DWP Are Lying Bastards Claim DWP

Last year the DWP released figures which claimed that 75% of people who had  applied for Employment Support Allowance (ESA) were in fact fit for work.  This led to lurid headlines in the Daily Express which declared that 75% of people on sickness benefits are ‘skiving’.

The minster Chris Grayling was quoted at the time as saying:  ” We now know very clearly that the vast majority of new claimants for sickness benefits are in fact able to return to work. “

If not an outright lie, this was a very deliberate attempt to mislead the public.  Which is lying really.  And he hasn’t stopped lying since.  One Tory MP, Philip Davies went even further claiming: “These figures lay bare the extent of the abuse that was going on under the previous regime”.

36% of this abuse was carried out by people who’s claim was withdrawn before a decision on entitlement was reached.  This was seen as evidence of fraudulent behaviour.  In fact, the DWP’s own research indicates that it was the precise opposite.

A DWP report quietly published last month (PDF) interviewed people who made a claim for ESA and had either been unsuccessful or had withdrawn their claim.  This report explicitly states that: “Most of the interviewees in this research whose claim had been closed or withdrawn before it was fully assessed said they had ended their ESA claim as their health condition had improved.”

In other words they did the honest thing and stopped claiming sickness benefits because they no longer needed it.

This is not something that should have surprised the DWP because back in 2010 a report revealed (PDF)  that 41% of ESA claimants who ended their claim did so because they got better and went back to work.  A further 30% went onto JSA and only 3% claimed that their health was still so bad they were still unable to work.

So both the DWP and the Tories knew this when they attempted to portray people who had ended their ESA claims as skivers.

The recent report also reveals that many claimants are staggeringly honest, something that’s unlikely to feature on the front page of the Express any time soon.  One claimant who ended their claim before their assessment said:

“I was feeling better and I really wanted to get back into normal society and get a job. So I signed myself off. I went into the Jobcentre and told them that I was fit to go back to work.”

The latest report also reveals one of the key reasons people make a claim for ESA is because the Jobcentre told them to: “The ESA claim was often initiated on the advice of, or with the assistance of, a Jobcentre Plus adviser; often following a referral from the individual’s General Practitioner (GP)”

So the abuse claimed by the Tory MP and the Daily Express appears to have been carried out with the direct connivance of the DWP themselves.  It seems that there is an increasingly no man’s land for claimants, whereby one DWP official says they are too sick to work, but another DWP department says they aren’t sick enough to claim ESA.

This group are often the most vulnerable to benefit sanctions as they may be unable to complete the jobseeking activity demanded of all Job Seekers Allowance claimants due to health reasons.  This is likely to be further compounded should they be referred to the Work Programme where they could face six months workfare or face losing their benefits.

The report found: “Very few customers remembered Jobcentre Plus advisers asking about their health and very few had their health conditions taken into account on their Jobseekers Agreement.”

With more and more people being denied sickness benefits due to the brutal health testing regime overseen by Atos ‘Healthcare’, the number of sick and disabled people facing sanctions is likely to soar.

Whether by accident or design the system punishes the most vulnerable.  Those who are intimidated by the thought of appealing decisions, or too sick, too isolated, or just too beaten down by poverty and ill health to make a fuss are the ones likely to face sanctions or lose vital benefits.  The pretence is that the constant health testing and sanctions regime is designed to give people the push they need to get them back on track and working to increase the profits of the rich like good little subjects.  The sad truth is that all these little pushes are causing many people to fall off the cliff.

More and more benefit claimants are ending their own lives under the pressure of poverty and the endless attacks on welfare.  Perhaps it’s time the DWP was honest about their intentions and included suicide as a successful outcome for the poverty pimp bastards like Atos and A4e who carry out the department’s dirty work.

41 responses to “DWP Are Lying Bastards Claim DWP

  1. another good un johnnie

  2. Arbeitsscheu_UK

    Question: Given the continues lies peddled by government ministers, and the hard evidence of that readily available on the Internet, why aren’t the main stream media undertaking simple investigative journalism and exposing that?

    Answer: Because if they were held accountable by being put under proper scrutiny they wouldn’t be able to continue getting away with it. The mainstream media are state controlled.

