It’s Never Been More Important To Ask What’s Wrong With Work

work-makes-meIf work was really so fucking wonderful then nobody would resent people living on meagre unemployment benefits.  It might even be seen as a noble and selfless thing – to give up the wonderful opportunity that work offers – so that another can bask in the joys of daily toil.

The truth, that now goes almost unspoken, is that hardly anyone wants to go to  work.  Nobody who wins the lottery really carries on working in ASDA.  For those at the lower end of the jobs market work is a shit deal – poverty pay for a lifetime of monotonous and often back-breaking labour.  That is why the entire apparatus of the state is now being mobilised against those who can’t find work, or worst of all don’t want it.  To be unemployed, or workless, is now akin to being a criminal.  And if the economy doesn’t provide enough jobs, then that is the fault of the worker, for not working hard enough.

The capitalist class regards us all as nothing more than thieving scroungers, ever ready to skive if we are given half a chance.  And it is not the payment of benefits that really irks the rich – it is the refusal to put our human capital – our minds and bodies – into their service that enrages them.  How dare we not work to fatten their wallets.

As wages and working conditions decline then unemployment will be seen as an ever greater sin.  The Victorian workhouse principle of ‘less eligibility’ – meaning the life of somebody unemployed must be less eligible (more shit) than the life of the lowest paid worker – must be maintained.  The screw is being tightened for everybody and as benefits shrink so will wages.  It is more important than ever that we start to question what’s wrong with work.

An evening at the Wellcome Collection in London will be doing just that this Friday 4th September.  This will form part of the free Friday Late event at the museum which will explore noise, tumult, rest and relaxation.  The organiser’s say:

Fed up with work? Don’t want to work? Actually hate work? Maybe work isn’t ‘good for you’. Explore and express what’s wrong with work: record your thoughts on tape, do a video or write a post card to your boss, the Chancellor, your work mates telling them what you think. Or just start a debate with the person next to you about everything and anything that’s wrong with work.

You can tweet about what’s wrong with work using the hashtag #wrongwithwork.  The Friday Late will run from 7-11pm at The Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE.  Nearest station Euston, for accessibility information visit their website.

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  2. The whole work fetish thing is disturbing. You get the impression that most people in work hate every minute of it and fantasise about what they would do all day if they didn’t have to work – unfortunately working has addled their brains to such an extent that all they can conceive of doing is to lie in bed half the day while watching TV. And they then attribute this fantasy to the unemployed, hence terms like lifestyle choice; they’re envious of a lazy fantasy which they themselves invented, and so hate the unemployed for living their pathetic dream.

  3. Eating cake as instructed

    Only when out of work does anyone realise the free time is useless without the means to exploit it fully ie unless you can afford to doss around it isn’t happening. Only when in a crap soul destroying job can one fantasise over free time doing nothing. Slavery is alive and thriving getting ever worse to fatten their profits and lifestyles. Oppression by means of vilification ostracism to ‘normal’ society. If you become ill or disabled criminals are treated better. Disgusting times.

  4. I’m a working single mum with rheumatoid arthritis and a back problems, I spend 5 hours a day school cleaning which is heavy back breaking work
    My take on it is I’ll work til I drop, I’ll drop doing the cleaning work I hate so much and I pray I’ll drop sooner rather than later!

    • You’re in a job that will only make your condition deteriorate, and it doesn’t only affect your joints, but your organs as well.

      Yes, I was made to work until I was in such a state that I asked to be put in a care home. I obtained some help, and managed 3 more years of work, until I absolutely couldn’t do anything.

      Now I also have heart problems due to all of the stress, and I believe that also being made to work for 13 years with chronic health didn’t help my heart either. You’re not left alone to try and cope with your illness, there are constant assessments of one sort of another. I have a ‘care’ reassessment today for example, and it will be a 4 month battle again of ‘computer says no’.

      I saw the government documentation for tendering to do with the health and social care act, providing ‘volunteers’. I might interest you JV. Tendering closed in May. I’m wondering after ‘computer says no’ today, whether they will have a wonderful alternative for me: ‘volunteers’. Yes, they will find a way to legally make my carers redundant, then offer me people who are claiming JSA.

      I thought of being sarcy and asking them if they would like me to volunteer to provide my own care, and they can pay me for it too!

      Back on topic, sorry that you’re having to keep working. You really do have to be working until you drop, so that afterwards, even walking to make a cup of tea in the kitchen or washing yourself largely becomes impossible. I never realised that there was a whole other level of sickness for me to deteriorate to. If you’re still working; you’re not there yet, and it’s plain wrong when if you’re able to rest, get the help you need, you needn’t become so dreadfully ill so quickly.

      • That’s true and sorry for your similar problems, and I’ve also been diagnosed with microcytic anaemia apparently it’s more common in rheumatoid arthritis sufferers, I am literally so exhausted I feel like my legs are going from under me.. I’m up at 5.45. Every weekday…

        • If you’re at that stage Kat, then it’s really serious. Continuing to stress your body like this will badly affect your major organs. The horrific thing, as I’ve stated above, is that claiming benefits will not provide a stress free environment for you. That said, I have to engage in continual ‘self therapy’, and you’ll need to do that to withstand any further pressure on your body.

          If you are struggling at home too, the first step I would take, is to request a social services assessment of your needs. If you do crash completely, you’ll need their help and backing (although this can be stressful at times).

          Sorry again for your awful circumstances. Try to rest as much as you can in between your working periods.

          Take care.

          • Thanks sasson 1 and bernadette, your words and advice mean a lot. I’m still on tax credits, basically I just force myself to keep going because I’m literally terrified of. Being assessed under the WCA or somehow ending up signing on again, I went through the system signing on as a lone parent when things weren’t as draconian as they are now!! Sasson 1. Thanks I’ll give serious thought to your suggestions and hope both u and bernadette improve!

    • Hi Kat, just like you I too have arthritis in my knee, hip and hand and I clean for a living. I work in a sports venue and suffice to say, its more like industrial type cleaning. It truly is backbreaking. Having said that, I only work 12 hours a week, claim HB and have three days to myself. Its fucking great!!!!. On my days off I mostly lie in bed, check out the Void and look for different types of work. The main thing for me is that I am not signing on. I could not cope with Idi Amin’s cruel and vindictive shit. I would end up in a bad place, so I plod on. Fuck money, I just need to learn how to grow my own food. x

  5. Eating cake as instructed

    Worked years ago for bent insurance brokers firm repeatedly reported nat ins deductions not handed over letters coming from Glasgow tax office whole fleets of hgv’s on the road uninsured, had to issue threats of violence (and get heavies as backup to escort them to collect cash at bank for salaries two months in arrears) finally insurers closed them down. Signed on..unbelievable persecution despite them knowing full well we were all still owed two months salary hol pay etc they hadn’t had business rates for ten years of unregistered premises occupation but the threat machine immediately kicked in.. Threats of eviction cos couldn’t pay all rent due as had child at school, threats of snatching goods as two months arrears over council tax….when finally I got a decent job went in to settle up (county court judge had refused them a possession order weeks before) they had the brass face to call me into internal office demanding to know home addresses of directors! Yes I told them to fuck off loudly and go whistle bastardised. One rule for them quite different to honest working folk.

  6. The Victorian workhouse principle of ‘less eligibility’ – meaning the life of somebody unemployed must be less eligible (more shit) than the life of the lowest paid worker – must be maintained.

    Progressives of the left advocated that the status of the unemployed and poor should be no better than that of a criminal – this thinking of the left is not hard to find you can find examples germinating in Labour Party welfare policy when they were in government.

  7. I imagine we could get by as a society with far less work – say about fifteen to twenty hours a week for everyone fit enough and not having family responsibilities which keep them at home. We have the technology to produce much more with far less labour than even fifty years ago. In this scenario, ‘work’ would be activities which aren’t essentially pleasurable but undertaken to produce necessary goods or services. So that would leave considerable time for creative and more life enhacing activities.

    • Skilled/​unskilled labour will be made worthless by immigration and technology the unemployed will have no bargaining power.

      • Are you the real Priti Patel or taking the piss? I really need to know as I am in the process of writing her a very nasty letter due to the lies and fabrication she has said about me (totally untrue) on behalf of her offices when my MP wrote to her?????????

    • For years (& years) I’ve thought three days working/four days off seems reasonable & wished it was do-able and ‘usual’/It would pay enough to live on (without being a neuro~scientist). No guilt feelings at all (everything feels different now). Work isn’t all it’s cracked up to be unless you can make a living doing something you love and believe to have value ~ and/or have the mythical supposed t’werk/life balancing act.

    • The IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) promoted a work week of four hours a day for four days a week way back in the 1920s or 30s, and William Morris predicted that industrialisation would reduce the working week to merely a few hours. It’s been something like 130 years since the campaign for an eight hour day, which established the ‘norm’ of the workday we still have today. It’s about time it changed, so how about ‘A Four Hour Day for No Loss of Pay’?

  8. Your employer dosent give a shit about you ,you are a liveing unit and if you should fall ill or die … will be replaced byanother liveing unit……..

    • I once worked for a man who saw me as a human being and obviously did give a shit about me, we are still friends and he occasionally still hires me for freelance work, but he is a rare man.

      • @William Fogg, I once worked for a man who said ‘how much money do you want per hour/day’ Me being shy and totally at odds on discussing money, plucked up the courage and said; I do not like to earn less that £100.00 per day’. He said ‘How about I give you £130.00 per day’. When I got to know him better, he told he was a devout Christian and believed in spreading his income appropriately. A rare man indeed.

        • £130 take-home? is a pretty decent pay packet. Over a 7.5 hour day you would be taking out £17.33 an hour, and trousering a take home? salary of £33,800 – not to shabby!

        • Come to think of it – fuck working for a take home pay of less than £130 a day!

        • And that guy must be rarer than hen’s teeth. Compare and contrast with workfare provider placement providers who get paid £50 a day for having a slave toil for them for jack-shit!

  9. Havent worked in a paid job for 4 years, I do voluntary work now, when and how often I choose. The funny thing is I used to get colds, and bouts of sickness, but nothing for four years. Work where youre not in control, and it makes you ill.

  10. The ruling class still sees us proles as serfs. They feel that our lot in life is merely to serve them, to skivvy for them, to wipe their dirt boxes clean after they have had a shit; and in some cases, if any of us are hung enough, to clandestinely fuck their wives up their arses once or twice a week. The fact is we should not stand for this shit. no fucking Sir. What we should do is go down the vagabond route. Become like John Healy in the sixties, living off our wits and opting out of the rat race : We could have our own communities, small communities out in a forest or a field, where we live in tents and get by through such entrepreneurial endeavours as shoplifting and all around thievery… When we need to we can up sticks and move to a different area. Many people reading this will think that I am being both unrealistic and extreme. All that I can say is that that is patently untrue.
    I, Roger, am speaking from my heart…

  11. No to Slave Driving Bastards and Down with Slavery

    • Eating cake as instructed

      The way forward possibly is by eschewing all the poverty traps. No big TV no anything we are caught on the bloody treadmill to serve them by. These goods aren’t helping us rather they are baubles to entice us into their stinking regime. None of us are getting out of here alive and there’s no pockets in shrouds.

      • When you tot up your expenses ‘big tvs’ are only a small segment of the pie chart though. Your biggest expense on, especially on benefits, is going to be food which will swallow up most of your income. The ‘big TV’ pales into insignificance.

        • Eating cake as instructed – some tv series are ok
          “When everything you love has been stolen from you, sometimes all you have left is revenge.Sometimes, the innocent get hurt. But one by one, the guilty will pay. Nothing ever goes exactly as you expect. And mistakes are life and death. Collateral damage is inescapable.”
          ― Emily Thorne, Revenge tv series
          And of course, if you want to imagine a fictional time when the toffs used to care about their servants, there’s always Downton Abbey…

          • Eating cake as instructed

            Fellow JCP sufferer; I agree entirely. If work is so good then why not make mandatory 15 hr week which will also tie in with free nursery provision at an hourly rate of say 20.00 then job sharing can become more regular and even their own cronies won’t baulk at that as employers nat ins will be lower? That way everyone able gets the therapy we are told work provides and independence and paid fairly. Watching obviously would still apply but at a lesser rate to these ‘hard working taxpayers’ ie the only ones suffering will be them cos plenty of labour available and willing but less profits due to training requirements. Also travel to work on public transport or mileage should be tax deductible as it is for their cars so ordinary folk can still afford a sandwich at lunch time. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve seen can’t feed themselves as skint. Disgraceful.

        • Food, heating, energy to heat food, water bills, essential travel costs, some clothing/footwear – the licence for the big tv is probably quite far down on the list of poverty traps…

  12. Those who Victimise the Poor and Vulnerable are Akin to Nazis in this

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  14. Tweeted @melissacade68

  15. I’m sorry but I have been out of work and in work and I would much prefer to be in work than out. I have suffered the humiliation of having to sign on each and every fortnight and it’s not nice but unfortunately people in this country take the piss and think they our owed something what happened to the good old English back bone that’s what I want to know

    • Andy – if you only had to sign on each and every fortnight you were getting off lightly. Consider the humiliation the unemployed suffer now..and some of us are Scottish and like the unemployed English have plenty of backbone.

    • What happened to the good old English back bone …

      Behold food, good to eat, sufficient for my hunger!

    • Another Fine Mess

      unfortunately people in this country take the piss and think they our owed something

      When I left school I started work 2 weeks later, most of the jobs I got first because of my interests, rather than qualifications, so I was good at them.
      For the first 20 years I didn’t have to even think about benefits, even when swapping jobs.
      I didn’t become stupid, lazy, or lose my ‘work ethic’ a few years ago, so as far as I’m concerned the country owes me a living.

      • you was lucky to have all that work and never needed the dole, as well as poor standard of living yes even five years ago, it destroyed your work ethic not because you wilfully didn’t want to work, but because the sheer number of times you tried and failed; it simply made looking for work absolutely pointless. Because one more rejection would kill you inside. I don’t like to think that someone was starving or extradited informally from society; just because there isn’t enough paid or now unpaid work to go around. It’s not fair and it is not right to allow someone to suffer on any occasion, least of all purposely and in such a peevish way.

      • Can I make sure that I haven’t misunderstood you?….. Are you saying that because you worked for the 20 years after leaving school, you think society owes you a living for the rest of your life?


          the State owes us all a living.


            research ‘how the English became a nation of landless peasants’

            • overburdenddonkey

              yes they’ve sold off our jobs so few now have the opp of getting a decent income…some people have been benefactors of the property price boom and are holding many others to ransom by cause of their luck, not hard work @ all…
              they fight desperately to keep their portfolio’s, by disparaging/crushing any attempts to get the truth out there…they’re claim to be socialist but are actually tory trojans….they keep their seats and constituencies sweet (strongholds) so as to hold onto power some deluded greedy other’s call the uk a democracy…which is why labour chase the tory tails…
     the uk demographic mean that labour can never get into power unless they do..labour are never going to make inroads into tory seats unless they do betray the precarious classes….so they try to convince the precarious classes they’re for them, when there is no way they can be for the rich and the poor @ the same time…

          • Mr. Bollocks – You’re a genius! That means EVERYBODY can stop working right now! Fuck work, nobody needs it.

          • BTA, To fucking right, I never asked to be born!!!!!

        • Another Fine Mess

          I’m sure you think that if someone chooses to stay on benefits, rather than work that society doesn’t owe them a living.

          So as I’m prepared to work for the rest of my life, yes it does, ‘this society’ doesn’t allow me to print my own notes!

          • AFM – Sorry, I missed your reply. If you work until retirement age then the question of society owing you a living doesn’t arise. Society should take care of the young, the old, the sick, and those who society itself has failed. Fellows who spend half the night posting messages on web sites, get up at lunchtime and then unashamedly lie about how they’re searching for jobs are not in any of those four categories.

      • Check out the anarco-punk band CRASS – Do they owe us a living? Course they fucking do. Some great music back in the 1980s. This band blended class war and music that inspired many others to follow.

  16. What’s happened to the wp re-blog feature?

  17. I know I have to work, and I try and do the job properly. I may not always enjoy what I do but that’s life. What I really dislike is being badly paid – a fraction of my co-workers – and being unable to find anything but casual and irregular work (I am over 60 – which maybe explains it). Living like a rat in poverty and working is no fun. But for many this new normal has been quite a shock. No holidays, no social life, no days out, no pocket money and so on. The old days you worked hard, you got paid properly for it, you saved something, you bought stuff, you paid the bills and you planned for a holiday or thought about getting a new car or moving to a better house. Not any more. Oh, for some,that life goes on, I admit. But for many it does not. For us, permanent recession and austerity goes on and on.

    • Eating cake as instructed

      Ah well Lee that was how it used to work back when the unions had some power. Witch Thatcher put paid to that. Back then everyone had pride and self respect. To pay poverty wages needs stopping although I don’t believe the national wage will help many. Those employers used to slave labour will apply for free labour of job centres or whatever is left then, making many staff redundant or less hours due to rationalisation or whatever. I’ve seen it in poundland poor sods sweeping floors etc it’d be interesting knowing how A4e etc are paid to set up proper training courses giving folk long term training and decent jobs at the end of it all. Time was plumbers etc were time served City and Guilds trained not some three weeks part time enforced course takers. Plenty of intelligence out there just waiting to be treated with respect and dignity.

