How The DWP Is Trying To Hide Even More #fakedwpstories


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Panic seems to have set in at the DWP after the department was caught out making up case histories to justify the use of benefit sanctions leading to the hashtag #fakedwpstories.  With Iain Duncan Smith promising heads will roll for the blunder – but not his own of course – the DWP now seems to be carrying out a purge of previously published propaganda.

One victim of that purge is a bloke called James, who had been drafted in to explain how Universal Credit will make work pay in a handy infographic.  Unfortunately James has now been disappeared with a notice saying ‘We are reviewing this publication.

The only reason James’ disappeareance has come to light is because evey time the DWP updates a document it is automatically republished as new on their website – which is a real pain in the arse just by the way.

Luckily, as can be seen above, the ghost of James lives on in google’s cache (be quick).

If only we could rewrite history to not include Iain Duncan Smith this easily.

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    The photos used are stock photos and along with the names do not belong to real
    claimants. The stories are for illustrative purposes only. We want to help people
    understand when sanctions can be applied and how they can avoid them by taking
    certain actions. Using practical examples can help us achieve this.
    We have temporarily changed the pictures to silhouettes and added a note to make it
    more clear that these are illustrative examples only.
    We will test both versions of the factsheet with claimants and external stakeholders to
    further improve it in the future. This will include working with external organisations.
    If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the reference number
    Yours sincerely,

    DWP Central FoI Team

      From: david mason

      19 August 2015

      Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

      In view of the “fake claimants debacle”.

      Which leaflets have had to be withdrawn and reissued? Please could
      you send me an electronic copy of all the ones that have been
      withdrawn and a copy of the ones replacing them.

      Yours faithfully,

      David Mason

      Link to this

    • No news yet about the real people in those photos suing the government for using their likeness for false and dangerous propaganda. Maybe they don’t know yet that their own personal photos have been used in inflammatory purposes without their express written permission in accordance with the data protection act and Article 8 of the European Courts Of Human Law Acts.

      • maybe the people in the pictures are afraid of being sanctioned if they speak out 😉

      • Hi Fen, but are those ‘real people’ ? We don’t know do we? If they are, I should imagine, that, they already work for the DWP. How can we find out and can we expose them as causing untold misery to the lives of millions, assuming they work for the DWP. On the other hand, they could be models? What do you think? p.s any links to the original photoshoots?

        • Hi Bernadette 🙂

          As you point out, those ‘people’ in the images could very well be DWP employees or stooges off the street paid a small amount of money to take part in photo sessions on behalf on the DWP publicity team desperate to make good news in the media.

        • If those photo jpg. links do exist I could very easily trace them back to the original source either in Google, Bing or Yahoo using the Firefox extension ‘google search image’.

          But if those photos are not anywhere in the world wide interweb and are set up specifically for sanctiogate, the DWP are covering up every last trace and news or data leak that would go straight to the newspapers.

          If anyone on here could give me the cached website address for DWP and that the cached page still contains those photos, I’ll see if I can source the true origins that the DWP used to promote those fairy stories.

    • something survived...

      dear jobseekers (scum) ha ha,
      we are psychotic nutters dedicated to wiping out the poor and disabled.
      we make up total bollocks and regurgitate it as fact.
      but if anything in your work search log on jsa is not 100% true and we find out, or it actually is true and we say/think it isn’t true, we will fucking sanction you. because you deserve it!
      we lie all the time. to the public, to the media, to the jobseekers, to you, to ourselves. we listen to the voices in our head when they say ‘she has spots so let’s sanction her’ and ‘he wore a levellers tshirt to jobcentre and i happen to be a nazi fascist cunt, so let’s sanction him’. we even listen to the voices that tell us to sanction a mixed race couple because we hate that and we pretend she’s a prostitute and he’s her wifebeating drug dealing pimp. let’s take their kids away too, on above totally invented grounds. oh she has a degree in philosophy? he is a qualified doctor? Sanction them. make them do workfare stacking shelves in PoundCunt, then deport the least british one of them and 50% of each child! (parent remaining in uk gets to choose which half of each child is buried in lovely welcoming britain. Britain: now twinned with death camp Crematorium, the prison-planet, from Chronicles of Riddick.) Sack the remaining adult from their workfare (as their place is needed by new workfare to double the stats), then call them a Workfare Failure and put them on daily signing. Also stick them into enlightening and productive classes such as ‘how to put on your shoes’ and ‘how to spell your own name’. Plus forced group therapy, CBT (in other circles this stands for Cock and Ball Torture), NLP, fat farms/camps, boot camps, detox, workhouses etc. All of which stemming only from the fact that the couple are different ethnic backgrounds from eachother and their advisor (sic) is a cunt. After Chancellor IDS (twinned for a while with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, until it objected in the strongest possible terms) renames Britain ‘United National-Socialist Plutocracy’, Jobcentre claimant groups are going to be sold as scrap anyway. Because we will abolish poverty by abolishing the poor. Now crawl away and die.
      -Department of Wicked Perjury

  2. DWP Social media moderation policy.

    You must not:

    impersonate or falsely claim to represent a person or organisation

  3. “Thanks to Universal Credit, i’m in a permanent job now”

    • something survived...

      “Thanks to Universal Credit, I’m writing this from a pauper’s grave.

      Our Dear Leader, IDS, in his wisdom and mercy decided to sanction me for being away from home. I was actually fleeing my abusive partner, and hiding in a refuge. So I couldn’t go home to check for those so-important letters from DWP/ESJ/JCP/NSDAP. When I got un-sanctioned I tried to get money out but the account was in the name of my abusive partner who beat me up. He had all the money. He then used the account on UC to track me down and kill me. To wipe out evidence he then set fire to the refuge; killing all the women and children and overnight staff, and some incidental neighbours. IDS applauded his selfless action for ridding the country and world, in one stroke, of so many Useless Eaters. Thankyou Universal Credit.” PS now I’m dead my partner has stopped beating me up; so that looks good in the stats.

  4. How low is the raving lunatic Drunken The Clown is going to sink before someone yanks the chain of life from him and send him to the gates of hell? He knows exactly what he is doing and what his actions and cheap words are doing, and yet he is seemingly untouchable now even from other MP fools in his own party.

    David Camoron is also in the shit as today’s Daily Fail reports he and his bit on the side missus (both having a taxpayer funded holiday to the seaside) have been swimming in seawater tainted by human brown stuff. I would expect he and his oppo-in-crime Drunken The Clown are so used to the shit that even swimming in accidently fouled poo filled seawater (caused by over-flowing sewer pipes unable to cope with rainwater) makes no difference to him.

    IDS himself, the slap-headed windbag, whom we all know is all wind and no trousers, further detaches himself from the truth with every passing day from all the disgusting bile and shit eminating from his gobby shiteall mouth. The more he spins bullshit and cock lies the less reality seems to him and he delves further and deeper into insanity, self-delusion and self-importance.

    To his own tiny little mind, he now believes that he is the centre of the universe and that everybody having to deal with the DWP and JCP on a daily battle, are far below him and that when he says ‘jump’ he expects us all to take up that command – akin to training a dog to learn new tricks or teaching a cat to use a toilet instead of shitting in the flowerbed of its garden.

    Until the tosser is thrown to the lions and publicly humilated, each passing day the DWP will keep covering up more and more fairy stories akin to sanctiongate and the recent bollocks mentioned here by our good friend Johnny Void. The DWP now has been poisoned into a very slow, long and painful death by the greatest ever madman elected to the top job by a Prime Minister known for having such a weak backbone and would rather see the electorate public punished for supporting all other political parties than his own.

    That old slapper Fester McVile, ex-pornstar on Babestation and numerous top shelf magazines, was ousted as his number two and replaced by another silly bint with even less braincells than an horsefly. If Fester can get the boot that easily, how on earth is that bald lunatic holding on to such a cushy little job, along with the trappings of a country mansion paid by his in-laws, rent free of course, a flashy sports car, and gold-plated pension – all out of JSA money stolen from sanctioned payments refused to joe bloggs.

    • FAKE leaflets, FAKE claimants, FAKE job websites, FAKE economic recovery, FAKE job advertisements. Things that are not fake are the ££££ they’re stealing off vulnerable people when they’re at their lowest ebb and the corpses of the thousands of people they’ve killed due to their policies, the murdering bastards.

      DWP + JCP = SCUM.

      • Raining; Nice one x

      • Not forgetting the FAKE cv that old monkey face Drunken the clown used to get in a priviliged position of power.

        • paultheswineherd

          Fen – I’ve just checked out IDS on Wikipedia – it makes very interesting reading. As time is going on this sociopath is getting even worse and is descending into a spiral of delusional madness. This man must go.

      • Raining sums it up perfectly. They are murdering bastards. The Conservative Nanny State (the name of a book) has been created to make the weakest pay for the irresponsibility of rich bankers. All of the murderers policies are aimed at one target.

      • 😀

  5. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    More fake details.

    351.000 disabled people are now in work since 2013.

    More DWP false claims.

  6. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The DWP are full of false claims – Fraud at the Integrity Department. Scape Goats taking the rap for DWP Fraud by the DWP.

    • The DWP live in a world full of lies and deception. To them it doesn’t matter a little that through their actions and words it hurts the very people it was originally designed to be set up for in the first place.

      Under Drunken’s watch the poison of cheap lies and dangerous propaganda has spread like tentacles within the department. The shit is so deep it is now seen as perfectly acceptable and normal from the cleaner all the way to the lunatic IDS himself.

  7. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Ninja & Gregory & Freddie – John Law – Anchor

  8. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Papa San – Political Clown

  9. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Notting Hill Carnival Weekend

    Papa Levi – Inna Mi Yard (Tuff Scout 122)

  10. UB40 – One In Ten (1981)

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  12. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Better put up a piss fence round your house at Notting Hill Carnival Cameron !!! Nigrill.

  13. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Even Us DWP Slaves Have a few days off.

    On Tuesday when you get back to work for a lazy 3 day week DWP. The loop holes have gone walkies.

    • Since when do any of those fools at the DWP do any work apart from throwing paper planes at each other all day long and nothing else?

      • Fen, DWP Staff do loads of work. They persecute, ridicule, demean, decry and demoralise all who ‘sign on’. They bring us to tears, shout us down, conspire to trick us and sometimes they make us want to kill ourselves with unpresented success. Oh hail thee the DWP.

        • No doubt they are instructed to de-humanize us by that numpty IDS. If they refuse to persecute us, they themselves get sacked for not following his barked orders.

          • something survived...

            You know those courses they want to send us on? How about Drone Piloting, so we can ‘letterbox’ Cameron’s or IDS’s house.

            • I’ll be quite happy to attend a training course on how to safely pilot a drone, just as long as the drone carries nuclear weapons and that I can guide the loaded missiles straight to the houses of parliament and wipe them all out.

        • Ought to have read ‘Unprecedented’ success.

  14. Bob Marley at ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test (BBC) – ‘Concrete Jungle’

  15. Level 42 – ‘Turn It On’ (UK Chart release 8th August 1981)

  16. Stayin’ Alive In The Wall (Pink Floyd vs Bee Gees Mashup)

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  18. paultheswineherd

    Slightly off subject, but worth seeing is an article in today’s ‘Guardian’.
    Rupert Murdoch’s ‘big-tits’ redhead little girl Rebekah Brookes is to make a ‘welcome’ (?????) return to News Corp. and be inserted into another top position. Apparently “hundreds of ordinary journalists lost their jobs when Mr Murdoch closed the NOTW, but it seems Rebekah Brookes is to get very special treatment”.
    The point I am trying to make here is why is the CPS still considering ‘corporate charges’ against the NOTW newspaper (now closed).
    The same should apply to the DWP/IDS also – surely now, the ‘evidence’ to be considered is growing and growing relentlessly.
    As I have said before, they may run scared, but they cannot hide forever!

