There’s No Pay At The Y-M-C-A!*

ymca-construction-worker“By all means, pay companies incentives to employ young people, but do not take advantage of the vulnerable by using them as free labour.”

The above quote is from Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu and one of a growing number of  voices in the Church condemning this Government’s obsession with unpaid labour.

Unfortunately the Bishop is also the president of workfare riddled YMCA, as has just been revealed by @boycottworkfare.

YMCA are involved in the Mandatory Work Activity (MWA) programme – four weeks full time unpaid work for organisations with a ‘community benefit’.  This scheme is the teeth of the workfare regime, used solely as punishment for those who refuse ‘voluntary’ workfare or are judged to be not trying to hard enough to find work.  The evidence shows that MWA does not help people find a job, and it is not intended to.  Under current rules it is not possible to volunteer for MWA.

The YMCA (@YMCA_England) have remained silent about their use of unpaid workers ever since the workfare row broke out.  Dr John Sentamu can be found on twitter (@JohnSentamu).     Perhaps he will have the grace to tell the truth about how his own charity takes “advantage of the vulnerable by using them as free labour”.

*I really wish I could claim credit for the above headline, but that goes to @wolvopingu

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48 responses to “There’s No Pay At The Y-M-C-A!*

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  2. Eric Greenwood (4727)

    I just messaged him politely as he is on our side a bit, @JohnSentamu Jeremiah 22:13 and Proverbs 6:16-19 YMCA does workfare/programme please speak out for the unemployed forced to work for free.

  3. Another sanctimonious right -wingnut, tory ridden organisation ran by holier-than-thou religious freaks, no doubt they’ll be feigning sympathy for all those made homeless with the cuts to housing benefit & the imposition of UC. Bunch of hypocrites.

    • something survived...

      Joke is that despite the song the real YMCA don’t like boys who love boys,
      or girls who like girls. So if two guys get evicted, a couple, I suppose they won’t house them.

  4. Is there no “charity” that cares about people anymore ? Another shop that is not getting my free donations. Can we get a list of charity’s that do not use free people? Lets all contact the relavent people and complain and complain until we are heard.

  5. Who the fuck in their right mind would volunteer for MWA?

  6. Landless Peasant

    Do young women also get mandated to work at YMCA ? Perhaps they could refuse on grounds of sexual discrimination? Or what about unemployed people of other religions? Do they also get mandated to work at YMCA? They could object on religious grounds. Similarly with Atheists.

    • I doubt such people would’e taken seriously. my WP provider is the Salvation Army who are useless and who resort to threats. Not much christian charity there. I doubt i’d have any rights if i started asserting my atheism.

      • something survived...

        Could always put on a good Bart Simpson prank. Answer the Salvation Army phone in a polite telephone voice, and say ‘Hello, Servants of Satan here’.

  7. typical hyprocites
    wonder what his reply will be.
    I expect it will go along the lines of ‘I am not involved in the day to day running of the ymca so was not aware of them using workfare’

  8. Why does the archbishop of York think it’s ok to pay incentives to employers before they will offer them work, either there is a job or there isn’t, paid ofcourse. Employers want it all tax relief, business rates on workplaces,grants,business rates on utilities, refunds on vat receipts, none payment of NI contributions. I’m sure there are loads more other incentives for employers also such as wholesale prices etc, etc.

  9. Good post, I know someone doing “voluntary” Jobcentre work placement at YMCA with no pay. She’s worked before and so have all the other jobseekers sent to work there – one’s a recently unemployed builder, one the girlfriend of a Jobcentre adviser, and the other is a grandfather.

  10. I’ll be happy when the job centre advisers are sent there too. Those that are working there for free can always refuse and be sanctioned.

  11. I was reading about a treaty which the U.K signed up to on Britannica regarding forced labour. The passage in question reads . “In 1957 the International Labour Organisation adopted a resolution that condemned the use of forced labour throughout the world. The convention was ratified by 91 member nations. Forced labour continues to be used by a few authoritarian and totalitarian governments on a relatively small scale.” (Britannica “Forced labour”) I guess we can now call the U.K an “authoritarian” and “totalitatarian” regime because they are forcing people to work for well under the minimum wage by threatening people with homelessness and lack of food. I would imigane that if some talented lawyers persist the flood gates to claims against the government will be of levels never seen before in the U.K.

    • I would just add that people who are being subject to abuse through Work Program agents (I’m was sitting to a women today in the library who said her nerves were on end and she hasn’t even been thrown to wolves yet) should keep detailed and meticulous notes of everything they are going through, including doctors visits and mental health issues involved in being subject to forced labour. This will assist if the time comes when the immorality of what this government is doing is exposed and the claims begin. Please note I do not have a claims culture mind at all but in this instance the wickedness that is involved with the Work Program must not be allowed to continue or raise its head in the furture.

  12. John funny you should mention a claims culture I just received a circular from a well known company of solicitors writing to inform the public that should anyone want to claim for a personal injury, apply now because from April the rules are changing and any costs incurred by such action will now be taken out of compensation claims won in the courts. I phoned up to ask them did they deal with legal aid claimants and they said no, yet they are the ones that advertise on television, take your name and details, write back to refuse you and claim for the letter of refusal they have written to you. So I hope your reading this about this no win no fee solicitors Obi Kenobi.

    Panorama ,
    8.30pm this evening,
    Sam poling reveals the private companies getting rich from new welfare reforms

  14. Just watched Panorama disgusting in every way not because they were parking and failing to find severely disabled jobs, but because such people were being made to go and find jobs in the first place. If they can get the disabled off benefits or at least on reduced benefits once in work as far as this government is concerned they are halfway to getting rid of welfare altogether. The programme only served to stigmatize and forced those who are clearly ill to find work.

