Chris Grayling is a Lying Bastard

That an over-privileged Oxbridge twat like Chris Grayling can accuse benefit claimants of being snobs for objecting to forced labour shows how pitifully out of touch this government are.

Grayling, clearly rattled about the ongoing disintegration of the government’s welfare policy,  has unleashed a torrent of lies  in the Telegraph this morning.

Perhaps the most brazen is the quote: “We won’t and don’t force anyone to take a work experience placement. Where we use mandation in our welfare policies, it will be to do useful work on community projects. We will never mandate anyone to work for a big company. They wouldn’t take them if we did. “

Just one of several new workfare schemes is called the  ‘Mandatory Work Programme’ (the clue’s in the name).  Under this scheme, which Job Centre advisors can re-refer people onto indefinitely, claimants will be expected to work 30 hours a week, for four weeks per referral, or face benefit sanctions of three months.  If they leave and then return to the placement the sanction will still remain in force.  Where claimants end up working will be down to providers, almost all of whom are private sector poverty pimps.  Claimants could be referred to private companies or charities alike.  Whilst it is true that on this scheme the DWP has stipulated that placements should have some community benefit, one of those benefits is astonishingly ‘working towards the profit of the host organisation’.

Other workfare programmes could include working in Poundland, on the government’s ‘work experience’ scheme which has seen thousands of young people employed in High Street stores across the country.  Under this scheme participants may opt out after one week, after that they must complete the full eight weeks or face sanctions.  Many people say they are not informed of this cooling off period, including Cait Reilly who is currently in the middle of a court case over something Grayling claims doesn’t exist.

Lastly, the Work Programme, the government’s flagship scheme, leaves  private sector providers free to mandate people wherever they want, including workfare.  In fact they must, as it states in the DWP’s own providers guidance:

“Where you are providing support for JSA participants, which is work experience you must mandate participants to this activity. This is to avoid the National Minimum Wage Regulations, which will apply if JSA participants are not mandated.”*

Yet again a DWP minister is telling outright lies to defend the government’s flawed welfare policy.  And he doesn’t stop there.  Grayling claims that under Labour if someone did work experience they ‘lost their benefits – simple as that’.  Which is a huge porky.  To their absolute fucking shame Labour introduced workfare, in fact the New Deal was one of Blair’s flagship policies.  In those days workfare came with a benefit top up under the subsidised employment scheme, where young people received an additional payment on top of their benefit if they worked for a private company.  They also had the option of taking up full time education or training instead, or joining the doomed Environmental Task Force.  This all changed with the introduction of the Flexible New Deal which saw tens of thousands of people forced into workfare at places like Primark.  So in fact compulsory ‘work experience’ was very much a part of life for claimants under Labour, the only difference under the Tories is that it’s use has been massively extended, sanctions have been toughened, and now sick and disabled people will also be forced to take part.

Finally Grayling claims that 20,000 young people have found work after taking part in work experience.  This may or may not be another fib, as the DWP have been dragging their feet on releasing information on exactly how many people have got jobs through their workfare schemes.  Even if it is true, then the question should be asked how many of those 20,000 (which isn’t actually that many) would have got jobs anyway, without being subject to slave labour.  Young people get jobs under their own steam everyday – it’s entirely possible that workfare is in fact hindering people’s job search and just providing a fat payment for poverty pimps like Emma Harrison who recently trousered £9 million on the back of bullying claimants into workfare.

One thing we do know is that despite all these schemes youth unemployment is still soaring.

Grayling claims that objection to workfare is down to ‘utterly misguided left-wing commentators, newspapers, broadcasters, trade unions and lawyers’.  Yet it hasn’t been Guardian journalists bombarding Tesco’s facebook page demanding they pull out of workfare.

Grayling is  correct to accuse the Guardian of hypocrisy for condemning workfare whilst offering unpaid internships.  It’s also telling that the Guardian have remained somewhat quiet about the use of workfare by charities (major advertisers).  But whilst it’s true that the intern system in media outlets effectively bars working class young people from becoming media luvvies, it is hardly comparable to working in Poundland or a charity shop for 30 hours a week with no prospect of a job at the end of it.

Grayling should be all too aware of this, as after Cambridge he began his career as a trainee with the BBC.  A year later he became a producer.  Now he owns four properties, two of which we paid for, two of the others he rents out.

That an Oxbridge toff, landlord, thief and liar can claim that his experience is comparable to working class kids facing forced labour is beyond belief.  That he can lie so blatantly about his own department’s policies just highlights the arrogance of this incompetent government.