    • Those tory toff criminals have got away with it before and they will again using the free services of top lawyers in the high court to help them evade true justice such as killing ESA and JSA recipients through sanctions and the bedroom tax.

      • paultheswineherd

        Fen – Yes, you’re right there. Money will do anything in the right hands!

        I have been trying to come up with something for Rupert Murdoch and this is it:
        (This image in one of ‘his’ papers would be worth a million pounds –
        and even better if it was Cameron himself!)

        R – Randy
        U – Unscrupulous
        P – Pervert (Allegedly)
        E – Entered (Allegedly)
        R – Redhaired
        T – Titted
        M – Mare
        U – Underskirt
        R – Raised
        D – Donkey Kong
        O – Old
        C – Chopper
        H – Hard

        As you can see, my imagination went wild with this one!
        Anyone got any others for a bit of a laugh?!

        • something survived...





          • paultheswineherd

            something survived – yes, good one – it certainly fits them all!

            • paultheswineherd

              THE HOUSE OF LORDS (otherwise known as the House Of Loungers!)

              H – Handpicked
              O – Old
              U – Unelected
              S – Sleazy
              E – Expense
              O – Officially
              F – Fiddling
              L – Landlords
              O – Outstandingly
              R – Rich
              D – Drunken
              S – Scroungers

              As you can see, I am definitely not a fan of these cunts either.

    • paultheswineherd

      Yesterday, 3 Al-Jazeera journalists were sentenced to a further 3 years in jail “for spreading false news” – this should also apply to Britain’s greatest Newspaper liar of all time – Rupert Murdoch (but he’s got so many miilions of pounds to hand, then no doubt the old bugger would buy his way out of it via his ‘friends’!)

      • Will we see Herr Smith sentenced to death for spreading false news about sanctions and later lying through his false teeth that he denied all knowledge about those scare stories, I reckon he will call on his fancy-on-the-side Camoron to bail him out as usual.

  19. Another Fine Mess

    There’s a copies of James on these, it looks like they’re just plucking figures out of the air!

    page 7

    page 8

    • Another Fine Mess

      They seem to have forgotten to mention, that while James is working 12 hours and claiming UC, he also have to go to the JC, do hours of ‘jobsearch’ and maybe even workfare, strange that.


    The DWP have released statistics on the number of work capability assessments (WCA) that have been recorded between December 2012 and February 2014.

    Claimants have the right to ask for their WCA face-to-face assessment recorded by the DWP, though this has not been extended to personal independence payment assessments. This right was not publicised until July 2013, when information about the option to have your medical recorded was included in standard letters sent out to claimants.

    The total number of recordings requested in this period was 4,060, amounting to just 0.66% of all the assessments carried out. Nonetheless, 1080 of these were cancelled. The reasons for the cancellations are not given, but claimants often report being told that the recording equipment was broken or not available when they turned up for their assessment.

    Crucially, the DWP have not released any information on whether claimants who have their assessment recorded are more or less likely to be found capable of work or placed in the support group.



    #2 sickandtired 2015-01-15 20:30
    I requested a recording due to memory problems. I waited 7 months for an appointment which I then could not attend as it clashed with a clinic appointment. I waited another 5 months for my wca only for it to be curtailed 5 minutes in due to both their recording devices malfunctioning during my wca. I waited another 4 months for another to be scheduled and it was then cancelled the day before my appointment due to the HCA being off sick (really!!). 4 months later and I have still heard nothing – it is now 20 months since I returned the esa50.

    #1 TraceZee 2015-01-14 12:20
    I requested my assessment be recorded, as having a ‘rare’ condition on top of the stuffed back that it caused I often get a lot of misunderstandin g and confusion- and that’s just from the nhs! It took 3-4 months to get the appointment so I rang the day I got my letter, following all the advice to ring with a week to go and got told my appointment had been cancelled as they had no one to do the assessment. I got the cancellation letter 2 days before the appointment would have been. I then had to wait another 3 months for an appointment as they had to give me one when the equipment would be available to bring to my local assessment centre! I have no idea whether it helped with my claim from their end but it helped me as I knew I had a safety net so I could relax and answer honestly and as concisely as I could. It’s disappointing it won’t be available when I get asked to change my DLA for PIP.




    The FAQ states that:

    You do not have a legal right to have your face-to-face assessment recorded but all requests will be accommodated where possible.
    You should always request audio recording in advance.
    You must sign a consent form.
    If recording equipment is not available you may have to wait longer than normal for their face-to-face assessment. Although this may slow down the benefit process it will not effect your entitlement to benefit.
    You can request to have a home based assessment recorded.
    You may be allowed to use your own recording equipment providing you give DWP/Atos notice and it meets DWP/Atos Healthcare requirements. This includes providing two copies of the recording in such a way to ensure that the recording has not been tampered with and is a reliable and accurate record of the assessment.
    Approved recording media are standard CD and audio tapes only. Video recording of assessments is not permitted.
    If you are caught making a secret recording your assessment will be terminated.


  23. Absolutely spot on @sarah, the DWP and its imaginary health care professionals have no more idea of physical assessment than the man in the moon.
    To show how inept they really are it is imperative to get it recorded.

    It provides good grounds to sue, not only the hcp, but those employing them and ultimately the decision maker and their employer, the dwp.

    Think of the embarrassment when the DWP are dragged through the courts when the family of a dead person starts litigation. The recording is dynamite in a lawyers hands.

    • ……………can you pick up an empty cardboard box?
      can you pick up a pound coin with either hand?

      What an absolute load of bollocks to decide if you are fit for work…………..

      The rest of the world would die laughing if they saw the pathetic criteria for assessing disability.

      • overburdenddonkey

        they’ll teach it in schools in 100yrs as an example of barbarity…well i hope so…

        • something survived...

          Gove: There won’t BE schools in 100 years [maniacal laugh]
          (goes off to drink someone’s blood)

          (all kids now go to workhouses, then workfare or the army/ The really disabled ones get pushed off a cliff or used as army target practice)

  24. paultheswineherd

    sarah – excellent work – all WCA’s should be recorded by the ‘customer’ from now on.

    • overburdenddonkey

      been recording them for yrs now…

    • something survived...

      if we are customers we can presumably sue them as ‘not fit for purpose’, and take them to Trading Standards. The Trade Descriptions Act. ‘not as described’: There is no work (jobs) and there are no pensions (DWP). Jobcentre is often not in the centre, so you have to take a (cancelled/cut) bus to get there. And surprisingly for a place with ‘job’ in the title, it hasn’t got any fucking jobs.

  25. paultheswineherd

    overburdenddonkey – yep, it is all really good evidence if required, I’d have thought!

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  27. Another Fine Mess


    The contradictory world of Iain Duncan Smith
    Tuesday 09 October 2001

  28. something survived...

    1) THEORY!: The ship he was meant to be sent to, but wasn’t (due to a typo), was not the Conway but the Clio. It was a sort of ‘borstal on a ship’ where bad, criminal, naughty, or ‘trouble/d’ boys were sent. (Actually it closed down much earlier than IDS was at school.)
    2) He is homophobic and racist.
    3) Can we please deport the proportion of him that is Japanese?

    • Yesterday I completed my third week of 26 weeks of workfare. I will be 60 when it’s over and I’m already wondering what jobcentreplus will then make me do. When I last saw my work coach she said that she would put a note on my file saying that my fortnightly visit will be just for signing while I’m on workfare. The next time I signed I was seen by someone else and the first thing he did was to go through my job search. I’m lucky that I don’t trust any of them and I kept my job search efforts recorded just in case.

  29. There is one way to stop the DWP in their tracks if they claim they sent you a letter or handed you a letter with an appointment to attend. That is to ask for 3 things 1. A watermarked copy of the letter. 2. A copy of the proof of postage. 3. A copy of the proof of receipt. 4. A copy of the video evedence of a JC+ employee handing over the letter the video must be time and date stamped. I used to attend with the same type of clothes on at every appointment ( It is important that you describe yourself so they can search out any evidence, accept only video format do not accept still photo’s of them handing anything over and dispute anything not time & date stamped)
    They may provide a non watermarked copy of the letter but the second two they will not provide the proof of postage and receipt, as the DWP don’t get them from the royal mail, in fact most of the time they don’t ask for you to sign for SAR’S (subject access requests). The best they will try and get away with is a letter stating they posted it on DATE A and it should have been received on DATE B, not what was requested, complain and tell them only all backdated money plus an amount in addition as compensation will be acceptable.

    As for not looking for enough jobs (APPLYING) the person could claim that due to disability they are restricted in the distance they can travel so they have less chance of finding a suitable job, the DWP/JC+ say you must be willing to travel for 90 minutes and it is important you get this across and any restrictions you would encounter in traveling time walking to bus stops, been refused entry to the bus, especially if on a route used by school children, and you are a wheelchair user.
    Been up front about disabilites puts you at a disadvantage as even if you don’t disclose it on an application form it could be evident from the interview stage, if you get that far.

    Employers also see disability as a reason not to employ a person as they see it that the person may require more time off work due to illness

    • I would add the following:

      Get it noted on your records that any “Notification” Attendance request/Meetings etc is also to be done via Text to your mobile.

      Also in the Instruction make it clear that a Phone call is to be made at the same time/date the “so called” letter is sent to you.

      Check at a later date that this has been noted on your records via a SAR for the dates when you made this Instruction to DWP.

      I recorded this Event – DWP Managers are aware and are treading very softly around me… I can’t think why…

  30. ** off-topic **

    Just having a rant about bloody stupid Malwarebytes (premium) automatic scan buggering up my computer and completely stalling it. For a while I thought I had completely knackered my Windows 10 installation no thanks to having Malwarebytes on automatic scheduling.

    Having a computer is far more trouble than its worth nowadays as every time it misbehaves I feel tempted to fix it with an E.M.P. pulse.

  31. paultheswineherd

    Iain Duncan Smith: Be assured – the clock on you is still ticking.
    You may run and you may try to hide – but your efforts will be worthless.
    We will track you down and catch up with you. You are going to have to pay for your crimes which you have committed against the most vulnerable, the poor, the sick and the disabled of Britain. You think that you have got away with all of this. If you truly think this then you are most certainly wrong.
    You will pay and you will pay very dearly in the not too distant future.

  32. paultheswineherd

    Legally of course – HaHa!

  33. paultheswineherd

    But don’t fully count upon it! – HaHaHaHa!
    It’s your fault – you and you alone did what you did – HaHaHa!

  34. Another Fine Mess

    Cobblers apprenticeships.

    ‘Mad’ apprenticeship targets have consigned a generation to low-skill, low-paid duties
    Many of the roles being offered on the Government’s website appear to be little more than traditional school-leaver jobs in clerical, catering and retail work “rebranded” as apprenticeships. There are now apprenticeships in street cleaning, warehouse labouring and shop work.

    • For apprenticeships read ‘cheap labor’. That by the way is the reason they can spout that they’re creating tons and tons of apprenticeships; warehouse labourer and street cleaning and shop assistant being classic examples of how they’ve perverted the very idea of an apprenticeship nowadays.

      it used to be that back in the good old days an apprenticeship meant actually learning to be something like an electrician or a joiner or a plumber etc. Now we have an apprentice shop assistant and street cleaner. LOL!

    • What’s that word i’m looking for…? Ah! Now i have it! ‘Hypocrisy’ is the word i’m thinking of.

      Another few i can think of are “all in it together” Seems to about sum it up.