  18. The back bone bust working 40 hours a week for minimum wage ,


    Then please take note and read.
    The “United Nations” will be sending a ‘Special Rapporteur’ to Britain in the non to distant future.
    The ‘Rapporteur’ will be here to establish whether ‘Human Rights’ violations have taken place, which we know have.

    The United Nations have contacted a consortium group known as:
    “Inclusion Scotland”. Here are their contact details:

    Telephone: 0131 281 0860
    Typetalk calls welcome

    **** Email: ****

    Edinburgh Office (Registered Office):
    Inclusion Scotland
    4th Floor Hayweight House
    23 Lauriston Street
    EH3 9DQ

    You all write out an email detailing you own stories and send it to the email address above*. This will allow Inclusion Scotland to gather more evidence that can be presented to the UN Rapporteur.
    This is your time to act, do not waste this opportunity.

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    I feel all of those in the picture.

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    Alienated wage labour that is

  22. As Morrissey said, work is a four letter word. Work shouldn’t be about drudgery but about enrichment. I studied for a degree then went on to do a masters only to stand manning a gate for 12 hours a day as a so called security guard working “self-employed” for a pittance in one of the most expensive cities in the world. This drove me to depression. Why are only some people entitled to live a fulfilling life? How can that be?

    If you work 60 hours a week as I did, but can barely afford the rent and to put food on the table, what s the fucking point? There are many who think like me. This is not how it ought to be but it is, You either accept a dead end job through coercion or you are demonzised for resisting your wage slavery. I was poor and had no peace of mind when I worked, and now have a relative peace of mind because I don’t.

    It was the nature of my work that made me mentally ill and hence incapable of work. How will my demonization make me better? Creative thinkers are not welcome in this society only robots. I refuse to be a robot which is why I don’t fit in.

    But it’s more than that. I’m incapable, mentally, of being a robot. I’ve had a life, I’ve travelled and lived but I am a nobody in somebody’s eyes and that somebody is a greater than me as far as the public is concerned. You see, we might blame the politician’s but ultimately, we only get the politician’s we deserve.

  23. As someone said they want us smart enough to do the work and dumb enough to accept poverty wages, no healthcare, work till we drop, save off poverty wages to have a float when we are ill. They want human robots. They see themselves as a superior faction of capitalists and workers as flesh and bones to be exploited to the maximum. A nation of masters and slaves, something has to give. They are a ruthless bunch of plutocrats determined to create massive wealth for themselves and drive the rest of us to a precarious existence.

  24. I actually like working, only thing is no one will offer me paid employment to do it, sack that even free work they would rather have someone else. I Think what is the best thing, is we all find what we were made for and have realistic expectations for ill and disabled people, and stop harassing people, when even if they can work and want to work, have realist expectations on whether they will get work, or like me being someone who no one wants to employ. Excepting for free, I can’t live on nothing and you can’t work and live on £20 a week and turn up to work bright eyed and bushy tailed everyday when you are half-staved and worn out just by being hungry. Work then will definitely make you ill, or as they do now, Squeeze as much work out of you by setting ridiculous targets on as little as possible. We all, expect the sick and disabled all have a talent and can be a job, that at least doesn’t make us ill, we are all made of different stuff, and if so many people hate their jobs, there is very few who are in the right one. That makes a weak and inefficient economy if nothing else. Little do the people care at the top as long as they are doing fine and rolls of money keep flooding in, what do they care, they aren’t hungry or living in damp and cold homes, dread getting up to their job everyday, or no job at all. Facing another hopeless day, doing paid work, unpaid work or caring for someone at home, you’ll find that most people in this country do some sort of work they just aren’t part of the economic structure. Do they get praise for that, for working but living on so little, by helping other people in the country so they can work and help the economy. No, they don’t, they get called lazy scroungers instead. That’s the state of our pitiful country. Work hating, as yes people have a right to hate work these days, as how they are treated when they do. I want change and it really, really is time things changed.

    • Another Fine Mess

      I actually like working, only thing is no one will offer me paid employment to do it, sack that even free work they would rather have someone else.

      Yep, I’ve been investigating lately, you can’t even get unpaid work now. It has to be done through a provider/parasite, where they get paid but you don’t. You couldn’t make it up!

      • Yeah, you can’t even do voluntary work ‘on-the-side’ now without the jokecentre finding out – it all has to go ‘through the books’ now so to speak, so that the jokecentre can use it against you/a private ‘provider’ can cream off a profit. No such thing as voluntary voluntary work any more in that you just like volunteer somewhere without being caught in a bureaucratic nightmare and some fuckers trying to make a quick buck. An what ever you are volunteering to do the jokecentre will sure as hell twist it and distort it fit their own purposes, instigate a sanction whatever. It is a fucking disgrace that jobseekers can’t genuinely volunteer without the jobcentre being on their back. The jokecentre are the biggest handicap in trying to get back into work. The won’t to keep you stuck in their trap. They are like a cat playing with a mouse – releasing it, then quickly catching it again. The jokecentre are like a farmer who kicks his cows in the legs and then mocks then and keeps kicking them as they try to get back up on their feet. Fuck the jokecentre and their third-party collaborators.

    • We all do some kind of ‘work’ even without realising it. Even commenting on a blog is a form of ‘work’ since it is providing ‘user-driven content’ for readers consumption. And all for free. If you provide content on a commercial basis you get paid!

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  26. Barely Legal Drivers

    Andy Burnham is being interviewed on the BBC News Channel at the moment in a moving car, and the interviewer is DRIVING the car. How the fuck can anyone concentrate on driving a car whilst driving a car through busy traffic. Un-fucking-believable! If Joe or Josephine public tried this on the plod would try and get them on a ‘dangerous driving’ charge.

    • Barely Legal Drivers

      How the fuck can anyone concentrate on interviewing a Labour leadership contender whilst driving a car through busy traffic?

    • Because Andy Burnham is always going to trot out the same crap no matter what questions he’s asked, so what the interviewer asks is irrelevant.

    • It was an automatic, so a nice and smooth ride; it’s not like Burnham would be driven about in a car in a ‘boy racer’ manual car with a clutch and gearbox to contend with. It was funny when Burnham left the car and he complimented the driver on his smooth driving skills: “I bet you passed your test first time”, “Yes, I did indeed”. Yeah, bet he fucking did – in an automatic cos he could never figure out how to work a clutch and a gearbox! lol Burnham is a fucking knobhead!

      • And he looks like a fucking werewolf! At least we found out that he doesn’t wear mascara. And he leave manual cars to the proles!

      • This Chris Mason fucker is still at it: “It is an electric, automatic car which I am not quite used to”…. 😉 Today, he has picked up Liz Kendall. Liz had to be reminded to put on her seat belt: “The seat belt is over there, Liz”, just before some 200 decibel alarm went off. Seriously, why the fuck can nobody remember to put their fucking seat-belt on. Those fucking in-car seatbelt unfastened alarms must have cost the plod a fortune in spot penalties. And as a former driving examiner I can tell you that forgetting to put on their seat-belt is the most common mistake L-drivers make… we won’t let on… 😉 And, only recently I witnessed a guy sitting what must have been his bus test – he made a right turn, and as he turned the corner the indicator didn’t cancel, watched him disappear a mile up the road with the indicator flashing ; another common mistake – forgetting to cancel indicators especially when merging for instance onto a dual carriageway. I could go on and on, but will stop there…

        • London Hackney Driver

          What the fuck is Victoria Derbyshire and the BBC playing at providing a free taxi service to the Labour leadership contenders? Hardly had a fare all morning 😦 Good do with the business 🙂

        • Is Jeremy Corbyn going to get picked up, or is he going to do the ‘green’ thing and walk or cycle?


    Even those I know who have jobs all fucking hate it. All of them are desperately hoping to reduce their hours, or are praying for redundancy or early retirement. My sister took early retirement this year at age 50, her partner is taking voluntary redundancy next year. My brother took early retirement from a highly paid management position in the local Council & is very happy now as it was effecting his health. My Ex only works 3 days a week but still complains that shes sick of it, even though she gets over £300 p/w.

  28. Do They Owe Us A Living?

    Of course they fucking do!

  29. Subterranean Homesick Blues

    “Look out kids, they keep it all hid, twenty y years of schooling and they put you on the day shift”


    …..this is the thin end of the wedge….

    …….On Wednesday last August 26th 2015 in the town of Kells County Meath another Irish family was Evicted from their family home for the “heinous crime” of not being able to pay what a Bank said they had to pay!

    The family involved consisted of a Mother, a Father who is blind and their ten-year old son, there was no warning on the day or any day previous that the eviction was due to take place, as a result the mother was dragged out of her home in her night clothes, the father was taken out in his bare feet….

    In 2015 in Ireland, this is what we have degenerated into, private security hired by the Courts, doing the nasty, dirty work on behalf of the Banks. The same Banks that we the taxpayers of Ireland have bailed out to the tune of €64 Billion at least. We are presented, on a daily basis with financial news from around the world, China, America, Russia, Japan, they speak now, not in Millions….not in Billions…..but in Trillions! do you even know how many zero’s there are in 1 Trillion…do you care! Certainly this family in Kells, the very people we swear in our Constitution to protect, and certainly less fortunate than most of us…I can tell you, trillions means absolutely nothing to them, it’s a word which may never appear in their vocabulary.

    Every single Irish Man and Woman should hang their head in shame today for this is the result of impotent Politicians, failed policies and criminal, unregulated Banks.

    There is much more of this to come, but our politicians would rather speak of a recovering economy, a rising tide that supposedly raises all boats!

    This is the underbelly of a failed system, a failed government, a failed judiciary and criminal bankers.

    I am so ashamed, shame on all of us, shame on Ireland, this is another dark day in our history!

    • “Questions relating to the outcomes of appeals on infringement of human rights issues”
      ………… your heart out JUDGE MARK ROWLAND.

      From: shah

      16 August 2015

      Dear Her Majesty’s Courts and the Tribunals Service,

      I have some queries regarding the appeals in Upper Tribunal for FLR
      M LTR applications that were processed in-country between July 2012
      to July 2015.
      I want to gain information about the cases where the applicant was
      successful in the First-Tier Tribunal but then the Home Office
      appealed to the Upper Tribunal against that decision.

      1. I want to know in how many of the relevant cases was the
      permission by Home Office to appeal to the Upper tribunal accepted
      or rejected by the First Tier Tribunal or Upper Tribunal?
      2. How long on average did it take for the First Tier Tribunal
      judge or Upper Tribunal Judge to grant or refuse the permission
      after the Home Office application for permission to appeal to the
      Upper Tribunal was made?
      3. For the relevant cases , if the permission to appeal to the
      Upper Tribunal was accepted by either of the Tribunal’s judges, how
      long was the average waiting time from that date to the hearing
      date or decision date or both?
      4. If the Home Office was permitted to appeal to the Upper
      Tribunal, in how many of the relevant cases was the original
      decision to allow the appeal of the applicant by the First Tier
      Tribunal overturned by the Upper Tribunal and in how many cases not
      overturned? For the above, I want to know the statistics of the
      Upper Tribunal decisions for all the relevant appeal cases and also
      specifically the cases where the appeal in the first place was
      allowed by the First Tier Tribunal based on Article 8 of ECHR?
      5. I also want to gain more information about the relevant cases
      where the Upper Tribunal dismissed the appeal of the Home Office.
      How many were such cases and how long was the waiting time from the
      date of the decision to the grant of visa for such cases?

      If you can kind furnish the details of the queries, it would be
      very much appreciated.

      Yours faithfully,
      Shah Khan

      Link to this

  31. Pingback: It's Never Been More Important To Ask What's Wr...

  32. £200 Million Lottery Winner

    I love my overnight shelf-stacking job in Asda 🙂 I wouldn’t give it up for all the money in the world 😀


    From: Trudy Baddams

    28 August 2015

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
    Can you please tell me (not in table form) just statistics how many
    jsa claimants have died after being moved from ESA during the years
    of 2013 – 2015 or any part thereof

    Yours faithfully,

    Link to this

    • Dear Mr Sparks,

      Thank you for your Freedom of Information request received on 11/8/15. You

      Could you please provide the following information

      The percentage of current DLA claimants, who, on conversion to PiP,
      were either reduced in their claims or were stopped from claiming ?
      Please could you provide the data based on the companies who
      carried out the assessments ?

      ie) To allow comparison between the assessing companies.

      I have interpreted the question as the percentage of DLA claimants that had
      an unsuccessful claim to PIP, as no DLA claimant will be “stopped” from
      claiming PIP.

      I can confirm that the Department holds the information you are seeking.
      However, Section 22 of the Freedom of Information Act exempts this
      information from disclosure. This is because the information is intended for
      publication at a future date.


  34. The number of people working zero-hours contracts has increased by a fifth in the last twelve months. So it seems work will become an even bigger problem for more and more people in the years to come.

    Link to the DM article covering the story here:

    As an aside, here is a comment from “William”, who sees to be a bit of a regular troll. Nightmare future, or a tory’s wet dream?

    “This is the future of work. Imagine, it’s 2 AM and you’re fast asleep, and someone needs a job of work done quickly and cheaply. The employer logs onto the government’s jobs and benefits portal (Universal Jobmatch), finds someone who is local, and gets their details. In an instant you receive a text telling you to attend the Job-Lot Warehouse a mile away; failure to attend and accept the work will result in an immediate benefit sanction of at least 13 weeks. This is how it will be in a few years’ time – a fully integrated, 24 hours a day work and benefits system, designed to give maximum flexibility and benefit to wealth creators, and instil strict discipline and oversight over benefit claimants.”

    • failure to attend and accept the work will result in an immediate benefit sanction of at least 13 weeks.

      Well they can get that right up them then straight away! 😀


    Fuck the dole, fuck conditionality, time now to introduce a Citizens Guaranteed Basic Income.


    If work was so great the Rich would do it.

  37. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    DWP again refuses to release data on disability benefits using the same excuse as before

    Independent – 2nd Sep 2015

    The Department for Work and Pensions has again refused to release data about the impact of changes to the disability benefit system after a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

    Last week the DWP was forced to reveal how many people had died shortly after being found fit to work by disability tests.

    Ministers and officials had resisted the demand for months and only accepted it after a warning from the Information Commissioner and a campaign that went all the way to Parliament.

    But on Tuesday DWP officials refused another request for basic information about disability benefits using the same “Section 22” exemption it had tried to use before.

    The Department had been asked under the Freedom of Information Act to disclose how many Disability Living Allowance claimants had been made worse off after being moved onto the new Personal Independence Payment benefit.

    The Department refused the request, made by a user of the WhatDoTheyKnow website, a tool which helps people scrutinise the Government’s record.

    The reason given for rejecting the request is identical to that given in the case of the death statistics – under section 22 of the Act, data which officials say is reserved for future publication can be blocked from release.

    The Department also previously stalled on responding to the request based on the fact that the person who made it had initially used a pseudonym.

    Read More:

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      “”””Mr Duncan Smith at one point caused confusion when he told Labour MP Debbie Abraham in Parliament that the stats did not exist.

      “She knows very well that the department does not collate numbers on people in that circumstance,” he told her in Parliament.”””””

    • overburdenddonkey

      yep that’s the picture…there is no hope for or of uk democracy now…same as there is no such autonomous party as scottish labour…
      ‘It is thought to be the first poll to show a majority for “Yes” among all those questioned….’ and ‘ A Scottish Labour spokesman said that the party, under the new leadership of Kezia Dugdale, was changing.
      He added: “We want people to take another look at Scottish Labour.
      “But we know it’s too early to be asking people for their votes.
      “Over the coming months, we will put Labour’s values first and we will focus on the things that matter in people’s lives – like the standards in our schools and our hospitals.” LOL 🙂

  38. how you all online if sanctioned


    Cameron, stop playing politics with peoples’ lives and let the Syrians in you heartless inhuman bastard.

  40. stitchedupandbroken

    What I see on here is people being improperly sanctioned,payments late,payments denied,food banks,hunger,people being prosecuted for stealing food,people being evicted. These are ‘our people’. Is the same treatment going to be meted out to any migrants,refugees,whatever?
    Just asking! Justin(upper 6th form Westminster,son of Politrickin,name Flamethrower or such,no need for you to reply. I dare say you will be pontificating to me soon from your £100k+ pulpit soon) I know! For raising the question…’I’m racist’,xenophobe.
    Just wanna see everyone treated equal,that’s all. And now,treated abominably courtesy of the Nazi Wolf,IDS


    It’s all purely academic as there are no bloody jobs anyway!

  42. stitchedupandbroken

    Am luvin Jon Snow and Lindsey Hilton reportin on all the wrongs dun. Friend worked as waiter at one of Islington Chamapagne Socialist party not so long ago. Employed on Zero Hours.
    All at the Trough. All interbreeding. ‘These'(Sleeze/Disease?)or the Tories? Wottachoice!

  43. Of course not all jobs are bad-those who like their jobs a lot, are paid highly by others or do a very useful job genuinely benefit from it, but most people are being treated like crap, and the trade unions can no longer do their job because of Thatcher.

    • overburdenddonkey

      labour have been fighting for the poor for 100yrs…perhaps it should have read fighting to own the poor for a 100yrs…

  44. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    ESA is in chaos. Admin nightmare. How do we stall that even more !!!

  45. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Is a questionnaire a form !!! Is that question impossible to answer !!! Sign terms & conditions for HealthCare Professionals to over ride everything & advise !!! The questionnaire is signed Daffy Duck & the Form is signed by Iain Duncan Smith & to make it easy it is in green biro pen. You never said fill the thing out correctly just fill in the form. It`s not my fault I filled it out wrong & by the 10th form sent they say Do you need help with that form because it seems you are not very good at filling out forms. 15 forms for a scam.