Tesco appear to be hiding behind Grayling’s lies that their use of workfare has not been mandatory.  Some companies and charities alike, including Argos and the Salavation Army are unrepentant over their use of forced labour.  Resistance is growing fast however.  The National Day of Action Against Workfare on the 3rd March will see action against workfare exploiters in Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Sheffield and Tunbridge Wells, with new towns and cities signing up every day.  More companies are likely to pull out of the scheme this week leaving the Government’s welfare scheme in tatters.  The online storm shows no signs of dying down.  It’s time to say enough is enough and condemn workfare to the dustbin of history where it belongs.  No-one should be forced to work without a wage.

*UPDATE: Shortly after this post went online all references to mandating claimants to work experience mysteriously disappeared from the online provider guidance on the DWP’s website. 

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  2. Nice Article and love the title how true is that !!!!! Well Done

  3. Kudos on the article. Difficult to disagree with your evaluation of Grayling. Such a softly spoken man spewing such bile. He exemplifies a rabbit caught in headlights, holding up a placard of lies with his little furry paws in a futile attempt at preserving what little dignity he ever had. It’s like the grand rebirth of Comical Ali, and in these taut times, we could all do with a chuckle.
    I just wish this wasn’t so serious.

    We all know it’s mandatory. To say otherwise is akin to saying your mortgage payments (if you’re lucky to have one) are voluntary. Of course, you could choose not to pay, but you’d lose everything. The same principle applies.

    Let’s just hope the momentum isn’t lost over the coming weeks; hopefully articles such as this will help…

  4. Am agast to fact that all we keep hearing day after day is the attack on the unemployed . I see its gone very quite on the mp’s exspenses front and lets have it right they all ways banging on that they got stop benefit fraud excuse me aint they got weed out the cheats and liars who escaped prosecution over false claims of exspenses as at the moment we got cheats and liars running our country and cheats and liars who have all got mansions or two house paid for by cheating u the hard working tax payer and if u was today caught cheating your employer u would get the sack and be taken to court Most mp’s including IAN DUNCAN SMITH ESCAPED PROSECUTION for cheating u the tax payer . I dare say to-that most mp’s have share’s in all theses big companys that they want us to go and work at for our dole money I say get your own house in order before U try to attack the unemployed and I suggest u take a look at human rights act article 23 as that applys to all not just them that are in work and article 4 and 8 would also be good to take look at ian dunan smith as they apply to all not just u fiddling barstard mp’s who need to be taken out and stoned for cheating the hard working people of this country am waiting with baited breath for the day am told to go to tesco as they wont use and abuse me I wil have no contract with tesco wont be payed by tesco and god help the tesco employee that tels me to hurry up I wil break his jaw as u can tel me to hurry up when paying me when u aint paying me dont tel me jack if u want to keep your teeth in your own gob and dont want go camping for tea as for 67.50 a wk I wont be pushed around for tesco or any fiddling scum bag mp trust me on that people

  5. Dear Wayne Green, No one would employ you in a paid job with that standard of spelling and grammar so don’t worry about having to ‘work’ for your handouts, no one would have you. On the article, it’s nothing more than left wing bile including personal insults. This does nothing for your argument and just makes you look like an idiot.

  6. Nick , can I ask if you are currently unemployed, and under threat of having your only means of income sanctioned? I’m 44 and unemployed, and I am currently having to go to a provider. I will not go and work for a big company, lining someones pockets and only being paid what I’m legally entitled to!

  7. @ Johnny Void – is Guido or Iain Dale rounding his trolls , or is it the late shift at Tory Central Office …still it’s a break from playing ” Call of Doom ” or pretending to be a 16 yr old girl in their mother’s basement ..for them

    ATOS Origin incompetence at best or criminality in The Daily Diana , Poverty pimp Emma Harrison under investigation in The Daily Sieg Heil …what a day really is falling down for them …couldn’t happen to nicer people : – ))

    .” Damn them for their impudence …let them eat cake

  8. ” left wing bile ” in that well known Commie rag ” The Spectator ” ” The Coalition must not create the modern workhouse ” Sue Marsh on the far right The Tax Payers Alliance

    ” Know Your Enemy
    Have you ever wondered how it is that the Daily Mail & Express (other brands of toilet paper available) seem so intent on victimising sick and disabled people?

    Ever wondered how it is, that monthly benefit fraud rates, released by the DWP are always written up in such an inflammatory way? Why national media only ever print the government lines. Chris Grayling, minister for employment, says he is “bemused” by it.

    Maybe Iain Duncan-Smith can clear up this mystery?

    Meet his special advisers : Susie Squire former Taxpayers Alliance until May 2010. For those who don’t know already, The Taxpayers Allowance are huge Tory donors, regularly accused of simply being a Conservative front. They’re not exactly on the Liberal, one-nation side of the Tory fence either. More your rabid frothing side. A quick scroll through their website will tell you everything you need to know, but they regularly attack disability benefits and those who receive them.

