The Salvation Army: Fighting in the Name of Workfare

jesus-workfare-salvationThe Salvation Army have taken to boasting about their involvement in workfare, despite them claiming last year that they weren’t involved in  the scheme.

The charity has come out fighting after hundreds of people contacted them in disgust at their use of forced work. Their website now features the story of someone they claim ‘volunteered’ for Mandatory Work Activity, despite the regulations clearly stating you cannot volunteer for this programme.

The Salvation Army are once again banning those criticising them from their facebook page, despite entering into a dialogue earlier where they were unrepentant about their use of unpaid workers.  Several people have taken to visiting their young people’s Alove UK page instead, whilst others have gone international.  They can also still be contacted on twitter @salvationarmyuk

And don’t forget the other so called Christian charity who are happy to force people to work for free.  YMCA (@YMCA_England) are also involved in the Mandatory Work Activity scheme, despite their President, Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu (@JohnSentamu) claiming to be firmly opposed to workfare.  They can be found on facebook at:

Join the National Week of Action Against Workfare beginning on March 18th:

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  2. Up until now they have demonstrated a disgraceful determination to continue taking part in this appalling scheme. Hopefully their arrogance will put people off donating to them or buying from their shops.

  3. Salvation Army Appeal

    “Just £200 a month will help us to provide a bowl of cold soup and a stale roll for “Johnny” who has been made homeless and hungry due to receiving a three year benefit sanction for “failing to attend” his Mandatory Work Activity placement in one of our sweatshops. Please give generously! Thank you!”

  4. Salvation Army – Liars,hypocrites,exploiters of the sick and poor and proud to boast about it,what a great advert for Christianity.

  5. “But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.” Peter 2:1

  6. IDS will be ranting again when they are ‘forced’ to pull out of the workfare scheme (or pretend they have).

  7. I have been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.
    The cancer nurses ae sending in my dla claim.
    Any bets on whether I get paid before I die?
    Me neither.

  8. I am actually shocked. I had no idea that the Salvation Army were involved in this workfare scheme (yes my head’s been elsewhere), this is absolutely disgusting, the workfare scheme is a disgrace the fact that a charity which is supposed to help people is exploiting people who need a job that pays there soddin’ wages. God this is a joke, a real example of the generousity of Christianity right there!

  9. The story of “Stephanie” is very different from the story of the young Scottish lad they forced to work for them. Although he cares for his disabled mum that didn’t stop the Salvation Army from exploiting him.

    Here is the sort of shite that they spout while doing what they can to make a fast buck.

    “The movement’s partnership with both private and public philanthropy will continue to bring comfort to the needy, while the proclamation of God’s redemptive love offers individuals and communities the opportunity to enjoy a better life on earth and a place in Christ’s everlasting Kingdom.”

    To the Salvation army the person who gets sanctioned and has no money is a great photo opportunity: “quick get a saintly looking type and hand that man a cup of tea!”

  10. Read the comments from an SA blog site:
    “I can confirm that Salvation Army are using forced labour, i received a letter today stating i must work for them 40 hours a week, I have not signed on before in my 32 years on this planet and was proud of that but I lost my job. I was told I had to do mandatory work or loose my benefits, I told them what I thought about that and was told I have no choice or will loose bennefits, it states in the literature that the job doesn’t need to be to do with my career, it is purely to make me be on time, work under supervision, hold down the job. If I fail to meet any of those criteria I will loose my bennefits…. While doing this month of work I will be classed by the government as employed which massages their employment figures as looks like they are reducing employment, I still have to sighn on though, even though though I am working 9 – 430 I am to make up that time, I’m assuming by working Saturdays as no time left in the week. I am very angry, I feel used and people are getting paid to use me, there is no job at the end and this will not add to my job prospects, oh and I’m still expected to spend the rest of the time job searching. Angry in fact is an understatement.