  46. “Today’s slavery focuses on big profits and cheap lives. It is not about owning people like before, but about using them as completely disposable tools for making money.”

    Workfare = Slavery.

  47. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Everyone working seems to be funded by the DWP in Tax Credit – Top Ups – Child benefit & so many others. Works Pays to be topped up by the DWP.

  48. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  49. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Atos & Maximus you do not own the Disability Hate Crime Law. The WCA tells us that.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      So ou are not disabled & are fit for work. Also you can not now use the Disability Hate crime Law because Maximus says you are not disabled.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        The only thing that works is the Spanner.

        • anyone know if attending jobs fairs are mandatory ?? (how will jobcentre know if you attend ?)

          • pegasus – It’s a good idea to attend, since the jobcentreminus staff are usually there too, and writing down the names of everyone who attends (ie is excused sanction). They also tend to come up to you and ask you “how are you getting on?” and you tell them which employers you’ve handed cvs to or spoken to etc. Obviously if travel costs are expensive you could argue that you werent going to attend a particular one but it would be best to tell them in advance if that was the case. If they want you to attend a particular one, ask them if its a jobseeker’s direction by them that you attend it ie will you be sanctioned for not attending. But if there are no travel costs to attend it ie “no excuse”, their eyes might narrow as they get you in their sights….

          • Jobcentre Plus Service User

            Sometimes at signing on they just casually pass you at badly photocopied sheet mentioning a jobs fair on it without saying anything. But the next time you sign on they pull you up and give you the third degree accusing you of not attending as you insist you were damn well there… 😉 If they pull you up and you ‘fess up to not attending especially if there is no excuse they will most likely try for a sanction.

            • Jobcentre Plus Service User

              Better just to go if there is ‘no excuse’, have a look around so you know what is there, chat to a few ’employers’ and let your presence be known to the jobcentre staff, but don’t get too ‘engaged’ so you have stuff the jobcentre can ‘follow up’ on. It is like everything else to do with the jobcentre, fuck all to do with jobs, just trying for a sanction.

            • Jobcentre Plus Service User

              Just play the jobcentre at their own fucking game… 😉

              • PS – If its any consolation, you can pick up a few freebies if there are any proper employers there, eg pens with their logos on them, stick-on furry “bugs” etc. I even got a tape measure from a housing association – presumably to measure room size! I also won a competition to guess which type of wood sample a house builder had on their table – the prize was a fun-size packet of gummy sweets! The jar of them was still quite full in the afternoon – some people just don’t make the effort!

              • That U? SuperTed?. Or, Smelly Tramp! lol.

          • Attending jobs fairs are not mandatory if they ask you to do so at the jobcentre minus. They can only suggest that you go along to one.

            I went to a career’s fair a few weeks back being held at my local joke centre and walked out after barely five minutes because there was NOT one proper, direct employer at the event. All there was trying to promote jobs were a dozen half-rate employers exploiting the event just to gain people’s CVs and application forms and nothing else.

            • One of me mates was told to attend a ‘jobs fair’ at workfare provider Ingeus. She was also told to ‘dress smart’. Ingeus refused to give her any money to buy smart clothes. When she arrived there was not one employer there – only someone (she thinks an Ingeus adviser) from a different office sat in a corner pretending to be interviewing for a call centre job. Think it was just a way for Ingeus to wheedle out more information from their ‘customers’. Afterwards, she said: “Wot a waste of time, wish I had just worn me leggings.” 🙂

  50. Naga Munchetty's Knickers

    Does Bill Turnbull dye his hair?
    Does George Osborne dye his hair?
    Do bears shit in the woods?
    Is the Pope a Catholic?

  51. paultheswineherd

    Hi everyone – please have a quick look at my last post!
    I think that you may find it interesting (and hopefully a bit entertaining!) It is the ‘final’ one of 3 posts regarding what ‘could’ happen to Britain if we do not ‘get rid’ of the Tories. The ‘last’ one is in reference to what ‘may’ happen if they again win a General Election in 2020. It could be dreadful!
    These can all be found at the end of the previous article on here – ‘How the DWP is trying to hide even more faked stories’
    Many thanks and I hope that you enjoy reading it all! – paul

    • Hi paul – I’ve now read all your posts covering the next five years as imagined/predicted by you – Highly amusing and nicely detailed- you have quite an imagination, and you’ve composed it so well – makes “Lord” Jeffrey Archer seem boring. If I was Prime Minister I would give you a peerage!

      • PS I wonder where “Lady” Michelle Mone will be in 5 years time…will she be “under” David Cameron?

      • paultheswineherd

        Fellow JCP Sufferer/Customer – Thank you for your kind comments. It took hours and hours to write out, – and it was complicated, but I really enjoyed doing it. Pleased to hear that you also found it amusing – I did’nt want it all to be doom & gloom! I may change my job from looking after pigs to become a writer instead!! I The House of Lords awaits! : )

        • Number 10 Downing Street is full of rich pigs with their mouths in the money trough. Never mind the people who voted them in, whether they be employed, un-employed, homeless, whomever; as long as it’s the ‘I’m alright jack’ mentality from the tory twats we are all fucked into a downward spiral into ever deeper country debt and lack of decent jobs.

    • overburdenddonkey

      Dig in, readers. You’ve got a LOT of Conservative government coming.’
      labour have lurched to the right corbyn cannot change this, as uk demographics are against him…the only chance labour have of winning is if the uk adopts federalism, within ie winning a northern federal region and/or city federal regions…lab should have backed indyscot, to stand any chance of winning power…

      • overburdenddonkey

        ps lab should have backed indyscot, to stand any chance of winning power… sorry that’s wrong, imv labour are finished…

        • OBD – Why don’t we give Corbyn a chance and see if he can transform the political landscape? Maybe he will fail, and maybe he won’t. Why are you condemning him and the countless real Labour supporters who have been waiting decades for this, before the movement has even got started? Why this obsessive negativity?

          Answer this – If you live in England and you could vote for a Corbyn-led Labour party at the next election, would you?

          • overburdenddonkey

            posting isn’t like in a normal conversation, for a start NVC is missing, one has to be honest and sincere and imo you’re not, other posters may have different ideas…i see you as a mask(ing-ed) troll…fellow alluded to this as a cloak….i have to respond to let you know…ie you have a gross proclivity to insult insult insult others…you have my opinions in my posts, and much irrefutable fact…

            • Elbow grease has nothing else better to do other than try to insult the rest of us on here with cheap words. It (tory troll) is only trying to gain a reaction on here as the part-time work it does, cleaning out shit-blocked toilets, is only on Mondays

              • Fen – What’s wrong with working as a part-time cleaner? I bet you’re one of the first to complain if you see a dirty public toilet. Somebody has to clean up the shit you leave behind in your life, but you’re too fucking ignorant to understand that. Grow up!

                • I have never ever used a public toilet in my life and I never will. If I need to visit the kharzi – before going into town or going further afield for the day- , I only ever do so AT home and nowhere else. AND I FUCKING CLEAN THE TOILET USING BLEACH EVERY DAY.

                  Don’t call me fucking ignorant when you don’t even know me or anything about me before you go making dumb accusations. I feel that you have spent your life sniffing glue, or worse, inhaling the smell of rotten eggs that come from public toilets.

                  You ever visit my town and I know about it, I will knock your fucking block off.

                • Yeah, and where do you think your shit goes after it’s gone down your lovely clean toilet, and who deals with the sewers and the treatment plants? Fucking CLEANERS, that’s who! So I’ll ask you again – What’s wrong with working as a part-time cleaner?

                  …and if you expect us to believe that you’ve NEVER IN YOUR LIFE used a public toilet then I say you are a fucking liar. What did you do at school, piss on the floor?

                • Working Links Stink

                  When I was with Working Links I noticed that all the staff used to wait until they came into work to do a shit 😀 The bogs stank to high heaven first thing in the morning 😀 Not to mention the shit that was only smeared on the bogs and the bog walls 😀

                • Working Links Stink

                  * also smeared

                • Obviously they need to employ some cleaners! It’s a shame that some other people on this site seem to think there’s something wrong with being a cleaner.

                • To the small-minded little twat with the big mouth and no brains elbow grease. As I have said before, you don’t even know me or anything about me, so stop spouting your fat mouth off when you claim that –

                  ”and if you expect us to believe that you’ve NEVER IN YOUR LIFE used a public toilet then I say you are a fucking liar. What did you do at school, piss on the floor?”




                • The Bear Family

                  We have NEVER IN OUR LIVES used a public toilet – we shit in the woods 😀

                • Something Didn't Survive

                  At least guys have urinals… they don’t have to sit down for both a piss and a shit 😦 … oh, there I go talking about toilets again 🙂 Every time I have to use a public toilet I end up getting raped and have to crawl the 200 miles home…

                • Something totally made up

                  Jobcentre sent me on a ‘course’ on the Moon, and the Moon is like 50 miles away with no buses… and in a space-dust factory with no toilet… and because I live in a tree house they said they wouldn’t pay for any tampons, so I had to crawl all the way home, and honey monster would jump out from a bush and rape me.

                • Yes, always a good idea to cover one`s tracks – Wouldn’t you say? EB.

            • OBD – “one has to be honest and sincere and imo you’re not”
              Can you tell me just ONE instance when you think I have not been honest and sincere (except in sarcasm or jest)?

            • OBD – You’ve accused me of dishonesty, but you haven’t got the integrity to either justify it or apologise. I will answer ANY question and justify ANYTHING I’ve said. Your attitude is pathetic and infantile.

              • overburdenddonkey

                el ok justify this ‘OBD – Why don’t we give Corbyn a chance and see if he can transform the political landscape? Maybe he will fail, and maybe he won’t. Why are you condemning him and the countless real Labour supporters who have been waiting decades for this, before the movement has even got started? Why this obsessive negativity?

                Answer this – If you live in England and you could vote for a Corbyn-led Labour party at the next election, would you? i await your answers….

                • Errrmmmm…… They’re ALL questions! How the fuck can you justify a question? How about you answering them instead!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  I will answer ANY question and justify ANYTHING I’ve said….so now you won’t, hmmmm….

                • It’s not possible to justify a question you idiot! Ask me to justify any statement or an opinion I’ve given and I’ll happily do so.

              • overburdenddonkey

                so you won’t honour what you said, ok your loss…

                • The problem is that what you think of as your intellectual victory is in fact a demonstration of your ignorance of rationality and language.

                  If you want to prove yourself right, let’s hear you justify a question – any question at all……

                • overburdenddonkey


                • …or is it that you think “explain” and “justify” mean the same thing? If you want me to explain one of my questions because you don’t understand it then feel free to ask.

                • I think our messages crossed, but now it’s clear that you don’t understand the difference between “explain” and “justify”. That’s OK. Could you pick just ONE of my questions which you don’t understand and I’ll try to explain it. Please, not more than one at a time, because I’m busy.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you said I will answer ANY question and justify ANYTHING I’ve said…. and you haven’t and are now procrastinating…as i have never condemned corbyn, nor labour voters, why did you claim that i was condemning corbyn and labour voters, how did you come to that conclusion, occur to you, in order to ask that question….? what was your thinking behind that question…

                • overburdenddonkey

                  ps typo; question/statement…

                • You said “labour have lurched to the right corbyn cannot change this”. That is a condemnation of Corbyn. So, now I have explained my question, will you answer it?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  but i have already explained and/or justified that, before you asked that question so you had no need to ask it, if you’ve read my posts…so no i don’t accept that answer from you…

                • overburdenddonkey

                  ps typo; asked that question made that statement…

                • If you think Corbyn can never win an election as Labour leader then that’s fine, you’re entitled to that opinion, even if you can’t explain it. Many other right-wing people think exactly the same thing. It’s a shame that you can’t suggest anything better, but then few lazy-thinking people ever can.

                  I asked – “If you live in England and you could vote for a Corbyn-led Labour party at the next election, would you?”
                  It only needs a simple one word answer……

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i’ve already explained it you twat….

                • So would you vote Labour or not? You didn’t answer……

                • overburdenddonkey

                  but you have not answered my questions as you insisted that you would
                  ‘I will answer ANY question and justify ANYTHING I’ve said….’ and as yet you haven’t…

                • overburdenddonkey

                  ps when you admit that i had already explained all before you made your statements/questions..therefore your questions/statements are irrelevant as you well know…so why are you dragging this process out….?

                • I see… so you want me to answer all the questions you can ever possibly think of, before you will answer just one of mine. That’s fair!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  actually that’s your projection and what your expecting of me as well you know, so don’t try the puzzled sarcasm on me…i have made specific references on this thread and indeed other threads, to corbyn and labours plight so my answers are specific and posted….as i’ve already answered your questions/statements before you posted yours, yours are irrelevant…

                • Yes it’s a projection. So will you answer my question with a yes or no? It would save me the time of trawling through the vast amount of incoherent stuff you write. Thanks.

      • paultheswineherd

        Overburdendonkey – Thank you for that and for sending the link – glad that you enjoyed reading it – I am inclined to agree with your views. Something really big has to happen to stop this Tory progression.

        • I’ll be first in line to stop the spread of the Nazi Tories.. by nuclear bomb.

        • “Something really big has to happen to stop this Tory progression.”
          Can’t you see what’s happening right in front of your eyes? Why the fuck do you think there was an almost 100% SNP landslide? Why is Corbyn the totally unexpected poll leader? FFS!!!!!!

          • I don’t talk politics to the likes of ‘elbow grease’ who spends most of the day insulting other people on here for the sake of a cheap laugh. Other blog writers on here have valid things to say about the state of the economy, politics, their jobs or lack of, their lack of support from the government and that slimy cunt drunken smith.

  52. Salmond is a knobhead

    Knobhead Alex Salmond on Radio 4 using emotive talk about “dead children being washed up on beaches” as a lever to state that the UK should be taking 50% of these ‘refugees’ and Scotland should take its ‘fair share’ of them 25%! Of course Salmond can’t give an exact figure but concedes that it will probably be in the region of millions. “Are the people of Scotland really ready for a massive influx of refugees?” “Yes, of course they are!” What a cunt. Will fucking Salmond be ‘bugging out in the woods’ as he loses his his home to make way for these swarms of locust? Salmond should be told to fuck off!

    • Support for the open door policy will end of the progressive SNP hegemony and probably destroy the case for independence.

    • Salmond is full of shite

      Disgraceful behaviour, utterly disgraceful behaviour from the Fat Fascist Salmond. Salmond conveniently (?) forgot to mention that Cameron (the UK) has contributed £billions to aid the humanitarian crisis in Syria and is the single biggest global contributor. What is so bad about helping people in THEIR OWN COUNTRY? EVERYONE in their own country – not just those rich enough to be able to afford the services of people smugglers. Does Salmond give a flying haggis about the POOR people who can’t afford to bail out and get left behind – or does he only give a shit about his rich (Syrian) buddies. Salmond, if the truth be told, doesn’t give a damn about the people, Salmond will use any old excuse to open the floodgates to mass immigration; more of the very same mass immigration that has already done to much harm to the indigenous population. If the fat cunt would just give up ONE of his fucking lunches it would go a long way to solving this crisis.

      • Past and present Scottish SNP leaders

        * Alex Salmond
        *Nicola Sturgeon

        Something very fishy about those two – in furthest, remote Scotland – in trying to play politics with the big boys in Westminister.

      • Social Housing Tenants To Be ‘Encouraged’ To ‘Do The Right Thing’ In Order To Help Refugees

        Nicola Sturgeon says social housing tenants will be ‘encouraged’ to vacate their tenancies to ‘help our refugee friends from abroad’. In a joint ‘initiative’ run by the Scottish Government and Police Scotland tenants on State benefits will be identified and will be the first group to be offered ‘assistance’.

        Holding back the tears Ms Sturgeon said: “Who could ever forget the picture of the dead child washed up on the Turkish beach. Scots have a long history and proud tradition of helping those less fortunate than themselves. Providing safe and secure accommodation to those fleeing their homeland is the least we can do.”

  53. das DWP und der JCP

    “Arbeit Macht Frei”

  54. Do not blink or you may miss the disintegration of the progressive SNP, they will go down faster than SLAB did.

    Nicola will be more detested than Thatcher for destroying the dream of Scottish independence for the dystopian politics of the EU and mass immigration.


    ain Duncan Smith has announced a major shake-up of the rules governing sickness benefit, designed to encourage anyone with a pulse people back into work.

    “Currently, the system is far too complex,” said the work and pensions secretary as he feasted on the raw flesh of innocent children.

    “It really shouldn’t matter how ill you are or what part of your body isn’t functioning properly, the ability to work or not should come down to one simple test; is your heart pumping blood around your body?”

    “If the answer to that question is ‘yes’ then there is work out there for you. You just need to look harder”

    “In a wheelchair? No excuse. If you can move it about then you can strap a broom to the back and sweep up.”

    “Have a fatal disease? The drug industry always needs guinea pigs. And if you’re brain-dead and in a coma, well there are always chilly offices in need of a draft excluder.”

    Mr Duncan-smith denied that he was a deranged, heartless lunatic who believed that compassion was for girls and that human beings only existed as a commodity to make him and his friends rich beyond dreams of avarice.

    “No,” he said.

    “You’re thinking of George.”

    • Jaz Merryweather
      I am guessing that those who fail this comprehensive test will be called back for further assessments?