      Another thing how do you get those smileys and stuff to add to your posts on The Void? I tried to log in via g+ but nothing happened and it took forever so i cancelled.

      • raining – I know how to do smileys just do:) or:D but make sure you leave a space after the word before it otherwise it will just appear as I have written it above and not 🙂 or :D. But as for the “and stuff” you want to know how to do, I haven’t a clue.

        • PS Raining I also know how to do a wink-smile. It is;), but with a space after the word before it, so that you get ;). If I’m telling you something you already know, please be kind to me…

          • PPS Re Lord Hain – Funny how so many change their name about peerages when they’re offered one. It’s as if they don’t know a polite way to refuse it….still, at least Alec Salmond will never accept one…I hope.

            • That’s what many of us thought about Plaid Cymru’s Dafydd Elis Thomas back in the 80s when he was at his peak of being the ‘Meirionydd Marxist’ – then in 1989 he accepted a peerage… I left Plaid Cymru in disgust.

          • Thanks JCP you’ve helped me a lot. I thought i had to log in to a twitter account or something and then i’d have got the options to add smileys! I’m glad i don’t have to as i deleted both my twitter and FB accounts a few months back.

            Cheers JCP. 🙂

            • JCP: For months i’ve been seeing people adding smileys on their posts and i was like ” What the hell do you do to get those on your posts?!!!”

              Ah! now i finally know! The + thing was me being stupid and thinking i had to log in to one of those icons to the right of ‘Fill in your details below’ bit! I was like “Logging in to one of these must be the only way you can access the smileys!!

              Cheers again mate it’s nice when someone points something out to you to make your life easier! 🙂

              • And according to the snooze Bono bought a 2.3% share in the Facebook IPO (Initial Public Offering) those share are now ‘worth’ over £900 million. Bono has made more money doing nothing from the Facebook IPO than in the doing nothing during whole of his ‘music’ career. Fuckerburg and Co. must have made £Billions out of playing their part in turning the totalitarian screw.

                • Of course shares like Naga Munchetty’s knickers can go down as well as up. So if Bono doesn’t ‘cash out’ and Facebook goes out of favour his shares could easily become worthless

                • Bono’s initial investment investment was for a cool £56 million. And he and that other knobhead Geldof still has the cheek to say: “Give us your fucking money!”

            • Fuck the Zuckerburg

              Facebook are creepy cunts and need kicked into touch. Facebook have been demanding ID to verify accounts ffs And now there is a growing trend of other sites requiring Facebook accounts to sign-up/log-in/post. Facebook who also incidentally are investing heavily in facial-recognition technology and even follow you around on the net like an internet ‘stalker’ want all our on-line (and off-line) activity tracked and traced.

              • Fuck the Zuckerburg

                Do you really want to see this:

                “To post a comment on the Void we require you to sign in using your Real Name Facebook account”

                And then you wonder why you are getting hassle of the jobcentre… 😉

              • The solution is easy – either don’t sign up to FB or leave. There are other social networking sites such as Diaspora or which are far more privacy orientated.

          • Another Fine Mess

            I used to just copy&paste them off some one else’s post before I found out about the needed [space]. 😛

            • AFM: I felt like such an illiterate idiot, but i had to ask, it had been intriguing me for a while. I’m looking all down round the bit where you have to have your email in and your name and stuff and i’m saying “No, nothing there! Where the hell are the options for those smileys!!”

              Thanks mate.

      • Raining,

        To put a picture on…Left click on picture…click “View Image”…Copy link in the address bar…Come back to the web site and paste in to your post.

        Doesn’t always work as some web sites won’t show picture just the link!.

    • Jeremy Bentham wanted the House of Lords abolished but they are not going to destroy their own mother-lode are they?

  35. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    IDS announces ‘fitness for work’ U-turn that was five years in the making

    DNS – 28th Aug 2015

    Work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith appears set to scrap the “fitness for work” test championed by successive Labour, coalition and Conservative governments, but there are fears that its replacement could prove even more damaging to disabled people.

    Duncan Smith (pictured) – in comments not included in a written version of a speech reported by mainstream media – said that employment minister Priti Patel would lead a review of the out-of-work benefit, employment and support allowance (ESA).

    And he also appeared to promise that the work capability assessment (WCA), the much-criticised eligibility test for ESA, would be scrapped.

    He was speaking just three days before his department finally published complex new figures on the number of people who died after being found “fit for work” following a WCA.

    Tory, Labour and coalition governments have repeatedly given their support to the ESA system, since it was launched under Labour in 2008.

    But Duncan Smith said, in the speech delivered this week to the thinktank Reform, that there was a “fundamental flaw” at the heart of ESA.

    He said: “It is a system that decides that you are either capable of work or you are not capable of work.

    “Two absolutes equating to one perverse incentive – a person has to be incapable of all work or available for all work.”

    He added: “Someone may be able to do some work for some hours, days or weeks, but not what they were doing previously, when they first became ill.”

    Duncan Smith said that ESA – and particularly the WCA – was at odds with the government’s new simplified working-age benefit system, universal credit.

    He said: “The more personalised approach under universal credit… sits alongside a work capability assessment which sets the wrong incentives.”

    He said a new system should be “better geared towards helping people prepare for work they may be capable of, rather than parking them forever beyond work”, and should be “focussed on what a claimant can do and the support that they need to be able to do it – and not just on what they can’t do”.

    Duncan Smith’s comments appear to signal a major retreat from his party’s support for ESA and WCA over the last five years.

    Read More:

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Everything thing is NOW ESA – Universal Credit is now part of ESA. Tax credit is part of ESA. The ESA disability scandal.

      • overburdenddonkey

        he’s failed to prove his point and he knows it, so he tries to justify himself and attacks the personal integrity of people even more….we all know that eandsa is not binary, nothing ever is, except their worlds, black and white with no grey and never has been, hence it’s title employment AND support allowance…
        it was only ever a theory, that can/could never work in practice as it fails to accommodate the reality of human being….only the welfare state as it was originally envisaged and constituted did/does…those core principles and parameters that are the foundation bedrock of the welfare state are immovable, as emotional health is intransigent, always seeks expression…

        • overburdenddonkey

          p s stepping we live in a world where the well off control definition of word in their favour….

          • Hmmmm I wonder….

            Could this per-chance be contected to a UN Investigator visiting the UK looking for Evidence….

            No Surely not… No way the “Quiet Man of Twit” would do a u-turn for anyone…. Not until/unless a lampost was stuck up his arse that is when this was announced by the UN to the ConCon Gov.

            • overburdenddonkey

              in terms of public perception/propaganda yes it might well be…shapps certainly growled @ ms rolnik but as aftermath…

  36. Pingback: The World Athletics Championship – A Retrospective | aspiblog

  37. paultheswineherd

    Overburdenddonkey – Just to let you know that I have just now found out that Osborne is on a visit to Scotland today, not sure where he is visiting, but he has announced a trench of money going into the Faslane RN Base and also an announcement that the go ahead has been given for the development of the Culzean gas field. Just thought you’d like to know if you havent heard already. Regards – paul

    • overburdenddonkey

      yeah i do and the SG are furious about it….

    • Another ploy to try to drive a wedge between the SNP and the general public. People saying “oh! look! The Tories are willing to invest all that money in the base and think of all the extra benefits for the local community in jobs and for business’s selling goods.”

      They must think the people up here are daft. Wrong Osborne! We can see right through you and your mates and see what’s really underneath and the motive behind everything you do; an ideological war against the poor and sick/disabled. 😦

      • overburdenddonkey

        add, the figures were actually broken down during the indyref campaign and showed that the actual employment benefit to scotland was tiny and if the money invested elsewhere could create many more jobs in scotland… probably find the info; business for scotland and on wings…

        • OBD: They are so bloody cynical, announcing these things like that. But it’s exactly like i said; they hope a large portion of the public don’t have the time or inclination to look into what’s really behind their BS announcement.

  38. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Woman who claimed she was ‘allergic to Wi-Fi’ gets disability allowance from French court

    She complained that she was ‘sensitive’ to Wi-Fi and therefore has to live in a barn away from society

    Telegraph – 31st Aug 2015

    Marine Richard has managed to score £500 a month in disability allowance from French courts after claiming that she was ‘allergic to Wi-Fi’.

    She claimed that she suffers from electromagnetic sensitivity and sufferers say that exposure to mobile phones, Wi-Fi and televisions cause extreme discomfort.

    French courts have refused so far to pay disability benefits to people who suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity, so after winning the case, Mariane Richard said that her win was a ‘breakthrough’.

    Her lawyer agreed and told The Times that her win set a legal precedent for “thousands of people”.

    Ms. Richard, according to her lawyers, has been living in a barn in the countryside because she cannot stand exposure to Wi-Fi.

    • Wi-Fi is not harming our chidren – here’s the evidence
    • Grandmother spends £4,000 WiFi-proofing home

    The World Health Organisation says that electromagnetic sensitivity is “characterized by a range of non-specific symptoms that lack apparent toxicological or physiological basis or independent verification.”

    It also reported that tests for electromagnetic sensitivity had been unsuccessful, as people who claimed to suffer from the condition were unable to detect electromagnetic fields any more than people who weren’t suffering from the condition.

    The World Health Organisation also reports that symptoms of the condition are non-specific but include “dermatological symptoms (redness, tingling, and burning sensations) as well as neurasthenic and vegetative symptoms (fatigue, tiredness, concentration difficulties, dizziness, nausea, heart palpitation, and digestive disturbances).”

  39. paultheswineherd

    overburdenddonkey & raining,
    Yes, thanks for that. I bet you and your Government up there are very, very angry and I don’t blame you. A cynical couple of moves by Osborne that is obvious for people to see through.
    My wife says that Osborne has got no ‘soul’ in his eyes – black pools of emptyness – just like the bastard Tory government itself.
    We are both of Celtic ancestry and we both think that you should strive for your Scottish independence as much as possible. They have ruled the Celtic people for far too long.

  40. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    • Iain Duncan Smith is facing an investigation by the United Nations, over whether his welfare cuts are a ‘gross’ human rights violation.

      The UN’s special rapoteur on disabled rights, Catalina Aguilar, will visit the UK to determine whether reliable evidence exists of ‘grave and systematic violations’ of human rights.

      Bill Scott, director of policy at Inclusion Scotland, a consortium of disability organisations, told Herald Scotland: “The UN have notified us they will be visiting Britain to investigate … and want to meet with us when they come, sometime in the next few months.”

      Mr Scott added: “It is the cumulative impact that is so serious, because the government seems to have assumed that different disabled people would be affected by different cuts – but that is not the case. There are a lot of individuals who are affected by three, four, five – sometimes six or seven different benefit cuts.

      “Because disabled people are less likely to be in work, they are more likely to also be reliant on benefits which aren’t specifically for disabled people, but which are claimed by people on low income – like housing benefit and council tax benefit.

      “So if there are cuts to those, it affects disabled people disproportionately, because they are more likely to be on low income.”

      • …………all good things come to those who wait


          “Just this week it was revealed that 2,380 people had died after a work capability assessment found them fit for work and this comes as the DWP is set to further cut support for up to 1 million disabled people – a staggering 43% of those who receive ESA.”

          “We have consistently raised grave concerns about the impact and extent to which the UK Government is prepared to cut support for disabled people.

          “The fact that the United Nations is now set to launch an inquiry into the issue simply underlines the gravity of the situation facing many of the most vulnerable people in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

          “The DWP has questions to answer and the Scottish Parliament and its committees should welcome and support any investigation by UN representatives.”

