Emma Harrison: The UK’s Biggest Benefit Cheat

£9 million pounds is the annual cost of this parasite to our community.  British people, that is your money!

Emma Harrison, chair of poverty pimps A4e received a banker busting £9 million dividend this year on the back of her company’s shoddy back to work schemes.

A4e provide  workfare and job search schemes for the Government which are notorious for being badly resourced and delivering poor results.  It’s hardly surprisingly when rogue trader Harrison is trousering most of the cash.  Inmates at A4e schemes have complained of lack of even basic IT facilities to enable them to look for work online, poor quality or non-existent training and people forced to sit around in A4e’s offices for 30 hours a week on mandatory workfare schemes because A4e can’t find them anything to do.    It now appears that every penny saved siphoning off cash intended to help people into work is going straight into the upkeep of Emma’s Derbyshire mansion.

On the recent Pathways to Work scheme A4e only succeeded in placing a derisory 9% of people into work – a percentage that well may have got jobs anyway, and perhaps sooner, had they not been subject to A4e’s interference.

This hasn’t stopped A4e being given five of the major contracts to carry out the much vaunted work programme schemes, sending unemployed people to work in supermarkets for no pay.  It’s not just Harrison enjoying a benefits bonanza, the likes of Tesco and ASDA are now discovering they can get workers for free, at the tax payers expense.

The tories claim that the new payments by results model will ensure that companies like A4e will only get big pay outs if they succeed in finding people long term work.  This is bogus.  It is in A4e’s interest to deliver the cheapest possible service at the highest possible price.  That’s how business works.  Why bother sending someone on a literacy course when you can give a highly skilled and newly unemployed person a bit of shonky advice on their CV then claim a big cash pay out if they find work.  As they do now A4e will claim credit for someone’s success in finding work despite her company whilst ignoring those who are hardest to help.  It’s good business.

(Anyone on A4e’s schemes who finds work should remember this.  You don’t need to tell the Jobcentre or A4e the name of your employer when you sign off.  You can just fuck off, leaving A4e scrambling around trying to find out where you’re working so they can claim a fat pay-cheque.  Chances are they won’t track you down.)

Should A4e fail to find enough people long term jobs then contracts can always be renegotiated, especially as these were agreed before unemployment started to rocket.  Iain Duncan Smith has been so vocal about his obsession with forcing unemployed and sick people into unpaid work that Harrison and the other providers have him over a barrel.  And should the whole thing come crashing down, as it very likely will, well then there’ll be another scheme and no doubt A4e will be awarded to run that as well.  Past failure is no barrier to future success when it comes to winning workfare contracts.

Emma’s dividend dwarfs the million pound bonus finally turned down by RBS loan shark Stephen Hester.  Almost every penny of her company’s profit has come from providing Government contracts to harass sick and unemployed people.  Contracts they have regularly dismally underperformed at.  This is money that could be spent on schools and hospitals at a time of desperate need.  Instead it will go to providing Harrison a life of unimagined luxury at our expense.  It is people like Harrison who are ripping off the benefits system, to the tune of millions, whilst disabled people or single parents are pilloried in the press.  You couldn’t make it up.

Above pic from: http://a4ephotogallery.blogspot.com/


24 responses to “Emma Harrison: The UK’s Biggest Benefit Cheat

  1. And they call us scum? It is a complete scam, about time these ‘providers’ we caught out and shown for what they really are.

  2. 9%? I would say probably double that would have found work. Of that 18% probably most of such jobs be temporary for a few months before signing on the dole again.

  3. I would say is this country that stupid but it seems we really are! Nothing surprises me anymore except maybe our ability to sit back and let this happen….for goodness sake people WAKE UP

    • “Wake-Up People” is what I want to scream. Complacent isn’t the word, unfortunately these people will not wake-up until this hideous government does something that will drastically affect their lives on a personal level, they they will scream blue murder, until then they will all be content to look down and sneer upon others who they think are beneath them and using basket case papers like the Sun, Mail and Express to call people who are vulnerable, sick, disabled or unemployed “scum” and benefit cheats, work shy and all the rest of it. I keep saying that these people who Cameron has used to whip up hatred against others seem to be completely unable to realise that they personally are being used and they themselves are just a sickness, an accident, or job loss away from being disabled or unemployed and so are their family and friends.

  4. But when profits aren’t looking so rosy, A4E just pulls the plug. They had a contract to provide education to Kent prisons a few years ago. It wasn’t making money, so they chucked it in a year early, leaving the prisons to pick up the pieces.