        Iain Duncan-Smith, DWP, fit for work

        After 2,380 people died within two weeks of being found fit for work, the Department for Work and Pensions said we should instead focus on those still alive.

        Figures released after a freedom of information request showed that thousands of people died after being told by the government that their benefits were being stopped because they were well enough to go and get a job.

        A DWP source explained, “This is nothing but a media witch hunt.”

        “Rather than focus on the people who died within days of us declaring them fit for work, why not look at the thousands who are actually still alive?”

        “I mean, a lot of them are in pain, incapacitated, or dealing with chronic health conditions of various kinds, but they’re still alive, right?”

        “But no, that’s not a ‘story’ is it? You’d rather talk about 90 people dying a month after we said they should get a job because you believe ‘lives are important’ or some other left-wing bullshit.”

        “You just want to focus on the thousands of people we thought should go and find work but who actually ended up in the ground a few days later, all because it makes a good headline.”

        The source then went on to say the link between being found ‘fit for work’ and dying soon after was a spurious one.

        They continued, “Who’s to say we actually declared these people fit for work incorrectly? Maybe there’s a serial killer out there selecting victims based on those who are perfectly fit enough to get a job?”

        “Maybe he’s killing three people a day? Have you considered that? No, because you’ve already made your mind up that we’re the bad guys, that’s why.”

        • Iolis 12 hours ago

          The United Nations Human Rights Commission’s Special Rapportuer is to investigate the link between the government’s Welfare Policy and the denial of basic human rights among the disabled. The Rapporteur will no doubt be congnisant of the refusal to abide the decision of the government’s own Information Commission and, if the government fails to make the figures available for analysis by the United Nations, then that body, and other international bodies such as Amnesty International will draw such inferences as appear proper when they publish their report(s) for the world to read.


          … so that they, in the DWP, can forget about al the people they killed by sanction, etc, to chase after the living and put us all in the cemetary also. Drunken Shite won’t stop until he has us all six feet below.

          • Hi Fen, Did the DWP really say ‘concentrate on those that are still alive?
            Please elaborate. Thanks x

          • Hi Fen, got the picture.

            • Hi Bernadette. I wouldn’t put it past the DWP gestapo if they even did cover up ‘death by sanction’ as so many times IDS tried to block the report until he was forced to do so. xx

          • But knowing that they want you DEAD should make you even more determined to stay alive, even if just to spite the bastards. Kind of ironic now that we are all dead 😀

          • But knowing that they want you DEAD should make you even more determined to stay alive, even if just to spite the bastards. Kind of ironic now that we are all dead 😀 😀

          • Don’t be come a ‘tragedy’ 🙂

            Best wishes,
            Barry, Maurice and Robin

        • Iain Duncan Smith MP

          Poppycock, utter poppycock. Let me be clear: my programme of welfare reforms IS working. There are now more people alive today than ever before. Let us concentrate on the positive for once, shall we.

          We are working for you

          The Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan Smith MP, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

  56. Why do you impersonate Priti Patel? Are you trying to say something?
    Please expand.

    I’d really like to know as I am in the process of writing her a very nasty letter due to the lies and fabrication she has said about me (totally untrue) on behalf of her offices when my MP wrote to her?????????

  57. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I have been defrauding the DWP for 30 years claiming disabled benefit when I am not disabled [by your own DWP rules HCP]. Not working for 30 years screwing the DWP. Now DWP get off your arse & arrest me for DWP Fraud. I admit it the whole £800,000 over 30 years.

    Since never having a job in 30 years I think I am unemployable.

  58. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Do the DWP really want their £800,000 I stole off them in benefit fraud !!!

  59. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  60. Slave Drivers are as Bad as Nazis who used Human Beings For
    Slave Labour

  61. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Since the WCA is being scrapped it makes all ESA claim forms invalid.

  62. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System




  63. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I can only carry half a litre of liquid in a bottle with a handle & not a container.


  64. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I don`t like working with people, they are a pain in the arse.

    Tourette Syndrome


  65. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Death threats of suicide cause by the DWP is a risk of defrauding the DWP out of £800,000.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      DWP suicide id a possibility.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Don`t Give Medicine If You Can`t Take Your Own Medicine.

        Disability Deaths Threats & Disability Hate Crime by The DWP on all Disabled people.

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          Death Threats to the DWP & Maximus on Facebook. Lets make up some stories to defence IDS`s war against ATOS & Maximus.

          DWP Deaths Threat to the disabled by the DWP.

          Don`t twist it & get your DWP suicide medicine.

  66. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Can you please Charge me for £800,00 disability ben efit fraud DWP !!

  67. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Will Maximus be controlling my medication !!!

    Very good question…

  68. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Illnes is a thing of the past. Work Cures Illness – Wackco loopy land.


    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Maximus Whistleblower

      One of the whistleblowers said: “We are finding our self-esteem becoming lower and lower, while disabled colleagues struggle without assistance.

      “I have never seen professional people in high-pressure jobs crumble like that, being made to feel like second-class citizens.

      “They are abusing people in their workforce and have the bloody cheek to carry out assessments and tell claimants that they are able to go back to work with reasonable adjustments. Hypocritical sods!”

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        One former member of staff said that disabled employees were being sacked “left, right and centre”.

        She said: “If they can’t look after the disabled people who are working for them – not recognising their needs and what they need to do the job – how on earth have they got the audacity to make judgments on disabled people coming into their office for assessments?

        “I know a couple of disabled people there, and I would see them crying at their desks, because of the blame culture.

        “A lot of the old Atos managers are absolutely atrocious, they are bullies. The way they speak to you is as if you are a piece of poo beneath their shoe. I have seen people cowering away from them.”


  70. Cut off Charity Shops Supplies Legally and Shut Them Down.

    A friend of mine phoned a charity shop and said he had a washing machine and some furniture to donate. Pick up was arranged and when the driver arrived my friend told him he was not giving the items because the charity used people on workfare. If everyone does this drivers won’t know if they are getting the goods and that will affect their income, with knock on effects on the charity shop. Ian Duncan Smith cannot control that and It is legal. Finally if people are forced to do workfare Charity Shops should lower their prices to customers as they are getting free labour based on coercion not volunteering.

    • paultheswineherd

      As I have said before – there should be ‘posters’ plastered all over the ‘Workfare’ Charity Shops (and other stores doing this sort of thing) It may just help to stop these bastards from doing this and it’s also helps to inform passing ‘customers’.
      Of course, some of these will say ‘make this idol sods work for free’ but there may be some also who’ll say – ‘What! – we did’nt know anything like this was happening along our street! The public needs to know a lot more of the real truth.

      • paultheswineherd yes I think many people will be against these charity shops and if we can cut off the supply of customers and people donating items to such shops they will reject workfare. You are 100% correct.

  71. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Charity shops don`t have paid workers except the boss. They are called volunteers which makes workfare voluntary !!!

    How charity shops work

    Staff and volunteers

    Most charity shops have a paid shop manager, working with a team of volunteers, who help to sort and sell the stock. A few charities have their shops run by volunteers entirely: many other organisations have found that employing a manager ‘pays for itself’, as these people can give more time, skills and attention to the role.

    Dependent on retail operation size, there may be area or regional managers and a head of retail. There are also a growing number of specialist roles, such as online selling staff/volunteers and warehouse staff/volunteers.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      So volunteers earn money now !!! Would that not mean they are not called volunteers any more !!!

    • Boycott Charity Shops

      But the boss is on like £60,000 + fancy car + expenses. It is like the boss hoovers up all the volunteers ‘pay’! Not to mention the massive salaries being paid out to the CEO and co. Anyway, it is not like the stuff they sell is often cheap. The boss takes all the good stuff and flogs it off ‘on the side’.

      ‘Charity’ shops are a piss-take – anyone who works for nowt in these places is off their rocker!



  73. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Daffy Duck signed the ESA50 form.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Terms & Conditions

      Healthcare Professional Abuse.
      Any Human Rights is handed over to the HCP
      The ESA50 is not a form it is a questionnaire.
      Left in limbo like a half way house questionnaire while the real ESA50 form is filled out by Maximus the HCP.
      The HCP overrule the DWP.
      It Varies.
      Sign hear for your Maximus Caring service you have now contracted up to.

      Signed Daffy Duck & Dunkco The Clown


  75. sarah7; Your my kinda girl.

  76. Doctors ordered I wasn’t to hear ‘Iain Duncan Smith’

    • Thank you Paula for speaking out

      • I second that. Brave woman speaking out against this Nazi regime that targets the poorest and weakest people when they’re at their most vulnerable.

        You know what they call people who prey on the weak and vulnerable? Cowards that’s what. That’s exactly what ‘Dunko The Clown’ and his band of idiots are.

        • isn’t great?

          • hell’s bells
            what i meant was, isn’t bold great?

            • LOL! Yeah i just learnt how to do it so now i’m looking for any excuse to do that or italics or smileys! Big credit go’s to JCPSufferer/Customer and Another Fine Mess. JCP showed me how to get the smileys and AFM the bold and italics.

              Credit where it’s due ‘cos i didn’t know how to get them!

              • Raining – Glad I helped. I didn’t know how to do italics or bold before you asked how to do smileys, and I did copy down details of how to do them, but bold and italics seem a bit like hard work, and I’m not too keen on hard work… 🙂 “Doctors ordered I wasn’t to hear Iain Duncan Smith…” If only we could all have that rule applied…

                • JCP: Thanks mate. Oh you helped out alright as i was all over the place trying to log in to g+ and everything. Then when that didn’t work i was like ‘WTF is going on here?! How are the folks getting smileys on their posts?’ :D.

                  Shocking to hear that woman in the video there about all the friends she’s lost through psycho boy IDS’s reign of terror.

              • ssǝW ǝuᴉℲ ɹǝɥʇou∀

                It’s alright for you, I’m still trying to get my default fonts back to .normal.

  77. Ages/ Geoff Reynolds

    Re: Inclusion Scotland

    Does disability include mental illness? If so, then should I email Inclusion Scotland my sanction appeal to the Parliamentary Ombudsman, which my MP (Stephen Crabb, Tory) has refused so far to sign off?

  78. DWP’s ‘attack on the disabled’ brought UN investigation upon UK

      …………………..another on killer Smith’s christmas card list and one step behind on the gallows.

      • The Execution of Iain Duncan Smith MP

        Describing the execution of Iain Duncan Smith MP, executioner GEOFF REYNOLDS said:

        “[After springing the trapdoors] I descended immediately into the pit where I found the pulse beating at the rate of 80 to the minute and the wretched Iain Duncan Smith struggling desperately to get his hands and arms free. I came to this conclusion from the intense muscular action in the arms, forearms and hands, contractions, not continuous but spasmodic, not repeated with any regularity but renewed in different directions and with desperation. From these signs I did not anticipate a placid expression on the face and I regret to say my fears were correct. 🙂 On removing the white cap about 1 ½ minutes after the fall I found the eyes of the former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions starting from the sockets and the tongue protruded, the face exhibiting unmistakable evidence of intense agony.”

  79. and for those of you who like cats

    • Every afternoon [Frida] takes a nap in that spot, but that afternoon she knew she was being observed. So I created a special tea that I found on a cat lady website that was full of herbs that could allegedly make a cat sleepy. You got some Valerian root, some poppy seed extract, skullflower caps, chamomile…. I gave that to her and she was kinda being a bit more chill but she was still moving around a bit too much. And I guess we basically made the sofa area of my apartment into a cat paradise in order to get her to perform. We had bird songs playing on the iPhone, the window was open for bird noises outside. We put some food on the couch and then finally some cat nip.

      Andrew Savage, Parquet Courts

  80. Trolls are quiet

    • The trolls haven’t yet woken up from under their slimy rock or they have been told to spend half the day doing mandatory jobsearch at their jobcentre.

      • Fen – You think I’m a troll and I’m here. Why haven’t you replied to my earlier post?

        • As I said, the trolls usualy on here haven’t woken up yet and are still in fairyland…

        • I have got far more important things to do today around my house and garden, and the likes of doing jobsearch all fucking day long to keep the clowns at my JCP happy than waste my time even bothering with the likes of ‘elbow grease’.

          I come on here to battle against the govermnent and their destruction of this country. I may swear at times, but that is how I am when riled against complete wankers from Eton pretending to run this country and whom have never in their lives ever got their hands dirty and greasy working in warehouses, factories, saw mills or any retail businesses, along with being heavily involved with a local railway heritage project for many years breaking their back trying to re-open the railway as a tourist line. All of which I have fucking done.

          • “I come on here to battle against the govermnent and their destruction of this country.”
            I’m fucking amazed! Really??? Man, you are SERIOUSLY deluded about who looks at this web site!

            • overburdenddonkey

              if we make so little impact why are you wasting your time here then…??

              • Curiosity about this idle online subculture……

                • Funny, I’d have assumed you’d be working at these hours. How do you find the time to waste on here?

                  You’re this site’s equivalent to Scott Matthewson on the Biased BBC pages, a shallow contrarian hypocrite who just wants attention and has no valid arguments or researched thoughts. Pathetic.

                • Danny – I am working, but I can spare a minute every now and then. It doesn’t take long! I have many valid arguments and researched thoughts. Would you like to pick a topic of your choice and test me? In return I will expect you to demonstrate the same to avoid the accusation of hypocrisy!……

            • The DWP, journalists, the BBC, Channel 4, the Security Services, the Police… amongst others, and of course IDS.


                Up to 4,010* sick claimants could have
                been declared ‘fit for work’
                prior to their death

                The DWP have published the much awaited statistics on the deaths of claimants subjected to the controversial work capability assessment.

                The assessment determines whether new claimants can qualify, after an initial ‘assessment phase’, for one of the two main payment groups of Employment & Support Allowance; either in the Work Related Activity Group or the Support Group. Claimants who are already in receipt of the older incapacity benefit range of benefits are subjected to exactly the same assessment (subject to a ‘conversion’ gateway) process in order to see if their existing award can be converted to Employment & Support Allowance, introduced in October 2008 with the intention of helping more people in to work.

                The last time the DWP produced statistics on the number of claimants who died whilst on (all) incapacity benefits was in their “Incapacity Benefits: Deaths of recipients” statistical release of July 2012. Since then disability campaigners, including Mike Sivier, have tirelessly lobbied government to produce further and more up to date figures which could have shed more light on the plight of people like 44 year old Mark Wood who sadly died (in August 2013) 4 months after being found ‘fit for work‘ as a result of what is termed a ‘work capability assessment’. Mr Wood was profoundly medically unwell and had serious mental health issues, weighing just 5 stone 8 pounds at the time of his death. Coroner Darren Salter said Mr Wood’s death was probably “caused or contributed to by Wood being markedly underweight and malnourished”, but added it was not possible to establish the cause of death conclusively.


                • GEOFF REYNOLDS


                  The DWP clarified in their July 2012 DWP release:

                  “Data on the number of ESA claimants that have died following a fit for work decision is not available, as the Department does not hold information on a death if the person has already left benefit.”

                  There is no explanation provided in the most recent statistical release to show whether the DWP has changed their data collation procedure for those leaving benefit and dying some time afterwards (although the separate mortality statistics say data is available where death occurs within six months of the close of a claim). It is therefore quite possible that if Mr Wood was not on Employment & Support Allowance at the time of his death (which followed a fit for work decision four months beforehand) he would not have appeared in the latest DWP statistics.


                • Frustrated Pensioner

                  “long, slow burn” is man-speak for ‘can’t get it up’… I should know, love 😦 Still, there is always Corrie 🙂

          • fen tiger – elbow grease is wrong, as usual. I went to bed at about 6am today, and got up about 2ish.

            • Apparently you don’t care that you are a liar and and hypocrite, and maybe even relish it. Do you think you are of any value to your immediate or wider society, or do you not give a shit about that either?

            • The King of Love my Shepherd Is, His mercies faileth never. I nothing lack for I am His, and He is mine forever.

              • Fellow – I was just wondering about your perception of yourself and your morality……

                If you (a self-confessed idle liar and benefit cheat, who can’t even be bothered to get up before mid-afternoon to look for a job) were to be deported, and replaced by a Syrian who has travelled thousands of miles and faced death in his search for a job, would it be a net loss or gain for UK society?


      A deaf benefit claimant was wrongly sanctioned after turning up to a training course just ten minutes late, the Upper Tribunal has ruled.

      Despite the sanction being imposed in November 2013, he had to wait until 14 August 2015 to have his appeal heard by the Upper Tribunal.

      The unnamed 53 year-old benefit claimant has hearing difficulties and wears a hearing aid in his right ear. He was told to attend a CV writing course and given a “Jobseeker’s Direction” letter to confirm the time and date of the course, reports Disability Rights UK.

      After arriving just ten minutes late for the appointment, a decision was taken to cut his benefits for four weeks for failing to adhere to the “jobseeker’s Direction”.

      The claimant argued at the Tribunal that he had incorrectly heard the date of the appointment, because his hearing aid was faulty, and didn’t check the time of the appointment on the letter he was given.


        The UK government appears to have relaxed its pressure on the Cayman Islands to create a register of company ownership, despite David Cameron’s plea last year for overseas territories to do so in the interests of tax transparency.

        The prime minister promised to introduce a public register of beneficial ownership in the UK and wrote to the overseas territories last year urging them to consider doing the same, arguing that public access to a central list is “vital to meeting the urgent challenges of illicit finance and tax evasion”.

