/family How could i do any less If my actions saved 10 people I will do it.. Who writes the law.. the same people who are altering it to punish us more and more..shall we lay down and let them walk over us as we starve.. Hell NO.. Mugging an old lady that is different to stealing Food from a multi billion company, who themselves throw out millions of tonnes of food each year.. Mugging those less fortunate is what the tories do..

            Sometimes Crime is justified…

            Now Ronnie and Reggie yes they were criminals,, but where they lived had a community, their thefts supported a whole range of people and yes they had a good lifestyle, they were criminals..first and foremost.. they never stole from the poor as the poor had so little..To save my life and the life of a innocent child I could not allow that to happen.. Could you..If you could then what kind of human are you.. The tories are stealing from the poor to feed the rich.. this is whats happening.. Look at the myth of robin hood.. steals from the rich and feeds the poor and he is one of the most enduring myths..Stealing should only be done under dire circumstances, and only from those who can easily afford it.. it shouldnt be a lifestyle..

        • Seriously people, if you have never actually been sent to prison stop banging on about how good life inside is!

          • It isnt good in prison.. we all know that.. but its a hell of a lot WORSE out here..

            • What liberty do we have.. we have none, we are at the beck and call of the DWP. go here, do that.. being Unemployed we have no control as it is.. prison is bad we know that.. I have worked with a few prison charities.. I know its bad.. i know prisoners who upon coming out here feel this place is far worse than inside.. I know probation officers, I have dealt with seriously dangerous people.. I know prison and prisoners and what its like.. and to save the life of people i will be only too happy to suffer in prison so long as those people are alive and happy.. Isnt that what we should be doing in a society I am willing to sacrifice my life, and freedom to help others.. to do no less means I am not a compassionate person.. My life to save 10 others small price to pay.. My liberty to save 10 others Small price. Until we all do this then we are falling into the trap that the government wants to create a class of drones afraid to stand up and break the rules for the RIGHT reasons. if people didnt stand up then we are little more than slaves with no rights what so ever..

            • You’re not thinking straight, Eric, I can see where you are coming from, but you need to swat up on human nature a bit more. And offering to sacrifice your life is verging on crazy talk!

          • And what about the cunts back in the jobcentre, the ones who are dishing out the sanctions, where do these fuckers come into it. Would you sacrifice your like for 10 ‘decision makers’. Well, I for one wouldn’t, you can call me a heartless, compassionate-less bastards but I couldn’t give a shit if the lot of them got run over by a bus tomorrow.

            • Wonnie and weggie and thats how you lose the propaganda war.. Workshy net forum advocates murder and theft just vote tory to stop all these bebefit crooks ..job done

            • I’ll you something for nothing, Eric, these fuckers in the jobcentre will do whatever they are told so long as they hold on the their job, salary and pension. They couldn’t give one fuck if you are left to die of starvation in the street. That’s the way if works in the real world, Eric, not shortage of cunts willing to do the State’s bidding and dirty work for some shiny pieces of silver. It’s all fine and dandy to harbour romantic notions, but when push come to shove people will look after their arse. Time to start looking after No1 cos nobody else will.

            • So sacrificing my life to save others Is not thinking right..So anyone who tries to save others over their own life are Insane? ah but the decision makers by definition have made the decision to send people into destitution.. By their actions you shall know them.. I think i know more about human nature than you think.. A soldier throwing himself onto a grenade to save his squad mates is he insane.. should he let them die so long as he is safe? a fireman going into burning building to save others at the risk of his life is he insane, should he let people burn to death so long as he is safe.. Human nature should be and for the most part be about the community of people, it is when people are told to be selfish, to look after themselves thats what you get you get toryworld. Profit over people, If you saw a child about to be hit by a car.. would you just stand there and let the car hit it.. I hope you would try to save that childs life..or would you let it be crushed to death so long as you are safe.. this is the selfishness that is being sold to you.. you are out for yourself and not society..

            • But we are not advocating murder and theft, at least we are not, Bob. We (and this blog in general) is advocating for a decent system of welfare support along with ending workfare, benefit conditionality and sanctions, not the dog-eat-dog survival-of-the-fittest shit-hole that this country is descending into.

