Number Of Disabled People Helped Into Work Drops By Over A Third Boasts DWP

access-to-workMinister for Murdering Disabled People Esther McVey has released a press release today boasting that less disabled people have been helped into work than at any point since 2007.

Murdering McVey refers to regional figures for the Government’s Access To Work scheme, which show that even in large cities such as Leeds or Glasgow, barely a few hundred people are being helped by the scheme.

The latest official figures for the Government’s Access To Work scheme were released in January (PDF), and did not merit a DWP Press Release.  It is easy to understand why.  The figures cover the six month period between April and September 2012 and show that the number of disabled people helped into jobs has plummeted since this Government weren’t elected.

At its peak in 2009/2010, the Access To Work programme, which helps pay for specialist equipment for disabled workers, helped 16,540 new disabled people into employment.

By 2011/12 this numbers had dropped to 9,980.  The latest figures show that just 4,960 people had benefited from the scheme in the first six months of the latest period – meaning if such pitiful performance continues this will be the worst year yet.

This is despite the promises from Ministers that the thousands of sacked Remploy workers would find new jobs through Access To Work.

Even during the worst of the recession 14,010 new people were helped into employment via Access To Work, almost a third higher then the recent dire statistics.  The latest figures suggest one of two things.  The Tories have either broken the Access To Work scheme or despite the manipulated unemployment figures there are no fucking jobs.  Of course both of these things are quite likely to be true.

53 responses to “Number Of Disabled People Helped Into Work Drops By Over A Third Boasts DWP

  1. Is it just me who hates the dehumanising usage of the word ‘stock’?

    • You’ve made my comment for me. Doesn’t ‘stock’ refer to cattle most often, or other four-legged animal – as in ‘livestock’? It would be interesting to know where/how this terminology came to be used in this context …

      Having heard Ms McVey a couple of times recently on tv & on the radio though, I’d guess it’s not even occurred to her that this might not be a reasonable way of referring to other people.

      • We are stock. When you view vast herds of people, that’s what we become. It’s a bit undignified from our POV but I’m not surprised or over-indignant about it. I suspect all problem solvers involving people think that way.

        • That’s very tolerant but – Herds of cattle/goats/sheep – groups of people?

          • That’s the contempt we’re held in, don’t even have the decency to call us “customers” or “clients”, just “stock” all with a price on our heads.Just how much more indignity are we expected to tolerate?
            Who the hell does McVey think she is?. She was just a vacous air-headed TV presenter who couldn’t function without an autocue & would grin inanely even when a serious topic was being discussed.
            Useless waste of oxygen.

        • If they called all people stock I might not have a problem with it, but when they only use it in reference to people who they are marginalising and persecuting, in order to further dehumanise them, I have a big problem with it. They don’t refer to herds of upper class people at royal ascot in their bizarre outfits as ‘stock’ do they? No they call them “the nobility” “the upper crust”, the “creme de la creme”.

    • It’s not just you Kev, it sickens and infuriates me. This country just gets sicker and sicker by the day. Stock is genuinely how the ruling class see all of us – just tools to be used and cattle to be milked and then disposed of once we are of no further use, but it is especially reprehensible, to use that terminology to refer to the sick and disabled. It is of course chillingly reminiscent of the language used by the Nazis.

    • When Lord Freud used the disdainful, dehumanising word “stock'” during the passage of the welfare destruction bill, it was airbrushed out of history by Hansard….

  2. Knowing this government (just like the last government) I would not put it passed them to have put all those who have committed suicide due to having their benefits taken off them into the figures of those who have found work!!!.

    • That’s an excellent point, the scary thing is it would shock me more if they didn’t fiddle the stats in this abhorent way!

    • something survived...

      They could do this, put in UJM a ‘job opportunity’ and say you must commit suicide (they get to pick the method) and mandate you to apply… if you refuse they will stop your benefits and evict you so you starve or freeze.

  3. Obi Wan Kenobi

    And for the DWP’s next lie –???

  4. ” Colourful ” ex city character , Lord Fraud has been known to refer to people as stock too …it’s not just the Scouse Tory ex weather girl

    • It is especially insensitive for him to use that term since he will almost certainly have family relations who were transported as live stock in the cattle trucks that took people to the death camps. His relations were treated as sub-human and he most certainly should not refer to human beings as stock.