        However, the Cayman Islands is one of several offshore territories – including the British Virgin Islands and Bermuda – that are refusing to implement the idea after consultation.
        Follow the money: inside the world’s tax havens
        Read more

        Despite further pressure from the Foreign Office and Treasury earlier this year, the position of the Cayman Islands now seems to have been accepted by Grant Shapps, a Foreign Office minister.


        Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

        The minister is based at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Responsibilities include:

        Overseas Territories (not Falklands, SBAs or Gibraltar)
        conflict issues
        ministerial oversight for FCO services
        the Caribbean (not including Dominican Republic, Haiti or Cuba)
        Illegal Wildlife Trade
        Polar Regions

  81. Just as people such as Elbow Grease deliberately confuse lack of work with laziness, they also confuse work with toil. Working should be productive and be attempting to achieve something, both for the person doing it and for others. The majority of jobs available do not only not match this criteria, but will never lead to any kind of progression. This is by design. The Labour party and liberals especially love mediocrity and, despite their claims to the contrary, they want a perpetual glass ceiling both to punish those who have achieved more than them and so that they will constantly have work whinging and playing the victim card. As Johnny Void had rightly pointed out, if work is such a wonderful thing – and, despite the ignorance of the aforementioned troll, the overwhelming majority on JSA are desperate to find jobs and get away from the DWP – then the rest of us should actually be thankful that they’re voluntarily taking themselves out of the job market, for an absolute pittance of welfare that’s a barely significant fraction of our economy, and letting the rest of us fight it out for the blessing of employment. I can honestly only think of maybe half a dozen people I’ve met during periods of unemployment that have wanted to stay unemployed, less than half a percent of everyone I’ve encountered in this way.

    Perhaps these All Right Jack types need to go through a bit of this hardship themselves to really know what they’re talking about.

    • Danny – I most certainly do not! Laziness is VOLUNTARY lack of work, and almost all work involves toil. People who expect work NOT to involve toil are lazy!

      • overburdenddonkey

        everyone works, we human beings always do work, we stop work when we die….

        • If that’s your summary of the philosophy of work, then it’s a little rudimentary! Would you regard someone lying in bed while their spouse brings them takeaway meals as working?

          • overburdenddonkey

            If that’s your summary of the philosophy of work, then it’s a little rudimentary!’
            actually i was commenting on YOUR rudimentary philosophy of work as you fail to define what work actually is and for what purpose…

            • I use the definition of a word from the dictionary. What the fuck do YOU use?

            • I’ll try again……. Would you regard someone lying in bed while their spouse brings them takeaway meals as working?

            • overburdenddonkey

              i was asking for your opinion not someones elses….

              • My opinion is that the definition of the word “work” is exactly what the vast majority of English-speaking people agree that it is – i.e. the dictionary definition.

                It’s also my opinion is that anyone who just makes up their own definition is unlikely to be understood. Let’s try again – Would you regard someone lying in bed while their spouse brings them takeaway meals as working? Apparently you think they must be working, because they’re not dead (yet!).

                • overburdenddonkey

                  the relevant to this blog is the dwp’s definition of work, ie are they being paid to either serve food or receive food in bed…ps shows you don’t do much work if you have to look it up in a dictionary….

                • Lying in bed receiving food isn’t within the DWP’s definition of work, or anybody else’s, EXCEPT YOURS! Do you STILL think everybody who isn’t dead is working?

                  I didn’t have to look it up because I already knew it. It’s sad the you did have to.

                • Marcel proust?

                • Shirley – Marcel Proust? Would you care to explain what you mean?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  by the dictionary def of work the person lying in bed is working….

                • Ha ha! You just read it, but you clearly didn’t understand it. So what’s the intended objective or result of just lying in bed being fed?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  getting calories to build up energy, they may also be sick…if they weren’t working they’d be dead…but the dwp def is being paid and putting time in….ie attending workplace it does not define activities undertaken….

                • Elbow Grease | September 4, 2015 at 8:35 pm |
                  Shirley – Marcel Proust? Would you care to explain what you mean?

                  Haven’t you read A la recherche du temps perdu? Blimey.

                • I read “In Search of Lost Time” 30+ years ago. Apparently you have not.

                • OBD – I guess I’m wasting my time. You don’t even comprehend what “intended objective or result” means.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  not unless you explain what it means to you, no i won’t….

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you asked me this…’Would you regard someone lying in bed while their spouse brings them takeaway meals as working?’ i said yes i would, if they weren’t they’d be dead…
                  it states nothing in your question about the bedridden persons, intended objective or result…

                • OBD – The definition of the word “work” requires an intended objective or result, otherwise it isn’t work. You’ve failed AGAIN to understand the meaning of a simple word. Even if English isn’t your first language, you surely must be able to read a dictionary definition!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  tiredness is involuntary….

    • The Merry Toiler

      If it doesn’t hurt it sure as hell ain’t work…

      • True! Are you related to Merry Tiller?

      • overburdenddonkey

        so if i hit my thumb with a hammer and it hurts like fuck this is toil…??
        no if work hurts you’re doing something wrong ie not regarding one’s posture nor long term health…your version sounds more like self harm than work….

        • OBD – You have only an infantile grasp of logic. If somebody says that all work hurts, that does NOT mean that everything that hurts is work!!!!

          • overburdenddonkey


            • overburdenddonkey

              ps and likely out there working when you were still shitting yellow…judging by your infantile reply’s i will also add when you’re old enough to vote you’ll probably understand much more than you do now…

            • You just proved that you don’t understand the logic, and it’s there for everyone to see! Unfortunately you can’t delete your embarrassing posts!

              • Nor can ‘elbow grease’ delete their own embarassing posts full of bile and hatred and insults against everybody else using this website blog. Pot kettle black…

          • overburdenddonkey

            never mind i’m not embarrassed as according to you i don’t understand logic therefore i can’t see my errors, ahh! ignorance is bliss ain’t it….best cancel my mensa membership then…

          • False Equivalence

            All work is hurt but not all hurt is work.

            • False Equivalence

              All work is hurt but not all hurt is work.

              • overburdenddonkey

                yep hitting one’s thumb with a hammer which hurts like fuck btw whilst working, some say is not work….hurting muscles whilst working some say is work… being dumped by partner hurts but is not work…but as work involves the input and expenditure of all energies emotional and physical it can encompass all forms of hurt and if it does time to think again…

                • overburdenddonkey

                  ps the hurt is emotional, using mind to overcome tiredness pains of anaerobic respiration…
                  recovery when sleeping, work, and rest, no extras, no play…the daily grind…
                  not coping with this grind, is the laziness described…

        • P.S. Also the word “hurt” doesn’t only mean physical pain. For instance, work may hurt your family life, your golf handicap, or even hurt your ability to post crap on web sites whenever you like!

          • If this is a crap website, then why are you even wasting your time on here when you have nothing constructive to say or like insulting other blog users, you simpleton.

            • Fen – Can’t you read? I said “post crap on web sites” NOT “post on crap web sites”!

              • Yes, I can read thanks. Talking of crap, you’re full of it. I’d like to see you get your hands dirty in a sawmill or warehouse, but that’s as much chance as me winning millions on the national lottery every week.

              • If the likes of ‘Elbow Grease’ doesn’t like or agree with what I, or anybody else on here, have to say, then why the fuck does the dumbass keep replying to us with smart ass comments that have absolutely no meaning or positive constructive words of encouragement.


        • Slave Plantation Owner

          If it ain’t hurtin’ it ain’t workin’….

      • The diving bell & the butterfly?

        • Fair point, though Bauby was unique and so not really what I meant. I agree that ‘writing’ the book must have been astonishingly hard work.

          • E.G. The point was that you make an awful lot of sweeping generalisations for someone who likes to think they’re highly intelligent and oh-so worldly-wise. If you had really loved shelf-stacking for Asda, you’d be a ‘people-person’ (look it up) when clearly you’re an (allegedly) well-read misanthrope. All of your apparent reading of great and even bed-ridden writers has left your tiny mind quite unaltered and you’re just here as an irritant. You’re not making any difference or changing anyone’s mind about anything – perhaps you’re in search of lost time…

            • overburdenddonkey

              s n
              exactly right abstract theories that hold no water in practice…the use of linguistic coshes dancing on semantic pin heads….

            • Yeah, elbow grease wouldn’t have got past our foyer. No fucking way is this knobhead an ex Asda ‘colleague’.

              • If you could read, you would have noticed that I said Sainsbury’s, not Asda.

                • Not even Sainsbury’s would have such a nobhead ‘elbow grease’ past security at the front entrance, let alone working as a shelf stacker for them. Sainsbury’s are not that desperate for staff to take homeless people by the name of ‘elbow grease’ in to fill any staff vacancies. LOL!

            • Shirley – I’ll throw your own argument right back at you. Are you making a difference or changing anyone’s mind by posting on here? I never claimed that that was my intention, but by criticising me for my failure to do so, you are implicitly claiming that it IS your intention. Perhaps you might therefore point to one of your successes……

              • No, it was all a big mistake. You’re fine & just want to have reasonable, measured debate and an exchange of ideas (via your very large intellect). It’s everyone who are rejecting your useful & constructive interventions that are confused/Illogical/stupid ~ delete as appropriate. If this is your idea of what the void is about ~ telling people they can’t read & etc. then you’re underestimating all of its readers. And vastly overestimating their interest in whatever it is you (don’t) have to say.

                Ps As that overused old chestnut goes: Pick a topic, any topic & (please don’t) make one valid, evidenced point about it …

                • I didn’t say that I want to have reasonable, measured debate and an exchange of ideas either! I’m not jumping to a conclusion about you yet, but have you noticed that you have not so far asked even one single open question? You could ask me what I AM doing if you like……

            • Shirley – Which ‘sweeping generalisation’ did you mean? If you can specify which one then I guarantee I can justify it. I bet you don’t!

        • …and he didn’t CHOOSE that lifestyle!

          • Ps. Frieda Khalo.

            • Shirley – It’s rather easy to post the name of an artist or author, especially if you fail to make ANY POINT WHATSOEVER about them. All that does is make you look like a pretentious moron…… especially if you can’t even spell their name!

              • Don’t go round on here calling people morons just because they have an opinion that you never agree with and that whatever you have to say is right and other people are in your eyes wrong.

                You will never get anywhere in life calling people morons or insulting them. No wonder all of us on here all have such a very low opinion of you, elbow grease. All fucking mouth and no trousers when you are confronted with a proper conversation.

                • Fen – I say it as I see it. The problem is that there are only a few people on this site who have real opinions, and even fewer who can be bothered to think about them, or to rethink them when challenged. Do you think I have a valid point?

              • @ Elbow Grease
                FUCK OFF!! CUNT!!

                • My express thanks to Dog Bone for saying the truth about EB.

                  quote – ”The problem is that there are only a few people on this site who have real opinions, and even fewer who can be bothered to think about them, or to rethink them when challenged. Do you think I have a valid point?

                  I would like to point out that if EB doesn’t like our real opinions, then do the decent thing of simply fuck off and don’t come back.

              • Frida is (another) example of someone who worked and made lasting pieces of work despite being confined to her bed following serious injury. However, she was, of course, declared fit for work & sanctioned by the Mexican equivalent of the DWP…

                • Countless people (creative and not) have been bedridden by injury at some point in their lives. So what? Are you trying to make a point about something?

                  …and where did you get that complete drivel about the “Mexican equivalent of the DWP”???

                • …You got it from the Hollywood movie based on her didn’t you? Ha ha ha! I expect you think Braveheart is factual too.

  82. well said danny

  83. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I work 15 hours a day as a volunteer being an archivist.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      I also ride a pushy bike everyday sometimes 50 miles a day.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        I do not have time for DWP bullshit. The ESA questionnaire is then sent to maximus who seem to be doing form admin& processing. There is a questionnaire & a form to fill in. The real ESA50 form with the bar coding on is filled out by Maximus without your knowledge but with your consent which was given in the signing of the EA50 questionnaire. It is illegal to stop benefits so that is why they use sanctions. Has any one else not filled in the ESA50 questionaire Bogus form?

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          Unpresidented I think.

          • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

            An illegal action is a crime & stays a crime unless it is corrected. Until then it is a crime to be reported to the police. Appeals are not used in a criminal matter unless the DWP decides so.

            • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

              You can not stop & close my benefit. Sanctions since The DWP have jumped the gun & signed me up to Maximus without my signing anything is also illegal.

              • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                By jumping the gun DWP & handing info over to Maximus – Half Way House in limbo !!!! Who knows we ain`t heard that one before.

  84. Steppin’
    Can’t wait for your £800,000 fraud trial. Court Number 1 Old Bailey? Will be there in the public gallery front row.

    Tony Blair’s former bodyguard found guilty of benefit fraud

  85. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The only thing that makes me disabled is a flat tyre puncture in my wheelchair.

  86. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Iwill be collecting 25 empty ESA50 to run a scam or is it that the DWP are so useless & open to fraud.

  87. Will Nicola Sturgeon offer Bute House as emergency housing for refugees and welcome a refugee family into her own home?

    Will she give a cast iron guarantee that Scotland’s housing crisis will not be inflated by the housing of refugees and that there will be no advantage sought for refugees against Scots already dispossessed of housing opportunities.

    In short Nicola where are you going to draw resources from and exactly where are you going to house thousands of refugees?

  88. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Are refugees suicidal no – Are disabled people suicidal

  89. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    House a british disabled refugee.

  90. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The UK has so many Disabled British refugees. All funded by the WCA.

  91. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  92. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Benefit claims: do the right thing

    We’re pinpointing benefit cheats

    Most claimants are honest but benefit cheats still cost the country millions of pounds. To make sure money is going where it’s needed most, we’re:
    ##working closely with fraud task forces, HMRC and local authorities
    ##using hidden cameras and undercover surveillance
    ##cross checking with banks and credit reference agencies

    Claiming what you’re not entitled to could lead to a serious fine, loss of benefits, a criminal record or even a prison sentence.

  93. The tear jerking epilogue will be a Nicola Sturgeon photo opportunity with the handing over the keys of an affordable home to a refugee family while the evicted tenants of the abode look on in trauma.

    • Social Housing Tenants To Be ‘Encouraged’ To ‘Do The Right Thing’ In Order To Help Refugees

      Nicola Sturgeon says social housing tenants will be ‘encouraged’ to vacate their tenancies to ‘help our refugee friends from abroad’. In a joint operation run by the Scottish Government and Police Scotland tenants on State benefits will be identified and will be the first group to be offered ‘assistance’.

      Holding back the tears Ms Sturgeon said: “Who could ever forget the picture of the dead child washed up on the Turkish beach. Scots have a long history and proud tradition of helping those less fortunate than themselves. Providing safe and secure accommodation to those fleeing their homeland is the least we can do.”

      • Moon Landings... ;)

        And expect it to be revealed at some point in the future that the whole emotionally manipulative ‘boy on the beach’ incident which is being exploited no end especially by Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP was ‘staged’, happened another place, another time….

  94. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Bounty Killer – Suicide Or Murder Feat. Jeru The Damaja [

  95. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Gang Star – Militia

  96. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The Prodigy – Firestarter (Official Video)

    Firestarter (Reggae-cover of Prodigy) Ikke Bare Bare Egil Band Band

  97. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Have you got a job as a stand up comedian ?
    Let me stand up & see.

  98. paultheswineherd

    Cameron has just announced a further £100 million in aid being sent to Syria – reportedly bringing the total now to more than £1 billion.
    Why the hell is he doing this when our poor and sick are being pilloried unnecessarily? Obviously, to make him look good to other countries.
    The United Nations and Amnesty International investigation into what fucking Dunko the Nazi psychopath and his DWP are doing should be very intrusive with them not allowing them to cover anything up and when the report comes out – it should be sent around the world to show exactly what they are doing to the British population.

  99. paultheswineherd

    If my calculations are correct, if someone is given a 2 week (adult) ‘sanction’ of their JSA for instance , £100million would work out at roughly 7.8 million separate ‘sanctions’ of benefit. Absolutely disgusting.

    • well said paul – our guys should come first.

      • paultheswineherd

        Fellow JCP Sufferer/Customer – many thanks. With, as usual, absolutely no accountability, and most probably with no ‘vote’ as such in Parliament over this announcement – Cameron has got his own way once again.
        As usual also, the ‘population’ has no say in this ‘payment’ whatsoever.
        Another surety is that there will be no way that Cameron can know where this money is going to in Syria. He can say it is for ‘aid’ – yeah my arse!
        My first thought was ‘how many weapons and barrels of explosives’ will Bashir Al Assad be able to buy with £100. (And some of it could end up in ISIS hands as well).
        I should imagine it would be a terrific amount of weaponry!!

  100. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Poor & Disabled people fund the wars.

    So the poor & disabled have that much power !!!

  101. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The DM will be deciding who will have Human Rights in the UK.

  102. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The poor & disabled will be bleed dry & there will be non stop cuts. There is going to be no end to cuts because the Tories are tricking everyone & the Tory voters. 2020 after office Dodgy Dave & IDS will be joining their pals running Atos & Maximus UK runnings.

  103. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Yvette Cooper you introduced the WCA in 2008. Unless you say you are going to scrap the WCA yon can stand down as a labour leadership hopeful.


    ……………….fill your boots UN investigators

    Mr Ward has lived with chronic leukaemia for 18 months and was diagnosed with severe arthritis in his left knee in 2012.

    “I’m getting fed up of the Job Centre rejecting me all the time because of what I’ve got,” he said. “I can’t cope with getting a job and they say I’m fit for work – which I’m not.”