    And SpAd No.2 : Phillipa Stroud : Remember the name? Yep she was the politician who thought she could pray-away-the-gay!

    She sees homosexuality as a “demon” that needs to be driven out of a person. Accordingly, she set up her own “church” to carry out this important work. Do click on these links, they’re fascinating. As I read through, I wondered if she should be allowed anywhere near Westminster at all.

    One can only begin to imagine what someone like Stroud might think of the disabled. No doubt we have demons of our own. It’s not so long ago since people thought disabilities were the outward sign of some inner corruption or evil.

    Now, surely the profiles of these two women might go some way to explaining just why, yet again today, we see misleading press releases leading to misleading stories? “

  9. Grayling has form in the lying bastard stakes – at least he’s consistent, I suppose. My own hatchet job, if you’re interested:

  10. Bravo mate… good piece.

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  12. Nick lets not try and kid anybody as us working our socks off for six months with a interview at the end aint a bad thing for like tesco . You know so do we the chance’s of getting a job out of are none they put the notion in to work hard you be given and interview at the end but you wont get a job as we dont need to take paid labour when we can inteview you send you away, and no sooner you gone get another off dwp to replace you . Nick dont take just you with all your brains dose it stop giving businesses free labour , then they will have no choice to take on paid labour. And excuse me how good is It going to look when caite reily win her case and the court find It was illegal to make her work with out pay . As when she dose win I will be first to file a law suit for all the times when was on new deal and was made to much the same . I hope all them that unemployed do same when time comes . What kind of training are you getting out this none all you are learing is that there is people out there that want to exploit you for losing your job due to goverment cuts its people like you nick that I hope do come unemployed as then may be you would understand where we coming from . And I lost my job due to david camerons cuts in jobs ok brainy nick

  13. Would just like to make point of saying I hope all them that are against unemployed, will be coming forward to help all these businesses that have taken and abused the unemployed pay all there fines as when we win these court case’s they will need every penny they can get to pay all there court case’s but I suppose nick you wont mind every thing going up to help pay for
    it will you and I hope all charity shops and small business’s that have taken advantage the unemployed go out business .as article 4 human rights act states nick pin your ears open you dont need brains for this . It states- NO ONE SHALL BE HELD IN SLAVERY OR SERVITUDE : SLAVERY AND THE SLAVE TRADE SHALL BE PROHIBITED IN ALL ITS FORMS . So nick with all them two brain cells you have how are the goverment going to get out this as this is law . And may be you and all them that have something to say about unemployed would like to look up article 23 human rights act as that applies to all nick not just them that are working lets see the goverment

  14. you can take a horse to water but can you make it drink I did not think so-so hows the govement going to get round the human rights act as thats the law the land not david camerons and ian duncan smiths so let see you two squirm your way out this may be you have high court in your back pockets but you dont have human rights court in your back pocket do you and when you lose your court cases we the unemployed are queing up to take legal action as its going to cost the govement thousands in lets just say what you owe us in way of the illegal treatment you and all the businesses that you conned to follow you have done to the unemployed cant wait to be one the first to see u make a statement in parliment and say to the unemployed we are sorry we are sorry us lieing cheating theiveing scum bag mp’s who fiddle you lot for years you fools

  15. Cait Reilly hasnt a cat in hells chance of winning her case.She is a lazy ungrateful sponger who will not take on any employment unless it is a Museum Curator.Do you know what that is Wayne? You should be made to do something for your dole money,in your case attending a literacy course would be most beneficial.

    • Dear Nick – LEFT WING BILE – Instead of making pointless idiotic statements without an ounce of fact to them – Please bother to get off your arse and actually look at The Work Programme guidelines like I have. You statement of LEFT WING BILE shows you to be what we all know you are a TORY TWAT who hasn’t got a clue about what he is talking about and decides to make a personal attack on someone else instead (BIT LIKE CAMERON A PRIME MINISTERS QUESTION TIME – WHY ANSWER WHEN YOU CAN BE ABUSIVE INSTEAD) GET A LIFE YOU IDIOT


    • I suppose that you have employment available for me within your organisation. If that is the case, then I would be very happy in my work and enjoy running rings around you with my erudition, wit and humour. Every morning I could wave my considerable educational qualifications in your face. I could regale you with tales of being shot on an undercover operation, transporting cruise missiles to submarine bases, removing the Midland’s entire drug haul to incinerators. I am ill you idiot, many people are. Most of them paid for an insurance policy. Now we are claiming on it. One day and soon, you or someone you care about will fall; will you then spout such shitty propaganda ?

