Universal Jobmatch Wins Worst Website Award

universal-jobmatch-do-not-tickIn yet more humiliation for Iain Duncan Smith’s bungled welfare reforms, Universal Jobmatch was judged the worst online jobs website at a recent industry awards ceremony.

The government job-seeking website, which has been plagued by spam, scams and spoof vacancies, won the ‘Wooden Nora’ at last week’s National Online Recruitment Awards.  730 online recruitment websites were considered for awards with Universal Jobmatch being judged the worst.  According to The Guardian’s Diary the website was described as a “mongrel of a recruitment website” that “commits almost every online recruitment crime, and then some.”

Universal Jobmatch was designed at huge cost – believed to be approaching almost £20 million.  Despite this the site has been plagued by technical problems as well as becoming home to thousands of flaky self-employment schemes, pyramid scams and fake job adverts used to harvest CVs and even commit identity theft.  It is hard to understand how Monster, the company paid to produce the website, could have produced something so atrocious that it is a laughing stock amongst recruitment professionals.

The mystery of this sheer incompetence deepens with the news that Monster themselves won an award for the best online recruitment website at last week’s awards.  It’s almost as if they took the money and deliberately bungled Universal Jobmatch to ensure there would be no effective competition to their main business from the DWP.

*This advice for claimants mandated to register for Universal Jobmatch has not changed.  Whilst you can be issued with a Jobseeker’s Direction forcing you to sign up to and use the site, you do not have to tick the box giving Jobcentre staff access to snoop on your job search.  You should also unticked the box – ticked by default – which gives your permission to receive DWP emails.  You can not be forced to use Universal Jobmatch on your home computer, or anywhere but inside the Jobcentre.

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226 responses to “Universal Jobmatch Wins Worst Website Award

  1. How strange because not so long ago the monster job site appeared on fraud website with so much criticism.

  2. I have recently been unable to log on to universal jobshite due to server errors on their side!, has anyone else experienced this recently?

  3. Local job centre saying UJM is compulsory to give access – ok let me know when it’s mandatory lol

    • anti-work programme

      Section 53, from Universal Jobmatch Toolkit; (until this is changed) ‘You also cannot issue a Jobseeker’s direction to mandate a claimant to give us access to their account – this is their decision not ours’

      I used this paragraph against my jobcentre as they kept trying to force me to give them my UJM account access under a possible threat of sanction for non-compliance of UJM access.

  4. I was on UJ this morning, I kept losing the connection – After due time and consideration I have come to the inevitable conclusion that Universal Jobmatch SUCKS!

    • anti-work programme

      I prefer using CV Library for effective jobsearching. UJM tries tracks your every move and computer’s physical location regardless of whether or not the DWP has been granted access to your UJM account. * Checked this out myself using the Mozilla Firefox add-ons ‘Do Not Track’ and ‘Ghostery’

      UJM doesn’t like my computer and my Internet Explorer 11 and latest Mozilla Firefox browsers won’t let me sign in or use UJM.

      • UJM spiders other sites for jobs. Where I live a huge number of jobs advertised on UJM come from CV Library only jumbled to the point of being almost unreadable.

    • Obi what puzzles me is if you use UJM in your home and they say they need to monitor you..will you get told off for going on Facebook or checking your email ?

      • something survived...

        if so, you could be sanctioned for checking your UJM email when they send you ‘jobs’ (sic) and emails from other jobs places or the work programme provider!

      • Bob:

        If you can get actual proof the DWP are monitoring your personal activity when online on your home computer then you can prosecute them for invasion of privacy and you can also prosecute your ISP for allowing them access to your private account. I would imagine this would come under breach of the Data Protection Act.

        • Working Links Are Cunts

          The jobcentre have changed the procedure for hard-shit/tough-shit allowance. You now take your claim by ‘phone. Of course the first question they ask is “where are you calling from?” The form also states that “You will be contacted by telephone to give you the decision on your claim, so please make sure you have a contact number to call you back. If we cannot contact you by telephone we will send you the decision by post.” Any only dodge to wheedle out your (non-existent 🙂 ) telephone number so they can add it to their system in order for them and their ‘partners’ to harass the hell out of you!

        • Matt brilliant hat

          RIPPA & ECHR Section 6, but you’ve gave them permission by ticking the box just like when you downloaded the facebook app it has permissions, to access your camera, your contacts, mic, emails, etc. The dwp can see what sites you visit your download cache, but you can watch them watching you with a command line tool called wire-shark, it will look like an alien text to you but some websites running https can safely decode some of this tcp udp and hex packet data with data privacy certs to boot.
          Happy hunting ppl!

  5. overburdenddonkey

    i’ve not come across one thing that the dwp, or this unelected govt have done or do to actually help and support the claimant, and UJ is no exception, their help amounts to causing max frustration and hardships to the benefit entitled…

  6. pity they’re no jobs for an assassin within the London area otherwise Cameron would never be in the UK

    • something survived...

      yes but how would it be paid? It’d have to be piecework or as one job with one price. You could not charge for it by the hour, as it would be a job rendered obsolete within seconds or minutes of going out to tender. So many applicants for the job. Possibly payment on delivery of Cameron’s head on a spike (sorry, I’ve been reading a book on Irish history and there were lots of examples of heads on spikes).
      Actually you sort of could charge by the hour, depending on how long his actual death took. If like builders we could stretch the job out to an extra hour for example. And charge for each extra part of hour.
      But to make sure it was completed and he wasn’t revived or rescued, you probably need either a good sniper or a bomb, or possibly cyanide pill.