    Absolutely Appalling
    The Salvation Army should hang their heads in shame”

  11. The Salvation Army, more like Lucifer’s disciples.

  12. Salvation Army “Commissioner Silvia Cox launches new app to help people recognise the signs of human trafficking”
    “Funded by the Ministry of Justice and the Home Office, the Salvation Army has been contracted to manage the support to help to adult victims as part of a wider Government strategy to eradicate trafficking both here and within source countries.”
    Brilliant. Get a fee for taking on forced labour from the DWP and then give “support” to the victim for another fee.

  13. am so bloody shocked this is happening

  14. For the scripture saith, “Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And the labourer is worthy of his reward.” (Timothy, 5:18)

  15. What is it with the management of these charities ? Have they been bought off ? Are they unwilling or unable to see anything except for the free labour and backhanders they get from Smith & his squadron of wannable Fuhrers huddled in the DWP’s bunker in Tothill Street ?

    Customers and genuine volunteers played an important part in making charitable organisations household names. The people who donated goods to charity shops did so because they believed they were doing something positive to help other people in society and the folks who bought from these shops did so for the same reason. The volunteers helped to build up public awareness of the aims of these charities and volunteers also played a vital role in helping to increase revenues.

    The thousands of people who volunteered their time free of charge for charities did so out of kindness, dedication and concern for other people in society. That was then ….

    Today, the directors and executives of charities that take on workfare conscripts are too dumb or irresponsible to realise the effects their actions are causing to their own organisations. Accepting people who are forced to work without their consent completely denigrates the fine work genuine volunteers have carried out for many years. And people who have donated to or bought from charity shops in the past will either send their donations elsewhere or not donate to charity shops at all. So the goodwill of the public that once existed towards these organisations will be lost, maybe forever.

    Maybe when their takings are down and the volumes of donated goods are reduced and shops starting closing down then the management will begin to wonder whether taking the Tory shilling was such a good idea for the long term success of their organisations.

    In the meantime I keep on getting junk mail from The Salvation Army asking for a cash donation. These letters always contain a stamped addressed envelope so the next time one arrives I will write a letter telling them why I’m refusing donate, place it in a parcel that contains a brick and take the parcel to the post office to be weighed and sent to Salvation Army HQ.

  16. Alex Hughes, Salvation Army CEO, says he gets just over £10k per year wages but omits to say what other “jollies” he gets. eg “The costs of Mr Hughes’ housing, furniture, car, council tax and insurance are paid for by the charity” Source:,12406,1042677,00.html (2003 figures)

    • Compared to other charities bosses he doesn’t come across as money grubbing in what he gets paid. For him it’s a more of a vocation and many of his staff are paid more. Compare this with the Salvation Army Trading company “The best paid director of the Salvation Army Trading Company last year received £136,078.” One of the directors caused a scandal recently by his own personal company making millions from the clothes handed for free to the SA charity shops.

  17. …but as there are ads on the internet for Assistants at £13k and Secretary at £17k I doubt the above is true. The actual person in charge would seem to be and I believe he gets a lot more than £10k pa!

  18. The Sally Ann lying? What a ridiculous thing to imply, for one thing that contradicts what they preach to others. Next you will be accusing priests of being pedophiles and cardinals of being homosexual

  19. The Holy Bible

    At his day thou shalt give him his hire, neither shall the sun go down upon it; for he is poor, and setteth his heart upon it: lest he cry against thee unto the LORD, and it be sin unto thee.

    — Deuteronomy 24:15

    • Yahweh is his name

      Can I just point out the FACT that word LORD is a substitute for the sacred name YAHWEH and that lord means Baal

      Exodus 23:13 And in all things that I have said unto you take ye heed: and make no mention of the name of other elohim, neither let it be heard out of thy mouth.
      Hosea 2:17 I will remove the names of the Baals (Lords) from her lips; no longer will their names be invoked.

  20. The Holy Bible

    Woe to him who builds his palace by unrighteousness,
    his upper rooms by injustice,
    making his own people work for nothing,
    not paying them for their labour.

    — Jeremiah 22:13

    • really really,pissed off with job centre and bloody wotkfare, something drastic got to be done now

      this will end in riots, can see it comeing

  21. The Holy Bible

    For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

    — Galatians 6:7

    Life plays some queer tricks but one of them isn’t letting us get away with it.