              • Yeah but reactionary thickos won’t see it that way they go for sensationalist stuff and use anything said even if ironic or as example to scare the middle class shitless that we are the scary monsters that will frighten the fuck out of them when it is the bloody corporates hand in hand with the Tory bastards that are the real threat ..

            • Soldiers (unless they are conscripts) are paid for what they do as well as firemen. Anyone firemen wont even rescue a cat stuck up a tree as happened round here last year, poor little thing was stuck up a tree for FOUR DAYS in freezing cold weather until someone climbed the tree to rescue it and you can forget the RSPCA and all that shit – they couldn’t give a fuck. And look at the coppers who let people drown because they don’t want to wade into knee-deep water. And to answer your question if it was a copper who saw the child about to be hit by the car, they would probably shout to warn them – but they wouldn’t put themselves in danger.

            • I am advocating survival should be prime reason.. not silly things like the law created by the very people who want to put us down into the pit.. We need to be strong enough to sacrifice our liberty and life for a fairer and better society.. If that means breaking the law so be it.. We all want a decent and fair system.. but until that happens we must be prepared to so anything to bring that about.. Words are fine, actions are better. but they mean nothing if people are too scared by the rule of law to speak out.. Look at whistle blowers, they sacrifice their freedom to inform others of the truth shall we not try for the same.. The rule of law IS important. but the truth and life is more important.. I Spoke out to the bbc radio about the workfare and i was threatened.. did i stop HELL NO.. i still speak out i still shout out.. but i do it from a safe place.. will i stop never.. If it is a choice of my liberty and speaking the truth.. I will speak the truth. i will use anything to get our cause heard.. If that means in court so be it. I will be allowed to speak as is my right.. We need to have the courage to sacrifice ourselves for the good of others.. Or should we get a full life history of people before we save them.. that way lies they dont deserve to live, they are less human, they are all theives.. that way lies a horror that has been repeated before.

              • A misdeed done out of desperation will be reported as a misdeed minus the desparation because it doesn’t fit their agenda ..they have to report us as drug crazy workshy ..so how do you get mr and Mrs average to start questioning their stereotype of us if we seem to live up to that stereotype

            • “Human nature should be and for the most part be about the community of people, it is when people are told to be selfish” – but that’s why we have a welfare state because (in general) people are selfish. It’s the public/versus private and why we pay into a ‘common pot’. If you were relying on the ‘community’ to make voluntary donations to help you out in times of need you would be starving in the street save for some tea and sympathy.

            • We pay into a common pot.. and that is how it should be .. To each according to their needs.. however this government is selling the idea that being selfish/greed is good..Society Should be about everyone donating what they can.. but until that time donating to the common pot is the next best thing..we are told there are fraudsters 0.7% i personally say paying that 0.7 is a small price for universal help.. However selfishness is being taught, you yourself have been taught not to help others.. your story about the cat.. why didnt you go up the tree, or talk to the community around you rather than waiting for someone else to do it.. this is what they are creating a selfish i’m alright jack and sod everyone else.. when all it takes is a few of us to do the right thing.. but people say cant be bothered someone else will do it.. but when a lot of people all say the same thing, and even when doing the right thing is looked upon as being somehow crazy.. this is the problem. we need to fight to show others this is what this blog and others are here for to get us to be strong enough to do what is right.. rather than waiting for someone else to do it for us..I talk.. i am talking to some people from world health specifically the mental health of the unemployed and they have advocated stopping all sanctions.. I talk to the press.. about this and other things I have been interviewed by the BBC as i said.. about this..So I am putting my face in the firing line.. i am fighting in my own way for a fairer system.. I am directing many people to reading this. i am helping other unemployed know their rights and i tell them to teach others.. I am doing my bit to make a better system.. not just sitting here talking i am out there talking too..

            • overburdenddonkey

              we could be all of the sacred righteous virtuous people on the planet rolled into 1, and they will still find fault with what we do, don’t play into their hands..

    • Prisoner Cell Block H

      Great minds think alike, bob, we have had all that silly talk before. As the police say: “Be wise, be circumspect”.