    • NO slave labour

      billy hunt or silly *unt? you go and participate in slave labour, I know i wont be and no 1 is going to force me into slave labour, stop my money and i will earn other ways it makes no odds to me, f*ck, they could lock me up for all i care because to me I would have still won, I wont be in the slave trade and the government will be funding my stay with yours and my own money that has been paid into the system over the years. How many people do you really think will accept being forced into slave labour? You silly *unt!

  16. New Labour = Old Tories
    New Tories = ConDems
    ConDems = Fascists
    Fascists = Nazis
    Nazis = Hitler
    Hitler = Iain Duncan Smith

    This Shower of Shit will ram ALL their filthy policies through this corrupt Parliament & down our throats.
    As to their lies : Hitler & Goebbels said that if you repeat a lie loud enough & long enough,eventually the population will accept it as the truth.
    That’s EXACTLY how these odious scumbags operate,and this is only ONE of the parallels between The UK of today & Nazi Germany.
    There needs to be an effective RESISTANCE!

  17. Billy Hunt rhymes with Silly Cunt….& being such a literate,caring kind of fascist,I’m sure he/she/it knows that.
    Wecome,Billy; I hope you have body armour.

  18. Billy Hunt how can you accuse Cait Reilly as being a lazy ungrateful sponger when she was working for FREE as a volunteer? And why shouldn’t people stick to thier dream of the job that they want? Or do you want people to be drones for these big corporations?

  19. Great article. This rat faced scumbag regularly makes my blood boil. I’ve no need for winter heating, a picture of his slothful face with it’s dead eyed expression of naked tory avarice keeps me warm in the cold dark days of this vile government.

  20. Michael James Nicholls

    My dear Mr Hunt,
    The issue is NOT whether she was prepared to work or not. The issue is that she was ALREADY making an effort to keep herself as emlployble as possible, by ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING. But of course, that is not good enough for the Tories is it? No, they want to give their fat cat friends the gift of FREE WORKERS – which by the way, is an ILLEAGAL act under article 4 of the European Human Rights act. I suggest you take the time to read it, because you are going to see it used AGAINST this shower of a govenrment.

  21. It just goes to show dont it billy hunt how small minded you are you quite clearly a conservative wolly brain and as we can see full of shit lets hope you never come unemployed and to knock a person for being literate just goes to show that you are a scum bag who I hope comes unemployed, as we waiting to meet you who ever you are hidieng behind the name billy hunt as you aint got the guts to put your real name you just like goverment gutless and do you know bat rhymes with silly twat and thats what you are you tory arse licking mothers jam rag of a human beiing lets hope a workfare client takes your job and in the end they wil trust me on that may be you would stop hideing behind
    Billy hunt as that rhymes with what you are a silly cunt .

  22. Michael James Nicholls

    People, Mr Hunt and his ilk, are a graphic illustration of the mindset of the Tories and their unpleasant supporters. They absolutely point blank refuse to make the scumbags that ACTUALLY CAUSED the near total collapse of the global economy – the greedy and totally corrupt banking fraternity – PAY for their crimes – and so are seeking to inflict the pain on people who can LEAST defend themselves – the sick, the elderly, the disabled and the unemployed. Your insults do not alter the facts.

  23. They want us to stop what we are doing and go and work for big businesses because they have shares in all these companys what unemployed got do is stop useing the companys as we only helping put up there profits and what ever people think they cant skirt round article 4 or 8 or article 23 as they are law billy hunt silly cunt scum bag of a human being ?

  24. It is disgusting people should have to ‘work’ for their 67.50 a week, or less as most claimaints end up with social fund debt BECAUSE 67.50 IS BARELY ENOUGH TO AFFORD TO PAY BILLS LET ALONE EAT! Most of these ‘positions’ involve the claimaint ‘working’ for 30 hours, at 67.50 per week that equates to 2.25 per hour. At last check the NMW was just over 6 for someone over 22. I am too ill to work, I am battling severe illnesses that mean I am on painkillers and treatments that would knock a horse out. I am facing my own DWP battles, I shall have my housing slashed in half; DLA stopped and Incap changing to ESA. Basically I will have to stop any DWP official from forcing me to work when all 9 consultants will state am unfit, just having medic support isn’t enough these days. Oh, and I shall be doing all this WITHOUT legal aid and probably from a shelter on the beach as I can’t afford to stump up £75 a week towards rent. I am going to shout if anyone feels I am scrounger, I want to but can’t work.

