DWP Rewrite History – Mandatory Work Disappears from the Work Programme Provider’s Guidance

It’s rare that something comes along which can be described as truly Orwellian, but this government hasn’t disappointed.  The sheer desperation of Chris Grayling can be revealed in this document, which is the providers guidance for the Work Programme workfare scheme.  As mentioned recently, this document contains the pronouncement that:

“Where you are providing support for JSA participants, which is work experience you must mandate participants to this activity. This is to avoid the National Minimum Wage Regulations, which will apply if JSA participants are not mandated.”

Which can be seen in this screenshot:

Unfortunately for the DWP this is from google cache, something their no doubt highly skilled IT professionals presumably haven’t heard of.  It can be viewed here.

Unfortunately it can no longer be viewed on the DWP’s website, as that particular phrase, which proves Chris Grayling was a lying bastard when he claimed there was no mandatory workfare in the Work Programme, appears to have disappeared: http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/wp-pg-chapter-3.pdf

Truly desperate stuff from a truly desperate government. Not content with lying through their teeth about workfare, it now seems that Chris Grayling and Iain Duncan Smith are attempting to rewrite government documents to cover up their fibs.

Perhaps the DWP got hacked by the Socialist Worker Party along with Grayling’s email account.

Many thanks to Anton in the comments for spotting this.

UPDATE: More evidence of ministers fibbing at: https://johnnyvoid.wordpress.com/2012/02/25/the-case-of-the-disappearing-workfare-documents/

ANOTHER UPDATE: Now it’s Freedom of Information responses vanishing from the DWP’s website: https://johnnyvoid.wordpress.com/2012/02/26/yet-more-disappearing-dwp-documents-now-its-a-freedom-of-information-request/

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109 responses to “DWP Rewrite History – Mandatory Work Disappears from the Work Programme Provider’s Guidance

  1. How clever. Now the remaining items are out of sync?

    • But the version numbers on the documents are identical – v2.00 in both cases. That takes it out of the realm of reasonable correction and into deliberate falsification of the record.

  2. What a revelation…bastards!

    Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg also stated that workfare schemes were “entirely voluntary” to the BBC on 21 Feb.

    Whilst on the subject of Clegg (the yellow streak up Camerons back) here is an appalling video of Nick Clegg in which he calls the stoic young people of this country “cunts” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-17113209 – 00:30 on the time-line he says: “Every 18 to 24 year old cunt in this country”

    It can hardly come as any surprise that Clegg considers our young people cunts given the way he told a complete pack of lies to students about tuition fees to secure their votes and then casually sold them down the river. Or to the lost generation abandoned and chucked on the scrap heap by him and his millionaire cronies knowing full well of their plans to use then as fodder to feed their slave labour schemes. But for this cretin to show his true colour by publicly referring to these fine young people as cunts is truly an utter disgrace even when taking into account it is coming from such a hated and despicable liar.

    • Come on….

      It’s clear he wasn’t calling them cunts, it was a mistake based on the fact he was trying to say “every 18-24 year old in this country”, but initially missed out the words “in this”. He started saying “every 18-24 year old country” but stopped half way through the word “country”, and then said what he actually meant to say, “in this country”.

      I dislike what he and his coalition partners are doing as much as anyone, but it doesn’t help to make unfounded accusations like this.

    • Norfolk god fearing farm folk

      At times such as this I try to reflect and take solace in the teachings of Confucius “though my neighbour may call me a cunt does it follow that I am a cunt, or could he be the cunt for calling me a cunt”

    • I came across this when I was searching online as I was sure I recalled viewing a video of Clegg stating that work experience scheme was “entirely voluntary”. I never found that clip but came across this and after posting it here, on this widely tweeted thread, it has been re-reported many times on the Internet and the clip has been moving up and down the BBC iplayer top 10 ever since. But my thinking is that the BBC must have spotted the slip and decided to quietly release it as this 52 second sound bite knowing full well that someone had to pick up on it.
      So perhaps the BBC, or at least some of them, aren’t quite as much of a bunch of government pandering stuffed shirts as we thought. Added to which Newsnight have been giving hard time to the “capitalist system that is utterly corrupt, rotten to the core” to quote Paul Callanan, and in particular Jeremy Paxman who asked Tory MP Harriett Baldwin four times: ‘Do you understand why people find the schemes offensive?’ prior to letting claimants with first hand experience of the slave labour scheme rip her apart http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01ckx0d/Newsnight_21_02_2012/. He never got a straight answer though…still that’s communism I guess comrades солидарность трудящихся

  3. If you try to download the pdf from google cache you will get the new amended version. However if you save it from the cache to google documents you can download the original unaltered pdf.