      The bad news, if you know of the myth of the hydra: there are still hundreds of scummy bastards out there, for every scummy bastard that gets deleted.
      (recent reading matter: The Millennium Trilogy. viva salander)

      • overburdenddonkey

        you know what they are like, the past 30yrs of increasingly draconian laws, et al, have proved that. the best method imo is to expose them for what they are, to public opinion, just as we do, though out cry and demonstrations, so that a groundswell of enough is enough occurs…

  7. anti-work programme

    Tried using that useless Universal job(mis)match website yesterday during my forced WP attendance job session. Time and time again that shite UJM kept crashing on me and struggled to load its various application re-direct pages. I was tempted to smash up the computers on the crappy WP office for being expected to waste my otherwise effective job searching on a crappy website.

    Fuck the work programme, fuck the jobcentre and fuck this website.

    I conducted an website I.P address look up and came across this –


    Registered For:
    Government Gateway

    Domain Owner:
    H M Government Cabinet Office

    Registered By:
    Atos Origin


    Registrant Contact:
    Mike McGinley

    Registrant Address:
    e-Delivery Team
    Delivery and Transformation Group
    Cabinet Office~301 Bridgewater place~Birchwood Park~Warrington
    WA3 6XF
    United Kingdom
    +44 1925 808025 (Phone)
    +44 1925 808060 (FAX)

    Renewal date:
    Saturday 22nd Nov 2014

    Entry updated:
    Tuesday 5th November 2013

    Entry created:
    Wednesday 17th September 2003

  8. @johnny void . hi I know you are busy and that but if you could keep an eye on some of your other blogs it would help .eg previous one where some of us were being harassed and and abused by some name changing arsehole even used my name too..
    Anyway just thought I would mention it..

    • anti-work programme

      I don’t trust the government, especially when it seems they even lie about whose servers they use for UJM. One more reason for me never to include my telephone number on my jobmatch CV.

  9. The jobs i have applied for since October 20th haven’t shown up on my application history. I was almost sanctioned yesterday due to their system failure. The ‘advisor’ was very abrupt and patronising when I blamed the system! We’re forced to jump through increasingly difficult hoops just to survive. It’s a joke!

    • why is labour letting IDS off with the grilling he was supposed to undertake for lying, they can add incompetence and wasteful expenditure to that too.

    • something survived...

      a young woman at jcp got sanctioned yesterday. They accused her of not using UJM website. She said she had been, and was even able to quote them jobs that had been on it lately (which I’ve seen too and which aren’t on jobpoints). She said the problem is it does not let her (while logged in) record/save searches so it looks like she wasn’t there and did nothing. They sanctioned her and just because their site is shite.

      • UJM IS a sanction machine.. it isnt there to help its there to find sanctions.

        • something survived...

          someone else got sanctioned the same day as it would not let him print out his job search on UJM.

          The nightmare: Dreaming something absolutely vile has happened to IDS. The nightmare is waking to find that it hasn’t.

          ‘Thar be trolls in them thar hills…’ (anyone else notice that tonight?)

  10. http://who.is/whois/nhs24.com

    Why are sites with NHS connected to atos origin servers ?

    • anti-work programme

      Bobchewie, the fucking numpty government are spying on us all through that jobmatch, regardless of if we give the DWP access to our UJM accounts or not. the DWP don’t have my account access, and I won’t give them it. I’ve already pulled a ‘chapter 53’ ( from the Universal Jobmatch Toolkit website) against my jobcentre. They can’t force an UJM account access if you show them chapter 53 from the UJM toolkit..

      • Try Paragraph 92. Current UJ Toolkit:

        92. We cannot specify to a JSA claimant how they provide us with records of their jobsearch activity and Universal Jobmatch will not change this – it is not therefore possible to require JSA claimants to give DWP access to their Universal Jobmatch account.


        • anti-work programme

          I’ll have to re-print out the UJM toolkit again in case my jobcentre picks at my job searching again. I already had been screwed over with a four week sanction a few weeks back and I’m still angry at them.

          I shan’t use my real on-line name here as is used on a PC gaming forum; I want to prevent the nosey cunts at the work programme and DWP from trying to find a sanction excuse against me again.

          • I wonder if Joe public like the idea of govt dept telling someone in their own home they can’t use certain sites and must use govt sites to do 24 hour job searches..next will come an alarm if you fall asleep or have something to eat instead of job searching ….

          • Been sanctioned three times (one sanction ends, pulled in for a re-sanction) for “not actively seeking work” and that’s with handing in a ‘joblog’ with over 100 vacancies applied for!! WTF!!

          • Jobcentre Negative

            It is sooo fucking obvious that the jobcentre are systematically sanctioning jobseekers what with their ‘how to raise a doubt’ flowcharts and sanctioning tool-kits, and for what in effect are just bullshit and spurious reasons, the whole process is ‘designed to raise a doubt’ It is a national disgrace that this is going on and beyond criminal.

            • They (“You’ll be seeing ME from now on” recently-assigned PA) are visibly furious with me & have started to very obviously (actively) hunt for a ‘reason’/s, without any attempt to hide it under a veneer of pretend ‘help’. Entire ‘PA sessions’ with them, so far, have consisted only of the PA going through ‘evidence’ with a fine tooth comb, while not making any eye contact/attempt to discuss job search. In & among, they bark the odd accusatory statement along the lines of, “Where’s the reference for this one?” “You do have access to a printer, don’t you?” & ”You’d have to have been living in a cave to not know that!” if ever i attempt – in whatever way seems possible – to (re)establish any kind of rapport or more ‘normal’ human interaction – they way people usually do when talking to one another in a formal or semi-formal (supposedly) siutation where one’s a member of the general public/the other is (allegedly) a ‘government official/public servant … This annoys them as it’s slightly distracting for them & they want to continue scouring for evidence without having irritating interruptions (ideally, I’d just sit there quietly & beg them to please issue a sanction as “I deserve it”).