      • @pcbh trouble is you dont know if there are strangd ppl appear on here trying to convince us to break the law thus making benefit claimants look like criminals ..already the daily hate mail was trying to depict claimants as a criminal sub class.

        • Prisoner Cell Block H

          I think you are onto something, Bob. Anyway, nobody should be forced into a position that they have to steal for food. Benefit sanctions have to be abolished – no ifs, not buts! Why didn’t ‘catherine’ suggest that? 😉

        • What with delingbonkers and Guido more workfare Fawkes and priti all British workers are lazy Patel..and tax dodgers alliance no wonder this country is fucked up

          If they are our opinion formers…

    • Prisoner Cell Block H

      Anyway, catherine, prison food is crap, and the cells are freezing!

    • Prisoner Cell Block H

      Have you ever wondered, catherine, why if prison is so good, convicted criminals will bend over backwards to avoid a custodial sentence and if they do receive one, if at all possible they appeal it, try to have it reduced. Why are prisoners trying to escape prison. And by your logic we have carte blanche to do anything we want, you could pop round to Downing Street and lop Iain Duncan Smith’s head off, what’s stopping us? Oh, the thought of a prison sentence 🙂

      • Guilty your honour

        If I’m ever sanctioned for three fucking years, I’d happily rip Iain Duncan Smith’s head off and shit down his fucking neck. I’d have nothing to lose..

    • Guilty your honour

      I’m thinking the same thing. If I ever get sanctioned, I’ll just commit a crime to spend my sanction time behind bars. Better that than starve under a bridge somewhere. A 3 year sanction will probably mean me kicking the shit out of my adviser!!! 🙂

      • @guity stop being silly Catherine or whoever you are ..

      • Prisoner Cell Block H

        But nobody should be forced into that position in the first place. Because all you really be doing is feeding the prison-industrial complex. You are keeping the police, judiciary, lawyers, probation officers, social workers prison staff in cushy well-paid jobs. Removing benefit conditionally and benefit sanctions would be a far better way to go, not encouraging *other* people to break the law, something which is only going to muck up their lives completely – jeez, who really wants to be locked up in a prison cell for crying out loud?

      • Prisoner Cell Block H

        Too right, bob, we have had enough of this nonsense.

    • Just cos someone happens to been on benefits doesn’t mean they want to be forced into having to resort to stealing to survive, you can fuck right off with that one! And what are you anyway, a Daily Heil reader?, you work for the JCP/DWP? Anyway, fuck off whoever you are!

    • a better idea…. don’t get caught…

      • But you will get caught, Kim, and then you will be banned from every store from here to Timbuktu. And you will have a CRIMINAL RECORD, and let’s be honest, nobody is going to employ anyone with a criminal record. Not being nosey but I bet you haven’t got one, have you Kim, and I would wager that ‘catherine’ hasn’t either. A criminal record effectively disbars you from any sort of professional employment: “Oh, I see you have a conviction for shoplifting in Asda, well, you can fuck right off”. Even the lowliest of jobs are CRB checked these days? Would you want a convicted criminal driving the school bus? Bet you wouldn’t! A criminal record means you are effectively unemployable – you can’t even get a licence to drive a taxi: ” “Oh, we see you have a conviction for shoplifting in Asda, well, you can fuck right off”. Would you want a thieve driving your taxi? I bet you wouldn’t! See, that’s the way it works. It’s not the proles that make the rules and laws. Of course if push came to shove and you really were starving because of benefit sanctions or whatever it would be sorely tempting to totally fuck up your life for a £1 loaf and block of cheese from Asda, but is misses the bigger picture and the bigger point – that nobody should be in that situation, jeez it is not as if there is a shortage on food on Asda’s shelves.

        • Let’s get real, popping into Asda every day to nick a loaf of bread, a pint of milk and a block of cheese isn’t really a long-term solution. It might act as a temporary solution to stave off immediate hunger pangs, but at what risk and potential long-term detrimental consequences?

      • By the way, kim, have a look at the ‘security pod’ at the front of your local Asda and watch how they can track you right around the store, watch what you are up to at the self-scan (they can see the activity on their monitor), they will even follow you out into the car park and beyond to see what you do after you have left the store. Don’t get caught… yeah, sure!