  4. Hahahaha….they are clearly shitting themselves now 🙂 let’s keep this relentless pressure on and they will soon crumble.

  5. Reblogged this on Brighter Future and commented:
    I am absolutely fuming! Trying to cover your tracks is not going to work Grayling!

  6. I wonder what the EU would think of this being as this document carries there logo hmmm not very impressed I bet

    • Whoever did the change made a number of editing errors:
      1. The Version number of the document remained V2.00
      2. The European Social Fund logo was removed – it is the only chapter which lacks the logo.
      3. The title ‘Work Programme Provider Guidance’ was removed.
      4. The hypertext links on the first page which link to each section have become plain text.

      Whoever did the edit did not seem to be familiar with the editor – I wonder where Chris Grayling was at 3pm yesterday when the document was changed?

  7. Brilliant. Well discovered.

  8. Quote from a Freedom of information request to the DWP on the whatdotheyknow.com website.

    Response from the requester to the DWP:
    ‘You appear to be hair splitting on the idea that Work Experience is
    not Mandatory, when the DWP has already acknowledged that in the
    case of Cait Reilly you never informed her of the mandatory
    conditionality of the Work Experience she undertook..’

    As the requester correctly states the DWP had already acknowledged to Cait Reilly that Work Experience had mandatory conditionality , so how could Grayling, IDS, Clegg and Cameron claim it was entirely voluntary after this admission had been made?

  9. Bugger, If only I’d have known this on Tuesday night

  10. EVERYTHING this ConDem shower of shit get up to is not only Orwellian,it’s Hitlerian. And in Smith & Grayling (NOT a comedy duo) we have our very own British Goebells & Heydrich.
    Smirking,lying Social Darwinists = Eugenecists = Nazis.
    The bastard children of demented Thatcher.

  11. I note that both the original and the new version have “V2.00” on the bottom right of each page. They didn’t even update the version number by 0.01.

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  13. Is this real or a hoax? Really hope it’s not a hoax. If you try and download it as suggested by Arbeitsscheu_UK –

    “You will need a google account, save the cached document to google documents, it will appear as a pdf file at the top of the document list, click on that link and it will open in the browser. go to the file menu and click on download and it will save to your computer.”

    If you do that it is saved as a pdf, but doesn’t have that paragraph in it. Has someone put this in as a hoax? Not accusing, just trying to find out if it’s real – no point making a big fuss about it if it’s not real.

    • The link above takes you directly to google’s cache, where there is clearly a different version of the document to the one that is currently on the DWP’s website – and it appears the document was modified yesterday (I know what it said in the original document because I quoted from it the other day, and it’s changed). Perhaps someone with more technical knowledge could explain whether it would even be possible to fake this, it would almost certainly mean hacking into the DWP’s website, which for such an obscure document doesn’t seem very likely.

  14. They *are* desperate now. When you’re forced to outright lie rather than just spin the truth you’ve really not got much left. And it *is* most definitely an Orwellian tactic to attempt to rewrite history, especially official documents. Its all getting very interesting… if not a little frightening 😦

  15. I am going to look at whether I can get a cache of the other chapters, but cant do it until tonight, has anyone else got cached versions of the other chapters. Suggest download and share

  16. What does this actually mean to someone on the work programme? Will people still be required to do the 4 week 30 hours a week mandatory work activity? Is this to do something else called work experience?

    I find it confusing

  17. I find the compliance of the BBC the most disturbing aspect of all this. The way their presenters ferociously attack anyone who has the audacity to challenge the government’s actions. They used to reserve that approach for politicians who are well versed in debate etc and its fair game in that context. But its outrageous for them to take that bullying attitude to relatively untrained members of the public who simply want to assert their right to speak out against these unjust measures. And their contrary attitude to those such as Grayling in which they are so keen to support his ilk that they are almost putting words into their mouths ‘Isn’t that so, Minister, you are only trying to help, aren’t you?’ kind of thing.

  18. The BBC are looking increasingly shameful and are being attacked from many quarters – we should also hold them accountable…. this will not be forgotten.

    As for the document amendment – is this legal?
    Any lawyers here can advise?