          A DWP spokesperson said all UN investigations are confidential and refused to comment

          • Samuel Miller • a day ago

            Since January 2012, I have been reporting voluntarily to the UN’s human
            rights office, in Geneva, on the welfare crisis for Britain’s sick and

            A human rights lawsuit should be filed against the DWP in conjunction with a UN CRPD “grave and systematic” violations finding.

            • gaia Jackie Cairns • 14 hours ago

              I don’t profess to know if lords get paid for not turning up or if indeed they get the full £350 expenses allowance (its between £150 to £350 a day) but at 781 of them all getting £350 a day, that would mean a cost of £273’350 daily. If we say go by the amount of seats in the house of lords which is 400, then we are looking at £140’000 daily.

              As for the “were all in it together” speech, like you rightly point out, its generic so who exactly is this “were”. Politicians do this crap all the time like when they say,” this is what the public want” as what public exactly, 12 million, 100’000, maybe perhaps only 12.

              Politicians don’t do head counts, they carry out non population relative polls then apply the results to the rest of us. They can only guess what we think and want which isn’t the same as what we really do think and want.


                EVERY day, it seems, brings another shocking revelation about the cruelty of Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare regime.

                Last week, it was revealed almost 90 people a month die shortly after being declared fit for work and having their claim for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) ended.

                That news came days after it emerged Job Centre staff were being issued with guidelines on how to deal with claimants who wanted to end their lives.

                Today, we publish the story of Stuart Chester, a 25-year-old with complex and extreme physical and intellectual problems, who is wholly dependant on his mother Deborah.

                Stuart cannot speak or read or write. He cannot wash, dress or feed himself, but recently a 20-page work capability assessment form was sent for him to complete in order for him to continue to receive ESA.


                • GEOFF REYNOLDS

                  Amanda Peden
                  Stuart is my brother and I want this to go all the way to Westminster!! My mum is an amazing mother and carer to Stuart and has always provided the best care he could ever get!! I take for granted my mums work and also Stuart’s disabilities because I have grown up with Stuart. I would never change my brother and love him with all of my heart. Reading these articles and seeing everyone share this on Facebook has brought me to tears I feel so honoured and humbled by people taking the time to read my mum and brothers story.

          • But when the DWP does talk, it comes out with garbage like this:

            A spokesman for the DWP did not deny that staff had been issued with guidance on how to deal with suicidal claimants but said it is irresponsible to link welfare reforms with suicide.

            He added: “Our frontline staff have always been trained to look for signs of vulnerabilities. They can refer individuals to specialist support – including specialist teams at Jobcentre Plus – and this is nothing new.”

  41. paultheswineherd


    Just imagine! We are now living in 2017 – only two years time from now!
    The ‘queen’ would still be ‘queen’ – old and shrivelled – not giving up to her son, Charles (he, who talks to trees and gets millions of pounds from the Duchy of Cornwall, to support his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles – whom the people of Cornwall (and I can assure you of this!) for the most part (apart from the very old people hate!) – still with her 98 year old consort – the duke of edinburgh. All of these scroungers, living off too many millions of taxpayer’s money. Too scrougeful to pay anything to help the poor – apart from £1 Maundy Money to 12 very ‘fortunate’ pensioners once a year.
    This queen cowbitch will not pay anything at all if she can help it!

    The ‘Union’ is still, (just) held together by a disjointed set of basically ‘unelected’ Tory politicians – up to their teeth in corruption and sleaze – paid for by the ‘hard-working taxpayers’ of Britain and from the millions of pounds of payments from ‘advising’ companies, such as KPMG (fully owned by the arch-bastards, ATOS). The Tories pay it back to them – and millions of pounds more also, for carrying out the last vestiges of the so- called and very widely discredited WCA assessments.
    Because ATOS have not paid their ‘Health Care Professionals’ – these are resigning en-masse. The Tories have come up with a viable solution. Priti Patel has suggested that many of the newly tested ‘sociopathic’ youngsters could be ‘trained up’ – via ‘Government Apprenticeships’ to take over and oversee the ‘new’ Government Initiative ‘Die You Bastards’ in which they send appointments to the sick & disabled. If they do not turn up for their appointment – a ‘gas van’ will turn up (similar to Katie Hopkins suggestion recently), they will be loaded on board and quietly ‘got rid of’
    This has been calculated to save the Exchequer (by Iain Duncan Smith) upwards of £12 billion per year – (the exact amount that the previous Chancellor, George Osborne, wanted to save in the period 2015-2020).

    The ‘Union Jack’ flag – still waving robustly over Westminster, now has a prominent, black swastika emblem, surrounded by a black circle, in the middle of it. (This was Iain Duncan Smith’s brilliant idea – who needs the National Front in the Britain of 2017?). He alone, will bring his Neo-Nazi ideas to the still receptive and very ‘right-wing’ thinking populace.
    George Osborne is the new Prime Minister, he does everything that he wants, there is no control whatsoever – apart from his co-conspirator Cabinet Ministers, who, (together with their ‘long term economic policy’) are ‘all in it together’ – for better for worse. (If they are found out, to be doing anything wrong or fiddling their expenses or being criminals, then no-one will give a tuppeny fuck – (because the public will not know) – the News Media & Murdoch’s tabloids will cover it all up – so no need to worry at all).
    Iain Duncan Smith (having been sidestepped from the DWP) is now the new Chancellor of The Exchequer. He is determined to continue to his previous policies of cutting budgets to the bone. Austerity is now ‘King’ and now, even more than ever. The population, because they have been ‘told’ it is good – they will entirely agree. Those ‘in work’ especially, – they do not want to lose their their 7AM-6PM jobs – they have got to pay their mortgage and their rents after all.

    Priti Patel has also been moved sideways from her ‘minor’ position in the DWP to become the new Secretary of State for Works & Pensions. She has been immediately charged with bringing in completely new legislation, (with no consultation with anyone at all), to make the population ‘work until they die’. Because the widely discredited WCA has now been replaced by the newly introduced “Work Till You Die Bill of October 2015”, there will now be no excuse at all not to work. (Current and future Pensioners though, are fully protected from any of this new legislation).
    The newly introduced legislation will be set out in a new ‘Government Paper’ to be read and fully voted for in Parliament some time after October 2015. Full support is expected to be forthcoming from the newly elected Labour leader, Yvette Cooper. (Andy Burnham, the original 2nd best runner – stepped aside & Liz Kendall stepped down to allow Yvette Cooper to win the ‘Blairite’ and ‘well deserved’ (according to the Media) crown.
    (To fill in our readers:- Jeremy Corbyn was very fully smeared and discredited in September 2015, when it was widely reported by the ‘right -wing Media’ that he supports ISIS (lies) and would have liked a full UK/US supported invasion and blanket bombing of Syria in 2012 (lies)). The Tories hated the idea of his of getting rid of ‘Trident’ and the HS2 Rail Link, of which, both he hated. The Tories also hated his idea of renationalising British Rail and also renationalisation of the Energy Companies.
    These are of course, (according to the Tories), – great money-maker ‘Cardinal Companies’, who fleece the general public and make millions of ‘profits’, tax income for the Government and loads a’ money’ for the shareholders. (The Conservative Government look upon the ‘general public’ as nothing more than a load of ill-informed and just about uncaring twats – which, of course, many of them unfortunately, are!)

    Priti Patel is the new Minister – of which that all entails – £70,000 salary+ and ‘her’ necessary expenses. She is going to make all people ‘work’ – whether they can or not. The new “Work Till You Die Bill of 2015”, which she introduced will address all of these pressing, and also outstandingly important issues. The main directives that her DWP will work to are:-
    1) If you are able to work, then you will work – no matter what age you are.
    If you cannot – and you are of workable age – you will be found ‘fit for work’ anyway, with no leave to ‘Appeal’. If you can’t work – you will get no
    benefits whatsoever. You, as an individual will be left to your own devices, or starve. (Foodbanks will be totally outlawed – go to your neighbours, – if they will not/cannot fed you, go to your family (if you have one), if they will not/cannot feed you – you will have to go into a private/taxpayer funded workhouse. You will be expected to work for 40 hours for £15 per week (your board and lodging/meals will be paid for). Jut like a prison, but you are not a criminal.
    2) If you are single and are unemployed for 1 year or more – you will be forced to work in one of these ‘workhouses’. This would also apply to the sick and disabled (if they were without family/friends they could live with.
    These would be run by the Tories friends – ATOS, Capita, Maximus, Seetec & A4E. (Priti has said that single people should be grateful for this – as they could be on the streets, for fuck’s sake!)

    The new Home Office Minister is Jeremy Hunt. He is a past expert in running the NHS, he is now in the Home Office and tasked by Iain Duncan Smith to deal with the still problematic ‘migrant’ crisis, as well as sorting out the only too many ‘failed asylum seekers’. He will also be the head of the new (£230 million costing) Police, Border, Cyber & Anti-Terrorism Agency.
    He will also have to introduce the population-wide chipping operation – this is to ensure that all of Britain’s population can be followed from dawn until the following dawn, 24 hours per day, to make sure that they are either ‘working’ somewhere, or are together with their ‘legitimate’ families.
    (No affairs or adultery will be allowed – arrest and/or jail would follow)

    David Cameron, by now, is on the back benches – having been ‘outed’ by his alleged (gay), but still ‘happily’ married ‘lover’ Iain Duncan Smith.
    (To stay in his DWP position, Iain Duncan Smith had blackmailed Cameron to keep quiet – otherwise ‘he would spill the beans’on him and thence,
    break up his Premiership. This eventually happened and David Cameron was consigned to be a lonely ‘outsider’ to his once ‘great’ and very arrogant and pompous domain. Iain Duncan Smith had also allegedly threatened to ‘out’ David Cameron after his ‘affair’ and ‘bunk-up’ with Rebekah Brookes,
    (formerly, and lately also, of the great Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation)

    The Scottish National Party (still led by Nicola Sturgeon) has declared a ‘Unilateral Declaration of Independence’. This is exactly the same as what was declared by Ian Smith of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in 1966 and means that Scotland is now completely independent of Westminster’s rule.
    This means no more ‘oil money’ going to the British Government – the Scottish Government would take all of this.
    The factor that caused this was when, in October 2015, George Osborne (the previous Chancellor of the Exchequer), promised the equivalent of 1.2
    million pounds of (non-agreed) ‘European Money’ directly to the Scottish Government to get them to stay in the ‘Union’. The Scots saw this as a bribe and also a total insult to their integrity.
    Nicola Sturgeon said NO – stick it up your arse Osborne, no way, – we will go our own way! And fuck you.

    Wales & Cornwall are still, and slowly, pushing forward with their demands for eventual independence. The Tories continue to say ‘you cannot survive without us’ – but the Welsh & the Cornish people say – No. We can!

    Meanwhile, the English are demanding their own ‘Parliament’. This to be set up in leafy and very wealthy, Surbiton in Surrey. The Parliament is to be run, by a long standing, totally unelected and very wealthy ex-County Council Chief Executive – Mr John Parker-Smythe, OBE (this is a made up name – any reference to anyone living or dead is completely coincidental!)
    In future, all of the ‘offspring’ in this County will automatically be sent to Eton and Cambridge, (part paid for by the parents/hard-working taxpayers).
    No outstanding fees accrued will ever have to be paid back. All offspring will be automatically entered into the House Of Commons (Conservative only). Any Councillors in this particular County from now on will have jobs ‘given to them directly’ because of their ‘rich’ and their family’ connections.


  42. paultheswineherd

    (P.S : Both myself and my wife are both born and bred Cornish, – but we now live just outside of Hereford!)

  43. (PPS: Please note that all of the above is hypothetical and totally made-up in my own ‘twisted’, but ‘forward-thinking’ mind. But make no mistake my friends, – all this, and more, could very well happen – if the British people do not ‘WAKE UP’ very soon.)