              It’s not good & it’s all gone up & up from mildly intrusive/ridiculous to extremely intrusive & very much surreal & bizarre, since the introduction of UJ/Strictly (no) Benefits Regime & the fact that it’s going to be ‘my turn’ by hook or by crook (i think it will be by crook) – or they will die trying. Maybe once a 1st sanction is issued there’ll be some rapprochement for a while where they concentrate on a.n.other ‘difficult’ customer for a while & allow me to get on with trying to avoid a further one in peace …

              The new PA is absolutely furious with me – we’ve met twice only, & so far they have asked me not a single question about the reality of my job search (& don’t seem likely to). They bat away any mention of ‘the labour market situation’. As soon as they find themselves not able to issue a sanction they dismiss me without looking up/in a voice filled with not-even-vaguely-controlled anger & give out the earliest appointment they can for the same time next time. If only it weren’t so serious it would be entertaining (it’s not). This is definitely ‘personal’ (even though it’s not ‘personal to me’ – it’s all about them/their xmas bonus/their teams’ reputation if they work in a team i have no idea but they are very ‘incentivised’). As in, the PA clearly prides tthemselves on/is known for their ability to ‘help’ ‘hard to help’ claimants (off benefits) …. neither of us knows how long this can realistically continue before one of us loses the plot completely. They’re praying for me to ‘slip up’ & i’m equally hoping they get promoted move to a far away island – preferably one inhabited by cannibals.

            • It is getting ridiculous, shirleynott, if you say you have “asked friends and family”, they will go on to ask for details of their name, address and employer! WTF! And if you politely refuse this intrusion of people who have absolutely no connection with your JSA claim you will be accused of being “aggressive” and before you know it you will be surrounded by a squad of G$S “customer care officers”. It is beyond ridiculous! There is no pretence shirleynott, they are working through a ‘toolkit’ to sanction your benefits, pure and simple!

            • * refuse this invasion of privacy of people

            • No, once the first sanction has expired you will be lucky to get a months respite before the next one starts.

            • The fuckers definitely want to sanction you, shirleynott, the jobcentre guns are going full blazing and that’s without a ‘doubt’. Be careful! Very, very careful! Don’t give the fookers the opportunity because they are bad, bad people – you could even say evil!

            • GL24
              Yes, thanks – trying to be ever so careful/cautious/thorough but it still feels like it’s only a matter of time (& has done almost from the get-go). If they hadn’t swopped & changed their tictacs so regularly
              they might have already managed it before now – but now they have me in their sights (so to speak) & not just me, of course.

              Thinking of ‘respite’ if/while sanctioned was just blue-sky thinking & of course it wouldn’t be like that – it would be worse than trying to ‘comply’ while not sanctioned & increase the chances of a 2nd one following (they’re bound to capitalise on this – of course). Hadn’t thought so much about it in terms of Sanctioning by Numbers & of a Handbook/toolkit Effective Sanction Techniques being in existence but now that you mention it adviser has seemed to be glancing at something to one side of their desk every now & then & i have been wondering what they might be referring to – now that makes sense.

            • … or could it be they’re checking the notes compiled/given to them, including ‘non-compliant’ – uses other websites but not UJ; ‘Will not handover CV – did give telephone number early on – keep checking this is still the same’; ‘Passive agressive – e have used this previously but not yet issued mandatory/self-referral to ‘corrective’ treatment;
              ‘medium/high priority 1st level sanction target – not limited to but
              likely to fail on ‘unsatisfactory’ jobsearching option, or a ‘being 3 mins late or later’ fail”; ‘Insists does not have access to a printer but brings printed out job search record …’; ?Could be indicative of a learning disability – ?sanction?; ‘Handwritten notes not always neat/tidy enough – ?refer to literacy course/sanction?’; ‘Seems to think is able to cling on to some right to privacy/a life of own. Haha – as if!’; Started to seem slightly paranoid with a strange look of feigned calm usually lasting for around one third of interview (they know that we know that they know that we know): ‘Habit of making reference to something called ‘the labour market’ (signs of communist tendencies?); ‘Under no circumstances engage with this & DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT’; ‘SBR is working, even if the LTB’s are not!’ etc.

  11. anti-work programme

    Digging up the dirt against ATOS and the DWP…


  12. UJM is worthless,but it is effective to prove your Job search…insert job description ex”caretaker” and nothing else and you will get a nationwide result..only send to those that have a direct “Apply” select a “CV’ that is blank and send..A waste of time,but it takes 15 minutes to do 20-30 applications…Then get on with your proper job search,a side effect is it drives the JCP Adviser(sic) bloody nuts as they cannot challenge it as to do so they would have to admit that UJM is shite! (as usual do not allow access)

    • anti-work programme

      wait until the numpty fools at the DWP later decide to remove our tick box choice that currently allows us to whether or not to allow DWP access to our UJM accounts. It’ll be a sanction free-for-all. As for the blank ‘CV’ sent out through the UJM apply button, employers will inform the jobcentres that a false job application has been made containing no legit CV.

      When the UJM apply button is clicked, most employers using UJM will then give your local jobcentre feedback as to whether or not the job has been applied for, and whom has applied for the job. Jobcentres carry out random checks at any time to ask whether or not the job has been applied for. I got pulled up by a random jobcentre check recently and I nearly landed a 3 month sanction until I later proved I had indeed applied for the jobs they gave me a list of- which I had previously applied for on UJM.