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  20. If I was not an atheist and did not have reservations about Google, I would say God bless Google.

  21. Is it planned to hand this over to any of the newspapers we trust? Guardian, Mirror, even…dare I say…Mail!

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  23. Assistance please, have just recieved the following e-mail from Chris Grayling which was in response to my open letter.

    GRAYLING, Chris chris.grayling.mp@parliament.uk
    21 Feb (4 days ago)
    I’m afraid you are just plain wrong. Our work experience scheme is voluntary, and it is oversubscribed. Large numbers of unemployed young people are finding work as a result.
    Our mandatory work activity programme is completely different, and only involves projects with a public and community good.
    You can accuse me of whatever you like, but the fact is that you are wrong.
    Any ammunition welcome, I want to marshall my facts. Contact me via the blog or e-mail alextalbot116@gmail.com

    • I am on the work programme (Seetec) and work experience is definitely mandatory, I have been told this repeatedly by my Work Programme advisor when questioning the validity of it.

      It also isn’t confined to community projects, as my advisor has been looking for work experience placements for me with private profit making companies.

      What also concerns me is that there is no limit to the length of the mandatory work experience, one could be forced to work unpaid till they find a job under this scheme.

  24. As it has now been posted as a Freedom of Information Act request on the whatdotheyknow.con website the press will already be aware of it as they peruse the requests on the site looking for stories.

  25. “Where you are providing support for JSA participants, which is work experience you must mandate participants to this activity.”

    In other words, once a JSA claimant has *voluntarily* accepted a placement they do actually have to do some work.

    And the big deal is?

    Oh, yes, I know. You hate Tories.

    • Joining the Work Programme is mandatory for many. Job seekers aged 18 – 24 will be referred after 9 months, aged 25+ after 12 months, and ESA claimants within 3 – 6 months. Once on the Work Programme it’s up to the contracted provider whether to send someone for unpaid work or not. They have the power to decide that, and to sanction if someone disagrees with them.

      • Raises another question on why the less able ESA claimants are pushed into it quicker.

      • Ive read its the job cenre advisor who can make the recommendation for a sanction and a mandatory work activity etc etc ,they also have to be able to show that this is reasonable under the circumstances this is being forced on the customer.A lot of people are not aware of their rights and dont want to read through all the govermantal crap regs regarding this,and who could blame them.Its not going to be the easy ride all the tories out there first thought.

      • Arbeitsscheu_UK

        I think the provider recommends the sanction and the DWP decision makers considers that recommendation and implements it, or otherwise.

        If the role of the provider includes the power of whether to send someone for unpaid work or not, that must present the opportunity, to the unscrupulous individuals in our midst, to offer a substantial monetary bribe to the advisor in order to avoid unpaid work. And if accepted present recorded evidence of that in order to demonstrate the corrupt practice and exploitation these schemes are open to.

    • londonstatto, you forgot the second bit: ‘this is to avoid the National Minimum Wage Regulations’.

    • Well yes most of us do hate Tories londonstatto, but not as much as we hate wankers and don’t get me started on Tory wanker trolls……

  26. The PDf metadata shows that the document was created directly from a copy of MS Word owned by the DWP at 16:07 on 24 Feb 2012.

    Chance of it having been hacked is somewhere between slim and none, and Slim’s outta town.

  27. Worth asking my MP about this, or not appropriate? He is not Chris Grayling but he is a Tory.

  28. Just emailed Grayling to tell him what I think of his scheme.As a parent of someone who could be forced onto this after he finishes University, I am not about to let this crappy government get away with it.

  29. Excellently spotted!

  30. I have a pdf of the original document as I posted it it on Tesco’s Facebook page last Sunday to point out the ‘voluntary’ lie. Anybody who wants a copy, let me know.

  31. I had a quick look at the creation and modification dates of these PDFs. The first one, including the “mandatory” elements, indicates creation and modification date of 17/08/2011. The changed version indicates creation and modification date of 24/02/2012. Just another little piece of evidence.

  32. Gr8 work !! Thanks for sharing !! Cheers

    And please check out my latest post on love – http://raajtram.wordpress.com/2012/02/23/love-sometimes-stupidity-d/

  33. Couldn’t this be reported to the Committee For Standards In Public Life?


    If they’ve changed the document without changing its revision number then that’s dishonest and fraudulent.

  34. Chris Grayling is a Cunt

    This for real, the offending paragraph is also in the original 1.00 version.