  25. What people got do when sent to do the free work fare is not put your self at risk loseing your money do the slowest work you can after all there aint a law in how fast you have to go and dont kid your self in to beliving when you finish the free labour and get your interview that there is a job at end of it as thats just used to make you work wile you there no sooner your interview is over and before you close the door to the inteview room they will be on the phone to dwp to get the next poor sod who again they tell the same story to work hard there could be a job at end and we all know that never was in the first place so people lets not kid a kidder and belive that you are going to get a job out doing workfare
    Because you got more chance getting a cold than a job .and a bit of advice people when you get to your work placement ie tesco demand they phone in front you there insurance company and explain you being forced to work there as I can tell you no insurance company will insure you to be there and demand to have a health and saftey and to see who ever takes health and saftey that they have correct paper work to under take it . And if they dont give you the correct saftey clothing or footwear refuse to work and call health and saftey at council as they will be in breach of the workers health and saftey act . and also join a union it cost 81p or there abouts that way on the very first day you will have at least one person on your side and there is nothing to stop you coming out on strike as thats law once you a member of a union ok people please take the advice as given to help you in the fight against these scum bag lieing cheating mp’s and tory loving supporters oh and billy hunt

  26. Claire they dont care long as they can get a days work out you

  27. Dont be fooled people in to thinking that at end of your free labour they are going to take you on why would they when a little call to dwp they can replace you with another poor un paid soul from dwp so lets not kid any body they are giving you free training I have been a builder all my life what use is it going to be to me to stack shelfs in tesco dont be fooled the only people to benefit is the work programme and the govement providers who GET PAID by goverment and BIG BUSINESS who gain in free un paid labour and making great big profits out the unemployed its a disgrce what it is the goverment are running are work houses with out acutaly having us all couped up in a workhouse building as they dont want to coup us up in a workhouse building that cost money And they dont Want to spend money they want to save it thats why they dont want to pay us a fare days wage for a fare days work rendered


  29. Michael James Nicholls

    Well, there are a number of things people can do. First and foremost BOYCOTT the offending business’s. Don’t shop at Asda or Tesco’s. Plenty of other stores and decent markets in the UK. Secondly, TAKE ACTION! Join Boycott Workfare, or something like it. Thirdly, read up on your legal rights vis a vis health and safety, meal breaks whatever. The internet is a very useful tool when it comes to something like this.

    Workfare is exploitaion. It is the modern day equiavalent of slavery. As an unemployed person, I have no objection whatsoever about putting something back into the community. I have done more voluntary work than these right wing Nazi’s who are currently the government of this country, have had expensive dinners. As I said in an earlier post, instead of tackling the undoubtedly huge national debt by making the greedy bankers and the hoo ha henry’s and speculators cough up, and pay back all the money thay have gambled away, this bunch of crooks and liars and perverts who occupy the House of Commons are targeting those at the absolute bottom of the social ladder.

    It is also a dammning indicement of the captialist system. A system that rewards greed, and the pursuit of profit at the expense of decency. And I forsee some very dark times ahead here in the UK, as there WILL be more civil unrest as the unjust policies of this appauling government hit those in society who are least able to defend themsleves.


  30. i see dark times ahead too 😦

  31. That why all of us that are unemployed have a role to play in brining down the forced free labour scams as the do not help the unemployed do they i-d-smith and unlike govement we are all in this together it affects us all stand up for your rights people before it to late ?

  32. Emma harrinson it could’nt happen to a nicer person I hope when they find out you have been milking the hard working tax payers of this country that they send you to prison hopefully holloway as I am sure in fact I can tell you them ladys there will meet out there own kind justice for you as its people like you and them robbing bastard mp’s that need some peoples justice for the robbing of our hard working tax payers money you are all scum bags .and excuse me the magic work programme sit you in front of a computer for half hour a week to job search and this is there big drive to get us all to work god help us .u the public are you happy that the likes emma harrinson took 11m last year for just sitting people in front computers for half an hour a week I dont call that helping people back in to full time work do u I call it same as mp’s exspenses scandal its a dam piss take out of every tax paying person of this country and un-till you make a stand they are going to do it year after year make a stand people only you the tax payer can make a change

  33. Michael James Nicholls

    Article 4: Slavery

    (1) No one shall be held in slavery or servitude.
    (2) No one shall be required to perform forced or compulsory labour.
    (3) For the purpose of this Article the term “forced or compulsory labour” shall not include:
    (a) any work required to be done in the ordinary course of detention imposed in accordance to the provisions of Article 5 of this Convention or during conditional release from such detention;
    (b) any service of a military character or, in the case of conscientious objectors in countries where they are recognised, service exacted instead of compulsory military service;
    (c) any service exacted in case of an emergency or calamity threatening the life or well-being of the community;
    (d) any work or service which forms part of normal civic obligations.

    Read Article 4. Mr Grayling and all of your nasty supporters. Seems there is a higher power than this evil right wing dictatorship, and it is called the EUROPEAN HUMAN RIGHTS ACT.

    Force me to work for nothing, and I WILL be taking action with article four as my main weapon.