      • anti-work programme

        * Only today, someone signing on before me had been given a 3 month sanction for simply forgetting to sign on a fortnight previously. I had a nervous sweat going after over-hearing that this guy got stuffed with a 3 month sanction. A simple case of simply forgetting to sign on at the day and time agreed by your advisor is an automatic sanction.

        • something survived...

          have they got any vacancies for ‘cabinet slaughterperson’ or ‘hole-driller (heads of MPs)’ ? I’d check but UJM ain’t letting me in today, so much for my mandatory 7 hours daily jobsearch.
          (fantasises making up a fake job as a ‘Licker of Bin Lids’, applying IDS for it, and then sending him a letter telling him that he is rejected as he does not have the required skillset or level of talent.)

  13. O/T but relevant:

    Iain Duncan Smith questioned on Universal Credit and DWP statistics

    19 November 2013
    Parliament TV: watch the evidence session
    Inquiry: Department for Work and Pensions Annual Report and Accounts 2012-13
    Work and Pensions Committee

    4.30 pm, Monday 9 December, Committee Room at the House of Commons TBC

    Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions
    Purpose of the session
    Universal Credit: The Committee held an oral evidence session on Universal Credit implementation with the Secretary of State on 10 July. This session will follow up the findings of the National Audit Office and Public Accounts Committee reports on Universal Credit, which have since been published.
    DWP statistics: The Committee held an oral evidence session with DWP officials on 10 July to examine the way in which benefit statistics are released to the media. This session will provide an opportunity for the Committee to put points raised in that session to the Secretary of State.
    DWP Annual Report & Accounts 2012-13: Publication of the DWP Annual Report and Accounts (ARA) for 2012-13 was expected at the end of June but has been delayed. Publication is now expected in the next few weeks. The Committee’s normal practice is to hold an oral evidence session with the Secretary of State and Permanent Secretary on administration and expenditure issues arising from the ARA. Given the importance of focusing on Universal Credit in the session on 9 December, the Committee intends to hold a further session, to cover wider aspects of DWP’s performance, in the new year.

    • But will IDS actually turn up? The crazy old shit has been dodging an interrogation like this for ages.

      • something survived...

        that above meeting is shit
        why not have a debate on Ian Duncan Smith and whether he be a) flamegrilled b) chargrilled c) extra rare d) microwaved instead as it’d save time?

  14. Universal Jobmatch IS awful. Really, really awful. The jobs advertised are usually zero-hour contracts, part-time (often only a few hours a week), or miles away. The jobs the system sends me are usually far too far away to be feasible and I do mean “far away” – often 80 or more miles away, which would necessitate a 160 mile commute to work and back. Ridiculous. Not one job I have applied for via this site has led to an interview let alone being taken on as an employee. I just can’t understand why the Jobcentre insists that unemployed persons have to run around in circles wasting time using it. I can’t think of any job board less likely to end up finding a user a position than UJM.

    • something survived...

      universal crotchrot caused my email address to be sold to people all over the world. I’m being sent job offers from:
      a) The Netherlands in Dutch
      b) South Africa in Afrikaans
      c) most in English but all the jobs are in USA, latest today was Utah

      UJM the email service itself, sends me emails with ‘local jobs’ all over the UK, from basically Penzance to the Orkneys and Shetlands. They can be like 500 miles so that’s a daily 1000 mile commute. Because of course every disabled unemployed person has their own private helicopter, pilot’s licence and infinite fuel.

      I don’t think this was what Tebbit had in mind when he said get on your bike. Unless of course they hope we take them at their word and disappear on our bikes into the Atlantic.

      This excludes the thousands of spams UJM is causing me to be sent every week almost to the point my email can’t function, stopping me checking my email and stopping me seeing what delightful jobs the UJM has picked out for me this week. So possibly setting me up for a sanction.

      • I’ve been getting that as well! I am wondering where the flip?

        • Thanks for that Norma. They’re less economical to run than a bike though & there’s just the small matter of lessons/cost of the licence etc. Granted, they help with job-searching even further afield though. Is the offer to reclaim travel expenses open? (There were quite a few ‘offers of support’ towards helping, at least some of the people some of the time, with prohibitive work-related costs, eg. while moving from benefit amounts onto a salary not so very long ago). In the form of actual practical support towards starting a new job/the costs/expenses incurred. It was back in the ‘good’ old days of not so very, very long ago – within recent memory.

          Any and all offers of actual tangible help have been ‘disappeared’ in the meantime though, haven’t they?

      • Norman Tebbit (2013 Re-mix)

        Board yer helicopter!

  15. You can’t even delete your UJM account yourself! Once you create an account the only way you can get it deleted is by ASKING the DWP to delete it for you via UJM’s contact section. You can delete your Gateway yourself but CANNOT delete your UJM account in the way you can on every other job site, which seems very dodgy indeed to me.

    • We can delete our UJ accounts on the Government Gateway site – a public back-door to what is a Government Gateway Account….
      just follow the instructions to log-in then use the “delete this account” option… be patient with finding your way around, your password is needed a couple of times…
      We can have multiple GG accounts, I’ve found…

      • No. You only get rid of the Gateway account associated with an email address, you Universal Jobmatch account is still there! I did the deletion via the Gateway and am STILL receiving emails from the DWP about vacancies and such like from my Universal Jobmatch account!