  5. It’s a shame the leopard around her neck isn’t alive.

  6. Is this one of the firms that was advertising for people who had ALREADY come off of benefits £250 quid to say that the firm had helped them do that, despite, you know, never helping them? Jesus, how long are we going to put up with this shite? It seems it costs tax payers more money just to pacify Daily Nazi readers into believing their money is being well spent. There’s big money to be made in this so called benefit fraud, and you can do it legally it seems.

  7. This is the way of things in this most unequal ofcountries in ‘The West’,with a wholly corrupt ‘government’ ,a nation of serfs,presided over by the aristo class;no chance for most of a living wage,more like servitude for all.
    Robber barons,profiteers,banksters,gangsters.
    A populace X-factored,shopping trollied,dumbed down & cowed…all so the likes of this evil,greedy cunt can ponce around like a Borgia.
    We stand no chance at all.
    ” We sleep…while they live.”

  8. I know someone who this outfit was supposed to help, they have supposedly got him a place on a course – ***which starts in around 15 months*** and they can’t even be sure about that! meanwhile I suppose he will be forced to go and work in Poundland or Tescos for absolutely nothing or he will have his JSA taken away.
    Face it we live in a dictatorship.

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  10. “I know someone who this outfit was supposed to help, they have supposedly got him a place on a course – ***which starts in around 15 months*** and they can’t even be sure about that! meanwhile I suppose he will be forced to go and work in Poundland or Tescos for absolutely nothing or he will have his JSA taken away.
    Face it we live in a dictatorship.”

    He is free not to take JSA. Why is working in Tesco for his benifits beneath him?

  11. why is Tesco employing people for no wage not beneath them?

  12. There are no depths Tesco will not plummet to in their pursuit of the holy pound, nothing is beneath them if it puts more profit in their bank….

  13. Reblogged this on # povertypimps and commented:
    Emma Harrison, chair of poverty pimps A4e received a banker busting £9 million dividend this year on the back of her company’s shoddy back to work schemes.

  14. oldslaughter,you are an ignoramus. Let me elucidate with some simple words & phrases for you : social justice…a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s labour…to each,according to his needs;from each according to his ability….tax-payer handouts for bankers;cuts for the poorest & most vulnerable…a neo-con ConDem ‘government’ running amok in a wholly corrupt Parliament with NO effective opposition.
    However,I can easily glean from your post that you heartily approve of all the above,as well as your harrumphing regard for workfare/forced labour/harsh measures types of fascist schemes.
    Remember Thatcher quoting from The Bible,”Those who shall not work,shall not eat.”? Of course you do. You approved of THAT little nugget,too,no doubt.
    Since you’re such a flagwaver for Emma Harrison,maybe one day she’ll come around and clean your house out for you. Someone needs to…it must reflect the shite pouring from your mind.

  15. I wonder if everyone who slates Emma Harrison for being paid such an outrageous amount is just as vocal in their disapproval in football players who get paid over £50k (in some cases £250k) PER WEEK to entertain.

    At least A4e do help some of its target groups. Can the same be said for a player being paid a reported £85k a week and yet has not played a game for his team in over 2 years! Not to mention players
    who are not penalised when as a result of their inefficiency their teams are relegated wiping millions of the teams valuations – yet they still are able to hold the club to ransom!

    I wish people would get real! I don’t see anyone boycotting football matches which would be the easiest way of saying this is not acceptable, nor do I see them going on strikes for more worthier causes (why not pay the surgeons and nurses that look after these precious footballers a decent salary?)

  16. ‘PRAGMATIC’…….yes,many people DO react with disgust to footballer’s wages. They are symptomatic of Capitalism’s excesses. People DO boycott matches,but not in sufficient numbers.
    Being a football fan ( it began as a working class pursuit ), what I will say in its defence is that the game brings enjoyment & distraction for millions of people.
    Emma Harrison brings nothing but suffering to society’s hardest hit,and charges them for the privilege…..far more than the price of a football ticket.

  17. Pragmatic,people have a choice to pay for an overpriced football ticket but unemployed people (many now highly qualified but through no fault of their own are being placed on the scrapheap) are placed in these A4E scam centers where no support and no training is given.People there are told there is no money for training,well of course there is none,A4E are funneling all the profits so Emma can go laughing all the way bank,and you telling people “to get real”?

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  19. I think that leopard skin coat she is wearing says it all….

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  21. I really appreciate this article post.Much thanks again.

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