Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness (unless thou is the Salvation Army fibbing about workfare)

workfare-salvation-army-denialThe Salvation Army have been caught fibbing once again about their use of workfare after a Jobcentre referral to Mandatory Work Activity in one of their charity shops was posted on the internet.

The charity, who have now changed their story at least twice as their fibs have been exposed, originally claimed that they are not involved in workfare – as can still be seen in the google search results as pictured  above.

Then a piece was published in the Daily Record which described the experiences of one unpaid worker in a Salvation Army charity shop.  This led many people questioning them as to whether they were being honest when they claimed they didn’t use workfare.

Initially the charity fudged the issue, claiming this was an ‘agreed placement’ in a statement which is now only available in google’s cache.

Possibly due to the letter pictured below (which proves beyond doubt their use of workfare) they have now changed their statement yet again to plead “Anyone who volunteers their services to us does so in the knowledge that their benefits will not be affected.

We do not have any national agreements in place to provide mandatory 4-week work placements, but on a local level we are aware that our trading company has been approached by independent welfare to work providers which have been offering short-term work experience, locally, in some of our retail shops. We must stress that no placements are in place of paid work and we trust the decision of our local representatives to provide valuable professional experience.”

Note the attempt to mislead by claiming that anyone who ‘volunteers’ their services will not have their benefits affected.  The question is what happens to the benefits of people who haven’t volunteered, and have been sent on Mandatory Work Activity?

The answer, is that if they don’t turn up, they will have benefits stopped, possibly for up to three years.  This will drive those already struggling into entrenched poverty and quite possibly homelessness.

The latest statement from the Salvation Army seems to be the closest they are prepared to come to admitting to their use of forced unpaid workers.  And they only came clean about their dirty little workfare secret because they had to after being caught fibbing.

Jesus, if he actually existed, would not be pleased with this bunch of shady little helpers.  Check out what his non-existent dad said:

“There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.  Proverbs 6:16-19”

You can contact them on twitter @salvationarmyuk


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54 responses to “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness (unless thou is the Salvation Army fibbing about workfare)

  1. I sincerely hope they will pull out of this nasty scheme.

  2. Damnation Army

  3. And the LORD says, “What sorrow awaits Jehoiakim, who builds his palace with forced labor. He builds injustice into its walls, for he makes his neighbors work for nothing. He does not pay them for their labor.
    Jeremiah 22:13

  4. I’ve known what shysters these people can be since i was assigned to them on the WP. I’ve had threats of poverty for non compliance over not wanting them to have my CV (which they want so they can ‘apply for jobs on my behalf’ – get to fuck!). That they have the nerve to launch a christmas anti poverty campaign at the same time was pretty outrageous. Give these fuckers a wide berth – they are bible literalists that think they are an actual army. They give themselves military ranks and have a magazine (or did at least) called ‘War cry’. Imagine the outrage if that was a muslim organisation!

    • I’ve had threats of poverty for non compliance over not wanting them to have my CV (which they want so they can ‘apply for jobs on my behalf’ …)

      That is disgraceful
      My bet is that they get a payment for getting you a job of their choosing from our wonderful “let’s get people off the dole to save cash and give the money instead to slave owners” of a government. Sorry I should have just called them pimping bastards, it trips off the tongue better.
      Whoring out people like they do is a most charitable and Christian act!

      Get a job off your own bat and they get diddly squit.
      All together with the war cry…
      Onward Christian Slavers making you a whore!

      GRRRR! 😡

      • Sure the greedy bastards are in it for the money but I don’t think thats the only reason, more like they enjoy an angry wank over their evil treatment of their vulnerable victims.

        • I must lead a sheltered life. I did not know there was such a thing as an angry wank. Do you need to look at pictures of angry birds?
          Hmmm must give it a try. Always did find their funny little twitterings mildly arousing.

          Now I have the image of Sally Army officers in uniform jerking the turkey over a Facebook game *shudders*
          Am mentally scarred now!

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  6. I have been tweeting those two bible verses to salvation army 😉 they cant stop me because they beleive in the book,

    • Thats just it though, they cant really believe any of the bullshit they, and their bible, preach. As if they did they would have to accept they themselves would be destined for hell because of their #workfare exploitation and all their other hypocritical sins.

  7. I thought IDS was a commited Christian. Well he should be commited …to a loony bin .. gay hating fox hunting supporter that he is .

  8. I think this kind of thing is part and parcel of what happens when a charity does a deal with money – it becomes corrupted. Highly paid executives start to replace people who were driven by things other than wealth. They become more concerned about their own financial salvation than anything else.