  22. the sneering supervisor who abused the hell out of me at me mwa placement with the salvation army 😦 loved to say “it only takes one phone call to the jobcentre and you are out on the street”… the salvation army is pure evil… the more people who know about them the better… big thanks to whoever rights this blog…. 🙂

  23. Pauly wrote:

    “What is it with the management of these charities ? Have they been bought off?”

    There is an executive class that is quite detached from the lower ranks who hand out the cups of tea to people down on their luck. The Salvation Army is in a sense a huge worldwide business. Clearly the consideration they give to the fact that people are forced to work for them for free is outweighed by the benefits they receive. Don’t forget that Christians involved in the slave trade convinced themselves that what they were doing was right both for God and the slaves!

    The “Work Programme Life Coach” jobs that they have available come with salaries of £21,000. Some of the executive salaries are much higher.

    The Salvation Army has been linked to a serious paedophile scandal recently:

  24. “Here is a ‘government-funded’ workfare company advertising ‘free labour’”

  25. Can I just point out a FACT that Chr*stianity is no more or no less than Baal worship, Lord means Baal, the word God is linked etymologically with a molten image.
    Chri*tians do not believe in the bible they believe in their version of the bible which they proof text their doctrines.

    So I am not surprised that these Baal worshipers and might I ad Sun worshipers just look at the religious imagery they use are involved in slavefare.

  26. “Government plans to clamp down on “benefit tourism” could see both Britons and immigrants affected by changes to the rules on entitlement.”

    The BBC article doesn’t tell us how “Britons” are going to be “affected”, I wonder if it means “Britons” who have been unemployed for more then six months will be treated the same as “immigrants”, sounds something along those lines to me!!!.

    • Why the conflation?; surely “Britons” and “immigrants” are two separate entities as far as the benefits system goes; why are they being interwoven?

    • On the news this morning I heard the part about “considering” making some benefits ‘contributions-based/linked only’ – (whereas currently there are both income-based and contributions-based awards in some cases – eg. for JSA?). However it might work, using the opportunity to exploit fears that Romanians & other migrant workers will shortly be arriving in large numbers as an opportunity to (further) limit access to basic income, and then to extend the argument to make it more generally/widely ‘withheld’ in whatever way, almost (but not quite) beggars belief.

      They are (dis)ingenious – I might have to give them that.

      • William Hague

        What you saying, shirleynott, scrap income-based JSA?? That would leave millions of jobseekers without an income?

      • William Hague

        If you haven’t paid enough “contributions” to receive contributions based JSA (which lasts for only six months) you wont receive, as we say up Yorkshire way, a brass farthing, on the contrary you will receive nowt; that will sort out the bloody immigrants and the bloody scroungers in one fell swoop!

        • Apologies William – I think what I heard was t’other way round – scrap (some) contributions-based (paid for six months only) benefits? It’s unthinkable whichever way they want to try to explain it – the system is already so woeful & inadequate that to be looking at chopping it in the ways they are and leaving people without a life raft/paddle has to be seen as criminal – even if it’s in years hence.

          • William Hague

            No need to apologise, shirleynott… I’ll bake you are hearty Yorkshire pudding if you don’t mind poppin’ in next time you ‘appenchance to be around these fine Dales. And I’ll buy you a apeth worth o’ finest Yorkshire candy too. Nowt like traditional Yorkshire humbugs!

      • You’re right, they are ingenious at this sort of thing. They must teach manipulation, sophistry, propaganda, deception, misdirection and divide and conquer lessons at their elite public schools.

    • Yep. The real target is of course us, the plebs – the British people, whether we are native or foreign born. Unfortunately they have worked the British people up into such a lather about immeegrunts flooding in to abuse our benefits system, commit heinous crimes/terrorist acts, take all our jobs, and force their barbaric alien customs on us, that unfortunately this con will probably work.