        • And you can’t edit the ‘activity log/notes’ or whatever it’s called, so if you write something like: “jobcentre advisers are a shower of cunts.” there is not way to delete it!

  16. Iain Duncan Smith MP

    My wages come out of people’s JSA sanctions. I’ll fucking dodge any interrogations about cocking up the DWP and making people have more illegal sanctions imposed on them.

    I rule the DWP and I decide how people do their jobsearch. My plan is to have all other job search websites banned in the UK and you’ll made under threat of sanction to use Universal jobmatch.

    • Quick, nurse, the screens…

    • I think this rubbish about spending 35 hours a week on that waste-of-time UJM is really about electronically tagging us but without doing it physically. It’s a way of stopping you doing anything else all day, even visiting the khasi will be a luxury or seen as skiving I bet. It’s prolly the only website they can force us to be chained to me thinks.

      • They must get a whole range of interesting responses whenever they first mention 35 hours – someone i know was flabbergasted & said “That’s just not feasible – when would i be able to get my housework done?” (They are a parent to x2 children, recently
        completed a ‘professional’qualification; is studying and wanting to
        find a job).

        ‘Advisers’ somehow won’t be expecting ‘real-world’ answers like this one as they believe everyone now thinks like as they (IDS) do & if we have ‘got with the programme’ would obviously want to become subservient/lose sight of an actual real life – the one that exists in & around not currently being in work. They are at a point where what they’re being spoonfed (dripfed) week-on-week is the language they speak & is the way they ‘think’/have started to believe they believe that all this IS rational/reasonable ?fair …

        … cooking? shopping? cleaning? school run? time off (for good behaviour) in any shape or form – no way jose.

        • I suppose the idea of the 35 hour jobsearch is: “Hard-working people spend 35 hours a week working… hard… and so if you’re out of work you ought to spend the same amount of time looking for work. It’s a full-time job looking for a job and all that.” The problem is that when you’re at work your 35 hour week is filled with duties assigned to you by your employer not invented on an hourly basis by you personally. To be absolutely honest, with the best will in the world, I have no idea how the heck I could spend 35 hours a week looking for work – what is more I would bet nobody else does either, including Iain Duncan Smith, David Freud, or anybody else at the DWP or anywhere on earth.

          What the hell could anybody invent to do, alone and unaided, day in and day out, week in and week out, to “actively seek work” for seven hours a day every weekday? You might as well specify that people have to walk ten miles a day visiting employers and handing them copies of their CV whether the employers want them or not even if the employers don’t exist and have never existed.

          The 35 hour a week jobsearch is factually impossible.

          EVERYBODY will get sanctioned if they enforce this lunacy diligently.

          • That’s the whole idea – to sanction everybody; the jobcentre want you to record everything in the minutest detail so they can turn around and say: “Nonsense, you couldn’t possible have spent x amount of time doing x.” It is already happening as some of us know only too well to our cost!

  17. I know someone who works for the DWP in charge of the contracts for UJM. I wonder what they are thinking today..

    • Margaret Thatcher MP

      They are probably thinking, ”what mess have I got myself into, working for that berk Smithy” He couldn’t even organise a piss-up in the local pub.

      • something survived...

        Attempts to exhume for trophies were thwarted tonight at midnight, when activists discovered an empty coffin containing a rather ugly dress (and a small pile of rust)//
        cremation couldn’t happen as it would have spread radioactive toxic waste over a wide area

  18. So, IDS has wasted another £20 million on this website. Great! I thought the idea was to save money.

    • Landless Peasant

      Nothing the Tories are doing will save any money. It will all cost more in the long-run. The NHS bill alone will be massive as a result of people being treated for Stress/Depression due to Welfare reforms, and malnutrition due to Benefit sanctions.

      • overburdenddonkey

        l p
        i’ve just got back from my local hospital, staff i’ve spoken to are well pissed off with what’s going on, and really working hard to cope…and yeah, it’s like they are deliberately trying to overload the nhs with the human wreckage, these so called reforms are causing…

    • something survived...

      If IDS spent £20 million on burying himself permanently in the Earth’s mantle, it’d be £20 million well spent

  19. Off topic but worth a mention I think.


    If its so clear that these poverty pimps are abusing goverments, then how can the government justify constantly claiming that there not abusing the part of the population that are most vulnerable?
    I think theres deep shit to come over this!!

  20. Pity they didnt register Mos Eisley server: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy…

  21. Most of the jobs are fake. I search everyday and some of the jobs have been on there for months and i have applied for them so why are they still there. Some are adverts, you click apply and takes you to another site then to another site and its an advert for clothes etc. And some have emails but these emails are false, when you apply it comes back as delivery notification failure. And there is a lot of franchise to buy like cleaning oven business’s or other cleaning business’s @ £2000 or more to put down then to pay more later, how is this creating jobs for people, and how can anyone afford this. Just scam after scam false jobs.

  22. “Universal Jobmatch Wins Worst Website Award”.
    The people who voted for UJM to win presumably hadn’t come across the ridiculously titled secretrecruit.co.uk

  23. Landless Peasant

    I’ve just been to sign on and the Jobcentre adviser asked what I’d been doing to look for work as he said I hadn’t logged on to UJ since last year. I said that’s right, I don’t use it, it won’t let me log-on, so I don’t bother with it and I use CV Library instead. Showed him my print-out of latest job applications and all’s well. Fuck the UJ website, it’s total bollocks and you don’t even have to use it so why bother?

  24. Shoot Idiotic Duncan Smith

    If that IDS is ever awarded a knighthood for mis-services to the government and business through his monumental DWP reform failure, I will shoot the slaphead and then hang his carcass on a gallow outside number 10 Downing Street.