  9. Money,money that’s all they know,Lets hit then where it hurts, We don’t give,we don’t donate goods and we don’t buy from them. we could donate clothes that are no good,books with missing pages, cd’s@dvd’s that are knacked etc. It does make you feel better! Would this be helpful?

  10. I wonder how long it will be before they start casting out devils? – only from the poor of course, because they don’t reign within the rich, that is if you believe the iron lady when she said, ” the good samaratin couldn’t have performed his good works unless he had money”.

  11. he cast out the money men but whot had the army done allowed satan into their aboard to sally their understanding of greed here endeth the lesson jeff3

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    The misery poverty and homelessness that the Welfare Cuts will and have caused are nothing new to the Welfare system ,but what of those that are of No Fixed Abode already within the system .Unbeknown to the public all claimants claiming of NFA were paid on a daily basis over the counter these payments where to pay for daily living expenses .Part of the Salvation Army went PLC some years ago and is run on a commercial basis .Now you have to make an appointment during weekdays to be admitted if you fit certain criteria and pay on a daily rate unless accepted and become long term .
    In these weather conditions how many die through hypothermia ,where is the so called safety net for these people .The new system is so flawed it is beyond belief ,the dire consequences of implementing this system has far more reaching repercussions than just reducing benefits .

  14. charities are usually tax free businesses with peppercorn rents and are undermining and replacing statutory funding for the poorest in society. They are dictating who the deserving and undeserving poor are and are taking away peoples independence and replacing it with humblepie policies, where is the dignity in that?

    Charities are big business for those that feast at the top table, the recipients of this donated welfare get the crumbs.
    The rich get the top jobs and somewhere to offset their tax bill, the poor are coerced into working voluntarily and paying through the nose for second hand, donated goods.

  15. And yeah who make use of workfare will be cast into a burning pit of fire and brimstone for all Eternity.

    — The Book of Void

  16. Hey johnny and everyone on here. Are you looking for work ? Then why not get a job with any of these wonderful companies who specialise in. Welfare to work programs
    Contact them today and tell them how you feel about these helpful services they provide

    • Bob, you have stumbled across a boom industry to get the nation back on its feet.
      Mo longer will the workshy have an excuse that there are no jobs, there are plenty to be had in the employment recruitment industry.
      A bright and shiny future awaits…

  17. @kittycat good to see there are some jobs out there eg you can get a job working for one of those nice welfare to work providers .as I have posted on this blog . So you too can reap misery on others and say you did your bit to help the economy .

  18. rainbowwarriorlizzie
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  20. Sibrydionmawr

    Thanks for that link’ Uk government benefit changes are a social atrocity,’ and the added link regarding bedroom tax, which explains the catch 22 those with extra bedrooms are in perfectly. It also emphasises how dogmatic the dwp is in imposing these changes knowing that those who cannot afford to pay for extra bedrooms have nowhere suitable to move to.
    yet I cannot see it stopping people from being evicted, especially those who are sanctioned from jsa or esa because they would have no income to even try and scrimp and scrape up the rent that had been withdrawn because of the bedroom tax which would not be forthcoming even on a nil income basis application for housing benefit, therefore accruing rent arrears and possible eviction.
    You never hear charities campaigning on behalf of such people to negate retrograde policies such as this, obviously it would put them out of a job if there were no homeless, starving or unemployed.

    • You’re welcome Guy Fawkes. I’ve long been critical of the Poverty Industry, as it is largely self-serving. I once read a damning article about social workers and other ‘do gooders’ that struck a deep chord within me. It was deeply critical of the need for such professions as they just deal with the effects of an unequal and unfair society. It was written by Ulrike Meinhof of the Red Army Faction. Whilst I don’t advocate using their methods, none the less that article hit the nail on the head.

      I also agree with you that nothing will prevent people from being evicted, and I suspect that it will cause a lot of homelessness. as there is no way that the Welsh Assembly will be able to intervene once Universal Credit is rolled out as, unfortunately, social welfare isn’t a devolved issue. There could be a glimmer of hope in that social landlords are within the remit of the Welsh Assembly, and they can control rent rises, but that would be a drop in the ocean, and also of little comfort to people living in social housing in England, (though it seems that people presently renting in expensive London boroughs may find themselves receiving an enforced ‘Welcome in the Hillside’, according to some stories in the press over the past few months). But even if they were to do that, it’s my guess that housing associations wouldn’t be too happy about it, as they see any opportunity to increase rents as much as possible as the way to go – and the housing association I rent from is a registered charity that prides itself on telling us how much ‘surplus’ (newspeak for profit) they make every year, refuse to give us a breakdown of service charges, or to allow us sight of original bills for things like electricity for the communal lighting – which came to a claimed £2,600 this year for five energy saving bulbs that are on for approx 5 mins every time someone presses the switch!