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  36. How nice of the DWP to inform the providers how to avoid minimum wage legislation. The document definitely has been changed, because I read the previous document a number of times and it did include the paragraph which has now been removed.

  37. Boycott Workfare
    If you can’t wait til next Saturday and you live in north London – here’s another chance to voice your disgust at workfare.

    Friday 2nd March anti-workfare protest at IDS visit to Haringey, 9 AM outside Tottenham Town Hall

    The government workfare schemes of forced labour for benefits (pushed by Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling) are starting to collapse under the pressure of protest and recent bad publicity.

    On Saturday 3rd March there will be a national day of action against workfare, with protests in 20 towns in the UK. But we have the opportunity to show our opposition locally when IDS visits Haringey on Friday morning. He will be spinning the government nightmare at a lecture ”Building for the Future” at the Dream Centre in Tottenham Town Hall (9.30 am to 12 noon).

    Join the 9am picket/protest outside Tottenham Town Hall (5 minutes walk up the High Road from Seven Sister’s tube station) – called by Boycott Workfare

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  40. Pass the word, email newspapers, the press, spread the word. Show them that revisionism is going on. Send to Margaret Hodge MP about the work programme.

    Anyone with evidence of wrong-doing at A4e should contact Margaret Hodge MP who is requesting the suspension of all contracts with A4e and is calling for a full inquiry.

    The Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP
    Chair of the Committee of Public Accounts
    Committee of Publiec Accounts
    House of Commons
    SW1P 3JA

    Telephone: 020 7219 3274
    Fax: 020 7219 2782
    Email: pubaccom@parliament.uk Spread the word,

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  42. Rewriting history…isn’t that what the Ministry of Truth does in Orwell’s 1984?

    From Wikipedia:

    ‘The Ministry of Truth is involved with news media, entertainment, the fine arts and educational books. Its purpose is to rewrite history and change the facts to fit Party doctrine for propaganda effect. For example, if Big Brother makes a prediction that turns out to be wrong, the employees of the Ministry of Truth go back and rewrite the prediction so that any prediction Big Brother previously made is accurate. This is the “how” of the Ministry of Truth’s existence. Within the novel Orwell elaborates that the deeper reason for its existence is to maintain the illusion that the Party is absolute. It cannot ever seem to change its mind (if, for instance, they perform one of their constant changes regarding enemies during war) or make a mistake (firing an official or making a grossly misjudged supply prediction), for that would imply weakness and to maintain power the Party must seem eternally right and strong.’

    When Margaret Thatcher said ‘Orwell was wrong’ all those years ago, was she right?

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  46. Another communist allegedly!

    I was coerced to do 13 weeks work experience from nov 1 to jan 2011 in bournemouth – as i was not mandated, am i entitled to 13 weeks minimum wage now? I have twice asked for my data under the DPA and been totally ignored. Also have evidence my training advisor was using a non encrypted gmail account to send my details to his supervisor, AND that he was nto that gifted as an advisor – he was an excon who the subcontractor had got into university on a sociology course, and was workign at their offices as his own placement experience.

    • michelle jones

      You need to get yourself to a legal aid Solicitor as you have more than reasonable grounds to sue for the Minimum Wage that you should have been paid for your ”work experience” as the DWP’ S Guide to providers clearly state that claimants HAVE to be mandated so as to avoid the claimant being legally entitled to the minimum wage for the work that they do

      • hi,

        just wanted to help out and say,there is a prescribed format for how that mandate has to be applied, if its incorrect, and the job seeker sues or takes it to a tribunal the DWP will have egg all over their faces.

    • all data should be totally secure on the IT systems via the data protection act 1998,if not looking after your data you could persu them for more than 13 wks jsa,did you sign their consent form “to share data” if not thats another thing to dig in to.They think they can do and say a s they want,thay cant, so dont let them.Good luck.

      keep us posted.

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  50. Channel 4 News Factcheck have now carried this story.

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  55. This whale matter is wrong and A4E is NOT the only Provider defrauding us,One provider Id like looked into are called INGEUS,They had a 7 year contract under NEW DEAL etc and then went on to change their name and then went into partnership.
    Buts its about time they were looked into as they are the SCUM of this who world and their CEO are scum many of which done a runners after lining their pockets with our money for doing FUCK ALL

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  80. I am curious to find out what blog system you’re working with?
    I’m having some minor security problems with my latest website
    and I would like to find something more secure. Do you have any solutions?

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