    “I keep trying to explain to them, but it keeps going over their heads – they’re trying to push me into warehouse work, but that’s something I can’t do,” he said.

    “I feel really shocked and down – it’s getting to the ridiculous now. It’s taking a lot out of me mentally – there are a lot of things that I used to do that I can’t do anymore.”

    Mr Ward said was well he worked in warehouses, but his condition now makes physical work impossible.

    “I’m afraid that with the pressures they’re putting on me the leukaemia will flair up, and when it does that’s not something an employer’s going to like,” he said.

    Halifax MP Holly Lynch has taken up Mr Ward’s case and has vowed to highlight the issue in Parliament.

    Ms Lynch said: “The Job Centre are telling me that Mr Ward is falling between two different benefits, but is eligible for neither.

    “The Government needs to take a more compassionate approach – the DWP are making a real mess of this.”

    Figures released by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) reveal that 90 people a month died between 2011 and 2014 shortly after being declared “fit for work”.

    The official DWP statistics revealed that during the period December 2011 and February 2014 2,380 people died after their claim for Employment and support Allowance (ESA) ended because a work capability assessment found they were found fit for work.

    Halifax MP Holly Lynch said: “Job Centre staff are following the procedures in place, but these procedures need to change, especially with difficult and complex cases.

    “These figures have shown that thousands of people have died shortly after being declared fit for work – the Government has got this completely wrong.”

    The DWP said it could not comment on Mr Ward’s case without his National Insurance number.


    • DWP + JCP = SCUM.

    • I watched my father die from acute myeloid leukemia. He lasted just seventeen months from his diagnosis.
      Each day he became weaker and weaker, mother and i had to place four dining chairs on dad’s driveway and lift him from one to the other to get him into the car so i could take him for blood, plasma and white cell transfusions.
      i drove him to the nearest hospital that dealt with his ailment, it was 45 miles away from where he lived.
      Fifty six times i did that trip before he finally drew his last breath, in my arms at home……………..
      The DWP gave us not one penny to look after him, they denied that we had asked for help, stating they could find no records of phone calls.

      After dads funeral, the house full of flowers, a snoop from the dwp turned up and asked what the flowers were for. He realised he had made an almighty fuck up.

      He had come to accuse mother and i of submitting a bogus claim. I could have killed the horrible, objectionable bastard……………………….

      A week after dad passed away, we received a letter to tell us that dad had been awarded a benefit for three years. Talk about being inept, no wonder people are dying in droves

      There was supposed to be an internal investigation. Nothing was forthcoming, they covered the issue up………………

      This is why i hate the DWP so much

  105. paultheswineherd

    sarah7 – terrible unfairness, but sadly, only too common nowadays.
    And the fucking lazy, corrupt, expense fiddling, rich & drunken bastards in the House of Lords – they are made for the rest of their lives.
    No signing-on at JCP for this ever increasing bunch of cunts.

  106. stitchedupandbroken

    Just watched Stepping Razors You tube clip Disability Group Against Cuts clip. 5* in that it has not been addressed by any TV Channel nor highlighted by Sir Bob. We’re killin our own. Still,cackle a larf: the current refugee crises secures Jon Snows kids future employment in the circus that is the £££media. You seen his London outrage? And,as always controlled and manipulated by The Top Table Toff Club.
    How many killed here,murdered by IDS? 2,000? With dressing down,make it 5,000. And such suffering!(Ssssh…don’t cover it BBC. Or,put it on radio 3.12am for 15 secs) At least IDS should have sent round GAS VANS for those he hates. It wooda bin kinda. Instead of the innocents having their assessments rigged and benefits cut, they cooda bin forced into back of vans,engines on…there! 3 minutes of gassing and the jobs dun: all over. Throw the bodies up the refuse dump. QED
    666 IDS the Beast and his Bride Esther McVey: drippin with death. Kali Kali Kali

    • stitched up and broken – yes, exactly so – it is disgraceful.
      Geoff – well said and very true as well. You say it exactly like it is and all of us on here, I am sure, admire you for having the guts to do so.

      I realise that the refugee crisis is bad – but, without being too political – I can honestly see Britain being entirely swamped by them – I would’nt be too surprised if its eventually not too far from around the 200,000 mark.
      (Probably many more than Idi Amin’s Uganda Asians in the early1970’s).
      Where is the infrastructure for this? Where is the housing going to come from? Where are the jobs going to come from? Where are the extra medical facilities/social care going to come from?
      Mad Dunko the Insane Clown will have to ‘cut’ even more from our Country’s welfare (for our people). Although there will be absolutely no need for this. He will say that he’ll have to do this, but with the Tories apparently awash with ‘taxpayer’s’ money – Cameron will agree with it also.
      These will readily give funds away (never to get it back again) to any other Country, apart from our benefit claimants/sick/disabled, many of which are being continually ‘santions’ left, right & centre.
      For fuck’s sake let’s look after ‘own people’ for once.

      • “swamped” – haven’t we heard that before?

        Someone I talked to last week was explaining that he had just heard about a possible place in a hostel, which for him constituted “good news”. He went on to compare his own difficult time as a homeless man, not ‘vulnerable’ & so not in a priority group, with alcoholics who are just given £50/week and sent away to (of course) buy alcohol. They were being treated better than him.

        Compare & contrast…

        • shirley – paul has a very valid point, and comparing it to those who are actually uk nationals and complaining about others who are also uk nationals and get more benefit than them misses the point. Our own people, whether alcoholics or not, should be properly supported ie without sanctions and wca etc BEFORE we consider thinking about bringing in others and supporting them.

      • Germany is expecting to take 800,000 this year alone, so 200,000 coming to the UK is not really a lot. As for housing refugees, as in Germany there are plenty of redundant military bases that could be utilised.

        Yes, it is a strain on ‘our’ resources, but so are the present government. It is they, and the interests they represent who are responsible for both our plight, and the plight of the many millions who are fleeing both war and poverty. I know that I’m far more in favour for my money to go to help people fleeing poverty or war than I would ever be to see it squandered on the likes of the ruling elites, or the royal parasites.

        We have also to remember that if the USA and it’s poodle the UK hadn’t visited terrorism upon the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan then we might not be in this situation. The Syrian refugees and the poor from Sub Saharan Africa trying to find a better life are OUR people. Of course, things need to be made better in the home countries of these millions of people, so that they are safe and have access to the same ‘vitality giving vitals of life’ (thanks OBD) that we should also enjoy, as of right.

        You can, by all means, engage in the rhetoric of the racist, and support the UK tory standard line that it’s not our problem, that we can’t afford to help – but you can only do that if you buy into the lies that the country is broke and has no money, when those in power have plenty and then some more.

        • sib – I am all for uk nationals, whatever their religion or the colour of their skin, receiving help first. Only when the last foodbank is closed down in the uk will we be able to say we have suficient resources to take in more people into our tiny country. And I don’t care about comparisons with other european countries or what has caused the wars, as I am not politically minded. If I am wrongly labelled a racist then so be it. And in case you’ve missed the fact, sib, it is the tory government which has agreed to take refugees. It will not be the mps who pay for the refugees with their expenses, it will be the poor in uk who are sanctioned even more to make the savings and it will add to the numbers of our own people, ie those who have a legitimate uk passport, who are already starving and/or homeless. I make no apologies for agreeing with Michael Portillo that the refugees should be taken back to where they embarked , and in case you’re wondering, I voted for scottish independence and the snp, but just because you vote for someone or something it doesnt mean you agree with every single one of their policies.

          • Jacques Ellul remarked that the purpose of political parties was to trap their victims in an ideological strait-jacket: you have to agree with every the ‘party’ says; no scope for independent though, no room for manoeuvre. Just because you voted SNP doesn’t mean you have to nod in agreement with every utterance that falls from Nicola Sturgeon’s mouth. Portillo is wrong on many issues, for instance his support of the death penalty, but in this instance he is spot on, and it is Sturgeon and Co. who are bang out of order.

          • Once of these days the idiots will realise that the cause of helping the refugees is helping our own cause. To side with the likes of Portillio is to take sides against yourself. The Tories and people like Portillio want us to oppose helping the refugees, as it creates fear, which then allows the government to turn round and say that they’ll save us from that, only the end result is that we end up being more oppressed.

            You say that you are not politically minded, but it’s plainly obvious that you are otherwise you’d not be here commenting on anything – all comments here are political, though to be fair it needs to be pointed out that it is usually the personal political here.

            You claim to be a practising Christian, yet you seem to have no Christian conscience when it comes to the plight of people in a much worse situation than you are. What about being a Good Samaritan?

            If you want to buy into the whole lie about the country having no money, as the Tories want us to believe, then so be it, but that then begs the question as to what you are doing here.

            There is no shortage of money in the UK, it’s just that the wealth isn’t distributed in anything like a fair way. If the government started to make corporations and the super-rich pay their taxes then there would be more than enough to pay for not only the current refugee crisis, but also to pay for badly needed investment in infrastructure like new housing and railways, green energy, training and new manufacturing industries and modernising the economy and instituting an Unconditional Basic Income.

            Re-read the comment by Noam Chomsky and think about it.


    Is it me who is complletely out of touch, or are we being led by a ship of fools into another war that will have a devastating effect on the poorest and disabled within our shores?.

    It has been said that, had we not got involved in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, there would have been enough cash to pay for the British welfare bill for the next seventeen years…………….

    Meanwhile, we are on the cusp of parliamentarians pushing for an all out war within Syria utilising our forces.
    Are we absolutely fucking crazy or what?.
    With thousands of refugees displaced because of conflict, heading to safer havens within Europe, we intend to exacerbate the situation even further.

    Everywhere that we have shown British military intervention over the last decade has come at a price. A price to you and me and our children for years to come.

    When we leave a theatre of war we leave just a shell of it’s former being, a land that is to be governed by ganging warlords fighting for supremacy while the population is decimated even further by rivalry.

    This week our idiots in Westminster are going to try to use “our achievements in Iraq”, to try and sell another war.
    What fucking achievements have we made in Iraq? , absolutely none whatsoever, leaving a trail of destruction and misery.

    I ain’t the brightest kid on the block by far, but i can see who is behind the push for intervention into the Syrian crisis…………….

    The banks, the arms and armaments lobby.

    You don;t have to be a genius to work out that wars cause huge debt, and the only industry that thrives on debt are the banking sector and it’s allied spin offs.
    The weapons industry in the uk are pushing huge sums of money into the tory coffers, to them war brings the bonus of huge sales, not only to this country but also to those we are supposedly fighting.

    “War has no morals, no ethics, no scruples, it cares not one iota for the casualties that come back draped in Union Jacks, limbless or suffring from post traumatic stress disorder”

    War fuels the wheels of our black commerce. You will never see a toffee nosed Etonian on the battle field other than some son of Sandhurst blowing a whistle instructing his minions to charge across no mans land to their immediate deaths.

    Is Corbyn the only one with any sense, or do the rest just have corporate inteersts in lining their own, bloated pockets?.

    • overburdenddonkey

      corbyn’s against indyscot which i’m passionately for as you know..labour accidentally gave corbyn a chance, he has grasped it with both hands and good on him for doing so he has given people hope in the present, and inspired like minded, others think like him en mass….he has shone a valuable light on our corrupt political system in all it’s gory… the fight for social justice is on…change will take many years i’m sure….

  108. Scottish Parliament – Nicola’s Greetin Hoose – the independence dream is over the progressive nightmare has begun for the people of Scotland.

  109. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    He cannot talk, read or write, but Tories want severely disabled Stuart Chester to fill in 20-page form to keep benefits

    TheNationalScot – 31st Aug 2015

    A SEVERELY disabled young man who is unable to talk, read or write and needs round-the-clock care from his mother is the latest target in Iain Duncan Smith’s campaign against Scotland’s most vulnerable.

    Stuart Chester, who has Down’s syndrome, epilepsy and autism and is unable to feed or wash himself, is being told by officers in the Tory minister’s Department for Work and Pensions to prove he is unfit for work.

    The 25-year-old has been sent a controversial 20-page work capability assessment form to fill in that will investigate his fitness for work and whether he deserves his Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) benefits.

    Last night Social Justice Secretary Alex Neil described Stuart’s case as “absolutely outrageous” and “shameful”.

    Stuart has been given a deadline of September 18 to complete the complicated and detailed document and return it to the DWP.

    Read More:

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      That`s good another person refusing to fill out the bogus ESA50 questionnaire bogus form.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      “””A DWP spokesman said: “We regularly review people’s conditions to ensure that they are not simply written off and condemned to a life on benefits. That’s why we have improved the work capability assessment since it was introduced in 2008, ensuring that it is fairer and more accurate.

      “Decisions are taken following a thorough independent assessment, and consideration of supporting medical evidence provided to us by a claimant’s GP or medical specialist.”

      “It’s important that regular assessments are made, as for some people, conditions may improve or worsen.””””

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        In the ESA50 terms & conditions it says they do not take & use supporting medical evidence but you can send it anyway but we will not use it.

        • The only person that i can think of for being unfit to work is “DUNKO THE CLOWN”

          • Just recieved a nice brown envelope from the department of imaginary justice, the upper tribunals appeals chamber……………….

            The content is all too familiar, utter biased claptrap from a DWP DISABILITY DENIAL SHITHOUSE called ;

            MICHAEL PAGE.

            MICHAEL PAGE has no disability other than he has trouble accessing the proceeds of his crimes fast enough.

            He is a little toady employed by the state to put forward attempts to block appeals brought forth from disabled members who have had their support benefits stolen by his employers.

            MICHAEL PAGE is paid to put forward submissions to the appeal court judges to dismiss appeals by utilising bent judgements that have been allowed to stand in the past (case law).

            MICHAEL PAGE does not have trouble bending, gripping or walking, he does not suffer sleepless painful nights, nor piss himself or have hearing problems…………..

            MICHAEL PAGE is nothing short of a government rat that thrives on the pain and suffering of others that he will never know himself.


        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          ESA50 is a bogus fake form with no bar coding – It is Maximus designed & is not a form but a fake form called a questionnaire. It is a contract to Maximus to let them fill out the real EAS50 Form with bar coding behind your back. Illegal practice.

          • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

            Since the DWP have jumped the gun before me signing so I am now in Maximus system without any agreement from me. If I don`t sign I am still contracted to the DWP not Maximus. Another illegal practice by the DWP & Maximus.

            • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

              NEED MORE PEOPLE TO NOT FIOLL IN THE FAKE BOGUS ESA50 Questionaire because it is not a form with bar coding.

              • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                It is illegal to stop benefits, it will be illegal giving sanctions [criminal matter no appeals needed] What do you sanction because I have not put it a claim for ESA

  110. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Unum Employee Denied Unum Disability Benefits

    Lawyersandsettlements – 3rd Sep 2015

    Chattanooga, TN: Yolanda received short-term disability benefits from Unum, or Unum Provident after suffering a back injury, and her benefits should have rolled into long-term disability benefits. Yolanda should know – she was a Unum disability specialist for five years. But Unum doesn’t even look after its own…

    “Unum’s reasoning for denial was that my doctor was not supporting my claim, but there was some confusion about which doctor filed medical reports,” Yolanda says. “When my doctor and I finally realized the mix-up, we explained it to Unum and they still denied me.”

    Last June Yolanda was working on her home computer when she slipped on a mat – Unum didn’t see it as a work-related injury – and injured her back. Unum did pay short-term disability benefits but the last STD payment was sent in October. Yolanda sent more medical reports from her doctor to Unum.

    “During the time I was out for a back injury, I was also being treated for bilateral carpal tunnel, which I developed from typing on the computer so much,” Yolanda says. And here is how the confusion happened.

    Read More:

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      As a disability insurance claims consultant and expert witness.

      • The ESA 50 QUESTIONNAIRE that was sent out by the government was a cheap attempt for them to circumvent the law by trying to get your personal approval to be seen by an ex bed pan washer posing as a health care professional.

        The Welfare Reform Acts, did not repeal the Right of Supersession, Social Security Act (1998), meaning that all of the Migrations to ESA have been unlawful. As the DWP have not been superseding the earlier awards of benefit. (Despite this being a legal requirement since 1998).

        The Secretrary of State had the power to change the law.

        However the fact remains that he did not, and he cannot unless he wants to throw the whole Social Security system in to legal turmoil.

        “1. The Data Protection Act 1998, and the associated issues of the Department of Work and Pensions allegedly wrongfully declaring ATOS Healthcare as a Data Processor, when prior rulings by the Information Commissioner would clearly define them as a Data Controller in the Capacity of conducting the WCA.

        2. The Right of Supersession (Social Security Act 1998). In which the state has not been showing sufficient or obtaining for the purpose of, evidence to Supersede an existing award of benefit. No supersession has been applied, which is in contravention of Social Security Act 1998, on existing awards, by the department of work and pension. (Those subject to the migration process).

        3. That Declarations 4, 5, 6 of the ESA50 questionnaire, are allegedly in contravention of Article 7(1) ‘forced submittal to retrospective laws’ and Article 8 ‘forced termination of right of privacy’ of the European Convention of Human Rights. As well as being enforced with no right of Refusal in sharing of Private Personal information with other Data Controllers in contravention of The Data Protection Act 1998 and that ATOS Healthcare has not been correctly declaring themselves as a Data Controller in respect of the WCA in direct contravention of The Data Protection Act 1998.