      • Councils had already identified more than half of the 120,000 families the Prime Minister pledged to turn around by 2015, with over 62,000 names and addresses in the system and 50 per cent more than they were asked to identify this year.

        Lord Freud, a 21st century computerised database of troubled families branded as stock now that is scary!

        • Even scarier is that its all spin and families ‘troubled’ to Tory criterea do not actually exist. The ‘troubled narrative’ was scotched in the excellent report “The lies we tell ourselves: ending comfortable myths about poverty” released last week.

          Click to access truth_and_lies_report_final.pdf

          So WHO are the unlucky families who have fallen on to the councils’ radars, and WHY are they being intrusively targeted?

          It seems in breach of their human rights to privacy and family life at any rate, and quite terrifying.

    • She is from the Wirral. That is why she speaks in that horrible fractured way. I just feel like doing violence to my tv every time I see her spouting her particular brand of idiocy.

      • Stan – Allegedly, it’s now supposed to be just ‘Wirral’, no ‘the’ – just what I’ve been told by relatives who have moved to live there … what is with the fractured way of speaking, is it from all the exposure to sea air?

      • Shirley, it is the Wirral Peninsula, hence “the Wirral”. I am an ex-pat from not to far away from that particular neck of the woods. They vote Tory and give birth to monsters like Esther Mcvey. God I hate the woman, with a passion.

        • I live in the Wirral, she is my MP, as the area I live in is classed as Wirral west, I don’t fucking know how she got elected there are some areas of Wirral west that are social housing estates, I am proud to live on one, most of us are as poor as mice, she does not give a fuck about us, even though we are her constituents, we are poor benefit scroungers in her eyes, and we should all be put in workhouses, we have a big social divide in the Wirral. And as for Frank Field he should be ashamed of himself, call himself a labour MP, WHAT A FUCKING JOKE

          • I apologise for the gross generalisation. Hello to all the “good” people on the Wirral. Vote the stupid cow (I am being polite to Esther) out next time please, she is a disgrace. Thank you.

            • something survived...

              They also record the UNBORN and UNCONCEIVED babies (potential future babies) of single mums and unemployed/poor people, as a Problem. At risk of being a criminal and drug addict, and to be taken into care or put under supervision at birth!

              What if we did this for the Upper Class?
              Offspring most likely to:
              -Piss away the fortune on the gee gees
              -Lose the stately pile playing cards
              -Take all the money and relocate to Dubai
              -Make some money but it all ends up their nose
              -Blow it all on champagne, posh cars and prostitutes

  5. Makes you sick…literally. It also makes me stark raving mad, how the hell can they get away with this…it makes zero sense. Well the sad thing is actually it does make sense, if I was a government schmuck. God help us all everyone.

  6. Obi Wan Kenobi

    From DWP Website:

    4 March 2013 – Jobcentre Plus Advisers for troubled families.

    • something survived...

      Eric Pickles has Obesity, which is one of the Problem things they want to get rid of in the poor. He should either go on a diet himself or shut the hell up. Or are fat RICH people okay?

      Families ‘costing a lot of money’ could include those with disabled adults and/or kids, and those where several members need often expensive healthcare and social care. And Catholic etc. larger families where contraception isn’t an option for religious/cultural reasons. If spelled out in full, this would lose support from rightwing Catholics. Also every case where two or more previous families, with previous sets of kids, combine in a new relationship and larger household. Or where an existing member has a child and adds to family numbers, or a parent (as we are TOLD to do) moves in to be looked after!

      The Nuclear Family of heterosexual ablebodied white male and female, churchgoing Christians with 2 ablebodied ditto kids and 1-2 cars and no debt, is NOT the norm. In Cameronville (inside Cameron’s head) it is, and anything deviating from this pattern is an aberration.

      Just an example: one family: central couple lived for a while with their baby. (That is 3 so far), With the husband’s sister and her boyfriend and their 2 babies (total up to 7), and husband’s parents (total of 9). Until they could move to 3 houses.

      There are people who think you’re abnormal if you don’t buy a new car every 2 months and don’t have a second garage. If you have no car and no first garage you are a tramp and they don’t want to talk to you, or let their kids near your kids.

  7. Linda Ashford

    Those figures don’t look right to me, the last figure is for q1 & 2 of 2012-13, not for the full year. I abhor the use of the word stock. It looks to me from these figures that for the whole year, i.e. 4 quarters, not 2 there will be a very big increase in claimants and virtually no change at all in the amount going into work. All that testing and assessment at such a high amount to the tax payer and such a human cost to those who have been processed in this inhuman way. I am no mathmatician or economist, please feel free to correct me on this if I am wrong, but that is the way those figures look to me.