      But the article does highlight the total absurdity of the scheme, which does go some way to challenging the perceived truth spewed by the Daily Mail. I’m usually highly critical of Welsh Labour, but I have to say that I am 100% behind Huw Lewis. It’s also extremely odd that the Western Mail, where the article was originally published, actually printed such a strongly worded attack on central government policy, as the Western Mail has been a Tory rag since it’s inception in 1869! Predictably, the article has been criticised by other politicians, including my local MP, Jenny Willott, of the LibDems. The LibDems spent many years building their empire here in the city centre, wresting power from Labour… however, they lost it all in the last local elections, and I suspect that Ms Willott will lose her seat here at the next general election.

  21. something survived...

    This is a religious organisation so there should be the right to refuse to work for it.
    Ironically if workfare people sent there are people who would be denied a paid/official/volunteer job on the basis of religion, sexuality etc, or denied the right to their services as homeless people (no meals for vegetarians: no help to gay couples/families). Also many services come with compulsory joining, attendance and participation in the religious services.

    Salvation Army is a hate group in that it preaches hate against gay people.

    church Army are similar…

    Fairly sure they don’t accept Muslims on their staff!

    This week I got told to apply for jobs, they want an imam for a mosque in Bradford! Also for lots of Christian jobs you must be a Christian priest to do.
    So they want you (while disabled) to pretend to be ablebodied and also lie that you are simultaneously a Muslim imam and a Christian priest (Catholic, Anglican, Evangelical and several others), to apply for these jobs! Oh they also want a Hindu priest and Sikh priests. Plus lots of jobs in the military.
    They told me to apply for jobs in the army that are for people nearly 4 years younger than me at the maximum age. They ignore I’m tiny, veggie, pacifist, anarchist. But also they ignore that you are not allowed to be disabled! Slight oversight on their part???????!!!!!

    UJM is sending BS jobs, your ‘local job’ eg as a teacher (I’m not) in Ellesmere Port (day’s drive away, no car, no right to drive)..

    Work Programme says today they will bring in 24/7 jobsearch soon, to make you apply online EVERY DAY once a day inc. Sat/Sun, for jobs.
    Or lose your benefit.
    How many people have access every day?
    What if the internet, or site, is down/crashes?
    What if you only have access some of the time and not guaranteed?
    What if you can’t get to or afford public access?
    What if you can’t log into UJM etc? (Can’t today either)
    What if you’re ill, away, travelling between places, asleep, unconscious?

    Plus they say 35 hour jobsearch will be compulsory and universal soon.

    Love the hitler video a few posts back. It’s so accurate.

    Even the fleas in Hitler’s tache lodged an objection to being there.

    • The jokecentre cos that is what it is – a fucking joke – told one of me mates who is in a WHEELCHAIR to apply for a job in the Army as a fucking COMBAT SOLDIER.

  22. I don’t see how forced unpaid labour can help someone gain the salvation about which the Salvation Army speak. They are opposed to assisted dying and in almost all cases abortion too. Last year they issued an apology for remarks made by a media relations officer in Australia who “appeared to agree with scripture that all practicing homosexuals be put to death”.

    They are currently recruiting for a Deputy Director of Research and Development. The salary starts on £47,000 (plus London allowance). How many Christmas lunches for the homeless could you provide for this amount of money!

  23. To them the work ethic stops the devil finding time for idle hands – they don’t realise the devil is running their organisations and being well paid for it.

  24. I read the link that somebody gave above to a Guardian article telling how some guy had become a multi-millionaire through selling on the cloths handed into the Salvation Army. The same person coincidentally is also on the board of the Salvation Army Trading company. I was passing one of their shops today which has the following text boldly on its large shop sign:
    “Belief in Action”.
    You couldn’t make this up. 🙂

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  26. Landless Peasant

    Someone ought to remind them that Jesus was the original Socialist.