  27. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Universal Jobmatch – Privacy Policy – Update:

    Privacy policy as of March 1st 2013

  28. Rosemarie Harris

    I will be writing to Dr john sentemu and putting in the letter a leaflet about the Work programme and the sancations , the lack of Voluntary choice within this scheme and asking him politely to explain his standing on this issue.
    I don’t do twitter, i send emails ,write letters , tell people, leave messages in books etc. I do other things as well but i am not saying anything on here!
    keep up the fight they get to much money from the taxpayer’s to stop this money grapping scheme ,for them it’s easy profit.

  29. Can you imagine anyone having to pay bedroom tax to their landlord, and then being forced to do workfare with them.
    ids must be running out of companies

  30. UniversalPoverty

    Anybody have an update on UJM?.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      Universal Jobmatch – DWP – Update:

      4 March 2013 – Jobseekers required to use Universal Jobmatch:

      Jobseekers Allowance claimants can now be required to look for work using the government’s new Universal Jobmatch website, or risk losing their benefit.

      Universal Jobmatch revolutionises the process of looking for work by automatically matching jobseekers to jobs based on their skills and CV. Because the service is operational 24/7 jobseekers’ CVs are working for them – even when they’re asleep.

      Jobseekers have been quick to recognise the benefits and embrace the service, with almost two million already registered.

      The speed and convenience of the service, which jobseekers can access from their own homes, means that those who are serious about finding a job are better enabled to take control of their lives. The service is currently seeing an average of six million daily job searches, which is double the number carried out under the previous system.

      Until now its use has been entirely voluntary, but it has now been made possible for advisers to require Jobseekers Allowance claimants to use it where appropriate. Advisers will take into account the jobseekers’ circumstances and whether they have access to the internet. If a jobseeker refuses to use it without good reason, the adviser will be able to recommend they lose their benefits.

      Where possible, those who do not have internet access in their own homes will be able to access Universal Jobmatch in their Jobcentre.

      Minister for Employment, Mark Hoban, said:

      “Jobseekers who are serious about looking for work will get all the support they need from us. But in return for receiving Jobseekers Allowance they must prove they are doing everything they can to find a job.

      “Universal Jobmatch has already proved a big success in getting people get off benefits and into work, and people are flocking to use it.

      “If someone refuses to use a service that already has 460,000 employers posting jobs, you have to ask why – which is why we are now saying claimants must use it.”

      Notes to Editors:

      Universal Jobmatch was launched last year.
      It is open to all jobseekers, regardless of whether or not they are claiming a benefit.

      The service is free to use for employers as well as jobseekers. More than 460,000 employers have already registered to use it.

      All the data that jobseekers and employers enter onto Universal Jobmatch will be covered under the Data Protection Act.
      The website was designed using technology developed by

      From March 1 Jobcentre advisers can require Jobseekers Allowance claimants to use the site through a Jobseeker Direction.

      If they refuse to comply, they can be recommended for a benefit sanction. A decision-maker takes the final decision over whether benefit should be removed.

      Media enquiries: 0203 267 5137
      Out of hours: 07659 108 883
      Follow us on Twitter:

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      Star Wars Paraphrase:

      That wasn’t the update we were looking for!

  31. It will now be but a matter of time before many stories appear telling of blackmail of workfare victims being sexual abused/raped by their workfare provider in order to stop them informing the DWP that they should stop their benefits. Many workfare providers will get away with it as their victims will be too afraid/ashamed to complain, it will leave deep scars on them for the rest of the life. No one should be exposed/put into that situation.

    • “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”

      • This is a good point. Single mothers who have children who are depending on them to care for them and provide for them, will be especially vulnerable to blackmail. They may be put into a situation where they feel they have no choice but to comply with their provider’s demands for sexual favours, to keep a roof over their children’s heads and food in their stomachs.

        The power to recommend benefit sanctions for claimants, plus the extent to which benefit claimants have been dehumanised by the media, will create a situation ripe for abuse.

  32. I see Frank Field has been at it again on the daily politics, it is he that is proposing to stop benefits to anyone who has not made contributions. I wrote about him before regarding welfare reform he was peddling to a Blair government.

    Also on the daily politics they spoke of repatriating human rights laws again from Europe – onw of they upphold the right to press freedom – it’s a pity only the gutter press exploit this ruling because others are either too terrified to criticize government policy. Thank god for sites like this.