    • Certainly the Beeb is the government’s mouthpiece these days, but I do have some faith in Channel 4 who have been pretty good on the Workfare business, and it was a pleasure to watch the very efficient Cathy Newman grill Grayling till he was sweating (after which, of course, those DWP papers about mandating work experience “customers” on JSA disappeared…). I think it would be worth contacting Cathy about the DWP report you mention above.

      • Arbeitsscheu_UK

        Agreed she did grill Grayling, they confronted him with evidence that it wasn’t voluntary but just let him off the hook as I am not aware of any follow up. He claimed to not know what letter she was talking about, rather than accept that they should have said they would send him the letter and ask him to come back do discuss it at a later date.

        Also how about Atos and the WCA ? They have been helping cover that scandal up for ages by failing to examine and expose the facts. And how failing to cover the disabled hate campaign in the press, Johnny has produced clear evidence here the TV channels could easily have done the same. But instead they have been happy to allow the vulnerable to be vilified in the gutter press da -in-day-out, resulting in the disabled being targets of hate crimes, being spat at in the street. Also there was the news blackout after the #workfare protests took place prior to which there were daily reports and articles.

    • Is this an example of postmodern irony? Or is it just that the left hand of government doesn’t know what the right hand is doing?

    • Yeah, actually being hated it one thing – but what really gets to me is the PC hypocrisy of these people.

  3. Johnny Void, I admire your bold use of language.

  4. I.D.Smith,Chris Grayling,Maria Miller,Atos,A4e and The DWP regard suicide as being cured.

  5. I have severe bi-polar & mobility problems.
    Out of the blue I get a call telling me my contribution ESA ends at the end of april & I cannot get income related as my wife works.
    I’m too ill to claim JSA so am left with the option of either not claiming anything or leaving my family to live elsewhere for 5 nights per week & claim housing, council tax & income ESA.
    I have been shafted by the government.
    I really at this point cannot see the point of carrying on.

  6. I’ve just received my assessment form from Atos for ESA. This should be interesting…

  7. Had my WCA a couple of weeks ago and now waiting for the decision. However, I know in advance what the outcome will be as the line of questioning was so loaded. For example, “So, when you can’t sleep and you get up in the night, as well as getting a drink do you sometimes have something to eat, say a piece of tost?” “Sometimes, yes.” “So you are capable of looking after yourself after all, then.”

    I live with persistent pain from chronic arthritis in the cervical spine (neck)and currently also have difficulty walking as I have chronic sciatica in my right leg. My partner does all of the shopping, cleaning and cooking. We live on the fourth floor with no lift. Most days I feel too crap to even make it down the stairs to go outside so I spend the days on my own in the flat slowly going stir-crazy. Luckily, the opiates I am prescribed for the pain keep my mood up and make too zombied to reflect for too long on my situation.

    And yet, I am about to be told that I can go back to work because I am able to make myself a piece of toast. I can’t wait to tell all of this to the appeal panel!

  8. AN interesting article especially with reference to ATOS healthcares assessments, I have recently had loads of issues over the ESA 50 which was completed by the DWP on my behalf and sent to ATOS (without) my signature, ATOS have not actually been assessing the ESA 50’s in England as an issue over the Data Protection Act has resulted in them having to work out of the DWP offices in Cardiff. With no assessment (or signature of authority) they aproached my GP (who quite rightly refused). Ignoring all that they set up capabilty for work assessment and would not supsend that appointment pending on an investigation (which is the requirement under the Social Security Act). I arranged for a later apointment to allo them to investigate, I even signed off on their transcript of the complaint, but instead of suspending the further apointment, they let it stay live. The day before the appointment I got a call because somebody canceled (The telephony staff were very clear that I was not supposed to attend). Today I get an BF233(ESA) because I did not attend an appointment that should not even exist at the moment and all I can get from the DWP is the same ‘Amanda’ from the ESA transitions Department calling me up, although I have requested numerous times to speak to a Qualified Decision maker. Basically the upshot for this is that my disabilty claim dates back to early 1998 after I was seriously injured in an RTA. I never had to sign a DPA authorisation back then and have always refused to do so since (where third party companies are involved), therefore the DWP have never had authority to share my information (They are not exempted from the DPA). So I have reiterated my removal of any such authority to them. I am not refusing to be assessed, however given that ATOS healthcare have no actual ESA 50 assessment process in place it is very hard for the DWP to present an arguement to the contrary. Therefore the DWP must now decide, do they wish to proceed with a paper assessment or do they at their own expende wish to seek another third party that I will agree to be assessed by? Its and interesting scenario that resulted in the afforementioned ‘Amanda’ threatening (on recording) ‘If you do not give authority for ATOS healthcare to have your information, we will stop your benefit’, as many of you know such a threat is illegal and there is no part of the Social Security Act the overides the Data Protection Act. So nobody can be enforced to share their information. Everybody is entitled to remove such authority as well, even when they have been duped into signing the authority (namely ESA 50, its not an assessment document, it violates the DPA, its a veiled DPA authorisation).