  44. Your employer dosent give a shit about you,you are nothing more than a liveing unit and should you become ill or die you will be replaced by another liveing unit………end of

  45. Paul ive read your piece and I agree with you I feel (and I’m an optimist) that we are globaly in a race to the bottom and God forbid unless we overthow the elites ,the 1% were fucked this wot were seeing is a harvesting a harvesting of what they see as ….productive units… There cutting away what they see as chaff the non productive units the sick the disabled the poor ….there killing us now…..theve started with us and they will move up eliminateing anyone who is a non productive unit or a fully cooperative and submissive unit .THE public have bought all this poison about benefits scroungers as peddled by the media esp channel 5 those foul snyd little production companys that gloat,feast,gorge ,…..profit……from peoples hardship and misery ……they will…..start moveing onto the rest of the population this is just the start …..unless the elites are destroyed and we all join together and reorganize how we live,function,how we eat ,how we live becomeing a ..for real..human community ….one that belongs to each other one that aims for a sustaineable future for all peoples…….otherwise if people dont wake wake up ……were futureless….a bleak poisoned mad max future awaites us all …….tick,tock,tick,tock……said the clock…..midnights approching.

  46. John Lennon was right the world is run by manics for maniacle purposes

  47. Damo – yes, many thanks for that. (Part 2 to follow very late today and I can assure you, it gets even worse!) You ain’t seen nothing yet!! : (

  48. Wonder how many victims of now-defunct (thank fuck!) A4e (Sheffield ‘facility’) realised they were just across the corridor from BBC Radio Sheffield!


    This petition calls for a full scale police investigation into years of abuse of the UK disabled community by the government office of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), and related organisations.

    This petition asks for the police to order an immediate cessation of the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) where the abuse mainly centres around, and to appeal to victims of this abuse throughout the UK to come forward, and offer all necaessary support to the victims.

    This petition asks for criminal charges to be brought against all senior officials at the DWP, Atos and other organisations related in the process who have known about the mass suffering and trauma, even possible suicides and deaths that the WCA has caused and have failed to stop it, or have even helped it to continue. This trauma and abuse has been well publicised for many years and repeatedly highlighted by politicians, journalists, doctors, charity organisations and many disability rights campaigners.

    This petition calls for all deaths following the WCA to be investigated as potential gross negligence manslaughter and determine if the WCA process contributed in any way to the death, such as making the person suicidal. It has already been concluded in one Mental Welfare Commission report that being found ‘fit for work’ by the WCA test had led to the suicide of a woman identified as Miss DE.

    • …………………I noticed, this morning, that the BBC tory news pad carried an article relating to suicides.
      The article is by some european psychobabble arsewipes that profess to have an inside knowledge of the tendencies of persons showing suicidal motives.
      To include this in the BBC (what we would like you to believe fairyland tales), news, is just another cynical attempt by our government, to try and distance itself from the pile of dead bodies that are starting to make a stench within the DWP.
      The DWP are trying to downplay the fact that the PCS stormtroopers have been given a pink, get out of jail free card, that they wave in the air should a claimant mention topping themselves.

      The DWP goons expressly deny any link of sanctions with the spiralling death count…………………

      “Closing your eyes and putting your hands over your ears does not constitute innocence of the fact”



  50. “Nine of the ten poorest areas in Northern Europe are in the UK”

    Tory/Labour/LibDem…They all brought us to this nightmare!.

  51. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    New ‘fitness for work’ firm ‘discriminates against disabled staff’

    DNS – 28th Aug 2015

    The controversial US outsourcing giant brought in to deliver “fitness for work” tests for the government is facing allegations that it discriminates against disabled staff, and has sacked hundreds of nurses shortly after tempting them to leave the NHS.

    Maximus only took over the contract to provide work capability assessments (WCAs) in March, but four whistleblowers have already come forward to raise their concerns about the way the company operates.

    They have described the practices of Maximus – which operates the contract as the Centre for Health and Disability Assessments – as “draconian” and “ruthless”, and say bullying managers often leave staff cowering, unsupported and experiencing high levels of stress.

    Read More:

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      “””””””””””””But managers are said to be telling staff that they do not have time to support them, because of the 700,000 backlog in assessments left to them by Atos, and a contractual obligation to carry out 1.1 million assessments in the first year of the contract.

      One said: “Staff are harassed and humiliated by being badgered to speed up their reports, while they are failing to provide disabled staff with the adjustments needed to help them do so.”

      They also allege that most Maximus managers joined from Atos, and are continuing with practices that led to heavy criticism of that company by activists and disabled people who had been subjected to a WCA.

      And they say that healthcare professionals taken on by Maximus are disciplined and “put in the naughty corner” if they find too many claimants not fit for work and eligible to be placed in the support group of the out-of-work disability benefit, employment and support allowance.

      One of the whistleblowers said: “We are finding our self-esteem becoming lower and lower, while disabled colleagues struggle without assistance.

      “I have never seen professional people in high-pressure jobs crumble like that, being made to feel like second-class citizens.

      “They are abusing people in their workforce and have the bloody cheek to carry out assessments and tell claimants that they are able to go back to work with reasonable adjustments. Hypocritical sods!”

      They have described how nurses left well-paid, secure jobs in the NHS, after promises of starting salaries of up to £38,000 a year and nine-to-five hours, but were sacked after just weeks, or sometimes even days, when they failed to score high enough marks during their four-week training, or after they started carrying out assessments.

      One former member of staff said that disabled employees were being sacked “left, right and centre”.

      She said: “If they can’t look after the disabled people who are working for them – not recognising their needs and what they need to do the job – how on earth have they got the audacity to make judgments on disabled people coming into their office for assessments?

      “I know a couple of disabled people there, and I would see them crying at their desks, because of the blame culture.

      “A lot of the old Atos managers are absolutely atrocious, they are bullies. The way they speak to you is as if you are a piece of poo beneath their shoe. I have seen people cowering away from them.””””””””””””””

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        IDS Vs Maximus
        Maximus Vs IDS

        IDS Vs ATOS
        ATOS Vs IDS

      • “The big wigs at the centre of human rights should be forcing our totally corrupt government to release the entire contract details that surround WCA examinations”
        The DWP are nothing but public servants, not some autonomous secret society that is left to govern it’s own wrongdoings.
        Transparency has become a byword as the wholly unelected Westminister toffs follow a disjointed trail of hatred against the poorest and handicapped.

        My congratulations to all those that dared to speak out against the renegade employer, MAXIMUS.

        And to those that jumped in bed with the devil, the likes of SUE MARSH BILL GUNNYEON and MICHAEL O’DONNELL, i wish you all dead……….

        You are not fit to suck the air that decent people breathe.


          A senior executive at the company used by the Government to oversee disability benefits has attempted to amend his career history amid anger from disability campaigners that the welfare state is now being run by private sector “henchmen”.

          Professor Michael O’Donnell, the former medical director of Atos, now plays a senior role in the American company Maximus, which has won a £500m Government contract to decide whether disabled people are able to return to work. His previous company walked away from the contract, which was supposed to end in 2015.

          Despite Government promises of a fresh start, Professor O’Donnell now works as the medical director of Health Management Limited (HML) which is a subsidiary of Maximus. The company claims he will not be directly involved in the delivery of the new contract, but all reference to Professor O’Donnell’s previous role at Atos was removed from his career history on the business networking site LinkedIn


            The US company that won the lucrative contract to deliver the “fitness for work” test has been forced to defend its decision to employ the former senior civil servant responsible for government policy on the assessment.

            The decision of controversial outsourcing giant Maximus to hand consultancy work to Bill Gunnyeon comes just months after he quit his Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) post as chief medical adviser and director for health and well-being.

            As part of that brief, he had overall responsibility for policy on the work capability assessment (WCA).

            Gunnyeon left DWP in August 2014, after nine years. Two months later, the government announced that Maximus had been awarded a contract to carry out hundreds of thousands of WCAs every year across England, Wales and Scotland, taking over from the equally-controversial Atos Healthcare.

            Weeks before Gunnyeon left DWP, Maximus had been handed another contract, this time to deliver the government’s new health and work service in England and Wales.

            Together, the two contracts are worth hundreds of millions of pounds to Maximus, although the exact figure is not yet known.




              View comments

              Volte face: Sue Marsh campaigned against cuts before taking a £75,000-a-year job with the firm used by the Government to reform disability benefits

              Volte face: Sue Marsh campaigned against cuts before taking a £75,000-a-year job with the firm used by the Government to reform disability benefits

              A leading campaigner against welfare cuts who claimed to be too sick to work has taken a £75,000-a-year job with the firm used by the Government to reform disability benefits.

              Sue Marsh, a darling of the Left who has railed against Iain Duncan Smith’s reforms for the last five years, has been recruited by Maximus, the US company that has taken over a controversial ‘fitness for work’ test for benefit claimants.

              Her extraordinary volte face has shocked and infuriated supporters, who have branded her a ‘Judas’ and a ‘sell-out’.

              Mrs Marsh said she had undergone an ‘enormous – almost cosmic – mindset shift’ that had led her to accept a job as the company’s new ‘head of customer experience’.

              She had previously claimed that in Maximus, the Department for Work and Pensions had sought out the ‘worst provider they could find’ to assess claimants of disability benefits.

              Mr Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, welcomed Mrs Marsh’s decision to jump ship and take a lucrative position with the firm.

              ‘I would be the first person to congratulate anyone who gets a job. I’m sure there will be some whose negative attitudes to our reforms mean they will criticise her move.

  52. Another Fine Mess

    How long before Jobcentres employ psychics and mediums, to help find the mythical paid jobs listed on Universal Jobmatch?

    • AFM: Can just see the headlines in papers now “JCP work coach spends 8 hours on UJM to try to find one real vacancy among the FAKE one’s!”

  53. Down with Slavery and Oppression

    Shame on this Nation of Slavery Collaborating Zombies


      Andy Burnham has moved to bury his reputation as the left-wing candidate by calling for Labour to take a tougher line on welfare.

      The Labour leadership contender said the party had given the perception it would give an “easy ride” to some people on benefits.

      “Labour does need to win back those people who have that feeling about us,” he said.

      Mr Burnham also hinted he could back some of the Tories’s planned £12billion welfare cuts, including the further reduction in the benefit cap from £26,000 to £23,000.

      He said there was a feeling on the doorstep during the election that Labour wanted “to be soft on people who want something for nothing.”

      “We’ve got to be honest about that. That is a feeling that’s out there, that was still being replayed at this election,” he said.

  54. paultheswineherd

    That’s not surprising – he’s a shifty bastard and I would not trust him at all!

  55. These fucking ‘refugees’ are beginning to do my fucking head in. Think about it; a foreign power say, Putin, marches into the UK. Who the fuck is it that gets to fuck out – those with £dosh£. Even if these countries are genuinely war-torn what about the POOR people who are left behind, the POOR people who don’t have £thousands£ to pay people smugglers. We don’t need any more fucking Priti Patels.

    List of current Government Ministers:

    Prime Minister – George Osborne
    Chancellor of the Exchequer – Iain Duncan Smith
    Chief Sec. to the Treasury – David Cameron
    Health Secretary – Theresa May
    Home Secretary – Jeremy Hunt
    Foreign Secretary – Chris Grayling
    Defence Secretary – Boris Johnson
    Sec. of State for Works and Pensions: Priti Patel
    Chief Sec. to Sec. of State for Works & Pensions: Justin Tomlinson

    The year is now 2018 and the current Conservative Government has been in power for 3 full years. The Party as a whole has further and steadily, been lurching to the right. A corrupt and sleazy Parliament (it has never been so bad). Full of rent-boy/bent/drunken and sometimes, drug-ridden politicians who would sell their own mother and father for profit, or for their next ‘high’. Well in with the biggest companies and multinationals, as well as the totally uncontrolled Utility companies. They can now raise all of their prices as they wish – more tax for the Government and masses of money for the shareholders concerned. Corrupt City trading has never been higher and tax evasion is commonplace.