  25. The People vs Bob Chewie

    I’m free, gay and I like bumming young boys.

  26. Dunny it’s time to do the honourable thing. You have caused untold suffering to your fellow creatures you know. I am calling you back and you will be re-incarnated as a slug or a benefit claimant I have yet to decide.

  27. Duncan Smith you have been re-called!

  28. My best friend Iain Duncan Smith makes me feel proud to know him. He is doing what I failed to achieve in World War II; by exterminating the people, not by using gas, but by starving them through loss of benefits.

  29. Ian Duncan Smith you have let me down. I am disappointed in you! You are to return to me at once!!!!

  30. Ian Duncan Smith – you fucking dick-head!!!, I am so angry and disappointed in you. I expected much better of you!

    • He is doing outstanding work God. He shall have his rightful place by my side when his accomplishes his Satanic work and we shall both feast on the human souls he has destroyed.

  31. anti-work programme

    Been wondering as when all the massed migrants swamp this country next year, how many more British people will be thrown on the scrap heap and their jobs given to the Romanians, and then be expected (or forced) to sign up to Universal Job(mis)match?

    • Funny how they are bringing down the welfare state at the same time as they are swamping the country with immigrants. It is almost as if they want they proles fighting with every Tom, Dick and Harriski for what little crumbs are thrown from the toff’s table, like throwing a chip at a flock of pigeons – stand back and watch them fight!

    • It’s not migrants fault. The Tories want you to blame them it’s divide n rule tactics. We have more in common with the migrants then things that divide us!

  32. I’ll get you you little bastard let there be no doubt!!!

  33. God is my daddy 🙂

  34. Katie Price (the one with the big front melons)

    Hi, I’m looking for my ex – Peter Andre. Has he been on here yet today?

  35. A recorded message on virgin media says any phonecalls to the Philippines are free, so that they can contact their families, that is if their families mobile phones managed to survive.

  36. You silly children think you are clever think you have power ha ha ha!. I have already put Einstein and Newton in their place getting above their station thinking they are clever – fuckin thicko’s. Let me warn you you idiot Duncan Smith, you are in for it when I get you you stupid little shit!

  37. Thanks to refuted.org for this.

    How to stop all DWP Universal Jobmatch emails

    The post dedicated to Universal Jobmatch has been updated with instructions on how to stop all DWP emails:

    http://refuted.org.uk/2013/10/13/jobmatch/Filed under: Email, Universal Jobmatch, Untick

    I recommend everyone on Universal Jobmatch follow these instructions as the default setting for emails on UJ is once a week.

  38. Spoof job offers… I’ve had a few emails from there offering me a job, it was for processing financial transactions and it said you would be paid 8% of them. Plus, I remember months ago when I logged into the UJM site, there was a new agreement came up on it from the DWP that you had to tick the box consenting to it before you could proceed, it wanted you to tick the box to say they were not responsible if your data was stolen blah blah blah… argh, so they ADMIT it then, your ID and that isn’t really that secure after all.

    So, they force you to sign up to it and putting you at risk from fraud now as well.

  39. Sorry forgot to include link – here it is:


  40. something survived...

    Unicursal JobSplat:

    Domain: hell.gov.uk
    Registered For: GeheimeStaatsPolizei
    Domain Owner: Hugh Mungus/ Guantanamo-Cloning Office
    Registered By: Atos Origin /SchutzStaffel
    Servers: fuckthepoor.uk.atosorigin.com
    Registrant Contact: M. Mephistopheles
    Registrant Address: Auschwitz v.2.0 (WorkCamps Ltd.), Incompetency Team, Destitution and Termination Group, Canned Orifices, 616 CripSlaughter Place, Bitchblood CarPark, Wankington, WA1 1NK, EnglandPLC, Broken Britain, Untied Crisis, European Onion, Northern Hemisphere, Earth, Solar System, Outer Western Spiral Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, UniWorse, Small Boil On God’s Arse.
    IQ of CEO: 44
    Age of female jobseekers most commonly targeted by Lecher-General: 19
    Number of weeks you have to be in rent arrears before we will ever possibly remotely consider giving a flying fuck: 25
    Correct emoticon to use as appropriate response to our customer service skills: 80
    Correct emoticon to use as appropriate response to our empathy, listening ability, people skills, sense of humour, humanity, personality, intelligence, capacity for independent thought, technical skills, software design ability, emotional maturity, stage of evolution, level of sentience, fitness or right to exist, dimensional origin, vital status: 80
    Number of years we want you on your knees scrubbing gravel with your bare hands: 25
    Receptionist: Clone
    Charge to jobseekers for using the wonderful Universal Jobmatch: £4,419,258,080.60 (TAX)
    Renewal date: Your 30th Birthday (according to Logan’s Run) [renewal=recycling]
    Entry updated: November 2015 [date we need jobseekers to travel to, to get their forms countersigned and datestamped. Lack of time machine no excuse.]
    Entry created: 4004 BCE (according to Bishop Ussher)

    Available Sanctions: Time-Based Sanctions: 1 Month; 3 Months; 6 Months; 3 Years; Life; Lives of family for nine generations; Eternity
    Available Sanctions: Penalty-Based Sanctions: 1 Limb/2 Limbs/3 Limbs,
    4 Limbs; Public Whipping; Pubic Whipping; ‘Heil Cameron’ tattooed on face; Feed self into woodchipper or we burn your family at the stake.

    Company Motto: Arbeit Macht Frei

  41. Everybody must have noticed in recent days, that the government sponsored,”HIDE THE TRUTH”, Deletors have been working double time….