  9. But why do we have so many people in this country who are too ill to work? Anyone compared us with the rest of Europe (as this is generally used when it suits)? Is there something wrong with the water? Too much sea air? Perhaps the governments are slipping debilitating pills into the drinking water or those jet trails are in fact mind control chemicals which cause birth defects as a side effect?? Whether we like it or not, there are plenty of people out there who are ready, willing and able to take the piss and steal what they can because everyone owes them a living.

    I couldn’t give a monkey’s if this upsets y’all because yes, I’m entitled to form my own opinions on things too.

    • Maybe it’s something to do with the way your scum friends in the government fucked the economy till it bled. you miserable suckup.

      Btw – What’s it like having your mouth permanently welded to the arsehole of authority?

    • Come and suck my cancer out DavCom,for you seem like an Atos miracle worker type to me.

    • Yes, DavCom, you are entitled to form your own opinion. But are you sure it IS yours, though? Have you actually read what is REALLY happening to the sick and disabled in this country? Have you checked the ACTUAL fraud figures, published by the government (0.5% for DLA) There is more fraud among pensioners claiming Pension Credit. Do you know how much money (your tax) the government is giving ATOS to find sick people fit for work? Do you now how many billions have been taken by the Work Providers programme, in return for worse results than the Jobcentres?

      Or has your opinion been formed for you by the Daily Mail, the Sun, the Express and the BBC? Or by the sacrosanct words of politicians. Did you bother to check if they were actually telling you the truth? No, clearly not.

      You obviously have no objections to paying your taxes to multi national corporations who are being investigated for fraud? You don’t mind severely ill people committing suicide because they have been left with no option?
      You don’t mind a government that has told lie upon lie to get you to think the way you do? You don’t mind a media that is being controlled and fed false information to publish the garbage they do?

      By all means, form you own opinion. Just try to base it on some facts, not propaganda.

      The government is relying on people like you. Too thick to think for themselves or even check basic information. When your turn comes, which it will, – we all get sick or old and frail at some point. Or have an accident. Or lose your job. Then you will realise we tried to warn you, your family, your friends. Don’t whine then, “But I didn’t know. Why didn’t someone tell me?”

    • Unemployment benefit in Germany used to be a large %age of your last pay. What would you claim ? What would be recorded ?

      The other problem that we have is that the rolling tide of temporary sick people that need a week or two off work, contribute to the figures that make it look like everyone is a long term benefit claimant.

      Many people (possibly some that slag us off), don’t realise that even if their company pays sick pay, they reclaim the state benefit for them selves.

    • Well good for you DavCom,… hope you get M.E. or something as painful ,then we will see if you give a monkey’s, because the DWP won’t,. when you put a legitimate claim in for financial support.

  10. DavCom : 2 words : Inequality…..Poverty.

  11. DavCom : 1 word : Nazi
    1 more word : Cunt
    1 extra word just to sum you up : Tory
    3 words that describe your ilk perfectly : Nazi Tory Cunt
    Feeling all well and superior now,DavCom?

  12. @MiKi67 I object to your use of a part of the female body as a description of this DavCom. Does equality not include women? Does hate language not include women? My cunt is neither nazi nor tory. Language is powerful, use it carefully, it can wound.

    • Cunts aren’t gendered, there are many men with cunts as well as people of various other genders with cunts, and many women without cunts even.