    The third issue I took umbrage with was the term for everything i.e. FUNDS MAY BE AVAILABLE, they cut benefits to single parents,tenants with extra bedrooms, council tax to benefit claimants and then they come on tv and say funds MAY be available to substitute what should be adequate statutory benefits – THEY WANT PEOPLE TO BEG.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      Not even IDS listens to Frank Field.

    • Didn’t Frank Field start off holding very different views (way back)? – what happened to him? I seem to remember him purporting to be ‘on the side of the less well-off’ or something at one time ….

      It’s true that there’s now just one long-running, circular ‘argument’ (set of phrases) which is being repeated. In reply to any reasonable objections raised, using specific examples, the reply is:- ‘we are always happy to look at individual cases’ and ‘there is a handy pot of money for that – local authorities have it; it’s up to them to sort that out’. Two ministers today used these handy phrases (Chris Grayling & Immigration expert – Mark Harper) to explain variously why it’s okay to privatise probation services and why it’s fine to allow asylum seekers to subsist on very tiny amounts of money, even where the result is their not being able to meet their own and their children’s very basic needs …

  33. Purer than the driven snow, the SA …
    Homelessness charity, the 700 Club, is facing a bill of up to £250,000 after an employment tribunal ruled that it must adhere to Tupe regulations after beating the Salvation Army in a tender bid to provide beds in Darlington.

    When the 700 Club won the bid it was held to account under Transfer of Undertakings (Tupe) regulations for the 18 Salvation Army employees from its Tom Raine Court facility which was forced to close. A ruling this week confirmed that the 700 Club must now either employ the [former SA] staff, or pay their redundancy fees.

  34. The second paragraph of the above post should read ‘ one of the arguments discussed was that they uphold the right to press freedom.’ I’m not sure where this sentence went.

  35. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  36. rainbowwarriorlizzie

    When I was a child and growing up I was brought up the Christian way and happily involved, helped and supported the Sally Army as we they were to us. And since then led to respcet the Sally Army and their good Christian work in helping the sick, disabled, poor, homeless, weak and lowly. But then I found out that the wrongs of workfare and I am now ashamed to know that the Salvation Army is now involved in this workfare slave labour so-called “volunteering”

    No matter how many times to dress this up, no matter how many times you deleted comments. You will have to Stand before the LORD and explain how you as a charity have plunged these so-called “volunteers” further into Poverty, Homelesssness which is what you as a Christian Charity meant to help those in Need!!

    A new churches’ report shows how evidence and statistics have been misused, misrepresented and manipulated to create untruths that stigmatise poor people, welfare recipients and those in receipt of benefits.

    The lies we tell ourselves: ending comfortable myths about poverty

    ‘But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresis, even denying the souvereign LORD who brought them-bringing swift destruction on themselves. (2 Peter 2:1 NIV)

    ‘There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed or hidden that will not be made known.
    What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in your inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roof tops. (Luke 12: 2-3 NIV)

    In the name of the LORD our Father AMEN

  37. Landless Peasant

    All the back-to-work schemes of the last few decades, all of the emphasis on the Economy, all of the pressure placed upon the unemployed, the Inclosures, the Industrial Revolution, and western Capitalism itself, are the result of the Protestant Work Ethic.

    • Landless Peasant

      All the back-to-work schemes of the last few decades, all of the emphasis on the Economy, all of the pressure placed upon the unemployed, the Inclosures, the Industrial Revolution, and western Capitalism itself, are the result of the Protestant Work Ethic….which begs the question, why are Catholics such as IDS, and previously Tony Blair, promoting the P.W.E. ? This is more usually the preserve of the Freemasons, who as an organization are philosophically in opposition to Catholicism.

      • IDS and TB are both converts but I don’ t think you can draw a direct connection to PWE. Love of money spans all people, all religions in all periods of history. Democritus said “Love of money is the metropolis of all evils.” Seneca wrote “the desire for that which does not belong to us, from which every evil of the mind springs.” (Saint Paul would echo this in “The love of money is the root of all evil”). Similarly Phocylides wrote “The love of money, is the mother of all evils.” Philo spoke of “love of money which is the starting-place of the greatest transgressions of the Law”. An Roman proverb compared the quest for wealth as like drinking salt water and the Ancient Egyptians had a Dives/Lazarus type moral tale with very similar warnings.