  34. Michale james nicholls that law is one article 4 but you also want to use article 23 human rights act to as thats one they can not skirt around ok mate

  35. Grayling might as well get it over with and say “Let them eat cake”.The more I see and hear Cameron,IDS and Grayling the more I despise them .

  36. they get us to work for nothing or they get us to sign off, they will see that as double plus good set of choices

  37. Michael James Nicholls

    I will look it up. Thanks wayne 🙂

  38. Michale james nicholls here is two good sites you may want to go to you may all ready have them if so soz they are – boycott workfare and the other is ok they both got some good advice on ok hope helps wayne ?

  39. I hope when comes time to vote that everbody who is unemployed will take there chance to vote out these scum bags that we got running our country as they only want to help the rich thats why they want you to work for free and reason they want you to work in big business is because they have all got shares in these big companys we are in fact helping make mp’s share cut bigger they know by giving free labour that employers wont advetise paid labour and they are happy with that as that means they get bigger cut of the profits if employers have to take on paid labour there share dive and they dont want that now do they and why have the unemployed got to pay for the mess that the banks got in to and what goverment spent after all we had no hand in it but its us lot that have got to pay for all there mistake’s we have even got to suffer not just what the bankers done but we get no say when the robbing barstard mp’s fiddled the accounts and still do as do u think they have packed that in ,all the time employers getting free labour they no need to take on paid labour so you are left for rest of your working life working for free for these scum bags take my advice people use your vote when time comes it going to count trust me if we are going to get these scum bags out ?

  40. Just a small point, an enormous number of the current unemployed arrived at the job centre very recently as a result of the banker inspired recession. These are often people who have worked all their lives until now, because they have paid into the system for years their unemployment benefit is CONTRIBUTION based, because they are in CREDIT with the system. It is their own money that is being paid back to them, when it runs out they receive income based benefits.
    So people on contribution based benefits are NOT getting taxpayer funded ‘hand outs’ the only taxpayer funding them is themselves. I’m sick to death of ‘holier than thou’ taxpayers claiming that all the unemployed are getting something for nothing. Do some research on the benefits system if you intend to comment on it. (Reading hysterical headlines in The Sun does not amount to research.)
    If the job centre send someone who receives contribution based benefits to a workfare placement at for example Tesco, they are effectively keeping themselves in poverty whilst lining the pockets of Tesco’s share holders.

  41. SKINTUS MAXIMUS u have hit the nail right on the head best post ever to hit this site may you woule be so kind and send this to every major news paper in the country as this is so dam true and bust the goverments sum thing for nothing that they keep shoughting about every where keep up good work

  42. sadly, the truth is not quite so rosy, there is no insurance or contributions top fall back on, what we pay this year, is spent next next year.

    they should stop calling it National Insurance and just combine it income tax

  43. Axel, true indeed, the benefits system is much like the banking system, your contribution account holds a certain amount of money, money that isn’t really there. As long as we don’t all ask for it at once they are ok to dish some out here and there.

    It is not the fault of the contributors that the money has been spent.

  44. Just see this on tesco’s own site -Tesco has today announced that from now on any young person accepted for work experience with Tesco will be offered a choice:
    To participate in the Government scheme, which protects their benefits for the duration of the four-week placement. Tesco has suggested to the Department of Work and Pensions that, to avoid any misunderstanding about the voluntary nature of the scheme, the risk of losing benefits that currently exists should be removed.
    Alternatively, to be paid by Tesco for the four-week placement, with a guaranteed permanent job at the end of it, provided they complete the placement satisfactorily.
    Richard Brasher, CEO of Tesco UK, said “We know it is difficult for young people to give up benefits for a short-term placement with no permanent job at the end of it. So this guarantee that a job will be available provided the placement is completed satisfactorily, should be a major confidence boost for young people wanting to enter work on a permanent basis.”
    Tesco committed 3000 work placements under the Government’s work experience scheme. To date around 1500 have been delivered. We will offer the choice of paid work and the jobs guarantee to all of the remaining placements we will deliver under the scheme. 300 young people undertaking work experience with Tesco have already found work with us and we are confident that many more will through this approach.

  45. Michael James Nicholls

    Well If I had a pound for every piece of bullshit I have heard from ‘the dole’ I would be a rich man.

    The ONLY way to bring down the numbers of people out of work is to CREATE jobs and DECENT TRAINING COURSES. I am a PC repair chap. Oh, and I have over 30 years experience in photography. I have done more voluntary work than these twats have had expensive dinners. I CANNOT GET A DECENT JOB. If I want to work for poor money and in poor conditions I could have a job tomorrow – BEEN THERE, DONE THAT – I used to work in a foundry doing a job that would fucking KILL your average cunt of a politican. I do NOT want to work in Poundland or Maccy D’s. I want to put my skills to use. Is that unreasonable?