    Type in ATOS on google and it used to show page upon page of negative comments about these robbing, cheating, evil bastards.
    The web pages have had a makeover, hiding the evidence deeper into the searches……
    Furthermore ATOS VICTIMS GROUP, comes up as forbidden and when you typed in “freedom of information”, the “what do you know” site was easily accessible on the opening page.
    It has been hidden away with the governments own FOI website featuring on the top of every page……….

    We are witnessing the biggest removal of incriminating evidence ever collated against an oppressive murdering government.




    You tried to erase your last ten years of tory speeches and promises, yet the cemeteries bear the fruits of your policies and the death toll escalates as you dither and wonder about your next move.

    You are the authors of your own destruction…………..

  42. Reblogged this on lost in thurrock and commented:
    Re-blogged from The Void. I don’t normally re-blog from other bloggers but a) The Void is superb on a whole range of welfare and benefit issues and b) Universal Jobmatch winning the Worst Website Award is something that just has to be shared as widely as possible:)

  43. Reblogged this on gingerblokeblog and commented:
    We done to the DWP for pissing more tax payers money up the wall.

  44. anti-work programme

    I fear things will only get worse if we let the DWP become a sanction monster through mandatory DWP access to our UJM accounts.

    • That is why the jobcentre advisers put on Jobseeker Agreements (JSAG) the catch-all phrase: “Search Universal Jobmatch daily and apply for all suitable [scam] vacancies”. Forgot to log-in on Christmas Day – sanction! Didn’t apply for “suitable [scam] vacancy” i.e. “office manager” aka money mule – sanction!

  45. anti-work programme

    * As for my local WP office, they are useless. Firstly, they told me it was mandatory to sign an (induction) information disclosure form under threat of sanction – I later withdrew my consent for them to obtain, store and distribute my personal info through a ‘Section 10’ compliance notice (Data Protection Act).

    They insisted I used their version of my CV; their version was bollocks and if seen by an employer it would have been thrown straight in the bin. I am perfectly capable of producing a winning CV ( as taught by Learn Direct), but the WP still wanted to help fuck up my re-entry back into work.

    To date, my useless WP provider has tried to force me into Zero-hour contracts through local dodgy employment agencies. I just messed them about as I cannot be forced into Zero Hour contract work. The DWP now state a sanction cannot be issued if a zero hour contract is not taken up.

    Each time I go to do ‘supervised’ job search I don’t take any notice of them and get on with trying to get back into work again following forced redundancy. Fuck the WP, I will find jobs my way, not how they want me to.

  46. UJM site is down now, apparently for ‘upgrades’

    • anti-work programme

      The trained monkeys running UJM will probably just remove the tick boxes altogether that give us free choice whether or not the DWP can access our accounts….

    • I frequently use all the other main jobsites to do jobsearches, 99% of the time they take you to UJM site to apply, so they are all phoney!

      • Landless Peasant

        Most of the jobs I’ve seen on Universal Jobmatch refer you to CV Library to apply, and I just use that one instead, it’s the only one I bother with and it works fine. No one has to use the Universal site at all.

  47. It’s designed for scammers. If I was a scammer (I’m not) I could put a scam job up there for example that would trick people into getting fake cheques and sending me money through Western Union and have people forced by the threat of sanctions to take part in my scam. (and then possibly get a criminal record for taking part in it, making them unemployable for years.)

    • Eric Greenwood (4727)

      Even worse.. they could filter people out, say young women, and invite them “for an interview”.. in the middle of nowhere and god knows what could happen to them.. There was that story about a Killer who tricked people into a fake job interview then murdered them.. Imagine if this is a government run site promoting such acts..In addition while you are away at a “interview” how do you know your house isnt being ransacked..

  48. anti-work programme

    Email I received back from Universal Jobmatch after I had complained about its poor job application methods used….


    Thank you for contacting Universal Jobmatch.

    Employers can choose different methods to receive applications to their jobs. If they select the option to receive CVs via our site and you apply in this way, those jobs will have an ‘Apply’ button on them.

    Some employers can direct you to a different website. These jobs will have an Apply button too. Others will ask you to apply offline – by telephoning or writing, for example. This contact information will be in the job description or on the left-hand side in the Job Summary. If you apply by these methods these jobs will not show in your Application History. But you can go to Activity History and type in some information in to the Job Search Notes field and keep a record of your applications there.

    The Submit button that you see on some jobs, is used if you want to mark a job with a reason on why you have decided not to apply for it.

    Throughout Universal Jobmatch you will notice an orange question mark icon. Click on it to access our Help page for tips and ideas on using the site.

    We hope we have answered your question, but if there is anything further please contact us again.

    Kind regards

    Universal Jobmatch
    Do not reply to this email unless you are directed to do so as we will not be able to respond.

    Please use the ‘Contact Us’ facility if you have any further issues or to report this email as suspicious.

    We will never ask you for your password in an email.

    © Department for Work and Pensions

    Reference Number CAS-338641-P9Q4G3

  49. A word of warning! The benefit fraud taskforce have full access to all Universal Jobmatch accounts irrespective if you given permission or not. I would not use it if you are on the fiddle.

  50. Hate to have to post this but it is the Labour Party in 2013


    Our Rachel playing a blinder!!!!! WTF??????????????

  51. Why hasn’t Universal Job Match got a great big “REPORT A SCAM/PEDO/’PHIL ECCLES'” button like Facebook has?

  52. I mentioned to the jobcentre about how my computer was having problems and I was struggling to get even legit from local job adverts applications out. They just laughed at me. And my adviser just looked at me as if I had 2 heads!