        I posted a while back a link to an article that showed that the Salvation Army in Australia was heavily involved in that countries version of Workfare whilst the Saint Vincent De Paul society wouldn’t touch it. I’m sure their are plenty of Christians who are ashamed about how public representatives of their denominations are behaving in areas like the Work Programme. I think they should write to their leaders and express their point of view.

        Your point about freemasons and Catholicism is out of date. Irrespective of what their Church teaches am told that one wing of the masons is predominately catholic in its European membership. Just like any other group there is no doubt the usual mix of good and bad.

        • Landless Peasant

          Yes, greed lust for material wealth knows no boundaries, but I do attribute the economic success of the west over the last few centuries largely to the P.W.E. which was a driving factor in the Industrial Revolution. It used to be the case that any Catholic who joined the Freemasons would be excommunicated, and any integration of the two would have represented a contradiction, for a dichotomy exists between them; Freemasons are esoterically known as the Sons of Cain, and Catholics the Sons of Seth. The latter seeking Salvation through Blind Faith alone, and the former seeking Ascension through Work in the Light of Knowledge. If we have reached the stage where the two have become combined, then Hegelian Synthesis is almost complete. Fire and Water combined.

          • Catholicism is faith and works. The former inspires the latter. No works = no faith and the works are charity. Coincidently the Ancient Egyptians had a running battle in the spiritual sphere between Seth (not the biblical person) and Horus and it came close to virtual dualism. Earlier they struggled to reconcile the two so whilst Seth was the killer of the good Osiris he also appeared in the solar barque as a defender of the creator god Ra but I digress.

  38. Gods work(fare)

  39. Jesus H. Christ

    I don’t remember putting anything about exploiting the poor in my Bible. My Dad said that they are going to burn in Hell for eternity.

  40. Olivia Stubblefield

    Is the YMCA in Scotland involved in workfare?

  41. So where is their precious god now? Why isn’t he protecting those he created in his image from the evil Salvation Army oppressors and #workfare? Perhaps that it, perhaps their god was on #workfare himself.

    • The same place when his son was scourged and crucified. The same place when Martin Luther King and countless others who were killed for standing up for the good, who rejected the dark for the light. The same place when the cattle trucks were rolling towards Auchwitz, the same place when every tiny little divine image is abused or killed, the same place when the rich in the West exploit without mercy a poor person so that we can have the wealth they produce for a pittance.

      You might as well ask why there is any evil traits in others and ourselves. I could you repeat the theological reasons why this is so but in truth its the biggest mystery of all for me. You can ask in person when this show ends and I wish you well, (genuinely), as I do when that time comes for even the ones whom I despise for what they are doing in this life to their fellow human beings. An ocean of mercy.

      • It was a rhetorical Question John as I don’t believe in their great magic man in the sky, or Father Christmas

  42. The Salvation Army was always known for helping the needy but alas they have accepted Camerons 30pieces of silver. I for one will not be supporting the SallyAnn any more when they are shaking their alms tins SHAME ON YOU

  43. I was walking past my local SA charity shop and the notices in the windows pleading for donations are getting larger and sounding ever more desperate. We know the boycotts are effective as there affect on the public reputation of the likes of Sue Ryder and the other leaches is the only reason they withdrew. Keep up the good work people and spread the word as we are winning this fight because we are standing up for what is right and just whilst their only motivation is greed.

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  47. So Stephanie wants to work in Childcare and the good lord said: “get thee to the local Sally Army Charity Shop and sort clothes”?

  48. Did jesus ever say ‘fuck’? like when he was on the cross did he say fuck this? its doesnt say in the bible. maybe that book of full of lies..