  33. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100132880/

    This delingpole twat represents the right wing lunatic fringe he really does..even flat earthers would think him mad

    • His idiotic claims that most disability is fake and that its crippling the economy..oh just fuck off you loony..

      • Chewie

        There are picking different groups off one at a time, benefit sanctions are staggered so that there are not demonstrations against going hungry if they sanctioned everyone at once.
        The devil knows his own and the Tories and their tactics are definitely his own.

        • Too right guy, they are ‘staggering’ their evil plans, picking one off then another. Also being careful not to put everyone into HMG Sanction boat at the same time, they are deliberately not coming for everyone at the same time, some are being left alone until it is their turn because they known then that their victims are more likely to bond together to fight a ‘common cause’, they want everyone isolated and disparate and living in a chaotic state, that way it is easier for Big Brother/the Government to talk down to, and to manipulate and control them. They are really quite cunning, crafty cunts!

        • there should read they. I did type they but there came up?

    • something survived...

      yes he’s an idiot. if he broke his back tomorrow he can’t whine if Atos calls him fake disabled and sends him to be a scaffolder.

  34. i think Iain Duncan Smith is probably a nice man, but him being bald makes him appear nasty….if he had hair it might help his image and show how much he cares about the unemployed..see what you think..


  35. work sets you free

  36. It really does only get worse. Britain is very much returning to the poverty and squalor of the 19th century, only, it seems, without the genuinely philanthropic and liberal people of conscience, who tried to improve conditions for the working class.

  37. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    In this post, The Void reports the growing incidence of malnutrition caused by Ian Duncan Smith’s attack on the benefits system. As well as citing the Yorkshire Evening Post’s figures on the people treated for and suffering from malnutrition, he also quotes the findings by the Citizens Advice Bureau. These have found that 70 per cent of those, whose benefits have been cut off, have been forced to cut down on food. Many are forced to go through rubbish bins scavenging for scraps. He quotes one victim of these cuts, who states that they were forced to go without food for days on end. This person suffers from hypoglycaemia, a condition similar to, but almost the complete opposite of, diabetes. Instead of the individual having too much sugar, the sufferer has too little. As you would expect, the starvation forced on this person through simply being unable to afford to eat made their condition worse. They were left feeling weak and sick, and suffering from confusion and black-outs. This is very much a return to the grinding squalor and poverty of the 19th century. I remember my grandmother telling me, how the very poor in Glasgow were forced to eat pigswill during the Great Recession of the 1930s. In the 1880s there was a massive scandal when it was revealed that conditions in one workhouse was so poor the inmates were eating left-over pieces of bone. This prompted a government inquiry, and further legislation to provide that the people imprisoned in such ‘indoor relief’ were adequately fed. Many bloggers have pointed out that Cameron’s welfare reforms are based on the same Victorian idea of ‘less eligibility’. This is the belief that conditions should be deliberately made harsh for those on welfare, in order to deter the able-bodied from seeking it. It caused immense suffering then, and now, under Cameron, it has returned to cause further distress and hardship. This is Cameron’s Tory Britain: a third-world nation, where the poor starve while the wealthy get ever richer and more bloated.

  38. Here’s a list of REAL scroungers – “169 of the MPs that voted YES to the Bedroom Tax on Tuesday evening, claimed up to £25k EACH in their own “spare bedroom” expenses.”

    From Jack Monroes’s blog


  39. Phil eccles what a fucking dick head! Shame he’s got no friends or family he’ll leave when he pops off all his money to the state and us benefit scroungers. Now that is justice lol!

    Pity the sad bastard is going to die less evolved than when he was born. What a waste of sperm and eggs!

    Keep on wanking mate

  40. How could he be named after something so sweet?

  41. Friends

    Mr eccles shows typical symptoms of suffering from a condition known as the Dunning-Kruger effect. This is basically narcissism and asense of superiority which masks inferiority at a deeper level. It is a mental illness. We must be sensitive to this poor soul and show comapssion even though he appears to do the opposite of others. This is his illness effectively throwin the toys out of the pram in frustration of his condition.