    But no. Because their friends – the wankers/bankers/red braces brigade/speculators have completely fucked up the global economy, and because governments, including the twats we have in power here -point blank REFUSE to get fucking medieval on their sorry asses, WE the ordainary people are being made to PAY for their crimes. Tell me I’m wrong and I’ll tell you to fuck off.

  46. Apparently those of us who oppose slave labour for multibillion pound profit making companies are Luddites.
    That would be funny if it weren’t so hilarious since most of the protest has been generated around the internet and social media. Didn’t realise that made me a Luddite!
    Great blog. Thanks.

      Chris Grayling in bed last night:
      “Bloody peasants how dare they get involved, bloody unemployed 2.6 million bloody workshy scroungers, they should be flogged, all of them, and we should track down every bloody luddite on Facebook and bloody Twitter and shoot the lot, I’m writing a Social Media reform bill that will include a Facebook/Twitter licence fee of £50,000 a year that’ll keep the bloody peasants quiet. Bloody rabble, how dare they question me? Don’t they know who I am? They’ll be saying it’s their bloody country next……..”

  47. Just to set the record straight its a free society and those big wigs at AE4 dont like it when they get stick yet its ok to call unemployed scroungers and work shy and luddites dont throw stones in green house’s you dont like the truth its what people think of you and people are entilted to their own views got a message for you SEE YOU IN COURT OH SAME TIME YOU THERE FOR ROBBING THE TAX PAYER

  48. Sure the corporate rats are leaving the governments sinking flagship now their guilty secret of indulging themselves in Nazi style exploitation has been made public, the question is will we ever forgive them?

    Good work with the article, we were called Luddite, whereas in actual fact we are embracing technology and utilizing it to unite and fight this oppressive regime and its corrupt policies in its reign of terror….and that is what really frightens the bastards

  49. Michael J Nicholls

    They days of people taking any pile of shit the government decides to heap upon them, are LONG gone.

    I have trained, studied and actually WORKED at getting myself proffcient in the field of PC repair. Now I am told that my job expectations are ‘unrealistic’. Apparently, PC’s can now fix themselves. What do I do now – retrain at no small expense only to be told in ANOTHER four years that what I have busted my ass retraining in is ‘unrealistic’?

    This bunch of complete wankers thought that they could create an army of unpaid workers and get away with it. Well, fuck me. They have been proved to be SO wrong.

  50. Yes, mandatory volunteering is conscription. In a civilian workplace that is forced labour.
    I thought forced or compulsory labour is illegal under Section 71 of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 in England, and section 47 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010.
    Remember “forced or compulsory labour is defined as:
    It is therefore of paramount importance for all Jobseekers to declare themselves to be non-volunteers – beware if you are asked at any time if you would consider voluntary work.
    That old military adage is right: NEVER VOLUNTEER!

  51. To radio 4 im a man who has done these forced labour schemes and am willing to talk to you any time and to tell you how I legaly got out doing them as there is a law even the govement cant get out and when I was on csv I was told you keep quite we wil give you no hassle as we got loads people doing free labour and want keep it that way and thats what did as I wanted an easy life and wil do next time am told to do free labour but I wont be silineced no longer the piss take of the goverment is over people deserve the respect that they desever and dont get off goverment but should get

  52. Are the mighty Tesco now calling the shots to twitter as well as to the government?

  53. They edited that out, I think sometime this morning. Grab the evidence from google cache while you can.

    Here’s the latest:

    Click to access wp-pg-chapter-3.pdf

    Here’s the original from google cache:

  54. the thing that does me about this workfare, if you have been in work for years like many have, they are giving you your own money back through the taxes you paid while working, and then making you work for it again it aint there money, its the persons that paid into the system. So why should you work for your own money all over again by doing unpaid work programme placements to help the goverment and tesco profits bigger

  55. Pingback: DWP Rewrite History – Mandatory Work Disappears from the Work Programme Provider’s Guidance | the void

  56. Michael J Nicholls

    Well I have ONE simple piece of advice that EVERY unemployed person in the UK should follow.

    BOYCOTT the companies who are taking part in this shithole of a scheme. That’s close on THREE MILLION customers. I WILL NOT use companies that are using slave labour. Like I said in an earlier post, there are plenty of other places to shop other than Tesco’s or Asda. Might also help smaller shops out as well. Try your local farmer’s market or farm shop. Or your local high street market. Tell the big boys to get fucked. There are some wonderful little market towns and villages here in the UK. Not only can you have a nice day out, but you can also pick up some bargains. We have the power within our hands. If these motherfuckers WON’T do what’s right and consign workfare to history, then hit them where it counts; their profit margins.

  57. Michael J Nicholls

    Birmingham Rag Market is a great place to shop!!!!!!!!