        4. That the existing award of Benefit Made under the Social Security Act 1998 (Incapacity Benefit Paid as Income Support), be reinstated as per regulation until the outcome of said Upper Tribunal.”


        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          Maximus controls the ESA50 bogus quesionaire. They seem to also be doing the processing of the ESA50. So by signing the ESA50 you are now contracted to Maximus not the DWP until the results have been made & Maximus has filled out the real ESA50 form with bar coding on for you.

          Fall at the first hurdle. At least I have rights & my circumstances have not changed & every action the DWP & Maximus take will be illegal in criminal law & Human Rights & Equality Laws.






          DLA award reviews
          Awards of Disability Living Allowance (DLA), whether made for life, indefinitely, or for a fixed
          period, are made on the basis that the entitlement conditions continue to be met.

          An indefinite or life award would not generally be reviewed unless there is a change in
          circumstances that affects the entitlement. Such a change could be reported by the claimant,
          as they are required to do to ensure they receive the correct amount of benefit, or through
          another source e.g. Fraud referral.

          There are no plans to reassess people for Personal Independence Payment earlier than the
          timeline set out by the Government.






          25 MONTHS LIVING ON JUST £33.60P PER WEEK………………………

          • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

            The only way to get one to change their circumstances is by filling out the ESA50 questionnaire. right there Change Of Circumstances.


            An indefinite or life award would not generally be reviewed unless there is a change in
            circumstances that affects the entitlement. Such a change could be reported by the claimant,



            • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

              It is illegal & a criminal matter to stop ones benefit completely that is why they introduced sanctions. But on what benefit do these sanctions apply DLA because the circumstances have not changed. Income Support or the DLA because you get both. Also reason for sanction. Did not fill out a public claim form [questionnaire] Will stay a criminal matter until it is corrected by the DWP.

              • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                And with a Cease & Desist letter written to the DWP I have the law on my side if the DWP break the terms & Conditions of the Cease & Desist letter.

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  DWP they are all criminal matters not appeal system unless the DWP choose to make an appeal.

          • Disgraceful, and disgraceful what happened to your father; but thanks for clarifying why you live on just £33.60 a week.

            Re: your FOI reply

            ‘An indefinite or life award would not generally be reviewed unless there is a change in
            circumstances that affects the entitlement. Such a change could be reported by the claimant,
            as they are required to do to ensure they receive the correct amount of benefit, or through
            another source e.g. Fraud referral.

            The problem is the word generally (meaning ‘in most cases’). The DWP is ridden with all this word muddiness.

  111. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    My medical condition is Panic Attacks at offices, strangers, forms, door men, bullet proof glass, & DWP chairs. I thought I told you that DWP.

  112. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System



  113. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    If you fail your medical & are not able to work there is no safety net & the state can not provide which is breaking UN Human Rights. So who is rights the medical condition or the UN Human Rights because it ain`t IDS & Dodgy Dave`s disabledGenocide plan.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      How many have died as a result of being lost off the system !!!
      Disability Denial leads to genocide.

  114. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Until you send me the real ESA50 form with the bar coding you do anything DWP – Loop Holes. You should be paying me DWP because I find all our loop holes.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      The DWPs hands are tied. It`s called litigation & no action can be taken by the DWP in litigation.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        These are criminal matters [Police] not an appeal system – So until the DWP change the rules that are breaking the laws in many areas it is still a criminal matter !! Yes appeals don`t work DWP.

        Don`t Give Medicine If You Can`t Take Your Own Medicine DWP..
        Pass that on to IDS.

  115. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    ESA is in a mess – The DWP are now combining all other benefits with ESA, which to my knowledge is a Medical benefit. Yet again we see the disabled funding & backing up the Welfare State. Universal credit is now part of ESA.

    Scrap ESA & Scrap WCA.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      So the ESA50 questionnaire has nothing to do with medical conditions just a consent to Maximus to fill in the real ESA50 form which also has nothing to do with medical conditions. Universal Credit you will need a ESA50 form


      • Thats right razor, without your consent the DWP are totally fucked, you are refusing to play their fetid little game.
        I know that and you know that, but we should make everybody else aware of that…………..

        They can huff and puff till the cows come home but they need your approval.

        It is a general legal and ethical principle that valid consent must be obtained before
        starting treatment
        or physical investigation, or providing personal care, for a person.
        This principle reflects the right of patients to determine what happens to their own
        bodies, and is a fundamental part of good practice. A healthcare professional (or other
        healthcare staff) who does not respect this principle may be liable both to legal action
        by the patient and to action by their professional body. Employing bodies may also
        be liable for the actions of their staff.

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          Awareness – It is a grey area of loop holes that is a half way house change over which in the terms & conditions has it all about HCPs Health care Professionals.

          I refuse these terms & conditions for the HCP to have absolute controls in how one claims for a new claim. The dictation of the written word on the real; form is a secret & will be defended by the DWP under the date protection act so as not to make public.

          Dodgy is not the word for the ESA – It is a nudge unit consent form.



    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      The weakness is the ESA system ESA50 & so on. Break down the ESA & it automatically breaks down the WCA. All not fit for purpose & many more breaches. The big wigs products are weak domino effect.

  117. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I get a panic attacks with anything to do with charities, offices, shops, strangers, workplaces, public transport, & buttons. [confuse the buttons is that phone buttons Or jacket pocket buttons to undo before I can get my hand in the jacket pocket WCA]





    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      That statements from the DWP is illegal not only in criminal matters but also Human Rights & Equality Laws that are in place already to combat the disability hate crime by the DWP.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        The reason is the DWP have already put you through to the Health Assessment Advisory Service who have sent you the threats of suspending your benefit if you don`t fill out the bogus questionnaire. Already the DWP have jumped the gun before I have signed the scrap of paper called a ESA50. It is Maximus who run the Health Assessment Advisory Service & are pissed off because they want their cash cow. Since I have not signed the threats have no meaning because I am not with or Contracted to maximus for a public benefit claim & form. So maximus make their report back to the DWP making up false claims that are a criminal matter unless the false claims are removed. Don`t forget I did not sign a contract.

    • Working Links Are SCUM!!

      This is the same implied threats that ‘work programme’ providers make: “If you don’t sign the paperwork [waive your rights under the Data Protection Acts] we won’t be able to ‘talk’ to the jobcentre, so you won’t get paid.” Of course it is all horseshit. Another trick these cunts try is withholding travel expenses if you don’t sign your life away to these bastards.

    • overburdenddonkey

      my thoughts, although i’ve never done it, is to return the form with proof of postage to the dwp unsigned and see what they do…

  119. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Papa Tullo – Straight To The Government

  120. Rico Rodriguez : The Specials’ trombonist dies aged 80

    Steppin’, I love your reggae uploads even though i can’t understand a word they’re singing.

  121. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Rico Rodriguez – Ska wars


    From: Steven Preece

    4 September 2015

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    Please provide me statistics showing the number of people who have
    died whilst their claim for social security benefits is processed
    by decision makers.

    You recently published statistics showing the number of benefit
    claimants who sadly died after there benefits claim was closed,
    whilst declaring: “It’s irresponsible to suggest a causal link
    between the death of an individual and their benefit claim”.

    However, it remains unclear as to how many people have passed away
    whilst waiting for their claim to be reviewed and processed –
    otherwise known as the ‘assessment phase’ for Employment and
    Support Allowance (ESA).

    This, in itself, is a matter of public interest. Because it
    possibly draws into question the speed at which claims are fully
    processed and full benefits awarded – particularly for terminally
    ill claimants.

    Please also provide data showing the waiting times for ESA claims
    to be processed, including an average, with particular attention
    paid to claims made by terminally ill claimants.

    Please include the number of terminally ill people who died whilst
    waiting for their claim to be processed and benefits awarded..

    Yours faithfully,

    Mr Steven Preece [editor]

  123. Snap – I’ve Got The power

  124. And here’s one for my rotten MP Stephen Crabb with regards to not signing off my sanction appeal complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

    Morrissey – The more you ignore me, the closer I get

    I bear more grudges
    Than lonely high court judges
    When you sleep
    I will creep
    Into your thoughts
    Like a bad debt
    That you can’t pay
    Take the easy way
    And give in
    Yeah, and let me in
    Oh, let me in
    Oh let me
    Oh, let me in
    It’s war
    It’s war
    It’s war
    It’s war
    It’s war
    Oh, let me in
    Ah, the closer I get
    Ah, you’re asking for it
    Ah, the closer I get
    Ooh, the closer I

  125. “I bear more grudges
    Than lonely high court judges”

    Ah, the ‘genius’ of Morrissey… 😀

  126. paultheswineherd

    This is rich – coming from him! The treacherous cowards, the Lib Dems were more than happy to help to prop up the Tory bastards and keep them in ‘power’ for 5 terrible years .
    Now, after leaving office, Vince Cable is shedding the shit down on his former ‘colleagues’ – even revealing that he was offered a place in the filthy pig-sty (together with it’s full troughs of money & expenses) that is the Hours of Lords. It makes good reading, – but I, for one will not be buying a copy of ‘his memoirs’! The story can be found at:

    • paultheswineherd

      In addition, if he had entered that hallowed and prestigious pig-sty that is known as the House of Loungers, then he could have been given the title ‘Lord Cable of Bullshit and Hogwash’!!
      He could have been made for life, like all of the other rich and lazy, sleazy and corrupt bastards.
      Also, I would’nt be too surprised if Judge Mark Rowland does’nt get in there too eventually. He will have ‘served the Tories very well’ – and he would be well rewarded for his efforts. He is just as much a murderer as IDS is.

  127. i predict a riot

    Imagine all those young male immigrants signing on at the local jobcentre with their translators and aid workers – will they understand the jcp cocept of work?

    its going to be a riot

    • paultheswineherd

      I fully expect more than one riot – there are going to be loads of them – there is going to be chaos when all of these refugees arrive on out shores!

    • If they are refugees they won’t be entitled to UK benefits and will only get vouchers that can only be used in predetermined shops like Tescos. If there are riots, it will be down to the inhuman conditions in which many are forced to live. As for work ethic, I’m sure they have that by the bagful, as many of them are highly qualified and university educated. It’s a shame that they aren’t actually allowed to work, as due to years of government neglect and lack of investment in the local population, many refugees have skills that are in great demand.

      • sib – “It’s a shame that they aren’t actually allowed to work” – Yeah, that’s right, take more jobs from the uk nationals.

      • I appreciate your concern for jobs JCP it is hard enough for anyone to get work, but over the last few months Cameron and Co have been saying, the migrants are trying to force their way into Britain and it is just not true they are desperate refugees, who if they stayed in their own country who be tortured or even killed, the are escaping an intolerable state that leaves them with very little freedom. thee not here to get work, but to have somewhere to stay while the conflict at home is resolved, and it should be resolved because they are only going to take over the country here eventually, if they are allowed to carry on as they are. We are all part of the same world and think everybody in the world ought to be looked after in their time of need, it would be impossible to take all the refugees into this country as we are only a small island, but we can take our fair share and what we can manage. Don’t fall for the governments lies.

  128. “He said: “But the Tories appeared to have an exceptional ability to compartmentalise, to commit political murder with a charming smile.””
    Miss out the word “political” and you have the perfect description of them.

  129. i predict a riot – no chance – they will probably be excused looking for work and excused sanctions.

    • overburdenddonkey

      demand parity….

    • paultheswineherd

      Fellow JCP Sufferer/Customer – they will probably be more than happy to work loads of hours for very little pay. Our wages risk being dropped down and down and down. As for signing on & sanctions – do’nt expect so – you’re most probably right!

      • Too right, pity nobheads like sibrydionmawr who keep trotting out the ‘racist’ rhetoric can’t or don’t want to see that. Embacing what sibrydionmawr suggests is like slitting your own throat. Mass immigration only has, and only over benefits the rich to the detriment of the poor.

      • Too right, pity nobheads like sibrydionmawr who keep trotting out the ‘racist’ rhetoric can’t or don’t want to see that. Embracing what sibrydionmawr suggests is like slitting your own throat. Mass immigration only has, and only over benefits the rich to the detriment of the poor.


    I agree
    – the Department for Work and Pensions
    – any Healthcare Professional advising the
    – any organisation with which the Department has
    a contract for the provision of assessment
    may ask any of the people or organisations I have
    mentioned on this form for any information which
    is needed to deal with
    – this claim for benefit
    – any request for this claim to be looked at again
    and that the information may be given to that
    Healthcare Professional or organisation or to the
    Department or any other government body as
    permitted by law.




    3. The Work Capability assessment (WCA) non medical face to face assessment (which legally has more in common with a claimant talking to a Jobcentre Plus advisor) now carries more weight within the Decision Making process than that of Highly Qualified medical staff. (It somewhat says, you are good enough to treat, operate on us, but your qualified medical opinion is worth nothing to the DWP)
    4. ATOS Healthcare have not been declaring correctly to Information Commissioner. You can read more about this here basically they are a Data Controller in the Capacity of the WCA, but according to ICO records they have not even registered the capacity as a processor for this contract, never mind being a Data Controller.
    5. Claimants are told to go to an appeal to challenge the use of the WCA report in removing their benefit, however an appeal only deals with a challenge to the Decision, made by a Decision Maker, it does not address the WCA Report in any way.
    6. Now this is the real bombshell, Right of Superssession, (Social Security Act 1998, DWP Regs 1999), not even a single one of the 100’s of 1000’s of Migrations to Employment Support Allowance carried by the Incapacity Benefit Reassessment Team. Have had a supersession carried out on their existing award of benefit. What this actually means is that their existing awards of benefit have been terminated in err of law. Yep a £Multi Billion fraud, endorsed by Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP and the Department of Work and Pensions. They did attempt to Administratively side step the law via Declaration 5, Page 18 ESA50 Questionnaire, which allows them to ‘retrospectively’ apply this and other evidence, however this administrative process does not overrule the existing law.

  132. Geoff
    How do I retract my ESA 50 signature?

    • Send a letter, recorded delivery to the DWP, expressing the fact that you no longer wish to share your medical records with a third party entity, nor agree to a medical examination by a hcp working on behalf of a third party entity.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      It get you out of the appeals system & direct action in putting back false claims made on my claim.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Because I am correcting a claim that was made with false claims I am the one not breaking criminal laws.

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          It is said all over you need to complete [not fill out] 2 forms for ESA. So where`s the real ESA form? Maximus is filling it out for you with false claims.

  133. Saturday Night?
    Some more jollies from the Parquet Courts

    Parquet Courts – Black and White at Glastonbury 2014

  134. Parquet Courts “Pretty Machines”


    The Decision Maker on behalf of the Secretary of State for the Department of Work and pensions (Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP) will declare, that because the claimant has redacted this declaration that they have ‘failed to return the questionnaire’, and that person will be declared as ‘not having limited capability for work’.


    • overburdenddonkey

      but that’s what they do geoff is always create a dispute….

      • ……………and that’s why a lawyer worth his salt or a UN HUMAN RIGHTS INSPECTOR, should walk all over these bastards.

        • overburdenddonkey

          they create millions of disputes even if they go to the supreme court they appeal the ruling…i say nip in the bud, this is the opp but they don’t…the trouble is that many agree with the WCA….

          • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

            That`s why the DWP don`t like talking about it over the phone because it is being recorded for legal & training reasons. Also the DWP are scared to put it in writing because the threat & letter comes from Maximus.

    • Seetec Are SCUM!!

      Same thing with the ‘work programme’ if you politely decline they’re ‘kind offer’ to sign your life away the ‘work programme’/DWP will interpret it as ‘not participating’. Of course it is utter horse shit and has now been established as such after one of their victims challenged the bastards.

      • And/or …
        Work Programme Minion:-
        “You’re not going to sign even this one? In that case, my hands are tied; I’m not going to be able to provide our full support package”… (continue job searching as JCP- agreement & attend WP office for repeated versions of the same discussion regarding search/progress at regular intervals for the next 2 years, or till you escape. No guaranteed exemptions from the wp’s extensive follow-up/harassment will apply tho, in particular should they manage to glean any slight clue about where they think you may have escaped to/they have any home contact details (which they will).

  136. Just been looking at Frank Zola’s FOI request on David Rahman. There are 8 modules to his Press Pause to Play programme.

    ‘Module 4 begins with recap of previous session
    • The 3 R’s are presented and discussed. [Real Ruthless Relentless]
    • The Attitude of Gratitude is presented and discussed in detail / group exercise
    • The Blinker exercise is demonstrated for the clients, who then repeat the exercise.
    Group Duffel coat exercise performed.
    • Homework (a)’Blame diet’, (b)practice attitude of gratitude daily exercise, (c)3R’s’

    Duffel coat exercise 😉 😉 😉
    What a load of tosh.

    And why has his name been redacted on the tender document?

  137. sorry Group Duffel coat exercise.

  138. David Rahman
    ‘practice’ is the noun. It should be ‘practise’ (verb).

  139. I hate, hate, hate bastard Tories, send them to be cannon fodder in the next war.

    • Well said Johannes – I wonder if they are softening people up to shortly announce another US led ‘war’ – this time in Syria (which they said they would never do!). The Brits would ‘have’ to go in to, as the US would expect them to! More millions and millions of £’s spent leaving another ‘vacuum’ behind when its all over – even more turmoil than it is now.
      In the Middle-East this is a western ‘intervention’ thing that always happens. I am wondering if the current ‘refugee’ wall to wall coverage is to do with this and to produce a smoke and mirrors effect before announcing something before too long.