  53. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Take a bow Iain Duncan Smith. Thanks to Johnny Void for this…..

  54. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/7704611.stm

    Govt data stolen after atos govt info left in car park

    • anti-work programme

      time to sue the British Government for being un-educated twats. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chinese agents have since stolen this sensitive data.

  55. I’m sure Mc Vile and Dopey Smith will claim this as an absolute victory just as they do with all these court rulings against them. Winning is winning after all.

  56. overburdenddonkey

    the main barrier to work is that there are no fcuking jobs, notwithstanding this prime fact..the unelected govt are not taking responsibility for creating them, the claimant is implicitly being instructed that they have to transmutate into merlin the magician and take responsibility for doing this… we with, severely restricted access to energy/resources, in all shapes and forms, have to conjure up jobs and /or capability to work, ie provide work power and jobs for ourselves, to pray at the alter of the fairy god person of jobs each day, in the vain hope a job will magically appear, about 5m miracles are required…all the guilt ridden middle classes can do is to came up with more, same old same old, newly clothed/cloaked schemes, blame the disenfranchised poor, and therefore project their guilt/blindness/stupidity, onto us by the bucketload…their power is control of our vitals of life…we all know that work would resolve many of our collective issues, except the elephant in the room is being denied there are no jobs, because the rich have sucked the life out of the labour market, in their hunt for more profit, more assets, and larger portfolios….to the rich, take responsibility….!

  57. Landless Peasant

    Why is anyone using the Universal Jobmatch website? You do not have to use it, so don’t!

    • anti-work programme

      I was told to use Universal Jobmatch not only by the JCP, but also by the muppets I have to see weekly as part of my WP job session. If I was to stop using jobmatch, this will land me an automatic 3 month sanction if the jcp was to find out…

      • Landless Peasant

        The DWP cannot dictate which website you should use to do jobsearch. I don’t use Universal Jobshat and they haven’t sanctioned me.

  58. Monster. Played DWP for fools. Did DWP really think that another job-finder site which it payed 20million for would make a full working one and lose members. Monster know it always best to make your enemy think they have won. So what did the tax payer get from the 20million a non working site that should not have even cost anywere near that price, What did monster get a big ass pay rise.

  59. It’s highly ironic that a government based on the premise that private enterprise is always better should have its own software manufactured badly by a company that has a vested interest in keeping it inferior to their own product.

  60. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    It’s highly ironic that a government, whose entire economic, social and governmental policy is based around the premise that the state should hand over essential services to private industry, should have one of its schemes badly produced by a private company, Monster, which has a vested interest in maintaining the superiority and competitiveness of its own product. In addition to this new snippet of information on the increasingly risible nature of Universal Jobmatch, The Void gives valuable advice for dealing with pressure from the Job Centre for claimants to use the website. You have the right not to allow Job Centre staff to go through your web search on the site, and you can untick the box so that the DWP cannot send you emails on your own, computer at home. They have no right to force you to use the website on your own computer.

  61. matt brilliant hat

    Hi all I might be thinking out of the box hear but, are they or are they not 8.5 million on some sort of welfare, last time I looked that was 1/7th the UK population don’t quote me on this but 30-40 million ppl over the age of 18 are eligible to do so “what are we waiting for the bastards will shit them selves if we all vote ukip, they might not win but by God it’s a mass of people unrivalled by any army, the US & PRC combined with a sprinkle N Korea and a dash of Russia, THE SOME OF ALL THEIR FEARS.
    They will see what they are scraping off their shoes, “it will be Camerons fear induced diarrhea” we are one the same!

  62. Universal Jobmatch. As much as I loathe it, and disagree with it – so many people are paranoid that if they refuse to use it, they’ll get sanctioned.

    Seriously; you DO NOT HAVE TO USE IT. It is in your right to decline, hence that is why the box is there.

    I don’t use it… why? Well, because if you notice; if you apply for a job directly through that website, you’re actually able to view whether the employer has ‘received’ it or ‘read’ it. Now I will assure you… apply for 100s of jobs, only 10 of them will be ‘read’ adding on the fact that they may not even accept you.

    This is my excuse, I’ve provided evidence that not one single employer has even LOOKED at my applications. If a job comes up relative to my career prospects, and the job is on UJM… it’ll appear up with indeed.co.uk, and those are the jobs with the emails on the side.

    So yeah… block JCP from looking at it. If EVERYONE blocked it, then they’ll scrap it… since it’s a waste of money. They won’t sanction everyone, because private work programs will start snatching. Also remember, employers hate UJM as much as you guys do and they will less likely ‘read’ your application.

  63. The purpose of this online job site as it is impossible to properly use to this to find a job using the website…… is to provide an excuse for the DWP to sanction claimants. Simple as that…..

  64. My local jobcentre – Walsall – are taking away all the jobsearch computer terminals from both town centre sites on the 10th of March, so searching for employment on site will not be possible – a job centre where it’s not possible to search for a job using directgovs own computer system – what a farce ……

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  72. magnificent publish, very informative. I ponder why the other
    specialists of this sector do not understand this.

    You should continue your writing. I’m sure, you’ve a huge readers’
    base already!

  73. Monster advised the jobcentre that it would not work effectively , the job centre ignored their advice and told monster to do it their way.Even if it was shit job centre sucks, I think they want you to stay unemployed they’ll keep their jobs then at the jobcentre.Now the server is down cannot log in just want a job ffs.

  74. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added”
    checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three e-mails with the same comment.

    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Bless you!

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