    The Royal Family is still complete – the queen and the duke of edinburgh, both very old but still able to walk, mostly unaided. If they ever do become ill, they are whisked into the ‘nearest’, high-class private hospital and they are given the very best care possible. No lowly ‘Health Care Professionals’ are even allowed near these pampered scroungers. After all, if it all went wrong, the hospital could get sued for negligence and lazy working practices. The annual amount of ‘taxpayers’ money (the Civil List) has been doubled for this family since the Tories came to power once again.

    The English Parliament is now up and running in newly built premises in Surbiton, Surrey – but this is already facing calls for it’s closure due to ‘corruption, sleaze and financial irregularities’ by it’s non-elected M.P.’s.
    Wales is still fighting to get it’s own Parliament and Cornwall, after further much promised devolution, should at last, get it’s own Parliament, (in Truro), during the latter half of 2021.

    Following the widely promised ‘EU Referendum’ in 2016 – the Country voted ‘NO’ and therefore, Britain has now left the EU entirely. All of it’s legislation and laws are not totally null and void. The Country is, however, at least £200 billion better off each year. The money saved has been fantastic says Iain Duncan Smith – rolling his eyes and shaking with mad abandon. He commented recently “This will ensure much more money is now spent on much better Overseas Aid. Our Government’s Annual Budget for Overseas Aid is now £200 billion per year. The money will go to the most needy, preferably right-wing oriented Governments/Military Dictatorships, such as Pakistan, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia – still, with the U.S.A, our very best allies” he said triumphantly.
    Any extra Overseas Aid will go to Afghanistan, where the Taliban is now starting to re-group and return in great force. This will buy AK47’s and Kalashnikovs to ‘arm’ the Afghan Security Forces and ‘volunteers’.
    Newly appointed Defence Secretary, (bumbling, jovial and fun-loving) Boris Johnson has announced that our Armed Forces will now be a ‘wholly-owned subsidiary of the U.S’. Their ‘Top Brass’ will now have full operational control and for ‘British protection’ the Government will pay the U.S. administration £500 billion on an annual and ongoing basis.
    The Naval Base at Faslane was forced to close by the Scottish Government and the incumbent submarines told to leave immediately. These submarines have now been re-stationed in a newly built and very expensive (secret) complex to the south of Lyme Regis in Dorset.
    The whole area is now closed off to the general public and anyone found wandering anywhere near it could be shot and killed after a ‘halt – who goes there’ is shouted to them first. The armed guards there are composed of the new ‘National Youth Defence Force’ – these are young people who are ‘NEETS’ and have been for more than one year. Boris Johnson says that is a much better use of their, otherwise, spare and lazy time”.
    George Osborne was asked about appointing Boris Johnson in this role – he said “Boris is perfect for the job – he will have nothing to do (as the U.S. Military calls of the ‘shots’ and Military Planning/Operations) – so he can continue to be on the front benches and have a swig of his wine bottle at any time during our proceedings. After all, he will not be required to speak on a ‘regular’ basis. He will also bring some jokes and quips to often, very serious issues that we will be discussing over his blonde head”

    The Human Rights Act has been scrapped, in favour of the ‘No Rights to The People Bill’ – the other parties, including Labour and UKIP are fully expected to support the Government in what they are ‘achieving’.
    All ‘anti-discrimination’ legislation has been revoked and it is now fully ‘legal’ to discriminate against all ‘minority or ‘strange/very strange’ groups or indeed, individuals.
    The Northern Ireland Assembly has now gone and been replaced by direct rule from Westminster, much to the disgust of Sinn Fein, who have renewed their call for a ‘United Ireland’. The IRA is re-forming and are expected to renew their armed ‘struggle’. The Army is expected to be sent back to Northern Ireland before too long (to restore order if required).
    Scotland is now completely self-governing under Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond. All Conservative austerity policies here have been stopped in their tracks. It is the only part of the original Britain which is in any way fair, decent or honest to it’s population. All oil revenues now go into the Scottish administration’ coffers and they pay no tax at all to Westminster. Any visiting Conservative ministers/MP’s to Scotland are quickly told to ‘fuck off’, thrown eggs at and are packed off back to England as soon as possible.
    The final Tory M.P. in Scotland, Ruth Davidson was, 12 months ago, bundled into the back of a Land Rover Discovery and told to ‘fuck off to England, where you belong, you fucking horny bitch. Go forth, get prostrate and shag your hero – George Osborne’. She did and he now lives, as a single mother on Income Support in a rented flat in Brixton, where she is totally hated by everyone. Every day, she and her baby son go out and get barracked and stoned by the local population.

    The Chancellor has reiterated his policy of ‘Total and Continuous Austerity’
    ‘Work’ has never, in Britain been more important than it is today – everyone from the ages from 16-64 is expected to do at least some work – even though a lot of is very low paid. The Minimum Wage has been scrapped and employers can now pay exactly what they like. It must, however be more than £1 per hour. Unpaid overtime is again, now commonplace.
    As there are now no ‘official’ state benefits, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support is still paid, although these have been reduced by 10% and raised by 20% respectively. All 18-21 year old youngsters are expected to do ‘Workfare’ for large rich private companies. Some of them are very disillusioned (as they have to do a full week’s work for no pay), but they are told that ‘work is good for you’ and David Rahman, a total quack and charlatan, as well as Priti Patel, has told them that ‘work will make you well if you are ill’ plus, you will be gaining very good ‘work experience’.
    Many are so sick of it that recently, two ‘workfare’ stores, belonging to PoundCunt and BargainWankers were vandalised and then firebombed by the disgruntled youngsters.

    The population in general has to work, or they risk starvation. The sick and disabled, unless they live with their families or neighbours, are put into the newly built Private workhouses. The Government is allowed to do this after introducing a new Bill – “The Poor Law for the Sick & Disabled”. Single people especially have been ‘helped’ (according to Priti Patel) by this. They are now no longer forced to live on the streets, as they were before.
    The sick & the disabled still have to do what work they can, but it is very restricted, so that their ‘illness’ doesn’t get any worse (which would force them to lose many hours of extra work). Any other ‘unemployed’ or those who are determined not to ‘work’ are rounded up, put into DWP vans and taken to the nearest workhouse. They are then forced to work 36 hours per week for bed, board, food and lodging. So for them, in the Government’s opinion, it ‘s not at all bad – as they will no longer be ‘lazing around at home’.

    Petty crime has increased 10 fold in 2 years with many half-starving people stealing what they can from shops and supermarkets. Armed guards are now placed outside all retail outlets to deter any trouble from occurring.
    At the end of every trading day, all food retail outlets gather up any food that is out of date and dump it into the so-called ‘skank skips’ which, (to avoid embarrassment to the store) are placed in the yard around the back.
    People descend like vultures on these and get what they can for them and their families. This food is free for taking away as it would have been dumped into landfill otherwise. Sometimes ‘food dealers’ get there before them – they take the food in bulk and sell it on at a profit. There is a definite black market developing for this. If found out, the purpetrator’s homes can be raided by the Police during very early morning, when everyone is asleep. Many of these people have pit-bull terriers and German Shepherd dogs for ‘guard dogs. Huskies and Malamutes are also being used as guard dogs. Illegal guns/knives and baseball bats have been known to have been kept and used against the Police. Wads of tenners or twenties is taken for evidence and they are either fined, or jailed. (after a long drawn out Court Case).
    The Police Force is no longer by ‘public consent’. Police are now Army trained, fully armed at all times and are now effectively a National Paramilitary Police & Security Force. Many of these are ex-military personnel, recently laid off by further extensive Defence Cuts. Also ex-security guards and club bouncers.
    Any public dissent will not be tolerated – a first offence will be dealt with by providing an ‘adviser’ to try to talk the person out of their action(s), a second offence, (or more) will be met with a robust Para-Police response,
    arrest and subsequent jail (on a logarithmic scale – similar to the recording of earthquakes).
    Bailiffs, Court Officers and all of the Judiciary now have much more wide and extensive powers. Stop and Search is now normal.
    Child poverty is growing – there are now over 5 million children living in extreme poverty. The Child Poverty Action Group has been forcibly closed and their ‘assets’ seized to add to the Government’s coffers.
    If their school is less than 1 mile away from their home, all children are now required to walk to it, by law. This is to help with reducing child obesity, especially for the very poor and the very wealthy children.

    To celebrate the continued ‘Austerity’, a fully taxpayer funded bronze statue of Iain Duncan Smith (with both arms raised and fists clenched) will be unveiled. He will be beaming broadly as he is, in his opinion – successful.
    This will be placed at the entrance of the House of Commons, next to one of ‘The Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher – she holds an empty milk bottle in one hand and a miner’s helmet in the other.
    She was, after all, in her day, – ‘a children’s milk snatcher’ and also the self-styled ‘hammer of the coal miners’ – for which the Conservatives will always be eternally grateful. “She destroyed the Unions and God Bless Her Mean Soul” said Iain Duncan Smith, when asked directly about her Premiership.
    He also said that “David Cameron will never be a Margaret Thatcher” however much he really wants to be.

    The State has never been in more control of peoples lives, said the previous Director-General of the BBC & the previous head of Sky News is of exactly the same opinion. Both broadcasters are now fully owned and run by the Government. The original staff were all sacked and have now to go into the now privately run Job Centre Plus. Many of the newly redundant JCP/DWP staff are now ‘Executive Managers’, – now running the State Broadcasters on the Government’s behalf. 80% of the staff are unpaid interns – working for free ‘to gain valuable work experience and to learn to deal with the public on a day to day basis’. To maintain the lies and propaganda, you could not have better ‘staff’ to run them, said a Home Office spokesman. The TV licence for all has now been scrapped, but only to be replaced by a £50 per month subscription right across the board.

    Chris Grayling, the previous DWP & Justice Minister is now the new Foreign Secretary. His hard, right-wing agenda has gone down well. No to any other contacts with any other countries, except if we are selling arms to them. Any migrants/asylum seekers who have arrived during the last 4 years will be rounded up and sent back from whence they came. There will be no exceptions, even if they have family here.
    Britain is now becoming increasingly isolationist. Our only real contact is with the United States, who are equally as right wing, with their new Republican President Jeb Bush, the Vice President is Donald Trump and the very important Defense Minister is Sarah Palin. The Democrats have virtually gone and the very right wing ‘Tea Party’ is on the rise. The Ku Klux Clan is back and the population are allowed to shoot black people, Mexicans and gays at will. All families in the U.S now have an average of 6 guns in their house – and they are ready to use them at all times of ‘local’, or National Emergency’.
    All families have been warned to ‘prepare for war at any time’.
    Sarah Palin, (although she’s a hockey mom!) is becoming more and more unstable and mad every day. Her finger is now only one push away from a nuclear attack. The only ‘order’ she needs is one from Jeb Bush, the new
    Head of the Armed Forces – she is waiting with bated breath for the order to arrive on her ‘secure’ laptop computer.

    Other changes include Justin Tomlinson (ex-Minister for the Disabled!)
    He is now right hand man to Priti Patel (in the DWP) and is her very own and fully devoted fuck buddy. She can call on him to ‘relieve’ her at any time, day or night, with his massive and throbbing cock – thrusting for all that he is worth. Every time he does this, she also gives him a rise in his already huge taxpayer funded salary. Of course, all this is kept secret, (by blackmail and also bribery) from his Government colleagues, who must not, under any circumstances find out.