  140. ‘David Cameron facing Bedroom Tax rebellion from his OWN MPs’

    • There is no real bedroom tax rebellion among the tory toffs, it is nothing more than a facade to rid them of the shit that will fly when the UN inspectors arrive.
      Rather than Cameron having been made a fool of, the conservatives are looking for a quick and easy get out clause.
      What better way to disassociate yourselves from a crime against humanity, by making out the party is not happy………………..

      One thing is for certain, if the bedroom tax is repealed, nobody will see any of their money again.

      The UN inspectors criticised the bedroom tax and the subsistence levels of benefits and pensions paid in the UK in their last reports. Since then the pensions and benefits have undergone a right hammering.


  141. April 2015

    ‘Michael Portillo says desperate Mediterranean refugees should be ‘dumped on a Libyan beach”

  142. Latest News: Sunday Times tomorrow: 15,000 refugees expected to be accepted into the UK (I should imagine that it will turn into a lot more than this figure in the future!)

    sian – thanks for the ‘Bedroom Tax’ link – at last – Cameron getting attacked by someone – that makes a welcome change! The Tories have this idea of a ‘One Nation’ Britain – do’nt think so – Britain is already becoming very separated due to their own divicive policies – not least in separating the rich and the very rich from the poor and the very poor. His Government per se is just as mad and delusional as IDS is about how ‘real’ people live. They are in their ivory towers and have absolutely no idea how most people live and ‘survive’ their dreadful policies.

    • It’s all to do with distance, distance yourselves well away from those that you bully relentlessly and you face no dissent.
      Do it to someone in a public bar and you would expect a Glasgow kiss or a switchblade.
      Bullies rely on being distant, it is up to the disenfranchised to take the fight to them…………..

      ………………..see how they run

    • (I should imagine that it will turn into a lot more than this figure in the future!)

      The present immigrant incursion into Europe is only the foremost division, the advance guard to probe the reaction of European Leaders.

      • And the first thing they do when they invade another country is breed like wildfire, so they can legitimately say that their kids are British, German, wherever-they-land citizens. These fuckers who encourage, engender, foster and support this mass immigration ‘open door’ policy – war criminal Tony Blair and Angela Merkel to name but two – are TRAITORS to the indigenous population. The whole fabric of society is being torn down round about us. There is not social cohesion any more – it is every man/woman/immigrant for themselves. A socially fragmented society is ripe for being trampled into the ground and it is these fuckers who we are welcoming in with welcome arms who will be the one ones who will turn on the indigenous population and do the trampling. Shame on the media and particularly that hard-working licence fee payer fucking propaganda machine the BB-fucking-C for their obsequious, almost grovelling attitude to these fucking insurgents – Auntie Beeb you fucking traitor!

        • We should all just ‘down tools’,stop working, stop paying taxes, stop feeding the fucking monster that is destroying us. This country is going to the dogs.

    • Remember when the treacherous Labour party said they only expected a ‘handful’ of Poles to enter the UK when war monger Blair flung open the doors. At the time we all knew Blair was talking utter horse shit and how right we were as millions of Poles swarmed in. Now the scum-bag Labour party have said it was a ‘mistake’ and ‘apologised’ but the knew all along what would happen and that was their intent. Now we have the same bullshit being spouted about only a ‘handful’ of this latest wave being let in, but traitors – the tartan traitors haggis-munching Nicola Sturgeon and fat fascist Alex Salmond to name but three – know full well that they intend to swamp the UK with million of these locusts.

    • Paul – oh well, I guess that signals an increase in sanctions to pay for it all then…

      • …and even less menial jobs available for our guys as the illegal workers will work for less than the minimum wage – and we all know less available jobs mean more sanctions anyway…

        • Fellow JCP Sufferer/Customer – Yes indeed – mark my words, they’ll rue the day that they ever agreed to all this. We are only a small island and we do not have the infrastructure to deal with it.
          10000-15000 is probably only the tip of the iceberg to what is actually going to happen in the future. One person said on here that these are probably testing the resolve of western europe leaders and peoples.
          I agree. The more ‘open’ we are, the more are likely to arrive in the future. And yes, we do not know (and probably cannot check) whether some of these may be ISIS also!

        • So sad to see all this vitriol against those less fortunate, (refugees). Be angry, by all means, but direct it towards the real culprits, the rich, the politicians and the war mongers, NOT fellow victims, for this is what all the refugees, whether fleeing war or poverty are.

          The Tories, of all persuasions want you to think in the way that you currently and seemingly increasingly do – have you asked yourself why?

          It might seem counter-intuitive, but by being in favour of helping refugees you are also in fact helping yourself. Think about it.


          I’m actually somewhat surprised that JV hasn’t commented himself on this kind of misanthropic post.

          • overburdenddonkey

            excellent post… you’ve intervened and good on you for doing so…it’s really up to us to post our feelings topically as we see fit to post….

            • Thanks OBD – I’m actually really saddened that some of those who I held in some regard have commented in a manner that makes me want to question their humanity. They may not realise it but they are on the slippery slope towards supporting nazism, seeing the refugee as somehow less deserving than someone who has the dubious benefit of being a UK national.

          • sib – see my reply to my earlier comment, to which I would like to add that in addition to the mps not paying anything for the refugees it will not be the royals who pay for the refugees either, and again, scream “racist” all you like.

  143. I’m against letting them in for two reasons. First, they work for less money, which as we don’t have decent trade unions pushes down wages and increases unemployment. Second, it only takes a handful of ISIS terrorists to get in and start murdering people and the government will have the excuse to abolish what civil liberties we have left.

  144. E.G. – I’d say this:-

    Yes, you’re right they do. It goes back to when you wanted a very set & narrow definition of work to be what everyone recognised. There are exceptions to many definitions that incorporate groups of people as we’re so varied it’s difficult to categorise us – or can be.

    I know braveheart’s not true (it was based on some historical events?). I’ve never seen it; also not seen star wars but know it is fiction. The film about the Mexican artist is a depiction of her life and it’s well known, at least among (some) art lovers/devoted admirers of hers that she began to paint after a bus accident seriously injured her (you’re right again – it’s not entirely unique; others do manage great feats and their talent/determination wins out). This post led to discussions/different views about who is valued within society and what is accepted/not accepted as ‘making a contribution’ – what counts as ‘work’ though, and if someone lying in bed for days at a time can come within the dictionary definition. Words are just signposts – or they can be.

    You’d need to watch the film closely to see the part where the Mexican DWP sanctions Salma Hayek – it’s ok if I’m not spelling her name right, that’s not something I’m too worried about, although you might be – also ok, but not a reason to try to belittle/point-score. This isn’t a linguistic competition or a spelling test site.

    *The Mexican DWP aren’t really part of the film – that was an attempt to inject some ‘humour’ by placing something out of context/time into a historical fictional drama (like they did in blackadder). Often, people find jokes like that ‘funny’ due to their being so clearly ridiculous that it becomes funny ~ but we don’t all share the same sense of humour. (You did ask – final answer).

    Ps. Not everyone is out to ‘get’ you or try to humiliate/trip you or others up & you seem to revert to doing that sooner or later. This site’s about the opposite – one reason why contributors lose interest if we can’t sometimes just ‘agree to disagree’ or with people who repeatedly pick arguments, then make personal comments. If you genuinely don’t know you’re doing this, have a look back; if you do know, you’re not fooling anyone.

    • Oops – comment in completely the wrong place. Orwell, never mind …

    • overburdenddonkey

      is that still posting have you not seen the blunder it made yet…??

      • overburdenddonkey

        it seems it forgot logic when it defined work…
        Danny – I most certainly do not! Laziness is VOLUNTARY lack of work, and almost all work involves toil. People who expect work NOT to involve toil are lazy! so if one is tired it’s not being lazy…

        • OBD – Please don’t add things to what I said, it’s dishonest.

          • overburdenddonkey

            you cannot call a tired person lazy….is what i’m saying….

            • There’s a limit to how long one can claim to be too tired to work before it becomes clear that it IS laziness, unless one has a specific medical condition which is causing chronic tiredness.

              • overburdenddonkey

                no that’s not the point, it’s got nothing to do with chronic tiredness you said laziness is; ‘Laziness is VOLUNTARY lack of work, and almost all work involves toil. People who expect work NOT to involve toil are lazy!’ all tiredness is involuntary and only the tired person can judge or knows if they are too tired to work and/or continue working @ anytime during work and/or other circumstances or not….TIREDNESS IS INVOLUNTARY…

                • “TIREDNESS IS INVOLUNTARY” – No it isn’t! I worked hard yesterday, including shovelling and barrowing a couple of tonnes of chippings and sand and I was a bit tired… because I CHOSE to do the work!

                • Either you’re tired because you’ve done some work, or you’re tired because you’re ill. What other reason is there?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  in fact working/doing, forcing oneself to work, which is bad for long term health and known to be so, when one is tired is definitely not laziness nor is not working when tired…tiredness is involuntary….your logic is based on false premise which requires you to think again…

                • Tiredness is a temporary condition, unless there is an underlying medical cause. Being forced to work when one is not physically capable of it is a completely different matter, and nothing to do with being either tired or lazy. You are conflating different terms in an effort to explain or justify your own situation, which as far as I know may be dire.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  OH DEAR OH DEAR OH DEAR you’re very hard work that’s for sure give it up and rethink your wrong and you know you are…please don’t squander my efforts…tiredness requires is recovery from anaerobic respiration see krebbs cycle as well, until one is RARING TO GO, never heard that expression before, if one is not raring to go one is not fit for work…

                • I’ll try again – Either you’re tired because you’ve done some work, or you’re tired because you’re ill. What other reason is there?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  TIREDNESS IS INVOLUNTARY you can persist all you like with your denial it makes no difference to me nor other posters who know i’m in truth, you defined laziness as voluntary lack of work ….. too much hard work with too little rest destroys body and shortens life span, look @ sports people their careers and the efforts they make to pump themselves up adrenal energy which is bad energy, and recover….eventually they’re too worn out to recover quickly RECOVER QUICKLY… if one is tired because one has done some work and do not work for a while or @ all coz they need to recover from that work, is not because they’re not lazy…you have claimed that they are…our working cycles and lives are no longer natural….if one is tired from previous work one has not fully recovered so one has to PUMP one’s self up to continue or restart work when one is tired if one does not, it’s not because one is lazy..

                • overburdenddonkey

                  typo; is not because they’re not lazy, should read, it’s not because they’re lazy as you claim,,,,

                • Oh dear, you’re suffering from the same logic problem AGAIN! I said laziness is a voluntary lack of work, but that doesn’t mean that everybody who’s not working is lazy! Some are, some aren’t. It depends if you CHOOSE not to work.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  now the former part of your statement has been considered i’ll move on to consider the latter part of your statement portion as i’ve posted thus ‘Laziness is VOLUNTARY lack of work…
                  the word ‘work’ and the manifoldly complex implication of the word work, in the sense you’re using it, as your avoiding/preventing moving the conversation with your usual procrastination’s…i’ll ask what do you mean by the word work in this context….? i see it’s use in this/your context as the founding of all human needs…as you make this sweeping generalization without qualifying them, i want you to do so now….

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you still haven’t responded to my above post re your definition of work in context to your statement fragment….’laziness is a voluntary LACK of WORK…’ that i pointed out you failed to define shortly after you made it…

                • I answered it at 2:42 pm.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  rubbish, you have a very ltd edition dictionary to only one in that case…. for example what’s enough work for one person, how many hrs a week @ what rate of pay, how much is their food bill, how about accommodation costs….
                  the list goes on and on under the umbrella of your sweeping statements…

                • Another Fine Mess

                  Either you’re tired because you’ve done some work, or you’re tired because you’re ill. What other reason is there?

                  It’s very tiring reading some of your useless posts, – which is all of them.

                • AFM – There’s a simple solution which obviously hasn’t occurred to you – Don’t read them!

            • overburdenddonkey

              oh well i tried, others get what i’m saying i’m sure of it you said laziness is voluntary lack of work as tiredness is not voluntary your statements holds no water…so if one chooses not to abuse themselves by working when they are tired it’s not because they’re lazy, but because they’re tired…
              tiredness is involuntary…your statement, ‘laziness is voluntary lack of work’ is therefore false…

              • overburdenddonkey

                ps you interfered in a social process with stepping when i asked for steppings help which stepping was glad to give…you butted in as usual and defined what you thought was laziness is, therefore you gave your definition of it then you said ‘look it up yourself you lazy git’…but i was not being lazy as i was tried…

                • Similarly, if I choose never to work then I’m lazy. Therefore laziness is voluntary lack of work.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  tiredness is not a choice, it’s biology, we’re human beings who get tired what ever we do if one is tired by cause of anything we do as human beings, choosing not to overcome tiredness by pumping oneself up is not being lazy….
                  perpetual motion has not been realized yet we do the best we can…
                  stop making stupid crass generalizations that fit into your narrow world view…

                • Ha ha ha! You claim you were too tired to do a Google search, but you were obviously not too tired to post multiple messages! Are you lying now?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you’re a fucking idiot….
                  i’m fairly rested atm i know my subjects but i am getting tired now….

                • Ah, you’re tired now are you? I wonder when you’ll be sufficiently recovered to start posting again!!!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  why do you want to know…?? have you got some thing interesting to say or will you continue to post your delusions as if they’re facts, the latter i suspect as always..

                • So now you’re not tired! To answer your question (yet again!) – Curiosity about this idle online subculture……

                • overburdenddonkey

                  what’s it got to do with you if i’m tired or not….??

                • overburdenddonkey

                  in case you hadn’t notice we’re learning too about the tory/right wing culture, why else do you think jv allows you to post here…??
                  after all tom pride bumped you off and/or kept you very tightly controlled…

                • If it’s none of my business whether you’re tired or not, then why the fuck do you keep telling me!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  after i told you why i asked stepping it become none of your business but you brought it up again so i responded to you keeping on asking….

                • Rubbish! You said you were tired because you know you’ve been talking drivel.

              • Tiredness is NOT involuntary. I know that work will make me tired, but I choose to do it and therefore I choose to be tired!

                • I think you are confusing the tiredness that a strong and healthy individual feels, when they have done a good days work, and in the morning they feel better and are ready to go again. But OBD is talking about the tiredness you feel when you are ill, and not everybody’s body improves with exercise, some peoples health goes down ill, when they get up they usually feel worse, and just as tired as they are when the went to bed. It is clear you have been very privileged in life you do not know what it is for life to be hard and you take for granted work, you take for granted that you have always had work. Why are you moaning about other people not working? why do you resent them? Is it that you do not like work yourself? would you like to not have a job? would you yourself like to laze around all day in bed? Why are making all this fuss with your ignorant idiocy? Go and find out for what life is really like? Go and live like the so-called lazy spongers, you propose the sick and disabled and the unfortunate unemployed live like? If it is so good go and give up your job. If you do you will know, it may seem like a good idea for about a week, but after that, you will not like it. Go and live life in the real world then you would come out with your technically invalid arguments and your petty comments.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i agree with much of what you say but tiredness is involuntary, one cannot prevent tiredness otherwise we wouldn’t sleep and rest, we’d be on the go 24/7/365, sports people would never retire etc…not working until one’s energy is nr and/or fully recovered is not laziness but common sense….

                • [Sigh] – No Maria, I’m not confusing them. I’ve already talked several times about chronic tiredness due to illness. And you’re wrong AGAIN, that’s NOT what OBD was talking about. He said very clearly “no that’s not the point, it’s got nothing to do with chronic tiredness”.

                  “Why are you moaning about other people not working? why do you resent them?”
                  Because I resent people who lie and cheat to get benefits when they don’t need them, because that leaves less for desperate people who DO need them.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  ‘Because I resent people who lie and cheat to get benefits when they don’t need them, because that leaves less for desperate people who DO need them…..’ no! it it estimated that £12bn/yr goes unclaimed….do you even know what the JSA budget is or the conditionality involved in claiming SS or the level of sanctions…which leads to the rise in food banks, and severe hardship for many..

                • OBD – Does that mean you’re happy for some people (including at least one on this site) to lie and cheat to get benefits which they don’t need? Yes or no?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  more questions you said you resent people coz they rob others that is not true will you now retract that false statement….

                • OBD – If you think people who steal benefits are not robbing society then I fundamentally disagree with your morals. I think that makes you no better than them. Or maybe you ARE one of them……

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you made false statement will you now retract it…? like i’ve said before your logic is based on false premise, your false statement is proof of that….

                • OBD – Which statement do you think is false?

                • I work as an IT contractor and when I am ‘between jobs’ I live off of my ‘savings’. There is no fucking way on God’s earth I would set inside a jobcentre to be fill in a mountain of forms, be subject to harassment, state intrusion and be sent on a slave labour scheme for a few shekels a week. Is this ‘unclaimed JSA’ or is this ‘unclaimed JSA’?

                • set *foot inside a jobcentre

                • overburdenddonkey

                  no not all the JSA bill is approx £4bn/yr some ests put the amount unclaimed @ £16bn/yr, much PGC hb ct over £5.6bn/yr goes unclaimed then through the pension age escalator even more £bns are lost in pensioner spending power, leading of course to an increase in poverty…
                  the est amount of fraud is less than statistical error @ 0.7% much more is lost in admin errors…then there are claw backs through sanctions and MR appeal drop outs etc which is nr the root causes and also @ the root causes of the sufferings, millions now are forced to endure…eandsa coupled to WCA is @ the heart of much of this suffering….

                • Elbow Grease