    I doubt we’ll hear much more as he for want of better word has “shot his load”. Should he return please be kind he is a victim of his illness and knows not what he does.


    Dr Raj Patel

  42. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2013/jan/25/stealing-to-eat-cases-rise ‘Stealing to eat’ cases increase as austerity bites
    Charities and police report rise in people shoplifting for groceries such as baby milk and food Forces across the country are referring some shoplifters to food banks. In south London, a Metropolitan police safer neighbourhoods team said it had given out 75 vouchers for the Norwood and Brixton food banks since the partnership began six months ago. An officer said: “I’ve brought some young people into custody and realised they haven’t eaten for 36 hours or so. You give them food bank vouchers, which they can use at the local church.” In a survey of 45 food parcel recipients by Coventry food bank, which feeds more than 210 people every week, just under half answered yes to the question “Have you ever needed to steal to feed you or your family?” Shane Feeney, who gathered the data, said: “Some people said they regretted having to steal but didn’t have any other option; others felt embarrassed about the question. The number might be higher than recorded as people may have thought they might get in trouble if they answered yes.”

  43. They will say teh same stuff even without other articles. So why worry what they think.. they will make the crap up anyway..

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  45. Why isn’t Jv asking what the Eccles is a twat like poxy phil doing on here talking bollocks.

  46. How long will it be before this proposed here? – http://www.dw.de/unemployment-fraud-on-ebay/a-17232270

  47. The arrogant cunt In Deep Shit has just stated in the HoC (DWP questions) that in Germany there are 30 million people using foodbanks so the mere figure (his quotes) of a 9000 in this country pales into insignificant. He claimed there are far less people in poverty than when Labour was in power!!!!!!!
    He and his team of fellow cunts, McVey and that other irritable slob Mike are totally lying before Parliament and nobody calls them for it.
    InDeepShit claimed repeatedly that Universal Credit was on time and in budget and when reminded it should be national by October he just carried on claiming, more loudly, that it was on time ………. even though it isn’t – it’s surreal – quite apart from injurious to your health listening to them

  48. If the Germans are at food banks, can we expect another world war soon?

    • Sounds to me like these German “foodbanks” are similar to what out get in America.
      Places people can get cheaper items. Stuffs near use by dates, and so on.
      These are not foodbanks UK style. Dunno what they folks in Germany would call those types of places to differentiate.
      I’ve been to those places in America, and you do have to pay for the stuff, but it’s all much cheaper than standards shops.
      This was the idea behind discount store in the early 1990s, like shoprite.
      I don’t think we have ShopRite anymore here, though I notice they are in Isle of Man.

      It shows how evil minded and callous this George Ian (ids)guy really is. It also shows how so utterly stupid he is.
      He seems to think merely because he says it, everyone will accept it. It doesn’t come into his stupid mind, that some of us, a lot of us will point this difference out, between what is considered a foodbank in Germany, and what is not.
      would hope some opposition MP explains the difference to this satan worshiping NEW NAZI…but I would be well not to hope too much from one of them!

  49. Freckles – F off.

  50. Another Tory twat on daily politics asking for a free on all non-pensionable benefits knowing that they will have to raise interest rates and up will go inflation.

    • overburdenddonkey

      g fawkes
      yeah, they seem desperate to raise interest rates again, now the poor sink is in place, they can also squeeze the poor into even more desperate poverty, and once again overheat the economy, no more boom and bust, just the wreckage of broken human beings…

  51. free should read freeze.

  52. Not only did InDeepShit say that Universal Credit was on schedule, so too is PIP. He declined to answer the question put to him by a Scottish labour MP (forgot name) asking how many people have died as a result of this government’s policy on welfare calling it ‘disgusting’ , in fact slobMike answered by shaking his head and sitting down, obviously disgusted that anyone could ask asuch an inconsiderate question – presumably he meant we should consider the families of the bereaved rather than ask how many – HOW MANY IDS YOU CUNT???????