  49. I was just on the YMCA facebook page to leave some ‘advice’.
    I found their little status of “please don’t criticise us about workfare, in posts that aren’t workfare related.” both amusing and irritating.
    No offence YMCA, or any charity using workfare schemes, but people should comment on their dissatisfaction in the way most inconvenient to that particular charity. That’s the downside to doing the wrong thing. You can’t coordinate where and when people will bring it up.

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  51. i have been signing on now for six months after being made redundant after 20 years due to half a knee. (ill health retired) I have now been told by a benefit advisor that i am being put on this mandatory work program (why)
    can they just put you onto this scheme, can someone explain this and also tell me what rights i have over this.

    is it mandatory, what rights do i have, can they just put me in pound land for example

    An issue will also be that i object to this program in that i used to be a trade union rep. If i am mandated to attend then on my day off i will be demonstrating outside pound land with a placard highlighting poundlands participation in this abuse

    • from what I understand MWA is because of a few reasons :
      1) you are not doing enough to look for work
      2) they feel you need some help in getting back into a work routine
      the unwritten/unspoken reason though is that it is used as a short sharp punishment. (although some tory clot admitted this to the press a few weeks ago).
      It is mandatory and you cannot get out of it unless you want a sanction 😦
      They can put you anywhere that is signed up for the MWA in your area (upto 90 minutes via public transport), they should pay your travel expenses though (if any).
      I think once you have completed it though they cannot put you on another one.

    • The dwp site has a pdf document with all the details about the MWA.
      It is called :
      Mandatory Work Activity – Provider Guidance dated 1st december 2012

      A pretty depressing read though, but useful to have.

    • The Aims of Mandatory Work Activity
      1.7 MWA is intended to help cust
      omers move closer to the labour market,
      enabling them to establish the discipline
      and habits of working life, such as
      attending on time regularly, carryi
      ng out specific tasks and working under
      supervision while delivering a contri
      bution to the local community.
      1.8 MWA is about offering
      some customers further support and
      encouraging them to do mo
      re to look for work.

    • interesting :

      3.15 Placements must be
      to any existing or expected vacancies.
      You must ensure that employers ar
      e not taking advantage of MWA as a
      source of labour at the expense of
      employing workers in the open labour

  52. as stated

    if i am placed onto this monstrosity then on my day off, i will be outside demonstrating their participation in this work placement with banners under my rights to peaceful; protest

  53. Rosemarie Harris

    Going off the topic slighty but it is regarding The mandatory work Activity.
    Is it still that if you already Volunter or are doing education that they can’t send you on these “slave” programmes?
    I did remember seeing this way out about oneyear ago but i haven’t seen it since, can any one let us know if this is still o.k and how many hours etc.

  54. Under the mandatory work experience document used by job centre advisors, this is stated:

    18. Given the policy intent of MWA, the following claimants must not be
    considered for referral to MWA:
     currently working (paid or voluntary)
     undertaking employment related study / training
     taking part in or recently completed* another employment measure
    (contracted or non-contracted) aimed at helping them move closer to
    the labour market

    Now undertaking employment related study/traning include doing an education course such as college or a part time degree study course as an example.

    How do the DWP DEFINE undertaking employment related study

  55. You are all paranoid and need to get out more.

  56. The bedroom tax an obscene ideological Govt attack on the vulnerable

    * contains strong language 🙂

  57. It’s amazing to pay a quick visit this web site and reading the views of all mates about this piece of writing, while I am also zealous of getting knowledge.

  58. Rosemarie Harris

    OK If this is the way they want to play it, lets play.
    All the unemployed people who had to manditory volunteer should make a home page simliar to the slave charity and tell their “real story” and how they feel about it,what they did when they were there and the pieces of paper they received to say they were TRAINED to do this job and can now run their own car boot sale! After all is this not about giving people skills? so we do need a piece of paper to show the other “slave” charity shops that we do know what we are doing!

    I am sure a few people enjoyed doing the job but that is not the point.we should be given the choice when and where. I have done voluntary work myself and gained from it and so did where i volunteerd because i had the choice,and when you are given the choice you both benefit because they respect you and treated as a equal NOT as cheap labour and free. This lot would make Jesus Christ get of the cross and sell the nails!

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