  8. Here is a tragic story of a Remploy worker who was found dead on the day his factory closed.

  9. Its like that stat the Tory boys keep spouting “1 million new jobs have been created since we came to power!”

    So has unemployment been reduced by 1 million?

    “err, no”

    Fuck off then!

  10. Linda Ashford

    My bad, I should have read the article more carefully. My comments still stand though, and of course there are no jobs for these people, if there were at least some of them would be in part time work through their own efforts, because unless you are really badly unwell, it ain’t great not being in work and having to depend upon your family for everything. On the other hand there are huge numbers of really unwell people, who can’t work, and it is time that this was aknowledged, why the charities do not release the numbers of people with these conditions so the public can do the maths I don’t know. People with my condition alone number approx 120,000, and only those in the early stages are able to work.

    • something survived...

      If you are ‘less’ unwell then there are days you could work but then you get ill and can’t work, so no employer would want you. When you need lots of time off and not even predict which days you are too sick to come in.

  11. can you believe mcvey i just hope her constituants give her the boot come election time this is one bad bitch.

    • something survived...

      There is a competition to send one man and one woman on a one way trip to Mars (it is real, check the internet). I think Eric Pickles and Esther McVey just nominated themselves.

      Or is Mars not far enough?

  12. Big Bill
    “I suspect all problem solvers think that way”
    Since when were these people problem solvers?? They should be put in the stocks.

  13. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Welfare benefit restrictions would apply to British citizens:

    Restrictions on health and welfare benefits for immigrants from European Union states would have to apply equally to UK citizens under EU law, says Downing Street.

    • something survived...

      Every day in every way the ‘government’ (sic) gets more and more racist…
      People from UK can live and work in Bulgaria and Romania, go on holiday in Bulgaria and buy houses in Bulgaria. It may have escaped these politicians’ ear trumpets, semaphore, or messages conveyed by stagecoach – but these countries have been in the EU for several years.

      Let’s say you are a legitimate immigrant and come to Britain, and get a construction job (all above board). Then you are injured at work, through nobody’s fault or somebody else’s fault. And the emergency NHS care is free, but all subsequent care/painkillers/rehab is not? And your money came from working but now you can’t work, or at least not until your back gets fixed? So you can’t afford private healthcare, so you go without, and suffer in pain and get worse. (This kind of pattern happens to Americans who lose their health insurance/have none)

      Or anyone who accidentally eats at Kentucky Fried Dobbin and gets food poisoning, or those cancers they say you can get from the horse drugs found in dead and diseased horses. Neither counts as Emergency healthcare. And presumably under Universal Punishment, sorry I mean Credit (or should that be Debt?), the male as ‘head of household’ is punished along with all his ‘dependants’ (wife and kids) by removal of all benefits and services – even if she/they are British? Regardless of their circumstances, needs, economic input, skills?

      Of course if a man’s (applies to Brits too) wife/girlfriend is a domestic violence victim, if she takes the kids and runs, being the ‘add-on’ in a UC claim of a UC bloke who might be subject to a Sanction, she has less than nothing of a status anywhere. Also through UJM and UC/ Government Gateway he is free to hunt her down and kill her (and the kids), and apparently she can only complain about this after she is dead.

      Are our policies being written by the BNP? Or the comment about getting ‘families’ judged a Problem, ‘into jobs’: What jobs are there for kids, sweeping chimneys? Mining coal? Mending roads?
      Pickles: “Put down your toys you lazy little scum! Now that it’s your fifth birthday you are going into the world of work! Please crawl under this moving loom! If you survive you can stand by the loom when you’re 14 but you’ll then work there till you drop, and later you’ll die of cancer from all the inhaled dust and fibres over your lifetime, and we’ll toss your bones in the privy at the back of the workhouse.”

      Eric Pickles: Dragging Broken Britain Into The Nineteenth Century!

  14. shirleynott

    They think they are from good stock – but we know they are deluded.

  15. We are the product.


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    In Solidarity!!

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  21. An important petition to be signed so it can be handed in on Friday to Westminster re the privatization of NHS (pls share with others):

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  24. rape is never funny – unless it’s esther mcvay gettin raped by eric pickles

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