  53. here’s the link to DP Questions


    • IDS is a walking disaster a liability to everything every thing he touches turns to shit and destroys lives wastes money puts lives at risk puts staff under pressure ..utter narcissist ..psychopath ..failure ..chip on shoulder ..dangerous …so why doesn’t call me dave sack him ? Blackmail I suspect like a rotting fish it all stinks

  54. Malnutition in this day and age! Absolutely disgusting…. I hate this government GET THEM OUT NOW!

  55. Lib Dem’s Stephen tall sucking up to the tories meekly said the tories will not implement a mansion tax (wimp) the tory responded with “We can’t rob middle class Peter to pay working class Paul”.
    Would be burglar’s remember this when about to rob working class Wayne, go for middle class Melrose or Matilda’s instead.

  56. PS Stephen tall also proposed that thresholds on national insurance should be raised instead of raising the threshold of income tax, because income tax penalizes those in receipts of benefits such as tax credits, housing benefit etc, but raising the threshold on national insurance contributions only robs the benefits pot.

    • PPS The tories responded with ” we should be raising the thresholds on stamp duty”, just in time for another round of borrowing and house buying for the middle and upper classes.

  57. Julie Hilling (Bolton West) (Lab):
    Can the Minister tell us how many people have died as a result of illness or suicide between their being declared fit for work and the hearing of their appeals? If he does not know, does he not think that he has a duty to collect those figures?

    The Minister of State, Department for Work and Pensions (Mike Penning):
    I think that we should be very careful about scaremongering. There will be people to whom that applies, but such figures are not collected centrally. I know the hon. Lady very well, and I do not think that the House expects scaremongering of that kind from her.

    • Govt in denial dwp in denial. You know it reminds me of the child sex abuses years ago where ginny bottomley refused to collect evidence of crimes and the word ‘ witch hunt ‘ was used ..its the same closed thinking denial and lie and cover up…yet we can see the evidence with our own eyes what is happening ..what about the relatives of deceased what do you say to them ? Don’t worry your loved one isn’t dead its all scaremongering

    • overburdenddonkey

      scaremongering the man’s illiterate, scaremongering is when one lies about danger/bogeyman under the bed, that sort of thing.

      • I understand him to be saying that ‘no one should talk about the dead, that they should show more respect’ – it’s okay to kill people but not to talk about it!!!!!! More evidence that they know exactly what they are doing …. some would call it social cleansing …. I have again written to the UN but…..

  58. Mr Duncan Smith:
    As I said to the hon. Lady when I appeared in front of her Committee in July, we have been very clear that we would roll out universal credit on the plan and programme already set out. The pathfinders are on track. Those before Christmas and those after Christmas are on track—[Interruption.] Yes they are. It is not just the pathfinder centres; we already have a huge amount of change. We are putting 6,000 new computers into jobcentres to be ready for universal credit, and we are training 25,000 jobcentre staff to ensure that they are ready for its delivery. We are on track to make sure that universal credit—the bit that follows next—can use those pathfinders to deliver a universal credit programme that works, unlike so many of the programmes that the previous Government used.

    Chris Bryant (Rhondda) (Lab):
    Dear, dear, dear. [Interruption.] No, the report does not say that; I can tell you what it does say. It says that, precisely in the Government’s timetable, from October 2013

    “All new claims for out-of-work support are treated as claims to Universal Credit.”

    That has not happened, has it? The Secretary of State is not on time, he is not on budget, and it looks as if he is going to lose £140 million. The first step to recovery is owning up that you are sick. You are not on time, you are not on budget—are you?

    Mr Speaker:
    I am always on time. Let us hear from the Secretary of State.

    Mr Duncan Smith:
    Mr Speaker, you are not only on time, but you are always on budget.

    That was a lot of sound and fury from the hon. Gentleman, signifying absolutely nothing. The reality is, as I have said quite categorically and publicly, the report could be written because of the actions I took over a year ago to ensure that universal credit will roll out and deliver exactly as we said it would. The hon. Gentleman served for I do not know how many years in a Government who allowed all these other programmes to fail, but not one person will be adversely affected by the change we have made. Universal credit will deliver maximum benefits to the British public, and the Opposition will remain out of government, because they have not a single clue.

    • Callous full of shit full of himself no regard of lives lost money wasted the IDS ego runs
      amok trying to show that should have been their glorious leader ..and he will sacrifice anything and anyone to prove that..its truely disturbing

    • overburdenddonkey

      i wonder who ids means by the “british public”?