    Theresa may, the Health Secretary is all about increasing the burgeoning share of the private health market. All of the population will have to purchase private health insurance from either ATOS Healthcare or the much dreaded and hated, UNUM. All people will have to pay into a ‘Hospital Fund’ to cover the cost of any time spent in hospital – (the NHS is still being slowly sold off to the lowest bidder), so most hospitals are now privately run businesses (by ex-NHS doctors and consultants) – these run for profit only. Care is at a premium. The new system is known as ‘Maycare’ (or not!)
    Pensioners, previously protected have had the ‘triple-lock’ removed. No more Heating Allowance – the Government advises the elderly to ‘put on more clothes instead and if it’s a cold winter, a hot water bottle, or even two of these may be required. The Social Care budget has been slashed by 50% across Britain. Theresa May explained this move as ‘being necessary to further our austerity measures, to save money and also to get more people into the private health sector’s ‘influence of domain’.
    The pensioner’s free bus pas has been scrapped and bus services in rural areas have been cut to zero. This is because of lack of Government funding, or the total lack of a subsidy to keep the services running.
    If they do these services, the Bus Companies run at a loss.
    Many people, especially those without transport and the elderly are totally housebound. Any food has to be delivered by ‘online deliveries’, but only to
    those who have a computer and the internet. Old people, on average do not understand the internet – so they are again largely disadvantaged in all ways.

    Bank Holidays (except for New Year’s Day & Boxing Day have been scrapped. This has saved 250 million ‘working days’ and £2 billion in ‘lost work time’. All shops are now allowed to open 24/7 (to increase their profits and to provide more work, both paid and unpaid, for the populace).

    Finally, David Cameron has been brought back from his lonely time on the back benches to become a front bench Minister once again.
    He has become the new Chief Secretary to the Treasury – effectively Iain Duncan Smith’s right hand man. He has ditched all of his principles and any shame that he once had. “He has been welcomed back with open arms by Iain Duncan Smith – although Iain also had a large knife ready to plunge into Cameron’s back at the same time” said Theresa May.
    She also commented to ‘The Sun’ newspaper that David Cameron will now receive a huge rise in his taxpayer funded salary. And then, she further commented, he so richly deserves this for his unstinting and unwavering service to a grateful British population. “His Premiership has been absolutely outstanding” she said, as a wry smile crossed her face.

    • The death penalty has been restored for ‘on-line piracy’. Iain Duncan Smith MP Secretary of State for Technology & Innovation said this would greatly benefit the digital economy and provide a much needed boost to the pension pots of ageing rock dinosaurs. Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich who once said that anyone caught downloading the Metallica back-catalogue should be publicly beheaded congratulated Duncan Smith on the move.

    All of the above post is again taken and written from my ‘twisted’ and ‘forward looking’ mind. It is totally in my own imagination.
    All of it is hypothetical – but it could happen – and the longer that the present ‘status-quo’ continues – then the more likely it is to happen.
    Any reference, good or bad, to ANYONE mentioned in the above post should be treated as ‘totally made up’ by myself, (as it has been), and should not, in any way, be treated as a ‘real’ or ‘a genuine incident that may have happened’, or ‘is going to occur in the future’.
    Any reference to any individual(s) living, or dead is totally coincidental and should be treated as such.

  58. Oh – and one last addition to the above!
    Judge Mark Rowland has been promoted to become the Lord High Chief Justice (with special reference and many thanks to the Conservative Government, whom he will serve with the utmost fervour at all times).

  59. Slavery Collaborating Silly Feckless Brainwashed Bastards Far too Many
    of the Materialistic and Amoral I am All Right Jack Middle Class

  60. paultheswineherd

    Please Note: This is a FULL DISCLAIMER as far as myself is concerned. The following scenario is entirely hypothetical and any reference, to any person – either living or dead, is entirely and fully ‘coincidental’.
    Any references to any ‘incidents’ involving ‘anyone’ is entirely fictional and ‘made up’ by myself and is therefore an indication of my own ‘individual’, ‘twisted’ and ‘forward thinking’ mind!.
    This is PART 3 of my thoughts of what could befall our once great Country, if the Tories get in power in 2020, this scenario could happen to you and you family etc, etc, etc.

    The 2020 General Election has taken place and the Conservatives are in again, for a third consecutive term, in office. Due to ‘public apathy’, the FTPT voting system and the complete Government ‘control’ of the media, the Tories have been allowed, once again to regain power.
    Their return to power as been monumental, with the ‘richer’ people voting for them in more numbers than ever before. These people know, beyond any doubt, that the Tories will protect them and their wealth for as long as possible. They have been voted in with a thumping majority and there is much (wealthy) public rejoicing – they will, after all look after the still fragile economy!
    (It must be said though, they do not care even one tuppeny fuck for the unemployed, the poor, the sick or the disabled – it’s still a case of ‘look after the rich’ and as for the poor, well, fuck all of these ‘lazy bastards’). We are all right Jack, so lets look after the very rich and the rich, after all, ‘triple down economics’ dictate that even the ‘peasants’ in our new (but still old) Tory Society may just be ‘rich’ some day – but, (hopefully), most probably not.
    As far as the Tories are concerned it has ‘always’ been the same –
    The ‘rich look after the rich’ and the ‘poor and the peasants’ look after themselves, as best as they can. “Fuck them – it’s all their fault that they are all poor – if they worked and also ‘used their brains’ – they could be RICH like us also!”
    Anyway – onto more ‘important’ things as far as the Government is concerned. This is the ‘reshuffled’ list of Conservative Ministers after the General Election of 2020.

    Prime Minister – Iain Duncan Smith
    Chancellor of The Exchequer – David Cameron
    Health Secretary – Priti Patel
    Home Secretary – Jeremy Hunt
    Foreign Secretary -Chris Grayling
    Defence Minister – General Elmer Larry Schwartz II (U.S. Army)
    Secretary of State for Works & Pensions: Anna Seubry
    Chief Sec. to the Secretary of State for Works & Pensions: Esther Mc.Vey
    Education Secretary – George Osborne

    Prime Minister Iain Duncan Smith has stated that “it should be noted
    that all of the Labour ‘Blairites’ who defected to the Conservative party one year prior to the Election will NOT be represented in any way with regard to this present Conservative administration. All of these new M.P’s will be placed into the ‘back benches’ of the Conservative party”

    Politically, the Tories have further gone to the right. With the SNP M.P.’s having now gone back to their Scottish Parliament, they now have no say whatsoever in Westminster politics. There is now no ‘official’ opposition, apart from about 20 M.P.’s who are allied to the Left Winger, Jeremy Corbyn. He is trying his best to represent the poorer members of society, but with so many rich people and the very rich pensioners fully supporting Conservative policies, in reality, he has very little chance of succeeding.
    UKIP & the Lib Dems, as well as the Greens have only a small handful of M.P.’s in the Commons between them and for all intents and purposes, have no real influence whatsoever. Now that the Blairites have also joined the Tories, – they now have a Commons majority of 325.
    The Tories can now do exactly what they want to with NO opposition.

    The new Tory Ministers are now even more ‘right-wing’.

    Firstly: The Prime Minister: Iain Duncan Smith: A real hard right winger, a fully confirmed sociopath and psychopath – he is on a constant hunt to seek out all of the poor, the vulnerable, the mentally and physically sick and disabled, transsexuals and gays. He is on a mission to eradicate all of these ‘minors’ and ‘non-economically’ viable entities of our society.
    He is a past firm believer in ‘austerity at all costs’. He said recently: We will spend even more money than what we will actually save to achieve our ‘ultimate’ objective. (This in effect means adding even more to UK debt)!
    On a recent visit to Auchtwitz – when interviewed he said: “I have got some very good ideas to deal with our population whilst visiting this place – I will do my best to get rid of all of these minorities, whoever they are.”

    And then: The Chancellor of The Exchequer: David Cameron –
    Iain Duncan Smith’s ‘right-hand’ man. He will agree with all that IDS does and full support him whatever. He will, however blackmail IDS – as IDS is still a ‘happily married’ closet gay – Cameron plans to blackmail him so that IDS has to stay as Prime Minister – a position that Cameron was more than happy to vacate at the last General Election – in 2020.
    IDS however will still blackmail Cameron over his ‘affair’ with Rebekah Brookes – he said that he will further ‘out’ Cameron over this if he opens his trap. IDS has obtained some ‘secret voyeur’ recordings of Cameron fucking
    Rebekah Brookes. “David – you will keep your fucking mouth shut over this” said IDS to Cameron. Cameron then broke down in tears and agreed.
    Rebekah Brookes though has denied all of this. She has said instead that Cameron, in a fully and well drunken total stupor had fucked her prize Arabian brood mare, (named Al-Khalifa Al-Azis the second).
    This brood prize brood mare actually belongs to the Saudi-Arabian King. If this should ever come out, then it would cause a terrible ‘diplomatic incident’ between Britain & Saudi Arabia and could also cause a rift between the UK and the USA – not least with the new Defence Minister.

    The new Defence Minister is ‘4 star General’, Elmer Larry Schwartz II.
    For two years now, the U.S. have ‘fully’ controlled our Military Operations.
    For a price of £500 million per year, they will provide all of our military security and protection, – but from ‘without’ the Country only.
    Our British Armed Forces have been totally disbanded and also unceremoniously discredited – with the redundant soldiers, sailors and airmen (of all ranks) being sent down to the ubiquitous ‘liars’, ‘frauds’ and ‘traditional bastard bullies’ who are called ‘JobCentreCunts’ to ‘sign on’ once every month. This is meant to tie in with most peoples ‘salaries’.
    Many of these are expected to join the new ‘British National Defence Force’ – the British version of the American ‘National Guard’. Most of these personnel will eventually end up as being part of the ‘National Paramilitary Police Force’. Armed to the teeth – these are well trained to quell any eventual violence from the ‘oppressed’ and ‘very poor’ populace’.
    If they do not get into the ‘BNDF’ then these poor unfortunates will be consigned to ‘sign on once a month’ and to also ‘apply for non-existent jobs’ via the very prestigious and also ‘not very successful’ (in DWP language) Universal Job Match Computer System.
    After one year of no success, they will have to ‘work’ for 36 hours in the nearest available Asda’s or Tesco’s Supermarket for no pay whatsoever.
    The Minister of State for Works & Pensions – Anna Saubry, said that they should be very grateful for ‘any unpaid work that they could get’.
    “Life is hard for everyone nowadays” – she told “The Sun” newspaper.

    The newly appointed Health Minister is Priti Patel. An ex-DWP Minister – she knows all about ‘ill health’! This total bitch has been moved sideways to the ‘Health’ portfolio. She is also an ex-CEO of one of the biggest worldwide Tabacco Companies (this is true!) and she fully supports the awful habit of cigarette smoking. In her new appointment, she hopes to ‘encourage’ everyone to ‘smoke manufactured cigarettes’ prolifically – so that anyone who suffers ‘smoking related diseases’ in the future will be sent to ‘private health companies’ in which she and her family has shares and ‘massive financial interests’. They will then have to pay loads of money to her and her associated companies to avoid ‘dying an early and painful death’.

    In the newly shuffled Cabinet, the Home Secretary continues to be Jeremy Hunt, (who is a past expert on the NHS). His Government portfolio involves ‘watching’ the whole of the ‘population’ remotely – by whatever means possible, but not least via the ‘Government Population Monitoring Inititaive’ (GPMI). He is also responsible for the new ‘Youth National Defence Forces’ and the ‘National Paramilitary Police Force’, as well as at all times, monitoring internal ‘terrorism’ and ‘populace dissent’. (GPMI)
    This is done by monitoring all mobile phone calls, all e-mails, all landline phone calls, all text messages and also ‘baby monitors’ – these could pick up on ‘internal home’ conversations, which could reveal any dissent with regard to Conservative policies.