    • I wanted to smash the tv.
      When mark hoburn came on I nearly did.
      And as for the LTB comments – I expect they call us that behind closed doors, I know the right wing media does.

      • You bet they do call us that and much worse everyday. On the surface the documentary seemed to be sympathetic, but what annoyed me was the whole show was based on the false premise that there is full employment and all the sick and disabled need is the “right support” to find a job.

        Well the right support doesn’t mean a damn thing if there aren’t enough jobs available. It seems that the rule on discussing unemployment in the media is – talk about anything and everything except the fact that there are not enough jobs available for everyone who needs one.

        • Exactly. The program was a “charter” job, i.e doing the minimum to honour the BBC’s obligations. They never challenge the premise that there are jobs waiting for everybody if only people would apply for them or be hounded to take them. When do they ever give details on the number of genuine jobs v the number applicants on a region by region basis and challenge the government spin merchants?

          This was the whole point of the Work Program – they knew there wasn’t enough jobs therefore they set a ludicrously low target for Work Program agents which the media hasn’t challenged. The Work Program is just part of the dishonest campaign to shift the blame from the people who caused the economic crash and drive down wages by providing cheap forced labour..

          I am getting the impression that disabled people who are not fit for work are now frightened and scared to speak out at what is happening and having to go overboard to show that they are not skiving. If fit people cannot get work what chance has anyone else? A couple of weeks ago I heard an mp in parliament complaining that out of the all the disabled people who had been made redundant by the present government in a Remploy factory that none one have sinced gained employment. Remember that is was Labour who started the close down process of Remploy.

          They utter useless platitudes about supporting people but the reality, based on their actions, is they don’t give a dam – what one would expect from cruel self-serving people who are so used to deceit they cannot tell right from wrong anymore.

    • This is how the Work Programme Private Providers see people who are unemployed and disabled that are referred to them.

  15. Johnny I am glad that you pointed out that workfare has nothing to do with getting a job after all firms like Tesco and all could have easily emoyed ppl and paid them instead pretty. Much most of them have bailed out of the scheme proving that paid employment had nothing to do with workfare at.all .

  16. Does anyone know what was in the contract with dwp and atos ? Surely its remit. Must be to withdraw as many benefits from claimants as possible to explain that payment by results issue also workfare ie freeabour must. Also be part if the deal

  17. Religion and slave labour.
    Oh, what an insane ConDemNation we are imprisoned within.

  18. And remember….at the heart and soul of this is the incontrovertible fact that The IDS Gang would like us all to simply just die, or work to death in its service.
    NeoNazis through and through.
    Resistance cells need to be set up, starting now.

  19. I am alarmed to see the British film institute of which I support have been taking on unpaid interns . There is even a petition against it at the moment . Very sad to see this.

  20. This is tragic !! Seems if true PCS trade union set the police onto this DPAC activist or is this some funny smoke and mirrors thing ?
    Any ideas ?

    • This is really depressing. How can we win if there’s no solidarity?

      It looks like the tories really have won if even the unions are fighting the disabled. I hope to god this is not true.

  21. Here are extracts from the atos dwp. Contract. Certain parts left out due to commercial confidentiality and not in public interest … they say..I thought we were the public ..and interested

  22. Dear johnny and all I am posting this link no one not even DPAC themselves can figure what this old grief or angle on them is about so they are aware of him at least . What his gripe is with them god knows but bearing in mind someone had written in a forum saying that black triangle were an extreme hard left lot which is bollocks then who knows what this guy is on about .

    • something survived...

      All lesbians in nazi Germany were labelled nonconforming women and that included prostitutes, feminists and many more. All these women were put in the asocial category and given the black triangle.

      So are all lesbians extreme hard left? Sandi Toksvig? Clare Balding? If they were, they’d not be on TV.

      Gay men got pink triangles, Jehovah’s Witnesses got something else.

  23. So that payment by results scheme works like this : atos find you guilty of malingering and get your benefits removed so t&eu get paid then workfare provider cherry pick easy claimants to dump onto a company so they get paid

    • Or ATOS find you guilty, gets you off IB, then the mental illness that you were pretending to malinger with really kicks in, you get locked in the booby hatch and cost the state around 5 times as much as you did on incapacity…

      • something survived...

        If you were in a bad mental state following stoppage of benefits and being starved and evicted, that would be normal. Reactive depression.
        What would be abnormal is to be happy about it.

        Read the blog by Simon Stevens. DPAC are accused of killing, and of supporting ‘fake disabled people’. This is no time for disabled people to go round judging other disabled people as not really disabled. This is total divide-and-rule.

        • This is the problem, something survived; the disabled have turned on the unemployed blaming “work-shy, bone-idle scroungers” for their woes, now the disabled are turning on the ‘fake disabled people’ blaming them for their woes.

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  26. Speaking from direct experience, I can tell you that it’s at a time like this that the Tory scumbags dust off their divide and rule playbook, the agent provocateurs get down to some serious paid work, political fifth columnists get going, government agencies and the political security services take the velvet gloves off to reveal the iron fist, the disinfo merchants and the p.r. lackies and toadies get vocal.
    This Claggeron led ConDemNation is going to reach boiling point and the whole scam is about to get radically unstable and blow up in their smirking, sneering faces.
    Keep up the pressure, and the lid will blow.
    And don’t those cretins just know it.

  27. Well it appears that Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu has now spoken to YMCA about it, and we shall see what happens.

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