  58. Pingback: DWP edits documents to pretend work placements weren’t compulsory | A Latent Existence

  59. Michael J Nicholls

    And now the rewriting of history begins.

    Just like that UFO never crashed at Roswell…..


  60. Michael J Nicholls

    I think the Tories dropped a bollock on this one. The really thought that they could get away with this shit. Well, unfortunately for them, us poor ‘dole dossers’ are NOT the uneducated slobs that the right wing media potrays us as.

    No. We are people who are INTELLIGENT, and what is worse for the government, we are ICT savvy. When a Tory twat shoots his mouth off, it can go viral in a matter of hours. No good trying the old ‘Bbububububub I was misquoted’ shite. Nope. Sorry mate. Nice try but no cigar.

    I can make a computer sing and fucking dance, and compared to the generation that has come AFTER me I am fuck all. No good you trying to bury your lies either Mr Grayling. ‘Coz some little ‘nerd’ – in other words a fucking HERO in my book – will promptly UN-bury them. And then use those lies to beat you over the head with.

    You bastards have been found out. You came in to office claiming to have changed. You haven’t. You are STILL a party of smug, oxbridge educated right wing TWATS, and nothing you can do or say will ever change that. And you know what? The fun is JUST beginning. Your ultimate defeat at the ballot box begins HERE, right now WITH THIS issue. Think about it. Can you really afford to lose two million plus votes? I don’t think you can. You only got into power this time with the help of the Liberal Democrats – the biggest bunch of tossers in British politics.

    I hope with every fibre of my being, that the backlash against you and your fucking turncoat ‘Coalition Partners’ is the election to power of an old style SOCIALIST Labour party, who will then set about making the bastards that caused the near collapse of the UK economy SQUEAL like stuck fucking pigs.


  61. maybe it is a plan, to incite civil disturbances, to bring in hefty reforms?

    Oki, this time there is no Arthur Scargill to lead his side to oblivion but maybe cameron prefers smaller scale actions?

  62. Boycott Workfare
    If you can’t wait til next Saturday and you live in north London – here’s another chance to voice your disgust at workfare.

    Friday 2nd March anti-workfare protest at IDS visit to Haringey, 9 AM outside Tottenham Town Hall

    The government workfare schemes of forced labour for benefits (pushed by Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling) are starting to collapse under the pressure of protest and recent bad publicity.

    On Saturday 3rd March there will be a national day of action against workfare, with protests in 20 towns in the UK. But we have the opportunity to show our opposition locally when IDS visits Haringey on Friday morning. He will be spinning the government nightmare at a lecture ”Building for the Future” at the Dream Centre in Tottenham Town Hall (9.30 am to 12 noon).

    Join the 9am picket/protest outside Tottenham Town Hall (5 minutes walk up the High Road from Seven Sister’s tube station) – called by Boycott Workfare

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  73. GRAYLING is the equivalent to a NAZI general in charge of the Auschwitz concentration camp, he’s a fucking disgusting sell out piece of shit

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  76. Grayling’s move to the Justice Department was not a coincident ,he had finished his dirty work at the DWP and now wants to inflict his venomous lack of moral standing upon LEGAL AID – which would affect the appeals system against his draconian cohorts ATOS .Grayling having been much publicised concerning his theft from the public purse and his habitual lying ,is now trying to stich up the only option left to the VICTIMS of the ATOS debacle by cutting the money available for appeals by £350-00 million a year .Conscience or better moral judgement defeated the proposed bill in the House of Lords (the one that Cameron wants to reform) votes against were 198 and 237 for preserving the right for appeal against Welfare Benefit decisions ,it highlights that 198 peers are in favour of denying a basic human right to the public .So 83% of those that decide our fate were for this erosive move on Democracy .

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  86. John McArthur

    I see Grayling has taken his considerable lack of talents to the prison service. Not long ago he told them to close lots of prisons (cut, cut, cut is the maniacal mantra) but now in a panic they are having to demand that those left open (which are already overcrowded) take even more.

    IDS, Freud, Grayling seem to have that special touch that means that everything they do is wrong and turns to dust. It’s just unfortunate it’s the sick, disabled unemployed that these bully boys have to pick on in order that the rich they represent don’t have to pay anymore taxes nor get blamed for what they have done to the economy.

  87. It doesn’t matter if it’s Labour or Tory, they are both the same and only promoting EU policy. This ‘workfare’ is a leader into a worse scenario, slavery! Under the TTIP we will become a corporate state, the idea is to get everyone working minimum wage, for at least 25 hours, they will then be topped up with benefits, but only if working. No work, no benefits. This ensures profits and perpetuates the economy, as there are enough credit worthy, to borrow and maintain the economy.

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