  59. Anyone know if any protests are being planned to smash any Christmas workfare exploiters this year?

  60. I’m too busy watching desperado to listen to one on here, I hope he has gone to a site full of no marx. commercial break over back to the movie.

  61. Speaker of the House

    Order, order!

  62. Feels really sad reading this, I am seeing bistro bars and spanking new cars and people with money to burn. That one person should go hungry in this country is a crime against humanity. No-one should be hungry any where, there is enough for all but some are addicted to money and power to the extent that they care not for anything other than that chase.People have got to wake up to this and realise that the real scroungers are those who have it all and keep coming back for more.

    • A Tale of Two Cities


    • I see the same things, Bentleys and Porches up and down the roads all day, Very fancy restaurants where a meal could cost the price of a months rent. Houses the size of apartment buildings. And I cannot even find a damn job, and not from lack of trying either.
      I am not surprised there is malnutrition as the differences between the haves (all stolen or past down money) and the have-nots grows wider at an incredible speed.
      The UK has become the number one place in the world for the rich. As the government now gives them so many tax breaks. Because they rob from the poor to pay for it.

  63. ‘Moderated’ blogs always look kind of sinister, at least not open and above board.

  64. anti-work programme

    ATOS are covering up their monumental cock-ups by delibrately claiming their support website is currently knackered.

  65. I’m sure Mc Vile and Dopey Smith will claim this as an absolute victory just as they do with all these court rulings against them. Winning is winning after all.

  66. The whole crooked system has been brought to the attention of wider public attention.

    Thanks to help from Samuel Miller and many stalwarts of disability discrimination, the story has hit the world wide web, and more importantly, the Human Rights Commission…………….

    Did the powers that be really think they could destroy innocent peoples lives, many ending in tragedy or death, and go unnoticed????

    Atos and the evil, DWP, have collaborated to steal benefits of the poor and most vulnerable, the disabled.
    The internet has given the opportunity for those who have been wronged, and their fellow supporters, to put up a fight never seen before……….

    The BULLIES are in denial as the septic tank of evidence against them starts to overflow. You are witnessing people power in action. We might have physical or mental disabilities but were born human beings, nevertheless.

    Despite reassurances from the DWP that everything is in order and going to plan the evidence against this says otherwise.

    Millions that have been stolen from benefit claimants have been poured into slapdash,doomed exercises to try and streamline the benefit system.

    The system has had a string of bosses and advisers that have readily filled there pockets and cleared off sporting bulging wallets and smiling faces, only to leave the fallout to the next phase who have done the same……..

    All the companies involved are accused of fiddling on an epic scale and the money lost is staggering. 140 million pounds is being written off as we speak. That money was robbed from your pockets, the taxpayer………….

    As for being rolled out in trials across the country, it couldn’t be rolled out in a village, or a pastry board, come to think of it………….

    ………as for ATOS, the great fire breathing dragon of corporate industry, they are now a three legged blind mouse, struggling to enroll staff because they know they will sued for illegal practices at the behest of the DWP.
    The contract between ATOS and the DWP has always been kept from public scrutiny, the reason, despite what the government say, is blatantly obvious, they were employed to “steal benefits”.

    Would you, if you were a HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL (please stop laughing), put your head in a noose and deliberate on a persons disabilities, knowing you could be sued, especially if recorded evidence showed you deliberately lied?

    The roles are now reversed as the mouse is chasing the cat.
    Atos the bully is getting it’s comeuppence, and not before time.

    Meanwhile, the members of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, the likes of Bill Gunnyeon of the DWP must be twitching uncontrollably as the noose tightens.

    These people created the path for the giant American, Insurance giant, UNUM, to invade our shores with it’s well documented, disability denial programmes, of which you, are it’s victims.
    Dismembering of the NHS is all part of a plan, a conspiracy to allow the introduction of Private Health Insurance, and is vital to the corporate giants that lobby and hand out millions in bribes to secure.

    Parliament will never be transparent, even though the broadcasts try to show different. Corruption drives our policies. It always has done, and those who think any different are fools………………





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