    • It is a source of public scandal the Church of Capitalism that characterizes much of modern Christianity: Iain Duncan Smith, Tony Blair, Salvation Army and telly evangelists. If the Jesus Christ appeared before them just now they would condemn him as a madman, stone him, evict him from their Church because modern Christianity has become a form of Mammon worship. One of the most neglected passages in the New Testament describes how the original followers of Jesus lived:
      “All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they shared everything they had.” (Acts 2:44)

  27. “A spokesperson for the Department of Work and Pensions said that faith-based organisations including The Salvation Army and the Faith Regeneration Foundation are already involved in the Work Programme as subcontractors.

    “If you look at Australia, the biggest provider is the Salvation Army, and those grass-roots organisations have an important contribution to make.”

    More of the Salvation Army to come, I think!

  28. Some extracts from a well sourced article on the Salvation Army in Australia. Apparently their sell out to Mammon has a long history in this area:
    “The largest private operator in the Job Network, the Salvation Army has proven itself no more able to find people jobs than the old system was. With eight job seekers for every job this is hardly surprising. What the Army has excelled at though is the harassment of the unemployed. With an openly discriminatory hiring policy the Army only employs Christians in their Job Network franchises.

    The government’s investment in conservative charities has paid off in two ways. Not only have they got the charities doing their dirty work, they have also bought their silence. Saint Vincent De Paul, one of the few charities not on the government’s Job Network payroll, complained that Centrelink were forcing many people off the dole and onto their emergency services. Not a peep was heard from the Salvation Army.

    The Army’s refusal to criticise the government probably stems from the fact that they are partly responsible for the situation. Many of the people forced to seek emergency help were doing so because their payments had been breached due to Job Network incompetence. Each year sees tens of thousands of people successfully appeal against these breaches. While someone is making plenty of mistakes, the only people paying for them are the unemployed.

    Saint Vincent De Paul also opposed being made a wing of the government’s welfare apparatus. This has been happening quietly but steadily due to Centrelink and the Job Network’s habit of referring people to charities instead of giving them government assistance. Again it is unsurprising that the Salvation Army didn’t join in these criticisms, as their long standing goal is to corner all sections of the welfare market for themselves! For the sake of those unemployed people who aren’t non-drinking, gay bashing, right wing Christians we hope that they fail.

    More recently the Army has said nothing about the fact that people who go through ‘work for the dole’ are no more likely to find work than people who don’t. Tony Abbott, the Minister for Employment, flatly admitted that the point of the schemes was not to find people work, but to teach them discipline. Discipline for what though? To sit quietly and not complain about the lack of real work available or teach them to cop any old job, no matter how casual or dangerous? Why would the Salvation Army complain about conscripting the unemployed, when they are making a profit out of them?”

  29. John

    That article was an informative and chilling read. It is a far cry from the pictures of homeless folk being handed cups of soup by uniformed officers of the SA.

    • I guess you mean it “isn’t a far cry”. Remember Mrs T, whose spirit animates Westminster today, wanted to bring back soup kitchens but it wasn’t expedient to do so then as people had to be conditioned first. Her children, who run the country today, would indeed be happy for Christian storm troopers, people who have sold their founder for mere money, to run these “charities” and that is indeed the way this wind is blowing at the moment.

  30. I can confirm that Salvation Army are using forced labour, i received a letter today stating i must work for them 40 hours a week, I have not signed on before in my 32 years on this planet and was proud of that but I lost my job. I was told I had to do mandatory work or loose my benefits, I told them what I thought about that and was told I have no choice or will loose bennefits, it states in the literature that the job doesn’t need to be to do with my career, it is purely to make me be on time, work under supervision, hold down the job. If I fail to meet any of those criteria I will loose my bennefits…. While doing this month of work I will be classed by the government as employed which massages their employment figures as looks like they are reducing employment, I still have to sighn on though, even though though I am working 9 – 430 I am to make up that time, I’m assuming by working Saturdays as no time left in the week. I am very angry, I feel used and people are getting paid to use me, there is no job at the end and this will not add to my job prospects, oh and I’m still expected to spend the rest of the time job searching. Angry in fact is an understatement. And to add to this as well as forced labour i only receive half my rent being 32 and not 35 years old due to new con-dem rules, so not only being forced slave labour I’m being made homeless at the same time.

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  32. I saw the comment here on January 22nd that Saint Vincent De Paul are not involved in the government workfare programme – well here in the north of Ireland they are involved and have been for years.

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  34. Silly army.

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  37. the job centre force job seekers to try for volunteer work at shop i volunteer sarmy shop. The church isnt perfect cause it ran by humans and we make mistakes. The devil prowls round us born again christians like a lion, ready to devour us

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