    • I think it is quite interesting that you perpetrate cissexism and yet also complain of others having limited understanding of equality.

      • I dont have a problem with people of transgender, I have a problem with the use of ‘cunt’ as a hate word. A cunt is a vagina. The use as a word of hate perpetuates hatred towards women

  13. Excellent Article. I have written an article on David Cameron’s Attitude to Sickness that is on Bluebell Spring on Facebook.

    Initially the page was hacked into and the article was deleted but it it now back there if anyone would like to read it.

    Articles by Bluebell Spring on Current Issues on Facebook. http://@www.

  14. During 17yrs I have had 5 DWP medicals. It is a lie that these 75% of people on ESA are fit for work. I am one of these 75% and 5 doctors appointed by the DWP have declared me unfit for work. Only ATOS have concluded otherwise. 2+2 =4. Not rocket science is it.

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  17. DWP are nothing more than filthy stinking lying criminal scum. Twice in the last 6 months they have sent me letters claiming I owe them hundreds of pounds in repayments for benefits that I have never ever claimed in my life! It is severely disturbing how such government departments are blatantly allowed to get away with fraud, crime, harassment, etc with no oversight whatsoever. Regulation of DWP needs to be put into the hands of the public for transparency reasons and until this happens (which it won’t) they will remain nothing more than dirty manipulative scumbag thieving life-wrecking criminals.

  18. ..sound’s like torries final solution to me….it is very apparent that a hate campaign has been used by the offending same to massage those at work to do the government’s dirty work..going on from this…there are so many working poor whom are ideal targets to venge the annialization of welfare claiment’s..and who could blame them,they too are having to have subsidy to retain a roof over their head’s; more crucially, the working poor should not expect a pay rise as this is another tactic by the torries where the working poor won’t even be able to say benefit claimants have as much as they earn….

    regarding ESA… the best way forward is to contact any employer/s and ask them if they are willing, for the majority of all those found fit for work whom are clearly not; if they want the insurance risk of same for themselves and their staff where the government are certifying more or less to that employer that you are fit and ripe for employment..??..indeed would someone found fit to work be liable by 50% in the workplace because you had prior knowledge of incapacitating problems and failed to divulge because the ESA pronounced you fit but you cause an accident…??

    …i do wonder what prospective employers would say on the subject if they knew…???..surely they are being duped…

  19. I have both mental and physical disabilities and I will openly admit that the issues that have come about from these bastards doing what they doing, I tried killing myself twice in the last few weeks because I can’t afford to live as it is. My only regret is that the half a bottle of liquid morphine I took that is prescribed for my pain and physical disabilities didn’t work! I know its only going to get worse. I’ve already lost everything including my kids cos of how messed up the government is, now I face losing the tiny income I have and the roof over my head too. Wankers, the lot of them!

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  21. i have been on sick for many years due to leg injury aand having pins in my leg i also take controlled drugs which says does not use machinery i have been signed off sick went to atos healthcare scored 15 points and was told now i have to go on work programe now if i have a sick note and have been signed off sick why have they put me on the work programe i think its a disgrace i lost my brother last year and it has put a huge amount of stress on me and i feel my life has gone backwards im on sleeping tablets depression tablets all sorts how the hell do the expect me to look for future work no wonder why so many people are ending there lives they feel trapped most of us that are sick do need help not cutting our throats first bedroom tax now taking sick people off the goverment need shooting the lot of them

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  23. Kangaroo janario

    Gonna get my money motherfuckers and use it to smoke crack and shag hos

  24. There is a free legal help group I think in Bristol comprised of student lawyers who have overturned over 90% of these decisions on appeal. I had a complete mental breakdown after 20 years of service at HMRC. The bastard manager would to me into a room and swore and threatened me. I am 5 foot 8 and he is 6 foot 6. When I went off work he threatened me and my 70 year old mother and the police visited us at 8pm on that Friday night with a vague and uncoberated complaint that I had threatened him with violence by an alleged comment I made to a colleague. The police officers were very shocked and apologetic and did not really know why they were there. After 6 months I was completely admonished of any blame but I resigned because of my mental health. I feel very sorry for the family of Dr David Kelly who was bullied to death by his only reason to tell the truth about the fake dosier about the Iraq war.

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