    The Foreign Secretary continues to be the very right wing Chris Grayling.
    He is still on a mission to deport all migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and now also, gypsies and jewish people. (In the last 10 years – the Home Office will go through the figures and forcibly eject these non-desirables.

    The new Secretary of State for Work and Pensions is the appropriately appointed Anna Seubry. She is detested by her fellow M.P.’s. and she has a big and very loud mouth, (but often suppressed) and almost no brain to go with it. In the Commons she often mumbles under her breath and her comments are ultimately and inevitabely picked up by the ‘sign reader’.
    Originally a backbench M.P, – Anna Soubry has been promoted and subsequently brought forward to the front benches.
    This woman had a very rough start in life and has hated most of the population for her fate ever since.
    The daughter of an Army Officer (Captain in the Fusiliers) and a dirty, loud and totally uncouth East End prostitute, she was beaten and kicked as a young child by both of them. They both wanted to instil discipline into her.
    This, now Government Minister, totally bitter and twisted, is as hard as a builder’s explosive nail gun and has the vicious and venomous tongue of a viper which has been trapped in a wire rabbit snare.
    Often appearing on BBC1’s ‘Question Time’, she once said, on air, that if she ever came across any lazy and idol unemployed people that if she could, then she would ‘kick the fucking shit out of them’ and ‘boot them into work where they belong’. If there was ever a total bitch, then she is one for sure.

    And finally – the Chief Secretary to the Secretary of State for Works & Pensions. This newly elected Minister is Esther Mc. Vey (West Wirral Constituency – and this time voted in ‘unanimously’). Once an Employment Minister in David Cameron’s 2010 administration, – this is another utter bitch, with a very big mouth, stupid and brainless. Her mouth goes well before her. An ex-TV Presenter and also an ex-porn star on ‘Babestation’, she loved to flop her huge tits around in front of any TV camera which was around. Her ginormous tits and blonde locks of hair waved to and fro as the photoshoots of ‘Playboy’ magazine (and other ‘men’s magazines’) captured every seductive move of her absolutely voluptuous body.
    Most men swooned in absolute delight (unless they were gay).
    The only thing that can be said though (according to P.M. Iain Duncan Smith) – this is a perfect combination in the DWP.
    “Both of these women hate each other’s guts” he said – as a beaming smile went across his face. “I hope that they kill each other” – both of them are totally hated by all of us in the House of Commons”

    Disability activists are horrified by the Conservatives bringing in these two
    horrible witches. They are even calling for the bringing back of Priti Patel, as, unbelievably, she is by far the lesser of these two devil cowbitches.
    They are all out to keep the WCA going and to make ATOS, Maximus, Seetec, Capita and A4E even richer – at the expense of the poor, the sick and the disabled.

    The Government State broadcaster is now (instead of BskyB) called the British State Broadcasting Service (and is now fully run by ex-DWP/JCP staff, advisers and work coaches – on fantastic salaries and massive pensions – they are ‘made’ for life for sure).
    It is a lying, Neo-Nazi state organisation with no-one to answer to.

    Meanwhile, the population is largely starving – especially if they are poor, sick or unable to ‘work’. The youngsters still have have to work 36 hours for nothing. The Bedroom Tax is now fully & totally enshrined in law.
    The rich are fully protected however – Tory Britain is looking after them very well indeed. Tax evasion is legal. Pensioners, unless they are private ones are fucked – the State Pension was slashed by 50% one year ago.
    The NHS is now private. All state health care is now private.
    All transport is private and the rail charge is going up by 20% on 01/01/21.
    The, Bankers & The Judiciary are very rich, as is the Royal family also.
    In addition, the recently ratified ‘Atlantic Trade Agreement’ means that ‘all’ of our trade is now with the United States of America.

    Prime Minister: Iain Duncan Smith has promised – now that they are in power, to continue their ‘austerity’ continuously and indefinitely into the future.


    • 😀 😀 Paul, you are totally wasted tending the swine herd! With an imagination like that you should be doing something else. Brilliant!

      • paultheswineherd

        Raining – Many thanks for your comments which are very kind and I’m really pleased that you enjoyed reading the ‘saga’. It took a lot of hard and constant work to work it all out logically and to write down in a consistent and believable way. But I did really enjoy doing it all. So that it was not all too doom ridden, I also deliberately set out to make certain sections/scenarios (not only believable), but also as humorous as possible!). My idea was to make people laugh as they were reading it! I may give up my pig herding job and try to become a writer instead! But not become a ‘columnist’ for ‘The Sun’, The ‘Daily Mail’ or the ‘Telegraph’ – what I would put on any of these about the Tories, they would NEVER ever print!! However, if I became a ‘political analyst’ they would probably not broadcast/print that either as there would be far many ‘home truths’ to be told!
        Thanks again – paul : )

        • Raining – furthermore – I would end up being like Owen Jones giving a long and very direct speech to the Tory Party Conference!!
          I would not be any too popular!! : )

  61. paultheswineherd

    Oh – and I forgot to add! (Both of these instances are ‘alleged’ ones)

    Rebekah Brookes has been installed as a Baroness into the House of Lords (by David Cameron) who has bribed her (allegedly) to keep her mouth shut about their ‘bunk-up’ many years ago and also of his ‘drunken
    and totally abandoned fuck’ of her Arabian brood mare in her stable.

    Katie Hopkins has also been installed as a Baroness into the House of Lords (by Iain Duncan Smith) as she (allegedly) suggested to him personally and originally, that it would be a very good idea to ‘quietly euthanise’ all of the 84 year olds (and over) in British society as they were costing the Government far too much in Pension payments and also way too much in NHS ‘ill health care charges’. He totally agreed with this ‘very necessary measure’.
    This would subsequently reduce ‘Government’ spending by £50 million annually.
    After all of this, in summing up, all that I can say now is that many of our ‘Politicians’ nowadays are total and unscrupulous bastards. Many of them are taking ‘loads of money’ – abandoning their ‘original’ principles and cares, and later going into the House of Lords to ‘live it up’ at the taxpayer’s expense in the future. Shame on them. Meanwhile, the poor get ever poorer and the rich get ever richer – and what’s more, and even more disgraceful – they do not give a tuppeny fuck about any of the poor people.
    What an absolutely awful country we live in. I am 49 years old now and I have personally, never known it so bad as it is nowadays. God help us all.

  62. The Alternative to a Present and Future of Tyranny and Oppression is
    One of Social Justice and Human Decency and that Requires a
    Political Revolution

  63. Blame the Tossers who Voted Tory and the Official Opposition during
    May 2010 to March 2015 for Not being much of an Opposition as Well
    as the Obnoxious Liberal Democrats

    paultheswineherd | September 3, 2015 at 2:13 am | Reply

    Oh – and I forgot to add! (Both of these instances are ‘alleged’ ones)

    Rebekah Brookes has been installed as a Baroness into the House of Lords (by David Cameron) who has bribed her (allegedly) to keep her mouth shut about their ‘bunk-up’ many years ago and also of his ‘drunken
    and totally abandoned fuck’ of her Arabian brood mare in her stable.

    Katie Hopkins has also been installed as a Baroness into the House of Lords (by Iain Duncan Smith) as she (allegedly) suggested to him personally and originally, that it would be a very good idea to ‘quietly euthanise’ all of the 84 year olds (and over) in British society as they were costing the Government far too much in Pension payments and also way too much in NHS ‘ill health care charges’. He totally agreed with this ‘very necessary measure’.
    This would subsequently reduce ‘Government’ spending by £50 million annually.
    After all of this, in summing up, all that I can say now is that many of our ‘Politicians’ nowadays are total and unscrupulous bastards. Many of them are taking ‘loads of money’ – abandoning their ‘original’ principles and cares, and later going into the House of Lords to ‘live it up’ at the taxpayer’s expense in the future. Shame on them. Meanwhile, the poor get ever poorer and the rich get ever richer – and what’s more, and even more disgraceful – they do not give a tuppeny fuck about any of the poor people.
    What an absolutely awful country we live in. I am 49 years old now and I have personally, never known it so bad as it is nowadays. God help us all.

  64. Expose the lies from these fascist liars and take them to task, we all should, should turn the heat up on these bastards and make them tell the true figures, make them all tell the truth, we all want to know it, it’s long overdue!

  65. It is Understandable when I Look at the State of Society and the
    Country when my Blood Boils with Rage

    It is Diabolical Stupid Trendy I Am All Right Jack ” Modern Britain “

  66. The 6th to 7th of September 2015 AD Mark’s the 60th Anniversary of
    the Anti Greek Pogrom in Constantinople in 1955 AD.

    After False News was Spread that Kemal Ataturks House in
    Thessaloniki had been Destroyed Racist and Hooligan Mobs went on
    a Rampage of Looting Destruction to Greek properties and Places of
    Worship as well as Murder Rape and Thuggery

    The Response of the British Regime was to send only a mild disapproving
    note to Menderes the Turkish Prime Minister thus Mocking the
    Suffering of the Greek Victims of Murder Rape Assault and Destruction
    of Places of Worship

    Like the Kowtowing to the Peoples Republic China over the Human
    Rights Abuses in Oppressed Tibet the Response of the then Tory
    British Regime over this was Nothing Short of Cowardly and a
    Disgrace to the British Name

    This was and is a Clear Case of Genocide , Murder, Attacks on Places
    of Worship and Rape and Shame on the British Regime of 1955 AD
    For failing to Condemn this Atrocity

    British Foreign Policy Needs to Uphold Human Rights in the World
    Not to Turn a Blind Eye to Atrocities

  67. I Have More Respect for the Victims of the September 6th to September
    7th 1955 AD Pogrom and the Decent People who tried to Protect
    Them such as a Turkish Air Force Captain and the Poor and Vulnerable
    in Britain such as David Clapson who have Died Sadly than For All
    the Brainwashed Tabloid and ” Newspaper ” Reading Boneheads who
    Think the Poor and Vulnerable are Scroungers and like Evil Doers are
    Indifferent to the Plight of the Poor and Vulnerable

    Yes to Human Decency No to Evil Cruelty

  68. I Can See that Those who are Indifferent/Oblivious to the Plight of
    the Poor and Vulnerable amongst the General Public are Not only
    Not Decent People but like Nazi Collaborators Part of the Problem
    indeed at the Heart of the Problem ( Not that they have a Heart )

  69. paultheswineherd

    NoOppression – Thank you for your views re my ‘Articles’ – much appreciated and I am pleased that you enjoyed reading them.
    One thing I really do hope for though – is that none of actually happens,
    but, the longer that this lot are in ‘Power’ – the more likely it is to happen!

  70. Indeed

    We do Need Better Government

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  72. I seldom leave a response, but i did a few searching and wound up here How The DWP Is Trying To Hide Even More #fakedwpstories | the void.
    And I do have a couple of questions for you if you tend not to mind.
    Is it just me or does it look like some of the comments come across like left by brain dead folks?

    😛 And, if you are writing on other online social sites, I’d
    like to follow everything fresh you have to post. Would you make a list of every one of all your shared sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

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    website. It appears like some of the written text on your content
    are running off the screen. Can someone else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening
    to them too? This could be a issue with my web browser because I’ve had this
    happen previously. Thank you

  74. Have you ever considered creating an ebook or guest authoring on other sites?
    I have a blog based upon on the same information you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information. I know my subscribers would
    enjoy your work. If you are even remotely interested,
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